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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 3, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> sean: welcome to "hannity." in just four days the polls will be open and you have the power to decide the balance of power in washington, d.c. remember about for any democrat in the house is vote for nancy pelosi, or a shifty shift. if you vote for any in the the democrat, you are basically voting for chuck schumer. it looks unusually close this midterm election and it looks like turn out is going to be key. as per usual, democrats have been using the politics of fear and division to motivate their base. you've seen it with your own
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eyes, for months, vilifying trump, his supporters and even the man that you appointed to the u.s. supreme court. no lie to egregious, no exaggeration to bold and at no smear to absurd. democrats are willing to do and say anything because they want power and we have been showing you of the tapes to prove it every night. tonight the president is out pounding on the campaign trail, fighting like never before. unlike democrats he actually has a track record and a positive message to share. with great news today, the economy is booming like never before. we will show you today's numbers and have more analysis from all the critical election races all across america. bill hemmer will join us from the hen "hannity" big board, and we have a new update from our crisis on the southern border. buckle up midterms, four days away. it's almost game-time, time for
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tonight's opening monologue. president trump is out pounding the campaign trail and he will be making stops in four different states. today he held two major rallies, indiana and west virginia. >> we are finally putting america first. it's been a long time. [cheers and applause] but if chuck schumer and nancy pelosi, and the legendary maxine waters take power, they will try to erase our gains and eradicate our progress, that's what's going to happen. we won president trump campaigning in west virginia, which means one thing. you do know that he won by like 40 points in 2016 and west virginia. tonight democrat spread a message of fear and division like they do every two and four
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years. president trump a very positive message to deliver today. his agenda, it's working the evidence is in and the economy is booming like never before. just today, new numbers. the labor department announced a whopping 250,000 more new jobs added in just the month of october, shattering all expectations even in spite of our hurricane. unemployment is at a 49 year low, 3.7%. we now have a record number of americans employed and, wage growth, look at this number. it's now searching past 3% which means real money in real people's pockets for the first time since 2009. overall, nearly 4.5 million jobs have been added since president trump has been elected. keep in mind, we already have a record low unemployment for hispanic americans, african-americans, asian-americans, women in the workplace, youth unemployment. we literally have more jobs
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available, about a million, then we actually have on food stamps. we have more people on poverty than ever before. the country, we have success after success shattering every record on the books and record low unemployment in 14 states. now even some on the left, they can't help but admit that the trump agenda is actually working. we are you getting all these election week conversions. they are telling the jobs report "everything you ever wanted. former clinton advisor mark penn praised the president for taking a bold stance on major issues. americans tonight are taking notice for days out of any election which is why the president's approval numbers are continuing to soar, hitting 51% in the latest rasmussen poll. four days until the important midterm elections. ask yourself this question. is president trump delivering on
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his promises, is he keeping his word? you can see 11 cities, 11 states and fighting for every vote. crisscrossing the country at the speed of trump, on behalf of the policies that are working for that forgotten men and women you look at it and we are better off. meanwhile democrats, no plan to make your life better. they offered nothing but daily hate, division and obstruction. they want higher taxes and more regulation, more obamacare, more open borders and more sanction sanctuary cities. they obstruct religious justices that believe in the constitution. they want to go back to the phony trump-russia collusion claims. how is any of this agenda going to improve your life? make no mistake, there are no moderates left in the
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democratic party. this is a party of radical extremists and anti-moderates have long been drawn out into his extinction every democrat you elect forces a block based on chuck schumer in the senate and nancy pelosi in the house. in the senate, a montana democrat. and, at jon tester. he votes with chucky schumer 87% of the time. montana voted for trump. he calls himself a moderate, he's anything but. he's chuck schumer but he lives in montana. in ohio, senator sherrod brown. he votes with sumer a whopping 98% of the time. in florida, bill "do nothing" nelson, ables was schumer 88% of the time. heidi heitkamp, 77% of the time. joe manchin, 64% of the time. every county in west virginia voted for trump. he says he votes with sumer by a whopping rate of 74% especially
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on the big issues. donnelly now in the last week of the campaign is trying to appear to be something he's not, just like we saw in tennessee, missouri, arizona, and he's trying to pretend he is a moderate. as you can see, that's a bald-faced lie. he's actually running a stealth campaign. look at this. in indiana, running ads in support of the third-party libertarian. that candidate is siphoning away votes from michael braun. they are splitting the ticket and doing it on purpose. joe donnelly could not win a one-on-one battle with michael braun. this is dirty, despicable politics, yet predictable at its worst. i brand-new undercover project veritas video, joe donnelly's wife and campaign staff all skimming once again to cover up just how liberal joe donnelly really is, as again, as always,
