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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 1, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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package happened ler gets drunk and gets trapped in cargo holder. los angeles to chicago. he has been suspended. jillian: wow, what did he drink? all right have. a good day. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> republicans want strong borders, no crimes and no caravans. >> 1500 troops headed to the border as donald trump doubles down on key policy. >> is this a political stunt? >> the support that we provide is tactical support. we don't do stunts in this department. >> brand new fox news poll as key battleground senate races are setting up potential photo finishes. >> the republicans do have uphill battle the fact that donald trump's poll numbers are going up in a lot of these areas is certainly helpful to them. >> hollywood leftist elites are coming out strong. >> vote. >> vote. >> vote. >> the president pulling out all the stops trying to
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deliver for the g.o.p. >> this is really an election between greatness and gridlock. we are going to fight and we are going to win, win, win. [cheers ♪ ♪ they can show you how ♪ country feels. steve: there you go, november 1st, all saints day. my daughter mary's birthday, happy birthday. ainsley: happy birthday, mary. a few days away from the election which is on my daughter's birthday november 6th. steve: look at that. brian: walk in the green room a lot of the candy. people have the same idea bring the gheand from home. ainsley: we appreciate that. brian: we stumped it here for the staff. steve: for us. ainsley: thank you. steve: a lot to talk about as ainsley said five days until the midterms which we have been talking about since 2016, the day after the presidential election. the president of the united states was down. he had a full house a rerts herz
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arena. the southwest portion of florida where some of the areas that turned out big for the president in 2016 along with the panhandle and north florida as well. brian: people in florida are concerned about the panhandle if you are a republican because the panhandle has been devastated by hurricane michael. so busy remarrying their homes and putting they're lives back together will they go out to vote? they showed up yesterday and the president had some familiar themes. >> democrats want to erase our prosperity and reverse our progress. a vote for democrats is a vote to liquidate american's borders. but we are getting prepared for the caravan, folks. you don't have to worry about that. we will end, finally, birthright citizenship. it's costing us so many billions of dollars. if you want low taxes and
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low crime, vote republican. [cheers] this election is truly a choice between results and resistance. who voted? who voted? [cheers] oh, wow. everybody voted already? [cheers] then what the hell am i doing here tonight? goodbye. [laughter] ainsley: he loves these rallies. during the elections he would do six rallies in one day. in the next week, next five days stopping all over the country and doing three rallies in one day. steve: 1.35 people have either voted by absentee ahead. ainsley: so glad they did that. makes it easier for everyone. if you are not going to be in town. brian: or vote multiple times.
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all of a sudden you guys are blaming me for the bombing at the synagogue. that's not where the -- that's not where the criticism belongs. ainsley: he slammed the far left media for spreading lies. using that tragedy in pittsburgh and bomb to sow anger and division. republicans want no crime no, chaos and no caravans. democrats want open borders and they want to continue to invite caravan after caravan. steve: it's a sprint to the finish. the president is going to be doing rallies all over the place columbia, missouri, huntington, virginia, in
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annapolis. on friday the president is going to be in montana, big sky country. back in. chattanooga, tennessee on sunday. then the president will be in cleveland, ohio, the home of rush limbaugh on monday as people head to the polls. ainsley: the races in florida are very important to him because is he going twice and he has already been several times before. trying to boost the votes for rick scott and ron desantis. steve: he said they would do a great job. also, congressman francis rooney, who is running for re-election. he kind of struck the tone when he said we need to help the president by getting your vote out in southwest florida. we need to run up the score like we did in 2016. the message that we heard last night was it's 2016, all over again. ainsley: people are motivated. they are excited to go to the polls and vote and have their voices be heard.
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brian: the mayor of tallahassee under additional investigation. and now we understanding this, when he talks about medicare for all and raising property taxes. it shouldn't be hard for ron desantis to put a stark line between the two different looks of what florida will be like for the next four years. meanwhile, the president of the united states also is concerned as many of you are about a not only this caravan with about 7,000 people but others are forming saying this is a great idea. there is at least two more ready to come out of honduras through guatemala, maybe el salvador up to mexico because it seems now it's almost invogue to get a bunch of people and start marching. ainsley: that's why the president said if we don't stop the first one that's why they will do this over and over and over. he said on monday he would deploy 5200 troops. on tuesday one of the generals said that number going to rise. yesterday the president said it could be anywhere between 10 and 15,000 personnel to go down there and assist homeland security.
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listen to this. >> not fear mongering at all. we need democrat votes to change the immigration law us. as far as the caravan, which is very dangerous you see what's been happening. as far as the caravan is concerned. our military is out. we have about 5,008, we'll go up to anywhere between 10 and 15,000 military personnel on top of border patrol, ice. nobody is coming in. we're not allowing people to come in. steve: the president also said his estimate of the number of illegals in this country, 25 to 30 million the often quoted number is between 10 and 12 million. so that was something new. also, the president said yesterday is he committed to ending birthright citizenship as we heard in that axios interview a couple of days ago. he said yesterday he would prefer to go through congress rather than executive order. he also said if president obama could do daca, the
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dreamers, then president trump should be able to end birthright citizenship with executive order as well. although there are people like paul ryan who say no, you can't. brian: and the president took him to task. steve: he did. he blew him up. brian: look at the other channels which i have all these channels and i say i'm only watching one. i should flip them around. steve: animal planet? brian: c-span 2 as well i love the programming and diversity. also a civil war on the republicans. it's not a civil war. it's the president saying honestly i have a problem with the speaker calling me out on a radio show when he didn't even talk to me first. so, it's not a civil war. it's honest dialogue back and forth. steve: "the washington post" this morning has a great item about how it's not just republicans who have gone along with the president in the past regarding immigration. now you've got joe donnelly who is in the fight of his life in indiana. he said regarding birth
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right citizenship you know what? we have to take a look at that i want to see that legislation and make sure it's constitutional and review it claire mccaskill a democrats in the fight for her life she urged the president to use, quote, every tool at his disposal to stop the caravan i 100 percent back him up. in tennessee crazy governor phil bredesen decision to deploy guardsmen to the southern border. actions speak louder than words. in 2006 when the president said he needed help to secure the border tennessee governor phil bredesen didn't wait to be asked and he didn't play politics. now there are a number of democrats in red states who are on board with the president talk about immigration. brian: until november 7th and then we will find out. ainsley: and then they will vote a different way. when the president won a few years ago. he get us. he understands us. he understands our needs. he has promised us a lot of those things and a lot of
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those things on his list he has been able to check off. peter kirsanow was on with tucker last night. he said the media and the democrats don't understand the needs of middle america. listen. >> most normal americans are not concerned about the race, ethnicity or the gender identified at this of the participants in the caravan. they are concerned because they see 7,000 mostly military age males who are jobless who proclaimed an intent to violate our borders, break our laws and they are not going to be moving to the neighborhoods that these journalists and these media talking heads talk about. think are a completely divorced from the concerns of normal americans what these individuals eminently crossing the border are going to do. brian: no one is afraid. we just want a sense of order immigration system and flooding our borders is no
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order. james mattis is putting 7200 troops and then you heard as many as 15,000. he was asked is this an election stunt? listen to his response. >> is this a political stunt as critics allege? >> the support that we provide to the secretary for homeland security is practical support based on the request from the commissioner of custom to border police. we don't do stunts in this department. thank you. steve: we don't do stunts. they asked for help and we are here to help. brian: right. called coordination. ainsley: we have ron desantis coming on our show an hour from now. brian: sounds like you are bragging. ainsley: i'm bragging on the people who booked it we have such a great crew here. jillian: at 7:15. get you caught up on your news. the man accused of killing
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11 people inside a pittsburgh synagogue is due back in court this morning. robert bowers has now been indicted on 44 federal charges including hate crimes and murder. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. funerals for more than half of the victims have been held with more services planned for today. investigators are one step closer to figuring out how a two month old boeing plane crashed in the sea just minutes after takeoff. navy divers recovering one of the two black boxes overnight in indonesia. the device is buried under mud and debris on the sea floor. the lion air jet experiencing technical problems on the flight the night before. all 189 people on board presumed dead. people in virginia may have to work in order to keep their medicaid benefits. the state is expected to file a waiver with the trump administration as soon as tomorrow. recipients would have to either work or take classes and report those hours to the state. this comes after the administration approved wisconsin's new rules requiring recipients to work
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at least 80 hours a month. that means taxpayers will no longer foot the bill. and it's a halloween homecoming. a soldier dresses up in a dog costume to surprise his daughters at their school's parade. amelia and josie's class was picked to join mascot billy on stage for a photo. that's when jason middleton revealed himself. he's finally home in wisconsin after a nearly year long deployment in kuwait. why did he pick the dog? because it matched matched the mascot or it was the mascot. steve: that's your department on this story? jillian: i was watching as i was reading. steve: it was the mascot. jillian: i'm losing it, guys. [laughter] steve: thank you very much, jillian. jillian: you are welcome. steve: cnn's don lemon doubled down and refused to apologize after he said this. >> the biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most of them
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radicalized to the right. steve: hud secretary dr. ben carson is here to react to that live. brian: pete hegseth is having breakfast with friends. he brought a camera. he promisesal to televise it. steve: there are the friends. ♪ connecting the world inside, with the world outside. so you can move through both a little easier. introducing the well-connected 2019 lincoln mkc. you may have gum disease and could be on a journey to much worse. try parodontax toothpaste. it's three times more effective at removing plaque, the main cause of bleeding gums. leave bleeding gums behind with parodontax toothpaste.
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narrowing the democratic candidate. his name is ned lamont. he is just right behind him by a few points as you can see to this new quinnipiac poll to the margin of error. key turn that blue state red? brian: why is that happening? that republican candidate for connecticut governor bob stefknowski. bob what made connecticut open to your candidacy? >> we have a horrible economy here. eight years of a democratic governor. we have had two of the largest tax increases in the his strf the state of connecticut. we have a 4 billion-dollar budget deficit. we have got an employee pension plan at the state level that's $1 billion under funded. we are the classic example of failed economic policy. and the reason i'm actually leading in the polls right now in the internal polls is that people want change ains
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aption people who want to move there say it's beautiful but taxes are so high there. state government spending outpace revenue of a deficit 2.6 billion. national headline. gubernatorial race referendum on failed democratic fiscal policies. is that what you are hearing from the constituents there in the state of connecticut? >> absolutely. and it started when we put a state income tax n 1991. before that income tax came, in connecticut was the fastest growing state in the entire nation. in the 25 years since, we are almost last in economic growth. only state that hasn't recovered the jobs from the great recession. i'm running on a platform of get rid of that state income tax over 8 years. lowering the corporate tax, and getting our economy moving again. that's what people are desperate for in the state of connecticut. and that's why republicans can win the governorship this year. brian: the thing is you are a business guy and that's in your background.
