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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 31, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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out there. the question is, will we find out. nick pope, i know you will find out first and i hope you will tell us on this show. thank you. >> thanks. >> tucker: back tomorrow night with more truth, the show that's the sworn enemy and groupthink.ow happy halloween, sean hannity right now. >> sean: a great question to the president after midterm elections, what about area 51? >> tucker: do that, please. >> sean: i will do that for everybody's sake. welcome to "hannity." buckle up. we have a busy hour. we are barreling now towards the finish line, six days, you have the power, you decide the state of your government. are you going to allow nancy pelosi, california, chuck schumer, new york to control your taxes and your border security, immigration policies, the future of your supreme court? or do you want your life to continue to get better? areco you better off than you were two years ago? that's what's at stake. and coming up, we will show you how nancy pelosi has already -- she is declaring victory despite, of course,he 30-some odd toss-up races in
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the house. s maybe it will shock the world in six days. we have the highlights, the president on fire, huge rally in florida tonight. we'll play an exclusive bombshell new video, project veritas, wow is all i have to say, exposing the hidden agenda lurking inside the gillum campaign down in i have a message for don lemon, fake news jake tapper, and the rest of cnn. they have literally become nothing but a propaganda arm of the democratic party all while masquerading as nonpartisan journalists. also tonight, an important update from the border as we await the caravan of illegal immigrants demanding entry into our country. sit back, buckle up.ll six nights to go. time for our jampacked opening monologue. ♪ on this halloween night, we are facing, well, a terrifying prospect.
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nancy pelosi as the new speaker of the house. chairwoman maxine waters, the liar in chief himself adam schiff, chairman nadler in six days, if you don't want that nightmare to become a reality you have to get up and get out and vote and vote in huge numbers. every race matters. nancy pelosi's bags are packed. she is ready to move into a brand new office. the speaker's office. in fact, she has now declared victory. forget about voting according to her. it's all in the bag. watch this. >> we will win.. [cheers and applause] >> please don't say that. do you want to say that on hillary's fireworks barge that she cancelled? [laughter] please, please, please don't say that. >> we will win. we own the ground. we are not yieldinght one grain of sand. >> how long are the curtains that you are measures right now? >> we are not measuring. we are walking precincts if everyone votes we have a bigger victory. democrat will carry the
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house, if we have a bigger victory, the senate, governorships, it's going to be aig great night for america. >> there has been a lot of talk lately about lowering the temperature of political discourse. have you seen evidence of that?? >> w well, i think when we win, you will see evidence of that. >> sean: oh, when we win we will be civil then.he but up until then, you know, not tell the american people what we really want to do. the president, give him a lotiv of credit, doing everything he can do to keep nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, and their far left radical friends away from power. tonight in florida where the president held a raucous rally for ron desantis and rick scott. let's take a look. >> republicans want strong borders,an no crime, no chaos and no caravans. [cheers and applause] democrats want open borders and they want to invite caravan after caravan into
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our country, which brings crime. [boos] if you want high taxes and high crime, vote for the democrats. vote for the democrats. loyal citizens like you help build this country and together we are taking back our country, returning power to you, the american people, which is true. it's been your movement. this has been your movement. >> sean: rick scott and ron desantis locked in tight races. early voting continues in florida as we speak. tonight we have a new bombshell revelation on florida's gubernatorial race. a brand new, stunning undercover video from taking you inside the far left campaign of socialist andrew gillum. one of his staffers caught on tape coming clean about his campaign's dirty political tricks. even using racist language to describe the people of florida. and we'll let you watch the video and you, of course,
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get to decide. take a look. >> so then none of the programs that people are hoping for would happen? >> basically. >> do voters know that? >> that's not for them to know. >> huh? >> that's not for them to know. remember our saying? modern day fairy talesit start with once i am elected. >> you have extreme rightou wingers. those are the trump and the crazy, crazy, crazy republican, the progressives are the crazy, crazy, crazy democrat. your hipsters, your hippies. >> are you not a progressive? isn't gillum a progressive? >> gillum is a progressive. >> so gillum is part of the crazy, crazy? >> he is part of the crazy, crazy, crazy.
