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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  November 4, 2018 9:00am-11:00am PST

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>> down to the wire. two days ago before the 2018 midterm elections and president trump planning a whirlwind tour of battleground states in the next 48 hours. >> all of this as president obama and hollywood getting out the vote in t places battleground places. >>elizabeth: president trump focus on the caravan. - - is on the ground in veracruz, mexico.
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>>reporter: hoping to do 116 miles in one day.that's a record for the caravan. two catholic nuns flagged down big rigs to ferry migrants north by the hundreds. >> hello everyone and welcome to "america's news hq" from washington. i am arthel neville. >> i am eric shawn. it's 24 hours i'm so excited. as you know it's in 48 hours from now. meanwhile, president trump is keeping busy traveling to contested states across the country. to try to further the republicans agenda ahead of the midterm election. >>reporter: the president is telling his supporters even though he isn't on the ballot, this election is all about him and his agenda. he's been campaigning across the country the last few days for republicans were in close races. mostly in the senate but also
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for a few governor races as well. yesterday at a valley in florida, the president talked about the economy and argued democrats would ruin the progress we've seen over the past two years if they are put in power. >> florida, if you want to pay high taxes. you are to devote for the mayor of tallahassee because you will pay high taxes. and you will destroy this state that i love and that i live in. >>reporter: apart from the governor race, rick scott is running in a tight race for the senate against incumbent bill nelson. immigration is one he sure to bring up in families in georgia with the governor's race is a hot ticket and in tennessee where marsha blackburn is trying to hold onto the seat of retiring senator bob corker. the president keeps the train rolling in indiana, ohio and missouri. all three states very tight
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races for the senate seats there. >> marsha blackburn will be our guest in the next hour. talking about her race. >> governor rick scott is running in a tight race for florida's senate seat against incumbent democrat bill nelson. immigration continues to be a top issue for the president as well. one that he is sure to bring up today during campaign rallies in georgia with the governor's race there is a hot ticket. meanwhile, tensions blaming as 1000s strong caravan of migrants split up into several groups saturday with this happening as the caravan slowly making its way through north mexico. - - is life in veracruz where confusion and anger has broken out amidst the caravan members. >>reporter: the migrants don't
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have a lot of leverage. complaining doesn't do much good. as you mentioned, there are four caravans stretched out from the guatemala border to mexico city. 12,000 in total. i want to show you was seen we saw yesterday morning when a governor who had promised them buses had to back off on that because he could have faced charges on human trafficking. [shouting] >>reporter: angry, confused, disappointed. late last night the governor rescinded his offer afraid goin forward? >> yes but i have to move forward but i don't have nothing.
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>>reporter: david diaz paid smugglers. called twice. on his third attempt, the cartel demanded his family pay $15,000 to keep him alive. >> he asked for a loan from the bank and they oh everything now. >>reporter: hector martinez hauled drugs to pay his coyote but abandoned the low to avoid the border patrol.he's trying again using the caravan as a shield.>> it's dangerous - - [indiscernible] >>reporter: so the plan is, - - tonight. mexico city on tuesday. they may stay there for three days before heading north to tijuana in all likelihood but as you mentioned, they are breaking up. maybe some to texas and california.when and where exactly they arrival be
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different but they're moving faster than the first a we talked when they were only doing 20 miles a day. >> thank you for that update. >> two days before the midterms, democrats are hoping a blue wave will lead them to a new balance of power in the house. republicans currently hold 235 seats and the democrats have 193. 29 braces are listed as tonsils with all but one seat belonging to a democrat incumbent. democrats need to flip 23 republican seats to take the chamber. >> in the senate, experts think the likelihood of democrats taking control are much slimmer. republicans currently hold a 51 seat majority meeting democrats would need a net gain of four seats to take control of the chamber. there are 35 senate seats up for grabs across 33 states. and fox power ranking have tossup's listed in arizona, florida, missouri, nevada and indiana. >> that race in indiana happens to be one of the hottest tossup
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races in the country. mike tobin is in indiana now and has the very least on what we can expect. >>reporter: the very latest is that the indiana democratic party is adopting a tactic attempting to split the conservative vote. an ad is circulating highlighting the third-party candidate. a libertarian, lucy brenton who's been included in debate but has not polled within striking distance of a win. it claims brenton is the candidate for low taxes, not the republican mike braun. president trump waited on twitter. has it that senator joe donnelly the democrat is paying for facebook ads for his so-called opponent on the libertarian ticket. he's trying to steal the election. isn't that what russia did? lucy brenton tweeted, i dislike tactics that i dislike being marginalized by potus. start acting like a buffoon on twitter. the democratic party has owned
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the ad and say they are factual and that she's the true conservative choice for indiana. the republican party shows senator donnelly can't win on his own merits and is trying to trick hoosier voters. this race is a tossup and important for both parties because they bring out the big guns. in a short time, president barack obama will speak trying to rally the base in favor of donnelly despite the fact he bows he is voted with president trump more than half the time. president trump will make two stops on his last-minute barnstorming tour and indian in fort wayne tomorrow. >> as in indiana and elsewhere, campaigns making the final push to appeal to voters and hammer the message home.from the governor's race to key congressional battles, atlas are keeping aclose watch on thi final stretch for tuesday. what should we look out for when it comes to the polls? for more info, let's bring in bonnie lonnie chen. - - with likely voters, that
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number has been declining. what do you expect because you know as polls in the past have been unreliable. >> these polls will bounce all over the place and certainly what we've seen in the polling is some compression which suggests the two sides are beginning to hone in on their closing arguments and messages. but the reality here is it's all about turnout. i'm sure you've heard this before. but really the question of who is able to control the congress on the house side in particular is a function of turnout. if republican voters get out there and they turn out to vote, republicans will do better than expected.if they don't and democrats out turnout the republicans, then you'll see obviously a result that's less favorable for the republicans. this is a turnout game. >> because it is a turnout game at this stage we hear that turnout has been at record numbers in the early voting. for example, in dallas county been up 325 percent.
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harris county 213 percent. is there any way to differentiate who that helps? republicans say it helps them and democrats it helps their party. >> it entirely depends on the state of the demographic. it's difficult to tell you what i would say is obviously, if were seeing early energy and some of the states. that could be good news for the republicans been arizona is a great example where we are seeing early turnout that outpaces 2060 numbers even amongst republican voters. that will help martha mcsally. the republican candidate in arizona. but in a lot of states, republican analysts believe there's good reason to see, a good possibility for republican favorable outcome on election day because of the early turnout numbers. >> let's look at the favorables that president trump handles key battleground states. north dakota for example. he's way up there at 61 percent. missouri 54 point arizona 52.
