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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 31, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> we have to light the final -- raymond! you are the worst. i was like why are they getting another cake. >> laura: shannon bream is going to rescue me and the "fox news @ night" team, bring the hijinks to your studio. >> hello and welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in washington we begin with a fox news alert. president trump begins his blitz a final push to turn out republican voters, ten more maker bally's scheduled over the next five days, we have brand-new fox polls on key senate races that prove they are not called battleground states
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for nothing. in a high-stakes gambit to the president pushing his immigration agenda from sending thousands of troops to the border to deal with the migrant caravans to possibly finding a way to end birthright citizenship, is that going to be a plus or minus? will ask texas senator republican ted cruz, he's here at a "fox news @ night" exclusive. here's a chief national correspondent ed henry, with the latest on immigration. >> critics are saying these are all about the president trying to rally his base in the midterms but he promised a lot of these steps back in the 2016 race and is following through on that campaign promise to finally crackdown on illegal immigratio immigration. he is getting a dramatic nonpartisan boost tonight from defense secretary james mattis who does not always see eye to eye with the president. it started out as the president sending 5,000 troops to the southern border but he he declared tonight he's tripling down, vowing to send 15,000 troops to deal with multiple caravans right now, central american migrants.
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caravans are still many miles away. come of the deployment of roughly 7,000 troops. the president none too pleased tonight with the outgoing speaker paul ryan. in his assessment it will take a long congressional process instead of an executive order to change the 14th amendment and end automatic citizenship for kids of undocumented immigrants who are born here. the president firing back in a tweet saying paul ryan should be focused on holding a majority rather than gives his opinions on birthright citizenship. our new republican majority will work on this, closing immigration loopholes and to securing the border. some are publicans on the hill not happily, the president is battling with the man tried to help him save the majority in the house. the president believes orion and other washington insiders have let him down on funding the wall. he is determined to frame these midterms while democrats are
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charging this shows the military is being used for a political strategy. the defense secretary poured cold water on that one. >> president trump: as far as the caravan which is very dangerous, you see what's been happening, our military has been out. we'll go up to anywhere between ten and 15,000 military personnel on top of border patrol, ice, and everybody else of the border, nobody's coming in. we are not allowing people to come in. >> the support that we provide to the secretary for homeland security is practical, support based on the request from the commissioner of customs and border police, we don't do stunts in this department. >> president trump: the democrats want to continue giving automatic birthright citizenship to every child born to an illegal alien, and they are all made instantly eligible for every privilege and benefit
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of american citizenship at a cost of billions of dollars a year. >> senator joe donnelly facing type reelection in indiana setting he's open to legislation to change that what the president touted a speech in which he said no sane country would allow people to break our laws and have a child and reward our kid with that citizenship. harry reid saying he believes he made a mistake in 1993 after his wife told him it would be a bad idea. >> shannon: we all evolve and change some of our thoughts, ed henry thank you very much. we have brand-new fox news post an end keep battleground senate races are setting up a potential photo finish. if trace gallagher joins us to break down the numbers. >> they are the very definition of battlegrounds with six days left before the midterms, three of the five u.s. senate races in battleground states could go
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either way and the other two states are only leaning republican. in arizona where democrats kyrsten sinema and martha mcsally are deadlocked at 46% each. that's a bad trend for kyrsten sinema who was a boy two points in early october and three in september but here's the wild card. she holds a 2-1 advantage among hispanic voters and that could push the contest in her direction, until you consider that the number of hispanic voters interested in the election trails non-hispanic whites by 15 points. lack of interest historically translates to a lack of and that would hurt sinema. over the past two months the indiana senate race has seen a significant shift in the poll numbers, back in september of g.o.p. challenger mike brown was up by two points over democratic incumbent joe donnelly, in early october, donnelly was up by two and now he has increased that lead to mecca seven points.
