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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 1, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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thanks for joining us, "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. jillian: no such thing as too much christmas music, thursday, november 1st, thousands more troops headed to the southern border. rob: the president doubling down vowing to fix immigration. jillian: 5 days until americans head to the polls. >> there whole theme, obstruct, resist, what do you get out of that? this is really an election between greatness and gridlock. rob: the president pulling out all the stops trying to deliver the gop, the key races that are shifting. also a world series bust. jillian: ugly ending for the red sox. ♪ ♪
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rob: driving in this morning, all the good people, all the costumes, 3:00 in the morning. jillian: i didn't see anything. halloween night in new york city. "fox and friends first," rob schmidt. jillian: let's begin with this. immigration taking center stage less then a week before the midterms, 15,000 troops headed to the southern border as donald trump double down on key policies. rob: pulling no punches down the stretch with 5 days to go. >> reporter: what began as a
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deployment of 5000 troops to the southern border has tripled. donald trump about to send 15,000 troops for operation faithful patriot, it is intended to help manage the caravan of central american migrants still hundreds of miles away from us soil. >> we have to have a wall of people, terrific dedicated patriots is what they are. >> a deployment of around 7000 troops to california, arizona and texas, and their primary role will be a support one. they are known to work with 2100 national guardsmen already in place. mexico meanwhile is pushing back from the president narrative with a national security threat. >> the vast majority of these people looking for a better opportunity even if the caravan was not presently, we will still
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have that challenge. to ensure from original point of the migration illegal and safe and the united states mexico and central america must work together to achieve. >> reporter: the president unhappy with outgoing speaker paul ryan who says ending automatic citizenship for the children of undocumented immigrants born in the us won't be a simple as the commander-in-chief believes. >> the constitution does not, i say that to the media, does not require, read it, illegal aliens are not subject to the jurisdiction of the united states. >> ryan and the majority of legal scholars say changing the 14th amendment will require a long congressional process and it cannot be done by executive order. national security adviser john bolton draws attention to latin american policy, he will be in florida slated to deliver a speech outlining changes to venezuela and cuba foreign-policy.
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jillian: donald trump urging voters, a critical choice if they want to see positive change. >> we have no choice. if you want low taxes and low crime vote republican. this election is truly a choice between results and resistance. how about their whole theme, obstruct, resist, what the hell do you get out of that? this is really an election between greatness and gridlock. jillian: the president showing support for governor rick scott challenging incumbent immigrant senator bill nelson and endorsing former congressman ron desantis for governor over democrat andrew. donald trump heads to missouri to stop republican senate candidate josh holly, the vice president will be in georgia stumping for gubernatorial candidate brian kemp. former vice president joe biden sets his sights on north dakota starting a 5 day campaign for heidi heitkamp.
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donald trump's name is not on the ballot but monica crowley from the london center for policy research says voters connection to him is driving them to the polls. >> i think donald trump was able to establish an emotional bond with voters of this country which got him elected and got that emotional bond kicking in now even though he's not on the ballot. the american people went to give him back up and they look at him as their champion and do not want him threatened by impeachment or a stalled agenda. >> donald trump is shattered every paradigm of what we know and expect in terms of conventional wisdom, polling and accepted precepts of leadership. the smart gop candidates have embraced him, brought him into their districts coming into their states, hoping star power
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rubs off on them. >> donald trump's next campaign stop is columbia, missouri. >> investigators one step closer to figuring out how a boeing jet crashed into the sea minutes after takeoff. navy divers recovering one of the two black boxes overnight in indonesia. the device was buried under mud and debris on the seafloor. that lie and air jet was only in service two months and experienced technical problems on a flight the night before. all 189 on board are presumed dead. the man accused of killing 11 innocent people in a pittsburgh synagogue is due back in court, robert bowers indicted on 34 charges including hate crimes and murder, prosecutors are pursuing the death penalty. half the victims were held with more services planned for today. jillian: rob: expected to travel to south korea soon. south korean president moon making the announcement but not providing details.
