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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 7, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PST

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pulling out a win over andrew gillum race for governor. rob: kempf has the advantage at this point. you will stay tuned for our coverage this morning. have a good day. >> i am ready to go to washington and fight for you. >> people of texas rendered a verdict that we want a future with more jobs and more security and more freedom. [cheers] >> we didn't accept government incompetence in tallahassee. and we are not going to accept it in d.c. i will not accept it as your new u.s. senator. >> i know you want to keep this country living on the right track. i think the entire country has heard tennessee loud and
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clear. >> i want to thank all hoosiers for giving me a resounding victory putting your faith in me. and i will not let you down. i promise that. [cheers] ♪ only in america ♪ we're dreaming in red, white, and blue ♪ only in america. brian: glad you are up. hope you are dressed. we have a lot to report. not all the verdicts are in. a midterm for the history books. >> could not have picked a better sopping. brian: first time in 8 years democrats will take control of the house. the so-called blue wave ends there. ed: republicans intensifying strong hold in the senate. they actually are expanding their majority. the president whose appear apper appearances on the campaign trail may have carried many candidates across the line
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thank you to all. ainsley: at this hour we still are watching a few races just too close to call at this point. in arizona, the senate race between republican martha mcsally and democrat kristin sion that in a dead heat. brian: wow, mcsally wasn't leading in any of the polls. in georgia stacey abe braps brams and brian kemp. if nobody gets to 50 they have a runoff december 40th. ed: the ap calling the governor's race for the democrat tony evers. republican scott walker is refusing to concede that. seems to be headed by a recount. divided by a few hundred votes. >> a team of reporters all across our nation. pete hegseth is in fort worth, texas.
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steve: you know they have christmas shops already open. christmas came early for the republicans here. because josh hawley despite those polls. the last nbc poll showed claire mccaskill was up by 3. josh hawley actually won by 6. let's go ahead and go quickly. hi, everybody, you are live on "fox & friends." [cheers and applause] >> in this crowd who voted for josh hawley in the senate? [careers] steve: the crowd today represents the demographics. he did very well in small towns and rural areas. we are going to talk to some of the folks a little later on in this segment.
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ed: got to start with florida. rick scott when you talk about the senate. he beats the item crack incumbent bill nelson. scott had been down several points throughout that battle. texas you have ted cruz winning over beto o'rourke. ainsley: after all the money he spent. ed: the bottom line, steve, particularly florida, talk about that a little bit. because you had both the governor's race where gillum had been ahead. the senate race where scott had been consistently ahead. and the two candidates that donald trump got behind early and often pulled it out. steve: that's right. and keep in mind, so much money has been spent this particular midterm cycle. they broke a record. they are still trying to figure out how much they spent on internet and on tv. here in missouri, the show-me state, as of mid october they had already spent $120 million on all sorts of campaign activity. this is one of the states
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where ed, to your point a moment ago, donald trump really put it on the line. he ne knew the control of the u.s. senate was important. he came five times since march, including the last stop on the campaign was for josh hawley there in rush limbaugh's hometown of cape girardeau not too far from where i am right now. i talked to people at that bar in downtown springfield, missouri said that really helped that showed the president was invested and if he was invested a number of them told me they were invested. ainsley: that was unbelievable. mccaskill has been the incumbent and run 20-plus races in the past. for him to beat her is pretty incredible. she didn't vote for kavanaugh, so i'm wondering if that had an effect. what are they saying there? >> well, did i a little audience participation. let me ask the folks right now. attention, attention. we are back on "fox & friends." how big, your number one issue in voting for josh
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hawley or claire mccaskill. was it and i want to hear some noise? healthcare? don't nod your head, make some noise. [laughter] a couple people. not so much. claire mccaskill really ran on that as did the democrats. what about immigration? [cheers] what about the economy? [cheers] here's the question you ask. what about judge kavanaugh? [cheers] >> lightly more voter participation, energy regarding what happened to kavanaugh during the confirmation hearings. brian: kind of interesting heidi heitkamp did not vote for kavanaugh. she got spanksd. support for joe manchin he did well in west virginia. and donnelly voted against kavanaugh and he was not in support and he lost over in indiana. ainsley: steve, we will check back in with you coming up. thank you so much. tell the voters we love them out there. brian: we will check back in with you at the bottom of
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this block. ainsley: how about marsha blackburn the polls showed she was behind and the president went and stumped for her. and she won 54 to 43. ed: taylor swift was not the difference maker? brian: you would think artist coming out and saying you better go vote and go for bredesen it didn't work. the lead actually expanded. after bob corker backed out she was trailing by 4 or 5 point. ed: indiana was an early call. that was another one where it was supposed to be a dead heat. the republican mike braun won big and early over joe donnelly. another democrat, brian, as you pointed out who voted no on kavanaugh. brian: mike braun in particular is intriguing another person without the donald trump big time personality, another person established himself in business and say you know what? this is how i'm going to get back. going to hop in and go back home and hop into the senate race. and then he goes ahead and
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wins. he is going to be one of president's big allies in the senate mike braun. ed: it was big. brian: the polls were wrong. brian: polls were very wrong there big spread for brawn. donnelly conceded very early in the evening. ainsley: what did you think of the heidi heitkamp loss. brian: pick up for republicans. this isn't keeping pace. it was a win. double figures. when heidi heitkamp came out. maybe to her credit she believed brett kavanaugh and all these women, yeah, i'm not voting for that the lead just expanded even though money poured in after she did that from the left. ed: here is the big picture. the president loses the house. looks like the democrats have a narrow marginal. in the senate republicans have a net gain right now at this hour of 3 seats. so they go from 51 to at least 54. if they hold arizona, which was a republican seat with jeff flake and they hold that you are still at 54. ainsley: martha mcsally is on top there.
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ed: by a little. win montana. rosendale. he is running by a little. maybe 77% or something like that. so have you got to count more votes. let's not get ahead of it. if rosendale wins that's another -- certainly the president has 55 republican senate seats. big deal. ainsley: the president admitted i keep come to montana because i'm so mad at jon tester. i want him unseated for quote, trying to destroy admiral johnny jackson. ed: for v.a. secretary. brian: 2016 was no fluke. it wasn't the russians. it wasn't people didn't know who they were voting for. hillary clinton was that bad of a candidate. the president went out and put his prestige on the line and power on the line and able to expand his base in the senate. he now has confirmations that are going to be easier judiciary appointments that are going to be easier. ed: clean house with jeff sessions tricky.
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51-4. lose two republicans because if it's 50/50. still have vice president pence. lose two republicans and whoever the replacement is for sessions you are stuck. now you have room to run on judicial and cabinet nominations. big deal. ainsley: what's your prediction? ed: montana rosendale has an edge there. they have to count more votes. even if it's 54 instead of 55, it is a strong majority for the president. brian: i also think it's important to point out that i was told that 80% of the ballots in montana were mail-in. they should be the first in, not the last. but maybe the mechanics. ed: our correspondent ellison barber is live right now in montana. the sun hasn't come up there yet. elf son, what are people saying on the ground in helena. >> it's still dark and snowy here right now. there are over 700,000 registered voters in the state of montana. so far roughly 400,000 of those votes have been counted. according to the secretary of state.
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4% of the votes or for rosendale. 48% for tester. two within a point of each other. tester first was up and then rosendale. a lot of votes to be counted. incumbent democrat and state auditor matt rosendale left their election parties without giving a victory or concession speech. instead they told their supporters to get ready for a long night. >> we're almost there, folks. we are almost there. we just wanted to stop out and thank everybody for coming out tonight. it looks like it's going to be a long night. >> we still have folks voting. i look forward to sharing with you tomorrow some very good news. but i can't do it tonight. >> republicans focused on national issues in this race. immigration, the supreme court fight over brett kavanaugh. they told voters a vote for rosendale is a vote for
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president trump's agenda. president trump won this state in 2016 by 20 points. he campaigned for rosendale four different times. the vice president held a valley on monday. tester did not attack president trump. he told me this is a race between jon tester and matt rosendale. not jon tester and president trump. tester largely stayed focus on things like public land use, veterans issues. and healthcare. and part of the reason is because president trump does have a high approval rating in this state, about 50% approval rating. we want to take a quick look back at recent montana senate races that flipped in 2006. democrats turned a red senate seat blue with tester. in 2014 republicans turned a blue senate seat red with steve danes. they are hoping to keep this seat blue. republicans are hoping they can eke out a win for now. we have to see. back to you guys. brian: fascinating in montana. i have never seen bigger and louder crowds than what we saw in montana no offense to
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indiana. ainsley: no matter what happens where these races are too close to call to call. republicans will keep the majority in the senate bottom line. the democrats took the house. several of these races are too close to call but it was definitely not a blue wave. brian: it's a split decision. it's almost never been done in history where a sitting president in his first term expands his reach in the senate and loses in the house. it was a big win for democrats in the house. not a wave, but it's a win. they are now going to be in power in all the committees. more than likely going to have speaker pelosi. i think there is going to be a serious run at her leadership there about 51 people have said unofficially democrats if they are elected they won't vote for nancy pelosi. ainsley: who else would want that position? brian: tim ryan. another generation of democrats that might come in here and go for it. i don't think necessarily steny hoyer. ed: talked about how this president will have room to run in the senate on cabinet nominations. put the brakes on nancy pelosi.