3:20 am
might be counter intuitive to think at a deficit we're going to cut taxes. howe are you going to sell that? >> first we have to cut costs. our spending is out of control in this state. i'm a firm believer, you see it in tennessee, in florida, in texas, that cutting tax brings people back. it brings companies back. it creates jobs. it creates revenue that we can then invest in education and healthcare and all the other things. but we have shown the exact opposite over the last 8 years. we have had tax increase after tax increase and tax revenues are come down. so, to me, it's only common sense. my opponent ned lamont is the same. brian: bob stefanowski you are defying. good luck. >> we are going to win this thing. ainsley: we did reach out to ned lamont, his opponent we haven't heard back from him. brian: toss to break, i'm checking my voice mail. the trump administration is fighting to end homelessness
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3:25 am
sent classified material to family members and the media on cell phones smuggled behind bars. is he already charged with sending documents on cia hacking tools to wikileaks. that is some of the news but not all. ainsley: the media still pointing fingers at the president and republicans for recent violent attacks and now a cnn anchor facing some backlash for going even one step further. listen to this. >> we have to stop demonizing people and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most of them radicalized to the right and we have to start doing something about them. there is no travel ban on them. there is no ban on, you know, they have the muslim ban. there is no white guy within a. guy ban. what do we do about that? steve: doubling down on those remarks. refusing to apologize claiming cold hard facts back up his claim. brian: let's see if we can
3:26 am
find those facts here to discuss is hud secretary dr. ben carson. start off with that. if you would tackle that issue. do you think white men are the major threat in this country, male? >> actually it's a little bit humorous. you know, this is the most powerful nation that the world has ever known a juggernaut moving toward prosperity for everybody, solving a lot of our problems. and the only thing that can really destroy us, ourselves. you know, jesus said it best. a house divided against itself cannot stand. it was echoed again by abraham lincoln. it's absolutely true today. we get to decide and this is the great thing. we, the people get to decide are we going to listen to the purveyors of hatred and division? or are we going to listen to our higher angels and start working on ways that we can create real fairness and use logic and common sense to solve problems and learn from our history?
3:27 am
you know, we have a history of dividing people into different seeing you meants and that has caused a lot of problems in the past. and we paid big prices for that let's don't sweep fund the rug. let's acknowledge it let's learn from it and move in a positive direction not a negative direction. brian: it's not true, dr. carson. do you not think that white men are the greatest threat? >> of course not. that's ridiculous. ainsley: let's move on to something so important to our viewers. we love our military. you have a big effort to combat veteran home alsoness. >> we look at our veterans. 1% of our population protects the other 99% of us to allow to us live in peace and freedom. we should be willing to really help them out. unfortunately many of them are traumatized, have a lot of things going on in their lives. so they end up homeless on the streets. and what we have discovered is that just putting them in a house doesn't necessarily
3:28 am
solve their problem or just giving them wrap around services, clinical services and things like that don't work. but, when you combine those things together, we have had a tremendous impact on reducing the homelessness this is a burial model. intraagency corporation. that's one of the hallmarks. all the secretary noe each other, work together, talk about the problems. use our collective resources and powers to solve them. this is an excellent example of that i have had a chance to travel recently to miami, to midland texas, places like that that have declared victory in home alsoness as have 67 communities, including three states. it is wonderful to talk to those veterans and see how just thrilled they are at what's going on. brian: you say 66 communities across 33 different states have effectively ended veteran homelessness. that is unbelievable. steve: how are they getting
3:29 am
the people off the street, doctor? >> well, in many cases, you know, you have to steab relationships because some people are traumatized to the point where they don't trust anybody. it may be a matter of going out and establishing a relationship with them, talking to them, getting them to know your name. you know, sandwich, a hot drink, something like that. and after a while, they begin to believe. because, you know, we have a wonderful country. and we have a lot of people who have big hearts who want to help. and we're finding ways in this administration to allow them to be able to help their fellow americans. it's making a big difference. steve: sounds like a terrific program. if more people would like more information, doctor, how do they get it? >> well, you can always go to in fact, if you just want to be thrilled, go to and look at some of the things on that website like humans of hud. it tells stories about veterans and all kinds of people who are receiving services.
3:30 am
you can see where your tax dollars are going. steve: okay. forget about that online shopping go to >> there you go. brian: focus going to be those opportunity zones right after this midterm election. >> absolutely. and candy says hello to all you guys. ainsley: tell her hello. brian: waiting for the next book. come on. steve: meanwhile, straight ahead, elizabeth warren's campaign raised more money to support her vote against judge kavanaugh. what happened when she was asked about it on the debate stage? you've got to see it, and you will. ainsley: what did the voters think of president trump's rally last night? pete hegseth is having breakfast with friends down in florida and we will check in with him next. we're gonna replace candy with some healthy halloween treats today. these are called veggie fruit chews mine tasted like poopoo!
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♪ >> andrew gillum wants to take a wrecking ball to one of the most successful economies, socialist healthcare takeover that would destroy your state. he wants to abolish ice and he signed an extreme left wing pledge that supported an end to all borders. a disaster for florida's economy. reject socialism and elect ron desantis and rick scott. [cheers] steve: there you have got president trump last night rallying thousands in florida. what did the voters of that area think? ainsley: why don't we ask pete hegseth because is he down there with them in melissa's diner in fort myers, florida. hey, pete. pete: good morning, guys. that's right we are a few miles down the road where the president rallied last night. 6:'0 when melissa's normally opens it's already packed in here. are we enthusiastic this morning? [cheers] pete: listen to that good stuff.
3:35 am
like the president's rally last night. almost everyone here has already voted including john and tom, did i get that right. john and tom. john, you voted. tom you already voted as well. you came to this country legally 51 years ago. so that issue is something very passionate. >> it is very passionate to me. i look at this caravan that's coming, these people that want to come, i can understand them wanting to many do. i mean, this is a great country and great place to live. it's the land of opportunity. for 51 years i have never looked back once. it's been wonderful. i was totally vetted. my parents, my grandparents, myself. we had to be interviewed at the embassies. went through the blood test and everything. these people who think they can just walk over the border into the united states and we are going to take care of them should step back and realize this is a country opportunity is something to work for. don't expect us to just open our arms and welcome you. we don't know who you are. i mean, probably 90% good
3:36 am
people, but -- pete: that's the point the president has made. >> i fully support the president. i just hope the president can get a little bit more support from across the aisle. pete: don't hold your breath for five days. tom, how about you? what issues are motivating you? >> two big issues. one is security of the country. i fully support president trump what is he doing in sending troops down to the border. the other is the economy. what he has been able to do with our economy in two years is absolutely incredible. pete: well said, sir. thank you both very much. i appreciate it talk to more folks over here as well. charlie and cheryl. thank you both for being here. here nice and early. retired electric trismghts already voted, support this president. what race are you most motivated about here in florida. >> actually, if gillum gets in, i think florida is in big trouble. i really. pete: you are not a fan of socialism? >> absolutely not. there is no other choice, i don't believe.
3:37 am
other than having desantis. pete: absolutely. >> desantis, we know who we have. gillum i'm afraid we will take florida right down the tubes here. pete: that's certainly what the president said last night at the rally. you didn't make the rally last night, did you? >> i didn't even see it because. pete: he fell asleep. he told me already. that's all right. it happens. we will keep talking to a few more folks as well. mike and peter. i usually can't remember names but i can remember that one. what issue are you most passionate about in this cycle five days out from this election? >> i think we have to support america. making america great again is not just a saying to me. it's what you live. i have been out of the country for seven years. i just got back four months ago. we need to be thankful for what we have because it is special. i really want to see america stay america not what they -- what the socialists want it to be but to stay what we are today. pete: you are running a business overseas did, that
3:38 am
remind you how special america is. >> oh my god, you have no idea. the people of america are special. we need to cherish that and we need to remember that and we need to remember for that baby right there. pete: that's baby elly by the way. i don't know if we can pan over there. she is the smilest, now most wonderful. pete: now you don't want to smile for me. >> keep america great for baby ellie. >> i have seven grand children i want them to know the america i knew growing up. pete: the issues you are most passionate about? >> we just can't become a socialist country and survive. we are all going to go broke. pete: nobody here is voting for gillum. >> absolutely not. [crowd boos] pete: how did the idea of socialism become popular in america? >> pause we keep following european footsteps thinking uranium is doing it. we can do it. i don't think it's going to work. pete: polls show it a tight
3:39 am
race. do you think gillum has a shot? >> i certainly hope not. >> absolutely not. this is trump's country. pete: we shall see. the polls are tight. ignore the polls because there is a lot of enthusiasm for the candidates at the top of the ticket. melissa's diner we have a lot of folks to talk to. we have been doing it all morning long. pete: pete hegseth with the folks having breakfast. brian: i remember watching the election coverage in 2016 florida was the lead and then lost all those counties and then lost all those states. ainsley: president was there boosting votes for rick scott and ron desantis. is he going to join us. former congressman. now running for governor he is going to join us at 7:15. brian: not very many people remember but he was in the military for some time and now he is out. steve: 20 minutes before the top of the hour and jillian joins us with the news. jillian: that's right. good morning. the fbi secretly recording
3:40 am
trump campaign advisor george papadopoulos. republican lawmaker mark medcos suggesting agents taped him in 2016 while investigating possible collusion between russia and the trump campaign. last week paparazzi told "fox papadopoulos he maypull ou. >> mark meadows demanding the fbi release the tapes. massachusetts democrat put her name on email saying she opposed justice kavanaugh's nomination and asked for campaign donations. her opponent geoff diehl questioning her about it at a debate. >> but you did and turns out it's illegal. >> did you or did you not do that. >> actually, i don't know. >> a complaint has been filed about a fundraiser. >> then i will check into it but i don't know. critical jill complaint says it's against senate rules to ask for money based on future votes. turns out the grinch may be right when it comes to holiday cheer.
3:41 am
♪ ♪ >> blast this christmas music. jillian: according to a sky news psychologist, listening to too much christmas music can be bad for your mental health. they claim the songs can stop people from focusing on anything besides christmas, which can reduce stress. we want to know what you think. reach out an email or send us messages on social media. i feel like after thanksgiving it is fair game and i enjoy every second of it. ainsley: thanksgiving, it's november 1st. start it now. steve: you like christmas music. ainsley: yes. brian: i only like kenny gee, no lyrics. [buzzer] brian: one guy playing an instrument. steve: janice dean is in our
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outside our building right now. janice: it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. take a look we have our christmas decorations. i love christmas music by the way. don't cake it away. take a look at the maps. tornadoes across texas and louisiana and the threat continues today. fortunately the storms are starting to weaken but we still have a tornado watch in effect for parts of louisiana, mississippi, into alabama. all right? so this line of thunderstorms could bring the potential for hail, damaging winds and also tornadoes. we could see the potential for very heavy rainfall. this is going to be the area of concern today we actually have a couple tornado warn storms jackson, mississippi we will continue to monitor that today. janice: it's beginning to look a lot like christmas ♪ ♪ everywhere you go. steve: go one block behind you that's where the rockets audition. janice: that's true? do you think i could audition? steve: why not?
