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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  November 4, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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great campaign i think he will be a fantastic governor of georgia and that's why i'm going to but he's run a really great campaign. he's really, i mean he has studied for this job for a long time. he will be a great executive and he will keep georgia going on the path it's going which is up. he will do a great job. [reporter question inaudible] >> we will make a statement at the appropriate time. i do focus on the economy but you people don't like to cover that. we have the greatest economy in the history of our country. the jobs report came out on friday, 250,000 added jobs. and just october. wasn't credible. wages going up. 3.1 percent. you look at every single element of that report. it was a 10.
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it was perfect. we have the greatest economy ever. but you people don't want to cover that. you would much rather cover illegal immigration which is okay for me to because frankly were doing a great job at the border. nobody else could do the job where doing and as you know, the democrats want to have open borders and all of those tens of thousands of people pour into our country. that's not going to happen. [reporter question inaudible] >> i don't view this as for myself and you can. i see headlines in the new york times. it's really about's not really. i will accept that. i think we will do very well in the senate. i think we will do well in the house. the difference is i can't campaign for all of those house members. there's so many of them. but i can go out and help senators and i think i've made a big difference. i think i've made a difference of 5-6 or seven . that's a big difference. everywhere i've gone, we've had
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massive crowds. [reporter question inaudible] >> these rallies are the best thing we've done. i think that the rallies have really been the thing that's caused this whole big fervor to start and to continue. i've never seen such excitement. maybe back in 2016 during the presidential, right around the vote. but i've never seen such a enthusiastic republican party. there enthusiastic about how well the economy is doing and there enthusiastic about security. enthusiastic about taxes being lowered and getting lower again. they're really enthusiastic about the border. they're releasing something very good at the border. [reporter question inaudible] >> we will work on the tax cut.
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we already started. i've been working with kevin brady. working with the house. doing a 10 percent tax cut. it could be if we lose control of the house, that's not going tohappen but we will do a 10 percent tax cut for the middle class . we are starting the process already with kevin brady. and we are very along on it. we will be somebody when they come back. [reporter question inaudible] >> i don't know the >>. [reporter question inaudible] >> the iran sanctions are very strong. the strongest sanctions we've ever imposed and we will see what happens with iran but they're not doing very well. i can tell you. iran is not doing very well. a big difference since i've been in office. if you go a day before, it looks like a ron will take over the middle east. it was a question of literally less than years. very quickly. and now nobody's talking about that. so we will see what happens. the iran sanctions have gone into effect under the strongest sanctions our country has ever
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issued.[reporter question inaudible] >> no, i think from what i understand, the georgia campaign of brian kemp has been extraordinary. a lot of people are voting and a lot of republicans are voting because they want to see georgia go forward and not backward. if she gets in, georgia is going backwards. if he gets in, georgia goes forward. thank you. thank you. >> president trump touting the economy and also saying the administration is working on a 10 percent tax cut that was taken - - from the white house. the president about to board air force one on its way to macon, georgia. campaigning with brian kemp running against stacy abrams for governor.
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later tonight, he will help marsha blackburn running for senate against the former governor - - in tennessee. so tuesday, only 48 hours away as the president tries to help the base and help the republican ticket. >> thanks for joining us here in washington. i am arthel neville. eric shawn, my partner in crime. we will toss you to now "fox news sunday". chris wallace is in progress. >> and teeing up for the people in their states. that's their first priority and that's what they've been doing. >>chris: give me your two best chances to pick off republican senate seats. where are they and in fact, isn't at least one of your democratic senators highhide - she introuble? >> never countout heidi hide -
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won that race and she's less than 10 points behind right now.don't count her out. in terms of the republican seats that are very competitive right now, nevada. arizona. tennessee. texas. mississippi may go to a special runoff. and the reason is that you've got republicans running and although states who have betrayed their voters primarily on the issue that is at the top of mind for voters around the country which is healthcare issues. and taking away protection for people with pre-existing health conditions. >>chris: president trump is hitting democrats hard in these final days on immigration and the caravan headed through mexico. here he is on the campaign trail. >> a democrat victory on election day would be a bright flashing invitation to traffickers. smugglers. drug dealers and gang members. all the world, come on in.
