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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 1, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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that is it for estimate, we wil back tomorrow 8:00 p.m. to show that this one enemy of groupthink. they the show can be dvr. good night from washington. >> great show is always prayed i'd never going on that claim show. a great hour. good to see you. the political file storm is now brewing tonight in our nations capital. nancy pelosi, all, but guaranteeing a democratic landslide. the liar shifty shift both plastic real revenge tonight part with five days to go until the all important midterm elections prominent democrats are hoping that tuesday get too fast enough because their limping toward the finish line. why? every races up in the year ever
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things and play tonight. plagued by corruption, new jersey democrat bob menendez it's all hands on deck scrambling to try to get him reelected in new jersey. to save new jersey tonight. andrew gillam is facing a firestorm of controversy on top of this ongoing criminal investigation. in arizona tonight, democratic radical christensson on it, she's having a hard time shakin her really bizarre commentsrd she's literally done by seven and a brand-new bowl. it may be suggesting after goin toward for office you may not want to call the people in your state crazy. republicans are leading in earl voting members, that's good news , but as we speak that mainstream media they have lost it, they're all in.
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now 24/seven campaigning for democratic candidates awful on media assault to help nancy and chuck, celebrities they are losing it. the good news tonight is you ca have the power. you can chuck the world. how priceless would that be. the micro and caravan gets closer and closer. urthe power to secure our borde once and for all and five days. it's time for its ninth breakin news opening monologue. the president calling another big rally tonight, this time in missouri. he is there campaigning for now surging republican republican senate candidate in his race against far left in comment claire mccaskill. take the choice in this electio could not be more clear the
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republican agenda is the mainstream agenda of the american people, it's how we al got here the greatest movement in the history of politics in our time. it's about you, not about me. the democrat agenda is the agenda is the extreme far left that god freeze. they have gone totally local. >> is there a democrat you can a think of that can get a crowd like that night after night after night. claire mccaskill is out of touch with missouri. she voted against the tax cuts, that's money in your pocket she neverpl backed the presence pla for a while but now she's claiming maybe president trump is right on border security and other words an election week conversion. she has literally caught lying
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to the people of missouri, they're not stupid. inputs -- holly up at this hour being caught on tape basically admitting like so many others she's pretending in misery to b a moderate to win that's not helping her. she's not the only democrat in serious trouble tonight. republican candidates nationwid are ahead in early voting numbers. that's a good thing because in 2016 during trumps historic win they were down in the same metric. the state of new jersey tonight who thought we would be talking about new jersey. bob menendez seriously now losing ground to his republican. according to a report the are scared, all hands are on deck. they are all scrambling to save new jersey. to all our viewers of new jerse tonight, this is real. menendez could and should be defeated.
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you need to vote we go to the state of florida tonight anothe scandal andrew gillam facing an more serious it issues as we speak a criminal investigation i into bribery charges continues to unfold. the fbi guy that gave tickets t hamilton, and then more fallout over the undercover video we showed you broke last night to write on this program. how go on staffers trashed floridians plotted to deceive voters, now you get to decide for yourselflf if you live in florida, is this the guy you want as your governor? he wants to raise business taxes . [inaudible] >> do voters know that?
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>> that's not for them to know. >> modern-day fairytale start with. >> so are you suggesting that this [inaudible] >> see you have the extreme right-wingers the crazy crazy crazy crazy republicans. the progressive in the crazy crazy crazy democrats. >> is vince gill and a progressive? so gillam is part of the crazy crazy?
