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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  November 2, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> all right, good times this weekend. check out the gang on the couch. >> you'll be back on monday and something happening on tuesday. >> what's happening tuesday? a big election. have a good weekend. >> bill: thank you, guys, it's friday, president trump back on the road today hoping to give republicans a boost in the homestretch. feels like the homestretch. i'm bill hemmer. we've made it the friday. good morning. thank you for being with us today. >> sandra: good morning everyone. i'm sandra smith. the president crisscrossing the country in a final pitch for his party holding rallies in key battleground states and two today. this afternoon west virginia, after that he will go to indiana and last night he stopped in missouri to stump for gop senate candidate josh hawley. >> president trump: this election will decide whether we build on an extraordinary prosperity that we have achieved, probably the greatest
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economy in the history of our nation. think about it. the democrat agenda is the agenda of the extreme far left. they've gone crazy, folks. they've gone totally loco. republicans are the party of all americans. under republican leadership, america is booming. america is thriving, and america is winning because we're finally putting america first. >> bill: columbia, missouri, peter doocy is live there today. why is that race so tight? >> it is tight. it is going down to the last second and for the incumbent claire mccaskill she is trying to make it all about healthcare. >> the other big piece of healthcare are drug prices. i have gone after the
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pharmaceutical drug companies and i'm willing to bet they're paying for some of the ads against me that are secret, the dark money that's being spent. >> she is one of 10 democrats trying to win reelection in a state president trump carried in 2016. the president came last night to say he does not think that she will ever vote with him. >> bill: okay, i'll pick it up from here. what does josh hawley think about that? the challenger? >> bill, i lost the feed there for one second. but i want to bring in josh hawley the republican candidate here. claire mccaskill is making the race about healthcare. >> partly. healthcare costs are out of control and she is responsible for that with her terrible support for obamacare but her failed record in the senate and
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people in missouri don't want a far left agenda. open borders that senator mccaskill support. her terrible record of failure in the u.s. senate. >> a lot has changed in the country since you launched your campaign when rex tillerson got fired. has your approach changed to try to flip the seat? >> our approach the people of missouri deserve somebody who is a fighter in the senate who is with the people of missouri. claire mccaskill isn't anymore. that's the bottom line. >> all right hawley is on a bus and we'll go with him. we'll see the vice president and plenty of voters along the way and we'll have more later. >> bill: peter doocy on the road in missouri. >> sandra: the president on a final campaign blitz stopping in west virginia and indiana today one day after announcing plans for a major shift in immigration policy. gillian turner is at the white house with more on this. >> good morning, sandra, the
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president is hot on the campaign trail today. he is speaking out along with vice president pence. they both plan to rally later this day. this evening in indiana. it is on candidates on back his agends and policies, he is hammering home his position an birthright citizenship. >> president trump: even if they've been on our soil for a mere matter of seconds, hundreds of thousands of children born to illegal immigrants are made automatic citizens of the united states every year because of this crazy, lunatic policy that we can end. that we can end. >> he repeated his position that democrats are to blame for the crisis at the u.s. southern border, sandra. >> sandra: gillian, how about
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the new asylum policy announced yesterday >> the white house is mad as hell saying they won't take it anymore. the president saying foreigner who abuse lenient policies are unfit to be u.s. citizens. >> president trump: endemic abuse of the asylum system makes a mockery of our immigration system, displacing legitimate asylum seekers. there are legitimate asylum seekers. these individuals disrespect the foundations of american government by voluntarily choosing to break the law as their first act on american soil. >> the white house believes 1,000 to 200 migrants cross the border illegal every day saying those numbers are equivalent to an entire caravan each day. now, under the new policy none of these people would be eligible for asylum in the u.s.
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new guidelines dictate only aliens who apply legally at official points of entry qualify for application. now, the president has the rest of his morning at the white house. he will head out at 2:15 to west virginia to rally there. >> sandra: gillian turner live at the white house. more on all this coming up. congressman andy biggs from arizona will join us live at 9:40 a.m. eastern time, a short time from now with reaction to the president's immigration policy as well as the races he will be watching tuesday. >> bill: big show coming up. what gives now? final mid-term push? josh holmes is with us now. i want to play you what could be a final argument, closing argument from the president from last night on kavanaugh. >> president trump: justice kavanaugh was treated as unfairly as anyone i've ever seen. we got him in.
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this is the election of kavanaugh, caravan, law and order, tax cuts, and common sense, common sense. >> bill: how do you rate it? >> quite a pitch. i love this time of year. of course, kavanaugh is a key piece to the republican pitch at this point. the first week of october republicans limped in trailing pretty close but in an awful lot of these seven targeted races. what we saw coming out of the kavanaugh hearings and controversy was a significant bump in republican ballots. i think what that did it clarified for the middle of the road voter and center right the differences between the two parties and what you can come to expect from a senate democratic majority. that momentum has taken republicans into a point where they have an awful lot of winnable races on the board. >> bill: how about the language on the rally? democrats are going loco, a choice between an economy going
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strong and the democrats going crazy. the first part of that he can make a strong case on the jobs number. we'll get to all that with art laffer in a moment. size it up for us. you sit there in washington what do you think about tuesday? >> looking really good for republicans at this point. north dakota, tennessee, which north dakota is a held state by senator heidi heitkamp. she is down by double digits at this point. assuming they hold onto that and tennessee you have to win one of the following. montana, indiana, arizona, west virginia, florida, just one preserves the majority and i think they have a lot of good chances to win more than that. you just interviewed josh hawley, that's probably next in line in terms of what republicans think is likely to flip. he has a lead heading into election day and a lot of momentum. you have states like indiana which are very winnable. we saw mike braun with a pretty powerful closing argument
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there, too. >> bill: he is getting a lot of attention starting today. newt gingrich on mitch mcconnell and the republican majority. mcconnell's majority will grow by three seats. my optimistic prediction is a gain so high i'm afraid to put it in writing. leader mcconnell dislikes and distrusts rejection. i'll keep my more positive number to myself. the trump revolution will be safe and continue to grow in the senate and that is an amazing outcome for this year. he is not arguing about the house there though, josh. >> look. i love newt gingrich's optimism. mid-terms are difficult. it has been a good 10 years since republican faced a mid-term environment like this where you have a significant number of suburban and center left voters who mobilize against you. the turnout will be huge for the democratic side. i wish i could say the
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republicans would sweep everything but i expect them to hold onto the majority. but that's a big deal. >> bill: you love this time of year, right? >> i love it. >> bill: thanks, four more days to go. thanks for coming back today. what's coming up? >> sandra: keep is here on the fox news channel as election results roll in. we'll be right here as voters hit the polls tuesday morning. bret and martha pick things up in prime time and special coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. we're now -- can we put it in hours terms? are we getting there? days away. >> bill: that it is. i can't do the math that fast. we have a lot of cool things coming up. >> sandra: you'll be working the billboard. >> bill: and on and on it goes. i hope you take time to check us out starting at 6:00 on tuesday and on we roll. >> sandra: everybody has their races that they're watching. >> bill: so do we. big economic news came out 30 minutes ago.
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the economy added 250,000 jobs last month. that comes in nowadays before the mid-terms. former reagan economic advisor art laffer is here to react and analyze all those numbers which are pretty good. >> sandra: dow looking like it will jump on the open here. we also are watching the suspected mail bomber is due back in court today. what a judge will be deciding. >> bill: the white house singling out three countries for human rights violations. the message the administration is sending on that. >> under this administration, we will no longer appease dictators and despots near our shores. the people of the region can be ashourd that the united states stands with them against the forces of oppression, totalitarianism and domination. in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown
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>> sandra: police in franklin township pennsylvania confirming a 7-year-old boy has died after being hit by a car
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while waiting at a school bus stop. police say the driver kept going after hitting the second grader telling officers he didn't know he had hit the child. coming just days after those three siblings in indiana were struck and killed by a pickup truck as they crossed a two-lane highway to get to their school bus. >> bill: turn our attention to the markets. breaking news on our economy. we added 250,000 jobs in october. unemployment rate holds steady 3.7%. art laffer likes that, doesn't he? >> he sure does. >> bill: he is the co-author of a book about economics. we added 250,000, we thought we would get 200,000. wage growth is as high as in nine years. what other numbers did you see? >> the revisions netted to zero. no offsetting bad news in the visions of historical data. the one i saw that hit me
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nicely was that part-time for economic reasons had fallen substantially over the last year and average hours has increased, which is one in the same thing. then you have real wages which the chairman of the council of economic advisors is saying will happen. this is right. that's his thing. this is just a wonderful, wonderful month number. >> bill: every sector gained. no sector lost. that's a blow-out report. >> it is a very, very good month. remember, a year still has 12 months and we have to keep this pace going. but i'm very happy and calling it the trump/kudlow economy. just amazing what good economics will do. >> bill: the data shows there are seven million jobs open in the united states, more than the number of unemployed. what was the last time we were at that mark? >> when the real president was in, ronald reagan, of course, you know that. just joking. but the participation rate is
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rising. let me just say we have a lot of room for improvement. the participation rate can rise by two more percentage points. average hours can rise substantially during this period and productivity, which has been very low under w. and obama, really low, can rise a lot. we have a long runway, bill, that allows us to have a really prosperous economy for the next four or five years if these policies and if these things keep going on. i'm optimistic. >> bill: a couple pointed questions depending what happens on tuesday. if you have divided government, can you keep this pace going or does it slow down? >> of course you can. we had a divided government with bill clinton. we had a divided government with ronald reagan. it worked beautifully there. i don't want a divided government. but i don't think the world comes to an end if the democrats took the house by two or four seats, something like that. but i think it's really important that the republicans pick up seats in the senate, which i think they will. if they do that, that means
6:18 am
judges and all those things and none of this nonsense that these people are proposing can pass through the senate. i am very optimistic about the next two years under trump and i think it will be a long, good, prosperous era. i think he has six more years. >> bill: let's talk about message then. it doesn't seem like republicans are really hammering home this message. it is more about immigration, defense on healthcare, etc. do you believe that people vote on the economy when the economy is good, or do they vote on the economy out of angst? >> i think they vote both ways. i don't think they recognize it as ufp. if a guy has a wage increase or a job he or she wouldn't have had it makes them feel better about the world, administration and country and vote to keep what's there. i've watched it over 60 years following the data and one of the most important indicators of what elections are is the gallup poll, are you satisfy
6:19 am
with the way things are going? that's coming up sharply and i think it will effect the election positively for the trump administration. >> bill: senate side or house side? you want to take that a step deeper? >> in the house side whether they do it? i think it's 50/50. i don't think it's -- the house side can be lost and i don't think it affects the trump agenda. it may even affect trump's reelection if nancy pelosi is speaker for two years and everyone gets to see her up close and personal. what am i saying there? >> bill: i'm not sure. she said she would be transitional if that were the case. 3.7%. we're getting spoiled. thank you for coming back today. >> sandra: art is having a good time this morning. >> it's wonderful. >> sandra: we love having you. come back soon. a lot more coming up on today's
6:20 am
economic numbers and news with our headliner. next hour joining us will be director mick mulvaney having reaction to all that at 10:30 a.m. eastern time one hour from now. president trump and former president obama both hitting florida ahead of the mid-terms. why the races there are seen a bellwethers for 2020. >> you can vote and you can vote. everybody gets a vote. >> bill: the a-listers are coming out and spreading across the country with a certain message for certain candidates. the governor race in georgia is pulling star power. will it matter? >> i would like to remind stacey and oprah and will ferrell i'm kind of a big deal, too.