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if it happens, kim will be the first north korean to visit soul since the end of the korean war. and the second the denuclearization summit between north korea and the us is, quote, near at hand. rob: jamal khashoggi choked to death and dismembered, prosecutors laying out gruesome details of the columnist's murder in the saudi consulate in istanbul, his body still has not been found. the youngest brother of king salmon now returning to the country in hopes of ousting his own nephew, the crown prince who has been criticized over the killing. the elder prince has been living in a file in the uk. >> and ask cons thinks whitey boulder's death was a setup. richard stratton tells the new york post it makes no sense why the fbi informant wasn't in protective custody, where two other inmates were killed, he
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was beaten and killed by a mafia hitman one day after arriving at the west virginia prison. he's responsible for at least 11 murders. rob: rancher ryan bundy suing the federal government over an arms standoff with federal land agents in 2014 claiming prosecutors tried to convict his family after an armed standoff at their ranch. his father hadn't had cattle fees for decades. the charges were dismissed this year. bundy hopes it will draw attention from voters, running for governor of nevada. >> 8 minutes after the hour, has been warmer than normal? >> feels like we are playing golf today. >> it is above average, not
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going crazy. >> ahead of the cold front bringing severe weather across the mississippi river valley, warmer than average temperatures which is why we have a clash of two air masses, you see cold air behind this front, let's look what happens when we have the cold front, this is a tornado watch, scary whether in texas and louisiana towards mrs. it -- we have a tornado watch until 7:00 local time. along that front is where we see heavy rain, potential for large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes, these are west, east of jackson mississippi and north of new orleans so if you live in these areas, seek shelter immediately if you have a warning in your area. the severe threat has shifted across the florida panhandle towards georgia, alabama, the threat will start to weaken later today but we will watch
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this explosive line of thunderstorms across the mississippi river valley and eventually sell the stand submarine to the northeast friday. we will deal with potential for severe weather. watches and warnings, know what to do. >> 10 minutes after the hour right now on the dot. donald trump shattering the mold, real results in the black community, the next guest says the track record of power-hungry democrats won't work with minority voters in their place. >> i won't do that. please vote. >> she said she wasn't running for president but oprah winfrey is about to hit the campaign trail and certainly not alone thomas day tuned. they're all going in the same direction but in very different ways and pampers gives all of them our driest
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rob: democrats hold on tight to some minority voters as republicans make gains. >> the president's approval up 6% since he was elected with the black community. rob: brandon tatum with urban engagement at turning point us and former tucson arizona police officer, thanks for coming on this morning. let's bring up a paul of african-american voter support for donald trump. if you look at it right now the number of african-americans supporting the president is 11%, not a bragging right but better than 2016 when he was at 5%. probably a marginal increase but what do you think the president is doing that is working for black voters? >> it is called result, not just rhetoric, not hatred, not legitimate or sustainable as a result, regular unemployment,
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driven orship among african-americans, when you see those numbers and things you want to vote for something that encourages you to move forward, not hateful rhetoric with no solutions. jillian: how can either party with 5 days to go get the support of some of the black voters who may be undecided, may not know what direction they want to go? >> what it comes to his education, like turning point usa we do a good job educating across the board. our summit last weekend, 400 black leaders had a great opportunity to hear from the president and be encouraged by solid information and go back to respective communities and spread the word and that is the most effective way to do things. it is not hatred but for us to be victors, to grow with country not just as african-americans but as a country in general but
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that mission will attract more people if it was a divisive mission a mission of hatred. rob: we see a trend with elections when democrats are in power, we see higher foodstamp numbers and when republicans take power you typically see better jobs and a lot of these indicators go straight to minority voters. why do you think democrats have such a stronghold with minority voters given that information? >> i believe it is manipulation through emotions. emotionalism point and racism, things that make you emotionally charged not being factual with what is happening is people are tired of the emotional appeal that has done nothing for several years, to get factual information that will drive
2:17 am
change and results of what donald trump has done caused people to realize i got a job now, don't have to be on food stamps, i can do xyz, entrepreneurship, those results cause people to go out and say i went more of what is positive about this country and a lot of people believe in this country, one thing about african american people, we helped build this country in history so it belongs to us and a lot of african americans are excited about potential for our future. jillian: you talked about the messaging both parties have to do the next 5 days, talk about racism. because there has been so much conversation around racism the last couple months do you think it is almost to the point people are incapable of truly hearing the messaging parties are trying to get out? >> people are tired, everybody understands both sides will say what they have to say to promote their side or the other side.
