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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 5, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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election. very important election. there will be no bare videos. set your dvrs, never miss an episode of the five. "special report" is up next with bret. >> bret: tell greg i'd like to talk to him after the show. this is a fox news alert. i am bret baier, we are coming to you live from america's collection headquarters in new york, right now, we are 24 hours away from the start of our special election coverage. most of tuesday night will be focused on the balance of power. republicans control the u.s. senate right now with 51 member members. democrats have 47 47 plus two independent school caucus with the democrats. 26 democratic senators are up for reelection, states which president trump won in 2016 giving republicans a chance to add to their slim majority.
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everyone is up for reelection in the house every two years. the g.o.p. currently holds 240-109 edge. that means democrats need a net gain of 23 seats to capture the majority. first up, president trump sprinting to the political finish line tonight. he will host a rally in indiana as you look live in fort wayne just a few minutes, trying to help flip a vital senate seat in the hoosier state. it's the second of three such events for the president today. the stakes, as he has said, are huge. whether he can continue to execute his agenda over the next few years depends heavily on maintaining control of the senate and the house. chief white house correspondent john roberts leads us off tonight from the north lot of the white house. >> no question, bret, that the president gets this. described as the most consequential election in the -- or if he will be blocked at every turn all the way up until
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november 2020. >> everything we have created and achieved is at stake on election day. it is. if the radical democrats take power, they will take a wrecking ball to our economy and to our future. >> in an attempt to close the deal for republican candidates in battleground states, president trump had three cities, three states on the schedule, starting the day pumping up the governor's race in cleveland, ohio, . >> i am asking every citizen from every party and every background and every race, color, and creed, to rich reject the democrat politics of anger and division and unite behind our proud and righteous destiny. >> while president trump is not on the ballot, even he has said in some ways he is, his policies and his plan. in a telephone town hall this morning, the president distanced himself from any notion that tomorrow's vote is a referendum
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on him. >> tomorrow, whether we consider it enough, the press is very much considering it a referendum on me and us as a movement. >> campaigning in virginia today, former president obama didn't mention president trump by name, but certainly suggested the election is about him. >> we are going to expect basic decency and honesty and straight talk from folks in high office. people woke up and said, oh, i guess we can't take this for granted. >> in the final hours of the campaign, leaders appealed to president trump to focus on the roaring economy, dial back on the harsh immigration rhetoric which republicans fear could hurt candidates in more modern moderate suburban areas. the president did not want to bite. >> the economy is so great. we can only go four-5 minutes with this.
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we have a problem with illegal immigration and the problem is that democrats will not allow us to change the dumbest laws in the history of the world on immigration. >> republicans confident they will regain control of the senate, maybe even gain seats. the house is another matter. president trump helping to prevent a democratic blowout tomorrow, and while most projections say democrats will take control of the house, the president isn't willing to concede yet. >> i don't think so but i'm willing to accept that. i've never said, look, you are covering me. the energy that we have, the energy that this whole party has now, it's really incredible. >> in cleveland today, president trump did talk at length about jobs and economy in important issues in -- did not let up one bit in the drumbeat of illegal immigration, believing that bad news is an equal or greater motivator to get people out in the polls that good news is, bret.
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>> bret: the president mentioned it at every campaign stop and has made it one of the major issues of the election season, the central american migrant caravans heading towards the u.s. hud and borden. tonight catherine herridge talks exclusively with homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen, who is traveling in those caravans and how they are being organized, financed, and managed. >> we absolutely see people from the middle east, from southeast asia, from other parts of the world. these are not just from central america. speak with hundreds of migrants arriving at mexico city, several hundred miles away from the u.s. border, the u.s. homeland security secretary told fox news there is intelligence that caravans and the limited number of individuals from outside the region. >> we don't always know exactly who they are. we can tell you we stopped 3,000 people last year at the southwest border who had
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patterns of travel similar to a terrorist. we call these special interest aliens. >> dhs is hearing regional concern from regional partners. >> the particular organization of these caravans, they are not organic, if you well. they are organized, financed. >> nielsen also echoed earnings at the most vulnerable are pushed ahead to frustrate border police and the military. >> they do not -- they are being used as barriers at the front of some of these caravans. the other caravans coming up are mostly single males. >> what i saw it as a high level of organization. >> latin american specialist just a few meyer on the ground with guatemalan intelligence ten days ago say some caravans operate in a military fashion. >> we saw the advance party of a second caravan arriving 48 hours before the main body. they were just waiting at the border and they were communicating, security was at the border. >> democrats and some
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republicans accused the trump administration fearmongering over the caravans. former president barack obama told a recent miami rally that the plumbing troops to the border is a political stunt. >> thank you. let's talk about what to expect tomorrow night with the results, specifically about the house. joining us now, house speaker paul ryan. in janesville wisconsin. mr. speaker, thank you for being here. this is the first time you are not on the ballot since 1998. you are finishing this campaign. tell nick where you started, in southern wisconsin in the district you've represented since then. your sense tonight and where it's tomorrow. >> i feel good. i've been crisscrossing not just wisconsin but america, campaigning with our members in the toughest races. frankly our members feel really good because they have a really good message, bret. look at what we've been able to achieve in congress with the president the last two years.