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>> bill: there are millions of americans casting their ballots including george h.w. bush. he voted in his home state of texas near houston getting help from james baker and the service dog sully. i take that dog any day. look at the face on sully. >> sandra: he is taking this job very seriously. >> bill: you go, sully. >> sandra: i like that picture. both parties going all out in florida with two big races there. president trump was in the sunshine state wednesday. former president obama holding a rally there this afternoon. phil keating is in miami. phil, what is going on? >> this is, sandra, the biggest
6:25 am
swing state in the country. such a swing state and so extremely tight that allstate wide races in recent years have been decided by just one percentage point. this year could very well be another election just like that. this afternoon former president obama comes to miami holding a rally for governor candidate andrew gillum and three-term senator bill nelson vying for number four. as was the case halloween night in fort myers president trump returns to florida tomorrow night up in pensacola. again he will be rallying for former congressman ron desantis for governor and governor rick scott, he is taking on senator nelson. polls show the races to be very tight. could go either way. in the senate race nelson has had the edge recently by five points in one poll and in the race for governor gillum has steadily had the edge. most recently up by four. florida is so tight that governor rick scott won both of
6:26 am
his elections for governor by 1%. obama beat mitt romney by 1%. and two years ago president trump beat hillary clinton in florida by 1%. >> sandra: more than three million floridians have already voted. >> there have been a lot of people voting early. a lot of excitement and as of 9:00 a.m. this morning the secretary of state's office updated the numbers. more than 4 million have already cast ballots and they're being heavily courted, all the undecided still out there. according to some polls 10 or 11% of floridians still call themselves undecided. as is typical in mid-term elections registered republicans lead registered democrats in early voting. democrats have tended to have a bigger turnout on election day, at least in presidential election years. in mid-term election years,
6:27 am
democrats have underperformed republicans as was the case two years ago. and that's why we're seeing this big push, former first lady michelle obama came to town a month or two ago. urging people to register and get out and vote. president obama is doing the same. of course, president trump doing the same again tomorrow night up in pensacola. >> sandra: here we go. phil keating in florida for us. >> bill: opening bell in three minutes. see how the markets react to the big jobs number and a big job open with nikki haley leaving the u.n. a lot of talk about her replacement? we might have a clue. >> sandra: the man accused of mailing pipe bombs to prominent democrats due back in court today. what we can expect from the proceedings and we'll have that for you next.
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6:30 am
>> sandra: markets are now open. u.s. markets that is in the wake of some big jobs numbers out this morning. and off to a positive start. the dow jumping 140 points out of the open there.
6:31 am
firmly above 25,500 and what a jobs report that was, art laffer, bill hemmer, happy with the numbers they saw there. >> bill: look at the headlines. 250,000 jobs added. unemployment rate stays five decade low. consumers most confident in 18 years. want me to keep going? u.s. economy expanding. we're an a roll. >> sandra: great numbers. we've been reporting that wages are now improving. we have been reporting these good jobs reports and a lot of analysts said we have to wait and see if the wages come up. that's happening now as well. so that's factoring into yet another stock market rally. >> bill: that's our friday gift to you, america. all right. 9:31 now. a man accused of sending pipe bombs to prominent democrats and cnn back in court for a
6:32 am
bond hearing today. a judge could decide if he will face prosecution here in new york. doug mcelway is on that story. any chance he gets out on bond? >> given the sheer magnitude of the charges against him he has little hope of getting out of jail before trial. the 56-year-old faces five fell know counts. threatening a former president. interstate transportation and illegal mailing of explosive. making threatening interstate communications and assaulting federal officers. they will ask him to remain in custody until trial. his attorney reminded reporters on monday that against overwhelming evidence there remains the presumption of innocence. >> do they have it wrong? he is innocent until proven guilty. that's all i'm going to say. i hope they have it wrong. i hope there are other pieces of evidence that exonerate him, that show that he was not involved. but right now we are at the stage of a determination of probable cause and nothing more. he has been arrested and that's
6:33 am
where we're at. >> a former sayoc attorney describes the accused as mentally ill. >> i think the illness progressed over time and got worse and worse and worse and there is a message there. we need to treat our mentally ill. >> sayoc has been described as a wanderer living out of his van having made his living as a male stripper once traveling and performing with his wife a female stripper, heavily into body building and had no apparent political lienings for most of his life. many are saying he was a diehard trump supporter but his interest in politics and trump came only after he fell into mental illness. a former family lawyer told the new york sometimes he comes across like a 15-year-old. a total lack of maturity. the lawyer told the times that trump's angry rhetoric and appeal to the forgotten man and woman during the 2016 campaign seemed to strike a deep cord
6:34 am
with mr. sayoc whose father had abandoned the family when he was a child. we'll watch the bond hearing today and find out when a trial date is hopefully. >> bill: thank you. doug mcelway in washington >> the triangle of terror stretching from havana is the cause of immense human suffering. we're taking direct action against all three regimes to defend the rule of law, liberty and basic human decency in our region. >> sandra: john bolton drawing a clear line in the sand announcing new sanctions on venezuela and cuba with the promise of additional penalties for nicaragua. the three countries singled out for what the administration claims are human rights violations and political repression. let's bring in former c.i.a. station chief dan hoffman. do you agree with this move? >> i think the administration
6:35 am
assessed that helping these three rogue states to grow their economies would not put us on a path to deliver the political reform that the people in those nations very much deserve. in fact, to the contrary, it provides the resources for those countries to pursue policies which are absolutely in opposition to u.s. national security and enables them to trample on their people's democracy and human rights. i think it's the right call for sure. >> sandra: the new sanctions were on venezuela and cuba. he said sanctions against nicaragua were coming in the very near future. can you estimate for us what the impact of these sanctions would or will be? >> i think what we need is a whole of government approach. there will be a significant impact of the sanctions. that coupled with just general mismanagement in those countries. venezuela sits on the world's largest oil reserves and because of their economic mismanagement their economy is struggling. we have to watch out for china
6:36 am
and russia in particular. both of which have interests in the region and are pursuing those interests very much at odds with our strategy. >> sandra: it is interesting when you talk about leadership. he actually took a moment during that speech to hail the elections of what he referred to as like-minded leaders in columbia and brazil where as we know that right wing candidate won the presidency in brazil just last week. his words, he sees it as positive signs for the future of the region, dan. >> yeah. i think the administration is being really clear about the role that we want to play. you are seeing ambassador bolton using the bully pulpit there to be i think an inspiration for the people of the region. and expressing u.s. policies in support of human rights and democracy and economic growth is absolutely the right way to go. >> sandra: that branding, the troika of tyranny. how would you describe the
6:37 am
message the trump administration is putting forward with this type of announcement and in particular the language that they're using, dan? >> i think we're supporting the forces of democracy in those nations. and i think it could be a real powerful inspiration for those in opposition. i harken back the ronald reagan's evil empire speech that had a very positive impact on dissidents in the soviet union. the people in the countries being subjected to human rights abuses and denied the freedom of opportunity we enjoy in this country have to be listening with great appreciation. >> sandra: he went to great lengths to distance the trump administration's policies here from the obama administration. finally i want to ask you about the replacement for the u.n. ambassador with nikki haley on the way out there is a lot of talk about heather nauert. here is the president on nauert. >> president trump: she is
6:38 am
under serious consideration. they has been a supporter for a long time and she is really excellent. she is under very serious. we'll probably make a decision next week. we have a lot of people that want the job and a lot of really great people. >> sandra: as we know, heather nauert is the current spokesperson for the state department. formerly a colleague of ours here at fox news. >> nikki haley set the bar super high as ambassador to the u.n. she was exceptional right from the first day when she called out nations who weren't going to have our back. she would be taking names. i think heather nauert has developed a lot of experience at the state department. maybe most importantly she has the presidents ear and trust. that's really important if indeed she is chosen as ambassador to the u.n. i have no doubt there are many who would like the job and the president probably has a long list from which he will choose in the best qualified candidate. >> sandra: the president saying she is under very serious
6:39 am
consideration. we'll probably make a decision next week, says the president. we'll see where that all goes. dan, great to have you on this morning. thank you. >> bill: first started his career and san francisco quarterback turned out. mullins was an undrafted free agent. he lit up the oakland raiders for three touchdowns. hit 151 pass rating. what does that mean? he had a good night. the best quarterback debut in nearly five decades. 49ers beat the raiders 34-3 last night in the battle of the bay. oakland moves to -- oakland moves to las vegas next year. the raiders are going to vegas. what is more perfect? the oakland raiders to vegas. here they come. do you play fantasy foot ball? >> sandra: i have before and it was extremely time consuming. >> bill: my first year and
6:40 am
takes time. i'm doing okay. >> sandra: keep us posted. president trump proposing changes to how migrants can seek asylum. >> president trump: we will not allow our generosity to be abused by those who would break our laws, defy our rules, violate our borders, break into our country illegally. we won't allow it. >> sandra: the president's announcement serving as his latest hints on his plans to change immigration policy. andy biggs will join us live on this next. >> bill: a dream vacation that turned to a nightmare for a lot of passengers on board this cruise ship. let you know how this turned out and how it happened. >> you really thought this might be it. we thought it was like the titanic.
6:41 am
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>> sandra: violent storms across the southeast blamed for at least two deaths. the system spun off a dozen tornadoes. damage stretching from eastern texas to northwest alabama.