2:18 am
people in general are sick of the shenanigans, we just once result, someone trying to feed their families not worried about accusations of racism every time we turn around and not just accusations that overuse of the term racism or prejudice or bigotry. everything is bigoted so nothing is bigoted, it is what it is. people are tired of the rhetoric and once result, they want to do things they contentedly see in their communities and do for their families. >> nothing drives both like a strong economy. we appreciate it. jillian: march to the midterms, all out blitz from both sides. >> everything we have achieved and it is monumental is at stake in this election. >> we are in a situation where the character of the country is on the ballot. jillian: have a hit on the
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unstopand it's strengthenedting place, the by xfi pods,gateway. which plug in to extend the wifi even farther, past anything that stands in its way. ...well almost anything. leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. rob: democrats and republicans holding up the final stop with 5 days until the midterms, both parties bringing out the biggest players with the balance of power at stake. jillian: the latest on the high profile health. >> reporter: donald from began in florida wednesday, the first of 11 stops he will make in the next 6 days. the rallies in the final week before the election will be held in battleground states like florida, home to key races for
2:23 am
senate and governor. >> everything we have achieved and it is monumental is at stake in this election. democrats once to we raise our prosperity and reverse our progress. >> the president. twice in missouri where senator claire mccaskill and her opponent are tied according to new fox news polling, the same polls show donald trump has an approval rating at or above 50% in most of the states he will visit before election day. >> if you ask the president's team what the strategy is they want the president to go to states, red states where he's popular, an asset to the republican nominee and make sure republican voters turn out in force. >> democrats are bringing in big names, joe biden took the stage in the midwest urging voter turnout wednesday, president obama heads to the southeast friday. >> the fact of the matter is we are in a situation where the
2:24 am
character of the country is on the ballot. in a way that it hasn't been in my lifetime. >> polls show it is unlikely the senate will change from red to blue but the house is in play, democrats need to put 23 seats to gain control. in washington, ray bowden, fox news. rob: the wireless store you here today, and actor admits he cut off his own arm pretending to be a wounded veteran to land more rolls. >> in the back but isn't he did? >> did he come in here a lot? >> todd, known for his roles, told local news in new mexico he is bipolar and severed his own arm when he was off his medication saying i was
2:25 am
dishonorable in killing my career by doing this and hopes to help others with mental illness. jillian: a university in california funded by taxpayer dollars teaching students about white privilege. california state university saint marcos offering communication of whiteness at a sociology class, both courses examine how whiteness relates to privilege, racism and notions of supremacy. >> 25 after the hour democrats taking aim at donald trump's new ad shining a spotlight on an illegal immigrant cop killer he says they allowed in. >> dog whistle of all dog whistles is immigration. this has been donald trump's playbook for so long they have to fearmonger. >> reporter: the left has yet to offer a solution. what will happen to our borders of democrats take control of the house and senate in less then a week? that debate next.