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>> the rules in florida [bleep] suck. >> tell me about it, man [bleep] >> this is a [bleep] state. it's a cracker state. >> okay. ask anybody else out here. port st. louisy, orlando, etn those crackers ain't going to let us do that [bleep] dog. boy, you crazy? >> sean: effed up state. cracker state. we reached out to gillum's campaign for comment on the video. t they haven't gotten back to us. this is the t most radical group of democrats ever toto seek office and now even more evidence. now, of course, we have been exposing gillum on this show for weeks. highlighting what are huge probes involving him, oh, actually taking bribes from undercover fbi agent. and tonight we are learning even more about his questionable spending habits. brand new report, gillum, whileil mayor of tallahassee, stuck a florida taxpayers with the bill for a fundraising trip to discuss his run for putting an even more difficult corruption cloud over his candidacy.
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we reached out to gillum's campaign about that too and haven'te, heard back. florida, you have the choice, get out to vote or let's see 40% increase in business taxes.he by the way, i wonder if the people on the tape are going to be fired. of course, ron desantis, navy jag officer, supporter of the trump agenda. the florida economy isis literally hanging in the balance. andrew gillum exposed as someone willing to say and do anything. you notice the one thing consistent about all of these tapes, they have to lie to trick you into voting for them. and being somebody they are not. and you just saw it with your own eyes. and gillum, no different from any democrat up for election. we have seen tape after tape, week after week, of undercover videos from project veritas and you see this widespread deception in all
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these democratic campaigns. you have got kyrsten sinema out in arizona. she thinks that's the meth lab of democracy and no problem if americans join the taliban. then have you claire mccaskill, she is caught on tape being a phoney. one thing in public and one thing in private. phil bredesen, he thinks the people of tennessee are ignorant. heidi heitkamp. they are all lying to you. watch the tape. >> election year. she is being careful about people off. and she said after the election, if and when she gets elected, she is going to be super liberal. >> there is a lot of conservative people in arizona. she can't alienate the conservative or moderate conservative voters by being super pro-choice. she is pro-choice, she is a liberal, she is progressive. >>s right. >> she doesn't in this election. >> she does not go out and absolute groups routed to that because that could hurt
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like people -- like her ability to get elect you had. >> i was so confused because i just can't believe thatas he would actually vote yes. >> oh, he wouldn't. i don't know if that makes it importance are worse or better but still. >> i don't understand what's the game. >> moderate republicans. >> sean: democrats can't runel and tell you what they really believe, what they would do. pretending to be something they are not. literally acting as moderates we may hear anything t about. laughing at the fact they are doing it. it's sad. one of the prominent democrats claire mccaskill finds herself feuding with own party, maria, making
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despicable comments about the president and being assassinated. the state senator fired back in a series of tweets, calling mechanicsville dixie glare, comparing her to a slave owner, along with other words we won't repeat here. without a a doubt, the woman's comments are reprehensible. believe it or not, with six days until the election, mccaskill is making an election year conversion, one week out of the election, saying nice things about donald trump. she even claims to support trump 100 percent when it comes to border security. this is election day conversion. this is not truth. n actions speak louder than words. claire mccaskill voted against the tax cuts for the people of missouri. she voted o for obamacare. remember, keep your doctor, plan, and save money? she voted against justice gorsuch. shee voted against justice kavanaugh. in fact, she didn't even give the benefit of the ptdoubt, due process, the presumption of innocence, to kavanaugh when he was facing w uncorroborated, untrue, ridiculous charges of gang
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rape in which she had the chance to stand up for due process, constitutional values that have served this country so well. she was nowhere to be found. she was never a moderate. she is literally missouri's chuck schumer. if you want chuck schumer, vote for claire mccaskill. or you can vote for josh hawley, who iss continuing to in momentum. as for matt rosendale, montana has now state in play. by the way, he is giving democratic incumbent jon tester the fight of his life. that is a dumb equitable race hafor republicans. why? breaking news in that race tonight. the libertarian candidate has dropped out and endorsed rosendale, tester's opponent. giving a big boost to the g.o.p. montana, you now have a chance to pull off a major political upset because this race is dead even. by the way, indiana, you y may