6:44 am
knocking out power to more than 100,000 homes and businesses. those storms a big setback for communities still recovering from hurricane michael. >> president trump: migrants seeking asylum will have to present themselves lawfully at a port of entry. so they are going to have to lawfully present themselves at a port of entry. those who choose to break our laws and enter illegally will no longer be able to use meritless claims to gain automatic admission into our country. we will hold them for a long time if necessary. >> bill: president trump promising to crack down of what he calls an abuse of the asylum process. andy biggs is in phoenix. thank you for being here today. what do you think of this proposal on asylum? >> i think the president gets it. he understands what a real problem it is. we have 1 in 10 people coming
6:45 am
into this country claiming asylum and something like 80% of them are making false asylum claims and so it's being -- it's a ruse, a hole in our law and using it effectively and we have to stop it. >> bill: they might be trying to stop it. here in new york they'll claim that you have a fifth amendment right to come to the u.s. what do you think about that legal angle? >> well, i think it's a bogus claim. if you're not in this country you don't have any constitutional right protections if you're not a citizen and not here legally. that's where they are going to go. they say if you put one foot in the country you have some kind of massive amount of legal rights, a bundle of rights they'll protect. i don't ascribe to that. >> bill: you had to think there would be a court challenge based on anything the administration does, right? >> absolutely. i expected it as soon as we announced yesterday. i didn't realize one would come in the day after he made the
6:46 am
announcement. i expect an avalanche of lawsuits to come in the ninth circuit. >> bill: san francisco, northern california. why do you think the president is hammering this issue so much? >> because it's a real issue. the asylum process itself is the prototype for the catch and release program in this country. we don't have -- the courts have said you can't hold more than 20 days. we're giving tickets to show back up in court and only about 2% of people ever come back to appear with those courts. they are just -- they come in, claim asylum and they're released all over the country. >> bill: i want to talk about how the politics comes into this now. we can't escape what's happening on tuesday and the early voting already underway for millions. the president from the white house yet again on how he characterizes this in a political sense. >> president trump: it's open borders obstruction. no votes. you can come up with the
6:47 am
greatest border plan, the greatest immigration plan, you won't get one vote from a democrat. they have a terrible policy. in many cases they are terrible politicians. >> bill: in your home state he won by five points two years ago. mcsally's senate race is very close and deadlocked. what are the people in phoenix saying and how are they reacting to this national issue? >> well, an example would be in our governor's race where it was fairly close until the democrat came out and said that he supported abolition of ice and he supported open borders. then our governor went up 15 points at that point. that's a real issue. and if a democrat in this state is saying that they want to get rid of ice or they want to open the border, they are losing points because the independents are breaking to the right. they're breaking to law and order and protection of the state and the borders. >> bill: women in our fox poll that came out two days ago
6:48 am
specifically in arizona, the gap has decreased from the last poll we did. what do you think is driving that? >> there is a kavanaugh bump, number one. number two, the notion of public safety is really huge as well in this state. we're a border state. we know that there is catch and release going on in this state and people don't want that. we know that we share some of the burden of the cost and that impacts everything from education to prosecution and court costs. so i think it's really driving a lot of folks back to the right to say well look, the left has become so outrageously immoderate that they come back home to the republicans. >> bill: do you think the republican wins on tuesday? the obvious answer you will give me is yes. if you believe that then, do you think this is the deciding issue in arizona? >> i think that a lot of it will be personal. i don't know that this is the
6:49 am
deciding issue. it factors in, of course. but i think there are other issues with regard to in the senate rate mcsally versus sinema there are issues and they are pounding the heck out of each other. >> bill: give me the issue. is it healthcare, the economy? >> i think it's broader than that, bill. i think it's a view of the left is socialist, if socialism is the new face of the economy and jobs and economy, arizona is a booming state now. let's not let that go. then i think that's where people go saying look, we want direction we're in. they like the direction we're going. >> bill: andy biggs, thank you for your time fifth congressional district in arizona. we'll see what happens tuesday. >> sandra: new reaction to the president's immigration push 30 minutes from now we've speak to former governor mike huckabee and get his take on which race is the biggest bellwether to watch tuesday.
6:50 am
>> bill: the stars are coming out down south. why one state's governor's race is shaping up as oprah versus donald. >> for anybody here who has an ancestor who didn't have the right to vote and you are choosing not to vote, you are disrespecting and disregarding their legacy.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> sandra: hamas and other palestinian factions call a halt to drones as egypt tries to broker a deal to stop the violence. we have more on this. trey. >> good morning, i spoke this morning with a senior hamas
6:54 am
official in gaza who indicated that those negotiators from cairo are making progress reducing the violence that erupted along the israeli gaza border with some things that they would like to see from the israelis. expanding the fishing zones as one. protestors have gathered along the border for the 32nd friday in a row. the scene here, what we're seeing today is more peaceful than past weeks. in the past we've seen grenades and i.e.d.s thrown over the board. there have been clashes around the border. the israelis responding with tier gas but no live ammunition and no explosions that we were seeing along the border. the key issue here having to do with the israeli blockade. palestinians in gaza saying they're still willing to work with the egyptian negotiators, hamas is negotiating through egypt and today we do know that
6:55 am
palestinian president abbas is in egypt meeting with the egyptian president in an effort to try to broker some sort of long-term settlement deal between the palestinians and the israelis. we also are getting new information, sandra, about a potential terror attack in central egypt that reportedly left seven people dead. that is something to keep an eye on throughout the day as the protests continue along the gaza border that does border egypt in the south of this 25-mile strip of land. >> sandra: thank you, trey. >> bill: ivanka trump is in iowa stomping for kim reynolds, a good governor's race, very close there. one of many governor's races we will watch on tuesday. the first family is spreading out all over the country. watch in iowa, west des moines happening now. economy and job numbers out. it was strong. how does it affect the vote on tuesday? mick mulvaney director of the office of management and budget is our headliner live from the
6:56 am
white house coming up next hour. also the president moving full steam ahead, campaign blitz, final days, more on where he is traveling and why coming up shortly. >> president trump: it's a choice again an economy that is going strong and the democrats who are going crazy. [cheering and applause] so this november 6th, vote against the democrats and vote for common sense republicans. newest robot vacuum. it powerfully cleans from floors to carpets, even pet hair, with ease, and now for cleaning surfaces above the floor, it comes with a built in shark handheld. one dock, two sharks. the shark ion robot cleaning system.
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7:00 am
>> sandra: down to the homestretch the last weekend before the mid-terms and with so much at stake president trump plans a full-court press. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. it's friday. four days to go. both sides pulling out all the stops as you would expect which brings us today to our newsroom news feed. >> both republicans and democrats are making their final sprint to the finish line as the parties fight for control of u.s. congress. >> mid-terms are about turnout. >> so many places if play. >> president trump hitting the road for another campaign rally continuing his blitz across america. >> he is in a push to save the house and to build the senate for his republican party. >> president trump: republicans are the party of all americans. the democrat agenda is the agenda of the extreme far left. they've gone crazy, folks. they've gone totally loco. >> democrats are calling in the
7:01 am
political heavy weights and star power heading into the homestretch. >> trying to ramp up support ahead of tuesday's voting. >> silence is complicity. but folks, we will not remain silent. >> for anybody here who has an ancestor who didn't have the right to vote and you are choosing not to vote, you are dishonoring your family. >> i heard oprah is in town today. i'm kind of a big deal, too. this ain't hollywood, this is georgia. >> the 2016 taught us anything. conventional wisdom isn't always right. there will certainly be huge surprises on election night. >> bill: great moment there. kevin corke is live in huntington, west virginia. what's on the agenda today there? >> good morning. another visit here to the reddest of red states. maybe scarlet republican red as the president makes his way to the beautiful mountain state of west virginia. on the docket today is a rally
7:02 am
because we're talking about a major senate race here bill. manchin and morrissey. the president wants to come here and lend a hand to the man who is currently trailing in the polls. this is a very big race. manchin continues to lead comfortably but he has been helped by his vote for brett kavanaugh. a decision regarded as positive here in west virginia. last night in the show-me state of missouri the president tried to help tip the balance in another key senate race between hawley and mccaskill, who mr. trump said represents a party that is out of touch with the american people. >> president trump: the democrat agenda is the agenda of the extreme far left. they've gone crazy, folks, they've gone totally loco. the democrats are the party of rigid ideology and total conformity. they demand absolute agreement and they dismiss, demean and
7:03 am
demonize anyone who questions their radical ideas. >> 4:00 p.m. start time. as you can well imagine my friend. when we got here a little after 8:00 a.m. they are already lined up, bill. >> bill: all right. so the madness continues. after west virginia it's indiana, right? that's next? >> that's right, exactly, sprint to the finish. no doubt about it. the president will make a couple of trips to missouri and indiana down the stretch. left me take you to the map. the indiana trip at a high school gym. that doesn't sound like a big deal but for the folks who don't know, the gym where he will be seats 7300 not counting the floor. could have 10,000 people in there tonight. trips to montana, tennessee, missouri, ohio, indiana. we'll pay attention to the georgia race between brian kemp and stacey abrams. oprah was there yesterday, vice president pence and the president goes there on sunday.
7:04 am
for now, back to you. >> bill: thank you, sir. talk to you later. kevin corke in west virginia. >> sandra: the perfect starting point for america's a-team. ed rollins campaign manager for the reagan/bush ticket. juan williams fox news political analyst and co-host of the five and morgan ortagus former intelligence agent and state department press officer are the a-team. days away from mid-terms. first to you, morgan. >> lucky me. i think what the president is trying to do is defy historical norms. voters, especially independent voters want a check and balance on power. so i commend the president for what he is doing in the final weeks of this campaign. most presidents would not put their neck on the line in the way he is in trying to keep the house and senate. >> most don't. >> this is why every president faces in the position that he is in. he has a lot of independent voters would like to see a check and balance on power.
7:05 am
what he will have to do tuesday is defy history. he did it two years ago. the polling is not looking in our favor in the house for sure. but i still think it's positive in the senate. the big thing we aren't talking about that i think is very important are the governors races and that's what i'm watching. it controls so much of 2020. republican incumbents are ahead but 7 to 9 open seats where they are tied. everybody should be tuning into fox news on tuesday night. >> bill: there are a thousand stories on tuesday. let's go to number six, the tweet from the political report, dave wasserman from the political report. here is what he is saying. here is the quote from cook, new based on past week's evidence revising the house outlook to a dem gain of 30 to 40 seats, was 25, 35 last month. it could change again before tuesday. ed, to you. do you agree?