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a very busy travel schedule through tuesday going to states he carried. this is all about firing up the base on both sides, the president last night from florida talking about the potential for democrats taking control of the house and how difficult that would make things and that is true, democrats on the other hand are increasingly confident this will happen, nancy pelosi saying with certainty they will retake the house potentially making her speaker once again. jillian: the president not on the ballot but it seems that
2:30 am
conversation is scheming to the point a lot of people will be voting as if he were on the ballot just because either they have that dislike or like for him. what do you make of that? >> clearly a motivating factor for a lot of folks, talking the potential for a blue wave for a while and a lot of people go to the polls to try to rebuke donald trump. on the other hand it may play the other way as well, the president is counting on that. a lot of his supporters doing him a solid by showing up at the polls and voting for republican candidates making it clear his agenda will suffer consequences if democrats take control of the house at the very least, they will begin a number of investigations into the administration and that will take away a lot of time from other endeavors. rob: nancy pelosi is very confident but she was confident two years ago as well. thank you so much. james mattis setting the reporter who suggested troop
2:31 am
deployments to the southern border is a stunned. >> support we provide to the secretary for homeland security is practical support based on the request from the commissioner of customs and border police so we don't do stunts in this department. >> as many as 15,000 troops will be sent to the border as the migrant caravan pushes through mexico and the united states. computer engineer accused of making ice as propaganda will stay behind bars until his trial, federal judge in chicago, bomb making materials found on his phone along with an offer to make a new pledge of allegiance to the terror group. the us citizen from iraq is accused of an ice is christmas
2:32 am
campaign reporting our gifts are now ready and this one is a bomb disguised as a gift. embattled football coach fired by the university of maryland one day after being reinstated, put on administrative leave after offense of lineman jordan mcnair died of heatstroke after practice in may. an independent investigation found the university is responsible for his death, the school faced massive backlash after bringing him back, reportedly walked out of team practice. jillian: slamming the plan to fix illegal immigration but offering no solutions. >> they have to distract, fearmonger and dog whistle of all dog whistles is immigration. this has been donald trump's playbook for so long and when they go low we go vote. jillian: don perez referring to the campaign ad showing an illegal immigrant laughing in court after coming two sheriff deputies.
2:33 am
how could the immigration agenda be impacted by the midterms? democratic strategist chuck roach here to debate. i will start with you. tom perez went on to say this is the president at his worst. what do you make of that? >> tom has to motivate his base like the president. i run campaigns. i don't talk about campaigns. i run them for living. i'm seeing every year in an off year election you have massive drop off of people who don't like my grandmama, but for every four years for president and i worry about off year elections. it is up to both parties to motivate their base, get people who only voted presidential campaigns to show up and that is what you see the president doing. jillian: this is a motivation tactic by the democratic party. >> i would say the president is
2:34 am
sending people to the border, demonizing latino because he has to motivate his white republican conservative base and that is why he does it. jillian: what do you say? >> this is a major concern. most polls the number one concern for republicans is immigration and there are 10,000 people headed to the border, we have no idea who they are, many could have criminal records. we don't know. we -- they will make their way to the interior of the united states. it is a major concern especially in border states like arizona which have senatorial and gubernatorial election this year. is doing the thing a president should do and it will motivate republicans that he's working as the president, not just the campaign or. jillian: is the reason to be concerned? you don't necessarily hear a lot of concern from many in the democratic party and you aren't hearing solutions. >> there were solutions brought up in this congress this year. this is why republicans do this. they have control of the house, the senate and the white house. they can fix this, pass the bill
2:35 am
and it will be fixed forever but they refused to fix it because they love to use it as a political issue. when you have all controls of all power, even the supreme court you can fix this tomorrow. >> that is not true. republicans have 51 seats in the senate. >> in east texas where i am from. >> not enough to pass a bill on immigration. that is not true. democrats have a super majority 2008-2009. >> let him finish. >> the president proposed two immigration bills, and for things like e-verify which is supported by 88% of the american public and to make sure illegal aliens can take american jobs. there is very common sense immigration reform democrats won't garner a single vote for and republicans would love their
2:36 am
support but unless it is mass amnesty democrats are not interested and we won't have any meaningful immigration laws for the next two years of democrats when the house. >> this is fox news, not fake news. we heard in texas, two bipartisan bills couldn't let anything through the house. let's get everything on the table. >> one last thing for you. if democrats take control of the house how do you think this will change immigration impacted. >> the president will move from or executive orders to push his immigration forward. you will see him work harder to build the wall on his own and use the military to do so and he works or executive order, not congress because nothing will pass. >> thank you, let me know what is in your coffee. thanks for joining us. >> 36 minutes after the hour.
2:37 am
a familiar chance breaking out at a campaign rally in florida. >> maybe we should impeach gillam as mayor of tallahassee. [chanting] >> it is not a call for hillary clinton to be locked up, republican candidate ron desantis says his opponent broke the law. red sox players looked battered and bruised after they were pelted with beer. carly shimkus here with reaction to the parade gone wrong. ♪ we'll keep on fighting until the end ♪ ♪ heartburn and gas? ♪ fight both fast tums chewy bites with gas relief all in one relief of heartburn and gas ♪ ♪ tum tum tum tums
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rob: star-studded closing act in georgia. jillian: donald from, former president obama and oprah. rob: carly shimkus here with online reaction. this is a governor's race.
