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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  November 6, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PST

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space where i can have really intelligent, intellectually clear dialogue, excuse me, could you take your foot off my throat. it doesn't work that way. >> that the vote be a conversation to take the foot off your neck. >> important final message for voters ahead of tomorrow. shannon bream, take it away. shannon: welcome to fox news at night coming live from america's election headquarters in new york, coverage of the midterm election just hours away from the first paul opening as the american people prepare to make their voices heard. we are focusing on what we know about turnout, the latest campaign moves, the weather, whether there will be a blue tsunami or red wave. anchors will hit key races
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across the nation throughout this hour. midterm elections are seen as a litmus test for donald trump's agenda. these midterm elections are least partly about him and his policies even though he is not technically on the ballot. she congressional correspondent mike emanuel will walk us through the possible postelection of power, donald trump's last rally before the midterms, kristin fisher has more. >> reporter: donald trump's third rally today, his eighth this week. you cannot have campaigned harder than he has in his sprint to the finish, to use his own words everything is at stake and when the polls open he knows this is a referendum on his presidency. in effect, i am on the ticket, it will happen in 2016, going to
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happen again tomorrow. >> i leave ohio, thousands and thousands of people can't get into this massive arena. i just left indiana. thousands and thousands of people outside. there's something going on, electricity that feels like 2016 but. >> reporter: the line started last may, people have been waiting in the cold and rain, every seat inside the arena is full, hoping these people will get out and vote tomorrow for josh holly. and extremely tight race. senator mccaskill, one of the closest races in the country and control of the senate could come down to missouri, where donald trump has come 7 times this election cycle and made it his final stop when polls open but
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it is notable, 20 minutes tonight before he mentioned holly's name. when he did. >> the people of missouri are going to send josh holly to the united states senate to keep america full speed ahead. >> normally a rally like this you expect the candidate the president is stumping for to get on stage with him but donald trump said a few moments ago the candidates had already left, not quite sure why but the rally is running late. i covered a lot of donald trump's rallies and this rally, the energy in this room people are fired up. whether or not they are able to translate the energy here tonight into action tomorrow, we
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will just have to wait and see. >> they are so fired up we can barely hear you but thank you for reporting before everybody heads to the polls. tomorrow night we will be focused on the balance of power, republicans have a razor thin margin of control in the senate and they hold the house 240-195. mike emanuel is here to break down what we know about how much those numbers could change. >> reporter: 36 million people have already voted. a massive increase over the midterms four years ago and a sign of the passion and the electorate was democrats needed in at 23 seats to win back the majority, here's a look at where things stand. 207 likely lean democrat, 190 likely republican and 29 are critical tossups. a factor worth considering, rain
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and strong storms are expected in virginia which does not allow early voting for most folks. that might be an impact with a number of close house races like see told by republicans barbara comstock and dave brett, both expected to be tough races, the forecast for pennsylvania also calls for rain and possibility of severe weather tomorrow afternoon, vast majority of pennsylvania voters are expected to vote tomorrow, we perceive the weather has an impact. one person on the ballot is paul ryan, 50 cities trying to help republicans in the toughest races. >> history is not our friend. the historic average for midterm election for president's parties 32 seats. we have a 23 seat majority. the reason i feel this is going to be really close and i feel cautiously optimistic is our record. ryan has been pushing republicans to sell the record
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on the economy, democrats don't hopefully will score big and a lot of those suburban districts. >> i would say of the under 30s and suburban women come out, we are definitely going to retake the house. that requires them to vote. i think we are going to see something pretty remarkable happening. we will hear the american people speaking up in a manner they haven't had the opportunity to speak up in the last two years. >> it is soon up to the voters all across this country to decide whether they want nancy pelosi to return to being house speaker. >> she sounds confident about the possibility. we will see what voters decide. doing closing arguments from the two parties, democrats focusing on healthcare is republicans focus on immigration. the associated press writing today, quote, at his rallies and
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on twitter trump's closing argument has focused on fear, warning without evidence the democratic takeover would throw the country into chaos, spending influx of illegal immigration and a wave of crime. the what our power panel thinks. new york times best-selling offer with a new children's book called donald dreams islam, and jessica and katie pavlovich, welcome to all of you. we are ready for the election tomorrow and special coverage. the ap says he is fear mongering his way. >> first and point who cares what the ap says? i find it funny, like telling your kid don't play in traffic, that is fear mongering, don't you have a positive message, if something is true americans resonate. first of all americans want their country back, the government to represent and they
