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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  November 4, 2018 12:00pm-2:00pm PST

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>> mike tobin is like an indiana were former president barack obama is about to speak. but first we go to jonathan's theory live in georgia ahead of president trump's make america great again rally. good afternoon. >>reporter: if you look behind me, you can see the republican gubernatorial candidate brian kemp addressing the crowd. within the next hour, he's expected to be joined by president trump inside his aircraft hanger at the middle georgia regional airport in macon. it's part of the republican strategy to build a redwall to stop the democrats efforts to sweep the country with the blue wave. democrats threatened to take bows the house and senate budget georgia governor's office. polls show a statistical tie and that's why the president is coming to rally georgia conservatives to the polls. in order to accommodate the president's schedule, brian kemp canceled a debate. that something president obama brought up while campaigning for stacy abrams. listen. >> what's he afraid of? he's afraid of stacy i guess.
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[applause] >>reporter: unlike previous democrats where everyone is moderates and distance themselves from national parties and leaders, abrams is running as a progressive and is happy to embrace figures like oprah winfrey who came to georgia last week. although she's targeting a base of minorities and young voters, abrams has been campaigning and conservator strongholds, explain why she believes expanding medicaid will reverse the trend of closing rural hospitals.the abrams campaign is accusing brian kemp of using his position as george's secretary of state to suppress voters. meanwhile, the cam campaign is accusing georgia democrats of attempting to hack into the state's voter registration system. we are bound to hear more about that as thisrally unfolds . >> former president obama is in
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the midwest today trying to fire up that the democratic base. he's peering at a rally for senator joe donnelly was in a tough contest to hold onto his seat against republican challenger mike braun. senior correspondent mike tobin joins us from gary, indiana this afternoon. >>reporter: one weapon indiana democrats are using is the biggest name in the party. former president barack obama who is due to speak at the convention center and just about a half hour. the other weapon is an attempt to split the conservative vote. there's an ad circulating highlighting the third-party canterbury libertarian lucy brenton. she has been involved in the debate but has not polled within striking distance of winning the race. the ad claims she's the candidate for low taxes, not the republican mike braun been president trump waiting on twitter. rumor has it joe donnelly is paying forfacebook ads for his so-called opponent on the libertarian ticket. john donnelly is trying to steal the election, isn't that what russia did?
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- - [indiscernible]. the democratic party has owned it think the ads are factual and that brenton is the true conservative in this race. the republican party says it shows that donnelly can't win on his own merits and they have to resort to attempt to trick hoosier voters. president trump will speak despite he does have a conflict with joe donnelly. joe donnelly boasts he is voted with president trump 62 percent of the time. no such conflict when president trump returns to indiana to stump for mike braun but he's entirely in sync with the president but it shows how important this raises to both parties that are aiming their big guns on the hoosier state. >> thank you. we expect to hear for a president obama from gary, indiana in the next hour. we will take to their lives.
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and president trump will appear at a rally for georgia republicans soon. we will also bring you that live as well. the president spoke shortly before leaving and said the midterms are not about him. >> i hear headlines in the new york times that is really about me and it's not really. these rallies are the best thing we've done. i think that the rallies have really been the thing that's caused this whole big fervor to start and to continue. i've never seen such excitement. maybe back in 2016. >> let's talk now with two members of the fox decision desk about the latest polls. darren shaw joins us with chris anderson of anderson robbins research. the president says this election is not about him, is he right? >> well, no. donald trump is the defining element of political conversation, political debate thesedays. democrats got on board early , whether it's actively in the resist movement or other endeavors to go after trump and take the first opportunity to go at him in the midterms.
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republicans have slowly come around. that's what were showing in the polls been these very high levels of democratic enthusiasm compared to past midterm polls caused republicans consternation. there seems to be some level of parity now. people can seem to be as fired up as democrats but that leaves us in the middle and the independents are out there and trump has not polled well with independence. in that sense, i think he still is the defining issue in this race. >> elections are won or lost with independence every time. you see them leaning this time? >> they look to be leaning toward the republican side. for the democrats and the generic ballots. they tend to be leaning toward where the democratic position is relative to immigration also. they seem to trust the democrats to handle immigration more than they trust
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republicans. i question whether or not to focus on the caravan and for the security is what the president needs it to do among independents. i think it's fired up his base. i think the pretty fired up before the last week or two. but you're right, independents will be key and they're not nearly as. there's not a huge divide but it seems to be something of a tilt toward democrats. >> let's take a look at a abc news poll when asked whether voters were extremely interested in this election. republicans and democrats essentially come in tide. 45 percent republican say they're extremely interested. 42 percent of democrats. but it's a three percent margin of error. so it's essentially a tie. then when asked would you plan to vote for this election, 95 percent of democrats and they will vote for democrats.
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95 of the gop will boat for the gop candidate. it's tighter than it takes. that's about as equal as you can get in the midterm election. >> yeah, that's the story right there. partisans have come home. democrats have a slight advantage in terms of party identification. it varies a little bit. when they're doing really well it's +6. when things are favorable to the republicans, it goes by the wayside. right now the democrats are ahead in the generic ballots. the measure of who people will vote for in the congressional elections by virtue of the fact there are fewer democrat partisans than republican partisans. all of the partisans have come home. if the democrats will have an edge, can they win over enough independents and some leading democrats to do away with the party id advantage but that's a tall order with everything so polarized.>> you talk about immigration and you see it as
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something of a mistake that president trump some republicans are putting such a focus on immigration. when asked about that, 67 percent of those in the abc news poll they immigration is going to be one of the most important issues driving their vote. but it doesn't say, that doesn't define whether it's a pro-or anti-immigration stance. then when you get down to which political party do you trust to do a better job of handling immigration, democrats come out on top. 47-42 percent. it could be it's a 3 and a half percent margin of error. it could be essentially a tie but the lien seems to go to the democrats. >> it does but when you look under the surface at independence on that question, they give democrats of 10 point edge. there's another question about border security however, republicans do have an advantage's a nuanced issue. but it's not clear to me at all
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that it something that has been successful in bringing independents into the republican column. >> we are not talking much, although the president is, about the economy. generally, most elections, the economy trumps all. right now, the economy is coming along quite nicely. >> yeah but, trump trumps the economy. on one level there's mixed evidence. one thing that has been interesting over the last decade is the extent to which evaluations of the economy have polarized. if i'm a democrat, i can find information that fits my predispositions with respect to the economy. and republicans can glean information they think is positive because they want the president to do well. that's one element that the other thing is the economy although generally positive, it's been a little mixed and uneven.