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>>chris: and the president ran a controversial ad this week about a mexican was deported twice. came back into this country and then shot and killed two california police officers. here's a bit of the president clip. >>. [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] [indiscernible] >>chris: i'm sure you don't like the tone but isn't it working? republicans in red states say immigration is a top issue. >> i don't think it's working chris because what the president is doing is driving away the independent voters and swing birders and a lot of moderate republican voters. in the swing states. the president says lots of outrageous and untrue things. there's another example right there. the reality is the democrats
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are for strong border security. we are against open borders. we are also against separating parents and their children. it was pretty outrageous for the president to suggest the other day that the united states military would fire on unarmed people and that the military had to tell the president, that's not what we do. that's not what the united states military does. the real thing going on is an effort to change the national conversation from what people wake up every day thinking about, which other economic circumstances and primarily, uncertainty over healthcare costs and the fact that republicans for the last two years have tried to eliminate protections for people with pre-existing conditions.that remains the top issue on voters minds despite all the president's efforts. >>chris: you talk about the economy and then you segue into healthcare but let's talk about the economy because republicans
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have a pretty good story to tell there. let's put up the numbers been 20 50,000 jobs created in this last jobs report for october. unemployment at 3.7 percent. wage growth, the highest since 2009. isn't that a strong economic record for republicans to run on? >> chris, i think voters know the economy was on this upward trajectory long before president trump was sworn in. we saw growing job growth, lower unemployment and interestingly, when you look at real wages. real wage growth was stronger in the last term of the obama administration then in this term so far of the trump administration. that's because even as wages have gone up, so have costs. like the cost of healthcare. so for most americans out there, they're actually not seeing their real wages keep
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pace. in fact, they were keeping pace at a faster rate under the obama administration. that's why people are focused on this issue of healthcare and the uncertainty that the republican plan to eliminate protections will bring. >>chris: i've got 15 seconds yes bid yes or no. are you going to take the senate back? >> we have too many close races and you know it's all about turnout. here's what i would say. thoroughly low in states like nevada and arizona has been very strong but it does appear young voters are coming out and it looks like the presidents effort to distract voters from the real issues they care about like healthcare and like the republican efforts to take away protections for pre-existing conditions, is not working. >>chris: senator chris van hollen, thank you for taking time from the campaign trail to talk with us. >> good to be with you, thanks. >>chris: let's turn to north carolina's senator, thom tillis. by steer of the republican effort. let me start with you where i ended with trances, are you
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going to hold onto the senate tuesday night? if so, what's your new majority going to be and give me your two best shots at picking off democratic seats. >> we're not only going to hold the majority. i think we will add to it.i believe states like north dakota, indiana, missouri are all trending in a positive direction. our incumbents are doing very well. there may be a special election in mississippi that would take another three weeks to sort out. the map looks very good to us in about 5-6 different states. senator chris van hollen knows that the they've got a tough hall and i think we will come out successful on tuesday. >>chris: as i discussed with senator chris van hollen, president trump these last few weeks has been making immigration and the caravan coming from mexico his top issue. here he was earlier this week talking about a possible confrontation between the migrants and the thousands of
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soldiers he is sending to the southern border. here's the president. >> they want to throw rocks at our military did our military fights back. i told them, consider it a rifle. when they throw rocks like they did at the mexico military and police, i say, consider it a rifle. >>chris: now, the president walked that back on friday saying he was talking about making arrests of the migrants but not shooting them. but no concerns on your part about the president's rhetoric and some of the actions he's taking on the southern border? potentially turning off independents and moderate republicans. >> what the american people need to know is our men and women in uniform are some of the most disciplined, trained professionals in the history of warfare. they will treat those members of the caravan with respect. but the president is right we have to secure the border. i think that putting troops down there to make it very clear that we want people who
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have a legitimate claim to asylum to come through the process and get that asylum granted.this caravan is not the way to do it and i think the american people are concerned. you can see the change of the rhetoric on the part of our colleagues on the other side of the aisle from just allow them across the border to now discussing the presidents tactics. i believe the president is right in doing what she can to stop the illegal crossing. >>chris: senator, republicans have a great story to tell on the economy but the president doesn't seem especially focused on that. here he is at a rally friday. >> we have the greatest economy in the history of our country. but sometimes it's not as exciting to talk about the economy, right? >>chris: in reaction, top a two republican speaker paul ryan tweeted this plaintively. we will spend all day and weekend talking about the strong economy, right? republican congressman ryan costello who is retiring accuses the president of political malpractice.