2:41 am
>> reporter: a lot of celebrities are getting involved in politics, oprah winfrey is the latest. she is headed to the peach state to campaign for stacy abrams, democratic candidate for governor. this will be one of those really tight races to watch on tuesday. abrams very happy to have oprah jump on board, she says i'm honored to have oprah join me for uplifting and honest conversation about the clear choice before us in this election and about this potential of georgians. oprah will join for two townhall's and go around the neighborhoods in georgia and knock on residents doors. if you live in georgia oprah winfrey might be coming over. this candidate of celebrities supporting tactic of celebrities supporting candidates has worked for hillary clinton and a lot of people. the electorate does not care about celebrities, another
2:42 am
twitter user says why do overpaid overprivileged celebrities think anyone cares about their opinion? mary chiming in a similar thing saying when did actors become the authority on who to support? a lot of celebrities say we have the power, the fan base, why not use our voice but republicans don't like that because they usually vote for democrats. rob: on the same lines jimmy buffett, could be a big mistake for him. >> along the same lines, jimmy buffett will be hosting a free concert supporting democrat senator bill nelson and andrew gillam. gillam very excited about this. he released an advertisement saying join us in west palm beach for a concert to entertain parrot heads across the state. i didn't know this but parrot heads is a nickname for jimmy buffett fans. i guess i'm not one of them.
2:43 am
the same reaction to the oprah situation. i'm a huge fan of jimmy buffett but this parent had voted red straight down the line. whether the celebrity tactic will work is up for debate. jillian: this only happens until you are wrong, here is the proof. a win for you. all phillies fans out there. the world series parade got pretty rowdy in boston yesterday. fans were throwing beer cans at players not in a mean way to give them a beer but one of those cans hit the world series trophy and damaged it. also some pretty crazy situations. hit with a can of bud light, caught one of the beer cans but he was warm and threw it back. the world series trophy was
2:44 am
busted but i will blame the players, their baseball players, they should be catching beer cans. rob: that is hilarious. jillian: a rallying cry for democrats since day one. rob: believe us. >> medicare for all, single-payer system. >> everyone should receive the healthcare they need. >> good health care for every american is a right. jillian: what told with a price tag take on everyday americans? nan haworth is not sure, she says it is teeing up a disaster. but first -- let's go to pete. >> fort myers, florida. >> this is our fourth time having breakfast with friends since the 2016 election, 12 miles down the road from where donald trump held a big rally,
2:45 am
waiting in line, and as you know the governor's race and the u.s. senate race all coming down to the wire. the question is enthusiasm. will they support candidates that support the president's agenda. the public have their opinions. there are a lot of polls but we will talk to the people. we are still waking up. this doesn't open until 6:30. stay with us. i am a family man.
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>> flipping the script before the midterms.
2:49 am
the paid a consulting firm over the last, he repeatedly said his campaign would be consultant free. his campaign has not commented on findings. days before the midterms new documents show florida democrat andrew gillam may have broken state law. his gubernatorial opponent, ron desantis using it as political ammo. >> andrew gillam is working on impeaching the president. maybe we should impeach gillam as mayor of tallahassee. [chanting] heather: estate 6 probe shows gillam may have used city funds for a private round-trip flight to meet with campaign donors. the president slamming gillam at his florida rally. >> and reagan wants to take a wrecking ball to one of the most successful economies anywhere in the world. socialist healthcare take over
2:50 am
that would destroy your state. reject socialism and elect ron desantis and rick scott. jillian: he will join us at 715 eastern so stay tuned for that. rob: more than half of democrats on the ballot next tuesday are embracing a medicare for all message. >> i want to ask those people how the hell does it happen we spend twice as much for capital on healthcare as the people of any other nation? rob: a new study by george mason university says bernie's plan, medicare for all would cost, would be a cost of tens of trillions of dollars, nan haworth's doctrine former congresswoman who joins me to talk about this, something like $32 trillion is what this program would cost over a
2:51 am
certain amount of years. let me ask you is that more or less then we are spending on healthcare right now? >> reporter: we are spending with we should on healthcare, not getting full value for money and $32 trillion, george mason, good place with the already projected tens of trillions of debt, based on medicare program they have now. and the driver of debt and projected debt. >> you think healthcare gets more expensive as we moved to single-payer option. whenever the government is in charge of things decisions become political. we have seen it in everything government touches. rob: they are not good at making deals.
