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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 1, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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harmful they don't want their own families around that. the show that the sworn enemy of of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. this show can be dvr'd. sean hannity live from new york city. >> sean: i am never going on that game show. i am great at home playing jeopardy. great hour. welcome to "hannity." a political fire storm is brewing in our nation's capitol. democrats predicting the blue wave. nancy pelosi guaranteeing a democratic landslide. maxine waters plotting revenge tonight. real revenge. just 5 days to go until the mid-term elections. many prominent democrats are limping and hoping that tuesday gets here fast enough. over race is in up in the air.
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everything is in play. plagued by corruption. the new jersey democratic trying to get reelected in new jersey. far left gubernatorial candidate gillum is facing a fire storm of controversy on top of his criminal investigation. a major development as it relates to the tape we aired last night. in arizona tonight the democratic radical is having a hard time shaking her bizarre comments. she down by 7 in a brand new poll. maybe suggesting if you are going to run for office, you may not want to call the people in your state crazy and say it's okay to join the enemy, the taliban after we lose 3,000 americans. republicans are leading in early voting numbers. but the mainstream media lost it. they are all in. 24/7 campaigning for democratic
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candidates. a full on media assault to help nancy pelosi and chuck. celebrities are losing it. they are out in full force. everyone on the left seeking to reclaim power at all costs. next tuesday november 6th, everything is at stake. the good news tonight is you have the power. you can shock the world again. if you do, how priceless would that be? and also tonight the migrant caravan gets closer. the power to secure our borders in 5 days. sit tight and buckle up. it's time for tonight's breaking news opening monologue. the president holding another big rally tonight. this time in missouri. he is there campaigning for surging republican senate candidate against the far left incumbent claire mccaskill. let's dip in. >> the choice in this election could not be more clear.
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the republican agenda is the mainstream agenda of the american people. it's how we all got here. the greatest movement in the history of politics in our country. >> [cheers and applause]. >> it's about you. it's not about me. the democrat agenda is the agenda of the extreme far left. they have gone crazy, folks. totally loco! >> [cheers and applause]. >> sean: any democrat that can get crowds like that night after night? for the past 2 years mccaskill opposed the president on every issue. she is out of touch with missouri. voting against both supreme court picks and against the tax cuts. never backed the president's plan for a wall. now claiming well, maybe president trump is right on border security. in other words, election week conversion. she is lying and caught lying to
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the people of missouri. they are not stupid. hawley is up at this hour. she is pretending in missouri to be a moderate to win. that's not helping her. mccaskill is not the only democrat in serious trouble tonight. republican candidates nationwide are ahead in early voting numbers. in 2016 republicans were down in the same metric. look at the state of new jersey. who thought we would be talking about new jersey? that's a deep blew skate. mend endez losing ground to his republican opponent. according to the "new york times" the democrats are scared. all hander deck. they are scrambling to save new jersey. this is real.
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menendez should be defeated. florida. gillum facing more serious issues. a criminal investigation into bribery charges continues to unfold. the fbi guy that gave him tickets to hamilton, oops. and more fallout over the undercover video that broke last night. showing how gillum staffers trashed florida people and plotted to deceive voters. if you live in florida, is this the guy you want as your governor? he wants to raise business taxes 40%. >> [inaudible]. >> [muffled audio]. >> do the voters know that? >> it's not for them to know.
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>> [muffled audio]. >> keep this a well kept secret? >> yes. >> you have the extreme right wingers. the trump and the crazy, crazy, crazy republicans. the progressives are the crazy, crazy, crazy democrats. they are hippies. >> are you not a progressive? >> gillum is party of the crazy, crazies. >> [bleep]! >> tell me about it, man. [bleep].
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>> okay. >> [inaudible]. >> them crackers ain't going to let us do that. >> you have to appeal to white people. >> how would do you that? >> that's what it is. >> sean: he is part of the crazy, crazy, crazy left. he is not telling the people of florida that. florida, this is an f'd up state, a crack state. you whip them up. the poor and the middle-class. whip them up into a frenzy for them to vote? really? today the campaign had to part ways with that staffer. they didn't return our request for comments. they need to work for fake news msnbc.