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she passes a bill, say, to repeal the tax cuts. then it goes over to the senate. in it was 51-49 republicans and you lose a couple of republicans, maybe she gets some traction. you have 54, 55 republicans. she is not repealing tax cuts. she is not pushing through her climate change plans. puts the brakes. ainsley: she does have the ability to raise a lot of the money. some people are saying they want a fresh new face. if you look at history though. past presidents, if you look at the past presidents, historically what happened yesterday, there has always been a power shift. look at bill clinton in 1994. the democrat they lost 52 seats. ed: in the house. ainsley: when bush was in office in 2006, the republicans, they lost 30 seats in the house. when president obama was elengthed and then in 2010 during the midterms, the democrats lost 63 seats. all three of them were reelected. brian: going to be about the tone and tenor of nancy pelosi. invited the new leadership
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over. i'm going to have to deal with democrats now. she had a certain tone. some people thought successful. the fact is she lost her speakership and stuck around almost unprecedented. maybe she learned something. maybe she understands the american people want to get something done. at least for a year before we get into 2020 marked for identification mode. here is her tone last night when it became clear that her party would be in power in the house. >> today is more than about democrats and republicans. it's about restoring the constitution's checks and balances to the trump administration. [cheers and applause] it's about stopping the g.o.p. and mitch mcconnell's assaults on medicare, medicaid, the affordable care act. we will have accountability. [cheers] >> in stark contrast to the g.o.p. come. a democratic congress will be led with transparency and openness. american people want peace. they want results. brian: does she mean that? does she actually mean that? will she go in the lame duck session and will the president go in this lame
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duck session and say i have to get something done. nancy, do you want to help me here? ed: the art of the deal. don't get things done, the president can run in 2020 against the do-nothing democrats. he has already tried to label them. he will have a record. he will say they had some power. they got the house. they did nothing, right? he has that. second thing i would point out you have nancy pelosi, maxine waters, some of these other chairs of the committee who want to do impeachment and other things. if they overreach that plays right into the president's hands. ainsley: talk about the governor races. there are some key races we were following. many of them were neck in neck. for instance, florida, had you ron desantis who was running against andrew gillum who was the mayor of tallahassee. ed: he was up big. ainsley: this was stunning. desantis did win. by .8%. brian: congressman with a military background got off to a stumbling start. then he came on strong. also has a lot to do with andrew gillum. people of florida seemed to have stood up the whole raising taxes things, easy
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on immigration. ed: medicare for all. ainsley: investigation of the tickets for hamilton. ed: down in florida we have griff jenkins, our correspondent, he is getting voter reaction live at the brunch box in lakeland, florida. what are they saying down there because gillum was up consistently. bill nelson, the democratic incumbent senator he was up consistently against rick scott the popular republican governor who was running for the senate. and scott and desantis sort of shocked everybody, griff? >> that's exactly right. look, perhaps nowhere other than florida, did president trump have a bigger impact. trump them if you will. i have interrupted people's breakfast two days in a row and they haven't thrown me out. i will begin where i started yesterday with janice, al-and jim. janice, you were a democrat up until very recently. >> yes. i don't feel like that all democrat do best for the country. so i changed to independent to feel like they would be
3:18 am
better for the country. griff: what did you make of yesterday's results? governor scott and ron desantis becoming governor-elect? >> very happy. very happy. scott will do an excellent job. nelson has been there many, many years. time for him to retire. griff: nelson has 39 year cereal in the senate. jim, i want to come to you for a second. you thought the results were good. but you still -- there is a little work for now senator rick scott. explain. >> i think he should be more protective of our law enforcement. especially highway patrol. i'm friends with a lot of them. they are a little unhappy with him. it doesn't bother me. i'm not highway patrol, obviously. i'm retired. take care of me, too. griff: there you go. two quick 30 seconds left here, al, what do you make
3:19 am
of the election results? >> i thought they were fairly good. as a matter of fact, i was very happy with them. i mean, the way that they turned out there. is a few things that needed to get the rough edges off of. that's going to work out. if it doesn't, then we will have another election in a few years and we will change if we can. griff: that's a good point al makes. because now florida, heading into the 2020 elections is solidly in republican hands, guys. back to you. ed: all right. griff. appreciate it pete hegseth in texas. cruz and beto o'rourke, that was a big race as well. ted cruz pulls it out. we have a lot more to get to. ainsley: two big governor races to watch we were watching, florida and georgia. georgia too close to call and she is not conceding because she is waiting to count all those absentee ballots that come from a very progressive area in georgia in the atlanta area and she wants to count those ballots before she concedes. but, so far, brian kemp is winning. he has more than 50%. but we are waiting on those
3:20 am
to count which could take weeks. wee will see. he was mocked on snl for losing an eye while he was serving our country in afghanistan. >> you may be surprised to hear he is a congressional candidate from texas and not a hit man in a porno movie. [laughter] ainsley: well, this morning that war hero has a new title. he won. he is a congressman now. republican dan crenshaw is going to join us live next. brian: plus senator claire mccaskill was not the only democrat senator to vote against judge kavanaugh and lose. we will break down the kavanaugh effect across the country straight ahead ♪ ♪ - meet the ninja foodi, the pressure cooker that crisps,
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brian: midterm election is not just determining winners and losers. ainsley: jillian mele joins us with a closer look which candidates are reshaping history. jillian? >> a series of newly elected lawmakers across the nation. colorado will soon have the first openly gay governor polis defeating stapleton. polis five term congressman. he takes over for john hickenlooper who reached a three term limit. in tennessee, a woman will represent the state in the u.s. senate for the first time. congresswoman marsha blackburn helping the g.o.p. keep a majority in the senate. beating out former democratic governor phil bredesen. retiring senator bob corker's seat stays red. a billionaire democrat becomes the wealthiest governor in american history. governor elect j.b. brinkster in illinois
3:25 am
pouring 171 money pritzker worth 3.4 heir to the hyatt hotel fortune. alexandria ocasio-cortez is now the youngest woman ever elected to congress. the democratic socialist shocked the political world defeating congressman joe crawlfully a new york primary back in june. the youngest person ever elected to congress was just 22 years old back in 1797. ocasio-cortez one of 100 women elected to the house of representatives. that's the most there has ever been. there you have it. send it back to you. ainsley: a story we have been telling you about snl sparking outrage after a wounded navy seal running for congress. >> you may be surprised to hear he is a congressional candidate from texas. and not a hit man in a porno movie. [laughter] i'm sorry, i know he lost his eye in war or whatever.
3:26 am
[laughter] whatever. ed: well, whatever. that texas war hero getting the last laugh. dan crenshaw easily winning the house race in yesterday's election. brian: joining us now on the heels of a very exciting victory navy seal and texas congressman dan crenshaw. dan, how does it feel? >> i'm feeling elated. you just got told that the second district would want you to represent them in washington. and that means a great deal to me. it's a huge weight on my shoulders in a very good way. reminds me of the responsibility that i have. ainsley: dan, you won 53%. do you think the snl skit helped or hurt? >> i have to imagine that it probably helped. you know, that was still a tighter 345 margin than we would have liked. what helped is all the hard work we put in it for a year now. door to door. restaurant to restaurant. table to table. never stopped connecting with people. never stopped sharing that
3:27 am
dream of, you know, the american way with all those trying to prove to them that i was the right one to represent them. ed: dan, let's look forward. we talk about more women elected to congress. more people of color. all kinds of wonderful firsts. but let's talk about more veterans being elected to congress and what kind of perspective you bring. you want to bring to the house, especially when the president has talked a lot about cleaning up the v.a., for example. >> yeah, i think veterans have a great role in congress. i don't know the latest numbers and how many got elected for this class. but, i will say this: when you are speaking with another veteran, you know something for sure. you know that before they did anything else in their life, they started out serving their country. so there is an element of trust there. an element that you can actually work together with and maybe find the things that we agree on and go forward with those. so, you know, i think the more veterans in congress the more likely it is we could do that and find issues that we can work together on.
3:28 am
brian: dan, the other thing is, the one thing i think you did effectively is establish a third rail. if you are going to make funnel of people, go ahead. when you make fun of people, make them the butt of jokes. and i know you guys get on each other and you say you guys are sarcastic and biting to each other in the locker room atmosphere. the third vale veterans wounds. don't you think you effectively push back on that for other veterans that came out of war, maybe physically different than when they went in? >> yeah. and it was the fine line i had to walk. because, what i would not be a victim about it i would not be offended about it but i had to also point out that it was still very offensive and there are many, many other veterans just like me who don't feel as though their wounds might be the subject of bad jokes and poor taste to an hysterically laughing audience. that's what we wanted to do. ainsley: you had a very close senate race there ted cruz pulled it out in texas. and the governor remains in the republican hands and you won your congressional seat,
3:29 am
so congratulations, sir. >> well, thank you. ed: all right. good luck. brian: he has a second career now. special operator to politician. ed: democrats promised they would investigate the president if they won the house. what happens now if they have won the majority? they have gavels. they will run the committees. get into his tax returns? we will get into it. ainsley: what are saying about election results? steve and pete having breakfast with friends. one is in missouri and one in texas. we will check in with them coming up next. >> thank all hoosiers for giving me a resounding victory. putting your faith in me. and i will not let you down. i promise that. [cheers] we have a rare opportunity, i think, to really make things happen in d.c. and i can't wait to be a part of it. ♪
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brian: cameraman fell down and camera went straight up to the ceiling. he had knowed camera men were harmed in the shooting of that video. with good reason it's being called one of the crucial elections. democrats taking control of the house. so-called blue wave ended right there as republicans expand their majority in the senate. ainsley: moments ago our president tweeting this some congratulations on big victory last night including from foreign nations, friends, that were waiting me out and hoping on trade deals. now we can all get back to work and get things done. brian: word is that's exactly what china was doing. we have fox team coverage, getting voter reaction this morning. pete hegseth is in fort worth, texas. at least that's where he told us he was going. first we go to steve doocy because we like him better at least for now in branson, missouri. hey, steve. steve: hey brian and ed and ainsley. yeah, good morning. folks, live from branson,
3:34 am
it's "fox & friends." [cheers] and they understand, while out out of town the boss actually let's me work for tip money. i love this woman right here. why did you start with ice cream for breakfast? >> i have been here this week and i have been thinking about it and i told him this morning i'm having. steve: why not. talk to folks and see their reaction as we do midterm 2018 post game show. sir, what did you think of josh hawley beating claire mccaskill the incumbent? >> i thought it was great. steve: why? >> because we need more republicans. there is a reason why trump come down here. steve: came down five times since march. >> five times. steve: did that make a difference to you, ma'am? >> yes, it did. i just think he is a worker. we needed a worker. steve: the president just did do some tweeting as well. who needs coffee over here? all right. what did you think of the election last night? >> oh, i was happy.
3:35 am
steve: why? >> we just needed a big change. steve: yeah? >> yeah. steve: all right. right back here we have a vet. >> a marine. steve: what did you think? >> i think it was great to see hawley win his office there. really important thing to me was immigration and building the wall and i want to see that thing done. steve: what about the brett kavanaugh factor, the fact that claire mccaskill did not vote for him? >> i think that that was a disgusting disgrace for our country to have to see that guy go through that. steve: the fact that she didn't vote for the tax cut? >> yeah. doesn't want to help people. they want to keep their crumbs. steve: would you like a little more coffee? do you have a dollar bill? [laughter] steve: this guy is next because he has got the dollar. what's your name? >> greg slavik. there is your tip. steve: there you go. i will spend a little time right here. what did you think of the election? >> i thought it was
3:36 am
fantastic. i think the republicans did a great job yesterday. steve: what did you think of josh hawley over the last couple of months? he had a lot of incoming fire. >> he did for claire mccaskill to come back to the middle for the last two weeks was just disgusting to me because she voted with pelosi 90% of the time. i look at their records and do a lot of research. steve: i think she was running ads that said i have voted with the president 60% of the time. >> oh, yeah. right. who believes that? steve: would you like a little more coffee? >> yes, sir. steve: steve do you have. >> i came here early because i thought peter doocy was coming. [laughter] steve: it's a rough crowd. you need a little coffee? what's your name? >> cheryl. >> what did you think of the fact that republicans lost control of the congress? >> the republicans lost control of the congress? >> of the house what do i think of it. steve: is this breaking news for you. >> i think republicans losing isn't a good thing.