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felt people in washington don't worry about them. the first job of the government to protect its citizens, people talking open borders, democrats are so clear, they have said other things but now they seem to be the party that says we want to welcome everybody. most americans know that is foolish, naïve, political grandstanding that they think this could work but americans are thinking we have to have people who represent us and if they don't we don't want them in power. shannon: people across the ideological spectrum feel washington is not listening to them, republicans and democrats, pulling support that, byron york went through the president's three speeches. there's been criticism even within his own party about immigration and not the economy. trump had 320,000 words on the economy versus 4730 words on illegal immigration. one could think that is too much of one thing but where's the
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evidence he is ignoring the economy to obsess about illegal immigration. >> it is about the delivery and more effective message for the democrats to say he's focusing on illegal immigration and fear mongering than to say he is talking unemployment numbers and stock market and things like that, 60% of americans think the economy is good or very good but 60% say they are not better off than they were when trump came into office in 38% say we are traveling in the right direction under the trump presidency, those numbers are good for the republican party but as harris fox and her says you don't go to the polls to say thank you. you go because something is motivating you. illegal immigration is what he has selected. there's a lot eric said that i disagree with in terms of the factual basis for the things donald trump is talking about that he has been fact checked
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and shown to be fear mongering and making things up about illegal immigrants populations, how often they shop at asylum hearings etc.. shannon: people complain all the time about negative at until studies show they work. the same thing every time. >> donald trump isn't talking about the economy because those are commitments he can say i promised i would do these things and they are coming through but on the immigration issue he calls himself a problem solver, he needs republicans in the senate and house to push his agenda forward. when it comes to this argument he is fear mongering about illegal immigration he is pointing out a problem we continually have at the border saying we need to change the laws, we don't who these people are, there is an influx of thousands of people, that is a problem we have to solving just because it is an election doesn't mean i'm not going to talk about her the truth is democrats would rather have the president talking about the
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economy not because it is better them but they don't have a solution of illegal immigration, they don't want to be asked about abolishing ice or what the solutions are, claire mccaskill in missouri on her last leg as a democratic candidate in a state donald trump won by overwhelming numbers saying and conceding they support donald trump's moved to send troops to the border to stop the caravan, they shouldn't just be able to come into the country and pulling back to among the american people who see you can't have an influx of thousands of people coming here with 0 vetting and -- >> 90 democrat or republican administrations have gotten this thing solved. >> a fallacy that either party wants to genuinely fix this or do something feasible to address it. she's obviously correct and that illegal immigration is a tougher topic for democrats the way some of the far left talked about abolishing ice which is not the party platform but the president does himself a disservice when releasing that racist ad last
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week when he rejected the one on the economy because he wanted something more punchy and you have an illegal immigrant amount in under george w. bush, joe arpaio let him go and reported under bill clinton everything in that ad was false effort to read who else will democrats allowing, that had nothing to do with this, we are the good guys. >> the reason democrats are going to lose tomorrow as they persist in calling that racist ad. most people who watched that it wouldn't even occur to them. >> craven corporations. the reason willie horton was raising this, willie horton was black, when dukakis and other
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naïve democrats make policies that don't care about the people people notice it, they don't care about the color. when you see that monster talking about murdering cops and he is protected is he said that. in another country they would eating with a piece of wood. they let him talk and carry him away and take care of. call those ads racist and put yourself on the edge. >> that does upset a lot of people who feel i'm not a racist and i get what the ad is saying. when you call it that that will motivate -- >> those people vote. >> you could make the argument he was let in under george w. bush, he was in a sanctuary city when he murdered those cops. when it comes to continually calling americans racist democrats have a problem with not being able to get back blue-collar workers, there's reason donald trump won, not become as republicans voted for him but he flipped wanted counties from barack obama. a bread and democrats of do nothing to get those voters
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back. if you continue to call people racist because they want border security it won't workout. >> we are out of time but we know the enthusiasm is there although democrats clearly are pulling ahead in enthusiasm. but bad weather and turnout is the name of the game. we are going coast-to-coast next from florida to kansas to california, and if yours voters will head to the polls in the high-stakes midterm election. it could come down to a few key races, house races in the golden state. how gubernatorial races in the middle of america could be a test for donald trump and the sunshine state, two high profile races at this late hour, peter doocy, jonathan hunt, standing by live. ♪ ♪
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to help you look and feel like a team. i am a techie dad.n.
