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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  November 3, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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hour of sleep to deal with the craziness that will undoubtedly ensue on tuesday night. we have reporters all over the country. we checked in with some of them today it was great. >> now america's news headquarters continues now. >> we start with the fox news alert. were waiting to hear from president trump. this hour as he holds a rally in montana. the president making a final pitch for republicans has immigration looms large in the final days leading up to the deadline of the midterms on tuesday. hello everyone, welcome to america news headquarters. >> president trump crisscrossing the country. they're making immigration a focus on the campaign trail. there making democrats an issue
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saying that party supports open borders and it's up to republicans to keep the country safe. >> as we speak, democrats are openly encouraging millions of illegal aliens to violate our laws, over run our borders, and totally bankrupt our country. a blue wave would equal a crime wave, very simple. a red wave equals jobs and security. [applause] >> that's the president's take. the democrats say that's not correct and they are pushing back. we have live coverage. rick on in texas. and phil keating. let's begin with allison barber. she is live in montana where the president will speak in a few moments. >> voters here tell me they do care about immigration.
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is something were hearing republican candidates talk about. it's not necessarily the primary focus or issue in the competitive senate race. there's a lot of focus on veterans issues, healthcare public corruption as well as public land use. they put kester ahead of the republican candidate, by about four percentage points. here's a little bit from rosendale and tester. >> we are seeing a dramatic expansion of our economy and jobs being created as a direct result. he voted against corsets and kavanaugh. >> healthcare is absolutely important. i think government accountability is important.
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>> in many ways republicans are running a national race. we see testers team focusing on local issues. big lines to get into this rally to see the president. i think you can hear the announcement now were expecting president trump any minute. a handful of people waiting to get inside said they haven't decided who to vote for. most said they voted early and they all said they came here primarily to see president trump. >> i'm hoping he can stay on message and convince people to vote correctly on tuesday. >> he has done what he said he's going to do. no surprises or anything. >> i'm guessing you are not old enough to vote. are you making sure your mom is voting? >> yes, i hope she votes. >> so, we spoke to some people who said they have already voted for tester but they came here
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because they liked president trump and they wanted to see him. another person said they were still researching the candidates. this is a state president trump one in 2016. their hope in this visit will help push some of those few undecided voters to vote for people like matt. >> one of the races the nation is washing. >> arthel: thank you. the battle for campaign cash plane out of florida. mega donors from across the country are big players in the sunshine state where the races for senate and governor remains heights. president trump hoping to have a hand in the results with the final boost. president obama stopping for the dams. he's up against night with a rally in pensacola. that's where we find phil at this hour.
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>> the trump faithful have been out here since early this morning, some people got here last night and slept in their cars. these are the people going to the airport hangar in just a couple of hours. of course president trump will come here to wrap up the evening with a big mega rally in pensacola. two critical races, one for the sentence and one for who will become the next governor of florida and reside in the mansion in tallahassee. last night, president trump was in indianapolis. he was in florida on wednesday night. last night he was enthusiastic, telling the crowd that electing democrats will have dire consequences. republicans equals more jobs and less crime. in miami yesterday former president barack obama was campaigning on behalf of senator nelson and a mayor from tear trent tallahassee was running for governor.
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obama told a very enthusiastic crowd that electing republicans and having republicans in control has dire consequence. >> cut taxes for the rich. [inaudible] in the race to become florida's next governor it is tallahassee mayor, the democrat andrew gillam versus former congressman ron just santos. desanto's has endorsed him for many months. the real clear politics average house gillam up at 2.7% on the senate side bill nelson being challenged by republican governor, rick scott is finishing his second term in challenging nelson.
