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tv   Election Coverage  FOX News  November 6, 2018 10:00pm-1:01am PST

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from, from... from darkness to light. ♪ you're not gonna say it are you? ♪ ♪ >> ed: the politicians have spoken. now some of the borders. >> julie: yeah, they have. >> ed: capping one of the most intense midterm elections in the history, and it ends with a split decision. as democrats had hoped and republicans have feared, they have taken control of the house. but republicans have kept control of the senate, and look like they will expand their edge depending on some hot senate battles, it could be called during this broadcast. so a split decision, which is my president trump is claiming at the tremendous success tonight,
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since the so-called blue wave may have been just a rebel. hello, i'm ed henry. >> julie: and i'm julie banderas. good morning to you. we have been glued to our tvs. >> ed: we have been watching this. >> julie: it's been an exciting night. a lot of predictability with the fact that the house has been gained by the democrats. a lot of surprises, a lot of close races. >> ed: about sns, arizona senator. >> julie: still waiting for that. >> ed: we will be calling all of these. three hours, live coverage, bringing it right into "fox & friends." we'll be going all night. >> julie: we share well. our complete coverage of tuesday's election results continues this hour with an in-depth look at all of the races. the congressional numbers at this hour, the house has been my control of the house -- the democrats, rather, needed to pick up 23 seats, nationwide to do that. at this hour, they stand to gain as many as 30 5:30 five. >> ed: the republicans retain control of the senate, they have
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ousted democratic incumbents in indiana, north dakota, and missouri. that guarantees republicans will remain guardians of president trump's conservative agenda for two more years at least in that chamber. >> ed: joining us now live this hour from the site of some very key races across the country, correspondent alicia acuna, bryan llenas, garrett tenney. they will tell us why americans came out about a near record numbers. what this might mean for the future of the trump administration. >> ed: we begin this hour's election roundup in arizona were democrats battle republicans for a majority of the states nine house seats but the fight for a senate seat still taking center stage. that is where we find alicia acuna, she joined us from scottsdale with all the details. good evening, good morning almost out there. good to see you. >> speak a good evening and good morning, ed and julie. we are still a long way from knowing exactly how the senate seat is going to go. republicans really have been determined to keep this seat
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pattern and control for the g.o.p. right now, we are waiting to hear from republican congresswoman martha mcsally. we understand that she is watching returns with her family. we have not heard yet, earlier in the evening, i spoke with a member of her staff who said they were feeling pretty good about tonight, especially as they were watching the returns come in and other races around the country here. there is a smaller crowd here at this point still waiting on these returns, but it was much -- a much bigger crowd here earlier today. in terms of the sinema camp, they are still very helpful. watching closely, we are all watching closely, two population centers here in arizona. they have yet to give their final word. maricopa county, which held the highest numbers of republicans in the state, and pima county, which is where tucson, arizona, is, a more liberal area. sinema is leading in both of those areas, which in talking to one political operative here, he says that could cause concern
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for mcsally to be worried at this point. however, this could go late into the evening more into the morning, rather. back to you two. >> ed: all right all right. >> julie: next will take a look at colorado, where seven seats were up for grabs. in one of them, republican incumbent lost his seat to his german democratic challenger and a district that voted for hillary clinton in 2016. that is where bryan llenas joins us in greenwood village, colorado. >> hey, julie. five. five-time democrats tried to unseat mike hoffman from colorado's district six and five times they failed. tonight, colorado's district 6 is blue for the first time in its history. being beat by nine points. on this obviously was among the most expensive house races in the country, $24 million flowed into this race, much of that money going toward crow, and they believe that he needed to see to flip in order for them to gain control of the house at night did that.
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democrats recruited crowe, a lawyer, a combat veteran, someone who really concentrated on working-class issues like health care and he also spent a lot of time trying to paint kaufman as somebody who voted a lot in line with trump. listen. >> to be very clear, mike coffman and his supporters are not our enemies. this is politics, not war, and i will never stop trying to find common ground where i can. >> a republican mike coffman conceded this was the toughest race of his career. he knows that this district was redistricted, the lines redrawn in 2012. it became 38% minority. it's politics shifted toward the middle. he voted against repealing the affordable care act, he spoke out against separation of families, but tonight he conceded that the anti-trump anp sentiment was simply too much. >> i knew that my only hope of
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winning was to normalize the race, a referendum on my views, and that if the race was nationalized, a referendum on the president, i simply cannot win this race. >> democrats believe that unaffiliated voters, those independent voters, shut up in big numbers, they would win. here in this midterm election, unaffiliated voters showed up in record numbers. there you have it, jason crow is the new representative district 6. >> julie: bryan llenas, thank you very much. >> ed: key voters, a hard-fought battle in florida. republican governor rick scott projected to be to democratic senator bill nelson. in texas, senator ted cruz winning his second term, narrowly defeating the democratic congressman beto o'rourke and the most expensive senate race in u.s. history. that's right, north dakota, meanwhile kevin kramer unseating a incumbent democrat heidi
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heitkamp by a significant margi. >> julie: also republicans giving gaining another seat in missouri, josh hawley defeating claire mccaskill. democrats getting a seat in illinois at six district, sean cast invading out republican challenger. peter roth can. in florida, democrats flipping two seats, ousting the incumbent congressman carlos curbelo and the 26 district. >> ed: democratic john ashley lowe, former clinton competent official beating out salazar. a hotly contested house battle. >> julie: our panel members will discuss this. pulitzer prize-winning journalist and author david webb, host of the "david webb show" on sirius xm and richard fowler, host of "the richard fowler show" and fox news contributor. before we head into the studio, you guys all sort of gave me
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your most surprised reactions and yours was in florida, judit judith. >> [inaudible] >> julie: b will get your microphone up and we will go to a commercial and then we will come back to our panel. we will get their audio up so we can hear what they have to say. we will have you say that once again when we come back. >> ed: we'll be right back. ♪
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like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. ♪ >> ed: welcome back. democrats take control of the house while republicans increase their lead in the senate. what does this mean for president trump's future agenda? will that mean more drawn out legislative fights and investigations of the house in particular? joining us now, david bossie, deputy campaign manager for the president in 2016. also coauthored "let trump to be trouble" with corey lewandowski, a book about their experiences during the campaign. good evening and good morning, david. he were at the white house a little bit earlier. what was the president's mood?
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speak of the president was feeling great. if you look at what this president has done both legislatively, his accomplishments, a long list, we've talked about it many times, you look at where he went, the campaigns that he went and touched, the states he visited over his tremendous schedule, he did an amazing drop and he feels like he was able to help the team on the battlefield, and he's not on the ballot but his agenda is. >> a state like texas would need a republican president too, and boost up their candidate but ite relationship between cad crews and president trump, certainly certy and i turning one. it went back and forth, sort of like a frenemy. turn out for ted cruz, interesting to note, i wonder if that relationship wasn't so rocky, if ted cruz would have failed but on his opponent. it was a very tight race and surprising to some. >> i think beto o'rourke acquitted himself in this race well. he had an incredible amount of money to help them.