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question, are you sure that focusing on immigration over the economy is really the right strategy? the best strategy for republicans. >> i think people are taking 30 second soundbites. i was at a rally in the president spent a good portion of his speech talking about 7 million jobs created. one of the strongest and fastest-growing economies we've seen in decades. record unemployment for average american communities, the hispanic community. he's spending a lot of time when you have to boil it down to 15, 30 second soundbites. they will pick the part that seems like they're not talking about that. he also spent a lot of time talking about how we have to protect pre-existing's a false narrative for democrats to come in and say if you elect republicans, they will take that away. i filed a bill to make sure we protect pre-existing conditions. if people look at the totality of an hour, hour and 15 minute
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long speech. you'll find the president spends the bulk of the time talking about reduced regulations. increased jobs. reduced unemployment. better stature against nato. taking north korea and china to task on their bad behaviors. all that comes out in his speech. >>chris: you have taken us directly in the direction i wanted to go. which is healthcare which democrats are making their top issue. his former president obama on the campaign trail this week. >> when i was president, republicans voted or than a dozen times to get rid of protections for people with pre-existing conditions. last year they fell one vote short and one vote. if they win tuesday, they will finally succeed. >>chris: senator, the fact is the repeal and replace bill which republicans pushed repeatedly significantly reduced protections for people with pre-existing conditions.
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>> that's actually one of the reasons i think it was courageous vote. the first thing we have to do is take out the - - of the affordable care act so we can put a policy in place that is sustainable. what senator chris van hollen fails to mention about rising premiums over the past few years is we've significantly reduce the rate of growth. one of the reasons is because of the affordable care act.we want to replace the affordable care act with a program that will work and provide people who have pre-existing conditions with healthcare that will allow young adults under the age of 26, to be on their parents healthcare policies. but something that will work. if we continue down this path, we will have a healthcare crisis not only among those serviced by theaffordable care but the broader healthcare market in this country is headed for the disaster. we've got to fix it.
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>>chris: senator, i don't want to get too deeply in the weeds. repeal and replace would have allowed states to get waivers from obamacare and take people with pre-existing conditionsand put them in risk rules where they would have to pay a higher premium . and your bill says we will cover everybody with pre-existing conditions, that we are not necessarily going to cover the condition that they have as pre-existing. we will cover people with cancer but we won't necessarily cover cancer treatment. >> even if some states opted not to cover in the way we want them to, i think they would get on elected very quickly.this is a popular policy with the american people which is exactly why the democrats are trying to create this false narrative that people in washington in the statehouses want to take it away but i don't see any path either on the basis of good policy or good politics. people with pre-existing conditions are going to get harvard and our republican majority that we will secure next week will work to that
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end. >>chris: senator, thom tillis. thank you for your time and we will follow how the world turns on tuesday night. >> it will be a great night. >>chris: up next, we bring in our sunday group to discuss the battle for control of the congress with just two days to go. what would you like to ask the panel about president trump's efforts to fire up his base? go to facebook or twitter, @foxnewssunday.we may use your question on the air. ♪ come fly with me ♪ let's fly, let's fly away ♪ ♪ just say the words ♪ and we'll beat the birds down to acapulco bay ♪ ♪ it's perfect for a flying honeymoon they say ♪ ♪ come fly with me ♪ let's fly, let's fly away ♪ ♪ come fly with me ♪ let's fly, let's fly away ♪ our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition...
