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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  November 4, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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a great role model for girls around the world and in the country she will do a great job keeping the nation safe spin mac as she is. that's it for us. we will see you live tomorrow john scott is up next be mac with control of congress coming down to the wire president trump with a last-minute i am john scott coming to you live from washington with a special edition of the fox report. spivak another busy day in chattanooga tennessee he will stop tonight for the candidate after rallying supporters earlier today in georgia for the g.o.p. candidate in georgia checking those last poles the latest real clear ballot shows democrats with a seven-point edge but both sides remain optimistic spivak
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in the next two days whoever has the most turnout handling the ground game appropriately that is going to be the one that will win spivak i feel that enthusiasm every place i go into we are getting large crowds what we saw two years ago at this point but then something funny happened spivak we have fox team coverage in macon georgia but let's begin in chattanooga tennessee where the president is set to take the stage one hour from now be mac even before president's arrival this crowd is energized in chattanooga most were waiting in line some of them are laid even lined up the night before
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this is presidents third visit to tennessee for marsha blackburn he wants her in the senate just shows how close of a race that is going up against a popular former governor this race has already set records for how much money spent $80 million for the tennessee senate seat and also early voting triple the number of midterm voters that voted for him last time that strategy is very simple marsha blackburn says she is with trump her opponent is a washington democrat but he tries not to make this about trump but global issues and is it to find of the democratic leadership. president trump wants tennessee and if she does get elected she will be the first woman elected senator from tennessee.
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chattanooga is the president sam second campaign event of the day reporting secretary of state brian kemp in a closely watched race for governor the former minority leader in the house of representatives both candidates making the final pitch to voters talking about voter suppression so what parts of the president's speech resonated the most today? we mac some of the biggest cheers when the president invited the coaching legend up on stage with him also chanting lock her up when the president mentioned one of the accusers of the supreme court justice kavanaugh had recanted her story the president also got loud cheers touching on the common popular themes like securing the border standing for the national anthem and especially strong reaction
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when it came to guns which he incorporated into a glowing introduction to the gubernatorial candidate brian kemp here is a sampling of his praise spivak brian kemp is an incredible fired her fighter and tireless champion for the people and for the values of georgia and was with me right from the beginning. we will never let anything bad happen to the second amendment which believe me is under siege. [applause] republicans are hoping the president will break that statistical tie that is the current status of the governor's race here in georgia spin mac and they are accusing democrats of cybercrime? we mac indeed secretary of state brian kemp is in charge to oversee elections his office issued a press release to say he was investigating the democratic party of
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georgia after a failed breach of the voter registration system in reaction the cap campaign issued a statement to say in an act of desperation democrats try to expose vulnerabilities in the system and the power-hungry radicals should be held accountable for behavior. officials say they were unaware of the allegations until there was a press release sent out. spivak i have heard nothing about it i would say this is a desperate attempt on the part of my opponent to desperate to turn the conversation away from his failure to honor his commitment to be part of a nationwide system of voter suppression. the democratic party said all political's white stripes are concerned about election security and they share that concern but you cannot attempt
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to take advantage of that vulnerable system used of the secretary of state's office. jon: the midterms are all about the balance of power and the president's agenda but will the house and senate steer republican? reporter: republicans have the best chance to hold on in the senate right now 49 / 51 but democrats are defending the most number of seats we will look at a couple of them to see if they try to turn out the votes both parties will tell you that claire mccaskill longtime senator and the attorney general is in a statistical dead heat right now these are the presidential
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really - - results for 2016 kansas city at the center in st. louis are a big time vote numbers. zoom out a little bit we will come back to show you where josh looks at the presidential results. this is where president trump will make his closing arguments he won by 60 points but the difference is the number of votes. that is why you see president trump hit more rural areas that may not have as many votes available that he can run up that relative percentage of total. look at the house the speculation comes with the balance of power democrats have the best chance. 195 / 240 right now in the house. twenty-five house republican districts hillary clinton one.