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so there are key constituents that feel left out of the economic recovery. that's coming into the mix. when you got polarized opinions and mixed evidence, they're looking at other things in the democrats want them to focus on healthcare. they've been successful in getting people to think about that issue. republican's would prefer immigration whereas chris mentioned, border security. that's what the president would like people to think about. >> i want to take a look at five of the battleground states featuring senate elections this year. in each of them, arizona, indiana, missouri, tennessee and north dakota. president trump's approval ratings, they bottom out at 50 percent and indiana to go to 61 percent. in north dakota, that doesn't bode well i suppose for those democrats were trying to hang onto their seats in those states. >> it doesn't. it's important to note, those are states that trump won in 2016.
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but this is the nature of the challenge that the democrats are facing. they need to win in states that he won. we polled each of those dates three times. starting in september. last time was just last week. what was one dynamic that was really clear, contrary to what we heard the president say moments ago. is that the republican share of the vote tracks really closely with the president's approval rating. when his approval rating goes up, republican boat share goes up and when it goes down, the share goes down. it's pretty clear that he's the animating factor in those races in particular. and it certainly seems like it nationwide as well. >> so far, heidi highhide - - [indiscernible]. >> a really challenging position she's in.
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>> chris anderson and darren shaw. gentlemen, thanks. keep it right here on fox news channel ahead of tuesday's election. at 5:00 p.m. eastern, especially edition of the five live from new york. tonight at 8:00, bear and martha maccallum give us a preview of what to expect on tuesday and they will have complete election coverage starting at 6:00 eastern on election night. when we come back, florida's governor wants a new job. rick scott path to the senate runs through democratic incumbent bill nelson. we will take you live to fort lauderdale. and we will check in on the arizona senate race where republicans are trying to hang onto a seat that democrats think is winnable. as we been reporting, there are dueling campaign rallies between the president and his predecessor. we will go to them live for the main event once they occur .
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unstopand it's strengthenedting place, the by xfi pods,gateway. which plug in to extend the wifi even farther, past anything that stands in its way. ...well almost anything. leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. >> the balance of power will start with the house right now where democrats have the best chance of taking over.
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195-240 right now. there are 25 congressional districts held by republicans that hillary clinton won. we will take a look at a couple of those in terms of exactly how tight things could be. look at the house. we will go down to texas in the southwest. texas seven congressional district, a suburb of houston. the has been in since 2001. a republican district since 1966 when george h.w. bush won it. fletcher, the democratic challenger. here's why she thinks she has a chance. hillary clinton won this district by about one point in 2016. important to note where this district is going in the trend line, mitt romney won in 2012. the senate balance of power is a little bit tighter but democrats perhaps have a tougher go at it there. 49-51 right now in the senate. but most of the seats that are being defended by democrats are
12:19 pm
the ones contested. we will go ahead and take a look at a couple of those. particularly out here in nevada. dean heller is the republican. jackie rosen, the democratic challenger. now look at the presidential results from 2016. give you an idea of where they need to get out the vote. las vegas down here, democratic stronghold. up in the northeast, ogle, nevada is where president trump was earlier. big-time trump country. he won this almost by 50 points but the number of votes may not be enough to put heller over the edge. then we'll look at missouri. both parties believe the path to power in the senate comes through missouri. josh holly taking on claire mccaskill. president trump one missouri by almost 19 points. so where do they have to get out the vote?
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kansas city, the middle of the state in st. louis for the democrats.that for the big vote totals are. but then you look down here in the bootheel of the state. these are counties that president trump won by 50 or so points. cape girardeau is where he's headed on monday night for closing arguments. in the last couple days, it will all be about turning out these base votes and counties. >> leland vittert, thank you. artist senate race could tip the balance of power. democrat bill nelson is trying to hold onto his spot. republicans are hoping they can flip the seat. outgoing governor rick scott, their candidate. these are pictures of an event. he's about to hold an event in fort lauderdale. peter doocy is there now at that rally for the republican candidate. >>reporter: we are here at a bikers for trump rally that's been organized by governor rick
12:21 pm
scott. campaign from ken tallahassee as the governor to washington d.c. as florida's senator been is trying to unseat when the 10 democratic senators trying to win reelection in a state trump won. he's trying to do that by sharply going after his voting record.>> he runs against the guy that doesn't want to work and just wants a job. he will raise your taxes. is voted for hire taxes over 300 times and he didn't show it to work. you've got to work or you don't get paid. >>reporter: governor scott was behind the counter taking breakfast orders in a heavily cuban part of hialeah. he finds people are undecided, they express the most concern about the economy. that's what senator bill nelson has been trying to capitalize on the popularity of andrew gillum to make his case to
12:22 pm
voters and that is heavy on healthcare policy. today, nelson took aim and his challenger rick scott of unevenly distributing aid after natural disasters and he's appealing particularly to the state puerto rican population. >> you all are here because you know what's at stake. and you know also that our friends, how they've been treated on the island. our fellow american citizens. they have not been treated like other states were treated in the aftermath of a hurricane. >>reporter: 4.8 million people have voted early in florida so the campaigns are trying to figure out who is left. that's what governor scott is doing behind those in fort lauderdale. >> peter doocy, thank you. one of the most competitive of the senate races is in arizona. republican congresswoman martha mcsally takes on kiersten cinema in a battle held for the
12:23 pm
seat held by jeff flake. correspondent - - is in phoenix with where things stand right now. >>reporter: it's all about turnout and to bring home that point, martha mcsally often likes to tell people she won her 2014 rate by 167 votes. with every vote in mind, both candidates appeared at the university homecoming game. [national anthem] ♪. >>reporter: mc sally, a former air force pilot and bronze star recipient is in a battle to keep her party in control of the seat they've held since 1996.last month, the president told supporters he needs mc sally and not to be complacent. it he ãno [indiscernible].