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but still within the margin of error but trending in the wrong way for mike braun. the good news is that donnelly still can't get over that 50% mark. the "show me" state senate race is a toss-up. missouri democratic incumbent claire mccaskill and hurt republican challenger josh hawley are tied at 43%. that's the same number as october and the variables are almost evenly split as well. men break for quality, women for mccaskill although it appears more democrats than republicans are extremely interested in the election, even though 54% of likely missouri voters approve of the president's job performance. in north dakota, the incumbent heidi heitkamp's trailing republican kevin kramer by nine points, her latest on from early october but still above 50% and many more north dakota ends
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identify as republicans plus donald trump won north dakota by 36 points. finally, tennessee. in the race to replace retiring g.o.p. senator bob corker, republican marsha blackburn is pulling away from democrat and former tennessee governor phil broadus. up 50 to 41%, she was only up by five in early october, tennessee identifies as republican by a 20-point margin but taylor swift just threw her support so you never know. >> shannon: you never know when celebrities get involved, thank you very much. with the president doubling down on his sudden focus on birthright citizenship as a key issue, texas democratic senate candidate beto o'rourke says not only must we protect the 14th amendment but we must also protect the 200,000 dreamers
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across texas from the fear of deportation. his opponent republican senator ted cruz joins us now from amarillo, thanks for taking a break and making some time for us tonight. >> it's great to be with you, thank you for having me on. >> shannon: you are an accomplished supreme court advocate i've seen you in action. you've said before trying to take this to court and win on those grounds and getting rid of birthright citizenship as part of outlawing, interpreting the 14th amendment in a different way. you've also said more recently the policy doesn't make sense, where you stand on that? >> as a policy matter, president trump is right. birthright citizenship doesn't make any sense. most of the countries on earth, if you are there illegally and you have a child, that child doesn't get automatic citizenship. there is no reason that we should grant data. what it ends up doing is incentivizing illegal immigration. we need to be securing the border and stopping illegal immigration. i agree with the president, i
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long agree with ending birthright citizenship as a policy matter. how to do it? there's a debate among legal scholars. some legal scholars argue the only way to do it to us with a constitutional amendment, other legal scholars argue you can do it with a statue passed by congress. i think whatever happens, it's going to be litigated the courts are going to resolve this. the president has said he may try to do it with an executive order, my view is whatever means that is used, the policy is the right policy that we should not be encouraging illegal immigration. >> shannon: we are going to have a legal debate on it with experts tonight on the show but as a policy matter it stands for now. right now in texas the latest poll has hispanic support -- beto o'rourke gets 60%, you get 30%, texas is a diverse state. what do you plan to do to try to
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win over the hispanic vote in the closing days until the midterms? >> we are barnstorming the state, every part of the state. we were down in the rio grande valley just a couple of days ago but we have 2,000 people come out in arlington, 2,000 people come out in mission, over a thousand come out in laredo. one of the things that democrats and beto o'rourke in the national media get wrong is they think the way you earn hispanic votes in texas is you go to the left. you do what beto o'rourke has done and you support open borders, amnesty, socialism, that's just not the case. hispanics in texas, our community as a conservative community. the values that resonate in our community our faith and family and patriotism and the american dream. texas hispanics don't want open borders. if you look at beto o'rourke's record on immigration, it is terrible. he supports tearing down the border walls we have, he supports sanctuary cities.