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i can show you what it is. then we will go to the southwest. this has been a republican district when george h.w. bush was in congress since 2001 defending against wendy fletcher democrats. hillary clinton one this district from the last presidential race. mitt romney won it in 2012 so they believe that the trendlines are in their favor. especially tuesday night watching these key seats that are truly contested to give us an idea how things are going as tuesday develops. jon: former president obama is not to be outdone campaigning
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tonight in chicago we have some video of that in just a moment. on behalf of democrats in chicago. the president was in indiana next door earlier today against that and then he moved over to chicago we will have some more highlights from you for you for the president's former address payment despite concerns about safeguarding the department of homeland security says the midterms are likely the most secure elections the us has ever conducted. we have more with that exclusive interview homeland security secretary reporter: with any successful activity that we can attribute spivak
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homeland security secretary nielsen looks at the situation room to track those cyberthreats as well as online effort to influence the voter perception and decision-making spivak the most secure election in the modern age. one day after she and the fbi director the nation's intelligence chief briefed the president spivak his message was the elections are the heart of our democracy spin at the national cybersecurity command center 90 percent of registered voters now dhs says more than half of all states have completed vulnerability assessments spivak there would
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be a government response if there was an attack on voting on tuesday spivak it would be a cyberresponse is that on the table? mimic anything is on the table spivak recently warning the member social media to amplify voters masquerading online as us citizens earlier this year they add pro- china adds to dissuade american farmers we see aggressive action in multiple countries and to perhaps change policies she warns or with the kids sponsored media spivak all-american should pay for that independent government and not jump to conclusions on election night.
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fox news. jon: the migrants now in several caravans making its way to the us. even with the pentagon deploying hundreds of troops in texas arizona, and california. we are live from veracruz mexico with the latest. reporter: border security upgrades are late either with the caravan headed this way. why is it difficult to get in? the smugglers raised their prices the average is now $10000 from central america. many people cannot afford it so the caravan is the alternative it cost nothing and safety in numbers especially here in veracruz every migrant does not want
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this to become the new business model this is money lost to the cartels. this was shot earlier today 116 miles so there are two catholic nuns from guadalajara who intervened begging them to open their trailers and their hearts to hundreds of migrants coming here. the mayor here showed up at then got a phone call from the federal government saying you can be hit with human trafficking as a crime and be prosecuted so she backed down spin with the federal government was very clear there be legal consequences because we would be helping to transport migrant people and violating the law. reporter: so tomorrow then mexico city by tuesday staying there for a few days before
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continuing north we are now counting about 5400 but when they arrive in tijuana or in texas we don't know. jon: what a story. the clock is ticking to the crucial midterm elections we have some key races that will determine the balance of power on capitol hill are - - for the next two years will that majority impact to the trump presidency? republicans are using the possibility of leadership changes to rally the base and get out the vote spivak that would be historic even me talking about losing seats is remarkable make a smart choice.
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. >> i need your vote for the republican house and for a republican senate. can you imagine? speaker of the house nancy pelosi if you're going to vote democrat then don't vote. [laughter] jon: making the final appeal with less than two full days before the midterm elections this will determine the balance of power in washington or if president trump will have to deal with a presidential legislature and warned the democratic agenda will fulfill there - - bring the presidency to a screeching halt.
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the congressional reporter at "usa today" thanks for coming in. . >> the democrats have talked a lot about impeachment but the talk is gotten quiet lately. >> in order to flip the house they have to flip districts or to go for a republican congressman so they are turned off by talking about impeachment so the leadership has made an effort not to talk about it. but it's not helpful for them right now. jon: members of congress who lead the various committees they have already promised the first thing they would do is subpoena the president's tax return. >> right and a lot of members have promise they will start investigating whether or not
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they move on with the impeachment proceedings each committee can start off with whatever they want. >> doesn't that equate with gridlock crack. >> yes no matter what because it will be very narrow so there will be tension on legislation democrats will probably take the house but it will be with a narrow margin and then start investigating and it will be a tumultuous next three years. >> part of that republican leadership had this to say about the prospect of a nancy pelosi speakership. >> when you listen to nancy pelosi she says she wants to take away your tax cuts and open borders and abolish ice
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and those border agents and opioids. that is not where the country wants to go. jon: but it does like divided government for with that legislature to one party while the other party controls the white house. >> that does happen with a congressman to say to abolish ice she isn't on any of those bills that is the farther left but for republicans to point to that group but there are democrats and there are bills so they could speak to that to say the democrats are extreme out of the mainstream. jon: she had opposition even within her own party running against her the last time emma kratz were in control.