12:24 pm
once in congress she became more centrist and the campaign trail she separates herself from both political parties. >> the energy and excitement where feeling on the ground from voters across the state is like nothing i've ever seen before. and arizonans are ready to elected senator shares their values and will be a voice for them. >>reporter: last week, green party candidate angela greene dropped out of the race and endorsed cinema to which the green party said, while we completely understand the importance of getting rid of donald trump, we don't think replacing his administration with other corporate candidate cinema votes with his agenda
12:25 pm
will confront the problems facing our country and the world. in terms of turnout, according to the secretary of state's office, there have been more ballots turned in by republicans than by democrats and the unaffiliated if you talk to the democrats, they say those independent voters are likely voting for cinema. two things to look for on tuesday. arizona voters, especially the older conservative once have a tradition of showing up on election day to vote.they don't always participate in early voting. however, that will be met with the democrats massive get out the vote push we have seen here. it will be a very busy tuesday night. >> going to take you out to gary, indiana. the former president obama about to speak there but he's trying to rally the faithful to support joe donnelly, the incumbent democratic senator in indiana has taken criticism lately for voting in support of president trump's policies. obviously, indiana's one of the
12:26 pm
states. wiccans feel they can flip. that's one of the reasons the former president is there now. although he's been something of a polarizing figure himself. let's listen now to former president obama at this rally in gary, indiana. [cheering] >>. [indiscernible] >> i wasn't watching the game
12:27 pm
but i was checking the score. it's just good to be back in my home area. [applause] there's something about the midwest that makes you feel good. people just act, nice. give it up for a man we are going to send back to the united states senate on tuesday. joe donnelly. [applause] because although - - because although i always like a good
12:28 pm
excuse to come back home. the main reason i'm here is to make sure that we send joe donnelly back to the u.s. senate. [cheering] and in two days, you get to vote and what i believe will be the most important election of our lifetimes. i know politicians always say that but this time it's really true. because america is at a crossroads. the healthcare of millions is on the ballot. a fair shake for working families is on the ballot. perhaps most importantly, the character of our country is on
12:29 pm
the ballot. [cheering] we have been at a crossroads before. and each time, ultimately, america has made good decisions. sometimes it's taken longer than it should. but, when we've made the right decisions, when we've chosen the better course. it hasn't just happened by itself. it's happened because ordinary folks decided we are going to get off the couch. we are going to go mobilize. where going to go march. were going to go vote for a better - - [applause].
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and it is because of the efforts of folks like you. that way abolished slavery and we and the great depression. and workers won the right to unionize. and women won the right to vote. that's why we had a civil rights movement. i know workers rights movement. and lgbt movement, because people fought for it. and by the way, every time we gain a victory, we move the country in a more generous, more progressive direction.
12:31 pm
usually there's somebody pushing back. wanting to preserve the status quo. we get periods of progressive advancement but then conservative retrenchment. in the closing weeks of this election, we've seen repeated attempts to divide us. with rhetoric. to try to turn us on one another. it's an old playbook where the powerful underprivileged say whatever it takes to protect their power and privilege. even if it hurts the country, even when it puts people at risk. the good news is indiana, when you vote, you can reject that kind of politics. >> president obama, his voice showing the strain of last-minute campaigning but he's trying to rally the
12:32 pm
faithful in gary, indiana were senator joe donnelly is in a tight race for reelection. coming up, we will hear from president trump as well. we will discuss all with two officials from the republican and democratic parties who know a thing or two about polling. that's coming up. our sunday election special continues after a quick break. 2, 1... not cool. freezing away fat cells with coolsculpting? now that's cool! coolsculpting safely freezes and removes fat cells with little or no downtime. and no surgery. results and patient experience may vary. some common side effects include temporary numbness, discomfort, and swelling. ask your doctor if coolsculpting is right for you. and visit today for your chance to win a free treatment. we really pride ourselves >> ton making it easyautoglass, to get your windshield fixed. >> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it.
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president obama. we are now awaiting a rally involving president trump in macon, georgia. the two parties are very different messages going into this tuesday's elections. democrats are campaign against president trump primarily republicans are urging voters to look at the economy and not take a step backward. so let's talk about it with communications director from both sides, meredith kelly with the democratic campaign committee. - - is her counterpart with the
12:37 pm
gop. good to have both of you here. the battle is about to be - - we will see tuesday. would you agree the democrats are primarily containing against president trump? >> i wouldn't agree with that but thanks for having me. i would argue that democrats if i had to choose one issue are campaigning to lower the cost of healthcare and prescription drugs. that's the one issue that's in almost every single house congressional districts congressional ads. it's a strong contrast on what republicans have done with their full control of washington d.c.. it's a personal issue and democrats have the advantage on who peopletrust to lower the cost of healthcare . trump is in some ads but not even half of them. >> what would you describe as republicans top issue. >> results versus - - economy is booming and wages are rising. we can't go back to the days of
12:38 pm
speaker pelosi and economic stagnation.democrats bring more dysfunction to washington. grind dc to a halt we need to keep her progress for two more years of gop house majority. >> as a look at the house races coming up that you've given us each a list of some of the races you find most fascinating. i want to start with yours because this is a race that both parties will be watching carefully. >> exactly. kentucky, andy barr and amy mcgrath. this is a tight hard-fought race. 6:00 p.m. on the east coast. people will be talking about this for several hours. amy mcgrath is far out of step with kentucky voters. she said she's the most progressive person in kentucky. supporting abortion in the ninth month calling transporter wall, stupid. i think that will resonate with kentucky voters. >> but it's a tight race. >> democrats support a lot of money into this race.a lot of outside groups have come in in support of amy mcgrath by andy barr is running a grassroots campaign and talking to voters. >> meredith, your favorite race
12:39 pm
to watch? >> upstate new york. new york 22 where anthony - - is running an incredible campaign against claudia tenney and intersect president trump won by 16 points. is a trusted local elected official from the reddest part of that district. he's talking about an economic message and bringing jobs. he's ahead in the polls. above 50 in many cases. so that's a good sign you for able to compete in district like that that trump won by double digits. >> if jobs is the key message, don't republicans have the advantage given the economic numbers that just came out last week?>> i think it's one thing to look at macro trends and another thing when you talk to voters in the house battlefields who still tell you their wages are not keeping up with the cost of living. after two years of republican controlled washington, there's no question in voters minds who's responsible for that.