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remember florida voters, his first order of business is to raise your taxes. i am sure you are all dying for that. take a look. >> 97% of businesses in my state pay no corporate taxes. 97%. 3% of companies in the state of florida, the wealthest pay the corporate tax rate. the same 3% that walked away under the trump tax realignment with 6.3-billion dollars of our money. you can keep 5.3 billion dollars. but we want a billion dollars to come into the state of florida. the state of florida can't be a cheap date and think we will rise to our highest potential. this is a win-win. >> sean: my rediction -- prediction is if you vote for gillum you become a crazy,
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crazy, state and he will laugh all the way to the bank. he will be the most radical left winggovernor in history. ron desantis needs your support tonight. mcsally has opened a significant 7 point lead in that race against the democratic sinema. she organized an event for the blind sheik. suggesting it's okay after 9-11 if americans want to join the taliban, you know the group that wants to kill the people of america. and calling the good people of arizona crazy. kind november a lindsay lohan way. she said her state is the meth lab of democracy. given a chance to address these
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remarks, no apology. take a look. >> as we see, martha has chosen to continue running a highly negative campaign. that's her choice. but arizona voters will choose the person they trust to be their voice in washington, d.c. >> sean: people of arizona are waking up tonight. while republicans have a serious edge in the senate, the house is a different story. dozens of must win republican held districts are toss ups. nancy pelosi is predicting victory. in 5 days, if republicans lose control of the house, let me point out what will happen. nancy pelosi will be your speaker. the biggest liar in america. adam will be the house intel committee chairman. he is bragging about his plans to ramp up investigations into
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phoney trump russian collusion which has been debunked. take a look. >> republicans walked away from the investigation. the democratic minority has continued. we are learning more. that work won't stop when we take the majority. we will get answers the republicans won't pursue. records the republicans won't ask for. the question i don't know whether mueller has been able to answer is where the russian laundering money through the trump organization? that's a high priority to get an answer to for the reason if they were doing this, it's not only a crime, but something provable. something that the russian could holdover the head of the president of the united states. >> sean: he's been saying the same thing for 2 years and doesn't care about hillary
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clinton's paid for phoney russian collusion dossier. there is impeach 45. maxine waters. democrats win she will chair the financial services committee. in her own words, she is out for revenge too. >> i will be the first african-american woman to chair the powerful financial services committee. >> [cheers and applause]. >> that's all of wall street and the insurance companies. i will do to you what you did to us. >> sean: that's why all 435 house races matter tonight. regardless i will say this. let not your heart be troubled. fox news contributor newt gingrich is throwing cold water on the democrat's blue wave predictions.
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he thinks republicans will hold on to the senate and maybe even the house. that's going to be decided by you, we the people. the u.s. senate controls judicial confirmations. if republicans control the senate issue the president's agenda, he argues and is right, will remain intact. the left is doing anything and everything in their power to stop the president's successful agenda and all republicans across the country. hollywood's biggest no-nothing liberals are hitting the campaign trail for democrats. oprah stumping for georgia's unqualified gubernatorial candidate. in florida jimmy buffet performing at a campaign event for gillum and nelson. on tv many other celebrities are telling you how they want you to vote. because they are celebrities! they always know everything. they are right. take a look.
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>> if somebody asked you what do you care about? what would you say? >> losing healthcare. >> equal pay. >> equal rights. >> what really matters to you? >> if you are worried about your pre-existing conditions. >> if you can't take another school shooting. >> civilitty. >> freedom of the press. >> all of our freedoms. >> do they matter to you? then vote! if you care about immigration and children taken away at the border. >> if gun reform matters. healthcare for young and old matters vote. >> if women's rights are human rights, then vote! don't lose hope. vote as if it matters because it does. >> on november 6th we are all in this together. >> sean: they forgot they want
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open borders and they liked obamacare and supported him. they never mentioned due process and the presumption of innocence. obama raises taxes. far left are not the only ones supporting the democratic cause. the mainstream media is upping their game. some of their best anti-trump rhetoric is out of control. especially true for morning liberal joe. i think the election is taking a to toll. >> our democracy is under attack with bombs targeting trump's enemies and shootings in synagogues by a nationalist imitating the president's racist rant. the rhetoric of this heartless and soulless man will lead to more violence. this is a so-called leader with no shame. he doesn't care.
