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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 5, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PST

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no one is going to argue that secretary pompeo isn't tough on iran and no one is going to argue that president trump isn't doing the same. heather: white house reimposing economic sanctions on iran, thousand rogue regime is now firing back. >> you may be surprise today hear he's a congressional candidate from texas and not a
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hitman in a porno movie. >> i'm sorry, i know we lost whatever. heather: another saturday night low, this american hero taking the high road, his response to outrageous remark. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ ♪ heather: good morning to you, you are watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning and we are just getting warmed up, i'm heather chillers thank you so much for starting your day was, an it is a busy one. the art of closing the deal. final pitches for the mid terms
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before voters hit the polls, the president layed out the stakes. >> this election will decide whether we build on this extraordinary prosperity that we've created or whether we let the radical democrats take a giant wrecking ball to our economy and to our future. heather: president trump will make stops in cleveland and fort wayne, indiana before wrapping thing in cape gerardo, missouri tonight. well, it is the race to the finish in florida as republican rick scott tries to unseat democratic senator bill nelson, the race for governor also tight, similar story in georgia where gubernatorial match is dead heat, live in orlando, griff, it is down to the wire.
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>> good morning, heather, we are at ground zero in florida in orlando. it's the home of the i4 corridor, the most swing votes in florida and it's going to come down to that because the races couldn't get any closer, let's look at the race for the senate, florida's governor rick scott trailing incumbent democrat bill nelson by one point, 7 percent, that really is going to play out as both candidates come to this area today to try to get votes, then for governor you have tallahassee's mayor andrew gillum leading bill desantis, that getting tighter and tighter, and over in georgia you mentioned the race for governor secretary of state brian kemp holding 2.7% over state rep stacy abrams, 48.4 to 45.7 lead, here in florida i want to point out the fact that president trump only won by 1 percentage point and that was much of the
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votes coming coming from i4 corr and that's why president trump campaigning in georgia said this is one of the most important elections ever. >> this is one of the most important elections of our life time. there's electricity in the air since i haven't seen since victories we have had together. [cheers and applause] >> we saw time and time again in primary the trump bump, ron desantis getting a visit over the weekend from president trump, we will find out if he can narrow the races as they come to the wire, heather. heather: exciting time, for a midterm it's unprecedented, really, griff, thank you so much. well, with 35 senate seats on the ballot tomorrow republicans are fight to go hold onto their already razer-thin minority, senator tillis predict that is
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the gop will add red seats. >> we will not only hold majority but add to it, states like missouri, tennessee, i have incumbents are doing very well. they'll be a special election in mississippi and confident that we will have a republican coming back in the state. the president is right that we have to secure the border and i think that putting troops down there to make it clear that we want people who have a legitimate claim to asylum to come through process an get that asylum granted, the democrats are trying to create false narrative that people in washington and state houses want to take it away, i simply don't see any path either on the basis of good policies or good politics, they will get cover the republican majority we will secure next week will work to that end. heather: in order for democrats to take control of the senate,
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they will hold each 26 blue beats as well as flip two that are currently held by republicans, i will talk much more about this, breaking it down for you, more than a dozen afghan military police officers killed in attack in taliban, attacking security checkpoint design today cut off a major supply route, afghan officials say that 13 security forces were killed. the checkpoint set up 2 days ago and destroyed in the attack. 8 insurge ents were killed, at least four other soldiers injured. remains to arrive today after killed insider attack in afghanistan on saturday. national guardsman killed by afghan that he was training, leave of absence on his job of mayor of utah, gofundme page set
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up, raised more than $200,000 so far, if you want to help go to the move coming after the regime violent tenure. sick new threat, good morning, garrett. >> heather, good morning to you. iran says country is facing a war situation with the heavy sanctions being being reimposed, military drills will be taking place in show of defiance to the u.s. timing of this move with the sanctions being imposed coincide which thousands of iranians celebrate, death to america. on friday president trump said these are to send message.