3:37 am
steve: what do you think of nancy pelosi as, perhaps, the next speaker of the house? >> not happy about that. steve: why? >> not a pelosi fan. steve: maybe this is a chance for republicans and democrats to work together? >> really? is this fox news? [laughter] neare you new here? steve: i am new. brian, ainsley, and ed. as you can see this crowd excited about the fact that josh hawley -- this guy looks like he has got a dollar. excited that josh hawley did win a little apprehensive about the incoming congressional makeup with the democrats in charge. but, that's the way it is, right? >> yeah. i'm just hoping that we can find a way to work together. i mean, i think it's going to be difficult with the -- now that the democrats have taken control of the house. i think they are going to try to bring up the same old thing, the russia investigation and continue to try to bring up dirt that
3:38 am
is not there. steve: that's what they have advertised. let's see if they follow through with that ladies and gentlemen, give yourselves a round of applause, very nicely done. all right, ainsley and brian and ed, there you have the lunch bunch at the farmhouse. ed: declare those tips. the irs is watching, buddy. steve: i only have one dollar. ainsley: some of those folks were bringing up good points. what does it mean for the democrats to have the house. the republicans to have the senate with nancy pelosi. nancy pelosi said in her speech. she said i hope we can all work together. hopefully no more investigations and we can focus on politics. brian: she added a lot more on to that that there would be a lot more investigations. the republicans have work to do with women and suburbs. they got hammered in both those places and they have two years to pick that up. also, the question is, are they beginning to lose texas? that's a question. ainsley: or florida. brian: pete hegseth is getting voter reaction at the pancake house in fort
3:39 am
worth. pete? pete: that's right. the old pancake house. still waking up in texas. i'm here with del and kevin. both cruz voters in texas. what did you make of the outcome. a little closer than you thought it might be? >> it was much closer than i thought it was going to be. i thought that beto had a lot of outside support and i think that that's what really made it a closer race than it was expected to be. pete: do you feel like texas -- i mean a lot of folks around the country look at texas and see red and see a conservative state. is that changing? was beto o'rourke just a good candidate? i know greg abbott won by 13 points. is this still a center right state? >> i think it has changed a lot. obviously immigration has had a big impact. i also feel a lot of california. pete: immigration from california. >> immigration from california has also changed the demographics a little bit. beto is definitely not the
3:40 am
candidate. pete: still a win. ted cruz carries the night. are you happy president outcomes last night. >> i am happy. but first i want to say hi, ainsley. pete: they do love you here, ainsley. ainsley: tell them hello. >> i'm glad people have my point of view cruz followers and he was able to be victorious. pete: you heard nancy pelosi's speech last night do you think there is any chance they find sanity next two years. >> pleasantly diverse. handled herself well and looked like she wanted to go on both sides of the fence. i was happy with the voice that she was putting out last night. pete: all right. we will see if they can deliver. ainsley says hello back to you. in her wonderfully southern drawl, she loves you, too. we will be here in texas all morning. ainsley: thank you so much. brian: was scary for ted cruz for while. republican incumbent going against a very charismatic candidate. however, ted cruz, a lot of people never forgave him for his diss on president trump.
3:41 am
president trump tried to say i wiped the slate clean. ed: beto o'rourke spends tens of millions of dollars and the left saying we want him for 2020. ainsley: he said the voters went to the polls. they weren't voting for me and weren't voting for beto o'rourke. they were voting for what we stood for. for the policy, for the issues. ed: i would like to vote for jillian right now. ainsley: i think that's a great idea. jillian: what are we voting for? ainsley: how wonderful you are. unanimous. jillian: i work with the best people. startinstarting with this peopl. despite domestic abuse allegations keith ellison is the next minnesota attorney general. the democratic congressman beating out doug ward low. he has repeatedly denied glams an ex-girlfriend that he emotionally and physically abused her. a brothel winner wins state election in a landslide. even though is he dead. republican dennis getting a
3:42 am
whopping 68% of the vote in the nevada race. relate tv star was found dead last mont month. his seat will be declared vacate until the nevada republican party fills it. eligibility for more than 1.5 million felons who have finished their sentences or are on probation. people convicted of murder and sexual assault would not be eligible. i will send it back to my fabulous co-workers. ainsley: thank you, jillian, feeling is mutual. ed: these four senate democrats went down last night flipping their seat from blue to red was it because of this man judge kavanaugh. the reason why. we break down the kavanaugh effect next. >> i would like to thank our president for standing by me when. [cheers] >> for standing by me when it wasn't necessarily the smart thing to do. mr. president, i look forward to working with you
3:43 am
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3:46 am
brian: georgia's governor race still too close to call. ainsley: kempf taking a slight lead over stacey abrams. brian: joins us live a surprising turn of events. what's happening there this morning? >> well, we wake up without knowing who the next governor is going to be. as you mentioned, brian kemp, the republican, does have a slight lead. the reason it hasn't been called is that lead not necessarily big enough for him to you avoid a runoff. here in georgia you have to get a majority of the vote or you have to face a runoff. and there is a libertarian who is getting just less than 1% of the vote. but that less than 1% of the vote is possibly enough to force this into a runoff. now, at this point, kempf is
3:47 am
pretty confident that he is going to be able to avoid that and he will be declared the winner. abrams is not giving up and the she is saying that have is a lot more absentee ballots throughout specifically in democratic strongholds and she thinks she is going to be able to eat away enough of that lead to force the runoff. we have to see later on, hopefully today, who is right. that's the latest from atlanta, georgia. i'm marc for fox news. brian: we will be all watching that. oprah went down and maybe it didn't work. ainsley: overnight historic shift on capitol hill. ed: real clear politics lisa booth. >> ed: did you get some sleep? kavanaugh effect, i saw you tweet about the fact you saw a close race in west
3:48 am
virginia. joe manchin wins by 3 points and he voted yes on kavanaugh. the ones in the trump states like north dakota who voted no on kavanaugh go down. >> everyone, i mean bill nelson went down, claire mccaskill, heitcamp, joe donnelly, joe tester voted against. he is hanging in there. is he down now. that race is not over. ainsley: ones who said yes like manchin won. >> he was the only democrat who voted for kavanaugh and he won his race and won it barely. he had voted against kavanaugh might have been a different outcome there. >> one thing to keep in mind as well josh hawley in missouri. he made the supreme court a central theme of his campaign from the beginning. the very first ad that he ran was talking about the importance of the supreme court and the role the senate plays in that. and his connection to the supreme court where he started out as a law clerk. that is where he met his wife. that was a consistent theme that he made throughout his campaign. brian: schumer really blew this twice. he is the one who said don't vote for kavanaugh and he is the one who said don't vote for gulch, making them use
3:49 am
the nuclear option on the supreme court. what terrible strategy? he was supposed to be the master strategist? >> absolutely. i think chuck schumer, democrats privately stay in hindsight that wasn't a good move. on the other side, give credit to cocaine mitch, hey, the way he didn't hold a hearing for merrick garland. saved that seat for republicans and the way he stuck with and pushed through kavanaugh really galvanized the republican party. folks who hadn't been warm to trump. republicans had been sort of iffy on trump were welded to trump and in the party came home in the end. >> you saw people like bret stephens who hates this president who tweeted out that, you know, he is finally thankful for the president with the brett kavanaugh thing. brian columnist for the "new york times." >> united different factions of the republican party that came together in support of brett kavanaugh and republicans who brought him through over the finish line. ainsley: if you look at history, whoever is in power in the presidency, the
3:50 am
republicans, democrats usually do well in the mid terms and visa versa. in the past clinton and president obama. president bush. and all of them were reelected what are your predictions for 2020? tom, start with you. >> i think despite the fact that republicans lost some governorships in some key swing states, they lost wisconsin and michigan. they did pick up ohio and florida. so, look, i think trump is in good position for 2020. obviously it depends on hot nominee is, who he is running against. but, by and large, i think trump is in good shape. the fact that there are democrats in control of one piece of congress gives him something to run against. i think that's a benefit to him. >> they also held on to iowa. i think democrats are overplay their hand in the house. they will feel emboldened by their base. they will do too many investigations. president trump is going to use that as a foil and that helps him in 2020. also the economy is strong that's really going to do it to get him reelected. ed: all right. we appreciate it thanks a lot. ed: democrats promised they would investigate the president if they win the house.
3:51 am
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ed: democrats taking over the house now putting some of the president's sharpest critics in line to chair some committees. they could make his life difficult. ainsley: what investigations into the trump white house will they pursue that we are all looking forward to? mark penn is a former senior advisor to both bill and hillary clinton and he joins us now to break it all down. ed: investigations where you were on the receiving end of the subpoenas not you personally but you were there when the under fire. >> i doubt this white house is going to see more investigations because they have been through the most intensive investigation in history with the mueller investigation where virtually everybody was put
3:55 am
under a spotlight. i think the real thing is democrats may go after some of trump's business enterprises. but, on the other hand, they have got the mueller report waiting. so, since they probably should wait for that report, and that's the big kahuna of investigations. really, on the other side, trump now can appoint a new attorney general who might appoint a second independent counsel and so subpoenas could fly here and every direction. >> to investigate the investigators. brian: you say split decision. and what you point out is it's rarely done where you increase your advantage in the senate and lose the house. >> i think it's probably historically unprecedented but the voters got what they wanted. the republicans in the house messed up healthcare. democrat ran a good message on that. and 40 of the republicans even bailed. they had no message. they had no organization. they had no campaign. over in the senate the kavanaugh hearings, exposed a lot of democrat presidential candidates as too far to the left and lindsey graham and susan
3:56 am
collins stepped in and i think that reaffirmed a republican senate. and so the voter said this is the way i'm going to vote and they did. ainsley: marc, of course republicans want both chambers and democrats want both chambers. for those folks in the middle. is it better for our country if you have one chamber that's democratic and one that's a republican? >> well, look, our whole system is divided government. the question is. are the democrats now going to sit down at the table and negotiate infrastructure, negotiate good budget deals? are we going to see say maybe criminal justice reform? you know, trump. brian: criminal justice reform i would start there. >> could be. trump really has had a list of democratic items, which he couldn't do while the republicans. ed: he wrote the book the art of the deal he has opportunity now. brian: asking to do what clinton and reagan did. they were pretty good. >> whoo clinton did was triangulate and is in a position to triangulate. we will see whether he does or the democrats say no deal. brian: great job.
3:57 am
great to see you. appreciate your insight. what's the white house saying about election results. counselor to the president kellyanne joins us next hour. ainsley: plus tomi lahren is live as well. would 8 talk to her. we will talk to her. can wear awr enamel. once they start wearing down, your tooth is going to look yellower, more dull. i recommend pronamel toothpaste because it helps protect and strengthen your enamel. it's going to make them more resistant to the acid erosion so that your teeth are not bothering you and you feel good about your smile. it's pro enamel. it's good for your enamel. it's a positive thing. our big idaho potato truck and we're going to find it.
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>> we believe in america. we believe in our future and we are ready to fight tore it. i'm ready to go to washington and fight for you. >> the people of texas rendered a verdict that we want a future with more jobs and more security and more freedom. [cheers] >> we didn't accept government incompetence in tallahassee, and we're not going to accept it in d.c. i wilnew u.s. senator. >> i know you want to keep this country on the right track. i have think this entire country has heard tennessee loud and clear. [cheers] >> i want to thank all
4:01 am
hoosiers for giving me a resounding victory, putting your faith in me, and i will not let you down. i promise that. [applause] ♪ this is how we roll ♪ brian: this is so perfect because florida and georgia and the line between them people thought if they merge and democrats got both of those gubernatorial races, it would be trouble for. ed: new face of the party. two black governors, florida, georgia. florida governor goes down, andrew gillum. brian: mayor from tallahassee. ainsley: georgia, that governor's race still not yet been called still neck in neck at this point. we will keep a close eye on that. midterm for the history books. brian: both parties have reason to celebrate. ed: democrats take control of the house for the first time in 8 years. that so-called blue wave ends right there. brian: not really a wave. republicans strength their holds in the senate with these races. let's take a look.