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people came from all over to try to defeat ted cruz. ted won a great victory tonight and he deserves a lot of credit for working very hard and diligently for the people of texas over the last six years. it's recognized. he's a tremendous leader in the senate, and he will be for another six years. >> ed: other good news for the president that bodes well for 2020, and florida come at the polls in recent days suggested you would lose the governor's race in the senate race. he won wealth. that's as of the president yankee battle for 2020. in ohio, the democrat was up, republican mike dewine comes back and wins. the two battlegrounds, the republican president has to have come to florida and ohio, he has the machinery in place. >> the two most important for me, looking forward to 2020. the two most important gubernatorial races, ohio and florida, the president was involved in both of those races, help both candidates raise money, to events, these big rallies, the president goes to,
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he was dressed in ohio and a couple of times in florida in recent days. he has -- he went all in on those races. rick scott is going to be a great u.s. senator now from florida and adds to our numbers. this is very good news tonight. very good news for president trump's reelection. what do you see is now the beginning of what people will have to work with as we look toward the map and what their strategic effort is 42020. >> julie: what we have learned is what we already knew, the president trump knows how to campaign, everyone has said that he's basically campaign that has not stopped campaigning since he took office in 2016. just in the past four days, montana, florida, georgia, tennessee, ohio, indiana for second time, it says a lot about what is to come and the 2020 presidential election. >> if you look at what this president did, he did 11 events
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events -- >> julie: the man doesn't sleep. >> i can tell you, that it was nothing compared to when he was on the ballot. in october, early november of 2016, the president was doing six of those a day, every day, seven days a week. he has an unbelievable engine. he has down stamina that i have never seen before. he is a work ethic that no one has. he is dedicated, that is what he tried to show and share with these candidates across the country. i think we will look back and see the folks that embraced this president and were involved in the party and tried to help, they did very well, and there was shown him didn't. i think we will see some of that play out over time. >> ed: we will dig deeper with the panel next about what it means in terms of losing the house but i want to give you 30 seconds. you talked about the good news for the president but the bad news, there will be subpoenas flying everywhere from various house committees. that is not a good development. >> i was on the other side. >> ed: has a house
10:17 pm
investigator. >> i was the chief investigator for the house, and had subpoena power and deposition authority with the clinton white house, it is going to -- they will need to staff up. patrick maloney, the new incoming white house counsel, has his work cut out for him. he has to bring to bear an enormous group of lawyers, a lot more of them in the general counsel's office. because the members of the democratic party elected these people to go after donald trump, and that is what they are going to do. it doesn't matter what the issue is. they are going to be issuing his subpoenas and trying to bog down the work of this president. whether it is how did an executive order come to be or the president is sending 5,000 troops to the border, tell us about the process. subpoena power is an amazing thing. if i was the white house, i would figure out exactly where the lines are, and stay in them, and really not a fool too much with the house. >> ed: the drama of the first
10:18 pm
two years has just begun, i suspect. he'll stick with us throughout the three hours. >> julie: still much to break down tonight through the next three hours. our panel will share their insight. judith miller, adjunct fellow at the manhattan institute for policy research and pulitzer prize-winning journalist and author. she's wearing a microphone. we'll hear her zone. david webb, host of "the david webb show" and fox news contributor, host of "the richard fowler show" and fox news contributor. >> ed: good evening, all. judith, we didn't hear you so well before. what are your thoughts about tonight? we hear from david bossie, a trim supporter. a pretty good night for the president. >> i think the president was quick to claim it was a great success. i'm not so sure it was. he certainly held the line in the senate. he stopped a blue wave, or blue ripple, depending on whose rhetoric you want to believe. but in the house, there was a clear victory for democrats, and they are going to make donald trump's life miserable, they are going to put a check on
10:19 pm
his agenda, as david bossie said. they are going to, i think, stay away from most of the hot button issues, like impeachment, if nancy pelosi and adam schiff i knew anything to say about it, they will concentrate on the issues that got all of these democrats elected, and that his pre-existing conditions, health care, and try and do their best to hold donald trump accountable for the things he hasn't done. >> julie: richard, when nancy pelosi gave her acceptance speech, she did not mention impeachment, she mentioned health care. i'm wondering if the democrat start to back off, knowing they have a presidential election years away and lindsey graham said he tried to do the same to bill clinton, look where it got him. it will blow up in their face. >> i think it's beyond that. what democrats will do is they will listen very carefully to the americans that elected them. if you think about the races were democrats won, and the state of texas, we unseated pete sessions, part of the republican leadership in the united states
10:20 pm
congress. we unseated him with a football player. nfl player, very charismatic guy, who will be going to the united states congress, also won in illinois with lauren under one, a woman who has a pre-existing condition. we are going to washington with a clear mandate, we know voters care about health care, and so do the democratic party, everything in our power to fix it. this is election for me was a very historic one beyond that. think about this, we elected two muslims to the united states house of representatives, for the first time in american history, native american one was it in the house of representatives. there's a lot of folks out there that are discouraged that democrats don't have as great of a performance but we still did a lot, not to mention the fact that we picked up a lot of governors mansion that we need to pick up. one in particular is michigan, where, finally, the people of flint will get clean tricking water. >> ed: david, let's bring you when you get your perspective as a conservative. i'm seeing a lot of social media where there are republicans denied saying, we lost the house but you don't need the house to get more judges through, or more supreme court justices through, and if anything, this president
10:21 pm
is going to have a bigger majority in the senate. that seems like a big won. >> the quick and instant reaction is often overblown in these elections. for the republicans, i would caution them not to try to downplay a run with narrative against the importance of the house, and what democrats will do there. but you shouldn't overplay the hand also for nancy pelosi. nancy pelosi claims victory tonight, she will be the speaker of the house, there is really not going to be competition from ryan or others, just not going to happen. with the democrats have also not put themselves in a tough posit. the democrats are now in the position, do they grow the route of bernie sanders, alexandria ocasio-cortez, or are there more far left democrats who will go into washington, d.c., with the mandate of the narrative they have been driving to win, as they often tend to run as moderates but now they have people running as outright socialists, people running as an outright far left candidates, which now gives their party a
10:22 pm
contradiction, versus how they are going to govern, as richard said. when it comes to the president, i would say this: keep in the senate, to those judicial appointments, to the article 3 course, court of appeals, district courts, supreme court supreme court, eventually, the riata lee s, ruth bader ginsburg is the next one off the record. that could help move -- >> she is still going strong. >> she can say what she has but -- >> julie: she will live longer than us. >> ed: david, we gave you a couple of minutes. richard was shaking his head throughout your comments. >> here's the thing, an argument that republicans tried to make the democrats ran on socialism and if you talk to voters, they'll tell you we ran on health care and we won on health care tonight very big. we also ran on the fact that there needs to be some accountability in washington to this president. i think now they'll finally become accountability. no longer, the president was a come i will change the constitution with an executive order because of the congress.
10:23 pm
>> the president never said that -- >> he did say that. >> he never said he would change the constitution within an executive order. speak a did he say? >> there is a legal argument to be made about -- talking about the 14th amendment -- >> ed: real quick, final point, david. >> if you would let me finish, a legal argument being made, legal decision based on what can be argued under jurisdiction, all for congress or executive, supreme court, and the president opened that argument, so to castor that way is not what happened. >> julie: it was in fact he change the constitution and i don't believe he will try to go down that road. >> i'm just following what he said. i'm sorry. >> julie: judith, real quick them as far as nancy pelosi is concerned, david is saying she will be speaker. 46, at least 46 candidates, democratic candidates have said they would not support nancy pelosi. that is not going to happen? >> i think she has so many chips to cash in, she's raised so much
10:24 pm
money for people, i believe she will be the speaker and she will try and keep the democratic party centrist. >> ed: we'll be right back. we have montana, arizona, among the senate race is still out there. it will be going live there shortly. we'll be right back. ♪ when my hot water heater failed, she was pregnant, in-laws were coming, a little bit of water, it really- it rocked our world. i had no idea the amount of damage that water could do. we called usaa. and they greeted me as they always do.
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the house. boy, what a day. republicans holding onto the senate, garrett tenney is reporting live from the nation's capital with the very latest. hey, garrett. >> hey, julie. both parties have a reason to celebrate. in the house, democrats will hold the majority, they needed to pick up 23 seats to take control. while a lot of numbers are still coming in, they are productive to win as many as 35 seats. without control, democrats say they plan to throw a wrench into president trump's agenda, and larger number of investigations of investigations administration. tuesday night, house minority leader, soon to be potentially house majority leader nancy pelosi said her parties win mark a new america. >> [cheers and applause] city is more than about democrats and republicans. it is about the constitution re constitutions checks and balances to the trump
10:29 pm
administration. we will work with solutions to bring us together because we have all had enough of division. they want results. >> republicans will at least once each of the majority after pulling out victories in tight races in missouri, florida, and indiana. they go to still expand majority even further depending on how races go and arizona, montana, nevada, and mississippi's runoff election later this month. with those seats, the g.o.p. will have breathing or when it comes to confirming judicial nominees. on on fox news, senator lindsey graham said that reason alone is reason to celebrate after the confirmation battle over justice brett kavanaugh. he is his warning for democrats in the house. >> the reason we won is because it kavanaugh united our party, the caravan was a front tower sovereignty, the economy was good, and president trump worked his butt off to get out the republican base boat and i am feeling really good now. this is a good night for
10:30 pm
republicans in the senate. cory gardner did a great job. we have to find common ground with the democrats in the house. if they want to investigate jump to death and try to impeach him, it will blow up. >> while the big picture results are pretty's outcome of the election results will be is significantly important because the size of these majorities in the house and senate will determine how much power they will have to push the agenda over the next couple of years. julie? >> julie: garrett tenney, thank you very much. >> ed: for some high-profile governors races we are looking at, down to the wire in wiscons. look at this. republican scott walker is facing off against democrat tony evers. >> julie: man. can you say tight race? >> ed: we want to fight a little quick. we'll go back. another tight race in georgia between republican brian kemp and stacey abrams. she may be talking soon. we'll go there live if she does, she might be seeking a recount. in florida, republican ron desantis narrowly defeats
10:31 pm
democrat aaron guillen. gillum had been up several points in recent polls. he goes down, conceded a couple hours ago. in kansas, numbers as well. >> julie: democratic state senator laura kelly beating out secretary of state kris kobach. then colorado, voters have elected the nation's first openly gay governor. and in illinois, democrats taking back the republican health governors seat for. j.b. pritzker ousting incumbent republican governor bruce rauner. >> ed: while mike quade a lot of big races, ohio welcomes a new governor into the state cap. republican mike dewine will take over for the retiring governor john kasich. the state also reelected democratic senator sherrod brown by a similar margin. so we have got a split decision in ohio as well. joining us on the phone, a former senior advisor to retiring ohio governor john kasich, who we just mentioned. he's also a managing director of
10:32 pm
the public affairs firm mercury llc. good to have you tonight. >> great to be here. >> ed: what is your reaction, first of all, to what happened in ohio early on? the return suggested that there was a pretty good lead and then mike dewine came on strong. president trump certainly wanted to have a republican governor in place as he gets ready for 2020. >> i think with today's election showed is that ohio is now a red state. i don't think it is a purple state. we'll probably have the national media dissent upon ohio for one more cycle but it's now solidly in the red column. i don't know how the democrats will win national elections with ohio and florida are now consistently going republican. it will be a big challenge for them on the map. the presidential map. >> ed: what do you think as well as sort of the big picture of the national map? as i mentioned, you work for john kasich, who has been no fan of president trump, he's been critical, going back to the rope again presidential primaries. president trump now has divided
10:33 pm
government in washington. democratic house, republican senate. what comes next? >> i think it is a mixed bag for democrats. they got the house, that is a big win. they will be able to set a lot of agenda with subpoenas and those types of things. they have a real challenge here because they will have to appease their base. if they start to appease their base too much, the message will get away from them. what they ought to do, in my opinion, it's really try to fix their immigration issue. the country is not where they are on immigration. they hey have been pinned into x by the president and may have to figure out what they want to be so they are not portrayed by a party of open borders. i would worry about the infrastructure, also putting positive reforms in, rather than just holding the gavel and trying to hold the president under subpoena all the time. that is going to do -- that is my prediction of where they will go and i think this will for them in the long run. >> julie: one of the biggest issues on the campaign trail that president trump pushed, not
10:34 pm
only the economy, but immigration big number one. now that the houses controlled by democrats, and the caravan of the president has talked about a lot on his campaign trail with thousands of people headed to our border, and patrols, u.s. patrols being sent there to keep them from essentially invading this country eight, as the president puts it, how do you think nancy pelosi will have this conversation when it comes to immigration when it comes to the president of the united states? the two could not disagree more when it comes to immigration. >> i think it is a really good point. the caravan represents something far bigger. he represents the policies of immigration, whereas the people actually see the president doing something on this issue, whereas they look at the politicians that have been in washington for years, they all show also look at democrats who have are obstructionist on this issue. it has been a very skillful tactic. i don't agree with the president in terms of what the caravan is. but he has been able to use it very skillfully to show a very
10:35 pm
strong policy difference, and this is the box the democrats will find themselves in. until they can find a way out of it, they are also going to have a very difficult time in 2020. this is -- while it's a good situation to have the house democrats, a whole set of problems. >> ed: we appreciate you coming out tonight, giving us your insight. give our thoughts to john kasich. we have a lot of races, montana senate, arizona senate, we'll be getting to those of our panel. i also want to bring the panel and on that very question that julie was asking about immigration. lazard with you, david webb. you are the trump supporter on our panel. parade route as the president move forward? he made not just a caravan, but getting funding for the wall, front and center in this campaign. he said two years, republican house, republican senate, he's gone chunks of money. what does he do next, now that nancy pelosi doesn't want to build the wall? >> this is where the battle is.