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i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. ♪ >> shannon: we are now just hours away from the first polls opening in the high-stakes 2018 midterm elections shannon: we are hours from the first polls opening in the 2018 midterm election. republicans looking to keep majority, we are looking at trends in key races to get an idea where things are heading. we have more team coverage, jonathan hunt watching races crucial to the balance of power in the house. democrats hope to pull an upset in the gubernatorial race.
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we start with peter doocy live in florida, republicans hope to a flea senate seat despite paul's that favor the democrat at this hour. good evening, peter. >> good evening, shannon, the democrat defending his seating will be florida's most expensive senate race ever. there was an expensive initiative, bill nelson went back to the basics, waving a sign on the street. >> i was a little country boy coming to the big city and i thought people might think this is too corny. the minute i got on this corner 40 years ago people started going nuts just like you heard them there. >> reporter: bill nelson's big issue is healthcare policy. is a big supporter of improving obamacare. he has had access to sizable
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progressive crowds because one of the warm-up acts for the democrat running for governor, andrew gillam. donald trump revealed a secret about bill nelson on twitter, remember, florida, i have been president of the united states almost two years, during that time bill nelson didn't call me once. rick scott called constantly requesting dollars for florida, did a great job on hurricanes and i had a chance to ask governor scott about that tweet tonight. >> i call him all the time because i represent the state, aggressive proponent of florida. >> rick scott is playing of his direct line to donald trump when it comes to cleaning up after devastating hurricanes, something he's been having to deal with in his official capacity as he campaigns as well because in the florida panhandle and areas that were harvested by hurricane michael a few weeks ago schools just reopened for the first time today.
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>> thank you so much. democrats hope to turn a reliably red state into a blue one over gubernatorial candidates closely aligned with donald from, he saw his ill-fated voter fraud commission, chris, bock. molly line in california. >> reporter: remain red, that is the mantra republicans in kansas have been touting and one of the toughest seats they have to defend is the governor's chair. that race, the secretary of state, republican secretary of state best known nationally as an advocate restrict voting requirements against democratic state senator laura kelly who gained momentum after securing support from every living former republican governor except sam brownback who resigned in january to accept an investor ship. >> they feel i'm the leader who can get this where we need to go which is back to our roots as a
12:22 am
great state to live in, great state to work in, and a great state to raise kids. >> reporter: kobach is backed by donald trump, there was a big rally and he believes many gubernatorial races run the country will be seen as a referendum on the president. >> particularly in my case, the president shares the views on illegal immigration, voter fraud and so many issues, some people are motivated by that. >> there is a third-party candidate in this race, greg gorman is urging voters to have the courage to vote for him. >> we had democrats in charge, republicans in charge. if we want to move the state forward we have to have new ideas and new leadership. >> reporter: woman has support to impact this contest polling shows him trailing far behind.
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>> reporter: thank you very much. democrats hope to flip the number of congressional seat in california and the balance of power in the house is close by disciples close on the west coast the entire country stand to wait to see which party will be in charge come january. jonathan hunt is live today following key california house races. >> reporter: there are 5 potentially critical races in california, one is the largely agricultural central valley but four of them are either wholly or partly in orange county. this is traditionally a republican stronghold in a largely liberal state. all of them are currently republican held but equally all of these districts voted for hillary clinton over donald trump in the 2016 election and that is giving democrats hope they can flip all 5.
