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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  November 1, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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back to finish the hike. i watched the ken burns documentary on lewis and clark on my trip to indianapolis, it was amazing, i highly recommend it. thanks for joining us. dana perino. here's shep next. shbs it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in georgia, where oprah is trying to help a candidate for governor make history. we will take you there live. president trump hitting the road for another campaign rally. and he's defending his rhetoric on the campaign trail saying that's how he got to the white house. the president also said to make an announcement about immigration, after saying he may send 15,000 troops to the border. and the suspects in the deadliest anti-semitic attack in united states history pleads not guilty to charges that could get him the death penalty as the funerals continue for the victims of the slaughters in the synagogues. let's get to it.
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>> shepard:. trump set to give a speech on immigration, about an hour from now as he continues to make the issue, a key talking point, five days out from the mid-term elections. the president has said he may send up to 15,000 troops to the southern border, as thousands of migrants from central america continue their slow journey on foot toward the united states. he wants to stop citizenship for urn documented imxwranlts children. the constitution is specific if you are born in the united states are you a citizen of the united states ujs. the president told axios he ramps up his receipt koric against the media because his supporters like it. >> are you the most powerful man in the world f you say that word enemy, enemy, tens of thousands of people go into the stadium to
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listen to you. and then people go on social media and get jazzed up. there has to be a party, damn, i'm scared some one is going to -- >> president trump: the only form of fighting back. i couldn't be here if i did that. >> you won! >> president trump: i did it before i run. won. >> shepard: next stop, missouri, the gop candidate, josh hawley, is trying to unseat clare mccaskill. both republicans and democrats are making their final sprints to the finish line as the parties fight for control of the u.s. congress. john roberts? >> we can expect him to talk about immigration. going to give an update on the situation in the border, talk about the involvement of u.s. troops, then he will in broad terms talk about the idea of changing the rules for declaring that you want asylum in the united states. the president, anybody who comes into the united states, whether it's true the port of entry or
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comes across the border illegally, is allowed to claim asylum. the finer details have not been worked out. we reported the other day on the fine program, the white house is looking at directing immigrants to ports of entry, that they want to claim assylum f they come across the border illegally, nell not be able to claim asylum. the president has been doing his best in states like missouri and florida as he did last night to keep immigration high up on the list of things that people should care about. here's the reason why the president said they should care. you look at the roughness of these people in the second caravan that's forming. also, frankly nshlgts first caravan. immigration is a dangerous topic. we won't allow people to come
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into the country that don't have the well being of our country in mind. >> president trump said there's criminals inside the caravans, ms13 gang members, maybe even, quote, middle easterners. the democrats on the other hand say the president is merely trying to change the subject. listen here. >> he's trying to plaintiff a crisis. build elationships. you demonize latinos, it makes it harder to solve the problem. >> the democrats want to keep the issue on healthcare. the president wants to keep the focus on immigration. >> shepard: i learned a familiar face is going to be the next u.n. ambassador, right? >> well, there may be a little bit of a difference between
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going to be and intent. we understand, senior administration official told me, that heather nauert, former fixture on fox news, from fox and friends, one of the fine television hosts on that program, had been offered the job of u.n. ambassador. i'm told that the president intends to nominate her and that she is leading candidate. we aren't exactly sure where we are in the process here. he has interviews with newspapers, maybe he will be asked about it. looks like the president has settled on heather nauert as u.n. ambassador. we should get the finer details, shep. >> shepard: thanks, sir. more president trump suggesting he could send as many as 15,000 troops to the southern border. our national security expert live at the pentagon. >> pint gone officials were caught off guard when the president suggested yesterday he was sending 15,000 u.s. active
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duty troops to the border. the pentagon said it was planning to send only half that number. the numbers have changed at a dizzying speed since a week ago, officials indicated they were planning first to send 1,000 troops. then on monday, the general in charge of u.s. nornl command, who is overseeing the deployment, stunned the press conference by confirming the number had ris yearn to more than 5,200, indicating the numbers could rise. >> by the end of this week, we will deploy over 5,200 soldiers to the southwest borders. that is just the start of this operation. >> one day later, general o'shaughnessey met with pentagon reporters and shot down news himself suggesting 14,000 troops were being sent to the border. quote, i honestly don't know where that came from. that is not in line with what we have been planning. defense secretary mattis pushed back yesterday on critics who called the deployment of thousands of active duty troops
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a political stunt. >> the support that we provide to the secretary for homeland security is practical support, based on the requests from the commissioner of customs of border police. so, we don't do stunts in this department, thank you. >> the president also said the troops would be building tent cities for the migrants, not true according to the pentagon. their deployment orders expire on december 15. shepard? >> shepard: when the president said 15,000 troops, the pentagon calls that a stunt. when the president says we're building tent cities, the pentagon says that's not true. >> right now, the pentagon says that this is not a political stunt, but they were caught off guard when the president announced 15,000 troops were going to the border. that is not what they were planning for. >> shepard: jennifer griffin, thanks. pentagon picked bases to server as logistics hubs for the troops going to the border. for the noninvasion.