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want to follow don't vote for the libertarian. that only helps the incumbent, chuck schumer democrat by the name of joe donnelly in indiana. inel sixth days you will definitely see one of three results. first is a best case scenario. let's start with the good news. republicans pickh up seats in the senate. they hold onto a small majority in the house. second scenario would be a a split decision. g.o.p. holds onto power in the senate, picks up some seats but loses the house. there she is. nancy pelosi becomes your ncspeaker. the third, well, that's sort of like the doomsday halloween nightmare scenario. that involves republicans losing both the house and the senate, meaning you stayed home. you didn't get involved. by staying home that's a vote for pelosi or a vote for schumer. vote for any democrat, house or senate, pretty much the same thing. that scenario, that is what the mainstream media is openly rooting for. for years, election afterre election. democratic parties, biggest donor, biggest ally and
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contributor has always been the mainstream media. like the democratic party, that mainstream media uses deception and lies and misinformation to influence the american people. they are agenda-driven. let's look at fake news cnn. believe it or not, their first," nothing could be further from the truth. two nights ago, don lemon hosts a show on their prime time network. actually telling his audience that the biggest terror threat in america is white men. and according to cnn, the facts first network, white men, especially those that are conservative on the right are scary, evil creatures. take a look. >> we have to stop demonizing people and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most of them radicalized to the right. and we have to start doing something about them. there is no travel ban on them. there is no ban on, you
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know, they had the muslim ban.n. there is no white guy ban. so what do we do about that? >> sean: stop demonizing them but then let's demonize them. forget about isis or alal qaeda. forget about the left wing nut job who shot up aa baseball field full ofdi republican politicians last year. or people sending ricin to mattis and president trump and wray and gina haspel or the trump family or the steady stream of terroristic threats that we see regularly against members of the trump administration or people being run out of restaurants by, you know,he with their families by these mobs that take place, youou can't say mob on cnn. according to don lemon, cnn, facts first, radicalized conservative white men are the biggest threat in the country. look, i understand we're six days out of an elections. i met don lemon and actually seemed like a nice guy. i want to be clear.
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i don't support boycotts. i don't support firings. cnn can program any way they want to program.m. don, you should apologize. sadly, i doubt he will. his utterly biased anti-trump anti-conservative vitriol sadly is nothing new. night after night, what they say facts first, they replace facts with fear. and an unhealthy dose of identify politics. we've got the tape. >> he has given oxygen to racists. he is clearly trying to ignite a civil war in this country. this president constantly denigrates people of color and women, too. let me not mince words here. this president traffics in racism and is fueled by bullying. what i saw was a minstrel show today, straight out of a dictator's playbook. for anyone out there, any of you attempting to defend what he did, you are an enabler. he apparently doesn't care about you or america or the dignity of
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the office. how many times will you look the other way? how can you look at yourself in america? how can you? >> sean: lemon is not the only so-called cnn news anchor to feature anti-trump rhetoric. fake jake tapper recently invited a far left zealot on his program who made this bizarre comparison equating trump to isis. yeah, the people that cut off heads. those people. take a look. >> i think, you know, this president, one of the things that he really launched his presidential run on is estalking about islamic radicalization and this president has radicalized some more people than the president ever did. the president has a far more supporters that promote hateful genealogy. >> sean: no pushback from jake. trump is worse than isis.