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record economy, military being rebuilt, people feeling better about things, more jobs being offered in america than people -- because of all of this, our candidates feel like they have a great message. the alternative is the chaos and dysfunction that the democrats are basically promising if they get control of congress. we really feel like we've got a good shot keeping our majority because our majority is so good and the contrast is so strong. >> bret: mr. speaker, political reported that you called president trump sunday to plead with him to focus on the economy on the closing argument. is that true? >> it wouldn't surprise me that they don't get these things exactly right. he and i talk all the time. we compare notes on the campaign trail. we've been speaking repeatedly throughout this campaign cycle it just the last few weeks so we are always comparing notes about the campaign about messaging. he frankly called me to see how certain members are doing. he cares about a lot of our members. we can do both.
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people do care about national security. we want to secure the border. the democrats want to abolish i.c.e. it's ridiculous. we do think we should be talking about our strong economy because it's been spectacular and the democrats are talking about rolling back and raising taxes, more spending, they are proposing to undo all the good progress we've been having. i would simply ask people, do you feel better today than you did two years ago. get out and vote tomorrow. that's what the president and i have been talking about. we can talk more than one issue. we have a good story to tell about the economy, wages, jobs, opportunities, about how people feel about them, we think it's a good story to tell. >> bret: about taxes. you've obviously passed a major tax reform bill, it passed the house, passed the senate, here is the president on tax cuts on the campaign trail. >> we are going to be putting in a 10% tax cut for middle-income families. it's going to be put in.
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passing a massive tax cut. massive! we will soon follow it up with another 10% tax cut for the middle class. we've got to win the house. >> bret: in addition to the first round, to do a second round 10% tax cut for the middle class, the specifics of that never came out before tomorrow. was there a specific plan? is there a specific plan? >> i spoke to the president a number of times about this as the chairman of the ways and means committee, and we passed in the house already a bill making the family tax relief measures and permanent. what the president wants to do on tax reform 2.0, the next session of congress, go on it again and get a middle class tax relief. that's what he's been talking about. we think something that congress should work on in the next session. the economy is going it's really
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well largely because of tax cuts and tax reform, and the president wants to keep this economy going with another kick at it. >> bret: so far it's not a specific plan that's going to be rolled out. >> the way tax laws were, the ways and means committee can come up with many different ways to get a 10% tax cut for middle income taxpayers and their ways to doing it on a revenue per revenue basis. something they are going to work through the process to getting the next of congress. >> bret: obviously you're in the news recently is this back-and-forth on citizenship, the president saying that he can do it with an executive order. you said that is not the case. you are asked about that on the trail. the president weeded out after seeing that, told ryan should be focused on holding the majority that giving his opinions on birthright citizenship, something he knows nothing about. a new republican majority will work on this, closing immigration loopholes and securing our border. what about that, mr. speaker? >> it's all good. he and i have a very long, very good relationship. we talked that they later on.
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i was commenting on the means, not the merits. we should review this, especially for illegals and people getting a tourist visa just to get a kid. that's something we should look at because this is the 21st century, it's not the 18th century when that was written. what i was commenting on are the constitutional means of achieving something like that. it's either a constitutional amendment or statutory change that would be required. executive order can enforce a court challenge. i don't think the executive order can make the change. that either has to because additional or at the very least statutory. i was talking about a legal process about achieving something for it but should we look at whether or not in the 21st century someone coming over with a tourist visa for the sake of having a baby here that can get citizenship? that should be something that can be reviewed. >> bret: you spent the last three weeks in 50 cities in 12 states, 25 different house members, you raise 200 million plus hard dollars the past three years on this effort.