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he has no sense of decency and no sense of duty and no limits. he wants to continue destroying this country. you might want to vote all d. >> sean: just imagine for a moment, liberals like to imagine. john lennon. just imagine for a moment, what will happen if the republicans keep the house and the senate. they will lose it. that's almost worth the price of admission. they are trying to scare you into voting democrat in the mid-terms and howard dean sick by celebrating the democrat's momentum after the synagogue shooting. >> the democrats are running against the president's message of hate which can be effective
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at times like this when the nation was turned upside down by this president. i am optimistic. i think there is a tendency to voting democratic particularly after the shootings in pittsburgh. >> sean: that's sick and twisted. we have to take everything howard dean says with a grain of salt. he is not known for being of sound mind around election time. >> we are going to south carolina and oklahoma and arizona and north dakota and new mexico. we are going to california, texas and new york. south dakota and oregon and washington and michigan. then we are going to washington, d.c. to take back the white house. >> sean: we can expect more of that is the democrat's big blue wave doesn't play out on november 6th. tonight the left are working
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hard to vilify republicans and the president, he is focussed on a serious situation at our southern border. the migrant caravan is pushing even closer to our southern border. president trump is sending up to 15,000 troops to help secure that border. the first active duty military arrived today in texas. the president had this career warning to those marching to our borderses with no intention of reporting our sovereignty and rule of law and our borders. take a look. >> at this very moment. large, well organized caravans of migrants are marching toward our southern border. some people call it an invasion. it is like an invasion. they are violently overrun the mexican border. you saw that 2 days ago. these are tough people in many cases. a lot of young men, strong men. a lot of men that maybe we don't want in our country.
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we will find that out through the legal process. these illegal caravans will not be allowed into the united states. and they should turn back now. they are wasting their time. >> sean: john podesta saying don't talk about immigration. change the topic. our immigration system is broken. the situation is dire at the border. over 50,000 unaccompanied minors were apprehended crossing illegal this year. 17,000 known criminals have been apprehended at the border and 1,000 dangerous gang members and 2,000 pounds of fendtinal seized. and stunning new data. each illegal immigrants that crosses the border crosses you
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the american taxpayer $70,000. trump is vowing to take a stand against this illegal immigrants free for call and pushing to end birth rate citizenship, chain migration and build the border wall. already spent 3.5 billion dollars. there would not be a caravan if we had the law. that means everybody would be safe on both sides. the wall could have a door. the same democratic politicians put their heads in the sand and told not to talk about it like they don't talk about impeachment. it's the president's job to protect the mesh people. 5 days from now, you have an opportunity and a duty to send a message. you can shock the world. imagine what it will be like on some of these news networks. i can handle a win or a loss, but they will go nuts. watch their heads will flowed on
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tv. hollywood will lose it. straight ahead the "hannity" big board. bill hammer will go over the important races. steve ducy and mark levin coming up. stay with us. when we were dating, we used to get excited about things
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>> sean: joining us with the latest where things stand in key mid-term elections. >> it's your hour, you are right. sean, i need 30 minutes. >> sean: [laughing]. >> there are 1,000 stories for tuesday night. more than you can count. >> sean: take it away.
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>> we try to tell the story. where was the president tonight in missouri? the democratic mccaskill and ha the hawley. it's razor tight. 2 years ago he won the state by 19 points. a lot of red. just a few blue counties. columbia, missouri. hillary clinton won it by 7 points. watch this number here. hawale hawley. you get the idea. the president has said himself that this is a base election. you have to turnout your base if you want to have a chance.
6:27 pm
that's really what a lot of this is about. what if scenario for the senate. this is our base for tuesday night. 51 republicans and 49 democrats. we will see how the map fills in on the senate side. on the house side, you are interested in the toss up races. here's what we have at the moment. it could change. might go to 32. right now it's 29. what is the difference between virginia and california? this is not true for every district. this is what republicans are up against on tuesday night. a lot of retirements and open seats and where the republicans won but hillary clinton won on the presidential level. throw that into the mix. and find out what we think could happen on tuesday night.