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indiana, 50. we just heard from mike tobin on that race. how does a 50 percent break even in indiana help against the race with joe donnelly. >> it's going to be a close race in indiana. the fundamentals we have to keep coming back to our that the popularity of the president have a huge impact on midterm election outcomes. when looking at the states. you've mentioned a number of them where president trump is very popular. indiana is a great example. that will help the republican candidate time and again. that is the dynamic to keep coming back to, which is these are states where the president is certainly up for reelection in some ways. his record, is up before the voters.if he's doing well, that will be an advantage for the republican candidate in those states. >> what do you think will happen tuesday? >> i think republicans will do
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very well on the senate side but i think they will retain their majority and pick up anywhere between 2-3 seats. on the house side, tough to say. at present, you have togive the democrats a slight edge but that could change given how turnout looks over the next several days. >> we will be staying up late no matter what on tuesday. two to see you lonnie . thank you. >> stay up late and keep it right here on fox news ahead of the election. chris wallace talks to douglas and senator - - at 2:00 p.m. eastern. tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern, rhett behr and martha maccallum will give us a preview of what to expect on tuesday. as they will have complete election night coverage starting at 6:00 p.m. eastern on tuesday night. coming up here, a new report released by senator chuck bradley finds no evidence to back allegations against brett kavanaugh where multiple women - - [indiscernible]. if rondennis both president oba
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and trump rally voters in florida where the governor and senate races are neck and neck.
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i am a family man. i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. >> let's take a look at the headlines.
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investigators are searching for motive behind a fatal yoga studio shooting that left three people dead, including the gunman and another five injured. police say the suspected shooter, 40-year-old scott barely had a history of groping women. it appears he posted several misogynistic and racist rants on youtube before he allegedly killed two women friday night. the american servicemen were killed and cobble was 39-year-old brent taylor. the mayor of - - and active-duty utah national guard member. he was elected mayor in 2013 but deployed to afghanistan for a year last january.another american was badly hurt in the inside attack. to the west of afghanistan, iranians rallied marking the 39th anniversary of the u.s. embassy takeover a couple days after president trump chose to levy the pre-nuclear deal sanctions against iran's
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shipping energy and financial sectors. >>eric: dunning bombshells and aftermath of the brett kavanaugh hearings. the senate judiciary committee determined there is quote, no evidence they say, the tobacco multiple women's allegations against the supreme court justice. gillian turner joins us with details on this investigation and what the report found. this is really unbelievable if some of these accusations are self-admitted, not true? >>reporter: it's a shocking story. what were hearing and senator grassley has now released a 414 page report that he says exonerates brett kavanaugh from accusations of rape and sexual assault that he faced when he was nominated to become a supreme court justice. after interviewing 40+ people, gathering 25 statements and
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multiple social media accounts. judiciary committee republicans no witnesses could provide evidence to substantiate any of the accusations. a statement from the committee reads in part quote, the revolution of harassment allegations tested the committee in many ways. this was a serious and thorough investigation that left no stone unturned. in the end, there was no credible evidence to support the allegations against the nominee. the committee also says the investigation included friends of quote, all of those involved. this report follows on the heels of revelations that one woman in particular, judy layton reportedly admitted to the judiciary during questioning that her allegations against brett kavanaugh were made up in order to bring awareness to the issue of sexual violence in america. the president reacting by calling - - yesterday, by calling her disgraceful at multiple rallies multiple times. >> she made up the story. it was a lie. a total lie. it was fake. you know what fake means? the democrats was so horrible
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on everyone. so horrible. by the way, what about the others? when will they say things like she did.>>reporter: grassley has referred - - to the justice department for investigation of potentially criminally false statements and she faces serious legal trouble. >>eric: do we know how long this will take? >>reporter: no word yet from the committee what they think the fbi will be investigating. it could take days or months. don't know yet.>>eric: i'm sure everyone will wait to find out. >>arthel: in florida, voters are nearly evenly split in the state senate race between senator bill nelson and governor rick scott. president trump won the sunshine state by 1.2 points in 2016. peter doocy is live in miami with the latest on the candidates final push to appeal to voters at florida's large - - and florida's large latino
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photos as well. >>reporter: 4.8 million people have a ready cast ballots in florida. that's nearly half the total that are expected to cast ballots anywhere in the state by tuesday. and the incumbent governor rick scott trying to become senator sees the economy as the number one issue.something else he's working on in his official capacity is making sure any floridians in the panhandle will might still be displaced by hurricane michael have the opportunity to vote. >> we've made sure, i worked with the supervisor of elections in the counties affected by michael to make sure people have the opportunity to vote. people want to vote. people are voting. and will make sure to have the opportunity to vote. >>reporter: governor scott took orders at a bakery outside miami in hialeah after a
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nighttime rally with president trump and the panhandle. the incumbent tim aquatic senator bill nelson has been trying to win reelection on the other side by bragging about having former president obama's support and by leading scott when it comes to newspaper endorsements. a bigger part of the strategy is to write away the popularity at the top of the ticket. appearing at events with andrew gillum including in kissimmee. nelson was first elected in 2000 but he is one of only 10 democrats trying to win reelection against president trump in the state - - trying to win the election in a state that president trump won and he keeps coming back to campaign against him.>>arthel: thank you very much peter. >>eric: comingup, the president making a so-called my migrant caravan center stage. is that making a difference for american voters? our political panel will break that down. it's down to the wire for governor ingeorgia . - - is on the ground and where
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the president is set to rally voters. >>reporter: the president taking a very active role in the georgia governor's race about to address the crowd in this aircraft hanger you see behind me. we will have that story when we come back. ..
