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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 3, 2018 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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watching. i'm paul gigot. i hope to see you here next week. ♪ arthel: president trump on the move heading to florida right now, wrapping up rally in montana. president trying to drum up support for republicans with time ticking down until tuesday's midterms. both the gop and democrats feeling as though energizing the base is the greatest path to victory. hello, everyone, brand new hour of inside "america's newsroom." paul: hello, arthel. i'm eric shawn. he will hold a second rally of the day.
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president is visiting the state. president making the case for more republicans when he spoke earlier this afternoon at that rally in montana. >> this is one of the most important elections of our entire lives. this election will decide whether we build on the extraordinary prosperity that we have achieved or whether we let the radical democrats take control of congress and take a giant wrecking ball to our economy and to the future of our nation. eric: on the democratic side, former vice president joe biden is one of the stars out stumping for senate congressional candidates for his party. he denounced what he calls the divisive nature of the trump administration when he spoke at a stoop in ohio. >> democrats have to make it clear who we are. we choose hope over fear.
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we choose unity over division. we choose our allies over our enemies. and we choose truth over lies. eric: as you can hear all the campaigning costing his voice a bit. we have full fox news team coverage. ellison barber standing by in montana. first we have phil keating in pensacola, florida. the president is on the air. what can you expect when he arrives? reporter: very enthusiastic crowd. take a look at these people. they have been out here for hours upon hours. many of them all day long. let's hear you out there. they're here not only for spectacular saturday tailgate party in pensacola. it is all about trump. trump, politics, tuesday, very incredibly consequential midterm elections. these people are amazing all
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around. these trump supporters just joked we're the other caravan. getting on to buses heading into the hangar of the airport property. in couple hours they will see the president. president trump was in sunshine state on wednesday, halloween night down near fort myers, florida, stumping on behalf of governor rick scott, running for senate. yesterday in miami, former president barack obama bringing out the other big party's heavyweight there for senator nelson running for a fourth term as well as tallahassee mayor, andrew gillum, vying to become florida's next governor as well. look at money spent so far in total, for florida. close to quarter of a billion dollars spent in the election cycle on all races but just the senate race alone has been incredibly expensive. governor scott has spent $51 million of his own fortune. 20 million came from outside of the state.
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$66 million spend by the campaign. for nelson, he spent zero of his own dollars. $42 million come from outside of florida. $25 million has been spent by the campaign. when it comes to politics, well, money is incredibly important. experts say that is just a modern fact of life. >> i would always rather be spending more money than less. you would always rather have allies of yours spending more than the allies for the other side. reporter: i have several thousand people in the field for many, many hours. everyone having a good time. weather could not be better. vice president pence and president trump will be here. speech will take about an hour. making for the highlight of this crowd day. back to you. eric: another number going up, it was 42 degrees in montana. 72 degrees in pensacola,
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florida. that should be welcome. reporter: beautiful. thank you. arthel: the president left montana making a fourth visit there with a final pitch to republicans before the midterms. the president hoping to unseat the state's incumbent democratic senator jon tester. ellison barber from montana where the president wrapped up his rally a short time ago. reporter: president trump left on air force one ten minutes ago. he wrapped up the speech 1:30 local time. he spent a little less than two hours in montana. this is the fourth visit to the state. during the midterms he was greeted by republican senate candidate matt rosendale. he won the state by about 20 votes. he tried to convince voters to continue to move ahead he needs them to vote for republicans.
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jon tester is four points ahead of rosendale in the polls. president trump is trying to paint senator tester someone who is lockstep with the big-name democrats back in d.c. >> far left dem i can't think jon tester, by the way, who will never vote. he is saying wonderful things now about me. he might be a nice guy except he tried to destroy admiral ronnie jackson, who, most clean-cut, wonderful person that you have ever met. he tried to destroy him. and i have never forgotten it. remember this, tester voted against your tax cuts, tester voted against "kate's law". reporter: the people we spoke to at this rally today by and large said they came here to see president trump not necessarily the candidates he is stumping for. >> oh, i've already voted yeah. i voted red, all the way. >> i am hoping he can stay on
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message and convince people to vote correctly on tuesday. >> he has done what he said he was going to do. no surprises or anything. reporter: so you, i'm guessing you're not old enough to vote? >> no. reporter: are you making sure your mom is voting? >> yeah. i hope she votes. >> still reading and researching. we're here more to see the president. he is here supporting rosendale. can't say that i agree with everything that rosendale is doing right now. reporter: president trump mentioned health care here today. promising people of montana he would protect preexisting conditions. health care is a big issue in the senate race here in montana. as is veterans issues and also public land use. arthel? arthel: ellison barber, thank you. eric? eric: arthel, as election day draws near both parties are focusing on very different political agendas, in hopes of coming out on top. many experts are predicting the
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house, it could tip to the democrats. if so what can we expect, what if it stays in the hands of gop. emily rogers joins us a capitol hill reporter for "the daily caller." it is a blunt contrast. you can count on russia investigation hearings, possible impeachment talk, obamacare and other measures. where do things stand 72 plus hours out. >> eric i think republicans will lose the house, which will cause a lot of gridlock amongst congress obviously. as you know the senate has predicted to go to republicans, trump will still be in power in the white house. that will cause a gridlock full of, you know, subpoena powers by the how, to investigate certain parts of the administration and the white house. it will be really hard to get things done moving forward here. eric: so basically you're saying there will be more gridlock? look at some of the investigative committees.
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intelligence, could then potentially from devin nunez to the chairman, adam schiff, who is very outspoken critic of the president. that is the intelligence committee, i'm sorry. the investigations would be trey gowdy to to elijah cummings. full force, right in the face full on investigation for at least two years? >> absolutely. many of these democrats would be calling for impeachment immediately after basically saying, getting messages from nancy pelosi saying, do not campaign on that issue because it is divisive. but immediately after the change happens, after november 6, elections you will see members like elijah cummings and others who called for trump's impeachment in the past, having leadership roles in the house, therefore they will be causing more gridlock which will be getting nothing done. nothing will be getting done. none of trump's judges will get through the house. it will be two years of nonsense as we've seen republicans do a
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lot so far, including tax reform, et cetera. we've seen democrats just going to push back and continue to push back, call for impeachment. eric: how about nancy pelosi her seven, do you expect she could be elected as the new speaker? >> well, so that is the thing, eric. if democrats take the house, there will be a speakers race. actually many democrats have said themselves that they actually do not want to see that. others remain completely silent when asked. i find it interesting concerning that she is the leading fund-raiser of house of representatives. she raised most money, over $35 million for house candidates this election cycle. if nancy pelosi, is not the speaker of the house, that will definitely show you where democrats are headed. eric: meanwhile "the wall street journal" has interesting point about all this. the president is talking about immigration. we hear a lot about the so-called caravan and whether that is a political stunt as president obama calls it. here is what
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"the wall street journal" says about all this. democrats want voters to believe that donald trump is the main election. and mr. trump agrees. but the real stakes are whether or not the house majority will put mr. trump to the gop right on policy or to the nancy pelosi left. the economy is working for more americans, is what may tempt voters to give the gop another chance. why don't we hear more about the economy? the president was talking about it earlier today. why, don't we hear more about that as some other issues people think are distractions? >> that is the thing. republicans are on the road, hitting the message of the economy. how great, how many jobs the u.s. added. how much money americans saved on tax dollars. but democrats are actually on the road, doing just the opposite. and, speaking of the migrant caravan, they're saying come -- staying completely silent on issue which republicans hitting hard due to democrats silence. i personally reached out over to 20 democratic members of
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congress and migrant caravan and their takes, i have heard no responses, from democratic pundits as well. it is an issue they do not want to touch. eric: here is the president earlier in montana he says, success of administration on economy. let's listen. >> the unemployment rate just fell to the lowest in more than 50 years. [cheering] more americans are working today than ever before, nearly 157 million americans now have jobs. we have never been there before. not even very close. [cheering] eric: so do you think those facts that they were, it were stressed more, that it may not be as close of a race as we see? >> i would say so. yeah, trump should hit those points more often. so should republicans on the trail. obviously, that is the message that should be broad enough.
