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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  November 2, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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if we are back here at noon eastern on monday but for now, here's harris. >> harris: a lot to get to before we let you go on this friday. fox news alert, president trump is avowing tough action on asylum-seekers as he seizes on immigration and the final days ahead of the midterm election. we go out numbered over time now, i'm harris faulkner. it was just four days until election day, president trump is announcing he will sign an executive order next week that will restrict asylum rules to close the door on central american immigrants trekking to the united states and those caravans. this is 1,000 active u.s. troops have now arrived at the border. with more expected to follow. watch. >> i will therefore take every lawful action at my disposal to address this crisis. my administration is finalizing a plan to end the rampant abuse of our asylum system. it is abused.
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if to establish control over america's sovereign borders. >> harris: the president's in his remarks suggesting that troops can fire migrants that throw rocks at soldiers. of this urgency comes as of the apartment of homeland security says the caravan includes nearly 300 people with criminal histor history. the chief white house correspondent john roberts joint is now from the north lawn. i just want the facts. >> let's get that in just a second but let's deal with what the president was talking about yesterday in terms of these asylum claims. remember yesterday we lay that out for you in some measure of detail with the president doing the same thing yesterday. currently, when anybody who crosses the border illegally is allowed to claim asylum in the united states the president on his way out the door yesterday when he was going to columbia,
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missouri, said he plans to have an executive order in place next week that will change the locations in the system by which people can claim asylum in the united states. listen to what he said. >> under this plan, the illegal aliens will no longer get a free pass into our country by lodging meritless claims in seeking asylum. instead, migrants seeking asylum will have to set themselves lawfully at a port of entry. those who choose to break our laws and enter illegally would no longer be able to use meritless claims to again automatic admission into our country. >> the executive order is still being worked out but it will include the authority of the department of justice, department of homeland security, and the president's powers under article two of the constitution. it is another two of the president is using to try to deter people in these caravans and other migrants from entering the united states illegally. the president insists there is a
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big difference between people who have a legitimate claim to asylum and economic refugees. the united states in play cannot afford to absorb into the country everyone who wants to come here to make a better life. he also plans to end the long-held practice of catch and release. he says the military is building ten cities big enough to house the current flow of migrants and they will be held there until their cases are adjudicated and they are either allowed to stay in the united states by virtue of their claim over moved back to their home countries. the only problem with that is the president is still up against that 1997 court order that says you can only hold children for 20 days before you have to release them in some wa way. there are some policies that are being worked on to change that, but that hasn't yet been cooked. to what you asked at the very top here, the president is saying yesterday that he has told the military. i assume the border patrol as well by any of these migrants who start throwing rocks as they
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were against the mexican police should be treated as if they have a rifle in their hands. not to say that this would ever happen because i don't know if it would, but if the u.s. military started shooting people coming across the border who were throwing rocks, that would be disastrous in so many ways. >> harris: am glad that we kind of went back over the nomenclature and the rocks versus rifles. it's always going to get here critics and your opponents talking. it sounded like the president was making the point that he didn't want to see happen to our people when he saw with the military authorities on the ground and local police officers in mexico. >> he made that point several times from pier to look at the violence that was done against the police, look at how these people crashed across the border, look at how they fought with the military, not going to let that happen on the border but again, using lethal force in a case people crossing the border illegally i don't want to
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say it gets us back to kent state but i think a lot of people would see it very similarly. >> harris: we aren't saying the president ever said that and we are not suggesting it, but i'm so glad that we got to talk about exactly the words that were used and drilled down. john roberts, always great reporting, thinking outside the white house, good to see you. as now be joined by texas republican congressman michael mccall. a chair of the house homeland security committee. fabulous to have you on the program today. it's so important to get your perspective and expertise. we're looking at the percentages over the years. a growing number of people trying to do this where they came in a loophole what's happening? stay back most of them are gaming the system. they know the magic words to say and they're allowed to stay in the united states. the fact is, the mexican government -- i talked to the mexican ambassador. he told me they offer the caravan asylum in mexico.