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arthel: welcome with just two days until the midterms come up with drum campaign efforts are in full swing. i'll be on the ground in macon, georgia later today rallying in a state that features a contentious governor's race. jonathan serrie is arctic air and he latest. >> hi, arthel, hopefully you can hear me over the sounds that president trump will be campaigning with brain cancer to rally inside this hangar at the middle georgia regional airport. brian kemp, secretary of state
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in georgia oversees elections in the state. a press release and its origin investigation investigation to the georgia democratic party after detecting a failed breach of the state's voter registration system. the democratic party called the claims 100% false any political and illustrating why cam should not oversee an election in which he is running for governor. president comes to the comes two days after president obama visited atlanta. democrats facing a broom. i rally mr. obama brought up allegations of voter suppression. >> will try to disenfranchise people and take away their right to vote. [cheers and applause] stacy's opponent has already been caught at all times. reporter: the president was referring to a lawsuit
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challenging church's strict voter i.d. laws that required the i.d. present at the pole to match exactly information in your voter registration. late last week a federal judge ordered the office to make it easier for people with i.d. discrepancies to prove their citizenship status to poll workers and cast their ballot. arthel arthel: jonathan serrie, we can hear you very well. traded that may not be the case and the president starts speaking but will see. they disenchanted with the president and former president obama are choosing to hold their rallies. each set is packed to the area on tuesday. leland vittert has more now what do you look at the election map. reporter: start with the balance of power. republicans of the best chance to hold on the senate. right now it's 49-51. democrats are defending the most number of seats could we will go ahead and take a look at a
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couple to see where the campaigns will be trying to turn out the vote spirit controlled the senate both parties will tell you run through the show me state of missouri. claire mccaskill won 10 senator josh holly come the attorney general running in heat right now. get out the vote is incredibly important. these are the presidential results from 2016. kansas city come in the center of the state in st. louis are the big time vote numbers as you can see in the places that hillary clinton won. zoom back out a little bit come back into misery to show you where josh holly needs to focus the most is a look at the presidential results. down here like cape girardeau or president trump is going to make his closing arguments on monday. is there is there a place as one by 60 points or so. the difference is the number of votes available and that's why you see president trump coming to rural areas where he may not have as many votes available
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that he can run up the relative percentage and totals. let's take a look at the house especially the balance of power there where democrats have the best choice. 195 to 240 right now in the house. there are 25 house republicans districts that hillary clinton won. let's take a look at one of them and we can show you what it is here will go to the house and then we are going to go to the southwest. texas southern congressional district gives us a great microcosm. this has been a republican district since 1966 when george h.w. bush wanted. now colder sin has been in congress since 2001 is defending against lizzie fletcher from a democrat. she's got more money. that's why people think it's possible to switch this. hillary clinton won this district is a suburb of houston in the last presidential race to admit rummy wanted in 2012 said they believe the democrats do that the trendlines are in their
9:32 am
favor and that's what shall see especially tuesday night is watching these very key seats that are truly contested to give us an idea of how things are going as tuesday develops. arthel: leland, thank you good counting on two days away from the midterm elections. candidates are hustling for one last push on the final home stretch. are they tearing into what americans really care about? let's bring in our political panel now to weigh in. josh kimbrell, red state contributor in talk radio host in davidson. from a former state department official and former obama campaign foreign policy adviser, good to have both of you here. i will do my best to give you equal time. i will start with you, david here so the democrats are driving the issue of health care and equal access to health care even for people with preexisting conditions. is this going to garner votes for democratic candidate? >> you're right.
9:33 am
a recent poll shows that the most important policy for democrats is health care coverage and not repealing the affordable care act. this is exactly the right issue for democrats to be something on. it's also an important issue where you can show a difference with republicans because voters know republicans intend to repeal the affordable care act. in fact they came within one vote of doing that. pardon me? arthel: are they getting voters to the polls? you think it's enough? >> certainly a lot of voters care about the affordable care act. more than 11 million voters know how affordable care act and others are benefiting from it. they don't want it repealed because that is going to get them not to vote. arthel: i want to take a look at a couple of polls before i get you a josh started with abc news "washington post" poll connected last week showing 70% consider
9:34 am
how care is the most important issue in voting for congress this year and there's the npr university poll connected a couple weeks ago showing that 20% with the economy and jobs when voting in the midterms. josh coming back to you. i want to pick up on something david just touched on. if health care is a major concern for most americans against the backdrop of strong efforts to repeal out they gave a role in both chambers, how can republicans make the case that the gop is the party that voters should turn to? >> health care is an important issue to the american people, but the vast majority consider themselves to be middle income or middle class. the people who been most hammered by obamacare in the mandates have been people who are not enough to qualify for a lot of programs but not rich enough to buy cadillac plans. folks were working americans are the most by the obamacare plan. americans are worried about
9:35 am
health care. it's a lie of the left to repeal that. arthel: this is the problem. >> you provide more freedom. been trying to get competition across state lines or to democrats about that at every turn. the market principles and health principles and health care which would lower costs and improve access in its ally of the left of the republicans are trying to kick people if health care plans or won't cover preexisting conditions. ever republican plan has included continued coverage for preexisting conditions but introducing more forget her -- free-market methods to improve care outcomes. arthel: david, anything to say about that? >> first about what >> first of all a josh that is completely not true. some republican plans would allow states to not give coverage to people with preexisting conditions. that's absolutely true. exactly when three republican senators voted against. that is why. >> that is not true. >> let me finish, sir.
9:36 am
senator mccain, senator murkowski and senator colin voted against repeal of the affordable care act. republican, moderate republicans understand that it might get they didn't repeal the affordable care act. the most important problem is while the campaign -- >> the reason democrats want to make an issue here. the reason democrats want to make an issue here. >> at the 302nd. in fairness i went to get josh the final 30 seconds because david you had your turn. >> the reason democrats try to fear monger about health care is because the economy is booming. americans are siding with the president and republicans on border security and a new "washington post" poll came out today. americans are more optimistic about the economy. people are worried about border security. these are shooters favoring republicans. >> i was going to get to those other points but unfortunately amount of time. sorry about that. thank you both in good luck to
9:37 am
everybody. >> thank you. transducer to have the russians attack us during the presidential election. you think enough is being done to protect the integrity of our system? working with states to try to secure their election. who will be here to tell us about the progress.
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side effects may not appear for several weeks. high cholesterol and weight gain; high blood sugar, which can lead to coma or death decreased white blood cells, which can be fatal; dizziness upon standing; falls; seizures; impaired judgement; heat sensitivity; and trouble swallowing may occur. you're more than just your bipolar i. ask about vraylar. eric: cybersecurity and election meddling have been that concerns to midterms greater state of local officials really doing enough to safeguard your bow? jake hanlon, ceo of the firm is dedicated to finding election security solutions and is working with states right now to try and secure the security of elections on a state level. jay, welcome. let me start with the fact the department of homeland security has had the midterm sorry warm-up for 2020 by the russians. evidence china and iran has been suspected of hitting us in the system here do you think right
9:42 am
now heading into tuesday that we are completely properly protected? >> thank you. answered the question before you ask the question. we have to really think of the elections with them as an end to end process away from the initial registration to online social media activity and mental inactivity to the voting itself and all the way through to tallying and putting up the results. any part of the process can be compromised and so we have to really think about defending every single element in order to really feel safe. we think every single part of the process is 100% accurate today? absolutely not. we have a long way to go. fortunately, we are making progress you were in a better place than two years ago. you have much better cooperation with private industry. companies like facebook are finally taking it seriously and helping with the meddling problem in tape finally taking advantage of resources and money being put out there.
9:43 am
$380 million without thereby federal government to bolster security and upgrade a lot of antiquated systems. in a better place but not perfect. trying to the department of homeland security made efforts and contacted local officials and incorporating them in the systems. 13 states still have electronic touchscreen machines with no paper trail and there's concern about those. >> absolutely. i'm worried about not having paper ballots or some sort of record that if we had to go back and audit the vote we have really no way of doing not. my hope is the systems do get upgraded to 42020, but right now we have to just kind of hope. i do think those states are starting to think about the vulnerability to systems. they're starting to perform exercise. every municipality assume that they would get compromised and how they actually react to that.