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he opposes cates law, i'm the author of case law and the senate senate and that's the sort of common sense legislatio legislation. >> shannon: it's something you guys have debated very hotly, polling shows the other one just ahead of that. want to run a little bit of an ad that beto is running and give you a chance to respond. >> ted cruz has voted to take away health care for millions of american families, he's tried repeatedly to roll back protections for pre-existing conditions and he's shut down the government for in 16 days because he thought too many people had too much health care. >> shannon: polls show that people trust potential voters democrats more to handle the issue of health care, something they are campaigning heavily on this fall. how do you respond to his accusations? >> beto knows what he's saying is false and he's looking into the tv camera and deliberately telling falsehoods. i've got a legislative record on this last year, repealing
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obamacare. it's driven premiums through the roof, the average families premiums have risen over $5,000 a year. i introduced the consumer freedom amendment, what it said it is of health insurance companies sells a policy in the state that meets the title i mandates including pre-existing conditions and everything else that it can also sell any other policy that consumers desire. hhs the health and human services agency, they had their actuaries and experts score the consumer freedom amendment. here's what they found. the amendment which i introduced would have expanded health insurance coverage by over 2 million people, over 2 million additional people would have health insurance but it would also drive down premiums by an average of over $5,000 a year all while protecting pre-existing conditions. beto o'rourke is diligently trained to mislead texans but my
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addition as we are going to protect them period. it kept the protections but it also lowers premiums. you know what beto said wants instead? he wants the federal government in charge of your health care which would produce scarcity, it would produce waiting times, it would produce rationing, it would also bankrupt medicare. that's not what the people of texas want. >> shannon: will find out next week which senator they want. senator ted cruz thank you for dropping in on your barnstorming tour, good to have you tonight. >> let me encourage everyone at home, come out and vote its early voting tomorrow and friday, election day is tuesday, we need every texan to come out and vote and come to our website and contribute, we are getting outspent 3-1. this is a battle for the future, the direction of the future of texas. >> shannon: sounding confident heading into midterms, president trump's is new
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republican majority -- section one of the 14th amendment reads all persons born or naturalized in the united states are subject to the jurisdiction thereof are citizens of the united states and the state wherein they reside. joining us now fox news contributor, and former deputy attorney general john yu. let me start with this from jonathan turley writing in usa today. the meeting of these words, subject to the jurisdiction thereof, those words might be answered by the newly reconstructed court with two trump appointees. the textual and historical argument are likely to appeal to the justices and could leave chief justice john roberts as the swing vote. where do you think this goes if it winds up at scotus? >> i think it's an uphill
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battle. i was in sympathy with with what senator cruz had to say, it's a very bad policy to give birthright citizenship to the children of illegal aliens. as a legal matter it's different to reverse. i do think the lower the species would go up to the supreme court, the more difficult to reverse the policy. if the president tried to do this by executive order, i don't think he can. it means congress has asserted itself here, i don't think the president can reverse that by executive order. i think even if you've got legislation, it's a 50/50 best whether the supreme court would
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sign off on it and an amendment is very tough, it's heavy lift. >> shannon: there are other scholars out there conservatives who say this isn't what it seems on its face. over at the daily signal, he writes the fact that they tourist or illegal alien is subject to our laws does not place them within the clinical jurisdiction of the united states, defined by the framers of the 14th amendment. what do you say? >> i think hans and other of my conservative friends are mistaken. that phrase subject to the jurisdiction thereof actually applies to three disparate groups of people at that time in 1867, 1868 when this amendment was drafted and ratified. it applies to indians, those have been the largest group not considered subject to the laws of the united states. foreign diplomats and in the
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unlikely event occupying enemy soldiers. it's very precise language. the history of the country from the beginning, the founding in 1788, all the way to the present, the traditional understanding has been if you are born in the united states, no matter whether your parents are citizens or not, you're a citizen of the united states. there have been supreme court opinions, the practice of the government, the interpretation that hans and my other conservative friends are making is interesting but it would require the supreme court to overrule its own precedents, and i think the widely held understanding of most legal experts and scholars for 200 years. >> shannon: i want to ask you both to weigh in on the same idea. does congress do something on this, do you think they get it done? >> no, not anytime soon. >> shannon: especially not of democrats win the house. >> i don't see how this moves
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out of congress, i think a lot of republicans would vote against it plus this is one of the rules that makes america, i believe we are an exceptional nation and the fact that all the other countries in the world especially old europe have the rule that your parents citizenship, your blood determines citizenship is the reason why america should keep the rule. >> shannon: people point to the fact that canada and america are some of the only western developed nations that still have this policy, much of europe does not anymore. thank you very much, great to have a legal debate with you as always. next up, you're going to see the president in battleground polls, he's kicking off a midterm blitz. he is firing up both sides to turn out, plus two intensity personal attacks against the commander-in-chief hurt or help him? >> the most racist, sexist, homophobic, bigoted president in history. >> shannon: later, after a bitter confirmation fight, how
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rallies across the nation focusing on illegal immigration internet president trump is calling out the media yet again. white house correspondent kevin corke is live. i did hear him say some nice things, there are some good reporters out there, he gave some credit. >> he didn't mention of anybody by name but he did take some amed media. that's probably going to be the theme. more than 10,000 folks inside the arena to not only get out there and vote on november 6th but he was also imploring them to be, let's just say it, skeptical about what they hear and what they read in the press between now and election day. he accused the press of intentionally fomenting distrust and dissension. >> president trump: we have forcefully condemned hatred, bigotry, racism, and prejudice in all of its ugly forms.