7:06 am
>> i'm a big believer in cook. charlie cook has been a friend of mine. the first thing i grab when i study these things. i've been studying it for a long time. the consequences, let me run through these. five states that are democrat solid states. new jersey, california, illinois, virginia, new york. new jersey has five congressional seats there. republican, four of them under fire. california 14 republican seats, eight of them are trouble seats. illinois has seven, four of them are trouble seats. virginia has seven. four of them are in trouble. new york has nine, five of them. the 42 seats, 25 of them are in trouble in democrat states. so -- >> bill: this is like why vote? >> i feel like this will the time in new york. >> bill: go ahead, juan, where are you? zblo i think it's hard to
7:07 am
follow up the jed i. you have open seats that make it difficult for republicans to retain because of all the retirements. the contrary thing the president going to red states in senate races. he is focused on the senate. i don't think he has any chance to beat joe manchin in west virginia. but he may think he has a chance to make a two to three-point difference in a place like indiana and defeat joe donnelly. donnelly at the moment looks like he is tied to maybe a little ahead. we'll see where that goes. he is not going to arizona, not going to nevada. he is really trying to focus on red states where he can appeal to people who are already trump supporters. i think that's what he is hoping for in the rally. >> sandra: let's hear more from oprah winfrey, sound bite one. >> for anybody here who has an ancestor who didn't have the right to vote and you are
7:08 am
choosing not to vote wherever you are in this state, in this country, you will dishonoring your family. you are disrespecting and disregarding their legacy. >> sandra: juan, what do you think of that? >> i think that's true and i think it's powerful coming from oprah because that is a racially charged race as you know. lots of arguments about voter suppression by brian kemp, who is the republican running for governor. but also the attorney general. so he controls the voting apparatus in the state. jimmy carter, the former president, called for him to step down because it looks too much like an intimate game there where he is controlling the voting apparatus and also running for office. >> bill: disrespecting their legacy. >> given the history. >> bill: driving out african-american votes there. >> absolutely. what we have to contend with in any mid-term election is turnout.
7:09 am
the question is, historically minorities and young people key to the democratic vote, do not turn out in mid-terms. oprah winfrey is there to stir them. >> historically the african-american vote didn't turn out the last go round. the two obama campaigns, hillary tried to duplicate that and count get the same number of african-americans. her margin of defeat were the vote that didn't turn out. >> sandra: can she get them out? >> i think so. when you look at georgia, 38% of the voters there are minority. when we think of georgia, we think of a red state. it is actually a red state that i think will increasingly become more purple. 25% of the white voters in georgia are democrat. when you start to look especially in atlanta which is a huge now city economically fantastic. people from all over the country want to move and live there, you are starting to see a traditional red state in the deep south leaning purple. i think that oprah has a lot of
7:10 am
credibility. everybody likes oprah. saying that the race is very close. there is a chance it could go into a runoff. but the people that i've talked to working on the republican side on the ground do feel like it will be close but feel confident. >> bill: sound bite number three. vice president mike pence was as well. listen to this. and president trump on oprah winfrey. >> i would like to remind stacey, oprah, and will ferrell. i'm kind of a big deal, too. this ain't hollywood. this is georgia. >> president trump: last week of her show, oprah liked me very much. i've always liked oprah. oprah is good. the woman that she is supporting is not qualified to be the governor of georgia by any stretch of the imagination. >> bill: how much of these celebrity endorsements matter? >> the president has never
7:11 am
campaigned -- no one has ever campaigned as hard as him since 1948 before any of you were born. this president put the party on his back and is out there campaigning as effectively as he can. oprah is an offset among african-americans in that state of georgia. >> i think especially among african-american women. if you think of african-american women as driving the african-american vote it's african-american men who depress it. the question is can she get through to them, especially younger men. with stacey abrams at the head of the ticket there is some obama magic that as ed pointed out. hillary couldn't recreate. >> sandra: -- >> they come down to voter momentum and who has it. ed roll ins were sitting together here in 2016. all the polls were against us we both kept saying we feel something different. and i think this time there has
7:12 am
been a lot of events in the past two weeks which may have halted some of the republican momentum and that's why i think it's important for the president to continue to go out. he is the one person that motivates republicans in mid-terms. >> sandra: it is about the issues and as we have seen in the polls leading up to this election day, healthcare has been a major issue for voters heading out and joe biden says this about the gop on healthcare. >> the other side, i'll say it. it is not my style. they are simply lying. about their commitment to pre-existing conditions. they are either not telling the truth or they're really stupid. >> sandra: the gop doesn't care about healthcare? >> it's his plan. it's obama their that is in place. i'll tell you where the republicans screwed up. we should have had a better message going into this race because healthcare is at the top of voter concerns. we said this is all you, your plan. we're being hit by a plan that
7:13 am
none of us supported or voting for. >> bill: hang on, come back in a moment. facebook is under fire. a pro-life organization accusing the social media giant of blocking some of its paid campaign ads. mike emanuel is live on that in washington >> good morning. it is not surprising that late in this campaign season a pro-life group would want to run ads supporting pro-life candidates. susan p. anthony list backed republican candidates for senate matt rosendale in montana and marsha blackburn in tennessee. ads were pulled by facebook yesterday and they say this is the sixth time they've had an ad campaign shut down. a sample of one of these paid political adds. >> phil bredesen is two extreme for tennessee. we have pro-life champion marsha blackburn running for senate voting to ban partial birth abortions. she values life.
7:14 am
>> tom cotton tweeted facebook going all in to cover for liberal phil bredesen. retwoet to spread the add to facebook banned and vote marsha. as for facebook the social media giant insists it does not have policies that prohibit pro-life speech. it has a policy that requires for ads for or against certain issues. they said neither of the ads violate facebook's policies and they shouldn't have been rejected. the ads have been restored and now running on facebook. other pro-life ads were blocked in arizona and iowa recently depicting children who survived premature birth. this is a very sensitive topic with what are expected to be a number of very close senate races. >> sandra: fox news alert in the new jobs numbers are
7:15 am
officially out for october showing a red hot economy putting even more americans to work. our headliner mick mulvaney director of the office of management and budget will join us live next. >> bill: also the president announcing new rules for asylum seekers. will the changes secure the southern border? what difference at this point will it make? former arkansas governor mike huckabee is on deck live. >> president trump: we're holding so many people that our facilities are being overrun. eventually people won't be coming here anymore when they realize they can't get through.
7:16 am
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7:19 am
>> president trump: those who choose to break our laws and enter illegally will no longer be able to use meritless claims to gain automatic admission into our country. we will hold them for a long time if necessary. >> bill: from the white house yesterday president trump announcing the new plan to deal with asylum seekers. governor mike huckabee former arkansas governor and fox news contributor with us to talk about this. thank you for being here. clearly the president sees something on this immigration thing. clearly he sees something moving out there in the caravan. what do you think it is? >> i think what he sees is the law. he sees that his job as president is to protect our country, protect our borders. you can't have people by the
7:20 am
thousands just overrung the borders without any type of document check. i can't do that anywhere in the world. i've traveled all over the world and never been able to say you aren't going to see anything i've got, not even my passport. i'm coming in whether you like it or not. it doesn't work that way anywhere and it shouldn't work that way in america. the greatest overwhelming majority of american people agree with that. >> sandra: is this working for him and is this working for your party just days away from election day? >> well, i think it is pointing out the fundamental difference between the democrats and republicans on this issue. the democrats have now taken the official position open borders, get rid of ice, let's just ignore the fact that people could come straight into this country and we have no idea who they are, where they've come from or what they plan to do when they get here. that's not responsible. we all believe in immigration. republicans are not anti-immigrant. i'm certainly not. this country is made great by
7:21 am
immigrants. it's been made great by the people who have come from all kinds of cultures and places and they've made america great. no question about that. but they came through the front door. they didn't break in through the back door in the middle of the night or break a window to get in. even when people talk about ellis island. a lot of people forget there are vast numbers of people who came through ellis island who were sent right back home. either they had a disease, they didn't have a sponsor, they didn't have a job lined up. that was not an open portal where people just poured through like they all had tickets to the ballgame. it just never has worked that way. only in the fantasy of democrats do you have open borders. >> bill: you just heard ed rollins say how the president is taking the election and throwing it on his back with the rallies across the country. i want to ask about something we saw in the "wall street journal" this week. the referendum on president trump in the past two years concludes the following. progressive democrats have said repeatedly that donald trump is
7:22 am
a threat to our democracy. that's the most fake thing anyone has said over the past two years. on tuesday tens of millions of individual american voters will prove it. what do you think about the characterization of this referendum? >> if it is a true referendum on donald trump we're in good shape. just today 250,000 new jobs, way more than was expected. record low unemployment for african-american and hispanics. we have the highest number of women in the workforce ever. you've got extraordinary wage growth for the first time since 2009. there are so many indicators that show that under donald trump this country is in great shape. 12 records set in the less than two years since he has been president in terms of economic movers. so if it's a referendum on him we're in good shape. here is the problem. some of the republicans haven't performed as well as donald trump. they failed to repeal obamacare because the republicans dropped the ball. they failed to build a wall
7:23 am
because republicans dropped the ball. they failed to disenfranchise and defund planned parenthood not because of donald trump but because of members of congress who were republican that didn't have the backbone and spine to stand with him. is it a referendum on him? i think dan hen is right but also in some of these districts a referendum on individual republicans who failed to stand with this very effective president. >> sandra: we're four days out or less depending how you look at it. what is your bellwether for tuesday night? >> i'm looking at the florida governor race. and it's basically a purple state. a state where i now live and vote. the andrew gillum versus ron desantis race. this is one where the president really stuck his neck out in the primary for ron desantis and was the factor that determined that desantis won. it's a tough race.