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rick levin thol is at fort bliss, el paso, hey, rick. >> shep, this will be a complicated and extensive operation no matter how many thousands of troops are sent here. they will all need food and water and shelter. the troops will. that's in addition to what they're providing to the customs and border protection agents who might be sent to pretty remote locations. the rapid deployment teams have already arrived in three southern states in texas and also in arizona and california with thousands of soldiers traveling from bases across america, including bases in georgia, south carolina, north carolina, kentucky, illinois, colorado, washington state, and more. and the assets include helicopter battalions, cargo planes, medical companies, military police and engineering ba tall yajs. their mission includes reinforcing ports of entry with temporary barriers and fencing, building temporary housing for customs and border protection and military personnel, aerial
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support for the movement of troops and supplies. and medical units as well, triage, treat, and transport potential patients. now, some of these soldiers will, nvt, be armed. of course they are not being tasked with defending the border, along with law enforcement responsibilities, they're there to protect the border and protection agents. according to the "washington post," citing pentagon planning documents, these soldiers could use their weapons if it was to defend the lives of others, where other means were not sufficient. so, shep, there is a chance if things got out of hand that the weapons might be used. >> shepard: rick leventhal, fort bliss. we expect to hear from oprah winfrey, campaigning for the woman hoping to become the first black governor of georgia. that's coming up on this turs day afternoon. you might take something for your heart... or joints.
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she could be the nation's first-ever black woman governor. let's bring in the "wall street journal" deputy "wall street journal" reporter william cummings. what's georgia looking like, jean? >> it's looking very, very tight. ms. abrams is aiming for a knockout pung much. this is one of the -- punch. this is where if you don't get over 50% of the vote there's a runoff. the democrats are trying to avoid that. her campaign is pulling out all of the stops. make thur she show up and they vote early. the irony of this race, the republican candidate is the secretary of state, who oversees you elections. right at the core of the race. the polls show it to be very, very tight. a race that's like this in
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georgia, ended up in runoffs. looking for the knockout punch. >> shepard: what do you think of florida? >> i think florida is fascinating as well. >> shepard: gover and senate. >> yes, yes. and i think that the governor, democratic governor nominee, is indeed going to be the game changer. because he, in the primary, he was relatively overlooked. because he took his money, which he had plenty of, and he put it in the ground. and that's how he won. he didn't go on tv. >> shepard: you mean a ground game? >> yes, turnout game in the urban areas. how he prevails. and snuck up on everyone. doesn't excite young people and majority voters all that much. he desperately needs them. the democratic nominee for governor has them all jazzed up. weaned were down there this week, talking to some voters,
12:16 pm
who, indeed, were just voting straight democratic ticket. so the governor candidate may, in fact, bring senator nelson over the finish line in his race against the current governor, governor scott. >> shepard: is there a place where you look at the whole landscape, that's going to surprise people. what happens in this place is going to surprise people. >> i think that tennessee is something to still keep an eye on. i know that -- >> shepard: phil breteson? >> he slipped behind during the justice kavanaugh realm. since we're in the realm of celebrity campaigning, taylor swift business is interesting in tennessee. she came out to endorse the democrat, mr. breteson, early voted, she took a picture of herself early voting, put it on her twitter feed, put it out there on instagram, now when
12:17 pm
young people are voting down there, they send their picture to her, and taylor swift is putting it out on her social media. so they're being seen by millions of people. even if you don't care about politics, for some of them, it's just going to be cool to get on taylor swift's instagram of the and to get a "way to go" from taylor swift. she could have a, could play a role in this, like we have not seen from celebrities, given the social media aspect. >> shepard: the taylor swift effect in a volunteer state. >> yes, indeed. >> shepard: i've always loved your analysis, never thought i'd hear that. >> it's great, now can you hold me to it. >> shepard: no it's just an interesting thing to watch. jean, great to see you, thank you. >> you bet. >> shepard: the taylor swift effect. we'll see. coming up, the man accused of murdering 11 people at a synagogue in pittsburgh, in court today to enter his plea as the funerals for the victims continue. we're live in pittsburgh, next. veteran families know what it's like to serve.