4:02 am
in florida, rick scott who hasn't led in any polls beats florida democrat bill nelson who has been there forever. they thought andrew gillum would drag bill nelson over the line. ainsley: scott was the governor. they were two very well known names on that ballot. ed: scott kept saying his internal polls had him up by a point. in texas, ted cruz keeps his senate seat, all out assault, fighting off hollywood-backed beto o'rourke. really remarkable race. ainsley: had so much money in his pocket. brian: question is beto o'rourke the beginning of texas changing back blue or is he just a unique candidate and ted cruz. ed: on social media the left was electrified even by beto o'rourke's farewell speech which many on the left sees a the beginning of 2020 presidential campaign. he loses the senate race but maybe keeps going. ainsley: there are a lot of californians that have moved to texas.
4:03 am
meantime indiana republican mike braun upsetting joe donnelly and in north dakota kevin cramer unseating democrat heidi heitcamp. both vote nod on big time. brian: brawn big win whether they said it was too close to call. kevin cramer beat heidi heitcamp. >> >> bret: blackburn was supposed to be a tight race no. she beat out phil bredesen big. 11 points. brian: first female senator from tennessee. josh hawley runs away it, again, beating out long-term senator democrat claire mccaskill, again shoes, she vote nod on kavanaugh. ainsley: kavanaugh effect. 74 says yesterday, that was important. 25% not important. brian: mccaskill can't pretend to be a moderate when she votes like a liberal. so many congratulations from some on our big victory last night including from foreign nations, quote, friends.
4:04 am
who were waiting me out and hoping, when it came to trade deals. now we can all get back to work and get things done. the president is going to paris on friday. he is going to be going to the g-20 where he wants to work out a deal. ed: he is really talking about china there china waiting out midterms. is the president going to be hampered? is he going to be paralyzed? no. he actually is strengthened. brian: ed, i will add eu for that framework of a deal but not a deal. now we have to get a deal. ainsley: talked about politic last night. the president campaigned for many of the winning candidates including former congressman ron desantis who edged out andrew gillum. he is the mayor from tallahassee. that race is very close down in florida. brian: another governor's race too close to call in nearby georgia. republican brian kemp, stacey abrams still neck in neck. kempf all but declared victory last night. said he was closing in on it. but abrams gave a defiant speech in which she said she wants all the votes counted. she is claiming there were problems with votes being
4:05 am
counted and whatnot. ainsley: a lot of absentee ballots have not been counted in an area where she would do well. a progressive area. brian: could be about guns and immigration and medicaid less than black and white, female, male. wild night in wisconsin. the a.p. calling the governor's race for democrat tony evers. scott walker is not conceding. ed: he survived that recall election. struggled in the presidential primaries. now it looks like he may be going down. look at the numbers at the very bottom. senate race between martha mcsally and democrat sir kin sion mkirsten sion sio sion. -i if that flips and right now republican rosen dale has a slim lead. if that happens, all of a
4:06 am
sudden you could get to 55 republican seats. brian: did you say montana? because still up in the air in the highly contested senate race we want to go up close and personal out there. go to republican candidate matt rosendale holding a slight lead over democratic incumbent jon tester. handling that. ainsley: he will siellison barbr joins us. >> both left their election parties telling their supporters they were in for a long night and didn't expect a result until the wee hours of the morning. most of the voters that we spoke to said president trump played at least some part in their vote or at least their decision to show up and vote. some said it was because they really liked the president. others said it bass because they do not. >> i voted red all the way. >> we wanted to vote for williams and jon tester. >> i definitely don't want her to have to be around too many more presidents like our current president.
4:07 am
>> president trump visited montana for rallies four different times. >> he said this race is personal. he can't forget tester's role in derailing the dr. ronny jackson for v.a. secretary. the president is popular in this state. his approval rating is around 50%. democrats don't want this to be a race between trump and tester. they have want it to be about montana. rosendale believes more than anything montana voters want someone who will support the president's agenda. >> this is a race between myself and matt rosendale. and who is best fit to serve montana. who is best fit to take back the rural perspective of this state and fight for it. >> i think that they have watched jon tester oppose the president's agenda on every turn. and they are not satisfied with that. >> with about half of the precincts reporting, rosendale 49. tester is at 48. when i spoke to rosendale's team a few hours ago. they told me they see the closeness of this has been this close throughout the entire night. about a point between the two.
4:08 am
they say they see that as a positive thing for them because they said when the polls close, they were down by 5. so they are looking at this tight race right now as good for them. still waiting to see what the other 50% of voters have to say about this. back to you guys. ed: ellison barber live from helena, montana. brian: hold a press conference at 11:30 this morning in the east room of the white house. the event is open to the press. game on. new day, two years left. ed: here we go. absolutely. ainsley: let's bring in steve doocy live at the farmhouse restaurant. he is in branson, missouri. hey, steve. hawley did well. he beat claire mccaskill. steve: oh, you know what, ainsley. that result didn't come in until late last night. the folks here in branson had kind of a late night. no one is really up except the people at. [knocking] >> the farmhouse restaurant. [cheers] >> this is a legendary spot in branson, missouri.
4:09 am
good morning, "fox & friends." [cheers] all right. this is largely a -- it was a crowd that voted extensively for josh hawley. this is the legendary singer song writer billy yates. wrote that song for george jones. went something like this. this morning he has changed it ♪ i don't need no rocking chair ♪ i hope claire enjoys her rocking chair. steve: all right. anyway. by the way, we got a lot of people came up down the main drag here to be with us. this is a guy whose name is charlie rich. [laughter] but he is known around these parts as the silver fox. and by the way, brian, half the people here wanted me to tell you they are dressed. brian: been a different life had they not been. we would have had a lot of picks labor relations around l
4:10 am
pixelations around the torso. steve: the polls last week showed that claire mccaskill was up in the nbc/"wall street journal" poll by 3. for josh hawley to beat her last night by 6 shows you, according to the breakdown, it was largely the folks in rural and small towns which is exactly what branson, missouri is. and that's where we are sitting with the silver fox. ed: we love it the silver fox with steve doocy, our own. we will come back to you throughout the morning. we appreciate you being there in the heart land. what's interesting to me, ainsley. you made this point earlier. it looks like right now the balance of power, the democrats have picked up a net of 26 seats in the house. puts them at 219. you need 218 for the majority. there are still a bunch of toss-up races that have to be decided. there will be some recounts. the republicans have 193 seats. this majority may expand. but it's probably a narrow majority when you compare it to bill clinton who lost 52
4:11 am
house seats in 1994. his first midterm. barack obama lost 63 house seats in his first midterm in 2010. you see george w. bush. that was not his first one. the first one was right after 9/11. politics was a bit different in 2006. his last midterm he lost 30. here's my point it looks like donald trump will lose far less than either clinton in terms house seats. he still loses control of the house. ainsley: right. ed: in terms of the folks out there. president, all that if it's far less than other presidents who have lost seats, it doesn't seem like a repudiation when you have that, a, and, b, you have the president increasing the majority in the senate. ainsley: 2020, if you look at obama, you look at clinton, and bush, but if you look at obama and clinton because those were midterm elections. both of them won when they ran. but won again. brian: here it is. the president of the united states, for those people who said 2016 is an anomaly. they are wrong. look what he did to save
4:12 am
those senate seats and increase advantage. number two is despite the 92% of the negative press, is he still extremely popular. you just watched him. 11 appearances in the last six days. those weren't scripts. no one was getting paid. that's real passion for him. i he will have to change way approaches things. he has to go out and get the suburbs and cannot give up. republicans cannot give up on minorities. ed: those who worked with me the president says embracing certain policies and principles did very well. those that did not say good bye. yesterday was such a very big win, and all under the pressure of nasty and hostile media. there he goes going after the media number two. and saying to some of the republicans you got at this mark penn earlier. didn't help him on the wall and finish with healthcare bye-bye. brian: i can't dispute anything he said. brand new day he has to cut deals. is he a dealmaker. cut deals and get things done or just both sides
4:13 am
stare and yell at each other for the next two years and we are all going to get indigestion. ainsley: exactly. i hope they are able to work together. he have a press conference this morning 11:30. hear what else he has to say. brian: anthony scaramucci will be joining us live on the election results. there is he coming up smiling. ainsley: here is my wall. tomi lahren the numbers are stunning. >> 88% of the coverage was negative toward republicans there she is with her shocked face. ed: good to finally meet you. how are you? ♪ ♪ you're still here? we're voya! we stay with you to and through retirement. i get that voya is with me through retirement, i'm just surprised it means in my kitchen. so, that means no breakfast? voya. helping you to and through retirement.
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...problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain occur. think your copd medicine is doing enough? maybe you should think again. ask your doctor about once-daily trelegy and the power of 1-2-3. ♪ trelegy 1-2-3 save at ♪ brian: the media research center out with a brand new revealing the coverage of the midterms leading up to the election was overwhelmingly biased in favor of democrats. ed: study found, get, this network nightly news was 88% negative toward the g.o.p. and the president's campaigning and doom and gloom continued as the results come in. >> this has been one of the most divisive midterms in our lifetime. >> at the end of the day, donald trump and followers
4:18 am
are still intact. >> it's heart-breaking. the hope has been that the antibodies would kick in. that this sort of infestation of hatred and division would draw response from the american people really in both parties and say no, no more. that does not seem to be happening tonight. it's not a blue wave but it's still a blue war. ainsley: joining us with reaction fox nation host tomi lahren. heart-breaking, anti-boats. i. >> i think it's actually more entertaining and comical to watch other mainstream media networks than snl. americans tune in just to laugh. watching that, we went from a white lash to heart breaking to antibodies,. brian: take a look at these numbers. nbc nightly news, covering the economy. through the roof by almost all accounts. they put 45 seconds into it cbs 55 seconds into it. a 1:37 for nbc. the president switched notes
4:19 am
from the economy to immigration? >> of course. the president needs to talk about immigration it's so important and being a border state i know that he is not just going to talk about the economy because not going to cover the economy. we have already seen that they don't care about the american people and how well the american people are doing. they care about sinking donald trump. last night this so-called blue wave was a blue puddle. can you imagine how much better we would have done if covered president trump fairly it would have been devastating to the democrats. they need to hold on to their derangement syndrome. ed: many in the media laughed when they said kavanaugh and caravan. we can talk about immigration but talk about kavanaugh first. kavanaugh ends um being a big factor this these senate races. every democrat who voted no on kavanaugh in these battle grounds like mccaskill, like a heitkamp, they go down and manchin, the only democrat who votes yes just barely wins. if he voted no, he might have lost. >> the midwest, too. i think it's so important coming. coming from the west and you coming from the south. the values are different than the left coast and the
4:20 am
east coast. we value truth, honesty and justice and what happened to justice kavanaugh was so wrong and the american people, no matter which side of the aisle, if they are in the middle they saw that as such an injustice and we know that could happen to them and family members and every qualified candidate that comes up for a position like that. and they said enough. and enough with the games. there is no evidence here. now we are finding out even more it was a joke to some these accusers. so, it was disgusting and the american people spoke. ainsley: tomi, thank you so much for being here. congratulations on fox nation. >> it's coming up. brian: on the 27th. >> i'm told brian doesn't have a picture on the wall. we need brian to get a picture on the wall. ainsley: brian has probably done more for fox nation. brian: nobody does more than tomi. ainsley: other than the host. he has gone out and about. and his picture is not on the wall. ed: you know who else is big on fox nation pete hegseth. we will check in with him next. ainsley: lots of red hats.