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and the torch bearer for thech for the facts first network just tosses to another guest, who is looking on in horror. taber gives her another chance to clarify her remarks and as you might imagine, she offered disingenuous apology and in one breath, bashes drop some more. >> i think i spoke in the heat of the moment, a very emotional and personally painful time for me. i exaggerated and i apologize. the point i was trying to campus to make is that it's not a coincidence that according to the adl, the number of anti-semitic attacks has dropped by nearly 50 percent in the first year that donald trump was in office. >> sean: the guy that has been more friendly to the state of israel, praised by bibi netanyahu, ron dermer, the guy that was -- the only president, they all made promises to make jerusalem the capital. if that guy was donald trump. by the way, the guy that shot up the synagogue and committed that
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evil, horrific taber active atrocities, killing innocent people, oh, he hates trump. he is so pro-israel. cnn wonders why the president calls him fake news. all of these crowds all over the country chant "cnn sucks." are you proud of this coverage, jake? is this who you want representing your facts first network? of course, lemon, jake tapper, the rest of the fake news people at fake news cnn are not the only shills of the democratic party, as we count on to them in terms, mainstream media's antidrug smear machine, which has gone on for two years, is in full gear. their vitriol knows no bounds. their hatred, their bias is literally spitting out of control, frankly, a sign of desperation, they can't handle what might happen tuesday. if all of you vote. >> the language does sync with
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some of these violent haters. it's unfortunate that people talk in the same language as murderers but that is what it is.. >> this is an emergency. the trump presidency represents an emergency. >> bringing back style and ask, are certainly what was used by germany during world war ii as propaganda, is really disgusting and startling. >> he's been playing the racist card. he said i'm a nationalist, david duke comes at the next day saying, thank you so much for finally admitting you are white to nationalist. >> it lines up lines up historically exactly with what certain countries were talking about when they are talking about gypsies and jews. >> he's an anarchist as far as i'm concerned. >> sean: saying you arelo not a globalist and that you are an america first and a nationalist by putting america first does not equate to white nationalism. there is a huge difference and
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they know better. what you see is just part of an echo of the democratic party playbook. every two years, every four years, you've heard me say it, and warned r before this electi, racist, sexist, goes on and on. now the rhetoric is so over-the-top, so absurd, so, frankly, dark and evil and what they are saying, worse than ever. i have been doing radio 30 years, started my 23rd year here at fox and all we see here is the mediaer desperately wanting republicans to lose in six days. while the media spreading hate, guess what? we have real issues to deal with in the united states. at this hour, yeah, we do have thousands of migrants continuing to march our southern border. by the left is framing the caravan as being made up of all good people, seeking a better life, which, by the way, i believe probably 99% of them are. they live in poverty, they want the american dream. the land of opportunity, milk and honey. the mexican ambassador to the
10:21 pm
u.s., this is what he said in an interview revealing that some of the migrants are "very violent" way that is what mexico is saying. in order to secure the point of entry, the president, well, he is considering sending up to 15,000 troops to protect our borders, our rule of law, our sovereignty, and he's doing it ahead of time and telling people they will not get in illegally.t while some on the left are spin the story as right-wing fearmongering, different secretary mattis, well, he kind of set the record ftraight and a general man is kind of way. take a look. >> the support we provide to the secretary for homeland security is practical support based on the request from a commissioner of customs and border police, and so we don't do stunts in this department. >> sean: we don't see stunts in this department. you can wait until the last minute or you can prepare,
10:22 pm
considering that is their stated goal, to enter america illegally. but they do need to turn around, and they need to go back and apply the right way, do it with the rule of law, follow our laws like so many legal immigrants who desperately want to become americans. we need to know you come here with good intentions, that you want to be a part of our family. we get about you, you you can sustain yourself.'r a lot of news tonight. we'll check in with three senate candidates in tight races. martha mcsally, arizona, john james in michigan, marsha blackburn, taken a nice lead but don't count anybody out. every vote counts. marsha blackburn straight ahead. ♪ when my hot water heater failed it rocked our world. we called usaa. and they greeted me as they always do. sergeant baker, how are you? they took care of everything a to z. having insurance is something everyone needs, but having usaa- now that's a privilege.