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both races are said to be tossup's. speaking of money, where about quarter of a billion dollars has flooded into florida. being spent primarily on tv ads. a lots of the people in pensacola are big fans of the alabama crimson tide. instead of having to build a tailgate party, they're having a big trump tailgate party in this field full of food trucks arriving and porta john's. it is hours and hours. >> arthel: roll tide, go tigers. >> the tigers are going to roll. >> thank you. >> meanwhile, the so-called migrant caravan will slowly make its way to the border. is considered at least three weeks out. u.s. forces are heading down. the pentagon sending the troops
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to the border. the president saying as many as 15000 could be deployed. there expected to enhance the ability to deny legal crossings. though it is illegal for them to enforce law enforcement in the country except in cases of national emergencies. democrats are blasting the move and former president obama calling it a political stunt. >> reporter: were alongside the bridge along the rio grande river. a popular border crossing. this is some of the first wire laid down by active-duty u.s. military here along the riverbank by the pedestrian walkway. this particular wire was laid down by the police brigade. there are a lot of boots on the ground. we just got video showing u.s. army planners flying over the
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area with border protection agent serving long remote stretches of border from a black hawk helicopter. no doubt trying to cause the next action from the troops who are on the grounds or on their way from bases across the united states including kentucky, carolina and other voices in georgia, illinois and washington state. there bringing heavy equipment and materials, preparing for tasks including building were temporary fencing importers, housing for agents and troops who will be dispatched. as you mentioned this has received a lot of criticism suggesting it's politically motivated and waste of resources. jim matta says the army and military does not do stunts. we heard from homeland security secretary yesterday who said if members of the caravan gets on
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trains or buses they could be here in days and not weeks. that's another reason she said it's important for the military to help ths by getting some of the fencing up as soon as possible. >> 's were going to get back to the campaign trail with former president obama and former vice president, joe biden. president trump becoming the political closer for the republicans as he continues his whirlwind of rallies. he is making a big push to get his supporters to the polls. joining me now is francesca chambers. so it's good to have you. >> thank you. >> arthel: president trump has been met by enthusiastic crowds at his rallies. will that rally, those voters to the polls in the next few days because turnout is key.
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>> the president is leaving it on the field. he has seven rallies over the next three days. today he's in montana in florida but last night i was in west virginia. he was in an area that touches west virginia, kentucky and ohio. his message was about joe mansion. as you recall joe mansion voted for breck kavanaugh. but, the message was simple. he is a friend of mine but not someone who is loyal to me. we need someone in the senate who will vote with me. they said we like joe mansion but don't have a problem with him but we need people who will vote for the president's agenda. >> arthel: and the gop putting their money on president trump. will that gamble payoff? >> the president is not campaigning in certain states. he hasn't gone to new jersey where republicans have an opportunity to pick up bob
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menendez. he's also not campaigning in california. he sticking to states where he believes his message will resonate. in talking at the rallies, every place he goes they are touching on the same issues and things they believe to be importance in the election. >> you have the candidates who are winning with president trump on their arm. they will write it into tuesday. for those candidates with a trump association is not pena, can they do much at this point to change their luck? >> in addition to putting distance between themselves, it helps the president is campaigning in other states over the next couple of days where the gop believes they have bigger pickup opportunities.
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he is making clear he is not making a national message meant to apply to some of those states. he's talking specifically about the border. >> arthel: to your points, those candidates not going for the optics of having president trump with them, they are keeping it very local. what is it that my voters want to hear. there speaking to those policy points. >> immigration place on a broader national level. even those that are not across the borders something that i heard from people is there very concerned about the caravan in their taxpayer dollars going toward services such as education that he has mentioned at his rallies when they feel their dollars should be going to veterans or other services. even for the states that are not border states the message has been resonating. >> arthel: we are guessing
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immigration will be part of the closing arguments. >> we seen him put out a new ad where he talks about the caravan. he gave an address on immigration this week where he didn't exactly lay out an executive order said these are things he's looking to do including ending birthright citizenship for migrants, making sure they cannot get asylum immediately. making it very clear to voters that if they elect a republican senate this is something he will pursue. >> arthel: i look at talking to you after the midterms to see where the presidents will focus his attention. >> thank you very much. >> eric: have you heard about the new follow from the confirmation ballad of brett kavanaugh? one of his accusers could be in hot legal water and how that could involve the justice department.