12:40 pm
they had two years to make that trickle down and instead gave those massive corporate handouts to the very rich and didn't prioritize the middle-class and they won't get the credit. >> final thoughts about tuesday. the republicans hold on to the house? >> absolutely. absolutely.>> we've invested in over 80 districts and i'm confident the democrats will flip the house on tuesday. >> and nancy pelosi becomes a speaker? >> that's not my job and not looking at they pass tuesday at this point. >> matt gorman and meredith kelly from the republican and democratic congressional campaign committees. thank you both. we will look at what's being said on the sunday talk shows two days before the midterm elections and we will discuss stthe key to this election. and as we promised, president trump will take the stage in macon, georgia.we heard from formerpresident obama a moment ago. we will hear from the sitting president, live . coming up. is here, too.
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12:45 pm
midterm election. the primary subject of the sundays talk shows. let's get a wrap up of what were seeing and hearing. >> great to be with you.both parties are in the final push to drive up turnout on tuesday and one of the leading issues candidates are talking about is healthcare. healthcare is the top issue for likely voters according to a recent fox news poll. democrats are making it their top issue as small part because the majority of likely voters disapprove of how president trump is handling healthcare. top democrat such as senator chris van hollen argue republicans will strip away protections for those with pre-existing conditions if they keep control of congress. >> republicans for the last two years have tried to eliminate protections for people with pre-existing conditions.that remains the top issue on voters minds despite the presence efforts. >> those attacks have prompted dozens of gop candidates promising to protect those with
12:46 pm
pre-existing positions. on "fox news sunday", senator jenny saying republican wants to repeal the ac and replace it with something that works. >> we want to replace the affordable care act with a program that will work. that will provide people who have pre-existing conditions with healthcare that will allow young adults under the age of 26 to be on their parents healthcare policies. if we continue down this path, he will have healthcare prices. not only among those were serviced by the affordable care act but the broader healthcare market is. >> while president trump has mentioned healthcare, the topic he's chosen to focus on is border security and immigration using the migrant caravan arguing that democrat want open borders and are soft on crime. a lot of republican candidates are jumping on board with that argument. >> we know the vast majority of people coming to this country are seeking economic opportunity. but we have a system that has
12:47 pm
failed that this criminal came into our country twice and was able to kill police. that is what's sickening and disgusting to me. >> the reality is democrats are for strong border security bid we are against open borders. we are also against separating parents and their children and it was pretty outrageous for the president to suggest the other day that the united states military would fire on unarmed people. >> in these final days, it's all about turnout and getting your base fired up and healthcare andimmigration are t two issues each party will are hoping will make that happen. >> we will see on tuesday. macon, georgia is the place where the twin engine version of air force one has just landed. president trump is on board. he uses the smaller plan when the airport won't allow the big 747 to come in but it still air
12:48 pm
force one. the president is on board and he's holding one of his signature make america great rallies in macon just moments from now and we will have that for you live. we will also be previewing an appearance as our sunday election special continues.
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12:51 pm
>> welcome back.
12:52 pm
president trump is just arriving via air force one in macon, georgia. a rally in support of republicans. let's get some analysis and we will be taking the president live when he takes to the microphone. a couple journalist covering this election are with us now. jeff mason is the white house correspondent for reuters. - - has that same job with the - -. it's been interesting to watch these two presidents, both of whom you've cover. former president obama is in gary, indiana. he's losing his voice. trying to rally democrats and president trump doing the same thing. the question is, which is the more effective message? >> that's right and we won't know the answer to that until tuesday. you're certainly right that they're both out there fighting. it's interesting in a way that this midterm has felt much like a presidential election been almost as if obama and trump were on the ballot which of course they're not. of course president trump has made this about him both with his blessing and with the democrats blessing a referendum
12:53 pm
on his presidency on tuesday. >> it's interesting because you remember about two years ago, there was a whole raft i guess it never trumpers in the republican party and you don't hear much about them anymore. >> that's right. on the democratic side it very much does feel that present obama and his - - on the campaign trail trying to preserve what's left of his legacy and the president is trying to move out with his nationalist agenda. most republicans seem to have fallen in line or not to run for reelection flex it's curious that the democrats have decided that healthcare is going to be there signature issue in this midterm election. >> absolutely be there hammering it over and over especially the issue of pre-existing conditions but that's very much connected to obamacare and his legacy.
12:54 pm
it something you heard president trump when he was a candidate, hammer at over and over trying to get rid of obamacarethey weren't successfu in doing that completely so far during his term but they have chipped away at it. democrat want to be sure as much of the it can be preserved as possible. >> why doesn't the president spend much time talking about the economy? he does but immigration seems to be his signature issue. why? >> he thinks it's boring. he talked about that yesterday. he said it's a great achievement and a great story to tell what to him, immigration is the down and dirty fight he wants to have. that's the stakes in which he sees the election. he doesn't see as a continuation of the economy. he says if republicans lose control of the house, they control of the senate or don't get those votes. you will not be able to stop these caravans. in many ways it's a forward-looking message rather
12:55 pm
than running on the record he has right now. >> and is about getting people to the polls. people are comfortable already with the economy that are not necessarily thinking they need to go to the polls to make sure this continues. his base, that he sees as a way to get people to show up on tuesday. >> this president has really gone out on the campaign trail hard for republicans. >> yeah. he's been doing rally after rally. i just got off a two-day trip with him to montana and west virginia and florida. is doing more rallies today as you see on the screen. tomorrow as well. he's treating it very much like a presidential campaign. >> it does seem like he realizes now the stakes of having republicans backing you in the house and senate. early in his and ministries, he didn't seem as concerned with the political makeup of the congress. >> iv member one of his earlier rallies he set for 10 like i'm
12:56 pm
on the ballot but i'm not really on the ballot. now it's actually you should act like i am on the ballot. his advisers have impressed on them is how much a change it will be in the political environment whenever the house could possibly flip. in terms of the investigations coming after the white house. it will change the day-to-day life of washington. something he seems to absorbed and this is why the schedule is here. for more rallies until election day. he's put himself on the line almost as any president since ronald reagan. >> thank you both. much more ahead as we count down to the midterms. much more live rally coverage as the president the planes from air force one. in macon, georgia.ap we will have him live just ahead. allstate is adapting. with drones to assess home damage sooner. and if a flying object damages your car, you can snap a photo and get your claim processed in hours, not days.
