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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 5, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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jillian: brand-new threat unlearned overnight, march to midterms now in all out sprint on election eve, maybe over a day to learning which party will control next congress. rob: president trump final pitch before voters flood the polls tomorrow, speaking of final pitches. >> enough excitement to fill football field. rob: "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ jillian: look at that, it is quite set-up to see. it's crazy. rob: it's about to get quite political in midtown. jillian: good morning, you're watching "fox & friends" on this monday morning. rob: thank you for getting up early, the art of closing the deal, president trump taking final pitches for midterms before voters hit the polls. jillian: back to back rallies in tennessee and georgia sunday where the president layed out the stakes. >> this election will decide whether we build on this extraordinary prosperity that we've created or whether we let the radical democrats take a giant wrecking ball to our economy and to our future. rob: president trump will make stops in cleveland ohio, fort wayne, indiana and wrap things up in missouri tonight. it is a race to the finish in
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florida as republican rick scott tries to unseat democratic senator bill nelson, the race for governor in that state is also quite tight. jillian: similar story in georgia where gubernatorial match is dead heat and griff jenkins live in orlando tracking critical races, it's getting interesting, griff. griff griff it is, jillian and rob, good morning, feel like 2016 again and here in florida here if orlando, i4 corridor, most swing votes and candidates will need it. florida governor rick scott is trailing behind incumbent democrat bill nelson by 1.7%, that's 47.8 to 46.1, not the only race close in florida. the race for governor, you've got tallahassee's mayor andrew gillum leading congressman ron desantis by 2 points, the
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numbers 47.8 to 45.4, both of the races unbelievably some of the most expensive races florida has ever seen but over in georgia, jillian, you mentioned the race for governor definitely getting very tight and very competitive, secretary of state brian kemp holding 2.7% lead over state rep stacy abrams, 45.5, president trump was in georgia yesterday campaigning for brian kemp and talked about significant of this year's election, listen. >> this is one of the most important elections of our lifetime. there is electricity in the air like i haven't seen since the '16 big victory that we all had together. griff: in almost all of florida candidates we mentioned will be in the orlando i4 corridor area today because it's going to come down to nail-biter, they've seen record early voting here and the polls open tomorrow morning,
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rob, jillian. jillian: crazy day, thank you very much, griff. rob: booming economy could be enough to keep republicans in control of congress. jillian: but former bernie sanders national staffer says democrats have not been able to get their economic message up and running. >> the left is -- has done a terrible job, consistently that there are people who believe in business and believe in private sector but have a soft heart for emotion and still all those things that democrats push as far as social issues, they have never been able to do that balance, further to the left and not talk about the economy and that's going to hurt when it comes down to who is going to vote, i don't care what polls are saying, when it comes down to who goes to booth, obviously 2016, when they go to booth you will get a chance how people really feel, are you living better than what you did the
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last 4 years, bottom line if you are out and working you will continue working regardless whos in the administration. rob: nearly 4,000 migrants now traveling through an area known as the route of death, migrants pushing north in a region of méxico where hundreds of people have disappeared. president trump reinforcing his warning to the group as they marched toward southern border. >> i am telling the caravans, the criminals, the smugglers, trespassers marching through border, turn back now because you are not getting in. that's an invasion, i don't care what they say, i don't care what the fake media says, that's enface of our country. [cheers and applause] rob: meanwhile former president obama calling all the talk about the caravan and the efforts to secure the border a political stunt. >> they're telling us that the
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single most grave threat to america is a bunch of like poor, impoverish, broke, hungry refugees, they are even using our brave troops, sending them down as political stunt. rob: former president told the crowd in indiana that this is quote, the most important election of our lifetimes. jillian: convicted cop killer facing death sentence, 2015 shooting of police officer in memphis, tennessee, prosecutors recommending that the career criminal be executed officer john bolton was shot 8 times during traffic stop. he was former marine at 5-year police veat rein. rob: all right, notorious mexican drug lord el chapo begins with jury selection, life in prison after alleged taking part in dozens of murderers and
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smuggling more than 200 tons of cocaine into the united states. and now the feds say el chapo's adult children have taken over the billion dollar cartel, recently adding alfredo guzmán to top 10 most wanted list. jillian: chinese president xi jinping promise to go open country to free trade overnight kicking up china's international expo, commit today cutting import tariffs, no high-level u.s. officials attending long-week events, comments coming amid tensions with president trump who has imposed more than $250 billion in tariffs on choo nice goods. rob: very interesting comment there. the trump administration unleashing toughest sanctions ever on iran, the world's number one state sponsor of terror. jillian: in response to the regime violent behavior. garrett live in capitol,
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garrett. >> military conducting air defense drills, timing of sanctions is no coincidence, sunday marked the 39th anniversary and dozens iranians celebrated with many chanting death to america and burning american flags and flags of israel, on friday, president trump said these sanctions are meant to send a message to iran. iran is taking big hit. heirshipping financial and energy sectors all key to country's already struggling economy, the goal is to get iran to curb aggressive and destabilize in the middle east which president trump pointed on saturday.