7:24 am
i find it is a remarkable race in that andrew gillum represents the far left of the democratic party and i just have a hard time believing that florida voters would vote themselves a big tax increase proposal under gillum. would vote themselves for extraordinary regulation. the economy has been buzzing under rick scott. he has been a great governor. effective leadership, strong economic changes in the state. i just can't believe that they would say yeah, we want to erase all that and like to raise taxes, we'd like to do bernie sanders' style politics and reverse the gains of florida. i just can't believe it. that's a race to watch. it is closer than a tick is on a dog. >> bill: the polls are closing in favor of desantis. if gillum wins, what does it say about the folks in florida? >> they weren't paying attention, simple as that. they couldn't have been paying attention. a lot of good democrats in this
7:25 am
country and they aren't tax and spenders and not far out liberals. the democratic party as a mechanism has been taken over by the far leftists but it doesn't represent all democrats who are good, common sense people who see things differently than folks like me but they don't see it like andrew gillum does. i hope they see this for what it really is. >> sandra: good to get your perspective. we are a few days away. thank you very much, sir. >> you bet. thank you, sandra and bill. >> bill: back on the trail ivanka trump hitting des moines, iowa at the moment campaigning for kim reynolds locked in a tight race. can the first family give republicans the boost they're looking for in iowa. >> sandra: monthly job numbers are out and better than expected. mick mull vany will be joining us live from the white house in moments. - [narrator] it's a difficult conversation,
7:26 am
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7:30 am
strong new job numbers out for the month of october. u.s. employers adding 250,000 new jobs. unemployment holding steady at 3.7%. let's bring in our headliner mick mulvaney director of the office of management and budget. i imagine folks at the white house are taking a victory lap on this one this morning. >> yeah. it's getting to the point can it get any better? the numbers are better than we expected. these numbers reflect some of the negative impact of the hooux -- hurricanes of the last month. to come in even higher than we expected before we factored in for the hurricanes is just impressive and goes to show that what the president is doing is working. >> bill: let me tick off some of the facts from that. 250,000 jobs, average pay is up, wages are higher, unemployment rate record low five decades. 3.7%. consumers most confident in 18 years. u.s. economy 10th year of expansion. 100th straight month of hiring
7:31 am
is a record. is there any bad news in this? >> no. no. >> bill: if there is not, why don't we hear every republican candidate campaigning on this issue? >> it's a great question. the president certainly has been and here is maybe the answer. i've been in congress for six years. it is sort of hard to take those numbers and the numbers are absolutely fabulous and turn them into stories that make sense for ordinary folks. gdp and job growth. inflation low, all fantastic but they're numbers. what we do is trying to figure out what does it mean to real people? the quit number. more and more people are quitting their jobs every month. they have confidence in themselves and the administration and that's the message i think we've restored a dynamism to the american economy. people are willing to take a chance on themselves now. quit a job to start a business. quit a job to move their family.
7:32 am
quit a job to take a new job where they are. those are the types of things that are hard to measure but speak strongly about the success of these administration's policies. >> sandra: are all americans benefiting from the president's economic policies? >> yeah. you look at the wage numbers and i heard my friend larry kudlow talk about it yesterday. the blue collar working is doing better than the white collar. he was wearing a white collar on his shirt. the blue collar folks, their wages are growing faster than the folks at the top end. everybody's income is growing faster than inflation. that's the key. there is actual more real money to put in your pocket every day. lastly, i think this is worth noting. we still believe it to be sustainable. the fundamentals of the economy. you hear talk is the stock market rally done, have we reached peak earnings of corporations? when you see numbers like this it reaffirms the fundamentals are strong. inflation is low, jobs high.
7:33 am
>> bill: how much better could it get? dream a little. >> we think it's sustainable. we've said from the beginning we think the american economy can grow at 3%. we've done it for the last 12 months. the first time in 10 years it happened. it's sustainable. it is that dynamism that comes to the economy and the better government finances that come from it. government revenues go up, government expenses go down. if you have a job you aren't on food stamps. buried in the numbers is the fact that 1.3 million people who had given up and left the job force permanently under president obama have come back since the election. 1.3 million people have hope again that comes from having full-time work. the numbers are all good. they're sustainable and we think there are more benefits to come. >> sandra: i have to ask you about the national debt. john bolton was talking about it this past week calling the debt level a threat to society. our society. that he said that threat
7:34 am
ultimately has a national security consequence to it. the u.s. budget deficit in the president's first fiscal year grew to almost $800 billion. what are we doing about that? >> i think john is right. mr. bolton is not the first person to say that. admiral mullin said it back in 2010. what are we doing about it? two things. we are ore growing the government. if if it grows at 3% it's 2.6 trillion less debt over the same 10 years. we take in more money and pay out less in welfare programs. at the same time spending is part of the equation. deficits -- money in, less money out and why you heard the president for the first time in a long time take up spending as an issue at the last cabinet meeting. >> sandra: are you concerned about the impact the tax cuts are having on our debt? >> no, it grows the economy.
7:35 am
revenues we took in as a government set a record this year. they'll set another record next year. did we see corporate earnings drop a little bit? yeah. to be expected when you lower corporate rates. in the long run we see them go above where they were going to be. the total revenues aren't the problem. the spending side of the problem is the problem and that's why it has been the message of the president for the last couple of weeks congress needs to spend 5% less across the board next year. >> bill: two last questions here. in the minute we have left. you said something there about why voters vote and how you tell a story with what you are doing with your policies. when the economy is good and you are smoking hot, do people -- would they be more inclined to vote if things were negative? in other words, they would vote out of angst voting against something as voting for something? >> that's a good question.
7:36 am
negative energy or more positive than positive energy? i happen to come down on the side i would rather be for something than against something. i will tell you a story the president shared many times about being in texas after the hurricane. he met a middle class family that lost their house and business or just their business and he remembered saying to them listen, don't worry, we'll be here to help you. that's fine, don't worry, because of what you've done with the tax policies and regulation we know we can rebuild our business and take care of our family. thank you for that. that's what comes out of this type of economic -- i don't know what drives people to the polls more that or being angry. i have to think in the long run those are the folks who see what the policies do and those are the folks who vote. >> sandra: before we let you go we know the president watches the stock market. i'm assuming you do as well. give us your thoughts standing in front of the white house as we have seen a volatile couple weeks leading up to this election. your thoughts generally speaking as you look at the stock market. are you confident that the u.s.
7:37 am
stock market can maintain these levels? >> keep in mind october is a strange month for the stock market anyway. don't discount and what we talked about at the white house the impact, the concern that the markets have on nancy pelosi becoming the speaker of the house. that can flow through to earnings to companies, can slow down what we want to do legislatively and slow down the successes we've had on a regulatory basis. real impact to that. we think the fundamentals are there as long as folks have jobs, incomes are up, corporate earnings up and the fundamentals are there that drive a healthy stock market. >> a blow-out number. come on back. do not lose sight of the governors races, a good number. iowa, republicans have ivanka trump or the trial today. molly line is traveling in des moines. >> the trump administration is
7:38 am
all in on iowa. ivanka's third trip to the state on behalf of kim reynolds, the republican governor. a lot of talk about the economy today. ivanka touched on making it a worker's market. increasing wage growth. the vice president and her father were here in october as well. republicans battling to hold their ground in the hawkeye state facing two competitive congressional races and this tight contest for the governor's seat. kim reynolds was elevated when terry bran stad was appointed to ambassador to cline -- china. she is touting the second lowest unemployment rate in the country. the challenger is a businessman hubble joined earlier by a big name among the democrats. former vice president joe biden. he has been pushing back against allegations he is out to raise taxes and criticized the governor on the same issue.
7:39 am
>> bill: what are the issues that iowa is talking about? what are they voting on tuesday? >> iowa people are talking about taxes, one of the big issues in the contest among the two governors contenders, healthcare, of course, a big one. the state pension system here is big and trade and tariffs. reynolds and hubble weighing in on this. reynolds says she is working with the president on issues like trade and tariffs. >> when it comes to china our farmers have been willing to give him the latitude to get something done because they have been sticking it to us for years. i said we really need to see some progress and momentum to provide certainty to the market. >> there is this thing called a trade war that's hurting our farmers and ag economy. >> we expect to catch up with mr. hubble later on today on the campaign trail. both candidates out there doing retail politicking and a lot of rallies. >> bill: thank you.
7:40 am
stay here, election results roll in on tuesday. bret and martha kick off the coverage at 6:00 eastern time and then we have prime time analysis, experts from all across the country. special coverage and football they say full pads. that's what we're doing. >> sandra: get ready. president trump firing back at nancy pelosi saying he is willing to take her threat of a subpoena all the way to the supreme court. >> bill: also what happens with the trump revolution if democrats retake the house. what newt gingrich predicts. america's a-team is back for round two coming up shortly. c. the first account that we opened was with bank of america. since then, we have grown exponentially. to me, food is love. and i think food brings people together. everything in life is about giving back. you're only as good as what you leave behind,
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>> bill: president trump, house minority leader nancy pelosi clashing before the mid-terms. she did not dismiss the idea of the subpoena of the president if the dems win the house. ed rollins, juan williams, morgan ortagus, all-stars. here is what she said in an
7:45 am
interview on cnn. watch. >> it's interesting. to use it or not to use it. it's a great hour to have in your quiver in terms of negotiating on other subjects. >> bill: that got a little attention. washington times interview from yesterday here we go. pelosi says she is going to mek anize the speakership and use it with the president. an illegal statement. is that what we expect if the gavel is -- >> i hope that's what she pursues. i think it sets the president up nicely for 2020 to say the democrats are overreaching, they are going too far. i don't think -- the american public puts the democrats in power of the house they want divided government and want to get something done. they don't want two years of more investigations and gridlock and mudslinging and the democrats going far left in
7:46 am
the house. she is signaling she is going do that, that sets the president up better for 2020. >> congressman came to see me imon the constitutional equal of the president of the united states. i said no you aren't. bring the other 434 members with you. the speaker is the leader of the congress and nothing more. >> you know what's going to happen. there will be more of a check on president trump. what a contrast to devin nunes if you stop and think about house intel and the role he played in support of the president versus the mueller investigation. contrast that to what we can anticipate with a democrat in the head especially with subpoena power. you know what? to me what nancy pelosi is talking about is hopefully, morgan, the idea she is willing to do business. she says if you want to do infrastructure, let's talk, mr. trump. i think that she understands -- the reason she doesn't play the game of impeachment in the way you hear from some of the back
7:47 am
bench democrats. she understands the political necessity of not setting up donald trump as somehow a victim of a democratic-controlled house. >> she knows she can't subpoena the president. when she says something like that doesn't she set high and false expectations for her base? >> i don't think it's sub een an go the president but records. >> the quote. a great arrow to have in your quiver in terms of negotiating on other subjects. it sounds like ransom. >> it won't work. if the house is taken over by the democrats it gives trump and opportunity to run against them and he will do that very effectively and they certainly could try to harass his people but you won't get the president to come up and testify. i don't think he cares if his people have to testify before congress. there is nothing they can get them on. it will give him an opportunity to beat her like a drum. >> bill: if there is a subpoena
7:48 am
they'll fight it at the u.s. supreme court. >> sandra: the president said they can play that game but i can play that game also. newt gingrich saying if the democrats require a senate majority they would launch dozens of investigation and hobble the senior leadership of the government. no circumstance that schumer can become majority leader. the trump revolution will be safe and continue to grow in the senate and that is an amazing outcome for this year, morgan. >> i actually wrote a piece this week on real clear politics where i talked about this what the president can accomplish especially from a foreign policy perspective if he has a divided congress. i think one of the things he could do is learn from barack obama. he faced the same situation and one of the things that he did that was gravely wrong was the iran deal and paris climate accord he didn't work with congress and made them
7:49 am
executive agreements. president trump showed your legacy can be erased by the stroke of a pen. the next thing i would watch for the next two years is what the president is doing on china. he has moved a bipartisan consensus as it relates to national security and foreign policy under his aggressive actions against china. no mainstream democrats running against him that will run more soft on china. he can rally the country around some of his foreign policy goals whether or not he has a republican house. >> bill: interesting analysis. >> thank you. >> bill: that's why we keep you around. is the trump resolution safe? >> he has the veto power. you can't get a piece of legislation passed without his say. >> they stopped obama, remember, republican obstructionism. it can't be as great given the likelihood republicans hold onto the senate. the judgeship so important to republicans is safe. >> bill: everybody is right
7:50 am
because we don't know anything. so all your opinions matter. thank you, ed and juan and morgan. >> sandra: that was an a-team. the white house issuing new sanctions on iran. they're described as the most crippling sanctions ever on tehran. what will it mean for the rogue nation's nuclear program? we're live to the state department next.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
>> sandra: fox news alert. the trump administration slapping new sanctions on the islamic republican. the most crippling sanctions ever on iran. rich edson is live at the state department. >> good morning. the trump administration has announced the sanctions effectively the end of the united states participation in the iran nuclear deal. secretary of state mike pompeo says these sanctions will target the core of iran's economy and they are far tougher than any sanctions that have previously been imposed on iran according to the secretary. on monday the u.s. will restore sanctions on iran's oil, shipping and banking sectors. the treasury department says the u.s. will add more than 700 names to the u.s. sanctions list monday. the state department says the u.s. has been working with countries since may to get them to reduce their imports of iranian oil.