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upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you. >> welcome back to fox news special coverage of the final count on into the 2018 midterm elections. i am jon scott in washington. president trump arriving at a make america great again rally in georgia. we will be taking it live when the president takes the microphone stick around for that. we live team coverage, mike is an indiana war president obama spoke a short time ago. we begin this hour with erica spahn and in macon, georgia. good afternoon. reporter: expect him to come out and take the podium any minute. air force one landed several minutes ago. and as it went up the taxiway
1:01 pm
and turned around, the crowd ♪ ♪ roared, looking at the side ♪ of air force one. ♪ the plane carrying the ♪ president and disembarking, ♪ cheering for the president. ♪ as he walked through the ♪ room and the rear of the ♪ hangar. ♪ taking for the republican ♪ candidate in the state of ♪ particular, a ♪ very tight race for ♪ governor. ♪ the showings of the ♪ statistical dead heat with ♪ stacy abrams. ♪ democrats think this is ♪ their best chance of many ♪ years to win back the state ♪ of georgia. ♪ republicans are rallying the ♪ crowd. ♪ trying to get what they are ♪ describing as a redwall to ♪ stop the blue wave.
1:02 pm
♪ even in the 11th hour, there ♪ are accusations being hurled ♪ between the two campaigns, ♪ the abrams campaign accusing ♪ secretary kemp of using his ♪ position.♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ they just announced the ♪ president. [music] [cheers and applause] [music] >> live a live shot. you can see it does not take the president long to get from the steps of air force one to
1:03 pm
these make america great again rallies. they often, they held these things in arenas or in aircraft hangars that have been converted into arenas. and there the present. we heard from president obama in his rally in indiana a short time ago. now president trump is trying to rally the republican faithful in the state of georgia would have a very tight governors race. the president hopes that he can tip the balance in favor of the republican candidate. you can see there on the right former president obama still working the crowd in gary, not too far from his adopted hometown of chicago. we heard from president obama a little earlier in the hour. we're going to be hearing from the president now as he ♪ ♪ addresses the crowd in ♪ georgia. ♪ macon, georgia in fact. ♪ we expect to hear something ♪ about well, you can see the
1:04 pm
♪ signs, finish the wall. ♪ we expect to hear about the ♪ migrant caravan making its ♪ way from south american ♪ companies. ♪ the president has settled on ♪ immigration as one of his ♪ themes in this election ♪ cycle. ♪ he believes on focusing on ♪ immigration and his tough ♪ stance against illegal ♪ immigration. ♪ that it will pay off ♪ republicans. ♪ analysis into the president. ♪ [music] jesse watters[cheers and applau
1:05 pm
[chanting] >> thank you very much, georgia! this is like being in a georgia football game. i only wish the media was back about b,200 all those people behind them could see. we have 15,000 people in a different location. i think brian is going to do very well. he will do very well. [cheers and applause] i am thrilled to be back this great state that by the way, we won very easily and 2016. [cheers and applause] with thousands of hard-working
1:06 pm
and wonderful american patriots. and that is what you are. in just two days the people of georgia are going to elect brian kemp is your next governor. to protect your jobs, defend the borders, fight for your values, and continue to make america great again. [cheers and applause] this is one of the most important elections of our lifetime. this is a very important election.i would not say it is as important as 16, but it is right up there. it's right up there! it really has, it's become so credible and there is electricity in the air like i have not seen since the 16 victory we all had. [cheers and applause] in fact, speaking of that, can
1:07 pm
i ask? look at how many cameras, can i ask you to turn around? they do not have to do this with other celebrities when they come here. who do not have very big crowds. look at the people back there. you have to shoot it. turn around, turn the cameras around. they never turn them around, folks! they never turn them around. they never turn them around. [booing] this crowd goes way, way back into the field.this is incredible. this is incredible. and i wish that the fake news media would show the crowds. because they don't do it. [cheers and applause] they always go, donald trump gave a speech today. in front of a nice crowd. they have never been crowd like this. just so you understand.
1:08 pm
in the history of politics you have never had crowd like this in midterm elections. [cheers and applause] but you know, all the people, a lot of them watching on television get great ratings. at least this i cannot say but the others because they don't get great ratings but you know what? they get it! because they hear the noise. you cannot duplicate we have 20, 25, 30,000 people. you cannot duplicate the sound of 500 people that are showing up at other rallies. [cheers and applause] you know, for two years we've had big crowds from the beginning, right? and by the way, you remember, we never -- it is weak, not we jesse watters it is we not me.
1:09 pm
we went against cook and hillary and we did very well there also. we never left centerstage. [cheers and applause] what a group! what a group. the great people, you great people. you built this country, folks. you built the country, your great people. [cheers and applause] but we never did. we never left centerstage. he always had the highest number. you were always -- and i always insist on having an odd number in the debate.
1:10 pm
do you know why? because they wanted to be center, not two people center. [cheers and applause] does that make sense? it makes sense. during our rallies always had the biggest they've ever seen. and i always used to say, turn the camera around, they never did. because they are fake news, they do not want to show it. [cheers and applause] i would always say, turn the camera around. and i will never forget -- i went through four or five and they just would not show the massive crowds. from the beginning. right from the beginning, three years ago, right from the beginning. and that what happened is that there were some protesters at one two people that live in a basement of their parents house. [cheers and applause] at that the camera was very new and you cannot change them. you know they are very rigid. you cannot change them could not turn them. and then we had a little protest at the back corner which was impossible for a camera to see and those
1:11 pm
cameras, they look they pretzels the way they turned. they saw trouble, they were able to turn. but that is the way the press treats us and i hope that you show the real crowd that is here today, and hope that you show -- >> all right, we've given roughly equal time to the current president and the former president. as a democrat and republicans tried to rally their faithful. we will be talking to how president obama and president trump are going after each other and working hard for the parties candidates to join us now doug, democratic consultant and former presidential advisor. and chris wilson, a republican strategist and pollster.which of these presidents is doing the better job, doug? >> i think certainly, president trump has a more prominent and important role in the campaign. he has made this election a referendum on him and his policies.