6:28 pm
we broke it up in regions. i could give you the examples where the scenario i laid out is true across the country. this is comstock. this is outside of washington, d.c. these were the president's results in that district. hillary clinton won by 10 points. you see what some of the candidates are up against. that's washington, d.c. florida keys, similar scenario. hillary clinton won by 17%. the plains out in canons. oo kansas. -- 2 years ago hillary clinton won by a margin here.kansas. oo kansas. -- 2 years ago hillary clinton won by a margin here. this is another example. this is very important.
6:29 pm
all of the folks running across the country. poll closes in california 11 o'clock eastern time on tuesday night. 8 toss up district in california alone. if the house is that close, in the 7 of 8, hillary clinton won the district 2 years ago. you see what is on the line. one last thought here, sean, this is where we were 2 years ago. state by state. the presidential results when donald trump stunned the world. we will see how many voters are still with him in 2018. >> sean: amazing. the senate, i think florida is a toss up right now. dead even. and hawley is pulling ahead. blackburn a nice lead in tennessee. sin sinema is behind. >> are you doing a map in your
6:30 pm
head? >> sean: montana with the libertarian polling on, heidi heitkamp is down by double digits. that's a pick up in north dakota. >> hang on. pick up in north dakota. what else did you say? >> sean: i went through them all. tennessee, missouri. nevada. >> [overlapping talking]. >> what happens in arizona? >> sean: when have we heard of a person running for the senate that calls everyone in the state crazy and says it's okay to join the taliban after 9-11. you understand why they don't want me on election night. >> i got you. your prediction on tuesday night? >> sean: blackburn and hawley and heller and mcsally and
6:31 pm
heitkamp loses. if people in indiana don't vote libertarian that could be won. >> what happened in florida? >> sean: up for grabs right now. >> okay. i will keep you at 54-46 and see you if the feel the same way tomorrow night. >> sean: thank you. i will be home drinking heavily celebrating or in misery. joining us now, i can't believe steve ducy has a cookbook and puts me on page 184. >> you should be happy. your recipe is in the holiday chapter. now we are in november. we are talking turkey.
6:32 pm
and the sean hannity. >> sean: i will be in the credit section somewhere. and former secret service agent has a book out as well. do you agree with my senate predictions? >> i think they are spot on. i think rick scott takes it in florida. nobody knows who is bill nelson is. i said last night, i live in florida. i spend all of my time here. people think he is ben nelson from nebraska. nobody has any idea who he is. rick scott did a job with the hurricane up in the panhandle. i think ron desantis pulls it out. a massive under vote in the polls. >> sean: i agree. this tape was devastating on
6:33 pm
gillum. steve, you are covering it every morning. on a serious note. conservatives and republicans look good. if you don't want speaker of the house nancy pelosi and schumer. things look better in the senate. 45 retirements is a lot. bill clinton got crushed in '94. newt became the speaker. 2010 obama crushed in the first mid-term. >> think about why there are so many retirements. if the election was held a year ago, it would have been a blue tsunami. remember repeal and replace that the republicans promised. that didn't get passed. the president's approval rating is not where it is today and not to the point where the tax cuts went through.
6:34 pm
today the president has better ratings. >> sean: and the kavanaugh effect and the mob rule effect and are you better off than you were 2 years ago? >> that's perhaps a tactical mistake of the republicans. they should have been playing on the economy. the democrats have brilliantly played the healthcare card. >> sean: how can they when they gave us obamacare. keep your doctor and plan and save money? >> because they took away the individual mandate. and the democrats argued what will they take away next. >> sean: predictions? >> we hold the house by 2 to 3 seats and pick up 4 to 5 in the senate guaranteed. >> if i had a magic 8 ball i would shake it.