3:43 am
they need singers. janice: 9:00 i'm there. steve: good enough. brian: 18 minutes before the top of the you are, i have got to go christmas shopping. first this: she said she was not running for president but oprah is about to hit the campaign trail and she is not alone. steve: president trump says birthright citizenship will end, one way or another. what are his legal options? judge napolitano is on the case. he is here in studio f. come on over. you are next on "fox & friends," judge. ♪ heartburn and gas? ♪ fight both fast tums chewy bites with gas relief all in one relief of heartburn and gas
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3:46 am
♪ oh! oh! oh! ozempic®! ♪ (vo) ask your healthcare provider if ozempic® is right for you. ainsley: president trump vowing to change birthright citizenship rules with the stroke of his pen. steve: not everybody in congress, including people in his own party are on the same page. what are the president's options? here to weigh in fox news senior judicial analyst
3:47 am
judge andrew napolitano. >> good morning, guys. ainsley: good morning. steve: said the other day maybe he would change did via executive order. then he said yesterday maybe he would prefer to go through congress rather than executive order. >> listen, congress can write legislation that puts sections ever ever constitution into your law and tells bureaucrats how t to. congress can't change the constitution. if the president wants legislation that says for example the congress declares that birthright citizenship no longer exists, that legislation would be just as unconstitutional as the presidential executive order declaring the birthright citizenship doesn't exist. why do i say that? because of the plain meaning of the 14th amendment, which says all persons born or naturalized in the united states and subject to the jurisdiction thereof are citizens of the united states and the state in which they live. steve: it's that word jurisdiction. >> so are illegals subject to the jurisdiction of the united states? of course they are. they commit a crime.
3:48 am
they get prosecuted. they get in an automobile accident, they can sue. they have basic human rights. they can't vote or run for office. subject to the jurisdiction thereof. the phrase subject to the jurisdiction thereof is intended to exclude from automatic citizenship the offspring of those who are not subject to our jurisdiction. who would that somebody in foreign diplomats. foreign heads of state. foreign agents. brian: do you agree that our founding fathers couldn't have possibly foreseen 20 million people here illegally and people abusing the system like russians and chinese as well as central and south americans? >> the remedy is to change the constitution. which is very difficult. very cumbersome and in my opinion will not happen. it would not require a vote of two thirds of both houses of congress. that's not going to happen now. and ratification by three quarters of the state legislature. brian: right. how about legislation driven from lindsey graham that passes the house and senate that makes the court decide on this and have an honest debate about this. >> the courts can't just
3:49 am
decide something. brian: once it's challenged. >> real case or controversy in front of them. but, when a supreme court has looked at this and candidly gone both ways. more recent cases have said whoever is born here is an american citizen. look, the president can't change the plain meaning of the constitution with the stroke of a pen. if he could do that then barack obama could have gotten rid of the second amendment which he hated. presidents can't do that and i think the president knows that. i believe he has generated this because he wants the debate. he thinks this debate will help republicans in the five days remaining before the midterms. i don't think he seriously thinks he can change the constitution with an executive order. steve: changed the subject and now everybody is talking about it judge, thank you very much. brian: i believe he sincerely wants that. >> i fully agree with you, brian. >> thanks, judge. >> you are welcome. brian: saw him on the stage with the president last night in florida. will it being enough to help ron desantis become the state's next governor?
3:50 am
he will join us live next hour. steve: she said she isn't running for president but that doesn't mean she is done. oprah winfrey is going all in to help democrats in the midterms ♪ let's get it started ♪ let's get it started in here ♪ let's get it started ♪ let's get it started in here ♪u vacuum is no exception. from floors to carpets, it tackles all kinds of debris, even pet hair, with ease. but what about cleaning above the floor? that's why we created the shark ion robot cleaning system, our innovative robot vacuum paired with a built-in powerful shark handheld. the shark ion robot cleaning system. one dock, two sharks. cleaning on a whole new level. (bright percussive music)
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>> vote. >> vote. >> vote. >> november 6th, please vote. steve: she says she wasn't running for president. oprah winfrey hitting the campaign trail hard and not the only celebrity making final midterm push five days
3:54 am
away. ainsley: here with reaction lighting up the media carley him can you say. >> a lot of celebrities have politics on the brain right now. and oprah is the latest. this is a pretty big deal for stacey abrams. she is going down and going to be going door-to-door to support stacey abrams in the georgia gubernatorial race. so if you live in georgia, oprah might be coming over. you never know. she is also going to be participating in two town hall events today. not so many people can drum up excitement and enthusiasm quite like oprah. brian: without her, there is no president obama. >> she pulled for obama but she also pulled for hillary clinton and it didn't work out. a lot of people, especially on social media we are seeing this reaction from conservatives who say i may like the celebrity, but i don't really care about their politics. i vote for what works for my family and my wallet. and i think we have some reaction that speaks to that.
3:55 am
tippy on twitter says i hope learn soon the vast majority of americans do not care who they want us to vote for. if these go jill i don't knothink they haveanything in ce common people they are sorely mistaken and their careers will begin to reflect that jeff says oprah don't forget to tell voters how you benefited from trump's tax breaks for the very rich. darlene says democrats are trying to bring out the celebrities like oprah to woo voters. you can't vote as a fan. you need to vote for your family pocketbook. trump has us at 3.5 g.d.p. and 3.1 increase in wages and salary. lowest unemployment for african-americans: it is an interesting debate as to whether celebrities really help push politicians over the finish line. ainsley: it's interesting. it depends on the celebrity.
3:56 am
oprah has such a following of women. steve: taylor swift threw her out in the ring and endorsed the democrat in tennessee. >> look what happened to voter registration it went up. steve: it took off. >> it doesn't have a politiciahurt to have acelebrit. at the end of the day i'm going to vote what helps my family. to the what taylor swift may say. steve: is that a new ad? >> not for a specific candidate. ad basically speaking to mainly female voters and there is a lot of female celebrities in it. ainsley: bloomberg's money. >> bloomberg political action. ainsley: all these celebrities say going to out and vote. brian: i think i saw cher. >> she is one to follow on twitter. all caps tweeting. sounds like she is yelling at you and oftentimes she
3:57 am
is. brian: now i know how sonny felt. steve: nancy pelosi wants everyone to turn down the political rhetoric but not just yet. we will explain. ains have dana loesch, ron desantis and geraldo coming up live. ♪ trelegy 1-2-3 trelegy with trelegy and the power of 1-2-3, i'm breathing better. trelegy works 3 ways to... airways,... ...keep them open... ...and reduce inflammation... ...for 24 hours of better breathing. trelegy won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. trelegy is not for asthma. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. do not take trelegy more than prescribed. trelegy may increase your risk of thrush, pneumonia, and osteoporosis. call your doctor if worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling,.. ...problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain occur. think your copd medicine is doing enough?
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liver problems can occur with entyvio®. if your uc or crohn's treatment isn't working for you, ask your gastroenterologist about entyvio®. entyvio®. relief and remission within reach. republicans want strong borders, no crime and no caravans. >> as many as 15,000 troops are headed to the southern border as president trump doubles down on his key policies. >> is this a political stunt? >> the support that we provide is tactical support, we don't do stunts in this department. jillian: the biggest race in next week's midterm election considered toss-up. >> lowering our corporate tax and getting our economy moving again. that's what people are desperate for. >> there has been a lot of talk lately about lowering the temperature of political discourse. >> well, i think when we win, you will see evidence of that. >> are we going to listen to the purveyors of hatred and division? or are we going to listen to
4:01 am
our higher angels? steve: it's a sprint to the finish. the president is going to be doing rallies all over the place people head to the polls. >> this is really an election between greatness and gridlock. we are going to fight and we are going to win, win, win. [cheers] >> oh, oh, oh, it's magic ♪ you know ♪ never believe it's not so ♪ it's magic. ainsley: that was a real song? it's not just a commercial. brian: sounds like it's in the bathroom. steve: different acoustics. brian: little bit of an echo. ainsley: not the closet, the bathroom. steve: we have a magical two hours straight ahead. brian: we hope. steve: we do, indeed. five days until the midterms which we have been talking about pert near two years. the president of the united states you see him at the hertz center in he i estero,
4:02 am
florida? he said how many of you have already voted? almost every hand went up he said why in the hell am i here? in florida 3.5 million people have voted absentee. somebody in the sunshine state is energized. ainsley: he slammed the far left media for spreading lies and sowing anger and division. he said to that crowd this the greatest political movement. brian: can i add to that ainsley on behal before we go te sound bite. he said there are very good people. he doesn't necessarily care about criticism. he just wants fairness. flipping around around doesn't see fairness. and that drives him crazy. ainsley: calls it fake news. steve: we where to do a sound bite in a minute about how he is able to combat what he regards as fake news. ainsley: if you weren't there at the rally. this is 45 seconds of what
4:03 am
he said last night. >> democrat want to erase our prosperity and reverse our progress. [crowd boos] a vote for democrats is a vote to liquidate america's borders. if you want low taxes and low crime, vote republican. [cheers] election is truly about results and resistance. who voted? who voted? [cheers] >> oh, wow. everybody voted already? [cheers] then what the hell am i doing here tonight? goodbye. lafayette. steve: he was in lee county. collier and lee counties in west florida had the largest g.o.p. turnout of any florida county, 87% in 2016, and lee county had 78%
4:04 am
turnout in 2016 for president trump. that's one of the reasons he kicked things off last night and he is going to be blitzing the country. ainsley: you think florida. you think republican. the president keeps going back to florida because some of the races there are so tight. you have rick scott and ron desantis that are running in that state as well as others. he is going back to florida, actually. he was there last night going back on saturday. look at the map. that's where he is going. 11 rallies like over a six day span. ainsley: where is he today? ainsley: today columbia, missouri close to your old stomping ground on friday is he going to west virginia, huntington. brian: manchin is suddenly vulnerable. what's interesting in montana that the libertarian has dropped out. and the conventional thought is when a libertarian drops out it's good for republicans. that hurts jon tester who is trying desperately to tell everybody he is a moderate democrat, which the only problem is we see his voting
4:05 am
record. steve: libertarian not only dropped out but endorsed the republican. what's going to happen to 4% or 5% that the libertarian was polling with. will they go to tester? will they go to rosendale? brian: that's a good point. now look at the last fox polling right before the election with five days and counting. here in north dakota. ainsley: these are battle ground states. brian: i used to have a state-by-state map that put them together again. hopefully can you do that at home. north dakota 61%. steve: heidi heitkamp. brian: 54% in missouri. the president hopes to be able to flip. they are in dead heat right now is journal hawley. in arizona, another dead heat to fill up jake flake's senate seat 52% the president's popularity is in indiana, where the vice president called home he is governor. 5%. that's a little low for him compared to what he got in the election.