9:44 am
these are fundamentally important in my hope is that more states follow suit. eric: illinois been doing that. 76,000 database -- 76,000 voters in illinois were compromised. they gave them the slayer. so finally, what is your company doing? what are you seeing and how are you better protecting our systems to protect the integrity of the system? >> we built that six years ago to effectively recruit global network of the top white house hackers around the world and the purpose of them is to shine a light and on vulnerabilities in large corporations and government agencies now and the election system. the system or most focused on are certainly the voter registration systems and anything touching the public internet. we work with 10 different dates now i'm helping them, but i will say it's been slow to adopt is one of the reasons for that is there is so much bureaucracy and
9:45 am
the so hard to get people to move even if you offer for free, we offer services pro bono. a million dollars of products and services to any state that takes us up on it. but it's still hard. we're making progress and the hope is we can help more and more states in time. tree into a upon it? >> we are some were still the middle of that process. already a couple days out. we have found problems and resolve them, but there is a lot more we need to be doing. >> about with that and of course the best advice for people who do suspect something with your code always contact your election officials. thank you so much. arthel arthel: president trump campaigning hard for macros and they'll appeared in the final weekend until election day. ellison barber is live with a look at the battle for one of
9:46 am
the state senate speech. reporter: senator jon tester will be this afternoon. the afternoon. her public and hoping take his senate seat. that was no campaigning north that president trump tomorrow. we'll have more on this race from the ground in just a minute. sh in. what's in your wallet?
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eric: president trump heavily invested in montana senate race. a rally there yesterday turned to the deceiver and jon tester to republican macros and mail. the race has become the most closely watched race this election season. ellison barber is live in missoula, montana with the latest on the contest for president trump held a rally yesterday. hey come allison. reporter: hey, eric. president trump in montana yesterday. mike pence will be here tomorrow campaigning with state auditor matt rosedale. that is the republican hoping to flip that senate seat currently held by democrat jon tester. tester will be in missoula this afternoon. both candidates trying to make a final push to get voters to the polls at montana state university and montana in montana television network found six by 5% are registered montana
9:51 am
voters are undecided when it comes to the senate race. most democrats according to the poll are decided for tester, but 44% identify as republicans. 27% as independent. 26% as some other non-democratic party. right now those voters are key. this is a close race. the real clear politics average puts tester had imprisoned l. by four percentage points. rosen l. train to pay tester as an out of touch politicians come out of touch with montana. the puppet of democratic leaders in washington. tester isn't talking about president trump when asked about yesterday's rally were president trump attacked in all he will really say is the president is welcoming montana. >> on every issue tax cuts, building the wall, supreme court justices, jon tester stood in the way and voted no.
9:52 am
montana is trump country. [cheers and applause] not chuck schumer nancy pelosi country. >> truth of the matter is there's a lot of thing on the ballot. affordable health care is on the ballot. people with preexisting conditions coming year on the ballot. reporter: president trump's approval rating the state of montana is about 50%, the right now according to her latest fox news power ranking, this is the state in the senate election winning towards the democrat, senator jon tester. eric: that's a great location to do some reporting out of washington for a while. absolutely. >> no complaints. >> let's go to the windy city were peter roskam is defending his seat again because of race to represent illinois sixth district. mr. sean astin wasn't available to join us this weekend but
9:53 am
congressman rothman is with us. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. great to be with you. >> when loaded question off the top. i won't talk about your position on taxes as they affect the people of illinois. now not corporations and health care specifically people with preexisting conditions. i want to note of course that you know your opponent points out you voted against the affordable care more than 60 times. >> for sure. the affordable characters not served by district well but i'm a strong supporter of those preexisting condition protections in the republican alternative explicitly in that really is a settled question. on the tax issue in particular, my district, the west and northwest suburbs of chicago have gotten a billion dollars in tax relief. the median household is a husband-wife come into children, $135,000 household income. the family gets $4600 in tax
9:54 am
relief and my opponent by contrast wants to repeal it out and put on a new carbon tax, gas tax, payroll tax, have a graduated income tax and i say which is a big target on the backs of my constituents. arthel: want to move on because you're also active on national security issues. what is your take on the president's approach to security the southern border and immigration in terms of tone and execution. >> look on the look of the southern border and realize that not securing it is to be made more secure. most people in my district were strongly in favor of a bill that we pastor that i voted on in the house a few weeks ago and now was more border security funding, and the ability to end the child's separation policy once and for all and a permanent pathway for the young people involved in the daca situation. most people in my district say i want to see things dealt with
9:55 am
one step at a time. they're kind of out of the or nothing business. they're really rejecting the politics of vitriolic name-calling that my opponent has so vigorously embrace. my opponent a couple weeks ago said that fox news exists to make people stupid. that is exact quote. arthel: i want to move on. i didn't hear the quote of the major state that for the record. let me move on to the poll. "the new york times" siena poll in september, your opponent had 44% to your 45%. the same poll in october showing 46% and you, sir 44%. here we are congressman roskam. you're fighting for a sixth term. your opponent from a scientist and businessman. not a politician. why do you think he's on your heels? why is this race so close?
9:56 am
>> will come and this is not new ground for me. i first opponent for the state was u.s. senator tammy duckworth and i was running in a year when george w. bush was not popular or the war in iraq was not popular in senator duckworth, then tammy duckworth was a phenomenon based on her sacrifice in service to our country. being involved in the competitive races not e-mail. in fact, i think competitive races are good. they force you to go to a constituent he, disclose who you are and say who is it you want to reflect to you. you want to reflect somebody who's demonstrated a capacity -- arthel: congressmen come i apologize predicting the hard drive. hard drive. good luck, sir. thank you for joining us. we'll be back in a moment.
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humana network and get your free decision guide. discover how an all-in-one medicare advantage plan from humana could save you money. there is no obligation and the book is free. eric: just two days to go in president trump putting in some serious mouse to help republican candidates in the midterms. >> the president headed to macon, georgia this afternoon but i'm excited to chattanooga to help gop's been marsha blackburn third world talk to the congresswoman about her message to undecided voters. eric: plus, we will go live for president trump since even more troops to stop the so-called caravan of migrants. welcome to america's election
10:01 am
headquarters. we're from washington today. i'm eric shawn. arthel: and i am arthel neville. nice to have you with us. i president trump will rally supporters in chattanooga, tennessee for congresswoman or in who is running for the u.s. senate seat vacated i senator bob corker appeared steve harrington in chattanooga where preparations to welcome the president are underway. how's it looking? >> this event is no more than six hours away but the lines are huge all around this auditorium which holds 10,000 dead began lining up yesterday afternoon to make sure they got a seat for the rally. of course the president is coming to support congressman marsha blackburn peerages in a tight race against democrat phil bresnan. this will be the president's third trip in this race has already set records for money spent more than $80 million so far in the race alone when you turn on the tv it is commercial after commercial. each site attacking another.