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i am a techie dad.n. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. >> we are the only country in the worldwhere a person comes in, has a baby and the baby is a citizen for 85 years with all of those benefits . we have about 5008 and will go
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up between 10,000-15,000 military personnel on top of border control, ice and everybody else at the border. >>chris: president trump upping the ante on how he will stop that mike and caravan coming from mexico. talking about sending more troops to the border. changing asylum laws and even ending birthright citizenship. it's time now for our sunday group. fox news senior political analyst, brit hume. columnist for the hill, juan williams. cohost of benson and harp, marie harp and gop strategist karl rove. is immigration the best issue for this president to be pushing in the midterms to try to hold onto control of both the senate and the house? >> a gallop down 80 percent of the american people thought the economy was extremely important. 78 percent the economy and immigration were extremely important. these three issues are sort of stuck right there.
11:23 am
>> immigration helps only if the democrats screw it up. for example cinema in arizona and mccaskill both support the president sending troops to the border. in tennessee, i saw a poll, 62 percent of tennesseans are concerned. 27 percent are not. the democratic nominee said this is not a problem. he thereby created a problem for himself. in texas, ted cruz is beating beto o'rourke. >>chris: raffaella cruz is beating robert francis overwor . overwork refuses to say he opposes those caravans. >> apparently his campaign provided financial support to
11:24 am
the caravan which may be in violation of u.s. law. where the democrats screw it up it's a problem for them. we asked you for questions and we got this from facebook. why aren't republicans driving home the message on the economy? >> i will tell you why. >>chris: i was going to ask marie. >> anger, disappointment and outrage are much more powerful motivators than satisfaction. unless you can scare them into believing all of the good things that have happened will be taken away. if your opponent wins you may be better off talking about something they're angry about we always hear peace and prosperity. clinton 92. it's the economy, stupid. i'm surprised that the focus on immigration to the exclusion to some degree of the economy.
11:25 am
>> i think it's an open question whether the trump playbook he's using as his closing argument will actually work it when he's not on the ballot and there's a lot of independent women who had two years to get really angry about his rhetoric and when he doesn't have hillary as a foil. i think this argument based on immigration may help them keep a narrow set of seats but i it definitely hurts with the house. let's not forget, the task that are not polling very well. many people in states and districts the republicans need to keep some of the tax cuts aren't popular. the tariffs aren't popular. i don't know whether the closing argument trump is using will work. if it does, it will be in a narrow set of places i don't think it will keep the house for the republicans. i think will deliver the house to the democrats. >>chris: the first midterm after the election is historically tough for the party of the new president.
11:26 am
since world war ii, the president's party loses an average of 28 seats in the house in the first midterm in between two and three seats in the senate. how do you think president trump is doing and trying to break that historic tradition? >> i think the one advantage is that base of 40 percent of the vote. people who approve of his presidency. when it comes to republicans, i think it's become the party of trump. what he's done in this cycle, you can look at his - - over the last few days. he's going to read states and trying to excite read trump voters. that's where the immigration message, message comes in and he think that has tremendous impact it does not have impact in suburban areas with white
11:27 am
female voters. on a larger scale, i think if you look at the advertising, almost none of it has to do with the economy which is kind of shocking. why wouldn't republicans be running on it. instead you see republican senate and house candidates actually following the president's lead and going with immigration red meat culture war issue. again, it might work with the base but it doesn't work with independents. >>chris: the one person on this panel who's helped elect the president and twice is shaking his head. i want to ask you this specific question but this is the conventional wisdom out there. it will help in red states electing republican senators. it will hurt in the house races, especially in suburban districts with better educated people withsuburban women . >> false. it matters how it gets handled. as agoing to help in some congressional districts ? yeah. west virginia is about a ground
11:28 am
district and it will help there. peter roskam wants to make the final issue the economy and his stewardship of the economy. hisstewardship and what he's done as a congressman . i think the white house has been very adroit and how it's deployed the president as it's come down to the final stages. let's be clear, this is not a campaign in these individual states dominated by the issues. i'm not seeing candidates in nevada or arizona or missouri or north dakota or indiana running one kind of ad. the running different kinds of ads that appeal to the individual states and they tend to be more about the economy and - - >> i think you see the ads that republicans are running are consistent. the president can't even go to arizona or nevada. >> he's been to both states. [multiple speakers] >>chris: i've got about a minute toleft.