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>> iran is taking a big hit. they are serious sanctions that i know have very big. >> target shipping, financial and energy sectors all key to country's already struggling economy, the goal is to get iran to curve aggressive and destabilizing activities in the middle east which president trump pointed to at rally on sunday. >> i withdrew the united states from the horrible, one-sided iran nuclear deal. [cheers and applause] >> and iran has been a much different country. >> the administration is getting some criticism back at home, though, from some of its own party because several countries are receiving waivers from the sanction that is give them another 6 months to do business with the regime, on fox news sunday secretary of state mike pompeo said those countries need a little more time to end their
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trading. >> i've been at this for a long time, no one is going to argue that secretary pompeo isn't tough on iran and no one isn't going to argue that president trump isn't doing the same. >> the other parties of the nuclear deal continue to defend it and are trying to find a way to keep trade deals with iran alive despite the u.s. sanctions, secretary of state mike pompeo said those countries that try the skirt the sanctions, they'll be targeted by the u.s. as well. heather: yeah, 442 days, january 20th, 1981. thank you very much for joining, appreciate it. nearly 4,000 migrants now traveling through area known as the route of death, migrants pushing north in region of méxico where hundreds of people have disappeared, president trump reinforcing his warning to the group as they march towards our border. >> i am telling the caravans,
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criminals, trespasses, turn back now because you're not getting in. that's an invasion, i don't care what they say, i don't care what the fake media says, that's an invasion of our country. [cheers and applause] heather: former president obama calling efforts to secure the border a political stunt. >> they're telling us that the single most grave threat to america is a bunch of like poor, impoverish, broke hukry refugees, they are using our brave troops, sending them down as political stunt. [cheers and applause] the trump united states to
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defend adding the question to the 2020 census. the lawsuit challenging the move, argues that the question is discriminatory and meant to scare immigrants into not responding but the trump administration says that it will actually help better enforce the voting rights act. so we will follow that for you. let's switch gears for a moment, talk about sports in prime time battle with elite quarterback, tom brady and the patriots come out on top. groan bay packers 31-17, the saints handle los angeles rams first lose of the season, 45 to 35 and the pittsburgh steelers win fourth came in a row, and huge win for my carolina panthers, they beat the tampa
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bay buccaneers 42 to 28. good job. well, the time now is about 11 minutes after the top of the hour, hundreds of passengers force today sleep on the floor, flight fiasco that left people stranded for days, 24 hours until voters head to ballot box and now democrats in position to win back the house but should we actually trust this prediction when the pollsters got it so wrong in 2016? republican strategists john thomas tells us which polls really matter up next
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♪there's a me no one knows ♪waiting to be set free so, what's the empty suitcase for? the grand prize trophy ♪i was born to be somebody heather: welcome back to "fox & friends first", new polls showing democrats showing slight edge to retaking the house as we are hours from voters heading to polls but after pollsters predicted presidency would go to hillary clinton in back in 2016 should we trust the numbers that
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we are seeing now in here to weigh in republican strategists and pollster john thomas, thank you so much for joining us. >> great to be here. heather: latest polls show democrats are up 7% but they've dropped down, they were up by 9%? >> that's encouraging if you're a republican, let's sit back for a second and say how do you look at polling, we know in 2016 the public polling was so wrong, there's private polling the campaigns do and public polling that we talk about in the air, most public polling has no incentive to actually get it right because there's no consequences, it's about breaking news, getting numbers out, private campaign polls are a little different. heather: we don't hear about them. >> you will never hear about those, we have incentive because we deploy money based upon and the other thing is there's good public polls and terrible public polls, fox news i would say does good poll, they call the lie
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people to call real people. they don't use a robot to call your house so they don't actually who is picking up the phone, there's some public poll that is don't even use likely voter models, they'll use the census as turnout model which has no correlation to what who will actually turn out. heather: if i answer the phone and there's a poll and a robot comes on i immediately hang up. >> you hang up, we have a harder time getting responses, even more if i'm calling heather's house, i could be getting your husband, i could be your getting your brother, i have no way to confirm that, we need to look at the polls skeptically but polls can give us trend lines and that's what we are looking for, the tightening in home stretch tells us that the electorate is starting to wake up and what we have seen in private polling that the enthusiasm which has been high with democrats since
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donald trump got elected is now equally high as republicans. heather: what difference will that make in as we continue to talk we pull up what we referenced, the mistake that was made in 2016 polling, the real clear politics average had 46.8 for clinton, 43.6% for trump and then basically it changed slightly but the bottom line was they were wrong. >> yeah, so it gets more complicated than that in polling because even the public polling are showing senate races and governor races are within marginal of error, that literally depending on the poll, the results could be different between 3 to 5 points in either direction. heather: enthusiasm leading the midterms -- >> turnout, heather, that's all we are looking at. in tight races like gillum and desantis is going to come out to turnout. one thing president trump does is turn out base.