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>> anybody outside the peer. those crackers ... do that. >> you have to appeal to white guilt. >> how would you do that? >> that's what it is. >> he's part of the crazy crazy crazy left. he's not telling the people of florida that. by the way, florida this is a cracker state, all, you whip them up, t the poor, the middle class, whip them up into a frenzy and a order for them to vote. today they campaign had to part ways with that staffer. the crazy crazy far left views, and as radical association and corruption aren't enough to support this guy or reasons not
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enough to support this guy his first order of business is to raise your taxes. i'm sure you're all dying for >> 97 percent of businesses in my state pay no corporate taxes at all. 97 percent. 3 percent of companies, the wealthiest 3 percent of companies in our state play the corporate tax rate. $6.3 billion of our money. so what we've said issue can keep 5.3 billion, but we want 1 million and that to come into the state of florida cannot be cheap state and think that we'r going to be able to rise to the highest of our potential with 40 th at the 50th in quality of education. in my opinion this is a win-win. florida, my prediction is if yo do vote for andrew gillam, you're becoming at crazy crazy crazy state. if he wins he will reap all of
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the consequences for their paychecks you will be the most radical left-wing governor in history. i understand they need your support tonight. in arizona great news veteran war hero six deployments afghanistan, iraq, on the show last night, she is now finally opened up a significant seven-point race lead in that race. the radical past is now finally sinking in that the people of arizona. yes she organized an event with the radical attorney the notorious plane shake that we'v been telling you one suggesting it's okay, after 9/11 for americans if they want to join the hand, the group that wants to kill us, we, the people of america, and constantly calling the people of arizona crazy tha in the lindsay lohan way. she said her state, she want your vote is the meth lab of democracy. heen given a chance to address
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these remarks, no apology, none. this is amazing. take a look. >> martha has chosen to continu running a highly negative campaign fall of false attacks and lies. that's her choice she can continue to do so if she wants, but arizona voters will choose the person the choice she wouldn't even apologize and say it's okay to join the taliban. the people of arizona are wakin up to make what republicans appear to have a serious edge i the senate the house a differen story. dozens of must win republican held districts are now tossups tonight. into nancy pelosi is predicting victory and five days if republicans lose control of the house, but a point out to you what will happen. nancy pelosi will be your speaker. the biggest liar in america add them shift he shifting will be the intel committee chairman endless investigations of nothing he's already bragging about his plans to ramp up thes
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investigations into phony trump russia collusion which is prett much now been debunked. take a look. >> republicans walked away from the w investigation. ioe democratic minority has continued in we've been bringin witnesses in and learning more and that work one start only take the majority, but we will be able to get answers to republicans were unwilling to pursue. records of the republicans wouldn't ask for. the question that i don't know whether mueller has been able t answer because i don't know whether he's been given to license to look into it is wher the russians laundering money t the trump organization and that will be a very high priority to get an answer to. further reasoned that if if the were doing this, it's not only crime but something provable.sws they could hold over the head o the president of the united states. >> evidencing the same thing fo two years. he doesn't care about hillary bought and paid for russian dossier.
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that's of course, in peach 45, maxine waters. if democrats win she will chair the important financial service committee and let's just say, i her own words, she sounds like she's out for revenge two. >> the one to chair the house services committee. but all the insurance company that all the banks. what i'm going to do to you is fair.t >> i'm going to do to you what you did to estre that's what al 435 house races matter tonight.y regardless, i'll say that. what not your heart be troubled fox news contributor newt gingrich out with a new piece tonight. he's throwing cold water on the democrats leeway predictions. republicans will likely hold the senate and gain seats
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and he says maybe even the house , but that's going to be decided by you, we the people o course it pointed out them is very insightful piece that the u.s. senate controls judicial confirmation meaning if republicans control the senate, the presidents agenda he argues and his rate will remain intacts of course the left is doing anything and everything in thei power to stop the president successful agenda and all republicans across the country. as per usual, predictably, biggest know nothing liberals are hitting the campaign trail for democrats. oprah is out there stumping for george is totally uncalled figh gubernatorial candidate barry jimmy buffett is performing at campaign event for gillam and nelson. on tv, and many other celebrities are telling you exactly how they want you to vote. they are celebrities. they always know everything.
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>> if somebody asks you what yo care about, what would you say? losing your health care. equal pay? equal rights? what matters to you. if you're worried about your pre-existing conditions, if you can't take another school shooting, what matters to you? >> civility, kindness, freedom of the press, freedom of speech all of our freedoms. >> seriously, do they matter to you? then votes. if you care about immigration, children being taken away at th border. >> climate change. >> health care for young and ol matters. >> then vote. >> is basic human rights matter than vote. if women's rights are human rights, then vote. don't lose hope. >> vote as if it matters becaus ites does. on november 6, we are all in this together. >> i forgot they want open borders they forgot they like
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obamacare supported him and he was the worst economic presiden in our lifetime they never mention due process or the constitution or lower taxes that's right, obama raise some very far left hollywood liberal are not the only supporting the democratic cause to make the biggest cheerleaders of the lef have long been members of the mainstream media that tonight, they are upping their game. some of their best anti- trump rhetoric ever is getting rolled out and out of control. especially true for morning liberal joe. i think the election is really taking a toll on [inaudible] >> our democracy is under attacd with bombs targeting trumps enemies in shootings in synagogues by an nationalist imitating the presidents racist rants. the rhetoric of this racist heart was soulless man will lea to more violence, yes, i said that. this is the so-called leader withth no shame.