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this is a safe third country but they could seek asylum in from their original country of central america and that's the place to make your asylum claim. so what we did with the president is trying to do is a showing of force number one with her active duty military and not going to take a bogus asylum claims, going up the standards and you've got to apply at the ports of entry, not between the ports of entry. with his caravan to follow that? i don't know. if i could easily see them going between the ports of entry that's going to be a real issue, that we see the drug cartels gaming the system time and time again until we sent a message that if you come, you can't stay in the united states. they're going to continue to come. >> harris: is interesting
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because that's what the president is trying to do by putting up tents along the border for people to be detained while they await the processing. >> that's right. so for the first time, we have our active duty under what's called title x which is very significant. before, it's always been the guard under a different authority assisting border patrol pushing paper and i would got active duty military arms right on the border working with border patrol. this is a very significant departure. i hope it provides some deterrents to this caravan and i think this executive order coming up where he is saying i'm going to change the asylum laws, i do think john roberts is correct, he's going to have an issue with this for his decision which requires these children to be released in 20 days. that's going to be what you're going to see happening.
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chairman goodlatte and i fix this problem. we had a bill on the floor, my border bill, his closing legal loopholes in daca and every democrat vote against it. our bill would've stopped this caravan from ever coming -- we could deport them. the problem now is was a step foot in the united states, due process and protection will come into action. >> harris: we have right now is people standing out all over the country. our william la jeunesse talk directly to some of the men inside that caravan come i didn't talk to everybody but talked to a few when i told him if we can't work it out via asylum, we are going to come in illegally which means they are not necessarily coming in at ports of entry. the going to come across that porous border. i know those areas, i have family down there. i understand where they're going to be coming across. it's your state, want to give you final word.
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>> the rio grande valley sector is the closest sector to the calibrated caravan. we have four caravans now about 11,000 people complete lawlessness moving up towards where your relatives are in the rio grande valley sector. we have to get some law and order here. it's chaos right now and not to get political, but these elections coming up, i really think the american people need to decide if they want an open border to allow all these people to come in or do they want a controlled border and a secure border where we can stop 11,000 people, many of whom are known criminals and some may be potentially terrorists from getting in the united states. >> harris: before i let you go real quickly, the pentagon's as it will not be building tents for detention. would you make of that? >> i think you tents could provide a problem. i know the president would
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prefer to do that, the problem again as we don't have a lot of detention space to hold 11,000 people so what do you do that case? unit even have the space to hold them. >> harris: thank you for your time from the great state of texas, we will bring you back, thank you very much. "reaction now from the other side of the political aisle. california democrat who cents on the armed services committee and often joins us. glad to have you back to the program, good to see you today. these are tough issues. i'm hoping you could hear some of what he was talking about. he got some politics and at the end when he was talking about the logistics of dealing with people trying to game the system of asylum that we've set up. what do you say? >> they will certainly be some that are gaming the system and others that have a legitimate asylum story to tell and frankly, we have a system set up
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that is insufficient in its capacity to deal with the numbers of people that are seeking asylum, the international treaties to which we are participants and our own laws require that we go through a very appropriate and careful process of determining the legitimacy of the asylum-seekers story. if i recall some of the issue that occurred last spring when they were numerous number of people seeking asylum, many of them in illegally crossing the border, they had attempted to cross at the points of entry, but those were choke points and it took forever to try to go through those legal processes, so they came across it legally. of those people nevertheless went through the appropriate process. many of them were released with ankle bracelets determining where they were had if i recall the statistic, 90% or 95 of
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those people actually reported that the appropriate time that the appropriate time at the appropriate place to have their hearing. in the majority of them were rejected and they were sent home. there was the problem of the separation of the children. that remains a problem today. >> harris: when you have 11,000 people, you want to talk about a choke point, there's no way those people can go all through points of entry so my question is, some of them come across or there waiting for the processing, what would you have the president and this administration do? to be tents, detention centers are overrun, children that are going to be let go after 20 days, these people are coming and it is putting pressure on our system and it may be weeks, maybe it's december and maybe it's not all about tuesday, but it's not like they're turning around. >> we are a very capable competent country.
