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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  November 1, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> hey, if you want to see me in person, and everyone does, go to grand rapids. new orleans. >> does he look better in person or on stage? >> bill: thank you guys. good morning, everybody. five days until the midterms. president trump is going to go to the country. we say good morning. i'm bill hemmer. we have a pack show today. it's big enough for you, sandra. >> sandra: thank you, very much. the president hitting the campaign trail hard. holding nearly a dozen rallies. the porch started last night in florida. and the key issue was immigration. >> democrats want open borders, and they want to invite caravan after caravan into our country, which brings crime upon crime. you want high taxes and high
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crime, vote for the democrats. vote for the democrats. >> sandra: live at the white house for us this morning. doug, what is the latest on that key missouri senate race? >> well, the latest fox news poll has an absolutely deadlocked. at the latest average has a republican josh hawley up over the incumbent democrats will bite two percentage points. one of the interesting phenomenons in the missouri race is how claire mccaskill shifting more to the center. when it comes to these caravans. listen to what she told bret baier earlier this week. >> i think the president has used every tool that he has at his disposal, and i 100% back him up on that, whether it is turning him back. the asylum claims into our system.
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i do not want our borders overrun, and i support the presence of roads to make them not. >> whether it is political opportunism, we will find out. but this has been one of the closest senate races, and it has been ever since it started. neither candidate has been up by more since this race got underway. undecided voters may decide that the missouri race, keep in mind that president trump won missouri in 2016 by more than a half of a million votes. so certainly when it comes to independent voters, they may be leaning more towards president trump. josh hawley then claire mccaskill, but we shall find out. the president has two columbia, missouri, tonight. we are talking about ten rallies now in five days. >> sandra: doug mckelway at the white house for us. >> bill: they are pushing the final message. coming up today on
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"america's newsroom," we are going to have a big crowd to bring to you. patrick morrissey challenging, in addition, josh hawley taking on claire mccaskill. at that doug was just talking about. and a very interesting race for governor in ohio. they are all coming up today, all right. first, though, we have this guy. how are you doing, buddy? >> i thought i was running for something therefore a second. >> bill: get back to the issues and the message from the president. what is it all about, and is it working? >> well, it works for some and not for others. the problem that you face at the end is that you have a mass message, as the president does. it does work in a lot of places, and when he goes to west virginia, he knows fear works well. these are his core voters. this is the heart -- if there
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was a capital of trump land, it very well could be huntington, west virginia, in the appalachian mountains, two rivers, bringing together kentucky, ohio, and west virginia. this is really the part of america where he has done best. and his message about being afraid of the migrant caravans, what is going on with illegal immigration, and also anger. anger about illegal immigration, and anger at the media works very well there. but it doesn't work everywhere, and it doesn't work in the suburbs, and it doesn't work in more affluent parts of the country, where it actually has the opposite effect. >> bill: very interesting. let's go ahead and show our viewers in these five states, 50% or better, 61%, then down to 50% in indiana. pretty good. i think the white house will take that. >> they certainly would, compared to where he has been a couple of times, and that's why it is not coincidental that
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those states also sort of rank number about how those republican candidates are doing in those states. when you see the problem that the republican nominee in indiana is having with this struggle, you see how martha mcsally has not ever been able to get into the lead in arizona, that tells you why. >> bill: many have suggested this is a referendum of the first two years. do you agree with that, or do you come back to your first answer where you say you depends on where you are voting and who is voting. >> the president has decided that he absolutely wants it to be a referendum on him. there has not been us off message. paul ryan is talking about tax cuts. he wants to talk about our robust economy, those things. but the president's big fitting him in a big way. the message is the fear and anger, anger and fear back and forth, pushing those things, which are very visceral.
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it doesn't work for enough republican candidates to hold on. i don't know. >> bill: very interesting stuff there. if you had to canvass the country and look at all of these races, one factor that would tell you a story about where america is? >> i would tell you that there are going to be places in the east and places in the west. when you and i are jamming out on election night and watching democracy play out, there will be early in the evening big stories about the suburbs and the northeast. there will be stories about blue collar trump voters, hispanic voters, this is going to be an amazing ballet to watch. >> bill: going through all of the stuff, there are 1,000 story lines. we could talk for hours about the stuff. i don't know if the viewers would watch it.
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[laughs] >> it's a hell of our country, and we are lucky to cover these voters. i'm proud to do it. >> bill: we've got 999 more to go. thank you, chris, for that. >> sandra: wow. you guys just set it up. it's going to be something to watch. >> bill: you can tell the drama billed by the day. always happens around these election times. you can sense it today. >> sandra: fox news alert here here. the anti-semitic shooting rampage at the pittsburgh synagogue. he will be in federal court. robert bowers has been indicted on 44 criminal counts. a david lee miller is live in pittsburgh this morning. what are the specific charges? we don't have him right at this moment. this is something that we have been waiting for. the shooting suspect and now facing 44 different counts due in court today. we will get more on this later.
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what do you have for us? >> sandra, bowers is charged with federal hate crimes, including 11 counts of murder. now, the statute for hate crimes could be significant even when he's convicted and sentencing becomes an issue. now, among some of the specific charges today, there are 11 counts, obstruction of exercise of religious belief, resulting in death. also, 11 counts of use and a discharge of a firearm to commit murder during and in relation to a crime of violence. so the failed attempts to kill members of the congregation, in addition to the 11 people who died. remember that six others were wounded. and the internal attorney geneo could decide if he is facing the death penalty if convicted is saying now that these alleged crimes are incomprehensible evil
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and utterly repugnant to the values of this nation. he went on to say that this case is important not just to the victims, their families, the city of pittsburgh, but sandra, to the nation as a whole. >> sandra: david lee miller. by the way, what do we expect to have an in court today when we see him? >> we expect to that during this amendment, the defendant, robert bowers, is going to be asked to enter a plea. you might recall that a couple days ago on monday, he had a court appearance before a federal magistrate that was before he was indicted. at that time, he asked for an attorney to be appointed for him. the prosecution says that at the hearing today, it is likely going to present some of the evidence against bowers. and the indictment spells out the sum of the details. the indictment says that he entered the synagogue with multiple weapons. and there is also some
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specificity here. it gives the serial number of some of those weapons. among them, 3.357 handguns, a rifle. the -- also says that a shotgun was required no mike acquired at the scene. makes mention of the fact that bowers made statements during the assault about his desire to "kill jews." we expect that this will get started in about 50 minutes or so. we will be inside. >> sandra: we will be watching for all of that. a rainy pittsburgh morning. >> bill: we might be a bit early. 100 people on board. divers apparently finding one of the plains black boxes, so what can we learn from that? >> sandra: plus, as we close in on the midterms, five days out. we are gritting dumb i at
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getting brand-new polls. what they say about some of the biggest senate races. we will have the next. >> the selection is truly a choice between results and resistance. they are whole thing, obstruct, resist. what the hell do you get out of that?
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>> bill: we have brand-new fox pulling numbers showing a lot of different things about the senate races across the country. and we are honored today to have two of the best in the business when it comes to pulling. both members of our fox news election team here gentlemen, how are you doing? no pressure, by the way. we see you once a year, maybe. and we are going to see you tuesday night. welcome here. we just want to share with our viewers right now, some of the numbers that we are getting out of arizona. our polling shows that he has a lead.
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the present won there by about 4.5 points two years ago. but in the senate race right now, this is what we show. mick sally, 46, sinema, 46. i just want to take our viewers out to another area. too close to call in arizona. they are too close to call too. 43% to 43% there. chris, you are talking to people all over the country. what do you see right now five days out? >> well, specifically in missouri and arizona, these races were both three-point leads for the democrats there. when we first polled the states. they have both closer to what type. in both cases, we have seen the woman moving towards the republican. not in large numbers, but they have caught the gender gap at about half.
6:16 am
so the republicans both of those states have made progress among women. there is an enthusiasm gap in missouri were democrats are a little bit more excited and interested in the race at this point. we are not seeing that in arizona. it is matched. republicans and democrats equally interested. so both of these are going to come down to the wire. to use an old cliche, who will show up? >> bill: it comes back to that so often. the movement and women in that state, i don't know if that is something a lot of people would have suggested. come over to indiana, darren. the democrat is at donnelly. mike brown is a republican. this is a state that the present won easily. beat hillary clinton by a million votes. you come to the senate race right now, and our polling shows the democrat with a seven-point lead. what is happening in indiana, is that different from what chris was describing there a moment to
6:17 am
go? >> in arizona, you have had mcsally being very aggressive in going after sinema. you know, claire mccaskill is winning in a state that has turned pretty red. joe donnelly has been tough. and braun has not been able to sort of make the attack stick. the rally for republican women, they have kind of been balancing off of donnelly a little bit. take a look at the libertarian vote in indiana. it's 5%. you've got undecided third party vote out there. i tell you, the republicans in indiana have to hope that the libertarian vote collapses and that undecideds that break against the uncommon. we will see if it happens in indiana. >> bill: we are doing something different this year. we are not doing exit polling anymore. it is called voter analysis. these are kind of the bullet points.