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♪ >> sean: joining us now with a preview of two twowo days to import an election, six days away, congressman martha mcsally, u.s. senate candidate jfor michigan, john james is bk with us. senate candidate from tennessee, tennessee, congressman marsha blackburn. good to see you all. marsha, i'm looking at your race, one poll as you tried, one has you up, and a biggie, how is it possible that a woman that said arizona is the meth lab of democracy, and says that people of arizona are crazy, invites the blind sheik's lawyer to speak at arizona university, and says it's okay for american to join the taliban, while you were serving america, while she was protesting with witches. >> it is unbelievable. this just goes to show you that she is chuck schumer's top
10:28 pm
recruitment with a lot of money, with tv ads, millions and millions of dollars, she's been able to fool a lot of people. a they are not aware of those things unless they are watching your show, which i'm grateful you keep bringing it up. the arizona media has been protecting her and so she's coming across as something she's not, and the biggest political makeover in our history. we are down for the wire, 60s to go, and we can make sure we secure this victory with support from people all over arizona at the country. they can go to make sally forth on, contribute so we can make sure we can run back. of we are in arizona, make sure you get to the polls, tell yours friends and family, this is so high-stakes, every vote will matter. >> sean: on every front, john james, you have now close the gap. 16 points. you have a race in michigan, which, you know what, as i said to you, i get so impressed evero
10:29 pm
time i value on radio or tv. every campaign is the same. democrats, your opponent is basically chuck schumer of michigan, as are all the democrats, but they won't talkou about the agenda. they will never support a s president's supreme court justice. they want theirrt comes back. they want open borders, sanctuary cities, they want obamacare. how can democrats be running on the biggest mass they ever created? >> democrats have to run on identity politics because they don't have any have anypp identity. they have to put americans against each other. that's a different message than i have. i don't have a black or white message. i have a red, white, and blue message. i'm a combat veteran who understands her to bring peopleo together. i'm a business leader whoro understands how to grow businesses and economic opportunities. we have energy all over the state and we close the gap from 23 down to 6 down this past friday, the momentum in this race, people recognizing that we can finally have experience,
10:30 pm
combat experience and business experience, to lead us to the future. you can learn more about our rates are john james for senate outcome and the vice president came to visit a little bit earlier this week it's all the energy we have in this race, and the momentum, and the president of united states on ""the ingraham angle"" that he would come to the state. please come to michigan, we need you to come across the hump and you have excellent luck on election day. we would like to have you back. it is. when you are everything we want in government, business experience, military service. marsha, we've been friends for a long time, i've watched your campaign. five project veritas tapes have come out.ta your tape of governor phil bredesen hiding who he reallyal is, purposely lying to the people ofur tennessee, and his staff, turned out being his staff, actually referring to the people of tennessee is ignorant. i think tennessee is one of the greatest aids in this country, i love national and country music. so since that time, it seems like your poll numbers have gone
10:31 pm