1:12 pm
obama is a relative newcomer to the campaign trail. this election is about more resisting trump, medicare for all, jobs for all, $15 minimum wage. and the notion of nancy pelosi as speaker. i think that trump is more important, more sensual and it is the republicans if they win the senate and they lose the house it will be seen as a split decision on president trump with president obama as an active partner. >> for president trump the speaker of the house with nancy pelosi would be pretty frightening, wouldn't it? >> i think it is ready for all americans not just president trump. it is true. donald trump knows that for republicans to win thomas pick up seats in the senate and told the house we had to get the 2016 trumpet that turned out and gave him they win like
1:13 pm
michigan and wisconsin. it is the key aspect of what he's doing, we see them going today georgia, yesterday montana, today kim, yesterday. having an impact on the rovers that made him. he said the african-american vote being done 2018 and that is why he's been called out to the campaign trail. frankly you certainly did not see george w. bush, and campaigning during the first mentor for obama. i think he is breaking the trend the past presidents of lender. it's unfortunate because once these dams are broken you can't repair them. >> what do you think about that, doug? is president obama an effective weapon for democrats in these midterm elections? >> i think is chris said come he is effective with targeted constituencies. african-americans, younger people, liberals who were
1:14 pm
called to the cause in 2008 and 2012. but candidly, his poll numbers and his relevance is much less than we might otherwise have seen. i would return to what i said. i think he can help with some of the get out the vote effort but fundamentally, this election is not, and iónot, a referendum on donald trump versus obama. >> the economy is generally one of the top issues for voters. the president has been talking about that. i want to play a compilation of sound clips from the present on that, let's listen. >> since election day we've created 4.5 million new jobs. then employment rate just fell to the lowest level in more than 50 years. america now has the best economy in the history of our country. >> they talk about look how great the economy is.
1:15 pm
where do you think that started? [cheers and applause] >> they did not start that. maybe that didn't go so well. what about that? and presidentobama , chris, claim credit for the economic boom? >> recently wants to. he seems to have forgotten the tax increases that he passed. he seems to have forgotten that he passed massive new regulations that president trump has been rolling back, what is given the economy has been unshackled and allowed to break free and gives us the gdp and the more money peoples pockets. frantic woman now and say that was me that did that, it is just wrong and almost kind of sad to watch because it is like someone that wants to retain credit for something when he left office the economy was in bad shape and the president is turning around quickly. your point jonathan, you're right that donald trump needs to make this about the economy.
1:16 pm
if he does that for voters and particularly independent voters, making up their mind at the last minute, the mother vote will decide republican in the end and it will help on election day. >> chris from the republican perspective and doug from the democratic side. gentlemen, thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> next we go to florida to check in on the very tight senate race. and also to missouri where this could go either way and tip the balance of power in the u.s. senate. . give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. [grunting noise] i'll take that. 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. ensure max protein. in two great flavors.
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1:19 pm
1:20 pm
this campaign season. one for governor and another for the senate. correspondent in florida. reporter: these are critical not only a state level and the national level. downtown tallahassee, these two races are so critical, two times this week the president visited florida, former president obama visited the state one time. in the hollywood stars visited central florida today. celebrity latinos rallied with the big crowd of puerto ricans
1:21 pm
done in kissimmee, florida. during the democratic senator, bill nelson who is running for reelection. the stars included eva longoria, rosario dawson and zoe saldana. they were bikers, harleys and all rallying for rick scott. also in hand, ryan and andrew, to my father's that became political activists right after valentine's day when they lost their teenage children in the stoneman douglas high school massacre. scott is challenging three term senator, bill nelson. the real clear politics average gives nelson a 1.4 percent edge, but is shrinking in recent days and within the margin of error. officially, this race is a tossup. in south florida today the reverend al sharpton urged churchgoers in miami to vote early today just as soon as the
1:22 pm
church services ended. encourage everyone to carpool and bus over and get their votes counted all part of the soul to the polls national tradition. the race for governor puts the mayor andrew gillum, a progressive liberal endorsed and backed by bernie sanders, versus ron desantis and the republican former congressman who was endorsed early by president trump and doing president trump on air force one yesterday at a rally in pensacola. that is to a tossup brace for the governor. even though andrew gillum currently has a 2.6 percent edge in the real clear politics average. but again, as is everything with florida on big statewide races, it is a swing state for a reason. >> we do not know how the large group of unaffiliated voters are voting. they are one third or more of the electric there and they can be going either way simply don't know. reporter: as of this morning
1:23 pm
about 4.8 million floridians had their votes cast early. either by mail or in person early voting. roughly 5 million florida voters already voted for the campaign this midterm election. two years ago the presidential election was about 11 million floridians, cast their ballot, midterms almost always are a lower turnout. so this 5 million early voters really could end up being just about half the total vote in the end. jon: it will be a fascinating state to watch, phil keating of florida, thank you. another the senate seats that republicans hope to flip is in missouri. democrat incumbent claire mccaskill tried to fight off republican josh holly. the president will be in missouri on monday night on the eve of the election. our correspondent kristin fisher is in the state right now. reporter: this is a race to watch because control of the senate really could come down right here missouri.
1:24 pm
this is razor tight and has been for quite some time. neither candidate has had a lead of more than four points in a single pole in all of 2018. now with just two days to go to election day, the real clear politics average has them dead even. 46 to 46. republican candidate josh holly is a state attorney general. an office is only held about two years pretty relative political newcomer. he's running on a platform in lockstep with the transfer agenda, immigration, second amendment, confirming conservative judges. he's really been trying to localize the national issues but he's also come under fire in recent days reports in the kansas city star the out-of-state political consultants help direct his attorney general's office. i asked him about yesterday, he described the report as 11th hour smear campaign similar to what happened with judge kavanaugh. >> i do not care what mccaskill
1:25 pm
or the immediacy is about me. i will not back down and if you want to see some backbone, you can look at my record as attorney general. that is a kind of fight i will bring. reporter: his opponent, democratic senator claire mccaskill told that this is potentially illegal. there are potentially illegal campaign mailings. she and sister campaign had apsley nothing to do with them. listen here.>> that is dark money. josh thinks dark money is great. he thinks anonymous giving is fine. i'm the one that was to clean it up.i condemn the mailers and whoever did them. because that is what happens when you allow anonymous contributions.>> so mccaskill is in the fight of her political life. she tried to win a state that the president won by nearly 20 points. that's a real ceiling or put
1:26 pm
these as a protracted separate herself from the party. that's why the present will be here tomorrow night. his final campaign stop before the polls open. he knows he has a lot of supporters in the state and he is hoping that he will be able to convince them to get out and vote for josh hawley on tuesday. jon: it will be a difficult day for sure. kristin fisher, thank you. we will break down some of the big races across the country. we are joined from fox election headquarters in new york and there it is, the legendary -- coming up. his house. 'cause that's no so-so family. that's your family. which is why you didn't grab just any cheese. you picked up new kraft expertly paired mozzarella and parmesan for pizzahyeah! kraft. family greatly. that skills like teamwork, attention to detail, and customer service are critical to business success.