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he doesn't care. he's got no sense of decency, n sense of duty, and no limits. you want a slight check on this man and his unrelenting race to the finish year to make sure he can continue destroying this country. you might want to vote all to o speed. >> just imagine for a moment. just imagine for a moment what' going to happen is they get the house and the senate they're going to lose it. that's almost worth the price o admission. another trying to scare you wit the voting democrats in the midterms and of course howard dean was far worse actually celebrating the democrats momentum surrounding the shooting in the synagogue in pittsburgh. take a look at that. >> the democrats are trying to run against a president with a very powerful message of hate basically, which can be effective at times like this on
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the nation has been turned upside down by this president. i'm pretty optimistic actually. i do think there is a tendency towards voting democratsre and think democrats are little more energized particularly after th shooting in pittsburgh. >> that's pretty sick, pretty predictably, pretty twisted. he had to take everything howar dean says with a grain of salt. he is not known for being of sound mind around election time. >> we're going to south carolin and oklahoma and arizona and north dakota and new mexico and california and texas and new york, we're going to south dakota and oregon and washingto and michigan and then we're going to washington, d.c. to take back the white house. i guess we can expect more of that if the democrats big blue wave doesn't play out on november 6. tonight, while the media, the
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left are working extra hard to levine republicans, the president is focused on aus serious situation at our southern border and at this hou tonight the migrant caravan is pushing closer to her southern border. president trump is now sending up to 15,000 troops to help secure the border the first of active duty military arrived in texas earlier today the president a clear warning to those coming towards our border with no intention of protecting our sovereignty, a rule of all, and our borders. take a look. >> at this moment, large world organized caravans of migrants are marching towards our southern border. some people call it an invasion it's like an invasion. they are violently overrun the mexican border. we saw that two days ago. these are tough people in many cases. a lot of young men, strongmen, lot of men that maybe we don't
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want and our country. but again, we'll find that out through the legal process. these illegal caravans will not be allowed into the united states. and they should turn back now. they are wasting their time. >> the center for american progress is don't talk about immigration just change the topic, that's what they're saying. without a doubt our immigration system is broken, the situation is dire of the border. 50,000 unaccompanied minors hav been caught crossing illegally. this year over 17,000 no criminals have been apprehended at the border along with over 1,000 dangerous gang members. 2017 over 2,000 pounds of fentanyl that was seized by ice enough to to kill every solitar american. the center for immigration studies showing each illegal
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immigrants across the border cost you the american taxpayer $70,000. trump is vowing to take a stand against this immigration free-for-all and is pushing to birthright citizenship and buil thean border while his already spent three and a half billion, he needs 20 more. sadly democratic policy open borders century cities and states prices at our southern border there wouldn't be a caravan if we had them all. that means everybody would be safe on both sides and the walking of a dork. the seven democratic politician literally put their heads in this and they told not to talk about it just like they don't talk about impeachment. now it's oppressed andit shop t clean up their mess and protec the american people. five days from now you have an opportunity and a duty to send message you can shock the world. imagine what it's going to be like. some of these news networks, i can handle a win or a loss they will go now lost.
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hollywood will lose it. straight ahead, we're going to look at the hannity big board. we will go over all of these important races that will decid the balance of power in the house and the senate. that is all coming up. please stay with us. -looks great, honey. -right? sometimes you need an expert. i got it. and sometimes those experts need experts. on it. [ crash ] and sometimes the expert the expert needed
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>> the big board is back. joining us with the latest in key midterm races to get your taking it again aren't you? >> it is my big board. >> ihshan, i need 30 minutes by the way. i want you to understand there are thousands of stories for tuesday night.
10:26 pm
>> trained to tell the story a little bit, he was in the state of missouri and in a you know what's going on there. just razor tight, 45 percent --dash 45 percent. that's what i think is interesting about the reason wh the president made this trip to missouri. go back two years. there are just a few blue counties. this is where the president has rallied columbia missouri, boon county. you see tony clinton, but look at all the red surrounding her watch this number here from 46.. it is 73 percent it is 76 percent. it is 71.9 percent. you get the idea. the president has said himself that this is a base of election. you got to turn not your base i
10:27 pm
you want to have a chance and that's lreally what a lot of t travel is about here is the wha if scenario for the senate. bst as a reminder, this is our base for tuesday night 51 republicans 49 democrats.ow let's see how the map. and buried on the house side i know you're keenly interested i these tossup races, here is wha we have at the moment. this could change, but these are 29 districts that we consider coin tosses for tuesda night. right now it's 29. what is the difference between virginia eightht and california ten? this is not true for every district here, but this is what republicans are up against on tuesday night. a lot of retirements lots of open seats. a lot of districts where the republicans won by thens hillar clinton won on the presidential level. now we have to find out what we think could happen, tuesday night. we broken up in the region.