4:06 am
steve: in indiana, the most popular politician in indiana is mike pence. ainsley: so the president, we talked about that axios interview that's going to be aired on hbo, right, this weekend. here is another clip of it, of the president defending why he calls the media the inform the people. >> what scares the crap out of he if you are saying enemy of the people, inform the people. think of it. god forbid that like somebody have you fervent supporters they love you and listen to you. enemy of the people. >> they like me more because of that. >> they like you more but what happens if all of a sudden someone gets shot. someone shoots one of these reporters? i don't think you think we are the enemy of the people, do you? >> i don't. if you gave me false reports i would say that's not a good thing for our country. >> don't you worry at all you? are like the most powerful man in the world. if you say that word, enemy, enemy, literally tens of thousands of people going to a stadium to listen to you and people going on social media and get themselves so jazzed up. >> only form of fighting
4:07 am
back. i couldn't be here if i did that. >> you won. you have the presidency. >> no, no. i did this before i won. steve: so there he is. he is saying essentially i may be president but that's how i fight back. clearly what he doesn't like is he does not like stories that he feels are not fair to what he is doing. so that is -- started out as fake news and then it eventually turned into enemy of the people. and jim, talking right there about what if somebody takes it, somebody is listening to that and they think okay that guy that i'm seeing at this rally is an enemy of the people what should i do about it. ainsley: how frustrating would it be if you are the president of the united states and every single time you turn on the tv on most of the channels they are misconstruing what you say. you know your later and you head words and voice and you watch what other people report on what you say and completely different than what you mean. that has to be frustrating. that's why he is calling it fake news. if you don't want to be called the enemy, get the story right and be accurate and report on the story on
4:08 am
the way i want it reported. brian: that's a good point. always a risk if you are a public speaker people misreading your words mentally unbalanced guy living in the, bernie sanders worker shoots up baseball field. ainsley: you asked steve scalise when you interviewed him do you blame bernie sanders he said absolutely not. this guy was a nut. brian: i actually thought you asked that question. ainsley: thank you. i wish i had. brian: usually i praise myself i like it better when you do. also points to brings up i think john is fair, axios is fair. and i thought he asked a good question. the president gave an honest response back and i would not doubt. just an opinion, i don't know. but that's why he said yesterday, this is two days after his interview, i think. you have some very good people as reporters and journalists. you have some that are not good at all. he showed dissemination. maybe is he somewhat moderating. steve: the president has got the biggest mega phone in the world. whether it's twitter or whether when he is out and about and he says that is
4:09 am
not true, you know, he is branding it that's not true. brian: i want to bring this up too before we go to the sound bite. bernie sanders last night said the president is the most racist, xenophobic, anti gay, homophobic. what does that do? what did bernie sanders do last night to his supporters? why is bernie sanders not worried about people misinterpreting his words and his actions? because if he is describing the president accurately, which i assume he is because he only tells the truth. then maybe somebody is misinterpreting those words and thinks they have to do what some of those clowns did last week. steve: now you know, you just heard from the interview with jim have and vani the president uses the term. in people and fights back at the press. ainsley: we heard nancy pelosi say if you want civility we are not going to be civil until democrats win. nancy pelosi had a similar message. listen to this. >> there has been a lot of talk lately about lowering
4:10 am
the temperature of political discourse. have you seen evidence of that? >> well, i think when we win, you will see evidence of that. because when we do win, we will have, as we open a new congress we will honor the vows of oour founders e pluribus iewn numb. from many come one. it is also exciting to find solutions that unify and not divide. that's what makes a big difference between democrats and what's in the white house now. brian: i wonder when the last time nancy pelosi came out to unify? i don't know. steve: after they win on tuesday. brian: do we have enough brain room staff to look that up? when is the last time she went out. when she jammed obamacare down everyone's throat when president obama was ready to give up on it? that's what we are looking at. steve: she is obviously feeling very strongly about it same interview with stephen colbert where she was emphatic we are going to
4:11 am
win. we are going to win. we will union phi after we win. brian: i'm not saying that bernie sanders, anyone should listen to bernie sanders and take action or will. i'm saying if you are going to be tough on the president for his language and maybe it's justified. you have to be tough on everybody for their language. if you want the president to tone it down, future opponent looks to be bernie sanders has to tone it down as well. steve: bernie sanders ask not the president. ainsley: let us know what you think. brian: he wants to be. steve: he does. ainsley: let us know what you think about that interview and president calling the press the enemy of the people. hand it over to jillian who has headlines. jillian: that's right. good thursday morning. start with this story. the man accused of killing 11 innocent people inside a pittsburgh synagogue is due back in court today. robert bowers has now been indicted on 44 federal charges, including hate crimes and murder. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. funerals for more than half of the victims have been held with more services planned for today. an x con thinks whitey bulger's death may have been
4:12 am
a set-up. he tells the "new york post" doesn't make since why the fbi informed wasn't in custody where two other inmates were killed this year. killed mafia hitman with a lock inside a sock one day after arriving at the west virginia prison. bulger responsible for at least 11 murders. the man known as the hipster terrorist for his social media pictures pleads guilty to supporting isis. the iraqi refugee admitting in a chicago courtroom that he lied to immigration officials about flying to syria to help fight for the terror group in 201. he claims he wanted to defend the syrian people. he is expected toen to be sentenced in april and faces up up to 15 years in prison. the teen showing off world series trophy at the the took a hit. can you see the damage as one of the pennants knocked loose.
4:13 am
one team was arrested for hitting the teen's manager with a cold one. said in the 5:00 a.m. hour. for everyone who thinks this kind of stuff only happens in philly. there is the proof. brian: had to wait a year for an example. ainsley: throwing full beers to the players? brian: something wrong with the red sox, they are obsessed with the yankees. beat the dodgers and astros and they are worried about the yankees. jillian: they are onto the next. ainsley: thanks, jillian. you just saw him on stage with president trump in florida last night. will it be enough to help ron desantis become the state's next governor. he is going to join us live next. brian: couple of farmers go from zero to 100 on their tractor. the speed machine that you've got to see ♪ wild thing ♪ you make everything ♪ wild thing ♪
4:14 am
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on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. and now, the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is only $1299. plus 24-month financing on all beds. only for a limited time. steve: president trump firing up supporters in southwest florida last night. but with five days to go before the midterms, will it enough to give ron desantis a win over andrew gillum in florida for governor? right now let's talk to him on a very busy morning. ron desantis joins us live
4:18 am
from miami. congressman, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: we cited the statistic earlier. so far in florida 3.5 million have already early voted or absentee voted. you say that the republican early vote is, what, 2 points ahead of the democrats? >> yeah, that's right. normally, democrats would be ahead of us at this point. we usually have a big election day turnout. i think we are succeeding in mobilizing folks. i think the president coming to florida is helping that we feel really good about what's going on. part of it is i think floridians understand that there is a real significant choice here for the direction of our state. i'm going to build off the success we have h our economy is going well. we need to continue that and expand upon it. andrew gillum the guy i'm running against wants that 40% tax increase which will cost jobs. cause businesses to leave florida and appreciate what could be a historic flow of investment into florida over the next several years. so the stakes are high. steve: let's take a look at the real clear politics average right now. he your opponent is at
4:19 am
almost 47%. and you are almost at 44% pretty darn tight. last night you talked a little bit about how appear drew gillum is running on impeaching the president. what else did you say? >> i just joked he should be impeached he got caught taking gifts from fbi agent over 1,000ness new york city. $4,300 for a fund raising dinner which was never disclosed. and then you had the lobbyists that arranged both of those gave andrew $1,000 four-night stay in a luxury costa rica villa. and of course andrew turned around and gave that same lobbyists a 2-million-dollar contract with the city of tallahassee. so that is corruption in action at the municipal level and it is wrong. steve: one of the things that the people of florida on both coasts are concerned about the red tide and green algae. if you were governor, how
4:20 am
would you fix that? >> >> good appointments to the water management districts. good quality water standards. working with the trump administration to finish these projects, particularly this reservoir south of lake okeechobee. you send the water there, clean it, and then you don't have to discharge it here's the thing, steve, andrew wants to impeach trump. how the hell is he going to work with the trump administration constructively to advance florida's priorities. i will get the job done with the water. andrew will not. steve: ron desantis joining us today from miami. i know sprint to the finish. sir, thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you. steve: by the way, we did reach out to mr. gillum to invite him on the program. they have not called us back. invitation is still open. meanwhile, president trump says railing dependence his opponents helped him win. >> the only form of fighting back, i couldn't be here if i did that. steve: is he right? a debate on that coming up next. if you want a car from a company that's
4:21 am
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leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. brian: time now for news by the numbers. let's get started. first, more than $1 million. that's how much democrats spent on minnesota senator tina smith as she skipped a debate. "the washington examiner" reveals ramped up ads when she opted out of the event with karen housley. she claimed scheduling issue. i'm not buying it amazon will pay its employees starting today $15 an hour. increasing minimum wage for more than 250,000 workers. the move comes after amazon was criticized for not paying warehouse workers enough. that's great news. 108.5 miles per hour or a father daughter duo setting a world record for fastest farm tractor. the ohio family beating the
4:25 am
previous record by almost 13 miles per hour. that's what happens when you get rid of the governor. ainsley, talk about something else. ainsley: that's awesome. that reminds me of home. that's in ohio? i love that story. watch. this you are like the most powerful man in the world. and if you say that word, enemy, enemy, literally tens of thousands of people going to a stadium to listen to you and then people go on social media and get themselves so jazzed up. there has got to be a party like i'm scared somebody is going to take it too far. >> it was my only form of fighting back. i couldn't be here if i didn't do that. >> you won. you have the presidency. >> no, no, no. i did it before i won. ainsley: here to weigh in on this is kimberly claysick. aren't robert wolf. thank you for being with us. >> thank you, ainsley. ainsley: i will start with you, robert. do you think that that is irresponsible or do you understand why the president
4:26 am
is saying that that he has to defend himself? >> i think when he is acting like candidate trump and not president trump. it's great when he goes to 20 rallies and 20,000 people. do the math, that's 400,000 people. he is the president of 350 million. so i think at least half, if not more, don't like him calling u.s. citizens the enemy of the people. the enemy of the people who are you military are fighting against or the terrorists that we saw this past weekend. the pipe bomber, or obviously the shooter in pittsburgh. so, i don't view the media as our enemy. they are not perfect but they are not our enemy. ainsley: kim, what do you think? >> i think robert is proving a great point there. when you talk about serial bombers, when you talk about mass shootings or anything negative in the country, the left wing media puts that spin on it and use president trump's name. when you talk about a booming economy and talk about wages increasing or women going into leadership roles in corporations then somehow people bring up president obama. this is what has been happening for a very long time. president trump is right. he speaks the language of
4:27 am
the general population. there's a reason why his rallies are packed and there is lines around the buildings. there is a reason people actually like what he says and they believe him in what he says. it's not a game. it's not a charade. it's president trump, it's transparency. ainsley: robert, as a reporter and someone who has interviewed the president. when you sit down with him, you can ask him any question and he is going to shoot straight with you. is he going to be very forth right. he was honest with that reporter saying i have no other way to defend myself. what else is he supposed to do if he doesn't use twitter in order to negate some of the stories that other networks are reporting that he doesn't agree with? >> yeah. i think we are talking two different things. i'm not questioning whether the president should defend himself and put what he deems to be the right facts on twitter. although i will challenge whether they are the right facts or not. i think we are talking about is that rhetoric he is using and the far left or far right. that's best for the country. these chants at the rallies what we want. the answer is no. it is not bringing our country together. it's separating us.
