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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 7, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> today is more than about democrats and republicans. it is about restoring the constitutional checks and balances to the trump administration. >> we will not be pushed into the shadows anymore. we are here and we are here to stay. >> the 46th governor of the great state of florida is the greatest professional honor of my life. >> god bless a great country, let's get to work. >> the vote my heart, my mind and my energy to be worthy of the trust, the voters of utah
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have given me. >> i want to thank all hoosiers for giving me a resounding victory. put your faith in me and i will not let you down. >> the people of texas want to do and will do the great work of this country. >> all the money in the world was no match for the good people of texas and the hard-working men and women across our state. rob: big night. not a lot of sleep around here. you are watching "fox and friends first". jillian: donald trump praising the success of his first midterm election as republicans keep control of the senate picking up four seat in missouri, florida, indiana and north dakota. rob: could be more during this show. in the house, basically expected the democrats every taken control leaving power now split in washington.
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jillian: we are breaking down the biggest upsets in hardest losses on both sides of the aisle. rob: griff jenkins live with two of the biggest nailbiter, florida was the place to be. >> that is right. i short on sleep but no doubt donald trump's two visits in florida was the game changer first with the senate race, one of the costliest in history, governor rick scott coming from behind to defeat democratic incumbent bill nelson. here is governor rick scott, senator elect. >> socialism will not happen in our nation. it is not going to happen under my watch. i didn't go to tallahassee eight years ago to be everybody's friend. i'm not going to dc to win a popularity contest. i'm going to dc to get something done.
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>> reporter: that socialism a reference to tallahassee mayor andrew gillam who was leading in the polls but congressman ron desantis coming from behind to be the next governor. >> democrats were energized but we knew our voters would be energized and give them a reason to do it, people get to speak, doesn't matter what the pundits say what the media says, they don't of the agenda, the people of the state of florida had an opportunity to set the agenda and responded to our message. >> reporter: mayor gillam certainly excited a lot of democrat voters in florida and in his concession speech said it is not over yet. >> we will not be ignored, we will not be pushed aside. we will not be pushed into the shadows anymore. we are here and we are here to stay.
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>> reporter: not every democrat lost in florida last night. donna shall a lot, former clinton aide, will return to washington, she won a house seat in the miami area. rob: thanks so much. jillian: we head to texas, ted cruz beating beto o'rourke in the most extensive senate race in the state of history. rob: how it all went down, too close for comfort but ted cruz pulled it off. >> reporter: that is right. it is too's for comfort for a lot of republicans in texas who were hoping for a wider margin. we are live at the old south pancake house in fort worth and we will be here all morning for "fox and friends". if you're in the fort worth area come on out and share your thoughts and reflections on election day. it is margin or not a big win for republicans in texas, $70 million, not enough to bring because of the left in this
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election cycle, beto o'rourke across the finish line. 9:20 central time fox news channel called the race for ted cruz, he won by 3 points, much less then the 13 points republican governor greg abbott won reelection by but nonetheless after a tough fight ted cruz and his supporters were happy last night. >> texas saw something this year that we have never seen before. this election wasn't about me and it wasn't about beto o'rourke. it was about ideas. it was a contest for who we are and what we believe. it was a contest and the people of texas decided this race. we traveled every part of the state from east texas to west texas, from the panhandle to the valley.
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and the energy, the excitement we saw was incredible. >> reporter: he went on to say the common sense agenda of low taxes, less regulation, lots of jobs, securing the border, defending the constitution carried the day for him. good night for ted cruz. he is joining other colleagues in the senate. big night for the senate generally. marsha blackburn tennessee correct scott in florida, josh holly in missouri, kevin kramer in north dakota and martha beck sally leading in arizona and matt rosendale leading in montana. tester may have a lot of new colleagues in the senate but his opponent beto o'rourke did concede. >> i was inspired, hopeful as i have ever been in my life. tonight's loss does nothing to diminish the way i feel about texas or this country.