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we show you the tape and you get to decide. >> what is senator donnelly's take on, right to work? >> he takes away workers rights. >> he is for working families. >> he supports the unions, right? >> i wouldn't say that. >> just wondering for myself. >> it's almost like he has to play down being liberal. does that make sense? >> yes. we have like four or five states. >> he has to stifle his liberal side? >> i feel like probably. >> it sucks. because he voted no. >> we reached out to the donnelly campaign because he didn't return our request for
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comment, but is anyone shocked? all of these red states, democrats pretending to be something they are not. countless examples caught on camera, plotting to seem less liberal and less extreme. basically bamboozle in purposely lying to the people in their states. they want to hide just how far left the entire democratic party has become. they are out of touch, they have contempt for the voters. claire mccaskill is saying, she's not one of the crazy democrats when in fact, she actually is. jon tester claiming the democratic party botched the kavanaugh debate. they didn't give him a chance. remember they were against kavanagh from the beginning. joe donnelly ran an ad about socialists and government run health care. it is a buddy chuck schumer gave us that failure, gave us that monstrosity. many people only have one choice
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of a health care provider and this is a light campaign. they support the far left policies of schumer and they constantly work to address president trump and his agenda. all they want is power and they have contempt and they are caught on tape. radisson caught on tape. heidi heitkamp, caught on tape. now we have joe donnelly, caught on tape. gillam, one running for governor, caught on tape. look no further than kavanaugh and steve gore such. only a far left democrat would be voting against these two highly qualified impeccable candidates. and we saw what happened, no due process and no presumption of innocence. and we have yet another revealing project veritas video to show you, this time coming from the great state of texas. $80 million they have been using in texas to smear and slander
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ted cruz who has been a staunch conservative. they come up with their new hero, their new hero. beto o'rourke. he's been scheming to help migrants enter our countries. by the way, potential huge campaign violation. >> >> i know that they are using campaign resources to help with the migrants, and i just didn't want anyone to get in trouble with that. i just wanted -- didn't want them to ask any questions about people using resources. >> i don't want to get caught, we could be fined $50,000. in a statement, they attacked ted cruz of using fear and
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paranoia. meanwhile, former communist turned cia director turned a fake news conspiracy tv theorist, msnbc hack john brennan has now officially endorsed a bozo. tonight senator ted cruz maintains the lead and $80 million liberal democrats have thrown against ted cruz. bozo does not represent texas values, it's that simple. in florida tonight, usually successful governor rick scott is in a very tight race, too close to call against bill nelson. the race for governor also just as close. freedom caucus member ron desantis making a last-minute push as his opponent far left, tallahassee mayor andrew gillum facing tonight, serious charges of corruption. actually taking tickets to the broadway hit show hamilton. he took them from an undercover
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fbi agent running a bribery scheme. apparently it worked. in costa rica from a lobbyist in another possible bribery scheme. gillam reportedly facing investigation as we speak tonight. yesterday calling the corruption charges a slideshow. i think all of you want free the tickets tickets and free vacations? >> if we are stealing anything it's hearts and minds. as i said all along, i have zero tolerance for corruption. i am not under fbi investigation and neither is my city. what we have done is aided them all the way along, hamilton has again been a slideshow. >> sean: oh, i'm stealing hearts and minds and cash for hamilton tickets and free luxury vacations. gillam wins, probably won't even
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finish his first term. he can't be governor of florida from a federal prison. let's see what happens. despite everything we have just showed you, nancy pelosi could be more confident. even left-wing conspiracy theorist thanks pelosi went too far. here's the problem when you lose him. >> how can you make the mistake that someone else made a few nights ago? a democrat that automatically announced we are going to win it, and i think, my god, that's what happened in 2016, everyone was throwing the party for hillary. >> notice how all these rich hollywood liberals, it's very interesting. they always support policies that work for the people of the country, like michael moore. if you lose michael moore, you know you are treasuring on dangerous ground. they have relied on the monolithic support from hollywood to get that out and
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one of their favorite far left actresses, poor little alec baldwin is in trouble. watch this. >> can you imagine any other president saying this? no. that would be that the action of a dictator or king. not the president of the united states. >> alec baldwin was arrested today in new york city for allegedly punching someone in the face. what about? parking spot dispute. you know what, probably is. before we go tonight, we must address a topic that becomes more serious with each passing day. thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants are now marching toward our southern border. and while the majority of those migrants, probably 99% have good intentions and probably want what we take for granted, they are in search of another life for themselves and their