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senate races make a difference. heather: you have to break it down further as to the different demographic groups in terms of turnout. >> if you look at places like arizona and nevada, latino turnout it could make the difference easily between one to 5 points and what we do know historically is that, yes, latinos in general don't like this president, however, latinos are terrible midterm voters and the they historically have been. we saw in california primaries for governor that there was a candidate, former mayor of la antonio villagosa that could sneak in top 2, well, latinos will turn in record numbers and there's latino on the ballot. wrong, latinos turned out in same percentage that they have in every midterm cycle before, if that happens you will look at races like florida and other that is will tilt republican. heather: difference between actual enthusiasm and actual
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turnout. >> exactly. people lie to pollsters all of the same, when they say they are going to vote. if you're going to church on sunday, i'm going say i'm going duh that doesn't mean i'm going. heather: people who are afraid or hesitant to admit that's -- >> that's a growing problem. heather: outrage boiling over mocking veteran who lost his eye fighting for afghanistan, listen. >> you may be surprise today hear he's a congressional candidate from texas and not a hitman in a porno movie. [laughter] heather: health well, carley shimkus live up next with how that american hero is responding to another saturday night low.
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heather: welcome back, you're watching "fox & friends first", saturday night live hitting a new low by poking fun at veteran who is running for congress, listen to this. >> you may be surprise today hear he's a congressional candidate from texas and not a hitman from a porno movie. i'm sorry, i know he lost his eye in war, whatever. heather: unreal, carley shimkus with fox news headline 24/7, siriusxm 115 is here with that american hero's response. this really had a lot of people fired up over the weekend on twitter. carley: yeah, good morning, heather, pete davidson says he lost eye in war or whatever but to expand upon that what really happened is he nearly lost his vision after bomb exploded in afghanistan despite being told he may never see again, he
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regained vision in his left eye and went onto serve 2 more deployments, crenshaw responding and taking high road, i try hard not to be offended, i hope nbc at snl doesn't deserve to see wounds used as punch lines for bad jokes, meanwhile nbc and snl say they will not be responding to the situation but plenty of other people on social media are, many outraged by this comment, roman says, i grew up watching snl but the more it gets involved in politics, the more it becomes. barry on twitter chiming in saying this, snl sad attempt to get ratings, most people stopped watching years ago, thank you for your service commander, good
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luck tuesday, sir. and tim on twitter also saying mr. crenshaw i don't necessarily agree with toll ticks but i appreciate your service to country and personal sacrifice, thank you for caring enough about our great country, he's running for congressional seat in texas. heather: nbc and snl and pete davidson, have no comment, they are not going to comment? >> as of now neither have, we will have to wait and see as outrage continues, maybia comment will come out that. heather: i have a feeling today they may say something. michael bloomberg, 5 million-dollar last-minute ad? >> touting democrats will heal the national divide. >> at this moment we must send signal to republicans in washington that they have failed to lead, fail today find solutions and fail today bring us together. that's why i'm voting democratic.
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carley: social media commenting on the newly released ad, more jobs equal stronger economy, job well done republicans and then another twitter user sick of all of it say everyone is sick to death to ads, please be tuesday already, i can understand that. heather: yeah. big weekend in new york city this weekend. the new york city marathon, lots of people dressed up but this one especially interesting? carley: does it look like you're seeing the double, here, this is forest gump, tom hanks, this is a man who ran the we believe the entire new york city dressed as forest gump. how many miles heather: 26.3? >> he's wearing khaki pants and red hat. we appreciate the humor involved in this, i'm seeing double here. heather: i want to find out if he ran the whole race like that.