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not divisive rhetoric from both parties as we're seeing. i would say focusing on the tax cuts, lower, you, low job, job employment and et cetera. those are the issues that trump should be focused on. i mean. he has been hitting campaign trail hard, hitting a variety of different issues. he is doing just the right thing by getting all of these issues, which democrats refuse to touch, speak to the american people, you know, this much is pretty incredible. incredible. eric: want to point out one thing. you mentioned the house earlier in terms of judges. the president nominates the judges. the senate as you know confirms. so we'll have to see that. analysts say that will stay in republican hands for now. we thank you for insight. see what happens on tuesday. >> thank you, eric. eric: of course. tomorrow on "sunday morning futures" with maria bartiromo, we hear more from each side's priorities. he will talk to ohio congressman tim ryan he previously challenged nancy pelosi for the
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house leadership position while on the house side, majority whip steve scalise will be here. tomorrow 10 a.m. here on the fox news channel. arthel. arthel: we'll get back to more politics. we have headlines we're watching, deadliest attack on jews in u.s. history. the congregation of pittsburgh synagogue healing today, one week after a gunman stormed their house of worship. president trump making immigration a central focus of their campaign blitz, while deploying of thousands of u.s. troops in the so you were border. will that turn out the republican base for the midterms? >> democrats want to invite caravan after caravan of illegal aliens to flood into your communities. [booing] depleting our resources, overwhelming our nation. ♪ whoa. this looks worse than i thought.
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arthel: fox news alert. three congregations attacked at a pittsburgh synagogue coming together for a joint service. today's solemn ceremony happening exactly one week after the massacre. jacqui heinrich has more from our new york city newsroom. jacqui. reporter: the tree of life synagogue is closed, still a crime scene after that shooting claimed 11 lives one week ago
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shabat services drawn congregations. a vigil for victims at tree of life, beginning with a somber moment of silence followed by song and prayer. they were gathered for an area, on the street, cordoned off by police and cones. shabat was held at the nearby temple. 97-year-old rose malinger was buried on friday. her 61-year-old daughter was shot in the attack but survived. worshipers across the country leaning on each other for support. >> it's sad. it is, it shouldn't be not shocking but somehow these things don't seem to stop. >> every faith was here. everyone came together. everyone said, we don't want
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hate. we want love. we want peace. reporter: a memorial outside the synagogue grew this week, drawing local leaders, mourners and president trump and the first lady who also paid their respects by placing stones on star of david markers. at least four victims remain in the hospital. upmc said on friday the two most seriously injured victims are been moved out of the icu. two critically injured men were upgraded to stable condition. one was a police officer. the shoot something considered by the anti-defamation league to be the deadliest attack on jewish people in united states history. arthel. arthel: jacqui heinrich, thank you. eric: back to politics now. we have some brand new polls on one of the most closely watched senate races in the nation, that in tennessee. it shows republican congresswoman marsha blackburn is slowly pulling away from former democratic governor phil bred desson to fill retired
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senator bob cokier's seat. she is holding a nine point lead in the state. peter doocy is in nashville following the race among others today. hey, peter. reporter: eric, the first two weeks of early voting more than 1.3 million ballots were cast. that is more than double as many casts in the first two weeks of early voting in the last midterm cycle, 2014. so senate candidates running out of time to convince voters to pick them. we caught up with the republican candidate, marsha blackburn at the city of franklin family day. she told us, that a trio of big-ticket items are still on the minds of constituents she meets. >> there are three that continue to come up. constitutional judges and supreme court justices. people were quite disturbed about what they saw with the kavanaugh hearings. they're glad he is confirmed and on the bench. the second is keeping the trump tax cuts. they're working in tennessee. the economy is booming here.
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people don't want to lose those. and third, it is because of this caravan that is coming, people say, we have to be resolute. reporter: blackburn is also benefiting from a trump rally at and a rena in chattanooga tomorrow. she has his endorsement but the democrat in this race is borrowing a page from the president's playbook. phil bredesen tweeted about marsha blackburn, my opponent is in washington 16 years. it shows. tennesseans deserve better. i'm applying for the job. bredesen is running more moderate campaign. he said he would have voted for kavanaugh. he has an ad he says people who are republican appreciate his bipartisan approach when he is governor. he tried to appeal to new voters by reminding them he has got tennessee resident taylor swift's endorsement. but it is not clear if the splash made by swift getting involved is going to contribute a blue wave here in tennessee,
1:23 pm
because as you mentioned off the top, bredesen still trails blackburn by almost 10 points according to the new "fox news poll." eric: peter that is a beautiful building behind you. what is it? reporter: it is parthenon in nashville, inside a art museum we hope to check out before we go to the airport. eric: go ahead. get barbecue before you go. thanks. arthel. arthel: it's a dead heat in arizona. democrat kyrsten sinema and republican martha mcsally running neck-and-neck for an open senate seat. how these candidates are trying to win the votes. the pentagon is sending active duty troops to the southern border. how this might impact migrants border. trying to enter. ♪ made with carbsteady to help manage blood sugar... ...and end the day with a smile. glucerna®.
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everyday progress.
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arthel: and the arizona senate race is neck-and-neck. democrat kyrsten sinema and republican martha mcsally are in a dead-heat to become the state's first woman elected to the senate. "fox news poll" shows both candidates tied at 46%. alicia acuna is following that race from phoenix. hi, alicia? reporter: hi, arthel. this senate race is so close. there is realistic chance we won't know who the winner is by tuesday night. you saw the "fox news poll." look at "real clear politics" average of polls.