2:52 am
>> big healthcare, big hospital entities, big pharma they all play a role in our healthcare and want us to be healthy but, they get the deal they want. rob: they see the big pile of money. >> providers tends to charge more. that is a big problem. it is cost, debt and allocation of resources. rob: the popularity of obamacare has skyrocketed recently. it is down in the 30% range a few years ago, now it is close to 60%. it is very popular. i can't help but think the reason why is republicans talked all the stress all those years and had no solid replacement for this plan and if they lose next tuesday a lot of it will be on the republican party. >> i agree with you. the crucial aspect they failed
2:53 am
to emphasize, no republican wants to eliminate coverage for preexisting conditions. everything we have ever done is meant to help people with preexisting conditions. rob: not according to democrats. >> democrats are propagandizing that. what obamacare did was a $1 trillion gift to the bureaucracy and insurers at premium payer and taxpayer expense and one of the reasons obamacare isn't as unpopular is the trump administration has done things to help consumers have more choice. that has taken the negative off of obamacare. rob: you are special person, doctor and a politician. i want to ask you straight up what do you think healthcare in this country should look like? not many people know both sides. >> we can look at what donald trump and hhs have done about
2:54 am
facilitating association health plans, letting small businesses band together across the country so they can force insurers to give them choice and competition, lowering the cost of plans, making them more affordable, not having government mandate everything that these folks have to do. that is the vision for the future. rob: the most cost-effective vision that gives you the best healthcare. >> insurance should be the big costs. if we rationalize our insurance plan so people could afford their insurance in the cost of routine care would also go down. rob: thank you for coming on today, we appreciate your time. 54 minutes after the are, curiosity didn't kill this cat but krispy kreme might. he is a junker. the internet falling in love
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don't use tresiba® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. don't share needles or insulin pens. don't reuse needles. the most common side effect is low blood sugar, which may cause dizziness, sweating, confusion, and headache. check your blood sugar. low blood sugar can be serious and may be life-threatening. injection site reactions may occur. tell your prescriber about all medicines you take and all your medical conditions. taking tzds with insulins like tresiba® may cause serious side effects like heart failure. your insulin dose shouldn't be changed without asking your prescriber. get medical help right away if you have trouble breathing, fast heartbeat, extreme drowsiness, swelling of your face, tongue or throat, dizziness or confusion. (woman) we found our tresiba® reason. find yours. (vo) ask your diabetes care specialist about tresiba®.
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rob: time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good 28-pound cat named doughnut finds forever home since getting adopted in jackson, florida. new diet getting more exercise. tubby tabby getting a new name as ziggy. he is cute, isn't he? he is a big guy. jillian: next the bad. did you ever count down the seconds into the end of the school day? jillian: yeah that long day could get even longer with volusia county florida. expands by 30 minutes next year. rob: i would be enraged.
3:00 am
package happened ler gets drunk and gets trapped in cargo holder. los angeles to chicago. he has been suspended. jillian: wow, what did he drink? all right have. a good day. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> republicans want strong borders, no crimes and no caravans. >> 1500 troops headed to the border as donald trump doubles down on key policy. >> is this a political stunt? >> the support that we provide is tactical support. we don't do stunts in this department. >> brand new fox news poll as key battleground senate races are setting up potential photo finishes. >> the republicans do have uphill battle the fact that donald trump's poll numbers are going up in a lot of these areas is certainly helpful to them. >> hollywood leftist elites are coming out strong. >> vote. >> vote. >> vote. >> the president pulling out all the stops tin


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