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>> harris: we currently have 11 to 13 million people here illegally already. can we handle it if it comes to our border? >> absolutely we can if we are competent in the ministry of processes. will the military be part of this? it already is. >> harris: and you're okay with that. >> of course i'm okay with that. we have to be careful here. if there are points of entry in the united states where thousands of vehicles pass every hour through those ports of entry, it is entirely possible for us to handle 11,000 people at the various ports of entry into it properly properly if we are prepared administratively with an organizational structure that is set up to do that. and that is frankly the president's responsibility. with regard to the laws, we can change the laws and certainly we know that the immigration laws don't work, both democrats and republicans agree to that and
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they have been efforts bipartisan efforts to deal with the comprehensive immigration reform which is absolutely essential and all of us agree that part of that comprehensive reform has to be border securit security. walls and fences where appropriate and appropriate points of entry that are sufficient in staffing and facility to handle whatever the flow might be, both commercial as well as individuals seeking asylum. >> harris: you're saying some of the thing is a trump administration been saying all along. the president calls it a wall and showing that up, it is some of the same nomenclature to get us the same place so i see the bipartisan middle that you're seeking they are. it is interesting. if i wanted to people today, one from a border state tax and i went from as well. so thank you, i appreciate your time today, we will bring you back.
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a big move by the trump administration announcing it is re-imposing all sanctions on iran that were lifted under the 2015 nuclear deal starting monday. a live report from the state department. plus, republicans reportedly leaning on president trump's on the final stretch of the midterm elections. can the president helped carry the g.o.p. across the finish line? where is his campaign presence energizing democrats. we will talk with the president's daughter-in-law, lara trump is here, senior advisor for the trump 2020 reelection campaign. >> is amazing when you get to see him on the road, i know you have seen him on the road and how he is connecting with everyday americans and is sharing that the only way we continue upon the success, and a successful path as if we have more candidates that support the president's policies.
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10:20 am
huntington, west virginia. you are on the trail. >> i have to tell you, the real question today is with the president's visit here be the difference? will a tip the balance in favor of patrick morrissey over his democratic challenger and the income but in this case joe manchin who continues to be very popular here in the mountain state in part perhaps because of his vote for then the judge now justice brett kavanaugh, that decision very popular here in west virginia and also to be fair seems the president him down that criticism after the vote. he'll probably hear a bit of it here this afternoon. last night in a show me state of missouri, the president help to try to tip the balance in another key senate race, the latest survey showing holly leading mccaskill who was party is out of touch with the american people. >> the democrat agenda is the agenda of the extreme far left.
10:21 am
the democrats are the party of rigid ideology and total conformity. they demand absolute agreement and they dismiss, demean, and demonize anyone who questions their radical ideas. >> as you pointed out just four days before the big day and that means a sprint to the finish continuing in west virginia and indiana tonight. the president will be at a high school auditorium tonight. if that doesn't sound very big, but keep this in mind, the auditorium seats 7300 people. it is expected to draw about 10,000 tonight. they are all in the offering. we will be keeping an eye on that georgia battle for governor between camp and abrams. use of the vice president there yesterday and the president goes on sunday. we have seen obama and oprah all visit them a big race indeed. 4:00 today here in west virginia. i'll be ready for live coverage.