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plus, an all-out battle for the senate in pennsylvania. some say it could go either way on tuesday. the president won the state, narrowly. will it flip back on tuesday or stay red? we will take a look when we come back. says the guy who sings karaoke by himself. i'm a very shy singer. you're tone deaf! ehh... should we move on to the next one? it's a great building! you'll love it here! we have mixers every thursday. geico®. it's easy to switch and save on homeowners and renters insurance. give you the protein you need
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>> arthel: air force one has landed in belgrade, montana. folks are waiting for the president to step out of the plane. he will be rallying tonight for the senate candidate, republican candidate who is challenging democratic senator, john tester. you can watch the entire event streaming live on >> eric: in washington, chuck grassley is asking the justice department to investigate a woman who he says made some stunning false accusations against brett kavanaugh during the confirmation hearings. grassley is making a referral for an investigation after he says, inconsistencies emerged in the woman stories. >> reporter: the republican chairman of the senate judiciary committee, chuck grassley is going after another woman who he claims falsely accused brett kavanaugh of rape. she he has referred judy munro
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for potentially criminal false statements and she faces serious legal trouble. she claimed to be the author of an anonymous allegation of the james joe letter. she later admitted during questioning she was not the author nor had she met justice kavanaugh. the president weighed in via twitter, not shying away from going political. he wrote, a vicious accuser of justice kavanaugh just admitted she was fine. her story was made up or fake. can you imagine if he didn't become a justice because of her disgusting false statements. what about the others? where are the dams? the chairman of the judiciary statement reads, ms. monro admitted, contrary to prior claims that she had not been
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sexually assaulted by judge kavanaugh and was not the author of the original janesville letter. in the referral letter to the justice department and fbi, she also accused kavanaugh and a friend of raping her several times each in the backseat of a car. the committee claims during questioning she admitted she use the claims to bring attention to the issue of sexual assault. grassley made a similar referral about julie sputnik and her lawyer. >> eric: let's take a look in belgrade, montana. the president now getting off air force one. he's not exactly at the door. he's almost there as he prepares for the rally in the heated ra race. we will dip in and out as the president speaks and you can watch the events on from montana to pennsylvania, another big state that's on the line on tuesday.
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pennsylvania is a major swing state. many eyes are on the state because it has to do with the senate race in several congressional races. democrats are trying to capitalize on the congressional map that might help them pick up several seats. it happens to be a big pool of competitive races. president trump narrowly won pennsylvania in 2016. as we see the president to send from air force one let's talk about pennsylvania. we have asked the chairman of the democratic party to join us to talk pennsylvania politics but we have not heard back about our invitation. our some of this same issues that put the state in play in 2016, are they still in play
11:23 am
now? >> there and play to our advantage. we see jobs, manufacturing coming back to pennsylvania, coal production coming back. when you travel the state like i have you see enthusiasm among blue-collar workers. a lot who put donald trump in office. many are democrats. the america first agenda resonates here. >> eric: the president one about 1.2%, that's slim. some experts think that 100,000 marching could now go to the democrats. what you say in terms of the senate race? >> it was thinner than that, 40000. but we have a great candidate, the mayor of hazleton which is a 2 - 1 democrat area. we have a senator with no accomplishment who ran as a
11:24 am
moderate and has now become a full rank-and-file member. >> is it really fair to say he's a senator of no accomplishment? >> we found one bill he has passed in 12 years. if anybody can point to anything he has done to move pennsylvania forward, i am all ears. this is a man who when the president said he was going to appoint a supreme court justice he said he would oppose it no matter who it was. >> the the races narrowing. especially in the southeastern part of the state. we think the race has already narrowed as we had to election day. >> eric: were watching the president as he prepares his rally in montana.