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if the house lips tomorrow, why would that have happened? >> history is not our friend. what i say is the historic average for a midterm election, the president's party and the presidents midterm, we have a 20 seat majority. a couple of our seats are already gone but recent redistricting done in pennsylvania. we already are standing against the historical trend that cuts against us. but the reason i feel like this is going to be really, really close and i felt cautiously optimistic is because of our record. we have done so much. over a thousand bells in the house the past two years, tackling opioid, human trafficking, overhauling the va. deregulating the economy, creating jobs and wages, overhauling the tax system among every other things. the enormous record of accomplishment.
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most objective americans would see that the country is better off than it was two years ago and they do not want to see the democrats, nancy pelosi, take power to bring chaos and gridlock to washington. they will try to impeach the president. they want to abolish i.c.e., that's the agency that stops drugs come down then coming into our country. plus $32 trillion tax increase to pay for it. that's why i think we've got a really good chance because history, although it's not our friend, we got a good record that can help combat that. >> bret: lesson quick, mr. speaker. i've covered you for a long time. i've covered you as vice presidential nominee, your acceptance speech, we can't spend money that we don't have. the debt crisis is going to hit us eventually. this year, the federal deficits, $779 billion, cbl is projecting $973 billion for 2019,
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$100 trillion for 2020. is that going to be addressed? >> and has to be addressed. bret, the numbers don't surprise anybody. that's because the democrats, the baby boomers are retiring, we are not ready for them's. in addition to guaranteeing productions for people with pre-existing conditions, we have given people more choices, but it will be a great effort in debt reduction. the house passed that bill. the biggest we've considered in a generation. this entitlement reform bill we've considered in a generatio generation, it failed to pass the senate by one vote. congress needs to get back at that because we do need health care reform, we need to lower premiums, maintain those protections for pre-existing conditions, but you also had to deal with these issues. you on the flip side, bret, you've got to have a growing economy. that's happening because we've done what we need to do to get this economy growing.
3:16 pm
on the entitlement side? yes, that something that needs to get done. >> bret: you said you are not on the ballot? >> it's bittersweet. i'm excited about the guy who's running, brian style, i think is going to do a spectacular job. i've been on the bus with my governor scott walker. he's got a tough race here. i love the people i care about i want to see win. they are a lot of my colleagues in congress in tough races that have deserved and earned a reelection. that's pretty much my focus. i've been doing this for 20 years. this is the tenth election cycle. first time since 1998 i've never been on a ballot. it is a little. >> bret: mr. speaker, we appreciate your time tonight. >> you bet. take care, bret. >> bret: the u.s. tightens its economic vice on iran calling it economic war. fox 5 in new york where there is added security surrounding the trial of mexican drug load
3:17 pm
guzman faces conspiracy charges. fox 26 in san antonio as hundreds of family, friends, community members member the victims of one of the deadliest mass shootings in recent u.s. history. today is the one-year anniversary of the masker that left 26 people dead inside the first baptist church of sutherland hills. the shooter took his own life. this is a look at salt lake city from our affiliate fox 13. gorgeous day out there. the mayor of ogden, utah, killed while serving in afghanistan, fatally shot by one of the afghan commanders he was training. he took a year-long of absence as mayor and expected to return to his job in january. he leaves behind a wife and seven children. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we will be right back.
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president giving his campaign speech. let's listen in for a second. >> this is an incredible time in america. wages are rising. optimism is skyrocketing. [cheers and applause] and more americans are working today than ever before in our history. [cheers and applause] tomorrow, the people of indiana are going to send mike braun to the u.s. senate to keep america's economic boom surging. full speed ahead. >> bret: folk saying he's not making an economic pitch in the end, he's making it live or mike braun tonight. this is streaming on we are going to monitor it for news, bring it back here. back here in new york, down day on wall street. stocks were mixed today. the dow up 191.
3:23 pm
the s&p 500 gained 15. the nasdaq lost 28. in international news, iran says it considers itself in a war situation currently because of newly strengthened economic sanctions by the u.s. it's up to iran how bad things end up getting there. >> demonstration says the united states has never sanctions iran so much in a single day. >> we have the talk >> announced the end today of u.s. participation in the iran nuclear deal. the u.s. restored a network of sanctions on iran's banking, energy, shipping, that is -- the administration granted a cocountries waivers allowing them to continue buying iranian oil. >> i can get the oil down to zero immediately but it could cause a shock to the market.