6:18 am
interviews conducted, multiple platforms. 85,000 interviews, as opposed to 20,000. detailed results from 47 different states. allowing us to analyze more subgroups. now what does all of that means you a mathematician like yourself? so you start on saturday, it runs through tuesday. chris, why is this important, why the change? >> sure. so in some ways, this is our methodology catching up with how voters are voting these days. there are so many people voting early or by mail. so they are not actually going to the polls. they are not actually therefore exit pullers to interview. the second major innovation, not only will we come away knowing why people make the decisions that they did at the ballot box, but we should have some real insight into why people stayed home and didn't vote, which could be the determining factor in an in number of races. >> bill: you are doing this
6:19 am
because you think it is going to bring us more accuracy it. how? >> well, take a states like arizona, bill. close to 100% of the vote is going to be male. colorado, traditionally a battleground. that is 100% male. the exit polling traditionally does sort of a cursory 800 person sample as kind of a fail-safe. they are not really getting you the kind of detailed information about what the majority of the electorate is thinking about doing there. so america is close to voting 50% convenience voting. absentee, mail. we are trying to get a better picture of what they're doing heading into the election. >> bill: between north dakota and indiana, chris, i just need a quick answer on this. do you see a blue wave as of
6:20 am
today? [laughs] >> putting me on the spot. not in the senate, but i am seeing some things that democrats should be encouraged about in the house. >> bill: darren, what about you? >> i think that is about right. i have adjusted downward. i am down a little bit. maybe a little bit lower than chris, but we are right at that cup one. that's a blue wave, then so be it. >> bill: see you this weekend, guys. chris anderson, darren sean. but our analysis 2018. thank you, gentlemen. >> will see you soon. three to one of the reasons we are watching closely as west virginia. president trump headed there to make a push for patrick morrison dominic morrissey. he will join us live next. plus this. >> vote, vote, vote. >> i'm not going to do that. november 6, please vote. >> sandra: up or getting
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>> sandra: supreme court justice brett kavanaugh apparently rejecting money raised in his name after the allegations leveled against him. gofundme page, raising nearly $600,000, but traditional ethics restrained the justice from accepting the money or directing it to any third party. the founder of the page says he will donate to the archdiocese of washington. >> bill: recovered the black boxes from the air jet that went down off the coast of indonesia. 889 people on board. hoping that it will help explain the crash of a plane that was
6:25 am
only two months old. benjamin hall back on that story today. >> hi, bill. they had actually located at the box a couple of days ago, about 100 feet down. but because of the strong currents, they hadn't been able to get to it. finally they have done that. they are about to start downloading information that is on it. it is one of two boxes that was on it. it records every reading from every device on board and helps to identify the technical fault that's brought it down. they are in fact orange and divers are still looking for that second one. that is the one that records audio inside the cockpit, the one which so often captures the last few minutes of terror as the plane goes down. investigators are both now and indonesia to assist with the investigation. they were seen pouring over debris at the port. now that box has been found, that will be the focus of the
6:26 am
investigation. it will take about four weeks for a preliminary report, several more for the findings to be released. the funerals of the victims got underway. more details about the plans last few moments. flight tracking site shows that the plane had an erratic speed and altitude in the early minutes of the flight, and several passengers who flew on the same plane the day before reported terrifying descents in the first to 10 minutes in the air. now, lion air has made it very clear that the plane was checked out and cleared to fly, but they have set all those who checked at the end of director have been standing down from their process, so perhaps an indication of where the investigation is going. >> bill: live in london today. thank you. >> sandra: is traveling to the "show me" state, hoping to sway voters. too close to call. josh hawley will join us next. >> bill: also, a supreme court love connection?
6:27 am
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>> bill: right on time. 9:30. watching the opening bell right here. a quick check of the markets. check out the board. it is big at the moment. we are off and running today. five days before the midterm pure triple digit gains for the moment. pretty decent day yesterday. i have about 250 points at the close yesterday. earnings. economic data. jobs numbers tomorrow. dow jones, 244 the positive side from yesterday. >> sandra: you don't underestimate that. a big jobs number just days before election day. that's going to have some influence. but what a month for october. not so good. not so bad since january 2016.
6:31 am
>> bill: words and terms of -- >> sandra: percentage loss. >> bill: yeah, i mean. you know what i call that? no bueno. >> sandra: he does actually. >> bill: i'm a bull. >> sandra: making up push, josh hawley. he is locked and a tight race with claire mccaskill. fox news poll showing that the two candidates are virtually tied with only two days to go. attorney general josh hawley joins us now. josh, good morning to you, how are you feeling five days out? >> we feel great. we feel delighted to have the president here in the state today, coming back in a few days. we have got strong momentum on our side. great crowds, huge enthusiasm. people are ready to take back the senate seat and stop all liberal take over. >> sandra: you mentioned, two
6:32 am
visits in the final five days before election day. why? why is his presence there are so needed and so important? >> because missouri could be the seats that determines control of the senate. i mean, it really could come down here to the state of missouri. voters in missouri know that. that is why they are so energized to vote. i have been all over this stage. the people are very enthusiastic to vote. i mean, it is incredible the enthusiasm out there. and i think that the president knows how high the stakes are, and we are so glad that he is coming to see us twice. >> sandra: the president carried missouri by 19 points in the election. how popular is he there today? >> his policies are well received. he is well received. that's putting it mildly. i mean, look. we've got an unemployment at 3.3% in the state of missouri, which growth at a 10-year high, rural unemployment calling here. so the president's policies are working, but claire mccaskill, my opponent in this race, wants
6:33 am
to throw all of that in reverse. she is for open borders, amnesty, higher taxes. that is not what missourians want. that is why the selection is so important. >> sandra: talking about these policies, the president decided to shake up the consideration of ending birthright citizenship. where do you stand on that issue? >> i think we absolutely have to end a chain migration. i am willing to consider any proposal to do it. by executive order, he may have the ability to add to the nationalization process. he said that the u.s. supreme court will have to decide exactly what the 14th amendment means in this connection, but i think any proposal, whether it is executive action, legislative proposal that would get rid of chain migration, reform our immigration system so that it actually works for the workers. it is absolutely vital. >> sandra: specifically on that issue, do you support his call inconsideration to end birthright citizenship? >> well, the president said
6:34 am
yesterday that the supreme court is actually going to have to weigh in on what the 14th amendment means. it is a constitutional question, and he's right about that, but he is also right that he can probably bury the nationalization process, and congress can too. i think we need to consider all avenues to end a chain migration, stop the influx of illegal immigrants. absolutely into this country, also to reform. we have an immigration system that does not work for the workers of this country, including especially the people of missouri. we need to change it. the president's right about that. >> sandra: let's take a look at the latest polling. it is dead even at 43%. real clear politics average, which is shows you with a two-point lead. i can't stress it enough, we are just days away, and the president visiting their toys, is your strategy and the days and hours left? >> just to tell it like it is.
6:35 am
he remind people that senator mccaskill's record is a liberal left record, voting for amnesty, sponsoring an open borders bill, voting for higher taxes. voting against brett kavanaugh and participating in the smear campaign against them. this is the record that the people of missouri don't want. she wants to talk about anything other than her record. but were not going to let her get by with it. >> sandra: in this interview with our own bret baier on "special report" on monday, here's your report. >> i voted for over 70% of president trump's judicial nominees. 70%. i voted for more than half of his cabinet members. i voted him half the time. he signed 38 of my bills into law. it doesn't sound to me like somebody who is knee-jerk. some of my colleagues are knee-jerk against the president. i don't get up every day figuring out how to fight the president. i fight for missourians. >> sandra: really interesting move in strategy that we are
6:36 am
seeing from her in the final days. what you think about that? >> well, i think it is a bunch of nonsense. this is somebody who votes with chuck schumer 90% of the time. probably all of them vote with the president half of the time, if it is renaming the local post office. when it comes to brett kavanaugh, justice neil gorsuch, tax cuts, immigration, senator mccaskill has been against this president and against our state on every issue that matters. not just this last year, but now for 12 long years, it is a liberal left record that she has. she knows it. that is what chuck schumer has spent so much money in missouri, here more than anywhere else trying to get her reelected. she is a reliable left-wing democrat. that is why she is going to lose next tuesday. >> sandra: over the weekend, she implored volunteers in her campaign to pick up extra shifts. she suggested in that room that this race could come down to the number of folks in that room. she's talking about how close this is. how close do you believe this
6:37 am
race is ultimately? >> it's absolutely close. there is no doubt about it. about the momentum is also on our side. you can see that. i think if you listen closely to the senator and if you come on the trail with us, look at our campaign versus hers. we have got hundreds of volunteers all over the state out there knocking on doors, we just knocked $1 million earlier this week. i mean, our get out the vote operation is extraordinary. the enthusiasm is extraordinary. that is why we are going to win my. >> sandra: how do you get them out to vote? >> listen, folks know what the stakes are the selection. the brett kavanaugh hearings, that smear campaign, the united states supreme court, what senator mccaskill did is tremendous motivation. they need to secure the border. tremendous motivation. they need to actually get wages growing and it to prevent a
6:38 am
massive increase. people are motivated. they are ready to vote. >> sandra: josh hawley, you have got a heck of a few days ahead of you. i imagine you're going to rest up, but it is going to be a busy two days for you. >> we are so excited to have him. this is the most important senate race in the country for control of the senate. it is a choice between the liberal left agenda, or the strong agenda of donald trump, and i think i know which way it missouri is going to go. >> sandra: josh hawley, thank you for taking the time to come on this morning. >> thank you. >> bill: 22 before they are. personal details from the supreme court now coming to light decades after the fact. we are now learning retired justice sandra day o'connor rejected a marriage proposal from the late chief justice william rehnquist. this was the early 1950s, long before they served it to gather on the bench. that is from a biography
6:39 am
published to be later this year. they dated at stanford law school. >> sandra: wow. you learn something new every day. >> bill: she said no. a center date o'connor a few weeks ago put out a notice that she is suffering from dementia. she has withdrawn from public life. to her and her family, our best to you. that was a tidbit we were not aware of. so now we know. >> sandra: looking to the past as a possible guide to the future, the government now releasing a watergate report that had been kept under wraps for decades. could it be a road map for the russian investigation? >> bill: the ohio race for governor in his neck and neck. one of the tightest in the country. the battle for the buckeye state will go down to the wire. the republican's mic to wire. he wants the job. we will talk to him next. i'd like to take a moment
6:40 am
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one >> bill: very little daylight between the republican and democrat. the real clear politics average is showing that he is leading by fewer than three points. mike dewine is the ohio attorney general. thank you for your time. i want to know where we are right now in the buckeye state. i know it's ohio, i know it's always close, but why is this race so close? >> it's coming right down to the wire. i think we always have close races in ohio when there is no incumbent. what this race is really all about in my opinion is do we go back or do we move forward? when they were in power in ohio eight years ago, we had double digit unemployment, we lost over 400,000 jobs. we've come back. we've regained those 400,000 jobs. we've added another 150,000. statistics that just came out last week, we have more new jobs
6:44 am
created in ohio and the last year then we have had and 22 years. so we are moving forward. wyatt's cordray will do is he will dramatically increase spending. that is just out the formula for moving ohio forward. >> bill: i'm looking at the economy. it is pretty good. the president won the state by eight points. you know in ohio, eight points is a landslide. what explains how close it is if jobs in the economy are issue number one? >> well, i think there were some issues. ohio is a background state. we always deal with that particularly in the gubernatorial race. if you go back and look at the last 50 years of open seats for governor, you will find that they'll come right back down to the wire. we feel that we look forward to being with the president.