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the president will talk about immigration. that is what propelled lou into the public consciousness into the headlines when he was mayor of hazleton i interviewed him at the beginning of the primary. he was the mayor of that town and he told me the reason that he took on that issue is that it was bankrupting his city and they are being taxed when didn't have the resources to deal with influx. who is what lou told me at the beginning of the campaign. >> washington wasn't going to help and the people here in hazleton expected me to do something. i was the first mayor to create a law to deal with the problem of illegal immigration. i was sued by illegal aliens. that really began what many say was a movement across the country the problem with illegal immigration. it's really standing up to fight back because washington wouldn't. >> to think that issue hasn't
11:26 am
resonated enough in this election? >> we see it resonate. we see it results in an increase in intensity among republican voters and democrat voters who are concerned about the issue. do not anti-immigration just because your anti- illegal immigration. the fact that this caravan is coming to the united states with people waving the flakes of their home country instead of the united states flakes to just think they can come in is troubling. >> he understands how immigran w important immigration is he just wants it to be legal. >> eric: it is legal for these members of the so-called caravan to come and ask for asylum. there is a legal process to do that. >> not showing up at the border. their points of entry to do it. not showing up at the border and
11:27 am
expecting to be admitted. that's not legal. we wouldn't have a nation anymore for southern border was allowed to be assaulted in that manner. >> eric: do you believe that this has been a political stunt by the president to gin up the base during the midterms? >> the president is not behind the caravan coming here. he's doing what we elected him to do which is to put america first, respect the rule of law and to say if you want to come here we welcome you, we need immigrants here but we need you to do it legally. >> eric: chairman of the republican party in pennsylvania, thank you. you have 72 hours coming up, we'll see what happens during the race. let's listen to the president says he's in montana. from pennsylvania to montana. >> and the last month alone we added another 250,000 jobs in nearly half a million americans. it's almost going to be 600,000
11:28 am
americans returning to the workforce. [applause] since election day, we've created 4.5 million new jobs. think of that. if i ever said that during the campaign, they would not have allowed that to happen. they would have cut it, the way they cut all the good stuff out. they would cut that out. the unemployment rate fell to the lowest level in more than 50 years. [applause] more americans are working today than ever before, nearly 157 million americans now have jobs. we have never been there before, not even very close. african-americans, hispanic americans and asian americans,
11:29 am
unemployment has reached the lowest levels in the history of our country. that is not a bad soundbite. set a good soundbite? how do you lose a debate? let's say we are debating the radical liberal democrat over here they say they are going to help jobs. we say we had the highest jobs, the best jobs, the best employment numbers sever. what did they say? they will think of something. they will think of something like russia. lessee russia. let's blame russia. we won't say she was a lousy candidate and we won't say that he was a good very good candidate. hundreds, autoplay recently hit the lowest rate in nearly 20 years. wages, beautiful wages, for the first time in years rages are
11:30 am
rising. confidence is soaring. you saw the confidence, business confidence, every form of confidence is at an all-time high, or very close. america is booming. [applause] >> republicans passed a massive tax cut for working families and we will soon follow it up with another 10% tax cut for the middle class. we have ended the war on clean, beautiful coal. we are putting in you see it better than almost anybody, all minors are all back to work on their going back to work. clean coal. clean coal.