4:28 am
i'm not on the fringe left. and i'm certainly not on the fringe right. but we are losing the center. and i think this nationalistic type of rhetoric is not positive. i had breakfast recently with steve bannon and he said this is a referendum on trump. and he is not surprised that the president is talking about this illegal immigration and caravan and birthright citizenship and the truth is, republicans should be talking about the economy and they are not. ainsley: kim, i want to talk to you about that. remember james carville. the phrase it's the economy, stupid. look at the number and paychecks. amazon just read the story where they are paying their workers now 15 hours. when you look at the economy and 401(k), since he has been president, everything looks better. so, how is it -- what are democrats missing? >> well, democrats are missing a lot. but we don't have that kind of time to go into it. in a way, if you look at it,
4:29 am
the labor department already said we have the largest increase in i would say, probably 8 years. since 2008. you saw -- i'm sorry, since 2008, you didn't see this kind of increase. september of 2017 to september 2018, we saw 2.9% in wages. people remember that now when to vote, you think about the money in your pocket. you think about the economy. i don't think we really even have to talk about it. i mean, actions speak louder than words. if you are going home and your paycheck is larger, that's what you have. ainsley: robert, what's your response to that why do democrats take a step back they might not agree with the rhetoric and tweets. if you look at your pocketbook and our economy and country, why aren't more democrats supporting him? >> well a few things. one, i think everyone should be a pro-growth democrat or pro-growth republican and the economy doing well is a good thing. the democrats right now are looking to win the house and they are focusing on local elections and they are focusing on healthcare, protecting women's rights, protecting pre-existing conditions. with respect to the economy,
4:30 am
we should just say the facts. for the last 20 months of president obama, we averaged 211,000 jobs. and for the first 20 months of president trump we averaged 188,000 jobs. those are both good but 211 is greater than 188. we have had 40 great months. those are all positive things. i'm not saying we should run away from the economy. we should talk about the vibrant economy. that being said you have the president talking about caravan and birth right and immigration. you have the democrats talking about healthcare and protecting women's rights. and right now we used to talk about foreign policy andee culsed to talk about and k about the economy and right now neither side is talking about that. ainsley: thank you both. have a great day. >> you too. >> thank you. ainsley: beto o'rourke said he would never pay for consultants on his campaign. it turns out that's not exactly what ended up happening. pete hegseth having breakfast with friends down in florida after president trump's rally last night. we will check with him. look at that, a man with
4:31 am
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steve: all right. fox nation is going to sign on november 27th. you've heard a lot about it. so many of the hosts here on fox news channel are going to do different sentence, i'stints.i'm going in the kitchd drinking beer and wine with people. brian goes into the history. ainsley: i'm going into hometown heroes and make-a-wish foundation. brian: we have only seen clips of it what they are doing now is putting out highlight reels to give you an idea what you will be getting if you sign up and we hope you do. watch.
4:35 am
>> i'm just walking down the hallway to the office joking around, talking about life, talking about business, whatever it is. ♪ brian: our greatness, our willingness to fight when challenged dates back to even before we had a president. >> the confessed gunman bernard getz is on a special cell in rikers island tonight. >> always our america. >> ladies and gentlemen, we got him. [cheers] >> that is a moment where george washington proves what a leader is. >> the biggest mistake conservatives made in the past half century was to vacate the universities and hand it all over to liberals. >> looked at a certain way, always a smart big guy. steve: fox nation. >> have to get through the crust. >> for me chili is comfort
4:36 am
food. >> what do you think about a trump-biden matchup? they threaten to fight each other. >> leaned toward us like this and said gentlemen, i know why you are here. are you here because of the dead body in the basement? >> brawly was a pawn. >> she had no injuries from an assault. >> what is this [inaudible] >> this is one of a number of history books that we have written and really timely. >> do you ever wonder how make-a-wish foundation grants thousands of wishes every year? >> documents at the heart of dan rather's report are now called into question. >> many fear the war has come to our shores. >> with great admiration from an entire nation, welcome home. >> can you come down here? and kennedy says i prefer you come to me. ♪ ♪ steve: fantastic. like more information, see how it all works, go to brian: just get it on your phone. when you are on the train or in line go to the bank.
4:37 am
people still go to the bank, right? ainsley: they do. steve: if you have to. you can do most of it on the phone. pete hegseth is actually going to be on fox nation. right now he is down in melissa's diner in fort myers, florida. pete: brian i'm going to weigh in on that not as many people go to the bank as used to. brian: get there before 3:00. pete: no are no. now you have an app. use all the time. ainsley: using your phone. pete: at your kitchen table. unbelievable. kind of like fox nation. get fox anywhere all the time at that's called the promo. here we are at melissa's diner. sometimes it's hard to find folks here we have embarrassment of riches many went to the rally last night including jill and susan both at the rally last night. first of all, it was your first rally. first president you have ever seen go speak. why are people so motivated to go hear president trump? >> he has a presence about him and a follow. you just want to go see what he has to say. pete: you are passionate about both ace races.
4:38 am
have you senate race and gubernatorial race here. do you feel good about those outcomes? >> i do. we have the economy going in the right direction. and i want it to stay. pete: you have already volted and you are going to vote on election day. you used to be a democrat. now a republican. >> yes. pete: why did you switch and what issues are most important to you. >> it was a long time being a democrat and then, you know, i want to independent. i think the economy was very important. i think securing the borders was important. i worked in higher ed for my whole career. and, you know, i had, you know, one point of view. pete: was that the only point of view in high er higher. >> we hid the independents and republicans hid. so, you know. pete: shouldn't have to be that way. >> it wasn't that way 10 years ago but it is now. pete: you worried about andrew gillum and socialism coming to florida. >> i am. pete: go to the next folks,
4:39 am
socialism and a governor who supports socialism would be a bad thing for florida. you were at the rally as well. >> we are re lucky. we got first row right at the gate. it was exciting. a lot of energy. pete: what issues are most passionate to you. >> for me taxes and economy. i look at the government as a big business who better than donald trump the best businessman there is to run the government. i think he is doing a terrific job. he understands it. pete: britney, some folks have said they are more passionate today than they were on election day because they said he delivered on what he said he would do. do you feel that way. >> i do. promises made, so many promises kept. kind of hard not to believe what he saying is he is going to do. pete: what issues motivate you to go to the polls. >> we have family in the military. everything he has done for the military and they will become veterans. what he does for the veterans definitely is more reason that we get behind him and back him. pete: military and veterans. speaking of a veteran. we have one right here. sir, what's your name again.
4:40 am
>> jerry. pete: when did you serve and in what way? >> well, i have a total of 54 years in with my dad's 20 and my 34. border security is kind of important to me because i spent a lot of time down in nicaragua with the contras. i go back a long way. pete: do you support the military being september down to the border then? >> absolutely. absolutely. i really hate seeing people kind of kept out of our country, but we don't if they go through the proper procedures. and we need to know who is coming. we need to know who is there. and what they are up to. and, you look at this convoy, and every time i see a pan of it, you see so many of the military-aged guys down there. andy time in el salvador and honduras and nicaragua. i was there under carter back and forth under different presidents. under bush. pete: you are saying we have to know who they are. >> we do.
4:41 am
pete: hear military, vets, the economy. a lot of focus on the fact he would deliver what he said he is going to do motivating a lot of the voters down here in florida. steve: motivated a lot to early vote. ainsley: janice dean is covering our forecast today. janice: good morning. i'm not going to lie. i just ran out here and i'm out of breath. what are your names? >> sheila. >> bill. >> where are you from? >> maryland. >> are you happy to be on "fox & friends." >> yes, we are we came to see you. janice: i like that. how about a hug? >> good job. very nice. hi, mom. let's take a look at the maps. i caught my breath. i got a hug. 58 in new york city. it is warm. do you love this warm weather here in new york city? yes, it's fantastic. we do have a cold front though. unfortunately bringing the potential for severe weather across portions of louisiana, mississippi, alabama. we could see the potential for tornadoes today. know what to do if there is a watch or warning in your area. can you see on the border of alabama and mississippi we
4:42 am
have a couple tornado warn storms. take a look at the nation's forecast today as i click through my maps. here it comes. here it comes. there is your future radar: nice day in new york city. the potential for rain and thunderstorms tomorrow as that front moves through. hey, thanks for coming out. hi, you guys, how are you? hi, wave to everybody at home. wave to mom. very nice. we're right on the corner of 48th and sixth this morning. steve: our world headquarters. janice: and i have caught my ainsley: thanks, janice. steve: meanwhile, angry, bigots, sexist. a mom shocked to find those words linked to republican on her son's vocabulary quiz. that mother and her son will join us live. >> wages growing at a faster pace in a decade. stuart varney promised to walk up our stairs and not be out of breath and he joins us now ♪ we're coming to your town
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university of maryland's football coach fired 24 hours after being reinstated. he was put on administrative leave back in august months after player jordan mcnair died from heat stroke. the border of regents just brought him back saying he was unfairly blamed for the dysfunction in the athletic department. the decision drawing immediate criticism from students and the community. texas senate candidate beto o'rourke flipping the script days before the midterms. the federal election commission finding the democrat's campaign paid a consulting firm nearly $18 million over the last quarter. this revelation despite o'rourke repeatedly saying his campaign would be consultant-free. his campaign has not commented. a look at your headlines. send it back to you, ainsley. ainsley: thank you, jillian.