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>> reporter: in the house in texas it reflected national sentiment, democrats had a good night in texas. in texas 32, pete sessions lost to call and all the red, will heard, republican and cia veteran did win in a tight race in texas 23. texas reflective of the national sentiment. jillian: see you on "fox and friends". rob: much-anticipated wave was not as impressive as most had expected as the president delivered for some key swing states, securing the senate for the republicans. jillian: garrett tenney where the race is taking surprising turns. >> reporter: a lot of races too close to call, we might see
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recounts take place, one in wisconsin where tony evers is claiming victory against scott walker with a lead of just over 1%, nearly all precincts reporting. in georgia democrat stacy abrams refusing to concede the governor's race to brian kemp who leads by two points. abrams seeking to become the first african american to lead the peach state in a race that has become one of the most heated in the country this cycle. >> i built this campaign on one promise. is governor i would put hard work in georgia first. we are waiting on the final results but i am confident victory is near. >> across our state folks are opening the dreams of voters and absentee ballots and we believe our chance for a stronger georgia is just within reach. but we cannot seize it until all voices are heard. >> reporter: kentucky 6 district and the bar held onto a seat in a tough race against democrat
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amy mcgrath. in michigan democrat senator debbie stabenow, against an outspoken supporter of the president, surprised a lot of folks given how well he performed given stabenow's victories a far cry from 2012 when she won by 20. in tennessee with strong support for donald trump republican marsha blackburn turned a tight senate race into a 9 point win. for months, indiana has been one of the races to watch. joe donnelly the top target for donald trump after being too close to call, mike brown surprised folks by winning a seat by 9 points. >> we as conservatives being led by donald trump have got to prove why our way of thinking, what works in the state of indiana is going to work for the rest of america. >> i end this in a way i have
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been filled up so much more by you and you have given me, i am so grateful to all of you. >> reporter: in tennessee and indiana donald trump's presence on the campaign trail getting folks out to vote yesterday. jillian: a brand-new fox news voter analysis showing healthcare, the economy and immigration as the top issues driving voters to the polls. rob: lee carter has the most detailed data. ♪ here ya go, hon.
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made by voters during the midterm election. jillian: the president and partner at atlanta partners looks at our fox news voter analysis. thank you for joining us. a lot of talk about a breakdown. let's start by talking about the reason a lot of people are out at the polls and that is the president. >> people seeing this a referendum on trump, they are saying 63% of voters, trump was a factor, 36% said not. my question is a positive factor negative factor, a quarter of americans said they were out to vote for trump and 36% said they were sending a message against trump. only a third of americans saying i'm taking this is a referendum voting against the president, not as big as people expected. rob: talk about trump and the economy, didn't do as well as he deserved, a lot of people just don't like him. >> that is part of it but republicans made a push on
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immigration talking less about the economy. 55% of americans approved, 43% disapproved, break that down further democrat saying i'm not so sure and that is because they are not sure, it might be short-term and not feeling the benefits of tax reform. it is similar if you approve of donald trump the economy is better and if you don't not likely. jillian: the president spent time talking about immigration you wonder if he focused more on the economy of that messaging would have resonated better. >> good question but immigration was the number one issue important to republican voters and is crass as he was, maybe i was too harsh in my rhetoric, that language around immigration did motivate republicans to vote. rob: healthcare in general interview on obamacare.
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>> 26% of americans said healthcare was the number one issue, 23%, right behind that, immigration and 19% said the economy and jobs. last weekend, the president said the economy might be boring for folks to we will talk about immigration to get people fired up. in some ways, my question is when you look at immigration and healthcare, what is the most important issue? i want stronger borders or i don't want this or i want obamacare in place i want repeal and replace? other polling is going there. jillian: the last one on the topic of obamacare, 52% say repealing the law entirely or parts of it. >> 47% say let's leave it as is. rob: it is more popular now than it ever was. >> people have seen a lot of the flaws over the last couple years and what happened since and blaming it saying the repealing of obamacare taking back obamacare is raising my premiums, i have to pay more, prescript drugs going up.