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>> shepard: the man accused of gunning down 11 people in a synagogue pleelded not guilty. he entered his plea as funerals continue for the victims. . third day in a row people in pittsburgh are burying their dead, and they're still not
12:22 pm
complete. yesterday, a grand jury indicted the suspect on 44 counts including murder and hate crime charges. he could face the death penalty. david lee miller, live in pittsburgh. david lee? >> shepard, the alleged gunman, robert bowers, wear bright red jailhouse shirt and pants, walked in unassisted, in contrast to his initial court appearance on monday, con find to a wheelchair. bowers' left arm was bandaged, plumbbly from an injury caused with a gunfight with police. his arraignment lasted about ten minutes. he looked alert but said little, he answered yes to routine questions confirming his name and if high was given a copy of the indictment. he didn't flinch when told he could face the death penalty. hills court appointed attorney plead not guilty, requested a jury trial. by the end of the day, 101691 people he allegedly killed will
12:23 pm
be laid to rest. funeral services held for 65-year-old richard got freed, and for a married couple, . the last victim to be buried tomorrow, 97-year-old ruth mellinger. among those hurt, her 61-year-old daughter, she was one of those injured in the rampage. the city continues to heal. >> shepard: david lee miller, thank you. a virus killing a tenth child in a medical facility in new jersey, according to state health officials. they say they found a different strain of the illness at another facility. almost 100 miles away. what is this? lauren green is in the new york studios, what is this? >> this is a contagious virus, its symptoms mimic cold or flu. for healthy kids it's in the a concern. most dangerous, even lethal, for those with weaken aid immune
12:24 pm
systems. it's called the idino virus. the virus infected 27 children at a facility, all considered medically fragile. the center has stopped admitting any patients until the outbreak is over. health department workers are stationed there full time to monitor the infection control procedures. >> the staff has a cold, or a nurse or a caregiver has a cold, that seems innocent enough to the caregiver, it's not obviously to the children with the compromised immune systems. >> this is a death coming in the sixth week of the outbreak at fat silt. also a second break at a different strain, of a different strain of the virus, four cases in another new jersey healthcare facility in camden. health experts say two are not considered related. all of the cases have been children or young adults, as young as kod toddlers, majority under the age of 18. the virus is still under
12:25 pm
investigation. doctors say it's more possible more cases could be found. it has two-week incubation period, they have on go another four weeks without a new case before it can declare the outbreak over. >> shepard: lauren green, thank you. coming up a four-way race for one senate seat in the state of mississippi. and that seat could flip the u.s. senate, potentially. but we might not know a winner for weeks after the election. all of the details on that, from the magnolia state. and google workers around the world holding walkouts, what they're demonstrating against, coming up. with my hepatitis c,
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when mit rocked our world.ailed we called usaa. and they greeted me as they always do. sergeant baker, how are you? they took care of everything a to z. having insurance is something everyone needs, but having usaa- now that's a privilege. who's won control of the senate, potentially, until after thanksgiving. that's because one contest in mississippi. this one is actually a special election, to replace the former republican senator, thad
12:30 pm
cochran, he retired in april citing health issues. mississippi's governor put in sin dill hyde smith. but it's a four-way race. if none of the four get the majority, the top two candidates, regardless of party, advance to a runoff in late governor. november, that is looking likely according to political analysts who say they expect democrat mike pence will be one of those con tenders. not contenders, mike espey. peter doocy, live in jackson. hey, peter. >> and shep, none of the canned cats we have spoken to -- candidates think this will be over on tuesday. their bigger question, will the runoff be between a republic an and democrat, two republicans, will the race be what determines the balance of power in the senate at the end of the month. >> my prayer is the lord please
12:31 pm