up a lot. >> they have, indeed. we like the trend that we are on. i have to tellav you, there hasa been one slight and one diminishment after another from the phil bredesen camp toward the voters of tennessee. there has been -- they've been referred to as idiots with an expletive in the first of idiots by a phil bredesen spokesperson, said they weren't worth the tim time. you have hillary, of course, the deplorables, and, and bredesen following back on with that, and eric spokesperson,'s comments. tennessee is pretty specific about what they want to their next u.s. senator. they want a conservative, more constitutional judges, their next tax cut, and they want that southern border secure. they are very concerned about the caravan that is coming
10:32 pm
through mexico and our southerni border. every s day, people are saying, marsha, we know you are going to stand with the president, and you are going to stand to get that wall built. absolutely, i am. as a pivotal issue in this race. >> sean: i would say, martha, kavanaugh, caravan, a lot of the rhetoric of the left have been so over-the-top. economy has turned around dramatically. are we better off than we were two years ago? i'm not talking about us. they were granted men and women i talk about and 2016, they are better off. we had the biggest tax cuts, less regulation, 4 million jobs created, 8 million fewer people in poverty and food stamps. i like america's succeeding. the borderna is a big issue in arizona. >> a man, sean. i was at a small business conference today and the optimism is there because of the conservative policies, working
10:33 pm
with president trump, cutting taxes, rolling back regulations, people left it at a property, things to the leadership of governor ducey, arizona is open for business. we want to keep moving in that direction but border securitye.s a big issue. the two basis in my t district e not going to be staging areas for the military coming there, we are going to welcome them. >> sean: arizona is crazy and that literally thinks it's okay to join the taliban. john james, you know what i would like to see in michigan? i have been to detroit -- i would love to see this great cityd revitalized instead of talking about knocking down neighborhoods. that can happen. >> yes, it can. you mentioned people coming up from central and south america whond a want to the american dr. who can blame them? the thing is, so to people in michigan, so to people in detroit. been number one most segregated city in the
10:34 pm
entire country, and senator stabenow has been elected official for 43 years, a position to do something about it, and hasn't. we need to bring positive change for everyone and detroit is wherere we need to start and we need to start bringing more jobs back to michigan. >> sean: marsha, last 20 seconds. >> i tell you, this is going to be a great race. and i think they're more that the american people and tennesseans are looking at what happened to kavanaugh, what is happening with the caravan, wanting to keep their tax cuts, and thinking about what it would look like ifik you had a majoriy leader chuck schumer and his precure nancy pelosi, they are rethinking this, sean. i think we will do very well on tuesday, november 6th. >> sean: thank you all for being with us. we'll be watching closely 6s from tonight. when we come back, the president on fire tonight in florida. he'll be doing a lot of campaigning in a lot of states as we now approach in the final stretch, ed henry has a full
10:35 pm
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♪ >> sean: joining us now, the president in florida, rockets s rally, fund for the people there, what to expect from the president -- a lot of campaigning leading up to the midterm.m. fox news chief national correspondent, the man with the white house, holding down the fort of the president gets back, he will go in, have a little dinner, ed henry. >> [laughs] i better not do that. not going to work. i'll get in trouble. the president has been following that he's not leaving anything in the locker room and he's backing that up. out on the field tonight, as you mentioned, also in the final six days, he's going to have 11 stops in eight states. it gives you an idea of the frenetic pace.a, buckle up. florida, one of several states he elected twice.