10:22 am
back to you. >> harris: will be ready for more of that, always good to see you, thank you very much. laura trump is here, senior advisor for the trump 2020 presidential campaign and also president trump's daughter-in-law. that grandson is so gorgeous. good to see you. was talk if we can't about the component of having a president in a battleground state where candidates have their own issues, but he's bringing his own bag of stuff as well. >> people love to see this president. we had 100,000 people rsvp to the rally in houston, that's unprecedented. people are always excited to see the president and he is doing such a great job of getting the message out as to why these midterms are so important. why people need to get out and vote on tuesday and need to vote for republicans. i think he has been so effective that people pay attention on the message he is delivering is getting through. >> harris: i mention that there are already issues on the
10:23 am
ground most of them are economic and health care. and that's what we see. the president has talked some about that. he spoke on immigration and the border in the caravan. how do you square that with the issues where voters are in different areas? >> what people are coming up to me and saying what people need to remember is how far we have come in this country. since donald trump took office, look at the economy. to the fact is people's lives are a lot better. it's a little bit hearkening back to reagan. is your life better now that it was years ago? here we are coming of an opportunity to continue the great progress that we have seen under president trump by voting for republicans in the house and senate. >> harris: is confusing little bit because when you talk about that, look at the job creation that came out today. you look at those issues, seems like other republicans are not focused on it as well. the president comes in, talks about the caravan and so on and so forth, gets the crowd riled
10:24 am
up but republicans are not talking about the good things that you're talking. >> i think that's a huge mistake because that is really what people care about in this country and i think donald trump was running 2016, he promised to do this. he promised to get this economy roaring and he has delivered that promise and here we are, we want to see it go forward, want to see more great things from this president but the only way he can do that is to have help from congress and we need republicans to vote alongside him. >> harris: the last rally rat was in houston had his is tough because we've had a lot of things happened in this country. what is it like on the ground in the rallies when you've got the opposite of optic, the heartbreak that this country is feeling for some of the things that have happened, the pittsburgh synagogue? to the president have taken a pause? you are there and with him, give me the temperature. >> i think it's very important to be incredibly respectful to something has awful and tragic is what we have seen happen to
10:25 am
this country. the synagogue was an absolute disgusting act. obviously a mentally ill individual. the thing is, we plan these rallies out so far in advance, we alert people to them and the president never want to disappoint the people. when he knows they're excited to see him, he's a was excited to be there, he doesn't want to let them down, despite canceling rallies and events like this but i think he gave the right message, he paid his condolences, he condemned the whole thing which is exactly right. we have noticed that our country for anything like that, but the people want to come out and see the president and hear from him. >> harris: is so interesting. he may not have gotten enough credit for some of the things that he set on the ground in a widespread fashion, we could talk mainstream media all day long but you're right, he's got a captive audience there. good luck, have fun. and i know you are a new mom, so it's a lot. always great to see you. thank you very much. four days until tuesday.
10:26 am
be sure to tune into fox news channel on election night for special live coverage of the critical midterms. bret baier and martha maccallum will have all the breaking developments starting at 6:00 p.m. eastern. i will also be part of that coverage providing a look at which way certain races are leading and which ones have been called already. it will be a long fun night. tuesday 6:00 p.m. eastern, don't miss it. the trump administration is ramping up tension with iran. re-imposing all u.s. sanctions that were lifted under the 2015 nuclear deal. while the economic pain or get iran back to negotiating at the table? we will discuss that with someone who helped congress break the sanction now being reimposed. stay close
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10:31 am
will reimpose all u.s. sanctions on iran that were lifted under the obama era nuclear deal. the sanctions will go into effect on monday and will hit iran's shipping, financial, and energy sectors. as a second batch of penalty is reimposed in as president trump withdrew from the six nation nuclear deal in may. secretary of state mike pompeo has this to say while speaking on a conference call earlier today. >> as part of the campaign is simple. it is aimed at depriving the regime of the revenues that it uses to spread death and destruction around the world. our ultimate aim is to compel iran to permanently abandon its well-documented ally activities and behave as a normal country. >> harris: rich edson is live at the state department. >> good afternoon, secretary of state mike pompeo says the sanctions will be the strongest ever to hit iran as part of a way to try to compel iran's leader and leadership to negotiate with his administration.