11:29 am
early voting, we've seen historically high numbers but as of friday, 28 million people have voted early.question, is it thatpeople are more enthused and intense? is it just because there's more early voting and more opportunity than there used to be ? and you can't get me into the weeds here but i've got a minute left. is it showing a trend? >> yes. bigger almost everywhere. we will have the biggest turnout in the time since 1966 and it's roughly between an arizona, 53 percent. florida, 68 percent. >>chris: what's the reason and who is it helping? >> it's getting to be easier and people are falling into the habit. the main reason is people are wildly enthusiastic about voting and republicans are doing surprisingly well. in arizona, 7.9 percent advantage in the turnout in the state they one last time by 3 and a half point. florida, 2.8 swing for
11:30 am
republicans in early voting in the state they went by 1.2 percent in nevada, 1.85 percent swing to republicans in the race they - - last time around. >>chris: i'm so glad we didn't get too far into the weeds. one last quick question, if it people that would have voted anyway and they are transferring or is this new voters? >> we don't know but in some places there is evidence that its episodic midterm voters. if you've got this big early voting we will see people who don't vote in midterms, show up. >>chris: up next, the white house is re-imposing sanctions on iran as it pulls out of the nuclear deal. some hardliners are saying president trump is not being tough enough on tehran. we will talk live with secretary of state, mike pompeo. next.
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>> the trump administration has
11:34 am
announced the remaining sanctions that were lifted as part of the 2015 iran nuclear deal will be reimposed on monday. one day before the midterms. president trump drove home the point friday when he tweeted this photo with the words, sanctions are coming. a nod to game of thrones. joining me live from the state department, secretary of state mike pompeo. welcome back to "fox news sunday". >> great to be with you. >>chris: your reimposed in all u.s. sanctions on iran but your giving exemptions to aid countries to allow them to keep buying oil from tehran. question, why? >> the sanctions that will be imposed tomorrow at the toughest sanctions ever put in place on the islamic republic of iran. they are aimed at a single purpose. denying their capacity to do
11:35 am
things like this past week. an assassination attempt in the heart of europe. we have reduced crude oil exports by 1 million barrels per day. that number will fall farther. there's a handful of places where countries that have already made significant reductions in their crude oil exports need more time to get to zero. and we will provide that to them. >>chris: is it true your giving exemptions to two of iran's biggest customers, namely india and china. do you have a firm commitment that within six months they will stop all oil purchases because there are experts believe that india and china will never stop buying oil from iran. >> there are a lot of experts that the president trump's policy wouldn't have any impact because it was just the united states and other countries weren't participated. we have built an enormous coalition to keep this world
11:36 am
safe and to deny iran money. i'm very confident the sanctions that will be imposed this monday. not only the crude oil sections but financial sanctions put in place by the treasury department and over 600 designations of individuals and companies will have the intended effect. to alter the iranian regime's behavior. that's our expectation and the reason for president trump's policy. >>chris: specifically sir, do you have a firm commitment from india and china that they will stop all oil purchases in six months?>> we have already taken more crude oil off the market than any time in history. watch the efforts that president trump's policies have achieved. we've done this while making sure american consumers don't suffer. - - that's important for american consumers in the march 2 zero continues. >>chris: you're talking about how effective these the imposition of sanctions are but as you well know, there are some people who are criticizing
11:37 am