4:21 am
ed: look who is here. the mooch, he joins us live next ♪ ♪ (burke) fender-biter. seen it, covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
4:22 am
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at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. >> this election was a battle of ideas. it was a contest for who we are and what we believe. the people of texas rendered a verdict that we want a future with more jobs and more security and more freedom. [cheers] ed: ted cruz keeping his senate seat in texas fighting off hollywood-backed beto o'rourke. brian: i want to if we could bring in pete hegseth he is getting reaction in the eye of the storm in texas fort worth at the old south pancake house. pete, everyone is wondering,
4:25 am
did texas change? find out. pete: that is the key question here this morning. i'm here with barbara and tim. they have been married for 43 years. god bless you guys. and voted for ted cruz down here in texas. >> absolutely. pete: you saw the results last night. the question that brian kilmeade just asked me has texas changed? people look at 3-point win for ted cruz. is it a solidly conservative state. >> it is solid. we have to keep working on it. get out the republicans to vote and make sure it doesn't change for the other side any time soon. we want trump to keep going. pete: was it a combination of a lot of outside money? >> outside money and going for the young people that are uninformed. so, we are going to get them to watch fox news. they would be informed and we would be all right. pete: governor abbott won by 13 points. fundamentals still there. >> i think the economy is roaring in texas one of the better states. national security is paramount here. not only for the foreign countries and strong military but also from the border.
4:26 am
we really have to make sure we have secure border. pete: how does, generally, election night. how does it make you feel about the next couple of years now in washington. >> i'm very concerned about some of the democratic leadership taking over some of the key things in the house. i'm afraid it's going to be a stand still. but i think trump will win at the end of the day. pete: we shall see. it's like a party in here, guys. can i barely hear myself talk. it's getting festive at the old south pancake house. thank you very much. appreciate it billy, how are you doing? >> great. how are you doing? pete: this is billy. we just met. he owns a steel mill in mississippi. he told me before trump was elected he had 1 employees. >> now have you 150 employees at your steel mill. >> 150. pete: why have you grown so much under the trump administration? >> before he imposed the tariffs on chinese and foreign steel, you couldn't compete in the united states. these guys bring steel in below their cost. ship them throughout the united states. they use investment tax credit money against us.
4:27 am
and now since he has changed that, it's changed the whole environment. pete: america first has been american steel and american jobs for you. >> absolutely. small town of 6,000 people it's a big deal. pete: billy, love it i'm glad we are making steel in this country again. i think a lot of ours viewers feel th the same way as well. brian: take a look before we bring in anthony scaramucci at the power panel and this actually shows the balance of power in the house and the senate in the election results we have already. 51-49. there is a couple of race notice the senate that are leaning republican and in the senate in the house it's 219 to 193. ed: they needed 23 to flip the house. they have gotten a net of 26 the democrats. and there are a bunch more too close to call just yet. they might increase that talk about that with anthony scaramucci. nobody wants to lose. president didn't want to lose control of the house. all of a sudden nancy pelosi
4:28 am
likely speaker, committee chairman maxine waters. they could make his life difficult. on the other hand, you see the senate, that's a pretty sharp increase in the majority. >> well, that's great for the president, because you remember he has trade deals, potential treaties, he has the supreme court, and so all of those things getting the plus in the category for the senate is phenomenal for him. agenda will stay in progress related to that he is an interesting guy. he may cut a deal on immigration or infrastructure with the democrats provided he gets the base of what he wants. that's what he is all about. ainsley: anthony looking ahead to 2020, is this an opportunity for him to work with the democrats? >> i believe so. i believe it's an opportunity to work for the democrats. first of all, this is a resounding victory for the president. let me just tell you my former constitutional law professor larry transcribe. look at his twitter feed. he does not like the president and he is admitting on his twitter feed this morning that this is a resounding victory for president trump. is he gaining seats in the senate. they don't do that that often. maybe five times in 105 years.
4:29 am
and he lost some seats in the house. but it was not a blue wave. okay. it was because of his intensity and you guys are just talking about ted cruz. if ted cruz did not remarry himself to president trump and the concepts that the president is supporting, that would have been a way closer race and potential disaster in texas. brian: there is some things you learn from every election. and if republicans are looking at this critically, they will say what happened in the suburbs? what's going on with college-educated women because we don't have them. we are losing them. do they try to get them back or maximize what they have already? >> i think it's a combination. the president was saying that about the healthcare issues that seems to be the hot buttons for the women's vote. the president is basically saying that he doesn't want to take away those pre-existing condition situations. i think he has also said to people that he wants to negotiate on behalf of medicare with the drug companies i think those are positive things for women. brian: that democrats could get behind, too. >> i think. so democrats could get
4:30 am
behind that here is the great thing about president trump. he is a human swiss army knife. he is now going to take something out of his weaponry that's very different than everybody expects. ed: corkscrew. >> maybe it's a corkscrew. i don't think so. he doesn't like to drink, brian. brian: you talked about this in trump the blue collar president. the foundation of what he believes in. >> yeah. well, i mean, look. thank you for mentioning the book. i basically point out in the book that despite his upbringing, i get did a lot of research on him personally and his dad. this guy loves blue collar people and they love him. that's why he won. he hijacked that base from the democratic party and moved it over to his ledger. brian: he might move the tower to linden hurst and leave uptown manhattan. >> he probably knows where linden hurst is. ainsley: this president swiss army knife minus the corkscrew. great title for new book.
4:31 am
ed: appreciate you coming in this morning. the president is going to hold a post election press conference. what's he going to say? ainsley: kellyanne conway is going to join us live coming up next. brian: what do voters have to say having breakfast with friends in missouri and florida respectively. >> now that this campaign is behind us, that's where we are going to leave it. [laughter] done in for over 200 years and after these campaigns we come together. and that's what we are going to do. americans come together. [cheers]
4:32 am
4:33 am
4:34 am
ainsley: a power shift in washington. democrats take the house for the first time in eight years. brian: right. plus the senate is still running red. republicans picking up more seats in that chamber. ed: expanding the majority. it's been a wild election night and the morning after in several states. some races still too close to call. in arizona, a dead heat in
4:35 am
the race for senate there martha mcsally. democrat kirsten sinema battling to the very last vote. it is pretty incredible that one the republicans hold kempf has a lead over the race for stacey abrams. abrams refusing to concede at this time. brian: president worked hard in georgia. a.p. calling the governor's race for democrat tony evers. scott walker says i'm not conceding. he currently is refusing to give in. ed: seems like every two years, every four years it comes down to florida, florida, florida. republicans scoring big wins there in the sunshine state. ron desantis popping democrat andrew gillum. gillum had been he up several points. that was the race for governor. in the senate rick scott beating out long time
4:36 am
democrat bill nelson. both of them were household names there. brian: those are some of the results. some are still up in the air. we have fox team coverage getting voter reaction this morning. griff jenkins we asked limb to go to lake land, florida. sometimes he refuses. this time he said yes. we first go to steve doocy because we are not interested in talking to griff right now. [laughter] ed: no. steve: you are interesting in coming down to branson, missouri. and by the way before we start to talk to some of the folks here at the farmhouse. they have a big veterans event this weekend in branson. ladies and gentlemen, let's salute the vets. [cheers] steve: we have all sorts of men and women who have represented the country here today. [applause] steve: remember we went live to the college of the ozarks these young people cast their first votes yesterday in the midterms. what was the number one thing you wanted in your candidates' values. >> just looked for unity and how we could unite and move forward together on both sides of the aisle. steve: do you think that unity thing is going to work
4:37 am
out? so far not so much? >> i hope. so i feel like the left has really exhibited some poor behavior. i feel like they hate donald trump more than they love america. steve: you could right about the hate part. number one issue for you? >> i looked for a candidate willing to work with both parties and just be union need throughout thunifiedthrougw years. steve: i'm noticing a theme and you. >> how they viewed our generation and whether they were willing to work with us and give us the keys to be able to carry on. steve: one of the things we noticed with some of the people here in missouri was the fact they did not like claire mccaskill's voting record. she wasn't with the president on immigration. she wasn't with the president -- wasn't with the president on judge kavanaugh. you said claire mccaskill it was time for her to check, please. >> she needed to go. she did not represent the values of the people here in missouri. we really are conservative and she went over the top all the time. steve: okay. so when she said i vogted
4:38 am
with the president 60% of the time you said? >> she was lying. steve: calling it like it is. kids from the college of the ozarks. back to you. ed: i think brian might have hurt griff's feelings. brian: i should not be involved in this toss. ainsley: griff is down in florida. he is getting voter reaction live how cute is the name of this restaurant called the brunch box in lakeland, florida, which is close to disney world. ed: good morning, griff. griff: good morning. it's waffle wednesday here. the election results are so hot it's melting the whip creamed on the waffles. it's not true. doug is making fun at me about that. what do you make of the election results last night. >> can't we all just get along? i would rather be red than dead. griff: you are happy with last night wants results. >> except for bill nelson. i think he needs to change his diaper because is he whining about losing his pacifier. griff: doug has strong
4:39 am
opinions. wayne, what do you make of the rules? what do you think is good or bad for floridians? >> i think that it's good for florida and texas. this ought to be good for the country. griff: larry, let me ask you, now the democrats did win the house back, but you had a big red -- what do you make of it? >> i'm just thankful that florida is still in the red. griff: do you think it will have an impact in the 2020 looking ahead two years? >> i hope. so i hope we go with trump again. griff: trump again? >> um-huh. griff: there you have it. clearly president trump having a huge impact with two visits here late in the game in florida. back to you. ed: all right. griff. brian, sorry. brian: he is a good guy. talking about good. kellyanne conway, counselor to the president, been very good for the president. now another milestone. through the midterms, we have to get the perspective of what it was like in the white house and where we go from today. kellyanne, welcome back. >> thanks for having me this
4:40 am
morning. the president and the first lady. the vice president and second lady flanked by family and friends. and senior staff last night those returns come in for a number of hours. the president had many phone calls. and he, including with nancy pelosi is somehow on the phone didn't mention investigations and subpoenas. didn't mention that in her comments last night. and who knows hot democrats will choose as their leaders in the house because even though they have won a few seats here and there. this president has made history yet again last night. you know, in the last 80 years. the president in party has only picked up 8 senate seats. last night the president through his leadership and his engagement on the ground for these candidates again and again has produced at least three new senate seats. so, 8 over the last 80 years. three, possibly five as the count still goes on. that's truly historic. also, i just think that the president has put everybody in a great position to talk about this historic economy. and there are a number of
4:41 am
candidates who allergic to the president on the republican side. they didn't want him to campaign for them. they lost last night. had you people like claire mccaskill pretending that she works with the president saying i'm not, quote: one of those crazy democrats. she also this morning is not even one of those elected democrats. so, without the president's engagement on the ground, 53 rallies since he took office. 30 just in the last two months since labor day. an intensive six day swing leading up to election day. all the time being president at the same time with historic gains that last day alone, the three people he went and campaigned for mike dewine for governor in ohio. mike braun, senator now from indiana. josh hawley from missouri. huge pickups particularly in those two senate seats. those flipped from democrat to republican. on the strength of the president, showing up to packed houses, historic rallies and overflow crowds. there is just no substitute for his engagement. ed: you mentioned a moment ago that nancy pelosi didn't mention investigations on the call. maybe she will change her
4:42 am
ways. maybe she will focus on deal-making. what's the president willing to do to meet democrats half way? >> well, the president already has shown in the first couple of years, ed, that he is willing to meet the democrats. we just, two weeks ago, had historic bipartisan legislation on the opioid and drug crisis. actually, every democrat in the house voted for that law that the president signed into law. all but every democrat in the senate voted for it. so he has shown that when he elevates an issue, and leads that they follow. they will join with him. he also tried to make a deal, almost a year ago last january. where is that deal in the democrats walked away from the table. this president has made very clear he wants that wall. $1.6 billion already toward it. he wants that wall. but, immigration is a very large and complicated complex issue. the president has also said he is willing to make a deal on daca. he also wants to end chain migration and the voice lottery system and building that wall: helped in many of these races.
