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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  November 3, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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will be singing the national anthem at the asu football game. and her opponent kristin's inama will participate in the coin toss and i will give my closing thoughts, forget the noise, i will tell you about moving forward, not backwards. >> welcome to fox news at night. the final weekend before the midterm with the battle over two legacies, 45 versus 44, trump and obama. both claiming their accomplishments are in danger depending on whose party claims the manhole tuesday.
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donald trump and obama hitting the biggest swing states crucial for the balance of power but it won't stop there. the competing you pan campaign events will stretch through the weekend. the economy delivering donald trump a robust october jobs report but he's not wavering from the focus of his midterm message, immigration. let's start with what to expect in days ahead of the midterms. >> the last couple days are all about turning out the base, with the key senate races and where the vote totals will matter. look at nevada, dean heller trying to hold on. if we look at the presidential results from 2016 you can see the counties, red counties appear in the northeast went heavily for donald trump, that is where they are trying to turn out the vote, las vegas is a heavy democratic stronghold, big focus for democrats. head down to arizona. estate which will elect undoubtedly its first female senator, and republicans need to turn out, martha mix alley represents this area, she will be counting on a lot of votes by the border, she will be the next senator from missouri. josh hawley, claire mccaskill
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has to do well in kansas city, the middle of the state here and in st. louis, josh hawley is focused in the southern part of missouri, places donald trump by 50 points or more in some counties. we will talk about the state of indiana, key state in the senate race. one of the strongholds for the democrats, that is where president obama will be trying to turn out democratic vote. >> they plan to fight for the little guy. that $1.5 trillion, tax cuts aimed at billionaires and corporations. >> i heard president obama speak today. i had nothing else to do. he was saying you have to tell the truth and yet 28 times he said you can keep your doctor if you like your doctor. >> reporter: must of the standard stump speech touts dismantling the obama legacy
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forcing his predecessor to play defense. >> we created 4.5 million new jobs, a number that was unthinkable if i said that during the campaign. they would have said pinocchio. >> talking about how many jobs we created. the economy created more jobs in the last 21 months when i was in office than it did in 20 months after i left office. >> democrats lost seats in president obama's midterms but mister obama's favorability rating is 14 points higher than donald trump's approval numbers and both of them know immigration is a top issue regardless of party. >> they are telling you this is an essential threat to america, a bunch of poor refugees 1000 miles away.
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they are even taking our brave troops away from their families for a political stunt. >> democrats want to abolish ice, turn america into a giant sanctuary for criminal aliens, contributors and ms 13 kg. >> donald trump and former president obama will be on the road the next four days and where they are going told you about the races they think are important, races they think are winnable. concentration of visits down in florida down, georgia as well where president obama spent today, both of them spending a lot of time in indiana for the senate race, nothing tells you race up for grabs like that many visits from the president and former president. >> donald from rallying support for republican senate hopeful mike brown in indiana just hours ago, a coveted seat for republicans, trying to flip it in a state donald trump won and only in 2016.
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mike tobin live in indianapolis, hello. >> the president is overnighting in indiana, midnight barnstorming tour in full swing. indiana is an important tossup so it's getting a lot of attention from the president. mike braun has campaigned as a political outsider, in a dead heat won't with incoming democrat senator joe donnelly, fox news poll shows donnelly had taken a lead but the polls have been so back and forth across the politics average puts the split atlas janet point, the president is trying to rally the base and give braun the bumpy needs to guarantee one more vote for trump in the senate. >> mike braun is tough on crime, great on jobs, and he will always support our wonderful that's, our military and law enforcement, police. a vote for my opponent joe
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donnelly is a vote to make crying chuck schumer the senate majority leader. >> in this deep red state donnelly has always campaigned as a moderate. he posts he voted with the president 62% of the time. after the rally donnelly said he was happy to have the president in indiana and hopes next year donnelly will welcome him back after he is reelected. the democrats as he's pro-life, pro-gun and supports funding for the border wall, the sharpest difference between the candidates came with the brett cavanagh confirmation vote, donnelly voted against opening the door for braun and the president to say he is a liberal in touch with leadership in the liberal party, out of touch with indiana. >> as we head and this critical weekend of campaigning president
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obama and donald trump seeking credit for the booming economy, latest numbers today, the economy adding 250,000 jobs beating expectations and unemployment at a 49 year low, 3.7%. let's bring in the power panel, cohost of the five, juan williams and steve hilton, former financial intelligence analyst of the treasury department morgan ortagus. great to have you with us. i will start with what the business insider said. this was the perfect job report for trump and the gop, strong across-the-board, 250,000 jobs well above economist expectations of 200,000 and the strongest wage growth since april 2009 with average hourly earnings increasing at a 3.1 pace, your reaction. >> this is the strongest economy any president could hope for going into a midterm election or reelection.