1:29 pm
congresswoman sir 10 cinema, the democrat, with tinyiest of leads over congresswoman martha mcsally. they are in tough fight, bringing in the president, his son, the vice president to rally support and most important getting folks to vote. sinema and democrats launched a massive get-out-the-vote. she has appeared to distance herself from the early days in congress and disparaging remarks she made about arizona. governor doug ducey leads david garcia by 13 points. doocy is a fairly popular governor. led the state honoring his friend the late john mccain after his passing. early voting officially ended yesterday evening. counties opened up emergency voting centers for those who can't make it on tuesday. maricopa county, election officials are running troubleshooter training for staff looking for irregularities
1:30 pm
on the big night. >> we've got a little over over the 60% of the entire state in the county. we're one of the biggest voting districts in the united states. our attorneyout is huge. -- turnout. reporter: more republicans turned their ballots than registered democrats. democrats affiliated ballots will really count toward them. we won't know until we know, right? until they're all counted. arthel. >> we don't know until we know. alicia acuna, thank you. eric: u.s. military mobilizing at the u.s.-mexico border to help handle the so-called migrant caravan that is slowly heading from that area toward our border with mexico. the nearest caravan we're told is still weeks away. as former president obama and democrats, branding the move, calling up the military as political stunt for the midterms by the president. the president is making clear migrants should not be allowed
1:31 pm
in the u.s. slamming democrats on the issue of immigration at his campaign stop early this afternoon in montana. >> the democrats only believe defending the borders of foreign countries. republicans believe we must defend our borders. we have to defend the borders of our country. that country is a country that we love, the united states of eric: on the borders is rick leventhal live in hidalgo, texas , rick, precautions behind you are being made. reporter: they are, eric. homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen made the point, if the members of caravans hop on buses or trains they could be here in days, not weeks. the department of homeland security wanted to request this constantine that wire and other wire put in place as soon as possible. this wire installed here yesterday among the first jobs
1:32 pm
of thousands of troops who are now on the ground here along the border with mexico. you're looking at rio grande river here. they're protecting border points, other points of entry. also other areas around here. we saw video from members of the 372nd inland cargo transport company. they are down here for logistical support. we heard from one of the members of that company, who said he was pretty proud to be part of all of this. >> this is great opportunity for myself and others in the company, to see deployment operations in action. that is one of the primary duties of the cargo transfer company. we're doing it all day long. it is a great opportunity to learn a lot from this. reporter: the u.s. military public affairs also gave us video of some soldiers doing a flyover in mcallen, texas, with customs and border protection agents surveying long remote stretches of land they may have to in fact shore up in some way as they figure out what
1:33 pm
the next best step would be, eric to prepare for a possible caravan. the other issue, they don't know exactly where the folks might be headed. it could be to this part of southern texas. it could be in california. so they have troops stationed there as well. it could be anywhere in between. they have sent so many people down here they say to try to keep eyes and ears on some parts of the border. eric: they have quite a job ahead of them potentially. thanks so much. arthel? arthel: the president is saying he intends to take executive action next week to end what he calls, quote, abuse of the u.s. asylum system. >> the biggest loophole drawing illegal aliens to our borders is the use of fraudulent or meritless asylum claims to gain entry into our great country. they're given a little legal statement to read, and they read it and now all of sudden they're supposed to qualify but that is
1:34 pm
not the reason they're here. this merely asserts the need for asylum and then often released into the united states and they wait a lengthy court process. the court process will take years sometimes for them to attend. well, we're not releasing them into our country any longer. they will wait for long periods of time. we have thousands of tents. we have a lot of tents. we'll hold them right. there we're not letting them into our country. arthel: joining me now is attorney john jordan. also an economist and overseer at stanford's hoover institute. first, if you could, give us your assessment of president trump's response to the caravan and border security. is he striking the right tone? is he being heavy-handed? >> well you have four things going on here. you have president trump trying
1:35 pm
to turn out his base, the portion of the republican party unhappy the wall was not constructed. you have the democrats trying to turn out their base and turn off independents. you have enormous, enormous humanitarian crisis in central america. and you have this caravan. if there are basically allowed america. and you have this caravan. if there are basically allowed and bad are going to be watching this. and it is going to happen again and the problem is going to grow. eventually you may have a clash on the border and really difficult political choices to make. arthel: so kind of what is the answer? what, is the president doing the right thing? should he be doing something else? or should he be working more with those countries like honduras and guatemala and mexico? >> well, it is a multipronged approach. you want to deter, you want to deter border crossing. you don't want to reward that kind of behavior but at the same time we have to comply with u.s. law on the topic. at the end of the day you will have to work with those countries, honduras and guatemala, to deal with societal issues, to dry up, take out the need for people, the willingness to travel the length of mexico.
1:36 pm
arthel: you know, listen, there are going to be some attorneys who will be sympathetic to the migrants. any, you're an attorney. do you think there are any leland mines or snags for the u.s. that caravan? our system was basically not built for this. our framework of laws is complicated. basically as practical matter, once i get into the country, seek asylum, by law the process is lengthy and arduous. , not deserving asylum. once you're in, you're in. how do we deal with it? deal with it at border and overseas. more applications are half, done at u.s. embassies and consulates they're not carrying thousands of people en masse trying to cross the border. arthel: as an economist, john, beyond the troupe assignment to
1:37 pm
the border, immediate and long term impact by the caravan on the u.s. economy? >> that is a great question arthel. in the short term probably not. if however, this effort is successful. we essentially end up with a border that is so porous, basically no border at all, you are going to see influx of workers coming into this country. that will really, it is going to really drive down, labor prices especially for americans, that are not as skilled. so in the long term. it could be, it could have serious implications for america's labor market. arthel: president obama calling this move a political stunt. the move of putting troops there, more troops to the southern border. defense secretary mattis saying, the military is not used as political pawns. you're former naval intelligence officer. how does it sit with our military personnel when it could be perceived that they're being inserted into politics?
1:38 pm
>> american military leaders really do not like politics. they do not like really being, until the upper echelons. flag four-star rank. but your ground level leaders do not like this. at the end of the day our troops are being used to support the customs and border patrol, to provide logistics, aviation support, surveillance and things items of that nature. troops do not like it. it is expensive. with regard to being a stunt. it is hard to know how fast the caravan will get up to the border as your previous segment posited. but at the same time, you want to be ready. it is also to be fair, not, escapes notice of the administration, the election is on tuesday. and there is significant portion of the president's base that is unhappy that the wall was not built and this may be a little bit of a taking advantage of a political opportunity. arthel: if that is the case, see a time after the midterms that perhaps, this drumbeat of the caravan and the border security
1:39 pm
will not be at the forefront of the president's attention? >> well i sure hope so, arthel. basically what is needed is thoughtful, comprehensive, review of not only american immigration law, fortification of borders. what will we do overseas to stem the tide to disincent people coming over here? also working with the united nations and organization of american states to improve conditions in the home countries. >> mentioned a report earlier by rick leventhal, just how wonderful our troops are and that soldier was interviewed. he is very epenthusiastic to do his job. being required to do whatever that is. that is what is great about them all. we point that out for sure. john jordan. thank you. >> thank you, arthel. eric: absolutely second that, of course. funerals held in egypt for
1:40 pm
coptic christians killed in ambush after a pilgrimage to a president obama, trading jabs. who do you think is doing a better job of energizing his base? we'll hear from our political panel as america's election headquarters rolls on. so a tree falls on your brand new car and totals it. and as if that wasn't bad enough, now your insurance won't replace it outright because of depreciation. if your insurance won't replace your car, what good is it? you'd be better off just taking your money and throwing it right into the harbor. i'm gonna regret that. with new car replacement, if your brand new car gets totaled, liberty mutual will pay the entire value plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> together we have made extraordinary progress and we are just getting started but the democrats want to turn back the clock, put america in reverse. >> the consequences of any of us staying home are really profound, because america is at a crossroads.