10:02 am
three times the number of people devoted the last time the midterms here. the strategy is pretty straightforward. lock burner supporting president trump. she's trying to paint her opponent as a washington democrat. bredesen is trying to make the race not about trumpet about local issues. he says he's a problem solver. president trump one tennessee in 2016 by 26 percentage points. if blackburn does win, she will be the first woman to be a senator be a senator from the state of tennessee. back to you guys. train to steve harrigan, thank you very much. eric: president trump and make pencil being chattanooga tonight. congresswoman but are in across the finish line. she joins us now from chattanooga. first i want to point out we did reach out for an interview with your opponent, former governor bredesen but declined the opportunity this weekend and is welcome to come on another time. tonight you've got the president
10:03 am
and the vice president come a doubleheader. what is your view on the fact we saw thousands of people lining up now even though the rally is still six hours away? >> i have to tell you there is so much excitement about his beard people are looking forward to welcoming the president and the vice president here in east tennessee in chattanooga. the lines are very long. there's a lot of energy. thousands of people have sought to get reservations to get in that arena tonight. this is going to be a great event and help us with our message that tennesseans want to make certain that we have more constitutional judges. we secure those tax cuts and that we secure our southern border. eric: you talk about this race being so tight. it was neck and neck. you are down to one point. now you've pulled ahead according to the polls.
10:04 am
the real clear politics average out to a 5.2% in the leave. you are down basically seven points in august. why do you think you've increased what propelled that? >> people are beginning to focus in on the race in to look at the differences between my opponent and me. they know that i support president trump and his agenda and they also know that my opponent, phil bredesen has supported hillary clinton. he wanted her to be president. if she had been, you would not see these constitutional judges. you would not the tax cut. we've got a great rally for tonight and people are saying where's the hillary rally? is she coming into campaigns for phil bredesen because yes indeed he would be part of the washington democrat in the agenda they are pushing forward. train to mention one of the issues that the hot wire issue that has to do with the so-called caravan.
10:05 am
a pretty controversial ad about that. let's show a clip from that advertisement. >> a caravan of 14,000 illegal immigrants is marching on america, but phil bredesen. >> a few thousand very poor people is not a threat. >> and numbers, not criminal, people from the middle east, possibly terrorists. >> although homeland security does not confirm anyone from iss is in the caravan, they have 270 people with criminal records are in it. i see no democrats are saying is just a political ploy. >> when you have individuals who say they're coming as an invading force, that is the wrong way to come to the country. there is a right way and a wrong way. trade to congresswoman, is it fair to say they consider themselves an invading force says trying to flee crime and gangs and others back home.
10:06 am
>> for those that are seeking asylum, there is also a right way and a wrong way to calm to our country. we compassionately receive and always have those that are seeking refuge. individuals need to know there is a right way in a wrong way to come to the united states and we need to make certain that we protect our nation's sovereignty. that is what tennesseans want to see done. they know that phil bredesen is wrong on this issue. he has tried to downplay this. he doesn't think it is a serious issue. indeed, he does not think immigration, illegal immigration is a top 10 issue for tennesseans. i've got to tell you it is a top one, two or three issue for tennessee and other democrats commit independent to republican. that is why you have so many trump democrats who are supporting me. despite independents, republicans are supporting me in this race. eric: you're going to have quite
10:07 am
a shindig down south later on this afternoon at the rally. thank you for joining us. we'll be watching what happens on tuesday night. congresswoman marsha black running for the senate seat vacated by barb corker. thank you. >> thank you. arthel: let's go out west where the senate race in nevada is down to the wire with three points separating democrat jacky rosen and jacky rosen and a comment republican dean heller. dan springer is in las vegas with more on that race. hi, dan. >> hey, i felt. in terms they understand las vegas for democrats take control of the senate, they need to pull off an inside straight to have any chance of doing that. they have to split the seeded nevada. the only place for an incumbent republican senator is defending a seat in which hillary clinton won the state back in 2016. dean heller has a big advantage in name recognition numbers upon a democrat jacky rosen. he's never lost an election in an election it is one for
10:08 am
statewide races in a row. he's had a complicated relationship with president trump. he was a critic in 2016 but later under pressure from trump voted for the repeal of obamacare. now trump and his son, don junior are campaigning hard core. >> my father can't do this alone. he needs guys like dean heller in the senate who are seeing that if we push back as republicans we can actually win. >> jacky rosen is the first-term congresswoman. a recent poll has shown 30% of nevada residents don't know who she is. rosen is trying to stick with the democrats formula for success, which is appeal to the union and hispanic centauri big victory in clark county were 70% of the votes are cast. she's been hammering heller for his flip-flop on obamacare. >> we are the battle born state. [cheers and applause] that means we are fighters.
10:09 am
we are independent and we stand up and you deserve a senator who will always fight to put a lot of families first to matter what the political pressure. >> early voting numbers are much stronger than they were in the 2014 midterm and so far democrats are coming out with the 3.8% advantage over registered republicans. that bodes well for democrats. most of the experts expect a very long night on tuesday. arthel: very long night indeed. thank you very much good as that approaches come that approaches, many democratic candidates across the country have shifted their attention away from president trump to focus on the issue of health care. >> mr. cramer, i don't know why you voted to let insurance companies go back to deny coverage for preexisting conditions, but i know heidi would never do that. >> halls absolute now working for his district. >> if they care about health care, they care about their children's health care. >> congressman bishop senator whitehouse after voting for
10:10 am
preexisting conditions, something inside me broke. i'm running for congress may approve this message because that's a dereliction of duty. arthel: this is fox's polling shows health care leads among issues voters can either extremely important, topping the list with 68%. for more now democratic strategist robin biro. thank you for being here. >> thank you. trained to want to know if you can talk to me how the democrats decide to hang this election on health care. is there a strategy? was it before they were hearing from voters? did they know this is what they would he campaigning on or did they wait to your voters had to say? >> yeah, strategically let me answer that question pure strategically with a mix of those. it started when donald trump, president trump of the cosh in subsidies and started to go out. as you know, about two thirds of the recipients of the affordable care act otherwise known as obamacare are trump supporters silly kind of stuff him in some
10:11 am
focus and gave an opportunity to head home the fact that the insurance costs were going out. i came into place as well as polls you just cited one. music came out with when the street when the stricter show is pulling back into economy with the third most important issues to voters being not of immigration. those issues are the fact there. arthel: talked about polls to 92 when i first started. are the candidates getting the message out in the wait is driving people to the polls to vote for them? and if you would talk about those tight races for democrats are not winning and they're struggling. why is health care failing their pitch there in those areas to voters. >> yeah, i'm glad you asked and that's a great question. in red states, there were four red state voting on tuesday for medicare expansion that is an issue for the states specifically.