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families, there is a massive security risk at play here. nobody can vouch for any one of these people. the department of homeland security is now reporting and assessing tonight that 270 people in that caravan of thousands are either known gang members or have criminal backgrounds. the president is bowing to turn back the caravan saying he's willing to commit as many as 15,000 troops in order to secure our border and protect our sovereignty and respect our laws. he also told those who intend to illegally come into this country, they should turn back now, they are wasting their time. by the way, our troops have already begun arriving from mcallen, texas, on thursday and more are on the way. tonight we are learning that a group of migrants have already filed a lawsuit against the trump administration for violating their constitutional rights. and they are not even at the border yet. of course democrats are not allowed to talk about this. john podesta was group says do not talk about this, just to switch topics. they don't want to talk about any of this, or what they really believe because they support
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open borders, sanctuary cities and sanctuary states. they also rolled out their retired fearless leader, yes, he's back. former president obama, the anointed one who mocked america's caravan concerns as nothing more than a political stunt. >> they are telling you the existential threat to america. it's a bunch of poor refugees a thousand miles away. they are even taking our brave troops away from their families for a political stunt. at the border. >> i think he has lost a step or two. he doesn't quite have the magic he once did. six in ten americans want the troops to stop the caravan from entering our country illegally. 51% of the hispanic americans also want troops at our southern border. unfortunately they are putting their heads in the sand.
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we know their plan, open borders, sanctuary cities, regardless of how much it cost the american taxpayer. instead of growing the economy and creating jobs, we want to raise taxes. that's what this election is about. you want to protect our constitution or smear or slander and eliminate all due process and presumption of innocence? instead of improving the lives of the forgotten men and women that make this country great, what do they want? endless investigations. really? more trump-russian collusion? in four days, this coming tuesday, you have the power to shock the world. you can stand up for common sense, for what's working, everything that makes america great. it's about jobs and higher taxes versus tax cuts, whether or not our borders will be secure or not. energy independence or energy dependence? this is about america being
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strong on the national stage, or not. this is about america for your kids, for the future. when we come back, bill hemmer at the hannity big board tonight. we will take a look at house and senate races that matter the most. and mark penn will be i am a family man.
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i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. ♪ >> sean: four days left until you the american people had to the polls. joining us now from the "hannity" big board, bill hemmer. yesterday you were using the baby "hannity" big board and i we have the older big board, what happened? >> you will want to supersize them. but in a moment i will show you
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what you predicted for the senate. and i will show you in a moment -- first i want to start with the house. on tuesday night around 7:00, what are the telltale signs about how this race is going? the polls close at 7:00 in indiana, virginia, lots of good house races there, and at 7:30 7:30 p.m., we head into ohio and west virginia. at 8:00, this is where you start to digest the data. this is where you start to get an idea as to which way perhaps this race is going on the house side. here's what i'm looking at shawna. we have at the moment at least 29 races that we think are pure toss-ups. but in pennsylvania with the contours in new jersey, we have eight different races that we think are in play. red is leaning republican, blue
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liens democrat and the yellow ones are pure toss-ups. it's my hunch, and i don't know if you agree or disagree, but i think democrats could win net three house seats in pennsylvania. but yet they went redistricting back in january. i think if they do better than three they could be in for a good night for the democrats. >> sean: if it's a big change though, when they gerrymandered again, that was a big deal. and you are right, they redid the districts for the very purpose that they could pick up these seats. >> if it's higher than that ty could be off to a good night, if it's at three or less that could be a better time for the g.o.p. conversely for republicans, always come back here to florida because i keep driving myself down the interstate for core door in my mind. tampa, orlando or daytona. there are two house races down here that lean republican, 15 and 16.
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if republicans hold them early in the night, around 8:00 or 8:30 p.m., it could be a good time for the g.o.p. another time would be in ohio. this is ohio district 12, columbus, ohio, the suburbs out to the rural areas. if troy balderston holds on, and we might get an indication early on the night that it would be a good sign for the republicans, we will see how this goes. i mentioned the 29 toss-ups, these are the districts on the map. now, you want to talk about the senate. where was the president today? he was in west virginia and indiana. west virginia, you know about that senate race, and this is where all of the polls come together. joe manchin appears to have the lead by about eight points, but let me take you back two years. these were presidential results from 2016 and west virginia. do the math.