8:24 pm
but the media doesn't want you to hear your story, it's not my story, it's your story and that's why 33% of the people in this country believe the fake news is fact. i hate to say this in fact the enemy of the people. >> when he wasn't pounding the press, the president was promoting the candidacies of governor rick scott and congressman ron desantis for florida governor. he warned against the dangers of a democrat-controlled congress. >> president trump: this election is a choice between results and resistance. about their whole theme? obstruct, resist, what do you get out of that. this is an election between greatness and gridlock. >> president trump not the only president making multiple stops
8:25 pm
in the sunshine state, on friday, hoping once again to turn out the vote for democrats across the state. then it's off to west virginia and other spots, will be checking the map as it goes along. for now, back to you. >> shannon: big names out for all of these big races. thank you for being with us tonight. independent senator bernie sanders on about socialist holding a dueling rally in florida campaigning for democratic gubernatorial candidate andrew gillum. he called on college students to get out and vote and he said this about the president. >> we are working to make certain that the agenda of the most racist, sexist, homophobic,
8:26 pm
bigoted president in history will go nowhere because democrats will control the hous house. >> shannon: let's talk about it with tonight's power panel. the white house correspondent for "the daily caller" and mark lauder pharma's press secretary for vice president pence. who thinks the president is going to motivate both sides? >> definitely come appointed to bernie sanders and trump, they're talking to base voters no one is trying to persuade anyone anymore. it's interesting where the map is, he's going to say for red areas. he's not trying to convince anyone, he's trying to get out the maga crowd. convincing people is over, it's a base election and that's why we are going to ring with
8:27 pm
extreme arguments. >> shannon: so much of this is about turning people out, we seen this enthusiasm gap closing especially in the wake of kavanaugh. they were onto other things now. the democrats still have an advantage when it comes to enthusiasm and they are at least telling pollsters their plans to show up. that sounds good for the house. >> that's what they are enthusiastic about but there's a reason the president is talking about immigration. he's talking about birthright citizenship and that's what david was saying. it's a base election, it gets people motivated to see thousands and thousands of people marching toward the united states which is the declared intention of breaking the law. they're looking at the fact that border arrivals are up at a record number and this is something that really concerns them. he's going to all the senate areas -- i think internal consensus is that the house is generally not going to happen. you can pick up 2 to 3 senate seats and that's with the map
8:28 pm
reflects. >> shannon: let's talk about arizona, one of the states where it's a hot-button issue, this race has been tight between two members of congress. if you got the democrat kyrsten sinema and martha mcsally, our poll out to say it's now at a dead heat at 46% each. nick sally has been trailing, it looks like it's too close to ca. >> there are so many of those races out there and that's why the president and vice president's travel schedule is so important. in addition to their rallies, they will be making robo calls, you're going to see don, jr., the other kids out there, everyone is going to be engaged over the next five days to get that boat out. ultimately, this feels a lot like 2016 where the polls are still not accurately capturing all of the republican enthusias enthusiasm. >> shannon: we know for certain, resist, blue wave, there is a resist flag hanging up in my neighborhood -- i think they might have changed it out but it's been out there for a
8:29 pm
while. we know that is a real thing. that enthusiasm is building in some of these races, we talked to senator ted cruz a little bit earlier. that race should not be that tight in texas. >> it's where the map is going to diverge and we could have something historic cap and come up big gains in the democrats for the house in suburban districts that may have voted for the president and are not turned off by him. 30 seats, maybe 35 seats pick ups but republicans winning in states like missouri, indiana, north dakota, red states but those are his base states. in the end, this will not be a realignment election. this is going to be both sides hardening in their strengths. suburban, college-educated white folks and some minorities on the democratic side, and white working-class, white males in rural areas for the republican side. >> shannon: how do you think that president is going to do if the democrats take the house? there are some who say he would like to spend two years fighting