7:55 am
the u.s. has managed to cut it 1 million a day since they announced the policy if may. they've managed to do so without raising prices, oil prices on the worldwide market. and he says part of that is granting waivers to what he says is eight different countries that will allow them to continue importing iranian oil but they will do so temporary. the only reason the u.s. granted the oil waivers is because these countries have promised to work with the united states to reduce their oil imports from iran even further. there was also criticism from some on the right concerned that perhaps iran would be able to continue financial transactions to this international body. the treasury secretary says any bank that is sanctioned from iran will not be able to complete those transactions through what is known as swift. we're waiting to see if it goes far enough for them as the reaction to these policies begins to roll in as the united states announces this really final step from withdrawing
7:56 am
from the iran nuclear agreement. >> sandra: rich edson on the breaking news for us. >> bill: president trump hitting the campaign trail hard from now until monday night. stops in west virginia and indiana today. what's the message in the stretch run? "fox news sunday" anchor chris wallace is live in studio coming up in moments. with our tendercrisp technology, you can quickly cook food, juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. go from fresh to deliciously done in half the time. which means it may become the only thing you use in your kitchen. (tapping) for cooking, at least. (upbeat music) the ninja foodi, with tendercrisp, the cooking while parenting technology.
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>> sandra: president trump on a campaign blitz, missouri yesterday, indiana and west
8:00 am
virginia today, and a last ditch push to get the vote out. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: like a whirlwind. >> sandra: it is indeed a whirlwind. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. welcome to friday. the president's message largely focused to immigration. will he shift gears after the strong october jobs number? here he is from missouri late last night. >> president trump: this election is the choice between republican results and radical resistance. it is a choice between greatness and gridlock, a choice between jobs and mobs, and it is a choice between an economy that is going strong and the democrats who are going crazy. [cheering and applause] >> bill: to the white house, john roberts chief white house correspondent from the north lawn. john. good morning. >> bill, good morning to you. i have to tell you the president is up to the rally schedule that he was in the
8:01 am
closing days of the 2016 campaign. he has two rallies today, tomorrow and sunday. that's every day and he has three on monday to close out the mid-term elections. the president now with a one-two message that he will be taking to west virginia and indiana today on immigration and the economy. the white house very pleased with those jobs numbers this morning. 250,000 new jobs created in october. 3.7% unemployment. and real wage growth as well. those numbers, despite the huge hurricane that the white house thought was going to decimate jobs numbers, the president with a message in missouri last night not to roll the dice on all that economic growth on tuesday. listen here. >> president trump: this election will decide whether we build on an extraordinary prosperity that we have achieved or whether we let chuck schumer and nancy pelosi and claire mccaskill and the radical democrats wipe it all away. they can do that.
8:02 am
we have to win. >> the president keeping up the drumbeat on illegal immigration in missouri last night. before leaving the white house yesterday afternoon unveiling a new plan to deal with asylum seekers on the border planning to sign an executive order as early as next week to change the rules on who can claim asylum and how they do it. listen here. >> president trump: under this plan the illegal aliens will no longer get a free pass into our country by lodging meritless claims in seeking asylum. instead, migrants seeking asylum will have to present themselves lawfully at a port of entry. those who choose to break our laws and enter illegally will no longer be able to use meritless claims to gain automatic admission into our country. >> the white house is still working out the legalities of all this and the mechanism for how it will all work. already he is getting a lot of blowback on this plan.
8:03 am
the american civil liberties union saying not even knowing how the president is going to do it that whatever he does it will be illegal. bill. >> bill: thank you, john. john roberts on a friday. across to room to sandra. >> sandra: let's bring in chris wallace anchor of "fox news sunday". great to see you ahead of a busy few days, of course, for you and everybody here. first off, the last few days weeks leading up to this we've seen a big focus from the president and his administration on the caravan. sending troops to the border, consideration of ending birthright citizenship. this focus on immigration, is it working for the president and his party? >> we'll see. that's one of the great things about a mid-term election. we'll see in a few days whether it works or doesn't work. the thinking in the white house is that this -- nothing energizes, animates the trump base more than the hard line on immigration and perhaps some fear mongering going on there as part of that.
8:04 am
i think it might work particularly in senate races especially senate races in those 10 states where democrats are defending seats. in states that trump carried in 2016. where it may not work as well is in a lot of the republican suburban districts and there are 25 where republicans are defending seats that hillary clinton won in those congressional districts in 2016. there is one republican senator retiring in pennsylvania who calls what the president is doing in terms of house races in those suburban districts political malpractice. he said it is stoking anger, fear mongering and among republican suburban more educated, wealthier, older, especially suburban women that there will be a backlash to this. we'll see in a few days. i don't think it's clear. i think it's a clear winner in senate races in red states. not sure a winner for republicans if suburban
8:05 am
strirktsz. strierkts. >> president trump: republicans want strong borders, no crime, no chaos, no caravan. >> sandra: in "politico", they have a piece published yesterday talking about trump's immigration obsession. they write that it could backfire. some republicans fear saying this, top republican leaders have urged trump to make better use of his rallies by highlighting the strong economies and reminding voters of the extra cash in their pockets from the tax cut as opposed to stoking fear over an immigration crisis. they want him to talk about middle class incomes returning to pre-recession levels and consumer confidence and friday morning before election day and we get the october jobs report out and wow. blue away expectations, 250,000 jobs added.
8:06 am
unemployment rate far below 4%. 3.7%. >> interesting you said that. i was just thinking to myself -- the president has got -- he is the president as he likes to say, we're not. and we all had egg on our face on election night in 2016 because he did so well despite a lot of the know it alls in the media saying well, hillary clinton is going to win. she is in new york. i have to say as i looked at those numbers today as you say, 250,000, 3.7% unemployment and wage growth at the fastest rate since 2009. i thought to myself he could be campaigning -- he says all those things but that isn't the focus. that isn't the headline coming out of this president in his rallies. if he were focusing on a strong economy and all the success economically and the extra money in people's pockets would it be a more effective way both in the senate races in the red states and the suburban
8:07 am
district and say why would you change now when we're doing so well? the democrats will raise your taxes. let me just say this. after the election, when we know the results, there will be a lot of second guessing. if his plan works, people will say well, you know what? he is the genius. if they lose the house there will be a lot of second guessing that he should have run on a more economic-based campaign. >> sandra: i'll get to this colbert sound bite. you were there last night. before we do that give me generally speaking your thoughts. we look forward to your coverage election night here at fox. just your thinking right now just several days out where things stand and i don't know, do you want to give us any projections? >> look, anybody who went through 2016, as i say, got egg all over his face has got to be a little bit reluctant and humble making predictions. i'll give you the conventional wisdom in washington for what it's worth.
8:08 am
republicans hold onto the senate and probably gain some seats. it's now 51-49. maybe they go to 53 or 54 seats. in the house i think there are more ways for democrats to get to the 218 majority than for republicans. but again, we were wrong in 2016. we'll have to wait and see. >> sandra: we'll see. you went on stephen colbert. >> and lived to tell. >> do you need those glasses or are those attitude glasses? >> i need the glasses. i can't see. teleprompter, can't read my notes so i got glasses. >> what's teleprompter like? i make all this stuff up. i hear they're great. i never use them, chris. >> you have a team of producers. i've been pre-interviewed. if all got all the preparation for all the interviews that you get for yours. >> that's fake news right there.
8:09 am
>> sandra: that's a fun moment ahead of election night. >> we had some fun. there was some sparring back and forth. i haven't been on the show since 2016. i didn't used to wear glaes. i came on the show like this and i don't know if you have the still picture. i said look at the two of us. i said my career since i went full stephen colbert has skyrocketed. so clearly that's the answer. >> sandra: what was that room like? >> hostile. that's too strong. let me say stephen colbert is the number one guy in late night bashing trump. and the people who come to watch his show at the ed sullivan theater i kept thinking the -- they like stephen colbert's take on the news. it was a somewhat hostile audience. >> sandra: we look forward to election night. a big "fox news sunday" ahead
8:10 am
of the mid-terms. chris will be talking to the chairman of the democratic senatorial campaign committee maryland senator chris van holland as well as north carolina senator thom tillis and he will interview secretary of state mike pompeo. a huge lineup on sunday at 2:00 and 7:00 p.m. eastern time right here on the fox news channel. chris, thank you. final words from you before the big weekend? >> watch "fox news sunday". we do have a great show. pompeo will be talking about the iranian sanctions, khashoggi and all that. it is delightful being here but i still prefer to be in washington >> sandra: we'll take what we can get, chris, thank you. >> bill: he can put up with it for 48 hours. first wave of u.s. troops deployed to the southern border have arrived in texas helping border patrol agents keep the caravan slowly making its way through mexico. rick leventhal has more from el paso, texas now. rick.