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carley: maybe he had a track suit underneath. heather: the time now is about almost half past the top of the hour, part of the left's platform for months. >> i think there's no question that we've got to critically re-examine ice. >> what it's turn today a terrorist organization. heather: but the message apparently now put on ice, why are democrats silent on getting rid of the agency, we will debate that up next.
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heather: welcome back, you're watching "fox & friends first", more than 200 passengers finally touched down in london after being stranded for 3 days at two different airports. a travelers first boarded orlando where they quickly got off for mechanical issue, they took off next day but had to
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dump fuel for entirely different issue, children force today sleep on the floor of the airport, the airline has apologized. wow. well, accused in hit and run crash that killed 3 girl scouts and chaperon due in court today, colton was drunk when he veered off the road in wisconsin and plowed into the scouts picking up trash for community service, that's what they. >> doing at the time, hundreds in their community holding vigil to remember victims, fourth girl scout injured and fighting for her life in critical condition, let's bring for all those folks, armed good samaritan rushing to the rescue after a man stabs and kills a woman at busy tourist spot, scott brown holding up a gun at suspect at the seattle center, watch. >> i saw a girl on the ground, laying in somebody's lap. nerve racing. the point was to hold his focus,
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people everywhere, i just kept trying to get him to put down the knife and we kept walking backwards and backwards. heather: well, another man pepper spraying the suspect until police arrived. police say that the woman was the mother of the suspect's child and the 5-year-old watched his all happen. the suspect is facing first-degree murder charges. republican produce jobs, democrats produce mobs, president trump doubling down on the message while taking aim at one of the far-left most notorious groups. >> you've seen it antifa, they take the helmet off and they take armbands and you see little arms, little arms. tough guys, you know, they are swinging clubs viciously, they couldn't care less who they hit, these are bad people. heather: the president warning if the radical resistance takes power it will move to reverse america's progress.
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well, the fbi is investigating georgia democrats over report of attempted hacking of state's voter regular city starting with e-mail from volunteer to the party's voter protection direct o mentioning hacking software well, the probe launched by secretary of state brian kemp who is locked locked in tight rr governor, we showed you the numbers with abrams, no data compromised. democrats called the whole thing a political stunt. and former barack obama making his last-minute case for democrats by taking shots at president trump's policy. >> america is at a cross roads, perhaps most importantly the character of our country. [cheers and applause] >> is on the ballot. heather: he's urging voters in indiana to reelect democratic senator joe donnelly who is in a tight race with republican challenger mike braun. from indiana to texas and despite the president's
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popularity in texas several close races are playing out across the state as madeline rivers shows us hurricane harvey may be to blame. >> it's going to be a great day. >> a reason to be optimistic. despite being relative new-comer to politics, she has a good chance of winning seventh congressional district in houston area, though president trump won texas in 2016 hillary clinton won this district. >> thank you. >> still republican incumbent john says he's likely to win. >> district 7 voters are well informed, they do their homework, they know that john is the right person at the right place at the right time. the republican edging the democrat by a percentage point. the close context could be result from high-profile senate race between senator ted cruz and congressman beto o'rourke but the shrifting demographics of district after last year's
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devastating hurricane also plays a part. >> harvey did a lot of damage to the district, it's an issue for everybody and there's a lot of new voters and a lot of the new voters are more democrat than the people they replace before. >> there's been record-breaking turnout for early voting but the pressure is onto keep the momentum going on election day and during the primaries in march republicans still outvoted democrats, in houston fox news. heather: do you remember when democrats called to abolish ice, watch this. >> we are committing human rights abuses on this border and separating children from their families and that, you know, it's hard to structure of the agency, we can replace it and we can replace with humane agency. we should protect families that need our help and that's not what ice is doing today and that's why i believe you should get rid of it, start over and reimagine it and build something that actually works. heather: with midterms one day
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away democrats appear to only have abolished the message, joining us to talk about political analyst robin and alana, thank you both for joining us, we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> so alana. >> thank you. heather: why you think the difference, they were definite i will saying, abolish, abolish ice, now we don't hear it so much? >> you know, i think democrats have certainly changed their tune on abolishing ice, they've seen that demonizing the law enforcement agency actually takes away what they could be doing to trump, they can be blaming trump for this and instead when they are blaming the agency it looks like they are trying to take away protection from the people when you have a caravan, four caravans now coming into the united states that doesn't look like such a great idea to be demonizing the agency protecting our people. heather: robert, what do you think, do you agree that we are not hearing it as much on the campaign trail?