10:36 pm
the republicans, one of the big failures especially under paul ryan's leadership, was not to advance the issue, not only the issues around border security, the wall, but a complete package around visa reform, immigration system, visa over his days, this is all going to stall on the american people. it's not going to get through with the democrats, there is no doubt about that, and the big lie here is the lie being told to the "illegal aliens" who come to the country that democrats are going to give them something, because when they have other super majorities, they've given them nothing. it's a wedge issue they like to have ended will continue to affect many lower income americans when it comes to wage depression. we are talking about politicians, but i got to tell you, americans pay the price for this. >> julie: judith come i want to take each of the board paired arizona come at you close to call. kyrsten sinema and martha mcsally. literally just a few percentage points away from each other at this point. of the state of arizona,
10:37 pm
immigration obviously was a huge contentious point. why then is it so close between republican and democrat when the republicans took a strong stance on the immigration issue in arizona? >> because i think all politics are local and it depends on how important this issue is in that state. i would say i think immigration is an issue that has cut both ways. on one hand, the republican, donald trump's obsession with it. the other hand, people reacting to donald trump calling immigrants -- >> ed: part of me, we got to go live, stacey abrams, democratic candidate for governor in georgia is speaking her supporters. >> when you chose me as a democratic nominee, i made you a vow. in our georgia, no one will be unseen, no one will be unhea, and no one is uninspired. [cheers and applause] but we know a vow takes effort,
10:38 pm
it takes commitment to hold truth. reaching out, reaching across his hard work. but as i told you then, hard work is in our bones. and we have proven this every single day, georgia. with doors knocked, was with calls made, with miles traveled, with prayers. to the highest heavens heavens. and tonight, we have closed the gap between yesterday and tomorrow. [cheers and applause] but we still have a few more miles to go. but hear me clearly. that, too, is an opportunity to show the world who we are. because in georgia, civil rights have always been an active will and a battle for our souls.
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and because we have been fighting the fight since our beginning, we have learned a fundamental truth. democracy only works when we work for it! [cheers and applause] when we fight for it! when we demand it! and apparently today, when we stand in line for hours to meet it at the ballot box, that is when democracy works! i'm here tonight to tell you, both remained to be counted. there are voices that are waiting to be heard. across our state, folks are opening up their dreams of voters and absentee ballots, and we believe our chance for a stronger georgia is just within reach. but we cannot seize it until all voices are heard. and i promise you tonight, we are going to make sure that every vote is counted. every single vote. every vote counts. [cheers and applause] because i will tell you this, in
10:40 pm
a civilized nation, the machinery of democracy should work for everyone, everywhere! not just in certain places, and not just on a certain day! but what lies on the other side of our efforts, our best lives are within reach. fully funded public education in the state of georgia! [cheers and applause] medicaid expansion! [cheers and applause] and raising family incomes without raising taxes. every georgia and that we have touched along the way he understands the power of the vo, and i will tell you, this election has tested our faith. i'm not going to name names, but some have worked hard to take our voices away. to scare us away. to distract us. but our vision is clear and we see the finish line!
10:41 pm
you, you have inspired me every single day of this campaign. i know what you sacrificed to make your way to the polls, to volunteer after work on lunch break. and i know that you put your faith in me, and you'll do it again. [cheers and applause] georgia, you put your faith in me. but i want you to doubt tonight, the feeling is mutual. and i want you to look around tonight, to be all the proof you need, that when we put our faith in the great people of this date, there is nothing we can't accomplish together. [cheers and applause] this -- this fundamental truth is why we fight on, because georgia still has a decision to
10:42 pm
make. a decision between division and trickery. or a leadership that defends your rights, your kids, your career, your community, and your right to vote in america! [cheers and applause] that is what what is on the ba! now to all of georgians who voted, including the 1.2 million who haven't showed up before, welcome aboard. but i want to say this: if i wasn't your first choice, or if you made no choice at all, you are going to have a chance to do a do over. and i need you to know that it is my mission to serve you, to serve georgia, to make you proud. and for those who didn't take me the first time, to change your mind about me and what we can accomplish together. you see, i learned a long time, we don't need to agree on
10:43 pm
everything. but i will always respect you, and i will do everything i can to keep you safe, and help you live your best lives. [cheers and applause] because that is what leadership requires at this moment, and it is how we breathe life back into our republic when it seems to be shallow of breath. and to everyone who is already scored your precious time, energy, hard earned dollars, and love into the campaign, i say thank you, and i urge you to stay with us. because georgia, friends, friends, we are still on the verge of history, and the best is yet to come! [cheers and applause] because this is not about me. it's about us.
10:44 pm
it's about our voices. to say our voices. it's about our votes. say our votes. it's about our time, say our time. our voices! our votes! our time! because we are georgia, say it! we are georgia! we are georgia! [cheers and applause] say it with me, say "we are georgia." we are georgia! we are georgia! so let's get it done! think you so much ! [cheers and applause] >> ed: a pretty defiant speech from stacey abrams, democratic nominee for governor in georgia, she is down at least three points or so but there is roughly 4% of the vote, if you look at that, down three points, there is about 6% counted. she is saying she wants all the votes counted. >> julie: absentee ballots. >> ed: with only 96% counted,
10:45 pm
there may be some actual votes that were cast today that have not yet been counted. >> julie: i did the math, the difference in both would be 115,047, so that that is over e 50,000 -- we would have to wait and see what the absentees. basically i don't think we will be getting the results. >> ed: would not go to an automatic recount at this level unless the gap narrows. richard fowler, you've been emailing, as we listened to stacey abrams, what is your sense from democratic officials, is she pushing for a recount? what is the help? >> some folks in my campaign are saying they believe the race will come to a runoff based on the amount of absentee ballots. if anyone has been paying attention to georgia, for the entire of the race, especially today, i got to say this, i don't care what party you belong to come everybody should have the right to vote. you shouldn't have to wait in line for vocal hours, go to your polling precinct and they are only are two machines and nobody can find the plugs for them, which is what happened in georgia. it took jesse jackson to come to
10:46 pm
georgia for a machine to magically appear. brian kemp who is a secretary of state and the republican nominee has some serious questions to answer as to why this loading process and his date was so messed up. if it was a mistake about the georgia voters should be saying, are we sure that we want the person who can't run the voting -- >> ed: stacey abrams not conceding it. judy, let's go big picture and not just get in the weeds in georgia. democrats had high hopes that with stacey abrams in georgia, being the first female black governor anywhere in america, and the possibility of andrew gillum morning, he conceded, he's lost in georgia, they would be this whole new face of the democratic party. they've lost in florida. you did not win the governor's e and now losing here. what do you see big picture if the democrats? pick up is, that wave of newcom, that has not happened.
10:47 pm
what you see is people fixated on trying to find a way to check the president's power. i really think when you see that you're not on both sides, especially on the democratic party, the democratic side, you see the determination to stop what has been going on. i think the negative voting for democrats was so -- an independents -- was so important. we will know more with the numbers. when we talk about georgia, the other problems we've seen with voting, i worried the whole time when the last election about russian interference. we haven't heard a word about russian interference in the selection. everything is local and the problems in the electoral system, the problems with the integrated voting system, the problem with voter suppression, nothing -- >> julie: you know why we haven't heard russian investigation? because the president drives the new cycle and he hasn't talked about it. if he is not talking about it, we are not. instead, he's been talking about immigration, the caravan, and therefore that drives the new cycle. it is something he does very
10:48 pm
well. >> he just tweeted that he is magic man. the outcome, 3 minutes ago, he was the magic man, the outcome was magical. this is the way that comment strikes me, not only did he refer to himself in the third person, but also, given the strength of this economy, i don't think that what we see in the house reflects any magic at all. >> ed: pabon for a second. let's let david react to that. whether it's magic or not, you go back to history, bill clinton lost 52 house seats in the first midterm in '94. barack obama lost 63 in 2010. david webb, donald trump is going to lose, it appears, nowhere many that -- that many house seats. he wanted to keep control of the house but my point is, he's not losing 60, 70 seats in the house as some people said. a referendum and he will be checked and this will be an awful night for him. he's increasing his lead in the senate. >> which, by the way, goes more
10:49 pm
toward the next presidential election, where republicans will not be playing defense and the senate as much, that is actually important to the presidential election, including key governorships of the ohio pennsylvania. ohio and florida, rather, when it comes to the electoral college. when it comes to this checking of the president, the real child care is going to be for the democrats to decide, are they going to work the solutions or does the resistance continue. regardless of how someone wants to approach this, again, while we are talking about politicians, people around america have seen solutions, economies have grown, wages have gone up, manufacturing jobs coming in at ten times the ratio in the past 19 months of the previous 19 months, we are talking about significant increases, and by the way, they don't happen in a vacuum. when they are combined, they are about to release the american economic animal spirit. people's bodega owners columbia pizza shop owners, these are the
10:50 pm
ones that are going to take advantage, and that is what that consumer confidence is all about. >> i agree with david on the point that democrats have to -- i think the idea that the president will be all set up for the 2020 election is a misnomer. think about what happened in florida. on the ballot was amendment 4, which restored the right for felons to vote. 1.2 americans were back on the roles and florida. republicans have no idea how to get to them. >> you will win because felons will vote? >> no, no, a lot of them are black -- >> julie: we have some key senate races we need to talk about. >> ed: the panel will continue after the break. we do we'll be right back. election coverage continues after this. ♪ i'm going to start with some balayage clip-ins,
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>> our mid-term election night coverage rolls on. you thought it is over. it is not even close. >> not even startled three more hours. you better stay tuned. >> we have a will the of the senate battles the president and we are watching closely. in arizona it has been tight the whole way through. this is a republican seat that might flip democratic.