10:28 pm
i can give you countless examples of the scenario i just laid out across the country. a this is virginia ten buried thi is outside of washington, d.c. a tough racier with jennifer waxed and buried these we're th presidential results two years ago in that district. you can see what some of these candidates are up against. that is washington, d.c. you se hillary clinton won by about 16 to 17 percent. i can take up to the plains, ou in kansas. this is kansas district number three. kevin yoder, the republican two years ago, hillary clinton won just by a margin here. 4,000 votes 1.2 percent on the margin, but this is another example. i think this is very important for our viewers to remember and
10:29 pm
everyone across the country. poll closings in california are 11:00 p.m. eastern time on tuesday night. we have a tossup districts in california alone. if the houses that close in the seven of eight, hillary clinton won the district two years ago so you see now what is on the line. one last thought here, sean. this is where we were two years ago. state-by-state, presidential results when donald trump stunned the world. we're going to see on tuesday night of these voters he attracted two years ago who are still with them in 2018. >> if i look at the summit i would also say i think florida' a tossup right now. marsha blackburn has got a nice lead now and we're going to see kristen cinema, she is done a lot in arizona. holding up in nevada. >> are you doing matthew headle are doing this?
10:30 pm
>> then in montana with the libertarian pulling out. that now is a race that is in place which we will go with the republican candidate. down by double digits,. >> hang on, we can do that. pick up, north dakota, now you're at 52-48. we're also do say? >> i went to the mall tennessee missouri and texas, ted cruises can win. what happens in arizona? >> okay, but when have you ever heard of a person running for the senate that caused everyone and their state crazyy a meth l of democracy and she says it's okay to join the taliban after 9 /11. >> so now you're 53-47. >> now you understand why they never want me on election night. is that your projection for tuesday night? >> in what state? >> and all of them. >> my prediction is dean heller
10:31 pm
martha makes alley. john donnelly, people if they need in a don't vote libertarian , that could be one and the blues in montana ballot the libertarian bullet. >> what happened in florida? >> bullet up for grabs. >> and when he keep you at 53 - 46. >> thank you. we will be watching you on election night and either celebrating or in misery d, one the other. joining us now, i can't believe three weeks before the election and i love him. and the worst part, he puts me on tape he puts brian and in ainslie on page one and two. >> you should be happy because your recipe is in the holiday chapter in now or in november, we're talking turkey, the best turkey above her head in your life.
10:32 pm
and sean hannity. >> i read the end of the book i the craddick section somewhere. in the appendix. and we have an re: tv by the way , he has a best-selling book. dan, let's look at these races. you agree with my senate predictions? >> i think arizona predictions are spot on. bthink takes it in florida. nobody knows who bill nelson is. i jokingly said last night i lived in florida down here and spend all my time here. people think he's been nelson from nebraska the cornhusker. nobody has any idea who gets this done. rick scott epping did an admirable job with the disastrous hurricane in the panhandle. i think florida, i think rick scott has a good chance i think there is a massive under vote i the polls for these two guys. >> i think rick scott this is also devastating. this project on andrew gillam.
10:33 pm
steve, i know you covered it, but i think we look good in the conservative republicans if you don't want speaker of the house pelosi and senate majority leader schumer, things look better in the senate. i think a lot of good points, 4 retirements, that is lots. ten wins against the got crushe in 94. mute became the speaker of the first time in 40 years 2010 obama got crusheded in his firs midterm. >> think about why there are so many retirements this time around. it's because you're a gos. if t election would've been held you ago it would have been i aged gigantic police and army. member repeal and replace the republicans had promised for a very long time, that didn't get past. the president approval rating was. world was today. and we were not to the point of fast-forward to today and now
10:34 pm
the president has got better ratings and the even money affect. the catheter caravan affect. >> io? think that is perhaps a tactical mistake of the republicans. they should've been playing on the economy because the democrats have brilliantly played the healthcare card. last year. >> i think they played the healthcare card when the gave u obamacare. >> in the last year, with the publicans the tax cuts, they took away the individual mandat and gave the argument for the individual mandate. they don't have a single plan. >> predictions. >> do they just think people ar going to wind up. >> we hold the house by 2-3 seats and we picked up 4-5 seat in the senate. >> if i had a magic eight ball would shake it and it would say ask again later.