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that's 42 points where the president was a winner and that is again why he thinks he's got a good shot flipping that sheet. by the way, congressional seat number three is up for grabs. pop over to indiana, the senate race there, we know what it is. it's joe donnelly the democrat and mike braun at the republican. if you look at the polls and smash them altogether, it looks like donnelly has a one point lead there. last night we did a "what if" for the senate for you. let's dial this up and tell me where you think something could give. we started with 51-49, republican-democrat. you said missouri flips? >> sean: first republicans have to hold tennessee and missouri, and arizona. florida is too close to call in my mind. i do believe north dakota will flip and i believe jon tester is
1:28 am
in trouble. indiana is so close, the only thing holding back the republican is the libertarian in that race. so all of these are fluid. i'm not sure about west virginia, that would be an outlier, as would be the state of new jersey. bob menendez is in big trouble, they put huge resources in at the last hour to help him. so net pick up i would say missouri, net pick up north dakota, net pick up indiana and we can go from ther there. >> okay, i have to flip indiana. final answer. you are at 54-46. >> sean: i'm where i was yesterday, i didn't change my mind. bill hemmer, we will see monday. joining us now is chairman herman cain, former clinton chairman advisor. let's start with you. you seem to have a grasp. it really is a phenomenon, and to be fair, to democrats,
1:29 am
clinton had it to a certain extent and 92. obama had it in 2008, and trump has eight and he is not running. trump has these clap like crowds and overflows that are massive. people don't seem to be counting that. >> i think we missed in 2016, i'll these rallies really made a difference. and it looks like president trump is pursuing a senate strategy, this thing is likely to be a split decision in midterms after the first two years of the presidency, and that's as close to a win as you are likely to get. i think something is going on here with the insults being thrown around. but i really said today, we see insults on both sides and i think where trump had the advantage in 2016 was he hit issues, or he had the economy where he has a 57% approval or immigration where he is provocative, not only on the
1:30 am
side, i don't agree with all the policies, but he's talking about issues. the failure of the democrats as not to join issues. i don't hear any of that being joined on the other side. >> democrats have not picked a single issue that you are resting on. i'm just saying stop talking about impeachment, lots of hate trump rhetoric and they want the crumbs back i do think we have to take serious history and headwinds. i think mark is right, if if they pick up wins, we just have to go back and pick up history. 94, for the first time in 40 years, newt gingrich won the house for republicans. that was bill clinton's first midterm. 2010 was a blow out and that was a first midterm for barack obama, huge republican
1:31 am
pickups. so the president certainly has a lot of headwinds as it relates to the house. i would say the house right now leaning tonight towards democrats, because so many toss-ups are republican holds or republican must holds. >> for sure we know that we will know after tuesday night. today is a lot different than those other two years that you referenced, those other two situations. and here is why. people have more access to information than they have ever had. that will change historically s might turn out. i'm still cautiously optimistic that the republicans will maintain control of the house and republicans will maintain control of the senate. i'm not counting whether they are going to pick up seats but on maintaining that they make control.
1:32 am
you have some people out there called secret conservatives that aren't making any noise, they aren't saying anything. they are participating in the polls. i participate in polls that are directional but they are not exact in terms of what we think the outcome is going to be. but the big thing is, people have access to more and better information themselves. >> sean: the polls were wrong. and oh four at the polls show john kerry as president. they couldn't have been more wrong in 2014. there is something to what herman is saying here. but at least on the conservative side, but if pollsters get it wrong this time -- in the air of trump? >> i agree with this. the republicans will hold and
1:33 am
probably expand their lead in the senate. if that happens, the pollsters will look good again. if something happens either way there is a democratic way of that we didn't expect and the democrats -- where there is a republican wave and you hold on, that's clearly not what the polls are saying. and therefore we really have to question the polls and trump in the era of trump as they become harder and harder to do. >> i -- herman, you are predicting both houses republican? >> i'm predicting both houses. you can't buy elections today that we used to. >> sean: i'm predicting too close to call. they will pick up seats in the senate and in the house i would say, advantage tonight, democrats. but you could shock the world. we will explain the more as a program unfolds. sarah sanders on the outright
1:34 am
horrific and impressively low coverage leading up to the midterms, and an important announcement, it's pretty important. i will tell you
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>> sean: so this week we saw the hate trump destroy trump main street media blatantly rooting for the democrats to win in four days. in case you missed it, here are some of the examples. >> you want a slight check on this man, and his unrelenting race to the finish here to make sure he can continue destroying the country. you might want to vote all d. >> until you can stand up to this kind of hatemongering by president trump, republicans are imitating it. >> i know i haven't stopped praying since you were elected. dear god, when will this end? the one here now, sarah sanders is with us.