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>> well, i think it's not about whether we are hearing, we have to remember with the president the news cycles move at a thousand miles a minute, two weeks ago we were talking about abolishing the 14th amendment and now this week antifa but on the idea of abolishing ice, the agency has been in place since after 9/11 attacks, by having immigration enforcement under homeland security, what we need to be doing reforming this system to get rid of the abuses of ice raiding farms and birthday parties isn't what i think we want immigration process to be. what we want to have orderly and efficient process to bring new citizens in, make sure we are weeding tout bad people and america continues to grow. heather: speaking of law enforcement since you brought it up, here is what president trump had to say about that very thing last night at a rally in chattanooga. listen. >> the democrats want to abolish ice and turn america into a
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giant sanctuary city for gang members and ms-13 killers. republicans believe our country sanctuary for law-abiding americans an not criminal aliens, the republicans will always stand with the heros of ice and border patrol and law enforcement. heather: alana, response to that. >> trump is getting the message out, the importance of having this agency, i think we need to be protecting our borders and immigration is certainly a very important issue right now going into the elections tomorrow. i think he's right on track in where we need to be. heather: so when you say, you know, robert raiding immigration parties and farms, ice is doing a lot more than that? >> well, big part of it as we said we want to make sure that ice, whatever immigration apparatus we have in place is ensuring that we have orderly and efficient process. look, my mom came to america in
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1981 and she became citizen until 2008, and that was because of the inefficiencies in the immigration process, anybody who becomes naturalized citizen knows how broken -- heather: she did it the correct way, right? >> exactly, she did it the correct way but because the system is broken that's what take people so long. we need to be working on having efficiencies in the system, frankly, our grandparents might have had 15 kids, our parents 5, this generation 3. we have to have efficient immigration system. heather: robert, that being said, does it offend you when you see these groups of people trying to jump the line? >> well, you have to understand they are jumping down the line as desperation, see them as human beings who are fleeing abuse, fleeing war and treat them with the same humanity you would expect if you had the same
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situation, look at them the same you saw europeants coming over at ellis island. heather: alan, the final word? >> it's not the same thing as europeans cover to ellis, we had standards, standards they had to meet in order to come into the country and that needs to be the same set-up we have for immigrants coming in from central america. heather: thank you both for joining us, robert, alana, we appreciate it. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. heather: 20 minutes until the top of the hour, balance of power at stake, which party will control the next congress, we are breaking down the different scenarios and tis the season for online shopping, how amazon just one up the game to make it cheaper for us.
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(♪light musical cords) and everyone i've opever loved away from if making my detox public is gonna help somebody, i'm all for it.
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heather: welcome back, you're watching "fox & friends first", violent fight between inmate and correction's officer caught on camera, you can see the officer get pulled to the floor and then punched in the face several times, this happened in new york, inmates walking by the brawl, officer was not seriously injured, the corrections officers unions says this is why the jail needs more guards. would-be burglars, watch this. >> get away from the door. heather: home owner confronting the men over the speaker system on his doorbell camera, they were trying to get inside using screwdriver but they quickly as you can see drove away. police in canada looking for
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suspects, that happened in canada, president trump space force getting big endorsement, tracee carrasco from sister network with what elon musk is saying about the proposal, good morning. >> good morning, heather, let's listen to what elon musk had to say in interview about president trump's idea for a space force. >> i actually -- i like the idea, i think it's cool. you know, like when the air force was formed, now obviously -- i think it's going to become obvious that we should have a space force. tracee: we can hear the head of spacex supportive of the idea, he likes it to the idea of the original need of air force so he does see as being valuable as the safe branch of the military, it could be, quote, pretty helpful for maybe expanding our civilization and defend in
1:47 am
space, he sees it as something necessary. heather: something else that's necessary free shipping for holidays, this is great. tracee: yeah, starting today any order on amazon you will get free shipping prime member or not so there's no 25-dollar minimum starting today and this is on millions of items on am done and amazon ramping things up as we get ready for holiday season, target announced shipping, they are offering 2-day shipping, so there you go. heather: what if you're a prime member and pay to go get shipping. >> if you're prime member they're upping one-day shipping service for prime members, you'll get that benefit there. heather: all right, okay. >> as long as it's fair, thank you so much. tracee: thanks, heather, we will be right back.