10:35 pm
>> what i really believe, as of tonight, republicans on paper are down five in the house. that means you better take it seriously. when we come back, we get the break on the predictions for th midterms and his take on the state of the country. touch shows how we really feel. but does psoriasis ever get in the way? embrace the chance of 100% clear skin with taltz, the first and only treatment of its kind offering people with moderate to severe psoriasis a chance at 100% clear skin. with taltz, up to 90% of people quickly saw
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>> joining is now the host of life, liberty, and live in. big readings this weekend i cal him the great one. we missed you a couple of things , and were glad you're .ack let's talk about the election. >> thank you. it's time for we the people to stand up for ourselves for our families, for our faith, for ou country, for our party, and for
10:40 pm
our president. the media have interposed themselves interpose themselves in this election were actually fighting the media, we're fighting the democrats, we're fracking academia, we're fighting hollywood and all the rest. 64 percent of the voters say th president has done more to divide the country more people think the press has divided the country than the president of the united states. the word hitler is very popular with the press the word white supremacy is very popular over there at cnn, the word stalin i starting to pick up. if they consider those of us wh support this president and support in america agenda as, racist, white supremacists, every time there is some horrific events they tried to pin it on is an planet on our president. it's really time for america to push back enough is enough we cannot turn any part of this
10:41 pm
government over to these radica hard-core democrats and their mouthpieces in the media. i want to givein you two exampl here they talk about the president, his tone and the relationship to violence the president hasn't caused any violence when peta is out there beating up people of the media are very passive, really say anything. when bill clinton pardoned who murdered for people and injured 34 other people. i don't even same bill clinton was contributing to a violent tone in this country. when barack obama commuted the leader of that organization who never repented i don't want the bringing that up when barack obama befriended the weather underground, the bombers, domestic terrorist, i don't remember anybody talking about him and violence and the tone o violence, do you? obama opens in genocidal police state, i he is celebrated, dona trump moves our embassy from te
10:42 pm
aviv, to jerusalem, and he's attacked by fools like steve schmidt let's talk about immigration briefly. dwight d eisenhower, he's not considered a white supremacist is not considered a racist, dwight eisenhower when he becam president of the united states he created a program called operation went back, that's not me, that was him operation went back, what was that? he ordered the military to roundup 1.3 million illegal aliens and deport them. that's exactly what he did. he was supported by the democratic party to. 1960s, cesar chavez the founder of the united farm workers union, he ordered his members at night to watch the southern border and report illegal aliens coming over the border to ims. 1969, chavez, abernathy he'd been that the martin luther kin in 1969ns, walter mondale, he w
10:43 pm
not they lead i will go on. the president donald trump is threatening freedom of the press ? how so? by calling them out? by exposing them? john adams, would've put in place the sedition act. he actually put some newspapers out of this and put some journalist in prison. abraham lincoln put out an executive order they shut down almost 300 papers. not only that, the great progressive leader woodrow wilson, he had the sedition act of 1918 did the same thing. put some journalist in prison and some of his opponents, donald trump hasn't donepo anything like this, he's not rounding out illegal immigrants in this country by the hundreds of thousands, he's not shutting down newspapers is not putting journalists in prison, yet they refer to him as hitler and
10:44 pm
stalin, and then we have this policy where we separate children from their parents to come here illegally not because we want to put them in cages like obama did but because we want to protect these children from coyotes, from kidnappers who got to sort them out figure out who is who since their hero illegally. they said well, he's putting them in an internment camps. they've a japanese americans an japanese descent in internment camps. they don't callnm him hitler. they don't call him stalin. they attack our president. they say a womanizer. they bring stormi daniels in front of tv left and right. this president has conducted himself in the oval office with great acumen. people are laughing. jfk was having at fairs constantly in the oval office i the white house.