10:40 pm
missouri, indiana the others, all three states of course have very tight senate races. democratic seats could be flipped. look at the map, that tells us that president is less focused on the battle for the house. democrats may have a small affair, may not be a democratic wave like they thought but they may have the edge, already travelel to some of those house races early. now he's oliver red states that he carried in 2016 where there are big senate races or governor races in the case of florida, there isck both. republican governor rick scott trying to unseat democratic senator bill nelson, while republican congressman ron desantis is trying to succeed as god as governor, running against democrat andrew gillum. the president laid the stakes out and made a case at the rally. >> bill nelson wants open borders. we don't want open borders. our country can't survive with open borders. andrew gillum is too extreme for theyo people of florida. you're notot going to -- you're
10:41 pm
not going to take you long. he's also weak on crime. >> andrew gillum and nelson allies on social media saying they think the president was all about fear and demagoguery. they will have their own big gun coming out friday, barack obamam campaigning for nelson and andrew gillum. bottom line, one reason president trump wants to make sure that he gets both the scote and his aunt is to encumber that was atou the table for him of course and a key battleground state for 2020, sean. >> sean: ed henry holding down the fort at the white house. serving as interim president while the president is flying back. joining us with reaction, authoi of the number one -- number one -- -- what you mean, y stop? are you telling me what to say on my show? "liars, leakers, liberals," the .case against the antidrug conspiracy. gee hosts "justice," joe jeanine pirro. let's stay with florida. this tape by project veritas,
10:42 pm
you whip them up, the poor medic, middle and come come with them into a frenzy. i don't think that he can say it about his current agenda, because he is trying to get moderates, the same as the other four tapes, tennessee, bredesen, claire mccaskill, kyrsten sinema, the last one, gillum is not -- his own -- florida is effed up, a cracker state. you have to appeal to white guilt. speak about that is, it's about democrats trying to get back into power. they are so desperate that they'll do anything. i want to focus on most guy, bredesen a gillum, running for governor against ron desantis, got a record that is beyond. he has done so much for this country in the house. this guy, gillum, has run a city into the ground. it has the highest crime rate in the last four years. it has the highest murder rate
10:43 pm
in the city's history. he hates law enforcement. he thinks cops are nothing more than people who put minorities in plantation cages. >> sean:e did he say that? >> he supports the defenders project. it is -- i think it's called the defenders t program, where he ascribes to it. it is a manifesto that is anti-law enforcement, anti-american. this is a guy who's experiences what he is saying. >> sean: what's a conventional wisdom is right. republicans come ofli split decision, they keep the senate republicans, they keep up if you see it, heidi heitkamp succeed, i can't see claire mccaskill winning in missouri, way out of such. i can't see christians a demo when dean heller is hanging on. jon tester is in trouble. if people in indiana don't vote libertarian, joe donnelly would be toast, issue murder democrat.
10:44 pm
my question is, what if there iy a split decision? what if nancy pelosi becomes a speakerer? >> if she becomes bigger grandpa it will be aggravating, to listen to this woman for the next w x number of years, nothig she says makes sense to me. more than that, in the end, the senate -- >> sean: how do you really feel? >> you ask me so i told you. [laughter] this and that is what really counts. donald trump, the president come i can certainly give any candidate the edge. y this is a man, who you just go to america and you say, do you like the money in your paychecks, the reduced regulations, the fact that gdp is 4.2? consumer confidence, the fact that isis's caliphate is atdestroyed? that is what he says and does. >> sean: the headwind, though, 45 retirements of the house, history, only three times in 100 years -- think of 1994, when
10:45 pm
newt came to power. a blistering year, two years after clinton paid a disaster in 2010 for obama. the exception was george w. bush after 9/11. >> kind of changes the dynamic. >> sean: 2002. but america has never had this type of growth and turnaround in two years. i don't understand, people vote democrat, you are voting for the radical agenda that fails for eight years.or >> what they have done for the past two years, since donald trump became our president, they have registered these leftists to vote, allom kinds of new voters coming into rte system now. i think the most important thing that people can do is realize that you can't count on any poles, couldn't count on them at 2016. people are afraid to say they are pro. you know it, sean, so do i. you.attack >> sean: predictions? >> i think we may lose the house by a couple. certainly will not be a blue
10:46 pm
wave. we hauled the senate, maybe give parts he didn't america will continue to be a fire. >> sean: that means it's within reach if everybody votes. when we come back from the left, hollywood liberals, elites, pulling out all the stops, all things democrat. they are about as corrupt as the media. tammy bruce, monica crowley straight ahead. ♪ proposition 11 solves two issues.
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♪ >> sean: hollywood leftist elites,es coming out strong to campaign for democrats. janero fonda, amy schumer said o appear on a voter telethon. jimmy kimmel, yeah, mister -- well, let's just say, harvey jr.