1:45 pm
most of all, the character of our country is on the ballot. eric: that of course president trump and former president obama making a final pitch to voters in the homestretch of the midterms. both men exchanging pretty tough words and pointed rhetoric about each other as they try to energize their respective bases. their appearances potentially shaping out come of tuesday's election. what could be the effect? let's bring in the political panel. kayleigh mcenany, spokesperson for national republican committee. jehmu greene, spokesperson for the democratic national committee. >> hi, eric. eric: who do you think the scoring the most political points, energizing the faithful? >> no doubt president trump is scoring quantifiable points with our voters. look at the texas rally he had on october 22nd, for ted cruz in aftermath of that rally, all of a sudden ted cruz takes a
1:46 pm
double-digit lead in the poll. first double-digit lead in october. marsha blackburn was down. president trump rallies, all of sudden up by 14. same story in nevada. we're seeing quantifiable changes, when president trump shows up, the gop nominee soars. he will be our closer in the waning days of the election. eric: jehmu, you would point to the massive, record-breaking early voting. >> for sure. that is exactly what is happening but, you know, to kayleigh's point i will say that there are probably a lot of democrats who are somewhat envious of having a sitting president so engaged in these last few days leading up to the midterms. if we had that under president obama we might not have lost those 1,000 seats. you're right, eric, the early vote numbers really do say what is paying off versus donald trump or barack obama. and you've got increases of young voters, of 700% in
1:47 pm
tennessee. 450% in texas. these are not increases of like 50% or 100%. this is all across the country. in arizona, in nevada, and that is a really, really clear signal that democrats have assembled the largest battlefield ever. and, instead of coattails, i think what we're going to see, because we have more democrats running for office, we have more democratic voters turning out in record numbers, that we're actually going to see some of those coattails reversed where you have got the help for those candidates in the senate races getting help from state representative candidates, getting help from record numbers of diverse women who are running and certainly donald trump is running scared. so he is going to be spending these few days trying to do everything he can. eric: you like that line running scared. >> president trump is not running scared, make no mistake
1:48 pm
about it. the reason he had 53 rallies in 23 states since january. that is three times what president obama did. he is running hard. he is not running scared. it is making a difference. so interesting to look back at 2010 and 2014 when all the democratic nominees literally ran away from obama. he hid obama throughout the midterms. there is a reason you had joe manchin, joe donnelly, alison grimes, mark begich, mary landrieu, all the democratic nominees refused to say obama's name. distanced themselves from president obama. our nominees are running towards president trump michigan, john james saying come to my state, president trump. help me. and blue state like michigan, a state president trump won hadn't been won since the '80s, our candidates, our nominees are enthused. they want trump there. they know he is a game-changer. eric: jehmu, you mentioned something earlier, you felt former president obama did not do enough during the my terms, in 2010, republicans picked up 63 seats.
1:49 pm
the president at the time called it a shellacking. now he is out there with pointed rhetoric apriled at president trump. listen to one of his recent comments. >> it did not start with donald trump. he is the symptom, not the cause. he is capitalizing on resentments politicians have been fanning for years. a fear, and anger, that is rooted in our past. in the end the threat to our democracy doesn't just come from donald trump or the current batch of republicans in congress. the biggest threat to our democracy is indifference. eric: jehmu, this was in september. do you think the former president will make a difference with these type of appearances? >> oh, for sure. i'm here in atlanta. he was here yesterday for stacey abrams. i feel like every single person i have come into contact with is talking about him. they're also talking about oprah winfrey but to the point of
1:50 pm
president trump running scared, you know, the economy is doing really well but he is not talking about the economy. the great thing about america is the shared values that we have, shared values of hope and resilience. fear can be a shared value and that is what this president has sided to close out this campaign with. eric: the president did today -- i have to correct you, i have to correct you because the president did today talk about the economy. >> he always does. eric: last words, got to be to kayleigh. do you think, he, he hasn't stressed the economy enough? talking about immigration, other issues, the tweets? today at the montana rally he mentioned the economy, some critics saying maybe not doing that enough. >> he is mentioning the economy a ton. look at twitter feed. how can you not mention it 3.1% wage growth. fastest pace in decade. years of economic stagnation under obama are gone. he talks about the trump economy. talks about it at every single
1:51 pm
rally. it is one of our biggest selling points. he has a agenda of positive economy and -- eric: the computer will cut us off. we have 72 hours. president obama versus trump. who will win at the polls? ♪ at last, ♪ my love has come along, applebee's new neighborhood pastas. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. applebee's new should happen everydred five hundred years, right? fact is, there have been twenty-six in the last decade.
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is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest. >> funeral services were held
1:55 pm
today just south of cairo. seven egyptian christians were killed when militants ambushed buses. >> well, good afternoon. isis is now claiming responsibility for that deadly egyptian bus attack over the weekend in the city of minya that left seven people dead and nearly a dozen injured. they were returning from a baptisttism when they burned their own vehicle. funeral services took place. and the government detained six people following the event and is currently conducting an investigation into the tragedy. he says he was deeply saddened,
1:56 pm
this is not undermine the will of our nation for continuous battle of survival and construction. it was a year and a half after a group targeted coptic christians killing 18 people. at least 10% of the population is coptic christian, but they have been routinely attacked in egypt, a problem for the president, something he'll have to address in the future. >> thank you. >> president trump chris-crossing the country. he's in florida as we speak. that followed a rally in montana. we'll have the latest details about the rally as our special political coverage continues here in america's headquarters.