10:45 pm
he was outdone by lbj. we don't talk about that stuff. how come? because it is to trash the president of the united states states. the media in this country america is campaigning against you. campaigning against your values campaigning against her virtue, againstng the declaration again the constitution and you have a rare opportunity every now and then to show yourself to stand up and say were not putting up with this anymore we're going t protect our country, we're goin to protect our values, institutions, authority, and ou president. mustivar ourselves. sick of being called racist? sick of being called white supremacist? then you need to vote and you need to vote now if you have early voting and you need to
10:46 pm
vote tuesday and you need to be in your own precinct to bring out five or six people to make sure they vote. if more of us vote, we win, if west of them vote, they lose. >> i want to say publicly our condolences i knew your dad he recently>> passed away. thank you my friend for being with us. a big show this weekend life liberty and within you don't want to miss it when we come back, two important senate candidates won, mike braun, indiana, matt rosen dale in montana, they can both win. we will explain we get back. ♪
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>> ♪ >> five days away from the midterm elections. five key senate races they coul tip the balance of power very joining us live from the great state of montana matt rosen dale . from the great state of indiana
10:51 pm
gop senate candidate mike braun. mike i hear there's going to be a big rally tomorrow, the president? if my dates are right? >> coming in tomorrow to indianapolis and then next monday to ft. wayne. take a lesson, both of you were in the same predicament until yesterday, and matt all throw i to you, you had a libertarian i your race and something happene that caused him to drop out of that race and clearly, jon tester has been a steady schume vote. >> he does not, sean. i'll tell you something this backfired. his sent out an illegal nealer and what it did was help us to unify the libertarians and the independents and republicans across the state of montana although it was a shock as because john has been the recipient of so much financing
10:52 pm
from the special interests in the lobbyist, he is the number one recipient of contributions from lobbyists and the nation. take, but did he vote for cavanaugh, i think that montana's a vote is so heavily trump would've liked to pick. >> they would have really liked those things i've been travelin around the state and we are seeing a dramatic expansion of our economy, the jobs being created because of a direct result of those tax cuts that h did vote against. he voted dagainst an cavanaugh and he embraces the idea of ope borders and sanctuary cities. you don't have the luxury that you're soon-to-be hopefully colleague had with the libertarian, hean still have a lead, i love libertarians and really do. i have several libertarian streaks and make the problem is they're siphoning away boats fo
10:53 pm
you and that only helps cho donnelly so i'm asking my libertarian friends in indiana to vote for you, joe donnelly, he also didn't vote for either supreme court justice. he didn't vote for the tax cuts did he? >> no. it's basically thee same thing. both of our races have been dominated by chuck schumer pouring in all this negative advertising. selfless more government that are ready and willing to pay fo and shoved all that data onto our kids and grandkids. i think it's all coming home to roost across the country. you cannot win these racist by trying to tear down your competition especially when you got bad voting records like bot koester and joe donnelly. >> watching both of you, these are two very red states that have democrats that are totally and completely out of touch wit
10:54 pm
the values their own state. we're going to be watching very closely how long has junk now been in the senate matt? >> too long. he has been too long for too long. he's been in for 12 years and he's dead there are 12 years ag and told he it would be incumbent by special interest, he complained about reckless spending and has increased the national debt at the exact same time that i was cutting costs o the state level. he just is completely out of touch with the folks of montana. he put, montana in his rearview mirror. >> let me go back to you, if th people want to vote for you, they will have their values reflected in washington, will they not? >> no doubt about it. joe donnelly, from the time he got to notre dame and got his law degree, he's been running
10:55 pm
for office l and then a career politician. he has voted against hoosier values for the 12 years he's been in congress and the senate. you can count on me to reflect your values when i become. could you watch we will watch indiana and montana, both winnable states. both would be pickups. huge for the country. when we come back more highlights of the presidents rally fromou earlier tonight in missouri. that is straight ahead. my name is jeff sheldon, and i'm the founder of ugmonk.
10:56 pm
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>> sean: the rally in missouri >> sean: in his rally tonight in missouri, president trump pointed out the key differences between democrats and republicans in the election. >> republicans are the party of all americans. we welcome citizens from all works of life and embrace freedom of thought, freedom of speech, and freedom of everything else. [cheers and applause] >> the democrats are the party
11:00 pm
of rigid ideology and total conform city. they demand absolute agreement and they dismiss and demonize anyone who questions their radical ideas. did you ever see anything like what is going on? >> sean: you decide in four nights. laura ingraham, i have a question for you. just for a second. i know conventional wisdom says republicans will pick up seats in the house and may lose the -- may lose the house and pick up seats in the senate. i'm thinking just imagine for a moment all the media -- if the republicans win it all. i'm just -- i'm an optimistic guy. i don't know what is going to happen. i can take victory or defeat. i can't even imagine how unhinged they will be. it's worth the price of admission just for that. >> laura: well, they will be


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