6:45 am
i was with the vice president yesterday. lindsey graham came in the day before. so a lot of interest in this race. >> bill: clearly. why cleveland on monday, and what does his presence do for your campaign? >> i think he always sends energy. this is an election that now turns out to be really just a lot about voter turnout. we are still persuading those voters who have not made up their minds. there is also a question about who is going to show up. this is the buckeye state. very, very close race. see what i know you have been focused where you are there. i hear the argument you're making against your opponent. by the way, we invited richard cordray to come on. still waiting for the call back. he is welcome here anytime. when you look at the selection and see sort of what people are
6:46 am
voting on, what does it come down to? i said there are 1,000 story lines on tuesday. there are probably. but is there one story line that can determine the direction of america and where the american mind of politics is out today? >> you know, i can only tell you about ohio. it seems to me that ohio could come down to whether we want to go back to cordray or come to the future. my running mate, john houston and i have a real vision. we have a robust antidrug plan for example. the youth problem in the state of ohio, my opponent has endorsed the issue. it george soros proposed constitutional amendment that would give ohio the most lenient of drug laws in the country. this is not where we want to go. say for example someone who had enough sentinel in their possession to kill 10,000 10,00 people, that that would become .
6:47 am
and with absolutely no jail time. that is just a radical position. not something that we want. a richard cordray came into ohio with a press conference a number of months ago. that was their proposal. i think the voters are going to rejected. even the democrat nominee for attorney general in ohio is against it. democrat and republican judges are against it, so it is really a very radical position that he is proposing. it is also radical frankly with the -- >> bill: go ahead. >> he has proposed $4 million in new spending in ohio. we have to balance our budget in ohio, which is a good thing. so that simply means $4 billion of new taxes on the backs of ohioans. that is not the right way to go. >> bill: he is at 38.8. it is a razor type.
6:48 am
here is the tweet from the president. "mike dewine would be a great governor. he loves his state. always produces big. richard cordray will let you down just like he did when he destroyed the government agency that he ran. a clone of pocahontas. mike has my total endorsement." >> bill: there are interesting rules that the state has. in charge of national elections, meaning the year 2020, is that a reason as to why the president will come there on the final day of campaigning? >> well, you'd have to ask the president dies. it is the reason i think that the democrats have sent in a ton of money. and from people who have no real interest in ohio. i think they look at this as a stepping-stone to the white house. that is something that they really want. you can tell that by the amount of out-of-state money that is
6:49 am
flown into ohio. what we focus on every day is that this is a race about ohio. it is for ohioans. you compare my record of versus richard cordray's, we both have the same office. i beat him, followed him. he left untested rape kits around ohio. >> bill: that's a heavy charge. >> we had justice for the victims. he ignored that. he filled ohio's rape victims. >> bill: thank you for your time. richard cordray is about to come on here and respond to all of that pure dayton, ohio, we will see what happens on tuesday. >> good to talk with you. >> sandra: the battle is far from over in mississippi. will the outcome of this race of fact who controls the senate? we will have a live report on that. >> bill: the harshest conditions in the world, more
6:50 am
than ten rescue attempts before finally being saved. details of what helped save her life. >> i was screaming for help in the morning because i just had to get the fear out of me. i was screaming all the names i knew and just hoping that someone would react. whoooo. here's a trip tip! when you search hotels on tripadvisor... enter your destination and the dates of your stay. tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites... to find the best deal on the right hotel for you.
6:51 am
6:52 am
michael vasquez! come over here.
6:53 am
i've heard such good things about you, your company. well, i wouldn't have done any of it without you. without this place. this is for you. michael, you didn't have to... and, we're going to need some help with the rest. you've worked so hard to achieve so much. perhaps it's time to partner with someone who knows you and your business well enough to understand what your wealth is really for. >> sandra: the outcome of a special election in mississippi could help make or break republican control of the u.s. senate it dominic. he stepped down because of health issues. if no one gets to 50%, there will be a runoff for the top two candidates. regardless of party affiliation, peter doocy is live in jackson, mississippi, . good morning, peter. >> good morning, sandra. if this is totally turned upside
6:54 am
down, mississippi could be the reason that the control of the senate is not decided until november 27. that is because next tuesday's race here is a special election, and if nobody gets more than 50% of the vote, there will be a runoff with the top two. right now, according to an nbc poll, nobody has 50% of the vote. it is unlikely but possible that runoff could be two republicans. a well-known republican challenger has double-digit support right now, subtracting from the income is total, leaving her in the 30s. cindy hyde-smith has 30%, mike asby is in second, nine points back, and with 29%. and to the frequent challenger, he is in third with 15%. fourth place, another democrat, toby bert t. a president trump, who won mike the state by almost 20 points in 2016 does not want any drama. he is putting his weight and influence behind cindy hyde-smith. he has tweeted, "a cindy
6:55 am
hyde-smith is strong on the law, loves our vets, and fights were our conservative judges. she has voted for our agenda 100% of the time, she has my complete and total endorsement. we need cindy to win in mississippi." there are still a substantial number of undecided voters, so they could wind up making a huge difference, angela top three candidates are coming here to jackson later on today to make their case. sandra. >> sandra: all right, peter doocy, thank you. president trump hitting immigration as he consider sending 15,000 troops to the southwest border. how homeland security -- coming up live next hour. plus, the president on the campaign right before next tuesday. next up, missouri. tonight, how much of a difference will that make?
6:56 am
>> we will not bend. we will not break. we will never give in, we will never give up. we will never, ever, ever back down. we will never surrender. and we will always fight to victory. when your blanket's freshness fades before the binge-watching begins... that's when you know, it's half-washed. next time, add downy fabric conditioner. downy conditions fibers with a long-lasting fresh scent. so your blanket will stay fresh through next week's finale. downy and it's done.
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>> sandra: well, the pittsburgh synagogue shooting suspect due in court any moment now.
7:00 am
this hour in pittsburgh, the 46-year-old truck driver indicted yesterday on 44 counts of murder and other crimes, including hate crimes. he's accused of killing 11 people saturday at the tree of life synagogue. meanwhile, things heating up in key battleground states. all of the sets president trump continues his campaign blitz. welcome to our brand-new brand-new hour of "america's newsroom" ." i'm sandra smith. i think it's five days. you feeling at? >> bill: i felt it a month ago ago. >> everything we have achieved, and it's monumental. it's at stake in this election. >> bill: the president are going all in over the next five days. >> make a rally blitz. he kicked off in florida. >> this is really an election between greatness and gridlock. speak out if this is a final campaign blitz. speak out as we get closer to
7:01 am
election night, the races are even tighter. >> could not decide power with control of the house, the senate, and governor 's mansions. all of 4 grams. nancy pelosi predicts that democrats will win. >> we will win. >> bill: there is a lot of confidence on the democratic side. >> we are desperately looking for women and men, people with character. that is what tuesday is about. >> upstarts, resist. what the hell do you get from that? >> bill: midterm mad dash continues. >> sandra: they are not called battleground states for nothing. >> bill: indeed. from washington, how are you doing, allison? good morning. >> the president is on the road. he is heading to a number of states with competitive races, hoping to tip the scales in favor of republicans. the match favors democrats. favors the party not in the
7:02 am
white house. according to the latest polling and five key battleground states, it's all the tough love, and they hold the lead in tennessee and north dakota. voter enthusiasm on the left coat of bridge the gap. martha mcsally tied among likely voters and october and september. had a slight lead in the poll. feeling good about that changing, but at the same time, our polling shows that sinema has a 2-1 advantage when it comes to comes to hispanic voters. could help push the race to the left. joe donnelly is ahead of his republican challenger by seven points. in tennessee, likely voters say that marsha blackburn will be over there challenger. in north dakota, the end, democrat, senator heidi heitkamp
7:03 am
is trailing by nine points. 59-42. missouri democratic incumbent claire mccaskill and her republican challenger, josh hawley, are tied at 43%. those findings were in early october as well. bill. >> bill: thank you, allison. >> sandra: all right, looking at battleground states. say hello to america as a team. the republican national committee. chairman of democrats for trumpet. and at jessica tarlov. we already got a reaction out of jessica. it is nice to have you here today. >> bill: by the way, firecrackers last week. >> i'm feeling a lot calmer this week. >> bill: you are? >> sandra: when it comes to watching some of these key senate races, what are your thoughts? >> i think that the republicans will do very well because the
7:04 am
record is there. the economy is strong. i think the fact that the hispanic unemployment and african-american unemployment is at a record low, he is going to mean that they are not going to have a huge turnout in those groups. so i think that new jersey, for instance, they will -- >> bill: the house each? the senate seat. >> i just finished speaking with bob he again. their internal polling shows him up by two points. we will have a republican -- >> bill: that is not just pitch. >> i met him yesterday, he was very nice. >> sandra: and?