don't put me in that position. i think we will be in really good shape. i think by the time the race is determined, that we will already have that majority. >> but, hyde-smith is dealing with a crowded field. a low polling democrat, toby pbartee and mike espey plus another conservative in the case, chris mcdaniel, who is taking away support from hyde-smith as she tries to get past 50%. >> mississippi is wanting to see the wall built, that's the biggest issue, we want to see illegal immigration stopped. we want to see the caravan stopped on the southern border. >> and mcdaniel is also trying to remind voters that hyde-smith used to be a democrat. we asked hyde-smith about that, her registration as a democratic lawmaker 10 years ago. she said people she served with will tell you she was never too liberal. >> shepard: and mike espey what does the polling look like? >> the polling shows that he's
12:32 pm
within single digits of hyde-smith. he's trying to basically do what doug joejs did in alabama, last year, stitch together a special kind of coalition in the south like doug jones. >> i'm asking my vote from democrats, republicans, from independent interests, from those who never voted, for barack obama, from the millenials. doing it on the message. i think washington is broken. i think people are really tired of the reality show. >> policy-wise, espy said he thinks healthcare is what the election hinges on and he thinks that people here trust democrats most to fix it. >> shepard: peter doocy, live if jackson, mississippi, thank you. if you ask different people to describe the millennial generation can you get a lot of different answers. these aren't very nice but i'm going on read them. lazy, entitled, narcicisstic. i hope a millennial wrote that. or well-educated, empowered, optimistic. now they get a reputation for
12:33 pm
something else. politics. axios reports hundreds of millenials, people in their 20s and 30s, are running for office in this year. according to the millennial action project they aren't focused on the left versus right agenda. let's bring in alexa, political reporter for axios. the millenials are fascinating. who is it that's running and what their messages are? >> well, millenials, we are fascinating. i think we often got a bad rep. but millenials are known for running in troefs. there's something like 700 millennial running in state legislative races in the mid-term cycle. that is drastically bringing down the average age of state legislators, around 56. and you know, they talk about their inspiration for running, which is certainly for some in opposition to president trump. but for a lot of them it's about having a position in which they can assess change in their communities and states in ways
12:34 pm
you can't do in the house and senate. when you're younger your chances of winning in a house or senate race are smaller than if you're running in a state legislative race. >> shepard: you look across the landscape, looks like they're not as fixed on party labels. and in fact they're less attached than any generation we've seen in modern times. seems like they're all trying to strike their own chorus. >> that's right. millenials have sort of independent active streak within them. the studies show there is a larger portion of millenials, 27%, who identify as liberal compared to other generational groups. they are more willing to work across the aisle, to find a start of bipartisan solution, as you mentioned from steven, from the action project, told us that he works as millenials currently in congress, in the millennial caucus, how they've worked in a bipartisan fashion, they are less tied to party and more interested in solutions.
12:35 pm
maybe that is because they're younger and a little more optimistic. but he does have the evidence that they do work more slowly across the aisle. >> shepard: over the years that age group as they've said every year, here they come, they're going to come vote. even in they never do. they're saying it again year, they're going to come vote this year. and i'd like it if every single person voted. do we think millenials will get out in big numbers? >> well, polls and studies have shown in the last few weeks alone that there is an increase in self-reported enthusiasm, interest in voting in the 2018 mid terms, among millenials, that we haven't seen in polls from the spring of 2018. i'm thinking of a poll from the har ward institute of politics. they showed a 3% increase among millenials. seems small. when you mentioned that millenials are often unreliable to show up to vote in mid-term elections could make a big difference. when they see more people who look like them and identify like them in age, running for office, in state elections, local elections, they might be further inspired to show up to vote.