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>> it's not a coronation somebody will run for leadership it's important we have this discussion and have this conversation but the american people want to change. democrats want a change. jon: so nancy pelosi potentially could be speaker of the house again but there is that anti- pelosi movement even within the democratic party. >> absolutely there are more than 50 people who are either running as democrats or currently in congress who said they do not support the speaker so it really depends on how narrowly they take the house they say they are not supporting her behind closed doors because they only need a majority behind closed doors
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so that between democrat or republican they vote for the republican. >> paul ryan is not running again so who will that be? that is an interesting turn of events. >> there are maneuvering going on for a long time. so republicans have had a long time and democrats also. even policy is having a significant opposition within her party. jon: you will have a light - - a lot to write about. thank you. for incumbent senators trying to hold onto their seats and looking at their chances and how this will affect the balance of power and president trump's agenda. >> we do have a path it is a very narrow path as you indicate that as competitive as we are it is a testament to
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jon: less than two full days until voters decide who holds power on capitol hill the president's agenda hinges on these elections the latest senate power rankings showing some tough races on the board right now a closer look at for key contest. we have team coverage from nevada, missouri and indiana but we begin in florida. reporter: early voting ends 30 minutes from now. so they tried to get out the vote going to churches across the state called soul to the polls that democratic senator incumbent nelson also trying
3:30 pm
to reach the puerto we can voters talking about how the governor treated puerto ricans relocated after hurricane marie asked. >> you are here because you know, what's at stake and how your friends have been treated on the island with fellow american citizens. they have not been treated like other states were treated in the aftermath of a hurricane. >> asking about that he said he pushed hard in the paperwork that he waived for displaced children to get into florida skills among schools and licenses he waived for others to get jobs. >> nelson is part of the federal government so for him
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to complain about it he is the federal government he is responsible. so if he doesn't like how the federal government did their jo job, he is a reflection. he has never done anything i understand a couple of photo op ops. reporter: he also told me he thinks that he knows bill nelson will lose. i talked to the governor outside of miami he is very confident the voters care about the economy and he has one more huge rally to get out the vote here in miami tomorrow afternoon. jon: here it is nice assignment south florida this time of year. the vice president home state indiana the democrat is running a second term the state went red in 2016 with 56 percent but now former
3:32 pm
president obama is stepping in. we are in valparaiso where the former commander in chief just finished up a rally. reporter: as both parties aimed their guns at the senate race and indiana former commander in chief made a stop in gary indiana telling registered democrats to get off the couch. the vote has never mattered more than this time. >> in two days indiana you get to vote for the most important election of our lifetimes. obama said the momentum that was agreed to be set in motion that they don't just make stuff up on the campaign trail
3:33 pm
now his counterweight now this race is getting so much attention from the heavy hitters because it is so close. and pretty much in sync with the president and they are neck and neck but donnelly is not in lockstep running hard to the middle to say he has the d in front of his name that is why this senate race is so importan important. jon: reporting live from indiana. thank you missouri is another state with a very tight senate race with claire mccaskill battling her republican challenger. so how is this race? tomorrow night president trump will make his second visit to the show me state in five days. we have more from st. louis .
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reporter: just to give you an idea how important this race is president trump has been to the state six times the cycle and the seventh tar dashed around eight before the polls open tuesday morning and is coming here so frequently that claire mccaskill made a joke about it last night in kansas city. >> he is here so often he must we building a golf course. [laughter] . >> one was good news they were very worried. right? and that they really, really want to get rid of me. >> running a state and is
3:35 pm
going to great lengths to prove she's not just another crazy democrat but her opponent says she is still too liberal for missouri and accusing them both of not listening to voters. >> they have not accepted what she said in 2016 they have not accepted the outcome of that election she even said she blames the russians for the donald trump presidency. it was the people of missouri. reporter: in the closing days both have been on the defense accused of a local paper to allow an outside political consultant from the attorney general's office while the mccaskill campaign is accused of being behind the anonymous campaign mailers targeting the
3:36 pm
republican candidate. they say they have nothing to do with the mailers while the republican campaign said they are trying to prepare that report at the 11th hour smear just like what we saw with judge kavanaugh. reporter: life from st. louis . thank you now we turn to nevada another tossup state where the incumbent republican senator is in a very close state. with a razor thin lead and springer where the democrats hope to turn that seat blue. reporter: this is a seat the democrats must flip to hope to retake control of the senate. the only republican in the country who was defending his seat where clinton one in 2016 so with that in mind and the campaign is here in the office really trying to get out the vote this is a canvassing
3:37 pm
effort with early detailed voting information the parties know exactly who was voted early and who has not so these volunteers know just who to contact to rally the troops. >> we are the battle born states. that means we are fighters and we are independent and stand up who will always fight to put nevada families first no matter the political pressure. >> that strategy is reaching out to hispanic voters but pulling pretty well at 38 percent and then trying to
3:38 pm
get them to vote on smaller issues like taxes. also the advantage of name recognitions in the politics since nineties never lost an election running statewide four times with several campaign visits and just two days ago president trump was here. >> my father cannot do this alone. he needs like guys in the senate like dean heller if they push back as republicans we can actually win. reporter: early voting numbers are strong but the democrats have an edge 20 percent over republicans with early voting most are saying this will be extremely close on election night. jon: thank you earlier today air force one on the ground in macon georgia the president stumping for the republican candidate there now he is in tennessee at a chattanooga rally for mercia - - marsha blackburn who just emerged in
3:39 pm
the vice president is they are. all three have just landed. should hunting and fishing the a constitutional right? some states already say yes the voters in another well decide on tuesday. what will they do if they get the vote? check out fox plaza in new york city gearing up for some midterm coverage at the giant election headquarters. you will see this set up as we get closer to election night you can have an early peek. we will be right back. ♪ we're in memphis, tennessee, a city with one of the highest increases
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jon: hunting and fishing rights on the ballot in north carolina voters will decide if the right to hunt and fish needs to be enshrined in the state constitution 21 states have already done so and we explain. reporter: fishing is a way of life for us. >> nothing he likes more than being with his son with his yamaha f 300 off the coast of north carolina. fishing for redfish but today he fears for the future of
3:45 pm
fishermen like himself. >> the last two years we have been squeezed out quick. >> there has been a lot of regulations and pressure. reporter: why he supports the ballot measure in north carolina giving the right to hunt and fish in the state constitution what he fears now is the regulatory process now the government can divides up the catch limits among commercial fishermen now he says sport anglers are left out so this is basically privatizing the fishing industry to the detriment of those who fish for fun and it's important that it be available. >> fishing is just like hunting. >> the people for the ethical treatment of animals the group that opposes the ballot measure because people have already caught too many fish.