7:05 am
>> we have talked about this before, i think having him run again was an error on their party. you are running a campaign, calling out president trump on corruption. it is difficult to make that case. they don't send me that kind of stuff, but the public polling is four or five points, and when you look at how blue new jersey is, should be up by a lot more there. i think we should have had more edible challenges in the primary. >> bill: wow. very interesting to hear you say that. they treat new jersey like -- it is a pipe dream. it is hard to talk about, but it won't happen. >> i don't know what's going to happen, i think bob menendez could still pull this off. i did say that it is a lot closer than it should be, and we could have run a better candidate in new jersey. >> sandra: meanwhile, let's hear what the president has to say on what happens if democrats are able to flip the house.
7:06 am
watch. >> can you work with them if the democrats win the house? >> we can certainly try. i am looking to unify, they had a very hard time because they haven't been winning, and we will see what happens five days from now. >> sandra: as you are sitting down here, talking about how you have known president trump since the '70s. this is a guy that you know very well. what you make of how he responded to that question? can he unify and work with democrats? >> it really makes me sick the way that a lot of the left wing and the left-wing media and the democrats treat the president. you know, saying he's a racist. you know, this guy doesn't have a racist bone in his body. he's compassionate. when my dad was sick, he use to call twice a week and ask is there anything he can do? people don't see that side of
7:07 am
him. when his wife was sick, called every day. i can give you story after story about what i nice guy he is. and i think you know, he's got a great record to run on. and i think he's going to be reelected overwhelmingly. i think the house is going to be extremely close, and i think the republicans will pick up 3-4 seats in the senate. >> bill: this whole scenario is very interesting. nancy pelosi is the speaker. how does he work with the democrats? >> as he already tried to, the president has extended more olive branches, more to the left. he has said i will give you-fort dhaka, you give me the border wall. yes, i want to give you an infrastructure plan. democrats however do not want to give the president of a
7:08 am
political win. in an era of divided government, there is ability to work. there is ability to work if democrats take one step towards the president. >> bill: how would you answer that same question? >> i think there will be a tremendous opportunity. there are a couple of seats, maybe not three or four. there will be opportunities to work together. i think that there is a certain fringe of the base that would hate that with every fiber of their body, but there are a lot more people towards the center and a lot of independent voters who will go for democrats when you look at the polling. to your point about the person's character and that he made these phone calls, i'm very sorry that you had the sick parents at all, and i think it's lovely that he called, but that doesn't mean that he is a unifier, a healer, or someone that the american people feel that is on their side. that is what the polling overwhelmingly says. his response to the trauma of
7:09 am
the synagogue shooting, the bomber, the kroger shooting last week -- >> you are buying the mainstream media narrative. >> i am thinking for myself. i am listening to him. >> where are they narrating the rabbi who literally came out and said this president was so compassionate? >> i read it. >> there is video yelling out to the president thank you for coming, thank you for being here. the media is covering the protesters, not the pittsburgh community who welcomes the present. >> if i am such a victim of the mainstream media, how did i see it then? it was lovely to see that, the kids who were so excited to see the president. he was absolutely charming, as he often is. >> bill: the points that you are both making. fort myers, florida, last night. watch. >> sadly, they took a small group of protesters far away from where we were because we
7:10 am
could not have been treated better. they did everything in their power to try to play it up and push people apart. the far left media has spread a terrible lies and stories about the trump administration. the tens of millions of people who make up our great movement -- >> bill: can you comment on this? >> sandra: go ahead. have out of. >> the bottom line is the president has a great record. unemployment is really low. since he got into office. the stock market is up 30%. as someone who cares about israel, he recognizes jerusalem. he had like outs to do that. he has been the best friend that israel has ever had in the white house, so it really got me upset when i saw some of these far left a jewish group say in pittsburgh attacking the president as somebody who is not responsive or even anti-semitic.
7:11 am
it is ridiculous. >> bill: that is an interesting point. when you stack it all up, going against iran, the son-in-law, the conversion of his daughter. that doesn't sound like an anti-semitic person at all. and yet, none of that has been stacked up. >> that's right. seeing the morning show continually talk to their guest about the president having some responsibility, joe lieberman set such a unifying tone. he said you know what, this was a hateful man. did not support president trump. it is wrong for the media to go out there and continually blame these atrocities on president trump. >> as we carry on the conversation, it is no one's fault but but the shooter himself, but you do have to look at all of the evidence that is on the table. he has known anti-semites who have been in his inner circle,
7:12 am
steve bannon, for instance. >> we are not going there. >> no, we are. you have to understand that when people say this, i don't want him here, he is a purveyor of hate. >> bill: every day, they have said that they welcome him. >> that is absolutely as it should be, people have a right to protest. they should have been allowed to be near him and to talk to him about their concerns. there are people around this president to that certainly make the jewish community feel like they are not on their side's -- >> sandra: we have to leave it there. we have to cut you there. >> jewish grandchildren, he does not have an anti-semitic bone in his body. >> so what? >> he moved to the capital to jerusalem. >> you are a well reasoned the democrats. >> it is not about that, it honestly is in. we do not have the wrong impression because we have been poisoned by cnn.
7:13 am
the rabbi praising. they couldn't even find a rabbi who wasn't -- >> sandra: we are going to have you back. thank you. thank you, our a-team. we will see you later. >> bill: now, the watergate report now public. newly unsealed documents might be a potential road map for the investigation into the white house. catherine herridge's life. what did you find out? >> sealed based on the court order here in washington, d.c. this week. these records were unsealed. they are known as the so-called watergate road map. and the group behind it saying that they provided counsel for robert mueller. they admit that they don't know precisely what sort of report mueller is working on or what his plans may be in the future, but they argue that there are relevance lessons from the watergate papers. "last really is more."
7:14 am
it is trying to inform, not to persuade. second, the road map is extremely careful not to do or seeming to do congresses job for it. do the job to impeach is a congressional function. finally, an important lesson about restraint. there is a tendency to assume that access is needed to combat access. it is powerful partly because it is so by the book. the president's legal team insists that there is no legal basis for obstruction of justice, leading to his decision to fire james comey." >> bill: who is going to have the last word here? >> current and former justice officials told fox that they did not expect any reports prior to the midterm because it would violate the long-standing principle not to announce indictmentri election. as you know, james comey was
7:15 am
faulted for disregarding these principles. the key player in all of this is rod rosenstein, mueller's boss, he will have a major say in the report if mueller writes a report with conclusions. adding to the mix, house republicans on the judiciary oversight committee pushed hard and unsuccessfully for an interview under oath before the election. they make a persuasive argument that he has a conflict of interest because of his role renewing one of the key surveillance warrants. >> bill: we are going to pick this up after midterms. thank you. >> sandra: thank you, katherine. the dow opening with a triple digit gain this thursday morning. not even our into trading. this after a pretty rough october, so what can we expect come november? >> bill: president trump hammering away at illegal immigration. he says that he could send 15,000 more troops to the border. we will talk to michael mccall
7:16 am
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7:19 am
>> bill: next week, we will see something brand-new at the fox news channel. we are going to launch a new system we call the voter analysis. here is how it works. interviews will be conducted
7:20 am
starting saturday over multiple platforms. the goal is to make this far more extensive. there will be 85,000 interviews versus the roughly 20,000 that we use to give. it will be detailed, it will be result oriented from contested statewide elections, also allows us to better analyze subgroups and get a better understanding of election outcomes. why are we doing this, you ask? >> sandra: because the people wanted. >> bill: some of this exit polling has not been right. even at the presidential level, here is the deal. some people go, they will come outside. i don't know, do you want to do an interview? maybe you do, maybe you don't. maybe some women want to talk, maybe some men don't. maybe some republicans want to talk, maybe some democrats down. we are trying to eliminate a lot of the margin in there. and we are pretty confident in it.
7:21 am
we hope that it will enlighten us. so many parts across the country. so if we start on saturday as opposed to just tuesday, we are looking at more information. >> sandra: all right, we look forward to that. ♪ yep, those markets kicking off a brand-new month. some investors really looking forward to that fact. it was a rocky october. charles payne is the host of "making money with charles payne" on the fox business network. are things looking out? >> the last three or four days, they have been looking better. it is a combination of earnings and fundamental economic data. it has really been impressive. one thing that came out yesterday that i thought should have gone a lot more presses the last quarter, the summer quarter, wages and salary growth, the fastest pace in a decade. that is huge. that is what it is really all
7:22 am
about. >> sandra: that was really the one thing, the economy is great, but we ages are. now it is changing. >> we got another economic data point, same thing. came in stronger than expected. hourly wages up more than expected. finally starting to creep in. i think it is going to be a wonderful thing that could have momentum. you've got 7 million job openings. usually goes up in that kind of environment. >> bill: projected growth in the future. we have been fine for two years now. >> yeah. some of it is how do you keep up with the pace, right? the revenue pace, over $2 trillion in earnings this quarter. for the september quarter. that would be an all-time record, $2.1 trillion in profits. and in their growth rate, 26%
7:23 am
growth rate. it is virtually unheard of. it is absolutely mind-boggling. without a doubt, you get higher wages, that means you get those kind of earnings. some had windows. but the overall economy is really what the story is going to be. >> sandra: meanwhile, bernie sanders is calling out one of the biggest companies in the world, at least the biggest retailer, walmart, for their pay to their employees. watch. oh, i'm sorry. it's a tweet. walton family. more than 9000% since 1982. walmart still doesn't pay their workers a living wage. this is what a regular economy is all about. how do you respond to that? >> first of all, walmart is one of the biggest employers in the country. a lot of people with limited or low skill sets work at walmart.