1:57 pm
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the real me. your health and happiness is important to us. call or go online now to get your free decision guide. call a licensed humana sales agent today. >> a fox news alert. as the president is crisscrossing the country for a marathon from out west to down south. the president stumping for republican candidates with three days left to go before election day. hello, everyone and welcome to a brand new hour of america's election headquarters. >> right now, president trump is making his way through florida, where the races for both senate and governor remain tight in the sunshine state. and just a few hours ago the president held a campaign rally in montana. >> we're not going back, we are only going forward. we need you to vote for a republican house and a republican senate so we can
2:01 pm
continue. >> let's head to one of my faves, phil keating in pensacola, florida where the president is expected to speak shortly. >> hi, arthel. air force one is en route from montana as we speak. 6:30 eastern time is the time of the rally. they started letting the trump supporters who have been camped outside of a tailgate outside of the airport, they're filling in for their places and a whole lot of make america great again hats. and florida is so critical that president trump two visits in four days to the sunshine state, and not only up here in pensacola, but earlier this week, halloween night, wednesday in the fort myers area, on the west coast of florida, he was there campaigning for governor rick scott, the republican trying to become the u.s. senator, as well as former congressman ron desantis, the
2:02 pm
republican in the race for governor against andrew gillum, the tallahassee mayor. big crowds turning out every time that president trump is here. i would say that several thousand people are going to sit inside this airport hangar here on the pensacola airport grounds and they're expecting to see the president in full form, very vigorous, repeating some things he's been talking about throughout the day, in montana hard on immigration, equated voting republican means more jobs and less crime, basically telling all of the people that are showing up at his rallies, voting democrat will only end to very dismal results. >> speaking of democrats, former president obama was in florida as well because both of these races could go either way, right, phil? >> yeah, the party big names really hit the state hard this week. the marathon is well underway for the midterm election. president obama was in miami with senator nelson and mayor
2:03 pm
gillum yesterday and both of these races, the governor's race and the senate race for florida are technically listed as toss-ups. right now real clear has gillum up over desantis. in the senate race the incumbent, thee termer senator bill nelson, the democrat 1.9 polling average lead over governor scott. a ton of money has been poured into the state, most of it for television advertising and you can't turn on the tv these days in florida, in all of the bigot markets, older, tampa, miami, fort lauderdale, expensive markets and that's why so much outside money has gone into the state and we're looking at close to a quarter of a billion dollars spent op all races in florida this election cycle. >> okay, all right. phil keating, thank you. >> all right. >> and meanwhile, thousands of active duty military troops have been arriving at our southern
2:04 pm
border. this is the so-called caravan of central american migrants slowly heading our way. they're estimated to be about, roughly, three weeks out. so far, more than 3500 u.s. troops have arrived in texas, arizona and california. by law they cannot arrest any potential wrong-doers or perform law enforcement functions, but they're there. and at the border several precautions have been made, hi, rick. >> this is some of the first concertino wire that was brought in by the u.s. military and we're not sure how much they're going to lay along the border. this is now stretching between the two hidalgo bridges here at the crossing near mcallen, texas and there's a reason why they chose this part of south texas to bring the first concertino wire because this is the busiest sector along the entire
2:05 pm
southwest border for illegal crossings according to the border patrol. nearly 21,000 illegal alien arrests in october alone. 21,000, in this area in october alone. 113% increase over last year. they tell us over 860 illegal alien arrests on october 31st. that one day. so, that's a very big reason why they wanted to shore up this part of south texas because they were concerned that if that caravan were to come this way, they may not be prepared to handle it because they have so many illegal crossings and now they have a caravan with potentially thousands of people coming in and they're not really sure those folks are going to do when they get here. so, having thousands of troops provide logistical support and also extra eyes and ears along the border, according to the folks that we've spoken with on background with border patrol and border protection is always welcome, having more eyes and
2:06 pm
ears, because they have their handful and they're really not sure what to expect if and when this caravan actually makes its way to the south texas border. >> 21,000, you said? i don't think that most americans are aware of those numbers and certainly that could be increasing. rick, thanks so much. >> a huge number over 800 arrests in one day alone, it's lot to deal with, obviously. they have their hands full. >> and president trump has been making immigration a key focus on the campaign trail as the midterms near. and sending thousands of troops and pushing to end birthright citizenship. now, president trump says he plans to sign an executive order next week aiming to restrict asylum rules in america. garrett tenney joins us live from washington to break it down, garrett? >> well, it seems like every few days the president has said or done something to keep immigration on the head of the front pages ahead of the election. the fact that there's a massive caravan headed in that
2:07 pm
direction, even if it's weeks or months away. that's why at nearly every rally this past week including the one he held in montana the president has used the caravan to attack democrats and argue that america's sovereignty is at stake in this election. >> as we speak, democrats are openly encouraging millions of illegal aliens to violate our laws, disrespect our rules, and overrun our borders. they don't mind. they don't mind. they want them to come in. >> most democratic candidates are avoiding the issue of immigration altogether and are instead focusing on health care, but last night at a rally in georgia, former president barack obama said sending 5,000 troops to the border just days before an election is nothing more than a political stunt. >> suddenly they're telling you that the biggest threat to ameri america, the biggest threat is
2:08 pm
some impoverished refugees a thousand miles away. on foot, got their babies with them. broke, got no money. >> now, immigration may not be the top issue for a majority of voters, but the midterms are all about turnout and immigration and border security are two issues that the president is banking on getting his base fired up and out to the polls on tuesday. >> all right, garrett tenney, thank you very much. >> there's another somber day in pittsburgh as that city remembers what happened there one week ago today. those people killed so savagely in cold blood inside that synagogue. how the members of that community are trying to cope with the loss of their loved ones one week later. >> plus, early voting happening right now in 37 states. why some say this year's midterms are looking more like a presidential election across the nation. ahead we're live with more of
2:09 pm
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>> well, senate judiciary committee chairman chuck grassley referring a second woman to the justice department to investigate false allegations against supreme court justice
2:13 pm
brett kavanaugh. the woman admitted to the panel she lied when she accused kavanaugh and a friend of raping her. president trump commenting on twitter for democrats to speak up. a vicious accuser of justice kavanaugh admitted she was lying and totally made up or fake. can you imagine if he didn't become a justice of the supreme court because of her disgusting false statements? what about the others? where are the dems on this? and julie swetnick and her attorney were referred for a potential criminal investigation for 0 a potential, quote, c conspiracy of false statements to congress and obstruct its investigation. >> the republican congress means more jobs and less crime. a democrat congress means more crime and less jobs. first of all-- >> republicans have been in control for two years, what have