3:24 pm
>> the list of the six-month makers include iran's -- secretary pompeo claims that iran's imports have fallen by a million barrels per day, the treasury department is also targeting a iran's finances, sanctioning 50 iranian banks, 200 individuals and ships, and iranian airlines, more than 65 planes. pompeo says the administration will be relentless in its pressure. >> the regime can have a choice. it can do a 180-degree course and act like a normal country or it and economies crumble. >> staunch that the sanctions -- will pass sanctions that will make america regret. we'll bring back for an investment into the country. >> also allowing continued -- the state department defended those waivers saying they preserve oversight of iran civil
3:25 pm
nuclear program. bret? >> bret: rich, thinking >> bret: louis farrakhan led a death to america chant during a trip to tehran according to iranian news agencies, america has never been a democracy. also led a death to israel chant at the end of his talk. up next, we look at the brett kavanaugh factor in the midterm. chairman angela merkel says she can work well with any potential successor as leader of her party. lastly, merkel announced plans to step down as part achieved but remains chancellor. she announced she's ready to stay in the job until the end a parliamentarian turn which is supposed to end 2021. leaders kim jong un and -- their
3:26 pm
strategic relations. both countries are the subject of u.s. economic sanctions. the u.s. navy is releasing harrowing video of the u.s. pep three ares aircraft being intercepted by russian su 27 at high speed over the black seas. over the black sea at the time, the navy calls this russian action irresponsible. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. just one free hearing test at
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>> bret: as he was, for a short period of time, the most talked about person in america. brett kavanaugh turned into a investigation of alleged sexual misconduct and a political bare knuckles brawl over the future of the high court. kavanaugh was eventually confirmed. tonight, where do things stand politically now? correspondent doug mckelway takes a look. >> despite the anonymity among -- 414 page majority report of the kavanaugh allegations released friday by the senate judiciary committee made further outraged republicans on the eve of the midterms if they found no witness to support any of the allegations. it also sends criminal referrals to the fbi for a liberal activist named judy munro
3:31 pm
layton. she wrote the email in which she claimed to be the author of a jane doe letter describing an assault by kavanaugh. later two admitted that the email was a "ploy to get attention." hours, the president weighed in. >> she came out and she said it's a lie. it's a damn disgrace. >> also found allegations of assault of a boat on kavanaugh -- i have made a mistake and apologize for such mistakes. the report also showed that michael is -- some of the 40 plus witnesses describes swetnick, as desperate, beyond crazy, serial manipulator. committee chairman chuck grassley referred avenatti and swetnick to criminal investigation. calling the report "garbage," no
3:32 pm
evidence my client or i did anything wrong but we hope the fbi investigates this matter. chuck does not have any juice. chairman grassley in the meantime may not be done. his report makes reference to the ongoing investigation of anyone who made that yearly false statements to the committee. brett kavanaugh bret? >> bret: things, let's bring in our panel early. chris stirewalt, josh kraushaar, heavy hitters at this table. how about this issue, where it stands, is it still lingering in the republik and electorate? >> it's still lingering, but it was not as powerful as it was three and a half years ago. but it galvanized republicans to the extends that no issue probably could have. from a purely political standpoint, it was a godsend
3:33 pm
because we had a slumbering electorate on the republican side and a very animated electorate on the democratic side and that helped redressed that balance. at least to some extent, it may have abs some at this stage, but nobody has forgotten. since these people thought, what can i do, you can vote in the midterms asked mike what have they heard about? the midterms to the point where they may be tired about that. >> bret: there has not been much coverage on this grassley report and all of this detail that has come out on other channels i've seen. the governor of tennessee talking about this factor. >> tennessee is one of those states where the kavanaugh hearings to change things. people realize it doesn't matter what you are saying, the color of the jersey you're wearing up there is really important. i'm not -- i don't know exactly but i think the kavanaugh hearings had a five or six-point swing in tennessee. >> the timing could not have been more fortuitous for republicans when it happened
3:34 pm
because it happened right at the coming home moment. there is a time in every cycle where partisans say, okay, i was thinking of going the other way or i was going to sit this one out. it just so happened the democrats chose this totally disastrous strategy, it's impossibly bad strategy for dealing with kavanaugh, they chose to implement it at exactly the same moment when that second grade of voters -- it brought all those republicans in and kept them close. there have been a lot of intervening events since then, particularly the single largest anti-semitic attack in american history at dell make that change the discussion in this country about a lot of things. but yes, kavanaugh helped the republicans and omits me. >> one of the biggest consequences of the kavanaugh fight is that it united the trump wing of the republican party with the bush wing. that energized going into the elections, but the contrast
3:35 pm
between that and the immigration fight, the discussion of the caravan which moore animates the cultural conservative wing of the party, that shows the difference of the two battles. it was united fight over kavanaugh, republicans united from all stripes of the party to fight for the justice who again has confirmed. immigration issue is one that rallies the base but alienates the softer suburban side. >> bret: didn't characterize it as a pleading with the president to talk about the economy, says they talk of the time. he's heard the president in fort wayne. >> if that's the advice he's been getting from people he listens to him he seems now to be taking it. we did have an intervening event, and blog jobs report that came out the other day which underscores the point that the full employment, should help republicans.