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numbers you just gave there is no way to credibly argue with them. you can have problems with donald trump but what you can't have a problem with is his record on cutting taxes and on the economy. the key thing we will see in this midterm election is does this translate to voter intensity? that is what we are trying to see because we did see the message hasn't resonated the way republicans want it, people are happy with the economy but after two weeks of really bad news, having this mail bomber guy, the terrible shootings at the synagogue in pittsburgh, this is desperately good news needed by the president and republicans. jillian: we all went the economy to be better regardless who the president is. did they campaign against it? >> everyone is happy the economic news is positive. what you heard from president obama on the stump is if you look at the last 21 months of his administration the country added more jobs than in 21
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months since he left office. what do voters think? what do candidates think? in terms of advertising, blanketing the airwaves, republicans are not running on the economy or the tax cuts. that is not gaining traction with voters so instead the president has opted to go after the migrants, make people approaching from the south into an invading army. shannon: state-by-state, the two type issues are healthcare and immigration, for democrats it is healthcare, immigration but overall across-the-board both of those are at the top of the list. where does the economy work into
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the messaging the last couple days, if it is not landing, tax cuts for a lot of people don't seem to be at the top of mind. >> number one thing to bear in mind is voters don't vote out of gratitude for what happened. any reasonable person would have to say donald trump was elected in 2016 with one main job, get the economy moving especially for those working americans left behind, delivered at 100%. the real message that needs to be delivered his potential threat to the economy and that comes even if democrats take the house. what can they do? they don't have the senate white house or do a lot of damage. the real threat is business confidence, the root of the trump boom and economy and growth in jobs and all the good things we see especially business at the heart of it is confidence, consumer confidence. if people get a sense you no longer have a pro-business pro-enterprise administration and congress, and they will make those decisions differently and that is the real threat. they need to hammer that.
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shannon: they will get that through noise and adding things out there. former president obama is on the campaign trail. donald trump is out there and heavy hitters oprah and other celebrities as well. let's play what president obama said about his assessment of where politics are now. >> when words stop meaning anything, when truth doesn't matter, when people can just lie with abandon, democracy can't work. shannon: and another rally donald trump's response. >> lie after lie, broken promise after broken promise, that is what he did. unlike president obama we live by different motto. it is called promises made promises kept. shannon: who gets the appeal? they are appealing to their base
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that does either have the better argument winning over independents and skip school voters? >> know. this is about dragging out the base at this point. when you look at undecided voters they have been seesawing trying to figure out who has the best approach, the most sensible message, and both of these men are the best at getting out the base of their own party. donald trump has been a huge motivator for the republicans. what is interesting about bringing out president obama for the democrats is it showed me how leaderless they are without a message. there message is trump is the devil so you should vote against him. what is going to happen in the next two years, tried to prevent this administration, i don't see any bipartisan -- they threaten subpoenas day after day. you are seeing a party that will be in search of a leader. they will start running for president right away.