8:11 am
>> here at the bridge of the america's border crossing people aren't just driving in from mexico into the u.s. every single day. you also have migrants walking up to this checkpoint and seeking asylum every single day. authorities say they can handle this but have serious concerns about the caravan making its way north with several groups totaling thousands of people who they say could try to overrun some of the checkpoints or maybe even attack border agents at the checkpoints as they say there are criminals in their midst. which is a big reason why the department of homeland security says it requested the support from the u.s. military to help harden the southern crossing points and put trained eyes and ears on the hundreds of miles of remote territory between them. more than 5,000 active duty troops joining 2,000 national guard already deployed along the southern border and at least 1,000 of those soldiers are now on scene according to u.s. officials who tell fox news the troops are deployed in areas between mcallen and brownsville, texas and also
8:12 am
south of san diego, california. homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen said this morning we shouldn't be focused on the current slow pace of the caravan or think they're harmless because of women and children in the groups. >> if they get in trains or buses they'll be here in a matter of days. if they stay on foot they'll be here in a month or to. we've asked them to support us with engineering and logistics and planning. we're talking about molotov cocktails and the use of firearms it's my duty to ensure our officers and agents are secure. >> secretary nielsen says in general mass migrations are dangerous and why they aim to stop them. >> bill: rick leventhal in el paso, texas. >> sandra: closing arguments underway in the harvard university court case. why this verdict could change the course of affirmative action. the legal battle may be far from over.
8:13 am
>> bill: what do the early votes tell us? millions of americans have voted already. talk to the head of the rnc about that as the president puts a focus on a governor's race in georgia. >> president trump: she is not qualified to be the governor of georgia. not qualified. take a look at her past, take a look at her history and what she wants to do and what she has in mind for the state. that state will be in big, big trouble very quickly.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
8:17 am
>> sandra: early voting analysis showing a gender gap at the polls. women outpacing men at the ballot box in key states. democrats hoping the surge is a positive sign for their party. katie pavlich is a fox news contributor. good morning to you. women have historically voted at higher rates than men but looking to see if the gender gap grows this year. let me throw up the first fox news poll and get your thoughts. the trump approval rating. do you approve or disapprove of the performance of the president. 39% approve. 60% disapprove of the
8:18 am
president's job performance. your thoughts. >> i think when you define job performance in terms of tone, that maybe women aren't so hot on president trump. when it comes to his policies there are a number of women who actually agree with his policies and are happy with being better off than they were under the obama administration. for example. the new jobs report came out today. women's unemployment is at a 65-year low. i think democrats have to be careful getting ahead of themselves and assuming that women, this broad general term, will only benefit them. let's not forget about the brett kavanaugh hearings. after those hearings enthusiasm in republican women went up by 12%. early voting numbers are hard to discern. i don't think democrats can assume all the women voting going on will necessarily benefit their side of the political aisle. >> sandra: what issues will drive them out to vote, katie? and here is fox polling on the issues that motivate likely
8:19 am
female voters to go out and vote. healthcare topping the list 14%. reining in donald trump 12%. economy and jobs coming in third at 9% tied with immigration reform. >> healthcare has been a big topic that the left has tried to put on the table in these races. in northern virginia with comstock and wexton. the same thing happening in arizona with sinema and mcsally running for the senate seat. mcsally is talked about the economy and immigration. as soon as she brings up those topics sinema wants to talk about healthcare. they are putting solutions on the table on either side. women will have to decide on their own merits not based as a group what they think is better for their family and their own personal economy. >> sandra: how important is healthcare? extremely important to 61% of
8:20 am
likely women voters. 25% very important. contrast this with when they were asked how important is the economy, katie? this is interesting. the economy 55% say this is extremely important, very 28%. there are big numbers there as well. are republicans focusing enough on this red hot economy? yet another solid jobs report out this morning. >> republicans have been focusing on it. president trump has been on the campaign trail touting the economy not just today with this new jobs report but overall since he took office and reminding voters it is his policies which are supported by house republicans and republicans in the senate that are going to continue that policy. voters don't necessarily always vote based on things being good. they vote on things that they want to change, right? if the economy is good maybe they won't vote for republicans because they are comfortable. however, there are a number of people who do remember a time
8:21 am
when they couldn't get a job, they couldn't -- the economics of their own personal situation were worse off. they do sit down and look at the candidates available and say who is going to make it so we have more money in our pocket? is there going to be another tax reform that allows us to pay for college or kids' braces in the future? those things are people consider when they sit down. women are typically in charge of the wallet its in their household and the economy and healthcare go hand in hand. right now we're looking at open enrollment. premiums going up or down. what it will cost families in terms of their healthcare. that's an economic issue. >> sandra: katie pavlich interesting stuff. >> bill: states governor race bringing out the star power. is it oprah or the commander-in-chief who has more star power in georgia? >> we have this incredible opportunity to make history.
8:22 am
we have our right to vote. the one place we're all equal is at the polls. place, the xfinity xfi gateway.
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and it's strengthened by xfi pods, which plug in to extend the wifi even farther, past anything that stands in its way.
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...well almost anything. leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. >> i tell you, i have voted republican, and i have voted democrat, and each time i voted, i voted for the people who i felt represented my values. so stacey abrams values are in alignment with the consciousness of which our democracy has been founded. >> bill: a lot of attention on the road. oprah winfrey hitting the campaign trail in georgia for stacey abrams. a tight race in the peach state. democrat running against republican brian kemp. there is a rally on sunday for him by the president. the final results could be historic all the way.
8:26 am
jonathan serrie is live on the story. >> right now i'm on the campus of moore house college. look at the crowd behind me. some people have been camped out since last night waiting to get the best possible seats to see former president barack obama campaigning this evening with democrat stacey abrams. we also expect a similar scene this weekend in macon. president trump coming to that city to campaign with republican brian kemp. what is driving these high-profile politicians and celebrities to the state of georgia? it's because the race for governor is unusually tight in what is normally a red state. yesterday media icon oprah winfrey joined abrams at rallies in decay tour and -- hillary clinton won it in 2016
8:27 am
despite losing georgia statewide. >> i'm here today to support a change maker. she is a woman who dared believe she could change the state of georgia. >> i have a message for all of stacey abram's liberal hollywood friends. this ain't hollywood, this is georgia. >> vice president mike pence spoke at kemp rallies in august and dolphin. the strategy is to motivate conservative voters if rural parts of the state while abrams targets minorities and other groups who historically stay away from the polls. this is a base election. the winning side will be the campaign that is able to motivate its supporters enough to turn them into voters and these high-profile politicians and celebrities are hoping they have what it takes to push the election one way or the other. >> bill: a lot of attention
8:28 am
there in georgia. thank you, jonathan serrie live in atlanta. >> sandra: a court hearing for the man accused of people bombs to prominent democrats. >> bill: president trump, final campaign push for republicans. will the strategy pay off? what are we getting now on early voting. rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel has seen the numbers and we'll talk to her live coming up. - [voiceover] this is an urgent message from the international fellowship of christians and jews.
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8:32 am
the judge asked if he wanted to waive his right to a hearing in southern florida and he said yes, sir and now eligible for the bond hearing in the southern district of new york and will be transported there. outside his attorney spoke to reporters, one of them described sayoc as the most respectful client i've ever had and why we took the case. another attorney made reference to the weakness of the government's dna evidence. the criminal complaint described possible dna, a standard that does not hold up in a court of law. we're now hearing sayoc's voice for the first time. in september police responding to reports of a sleeping man in a van questioned him outside the l.a. fitness club where he worked out. >> you were just resting? you were sitting here for a while. >> yeah. no, i was so tired. i worked this morning. then i worked at night and then i work dj today at 2:00.
8:33 am
i go up there and then i go to work until 6:00 a.m. >> he faces five federal felony counts. they're threatening a former president. interstate transportation and illegal mailing of explosives. threatening interstate communications and assaulting federal officers. no trial date has yet been set. >> sandra: thank you, doug. >> president trump: together we've made extraordinary progress and we are just getting started. but if nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, claire mccaskill, and the crazy democrats, if they get back into power, they will try everything they can to raise the hell out of your taxes and restore those regulations that have meant so much, impose socialism, destroy medicare and eliminate your borders. >> bill: that from missouri
8:34 am
last night. the president on the trail break neck speed. west virginia and indiana today. key states for races on the senate side. majorities on both sides of the congress. governor races in these states. are the rallies making a difference? ronna mcdaniel is the chairwoman for the rnc and thank you for your time. want to get a state of the race. first of all in response to that from last night. nancy pelosi tweets this. she says for too long republicans have sought to stifle the marketplace of ideas. democrats are ready to put an end to that and get ready to work for the people. the jobs number this morning. the president tweeted wow, the u.s. added 250,000 jobs in october despite the hurricanes. unemployment at 3.7%. wages up. incredible numbers. keep it going. vote republican. that is the back drop for our discussion here. what do you see in the early voting?