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>> let me say this up until today i would have said if the election were held today we would win. now i'm saying is we will win. heather: well, on the eve of the midterm elections we may be just over a day away from learning which party will control the next congress but democrats are pretty confident that they will win back the house. so is that possible as you take a live look at capitol hill right now? here with all of the scene orios is ceo of wta intelligence chris wilson, good morning, thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate it as always. >> good morning, happy to be here. heather:let talk about some of the possibilities here and we can bring up the balance of power in the house, let's take a look at that first, 193 democrat, 235gop, what do you think is the most likely scenario in. >> the most like loi scenario the democrats win the house, 80%
1:52 am
chance that they do, 1 in 5 chance that they do not. it's really easy to see, a lot of polls shifting over the weekend that looked positive for republicans, in fact, i saw republicans in two national surveys which generic ballots republicans did much better than women than they had throughout the entire cycle and in fact, with independent women it was dead heat which is the first time i had seen that this cycle. democrats had to pick up 23 seats and can see scenario they can get 19 or 20 but not get the last 2 or 3, having said that, it's equally likely they pick up 40 to 50 seats, it's jump ball, understatement. heather: what about -- can i ask you, what about the late-breaking numbers you were talking about, the difference in enthusiasm and this uptick, support from women, what difference will this make late in the game? >> early votes so far which i monitor closely on behalf of clients that i have seen, even
1:53 am
though you see democratic enthusiasm be up, the two groups have control, one on democratic side i have seen lower enthusiasm in minority groups, democrats bring president obama to motivate them. the other side of that and this is what president trump is doing with his rallies, rural voters are up, if 2016 rural voters that elected donald trump present turn out in 2018 help win the house. rural areas and in urban minority areas. heather: quick think senate, any surprises there right now, democrats 49, republicans 51? >> i think the most likely republicans pick up 2 to 3 seats, they look likely to pick up north dakota, missouri, indiana, they look likely to -- president trump went to montana on saturday, looks like for matt rosendale and i feel good about
1:54 am
them, bullish about republicans to senate, they can get to 53, 54 seats republicans in the senate. heather: president trump's approval rating right now is surging, surging at the right time? >> it is. it's not -- it's because of the economy, really americans feel better about the economy than any point since he took office, 10 points better than when president obama left office and because of that it really provides, that's why you see him campaign, enthusiasm to republican voters and trying to help republicans pick up additional seats an help pass the agenda. heather: all about the economy, 2 a day to 3 a day to try to gardner that support. thank you so much chris, we wile right back
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heather: welcome back, time now the good, the bad and the ugly, up first the good, officer hit the right note responding to an emergency call comforting a family with music after an older man had a bad fall. officer hernández sitting down at piano playing journey don't stop believing, likes playing music to cheer people, the bad, accused of writing horse at
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track, police say that michael wells was drunk when he climbed on horse, claims that he was not drunk and that he asked to ride the horse first. well, finally the ugly, teacher takes hammer to student phone cases and all caught on camera, watch this. [inaudible conversations] heather: well, the teacher smashing a pile of phones surrounded by students, the school in africa says it was meant to impose the no-phone rule, wow, that would teach a lesson, i guess, that wraps up this hour of "fox & friends first", thank you for joining us, "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> all right, it is monday november 5th, ramping up the pressure, the white house reimposing its toughest sanction
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yet against iran. jillian: brand-new threat unlearned overnight, march to midterms now in all out sprint on election eve, maybe over a day to learning which party will control next congress. rob: president trump final pitch before voters flood the polls tomorrow, speaking of final pitches. >> enough excitement to fill football field. rob: "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪


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