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>> i withdrew from the horrible one-sided iran nuclear deal. [cheers and applause] >> iran has been a much different country. >> some republican lawmakers wished that the administration would have gone further against iran because several countries are receiving waivers from the sanction that is give them another 6 months to do business with the regime. on fox news sunday secretary mike pompeo said the countries just need more time to end their trading. >> i've been at this for a long time. no one is going to argue that secretary pompeo isn't tough on iran and no one is going to argue that president trump isn't doing the same. >> the other parties of the nuclear deal continue to defend and are trying to find a way to keep trade deals with iran alive despite the u.s. sanctions, if any companies or countries try to skirt the sanctions, the trump administration says they will be punished as well rob and
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jillian. >> they are trying, should be tough to get around. jillian: 9 minutes after the hour, outrage boiling over snl skit. >> you may be surprise today hear he's congressional candidate from texas and not a hitman in a porno movie. i'm sorry, i know he lost his eye in war, whatever. jillian: yeah, but this american hero was taking the high road, response to another saturday night low. rob: could the booming economy seal the deal in battleground states, strategists says there's a good chance that it will and here is live to talk about that coming up. well, here's to first dates! you look amazing. and you look amazingly comfortable. when your v-neck looks more like a u-neck... that's when you know, it's half-washed.
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the new capital one savor card. earn 4% cash back on dining and 4% on entertainment. now when you go out, you cash in. what's in your wallet? rob: nearly 65% of americans strew economy as good or excellent, according to new poll, most optimistic attitudes
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have been in nearly 2 decades in this country. jillian: could economic boom spell doom for republicans, their weigh in republican strategists john thomas, thank you for your time this morning. >> great to be here. jillian: is that enough for republicans, do you think? >> we will know on tuesday for certain, good indicater especially in you're undecided at this stage of the game, you do reflection, look, trump has run up the score with unusual voter that's not typically a republican voter and that's blue-collar-working class voter in rust belt states, under the trump administration with economy surging, they are feeling better off and more optimist you can and confident about future. that's what they are thinking about when they are walk to go polling booth, that could tilt the races because we were talking before the break that a lot of senate races, governor races are within original of error. jillian: a lot of people feel that they are cared about for the first time in a long time. that's what they are saying. >> prior to donald trump the
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message from the democratic party and unfortunately some of the republican party was that you are obsolete blue-collar worker. rob: but still vote for us. [laughter] >> trump came in and and said, i not only understand you but bringing jobs back and so far that's happening. rob: yeah. >> he's changed the republican coalition and that may protect him in midterms. rob: okay, 65% i would imagine that if the president was more popular among democrats, if he wasn't so depiesed by half of the country would probably be higher, people know when you're asking questions, they are going to say the hate economy even though they don't. >> the numbers are so high, we haven't seen numbers so high since 2001. remarkable. the president has -- it's good news for him certainly for his reelect, if numbers stay high they bode well for him.
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jillian: it's hard to argue when you see the numbers, 250 jobs added, unemployment at 49-year low, 32,000 manufacturing jobs added in october. >> undeniable, that's why you are hearing democrats in closing arguments not talking about the economy, they lose when they talk about the economy, they have to talk about how trump is a mean person and they don't like the tweets but they are trying to avoid the economy, remember, at the end of the day it is about the economy so it very well may give trump a boost, let's not forget in key senate states, these are blue-collar worker states where they are feeling directly the impact of jobs numbers. rob: they are insecure about it, president obama desperately trying to take credit for this economy right now at every rally he goes to. let's talk about health care, though, versus the economy health care seems to be the bigger driver and i can't help to think because health care right now is broken and things that are broken are better to campaign on and they are better to get people to vote for rather
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than saying the economy is great, let's vote to keep the economy great, talk about something that doesn't work like health care? >> right, both sides want to focus on what's broken and that's why you need to vote for me because i'm going fix it. look, republicans do deserve some blame for not getting that done, now the problem is it's more complicated than that, they needed a democrat vote or two to get health care reform done but the average voter doesn't understand that, that's a nuance argument, they are campaigning on health care, look, i can tell you that if democrats take control of the house, you can forget any progress on health care and they -- they are going to push further to the left and they are running on a socialist platform, they jumped the shark when they were going to abolish ice, they are not talking about that anymore. rob: nothing gets done. >> the trump agenda ends up getting stalled, hopefully the economy keeps revying along.