10:32 am
>> missile proliferation, cyber attacks and maritime aggression, human rights, these are the things or may need iran to change his behavior and we intend to seek a new deal with iran that addresses the entire range of their threat to peace and security. >> they say they sanctions will ultimately fail. the administration effort focuses on cutting their oil experts. since may, their exports have dropped by about 1 billion barrels a day. they are exempting a country is temporarily allowing them to continue importing iranian oil. though in a statement, senator marco rubio says sanctions wavers being given to key purchasers of iranian oil most of armenia china give iran a financial reprieve and should be eliminated as soon as possible. rubio also said the administration must do more to
10:33 am
cut them from the international finance system an entity called swift that helps enable international transactions. treasury secretary steven mnuchin says swift will cut off all sanctions banks as soon as it is technically possible and there were other challenges notably the countries that are still in the iran nuclear deal. britain, germany, france, china, and russia that are trying to hold us together and continue conducting business with iran. >> harris: thank you very much. joining me now with more on this, ceo of the foundation for defense of democracies. he is also advised secretary pompeo's team and helped congress write the very sanctions now being reimposed. sorry to talk about you and a third person for a minute but i wanted people to know the importance of why we have you on the program today. so tell me about the sanction specifically. what do they affect? 's to make the sanctions that are coming back on monday will affect iran's ability and the energy sector, exported oil
10:34 am
which accounts for 97% of its export earnings, go also to affect their ability to move money around, to repatriate foreign exchange reserves to return to the currencies of the sanctions or maximum pressure and their maximum financial pressure. >> harris: what does that mean for the people on the ground in iran? they will eventually as i have but in the past rise up and become part of the conversation again. >> they've already written it out since september, protests already around iran, strikes by teachers and truck drivers and what's interesting is the protests for the political base of the regime. these are blue-collar workers would normally have supported the regime but are now on the streets yelling dust of the supreme leader president rouhani, why are you spending millions of dollars and the funding has below instead of taking care of us? so it is been constrained by the trump administration and internally by iranians who are
10:35 am
frustrated and angered by the regime. >> harris: is there any reaching out that we would do as this country to those people on the ground? >> secretary pompeo has had a robust public diplomacy strategy and really reaching out to the iranian people through farsi language twitter, broadcasting, speech is that he's given and underscoring that this is a wonderful culture, wonderful people and a great history of the only place where iranians don't succeed around the world and inside iran because the republic oppresses them of opportunities. he's made that point, underscored that by the president and others. >> harris: 's of these reimposed sanctions going to play on monday and then as we look ahead to 2019, i have heard you say that things could get worse for iran. how so? >> they're going to get worse with the islamic republic because the state department under secretary pompeo's leadership hasn't stopped
10:36 am
reducing iranian oil exports. what he's done is carefully calibrated how to take million barrels off without spiking the price of oil that has been has been enormously successful in doing that. it's the same price as it was when the president withdrew from the deal in mesa look quite a remarkable achievement. going to 2019, going to be locking up iranian oil revenues so they have limited ability to spend and can only spend it on humanitarian goods it is oil markets loosen, the state department is really committed to taking another 500,000 or 800,000 barrels a day off line. so the regime is going to continue to be squeeze in on the financial side, secretary mnuchin has been as successful in designating banks and designating the 700 iranian entities and access to the global financial system. >> harris: that is fascinating to me because now the question becomes with all that in place, does is bring them back the negotiating table or not? >> is an open question, they are always defined until the day
10:37 am
before they decide to come back. we've seen that in the past. the strategy for now may be to count on their hope that president trump is a one term president and wait him out for two years in the vacated president in the white house in 2021 a takes america back into the deal and willing to be as tough. is that is a strategy, the question is can they make it over two years and what happens if they're wrong and president trump has six years to impose maximum pressure? that may be a very difficult strategy to maintain. >> harris: always thought it's hard to go back to what previously was there with any government. so if there waiting out our politics, that seems like a fruitless strategy. but they'll have to deal with it because the sanctions are in play reimposed on monday. thank you so very much for giving us an inside look on how you've been supporting the secretary of state on the sanctions against iran, appreciate it. the democrats are honing in on a key opportunity in arizona to
10:38 am
flip a red state blue. we'll democrat kyrsten sinema be able to edged out republican martha mcsally? breaking down a critical race right here on out numbered over time, stay with us. your insurance rates skyrocket after a scratch so small