6:35 pm
it would say ask again later. >> sean: come on! doocy get on the record. as of tonight republicans on paper are down 5 in the house. that means you better take it seriously. when we come back, mark levin predictions for the mid-terms and his take on the state of the country. straight ahead.
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[applause] thank you. now let's get started. ♪ the future isn't created in a keynote address. ♪ a presidential speech did not land us on the moon. millions of man hours did. they built their way there. some will ta-ta-ta-ta-talk about the future. but you'd be a fool to believe them. you see talk doesn't get things done. building does. building like we have for the last 115 years. and building for the next century. building cars, new technology, and transforming cities. [engine accelerating] so let the other guys keep dreaming about the future. we'll be the ones building it. ♪
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of life, liberty and levin. i call him the great one, mark levin. we missed you and are glad you are back. let's talk election. >> thank you. it's time for we the people to stand up for ourselves. for our families. for our faith. for a country and our party and
6:40 pm
president. the media have interposed themselves in this election. we are fighting the media and the democrats and fighting hollywood and all of the rest. 64% of the voters say the press has done more to divide the country. more people think the press has divided the country than the president of the united states. the world hitler is popular with the press. with scarborough and white supremacy is popular at cnn. they consider those of us who support this president as nazis and racists and every time there is a horrific event they try to pin it on us and the president. enough is enough. we can't turn any part of this
6:41 pm
government over to these radical hard-core democrats and their mouthpieces in the media. a few example. they talk about the president and his relationship to violence. the president hasn't caused any violence. when antifa is beating up people the media hardly says anything. the terrorists who murdered 4 people and injured 44 other people, i don't remember them saying bill clinton contributed to a violent tone. when barack obama commuted the leader of that organization who never represented, they never brought that up. when barack obama befriended the underground and domestic terrorists i don't remember anybody talking about him and violence. obama opens an embassy in cuba. a police state. he is celebrated. donald trump moves our embassy
6:42 pm
from tel aviv to jerusalem and he is attacked by msnbc. let's talk about immigration. dwight eisenhower is not a racist is he? dwight when he became president of the united states, he created a program called operation wetback. that's not me. that was him. what was that? he ordered the military to roundup 1.3 million illegal aliens and deport them. that's what he did. he was supported by the democratic party too. 1960s, ceasar chavez the founder of the united farm workers union, he ordered his members at night to watch the southern border and report illegal aliens. ralph aberr gnathy who was
6:43 pm
working with martin luther king and mondale, they led protests again illegal immigrants. the press says donald trump is threatening freedom of the press. how so? by exposing them? john adams put in place the sedition act. he put journalists in prison. lincoln putton executive order. they shutdown 300 newspapers and put the journalists and editors in prison. and woodrow wilson, he had the sedition act of 1918 and did the same thing. put journalists in prison and some of his opponents. donald trump has not done anything like this. he is not rounding up legal immigrants or putting journalists in prison. they refer to him as hitler and
6:44 pm
stalin. then, we have this policy where we separate children from their parents who come here illegally not because we want to put them in cages like obama did but to protect the children from coyotes and kid snapper. -- kidnappers. it was roosevelt who put japanese-americans in internment campus. they don't call him hitler or stalin. i will even go here. they attack our president. they say a womanizer and bring stormy daniels in front of tv left and right. this president has been our president. he conducted himself in the oval office with great accumen. people are laughing. jfk had affairs constantly with a german spy and a 17-year-old
6:45 pm
intern and he was out done by ridlb lbj. they are campaigning against var values and against the constitution. you have a rare opportunity to show yourself. stand up and say we are not putting up with this anymore. we will protect our country. we will protect our values and our institutions and our president and ourselves. sick of being called nazi and racists, you need to vote now and vote tuesday and bring out 6 people and make sure you vote. if more of us vote, we win. if less of them vote, they lose.
6:46 pm
>> sean: mark levin. our condolens. i knew your dad. he passed away. a great man. thanks for joining us. big show this weekend. life, liberty and levin sunday night on fox news channel. when we come back, 2 important senate candidates. in indiana. and in montana. they can both win. we will explain. they will join us. since you're heading off to school, i got you this brita. dad... i just got a zerowater. but we've always used brita. it's two stage-filter... doesn't compare to zerowater's 5-stage. this meter shows how much stuff, or dissolved solids, gets left behind. our tap water is 220.