4:47 am
more winning for the trump economy. american workers now seeing more money in their paychecks as wages are growing in the fastest pace in at least a decade. steve: stuart varney says you can thank capitalism and the president for that some of the metrics regarding the economy have not included wages in the last year or. so but suddenly we are realizing wages are going up more now than they have in a decade. >> exactly. this is the way capitalism is supposed to work. and it is working. you cut taxes, you grow the economy. and employers have to struggle to keep and attract new workers. so what do they do? they put wages up. steve: look at amazon. >> 3% gain over the summer. best gain in 10 years. you couple that with an 18-year high in consumer confidence and 7 million unfilled job openings, and i think you are looking towards an extremely good holiday selling season. probably the most prosperous holiday season in at least a decade. that's what you are looking
4:48 am
forward to here. i think president trump should take a bow. i mean, he could say i told you. he did. and look what we have got. ainsley: all of this just because of cutting taxes. >> cutting taxes. deregulation. pro-business. opening up america's engine of growth, which is a capitalist economy. he did that. he is running the country like he is running a business. and it's working. he really should take a bow on this. steve: can you explain to me why, given that unbelievably great news, not many republicans are actually running on that up toward the midterms? >> i can't explain it. because surely the economy, and prosperity is the key issue that you run on in any election. you punch it up there. we are prosperous. we are growing, we are dynamic, we have jobs and prosperity. isn't that what you make your primary reason voting for me, voting for republicans? brian: i have a theory to answer steve's question because stuart fell short. you ready? >> go right ahead. brian: you don't need an ad to tell you that things are
4:49 am
better. you don't need to see it on television. you see it at home. if they told you things are better and it's not in your wallet, not on your kitchen table, not in your driveway, i don't care how good the ad is. >> fair point. therefore, republican candidates should turn around and say we did it. steve: right. >> we created this prosperity. brian: you are welcome. >> you are welcome and punch it up more forcefully. again, the president should be taking a bow and i think he is by the way. if you look at those rallies the man is taking a bow for the economic performance. the democrats what are they doing? all they have got is hate trump. brian: healthcare. >> i think there is a real shift in the polls. you see those new fox news polls? there is a shift. going towards the president. going towards the g.o.p. i don't think there is going to be a blue wave. i think the g.o.p. has a strong chance of keeping the house and increasing its majority in the senate because the economy, prosperity. wages and jobs. brian: we would know that because the market would like that. you believe the market would reflect positively if the
4:50 am
president held the house and the senate? >> yes, i think it would. it would. because you will get more tax cuts, more deregulation and a greater attention to growing the economy. steve: okay. ainsley: stuart, lot of people want to be you. there is a little baby that dressed up as you for halloween. brian: stuart varney, look at that. >> isn't that nice? so flattering. steve: his mom chelsea sent that to us dressed up at stuart varney. >> see the caption there what say you? i often say that. ainsley: look have a set for the baby. has your name in the back. steve: you have more hair. brian: i have a prediction that will be the number one costume next year. the way your career is going straight up. >> i will take it thank you all. steve: thank you, stuart. ainsley: listen to this. angry, bigot, sexist. a mom shocked to find those words linked to you republicans on her son's
4:51 am
vocabulary test. that mother and her son are going to join us next. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at
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4:54 am
ainsley: a florida high school english teacher outrages parents. steve: question 7 read right when it became the nation was becoming tolerant of alternative lifestyles immigration and minorities. the vocal and angry right wing forced the nation to become blank embracing bigotry, xenophobe i can't and sexism. so snapped by the question he took a snapshot of it and sent it to his mom rihanna and shared it on facebook. they both now join us live. logan, what was it about that question you just looked at question number 7
4:55 am
and you said what to yourself? >> initially i was very shocked to first read it. and i immediately thought how it painted the right to be what they are not. and i think it's very unfair to make a statement like that, especially to students who may not know any better. ainsley: you were supposed to fill in that word with the blank volta act of turning around so as to face the opposition directly. sent that picture to your mom and she puts it on facebook. reanna, why did you decide to do that? >> i was also shocked. so i wanted to put it out there to get feedback from other parents and see if they were as shocked as i was and understanding it the same way. steve: here is an excerpt of the principal's letter to the teacher who created the exam. quote, please be reminded of the importance of exercising good judgment when facilitating subjects that are of a sensitive nature.
4:56 am
logan, aren't you the president of the republican club at your school? >> i am the head secretary. my buddy landon hall and i started the republican club and he is the president but i am one of the founders. steve: okay. so when you see a question like that, how does that make you feel because clearly, you are conservative. >> it just honestly makes me feel kind of targeted and threatened being that this is a teacher and, you know, i think teacherrers need to be teaching what teachers need to teach rather than forcing their opinions upon students who don't know any better. you know, fortunately i knew better than to take that. ainsley: well, you are very bold and bright and thank you so much for being on. reanna, thank you for bringing this to our attention. this is a public school. you are paying taxes. the principal has said it won't happen again. the school district also responded i know that test is not going to be counted. thank you so much for taking action. >> thank you. >> thank you for having us. steve: what do you think
4:57 am
about that? email us. president trump's staying high in a number of battle ground states. what impact is that going to have in fronts of the midterms? ainsley: plus geraldo rivera and dana loesch coming up. . .
4:58 am
4:59 am
whoooo. did you know the exact same hotel room... ...can have many different prices?
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that's why tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites to find the lowest price on the hotel you want. your perfect hotel room for the perfect price! ♪ >> republicans want strong borders, no crime and no caravans. ainsley: president trump vowing to change birthright citizenship rules with the stroke of his pen. >> i believe he generated this, he wants the debate. he thinks this debate will help republicans in the five-days remain before nix terms. >> next term midterm elections are considered total tossup snoop we're mobilizing folks. the president coming to florida is helping that. we feel good what is going on. >> there is a lot of talk about lowering temperature of political discourse. >> when we win you will see evidence of that. steve: sprint to the finish. the president is doing rallies
5:01 am
all over the place when we head to the polls. >> this is election between greatness and grade lock. we are going to fight and we are going to win, win. ♪ ainsley: coming over to us, because he -- brian: i guess you will. steve: we're having a contest. i will come to somebody's house, watching right now, "fox & friends," if you just enter, i will come to your house, i believe it is at the end of, it is in middle of december, i will make you breakfast, something out of the cookbook. brian: do they have a say in what you cook? steve: here is the thing, happy cookbook, "new york times" best-seller, is all about foods that make you happy. you give us the re pethat makes you happy, tell us why it makes you happy, fill out the form. the panel of experts look at
5:02 am
them. i will show up their house one morning live. i believe the second or third week in december. and i'm going to surprise them. we'll bring a camera. it will be live on tv. brian: one of your pals, wolf gang puck. ainsley: seven any, gavin. producing the show. brian: five days to eat. ainsley: president was at a rally last night, he said to the crowd, how many y'all voted? basically the whole room. all right, i don't need to be here then. brian: a familiar theme. he added a new one. the about birthright citizenship. he believes he has the right issue there, something else to let people understand where he stands. he is concerned about the caravan. there is now three coming our direction. let's listen to the president. >> democrats want to erase prosperity, reverse our
5:03 am
progress. democrats want open borders. they want to invite caravan after caravan into our country which brings crime on crime. [booing] a vote for democrats is a vote to liquidate america's borders. we're getting prepared for the caravan, folks. you don't have to worry about that the democrats want to continue giving automatic birthright citizenship. congress never passed a law requiring birthright citizenship for illegal aliens. the illegal aliens are not subject to the jurisdiction of the united states. [applause] >> usa! usa! steve: in addition to just mobilizing republicans and independents to vote for their candidates, he was really trying to push rick scott, who is running against senator nelson. brian: flat-footed tie right now. steve: it is. ron desantis who is a little
5:04 am
behind according to the "real clear politics" average, he said of mr. desantis, will continue what governor scott began. florida's economy in one of the hottest states in the nation. mr. desantis was on with us 50 minutes ago. he thanks the president for coming to florida. >> i think we're succeeding mobilizing folks. i think the president coming to florida is helping that. so we feel really good what is going on. part of it, floridians understand there is a real significant choice for the direction of our state. i will build off the success we've had. our economy is going well. we need to continue that, expand on it. andrew gillum, want as 40% tax increase will cost jobs, cause businesses to leave florida, prevent what could be historic flow into investment in florida over the next several years. brian: what he brought up last night, there is fbi investigation into mayor gillum. he also, yesterday, this story came out. gillum is being investigated for using city funds for private
5:05 am
travel. documents show this in his latest finance release, using city funds, private round trips on a developer's plane to meet with campaign donors, contradicting his account on previous flights. emails released earlier this week all part of a state ethics probe. gillum had great momentum coming out of primary, more you look at his record, you realize what he has moving forward. if he didn't have great charisma and presence, someone with this type of background would have fallen flat on his face by now. steve: mr. gillum denied the charges obviously. if you look at battleground states whoever is currently a senator, is hanging in the balance, you can see that the president's approval rating, those are the numbers below the states are all above 50%. in north dakota, he is at 61. tennessee, almost 60. missouri, about 55. arizona and indiana, closer to 50 but nonetheless it will help candidates running for senate in
5:06 am
those states. ainsley: democratic candidates are trying to be more moderate now and saying they're not so far left because they're in these states that the president did really well. is doing well. steve: one of the things the president said last night in florida about rick scott who is battling senator bill nelson, he praised him for his response to hurricane michael. he praised him for getting money to build a reservoir south of lake okeechobee to reduce discharges on the east and west coast. down in florida, the environment is of special interest. people hate the red tide and green ally. brian: just amazing the mayor of tallahassee will run, he basically said i cannot wait to bet there to raise taxes. i want medicare for all. this is, just, it is, for ron desantis, he wants to get on message but he also wants to point out how different the state will look if he loses. ainsley: president said
5:07 am
republicans don't want crime or chaos or caravans. he says democrats want open borders f we continue push that, open borders, one caravan after another will come in. i talked about the economy if you're better off now than you were two years ago, vote republican. listen to this. >> tax cuts and other things we have within the reform bill. the end result we have an economy that is the hottest economy right now in the world. i guess the stock market is up to getting close to 50%, if you think about it, that is incredible since the election. waiting for the results of the midterms. if the midterms for some reason don't do so well for republicans i think you all will lose a lot of money. i hate to say that, i think you will lose a lot of money. people are waiting on their 401(k)s and they're waiting to see what happens with the midterms. if it comes out good i think market will continue to go through a period like we've never seen before. steve: one of the other things the president said last night at
5:08 am
the ral if andrew gillum becomes a governor, he would take florida's red hot economy and turn it into a venezuela-like recession. brian: a lot of his programs are socialist oriented. the reason the market backed up yesterday, they think there is a sense among investors that republicans might hold on to the house and senate. that is what stuart is saying. here is what he said about wages, and where it is heading. >> surely the economy, and prosperity is the key issue you run on in any election. punch it up there. we're prosperous, we're growing, we're dynamic, we've got jobs, we've got prosperity. i think president trump should take a bow. he did that. he is running the company like he is running a business and it is working. steve: what are the big issues going to you in the midterms? email us at or tweet us. ainsley: i thought republicans
5:09 am
would say the economy. when we were out on the square, it was the caravan and immigration. those are two big issues for republicans. brian: you know what happens, you get a wide swath of opinions. every time we go out to fox square. steve: we do indeed. nine minutes after the top of the hour, 8:00 here in new york city. jillian joins us with some breaking news. jillian: good morning. the man accused killing 11 innocent people inside after pittsburgh synagogue is due back in court. robert bowers has been indict the on 44 federal charges including hate crimes and murder. the prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. funerals for half the victims have been held with more services planned today. investigators are one step closer to figure out why a lion airplane crashed into the sea just after takeoff. overnight they recovered one of the black boxes off the coast of indonesia. the boeing plane was in service two months before the crash
5:10 am
killed all 189 people on board. the plane had technical problems the night before. google employees are walking off the job for a short time. workers are expected to stage a walkout in protest what they say is lenient sexual misconduct policy they have come under fire for mistreating female workers google executives apologized apn an email this week. james mattis shut down a reporter who suggested that the troops to the southern bored is a stunt. >> the support we provide to the secretary for homeland security is practical support based on the requests from the commissioner of customs border police, so we don't do stunts in this department. jillian: as many as 15,000 troops are sent to the border as migrant caravans push towards
5:11 am
the u.s. those are the headlines. sent it back to you. brian: we'll see how many we need. showdown in texas. senator ted cruz facing down beto o'rourke in a hotly-contested race. dana loesch weighs in on the state of that race, which the last poll we saw was about six points. steve: immigration is still a hot topic with five days to the midterms. is president trump striking the right tone on the issue? we'll talk to this men by the "fox & friends" logo. geraldo rivera is coming up next (chime)
5:12 am
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♪ steve: last night president trump rallied thousands in florida, doubling down on one of the midterms most hot-button issues, border security and immigration. ainsley: but is the president striking the right tone on that issue? hear to weigh in fox news correspondent at large, geraldo rivera. >> i love your navy outfit. what happened, did you not get the memo? ainsley: what do you think about his tone an immigration? >> i regret it. i think it is way too hostile. steve: which part? >> it's a good tactic, to gin
5:16 am
up, the ad, what the president's words are not that unreasonable. i think the ad though is definitely designed -- steve: what ad? >> the ad where they show hoards, president re-election, hoards of migrants rushing the fence in guatemala, basically this is what the democrats want. brian: those were not actors. >> i appreciate that. i appreciate that. i think this is an issue that really demands, i am hopeful the day after the election these two parties get together, finally to resolve this fraught issue that has divided the american people, is given disproportionate attention in my view. i don't think the troops will do any good down there. i think it's a lot my coverage of the haitian earthquake, the troops come in, you build a tent city to support the troops. you have to feed the troops. sanitation for the troops. so much effort, tens of millions of dollars goes into the logistic effort, when do they do when they get there?