1:39 am
good to see you. this went from nonstop hate almost from the day the melanid the president came down the escalator, to -- just never ending. blaming the president for the synagogue shooting and yet, the guy that shot up the synagogue and committed that act of terror, that anti-semitic activated trump for his strong support of israel. that's how bad it's gotten. >> it's absolutely disgusting. i'm just glad to know there is no bias in the media. all the clips you just show to come up they constantly talk about how they are fair in their reporting, but what you just gave us was a glimpse into every day with many in the media. one of the saddest truths is that they want to blame the president for every single problem in the world but refused to give him any credit for all of the success that he has had. it's absolutely outrageous and i
1:40 am
think you just saw a great case and the sad truth of what we deal with unfortunately every day. >> you watch fake news cnn and they deserve every criticism they get. it's almost every second, every minute, every hour of every day that this is all that they do, demonize the president. and it has gone beyond what we get every two and four years. racist, sexist, homophobic, dirty air, kill children enter granny over the cliff. now it's responsible for terrorism or some not that sends bombs to innocent people. >> one of the things that was so startling that came out just today was 60% of the country feels like the media is dividing the country and only 17% thinks they actually do anything to bring people together. yet, they continue to try to place the blame on the president. it's absolutely outrageous.
1:41 am
we saw cnn, the first thing they did after the suspicious packages were mailed, it wasn't to condemn the individual, but it was to go after the president. the first thing the president did was to condemn the individual, go after that person. at some point the media has to put responsibility on people carrying out these heinous acts and doing despicable things. yet they continue to want to put every single bad thing on the world on the president. >> sean: it was funny to get
1:42 am
lectured by jeff zucker, and i was thinking, watch thy own network. but either way with the public 60 plus percent seeing the media is that way, i don't think it means as much. now the president has been on the road and has done 11 stops in less than a week and the president has gone all in on the campaign, and i don't believe the polls anymore because i think there is an incalculable base of trump voters that will never talk to the media, or any pollster. they are going to go click and not answer, or lie to them. >> absolutely, and you can see that at every one of the events of the president has hosted not just over the next coming days but what we've seen over the last month. in some press of the types of crowds and the people and the enthusiasm that the president is turning out particularly when he is not on the ballot. we had a great momentum going into tuesday, and it's incredible because the president has had two years and people have to make a decision. do they continue to go to down the road they are on, one of the best economies that we have seen in years if not in history has happened under this president and that's because of the tax cuts and because of him getting rid of the job killing regulations that have been a burden on businesses, particularly small businesses
1:43 am
over the last eight years. >> sean: we have 250,000 jobs, and normally when you have a hurricane it impacts job creation. we had unemployment at a 49 year low, and we have it literally 8 million americans off of food stamps and out of poverty at that time. literally the best two years economically that we have ever had. yet i don't think we have ever watched anyone in the big three networks, "new york times" or "washington post" ," ever talk about what is really an economic miracle. >> sarah: they all said it could not be done and frankly the sad piece is, i think a lot of people in the media want to see the president fail and it drives them absolutely crazy that he continues to succeed week after week, month after month, and deliver on things they said were not possible
1:44 am
under any president, much less this president, and he continues to surprise them all and i think he will do that again on tuesday. >> whatever they pay you, it's not nearly enough. i don't know why you do this job. >> i love the country and i'm proud to serve in this administration. i think we have a great story to tell and i'm glad we do that. >> that's a great answer, you are serving your country. oh, yes, carrying lots of heavy backpacks out there. when we come back, the president is back on the campaign trail. we will be joined by some special guests and explained i get reaction. and, we have a little big surprise that you don't want to
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♪ >> president trump: under public leadership, america is thriving and winning like never before because we are finally putting america first. >> what i want you to say is very simply this. go get them, donald. [cheers and applause] one, two, go get them, donald. three! that was from the president's rally earlier today as he was barnstorming and crisscrossing the nation. america first, and fox news contributor, tammy bruce is with us. i watched the president, he's going all in. the democrats don't have the equivalent of donald trump.