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it is not as bad as they think. i would have expected these numbers to be different. 52% just over half of americans want to repeal the law entirely or replace it, 47% wants to leave it as is. that was a fascinating number. jillian: who has a better final push? democrats focusing on healthcare. that is important to people. republicans focusing on the economy, immigration more specifically. >> in both cases, the republican base was only trump. you didn't see a lot of other people out there. his message was carrying the day and talking about immigration and the economy. he got out the base and helped with the senate. on the democrat side i have been trying to ask people who was the face of the democrat party? it wasn't one person. a lot got their information from the media.
2:18 am
they focused on healthcare and that was smart but this, could have been a much stronger wave had they had a -- healthcare is most important to you and this is what we are going to do. it was so generic and so general. if i vote democrat it means this for my life. i don't think they did that well enough. they could have had bigger numbers given the popularity and situation we are in. rob: victory for the republicans, they lost the house but he could have been worse. thank you so much. jillian: 18 after the hour, the garden state stays. bob menendez holding off bob hugin in a hard-fought battle to the end.
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rob: hard-fought battle in deep blue new jersey and with incumbent senator bob menendez on top. jillian: winning over bob hugin. todd pyro has more. >> reporter: the bitter battle between the bobs ends in a status quo in new jersey, bob menendez holding onto his senate seat for a third term. menendez sending off bob hugin about corruption charges to win the election. polls show the race much closer which was a surprise in heavily democratic new jersey but in the end close to 1 million more registered democrats in the garden state helped swing this race for menendez. >> my opponent spent nearly $40 million of his fortune trying to
2:23 am
convince voters that this election was about me. what he failed to understand and you knew all along, this election was really about all of you. rob: a disappointed hugin conceding the race overnight. >> i'm proud of what we have done, proud of all of you. had my self-respect, i have my self-respect today. i will never stop fighting for you. thank you so much. rob: hugin pointed to two things that lost the election, ethics in hudson county, urban areas. i can say if you get out the urban base in those counties it is tough for somebody in the gop
2:24 am
to win those counties and when a statewide race. we will talk to the voters in lebanon, new jersey throughout the course of the morning getting reaction to big but potentially disappointing night. rob: he spent a lot of money on that race. let's take a look. and we are waiting on arizona. and we add more to that. in the senate, a number of seats turned red. the sitting governor, rick scott picking up a seat against bill nelson, picking up an important seat in a close race in florida. that has been called, we turn
2:25 am
that one red. let's go to indiana next, mike baran beating joe donnelly, the democrat, coming in, taking that seat away and winning handily by 10 points in indiana in a race he was expected to lose. we go to missouri, josh holly, young guy, state attorney general beats claire mccaskill and that was another close race. holly on top. we are at 54 for the republicans, 46 for the democrats. north dakota at the top, kevin kramer beating heidi heitkamp in north dakota, she voted against brett kavanaugh. that may have sealed the deal for her in north dakota. there has been one bright spot over here to nevada for democrats and that is right here, nevada a win for the
2:26 am
democrat, jackie rosen beating dean heller. we are at 54-46. what we are waiting on is montana and arizona. both of these seats at least right now could be turning red. arizona was already red. that could stay red. that is not called yet. montana, if you turn that red which right now it is leaning that way we could potentially end up with 55-45 in the senate. that could be the final numbers, 10 seat majority for the republicans and they build on the slight majority they had. there you have it. a little touchscreen whatever. the time is 26 after the hour. republicans picking up some big wins in the midwest but one race is too close to call. live election coverage continues next. >> donald trump and his powers are still intact.