10:55 pm
45% of the vet. kristen sinemma is trailing by 14,000. the republican mcsally up by the mallest of margins. >> nevada and montana. >> there is nevada. you have the republican there dean helder up a couple of points. but only 22% of the precincts reporting. 45% for jackie rosa the democratic opponent. things are looking in the incumbents favour. >> early on. montana you see right there he has 48.1%. he is trailing 49% to 48.1%. 58% of the vote in now. this is watched closely. president trump said he made it on the target list. tester voted no on kavanaugh. we have a whole lot more races coming up. >> it is interesting how the senate is picking up the seats
10:56 pm
they could peck up more. the night is young. >> the edge increasing by how much? you'll find out when special election coverage returns on the other side. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate helps you. with drivewise. feedback that helps you drive safer. and that can lower your cost now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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>> welcome back. democrats ride victoriously into the house. one of the most intense mid term elections in american history and changing the country political landscape. >> hello and good morning. >> our coverage is just beginning. >> it is sure is. >> we have an in-depth look at the major races big senate battles outstanding and a lot of house races particularly on the west coast. the congressional numbers are stacking out this way so far. democrats have won control of the house. they needed to pick up 23 seats
11:01 pm
nationwide to do that. at this hour, they stand to gain as many as 35. >> certainly surpassing the majority 218 needed there. but the g.o.p. keeps a firm grip on the senate. off thing democratic incumbents in end, north dakota, florida, missouri and insuring republicans will remain as presidential conservative policies for at least two more years. >> joining us from sites of the key races around this great nations. jonathan hunt dan springer and molly lion and examine were this contest was simply like no other and why so many cast their ballots with one man in mind the man at the white house, president donald trump. >> we are preparing for the possibility of a recount in the wisconsin governor's race. the announcement in wisconsin coming from governor scott walker's campaign just a moment ago. it just came into the newsroom. >> this is a very, very close race between the democrat there
11:02 pm
tone ebbers and scott walker the republican and incumbent. they have 49% to 49%. we're talking. 625 vote difference. you bette they're getting a recount. this is not florida, folks but a close race. >> it is pretty intense. we begin the hour election coverage out west where california voters turned out in numbers approaching those of a presidential election year. >> not only were they casting ballots for key congressional seats and deciding the outcome of 11 propositions. they had a lot on their plate. jonathan hunt joins us from costa mesa in southern california with's top races across the golden state. hey, jonathan? >> good morning to you on the east coast. julie. good evening, from here on the west coast. we have been watching five particularly close congressional races here in california. perhaps none more interesting than here in the 48th digit. where congressman dana
11:03 pm
errorbucker a 15-term congressman has been trying to went a 16th term. now this has been a quirky race in the traditional of the congressman with the very slow count what we know at the moment. is that congressman is locked in a dead heat with his dep at challenger harley ruder, congressman was just down here. he acknowledges it is going to be a long night. he says he is not happy with what happened in the rest of the country, in terms of republicans losing control of the house. but he said, we will at least be stronger in the senate. i asked him if he felt for individual congressmen like himself, this was a vet for or against him or for or against donald trump. he said that the billionaires are funding the antirepublican campaign. they are not trying to hit individual congressmen, they are trying to hit president trump. another important race, the race for governor. no surprise that the democrat former mayor of san francisco
11:04 pm
gavin newsome beat his republican challenger businessnessman cox. but it is interesting because newsome said he intends to continue california's ongoing war with the trump administration over issues like the environment, and most especially immigration. one final note, the next speaker of the house likely to be from california. unless nancy pelosi faces a lead ership challenge. >> jonathan hun great to see you. >> a lot still happening. before we keep going on the senate races. we may go live shortly to republican brian kemp. he's in athens, georgia we heard from the democratic nominee for the gubial battle. there's still a lot of votes to be counted stacy abraham says she wants all of the votes counted.
11:05 pm
>> a lot of battles especially in the u.s. senate. >> let's head to nevada where dean helder faces off against democratic challenger jackie rosen. dan springer is live. the campaign headquarters, what did we know so far things just took a big swing. the behemoth clark county just released its first batch of votes it gave jackie rosen the lead. 52-44% the republican trying to hold on to the seat with the 5% democratic registration advantage and the a year ago in clark county in the first drop of votes in this you, rosen held
11:06 pm
a 75% vote advantage. i don't think it is the entire county. just a portion of the county. another bad sign for the helder camp in wascco county in the swing state. rosen held a 10,000 vote advantage. adding an additional 3,000 from people who voted today. she still holds a 9,000 vote advantage. all of the punnedets tell me for dean helder to have a chance to win the state. he has to win in washo county, because he will be killed in clark county around las vegas. he did well in the rural cows 68% of the vote in many rural counties, but there aren't that many votes there. clark county has about 70% of the total votes in the state. they're coming in become for jackie rosen. at this point it looks like rosen has the advantage. we don't have all of the votes counted. >> a long way to go. they got off to a slow start it.
11:07 pm
took three hours after the polls closed for any results to come in, because they had long lines in voting in washo county. a big turpout. and right now a sizable lead for jacky rosen who could flip the seat in nevada. >> it is a republican seat. clark county still outstanding. a lot of union votes, as you suggested. casino employees tend to vote democrats. what percentage of the vote is in now? with the democrat having the lead? >> the last i was was 22%. but it jumped since then, because we have a lot of numbers from clark county. they just came, right before i came on with you. again, she had about 11% lead in early voting democrats over republicans in that county alone. if that holds, and she also wins in waso county it is over she will be the senator.
11:08 pm
>> jackie rosen with the lead now. we'll get back to you shortly. we talk about poll, projections all coming in. we want to bring in pollster john mcglauc lin. you worked with president trump before. a lot of people trying to make sensetion as they say. what's going on here? >> what went right for the president? let's start with the house. what went right, what went wrong? >> he threw himself in front of the blue wave. a week ago, over a week ago with our national numbers, the g.o.p. number in congress only had a 41%. it is 51% disapproval. it is improvement post kavanaugh. >> it is 41% approval they is should have lost 50 or 60 seats they should have had a tsunami. >> the president injected himself into the race and took a lot of the seats. it is policy hubberrous in washington. they didn't get the job done on immigration. they didn't get the job done on
11:09 pm
healthcare. when you think of what the republicans were hit on. on taking away preexisting conditions. that effects republicans. we were hit the seats we lost new jersey, new york, pennsylvania. we took away the state and local property deductions and our voters used those. those suburban digits it was the leaders wouldn't budge. they made republicans win re-election but they voted against it. john castle and two new york republicans. >> the new jersey republicans lost on that issue. the same we didn't have to have that vote. >> in california seats were the state and local tax issue is big as well. we simply don't are have the results, because they're just starting to come not in the west coast. there could be more republican losses out west. >> congressman ross lost in illinois his suburban district.
11:10 pm
there were votes taken that should have thought and say we don't need to do this. you have to stay in office. you have to win or you don't get to do the policy. >> another area where suburban did hurt republicans is with the female vote. a lot of women did not vote republican. that is an issue that the white house has recognized. i believe with the president recently coming out saying maybe he could have changed his tone a little better. is he speaking to women? >> i don't think just women, i think all voters but they talked about a proposal where they were going to allow people to take out social security did. >> that was something pushed through by his daughter ivankaa she as the woman actually gave him that ideas. is he listening to women enough other than his daughter. >> the leadership didn't vote they dib take a house vote on it. so the president threw it out there. but they voted on it after the election. that will not help us went
11:11 pm
elections there were a lot of close races that we won, in terms of like george holding in ral lay, and we had wood awl in georgia there were races thatwe won that were close. when you look at the biggest races he won. he lifted florida up with sanders and scott. a week ago with statewide survey these were losing by a couple of points and he delivered more senate seats, because he went out to indiana. they won. he went to missouri. they won. and montana. they may steal that, that's the state the president won by 20 points. nevada they're hanging on. and the it was plus three for the democrats. now helder is ahead the vote is kept today. there's been a late surge. >> the president says this would largely be about kavanaugh, the caravan. and caravan and immigration in a minute. you ran through some on kavanaugh. i look at it. the mccasskill.
11:12 pm
high camp. donnelly voted no and those three senate democrats are gone. kavanaugh had a big impact. we'll see whether there's an impact in montana as well. >> that was a big backfire. a lot of people thought that was about supreme court justice. i think chuck schumer look at the landscape. 26 of the 35 were his members. the play to get republicans to pull kavanaugh and maybe not deliver the votes. that would have suppressed vote turnout. you had a record mid-term. the antitrump voters we knew were coming. the president got more of the 63 million trump voters back. they were fired up by kavanaugh and other issues. emgation and other thing. he brought them up. and i tell you the house republicans and the senate republicans. they didn't have a message. everyone knows what donald trump message was. to make america great again. you know voters couldn't tell us what the message was. >> they will have to break out from the leaders? as he worries about his even
11:13 pm
re-election. i will drive the message and not wait for you guys? >> i think he needs to lead more. they need to not say, because we have lost the house. so you know-- and may not be all that far apart. we lost it, but not that many seats. they're still counting a lot of elections and still pretty close and winning elections the democrats thought they would have in the blue wave. it was a green wave. mike bloom berg throwing in 110 million ordinancey pelosi out raising house members. the house members have to think about they need to understand and accomplish misagenda. and not expect people to vote. >> historically the house being exchanging power half way through the presidency is something that is rare. it hasn't happened many times. it is something that is unique. it puts the president in the unique situation. how will it effect his presidency and campaign in two years having the democrats in the house. do the democrats have more to
11:14 pm
lose in two years. no have two years to screw up and two years of campaigning for president trump and he will call them out not every one. >> there are a lot of districts that they won. there will be a larger turnout two years, when he is up for re-election. your point about it happens in 2010 we saw that opposing obama's policy. even though people liked him personally, his policies were bad. we had a huge victory and took the house in 20 10 and had 19 million voters. now obama came back and won two years later, but it was a close election and mitt romney could have won that election. >> we may come back. some news out of wisconsin where matt fin is looking at the close gubernatorial battle what do you have? >> rebecca clay fish greeted supporters with a good morning and said that this race is to close to call.