7:24 am
so the work of bernie, go straight out to jeff bezos, the ceo of amazon, i mean, he put his name on it. so amazon went up to $15 an hour, but don't forget, walmart did go to $11 at the beginning of the year. and i think they will end up liking it again. the report that we talked about that showed the wages growing up, one of the areas with the biggest wage increase percentage wise was retail. in part because they can't find workers. i think it will be a natural response. i am not sure about the family will necessarily be -- >> sandra: i'm going to make a forecast. >> bill: oh, i love this. >> sandra: it is not about the stock market. my forecast is that we have a whole lot coming up. in the next few weeks, talking about christmas, holiday shopping. it's coming. halloween is over now. >> bill: the hottest stocks this week, retail.
7:25 am
she went out on a limb on that front. >> sandra: i didn't want to let you down. i'm just telling you. >> which will be $15 tomorrow. >> bill: thank you, charles. >> sandra: i will save my hot stock tips. >> bill: series topics in the country, hate crimes, political violence. we saw this in pittsburgh, in the recent mail packages that were sent out. michael mccall will join us on that. and security on on the southwet border coming up straight ahead.
7:26 am
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i was on the fence about changing from a manual to an electric toothbrush. but my hygienist said going electric could lead to way cleaner teeth. she said, get the one inspired by dentists, with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's gentle rounded brush head removes more plaque along the gum line. for cleaner teeth and healthier gums. and unlike sonicare, oral-b is the first electric toothbrush brand accepted by the ada for its effectiveness and safety. what an amazing clean! i'll only use an oral-b! oral-b. brush like a pro. >> sandra: thousands of migrants continue their tracker cost mexico. currently about 900 miles from the u.s. border, working to slow their progress. live in mexico. william. >> sandra, confusion and a disappointment here in mexico
7:30 am
today that adds up two oh win for president trump. a smaller caravan, a longer trip for many, and some could decide to stay here in mexico. let me explain why. we are kind of at a fork in the road. the people you see behind me, they are hitchhiking, trying to get a ride. i will show you about this confusion. initially, we are so close to go to a different place, then to mexico city. around 5:00 in they in the more of them had already left. they changed to that on the way to veracruz. now, look at page two here. only 600 miles to texas, but 1600 miles almost to san diego, tijuana. they will likely break out. we spoke to several today who are simply confused. >> what's going on right now? we are supposed to be going that way. i can't understand who's running
7:31 am
the show. >> may be now going to texas instead of tijuana, have they told you? >> i don't know. i think we are going to tijuana. i'm not sure. >> so the major changes, those never materialized. president trump working from mexico, doing their best to detour this group. right now, it seems to be working. back to you. >> sandra: all right, we will continue following all of that. >> bill: hot topics on the trail. there he is. michael mccaul, chairman of the homeland security committee. thank you for coming back, welcome to our program here. i'm going to take you back to the rally in a florida last night if you're talking to troops at the southwest border. here is the president from the rally. >> republicans want strong borders, no crime, no chaos, and no caravans.
7:32 am
[cheers and applause] democrats want open borders, and they want to invite you caravan after caravan into our country, which brings crime upon crime. >> bill: we should hear it again in missouri later tonight. what do you believe about 15,000 military troops going to the border? is that something that is necessary? is it needed? >> well, we have the 3500 approaching mexico city. another 3,000 that are coming up right behind them, and a bill, once again, they can get on what is called the beast. it is a freight train. a very dangerous to ride. can bring them right up to the border. i talked to the mexican investor. told me that they were going to prevent them from getting on that train. they have not been able to stop them so far. i am concerned that they are going to get up to the border. what the president is doing is
7:33 am
the biggest show of force that i have seen in my lifetime down on the border with 7,000 active duty -- we sent down the national guard to act in a support role, basically pushing paper behind a desk's. these guys have been activated under a different title, title x authority to work hand in glove with border patrol directly on the border. so we hope that they provide deterrence, so that when the family units. they are not going to be matched with the united states military. >> sandra: i think there is a lot of confusion, though. as to what exactly 15,000 troops on the border would do or be able to do. >> well, i think it is a big question. remember, as i have talked about before in this show, once they touch base in the united states, they are afforded all due process, rights, protection
7:34 am
under our law. currently, the law that myself and the chairman tried to change that would have prevented this caravan from getting into the united states. every democrat voted against our bill, and i sure hope the leadership will take that bill when we get back after the election. >> bill: james mattis was asked about this, and he said it -- well, i will let him tell you. here he is. >> the support that we provide to the secretary for homeland security is practical support based on the requests from the commissioner of customs and border police. so we don't do stunts in this department. thank you. >> bill: what did you think about his frank assessment in answering the question? >> there is this debate on what the limitations are in a support role. i do know that the northern
7:35 am
command is in charge of these active-duty troops. this is a departure from anything that we have seen before. that guard is down there. but now we are seeing active duty military employees directly on the border to work right on the border, not pushing paper, but actually working. i think that's a major departure, and i think the question can be we don't know what is going to happen when they show up. this will be a clash. it will be very dramatic. but we hope it is a sign and a showing of force, will deter them from setting for the united states because if and when they do, our broken immigration laws will give them protection. and i think most americans don't want to see that. >> sandra: meanwhile, the president to making it very clear where he had republicans stand on border security. watch. oh, okay. sorry.
7:36 am
we don't have that. but what you hear from the president's time and time again, five days ahead of the midterms, republicans want strong borders. no crime, no chaos. no caravans. continue to make that case the democrats want open borders. how is this message, how is this message playing out as we move even closer to election day? >> i personally think it is helping republicans. i think it will help us maintain the majority in the house. most americans don't want the lawlessness, they chaos, they don't want 7,000 people that we don't even know who they are, then getting released in 20 days before the decision. out onto the streets of the united states of america. so i think the contrast it could not be more stark between the democrats and republicans on this issue. i think the president is absolutely correct that they are for open borders. we are for changing the legal loopholes. they are not. they will welcome the caravan
7:37 am
in. particularly in california, where they have a sanctuary state. this is all leftist opposition group in honduras that orchestrated this whole caravan stunned to begin with. it is a stumps. it is a stunned dominic -- they hope that they can stay in the united states and become citizens. and they vote. >> bill: that is a pretty remarkable statement. you believe that the house retains control of the majority come wednesday morning november 7. and you will tie that directly to the caravan making its way through mexico. >> the economy is a winning issue. i think national security, isis has been defeated. the caravan has gotten certainly are based very charge that back in my home state of texas. and i think that kavanaugh hearings, which we saw as
7:38 am
departure, independence started to move over into the republican column. i think that all of these events have been very good for keeping the majority. >> bill: very interesting answers. thank you for coming back. michael mccaul, chairman of the homeland security committee. >> sandra: thank you. sanctions on iraq next week. i think it would withdraw from the iran nuclear deal. >> good morning, sandra. the administration is targeting iran here. that they need to be prepared for difficult times i had. on monday, the trump administration introduced trade trades. a deteriorating economy and corruption there. of their currency value has driven, driving up the price of items to your john bolton claims
7:39 am
that this upcoming round of sanctions will be effective. >> in the nuclear deal took effect in 2015, i think the sanctions came off, and the iranian said it is a new era. they forgot about all of the mitigation techniques. so when we reimpose to the sanctions, they weren't ready for it. and i don't think that they are now. i think you can see the consequences in the continuing lapse of their currency. >> they want to change their behavior when it comes to military development. and a number of other items. >> sandra: there are challenges to this approach. >> there are. you the united states has been trying to push allies like india for example, the number one importer is trying to, and there is questionable leverage there for the united states. the u.s. and china are already in a massive trade fight.
7:40 am
the rest of the country in that deal, trying to hold it together. the european countries into the european union, they are all trying to conduct business with iran. also questions of how strongly they united states is going to try to push iran out of a processing system. >> sandra: the state department this morning. thank you. >> bill: new questions about ethics. he is a democratic candidate. it is a very tight race. he is under new scrutiny. we will explain what that is all about next. >> sandra: and team hillary knocking down a potential run. now one of her biggest supporters is saying it is time for her to walk away. >> do you want to run again? >> no. >> way. >> no. >> i'd like to be president.