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>> it is heartbreaking. an infestation of hatred. it is not a blue wave but a blue war. rob: the media painting a picture of doom and gloom as results came in overnight. carly shimkus here with what is trending from the midterms. ♪ i just got my ancestrydna results: 74% italian. and i found out that i'm from the big toe of that sexy italian boot! calabria. it even shows the migration path from south italia all the way to exotico new jersey! so this holiday season it's ancestrydna per tutti! order your kit now at
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rob: political shakeup in washington dc. and i look at capitol hill where the midterm elections have split the balance of power. jillian: republicans expanding the majority in the senate, the house, democrats in control vowing to obstruct the trump administration. rob: we continue election coverage with anita vocal with a look at the races that came down to the wire. >> reporter: there were quite a few victories for republicans in the senate. look at those key races where
2:31 am
the president spend time campaigning for nearly all the winning candidates. let's start in north dakota where republican representative kevin kramer ousted incumbent democratic senator heidi heitkamp with a decisive victory, roughly 10 points. >> we made the decision to run for the senate and never once looked back. it is impossible for me to express the depth of my gratitude. jillian: next let's go to utah where mitt romney defeated the democratic candidate councilwoman jenny wilson. romney had nearly doubled the number of votes. in his victory speech he called for civility regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race or place of birth. claire mccaskill conceded to josh holly. the two were tied in several
2:32 am
polls leading to the election, but he coasted to victory. >> tonight the good lord and the people of missouri have given us the victory. >> my mouth gets me in trouble a lot but believe it or not i had to be careful. not anymore. i will be out there fighting with you. i'm not going away. i love this state. >> reporter: in montana that senate race is still too close to call. republican matt rosendale has a slightly over democrat john tester. same in arizona, we are waiting to find out who will be the state's first female senator. martha mc sally has the edge at the moment but we have to wait a couple days to find out who will win and finally in nevada a win for the democrats, jackie rosen defeated incumbent republican senator dean heller late last night but some of those races
2:33 am
are too close to call. jillian: breaking that all down. rob: donald trump takes republicans to victory in key battleground states flipping four seats read in the senate but democrats now own the house. jillian: the biggest midterm take aways, republican strategist david mcintosh. thank you for your time. we wants to get right in here. let's look at this scorecard, 59 candidates donald trump rallied for. looking at updated numbers 33 of those candidates won, 14 candidates lost, 12 have not been called. those are pretty good numbers. >> donald trump really won last night in these elections. you see that happening even in the close calls in montana where everybody thought matt rosendale could not beat john tester.
2:34 am
we invested 5 million behind matt and the president was there four times. i think he will pull it out. they haven't called it yet but it shows the influence donald trump has in this election where he was out campaigning for these candidates. in the house they lost the majority. the big losers there were the squishy republicans but never came on board with donald trump's agenda, new yorkers who didn't support the tax cuts, the moderates who wouldn't get behind repealing obamacare, they lost was what republicans in the house need to do is get new leadership and have a new day, a fresh start, nancy pelosi will take them far to the left in that body. rob: we know the seats in the senate that have been flipped, florida, indiana, missouri, north dakota, montana and maybe
2:35 am
arizona could fall, too early to call. a great night for republicans in the senate. in the house they lost 26 but a lot of people thought of the president and the republicans could stem that under 30 it would be a victory. it might go over 30 but what are democrats thinking as they wake up this morning and see trump hijacked the midterm election and all that anger didn't turn into much. >> i saw a couple tweets last night that it is 2016 all over for them as they did he count a majority in the house but a very slim majority with just 26 pickups. they were hoping for double that. they saw a big blue wave. two months ago it looks like that might have occurred but the president got into air force one and started campaigning and held it back to just that very narrow victory for them. jillian: 2020, where could this go from here on out after what you saw the last few weeks
2:36 am
especially yesterday? >> one of the things is democrats in the house are going to start opposing everything donald trump has done, try to undo the tax cuts, try to impeach him possibly. i think they will become so crazy that they will make donald trump with all his tweets look kind of cool, calm and collected. rob: they won't learn something from this, we need to rethink the strategy and try to meet them in the middle or else get shellacked again in 2020? >> i wish they would. my prediction is the new lesson will last 48 hours and they will be back to the mob we saw in the brett kavanaugh hearings in this time it will be in the house. rob: thank you for your time this morning. jillian: a picture of doom and gloom as the midterm election results poured in overnight.