5:17 am
fix bayonets, standoff against a lady with three children. brian: they're supposed to support the border. >> pretend i'm president trump for a second. the problem by law, people in central america, other country, once they reach a port of entry to declare or request to asylum. brian: thanks to senator fine stein's law in 2008. >> it is the law. we have only handful of immigration to hear cases. they wait six months. they disappear into the fabric of the country. president is absolutely right. how about this as businessman's solution, to the problem, aside from the wall. get more immigration judges. draft, hundreds and hundreds of them. instead of a factor of dozens, steve, let's resolve this, let's get rid of the backlog. give people due process. brian: 1000 a day? steve: a thousand a day. 1900. >> what would you rather have, brian? a confrontation between innocent
5:18 am
unarmed civilians and u.s. military troops on the border? brian: send a message. same message come here. america is serious. >> how about this for the message? the message, come here, by you hearing, sent home unless this, this, spell out in concrete terms exactly what it takes to qualify for asylum. steve: that would require more assets from congress. maybe the new congress will do something like that. we want to talk about your murder if in the family series. completely unrelated. >> totally unrelated for the reels channel. look it up in your directory. i'm going back to the some of the roots. i love crime reporting, true crime reporting. this adds to that, to the emotional collision that people experience when they get involved in a violent crime. on top of that, you have the celebrity factor. all of these cases have somebody very famous who is central either as the victim or the perpetrator. in the first episode, jennifer hudson whose sister and mom and
5:19 am
nephew were slain by the, this aberrant sicko, her brother-in-law. you talk about how the people with grace and dignity managed to survive the crime that we are forsenically examining, very meticulously reporting. nothing sensational about. this is, remember jack webb in "dragnet," just the facts. very proud of it. there are six episodes. the first one is saturday 9:00 on reels. can i just say, one last thing -- if i could talk to the president, i hope i get a chance to see him in cleveland on monday night. i would say now the election is tomorrow, tuesday, mr. president. on wednesday, reach out to schumer and say, put up or shut up. you want the wall, all right, elections have consequences, you get the wall but give me amnesty for the dreamers. give me some path to citizenship. steve: they were close before. >> they were so close to that deal. forget all the rest. forget the noise. i think the wall, you want to
5:20 am
send a message. a wall sends a message, don't come. also buy public service announcements in latin american tv and radio stations that counters the message all they have to do is show up they have a path to the american dream. be aggressive bit in a smart way. rather than having cameras focus on trooper from the 101st airborne facing off with a mom and her baby, which would be awful optic. smacks of racism. brian: won't come to that. border patrol in front. >> whatever it is, brian, have a measured approach. let's solve the problem, i've been arguing, how many times i almost come to blows during o'reilly's day. brian: you almost hit him. steve: thank you very much. we'll watch you at reels. see you next time. ainsley: senate showdown in texas, five days away. senator ted cruz facing off against democrat beto o'roark in a hotly-contested race.
5:21 am
dana loesch joins us next to talk about the state of the race. brian: what did voters think of president trump's rally. pete promised to buy everybody breakfast and talk about it. ♪ place, the xfinity xfi gateway.
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5:25 am
through december 15th. as president trump make as promise on twitter, republicans will protect people with preexisting conditions far better than the dems, close quote. ainsley: everything is bigger in texas, including the stakes for this year's senate race. the latest "real clear politics" average showing ted cruz ahead of progressive candidate beto o'rourke by seven points. steve: dana loesch joins us from texas to comment on it. dana, a lot of people are surprised it has been as close as it has been. right now, cruz has opened up a lead of over five or six points, nonetheless, why so close? >> that's a great question and good morning to everyone. it is a lot bigger here in texas and this race is super expensive and it is a lot closer than people like me are comfortable with to be quite honest, however i also remember back when wendy davis was running. we have to wait and see whether beto o'rourke, is the male
5:26 am
version of wendy davis. progressives are good at marketing and new tactic making themselves seem more bigger and successful than they are, they did that with the davis race. they were unsuccessful, turnout for democrats and enthusiasm ultimately waned. i don't know whether that will happen with o'rourke. some polls say there is 10 point lead, seven point lead. a ut-tyler poll came out the other day showed a three point lead between cruz and o'rourke. where the texas suburbs will go and where rural east texas is going to go as well. ainsley: why is that? you think of the state of texas, bush family is conservative. ted cruz is so smart. he ran for president. he has so much experience. you have o'rourke who is surrounded by controversy with the car accident and so progressive, so what we don't think texas is like. we think texas of conservatives and cowboys. why is it so close?
5:27 am
hard for the rest of the country to understand that? >> i think, ainsley, you hit on some incredibly important topics, beto o'rourke, this guy talks about banning certain automatic firearms like the ar-15. who denied leaving the scene of the crime. at one of the last debates he was fact checked some in mainstream media. this guy is incredibly friendly on energy which is important in state like texas. voters, immigration, and energy and jobs are top priorities for texas voters. however, one of the things, like we've seen in nevada, we've seen in some other states, a lot of calfornians moved to texas, because texas has been very successful luring a lot of businesses because of the no-state income tax, friendly business climate. with those businesses that come to texas, you have some of those employees that come with them. in fact it has changed so much in texas, that my friends in real estate, they have said the market has changed. in fact when people in texas put
5:28 am
their homes on the market, they have to cater to what they call the california buyer. that is one of the things playing in here. brian: austin used to be like that. it is spreading. being attractive with low-taxed states. democrats hike taxes, they're ones leaving for low taxes. same thing in florida, to a degree and tennessee, nashville specifically. >> yeah. this is one of the things that beto o'rourke said he is on board for. would completely rubberstamp, if nancy pelosi and democrats heaven forbid regain the house. i'm not fear-mongering, they said they would raise taxes. they would be also involved in rolling back tax cuts on businesses. we would see a lot of those gains, we would lose those. we would see a lot of economic growth. we would lose that. we would see petty politics emerge, the agenda they said, o'rourke said he supports is not
5:29 am
an agenda that voters support in 2016. this is not an agenda they have gone for. this will come down on enthusiasm, turnout. this is not a midterm to sit out. steve: we'll know how many people do sit out and how many people vote next wednesday morning. dana loesch in texas. thanks very much. ainsley: hegseth is having "breakfast with friends." is down in another state, florida, where they don't have state income tax. >> there is no state income tax right now. if a socialist takes over they might have one. that motivate as lot of voters going to the polls. i'm talking with tommy, enrique. we're sick of pundits. we're sick of manhattan. we want to know what people really think. election is five days away. we'll bring it to you on the other side. i will have this. ♪
5:30 am
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♪ >> andrew gillum wants to take a wrecking ball to one of the most successful economies, socialist takeover that would destroy your state. he wants to abolish i.c.e. he signed an extreme left-wing pledge that supported an end to all borders. he is a disaster for florida east economy. rejection socialism and elect ron desantis and rick scott. [cheering] brian: with justify days to the midterms president trump, as you heard rallying thousands last night in florida. he had 11 stops in six days prepared. now he is down to five. steve: what do voters think? let's talk to pete hegseth he is in mil's diner in fort myers. pete, we've been looking at your live shot, trying to figure out what the diner across from you has on his plate, it looks like
5:34 am
steak and eggs which is delicious. ainsley: and bacon. brian: what. pete: what is that, sir? >> sausage. this is split sausage. ainsley: what is next to his fork? pete: those are potatoes. you need higher definition cameras there in new york city. we forgive you. all smells good. great atmel's diner this is the fourth time. we were here during the 2016 elections. all great folks to talk to. as you paid the clips all morning long. president trump had a rally 10 miles down the road. you didn't get a chance to vote on rally? >> no. i will vote on tuesday. pete: you're a retired teacher, support this president. you drew comparison to a previous president. tell us why. >> i compared president trump to ronald reagan. i think i've been waiting over 30 years for a president that is for the people, that is not a
5:35 am
swamp rat. so i couldn't be more pleased. pete: what thing that he has done are you most passionate about? >> there isn't one thing. it is everything that he has been able to accomplish that is truly amazing. i believe there is nobody else in this day and age that could have possibly accomplished what he has. the list as you know is extensive. pete: it is long. if media would ever admit it. >> if media would ever admit it. pete: thank you, you're a former marine. >> former marine. pete: your family came from cuba generations ago. >> february the 6th, 1961. pete: you never forget the day. pete: tell us what america means to you. america is the only liberation, the american people are the kindest, most caring persons, people in the world, okay?