12:36 pm
>> shepard: bring on the next generation, it's how it works. great to see you, thanks. >> thank you for having me. >> shepard: all right, hundreds of google employees, have you seen this on your feeds today, google employees walking out everywhere to protest on you how the company executives reportedly handled sexual conduct allegations, according to protest organizers. this is sunnyvale, about po miles south east of san francisco, the walkouts happening at nearly 2 dozen offices around the world. and they come after the "new york times" reported on former executives who say sexual misconduct accusations, faced. one of them, andy rubin, kreelt ator of the android mobile software. times reported that the company found the accusations credible, but gave him a $90 million severance package. rubin denied the allegations and said the article wasn't true. the times revealed sexual misconduct accusations against other executives, including one
12:37 pm
who resigned day before yesterday. jeff paul is live outside google offices in los angeles, jeff? >> yeah, shep, the walkouts started in asia, spread throughout europe, now wrapping up here along the west coast. the protest happening at about 20 different google offices including the one right here in venice, california, all at the same time employees got up to fr their desks, walked out, sending a message to google about how it currently handles claims and sexual misconduct within the office. now, organizers who put this all together, wanted this to happen at the same time, depending which time zone they're in, 11:10. this comes after a reported investigation showed that google for years paid multimillion dollar severance packages to executives who are accused of misconduct. those who organized the walkout say they're disgusted by the culture, saying it's part of a long-standing pattern. >> i want google to enforce the
12:38 pm
provisions that they already have, and to take seriously claims of people who are harassed and respond to them appropriately and not sweep them under the rug. >> google ceo sun dar pichai sent out a statement, saying that employees have raised constructive ideas how we can improve our policies and processes going frd. pichai also pledged to put some of those suggestions into action. we are outside one of the offices here, employees go back and forth between both campuses, so if you are hearing some sort of weird noises that's from the doors ploishgsese go back from each side of the street to the other office. >> shepard: i recommend moving away from the door proechlt testers asking for specific changes. >> yeah, they outlined five different demands that they would like to see google focus on. probably the most important one comes in terms of the forced
12:39 pm
arbitration, they want an end to forced arbitration in cases of harassment and discrimination. they want to see a change to the way inequity and post a sexual harassment transparency report. they also say a clear uniform policy to report sexual misconduct safely and anonymously needs to be put in place. finally, they ee hoping the chief diversity officer will report directly to the ceo, moving forward. it also makes recommendations directly to the board for google. shep? >> shepard: wow, the dying whale behind you, thank you. a crucial clue in the crash of a brand new boeing jet, divers recovered the black box from the lion air flight that plungeled in the water on monday. what we're learning so far, coming up. i'd like to take a moment to address my fellow veterans, because i know so many of you water on monday. what we're learning so far, coming up. l in the water on monday. what we're learning so far, coming up. u in the water on monday. what we're learning so far, coming up. n in the water on monday. what we're learning so far, coming up. g in the water on monday. what we're learning so far, coming up. e in
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12:44 pm
yesterday the school announced it has fired coach durkin, one day after they brought him back. in june the team's offensive lineman jordan mcnair tied after getting sick during a workout a couple of weeks earlier. that triggered an investigation into the culture of the program at maryland and accusations of abuse. fast forward to tuesday, day before yesterday, the board said that the coach had been unfairly blamed, that's a quote. but some students and state officials were upset about the decision to reinstate him. one official called it an embarrassment. they flip-flopped. trace gallagher with the behind the scenes story here. what is this? >> well, shep, when the maryland board of regents reinstated him as head coach, the reaction was fairly resounding, several players walked out of the team meeting, and jordan mcnair's best friend tweeted this, quoting every saturday my teammates and i have to kneel before the 34e789 orrial of our
12:45 pm
fallen teammate but a group of people don't hold anyone accountable for his death. if only they can have the courage jordan had. the gop governor of maryland, larry hoe began, issued a statement, quoting again, the university system has let down the university of maryland community, and the citizens of maryland, and now it is time to fix it. well, of course within hours durkin was fired. with the university president, saying, quote, this is a difficult decision but the right one for our entire university. i will devote the remaining months of my presidency to advancing the needed reforms of our athletic department, that prioritizes the safety and well being of our student athletes. the president is stepping down, at the end of the year. we still have not heard from d.j. durkin himself, hired as the coach at maryland in 2016. >> shepard: what kind of reaction now that he's out, trace? >> big-time, jordan mcnair's dad told espn that he has a great