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jillian: 17 minutes after the hour, apparently democrats didn't learn lesson that having celebrities stumping doesn't work. rob: can democrats take control from the gop? there's some really, really tight races coming up tomorrow, close look at 4 key senate races in battleground states, pollster gallon is here to break them down live for us. so much to talk about.
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bipartisanship but you can't be a republican, come on. jillian: dozens of celebrities aim to go fire up young voters, organizers for the streaming event say it's a nonpartisan event to boost young voter turnout. clothing line shutting down all of its stores nationwide for election day, part of a corporate campaign encouraging voter participation after closing doors in 2016, paypal, few of the businesses also adjusting election day schedules, rob. rob: just one day until the crucial midterm elections control of the senate could come down to four key toss-up races in the states of florida, indiana, arizona and nevada. here to break down if republicans can keep or even increase the majority gop pollster, john, thanks so much for coming up. >> pleasure to be with you.
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rob: we have so many tight races, governors races, so much to talk about, we will start in the big swing state of florida, one of the most important states in the country in an election, you have democrat bill nelson versus rick scott and this is a very tight race we have here, let's pull up average polls here, 47.8 to bill nelson, 46.1 to rick scott. this is a very tight race, how do you see this one shaping up? >> it's like dejavu all over together. trump won the race on election day, this is coming down to election day turnout again. and ironically with the polls, over 5 million voters who voted already in florida early in person or absentee. the party is really close and ironically donald trump, we will bring in voters in but we are pushing the turnout in the panhandle so we won in the panhandle which is an hour after
2:24 am
state closed, right now the victims of hurricane michael might determine who the winner of the race is going to be. rob: current governor rick scott who is the republican handled that hurricane very well. >> very well. he's still there. he's been helping the hurricane victims and done well with the victims from last year's storm in puerto rico, a lot of them have come to florida and they know rick scott has helped them. rob: that's interesting, one of many tight races, we are will go back to the state of indiana, this is where i'm from, we are talking about joe donnelly and businessman mike braun and there's third-party candidate, donnelly in this point got a bit of an edge according to real clear politics, but again, this is razer thin, 1.2% between the two. what do you think? >> again, comes down to final turnout but 600,000 trump voters in that state than there were clinton voters and trump won it by almost 20%, so basically donnelly being incumbent under
2:25 am
50 is in trouble and most races, most polls have close with libertarian candidate taking 5%, so you could see a shift on election day where donnelly is in big trouble. rob: trump won 20 points. obama won indiana in first term. >> more of purple state. rob: let's to go to arizona, two women, kristin sinema and mcsally. dead heat. >> a lot of early voter that's been cast, 1.5 million. the republicans have a 4 to 3 edge there. donald trump won the state by a hundred thousand votes which is 3%, mcsally can pull it out with tuesday turnout. a lot of the races are coming to tuesday turnout, we have to get the same trump voters who came in and out in 2016 to come back and immigration is a big issue in that state. rob: big issue and the caravan could have impact on that, a lot
2:26 am
of people are talking about that right now. let's go to nevada. all right, we've got dean heller there, the incumbent trying to get the seats, this one close as well, another really close one. >> another dead-even state, donald trump lost the state by only 27,000 votes, now, back then the nou campian manager went over this and the hispanic vote was up but so for heller to win his base is outside of clark county, he's from the rino area f his base gives them decisive margin he should be able to pull this out in congressional district. >> the republicans could gain 3, 4, 5 seats depending on turnout on tuesday. how much muscle and millions of trump voters, 63 million trump voters. rob: democrats need to win all 4 if they need to take control of
2:27 am
the senate and it's unlikely. >> so texas, tennessee, republicans are going to win there because they are coming out. in these states, the ones that are close, we get vote book out and we win. rob: very busy the next 36 hours or, so appreciate it. coming up here warning from president trump as health care looks like it's going to be the top issue for this midterm election. >> they will try to raid your medicare to fund socialism, the democrat healthcare plan would -- rob: all right, who has the upper hand on the issue democrats or republicans, we have a panel on deck to debate that coming up next