2:14 pm
they done with that power? >> that's pretty remarkable president trump and former president obama attacking each other on the campaign trail as they try to fire up the voters. health care, the economy, immigration topping the polls. and a fox news contributor, bruno san martino, it's ali and foreman. we've never seen anything like this in a generation when a former president and a current president are going at it. >> and the former president stepped out now, after a period of silence that's usually the decorum that's granted the current president. the other guy usually goes away has been attacked and concerned to the issues that he's out there now. so you have the obama rallies and trump rallies? what's happening? they're galvanizing both bases
2:15 pm
and voters wherever the issues might be motivating voters. they're getting them to vote. so we have 29 million voters who have already early voted. that's the biggest in decades for a midterm and you'll probably see that carry through to election day. >> and the political pundits say the early voting record numbers are helping each side, but from your point of view, who do you think it helps? >> i think it's helping both sides. you see people registered as republican, numbers surging and the same thing for democrats, from a demographics standpoint a lot of young people are coming out to vote and they tend to vote democrat. we'll see whether or not that holds. also, you know, it's hard to tell now. you know, we're all reading the tea leaves, but the tea leaves will get shuffled again as the results come in from election days. who is a republican, who is a democrat? are they crossing over, or not
2:16 pm
crossing over? we saw a lot of crossing over, people who were registered as democrats voting for president trump. how much of that is going to play out and how much of the issues we're hearing are paramount in people's minds? in the case of republicans, immigration. that's the president's work of recent days, kind of pounding that drum, sort of fear mongering that's going on with the president's comments. how much of it is really, you know, other issues like health care, that the democrats say is at the top of their list and how much of it is the character of the president, issues around the president, the falsehoods, the lying, the fear mongering issue, how much of that is galvanizing voters as well. eric: what do you see as the major issues for each party. you've mentioned immigration, health care and the economy. and how is that going to play with the president's character? >> the president has been pushing the immigration issue. it's interesting, the guy who
2:17 pm
gets the political vibe of the moment. the economic story is very positive for republicans. it's not resonating so much in the field even though a lot of the local districts, the candidates are pushing very hard on that issue. the president feels there's more hay to be made on immigration so that's why you see him talking about it much more. eric: but there are those who say focus on immigration when he's at the rallies, he's doing it to the detriment of the economy and we did see him boast about the economy earlier in montana and probably do that again in pensacola in a couple of hours, but starts on immigration or something else that pops in his head and diverts to that issue. >> he himself has said economy is not as exciting as the immigration is, underscores the overwrought language as he says the invasion of the caravan to the united states. a couple thousand people at best hundreds and hundreds of miles off, does the military need to be called in on that? it's kind of scaring people and
2:18 pm
i think that the president is hoping that that pushes more people to the polls. eric: and the democrats and others pointed out it's legal, of course, to ask for asylum, there's a legal process to do that and that's already in place and president obama called calling up the military a political stunt. >> on the other side you're seeing health care play very well for the democrats. people are afraid of what's going to happen with the dissolution of the affordable care act, slow, but sure, are preexisting covered or not covered, and republicans are oblique on that. and the tax issue that the republicans thought would be big has not played as well for them. it seems like the electorate, a lot of the tax breaks went to the wealthy and use that had to buy back their shares. eric: we've got a lot of new jobs coming back, a whole list of companies bringing manufacturing back. >> or some of this is normal economic growth we've seen over
2:19 pm
the last several years and continuation of that trend and that's why you have this lower unemployme unemployment, so it didn't play as well for the republicans with the broader american base. and so a lot of republican candidates are out there pushing the economy. the president is changing the tone with this immigration story, much to the concern of a lot of democrats-- of republicans in the field. eric: 30 seconds left and put you on the spot, john. 23 seats for the democrats to take the house, basically. what's your prediction for tuesday night? >> so the conventional wisdom they're going to get the 23 seats and that the senate's a different story. they may not get that at all. the question now is by how much. is it going to be really close to the 23, the cook report is saying it's edging up to a sort of a larger, somewhere between 40 and-- somewhere between 25 and above that they would get. how much that really actually plays out now on tuesday, it remains to be seen.
2:20 pm
certainly, the excitement level of republicans has come up for this. as has for democrats. we're seeing that go into tuesday. eric: well, it's going to be one thing for sure, a late night on tuesday. >> that it will. eric: as last time-- >> lots of close races. eric: double espresso with coffee with sugar on tuesday night. >> a pleasure. arthel: and remember according to john bussey, the tea leaves will get rustled or-- what again. >> scattered. arthel: scattered again, don't forget that. thanks for clarifying that. and meanwhile the trump administration setting up a command center in washington to closely monitor any potential threats targeting our voting systems on voting night. and catherine herridge has an interview with homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen. >> we haven't seen any successful activity and we haven't seen any activity we can attribute directly to a foreign nation. >> homeland security secretary
2:21 pm
kirstjen nielsen will oversee the overall situation room on election night, to track cyber threats to data bases, as well as online using propaganda to influence voters perception. >> and nielsen spoke exclusively with fox a day after she and christoph christopher wray and dni dan coates. >> it's the heart of our democracy. it's important that americans have confidence in them. >> the national security command center at dhs has monitoring that covers 90% of voters, to flag cyber intruders. dhs says half of all states have completed vulnerability assessment. >> if there was an attack on the voting on tuesday there would be a response at the president's position. >> yes. >> and a lot of reporting it
2:22 pm
would be a cyber response. is that on the table? >> everything is on the table. >> the intelligence community recently warned russia, china and iran to amplified issue for voters. and last year russia was on as if they were american voters. >> and we continue to see aggressive actions by multiple countries to influence the way in which americans think and in some cases such as china, to perhaps change our policies. >> nielsen notes foreign governments and hackers may not breach voting systems, but warns they still exploit election night. >> to sew confusion, discord and distrust by placing stories in state sponsored media that something was wrong. >> nielsen says all americans should wait for an independent government assessment and not jump to conclusions election night. in new york, catherine herridge, fox news.
2:23 pm
>> a lot of details coming out about that suspect in that horrible shooting at the florida yoga studio yesterday. investigators are trying to work to up could have the-- to uncover the motive. arthel: we're three days away from the latest elections. the latest poll numbers are out. we will have that next. 'cause that's no ordinary family. that's your family. which is why you didn't grab just any cheese. you picked up new kraft expertly paired cheddar and swiss for eggs. beat that! kraft. family greatly.