10:12 am
it's just strategically speaking a really good issue for us where i'll admit we are weak when it comes to immigration. the messaging is not coming out good enough when it comes to immigration reform. but we are really strong when it comes to health care and protection for preexisting conditions. the problem we are facing right now with the aclu's private practice are having to decline coverage because the coverage itself is not a good as it used to be. the coverage itself are paying more and getting lots and lots of problem without addressing. tranter really quickly robin if you give me an answer make a hard turn. if democrats retake control of the house, are they going to switch to impeachment and health care in all other issues you're talking about? are they going to start focusing on impeachment?
10:13 am
>> realistically speaking, just to be honest with you, i wouldn't be surprised. strategically they been told to stay away from the two high words come immigration impeachment, but i would not be surprised if that does come up to be completely honest and transparent. arthel: thank you for your honesty and transparency. thank you very much. take care. eric: arthel, at stake is not just the senate in the house. state legislators deciding his fate in your state house. the gubernatorial makeup of our company could shut your 32 states headed by governors who are republican while 17 have governors who are democrats. alaska is the only state with an independent. which raises and 36 days. power rankings have eight of those races listed with all but one of those contests aligned to a republican incumbent. fox news power rankings also has arizona's governor race list it as the likely republican choice on the senate race between martha mcsally and democratic
10:14 am
christian cinema was listed as a top. alicia acuna live in phoenix at the very latest on that battle. reporter: hike in the area. candidates making closing arguments this week and so of course both women made appearances at that state university homecoming game. ♪ for the land of the free ♪ in the home of the brave ♪ >> former air force fighter pilot republican congressman martha mcsally is an battle for party control of the sea. it's held since the mid-90s in the latest fox news poll of likely voters, mixed salad and congresswoman kirsten cinema are in a dead heat. so much at stake is the president this morning retreated this from october 27th save martha mcsally is a great lawyer her opponent in the sea pellucid
10:15 am
wacko. they hope to do massive get out the vote after especially with and young voters. >> they have to vote. you know, your vote is actually your voice. if you choose not to go, you're letting someone else make decisions about your life and your future. i do know about you but i don't want anyone else making decisions for me. >> this morning on "fox news sunday," chris and holland discuss democrats narrow path to the area. >> we have too many close races and you know it's all about turnout. here's what i would say. the early voting states like nevada and arizona has been very strong. it does appear young voters are coming out and it looks like the president's effort to distract voters from the real issues they care about like health care and the republican efforts to take away protections for preexisting conditions is not working. reporter: from the secretary of state's office in arizona you
10:16 am
can see republicans leading in ballots returned as of friday. couple things. a staffer from cinema says if you combine democrats with the unaffiliated, they believe that helps them. arizona republicans came to make a really big push on election day, especially when you talk about places like sun city. a lot of older conservative voters there don't participate so much in early voting. they'll be showing up on tuesday. coming down to the wire. eric: that it is. it shows out to shake hands and kiss babies. now you have to go in the national anthem in front of hundreds of thousands of people. thank you so much. arthel: coming up, governor and senate races in florida are neck and neck. many headers from president obama to president trump to fire up voters. we will go live to tallahassee. president trump and many republicans have put the migrant caravan in our border security front and center for the
10:17 am
midterm. we will take a closer look at whether that strategy is working. democrat claire mccaskill is fighting to keep her missouri senate seat against a strong challenger john hawley. kristin fisher is on the ground to lewis. >> hi, art bell. this is one of the closest races in the entire country. so much so president trump will be holding a final campaign rally this election cycle. here in missouri than in missouri the night before the polls open all be breaking down the state of this race right after the break. ♪ when the moon hits your eye ♪ ♪ like a big pizza pie, ♪ that's amore. ♪ when the world seems... ♪ applebee's new neighborhood pastas. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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eric: the missouri senate race still showing incumbent democratic senator claire mccaskill neck and neck with her republican challenger. state attorney general josh holly. kristin fisher joins us from st. louis with the latest on what we can expect out of an election day. take it away. >> are though, this is one of the closest races right now on the entire country. the latest fox poll has these candidates exactly tied. 43 to 43. to give you an idea how important race has become for president trump, according to the local media here, he has come to this day, missouri to campaign for josh holly or these hold rallies are some fund-raising event for him six
10:22 am
times over the course of the election cycle and how they coming here a seventh time on monday night. it will be his final rally before the polls open on tuesday morning. that's how important this is to president trump. he's been campaigning very hard for republican candidates in this race for the state attorney general josh holly running on a platform in lockstep with the term agenda to the caravan protecting second amendment rights have been at the top of closing arguments but is also dealing with controversy in the final days of this race. a report in the kansas city star accusing them of hiring outside political consult within days of taking office he then went on to win a senate campaign. his opponent calls it an appropriate and potentially illegal. when asked how he got it yesterday he described the report in london towers near campaign similar to what happened with judge kavanaugh. he said to man up your senator mccaskill the fake news media says about me over the course of the next two days. i am not going to back down.
10:23 am
his opponent of course the democratic senator claire mccaskill, she's running for third term and she's been drilling down on her promise to protect health insurance coverage for preexisting conditions. she's also taking aim at number have her own party her own parties by saying she's not one of those crazy democrats. a clear attempt to reach from supporters in a stay president trump won by nearly 20 points in 2016. mccaskill is also come under fire in the closing days for legal anonymous campaign mailers that littered the stay but she insists her campaign on absolutely nothing to do with it. listen here. >> josh holly thinks dark money is great. he thinks anonymous giving a spine. i'm the one that wants to clean it up. i condemn those mailers and whoever did them because that's what happens when you allow anonymous contributions. those are republicans now calling for a federal investigation into these mailers. arthel no doubt what the race this tight things are going to get ugly with just two days to
10:24 am
go until election day. arthel: no doubt about that, kristin fisher, thank you for it much. eric. strangest kristin noted immigration is one of the hot button issues. president trump up as a non-immigration in the valley of reports tuesday. .of florida governor senate race there as the president obama and trump. phil keating is standing by with the very latest from tallahassee. reporter: icon eric. both of those races are absolutely critically tossup races in today for most of the state of florida, the final day already 5 million floridians have already voted in this big all-important midterm election. all your political details coming.
10:25 am
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10:29 am
the finish line. both president obama and trump have rallied their party bases in florida where the governor and senate races are hotly contest within the nations largest swing state. phil keating is in tallahassee, florida with the latest on those contests. hey, phil. >> hi, rachel. today the most state of florida is the final day for an in-person early voting and despite the sunday rain injury miss in tallahassee coming here at the courthouse the flow of voters in and out voting early has been steady all day. florida republicans the place to be last night was in pensacola for president trump and vice president and headlined another midterm rally for governor rick scott running for the son of former congressman ron desantis running for governor. an hour ago governor scott treated updates. another great rally in pensacola last night. amazing to see so much energy in the crowd. we only have two days left until election day.