2:37 am
>> one of the most divisive midterms in our lifetime. >> at the end of the day donald trump and his followers are still stacked. >> heartbreaking, not a blue wave but a blue war. rob: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 is here with reaction online. >> a lot of people wonder why donald trump didn't talk about the economy on the campaign trail. last night sarah huckabee sanders talked about that saying he did talk about the economy but none of the networks wanted to cover that and we had some numbers that may prove that. between october 29th, and november 2nd, nbc news and cbs evening news spend less then a minute on the economy and abc spent a minute and a half, another interesting breakdown, the democrats positive coverage
2:38 am
47% of the time and they gave the gop positive coverage just 12%. important to note those networks gave democrats more negative coverage as well which is interesting. before the election results started rolling in reuters tweeted out this video saying win or lose beto set to be victorious. ted cruz in deeper texas. >> what higher taxes. >> reporter: dominated the 2018 elections like no other race. >> reporter: that may be true, you could make the argument it may be painting o'rourke as a hero. a lot of folks on social media reacting, one person on facebook posted cbs and nbc never cover the positives trump has caused. it is all about hiding the truth, facebook, did you are really think they would go against their type?
2:39 am
me neither. jason on facebook says political news media bias overwhelming reminds me of 2026. donald trump talked about his coverage of the media and that won't change anytime soon. rob: this man who was marked ends appointing leslie getting the last laugh. >> easy win for him. let's play the soundbites that created a media firestorm around him courtesy of pete davidson of snl. >> dan crenshaw you may be surprised to hear his congressional candidate from texas and not a hitman in a porno movie. i know he lost or whatever. jillian: rob celebrating a big victory so this is one of the last things on his mind but snl declined to comment on this
2:40 am
controversy but castmate tina thompson came out and said pete davidson missed the mark and apologize. is that is a veteran. your kind of under the gun to say something funny and missed the mark. and he probably didn't mean to offend but he did speak out against this. >> we have much more to come on "fox and friends first". >> historic night in the books, a wild night, democrats taking control of the house. will they investigate with that power or legislate? >> on deck to debate that coming away next. everything i buy. and last year, i earned $36,000 in cash back.
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>> welcome back, democrats have taken back the house, nancy pelosi is thinking of ways use the speaker's gavel. >> today's more than democrats and republicans. it is about restoring the constitution's checks and balances to the trump administration. >> will democrats use their new power to legislate or investigate? here to debate, kaylee mcinerney and democratic strategists chuck rocha. welcome to you, so much going on. europe 26 seats in the house. a fairly decent night. what did you make of it? >> good night around america for democrats. the american people have been frustrated with the policies of this president spoke out last night. not like the electoral college the when he got elected. it is individual district with individual people voting into
2:45 am
your point democrats can legislate and investigate at the same time. no reason you can't walk and chew gum. >> we spoke yesterday about this and we thought if they don't get at least 30 seats it is going to look like a loss. republicans dominated the senate as you predicted they would. they feel good this morning? >> they should not feel good. this is a shellacking. president obama lost 63 seats, clinton lost 54. donald trump lost half of that and they gained in the senate. it is very significant. 1980 years sitting presidents of in eight senate seats combined over 80 years in one midterm election, donald trump gained 3 to four. that is historic and democrats might try to paint this in a rosy light but there is no way to do it, this is a shellacking
2:46 am
for the democratic party. >> interesting to see how this came down and i wonder will democrats move a little more centrist and try to work with the president? he hijacked this campaign and did pretty well last night. >> i think katie is trying to put lipstick on a pig, still smells like a pig. we won a lot of elections last night. democrats won 333 legislative seats last night. no matter how you spin this it was big. you talk about declaring victory because you won a couple red states we knew we would lose. >> you were going to lose, do you know what the reelection rate is? >> democratic performance in those seats -- doesn't make you write. >> get to won, donald trump, you pulled out all the stops the hollywood -- >> the president of the united
2:47 am
states, red states -- it doesn't make you write. >> fax don't lie. heather: you must've anticipated winning more than 20 or 30 house seats, you have to have expected -- >> i have been doing this a long time and i love kaylee as a matter of fact that all these congressional seats were to redistrict it by republican governors and republicans gerrymandered. lucky we did as good as we have been. i run elections for them. i knew it would be a tough night in a tough area. there are winds on both sides. >> you pulled out oprah, obama, biden, i could go on and on. none of won because donald trump was the game changer. he made the difference. rob: i still wonder was there a lesson to be learned for democrats? is a time to work together or is this resistor two more years and hope trump doesn't win in 2020? >> i think the president will drive a lot of the agenda.