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super emma just about sleeps in her cape. but when we realized she was battling sensitive skin. we switched to tide pods free & gentle. it's gentle on her skin and out cleans the other free and clear detergent. dermatologist recommended. it's got to be tide. rob: welcome back, republicans
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produce jobs while democrats produce mobs. >> you've seen it, antifa, they take helmet off and they take the armed bands, you see the little arms, the little arms, tough guys, you know, they are swinging clubs viciously, they couldn't care less who they hit, these are bad people. rob: all right, the president warning if the radical resistance takes power it will move to reverse america's progress. fbi investigating georgia democrats over reports of attempted hacking of the state's voter registry all starting with e-mail from volunteer to the party's voter protection director mentioning hacking software, the probe launched by secretary of state brian kemp who is locked in tight race with stacy abrams, no data was compromised, democrats called this entire thing a stunt by the republicans who wants to be the governor. the u.s. and south korea are
2:32 am
restarting small joint military drills today, this as secretary of state mike pompeo is set to meet with kim jong un right-hand man in new york this week the two will discuss denuclearization and second summit between kim jong un and president trump, the president agreed to suspend large-scale war games during their first summit in june. rob: all right, check of the election day forecast, the weather on election day can sometimes be a big talker and janice here to give us the information. janice: you got it, we are watching parts of tennessee river valley, we will watch today and tomorrow as people head to the polls, past 12 hours, one system moving across the east coast, the next one across the plain states that will make for severe weather event we think today and tomorrow, so let's take a look at future radar, the system moves across mississippi river valley eventually into northeast
2:33 am
on tuesday looking at the chance of severe storms including large hail, damaging wind, isolated tornadoes across areas in yellow and orange, potential your damaging winds an isolated tornadoes, here is your election day forecast, west looks really good with exception to the northwest, we could see rain and snow shower but the systems in great lakes implement weather on election day, we will keep you posted, jillian back to you. jillian: thank you very much, paying attention, health care leading the polls as most important issue but which party has the upper hand here to debate that is former presidential campaign adviser for senator john mccain and former democratic member of the ohio state senate capri caparo. >> good to be with you.
2:34 am
jillian: who do you think has the upper hand? >> essentially the democrats got unhappy because essentially they didn't think they were going to yield the right result and pivot today fear mongering tactic that they will take away preexisting conditions even though president trump said on repeated occasions that's not the case. jillian: capri. >> the facts bear otherwise, the policies that have come out of republican congress has said differently with the exception of, for example, a bill that was introduced a few weeks in united states senate to protect preexisting conditions which is something that's not going to pass because basically everybody is at home campaigning, what we have seen are court cases, health and human rulings, basically saying that the skinny more reduced plans that provide more flexibility to individuals
2:35 am
basically don't necessarily have to cover preexisting conditions and states ultimately are -- the federal government is giving states the ability to not cover preexisting conditions as well. so that is a reality. >> yeah, but despite the policy here is what's going on, democrats are trying to scare voters and here is why on health care, because by 16 points trusted among all voters and among independents you have been losing significant ground on democrats are trusted by 20, we know over and over that when number one thing when it comes to health care that voters care about is preexisting conditions and republicans have said over and over that they are not going to take that away. >> and they need -- jillian: hold on, capri, i want to get your response to this. >> sure. jillian: abc washington poll, trust to handle health care and democrats 50% republicans, republicans 34% right now, so what does that tell you, capr sni.