11:15 pm
and that walkers campaign is now preparing for a long, drawn-out recount. the wisconsin elections commission tells fox news. this is a nail-biter of an election, but relatively trouble free. here in wisconsin if the final count is at or less than 1% a candidate can request a recount there. are no mandatory recounts in wisconsin. this year wisconsin hit a record high in early voting. 55 5,000 early votes. that's about 191,000 more votes than 2014. in 2014 the state saw the highest ever turnout in an election 2.4 million votes. wisconsin will exceed that figure this year. so now the nail-biter of the governor's race, which has been in the dead heat looks like thereby decided in the coming days and weeks ahead. >> the latest totals the governor has slipped behind scott walker. down by a small margin. he's been up. and now down by a small margin.
11:16 pm
it is a close race. really. and they have 600 votes total. which is nothing. we thank you for coming in and appreciate your analysis for sure. the look at some of the big senate battles we'll have the details next.
11:17 pm
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at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. >> welcome back to fox news coverage of the 2018 mid-term elections boy, what a night and morning we are still waiting for a couple senate races. in particular georgia. >> brian kemp the republican nom me may be addressing his supporters. it is not settled within a couple of points. we heard from stacy abrahams for the georgia gubernatorial battle. she wants all of the votes counted we have big races out standing and wonderful people to talk about it. >> joined by former deputy
11:21 pm
assistant to president george w. bush and jay green the former candidate for dmc chair. let's talk about georgia. stacy abrahams did you see her speak out. she was fired up for good reason. she has put her heart and soul into the race and it is very close one. she wants all of the votes. 96% of precincts have reported we will supposeedly hear from kemp. what do you think will happen in georgia why so close? >> my favourite line of her speech was every vote is getting counted. what we saw in georgia with the shenanigans for the secretary of state running for governor and trying to have control over the race itself. the accusations he made against the democratic partiy in the last minute from his official office. the fact that you have polling places without enough machines. the cheating that was attempted is what compelled her to make
11:22 pm
that speech. i think not just democrats, but americans across the country could listen to her and understand that, if you're going to go into a fight. let's have it be a fair fight and this, this is not a fair fight. >> allegedly. brian kemp will come out and give his side of the story in a few minutes. >> certainly when you withhold 50,000 voters from being able to participate in this democracy, that's-- that's a big deal when those voters are more likely to vote against you. >> those are the main issues right? that was before today? >> the cheating has been going on for quite some time. >> you call it cheating. >> because it is -- >> call it like it is. the cheating has been going on for a long time. some will say jerry manderring is not cheating i call it cheating. >> you call it cheating. >> looking at voter suppressing that is cheating. we and democrats and republicans if you're an american, you want more people to participate in the political process.
11:23 pm
that's is where republican have shown their true colours. they want less people. they tried to limit the election. >> let's but brad and widen the lens a little bit. with the big picture you worked in the george w bush white house. what's your advice to president trump about dealing with divided government as we move forward? >> initially if i were the president i would call for congress to continue to be in session over the holiday period. we have a majority. don't squander the majority, while you have it. >> have a lame duck session and try to get last minute things. >> absolutely. use the leverage of having the majority, until you no longer have it. don't squander power. as we believe into january, when we have a new congress, new challenge to democrats and hopefully they will reach out back. because both sides have to learn a lesson here. the american people came out in record numbers. they want action. they want bipartisanship. they want compromised we have
11:24 pm
the most transactional president probably in modern times. he's not an idea lodge. use it to your advantage. >> do you believe nancy pelosisy is willing to come to the middle that she wants to stop all of the negative rhetoric and get something done. is something going to get done by congress? >> the only way to test her is by calling her out on it. >> what's the number one issue on their plate then, if it is lame duck goes into effect? >> i think making the middle class tax cuts permanent. that should be an easy lift, a by part sap lift. if she is going to be the speaker then the president should have her at the white house. >> nancy pelosi will go for that? >> here's the untold story, i think from tonight. just the history that women candidates have made. and all of the women that stepped up to run. we're going to have more women in congress than ever before and women run for office, this also applies to nancy pelosi.
11:25 pm
women run for office to find solutions studies show men in many ways, fewer numbers run for personal power. >> well-- >> that's -- >> but the smart people, the smart people at harvard and i'll have done studies. >> just decided that men do -- >> well, what we do have more people in congress who are in it for solutions. who embrace commice versus what the tea party did. that's going to be a good thing s. >> ,. >> you say more women are coming in and they're going to be to be better than men and have solutions does that mean the democrats coming to power will govern and not just do the resist we have seen for the last two years. >> i certainly think women drive that i understand it is a hard conversation for white men. >> it is not a hard conversation. >> no, no, no. >> with political leadership. >> come on. >> it is hard thing to less your market share.
11:26 pm
>> saying resist whether white, black, men, women, democrats have said resist, correct? >> women have entered. >> you're not correct? >> entering for a solution. many democrats said resist. and many democrats were looking to the resistance movement many ways lead by women. >> what will they do to work with president trump. what will they do subinstantly going to do? it is absolutely important to move forward on legislation opportunities like infrastructure. it is a strong opportunity. >> i can't agree. >> no the president. >> the tax cut situation. >> the president made it clear. from structure can be on the table. >> if you want the democrats to go high, we have to look to this president to go high. the voters the record turnout a lot was driven by accountability. people wanting this president and this administration to be held accountable. so, yes, you ask democrats to legislate and commice. you have to ask the person at
11:27 pm
the top, the person with the most power to do something he hasn't done for three years. >> which is to unify and represent all of america and not just the fringes. >> the president wrote the book "the art of the deal." we'll see if he puts it in place in the week and months ahead. >> thank you for coming in. >> thank you both. >> much more election coverage coming up. >> yeah, we have another hour and a half. we'll be right back. green book is the feel good movie of the year. i'm a musician about to embark on a concert tour, with the majority of which will be down south. atlantic city? the deep south. this thanksgiving... in the deep south, there's gonna be problems. when you see me worried... tony. you'll know if i'm worried. how about some quiet time. it's amazing you said that, my wife used to say that all the time. their journey inspired an unexpected friendship. i don't think i ever met anyone with your appetite. [ laughing ]
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11:31 pm
>> well in the end the democrats a blowout it. was shot down but it is enough for the majority for their folks to get in the house ever the heated mid term election with the one of the most diverse candidates in history. >> the g.o.p. maintained control of the senate allowing to gart the president trump conservative policies here is how the congressional wins and losses are stacked as of right now. democrats needed to peck up 23 seats. nationwide in order to regain control of the house. they might actually gain as many as 35. now, here is a look at how republicans fared. >> in the big senate battles there's still more outstanding, but that gives the president the chance to proclaim that the mid
11:32 pm
term outcome was a "tremendous success." because he's picking up seats in the senate. will he be forced to extended an olive branch to the opposition with the agenda that might be less devisei over the next two years. >> we will have to wait to find out. democrat laura kelly is the winner for the governor mansion in kansas beating republican secretary of state. the race had been neck-and-neck in recent days. correspondent molly lines jones us from kansas with the latest there. hi, molly. >> good morning. julie and ed as well. the deep, dark red of kansas a little less so. democrats managed to pick up some of the seats here. one congressional race. they won and also as you mentioned the governor's seat. state state senator managed to beat the secretary of state in the battle that tested kelly cross party appeal against trump-backed campaign. the slew of endorsements from
11:33 pm
kansas republicans ahead of the victory including support from two former g.o.p. governors. >> this wasn't one side beating the other. it was democrats and republicans and independents all coming together to put our state back on track. >> best known as an ardent advocate for strict voter laws was the vice chair of the voter fraud until it was disbandedled and enthusiastically welcomed and the president endorsement and to the trail and embraced many of the president policies on taxes immigration, but his campaign. that campaign did not translate into the victory and he has concede the race. the republican loss complies with the precedence as kansas despite being thought of as a reliable red state in 1964. the governor seat has alt stated
11:34 pm
red blue, red blue, red, and new blue again. it stuck with that precedent in this loss. something to think b as you look at the historical nature of some of the governors races around the country. >> molly lion in kansas. appreciate that. >> it is not just lawmakers on the ballot. the states have been picking up some big issues and referendums. florida voters poised to restore the voting rights of floridans with the flown conviction of murder and felony sexual onses. >> that's getting's lot of notice and north carolina whether to start requiring a photo d. to vote in person. a big issue. it appears voters are leaning yes, on that as well. voters consider questions about abortion, medicaid and legalizing marijuana. you can check out the full list live on fox >> the photo i.d. seems like a no-brainer. voter fraud has been an issue
11:35 pm
what have we been talking about and the president talks about people illegally voting what better way to prove. it isn't brought up in recounts for example, where people are accusing parties of cheating. you go in with the driver's license, as you should when i went to vote, i can't believe when i say my name, they believe me. and i don't go -- >> they know -- >> no, i live in new york. i hide. >> well a little bit. >> you don't have to hide. president trump will still have pull over the senate with the g.o.p. retaining control and just how many seats they'll have in the senate we're trying to figure out. a lot of races out west. still playing out, but there could be a battle as the democrats take hold of the house for the first time in eight years. joining me from the washington bureau to breakdown what it means for the president legislative agenda. and liberal commentator jason nichols good evening and
11:36 pm
morning. >> mark let's start with you. what do you think is the path forward for the president? we heard talk of maybe a limb duck session, when he still has after the elect and before the new congress is sworn in, maybe get paul ryan to pass some morer in initial telephones into january with the democratic house and a bolstered republican majority in the stat what is the path forward? >> it is full steam ahead. he will continue to outline his policies. call on congress to act. the question is going to be. will he have democrats break with their tradition of the last two years. and actually come to the table and work with the president. let's remember. the president offered them significant concessions to get an immigration deal. including fixing the problem with the dreamers and he agreed to what they wanted to do. wasn't good enough. there was no deal. he asked for infrastructure. there was still no deal. so, it is going to determine whether nancy pelosi can figure out how to govern rather than just how to campaign there.