3:36 pm
we agree that this satisfaction seems to be a more powerful voting motive than satisfaction. there may be a limit to the amount of mileage you can get in this election out of voters who have satisfaction with the economy. >> bret: the filter is not there when he's on the stump and he says i can only talk about this for 4 minutes. that's great, but i got to move on. >> i've got to move on and talk about the caravan. the president's strategies the places he's gone, the white house does not expect to hold the house. where he's going is focused on firing up voters in states where he can keep the senate to really build a firewall in the senate so he can try to do that. in places like missouri, in places like montana, do you know what works? talking about immigration, the same kind of rhetoric that make those voters fall for trump the first time, they like it again. he's bringing back that old time religion back in those states. >> bret: thank you, gentle man. when we come back, we'll take you around the country on election eve updates in some of races.n eve updates in some of
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>> bret: welcome back to america's election headquarters in new york. a matter of hours now until polls officially open across the country. but 34 million of you have already voted. and while president trump is officially -- many pundits framed the selection as a referendum on him and his policies. in the house, democrats need 23 net pickups to wrestle control away from republicans. governorships are very important too. significant races up for grabs tomorrow. let's take a look at some of the individual battles tonight. peter doocy is in south florida as democrat bill nelson tries to hang on to his senate seat against republican governor rick scott and that is a contest republicans think they can win adding to their majority. good evening, peter. >> on the day before the election here in florida, some
3:42 pm
schools finally reopened in areas hardest hit by hurricane michael last month. governor scott told me his job as emergency manager is not political, but it does go on the record that he wants voters reflecting on tonight. >> my job is to build a relationship with the federal government, in a response like this there is local response, state response, federal response. whatever response i asked for, i got. >> remember, florida, i have been president of the united states in almost two years. during that time, senator bill nelson did not call me once. rick scott called me constantly, did a great job on hurricanes. both scott. a long line stretches around polling places in florida this weekend. more than 5 million people already voted either in person or by mail.
3:43 pm
nelson's income been spent part of his day holding a sign introducing himself to motorists and recently he's been introducing himself to voters motivated to attend rallies by the democratic candidate for governor. >> rather than give you a speech, i'm going to introduce andrew gillum. >> a lot of young floridians got involved in politics for the first time after this year's parkland shooting, but governor scott told me he still thinks he can win the march for all lives crowd offering a platform that offers them a lot of job options. >> bret: peter doocy in south florida. peter, thank you. to the other side in the country for the fight for the house. jonathan hunt is an seal beach california looking at some of the congressional races democrats are targeting out there in effort to control the chamber and shut down the trump legislative agenda. >> good evening, bret. there are five potentially critical races here in
3:44 pm
california. one is a state central valley or but four partly here or horribly here in orange county. all of those are republican held but all of them districts that voted for hillary clinton over president trump in the 2016 election and that is giving democrats hope they can flip all five. among the republican incumbents most at risk is dan aurora becker, taking hard-line stance on immigration this election cycle and getting a strong endorsement from present in trump, the democrat whom the president is referring there is holly ruda, a real estate investor and republican of until just a
3:45 pm
couple of years ago. previously called for president trump's impeachment and painted rohrabacher a trump ally out of touch with voters. we also have a governors race here. democrat former mayor of san francisco gabby newsom heavily picked to win over john cox, and use newsom said he wod intensify the ongoing war between california and the trump administration on issues like the environment and most especially immigration. bret? >> bret: jonathan, thank you. there are 36 races for governor across the country. some appear to be locked tonight, but others are a very
3:46 pm
tight contest. in kansas, democrats are trying to push hard to turn a reliably red state blue. correspondent molly line is in wichita tonight. good evening. >> good evening, bret. remain red. that's the catch phrase republicans are touting here in kansas. perhaps the most vulnerable see to defend is the governor's chair. it's the republican secretary of state crisco back best known nationally as the ardent advocate of strict voting rights against aurora kelly. gain momentum after sustaining support from every governor except sam brownback. >> they feel like i'm the one which puts us back to our roots as a great state to live in, to work in. >> backed by president trump who