11:31 am
nobody thought that was going to happen so fast either. i was in west virginia yesterday. great people. they like the minds also, you know that, right? who has better coal? speak. >> arthel: the president is saying the president is booming. talking up the good economy and low unemployment rate. we will stream the rally live on our website, meanwhile, the president is touting his tough stance on immigration. a look at how the issues playing out in the final days of the midterms. ram either. that's chevy! it's chevy! gorgeous. get a total value of eleven thousand dollars when you finance with gm financial. that's over 20% below msrp
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on this chevy silverado. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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's president trump is there in montana. let's listen. >> for years they've been saying he should be in the supreme court. because of these lies on the sly come of these lies come up with this lie, supposedly he dropped out. a lot of guys would have. i give him credit for sticking it out. that was brutal. [applause] so, supposing he dropped out, we pick somebody else and go through the process. somebody else goes to the supreme court. that he dropped so and he dropped out because of a filthy dirty live. think about that. but, you people knew what was going on. you know what, your senator,
11:37 am
tester, what he did, what he did was terrible. what he did to now justice kavanaugh, judge kavanaugh at that time was terrible. and what the democrats did to him was terrible. it was a disgrace. i have to say. chuck schumer, nancy pelosi, maxine waters, if they gain the majority, they will try to punch our country. it's not even a question of trying. it's going to happen. their policy is so bad. there lousy politicians and lousy policy but they stick together. one thing i will say is they stick together. they really do, the democrats. doesn't matter what, even a hoax like they tried to pull off with
11:38 am
judge kavanaugh, they stick together, or the russian hoax with the election. they use that as an excuse because hillary clinton loss. next time, they will learn. you have to going campaign in wisconsin. you have to campaign harder in pennsylvania. you have to campaign in michigan. you have to campaign harder in north carolina. you know? not russia. i call it the russian hoax. it's a hoax. they use that as an excuse for losing the electoral college that is set up that they should win. you have to run the whole east coast. after when so much and it is set up, the democrat should be easily weird. but hopefully, 2020 will come along and we will do even better. [applause]
11:39 am
montana was with me right from the beginning. you remember these people back there that's a big crowd of people on a saturday afternoon. the media. the media, to you remember? there is no path to 270. there is no path, for me. but, we get 306. >> arthel: will continue to stream the rally on so you can watch the rest of that. we prefer you stay with us right here. both president trump and former president, barack obama are trying to rally their base. president trump is touring the nation attending a series of rallies. he's in montana and will go to florida later. he hoped this will boost voter
11:40 am
support. former president obama is campaigning for the democrats pushing for that blue way. along the way both presidents are touting their legacy. >> when the republicans talk about how great the economy is, where do you think that started? >> we don't want to go back to the obama days of low wages, high unemployment, rising crime, open borders, far left judges, oppressive regulations. >> arthel: joining me now is chris wilson, former campaign bolster. and former ohio senate democrat leader. were glad to have both of you. as we see president trump and president obama side by side, they are saying listen, president obama reminding the country that i handed a good
11:41 am
baton off to president trump president trump saying forget that. i took the baton and iran with it. a battle for the legacies but also this competing style. which style do you think is resonating with voters and will drive them to the polls? >> we will know shortly. two styles being used in two different ways. president trump in montana, i think that has the potential to make the difference. it's a close race. every time the president goes into an area he went one and 16, look at north dakota, montana and florida, we see bumps. conversely obama is trying to have that same impact. democrats have to be concerned about african-american turnout. it's up from 2014 but below 60. that's the impact of what they're trying to accomplish.
11:42 am
swan were both has the potential to be successful. trump having more of an impact on the senate side and trump, house i. >> which has the opportunity to turn into votes? in particular the african-american voter turnout. >> i think the analysis is spot on with what was said about utilization of both president trump and former president obama. seems their function is along the lines of engaging the base. neither popular with the middle-of-the-road voter, the swing voter. but they do engage those folks on the left and the right. i think because historically democrats have lower turnout
11:43 am
it's always a heavier live for democrats in the midterm. in places like georgia where there is a competitive gubernatorial race was stacy abrams who could be the first african-american woman to be a governor and so much discussion around voting rights and purging voter rolls, someone like barack obama bringing his voice into that could potentially have an impact. ultimately it's about the candidate on the ballot. in this final stretch people have to work harder. >> oprah winfrey was down there too. i'll stay with you for second. let's think outside the base. when you consider individual records and policies, which is more likely to get the independence and undecided to vote for his party? >> if the questions about the economy then republicans will win. >> arthel: did you hear my
11:44 am
question? >> so i'm confused. i said when you think outside the base, which one has the better chance to get the independence and undecided. >> it the independence and undecided are more likely to turn out. if the decision they're making on the end is on the economy than the vote republican. if they somehow connect that to his record that he can be successful and maybe create some swing voters. >> interestingly, conversely when you hear about the economy from president trump your hearing republicans talk about the issue pre-existing conditions. something wrapped up in the debate for the affordable care act. the issue of whether pre-existing conditions will be covered is something that independent voters are paying attention to.