11:37 pm
is a difference. >> what about that? >> i was just asking jay green about it. you know your party has been talking resist for almost two years now. now you're going to have responsibility to govern at least one chamber are the democrats up to the task in. >> absolutely. i think they're very much ready to govern. i think we can actually make a deal on things like infrastructure there. are other things that i think we will not come to a consensus on. with republicans, like immigration. we think a wall is wasteful. i don't think that's going to happen. and i think this was a good night for democrats. we're in a good position right now. we have seen we will see more diversity in congress than we've seen in a long time or ever. i think it is a good night for us. it is exciting. >> jason how can you say it is a good night for democrats. of course you're taking about the house, it is conceded but you were talking about a blue wave for months and months. it is picking up 50 or 60 seats
11:38 pm
a tsunami like in 1994. and number two, a blue wave would not include the president of the united states gaining ground. not losing or staying the same but gaining seats in the senate where he can push through more judicial nominations and the rest? >> as you know we needed 23 seats. we're poised to gain between 32 and 35 seats. so i think that is a blue wave. what we wanted to do is to take back one of the houses. we knew we weren't going to win the senate that was clear. gaining a couple of senate seats doesn't really do much for the president. i think wenting the house does a lot for democrats. we're excited. i think it is absolutely a blue wave. and it absolutely was a referendum on the president. >> i have less than a minute. let's get mark. ho dow you respond to that? >> it is not even a blue drop in the bucket. they barely held on. let's remember, that president obama lost 63 seats. president clinton lost 54 seats.
11:39 pm
ronald reagan lost 26 seats. we're talking about much more along the lines of what agendaap saw, than under the losses of president obama and president clinton. all of those presidents went on to be re-elected two years later. i think the biggest lesson we take away from today. is that hollywood and the liberal elite came up with a big goose egg. lebron james shot an air ball in houston. the voters hit mute on taylor swift. and oprah got turned off in georgia. >> but we could go all night with you slamming hollywood. >> all right, an inch, a mile? >> i say buy an inch or buy a mile. >> all right. with we will ponder that the rest of the night. >> buy an inch, buy a mile. >> take a look at the senate race. as the senate remay be manes in control by republicans. we are waiting. >> we might have a call on
11:40 pm
nevada and montana the standing and arizona a. >> so republicans could pick up more. >> special coverage continues live at this moment. let's clear a path. let's put down roots. let's build something. let's do the thing that you do. let's do the thing that changes the shape of everything... that pushes us forward and keeps us going. let's do the work. whenshe was pregnant,ter failed, in-laws were coming, a little bit of water, it really- it rocked our world. i had no idea the amount of damage that water could do. we called usaa. and they greeted me as they always do. sergeant baker, how are you? they were on it.
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>> all right, your back with fox that is the republican candidate brian kemp in georgia gubernatorial race. some breaking news in nevada before we go there live. republican senator dean helder is conceding. we understand he will speak in a moment or so. that's a loss for republicans in the senate. the net of three gain seats. they won four and lost one. ples through and montana mont and arizona unsettled and wisconsin there's some news. >> for waiting to hear from wisconsin. right now it turns out that the democrat tony ebbers has been elected the governor beating
11:45 pm
g.o.p. incumbent according to the associated press. they are calling this. scott walker's camp is wanting a recount here. >> there is a very tight race there. it is about 625 vote, 99% of the precincts reporting there. at this point we will have to wait and. >> a lot of breaking news. some republicans falling maybe walker and helder conceding. bryan kemp is in the lead in georgia let's go to him live to see what he seas. says. >> i promised, i promised to put people ahead of politics. even my own political party. i promise to put your families, not the special interests first. i promised to put students, not the status quo first. i promised to fight for all georgians, above all else and be a governor, who cares about more about doing the right thing than playing good politics.
11:46 pm
we travelled this state to all 159 counties. to look at people eye to eye and make that promise directly. along the way we rolled out comprehensive plans to strengthen rural georgia. make georgia number one for small business. lower taxes. lower insurance premiums and protect the hope scholarship. [ applause ] >> we talked a lot about street gangs and cartels. we have introduced plans to keep our streets and our schools safe. i stood with legislature and backed efforts to stream line the adoption process. take care of our kids in foster care, and protect the vulnerable. we've formled coalitions and earned epidorsments.
11:47 pm
>> here we are. >> republican bryan kemp. he is the nominee for governor in georgia. he clearly seems to be declaring victory at least. we want to be cautious with some of these speeches that happen at this late hour. he's basically claiming victory. earlier we heard from stacy abrahams the democratic nominee for governor. she clearly says i'm not conceding yet. she wants all of the votes counted. saying there's no decision here. >> that's still very close. >> similar to wisconsin. >> saying scott walker has lost the republican governor surviving so much the recall and all the rest. they're saying he's done. his camp says wait, there's going to be a recount. some are coming in fast and furious. in nevada the senate where the republican helder is know now conceding we'll take a quick break and reset. we have a lot of news coming in fast and furious and the panel and a lot of thoughts on all
11:48 pm
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11:51 pm
>> all right we're back with more break news. republican senator dean heller is conceding to democrat jackie
11:52 pm
rossen. >> they worked hard for the last two years. i've never seen anything like it. and i will tell you. lie tell you i walk in here. i walk in here a few hours ago and thought that, i would be addressing you as as the continued united states state senatorhere for the state of nevada i want to thank the people of nevada for all of the help and support they have given me over the years. it has been an honour, an honour to serve nevada in the united states state senate. the most importantly i want to thank my family with me today. i want to thank them for coming with me. some of them were born, literally born while i was this public office and have seen nothing but me in public office. and that transition will be easy. it will be easy, because they will be by my side. but i want to thank all of the volunteers. i want to thank all of the volunteers, who worked hard. the hard work they put into it.
11:53 pm
they were there every minute. i knew i could count on them. if we worked hard enough we would be successful. we worked. i take the play i take the blame for that i know perhaps there are more things i could have done. but i'll tell what i am glad i have done. serving in the united states state senate a couple of major achievements. first was the tax reform bill we passed in december. >> you can see republican senator dean heller conceding there. let's bring in the panel. let's start with richard tyler as the democrat it has been a bad night for democrats in the senate. by my count losing four seats. this is a bright spot for democrats. take out a republican incumbent the net gain for the president of at least three more republican seats in the senate. >> here's the thing. i think donald trump has reshaped the republican party i think he deserves credit for that reshaping the party he pushed out of the way suburban
11:54 pm
republicans. people, who are moderate republicans like barbara comstock who lost. people like will hud in texas in his race. a lot of the vulnerable seats in miami. i think the president has reshaped the race. the job of the president when it comes to the expansion base. it says he has shrunken his base to say democrats are having a bad night. we are making. >> hang on a minute. >> in the senate. >> that's all i said in the senate. >> you lost four seats in the senate. >> you picked up four governors mansions and we are poised to take over the house of representatives, which is a big deal. a really big deal for the issues we care about like previous conditions and for the american people. washington will be different starting in january. >> yeah, washington is not going to be really different starting in january. there will be a new form of the resistance movement. by the way how will democrats le say they get something in the
11:55 pm
house. how do you get past the senate and the white house. the way washington really work, because we're a republic. there's a constitution in play here and the representative roles of coequal branches of government. the democrats did good in the house. but in the senate there's a difference between expansion and crottion. the governor seats go to the presidential election and that's have the republicans in play. >> the healthcare. the republicans screwed the pooch, can i say that on tv? they didn't replace or up upgrade we had the same crappy healthcare and now the democrats have the second chance to fix healthcare will they make the difference? if the republicans couldn't get it done. what's to say the democrats can? >> i don't think the democrats can do it alone. there's no doubt. that's what worries me. the high turn out. the feeling
11:56 pm
on both sides. i think what we will see is a deepen polar position. >> that seems for sure. >> more polarization. >> by the way i i want to say. >> countdown another hour, we'll hear from the panel. ams on his brakes out of nowhere. you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. how mature of them! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ hey. i'm sue. and my first call is crunch. ♪ delicious 100% real chocolate embracing the lightness of crispy rice. crunch. the chocolate bar all americans love.
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12:00 am
>> welcome back, we head to nevada were democrat jackie rosen has been called the winner. >> my voice is heard, i will give that special shout out. i have to thank my husband, larry, my daughter miranda. i love them so much and i would not be able to do this without their strength and support and love. larry makes a mean breakfast.