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the best simple pasta ever? california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at ♪ eric: these days and counting for crucial midterm elections on tuesday. sofar more than 29 million americans already voted. the surge in early voting now suggesting they say, a higher overall turnout for the midterms compared to 2014. jeff paul, live in los angeles with the details. what all this early voting means. hey, jeff. reporter: eric, yeah in 2014 turnout over all for the midterm election was 36%. that is low for even a midterm. this election some say turnout could be as high as 50%,
2:28 pm
comparing enthusiasm to a presidential election year. >> normally in a year like this year compare it to a midterm which was four years ago but because so many people vote absentee, we're comparing it to a presidential election. >> we are on pace to match or even maybe exceed the pace we're on in a presidential election for early votes. that is unheard of. reporter: now according to the latest numbers, 28 states and district of columbia have surpassed 2014 early voting numbers. in states like florida, more younger voters turning out who didn't vote in 2016. open senate seat in tennessee energize folks to vote. competitive races in nevada, georgia, texas, causing early votes numbers to double what they were in 2014. >> almost always seeing line very long. it shows a lot of people care. >> line doesn't really bother me. don't have anything else to do
2:29 pm
now. not a problem. reporter: in georgia, candidates are closely tracking folks who didn't vote in the last midterm election. data analysts saying 36% of the state's 1.8 million early votes are from new voters, folks who didn't vote in 2014 some key states are seeing more republicans overall nationally democrats have the upper hand in turnout by about 5%age points. as we've seen in the past, party affiliation is not a guarranty how folks will vote. eric: a lot of enthusiasm shows on both sides. jeff, thanks so much. arthel: eric, meanwhile democrats are maintaining strong position to retake the house. according to the latest poll from "the washington post," and george washington university, 50% of likely voters in battleground congressional districtses support the democratic candidate while 46% support the republican. weighing in now is doug schoen a former clinton pollster,
2:30 pm
fox news contributor. will democrats get the house or republicans bar the door. >> i'm seeing so slight movement toward democrats, which leads me to believe the democrats get the house, probably narrowly, potentially, closer to 30, maybe even a few more seats but, i think that is pretty much what will occur. arthel: all right. that is still a win you're saying for them? >> i think a win either narrow or somewhat bigger, yes. or somewhat bigger, yes. arthel: we'll see, we'll see. >> that's true. arthel: let's talk the senate now, doug. i want to pull up a new "fox news poll" for everyone. >> please. >> i want to look in particular at state of arizona. >> sure. arthel: 2018 senate vote preference here. 46% for krysten sinema, and 46% for martha, mcsally. the green party candidate, angela green dropped out yesterday. >> i know. arthel: arizonans can vote by mail, a lot have already done
2:31 pm
so. now likely that the green party candidate, angela green, her name will be on already-printed ballot on tuesday. it is too late to change those. how does that affect a super, super close race like this? >> you know, the first question is, will it impact, will people be aware. it isn't clear to me, given the facts as i know him, as you presented them, that many people will be aware. arthel: that she is not in the race because her name is on the ballot. >> to the extent people are, it will probably help krysten sinema a little bit. the every poll shows the race so close and deadlocked it impossible to call. arthel: frustrating for candidates. >> frustrating for we analysts too. i looked at every poll in that state, you've got almost as many on the sinema side as on the mcsally side. arthel: again, like you said,
2:32 pm
who knows what will happen when they see the name green, they may not realize she is not even running. let's talk about early voting. >> sure. arthel: i want to show another poll conducted by target smart. this is engaging early voter turnout among the millenials, 18 to 29-year-olds. compare it to 2014 early voting, right? >> sure. arthel: tennessee up 767%. texas up 448%. georgia up 415%. nevada up 364%. arizona, 217% plus. florida 131% on the plus side. show you another poll. >> please. arthel: regarding tennessee, 2018 senate vote preference there, take a look if you're looking at phil bredesen versus marsha blackburn. mr. bredesen 41%, blackburn 50%.
2:33 pm
i guess you an attribute some tennessee excitement with taylor swift and young folks in general. she through her support specifically to bredesen. he is still down nine points. we're not sure how that will -- >> we can say pretty safely that the kavanaugh hearings galvanized the republicans in what was then a close race. more so than democrats being mobilized, whether by taylor swift with young people or by bredesen who is centrist democrat. i think from everything i've seen that marsha blackburn has a very clear advantage as that poll bears out. would be very surprised if she is not elected on tuesday night. >> i do want to talk about the early, the voter turnout by the young folks by the millenials. >> sure. arthel: if you're not going to use a superstar like taylor swift who clearly had their
2:34 pm
attention, how else do you get your message to the millenials? >> couple things. whole range of entertainers have been campaigning. jimmy kimmel was out today on the west coast. i think lin miranda. arthel: that is the way to get to people? >> that is it. will enthusiasm on the right overcome what i think is enthusiasm among millenials who will be more left and democratic oriented. arthel: so you're a veteran pollster. >> i am. arthel: do you bet on the polls, the way you used to, doug? >> well it is tougher because more people are on cell phones. more people exclusively communicate online, and people's opinions change more quickly. so you can still use polls as a guide but it is frankly more an art than a science at this point. arthel: you still have the art though? >> i would like to think so. we try to refine it. but it's tough. we'll have exit polls of fox and ap to help guide us on election night i don't we'll be there.
2:35 pm
>> we will. arthel: front and center, covering and carrying it all. >> exactly. my pleasure. arthel: eric? eric: thank you, arthel. police are identifying suspect and two victims killed in that deadly shooting in florida. police say 40-year-old scott beierle shot 10 people and pistol-whipped another people. two of the victims are identified 61-year-old dr. nancy van nessan, 21-year-old laura bingly, a student at florida statute. they're looking for exact motive for the shooting. beierle was arrested in 2012 and 2016 grabbing woman. prosecutors eventually dropped those charges. arthel: more sad news, the first services held today at the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh, one week after a gunman opened fire there, killing 11 people and wounding several others.
2:36 pm
funeral services for all victims were held last week as the community is still trying to come to terms with this horrific tragedy. jacqui heinrich is following the story from our new york city newsroom. jacqui. reporter: the tree of life synagogue is still closed today. it's a crime scene after the sheeting claims 11 lives one week ago. worshipers gathered for a healing service outside of the building this morning. weeping and leaning on each other worshipers gathered in an area on the street cordoned off by police barriers and cones. they braved the rain, standing under umbrellas holding a vigil with a moment of silence and prayer. shabbat was held at nearby beth shalom temple. >> this shabbat is different, our community and jewish community and our whole nation suffered tragedy this week. >> everyone's faith was here, everyone came together. everyone said we don't want hate. we want love. we want peace. reporter: this week all 11
2:37 pm
victims were laid to rest. the last was eldest of them all, 97-year-old rose malinger who was buried on friday. she left behind three children, five grandchildren and a great grandchild. she had been a member at tree of life more than 60 years. her 61-year-old daughter was shot in the attack but survived. a memorial outside the synagogue grew this week, drawing mourners and president trump and the first lady who placed their respect on stones of star of david markers of the at least four victims remain in the hospital. uppnc hospital said two of the most seriously injured victims were moved out icu. two critically injured men were you upgraded to stable condition. one of those men was a police officer. the shooting is considered by the anti-defamation league to be the deadliest attack on the jewish people in the united states. arthel. arthel: we don't want hate, we want love, we want peace. jacqui heinrich, thank you.