3:46 pm
>> the fish populations are dwindling as a result of overfishing there are estimates that say many large fish populations will be extinct within our lifetime. >> i will say i have fished for two decades and the fisheries are extremely healthy. >> he's also pushing for the modern fish act currently before congress that it's the only way to truly level the playing field to keep fishing viable for decades to come off the coast of north carolina douglas kennedy fox news. jon: a lot more midterm coverage coming up including live election preview coverage next but allstate agents know that's where the similarity stops. if you're on park street in reno, nevada,
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jon: and midterm coverage continues tonight anchoring a special hour of election coverage a little over an hour from now at 8:00 p.m. eastern and they join us with a preview so often these elections in the midterms are sleepy little things without
3:51 pm
getting a lot of talk but you cannot say that in 2018. >> no. we are fired up getting the studio set for tuesday and this is something to watch more than 31 million people have already voted and we aren't even close to tuesday yet so we think it will surpass 2014 that maybe even 2016 categories for early vote totals that is a lot of enthusiasm for a midterm election. >> watching the suburban areas where president trump was very strong the last time around so how much influence really it has in the end? because there is also a lot of local issues so we are looking at all of the issues the economy and the caravan and national security and law and
3:52 pm
order we can bring - - break down those issues with that great fox news voter analysis. >> looking at election coverage any special surprises crack. >> know we can tell you some of it. we have chris wallace and brett hume and including where the president is campaigning but the news of the day from some of those races is the voter analysis we are really excited about it. >> these races are getting tighter increasing rather than the decrease so we will give
3:53 pm
you a thumbnail sketch of what we are watching so they feel like they are ready to watch when that all rolls out. >> so that sitting president loses seats in the house but this is not a conventional president and may not be a conventional year. >> look at 2016 and those polls that we will not be using here at fox i think everybody should stick around to see how that works it is quite unconventional and interesting obviously that remains to be seen no doubt on tuesday night and everybody want to stick around to see what happens.
3:54 pm
>> the best estimates right now are between 25 and 40 but that seems to be narrowing as well how president trump characterizes at all? . >> with a net gain of two to take control of the senate and with those prognosticators and taking over control to put a caveat at the bottom the polls could be wrong and there was a decent chance there were all these caveats with a lot of races to call. >> so there was another question to discuss does nancy pelosi win the speakership on
3:55 pm
tuesday. so that is something we watch closely she made no bones about it she expects to pick up that gavel again but there will be changes who runs the committees and that will set the tone for what is to come with the balance of the trump administration. >> they try not to mention nancy pelosi on the campaign trail where her name has not played too well that republicans are using her in a lot of ads especially where they think they could pick up seats. there is a lot up in the air. we have a new set with an outdoor section which is amazing it is two stories. >> so with those numbers and graphics and that will be
3:56 pm
projecting one - - projecting it is stunning to look at. jon: thank you for letting me borrowing your seat tonight. [laughter] we will see you in an hour.
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>> thousands of runners from around the world race to new york city's five boroughs and annual new york city marathon
4:00 pm
today. the men's winner from ethiopia and the kenyan women's winner finishing two hours 22 minutes and 48 seconds. her fourth marathon victory in five years. that is our "fox report" this november 4. chris: i'm chris wallace p with two days until the midterm elections. both sides are pulling out all of the stops. >> this election is truly a choice between results and resistance. >> we got a big turnout things will be good. >> me somebody who stand for our values and we need to start on november 6. >> from healthcare to the economists to the politics of the caravan. a live report on the key races and issues. and we talk with two centers on the political front line.


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