8:30 pm
back and forth with a house speaker nancy pelosi if she holds onto that leadership battle and there are some questions about a potential challenge there. how do you think he's going to react if he has to wake up? >> the white house staff are going to have to suffer the most. prepare the documents for the hundreds of inquiries are going to get, you're going to see cabinet officers drag before congress. he relishes the fight, he'll punch right back but it will overturn the political operation for the white house and it will make it so working there every day is a constant back and forth fight of document requests and fights with the house leadership and that's just not a great environment to be in heading into reelection. >> shannon: a lot of the investigations that are going now into the doj, the fbi, i think all of those shut down and there are all new investigations by the same oversight
8:31 pm
committees. i want to touch on one other story out of missouri, the democratic incumbent claire mccaskill tied at 43 with josh hawley. she's held on before but we know incumbents are in danger when they are consistent pulling under 50%. there are still some undecideds there. >> i think there's a lot of enthusiasm there, josh hawley has run a great race. you will see the vice president's there multiple times, i'm traveling with the vice president there on friday, then to indiana, this is an all out fight. i'm not saying this because it's halloween. for republicans who may not come out to vote, i have two words, speaker pelosi and chairwoman maxine waters. >> shannon: i don't want to hear any complaints no matter what side you're on, if you didn't register and get out to vote, it's on you. some democrats worried about the
8:32 pm
party's engagement with african-american voters after hillary clinton's controversial comments, yet another democrat makes his own comments getting in a lot of trouble about minorities on his staff. >> our director of all constituent services, she's african-american. but she doesn't even more incredible job than you can ever imagine. >> shannon: later, the republican governors association identified the best chance to pick up a seat is in alaska but now the republicans lead has evaporated. changing math, will preview the race and explain what's happening what the heck is that?! whoa! what truck brand comes from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road? i think it's the chevy. ford. is it ford? nope, it's not ford. i think it's ram. is it ram? not ram. that's a chevy! it's chevy! that's right. from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting
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>> shannon: in the same week hillary clinton makes a comment many are saying is racist, another democrat makes a comment about minorities on his staff. >> she attacked a fellow democrat when he happens to be in a tough reelection bid.
8:37 pm
claire mccaskill is desperate, she deserves to lose. she is not a democrat. she posted screen grabs of threats and racial slurs she has received online, and then it was something senator claire mccaskill said on fox news. >> we had a senator who advocated for the assassination of president trump. >> she made those remarks shortly after charlottesville. she said she didn't mean it but spoke out of frustration. she wrote claire mccaskill and her racist democratic friends continue to alienate the base. that remains to be seen but her criticism comes at a time when democrats are attempting to court african-american voters in competitive senate races in states president trump won. >> there's a long-standing tension about democrats taking african-american voters for granted and president trump has tried to stoke this tension by telling them your life didn't
8:38 pm