2:38 pm
eric. eric: absolutely. meanwhile powerful storms could slam parts of the country early next week. the system expected to rapidly develop we're told monday into tuesday, election day. where will it hit? thanks for election day forecast, straight ahead. if you have psoriasis,
2:39 pm
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♪ eric: voter turnout could be affected by mother nature. major storms expected to hit key battleground states on tuesday. where and what? adam klotz in the fox news weather center with the political forecast. hi, adam. >> eric, this is several days out. we're seeing a storm come together in the last several hours. that storm in upper midwest, that is what we pay attention to, it will sweep across the country eventually impacting key areas. this will linger into tuesday morning. a chance of severe weather along a frondal boundary, along the mississippi river, across portions of tennessee, all places where we see severe weather on monday. that boundary continues to move across the region on tuesday also. there is the frontal boundary. as you get up farther to the north especially on tuesday, where heaviest rain will be. this will move slowly throughout
2:44 pm
the day, pushing he have -- heavy rain into new england late on forecast for election day. hour-by-hour forecast. pay attention to the time stamp in the corner. anytime darker colors, especially across portions of eastern ohio, running into portions of west virginia, into pennsylvania, all spots you see most severe weather with this system. heavy rain across that entire region, maybe one to two inches, coming down in relatively short amount of time of the as you get later, later into the evening, this becomes more of a issue for portions of new jersey, running up to new york and new england. all spots will deal with umbrellas at very least. some cases severe weather for folks on tuesday. areas that will be impacted by this, obviously important ones across new jersey. temperatures closer to the 70 degrees. there are going to be thunderstorms especially in the evening across portions of florida, especially northern florida. that also will be impacted by this.
2:45 pm
temperatures close to 80 degrees. thunderstorms off and on throughout the day in that region. taking you across portions of tennessee, probably more of an impact on monday, getting into tuesday, clearing off a little bit. indianapolis, indiana, temperatures in the 50, lingering rape showers. as you -- rainshowers. this will impact prepredominantly eastern half of the country. those are the main concerns. those are forecast areas. i wouldn't do a good weatherman job, i mention it. every weatherman has to mention it. tonight heading into the tomorrow we'll need to turn clocks back from two a.m. to 1:00 a.m. if you're going to severe weather on tuesday, it will be dark heading to the polls. eric: they say bad weather helps incumbents because it depresses
2:46 pm
turnout. arthel: you need to sing like sherr, because you said, if i could turn back time. >> if i could turn back time. >> i love you for that. adam, thank you. >> i'm embarrassed. arthel: trump administration announcing reimposed sanctions on iran comes with a few waivers for some of the country's trading partners. could the exemptions undercut the penalties? we'll ask a former state department senior advisor if the new strategy will work. that is next. >> we will have in place the toughest ever sanctions on this iranian regime. and at some point they're going to get very smart and they're going to come back and negotiate a real deal, a fair deal. ♪ ♪ go. take off to the big city.
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it's possible through all the wonderful people who donate. i don't know if they are aware of what they do, but they're saving children's lives every day. ♪ >> essential once on iran. iran taking a very big hit. the country is not the same country as when i started, almost two years ago. iran is a much different country since i terminated that deal. arthel: president trump speaking on iran, days before the administration set to rei am pose sanctions. reimpose sanctions originally
2:51 pm
lifted under obama era nuclear deal. this is taking effect monday, cover shipping, financial and energy sectors of iranian economy. this comes as iranian stayed media reporting on the start of domestically produced fighter jets. chris shin whiten is here on why is this a good move? any downsize? we can start with americans don't want to pay more at the gas pump not to mention those investing in oil? >> the move is very significant. sanctions have increased. you have had an effect already with exodus of european companies. our ambassadors told us bluntly they can choose to do business with iran or us. they have chose own to do business with us. they will cut off eventually revenue iran gets from exporting lots and lots of oil.
2:52 pm
the messaging has been somewhat unclear running up to when it is supposed to happen on monday. we have a true and final list, who is getting exemption. eight countries, major consumers of iranian oil getting exemptions. still the main story is sanctions are getting tougher. arthel: india is one of those countries. iran's biggest client, at least one of their biggest clients. india as you well know buys most of the oil from iran, christian. india is one of eight of those countries. china, japan, south korea, they are given a six-month waiver. they will be allowed to do business with iran without sanctions or penalties from the trump administration for those six months. so although, i understand, tell me if i'm wrong, i believe they have to pay iran in goods rather than cash. still, this take the edge off the bite of the president's moves? >> it does a little bit. also there isn't clarity over whether this willfully go back
2:53 pm
up to the obama level of sanctions by forcing swift, which facilitates international transactions, financial transactions forcing them to cut off iranian institutions. the administration is saying yes, giving them time to proceed as fast as technologically possible. possible. i don't understand why there needs to be a delay. the administration really hasn't made that clear. with the delay for all number of countries you mentioned, most of what iran exports i believe, it is going in the right distribution. i understand the president probably wants to leave some leeway for iranians to signal they're willing to do the right thing. that is the other thing secretary of state pompeo listed 12 things iranians should do although we're most focused on iranian nuclear program where they haven't given any signal of giving yet. arthel: why is it that you have the international inspectors, having conducted that, concluded, i beg your pardon, tehran is complying with the agreement by not developing
2:54 pm
nuclear weapons? european officials have said that the deal is crucial to their national security. >> right. europeans, this is old europe. france germany, unfortunately our allies the british siding with the europeans on this they like the old deal because it required them to do very little. the inspectors, the old deal was fundamentally flawed, iran could comply still end up with a nuclear weapon. it didn't rid them of the nuclear program. it sanctified it. they're able to keep highly sophisticated uranium centrifuges to get to an uranium bomb. they're able to keep spent fuel from blew plutonium reactor to get to a plutonium bomb. they kept all of the parts of that. that is why the president decided to basically turn the page and take a very different approach. >> okay. let's talk about the president's political calculus, last thing here, timing of this move. november 5th was time set for nations to stop importing
2:55 pm
iranian goods and face financial penalties, it is also day before the midterm elections of the does this more than a promise kept, christian? >> this shows toughness, the average american understands full well this regime is dangerous. this came into power in 1979 taking americans hostage. this is tough on it and good american policy s delay on putting sanctions on countries buying iranian oil, will keep price of oil, stronger dollar, a result of higher interest rates. good politics at play as well. >> we'll leave it there. christian whiton thank you very much. much. >> thank you, arthel. eric: we're waiting for president trump to speak at a campaign rally any moment in pensacola, florida. that is expected to follow shortly. he is holding a marathon of rallies stumping for republicans in the final days leading up to the midterm elections. we'll have coverage of the rally. more analysis right here on the fox news channel.
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>> can you believe it is that time of year, yep, time if turn time of year, yep, time if turn . daylight-savings time ends 2:00 a.m., the change affects country except hawaii and parts of
3:00 pm
arizona, they do not conserve daylight -- observe daylight-saving time. >> we'll be in washington for special coverage tomorrow, we get an extra hour of sleep. >> with control of capitol hill hanging in balance, president trump criss-crossing the nation, in a push for midterms, i am john scott, this is the "fox report." >> president about to rally supporters in pensacola, florida, hours after holding an event in montana, republicans there going on the offensive in an attempt to flip a senate seat, latest fox news power rankings show montana leaning democrat. and florida one of 5 senate races, highlighted in yellow, they are all toss ups, they hope to turn them to blue,


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