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today, life-changing technology from abbott is helping hunt them down at their source. because the faster we can identify new viruses, the faster we can get to stopping them. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest. >> ♪ >> sean: the mid-term elections. we are featuring 2 very important key senate races. joining from montana the senate candidate rosendale and from
6:51 pm
indiana, senate candidate mike brawn. there will be a big rally tomorrow? >> coming in tomorrow. to indianapolis and then next monday to fort wayne. >> sean: listen, both of you were in the same predictament until idea. matt you had a libertarian in your race and he dropped out. john tester doesn't represent the values of montana? >> no, he did not. john tester sent out an illegal mailer that helped us unify the libertari
6:52 pm
libertarians. it came as no shock to us. john is the number 1 recipient of contributions from lobbyists in the entire nation. more than chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. >> sean: did he vote for kavanaugh and gorsuch? >> they would have really liked those things. we are seeing a dramatic expansion of our economy and jobs being created as a resultav those tax cuts that john tester voted against and he voted against gorsuch and kavanaugh but embraces the idea of open borders and sanctuary city. that's out of line with the ideas of the people of montana. >> sean: mike, you don't have the luxury of the libertarian dropping out. you still have a lead. i love libertarians. i do. the problem is they are siphoning away photos from you
6:53 pm
and that helps joe donnelly. i am asking friend to vote for you. joe donnelly didn't vote for either supreme court justice or the tax cuts, did he? >> no, it's the same thing as tester. chuck schumer poured in all of this negative advertising. the democratic party what is their message? sell us more government and shove that debt on to our kids and grandkids. it's coming home to roost across the country. you can't win these races trying to tear down your competition when you have bad voting records like tester and donnelly. >> sean: i am watching both of you. these are 2 red states that have democrats that are totally out
6:54 pm
of touch with the values of their own state. we will be watching very closely. how long has john tester been in the senate, matt? >> too long, sean. he's been too wrong for too long. he's been in for 12 years. he complained about reckless spending and increased the national debt to over 21-trillion dollars and i was cutting costs. he is out of the touch with the focus of montana. >> sean: mike, in the people go out and vote for you, they will have their values reflected in washington, will they not? >> no doubt about it. joe donnelly from the time he got to notre dame and got a law
6:55 pm
degree, he's been a career politician and voted against hoosiers values. >> sean: i wish you the best. we will be watching indiana and montana. both winnable states. both would be pick ups. huge for the country. when we come back more highlights of the president's rally from earlier tonight in missouri. moving? that's harder now because of psoriatic arthritis. [2. don't let psoriatic arthritis take them away. taltz reduces joint pain and stiffness and helps stop the progression of joint damage. for people with moderate to severe psoriasis, 90% saw significant improvement. taltz even gives you a chance at completely clear skin. don't use if you're allergic to taltz. before starting, you should be checked for tuberculosis. taltz may increase risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection, symptoms,
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or received a vaccine or plan to. inflammatory bowel disease can happen with taltz, including worsening of symptoms. serious allergic reactions can occur. for all the things that move you. ask your doctor about taltz.
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>> sean: the rally in missouri president trump pointed out key difference know between democrats and republicans. >> republicans are the party of all americans. we welcome citizens from all works of life and embrace freedom of thought, freedom of speech, and freedom of everything else. >> [cheers and applause]. >> the democrats are the party
7:00 pm
of rigid idealogy and they demand absolute agreement and demonize anyone who questions their radical ideas. did you ever see anything like what is going on? >> sean: you decide in 4 nights. laura ingraham, i have a question for you. just for a second. wisdom says republicans will pick up seats in the house and may lose the house and pick up seats in the senate. just imagine for a moment all of the media -- [laughing] -- if republicans win it all! i am an optimistic guy. i don't know what will happen. i can take victory or defeat. i can't imagine how unhinged they will be. [laughing]. it's worth the price of admission just for that. >> laura: well, they will be wearing what i am bearing. black.


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