12:46 pm
level of gratitude for the university president for doing the right thing in the face of great pressure. the president of the university student government association which fought hard to have durkin removed, said this, watch. >> today is an example of how that powerful student advocacy can be, and what we can accomplish when we have a united student body, united campus community. >> but former maryland player and current carolina panther torey smith tweeted, my unpopular opinion, coach durkin wasn't to blame for the unfortunate death, that was the medical staff. two, the strength coach was clearly a clown but that still was not enough in my opinion for durkin to be fired. others also found difficult to blame durkin for the death of jordan mcnair but they did acknowledge that the head coach certainly sets the tone. shep? >> shepard: trace gallagher live
12:47 pm
for us. could be a big break for the team investigating why a 2-month-old airplane crashed minutes after takeoff. all 189 people onboard died when the lion air jet went down this week after takeoff from jakarta. divers pulled one of the plane's black boxes out of the sea near independent niecia. passenger planes typically have two of them, one that record conversations and sounds inside the cockpit. and the other that tracks flight data, like altitude and speed. benjamin hall from the london newsroom. >> shep, this is the break that all air crash investigators hoped for. they had in fact located the boxes a couple of days ago, but because of the current, about 100 feet down, they couldn't retrieve them until earlier today. initially they thought they had that all-important data recorder, but the box itself is so badly damaged that, they won't know for sure until they download the contents. investigators say that the extent of the damage shows that the extraordinary impact of the crash when the plane hit the
12:48 pm
water. investigators from the u.s. and boeing are both now in independent niecia to assist. they were seen pouring over debris at a nearby port. the box has been found, it'll take about 4 weeks for a preliminary report and several months more until the complete findings released. there are a few clues about the plane's last into moments. slight tracking sites so the plane had erratic speed and altitude in the early minutes after takeoff before showing a sudden decent. passengers who flew on the same plane the day earlier, reported terrifying decent in the first few minutes, leading to a distress call from the pilot who said he had rectified the problem. it is speculated that that issue brought the plane down the following day. >> shepard: a victim funeral today. >> there was, four days after the crash itself, the first burial, a young lady, 24 years old, a local from gentleman
12:49 pm
jakarta. other families may have to work, dna tests may take four to eight days if not more, remains are still being found. because of the strength of the impact no, bodies have been found intact. that makes it hard for investigators, but makes it a lot harder for the family of the victims. 18 the of them. >> shepard: how sad. benjamin hall, thank you. waiting for president trump to speak about immigration shortly. coming up we'll go live to the white house, as the president talks about sending more troops to the border. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate helps you. with drivewise. feedback that helps you drive safer. and that can lower your cost now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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>> shepard: the trump administration expected to hit the iranian government with sanctions next week against the oil and banking industries. the white house continues to roll back parts of the historic nuclear deal with tehran. the iranian foreign minister warns there will be severe consequences for the world. our state department correspondent is live. >> the iranian president rouhani is warning the people in his country there will be difficult months ahead as the state department, the secretary of state says that these will be the harshest sanctions ever. that happens on monday when the united states restores final sanctions that were lifted as part of the iran nuclear deal. u.s. officials have been work countries and companies they
12:54 pm
should probably stop their iran oil imports, stop doing business with iran, they say they've been fairly successful in the effort though there are challenges. the european companies left as part of the iran nuclear deal, britain, germany, france, trying to work despite the sanctions. there are questions how many countries will end the imports of iranian oil and questions whether or not the united states will fully kick iran out of the international payment processing system. we expect to hear more. >> shepard: the white house talking about action against what it's now calling the troika of tyranny. >> right, the troika of tir in a, that is venezuela, nick rag way and cuba, against cold expoerts for venezuela. the president there, madura, the country is more authoritarian. john bolton, the national
12:55 pm