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some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. i discovered the potential with ozempic®. ♪ oh! oh! oh! ozempic®! ♪ (vo) ask your healthcare provider if ozempic® is right for you. >> harris: i know from being in the state, all eyes are on this tight senate race in arizona head of election day. democrat kyrsten sinema facing off against republican martha mcsally. if democrats see it as a historic opportunity to turn the deep red seat blue, but it's going to be tough. the latest fox news polling showing them tied at 46%. live now to senior correspondent alecia in the great state of arizona and phoenix, beautiful day. >> gorgeous day here in phoenix, arizona, and you're right. with that razor-thin race going on here, democrats really see an opportunity to gain a seat they
10:43 am
haven't had since 1995 but republicans are spending big to keep that from happening. to turn republican congresswoman martha mcsally has plenty of health and her quarter especially donald trump jr. much of the focus on voters getting those balance in and also on immigration. she says she supports the president's crackdown on the asylum seeking process but that congress needs to do its work too. in the meantime, the demonstration is to do whatever it takes to keep our country and communities safe and that drive having people abuse our system so let's get the legislation on the deck to fix it and will continue to partner with them to make sure we are stopping the flow. >> the president made a stop here earlier this month, his approval rating is not as high as in other states, something that could help the democrat three term congresswoman kyrsten sinema, her popularity has been
10:44 am
growing despite making comments like arizona is the meth lab of democracy. she usually stares back to health care but when asked about the idea of revisiting the birthright citizenship clause of the 14th amendment, she said this. >> it's part of our american heritage and i think this is a distraction from the issues that voters are really concerned about right now which as i hear from them every single day on the campaign trail are focused exclusively, almost exclusively on their concerns around protecting their access to health care. >> as you know, with a race is close, all about turnout. >> harris: you mentioned income bits, they are both representatives and that states will be very interesting to see the battle ahead of tuesday, thank you. meanwhile, as we can prepare for those election results to come in on tuesday, i want to show you who i'll be hanging out with. fox news has a new voter analysis system that will replace traditional exit polls. director of our fox news decision team joins us now to explain.
10:45 am
as we are doing away with the exit polling which really didn't help anybody in 2016. >> exactly. it was a wonderful institution for about 50 years but in many respects, it is now outlived its usefulness. in the main reason for that is because of the number of americans who are no longer voting on election day, they are voting early, voting by absentee, by mail. a 40% of americans or more are voting that way. they never exit, they can't be pulled in an exit poll. our friends from other networks have developed some systems for addressing that. we think the right thing to do is start with a new tool for finding out why people vote the way they do. >> harris: what are we replacing it with? >> basically would hundred 25,000 interviews will be conducted by phone and over the internet, voters in all 50 states and scattered across the country. we are going to be talking to early voters, talking to election day voters and most
10:46 am
importantly, talking to voters who tell us that they're not voting this time around, they're sitting it out and often times in midterms, they are the decisive pool because the democrats are not excited and they stay home all republicans are not excited although increasingly in this year, looks like everyone is excited so that will be an interesting story. >> harris: you've been doing is a long time. how do you think this information makes us better position to tell people what's happening tuesday night? >> if you look back at 2016, the interesting thing is all the poles were actually right. they accurately estimated that hillary clinton would win the national popular vote for president by more than 2% which is what she did. where we failed in 2016 was looking the looking state-by-state at how trump was doing and how hillary clinton was doing and what we have in america today is to a certain extent a very divided country. we are divided by democracy but also divided by geography soon need to look at each of the individual states to see how
10:47 am
people really think. you should look just a national averages. we are going to be able to do polling in all 47 states that have statewide elections and give detailed information and how people are thinking there. are paid >> harris: are also just now outside the studio with a have turned this place into something fabulous like we always do, i think it stands for fabulous. we are going to be on the second floor and just around the corner from where i will in the newsroom, it's a beautiful space, have access to come over there. bill quickly, you also want to be able to show and assess the strength of trump from 16 to 18. >> we're going to be able to assess how his strength has changed, what his job approval is across the whole set of dimensions from the economy to immigration to borders to health care. >> harris: all those hot topics, we will see you tuesday night. 6:00 p.m. eastern is when the coverage starts but you are already working. president trump is doubling down on his push for border security.