4:43 am
he also wants to work on infrastructure and spending bills. i think what we aring with tare about tosee the s. the taio parties. we want to unio unify and engage with the white house. on the other hand, subpoenas and investigations. they dual what they have to do but at their own peril. where is the appetite in swing districts democrats barely won. you screwed up last year not voting for tax cut historical and stimulated economic boon under president trump. you voted against that now all you are going to do is investigate and subpoena? so they have to be held to account. look at all the democrats who ran last night who promised their voters they would vote against nancy pelosi for speaker. dozens of them said that and we will see if they make good on that. but they already seem to be rejecting medicare for all, socialist policies. ainsley: kellyanne, thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. ainsley: thank you. the president fought so hard for the senate and he couldn't go to 400 plus districts for the house. he won the senate.
4:44 am
big win for him and win for democrats in the house and hopefully they can work together and no more investigations. ed: a lot more coming up in the show. michael waltz served our country as a green beret and now going to serve in congress thanks to the president helping him out. he joins us live coming up. to look at me now, you don't see psoriasis. you see clear skin. you see me. but if you saw me before cosentyx... ♪ i was covered. it was awful. but i didn't give up. i kept fighting.
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brian: arizona senate race still up in the air. i can't believe i'm still saying that. ed: could be for a while. republican martha mcsally and kyrsten sinema celebrated by hundreds of votes. >> good morning, ed, ainsley and brian. both candidates left victory parties last night without taking the stage because this race is still way too close to call. both candidates, the republican martha mcsally and democrat kirsten sinema celebrated by less than aer iapercentage point. locked in a dead heat. votes in seven counties
4:48 am
still being tallied up. right now with 9% of precincts reporting, republican candidate mcsally has a little bit of an edge with over 14,580 votes more than her opponent. i talked with the mcsally campaign late last night. they told me at the time they were still feeling good. they believe they have an advantage when it comes to in-person same day voters. those are the latest to be counted up. and there is a lot. because turnout in many counties broke all-time records. in maricopa county where 60% of all voters live in arizona is also still being counted up. as those numbers come in hopefully get a better picture. back to you. brian: we will pay maria bartiromo because we borrowed you. we paid her in cash. the loan is complete. ed: you have a lot of fun in the morning. brian: sometimes i like to. if i tease now the control room will be happy, too. still ahead. ed: serious story lieutenant colonel michael waltz served
4:49 am
our country admirally as a green beret. now he is going to serve in congress. thanks to a big endorsement in the president. he joins with agenda he wants to get done. ainsley: release some kinds of investigations after winning the house. will it all backfire. dan bongino says yes. he is going to join us in the next hour. brian: he is on the wall ♪ ♪ e smart choices? well, with your finances that is. we had nothing to do with that tie. voya. helping you to and through retirement. hi susan!hs) honey? i respect that. but that cough looks pretty bad... try this new robitussin honey. the real honey you love... plus the powerful cough relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? new robitussin honey. because it's never just a cough. we really pride ourselvesglass, on making it easy to get your windshield fixed.
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brian: businessman retired green beret lieutenant colonel michael waltz succeeding ron desantis. ainsley: joining us now is michael waltz. what's your reaction this morning? how are you feeling?
4:53 am
>> thank you. i announced the campaign on "fox & friends" 11 months ago and, wow, you know, it wasn't combat but some days was getting close. what an amazing day for florida. you know, all the talk about a blue wave, well, it hit a red wall will in florida. but i think the real story was the green wave coming. in liberal outside groups backed by pelosi and bloomberg and others dumped more money just in to my race in the final weeks than they did the entire year we stayed strong with our ground game going eyeball to eyeball, door-to-door with voters. hundreds of thousands of doors. i could tell you guys what they wanted time after time after time was results and not resistance. and they wanted to keep the economy strong, standing up to our adversaries, legislation like veterans choice and veterans accountability act. getting things done. you know, in combat and in
4:54 am
business, if you don't get things done bad things happen. i think that's why we prevailed. brian: colonel soon to be congressman. i know you worked for dick cheney. you understand how washington works. >> yeah. brian: i know how much you wanted and how worried you were when the bloomberg money started flowing in just against you. >> right. brian: where do you think can you serve best? what committees do you think you can best help? >> well, you know, brian, i think it's really i'm thrilled to see and i know my friend dan crenshaw has said this as well out of texas, wounded navy seal, thrilled to see so many veterans running. we are at record low in congress in our nation's history around 15 to 17% of vets. now we have veterans running on both sides of the aisle. why does that matter? in the fox hole nobody cares about party, race, religion, socioeconomic background it's about mission. it's about country. it's about getting things done. you know, the enemy's bullets don't care about all of those other things. i think that's the ethos that we are going to bring. whether it's infrastructure, healthcare, funding our military, we're going to
4:55 am
have people that have truly sacrificed, you know, for their country on both sides of the aisle. and i think we are going to see a better improved -- much more of an improvement. ed: michael, talk more about the commander-in-chief. the sort of traditional playbook is don't make it about you. don't make it a referendum. even if the media wants to do that let these races play out. race by race and maybe you could fight it out that way. he obviously throws out the playbook a lot of times. in this case he embraced being front and center and it looks like it worked out. >> you know, whether it's north korea or whether it's, you know, midterm. the president is definitely controversial. i was honored to have his support on the final day. certainly think that helped with turnout. you know, as commander-in-chief, as a soldier that's an honor. but, listen, it goes back to results. i could tell you talking to people at their doors they don't care about tweets or all the stuff that the media is covering. what they care about is that the relatives are being hired. the economy is booming.
4:56 am
the 401(k) statement has been higher and higher. and that we're standing up to our adversaries and we are holding our allies accountability. they want people with the credibility and the experience to fight alongside him. this was really a choice which america do we want going forward where you work hard and play by the rules and the sky is the limit or no matter how hard you work the government takes more? we saw that play out. brian: good luck with your third career. you were a successful businessman and successful commander and now you are in congress. good luck, congressman. thanks so much. ainsley: congressman elect. everybody in the military says they join to do something bigger than themselves. >> it's about service. thanks so much. brian: post midterm election day. listen to this. according to our reports, karl rove will be here. we have confirmation on david bossie and tennessee senator elect marsha blackburn. unless i'm really wrong. ♪ ♪
4:57 am
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usaa. get your insurance quote today. ♪ ainsley: midterms for the history books. democrats taking control of the house for first time in eight years but sew call blue wave, it ends right there. connell: republicans strengthening the hold in the senate. the number is 52. it could be growing by president trump directly. he campaigned for many of those candidates bringing them across the finish line, if you're looking at the results. the president just tweeting moments ago he will do a news conference at white house. ed: if he doesn't get credit for midterms, he added, fake news. brian kemp, stacey abrams, still
5:01 am
neck-and-neck. in arizona the senate race between republican martha mcsally, democrat krysten sinema a dead-heat. ainsley: in indian republican mike braun upsetting incumbent joe donnelly. in north dakota kevin cramer unseating the democrat heidi heitkamp. brian: in florida he wasn't leading any of the polls, but he ended up lead beating former democrat former senate bill nelson goes down. ed: marsha blackburn beat former governor phil bredesen. ted cruz holds on to his senate seat fighting off hollywood-backed beto o'rourke. ainsley: missouri is where we find our own steve doocy, the dad. he leads our team coverage across the nation, including pete hegseth in texas in
5:02 am
fort worth. ed: griff jenkins in lakeland, florida. brian: todd piro is not in lakeland, florida. he is in new jersey. ed: we are in helena, montana with a race that hasn't been decided. ainsley: hey, steve. steve: what a 24 hours i had. 24 hours i was there with you, we were outside in fox square. i flew to springfield, missouri. i spent the night at a bar. as results came in. and here i am in the restaurant. steve, remember me, i went to high school with you. my wife just saw you on tv. where have you been past 40 years? >> we celebrated our 40th high school reunion. steve: scott anderson and his wife here at the farmhouse. brian, ainsley, ed. so many people are so energized because they fought so hard to get josh hawley elected to the
5:03 am
u.s. senate and last night was, they got a lot of christmas tree shots in branson. christmas came earlier to the republicans. while poles showed, she, claire mccaskill was up by three in the latest from "nbc/wall street journal poll," he, ran away with it. he won by a big margin of six points despite the fact over $1 million -- $150 million spent in the show-me state. it was show me the money state. ainsley: kavanaugh effect? steve: kavanaugh effect was really big. last night we were there at the bar, the alley grill, i polled the audience, how big was the economy? it was big. i asked about immigration? not so big. i asked if it was referendum on president of the united states? they didn't really feel that, a number people. health care not so big but kavanaugh was the number one
5:04 am
noisemaker in the bar there. brian: steve the polls were wrong. they were flat-out wrong. steve: yep. but it is becoming so, brian, just become so hard to calculate who is, done early voting. just like we saw two years ago, with a hidden trump voter who did not want to tell the pollsters who they voted for, that was one of the problems. it is hard to get an accurate read who showed up at polls. as we know they showed up in historic numbers. ed: who has a cell phone. who doesn't have a landline. steve, we appreciate your report, other big races. let's move to florida, former congressman ron desantis defeats mayor andrew gillum. gillum was up several points. not one or two points. desantis wins a nail-biter. wins the race for governor. rick scott the current governor of florida, defeats incumbent senator bill nelson in that race
5:05 am
big turn around for the gop. ainsley: griff jenkins at the brunch box in lakeland, florida. a lot of friends texted me, thank goodness we'll not see campaign ads anymore? are you hearing some of that down there? it is all over. griff: they're glad the campaign ads are over. i'm getting reaction from american heroes. oscar lindsey, floyd williams, world war ii veterans. thank you for your service. you too, oscar. what did you make of the results here? are you glad the campaign ads stop on the tv? >> right. mostly satisfied with the election. it could have been better but, could have been a lot worse, too. griff, could have been better, what could have been getter floyd? >> if we carried a little better. stronger win. griff: for the republicans? >> yes. griff: i will sneak back here. i was talking to will.