7:41 am
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7:45 am
>> do you want to run again? >> no. >> there was a pause. >> well, i'd like to be president. [laughs] >> work would be work that i feel very well prepared for. >> it's going to be a lot of heavy lifting. >> bill: could hillary run again? some of her supporters hope not. america's atm. welcome back. leslie marshall writes this. i love hillary clinton. i wanted her to be the democratic presidential nominee when she ran unsuccessfully against barack obama in the 2008 primaries. as much as she wants to be present, she must accept the fact that her time has come and gone. she must pass the torch you can win the 2020 presidential
7:46 am
election. >> she agrees with leslie marshall. she made it very clear that she would talk about 2020 after the midterms, and i think that she is totally on that page. she is not running for anything again. she is fund-raising, which is something that the clintons are great at, and i think for once, hillary clinton is not doing it. >> sandra: but she keeps herself out there. >> she does. she says we will talk about it. she wasn't talking about hersel herself. >> sandra: she said she wanted to be president. >> what are you talking about? >> hillary will be a democratic candidate for president in 2020. >> sandra: we can help. >> bill: hang on, why do you say that? >> because i think all of the other people in the mix are lightweights. they have no national constituency. i think there are enough
7:47 am
democrats despite the fact that everybody like jessica is saying no, no, no. it would be terrible. i still think that she has a base of support in the democratic party that no one else has. and you heard it here. >> sandra: was at marion marsh who sat here a couple days ago, suggesting that there will be a field of 24 democrats? >> bill: you are saying that she is the best of the 20. >> i think donald trump could win no matter who the democratic nomination is. >> yeah, we get it. you love donald trump. >> bill: how do you become the leader of democrats for trump? what is it about the man or the campaign that led you to jump across the line? >> well, the president asked for me. i am not just a democrats were trump in new york, but also throughout the country. because i felt that he had the
7:48 am
tools and the on orthodoxy and the business skills and the balls -- i guess that's not -- >> bill: this is cable. >> the guts to turn the country around. you know what? i am so proud that i supported him because i think you has kept his promises. i can go through a whole list. the economy is really strong. isis is no longer -- we are not talking about that anymore. and in terms of israel, which is an important issue to me, i think that he has been the best president and friend of israel. >> bill: here's what i want to know. you don't know if the democrats were trump in pennsylvania are still with you. are they still with you in ohio? that is what tuesday is really all about. >> sandra: meanwhile, the new ethics question for andrew, the
7:49 am
florida democrat may have used public funds for private travel. here's ron desantis taking that on. >> he is running on impeaching the president. you know, i don't know what he is thinking about impeachment. this is a guy that took bribes from an undercover fbi agent. took money from a lobbyist, did favors for the lobbyists. maybe we should impeach him as mayor of tallahassee. >> i will be clear about this, i have never in any way compromised my values, my morals, or the law. i have been an elected official by doing right, not wrong. >> bill: the former republican republican, political hatchet men, trying to confuse and distract voters with information that has long been there. >> sandra: you heard from both
7:50 am
sides. andrew, to you first. >> it is not the ethical issues that really bother me as much as the fact that he is a far left bernie sanders democrat, and florida is doing it very well. the economy is strong. and i think she put a left wing socialist and the governor's chair would be a disaster. >> he will raise taxes, you are spot on about that. but look, let me just say that the corruption is real. he has been caught twice. documented evidence. >> i disagree with everything that everyone has said thus far. andrew gillum is not a democratic socialist. he was a hillary clinton delegates in 2016. the probe will bear whatever it is, something that he certainly has to respond to. >> bill: thank you, panel.
7:51 am
>> sandra: thank you, 18. oprah hitting the campaign trail. who she is supporting, and will it make a difference? we will have the next. thank you, admiral. it let's you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. thank you, admiral. with today's high home values, that could mean a lot more money to pay debts and get ahead. thank you, admiral. it's an honor to help you get the peace of mind every veteran and their family deserves. call 1-844-383-1571. when mit rocked our world.ailed we called usaa. and they greeted me as they always do. sergeant baker, how are you? they took care of everything a to z. having insurance is something everyone needs,
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but having usaa- now that's a privilege.
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>> bill: fox news alert out of pittsburgh a moment to go. the suspect who killed 11 in the synagogue pleading not guilty moments ago.
7:55 am
robert bauer's appearance in court earlier this hour, we will bring you more on that as we progress here in america is a newsroom. >> sandra: she is hitting the campaign trail. what did i just say there? did i get that right? what is oprah winfrey doing? >> she is on the campaign trail. we know that your listen, if you live in georgia, you might want to go home and claim your house. oprah may be coming over. she is going door-to-door encouraging people to vote for stacy aeros. the georgia governor race neck and neck. nobody can drum up the excitement quite like oprah winfrey. i think that she will be successful in getting some undecided voters and going into democratic communities and talking to people who may not have wanted to vote, or the midterm elections were not on their radar. if they speak to oprah, possibly not.
7:56 am
>> bill: local television will cover her. >> oh, absolutely. the big debate here is if celebrity endorsements work. it did not work for hillary clinton. >> sandra: at the very least, you get people to pay attention. >> instead of you get a car, you get to vote. >> bill: 4:00 this afternoon, will be addressing the nation from the roosevelt room. apparently, this is in regard to immigration. 4:00 eastern time. more coming up on that. bret baier is on deck top of the hour. come on back. welcome to the place where people go to learn about
7:57 am
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>> sandra: fox news alert. five days until midterm spirit president trump making his final push for the republicans in a campaign blitz across the country. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning. control of congress is on the line. trying to get voters to the pull mys and some of these critical races across the country. president trump holds nearly a dozen before the country goes. >> democrats want to open borders, and they want to invite caravan after caravan into our country, which would bring us crime upon crime. if you want high taxes and high
8:01 am
crime, vote for the democrats. vote for the democrats. >> sandra: we have a live of fox news coverage on the border in el paso, texas, . we began with john roberts out the white house. john, good morning. >> the president will be leaving the white house at about four: 40 this afternoon. to make some remarks on emigration. he will talk about the status on the border. the potential for changing things around when it comes to asylum and one of the ideas that has been kicked around here is an executive order or some kind of regulatory action to only allow people to declare asylum at the border, we told you about that within the last few days. it's an immigration problem at the foot of the democrats. campaigning now beginning last night as he did in the closing days of the 2016 campaign, he will be in west virginia and
8:02 am
indianapolis. the number one issue on many peoples minds is health care. but the president try to keep immigration way up front. it was the central focus of his rally in fort myers, florida, last night. the christian broadcasting network declaring that the predictive blue wave is dead because of immigration. listen here. >> there is a lot of feeling about the horrors of the illegal immigration problem. they think that they are just going to come into our country and to take over. it is just not going to happen. we are not going to let that happen, but the democrats want to let that happen. it's crazy. >> in missouri, claire mccaskill who is fighting for her political life suddenly come around to the presence way of thinking on the caravans that are headed to the united states. listen here. >> he has used every tool that he has at his disposal, and i 100% back him up on that. whether it is turning them back because we are not equipped to handle that many asylum claims,
8:03 am
so i do not want our borders overrun. and i support the president's efforts to make sure that they are not. >> mccaskill's opponent is not buying it. listen here. >> i think it's a bunch of nonsense. i mean, this is somebody who votes were chuck schumer 90% of the time. when it comes to brett kavanaugh, justice neil gorsuch, tax cuts, immigration, senator mccaskill has been against this president and against our state on every issue that matters. not just this last year, but now for 12 long years. >> now let's take a look at the state of the races. josh hawley has got a two-point lead. republican patrick morrissey trails joe manchin by nine points. joe not only has about a one point lead over republican mike brown. don't forget, these are all states that in the president wo
8:04 am
won. 40 points in west virginia. and bill, we will hear more from the president this afternoon. about 4:00 or four: 15. >> sandra: nothing going on there, right? >> bill: there are more u.s. troops heading to the southern border. there could be as many as 15,000 in total, preparing for the arrival of a migrant caravan. about 4,000 making their way to the u.s. mike mccall last hour weighing in on that. he said the following. >> i think what the president is doing is the biggest showing a force that i have seen in my lifetime. we hope this will provide a deterrent so that when the family units and coyotes and demos 13 types are coming out, they are not going to be met with the united states military. >> bill: rick leventhal live in el paso, texas, with more on the part of the story.
8:05 am
hey, rick. >> hey, bill. we are outside the gates of fort bliss, one of several military installations. serving as support and logistic hubs, those troops being deployed across south america, including fort bragg, fort knox kentucky, and other bases. illinois, colorado and beyond. sending helicopter battalions, see 17 cargo planes, medical companies, defense, logistics, s were addressed, saying this is not of stunt. at the support that we provide to the secretary for homeland security is practical support based on the requests from the commissioner and the border police. we don't do stunts in this department.
8:06 am
>> the mission includes barriers and fencing, tracking the caravans from the air. helicopters and drones, moving border control agents. locations with military aircraft, providing medical and other logistic support to the agents along the border. the soldiers that we spoke with say that they are excited to be a part of. >> i would just like to say that it is actually really big honor that the army has chosen us to come here and to spearhead this whole operation. to excited. just another way to support my country and to do a needs to be done. >> we are highly trained. >> authority say these caravans have been violent, though, more dangerous than ones that we have seen in the past. at their current pace, they are still weeks away from the borde border. >> bill: el paso, texas. rick leventhal. thank you very much. >> sandra: 's big white house push may be paying off.
8:07 am
nous fox news polling showing president trump's approval rating is above 50 in some crucial set of battleground states. republicans hope that energy translates into victories on tuesday. bret baier, anchor of "special report." big night tuesday night. brett, good morning to you. first of all, what is on your radar? what are you chomping at the bit to talk about? >> i think that the president's focus on emigration is clear. that is his closing arguments. he is going to talk about that today. really hitting it at every one of these rallies, and we will see how that plays. obviously his movement to the border. he was saying we don't do stunt stunts. obviously concern for a lot of those states especially along the border. it is a concern for a lot of americans, but as far as when
8:08 am
you ask those that are concerned -- >> sandra: let's look at some of these individual races, like arizona. showing the polling there with kyrsten sinema and martha mcsally tied. she was up two points entering the october, and three in september. what are your thoughts on that race that? >> that tracks with the what else we have seen. it can go either way. we have already seen early vote counts in arizona that are really high. republicans doing well there, but there is momentum for the democrats in recent weeks as we have seen across the past couple of weeks in different races. basically in the past two weeks, a little shift after the kavanaugh shifted to the right. three to 5% still undecided.