the sanctions you are imposing and think they're not tough enough. let me put this on the screen. republican senators ted cruz, cotton and rubio claimed to introduce legislation to cut off irani and banks from the global financial network known as swift. and, a group called united against nuclear iran tweeted this about your sanctions. whatever happened to maximum pressure? they caved. big time. mr. secretary, your response. >> the president's policy of maximum pressure is fully in place come tomorrow. watch the iranians. that's who really understands the importance and the impact of the efforts we are undertaking. - - has fallen and it's had an enormous impact already. we are working diligently to
11:38 am
make sure we support the iranian people and that we direct our activity toward ensuring the islamic republic of iran's maligned behavior is changed without the goal. that's the mission and that's what we will achieve on behalf of the president.>>chris: how do you respond to senators who are saying, look, we should have cut them off from swift. this financial clearinghouse. >> chris, the iranian banks that engage in sanctioned behavior will be sanctioned by the department of treasury. period. full stop. >>chris: i understand what you've got senators cotton, ted cruz, marco rubio, they are knowledgeable about this and they are not persuaded. >> i worked with senator cotton. we were the ones that discovered the side deals almost 3 years ago. i've been at this along time. no one's going to argue that secretary pompeo isn't tough on iran and no one's going to argue that president trump isn't doing the same. >>chris: meanwhile, let's turn to another one of your hotspots dealing with north korea. they are now threatening to resume its nuclear buildup
11:39 am
because they say, the u.s. has not matched to them in offering this case lifting economic sanctions but they say they've made concessions and the trump administration has not followed suit. >> i will be meeting this week in new york city with my counterpart, - - we will have a good opportunity to continue the denuclearization discussions that were set up a few months back. seems like a long time ago in news world but it was just this past june when president trump and chairman kim set us on the path we are on today. we haven't had any missile tests, no nuclear test. the returns of american remains. it is all good steps. we are continuing to negotiate to achieve what president trump set out.the full denuclearization verified by the united states of the korean peninsula and then a brighter future for the north korean people. >>chris: to follow up specifically, what's your
11:40 am
reaction to the foreign ministry of north korea saying, threatening, they will resume nuclear activity? what's your reaction and is there any possibility to get them to stop that that the u.s. will change its policy and start offering concessions on a kind of tit-for-tat basis? a phased effort by both countries. >> i'm not worried about rhetoric. we see this as we go through negotiations. - - happens to be all around us. we are very focused. we know with whom we are negotiating and what their positions are. president trump has made his position very clear. no economic relief until we have achieved our ultimate objective. >>chris: let's turn to saudi arabia. you met with saudi crown prince mohammad bin salman about three weeks ago about the death of jamal khashoggi. here's what you said after your meeting. >> he told me they would conduct a thorough, complete and transparent investigation. they made a commitment to hold anyone connected to any
11:41 am
wrongdoing that may be found accountable for that. whether they are a senior officer or official. >>chris: but since then, i don't have to tell you the saudi story has keptchanging . do you now think that the saudi crown prince allied both to you and the president with what he told you back then? based on all the evidence you have gotten since, including tapes that cia director gina haspel has heard. do you now believe this was a premeditated hit by the saudi royal family against jamal khashoggi? >> the saudi's have acknowledged this was a premeditated attack. the fact we are finding are still unfolding. we are working diligently on that. we talked with folks from turkey, saudi arabia nearly every day to continue those efforts. we begun to hold some officials accountable. we've revoked pieces from 16 individuals - - visas.