5:06 am
will, what did you make of the results last night? what is it particularly impact you personally? >> i'm happy that we won the state governor's race. scott winning the senate race. i voted red all the way down the ballot. i think, for me personally, it is about the latin voters, especially on the i-4 core score they always talk about, tampa, orlando area because we have an opportunity as republicans to reach out to the latin voters. they don't want to be served fish every day. they want to learn how to fish and our way of society. we have an opportunity to just show them the way rather than the democratic way, here, we'll provide this to you. they want to learn how to fish. >> we're almost out of time. you're a first generation latino voter? >> i'm a first generation
5:07 am
latino. my family is from colombia, south america. the biggest influence we need to do as a latin to be able to explain to our parents that don't understand english exactly what is being broadcasted. griff: will, thank you very much. a lot of reaction here. we'll keep bringing it to you. i think you're right, ainsley, they're glad these ads are finally off the airs. ainsley: no robocalls. ed: one minor correction. the ads start for 2020 in about a week or so. they're coming back. brian: griff, don't check your so i mail. you might be able to come home after this. ainsley: out to texas, where all the hollywood attention couldn't help beto o'rourke to defeat ted cruz. brian: that has people worried who want republicans to dominate there. getting reaction is pete hegseth because we asked him to. good morning pete. pete: we're at the old south
5:08 am
pancake house. i learned about texas, why do you guys not wake-up until 7:00 a.m. in texas? they are sleepy here but no -- are you happy about ted cruz? [cheering] we have a winning candidate. what race did you win, sir? >> justice of the peace, precinct 6. >> his job starts on january 1st. busy man. we have family hour and table and kid. which makes me happy. i miss my own. tracy, thank for coming out. our hat drew me. how do you feel about the gop did? >> we did well. little disappointed on the house side. hope the government gets something done. excited about cruz. pete: was the race closer than you thought it would be? >> yes. he still won. a winner is a winner. pete: what is your little guy's
5:09 am
name? >> this is boone. pete: that is my little guy's name. well done on the name. how do you think this creates opportunity for president trump in 2020? >> if the democrats behave they have been, i think we'll be good to go in 2020. pete: what do you thinks guy, 2020 in trump? [cheering] on balance, we're getting mixed reaction. folks saying closer than we thought it would be. cruz going for the republicans increasing majority. jason, you voted. what do you make of the cruz race? >> a little tight but happy with outcome. pete: are you surprised so many seats did flip for the republicans? , for the republicans, no, no. pete: don't worry about it. >> i'm nervous. pete: at the end of the day, texas is still red and republican. they have three kids. they're busy. all the kids here incredibly
5:10 am
well-behaved. i need to take parenting lessons from folks in texas. back to you nice in new york. ed: i will see you bright and early saturday morning. ainsley: a lot of people signing up for "fox nation" watching election coverage. so many people from fort worth. they all love the restaurant. it is extremely popular. pete: the skill let. i had two brecks ifs this morning. thinking about a third. brian: we'll think about reimburse. meanwhile the montana senate race is up in the air. we wish we could report a finale. ed: matt rosendale looking to become the latest top candidate to knock off a democratic senator. ainsley: i'm getting better. hey, ellison, how are you? reporter: hey, guys, it is 6:00 a.m. here. the son is still not up yet. there is snow on the ground. we still do not have a winner of this senate race but both
5:11 am
candidates went home last night from the election parties saying they felt confident heading into this morning. as for voters, the voters who we spoke to said a lot of them said president trump did play at least some role in their vote or decision to show up and vote. some said because they really like president trump. they support his agenda. others said they do not like him and do not like what he stands for. >> i voted red. all the way. >> we wanted to vote for kathleen williams and jon tester. i definitely don't want her to be around too many more presidents like our current president. reporter: president trump visited montana for rallies four different times. this is senate race is personal. he wants tester out of the senate. a big reason he thinks tester's actions with regard to ronny jackson for va secretary were in his words disgraceful. president trump won the state in 2016 by 20 points.
5:12 am
his approval rating is around 50%. democrats did not want it to be about jon tester. they wanted it to be about montana. they wanted someone to support the president's agenda. >> this race is between myself and matt rosendale. who is best fit to represent montana. >> they have watched jon tester oppose the president's agenda on every turn. they're not satisfied with that. reporter: tester and rosendale left their election parties telling their supporters it would be a long night. they were right. brian, ainsley, pete. not pete, ed. ed: that's all right. brian: we hope to get some type of verdict as soon as today. 12 minutes after the hour. ainsley: dan bongino and dave bossy are here live. ed: republican kevin cramer, hot off unseating democratic senator heidi heitkamp in north dakota's
5:13 am
big senate battle. brian: karl rove with his historical perspective on last night's results next. >> you have proven what can be done with hard work and ingenuity and innovation. you have been a shining example to the people of this country. ♪a! so, that means no breakfast? voya. helping you to and through retirement. the new lincoln mkc.mix. connecting the world inside, with the world outside. so you can move through both a little easier.
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♪ ainsley: many ways this year's midterm elections are unlike midterms in the past. brian: here to give some historical perspective, karl rove, former senior advisor to president george w. bush, fox news contributor. put this in perspective. some good news, the turnout, that is good for the country. >> yeah. everyone gets a ribbon. they turned out an voted 97 million probably. the cross 100 million by the time we finish. the republicans gained seats in the senate. democrats take the house. governors each side has something to crow about. brian: we have a full screen on that. in 2018. above 2014 almost double. >> i think those numbers, when we finish tabulating we'll see bigger margin in 2018 versus
5:18 am
2014. people were revved up. they wanted to go vote. they wanted to make themselves heard. that is good in democracy like ours. ed: what is the biggest concern processing all this? >> in florida. there is lesson in it for republicans and lesson for democrats. everybody got a ribbon. everybody's report card said you have deficiencies. they were evidence in florida. rick scott had his own independent vision. people knew he who was. eight years for governor, two terms. he got a higher number of votes but a lower percentage than did ron desantis. the reason was, in desantis' race, democrats nominated somebody out of the mainstream, so far out of the main stream for florida, 50,000 people said, i don't want to vote for desantis, he may be too extreme but i am not going to vote for gillum. so desantis gets a wider margin
5:19 am
than scott but scott gets more votes. ainsley: historically speaking there is power shift in midterm elections. this time it was different. president stumped for all the senators. didn't have the opportunity to go out for 400 plus districts for house. i shouldn't say only. they picked up 26 seats. >> so far 219. they lead in nine, so 228. republicans lead in 193. excuse me, have 193. lead in 14. likely to end up 207. ainsley: what happened in the past. bill clinton, democrats lost 52 seats. barack obama lost 63 seats but both won re-election. what does the president need to do? >> i come out slight differently. the president did smart thing putting emphasis in the senate. the senate was played on a map, very good, very red. redder the state, north dakota, the better off republican candidates were. it was smart for him to go in
5:20 am
there. where he played in the house races where they were red like west virginia 3 was expected to be lost but very red district. the president carried by 46 points. he went in there just before the election. white house operation knew the suburban battlefield was not where the president could help the party. brian: he has to change that. real quick, is he more powerful today than he was yesterday or less? >> yes. he is more powerful. he has a senate that can approve his nominees particularly for the courts. he is weaker. he is about to be unindated by a flood of subpoenas, requests from congress. i've been there. it was less acrimonious time with the war in iraq. we doubled size of white house general counsel's office and we didn't have enough. ed: karl rove literally teaches a masters class. he came here to help us. democrats have the house. republicans gain seats in the senate. was that because of a trump
5:21 am
effect? dan bongino, david bossie here next. ♪ [ phone rings ] what?!
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5:25 am
illegal immigrants from deportation in 1987. voters in washington refuse to adopt the nation's first carbon tax. democrats failing to impose fees on fuel producers and energy companies on carbon emissions. voters in 2016 in the blue state rejected a similar ballot measure. three states voting to pass pot legislation. michigan will fully legalize marijuana. a recreational measure in north dakota failed, but medical cannabis is legal in the state. brian: there you go. in florida, former congressman ron desantis, gets this, defeats andrew gillum in a nail-biter in race for governor. as we told you earlier, rick scott defeated democrat incumbent bill nelson forever. that is big news and surprising news. ed: here to weigh in, former trump campaign manager david bossie and former secret service
5:26 am
agent, author of a new book, dan bongino. >> things for having us. ed: dan, you're down in florida. polls had gillum up several points, not one or two points. in the senate race rick scott was coming from behind the whole way? >> i was sure. i think i said it on the show or said it on the network, i was pretty sure desantis and scott would pull this out. there was no fire behind nelson. nobody knew he was. people confused him with ben nelson i said jockingly the old senator from nebraska. nobody knew who he was. scott did a good job on hurricane recovery which is sensitive issue in florida. on gillum side, being an activist, ed, not just a commentator, you talk to actual people. gillum policies, his policies scared people. a lot of northeasterners moved to florida to scare the environment.
5:27 am
the idea of a 40% tax increase in florida was a big no sell. brian: he had a lot of charisma, a lot of talent. his record in tallahassee his policies seemed counterintuitive why was the race so close? >> florida is tougher and tougher for republicans. ron desantis ran a incredible race. we saw the early vote, i talked about it on this network last couple days, when early vote closed in 2016 we were 100,000 vote down going into election day. we won by 125,000. yesterday, ron desantis only ran in 20,000 down. that margin is what he won by. he ran incredible race. susan wiles ran the campaign did a amazing job. i can't speak highly enough about rick scott and ron desantis. by the way the president of the states made the difference in this race. no question. ainsley: how much is because of
5:28 am
the president? his name wasn't on the ballot but he campaigned, he was out there. he did three different campaign rallies the last day. over six days, 11 rallies. he was out there pushing for some of these senators? >> listen. let me put this out there. there are a lot of even moderate right-leaning outlets trying to claim the trump effect wasn't real. you need to get out of your bubble or away from the typewriter, you're not on the ground. where trump showed up, actively put his name and his political capital on the line they did very, very well. outside of dean heller, this was almost a clean sweep for trump. he couldn't show up in every house race. yes we had trouble in the suburbs. keep this in mind, reagan 192 lost 26 house seats. came back in 84 and won 49 out of 50 states. trump may do just about that the trump effect is real. you're a fool if you say
5:29 am
otherwise. brian: thanks, dan. anyone thought 2016 was a fluke, now has prove it wasn't. >> to further dan's point, if you look where donald trump, president trump won almost every single race. if you look where barack obama went, he lost almost every single race. it was absolutely the polar opposites. the president brought enthusiasm. you look at numbers that this president brought out at rallies. we all saw them. the intensity, the energy, that he brings to the ground, not just that. but his accomplishments for the last two years, gave him something to talk to the american people about and say, see, here is what i promised, promise made, promise kept. that is something that politicians in washington have not been able to do. that is why he got elected in 2016. ed: republican governors in ohio and florida, two key battlegrounds in 2020. thanks for coming in. brian: we'll talk about that too, how he will govern with
5:30 am
split government. what are voters saying about the results? griff, todd, pete, having "breakfast with friends." ainsley: marsha blackburn, the first woman ever to become a senator in the tate of tennessee, she will join us live. ♪ it's used. it's for mikey. you know he's gonna have girls in that car. yeah. he's gonna have two of them. great benefits for veterans from navy federal credit union... our members are the mission.