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among the republican incumbent is dana robot are --rohrbacher taking a hard-line stance on immigration and get a strong endorsement from donald trump who tweeted democrats are desperate to replace dana by spending vast sums to elect the superliberal who is weak on crime and bad on military and vets, the democrats to whom the president is recurring is a real estate investor, up to two years ago himself a republican, previously called for donald trump's impeachment and painted rohrbacher as a trump ally out of touch with california voters. >> we don't need more extremists in congress, we need moderates like myself. >> in close races in california it could take days or weeks for the final result to be assessed. there are a number of reasons
12:25 am
for that, chief among the male imbalance, very popular here but they don't have to be postmarked until election day itself. a few days to arrive, a few more days for accounting and it could take a while. in 2016 congressman darrell isa's closely thought race we didn't know the result until the monday after thanksgiving. just imagine how many lawyers will descend on california if control of the house of representatives hangs on a few mail in ballots in orange county. >> wouldn't be surprised if there are pre-positions in california. we have to be patient. both parties claiming the fight over brett kavanaugh is motivating their voters. new details from a 400 plus page senate report on allegations made against brett kavanaugh and
12:26 am
the president is taking note. >> what would have happened if he didn't make it because of her lies? think of that, how unfair, can you imagine? >> chris stierwalled with predictions about the so-called kavanaugh effect after the break.
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♪ >> shannon: it was the most >> the most talked about story in america last month, the confirmation process for supreme court justice brett kavanaugh who was confirmed after a political brawl stemming from allegations of sexual misconduct against him. we take a look at new details released from the senate judiciary's reports on those accusations and the people who made them. >> despite unanimity among democrats of brett cavanagh's guilt a 414 page majority report
12:31 am
of the kavanaugh allegations released by the senate judiciary may outrage republicans on the eve of the midterms finding, quote, no witness who can provide any verifiable evidence to support any of the allegations and since another criminal referral to the fbi, a liberal activist named judy monroe who wrote the email in which she claimed to be the author jane go let 'er rip describing an assault by cavanagh and admitted to investigators the email was a ploy to get attention. hours after the report's release the president waiting. >> he just came out and said it was a lie. >> reporter: it found the allegations of a sexual assault by brett kavanaugh on a boat in rhode island to be made up. the male accuser said i made a mistake and apologized for such mistake. the report showed michael avenatti's lawyer, 40 plus
12:32 am
witnesses investigated by investigators described swetnick as a serial manipulator. committee chairman chuck grassley referred to avenatti and swetnick for criminal and just investigation. in an email to fox news the report was called garbage adding there's no evidence my client tori did anything wrong. we are waiting and hoping the fbi fully investigates this matter, chuck doesn't have any juice. fox reached out to 6 democrats on the senate judiciary committee reaction, and responded. chairman grassley may not be done. 's report makes reference to the ongoing investigation of anyone who made materially false statements to the committee. >> reporter: thank you very much. brett cavanagh's confirmation process motivated voters on both sides of the aisle but that was a month ago. let's talk about it with the author of everyman a king krista higherwalled and dana perino,
12:33 am
known to do projects together. >> she is pretty good. shannon: we are talking midterm preview stuff and his disagreement how much brett cavanagh may factor in. people were fired up but more advancing of the story because chuck grassley, a 400 page report indicates this is not over. they referred people getting in trouble for not telling the truth. marco cleveland says it may be many months before the next shoe drops grassley's report came in time to remind voters of the righteous anger they felt over democrat treatment of brett kavanaugh and his family, the anger has been rekindled. has a called down enough that it is not for front? >> i don't think necessarily it is over. i don't think that was for undecided voters. it was a lot about enthusiastic voters in the gop and
12:34 am
unification of the republican party behind donald trump because of what happened to brett cavanagh, not the only reason but the brett kavanaugh affects will have a lasting impact because if you look at the late august situation into late september when the second testimony is heard, confirmed on the first saturday of october. it has a lasting effect. i don't think it will be the final straw for anybody but it had a motivating effect for republicans across the country. >> probably the best thing that happened to them because it brought them together in a way that wasn't happening organically at that point. >> brought together the two warring tribes in the republican party. on a very important issue for conservatives, maybe the most important issue which is the supreme court but then fortunately for republicans, litigated a culture war, it was done about me too and donald
12:35 am
trump and all that stuff which gave trump voters, they are in it for the culture war, the president who is their cultural crusader but you get conservatives, the bush republicans, the traditional republicans and put them back together at the right time which is if i may the danger republicans have with closing a caravan and immigration because that goes back at the division. >> michael avenatti was referred for getting in trouble, no evidence my client tori did anything wrong, we are waiting and hoping the fbi fully investigates this matter. chuck, the senate judiciary committee, we will watch and see but let's talk about key races we are watching tomorrow night. real clear politics average, 37.5 for congresswoman mc sally,
12:36 am
this will be a nailbiter. >> arizona will be one of them. a democrat friend told me tweet months ago it doesn't matter who the democratic nominee is, democrats will win that seat. i was skeptical and martha mc sally has run the good race is best she could. it will be interesting to see if there are long-term trends the democrats that are coming for a long time. whoever wins it will be by a point or two but even if you win by point you get to be called senator. >> you get that seat when it comes to supreme court openings and all kinds of other things, two hot races in florida, the senate race, nelson and scott, that has the average within a 3 point advantage for nelson and even bigger advantage in the governor's race for the democrat, andrew gillam, he is up by four points.