11:42 am
we will continue to do that. we will hold those responsible for the murder of jamal khashoggi accountable. we will do that at the same time while ensuring the strategic relationship between the united states and the kingdom of saudi arabia, one that has a great impact on the issue justspoke about. thecapacity to deny the world's largest date terror of state sponsor of terror. while holding those accountable for this atrocious death. >>chris: meanwhile un secretary james mattis called for negotiations in a cease-fire within 30 days between the u.s. back saudi forces and the rebels that are fighting in a war inside yemen. there are reports that up to 16,000 yemeni civilians have been killed in the conflict and
11:43 am
that around 14 million yemenis are now on the brink if not already in famine conditions .2 questions, first of all, are you comfortable with the role the u.s. has played in backing saudi arabia in this effort in yemen?secondly, if the humanitarian crisis is so urgent, why allow this to continue for another month? >> we did make a statement this week. frankly, it's nothing new. we have been urging all the parties to come to the table and recognize there's no military victory that can be achieved in yemen. we've asked the iranians to do this too.much of the harm comes in the fact that the iranians continue to supply weapons and missiles to the rebels fighting there in saudi arabia point they are responsible for this starvation in yemen as well. we want all of the parties to come to the table and negotiate a solution that ends the very difficult tragic situation that's taking place in yemen today. >>chris: secretary mike pompeo,
11:44 am
thank you. thank you for your time. it's always good to talk with you. >> thank you and have a good day. >>chris: when we come back, where are we on making nuclear deals with iran and north korea? we will ask our sunday group , when they return, next. great question. see, for a full service brokerage like ours, that's tough to do. schwab does it. next question. do you offer a satisfaction guarantee? a what now? a satisfaction guarantee. like schwab does. man: (scoffing) what are you teaching these kids? ask your broker if they offer award-winning full service and low costs, backed by a satisfaction guarantee. if you don't like their answer, ask again at schwab.
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monitor their blood glucose every day. which means they have to stop. and stick their fingers. repeatedly. today, life-changing technology from abbott makes it possible to track glucose levels. without drawing a drop of blood, again and again. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest. >> sanctioned star on iran. they are very serious and very big and they will be elevated from there. as you know sanctions are starting on iran and are taking a very big hit. >>chris: president trump
11:48 am
determined to bring iran to its knees and to negotiate a tougher nuclear deal. then the obama administration did in 2015. we're back now with the panel. marie, you worked hard as a spokesperson for john kerry to make that deal with iran in 2015 point now, president trump and let's put it up on the screen has tweeted out this in game of thrones style. sanctions are coming. your reaction to the tweet and to the policy. >> sanctions are a very useful tool. they are not a joke. and i was the don't like the - - entertainment the president seems to engage with with many countries but setting the tweet aside but these are not the toughest sanctions ever imposed because the united nations and the security council will not reimpose sanctions. these are only u.s. unilateral sanctions because they don't like the presence rhetoric and they haven't seen that he has a concrete plan in place to actually have negotiations to get a better deal. the rest of the world does not support the president. so u.s. unilateral sanctions can only do so much. we heard secretary mike pompeo could not say that china and
11:49 am
india had committed to reducing their oil. i think the president is getting at pairing up international - - tearing up international agreements that he has not shown yet that he can actually undertake serious negotiations to rebuild them. that's why the rest of the world doesn't support him right now. >> it is quite necessary for the rest of the world like the policy. the rest of the world is confronted with the choice. they can continue to do business as they have with united states where they can continue to do business with iran. for most countries, that's an easy choice even if you don't like it. the united states is by far, the big dog on the scene here. if you choose not to do business with united states, and with its banking system and the rest of it. your economy will suffer and iran's is suffering terribly. >>chris: some european countries are all saying, somehow they will do both. they will carve out some kind of financial channel so they can do business with the u.s. but also continue because they support the iran nuclear deal. >> they say that but let's see
11:50 am
them do it. i used to think the united states without international cooperation and a united front could not effectively damaged a country's economy through sanctions. i think i was wrong. i think they can and i give president trump and his team credit for understanding we are by far the big kid on the block. >>chris: the iran nuclear deal was far from perfect. it didn't stop iran from pursuing and banking - - backing terrorism around the world. at the same time as we've pulled out of that agreement we are struggling to get any agreement with north korea. >> i think that's the big point of contrast was that we had a deal with iran as imperfect as you describe it but one with would stop them from developing nukes. we cannot get the same deal so far with the north koreans.