10:30 am
we all need to make sure we vote or they win. pushing for a big win for democrats. reverend al sharpton came to south florida this morning attending a baptist church service talking to the crowd urging everybody to immediately leave the church once it was over, go right to an in-person early voting site and vote for tallahassee mayor andrew dillon who is running for governor as well as incumbent senator bill nelson all part of the nationwide souls to the polls giving which always happens the final sunday before election day. florida so incredibly tight at this election really could all come down to the independents. >> is a relatively small group of people. a few% who can move either way in an election like this. >> the florida senate race listed as amount so that tossup via real clear politics that
10:31 am
shows bill nelson is a slight edge at this point but within the margin of error of 1.4%. as for the governor's race come you've got injured gillam kalihi desantis by 2.6%. that is within the margin of error. out of these races really tossup to go either way. i will say this. those little edges the democrats have been both races right now are smaller than they were on friday. what that may mean we shall see tuesday night. arthel: people have to get out to vote for whoever you want to win. so much for the sunshine state, phil keating. >> the rainy state today. immigration as we've been reporting is one of the top issues this midterm. president trump to make a central focus of his rally. while immigration concerns drive voters to the pole? heritage foundation vice president of national security and foreign policy, it jams
10:32 am
could find out. good to see you. >> are to be with you. tranter were once we cannot the troops are going on at the border. president obama and george w. bush sent national guard troops down to the border to help out with immigration enforcement. what's your view. >> and woodrow wilson. sending troops to the border in a crisis mode is something we've been doing a long time could recruited more, over the united states. one of their missions is to deal with migration crises whether the cuban boatlift resolve back under reaganite gas or today this is something they plan for. with people don't think about his everybody's decision between standard imf. that's not what they're therefore be the most viable thing is now going down prepping the border, prepping logistics, reinforcing places so that the bulk of their work before the first caravan shows that you >> they're calling it a political ploy.
10:33 am
democratic members of congress were to defense secretary not a thing of the of money. >> first of all, we didn't decide when they were going to go back to the border. second of all, the cost of dealing with illegal migration once inside the united states completely will wipe out anything will spend with military deployment. this is where we really need to put politics aside. if this becomes a standard tactic, tens of thousands of migrants marching on the border on a routine basis, the border becomes completely uncontrollable. we have to break the cycle of thinking this is where the storm -- trade to the president talked about asylum reform for example. people show up at the border. he has claimed some asylum fraud. how bad is that when you have women and children and others in many men talking about jobs here that doesn't count. how about an issue is that really and how widespread do you think it would be?
10:34 am
>> it is a large problem. the court order dealing with families at the border and haven't done the children out of detention. and also because the obama administration was very broad and open-ended and processing claims. that created a massive incentive for human traffickers who offer thousands of dollars to organize fake families and send them to the border. we created a behavior to have to break that behavior. reform is really important in the congress does have to step in because we have the core presents which can really only be dealt with by congress clearly stating how the law should work. eric: congress with the democrats, would you expect? a dreamer situation traveled in? in the border while finding out the window. >> it will be complete deadlock. the house is going to be so close and it's unlikely we're going to see significant
10:35 am
immigration legislation regardless who gets in power. it's important we continue to work at this because at some point people in congress are going to win on this. the more we talk about it and eventually have to do that. >> is certainly sounds like that especially with you raising the type of issues here to see what happens. >> thanks for having me. >> and i will take you to the u.s.-mexico border were rick rick leventhal is in mission, texas with the latest. hey, rick. >> hey, our cell. the border patrol has just about both out of the rio grande river patrol it wanders between the u.s. and mexico looking for illegal crossings. this start could be among the site to get additional help in the u.s. military including razor wire fencing like we saw yesterday. in part this is one of the busiest sectors for illegal crossings on the entire southern border. the rio grande valley made 21,000 arrests last month alone.
10:36 am
900 arrests yesterday. today we saw dozens more arrests in a location very close to where we're standing. we sought a group of about three dozen men, women and children, most if not all from honduras they just showed up. just as members of the caravan say they are. agents collected personal property, bulk from, bulk from a shoe, give him water and prepare to transport them to check their fingerprints and pictures of the ident system and if they showed no priors they could give court appearance ticket to cut loose. one man told me he was desperate after thugs killed his family members. [inaudible] so they come and they see -- >> they killed your brother.
10:37 am
>> apparently we rolled video of the caravan. none of the arrests were taking place this morning underneath the bridge close to our location here are the border patrol says about 100 migrants a day showing up seeking asylum. not just the caravan headed this way. people coming across every single day seeking asylum when they had their hands full. arthel: rick leventhal, thank you very much. eric. eric: arthel, still ahead, the journalist with the governor's race down between brian kemp and stacy abrams. we will hear what abrams is staying untranslated ahead of tuesday's election. >> early voting is up dramatically. we have a plan in place for remarkable turnout. they intend to lead to comments that are necessarily grounded in
10:38 am
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arthel: arthel: charges on house minority leader stacy abrams and secretary of state, brian campbell face each other in a contest that is currently polling at the top that. real clear politics averages we have a reporter there his name is greg, political reporter with the atlanta journal-constitution joining us now from macon, georgia where president trump will rally supporters for brian kemp in just a couple hours. let's start with this. first of all, let's talk about democratic candidate stacy abrams. why is ms. abramson a red state giving republican candidate, secretary of state of georgia a run for his money? >> it's probably because she's trying entirely new strategy in georgia. a blend of issues and mainstream
10:43 am
ideas that she's using to galvanize a host of left-leaning minority voters and numbers usually skip these types of midterm elections. she's driving to the polls now making a really close race. >> where the stacy abrams falls short on what aspect strong? >> brian kemp is also going after the similar cloud of voters escaped the midterm elections by sticking to a blend of conservative issues he believes will galvanize voters as well. he has very strong positions against illegal immigration, on u.s. limit abortions and a host of other issues he hopes velocity new universe of voters. eric: you know that this race is not without controversy. stacy abrams was on cnn said that the union with jake tapper speaking on alleged cybercrime by the democratic party of georgia appeared here is an
10:44 am
effect with button is abrams said. she says i have heard nothing. it's a desperate attempt to distract people. found that he did not do his duties with the system. he's turning the conversation away from his failures part of a nationwide effort for voter suppression talking about brian kemp. what is going on with the alleged voter disenfranchisement there? >> this is a bit of a november surprise. this morning the secretary of state's office called for this investigation to the democratic party which said this is 100% wholly inaccurate and they've done nothing to try to hack into the voter registration records. we do have here an ongoing fight between both camps about ballot access in voting rights issues at the forefront because brian kemp is secretary of state oversees voting in georgia and elections and his critics long called for him to step down. he said he'll fulfill his duties
10:45 am
as elected secretary of state. arthel: you are there at this rally because you got all the superstar power and effect. yet president obama and opera. president trump went out to rally and is coming back again today, this afternoon. all of them lined up to see them. for those who did an early vote, how will capacities turning to those candidates? >> it's all about trying to persuade for anyone who might be in the middle. doubtless some lot higher. at this point that is by stacy abrams had barack obama come down on friday. barack obama came down in 2014 and 2010 and neither was anywhere near him.