2:36 am
>> i mean, that it shows that the democratic party, one area where they've had significant amount of credibility over the years obviously there have been a lot of des cushions and concerns in the wake of the affordable care act otherwise known as obamacare, more difficult to take something away from someone once they have it and i think that as time has past and the republicans were incapable of doing what they said they were going to do even with the fully-controlled congress and the presidency to repeal and replace obamacare and part of that frankly due to concerns surrounding preexisting conditions which was part of the bill that they also presented that failed by just one vote in the united states senate. so i think that those republicans as well as that we are expecting repeal and replace to happen, also disappointed in republicans for not pulling that off as well. democrats have always had, you know, strength here with medicare and medicaid, and medicaid expansion played significant role as well and
2:37 am
those state where is we have opioid epidemic. jillian: ford, i want to interject here, you guys on fire, numbers not favorable for republicans, what can republicans do in last 24 hours to convince those voters who may still be undecided that they are going to handle health care? >> well, it's very simple and that is say to donald trump someone who delivers on his promises from the economy to federal judges and therefore he has said flat out that we are not getting rid of preexisting conditions, they are going to be covered but, again, democrats are doing this because this is the issue that most favors their base and republicans have to count they're with illegal immigration because top issue that fires up -- we are in midterm election and at the end of the day it's about firing up your base and who can best turn oh that out what the democrats are doing is bogus fear mongering claim. >> legislation would say otherwise. jillian: we have to run, i know we could talk about it all day long. we do thank you for joining us. >> thank you.
2:38 am
jillian: 37 minutes after the hour, another saturday night low sparking major backlash. >> you may be surprised to hear he's a congressional candidate from texas and not a hitman from a porno movie. i'm sorry, i know he lost his eye in war or whatever. jillian: carley shimkus is here live next with how that american hero is responding. good morning.
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rob: saturday night live hitting quite allow here poking fun at veteran who is running for congress. >> dan crenshaw you may be surprise today hear he's congressional candidate from texas and not a hitman from a porno movie. i'm sorry, i know his lost his eye in war, wafer.
2:42 am
-- whatever. jillian: carley shimkus, here with the response, i don't care what side of the aisle you're on, this is disgusting. >> lost his eye in war or whatever but to expand upon that what really happened is nearly lost vision after a bomb exploded while he was serving in afghanistan in 2012 despite being told he wouldn't see again and regained vision in left eye and went onto serve two more tours on duty, he's taking the high road, good rule in life, i try hard not to offend or not try hard not to be offended, snl recognizes that they woundses uses punch lines for wounds. many other people on social media are. rocky on twitter praising
2:43 am
crenshaw saying gracious response, sir, good life rule. another twitter uses writing disgusting, no wonder your show is far below, i missed old days when snl was funny and bev, making fun of veterans wounds, shame, krenshaw is running for congressional seat in texas. jillian: i think he will be on "fox & friends" later this morning. carley: we will get his response. rob: very tight senate race in indiana and former president obama there talking about the gop. carley: he sure was, trying to draw up support for incumbent senator joe donnelly when he had this to say about the republican party. >> when you vote, you can be a check on that behavior. the only check right now on the behavior of these republicans is you and your vote.
2:44 am
[cheers and applause] carley: so just a little snapshot showing how divided, democrats cheering and applauding that moment but this is a conservative response often on twitter criticizing president obama here saying coming from the man that divided the country more than anyone, amazing that he thinks he has the moral authority talk about being truthful and another twitter user saying after 8 years it's time to move on. president trump is going to be in indiana today campaigning for challenger republican -- republican challenger mike braun. jillian: twitter deleting accounts. carley: 10,000 to be exact, 10,000 fake accounts that were pretending to be democrats discouraging people from voting in midterm elections, discouraging men from voting, saying that they would take away from the women's vote, so
2:45 am
twitter respond today this saying, we removed the accounts for engaging in attempts to share disinformation in automated fashion, violation of policies, we stopped this quickly at its source. a lot of folks on social media are really saying that twitter needs to clean up act, one twitter user says only 10,000 saying there's more out there, one user says if this is possible, then why can't at jack, jack dorsey mark suspects that are suspected boots, twitter is working on this, they need to do better job. jillian: sounds good. live in chattanooga tennessee talking to voters after president trump's big rally last night. >> hi, mele, robbie, that's his new name. a couple of things if you heard the president talk about the democrats yesterday at rally here in chattanooga, tennessee he said democrats were trying to
2:46 am
turn back the clock in a negative way, this place here, the sitting coffee diner location is trying to turn back the clock in positive way, we have been dancing with 50's, 60's, i used crew to film my jersey boys audition. we are talking about midterms, specifically the big senate race between bredsen and marsha blackburn, in addition, cakes. rob: yeah. >> they speak for themselves, i don't really have much more to say. rob: cake for breakfast. thank you so much. >> that's really all i have. rob: enjoy chattanooga, the balance of power at stake in less than 24 hours voters head to polls, warning to voters if democrats come out on top, she will tell us about that coming up. good morning. jillian: good morning.