8:35 am
maybe we'll start with what do you see as a positive sign in the early voting so far? >> energy is up. we knew that democrats were going to have a lot of energy coming into the mid-term because they historically do. they want the majorities back and we've seen that in the special elections throughout the past two years. republicans are matching the energy. it is like 2016 level turnout right now. but the president being on the trail every state he goes into he is boosting that turnout. he is bringing awareness to these races and i feel good especially on the senate side about where early voting is now in some of the key battleground states. >> bill: what concerns you based on the numbers you're watching now? >> it's always going to be about turnout. that's what we're focusing on. i think these economic numbers are a game changer. when nancy pelosi looks at her constituents and says what have they done for the american people in the past two years? the answer is a big fat zero. they have done nothing except
8:36 am
obstruct and resist. the economy is so good right now. highest wage increases in a decade. 250,000 new jobs. manufacturing jobs, hospitality, construction. we're on a comeback and all democrats want to do is stop that. these late voters, these independent voters when they are looking at the results of the republican party and this president and the resistance of the democrats, it is a no-brainer. we need to close strong and tell voters it is the economy, economy, economy. >> bill: you mentioned the senate. i take it there is some concern in the house. when you look at the house races how are you characterizing that level of concern and why, ronna? >> well, there were always head winds coming our way with the house. we knew that. historically the first mid-term. the 41 retirements. there were head winds along with 23 districts where hillary won. we can keep the house as we bring out our voters looking at
8:37 am
what republicans have delivered. democrats can take no credit for this economy. they can take no credit for fighting the opioid crisis and taking care of the military and veterans. they've sat on the sidelines for two years refusing to accept the results of the 2016 election. voters deserve better and republicans have delivered and this president has delivered at every turn. and that's what this election is about. so it will be turning out our vote and we'll see on election day it will be a slim margin if we keep the house. i believe it's possible. >> bill: i'm quoting you now. what we're seeing across the country is 2016 levels. you also say enthusiasm is high with democrats. how would you rate the difference in enthusiasm on the democratic side versus yours? >> i think we're neck-and-neck in a lot of states. i will say i have -- i won't share all my data, i have states where i have target turnout goals and we're meeting them and we're exceeding the democrats in a lot of these states. i feel very good on the senate side. it is harder to dial into the
8:38 am
house races and why i can't give you as much data on that. where the president is -- where the president is going is very important. the fact he will be in missouri on monday night for his closing argument is a state that votes 97% on election date. that's a key state for him to be in. the fact he is in indiana where we're seeing our numbers increase, tennessee. we need to keep these -- win these seats and keep the seats we already have in the senate to expand that majority and keep this economy going. that's helping the american people. people's lives are better because of republican policies and that's the message. >> bill: when the other side says there will be a blue wave, are there signs of a blue wave in pockets of america that you see based on the voting now? >> i am not seeing signs of blue wave and i'm looking at the numbers across the country. i think it is tied. it is tight in a lot of these districts. i think there is about 20 house districts that could go either
8:39 am
way. iowa, north carolina, california, there will be bellwether seats that could go either way. the economic numbers today. our closing argument today to share with the american people that unemployment is at a record low, it is at the lowest in history for hispanics and african-americans. we are doing so well. do we want to stop that? do we want to halt that in our tracks and hand the reins over to schumer and pelosi who will take us backwards? that's the message. i think that will propel voters. independent voters to come over and vote republican and it could make the difference keeping the house. >> bill: 20 million voted as of wednesday. 37 different states, district of columbia as well. women have vote i had in higher numbers not by a great margin than men but typically you see women vote more than men anyway. do you believe -- i guess maybe this is the more specific question. when you talk about turnout. we hear from both sides. critical answer here. is the turnout higher do you
8:40 am
believe now than any other mid-term election? is it going to be higher than 2014? will it be higher than the red wave of 2010? what is your feeling on that. >> turnout will be higher than 2014. i don't think we'll reach 2016 levels in most of the states. more states have early voting and access to absentee ballot. more voting early and you have to see what comes in on election day. it will exceed 2014 but we're matching the democrats with our energy. we have to close strong. everyone needs to talk to their friends, family, strangers, neighbors about the election. go to this is an election that will change the course of our country and we're on the right path. let's not go backwards. >> bill: we invited your counterpart on the dnc to come on. thank you for your time in michigan. thanks. >> sandra: good stuff. we heard the republican side of
8:41 am
things. up next the democrats, dnc vice chair michael blake is here and tell us what he is watching and his party ahead of tuesday. >> bill: also more than a dozen people presumed dead after a bus plunges off a bridge. why a passenger is getting the blame. we'll have that story for you and an answer next. welcome to tide pods talk with gronk. i'm gronk! i'm big and awesome, but this guy is little, can it really clean? heck yeah it can!
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>> bill: a fight apparently between the bus driver and passenger who missed her stop causing a bus to plunge off a bridge and into a river. wow, there is the camera on board. 15 people on board presumed dead. video shows the two arguing a moment before the bus veerz into on coming. the bus collided with a car, smashed through a guardrail and plunged into the river below. it all happened in china. >> sandra: all eyes on the prize for both parties as we come down the homestretch to tuesday's mid-term elections.
8:45 am
president trump dismissing talk of a blue wave but democrats like their chances. joining us now is dnc vice chair michael blake. thank you for coming on. a busy few days leading up to election day. what's the message of your party today? >> democrats message will be very clear. we're fighting for the people and fighting for the people when it comes to education and fighting for the people when it comes to healthcare and fighting for people when it comes to job creation and fighting for women's rights and environmental justice. we want to be clear in the closing four days we're fighting for all. a lot of the republican party is fighting for the top 1%. what we see across the country early voting has had remarkable turnout. we're excited including here in florida that we believe andrew gillum will be elected governor on tuesday and nelson reelected senator as well. we're fighting for everyone and all people.
8:46 am
>> sandra: you referenced the 1%. the president's policies are only benefiting some in this country. we just had mick mulvaney on after what was a very strong jobs report for the month of october. 3.7% unemployment historic lows for unemployment in this country. and 250,000 jobs added. so what is your message on the economy? >> that we don't ignore the fact that it is good when jobs are created. for those that have jobs established there is benefit to that. we can't ignore unemployment. we can't ignore many of the policies that have impacted us came under the obama administration, not under the trump administration. the reason why the tax plan has been unpopular across the country people haven't felt the benefit of that in that manner. an evolution happened over the last few years. we won't ignore the fact a job created is a good thing but not
8:47 am
talking about the amount of people not actually seeking job opportunities because they don't feel like they have a chance in doing so. that said, at the end of the day as it relates to tuesday we want people to be thinking about this. it is not just about what job you may have. it is about the life you want to have. the environment you want to reside in and the community you want to be in. >> sandra: ronna mcdaniel was just on, the chairwoman of the rnc and she said this is our closing argument for republicans. watch. >> our closing argument today to share with the american people that unemployment is at a record low, it is at the lowest in history for hispanics and african-americans. we are doing so well. do we want to stop that? do we want to halt that in our tracks and hand the reins to schumer and pelosi who will take us backwards? that's the message and i think it will propel voters and independent voters to vote republican and it could make the difference in keeping the
8:48 am
house >> sandra: your response to her? >> i think republicans should get obamacare. they have amnesia about the reality of facts. the reason why data itself with african-american and latinos as someone who ran -- we were the ones that influenced strategies around contracting and that aspect. number two, when you have the economic advisor from the white house not move forward to increasing minimum wage it is hard to listen to the rnc talking about how their argument will be helping black and latino communities. when we talk about -- i heard you twice tried to cut me off. when we talk about the narrative of the caravan. the argument made on the republican side and how black and brown communities feel they aren't being heard on the other side. at the end of the day on tuesday people will be very clear in the end they will not be silent anymore and recognizing communities of color that the democratic party
8:49 am
is fighting for them. >> sandra: the president references the economic numbers he is doing a lot of good for the african-american community considering the unemployment rate comes down. i'm not cutting you off. i want to move through the issues. we're days away. as far as the blue wave is concerned here is ronna mcdaniel on that and i'll get your response. >> i am not seeing signs of a blue wave and i'm looking at the numbers across the country. i think it is tied, it is tight in a lot of districts. i think there are about 20 house districts that could go either way. >> sandra: michael. >> it is just baffling how they lie to themselves. look at nevada where john ralston reports that democratic turnout is at the point if it continues the pace it has been in the last few days it almost will be mathematically impossible to win that. i was on fox last night and the day before. nevada wasn't shown on the screen because of the progress happening there. how can you say there is not a
8:50 am
blue wave when we've had 43 legislative flips and governor races we won in virginia and new jersey last year. it doesn't make sense. we've seen the republican party and the rnc will lie to the american people for the sake of trying to get their vote. what we'll say when we think about medicaid expansion. number one issue in virginia and new jersey. >> sandra: is healthcare the biggest issue for your party? >> absolutely. when we think about the blue wave itself the reason why there will be a remarkable success on tuesday is that people are seeing that. they are terrified of what they're seeing on the other side. >> sandra: i'm respectfully cutting in here because of limited time. your projections for tuesday as far as what happens in the house and senate. >> i think everything is pointing to a democratic majority in the house as relates to the senate i think we all see great progress in that manner. i don't know the exact number. we look at arizona, nevada, florida, things are going in the direction for democrats and
8:51 am
i will we want everyone to see for the last four days. >> sandra: michael blake, dnc vice chair, thank you. >> bill: to the middle east, the clashes on the israeli/gaza border coming to a halt. we'll explain why in a moment. i am a family man.
8:52 am
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>> sandra: the president keeping immigration front and center just four days until we vote saying he is going to detain migrants from those approaching caravans while they await asylum trials. the pentagon saying that 1,000 active duty troops have arrived at the southern border. how all this will play out. and how it will play at the ballot box. >> vice president pence took a swipe at democrat candidates backed by hollywood elites. whether star power really counts when americans cast their votes. >> all that plus #oneluckyguy.
8:55 am
"outnumbered" at the top of the hour. >> bill: thank you, ladies. see you in a couple minutes. clashes coming to a halt on the israeli/gaza border for now. we explain. trey, what's happening? >> good morning, bill. i did speak today with a senior hamas official inside gaza who indicated egyptian negotiators are making progress in talks between hamas and israelis to reduce some of the violence that erupted along the israel/gaza border. in exchange the israelis will have to give up demands that hamas has made. reducing the amount of control over aid and other supplies that enter the gaza strip. allowing salaries for hamas officials to be transferred to gaza and expanding the fishing zone from around six miles to maybe nine or 12. all of these things have been demands of protestors that have gathered here along the border for 32 weeks in a row now. earlier today we did see a
8:56 am
number of protests at the border but they were substantially more peaceful than in the past. in the past grenades have been thrown toward israeli troops. there was tear gas and not as much as before. we do know that palestinian abbas is in egypt to try to broker a larger settlement deal between the israelis and palestinians. we spoke with senior palestinian authorities officials and we got the same message here which is everyone is cautiously optimistic about settlement deals that could take place with the help of the egyptians and any sort of long-term cease-fire agreement to allow with reduction in violence along the border. in egypt we're getting new reports about a terror attack there. something to follow throughout the day. >> bill: thank you so much.
8:57 am
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>> bill: that's a wrap. what's going on over there? >> sandra: a break from politics for five seconds. so many tweets this morning. i had to drop that one. we will see you monday morning. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> fox news alert, new details on the show down at our nation's southern border is a group of central american migrants continues their way. their journey to the united states. 1,000 active through the u.s. have now arrived at the border. with more expected on the way. you're watching "outnumbered" on a fine friday. i am harris faulkner. here today, melissa francis. fox business network anchored at mcdowell, fox news contributor jessica tarlov. joining us in the center seat, opening editor and columnist for the washington times, and fox news contributor as well,


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