12:37 am
>> republicans need to over perform substantially in florida and desantis, when scott started out he was ahead and spent a lot of money and worked hard. the red tide hurt him, that was not helpful but the big dragon is desantis because gillam is running 5 points ahead and gillam is energizing these voters all over florida and scott is in a difficult position, he's tied to desantis and it is a tough place to be. i remind everybody the polls are going to be off mostly in one direction or the other so they tend to be up for the republicans, the democrats, 8 or 9 races. >> we will have so much fun with the coverage, thank you for the preview. stick around, an update on the migrant caravan. we will hear from someone
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shannon: the migrant caravan is approaching mexico's capital as they pushed to the us border. hundreds of migrants climbing into tractor-trailers, hitching rides towards the city, migrants waiting for stragglers and getting medical attention. let's bring in mike donovan with the law firm representing the
12:42 am
migrant caravan and the media director of the federation for american immigration reform. so we have a lawsuit filed on behalf of several honduran -- last week we broke the news, marco cleveland says plaintiffs have no basis to sue at this point, not physically present in the united states, have not been denied asylum or the ability to file an asylum claim or been detained. what is the lawsuit about? >> the lawsuit is about protecting the rights of asylum-seekers to seek asylum in the united states. can be nuclear this is group of people in the united states. everybody knows it, the president is talking about. we know the majority of these individuals plan to seek asylum, the class-action lawsuit is based on those folks coming to the united states seeking asylum from central america but also
12:43 am
mexico who are being discouraged, threatened by the president and the administration of donald trump to not come here and seek asylum which is under the statutes in the united states, they have a right to seek asylum in this country and they are doing the responsible thing, i can't imagine why anyone on the right would have a problem with that, saving everyone a lot of time and money and you should be thanking these folks are being so appropriate. shannon: he will have a counter to that. >> the president is not to they can't seek political asylum. they can seek political asylum if they come at illegal point of entry, he will not entertain people, the cross the border getting their feet on us soil and then seeking political asylum in the united states. another report, the mexican
12:44 am
government has offered these people for opportunity to file for political asylum in mexico. they turned it down. people are fleeing persecution in their homeland they look for political asylum at the first opportunity. they don't pass through one or more countries on the way to the united states because they feel they would rather seek asylum in the united states with our humanitarian policies are there to protect people from imminent danger. once they left honduras to guatemala they are no longer in imminent danger if danger at all. they could avail themselves of the opportunity to take the mexican government up on their offer and chose not to because they are economic migrants, not political asylum seekers. >> those here in the country illegally, they have some rights but on us soil, you're talking a lawsuit where people are not here yet. are you arguing they are not citizens, or on us soil.
12:45 am
>> they are not coming illegally but to seek asylum under a statute we having us law and they have due process under the law. they have standing, filed a lawsuit and it is a good thing. ira talks about what is driving these migrants and what they should do. i've never been a refugee. i can't speak to them or tell them what to do. i do know the violence many of these governments, and safety for their kids and quintessentially american. >> they are seeking a better life, no question but that is not grounds for political asylum. the constitutional guarantees do not apply to citizens outside the united states. they applied to people in the united states.