5:36 am
i'm a retired, i'm a retired federal officer. i'm also a former marine. i volunteered with the marines. i didn't come close in three lotteries. socialism and communism are one in the same. i left a country that was taken over by communists. this guy in tallahassee -- pete: gillum. >> he is a socialist, okay? he doesn't care about the people. he lies. they all lie. pete: rhetoric is about the people but reality is the opposite? >> right. in history is important. khrushchev after the missile thing, he says we will not beat the united states in war. we will beat them methodically, dividing family, the church, the people. divide and conquer. pete: yeah. >> that is their method.
5:37 am
pete:. tommy, you're a veteran. thank you so much for your service. this election cycle, five days, the midterms. what is most important to you? >> biggest thing is border security. definitely number one. also our economy, helping everybody around the area to do better. pete: absolutely. well-said. i will leave it there. michael you are jewish and from pittsburgh, the tragic event that happened there, hit closer to home for you than a lot of people. talk to us, president received criticism there. is it merited? >> no, not not all. i think he has been super respectful. i think he has not just a love for the country but i think he has more than any other president that has shown, a real love for the jewish faith and the jewish people. i don't think any president has reached out any stronger than what president trump has done. pete: well-said. with the election coming up in five days, most important issue to you? >> right now it would be border security and maintaining this
5:38 am
economy. maintaining this economy. pete: do you feel like the president's delivered what he promised he would do two years ago? >> i do. my wife will be on election day, she is also taking her citizenship in fort myers. it is a special time for us. she is an immigrant legally. pete: that is the point we hear that all morning at every diner we go to. immigrants welcome. anyone welcome. come through the legal process. a lot of common sense, guys. come to florida, great waffles, great people, really important election in five days. thank you, medical's diner. give it up for yourself. and great weather. steve: been there before. great folks. they have a lot of opinions. thank you, peter. ainsley: thanks, pete. steve: 22 minutes before the top of the hour. ainsley: jillian has more headlines for us. jillian: the fbi accused of secretly recording former trump campaign advisor george
5:39 am
papdopoulus. mark meadows suggesting agents taped him in 2016 investigating possible collusion between the russia and trump campaign. papdopoulus last week told "fox & friends" he may pull out a plea deal. >> one day in jail, for now something completely orchestrated, and i was framed. >> meadows is demanding the doj release the tapes. a woman crashing her car in the desert, living off grass and water nearly a week. the car dropping 50 feet, landing in these trees veering off the highway in arizona. six days later a rancher noticed a damaged fence and spotted the car. a trooper tracked her down following her footsteps. the woman dehydrated, seriously hurt was flown to the hospital. it is november, get ready to hear christmas classics all the time. ♪ all i want for christmas is you ♪
5:40 am
>> probably my favorite. don't press repeat, according to a sky news psychologist, says listening to too much christmas music can be bad for your mental health. they claim the songs can stop people focus on anything besides christmas which can include stress. we asked for your opinion. we've been getting comments all morning long. brian: yanks, jillian. ainsley: who is that person saying that? we asked you, larry says he used to work in a department store in college. he writes us quote, hearing johnny mathis here comes santa claus puts me in a bad mood. steve: he hurt it all day long. brian: the man that did the study obviously had a bias or bad childhood or something. steve: zoett emails, says, bring it on now. i am starting to decorate already. keep the comments coming.
5:41 am
brian: i would love to see christmas would be like if i shopped ahead of time. shopped in september. you could sit back, let the season happen. a non-stop deadline. ainsley: the women get better gifts if the house shops night before. i don't care how much it costs. brian: tupperware. ainsley: no. janice: i shopped cvs 24 hours before the event to get stuff for my mom. i hope my mom is not listening. we're live at 4th and sixth, my friend. it is gorgeous 68 right now. the cold front is on the move, ahead and athe cold front we have threat for severe storms. tornadoes across texas and louisiana. it was scary halloween for a lot of folks. thankfully no injuries, no one was hurt. everyone heeded the warnings. but we do have a tornado watch in parts of mississippi, alabama, parts of the florida
5:42 am
panhandle. we have a tornado warned storm. all of that will move into the northeast. we'll enjoy the beautiful weather here in new york city. this time it will be raining. let it snow, let it snow. let it snow. steve: thought you said it was going to rain? janice: tomorrow. brian: 18 minutes before the top. hour. the caravan marching closer to the u.s. even as president trump threatens to send thousands of troops to our border. we're going live to mexico next with one of three caravans. steve: the midterms are five days away. what are five most important states you should be watching that we are watching? stick around. ♪ (chime)
5:43 am
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5:46 am
after mookie betts stole a base, time for everyone to get a taco, taco bell free doritos taco. you can claim a voucher on taco bell's website anytime today. another reason to celebrate, starbucks releasing the holiday cups. there are four designs, with red, white, green designs. a little different a few years ago when the coffee chain was criticized for being too politically correct. rolling out boring, basic red cups. who wants them? brian? brian: thanks, jillian. what are the most important states and races as we get closer to the big day. fox news did a great study with campaign pollster, chris wilson. are you ready? >> i am. brian: open up with missouri. this is flat footed tie with mccaskill and hawley. mccaskill is saying i love
5:47 am
trump. are people buying that in missouri? >> it will be interesting to see. i think one of the first states will tell us what is going to happen, particularly in the senate on election night. claire mccaskill appears on ropes, seems like in campaign activities. she has been on the ropes before and has been able to pull through. she is campaigner and continues to survive in a state that foes more and more red. this will ultimately tell the one that will tell us what the senate looks like in the election cycle whether claire mccaskill loses. brian: josh hawley, attorney general, clearly on upside. donnelly in indiana has to be happy with intern poll. braun says caravans concern me too. are people buying this new tone? >> same as mccaskill. democrats running as republicans saying i love the president. but the thing about that poll, brian he is still 45%. and he is not going to win if he doesn't get above 50%.
5:48 am
i heard same thing brauns internals have them doing better than what the media polls. indiana is a tough race to poll because i won't go into because your listeners will fall asleep. trust me. vice president's home. spending time here, putting time into the braun campaign. another one that tells us on election night will tell us what the senate will look like going into 2019. brian: one of the only seats open that donald trump lost is nevada. heller at odds with the president. they have healed. he is up by point 1/2. this is very much in the margin of error. i have not seen a poll where heller trailed. have you? >> there has been, him up two, down two. this is purple state. one where democrats have registration advantage but dean heller is another one of those campaigners, i referred to claire mccaskill. he works hard. he won with obama at the top of the ticket in 2012. his team just knows this state. and i believe he will be, he will pull it out. nevada won based on where
5:49 am
elderly vote has gone it is toss-up. it is chess match moving into election day. brian: mcsally, fighter pilot, tough primary, got her sea legs, flat-footed tie with krysten sinema. the more you learn about sinema her story does not add up, things she has said yet mcsally has not pulled away. >> she hasn't. mcsally is american hero. on election night we'll know what is going on. most of the vote in arizona casts prior to election day. we'll know early what is going on. i think mcsally in early vote has slight lead. brian: president makes one al stop in west virginia, not if the polls are this far away, why go to west virginia with manchin comfortable lead. do you not believe the poll, 47-35, mansion and morrissey. >> everyone thought man shin would pull away. patrick morrissey done a great job in terms of pushing joe manchin to the left, making him a democrat.
5:50 am
you democrat in west virginia, yet joe manchin does. donald trump taking a hard look at race. going there and montana. two seats republicans pick up that nobody expected. brian: chris, great jobs. thanks for running through with us. coming up in the final block, the caravan marching closer to the united states even as president trump threatens to send thousands of troops to the border. we're live in mexico. i would like to check in with sandra smith. i want to find out what is on her show. >> brian kilmeade, good morning to you, five days left until election day. here we go. coming up josh hawley on the missouri senate race. the president heading to the state today, one of the most closely-watched races in the country. how is feeling five days out? we'll ask him. patrick morrissey of west virginia joining us. he looks unseat incumbent joe manchin. where that race is headed. headliner, house homeland security chairman, michael mccall, 15,000 troops heading to the border? it's a big day in
5:51 am
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ainsley: now to a fox news alert. the migrant caravan marching towards the united states border despite strong warnings. brian: president trump says he is sending up to 15,000 troops to help border agents handle the situation. steve: william la jeunesse is traveling with the caravan in southern mexico. he joins us now with the latest developments. william? reporter: good morning, steve. massive confusion because after major change in direction. we're a fork in the road in southern mexico, the plan all along in 3:00 a.m. to head toward a town that would take us to mexico city, ultimately tijuana. everyone was stagnant.
5:55 am
suddenly they changed direction. they are going towards a town called matea romero. to vera cruz ultimately to mcallen, texas. we talked to a guy that didn't know where he was going. are you going towards mcallen, texas, instead of tijuana? have they told you? >> i don't know. we go to tijuana but i'm not sure. reporter: so the other major change, no buses. for the last two days they have been trying to get buts from the state or federal government, maybe the political parties. not the case. that of course is a major win for president trump, who has been pressuring mexico all along to stop, to deter these guys, so they wouldn't be able to cross the border legally or illegally. let me give you numbers. i think the caravan shrunk from 7,000 to 4,000. those are official figures. 382 have decided to go home.
5:56 am
2800 have sought shelter here in mexico. of which among those, 2200 have formally requested asylum. one of the reasons they moved with relative ease, right through mexico, that is encouraged or inspired other caravans as you know, you guys, are roughly, three other caravans. of the one in tapchula where we 10 days ago. one south of the river still in guatemala. a third going from el salvador, now in guatemala as well. i would tell you this, mcallen, texas, is halfway, half the distance going all the way to tijuan. i don't know if the decision is made they're going to mexico city. more people trying to go through texas than california. easiers. not as much infrastructure. easier to turn yourself is in especially in the president shuts down the ports of entry. brian: william, thanks very much. stay safe. more "fox & friends" in just a
5:57 am
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>> hey, if you want to see me in person, and everyone does, go to grand rapids. new orleans. >> does he look better in person or on stage? >> bill: thank you guys. good morning, everybody. five days until the midterms. president trump is going to go to the country. we say good morning. i'm bill hemmer. we have a pack show today. it's big enough for you, sandra. >> sandra: thank you, very much. the president hitting the campaign trail hard. holding nearly a dozen rallies. the porch started last night in florida. and the key issue was immigration. >> democrats want open borders, and they want to invite caravan after caravan into our country, which brings crime upon crime.


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