12:01 am
and i went to thank all of you, the thousands of volunteers, you knocked on doors, made phone calls for us, you are amazing, amazing. so many partners in labor if i had to include them all we would be here all night but everyone from the afl-cio and fbi. and -- let's hear it for culinary 226. 226. 226. [chanting] >> i went to serve as hundreds
12:02 am
of thousands of people across the country who chipped in to support my campaign over 400,000 of them and i thank them tonight but this victory does belong to all of you and i'm so proud of the work we put into when this race and i have a few other people to give congratulations to. >> your listening to jackie rosen, senator elect the great state of nevada, she beat republican senate incumbent dean heller, replica for democrats on this night. there have been four democratic seats slips by republicans since the first on the democrats flipped. >> republicans up by three. >> dan springer is on the ground in nevada. what are we saying about you have been following this race. >> i don't know what turned in
12:03 am
the final days but we are talking about this being a race democrats had to have to have any chance of flipping the senate and it was a tossup. this was a virtual tie, in a combination of all the polling in the last week but in the end jackie rosen has won this handily by 6% and she did it with a big victory. in a county that has registration advantage for republicans, a swing county and the swing stage and she went up there and by my count, 80% reporting, 8000 vote lead so she had big turnout in early voting, big turnout today. this was a high intensity election. what we've seen in several cycles is democrats had a high intensity high turnout election, and they not only took the senate seat from republicans but also won governors race here and have all the congressional
12:04 am
districts except one so it was a blue wave in nevada today. not across the country and the senate the one in nevada. >> in the that a, just out there, 3 am in the morning, in new york city, it rolls on, there are still some senate battles racing. you see nevada, jackie rosen won by 5 points, arizona. >> republicans will potentially take the lead in arizona. >> jeff flake retired, martha sally in the lead. >> montana was a tossup safe, matt rosendaily leading at this point. the democrat trailing at 48%, this race too early to call.
12:05 am
>> nevada, they were at 51-49 in the senate, it could be 54 republicans now. if they hold arizona they are at 54. if they win montana and flip that they will be to 55 in terms of pushing through judicial nominations. that is a big deal. and watching california. we begin this election coverage on west you heard about nevada, voters turned out tuesday and numbers approaching those of a presidential election year. a heated political battle. policies on immigration and the environment. democrat gavin newsom saying now is the time for decency, trust and the truth. >> another check on the midterm results. >> we are watching 5 races in the run up to the election.
12:06 am
and none of them proved to be closer than here. dana rohrbacher, 15 term congressman democrat challenger, without 70%, 150,000 votes. dana rohrbacher trailing by 800 votes. his campaign start believed the camden will end shortly and restart tomorrow. 80,000 votes left to count tomorrow. and he blames billionaires for pouring money into this
12:07 am
campaign, a campaign for those billionaires is more about hitting donald trump than about hitting congressman rohrbacher himself. another important race was the race for the governorship, gavin newsom won easily. and that is significant because gavin do some will continue what is in effect california's war against the trump administration on issues like the environment and especially immigration. by my reckoning gavin newsom in his victory speech did not mention donald trump by name but took a couple of very clear shots at the president. listen here. >> those agents of anger determined to divide us, it is time to pack it up and for you to pack it in.
12:08 am
>> reporter: one other quick point. the next speaker of the house likely to be from california, unless nancy pelosi faces a leadership challenge, she will get the gavel. >> it is looking like it is in her favor. donald trump won montana in 2015 in double digits. notice a crucial battleground for the senate and the race between john tester, republican challenger matt rosendale too close to call. leading 49%, 68% reporting. allison barber. >> live with the latest. the rosendale campaign says it is going to bed. >> reporter: you can see behind me they are packing up and going home, tester and rosendale spoke to reported not to say the won
12:09 am
were lost but it was going to be a long night. we would hear more from them in the morning. 1:00 am right there. 300,000 votes counted, secretary of state said 49% of those votes for rosendale, there is a long way to go, 700,000 registered voters in montana. a few days ago the republican auditor matt rosendale got a game changing endorsement from the libertarian candidate, if the libertarian dropped out of the race it would be a big deal. in 2012 the montana senate race the libertarian candidate won 7% of the vote. the republican at that time had all those votes, all those people, who republicans want to those votes six weeks ago they went to the libertarian votes too.
12:10 am
and the issue of dark money. and in an unknown group, without his permission. >> stark money is an outside influence, bigger than all of us. i don't think matt or john could stand up to the political parties and say enough is enough. >> whether or not that situation will impact this race remains to be seen. in the room behind me no clear winner tonight as of right now with a little of the votes, 3% of the vote. >> alan, you can come at this from the left.
12:11 am
>> blue wave. >> in the house. it seems hard to call it a blue wave when we go through senate battles, a long way from that but if montana flips to the republicans you could see a scenario where donald trump has 55 seats increasing the majority by four seats, that's not a blue wave. >> it is not in the senate but it is in the house. he will get his nominees for the court and all that through the senate. that is unfortunate from my point of view. >> when we talk about supreme court nominees and how brett kavanaugh and his nomination process, how that affected the senate. the senate it seems is rewarded -- >> the death penalty case, voted with the liberals on the court. when they get to the supreme court know what they are like.
12:12 am
>> it wasn't just about read kavanaugh's nomination, it is innocent until proven guilty, the left didn't want to hear that the democrats who voted no on brett kavanaugh, all lost. >> heidi heitkamp was going to lose. i said that in the radio on north dakota the other day. the reason she felt comfortable voting against brett cavanagh was she knew. >> manchin from west virginia -- >> voted yes. >> politics of it. a bright spot for democrats, what is your sense about leadership battle. >> some of the people who won said they would not vote for nancy pelosi but who are they
12:13 am
going to vote for? democrats said they would not support nancy pelosi, democrats say we need new blood. democrats lost tonight and nancy pelosi the new blood they are looking for? >> her speech was old-school. i like that but i'm an old bat, what do i know? the fact is when you have young people making a big difference they will influence the 2020 election. >> is this a blessing in disguise in terms of 20/20 for the president? they lose the house, not a good night in that respect but he gets to run against nancy pelosi, maxine waters, jerry nadler who wants to impeach the president, he could run against to do nothing democratic counsel. >> it will not succeed in the senate.
12:14 am
they can, republicans came up with a rule saying they didn't have to consult the minority when they wanted to get documents etc. and now the democrats are saying you made the rules. >> of democrats have taken the senate, talks of impeachment, maxine waters talked about, it would almost blow up in their faces of the democrats were to try to go down that road. >> joe biden think it would be a bad idea. >> i do too. presidential election is two years away, it will feel like next week. >> look how fast this came upon us. everyone talked about the midterms. i have to say this about donald trump, in the midterms. >> you are not an old folk, i don't care what you say. >> they will be on fox. >> join me with your insight. live special election coverage rolls on, stay with us.
12:15 am
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12:18 am
>> senator ted cruz wins reelection. it was a close one but he did win, beating beto o'rourke.
12:19 am
a lot of people saying he needed that boost from donald trump. dan palmer, an advisor to ted cruz during the 2016 republican presidential primary and gop financier. thank you for talking to us. how much of the president in ted cruz? >> quite a bit. he rallied the trump base and the trump base got permission in effect to get behind ted cruz. there was bad blood after the hard-fought primary but ted, us senator once again. >> lying 10 to beautiful ted. beto o'rourke, and some of that
12:20 am
money spent in missouri or north dakota somewhere they could have saved someone where this seemed like a lost cause. a lot of people on the left were fired up who think he will run for president. >> we learned something tonight. doesn't matter how much money you have if you are not a good fit for the district, it won't make a difference and we saw a radical progressives, stacy abrams in georgia or gillam in florida or beto o'rourke in florida, at the end of the if they don't match up with the electorate it is not going to make a difference. >> are you surprised it was as close as it was? the president has been campaigning hard in texas as well on immigration and his base is fired up by immigration and the state of texas they want to see immigration reform so ted
12:21 am
cruz, a slamdunk, any surprise how close the race came down? >> interesting to see the turnout, 61/2 million votes, it will be over 8 million when all is counted. a lot of additional energy for the midterms. this immigration issue is unresolved but the american people have clarity. from what i understand the best polling shows 80% consensus among voters legal immigration is desirable but there is an equally high 80% consensus among american voters that easy immigration is not okay and the problem is the federal government is not found a way to reconcile these two realities and come up with an understandable, enforceable immigration policy and until they do. >> critic strategist richard fowler during the break, he can
12:22 am
speak his piece. and the blue wave -- when you have a president who got through two supreme court justices with barely a majority in the senate, now he could have as many as 54 or 55 republican seats in the senate. seems to be a big night, they are jamming through a lot more traditional nominations and other things as well. >> no question about it. if you have 51 votes and one of them is john mccain and one is heidi heitkamp and another, not heidi heitkamp, lisa murkowski and susan collins you have three soft republican votes, chuck schumer may have operational control but when you replace four democrats with trump
12:23 am
loyalists, 54, maybe 55 and you can give away one or two or three of your own caucus and still get a new ag confirmed the judges confirmed, contentious legislation confirmed, it is a much stronger hand in the senate. in the house i think it could play to trump's advantage. it wasn't what i wanted, raise a lot of money to preserve the house, $5 million over the last year, working on california district but having maxine waters, nancy pelosi with the gavel will remind republicans why democrats are unfit for power. that radical wing of the democratic party. >> richard fowler will get his say. we will go to a break. >> arizona, montana, nevada, much more election coverage after the break.
12:24 am
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12:28 am
looking good for the republicans right now. >> it is and it isn't. democrats needed 23 seats to take the house, they have run 26 and could win as many as 35 by the time this is wrapped up. democrats campaigned on opposition to donald trump and his agenda, terrain in the white house and launch congressional investigations into the president, that is all but certain to happen now. they have power to issue subpoenas. nancy pelosi soon-to-be house speaker said her party's win marked a new day in america. >> today is more than about democrats and republicans but restoring the constitution's checks and balances to the trump administration. >> despite losing the house republicans can still celebrate because in the senate they expanded their majority by at least one after victories in tight races in missouri, florida and indiana. they could add a couple more as well depending on how racist turnout in arizona and montana
12:29 am
and mississippi which is set to have a runoff election later this month which increased majority means republicans will have a much easier time getting administration and judicial nominees confirmed which lindsey graham said is reason to celebrate. >> bottom line is conservative judicial train will keep running. we had a good night in the senate, we will pick up three or four seats. there are things we can do with democrats if they work with us. if they went to stiff on the president they will pay a price in 2020. >> with divided congress both hope to find common ground but lindsey graham mentioned with 2020 around the corner a lot of folks in dc believe bipartisan efforts will be few and far between. a couple areas to look for that. infrastructure and the opioid crisis.