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that is why they are bringing out president obama. is a motivator for the base. shannon: he was wildly popular as president. what about the point morgan makes that it is time for leaders in the party? we see senator sanders, elizabeth warren and others but what about the next generation? time for them to step up. >> to immediately eclipse someone like barack obama, it is noticeable, you don't see much of bill clinton or hillary clinton out there. they certainly have been. not when it comes to obama, or should oprah run? shannon: she is not. >> if you are looking in terms of senate candidates, an explosion of riches, bounty of candidates to choose from. i don't know who it might be, looks like michael avenatti late
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-- i am telling you. >> i really think -- >> i will say i think the key here is not necessarily obama versus trump but those are the giants of politics that this moment. it is a nationalized election in so many places but the key here in terms of the itinerary, trump going to read states to pump up his days, obama going to pump up the minority, vote especially in florida and georgia, that you have to look at the issues. healthcare dominates advertising. shannon: final word to you.
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>> until the 2020 election president obama by default is the leader, not surprising to see him out there but it could be counterproductive. the democrat base has been fired up as much as you like for at least a year going back to 2016. president obama gets republicans going. the main thing is if you look at what is happening with the resistance, the rhetoric on the left has been so angry against president trump and his supporters it is like what they want to see on tuesday, revenge of the elite in 2016 but trump supporters hear the hatred directed at them, the language, the extreme language at them, that will mobilize them, don't want the elites back in power, we like the way this is going and don't like the way the snooty people constantly accuse us for wanting a better life. shannon: funny to hear steve talking about snooty people in a british accent.
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we got to leave it there, thank you. migrants in the caravan from honduras file the lawsuit against donald trump claiming violation of constitutional rights. before he made any official policy changes. >> the most ridiculous system in the world. it is obsolete but that is not the problem. the problem is it is a stupid system and it doesn't work. shannon: we are looking at the legality. night court is back. legal eagles are here to break it down. down. i can't believe it. that grandpa's nose is performing "flight of the bumblebee?" ♪ no, you goof. i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. nice.
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>> laura: martha mcsally singing the national anthem at the asu football game. and kyrsten sinema is going to be taking part in the coin toss. on monday i'm going to deliver my closing arguments to everyone across the country. i'm going to talk about moving forward, not backwards. pull the lever for republicans is what you've got to do. believe it. geico could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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>> shannon: immigration and customs enforcement tonight said it put a shannon: immigration and customs enforcement set up at a detain on an illegal alien in march who was facing domestic violence allegations but ice said the sheriff in oregon ignored the details. that illegal is accused of murdering his wife. ice said if locals had alerted
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him they might have prevented him from returning to his family. the number of under and migrants traveling toward the border in the caravan filed a lawsuit against donald trump and others in the administration claiming violation of constitutional rights because of the president's proposed change to asylum laws. trace gallagher is on case tonight. >> reporter: class-action lawsuit filed in federal court against donald trump, the department of justice and department of homeland security. it was filed on behalf of six hunter and migrants and their children who were part of the caravan making its way to the border. and the policies was declared unconstitutional. and several hundred are on the ground. donald trump says undocumented migrants, and asylum-seekers, and they can claim asylum in the us.
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and it violates the floor as act, the federal judge rejected and administration request to modify the floor as act. the president's actions are nothing but a racist political ploy, the president is not backing down. here's what he said at a rally in west virginia. >> the caravan after caravan is forming unvented illegal aliens trying to flood into the country on your dollar, overwhelming your schools, depleting your resources and endangering your community. >> reporter: texas gop senator ted cruz challenging democrat
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beto o'rourke for giving money to immigrants, this video appears to show or campaign aides giving money to migraines. now a spokesman tells the texas tribune the campaign funds were used to provide shelter to immigrants, ted cruz is asking if the caravan should be allowed to cross illegally into texas. he hasn't answered except to say we should define ourselves not by who we are scared of but by we went to achieve. shannon: time for night court, our legal eagles here to break down the migrants case against the trump administration. david bruno and criminal defense attorney emily kind enough to take the sides we assign them regarding how they feel about this case. let's start with this. we have this case, 6 adults who say they are honduran citizens traveling, 6 children, they are