2:48 am
whether you love him or hate him people follow what he says. of the economy is doing good, what struck me most we were talking about immigration and caravan. when the economy is doing really well. and implement really low. nobody was talking about that. they talk about what he talks about. he can drive this one way or the other. rob: have you been to miami? you had a good night. >> you took your cowboy hat off. you can wear it in miami. rob: interesting stuff. we appreciate it. 48 minutes after the hour. one of the left's promised the way, wasn't a blue tsunami that democrats are waking up with control of the house. what does this mean for the president's agenda? ned ryan weighs in on that coming up next. here ya go, hon.
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heather: the blue wave hitting a redwall in the senate, democrats won control of the house meaning some of donald trump's biggest critics are set to top committee, what does this mean for the president's agenda? here is gop strategist and presidential writer for george w. bush ned ryan. what does this mean for the president trying to get things done? >> not much will happen in the house. if you think the last two years have been contentious you haven't seen anything yet. the only two things that might happen potentially would be prison reform but i don't think those happen either because i think democrats are committed to resistance and they have been chomping at the bit to gain control of the house and now
2:53 am
they have control. maxine waters as chairman of financial services, adam schiff as head intelligence, jerry nadler as head of judiciary, these are not middle-of-the-road representatives, these are far left and i think they will overplay their hand. i think for the next two years i don't think they will be committed to doing any real legislation. it will be about investigation and two things they will do, they could overplay their hand, go to the left and endanger a lot of these new democratic members who won, and they will compel the new members to go to the left and they will also help trump and what is going to happen is they will help trump reelection in 2020 by overplaying their hand. heather: don't you think people can see through the resist, people want things to get done? people on both sides. >> i think you are right. we have huge issues regarding immigration, healthcare, you won't see much happening.
2:54 am
here's the deal, the left debate, the resistance is driving the democratic party. the grassroots. they don't want to see trump succeed. for the democrats in their minds to succeed they have to play to that base. the thing i will say, the right point from last week is gaining seats in the senate, you can be assured there will be one trump agenda that will be successful, the appointment and confirmation of young conservative federal judges. i think trump's greatest legacy will be the complete reshaping of the federal judiciary, can be confident that will continue. heather: you mentioned key things we have been speculating about for weeks, changes in committees, maxine waters overseeing big banks, adam
2:55 am
schiff taking care of the health intelligence committee. what do you make of this now that this is reality? >> they promised retaliation. listen to maxine waters and she promised retaliation. adam schiff, one of the things that will take place is house democrats will take over the russia investigation from robert mueller. they are committed for the last few years to run it themselves. he will see adam schiff continuing the russia investigation. one thing they may not help themselves on again is impeachment. even though there is 0 chance of anything happening in the senate they will -- the left's base will be clamoring for this and they might actually consider for something stupid is impeachment. strap it on for the next few years, it will be a wild ride. heather: we are coming right back.
2:56 am
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>> votes still being counted overnight after the polls closed 2018 midterms. republicans keeping control of the senate picking up four seats. missouri, florida, indiana. we are still waiting on montana and arizona come inform both are leaning toward the republicans at this point. they haven't been called yet. in the house. regained control leaving a power split in washington. rob: ted cruz keeping his seat. beating narrowly beto o'rourke. republican ron desantis
3:00 am
pulling out a win over andrew gillum race for governor. rob: kempf has the advantage at this point. you will stay tuned for our coverage this morning. have a good day. >> i am ready to go to washington and fight for you. >> people of texas rendered a verdict that we want a future with more jobs and more security and more freedom. [cheers] >> we didn't accept government incompetence in tallahassee. and we are not going to accept it in d.c. i will not accept it as your new u.s. senator. >> i know you want to keep this country living on the right track. i think the entire country has


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