12:30 am
>> we have information, 10 million voices, one more than usual. the gubernatorial race in alaska. republican mike donnelly beheld an edge over mark big which -- bagi bagich, 80% of recent reporting, but mike dunleavy is ahead, 42.9% for mark bigicjh. >> our panel raring to go. what do you say to lindsey graham who talked about the conservative judicial train, the president will have a big majority in the senate. >> i give the president credit for majority of the summit, he will push through judicial nominations. in the house nancy pelosi, if she is speaker, democrats
12:31 am
elected you will see democrat legislating. not -- we have legislated in the past, last time we passed them to secure the border was passed on nancy pelosi's leadership, the secure fencing act was passed by nancy pelosi and steny hoyer. >> republicans continue to mischaracterize as anti-border security and -- >> they wanted to abolish ice. >> a couple wanted to abolish ice, not the entire democratic party, the same as saying the republican party -- not the entire -- kissed angela brand is not crazy. >> he wanted to abolish ice. >> he won out of 44. democrats will continue for the next year to pass bills to fix
12:32 am
preexisting conditions, to make sure schools -- the first thing on the agenda because we saw so many teachers take to the streets to say schools are not properly funded, democrats have a bill ready to go to fund public education. voters across the country in wisconsin, scott walker believed public education was a top priority. >> what is cracking you up? >> the idea that taking education, something i have been reporting on for almost 20 years, throwing more money at it is the solution rather than fixing the issues around education in our country. democrats who spend on average especially in liberal states anywhere from 12, to $16,000 per student, $24,000 in liberal cities first suited and magnet schools, charter schools, online
12:33 am
learning expanded in states like ohio, they will throw more money at a teachers union that has grown, cory booker went from about five superintendents, 55 -- >> the money could be better spent there, at the pentagon, across the board but the bigger question is is this president who wrote the art of the deal able to work with as he says crying chuck and nancy pelosi? >> will he want to. so far we have just seen the same messages that are divisive, partisan, but now he may very well switch because republicans for 2020 must broaden their base. democrats, their challenge is
12:34 am
different, they must reconcile the division between the extreme left in their party, who provide the energy and dynamism and get out the younger people and the centrist voters who are more drawn to the mainstream people. don't know how that fight will come out but donald trump will be able to exploit the divisions in the democratic party. i don't think he is going to try to bring the country together but he will try to broaden his base. >> interesting to see if he can do that. not just across the aisle when you are trying to do a deal with democrats and there are some very liberal democrats right now that are going to be in control of the house. is he able to cross the aisle? he managed to do that, he is not budging. >> he's going to have to. if he gets anything done he will
12:35 am
have to work with the democratic house of representatives meaning he has to work across the aisle. every member of congress like the new airport in a district and a new bridge in their district, roads falling apart, people in flint still don't have clean waters, these issues, and if you look at the american people did tonight they voted for divided government, to have democrats in one chamber, republicans in the other and realize republicans are incapable -- >> infrastructure is doing better in the past two years, if you look at the jobs out there, tech jobs and mechanical jobs, infrastructure is on the rise if you look at job numbers being filled. >> government investment can help that. >> a lot of investment for democrats already. the tax cut, you didn't pay for it. >> the biggest deficit --
12:36 am
>> give it a chance. >> here is a couple things you need to recognize, we have progrowth policies in place, to fix the issue with the deficit, you need a better working economy, republicans failed on their part when it comes to spending average, there is nothing new in washington. republicans and democrats, but you are not going to fix the deficit unless you have an actual growing economy and if republicans or rather democrats step in and slow the growth policies that have grown this economy, what happens to the deficit? putting money into infrastructure where does it come from? the taxpayers. government -- devalued by printing money -- >> nancy pelosi said she wants to get rid of the tax cut. >> you guys didn't pay for it let me finish, you just lofted enough the debt.
12:37 am
infrastructure, when you spend $1 billion in infrastructure investments, $44,000 right away, those are $1 billion. >> give david the last word. >> $1 billion, 34,000 jobs. 342,000 jobs in manufacturing in 19 months versus 34,000, the total turn around of economic action. you need -- >> sounds like the campaign has not ended. a little time out. a lot more after the break. >> this is the attitude that brings people to the polls which is how record turnout has been. >> live election coverage, still
12:38 am
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>> democrats taking back the house setting off debate whether this is a referendum on donald trump. let's bring in nigel farage. good to see you. what is your take from across the pond? >> we have been subjected to weeks of media telling us there was going to be a dramatic shift to the democrats, the blue wave, trump was in trouble. news reports that ted cruz was going to lose his seat and this morning even though bbc are reporting this morning in places where the president campaign hardest the republicans did best. i have never seen so much interest in a midterm election in this country and the conclusion, love him or hate him
12:43 am
there is only one donald trump. >> you put your finger on something important. at the beginning of this cycle, a lot of handwringing not just about democrats but some republicans in congress. is a good idea for donald trump to be so front and center in these midterms? those rallies he had with very large crowds in battlegrounds like ohio and florida made a big difference. >> absolutely. the rallies give energy, the rallies get huge traction on social media and that those rallies we see who trump really is, this guy believes in what he says. is not just a career politician. when trump says something, when he makes a promise he tries to keep it. isn't that unusual this politics -- the trump team will take from
12:44 am
this, he has got to keep campaigning constantly for the next two years and if he does that he will get back in 2020 with a big majority. >> those are the qualities of this president that you like and many supporters like that may have been validated in his midterms but what about the quality that might not have been validated? female voters turned off in the suburbs. what adjustments as an ally of the president do you think he may debase with divided government? >> you are right, in suburbia where the president hasn't done so well overnight, when you are is good at doing what he does, maybe the argument is just to turn down the volume a little bit. sometimes he does sound a bit shrill, does sound a bit loud. in person he has got a very good humorous side.
12:45 am
if we saw a little more of the humorous trump and a little out there the punch punch punch trump that might help. i would expect to see him turning down the volume a little bit. >> the florida governor's race seems to be an interesting distillation of trump's him. you had andrew gillam who had socialist views, medicare for all, abolish ice etc.. on the republican side you had a trump acolyte, ron desantis who was nowhere in the primaries until donald trump went on twitter and endorsed him, that was a race where polls were up big but several points on election night desantis wins. what do you take from that? >> trump is a vote getting machine and republicans who don't like donald trump tend to do badly overnight, those who were endorsed have done very well.
12:46 am
it is time for those in the republican party have found it difficult to accept trump, to recognize he is the greatest asset they have got and without him many would not have their seats today. >> last question, how does the set up the president for 2020? having nancy pelosi and maxine waters and others, maxine waters, and i say impeachment. running against the forces that want to impeach him, do nothing democrats as he's likely to call them in the house, might that help him more for 2020? >> if they made a move to impeach him that would be a huge mistake because everyone knows it would go nowhere. when it got to the senate it would be vindictive, nasty and trump hopes they will impeach
12:47 am
him because he would win by a landslide in 2020. he will go on doing what he's doing but s & is you got to get trump out there on the platform, keep him campaigning and when he does that republicans will be winners. >> we have another gin and tonic, a lot to discuss. 2020 before we started. >> it cited two years ago. in arizona the senate race, announced later this week, potentially hundreds of thousands being counted. >> going to a runoff in late november. live coverage rolls on after the break. x, what do you wanna do t? ♪ [ car honk ] no idea huh? i got one. let's steal christmas in style.
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12:52 am
>> i have a group, the race where democrats won governors mansion, all those outside wisconsin. a huge pickup for democrats, 10 points, 6 points and not just suburban people but rural folks who voted for them because they understood that having a democrat running your state makes a difference on how many get allocated. >> a lot of incumbents lost their seats. what do you think the reason is. >> a lot of fatigue since the election of donald trump. when you see americans looking at government that does not serve them well on a lot of levels especially the federal government what are the solutions? what legislation was passed, what is helping the common man. the rise of the tea party movement, groups and opposition to the operation of the
12:53 am
traditional democrat party, a fight between americans where it has been the political class versus the average american plus age. look at the reality of where we are. a lot of people are aging out. >> a race that stands out or a theme? >> for me it is women. you have 237 women vying for a seat in the house, 23 women competing for a senate seat. in florida, salazar versus don show layla, two women competing, this is the first time i can remember women being so involved. >> is there a race, and state supreme court's redistrict the electoral college, another group starting to show a resurgence and that is veterans.
12:54 am
look at veterans running for office, michael walsh in central florida, dan crenshaw. 80% of people in congress and senate being veterans. look where we are, 20%. >> crenshaw marked on saturday night live. >> into the navy seal. >> talk about governors races, and they made a democrat governor. >> the status of horribly managed by republicans. >> i wonder what the conversation is like. >> in illinois you go to the governor's house and the big house.
12:55 am
>> liability for california. >> other than talking between them. >> i was struck by the number of firsts, first native americans to be elected, the first openly gay governor, the first -- >> you know. >> i didn't say pocahontas. >> when you look at this midterms, pro and against donald trump, this extraordinary and unusual and unpredictable. >> there will be a lot more. >> appreciate you being here.
12:56 am
they spending the night with you. i thought we would have a sleepover. >> that will do it for us, i will be back in a couple hours on "fox and friends" with election coverage. >> i am going to take a nap. >> thank you for joining us, have a great morning. >> stick with fox news.
12:57 am
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1:00 am
>> dave more than democrats and republicans but restoring the constitution's checks and balances to the trump administration. >> we will not be pushed into the shadows anymore. >> the 46th governor of the great state of florida, the greatest professional honor of my life. >> let's get to work. >> i commit to the vote my heart, my mind and my energy to


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