11:51 am
and i think this is a point of great concern. because the criticism of president trump is that he has no real foreign-policy expertise. no experience. and the saber rattling, bombastic charts, game of thrones tweets do nothing but harden the hardliners. strengthen their - - while weakening the moderate revolutionary forces we need to engage. >>chris: karl, you can respond to iran but i wanted to talk about saudi arabia. because it's clear now that saudi arabia and the crown prince has clearly lied about their involvement and premeditation and killing jamal khashoggi.the president though feels our relationship and you can hear secretary mike pompeo, is to valuable. >> first let me do with iran. look, whether it's deliberate or not that the administration
11:52 am
has stumbled into a very good policy. the iranian currency has lost 2/3 of its value. the european companies in the european union, with major company saying, we're not doing business in iran. part of that is because of the administrations sanctions and part of it is because once they gotin there, is it is a command controlled economy where resources are being diverted to the revolutionary guard and where there are structural weaknesses that make it a very unattractive market. they'd rather do business with us than with a stumbling third world country that's going down. i thought frankly, exempting the major countries but there's a useful ambiguity to it. they want to damage the iranian economy and not the world economy. didn't want spike of global energy prices that would hurt the u.s. and advantage russia. think they're doing it - - >>chris: how about the we were balancing our interest in saudi arabia? >> again, i think there in the
11:53 am
middle of a difficult situation and managing it adequately. let's not be - - let not kid ourselves. the new leader of saudi arabia i think has damaged himself on the world stage. we have 16 people that they've now identified as being involved in this atrocious, horrendous murder. and yet, who believes at the end of the day, mohammad bin salman was not involved in this decision? how saudi arabia maintains its place on the world stage with a leader that is so damaged and credibility is so undermined. is beyond me. >> using managed adequately? - - you say managed adequately? you and i always disagree on so much politically but we don't disagree on killing people. >> to you blow up the entire
11:54 am
relationship or try to manage - - >> we have to stand for what we believe in in america. [multiple speakers] >>chris: thank you panel. see you next sunday. up next, big names go door to door looking for votes on the trail. and they greeted me as they always do. sergeant baker, how are you? they took care of everything a to z. having insurance is something everyone needs, but having usaa- now that's a privilege. >> as one of the most intense
11:55 am
11:56 am
midterm elections ever reaches the end game.
11:57 am
both sides are desperate for any advantage. president trump is in a final campaign blitz taking him to 11 rallies in eight states. but democrats are pulling out big guns of their own. with just two days left, here's a taste of the action on the trail.>> you watch. it's going to be very interesting over the next week. >> were going to win. >> the senate governorship is going to be a great night for america. >> i think we will do well in the house also but i know are doing well in the senate. >> i'm stopping by to encourage you to vote and mail in your ballot.>> i already did i vote for some guy named mitt romney. >> good. [indiscernible] >> democrats want open borders. and they want to invite caravan after caravan into our country which brings crime upon crime. >> don't fall for the okey-dok
11:58 am
. don't be bamboozled. don't be hoodwinked. >> i'm working closely with president trump to make sure our - - border. build a wall. >> i think this is a distraction from issues voters are concerned about. >> their agenda is open borders with their agenda is liberal activist judges. >> all of the bigwigs in the republican party, they were kind of drooling. chomping at the bit. you know what they thought? they thought misery was over. not so fast. - - missouri was over. >> i heard oprah winfrey is in the state today. >> hi. >> oh my god. >> hi denise. >> i would like to remind stacy and oprah, i'm kind of a big deal too.
11:59 am
>> we are here giving people a reason to go out and vote for something and not just against something. that's why were going to win. >> i think the future is bright but you have to have good leadership and you've got to have good policies. and that's exactly what i'll bring as governor. >> i have a six-year-old grandson but he says, grandpa, how will you win the election? i said you get more votes than the other person. it's as simple as that. >> you get a vote and you get a vote! >> if you haven't already gone to the polls, you get a vote on tuesday. please go do it. you'll feel better about the country and you'll feel better about yourself. be sure to tune into fox news channel for election coverage all day and late into the night. brett behr and martha maccallum will anchor coverage including the entire fox news political team including the people around this table. that's it for today. have a great week and we will see you next "fox news sunday".
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