improve under democratic policies buried all of these democrats trying to defend their seats are trying to appeal to the middle at the same time they are trying to get their base voters out. >> debates like this candidates accused of making racially insensitive or racist marks are not owned by one party. in florida accusations of racism have played the republican gubernatorial candidate ron desantis. >> this is a debate where democrats are accusing republicans of either being racially insensitive or not standing up to president trump when he makes comments or retweets stuff, the incident after charlottesville when he said there are good people on both sides. then you have this pressure and this tension in the democratic party where true progressives are saying we've never really done enough for african-americans and they are not represented in this party. >> shannon: we reached out to senator mccaskill and state senator the doll and we didn't hear from either of them. what was thought to be republicans best chance to pick
8:39 pm
up a governor's seat is now much less certain, what was a three-person race in alaska is now a head-to-head battle and the math is changing droid dan springer tells us all about it from anchorage. >> squeeze over there, thank you. >> alaska's race for governor pitting former democratic u.s. senator mark baggage against former state senator mike dunn leaving might appear conventional, it's not. missing is the incumbent governor bill walker, an independent who dropped out a few days ago. the stunning move gave life who polls showed was splitting that liberal and moderate vote with walker. >> people look at which one is the right one but now it's changed. there's huge momentum. governor walker bailed three days after, he then threw his
8:40 pm
support who is open to new taxes and lowering oil and gas fund dividend checks in order to close a huge budget deficits. dunleavy said he could do it by cutting spending. alaskans are used to bizarre elections. ted stevens was defeated due to a federal corruption verdict before the vote. senator lisa murkowski retained the seat with a right and victory. might dunleavy appeared to be cruising to an easy win but seems unfazed by the new alliance. >> both of these guys are running to the far left. right now, things are working well. >> republican governors association realize they will lose a few of the 33 seats they currently have around the country but alaska has always been viewed as one of the best
8:41 pm
chances for a pickup, a poll that just came out today shows this race in alaska a dead heat. >> shannon: dan springer, be careful of the moose -- we see the sign behind you there. be safe. the taliban swapped in a controversial deal for army sergeant bo bergdahl have rejoined the taliban. new debates about whether the obama administration should have released them from guantanamo bay. former cia station chief dan hoffman is here with us alive to talk about that and more, next. . mm-hmm. yeah, and when you move in, geico could help you save on renters' insurance! man 1: (behind wall) yep, geico helped me with renters insurance, too! um... the walls seem a bit thin... man 2: (behind wall) they are! and craig practices the accordion every night! says the guy who sings karaoke by himself. i'm a very shy singer.
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and you know what goes great with that shrimp? you guessed it. more shrimp. steak and unlimited shrimp, starting at $15.99. only at outback. >> the qatari government has given us insurances it put in place measures to protect our national security. >> shannon: president obama negotiated a controversial prisoner swap in 2014 exchanging five tele- band members for army bo bergdahl. we learned they joined the taliban's political operation, the next guest knows all about the five. if fox news contributor dan hoffman is here to talk about that. welcome, great to have you. we understand they are going to be responsible for part of the peace negotiations in afghanistan, who are these guys? >> fees are five senior, hardened, battlefield leaders of the tele- band. former chief of the army, former
8:46 pm
deputy intelligence chief, two guys who were tight with usama bin laden. at the end of the day, ending the war is going to depend on reconciliation with the afghanistan government and the tele- band, that's what our former special representative used to say, he was also an ambassador in pakistan so he knows a thing about the region. i'm not so sure i see out these five guys are going to help us get there. there was a lot of concern i remember at the time i was chief of the cia near east division about giving up those five guys in exchange for sergeant bergdahl, such a negative impact would be made on her efforts. >> shannon: now they're going to be at the negotiating table, we will watch that. i want to turn to former ambassador john bolton talking about how this new round of sanctions are going to kick in against iran, here's what he says about the impact.