3:47 pm
won by 20 points in 2016. welcome to the president to kansas last month for a big rally in topeka. >> the president is well-liked in kansas. certainly helped me in the primary. it's going to help in the general election too. a lot of these gubernatorial races in some ways a referendum on the president. >> there is a third party candidate in this race, third party candidate greg gorman asking voters to have the courage to vote for him. >> we have to vote for what we hope for. >> drawing enough support to impact the contest, though right now polling shows have been truly further behind. bret? >> bret: live in wichita, kansas. next up, we'll bring in a new panel to talk about the midterm elections and look at some specific races. a partner
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3:52 pm
>> i don't think so. i'm not willing to accept that. >> how we conduct ourselves in public life is on the ballot. how we treat other people is on the ballot. >> bret: on the stump, the former president, our firm current president. all kinds of folks. steve hilton is the host of "the next revolution," leslie marshall syndicated fox news radio, and katie pavlich. >> the point about the style is crucial. any reasonable person will look at what president trump has done his first couple of years and say he's delivered better almost anyone you can ever remember. he's done exactly what he said he'd do and help exactly the people he said he would help on the economy come out talking up immigration, beating up prices, the new trade deal. that doesn't matter at all to the resistance movement and the left to really care about the style and about what he says, what he tweets.
3:53 pm
the big question is will that bring out a new generation of voters who really don't care about his acknowledgments, results? just care about his style and how he conducts himself as president. >> bret: the signs at the rallies, promises made, promises kept, is that what the trump people are pushing? >> i think it comes down to a piece about love or hate, you either love the president what he thought and/or you want a more united country, you care about immigration, health care. i'm excited about the numbers of not just women running but women that can be elected, how many women coming out to vote and in addition, the millennials are coming out to vote. but my prediction, even though that i'm a liberal democrat, republicans keep the senate. >> he won't only keep the senate but gain at least four seats in the senate. i think it will be -- it's interesting to watch over the past six months this blue wave
3:54 pm
narrative has completely crumbled. republicans going into tomorrow doing pretty well historically. you have seen pollsters go from democrats are going to beat president trump on his style, not based on what he's done in the office and on election day they are going to take back the house. now they are saying there's a chance republicans might actually keep the house by one or two proceeds. based on how far we've swung with that, i don't think we know what's exactly going to happen tomorrow and i been citing the generic ballot but in terms of these house seats, not a lot of polling done on the local level. we could see some surprises as well. >> bret: here's what's we've -- we don't know how many people are coming out tomorrow, but we know how many people have already voted and it's way higher than the vote before. >> by the way, that's exactly what happened in 2016 where the
3:55 pm
models were off because they were using an old electorate and you had a lot of people in 2016 come out and vote that had given up on politics and fell it doesn't matter who i vote for, i get the same results. they saw in president trump someone who's really different, could make a change, had new people joining the electorate. it could be that that's what's happening. i think it's too soon to dismiss the talk of a blue wave. that could be what's going on with those early numbers. >> bret: we shall see. house speaker ryan took her time. i'm sorry. thank you very much. we'll see you tomorrow. when we come back, some final thoughts.
3:56 pm
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4:00 pm
panels, bill hemmer on the big board, you name it. plus we'll introduce you to a new ways to analyze why americans voted the way they did. you don't want to miss it. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced, unafraid. "the story" hosted by martha down the hall. >> martha: will have the best coverage so keep it here, folks. as p26 was saying with hours to go before polls open, here is the final push. >> this is one of the most important elections of our time. >> your vote can make things a little bit better. >> that blue wave is going to hit a blue wall right here. >> to stick together, you've got to move together. this is the united states of america. there is nothing we cannot do. >> you all need to get on the phone tonight and call everybody you know. that's how close it is. >> for the future of our country, the call of


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