10:48 am
amid the migrant caravan situation, but now some republicans reportedly fear the president's hard-line immigration stance could backfire at the polls. republicans are saying that. so what's the potential political impact? power panel comes in, stay clos close. vo: old and even inaccurate search results can destroy a business or a career in an instant. reputation defender is dedicated to help people restore their true online reputation. we believe all americans should have the right to be forgotten online, the right to
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but gavin's had his chance for eight years, and he never lifted a finger. it's time for someone new. john cox, governor.
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>> midterm mania in full swing with president from hitting west virginia and then indiana is former president is in florida and georgia today. plus you know many shy trump voters and could they be the reason the blue wave is more like a ripple? just how close is a senate race? ari fleischer and chris stirewalt and more on the daily briefing. >> harris: is the president has unveiled a new plan to put limits on asylum-seekers, some are figuring love president's hard-line immigration policies will backfire with latino voters. instead, they want them to focus more on a strong economy. most of the pod complex. i'm confused by some these republicans because i don't hear them touting the economy much either. >> the republican message on the
10:53 am
economy especially given the numbers that came out today, expect 60,000 quarter million jobs. unemployment 3.7, full employment. 7 million jobs available. republicans can run on that. wage increase 3.1% and steadily growing. other indicators, cpi, confidence, how's people feel about the economy. on this issue, i think it's being miscast by many in the media and these so-called polls and republicans around this issue of asylum. this is an issue that over the caravan and the immigration issue, many americans care about this issue. they care about the birthright issue. they're starting to look into the real definition of the 14th amendment under the jurisdiction. they're starting to look at this more intellectually.
10:54 am
when immigration is about. >> harris: is a ready but this for people on your side of the political aisle and democrats ahead of the midterm election? >> i have to agree with david on the message. if i were advising the president. from here on in, a phenomenal economy report. i think the biggest danger that he is running, there is some danger about alienating suburban republicans. the real danger is the numbers tend to show that there was not a lot of enthusiasm in the latino population to come out and vote. my question is going to be particularly with the amnesty issue and particularly with what we used to call anchor baby issue, this could have some negative effects of those arizona races that are close, florida even wears not just cubans, you've got dominicans. he may regret having gone there in that situation, going to be employed a lot this weekend. if i were him, i talked to congress. >> on the idea of the latino
10:55 am
community. i was just at the latin hall of fame. if they are not uniform. i call them the 200 club. if they've been here, they fought for independence. they're all across the country in other states, not just in red states and they do have an issue with this as well. it is not as if you're latino so you're automatically going to fall this way on the issue. >> that's fair. i would be concerned i think as a democrat i think i'm kind of happy about it because i think this was a problem. hanging on by a thread. i don't think it is helping him in florida and he needs the help. >> when you look at miami-dade county in his district, you've got a second generation of cubans in that district who didn't grow up living with a wet foot dry food trying to get here for life from cuba. to this new generation tends to
10:56 am
be more liberal than it already liberal area. when you go to central florida and you go out towards saint tampa in st. pete in those areas, you've got a different group in a mixed group of hispanics. >> harris: i'm just going to inject what i sent last hour and it is that people often don't vote because they're happy. of the economy is something you can tout the getting people up and out the door around tougher issues is what you'll often see. great to see you both. "outnumbered" overtime after this. allstate is adapting. with drones to assess home damage sooner. and if a flying object damages your car, you can snap a photo and get your claim processed in hours, not days. plus, allstate can pay your claim in minutes. now that you know the truth...
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>> dana: hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." days until the midterms, president trump on a final campaign blitz holding rallies in west virginia and indiana. both parties pulling out all the stops as we enter the home stretch. with so much at stake, they're trying to see positives in early voting. >> he is boosting that turnout. he is bringing awareness to these races. and i feel good, especially on the senate side about where


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