8:47 pm
>> we want to achieve maximum pressure but we don't want to harm friends or allies either. we are working our way through that. >> it sounds mutually exclusive to me, we want to drive up pressure on iran, we and our allies are going to feel some economic pain. they're going to be countries like india and turkey that need to iranian crude oil so what we need is the saudis to increase their production. the president has talked about that, that may end up being the key for us to soften the blow for these other nations who are our allies. >> shannon: as we talked about during the commercial it's a jigsaw puzzle over there, our interest versus the interests over here, the fact that we need the help on this oil issue -- you know the number of g.o.p. lawmakers have reached out to the white house they've authored a letter saying they want us to stop given what's going on with the saudis in recent days, stop some in negotiations over a nuclear program. here's what the letter said, the
8:48 pm
ongoing revelations about the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi has rinsed further serious concerns about transparency, accountability, and judgment >> they are concerned t the lack of transparency and accountability resulting from his murder. they are concerned about the saudis having access to technology that would give them some breakout capability to process plutonium and enriched uranium. this is reportedly an $80 billion deal for westinghouse which built 16 powerplants over 25 years. if we don't do it, korea, france, russia, or china will do it. if the administration was going to have to go down to congress and asked blaine our policy to the congress and press the
8:49 pm
saudis for transparency and accountability that we need to move forward. >> shannon: it sounds like the balancing act were going to make with huge arms sales, it's a significant impact economically and on jobs here as well. this nuclear conversation may be as well. always good to have you. how is the newest supreme court justice and faring? after a grueling confirmation battle, will take you behind the scenes with justus brett kavanaugh you want to buy. it's not sexy. or delicious. or fun. but since you need both car and home insurance, why not bundle them with esurance and save up to 10%? which you can spend on things you really want to buy, like... well, i don't know what you'd wanna buy because i'm just a guy on your tv. esurance. it's surprisingly painless.
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rent, food, and gas prices climb. poverty, homelessness-- gavin admits it. we created-- it happened on our watch. what you see out there on the streets and sidewalk happened on our watch. now he says he'll have courage, for a change, but gavin's had his chance for eight years, and he never lifted a finger. it's time for someone new. john cox, governor.
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>> shannon: justice brett kavanaugh pgh ramping up its second week of oral arguments, we take you inside the marble walls for a look at that unique job and how his colleagues are treating the newcomer. >> i will always be a team player on the team of nine. >> newly minted justice brett kavanaugh pgh thanking the president, the nation, and his eight new colleagues all seated near him in a show of support. just a day later, he was mixing it up on the bench in his first oral argument, chatting with his new neighbor and old friend, justus elena kagan. >> i think she was making a public show of he was part of the team of nine and he was one of them. right after arguments ended, that first day she gave him a big handshake.
8:54 pm
>> sources say they 114th justice is fitting in well with the hectic pace. warmly embraced by his colleagues, no questions asked. >> i think that manufacturer needs to warn about that. >> just change the answer, i di did. >> just the day after being sworn in an otherwise empty building, he met on a sunday with his new law clerks to go over the looming caseload. sources say he admitted privately to needing a lot of help. after his first few hectic days he settled into his new chambers with lots of pictures of his two daughters along with sports memorabilia for this rabid baseball fan. he is hired oracle law clerks, all-female. avoiding soliloquies or harsh
8:55 pm
rhetoric, after barely surviving senate scrutiny over allegations of sexual misconduct, he is back wearing his familiar robe. >> the nice thing that i've seen over the last two or three weeks is him transitioning back into the role he's most comfortable in, which as is a judge in our justice. >> shannon: those unique things he has to do, he has to serve in the cafeteria committe committee. justice kagan has become famous because during the time in the committee, they added a frozen yogurt machine to the lunch room there over at the supreme court. it's self-serve and you get to put on your own toppings. i give her a thumbs up for that. also the newest justice has to be the one that fits by the door, they have to vote last and they have to answer the door no matter who knocks. we will see just as neil gorsuch only got to do it for a year. in the meantime, most watched, trusted, grateful you spend your
8:56 pm
evening with us, good night from washington, i'm shannon bream. stick around for the one and only tucker carlson. -these people, they speak a language we cannot understand.
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carlson coming up next in d.c. good night, everybody. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." if you have been watching the other channels lately, there is at least one thing you learned about the caravan of central american migrants currently marching toward our southern border. the whole thing is no big deal. these are nice people, every single one of them. much better people than you are. they have the deep moral authority that comes from living in a third world country, unlike you, mr. pampered suburbanite. they are not invaders, they are future model americans. there is nothing at all to worry about, we are told. that's been the chorus from politicians and news anchors who think they are politicians for weeks and weeks now. t if you have any concern at all about this caravan,


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