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claiming due process violations under the fifth amendment saying the due process clause of the fifth amendment applies to all, quote, persons on united states soil, plaintiffs when seeking admission at the border, they are not on us soil yet but they say they will get here and that is when these rights kick in. >> that is part of the multiple issues with this lawsuit that render it ridiculous frankly. one of them is standing, the case the lawsuit points to, the supreme court references deportation proceedings, the fifth amendment is construed to afford all aliens participating in deportation proceedings due process and that is the fallacy. they are not yet on our border, they do not have that standing under the proceedings and it is not the same as an asylum applicant. the second issue is the timeliness, the president's
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comments point to its, hasn't resulted in an executive order but with the military decision that falls under the exception of the posse comitatus act that active-duty military can provide support roles as long as it is not law enforcement. the third issue is overreach. the courts accord difference to the president and his exercising of power as does congress which provides to him the authority to present classes of aliens including all classes of aliens from entering or crossing the border for facially positive reasons and taking it a step further they are not allowed to go behind-the-scenes to determine whether or not it is legal. there are multiple issues. shannon: the president says this executive order, executive action is coming. should they wait until they have
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something to challenge? are they putting the cart ahead of the horse? >> i believe it is premature to file this action. they are not at the port of entry and the president has not taken official action. whoever brought this lawsuit failed to read the supreme court decision trump versus hawaii which granted him tremendous discussion to act but it does bring up some issues. there is a procedure for any asylum-seekers that everyone should be taken in for credible fear interview. and thereafter if they are granted that, there's a hearing. i read some statistics that 93% of the 401 asylum-seekers in the march caravan, april caravan were cleared through the first interview. that was very surprising. i couldn't believe it. i thought many people were taking advantage of the situation but there are issues,
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there is a process under our federal code and if there is no executive action and denied those rights, there are claims for due process violation. >> they are objecting to the idea that people at the border will not be allowed to proceed into the country, will be held in temporary dwellings. what the president said about the plan. >> we will build tent cities all over the place, we will not build structures and spend hundreds of millions of dollars, we will have tents, they would be very nice and they will wait and if they don't get asylum they get out. shannon: there's no evidence trump's policy position initiative placing people in tent cities is in compliance with requirements that alien children such as those at issue in this case are placed in facilities provide adequate temperature control, access to
12:28 am
drinking water, i want you to weigh in on that issue. >> the biggest issue is the rightness, what the president said in an interview does not translate to executive order so the points made are true, tent city would have to comply before the agreement but he hasn't issued or created that and it is not timely. important to note in the last a lot of grievances it talks about, rhetoric and things it is incumbent upon congress to change it would behoove these attorneys to spend their time lobbying representatives in congress. >> did it stand against the first hurdle at the district court where it was filed? >> the language you extracted the key term is children, pursuant to the floor as agreement. mandatory requirements in that agreement.
12:29 am
shannon: that is very specific in that decree, they are not setting up tent cities. we will see what the reality is as this plays out. let us know what you think at fox news might, we would love to hear your take on night court. the trump administration reinstating sanctions on iran. a major blow to the iranian economy. claims of anti-semitism, that story in where in the world. today is the day you're going to get motivated...
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>> shannon: in an interview with shannon: donald trump's former
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personal attorney michael cohen says mister trump used racist language before he was president. he wants to clear his conscience by warning voters about the president's true nature before the midterms. alec baldwin who portrays the president on tv has been charged with misdemeanor assault after being arrested for allegedly punching a man in new york city. the altercation was reportedly over a parking spot. here's donald trump's response. >> who was arrested? >> alec baldwin. >> i wish it was. >> iran is bracing for major economic blow. tough sanctions were used during the obama era nuclear deal. richardson with what is in store for iran next week. >> reporter: mike pompeo says the administration is targeting the core of iran's economy, essentially ends us participation in the iran nuclear deal. the us will restore sanctions
12:35 am