1:50 am
i think brian kemp will win that race. and i'm watching -- he just -- when you compare him, this was somebody that was a great on the stump in oh eight and oh 12, it just does not have the same zap or zip. >> i think the same difference is, not only can the live audiences tell, this is a man who genuinely likes what he's doing and who likes the people that he works for. he loves the country. this is not a game for him. he has a mission as a businessman to accomplish something and he is all in. this is the difference and this is part of what got him elected as well. of course he knows that his fight has been won, if you will, but for them to continue to succeed they must have the house of representatives to continue the agenda.
1:51 am
and, when it comes to the issue issues, and, the democrats constantly still are effectively threatening us with every assertion. it's about chaos, it's about threats. it's about whether nancy pelosi now, or, you will stop being violent. that's got to be -- and one follow on twitter, brianna, you are noted today. in the last jobs report today, and alec baldwin punches a guy in the nose. we have jobs, not mobs. >> you look at the economic numbers today and they are astounding.
1:52 am
and i'm listening to adam schiff and maxine waters and they are talking about revenge. we will do to you what you have done to us, endless investigation. i'm thinking, is there any one policy they are offering that won't talk about immigration? john podesta's group said no. what do they stand for, what are they offering the american people that is going to make their lives better? i don't hear any of that. >> it's difficult, john. there were 40,000 jobs in october which is another continued, sectors like manufacturing health care, hospitality, construction. all areas are looking toward the middle class.
1:53 am
people are taking home more and finding jobs, and they are having a difficult time doing this, and tammy is right. they can just go out and scare you because they don't have any policy items in the president is getting results. now look, you correctly put it, the president take america first is in, we are $3 million in indiana, we are all in this together and we will win big in the senate. >> sean: you know what the conventional wisdom is, they help hold the senate pick up seats and the house goes to the democrat by a tiny margin. i want your predictions. tammy? >> the conventional wisdom two years ago was hillary would be president. that doesn't happen either. i trust in the american people and i believe that will hold the house of representatives on tuesday. we want what do you think, sean? >> 55 seats in the senate, we hold all four seats the dems are
1:54 am
targeting. >> sean: i like fear as a motivator. i'm irish, i'm thinking worse case scenario and something will go wrong any second now, so i hope you are both right. when we come back, a huge announcement. we will my name is jeff sheldon, and i'm the founder of ugmonk. before shipstation it was crazy. it's great when you see a hundred orders come in, a hundred orders come in, but then you realize i've got a hundred orders i have to ship out. shipstation streamlined that wh the order data, the weights of , everything is seamlessly put into shipstation, so when we print the shipping ll everything's pretty much done. it's so much easier so now, we're ready, bring on t. shipstation. the number one ch of online sellers. go to and get two months free.
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>> sean: a quick programming note, be sure to tune in this monday night, election eve at nine eastern and we will be live at the president's final rally in cape girardeau, missouri. that's the home of rush and david limbaugh. plus, we will have an interview with the president. you don't want to miss that, until he takes the stage in cape girardeau. and, don't miss fox, that goes live on november 27. it's an on demand service daily
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life opinion shows and documentaries. here's a sneak peek of one of the documentaries you will only be able to see there. take a look. >> the tragedy on martha's vineyard has raised more questions on have been answered. >> the morning police found tt car. >> senator kennedy, what have you done? it's been ten hours. >> the kennedy name ran that r into the united states. >> kennedy says, i prefer you come to me. >> it was supposed to be an autopsy, they tried to get away with it. >> we wanted to find out what happened. here we are 50 years later and we still don't know the whole story. >> the story of camelot only works if you i have magic and he used all the magic. >> sean: you can sign up as a founding member and it by doing so you can get exclusive merchandise. that's all the time we have left. we will so see you monday from
2:00 am
missouri. it's game time, everybody on board. let not your truck, heart be troubled, laura is next. than ♪ >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." here is a question nobody asks, why are democrats so angry? just days from now the democratic party is likely to retake the house of representatives, and with it, meaningful political power. nearly every poll predicts that will happen. we will see. but democrats ought to be cheerful and confident. instead they look like this. >> you are supporting nazis. >> don't pour your coffee on me. >> i will. do you understand that fascism is


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