10:46 am
and that is why brian kemp is here with president trump right here. he's trying to get the base to turn out here we see more than 2.1 million people vote early this election. we've seen a tremendous surge from both parties. >> atlanta journal-constitution writer and therefore the rally. we'll talk to you later. take care. eric: from georgia to iowa. taking a lot of attention every four years for january presidential caucus. the race is highly contested putting incumbent governor tim reynolds against fred hubbell. molly is in iowa right now with the very latest. hi, molly. reporter: hi, eric. republicans pretty hard in the state of iowa. a very tough battle including the one in the congressional race right here. the incumbent republican is against abby brink and our pity state rep 29 years old proven to
10:47 am
be a tough challenger. this district is it true battleground before going to trump in 2016. last week joe biden came to iowa to campaign. >> i have been here in the state of iowa, standing up for working families every chance i've gotten. i'll tell you, despite to stand up for working families has taken me all across this district. [inaudible] reporter: keeping a full schedule as well and is unapologetically tightens up to president trump. take a listen to congressman blunt. >> he's a career businessman. he is an outlier. i'm an outlier. he wants to drain the swamp. i want to drain the swamp. the economy has always been one of biggest issues we reignited the economy.
10:48 am
>> on the southwest corner, iowa's third democratic is looking to see the incumbent republican, david young and promises to be an independent voice for iowans. we'll improve upon the cure protect people with preexisting conditions. congressman young is starting off then we caught up with him were yesterday he's backing the president's decision to send troops to the southern border and a says he's worked to protect people with preexisting conditions putting forward a cosponsorship of the amendment to the gop bill that aimed to repeal the affordable care act. one more thing we are watching you mentioned at the top of this report. the governor's race in iowa also very competitive. the incumbent republican governor tim reynolds facing a tough challenge from businessman fred hubbell. back to you. eric: molly, thank you are you much. trigger on to make a quick correction. stacy abrams is the former house minority leader in georgia. coming up, president trump and obama exchanging passwords as
10:49 am
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combat impaired if you like politics, you've got to go to rcp with those averages samples that you have. just fantastic. what are you seeing basically that you think is the biggest trend that is appearing? >> well, we are seeing enthusiasm. this is turning out to be more like a presidential year than your average midterm year. both sides are very energized. early voting obviously through the roof. it looks like a different more like a presidential race.
10:54 am
two polls come out today and the nbc news "wall street journal." both show the generic ballot with republicans albeit slightly to seven percentage points that could suggest late movement towards republicans in the next 48 hours. >> did it all down as an expert. what does that mean in terms of the national versus specific races? this is not a national race per se, but 500 some odd specific congressional senate races. >> right, right, the question if the election were held today would you vote for public inner democrat and he gives you a sense of the national mood, national flavor in which returns are going. you have to look at each individual district but also in the senate as well. red states are turning more
10:55 am
republican. the ballot numbers and national indicator and will give you some sense as he did in the final days, final hours of this race which way this election might be breaking where the undecided may be going, where the independents may be going. it is used as sort of an overall trend line metric. eric: know where they're going. 50% of the voters consider health care the number one topic. note that with the democrats with obama turned preexisting condition issue. >> it is fascinating. we have two sides talking to my two completely different issues. democrats are all about health care. they don't talk about how great the economy is coming to caravan focusing on preexisting conditions and pressing republicans on those and in a lot of these races have been playing defenses. you've got republicans that want to talk about the caravan in this great economic news that came out last week and we will
10:56 am
see which message resonates in the end. as you've been saying on this program earlier it's all about motivating your base and not trying to persuade 2% or 3% independent. >> you talk about the economy. 54% is number true. and then you have president trump number three of 51%. how does the president's demeanor, policies, character, how does that all fit in? there is number three on the list. >> look again, depends on the district in the race because this is the referendum on him but he wanted to do it or not, democrats are running ads about trump and republicans aren't necessarily either. everybody knows this is about tron. that's why he's going around the country. is he helping republicans? certainly in red states he's benefiting red state republican senate candidate.
10:57 am
is he helping inside the suburban swing districts? they be not as much. trump is certainly the central figure in this election is going to be a central player. eric: sorry to interrupt you could the president speaking at the white house. playback of the president of the night dates as he's departing for a rally in macon, georgia. here is president donald trump. >> i'm now leaving for georgia during the rally. we have a tremendous number of people as you know, as you probably know standing outside trying to get and. it is for brian kemp running for governor of georgia and then go into tennessee where we have a tremendous crowd. i don't know what that means, but i think it really portends something very interesting
10:58 am
>> but that will be the second stop. first stop is georgia so we will have a very busy day. tremendous crowds. >>. [reporter question inaudible] >> i think we will do well with the house. i think my primary focus has been on the senate because there are so many people in the house. that's a lot of stops but i have done housework also. i think we will do well in the house. as you know, my primary focus has been on the senate. i think were doing really well in the senate but if you look at early returns, they are very positive. with so many people in congres , so many people in the house it's very hard to make those stops but i've made a number. i think we would do well in the house and really well in the senate and there is something going on out there. i think you know what i mean. there's something going on.
10:59 am
something that's very interesting happening. the level of fervor, the level of fever. it's very strong on the republican side. i can't speak to the blue but i can speak to the red. there's a lot of energy.they want to see border security. they don't want people pouring into our country. they don't want open borders. they don't want to pay for other people's healthcare. there's a lot of enthusiasm on the republican side. >>. [reporter question inaudible] >> i haven't seen it really since our big election victory in 16 point it's sure mendez. a tremendous spirit out there. [reporter question inaudible] >> i don't know anything about it. i know brian kemp is running a
11:00 am
great campaign i think he will be a fantastic governor of georgia and that's why i'm going to but he's run a really great campaign. he's really, i mean he has studied for this job for a long time. he will be a great executive and he will keep georgia going on the path it's going which is up. he will do a great job. [reporter question inaudible] >> we will make a statement at the appropriate time. i do focus on the economy but you people don't like to cover that. we have the greatest economy in the history of our country. the jobs report came out on friday, 250,000 added jobs. and just october. wasn't credible. wages going up. 3.1 percent. you look at every single element of that report. it was a 10.


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