against iran's will, banking and shipping sectors, the administering so the sanctions will hit 700 individuals, entities, vessels and aircraft. >> the revenues it uses to spread death and distraction around the world. our aim is to compel iran to abandon its well-documented outlaw activities and behave as a normal country. >> the sanctions will penalize those importing iran's oil except eight unnamed countries. officials say they have given them more time because they worked with the administration to increase iranian oil imports and move through india, japan, south korea though some republicans like marco rubio are concerned, quote, sanctions waivers given to people are just are is of iranian oil give iran a financial reprieve, should be a laminated as soon as possible. rubio said the administration must do more to cut iran from international finance system and an entity called swift that helps enable international transactions. steve mnuchin says swift will cut off sanctions banks as soon
12:36 am
as it is technically possible. britain, france, germany and the european union are committed to the iran nuclear deal saying it, quote, provides the lifting of international sanctions to have a positive impact on trade and economic issues with iran but most importantly on the are lives of the iranian people, committed to help facilitate business with iran is allowed under the nuclear agreement despite us sanctions. shannon: police investigate claims anti-semitism by britain's leftist labour party tops tonight's where in the world, they crime inquiry focusing on online messages by labour party members. unclear whether they are rank-and-file or officeholders. one allegedly says we will read the world of all jews. tanzania's largest city on the brink of a crackdown on homosexuals. city officials asking for tips to locate suspected gays and
12:37 am
lesbians, roundup that arrests will begin next week by a special team made of police and psychologists. human rights advocates are very worried this will spark violence. thousands protesting in islamabad, pakistan, demanding the public hanging of a christian woman acquitted eight years after being sentenced to death for alleged blasphemy. the supreme court overturned her 2010 conviction of insulting the prophet mohammed wednesday. in pakistan a prominent cleric known as the father of alabama was killed today, the attacker killing him in his bedroom and escaping undetected. in haiti buddhist celebrations of the dead reaching a climax, proof they enter a trance and their bodies were possessed by spirits. buddha practitioners drank and washed their faces and eyes with a mixture of raw rum and hot chili peppers. the mixture could burn the skin
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of any human alive. breaking news from the senate judiciary committee still working through allegations against brett kavanaugh. the committee says one of the women accusing him of rape admits she lied about it. a lot more to that story. senator john kyle joins us to talk about what happened on capitol hill. to fill the seat of late senator john mccain. the new capital one savor card. earn 4% cash back on dining and 4% on entertainment. now when you go out, you cash in. what's in your wallet?
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woman who shannon: a woman who send an email to the senate judiciary committee saying she was the jane dough by the letter alleging brett cavanagh rates are in serious legal trouble, she admitted judiciary committee investigators she never met him. judy monroe sent the anonymous letter to california senator kamala harris that brett cavanagh rates are but when the committee began investigating her claims she admitted she did not send a letter and was just trying to get attention. she could face possible charges from the doj and fbi. before filling john mccain's eat john kyle was brett cavanagh's lead sherpa guiding the judge through ins and outs of the protocol. he joins us now. great to have you with us.
12:43 am
you were in the senate for 18 years before you on the judiciary committee, you were deeply involved in confirmation battles before. how is this one different? >> the first part was kind of like the rest the democrats seemed from the beginning they were not going to support brett kavanaugh but he did an excellent job in personal interviews and in his hearing he was outstanding and the bombshell accusations hit and everything changed and you saw and american people saw the spectacle. too bad everyone involved had to go through that but he was confirmed and i appreciate that. >> chuck grassley, a number of people associated, and investigation and possible crimes and penalties, in a letter today on october 3, 2018, an email from judy layton with
12:44 am
subject line claiming, quote, i jane dough, brett kavanaugh raped me. under questioning, she admitted contrary to prior claims, and when kim asked -- when asked, she said she never met him. what kind of penalties do you think people who got involved with this investigation made false statements should be facing. >> don't know what the law provides but it is important check grassley made these referrals to the formative justice. republican members of the committee repeatedly tried to make the point against democrats saying the fbi was the only possible entity to investigate the allegations that committee special investigators could do the same job and providing false information to the committee was just as much a crime as if they
12:45 am
had lied to fbi investigators and they will make that point. >> you are on the campaign trail, you spent years in the house and senate. you are out there for other folks running in support of them. there's a lot of talk about the vitriol, the heat, the passion on all sides. what is the campaign trail like? >> too much negative campaigning's. phoenix has one more than any community in the country. and the american people deserve better than that, a reflection of the general decline of civility in our society. >> fox news polling, the two congresswomen who are running, what is your argument for martha make sally and do you think in the end these estimates will