security advisor, is also calling out the leaders of the other two countries saying the u.s. is stepping up pressure on them. >> the united states will not tolerate maduro's undermining of democratic institutions and ruthness violence against innocent siville yanls. the troika of tyranny in this hem is feel -- innocent civilians. they, too, will meet their demise. >> in just venezuela over the last few years, millions have fled that country looking for food, looking for work, and looking for medicine. shps all right, rich, stank you. breaking now, live look at the white house where president trump is set to speak about immigration in the next hour. let's go to the fox business network's blake berman live on the front lawn. >> immigration crisis as the white house puts it, what we expect president trump to address from the roosevelt room, about 20 minutes from now a few different things can you expect
12:56 pm
to hear from the president as he makes this address, makes his speech, however you like the characterize it. the situation down on the southern border, secondly we're told as well, that the president will outline a nonspecific way how to deal with asylum at the southern border. sources tell fox one plan that the white house is considering at this point is making sure those who are trying to seek asylum go through ports of entry. third, you also can expect the president to put the blame as it relates to immigration right now, on democrats. we of course heard the president, have heard the president talk about this for weeks now, if not months or more on the campaign trail. five days until the mid-term elections. president trump was out on the trail yesterday in florida, stumping for rick scott and ron desantis. this is what he had to say about the upcoming caravan. >> republicans want strong borders, no crime, no chaos, and no caravans. democrats want open borders, and they want to invite caravan after caravan into our country,
12:57 pm
which brings crime upon crime. >> that is part. message from president trump as we head down the home stretch to the mid-term elections on tuesday. shepard, 20 minutes from now, we will hear from him on this very topic. >> shepard: and then off to missouri? >> going to be a quick turn, right after that speech, he's going to head aboard air force one marks rein one, head to missouri, a razor tight senate race. you probably saw the polling, laptest fox news poll, shows it is a dead heat, dead split between josh hawley, attorney general, and clare mccaskill, the democratic incumbent, democratic senator in missouri. when you look at the last three fox news polls, it's all tied. it's been there this way for two months. when she spoke with bret baier, mccaskill aligned herself with the president on the immigration issue, saying that we need to make sure the southern border is shored up. >> shepard: blake berman at the white house. a dam in california ready to go,
12:58 pm
more than a billion dollars later. look at this time lapse, in oroville, about 65 miles north of sacramento. took workers nearly two years to rebuild the spillway. the original estimate, a few hundred million dollars. the final price, $1.1 billion. crews had to rebuild the spillway after a giant home opened up in february of 2017. the danger forced more than 185,000 people from their homes. some very popular game shows that we've just learned are keeping their hosts. what are jeopardy and wheel of fortune. alex trebek renewing his deal, stays on as host of jeopardy through 2022, shoelt in its 35th season. similar deal for pat sajak and vanna white. the most watched program in sinld days. according to forbes, sajak rakes in around $15 million a year, just less than alex trebek at about $126.5 million.
12:59 pm
on this day in 1512, people got their first look at michelangelo's artwork on the ceiling of the sistine chapel. historians say he considered himself a sculptor and really wasn't too thrilled with the pope asked him to paint the ceiling. think backache. but he agreed to do it. it took him four years. historians also say michelangelo painted the ceiling standing up, not lay lying on his back like some reports suggest. more than five million people visit the sistine chapel each year after one of the most iconic works of art made its debut 506 years ago today. right after this newscast, we'll have the facebook update, fox news update on facebook watch. it will stream live on facebook watch after a few minutes as it does each day about this time. the dow is closing for the session, and, man, a nice
1:00 pm
turnaround here. the tech and consumer stocks that tanked last week, all coming back, now, slowly but surely. the dow up about a percentage point, the nasdaq up more, and the s and p in the green as well. your world with neil cavuto starts now. >> looking live at the white house, the president is expected to address the issue of illegal immigration and border security, just as we're hearing now of a fourth, that's right a fourth caravan of migrants making its way to the southern border. this as the president is pushing to independent birth right citizenship. critics say he can't do that under the 14th amendment. a competition law professor says not so fast. welcome, glad to have you, i i'm neil cavuto. thank to you charles pairn for filling in ably, too ably, hiel while i us a out. john roberts at the white house, what we can expect to hear from the president of the united states. john? >> ne


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