11:45 am
obama care has become more popular over the years. >> i have to go to a break. thank you very much. will be back in a moment as we continue three days to the midterm. >> more crime and less jobs. very simple.
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>> eric: new tensions between the u.s. and iran. they're saying the country began producing a locally designed fighter jet. this is president trump rio forces new sanctions. hoping to change the anti- american behavior. kitty logan has more. >> reporter: not surprisingly, the leadership in iran have reacted angrily to the suggestions reimpose the sanctions. tough talk coming out of to ran today. the supreme leader argued many countries don't agree with the
11:50 am
latest u.s. policy on iran. he described the u.s. says defeated. >> trump said the sanctions will be reimposed on monday. iran is looking for ways to get around them. trying to buy planes that won't require u.s. sales permits and started to produce its own fighter jet. this will impact energy sectors, one of those not impacted is turkey. many other countries will be. the original iran nuclear deal was agreed in 2015. the u.s. pulled out of that deal in may of this year. it wants to pressure them not to develop a nuclear program. iran said it has stuck to the terms of the agreement. many other countries including france and britain are sticking to the deal for now. >> arthel: up next, will go to
11:51 am
the state that holds the first presidential contest, iowa. this time, all eyes are on the hawkeye state how could impact the midterms. we will be right back. better. not in this house. 'cause that's no so-so family. that's your family. which is why you didn't grab just any cheese. you picked up new kraft expertly paired mozzarella and parmesan for pizzahyeah! kraft. family greatly. what if numbers tell onat t. rowe pricey? our experts go beyond the numbers to examine investment opportunities firsthand. like e-commerce spurring cardboard demand. the pursuit of allergy-free peanuts. and mobile payment reaching new markets. this is strategic investing. because your investments deserve the full story. t.rowe price.
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>> i was governor's race pits kim reynolds against democrat businessman, fred hubbell.
11:55 am
were live in des moines, iowa with the latest. hi molly. >> reporter: we are covetin cove governor's race into competitive races one and i was third. it's here from des moines all the way to the southwest corner of the state. democrats and small business owner working to unseat david young. he promises to work with democrats and republicans and be an independent voice. we had a chance to catch up on a canvas kickoff group. one of the big issues and i was healthcare. they slammed the opponent on care with pre-existing conditions. >> we have 1 million people in iowa under the age of 65 with pre-existing conditions. right now they can afford coverage in iowa. they consistently voted to limit coverage with pre-existing conditions. and take away coverage. he voted against the affordable
11:56 am
care act. >> reporter: congressman young is going across the district along with the gop candidates on a whistle stop train to work. he said iowa is on the right track. he has helped to work with people with pre-existing condition. >> we passed legislation to make sure the pre-existing conditions are protected and not discriminated against. >> reporter: another race we are watching is the first congressional district, rod blom battling abby fink in our. >> that is a nice train that guy has. >> that doesn't press. rebecca gimp at 4:00 p.m. eastern for more news. >> see you in an hour for strength and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. ensure. now up to 30 grams of protein for strength and energy!
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. .
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♪ >> the democrats want invite caravan after caravan of illegal aliens to flood into your communities. they're depleting our resources and overwhelming our nation. we don't want that. republicans believe we must defend our borders. we have to defend the borders of our country and that country is a country that we love, the united states of america. [cheering] >> welcome to the journal ed tomorrow report as -- he had coral report. as we count down to the midterm elections. i'm paul gigot. that was


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