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1:30 pm
jon: let's get the latest now on some of the big races and the balance of power in congress. former bush senior advisor and republican strategist, carl is with us now. we hear a lot about the generic
1:31 pm
ballot ahead of the midterm elections. tell us what it means and what it shows you. >> generic ballot is a question, would you prefer to have the democrats from the congress or the republicans won the congress? it tends to be a indication of how the election will come up. ironically the republicans tend to win as long as the generic ballot is four points or five points or less. because they tend to do better among independents and particularly when it comes to the house, republican districts tend to be more evenly contested districts tend to be more overwhelming than democrat. but that is why we have some interesting news today from the "washington post" and the abc poll that came out with the latest generic ballot. in august, the generic ballot was democrats by 14 in september it was democrats by 11 and then a poll conducted over four days on november 1 ending, democrats by seven. you can see there's been a
1:32 pm
consistent decline. three points before between august and september, four points between september and november. the question is, is a continued to climb? does end up basically democrats by five or six by election day? the closer it is to five or six or four, the better chance republicans keeping the house or the democrats getting a narrow margin. furthermore the internals of a, over 65 who tend to turn out disproportionately in these kind of elections, there 49 ã 42. ages 4360 4r 47 ã47 between the two parties. his only young voters under the age of 13 of the democrats lead 50 ã35 of the generic ballot. who exactly turns on election day? it also matters because election day particularly midterms, all the older voters tend to turn out more. >> andon your website, you
1:33 pm
wrote about the early voting. and what it says about the trend in the election. we'll get that in a second. but i want to play some sound from ron desantis . the republican gubernatorial candidate and what he thinks about this the way it's going in florida. >> were not trailing in people that have voted. we have more than half of the vote that has been cast if you look at early and absentee votes. republicans are leading for the first time ever at this stage. >> you say republicans have been voting very heavily in early voting but you cannot read into that? >> here is why peter's good news in florida republicans are turning out about three percent more votes than they did excuse me, through percent bigger share of the votes that turned up then in 2016. they won the state by 1.2 points in 2016. they are doing three point better, democrats are doing 2/10 of a percent better. it points to republicans being maybe four points ahead in the early vote.however, this also
1:34 pm
includes a large amount of people that do not choose a party who declined to state a part of their independent, if you will. how they split has a big impact. if this but the same way as they did in 2016, then ron desantis is correct, not only do the republicans have a big lead in the early and absentee vote but they also have a likelihood of scoring well on election day if they have the same split. >> i want to take it to the arizona senate race. first. the numbers, they are tied right now, flat out taught according to the latest fox news poll. the congresswoman tied with martha mick sally, 46 percent each. i would say the race, numbers have been going in favor of mcsally, now it is a tie, what does it tell you? >> associates momentum. she had a late primary and a contested primary on the other end, a couple of interesting things about this. first, the early vote. the absentee vote, the
1:35 pm
republicans at 7.9 percent advantage over the democrats in early voting. that was up from 7.2 percent advantage in 2016. again, as long as republicans are voting republican, democrats voting democrat, independence being split relatively equally, it is good news for mcsally. of the good thing is immigration. we were interesting dynamic as we come down to the close with some democrats, mccaskill is another that basically come out and defend the president statements and action in sending troops to the border to take care of the logistics as the caravan comes across the border and very interesting, two democrats want to believe that they are not trump they want to make sure that they are not -- jon: thank you very much, karl
1:36 pm
rove. >> thank you. >> the caravan we been talking about ms. a big issue in the midterms as karl rove was just same.the live update will we come back. >> also were to the economy fit in when it comes to midterms? the report is coming up as well. with my hepatitis c,
1:37 pm
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common side effects include headache and tiredness. with hep c behind me, i feel free... ...fearless... ...and there's no looking back, because i am cured. talk to your doctor about mavyret. jon: immigration and border security, a couple of big issues president trump and republicans are pushing this midterm election season. in some ways, those have ever shot of the economy which by most measures, is coming along nicely. let's talk about it with lonnie chen at the hoover institution and josh -- thank you for being with us. the october jobs report had some pretty stunning numbers, 250,000 jobs added, and employment rate 3.7 percent, 3.1 percent wage increase for
1:41 pm
employees in the country. why are republicans and particularly, the president, josh, not talking more about that? >> of things little political malpractice for the present to focus more on immigration than the economy. but look, people are putting the values more than the interest. the wall street journal poll it just came out today showed that 68 percent of americans view the economy very positively. they were very satisfied about the way things are going. but when they're asked if america is on the right track or the wrong track only a 38 percent say they're on the right track. there voting out of their pocketbooks like in the past there voting all cultural issues and also the president is having a tough time trying to hold the house for the republican party and why you're seeing such a big divide between peoples economic perceptions and where they think the country is going. jon: i want to play some sound from the present on the topic and get your reaction.
1:42 pm
here's a president regarding the economy. >> we are awfully good we can talk about the economy and we have to solve problems. i'm looking to solve problems. not talking to the fact that we have done a great job. and we have done a great job on the economy. jon: he seems to be saying that voters will give him credit for the economy but he wants to talk about immigration, for instance. is that a winning strategy? >> i think the question really comes down to, how do you motivate voters to get to the polls and vote is particularly in the respective partisan basis in a midterm election. winner generally speaking turnout is lower in midterm elections than it is during larger presidential election years. so it becomes how do you motivate your particular block of voters to get out and cast ballots? certainly the present determination is that immigration is a more useful issue to motivate the people then he needs to get out to
1:43 pm
vote then the economy is. what -- whether it is truthful and we'll see on election night but it is hard to get people motivated to vote when they see things are generally going well that usually is not a particularly good prescription to boost turnout. jon: democrats are hoping or even maybe even thinking that despite the economy they can win some votes. josh, listen to senator mark warner from virginia. >> friendly, even folks may agree that the economy is going pretty good, i think many people realize we need a check on this president. we've seen evidence of that in the last three weeks when the president was not able to bring the country together after the shootings or the bombing attempts. so when the president kinda randomly said that he could override the constitution with the stroke of a pen. >> a lot of presidents have tried to do that but we will leave that aside. does he have that right? our voters in the mood to
1:44 pm
somehow check president trump's power at this time? >> lanhee chen is right, people vote their grievances. we look at a congressional map, some of the affluent swing districts where 11 swing voters have benefited from the tax cuts but have benefited from pay raises as a result of the get economy, these are the voters swing into the democratic party. whereas a lot of blue-collar voters that supported trump ward about their economic future, the republican voters of those sticking with donald trump in the republican party. there's a negative connection between voters personal fortunes, personal income and how they will be voting in the midterm election. >> these are going to be highly unusual midterms, or so it would seem. josh kraushaar, lanhee chen, thank you both. >> thanks. >> thank you.