8:09 am
now to indiana, where the polling there reveals that incumbent democrat joe donnelly is besting the republican challenger by seven points among indiana. likely voters, that is 45-38. his lead, we have seen this race a shift too. what are you watching there? >> i think that he has a closing argument that basically president trump needs more people like him. and he's going to try to paint it joe donnelly as more of the same. using the kavanaugh vote against him. other polls have it a little bit different. this is another one where it matters. i think you put up the screen of the president's approval ratings across the country, look at some of those numbers. in north dakota, 61%, tennessee,
8:10 am
50%. missouri, 54%. why is claire mccaskill saying that she is with the president 100% on board action? because the approval is so close. it really does make a difference in the states how the president is perceived by voters. >> sandra: fascinating which we have been seeing there. here is the missouri senate race. as far as the polling is concerned, it is let paul. senator claire mccaskill and her republican challenger, josh hawley, tied at 43% apiece. while mike. what a race this is going to be to watch. >> watch will go down to the wire, i think. it's his wife claire mccaskill is using an adult that says that she is not one of those crazy democrats. blasted her yesterday for saying that. she doesn't agree with elizabeth warren or bernie sanders in the center.
8:11 am
but she votes with them 66 and 67% of the time. >> sandra: real quick i want to get to this piece on pundits assume that democrats will win the house. sound familiar? looking about the assumption that the blue wave is coming, he addresses it in his peace. they probably have a better shot of holding the house and trumped it at two years ago in the electoral college. your thoughts? >> that caveat is always good because a lot can happen even in a short time before tuesday. even just one point shift one way or another could change not only the senate races, but all of these house races that really don't have grades at polling. so does the advantage go to democrats? yes. does nancy pelosi saying "we will win" on on the stephen cot show -- are you sure that you
8:12 am
don't want to do that on the hill or clinton fireworks barge? 32 you have a busy several days. to quote the president, "we will see what happens five days from now. it will be very exciting." bret baier. "special report" tonight. >> bill: barbara comstock in a very tough race against her opponents. barbara comstock adjoins us to make her case in a matter of minutes here. >> sandra: plus, president trump not backing down from what he calls "red-hot rhetoric." in the face of some harsh criticism, ari fleischer will join us. >> when we talk about a vision, this is a big part of the division. the far left media has spread a terrible lives and stories about the trump administration.
8:13 am
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for an affordable, and sometimes, no monthly plan premium. do you have any more information? sure. i'll get a decision guide in the mail to you today. they're free. finally. someone who understands the real me. your health and happiness is important to us. call or go online now to get your free decision guide. call a licensed humana sales agent today. >> don't you worry at all? you are the most powerful man in the world. you say that word. enemy, enemy. people go to listen to you, then they go on social media, get themselves all jazzed up. there has got to be party. it is our only way of fighting back. i couldn't be here if i didn't. >> sandra: red-hot rhetoric. saying that his supporters
8:17 am
demanded. this interview will air on sunday. ari fleischer, former press secretary for george w. bush, ari, good morning to you. i know that you have some strong thoughts on this and what we heard from the president. >> i sure do. i have thought about this so much because i represented george bush, who speaks entirely differently. the biggest criticism that i get from republicans all the time, you look at how gracious george bush was, mccain, met romney, none of them knew how to fight against the democrats. you know what, sandra, there is a lot to you that. i will get to that. there is a lot of merit to the fact that his policies have been very successful. he is right. >> sandra: it is very interesting to dig into this piece. it is titled "our descent into betrayal began long before
8:18 am
trumped, and the democrats are culpable to the mic too." he goes on to say to moments in very recent history where democrats have set a similar tone. and i know that you tweeted back at him. watch where your thoughts to hi him? >> well, what he was doing was walking people through the whole history of democrats against republicans, which they graciously brushed off. they are hypocrites, they don't have the high ground to criticize president trump when they do it themselves. yes, he sometimes does deserve blame. i set it on fox news, and i will tweeted too. you just don't talk like that. physical violence, no one should talk like that. he should not call reporters "enemy of the people." i don't like that language. tone it down two notches. that is what he should do. this is why fighting is so important. it doesn't matter who the
8:19 am
republican's, the democrats will always call them are racist. they called george w. bush a recess, and ran ads against them, they called mccain a racist. they called mitt romney a racis racist. they want to put you back in chains. it doesn't matter. the democrats throw it against anybody. it has nothing to do with the truth, so there is a lot about from fighting back that i welcome, and especially because the media is totally biased. >> sandra: trump is wrong to call the media "the enemy of the people." and a host of other terrible things that he has said, but democrats dragging us into the political gutter long before. if they think that america has elected a frankenstein monster, they are dr. frankenstein. i will give you the final word on this, ari. >> yes, they have to look in the mirror. calling for the resistance, boycotting his inauguration, not
8:20 am
even giving him a chance. the word "resistance," those were the french freedom fighters against the. are they implying that donald trump is a nazi? they need to look in the mirror. >> sandra: good to hear your words this morning. ari fleischer. nice to see you. >> thank you. >> bill: 20 past of the hour. northern virginia. the republican is barbara comstock defending her seat against jennifer watson. but democrats are feeling confident. here live. come back right after this. surprised? it's called always discreet boutique. it looks and fits like my underwear. i know what you're thinking. how can something this pretty protect?
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8:24 am
>> bill: critical house race. barbara comstock and other tough reelection battle. jennifer wexton, the latest poll shows jennifer wexton ahead by 13 points. barbara comstock with me now. how are you doing? thank you for your time. how are you going to make this happen? >> fortunately, there are outside polls. slightly ahead or tired. two years ago, they said i was going to lose by five, , and we won by six. so when we are doing is focusing on the leadership that i have had for this region for our tech community, our jobs, our economies. our defense, our veterans. i have also had the support from the federal employees packet, from the police come from all of our local businesses. a vote for jennifer wexton is a vote for nancy pelosi. people in my district to see that a rearview image coming up
8:25 am
here that is not a good prospect because they know that tax cuts that we have put in place, the jobs and the economy that we have gotten within, that that will all end of nancy pelosi's -- >> bill: i just want to share with you, you are in one of these really tough races. 1 of 23 republicans in the house where your district actually voted for hillary clinton. >> and i won by six points and got more votes. >> bill: so what's the trick to keep a ride? >> well, there is no democrat that has ever gotten more votes than i got in 2016, including hillary and tim can come so i have focused on the priorities of my district, which is drops. i have the highest rating in virginia for federal employees. my opponent doesn't even have that on her website. and she would be a vote for nancy pelosi.
8:26 am
i want to pay races for our federal employees, but more importantly, i put more money in the pockets of all of our constituents, and my opponent is a person who has increased her taxes. >> bill: it is really an interesting race. suburban, outside of a big city. here is jennifer wexton, part of her ad running against you. i will get your reaction after this. >> barbara comstock might as well be barbara trump stock. against protections were pre-existing conditions, and he sabotaged the markets. barbara agrees. >> bill: that's a mouthful. go ahead and to defend yourself. >> well, i didn't vote for the republican health care bill, but more importantly, the scorecard that they're talking about, 82%,
8:27 am
82% of them were bipartisan, they were to cut your taxes. someone of them were to keep the government (my opponent, who doesn't even talk about federal employees, would have shut down the government with the schumer shutdown. i opposed it, so 82% of those are bipartisan things like the oak weird crisis, helping our veterans. i have been an independent voice fighting for our region, and i work on a bipartisan basis. she would be a partisan vote for nancy pelosi to be speaker. that's where she is bringing in this green waste. i would ask your listeners to look at the money. follow the money. the green wave of money. >> bill: i will get you to respond. this democratic package canceled about 800,000. that would suggest that they think they are really confident in this district. last comment on that. >> well i know they are confident two years ago. we go out into talk with the
8:28 am
people, the federal employees, all of our businesses have supported me. we have strong support throughout the district, and i would add it to stop that green wave, barbara comstock for congress. we are going to make sure that nancy pelosi is not speaker again. the road it to speaker is right here. we are going to stop it. >> bill: thank you for your time. barbara comstock from virginie from virginia. >> thank you. >> sandra: the synagogue shooting suspect back in federal court today. how robert bowers is playing into federal crime hate crime charges. >> bill: we are going to talk about that, break down the numbers with the way forward. there he is. karl rove live next in austin. standby >> who voted? [cheers and applause] than what the hell am i doing here tonight?
8:29 am
your insurance rates skyrocket after a scratch so small
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how about using that pen to sign up for new insurance instead? for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> sandra: fox news alert on the suspect of the pittsburgh synagogue massacre that left 11 people dead. robert bowers in federal court moments ago, pleading not guilty to the charges against him. david lee miller is live with the latest. david. >> sandra, robert bowers arraignment lasted only about 1. as is typical at this stage in
8:33 am
the proceedings. he is pleading not guilty, also requesting a jury trial. he was indicted yesterday at on a total of 44 federal counts. among the charges, obstruction of free exercise of religious belief. in relation to a crime of violence. bowers walked into the courtroom with his legs shackled, unlike monday, when he used a wheelchair. he wore a bright red jumpsuit. to his left forearm was bandaged from injuries resulting from a gunfight with police. during the actual arraignment, he answered yes to his name, and if asked whether he was given a charges of the copy and he understood them. he was also told he could face the death penalty. the prosecution's of the trial is expected to last between three and four weeks. but it could run longer if the attorney general, jeff sessions,
8:34 am
decides to green light possible execution during sentencing. senator . >> sandra: thank you. >> well, i think the blue wave is dead, frankly. and i think we're doing pretty well. it looks like we are going to win the senate, which is very important. >> bill: that from an interview that will air later today. early voting is underway, and it's on a roll. is there a lead for either side? "republicans are showing strength in early voting. how are you doing, i may go? i'm doing great, thank you. now you have two whiteboards today. >> it it's too whiteboard day. early voting is way up.