12:46 am
shannon: we will see how the first court rules, thank you for joining us, snl under fire about a wounded congressional gop candidate, more on that next.
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♪ >> shannon: looking in the polls, many pundits out there
12:50 am
say it's hard to accept the notion that republicans >> pundits, the notion the republicans have little side holding the house but pollsters are hedging their bets there and elsewhere. democrats could retake house or not, both extremely possible. the best-selling author of andrew jackson and miracle of new orleans in paperback. what do you make of that? a number of top pundits, and in 2016, is it too close to call? >> i will take your first premise. they are worried about 2016. this is their business, their prognosticators, like picking a game in football or baseball. one team could win or the other team could win. anyone in a sports bar could come up with that. i was shocked by confident great
12:51 am
people like mike anthony of cbs, joni cook, amy walter, they have great research but hedging their bets. nate silver, an 80% chance democrats take the house but there is also a range of outcomes where republicans win. my book he could have told you that. what is going on with this? the democrats will probably win but if the turnout is really great independents don't cross the aisle republicans could do quite well. what have i gotten from this information? shannon: we are looking at things like weather forecasts whether that will be press or hold one of the parties or the other. aaron blake said this, difficult to anything out given we are in uncharted territory and all our previous assumptions how these things work have been called into question, not to assume everything happens as neatly as you expect they will.
12:52 am
>> on the weekends, the reason i haven't returned your calls is i'm traveling, had a chance to go to grand rapids, indiana, virginia beach to tampa and had a speech at ford theater, the library offering grand rapids. around the midwest all across the country, 9 cities, one thing is clear. number one, people are passionate, they want to come out, afraid to say they are republican or democrats or trump in particular. and in 2016, they don't want to hear the blowback. where they might have greater support it is underground, the guy who is knowledgeable does the focus groups, i have less faith in polling than ever before. and we will have a huge turnout which is great for democracy. don't tell you want to suppress the turnout so one candidate can win.
12:53 am
everyone needs a stake in this, 34 million people voted already. >> i voted early because we are working around the clock but i would encourage every american, such a privilege, people around the world have never experienced. we should be out there regardless of your party, get out there and get it done. let me ask about a man who wants to vote, a wounded veteran, navy seal s&l decided to make fun of, not easily offended, and someone nearly blinded, could have been both because they are out there serving the country when an ied blows them up. in afghanistan you talked to them today. >> he did tmv, i don't want an apology, a society, first and foremost navy seals and special
12:54 am
ops can be brutal on each other, sarcastic and cutting, this is not funny and i worry about this. crenshaw can take it, thick-skinned special operator, and back in this other ride, wears a patch in the other. i worried about the woman or man right now, missing a limb, no longer looking as they used to, making fun of people because of a physical deformity they got defending this country. we went a bridge too far and this could be another community coming up to provide, there are many more. the bottom line, don't give me what you want to. what he added do at the end, snl is a group because you are all laughing, give to wounded
12:55 am
warriors or veterans group, helps veterans rehab when they step on an ied which isn't funny. 's interpreter was killed, and how that ended up on snl is beyond me. shannon: the fact is across the political spectrum we could agree we never once suffering of our veterans who have done this voluntarily to be -- that is something that could come together. thanks for joining us tonight. >> see you soon. shannon: there will be no fox news at night tomorrow night. our special election coverage will begin at 6:00 pm. all through the night i bring you insider voter data showing where key races are leaning and why voters chose the candidates they did. we will be alongside bret baer and others across the country. you do not want to miss what the team planned for you. it will be a big night, the house, the senate all hanging in
12:56 am
the balance. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from new york, see you tomorrow for election day, i am shannon bream. ♪ the new capital one savor card. earn 4% cash back on dining and 4% on entertainment. now when you go out, you cash in. what's in your wallet?
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>> there is something going on. there is an electricity like people have not seen since 2016, november. >> the choice could not be more clear, the left has gone completely crazy. >> one election, what it does mean is things start getting better. >> if the radical democrats take power they will take a wrecking ball to our economy and to the future of our country. >> i'm doing this to help somebody shake up washington.


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