1:45 pm
jon: we will check in on mexico on the migrant caravans heading north. that's next. winner! that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. hi! geico has licensed agents who i can reach 24/7. great savings and round the clock service? now that's a win-win. winner. winner. yay me! oh, hi! good luck. switch to geico®. it's a win-win. jon: might have noticed one of
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the presidents popular talking points in the last few weeks, the caravans of thousands of
1:49 pm
central american migrants heading to the u.s. southern border. the majority of the roughly 4000 people are moving toward the town of cordova in mexico. william longeness is traveling along and joins us now live. reporter: there are four distinct caravans in mexico right now. stretching from the guatemala border to mexico city. about 12,000 migrants in total. this would be the first night they have a roof over their head. this caravan, the first one as you said is moving very fast. 160 miles today. i want to show your amazing video why. some were hustling trickles fried stopping big rig drivers asking drivers to open the back of the trailers and put hundreds of illegal immigrants inside. they were fearless. but that was not the scene
1:50 pm
yesterday. when promised transportation after major storm, failed to arrive. >> angry, confused, disappointed. >> everybody angry because nobody here. >> late last night the governor of veracruz rescinded his offer. these people have already lined up for the buses that we believe they were told will not be shown up. >> our nosecone arena. i wait for the bus. >> the buses will show but not until next week. forced to walk again, they told to stay together as areas controlled by a deli cartel. >> are you afraid going forward? >> i have been instructed to move forward. i don't have nothing. david diaz pittsburgh was $8 million to pay the texas border. court twice and the third attempt the cartel demanded his family pay 15,000 to keep him alive. >> there was a loan to the bank and they owe everything now.
1:51 pm
chris martin is hold drugs but abandoned toward border patrol but he's trying again using a caravan as a shield. >> is dangerous and dangerous also to be imprisoned in the state for drugs. reporter: we spoke to the mayor of cdoba earlier today and she tried to get buses for the migrants to take them but was called buffalo government and immediately said you were not able to. the volunteers here providing food and water, they brought in a bounce house for the kids that had had a difficult time. it isto be several weeks before they hit tijuana and are in mexico city for a few days. i will send it back to prefer there her -- they do not want to see a big mob. >> william longeness, thank yo
1:52 pm
. let's talk more about the caravan. immigration policy and border security. dan stein, president of the federation for american immigration reform, bill is director of the refugee rights program for human rights. i will ask each of you, this caravan heading toward the u.s. southern border. we have elections in a few days. does it become a winning issue for democrats or for president trump and the republicans? bill? >> as human rights, our concerns are human rights of the people involved. for the government of the united states regardless of party. the question of security importers is a perfectly legitimate question. no one wants to see people bum rushing across the board. but these are people that are seeking asylum we concern is that they do get to ports of entry, they are allowed to register their claims and from what we've seen, they want to do just that. there do not have an incentive, they want inspection and they
1:53 pm
want to file claims. that is one area dan and i might agree. we need to see a more effective and efficient way of doing that. and there are differences about where to put resources in order to achieve that. >> back to the political question. because -- >> if the republicans expand their majority in the senate, which i believe they will, it is because donald trump is double down the immigration issue and gone to the major states, heitkamp, tester, mccaskill, all the vulnerable democrats. he's defined this as a major campaign issue. when people are voting on the issue presented they can see how this really magnifies national concern. if you're talking about thousands of people coming across the border, one caravan and then another and another, they realize our national policy implications that have to be addressed. certainly some governors races
1:54 pm
may be involved as well. and in the senate, there are some examples. lots of places where the immigration issue is front and center. even among some state attorneys general races.if the democrats were to take control of the house, even if it is by eight seats or so which i think is this a predictions for some people. they start to see the issue go back again to the state legislature, the governors and the mayor's, democrats double down on sanctuary movement. they do not want to see enforcement, their positioning, they diametrically opposed to the republicans. the big difference between this election and 2016 is that when donald trump was campaigning on immigration 2016, he combined immigration and trade, and economic security together. this campaign because a lot of the business made them not come to with the linkage donald trump is going full national security and defense of borders. thus a different use. >> you heard the president
1:55 pm
complain that they would be given a card to read at the border to say i want asylum and this is why. is there evidence of that? >> people want to get asylum. and so being told this is how you do it, say i want asylum, something reasonable. but we have to look at is, legitimacy of their claims. are they fleeing persecution, the fleeing gangs or governments not able to help them and protect them. >> you have the young man in the report by william longeness, trying to get in the united states in the past smuggling drugs one of the cartels. so if that is not eligible. question we will not defend them. as human rights organization we have no problem whatsoever defendant borders or sansone tries to cross illegally may
1:56 pm
not be deported we are not protecting them. but we are protecting people that need it. >> could leave the conversation there. i apologize. thank you both. we will be right back. they took care of everything a to z. having insurance is something everyone needs, but having usaa- now that's a privilege. jon: very important races
1:57 pm
1:58 pm
1:59 pm
ahead. all across the country. the governors, u.s. house and senate. keep it right here on fox news channel ahead of tuesday's election. tonight at 8 pm, eastern time
2:00 pm
will get a preview of what to expect on tuesday. then complete election coverage starting at 6 pm eastern on tuesday night. i am jon scott, thank you for watching special coverage of the countdown to the midterms. our sunday edition of the fox starts now. >> hello everyone i am dana perino. it is 5:00 in new york city. this is the five. you're looking live at fox square. we're debuting this blender set on the special midterm reduction of the five. >> he is:00 you're bundled up, it is 55 degrees out here. as want the audience to now, only 55 degrees. greg hasdo


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