10:51 pm
musician brandon flowers are appearing at a vegas event for the senate candidates. oprah winfrey will campaign for georgia gubernatorial candidate stacey abrams, and all this after cromwell, james cromwell, was mourning the "blood in the streets" if democrats lose them in terms. isn't that nice of them? joining us now, fox news contributor tammy bruce, senior follow at the london policys. research center, monica crowley. i will throw to you guys. here we are, six days out. we know what conventional wisdom is. we see the president working harder than any of these candidates, to be honest, trying to carry them on their back. what happens? >> he's doing multiple offense,t sometimes in multiple states, almost like 2016. i have a column tomorrow at "the washington times" about thp trump effect on the midterms. what i think it is not the conventional wisdom is out the window the way it was two years ago. i think that donald trump was able to establish an emotional bond with the voters of this
10:52 pm
country, which got him elected, and that emotional bond is kicking in now, even though he'i not on the ballot. the american people want to give him back up. they want to protect them. they look at him asy their champion and they do not want him threatened by impeachment or a stalled agenda. >> when you see him at these rallies, we will see him at more coming up, this is a man who -- he achieved what he wanted to. he became president. clearly now proving this is transcending him. now he understands that he got his accomplishment, but he still works and doubles down onto knowing what the country needs, what he's got to do for them, in a way, he's kind of blended with the nature of the power of patriotism and the greatness of the country. as he stands there, it's really interestingly -- it is about him. he's on the ballot but he, as a representation of all of us. the nature of what america wants. >> sean: he can't bail out
10:53 pm
every stupid, boring, dumb republican either. >> he doesn't have to. >> sean: some of these guys are awful. what made them think they can run for office? >> he inspired the candidates. this revolution of 2016 was despite what the republicans were doing and despite -- let me say one thing about hollywood. if they had ridden successful in 2016, harvey weinstein from a very well could be in the administration. the democrats have got to realize that hollywood and what hollywood has supported had maintained the same that made americans lives miserable. if hillary had won, none of that would have been exposed, andbo when we think about whats, hollywood, their decision making, bad news. >> sean: all the rules have changed under trump. i don't care won a silver has to say, he's been wrong. they were wrong in 2004, john kerry was president, they were wrong in '14, way wrong --
10:54 pm
donald trump didn't win a state based on the exit polls. >> donald trump has shattered every paradigm of what we know and expect in terms of conventional wisdom, polling, also the effective preset of leadership. so the smart g.o.p. candidates have embraced them, they brought him into their districts, into their states, they are hoping thatr some of the star power rus eqf on them but also, they want to be connected with him because they want voters to understand they will help trump keep this economy going. >> sean: you said something before we cameam on, how no trup water that i know of all talk to a pollster. >> there is a point where, we don't look at posters that translate, there is also a danger to speaking your mind, they are strangers that are calling you.u. also this is really private. this is so personal to us, because we have realized the impact of politics and our personal lives. >> sean: predictions. >> i think we will -- i've been
10:55 pm
saying w this for a while. even prekavanaugh.e we keep the house and gain more in the senate. >> agree. >> sean: i want everyone scared to death of pelosi. >> they got divorced. they know this. >> sean: more highlights from the president's rockets rally in florida coming up. ♪ ♪ (electronic dance music)♪ ♪
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♪ >> sean: the president made an important point about the devisions in this country especially in wake of last week's events. >> after thista day of unity and togetherness i came home and sadly turned on the news and watched as the far left media once again f used tragedy to sew anger and division. they did everything in their power to try to play it up and push people apart. that is what is happening.
11:00 pm
they are pushing people apart. >> sean: it's all about division. you have the power. six days. don't miss tomorrow night's show. the great mark lavine will be joining us. let not your heart be troubled. >> laura: what was your favorite halloween costume. >> sean: for the record i'm kidding -- halloween kind of teaches kids to be a liberal. can i have free stuff. i said that once and the media went nuts. i'm joking. >> laura: when you open the door and you take 70% of the kid's candy and say how does that feel? >> sean: you are horrible. a horrible person. >> laura: you know what i was


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