8:35 am
12 million people have cast early ballots. under 24 million have cast early ballots now. 29 million for the presidential election, so we are way ahead of where we were and the last midterm. now at the end of 2016, the present selection, 57.2 million people had voted. earlier, absentee. we want to get all the way there, but we are going to be at least in the high numbers. see one that is pretty impressive. >> there are some states in which there is partial voter registration. at the ones that have partisan registration, we can check the number of ballots that have been cast by republicans and ballots and others that declined to stage. they are between the democrats doing worse and the republicans doing better. there is a 5.4 swing towards the republicans in early stages.
8:36 am
nevada, it's a three-point swing towards the republicans between the democrats doing less than they did before, and this is a state the democrats won by 2.5 points. then in florida, which they won by 1.2 points. it between this, it is a three-point swing. now this is no guarantee of victory, but in every one of the key battleground states, there are more republican early votes than democrat early votes. the republicans are doing better. >> bill: may be that suggest something. we shall see. but early voting numbers are off, could you not to make the argument that they are making early voting easier recycle around? it would only make sense of people are voting now. >> doesn't make it necessarily easy, but people do get into the habit. terms may change.
8:37 am
so they are voting on election day. independence may be a breaking against republicans. some soft republicans may be cast in up protest votes. there are more republicans voting for democrats, except for nevada, and even there, there is good news. >> bill: the numbers in the rural section of nevada are extraordinary. >> unbelievable. win. you name it. they are coming out. >> bill: i have two questions for you. "victory depends on the energy and effectiveness each party brings to us for our get out the vote efforts. but bringing the true believers out, as important as it is, it will not be enough to win each party. they need to have a critical
8:38 am
mass." you are making a case for like the 5-7% in the middle there. the president is making the case that it is not. it is its -- >> what matters is that group of people that are not only undecided but our weekly links, that is a relatively small percentage. my suspicion is that there are probably another five or six or 7%, but in a series of contests that are going to be so close as this one is, then that matters a lot. think about this. in 2006, the 16 closes house races that settled the control, source control from the republicans to the democrats, 3 million votes were cast, and
8:39 am
115,000 votes for the difference between the wind democrats and the losing republican. that is less than 15% on average. about 7,000 votes. >> bill: i need quick answers there. the president just out of the blue wave is dead. do you see signs of a blue wave or not? >> it depends on the definition of the ways. are the democrats going to do better than they have in past elections? yes. it happens in every midterm except for three times since the civil war. they pick up seats in the house. there is no tsunami in my opinion like we were forecast. >> bill: we came out with the races yesterday. in missouri and arizona, the leader among women has shrunk inconsiderately. in arizona, kyrsten sinema went from plus 152 plus seven, and claire mccaskill one from plus 92 plus three. what would explain that? speak out women coming home.
8:40 am
the partisans that tended to return to their corners of the election approaches, particularly after kavanaugh. i think in both since we can send you to see them come along, accelerated by local issues. claire mccaskill's record, some funny stuff going on, and kyrsten sinema's with statements like i don't really care if you want to join the taliban, doesn't matter to me. but basically partisan going to their corners. >> bill: thank you. job well done. we will see you this weekend. >> thank you, buddy. >> sandra: meanwhile, questions about the special counsel. how soon after midterm elections can we expect to see the mueller probe wrapped?
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
>> bill: there is now new information in the murder of the mob boss. violence as his life.
8:44 am
the 89-year-old was beaten beyond recognition and a west virginia prison the day he arrived. federal officials say that the killer cut his tongue, a punishment in the organized crime community who cooperate with law enforcement. one of the suspects, the murder is the third killing in the present in prison in the last few months. >> sandra: many eyes are on robert mueller. said to be close to issuing a report that could come soon after election day, as president from maintains there was no collusion. >> there was no collusion. there was never any collision. it should have never happened. i have made everything available. you know why? because i had nothing to do with russia. >> sandra: let's bring in judge andrew napolitano, senior fox news analyst. the election is almost here, that means mueller's next move
8:45 am
is coming soon. >> bob mueller has fastidiously complied with the department of justice regulations about not making any major moves or major announcements in the 60 days preceding a national election. made a very unusual announcement two days ago, and thought is that he referred names to the fbi. the fbi and may injustice. people that he believes or involved in an effort to obtain false testimony about him in terms of sexual harassment. he has not made any announcements about the substance -- >> sandra: one was the last time that we heard from him? >> i think it was probably one paul manafort appeared in court in order to schedule his sentencing. mueller's people asked for the sentencing to be delayed because they are still getting information that they have to
8:46 am
investigate. but people who have been watching what mueller is doing, literally members of the press outside see people going in, people who they believe are somehow connected with roger stone, so they can prove that he was seeing some testimony about roger stone. >> sandra: so what would happen if the special counsel in david's roger stone? >> well, there is no evidence in the public domain that is significant enough. there is a theory that has been flooded by people who don't like roger stone or the the presides that somehow he may have been a conduit between julie and massage and the russians. one side of the campaign and the other. two have taken polygraphs and passed to them. in addition to his well-known public denials of all of this, it will be an indictment of
8:47 am
stone. to some evidence that we haven't seen in the public domain. >> sandra: we don't know what robert baylor has. >> we know that he is no longer negotiating for a sitdown with the president. the sitdown has not been arranged, or bob miller is going to have to sit down with him in front of a grand jury. so the silence is bewildering. it is generating a lot of speculation. like what we are talking about. we don't know whether or not to believe that speculation. my advice is wait a couple of weeks. once the election is over mueller is going to make some kind of an announcement about somebody because the doj regulation of silence will and the day after an election. >> sandra: how soon do you think this could a wrap? >> i have been saying for a long time, she wouldn't tell mike 20, and that is before i could have
8:48 am
found that they would flip and to be, witnesses president. so when they tell something to bob mueller, they have to investigate it, collaborative. that is what is taking so much time. once that process continues, by the way about the president or somebody else? >> sandra: that is fascinating. the comings and goings of mueller's team and crew, and those that track it are able to determine what we may or may not see here in the coming days. >> once it's in washington, d.c., one sits in alexandria virginia. that they see who is coming and going. they recognize their faces. they don't talk to them. i'm not supposed to talk to them, but they see who is going in and coming out. >> sandra: we know that negotiations with his lawyer,
8:49 am
rudy giuliani, have come to an end. >> correct. >> sandra: and the president in the meantime, there was no collusion. >> merely seems as quiet as eve ever. >> sandra: so we could hear from mueller in the next few weeks. judge andrew napolitano. >> bill: we have a preview now now. >> hey, bill. just five days until the vote. a brand-new fox polls, states that could be key in deciding who controls things in january, whether the president can help keep things going in missouri. >> and the president to give a speech on immigration this afternoon with the caravan, the border wall, and a birthright citizenship now front and center. which voters will be energized most before tuesday? all of that plus our
8:50 am
#1luckyguy. >> bill: why they are walking out in cities across the world. what's that about? next.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> sandra: a haunting site for drivers in los angeles. just before halloween, please say a man with a knife walking on a busy freeway was not a prank. one driver said she pulled up next to him and saw that his eyes were closed. she recorded the scene on her phone and called 911. authorities say the man is mentally ill and he was taken to a nearby hospital. >> bill: google employees walking out today. what they call "a workplace culture that is not working for everyone."
8:54 am
new york city here in manhattan, jeff has more from l.a. talk to mike tell us what is going on. >> yet, walkouts happening across the world. asia, europe, now north america. we have live pictures of that in new york. the google appointments are persuading the tech company to change, claims of workplac sexual harassment. it happened at exactly 11:10 at nearly two dozen locations across the globe. this comes after an investigation that showed that google paid a multimillion dollar severance packages to managers accused of sexual harassment. it is part of a long-standing pattern. >> i am in support of anyone in any workplace who has been harassed and to make sure that
8:55 am
they are not rewarded. >> now google ceo released a statement saying "we let him know that we are aware of the activities planned for thursday, and that employees will have the support they need if they wish to participate." he also said that they have raised constructive ideas, and about google is turning their ideas into action. it now among the five real changes employees are demanding, they want an end to forced arbitration in cases of harassment and discrimination. also, pay and equity, and google to publicly post a sexual harassment transparency report. now, with the 11:00 walk out wrapping up there in new york, the next walkouts will happen in the central time zone in cities like austin.
8:56 am
also los angeles. >> bill: thank you. we will see how it goes. >> sandra: president trump holding a rally. will he flip the seed? more coming up on that on "outnumbered" ." billions of mouths. billions of problems. morning breath? garlic breath? stinky breath? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath fresh breath oral rinse instantly fights all types of bad breath and works for 24 hours. so you can... breathe easy. there's therabreath at walmart.
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>> bill: you! it's like a pop quiz. >> sandra: ahead of the president speaking, there's going to be a lot about the tooth elections. the president is making this long expected speech on immigration that will be happening this afternoon. expect to hear from him on all the big issues. >> bill: barbara comstock, the interview was very interesting. she's in one of those places where hillary clinton beat donald trump. there are republicans in similar situations all across the country. these are one of the things to
9:00 am
watch come tuesday night, to see whether or not they can maintain that. whether or not -- that board can do a million things. >> sandra: when it wants to! [laughter] we will have more on that tomorrow. that's it for us. "outnumbered" starts now. >> melissa: fox news alert, with just five days to go into the high-stakes midterms, president trump last night campaign blitz of 11 rallies in the home stretch, firing up the crowd in florida. a battleground state becoming a big focus in this election cycle. this is to be 25, i melissa francis preet here today's fox business network anchor dagen mcdowell, fox news contributor lisa boothe, fox news contributor jessica tarlov. and from the couch, fox news political analyst, cohost of "the five," juan williams. [laughter] i love it! that was a good move.


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