12:46 am
come out on top? >> she worked in my senate office as a major in the u.s. air force, a certain number of limited offices get experience in the united states government outside the military and serves well in that capacity, in the house of representatives i seen her leadership skills that existed in the air force applied to governing as well. she is extraordinarily energetic, very smart, works well with people across the island tackle tough problems. all those things plus her integrity are going to stand her in good stead. it is a very close race but one more thing about martha to illustrate the breadth of her support. this week senator susan collins from maine came out to campaign last saturday with lindsey graham from south carolina was here, donald trump came out as
12:47 am
president, and many others. she has support from moderates, conservatives and everybody in between and that is the way she will govern as senator. shannon: her opponent, congresswoman's inemarket, they didn't get immigration done, from time you left congress to the time you got back a lot of things people are fighting about not getting done, who bears the blame? >> look at all the things republican congress has gotten done in this is a 1-vote margin in the senate. the tax cuts that are helping all-americans, obvious improvement in the regulatory scheme with regulations of the previous administration having been cast aside and a variety of
12:48 am
other activities, in 1987, appropriation bills in the past which is a better way to fund the government so we don't have to look at possible shutdowns. in the center the confirmation of a lot of executive branch nominees and judges. very important accomplishments. probably the two big things that haven't been done are a reform of healthcare, obamacare, and immigration reform as a political football, particularly on the other side of the aisle. shannon: we will see if you stay, a lot of people in arizona hope you will end a special election may be coming as well. thank you very much for your time, great to see you. a fox news exclusive with homeland security secretary kirstjen neilsen, the security of voting machines, chief
12:49 am
intelligence correspondent katherine herridge, to combat any election meddling. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ comfort. what we deliver by delivering.
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>> shannon: a fox news exclusive tonight as we go inside the >> fox news exclusive tonight insidede the plane to keep
12:53 am
tuesday's election secure. donald trump says the administration spent a lot of money and time to prevent any meddling. here is katherine herridge. >> reporter: we haven't seen any successful activity. we haven't seen any activity we can attribute directly to a foreign nation. >> reporter: homeland security secretary kirstjen neilsen will oversee the situation room on election night tracking cyberthreats to voter databases and online efforts using propaganda and disinformation to influence voters perception and decision-making. >> the most secure election in modern age. >> reporter: he spoke to fox about the new security measures a day after she, fbi director christopher ray and the nations intelligence chief briefed the president. >> his basic message was elections are the heart of our democracy, extraordinarily important americans have confidence in them. >> reporter: national cyber security command center added
12:54 am
monitoring that covers 90% of registered voters and programs like cyber intruders. more than half of all states completed vulnerability assessments. >> there would be a us government response. a lot of reporting. is that on the table? >> everything is on the table. >> reporter: the intelligence community warned russia, china and iran have issues that divide voters. a russian troll site masquerade online as us citizens. earlier this year beijing sponsored pro china ads to sway american farmers. >> we continue to see aggressive actions in multiple countries to influence the way americans think and in some cases like china to perhaps change our policies. >> reporter: neilsen notes for government and hackers may not
12:55 am
breach voting systems but warns they exploit election night. >> to so confusion, discord and mistrust, state-sponsored media that something is wrong. >> reporter: on election day homeland security says they supported the rnc and dnc. americans should not jump to conclusions if there's a problem and wait for an independent assessment from fbi, dhs and the intelligence community. a resident of stow, ohio has terminal cancer. his town decided to celebrate christmas two month early to honor and give them a celebration he and the town would never forget. they decorated their homes, saying carol's and had a visit by santa. there was a christmas parade on a fire truck. all the residents, you are fantastic, you are our midnight heroes, thank you for giving us
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such a special early christmas. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. i shannon bream. stick around.
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>> sean: welcome to "hannity." in just four days the polls will be open and you have the power to decide the balance of power in washington, d.c. remember about for any democrat in the house is vote for nancy pelosi, or a shifty shift. if you vote for any in the the democrat, you are basically voting for chuck schumer. it looks unusually close this midterm election and it looks like turn out is going to be key. as per usual, democrats have been using the politics of fear and division to motivate their


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