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>> interesting to use it or not to use it. >> what am i going to do to to you, what i'm going to do to the you is fair, i'm going to do to you what you did to us. >> while the republicans have walked away from the investigation the democratic minority has continued and that work won't stop when we take the majority. >> democrats already planning antitrump strategy if they win the house tomorrow. rob: joining us to explain what this could do to the president's agenda is campaign adviser katrina pearson, good morning to you. >> good morning. rob: let's take a look at some of the titles if the democrats do take control of the house and they are pretty confident that
2:51 am
they will if you ask them, nancy pelosi would be speaker to have house, maxine watters chair of services committee and adam schiff chair of house intel committee, three big critics to have president, could make his life miserable. she thinks she's won the house. >> saying they will take back house, it's kind of like an extended halloween for many of us who know what comes with democrats and leadership in congress and, you know, what we have right now is massive success, upward trajectory, respect all across the world, president that's delivering for the american people and all that comes to a halt if democrats win tomorrow. it's pretty scary. jillian: what happens if maxine waters chief of finance services committee? >> i think that's a joke, i keep having to look back and just read her history. her being one of the most
2:52 am
corrupt members of congress is now in charge of the nation's finances, i mean, you really can't make this stuff up but i do think there's going to be a fight, we see a huge divide in the democrat party with the far, far radical leftist in the democrats and one of the other things will happen if democrats do win house tomorrow is most people might think it might be 1994 when the republicans came in. that's not going to happen because nancy pelosi is not newt begin gingrich. that gives us 2 years to draw contrast. rob: everything would stall out if democrats get control of anything. >> absolutely. rob: obama went to executive order because he couldn't get anything done. let's go with adam schiff.
2:53 am
>> the russia investigators in chief because the last couple of years he's been saying there's evidence, there's evidence, but there's been no evidence. so we will see a slew of taxpayer-funded investigations, all frivolous, all a hoax and will hurt them going forward, if you look at the polling, russia is at the bottom of the list that people care about. most people know it was a frivolous allegation to begin with. jillian: let's talk about women, how do you think they feel going into this in. >> democrats were leading among women 33 points, once we got through october and the abc-washington post poll from their own polling it was 33% to 2% today and i think that's because -- rob: 2%. >> 2% today. that is a massive shift -- jillian: why do you think that
2:54 am
is? >> if you look at the mob mentality n san antonio, my home state of texas a teenager assaulted while having hamburger with his friend, we see democrat leaders who are actively and openly calling out for public confrontation with people who are on the opposite side and justice kavanaugh, due process, it's not a suggestion in the united states and i think you see women who think of their sons, their fathers, their grandfathers and it's a problem for women who even may be democrat to look at what happened the democrat party, it's not the testimony contract party of your parents and grandparents and this is something more vile and disgusting and dangerous of the country. rob: critical part of the vote. thank you for coming on this morning. jillian: thank you, we will be right back. .
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2:59 am
time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. we start with the good. a woman celebrates her 106th birthday at her favorite restaurant, taco bell. the phoenix location surprising lois painter with decorations. >> i think taco bell is a good place to go to. i don't walk as good. [laughter] >> she ate tacos and mexican pizza for her meal. looks fabulous. rob: i like your style. next, the bad. this is actually pretty scary. a stranger caught on camera walking into a home right when a mother is putting her child down for a map. the mom confronting the man after he set off a security sensor. look at that. >> what are you doing in my home. >> oh, that door was open. >> i'm like the door wasn't opened. >> that's scary. police in massachusetts looking for this man. >> a teacher takes a hammer to students' phones and all caught on camera. watch this.
3:00 am
>> a teacher smashing a pile of phones. school in africa meant to enforce their no phone rule. have a good day. >> we are counting down the final hours before polls close across the country. >> this race couldn't get any closer. >> the there is electricity in the air the likes of which you and i have not seen since the '16 election. >> the range of outcomes in the house is really wide. no one should be surprised if they only win 19 seats. >> this is the most midterm election that we have seen probably in our lifetime. >> the attention that this midterm cycle is getting unbelievable. unprecedented. >> what will be interesting is the extent to which the trump coalition shows up and is transferred on to other republican candidates. >> we are going to work. we are going to fight. and we are going to win,


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