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5:34 am
leaks of classified information and much else at the senate level. two can play that game. ainsley: in all fairness nancy pelosi deserves to be chosen speaker of the house by the democrats. if they give her a hard time, perhaps we will add some republican votes. she earned this great honor. ed: he wants pelosi to be speaker. brian: kellyanne conway never talked about investigation. they didn't talk much about investigations in her speech when balance of power into the house. maybe there is progress. ed: fox team coverage getting voter reaction. toad pyro in lebanon, missouri. we first go to our man steve doocy live in branson, missouri. good morning, sir. steve: ladies and gentlemen, we're live on "fox & friends" again. [applause] we're not far from the ozarks in branson, missouri. we heard from some pundits, what
5:35 am
yesterday's election meant to them in their world. we'll talk to the people, rather than the pundits. this guy's name is? >> i'm steve too. steve: what was yesterday's election all about? >> to me it was supporting a president, a party proud of me, proud of my country, love my country. mention god once in a while and didn't call me a racist and nazi, all the other stuff. didn't want to take money from everybody to give it to me. i voted for him. steve: that is what it came to? do you agree with that folks? [applause] all right. this man earlier today was disappointed, to learn that steve doocy, not peter doocy showed up. what did the election mean to you? >> this is a decision what we want our country to be. >> i follow that. gave a voice back to the people that really support the president. steve: all right. coming over to this guy in the red, white, blue. stand up if you would. what did you think? what was the election about yesterday? >> about everything, but
5:36 am
primarily the integg grit of the supreme court -- integrity of the supreme court based on the constitution. what it means, what the founders meant, not what it is from a political mind set. steve: kavanaugh decision was big when it came to claire mccaskill? >> yes. steve: good job. everybody did a good job. by the way so many people, ainsley and brian, wanted to tell you hello from branson, missouri. you have to come down some time. the best place in america to live. [cheering] ainsley: bring back some barbecue. brian: almost every study comes out, branson missouri is the best place to live for families. ainsley: really? brian: i'm serious. ainsley: good people there. midwesterners. to new jersey, senator bob menendez despite accusations of corruption, defeated businessman bob hugin in that race.
5:37 am
ed:ed to -- todd piro is there. >> disappointed with the new jersey senate race. >> i was up all night. very sad in the state of new jersey and lance losing. at same time picked up seats in the senate. look at positived, guys, we get the judges in. look for 2020. >> thank you so much. you say the election of bob men mendez is sending to the south? >> i'm out of here. going down to tennessee more than likely. this is major disappointment for me. i can't get out of the state fast enough. with the high taxes and corruption in this state, it is overwhelming now. time for me to leave. >> you've been here since -- >> 1926. we've been in the same neighborhood. it is time to go. >> sad to see you go but understood. bob you say new jersey is chasing people like glen out.
5:38 am
why? >> what he said. high taxes. the unmanageable of our budget. budget deficits. taxes going through the roof. all the people who pay taxes. can't afford it anymore. i lived here all my life in new jersey. i have never seen such a mess as it is now. it will only get worse in the current government. >> we don't have time. he said it is better to be corrupt. you get more. sad state of affairs. brian: he is getting another six years. thankss todd. back down to florida where the president visited twice last week. he has a house there. ron desantis defeats andrew gillum for race for governor. rick scott comes from behind and defeats senator forever, bill nelson. so that flips. ainsley: that is a great idea. where is he? he is in a cute little place the brunch box in lakeland, florida.
5:39 am
hi, griff. >> floridians are surprised by the results. tony is lifelong resident from lakeland. what did you make of the election as a results? >> well, excuse me because i'm eating right now. >> i apologize. i'm crashing people's breakfasts here. i haven't got thrown out yet. >> i was a little surprised. i thought gillum was going to win. i was giving my hopes up. new guy, give him a chance. >> desantis, give him a chance? >> give him a chance. >> lifelong resident in the i-4 corridor. do you believe the voters in this area made the difference in these tight races? >> absolutely. absolutely. lakeland is stationed in the middle of everything. you either coming to us one way or coming to us from the other way. >> let me get you in here, melissa. what did you make of the election results? >> i think it was great. it was pretty good. >> yeah. >> are you happy with it? >> i'm good with it. >> one quick jump because i did,
5:40 am
thanks, guys. real quick, will, greg. brian: what did you make of the election results? >> it was great for florida with desantis and scott taking it like that. that was huge. we did not want gillum running this state. it is just a great move. excellent. bigly as we call it. >> bigly. there you go. a little difference of opinions. one thing everyone agrees on. that i'm a breakfast pest interrupting everybody trying to eat. back to you. ainsley: he was wiping his mouth, taking a bite, you were asking him questions. that was cute. ed: one day at the border. next day at brake fast. he is ever over where. ainsley: you love your food. unless you're kid. kids hate to sleep and eating. but when you're an adult that's is all you want to do. ed: debating brand new voter analysis. that is ahead. ainsley: congresswoman marsha
5:41 am
blackburn making history in the volunteer state. she will be the first woman ever elected in the state. she will be live with her election win next. retirement. acidic foods can your enamel is very precious. wear away your enamel. your tooth is going to look yellower, more dull.
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-oh! -act your age. get your own insurance. ♪ >> good morning to you, welcome back. some other big election night headlines we're following. midterms not just determining winners and losers. newly elected lawmakers making history across the nation. colorado will have the first openly gay governor ever. jared polis defeated. ron stapleton. in illinois a billionaire democrat becomes the wealthiest governor in american history. j.b. pritzker pouring $171 million of his own money into his campaign. pritzker is worth estimated $3.4 billion. heir to the hyatt hotels fortune. alexandria ocasio-cortez is
5:45 am
the youngest woman elected to congress. the democratic socialist shocked the world, defeating congressman joe crowley back in june. alexandria ocasio-cortez is more than one one women elected to the house which is also a record. finally in tennessee a woman will represent the state in the senate for the first time. congressman marsha blackburn helping the gop keep the majority. she beat out former democratic governor phil bredesen. back to you guys. brian: that is history. came from behind to do it. the president really got behind her. 15 minutes before the top of the hour. ainsley: thank you, jillian. joining us on the heels of her very big victory night, tennessee senator-elect marsha blackburn. how are you feeling? >> we're feeling fantastic. we're so excited and tennesseans are to be thanked for this victory. they believed in me. they supported me. they showed up to vote. i tell you our volunteers did a massive job. brian: congresswoman, congressman, soon to be senator,
5:46 am
i know in the beginning the numbers looked down. bob corker was reluctant. he didn't say much. he is friends with bredesen. the democrats got behind the blue chip candidate that was supposed to turn things upside down in tennessee. what was your focus, when you saw the numbers, you knew this was going to be difficult? what was your mind-set? >> you know, brian, i have faced challenges all my life and as someone who has been breaking glass ceilings and opening doors for women, pardon me, all of my life, i knew that it was, it would not be easy but we stayed folk can youd. we were committed to our message. we knew that tennesseans were very specific in they wanted a conservative in the u.s. senate. we knew they wanted someone who was going to vote for constitutional judges. lower taxes, less regulation. the defend the second amendment. deal with the obamacare issues.
5:47 am
get that off the books. and make certain we deal with our nation's debt and then, of course, build the wall. and, we stayed focused on that. did it like a laser. pointed out the contrasts and differences between my opponent and me. ed: senator-elect, when you mentioned the wall, we had anthony scaramucci on today, there are several paths forward here. one where there is division next two years, we go straight into 2020 or maybe president can work with nancy pelosi and democrats. scaramucci says the president can get funding for the wall. he can get funding for the wall. daca is on the table. do you think there is chance or not? >> we tried to work with them. the president even offered a resolution to the issue for the dreamers, if we could get funding for the wall. so, if, nancy pelosi really is
5:48 am
interested in bipartisanship, my hope would be that she would work with us. the only daca bill that has ever passed the house is mine. brian: right. >> it has passed the house twice. she should work with us. ainsley: you were the first female senator elected in the state of tennessee. taylor swift tried to stop that. what is your message to her this morning, when are your thoughts about being first female elected senator in the state? >> i hope taylor will shake it off, that she and her supporters will know that they have an open door with me. when it comes to the music industry, i had several entertainers on stage with me last night, lee greenwood, john rich, larry gatlin, gretchen wilson. just a host of folks from the music industry. i have dealt with songwriters, taxation issues, the music modernization act. i've been more supportive of the music industry than any member
5:49 am
of congress. so there is plenty of areas for common ground. we look forward to working with them. brian: right. would be great if you did. would be great if she did. so people could stop tweeting at each other, start talking to each other. >> absolutely. brian: congratulations. i know how hard you worked. >> thank you. brian: senator-elect. ainsley: you said yesterday you were on, you would be able to sleep in 24 hours. ed: get some rest, appreciate it. what were the top issues drove voters to the polls? brand new fox news voter analysis. you will want to see this. ainsley: let's check with sandra smith to see what is at top of the hour. >> good morning, ainsley, ed, brian, big three hours coming up. president trump will hold a press conference at left 30 a.m. eastern time white house. to discuss what he is calling success in the midterms. we'll take that live. plus now the dems have regained control of the house, what is their plan for the next two
5:50 am
years? what do last night's results say about the power of trump? the president campaigned hard the final days. bret baier, rona mcdaniel, ateam is on deck. join bill and me live in studio-a in about ten minutes.
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
♪ brian: we are debuting a brand new way to analyze decisions made by voters in the midterm elections. it is called fox news voter analysis. ainsley: lee carter joins you now with a look at top issues for voters. hey, lee. >> hey. ainsley: what are the top issues for voters? talk about kavanaugh. >> i thought kavanaugh was fascinating, you watch media this was issue for democrats, this rallied republicans. 74% of voters said this was very or important issue for them went
5:54 am
to the ballot. 25% said not very important. what i thought was interesting, 52% of democrats said that, 43% of republicans said that. that is where we saw real turn in republican enthusiasm. ed: democrats in red states voted no on calf knew lose. economy, tax cuts big. approval for the president on economy. 55% approve. 43% disapprove. remember the big jobs report the friday before the midterms suggested the economy is roaring right now. >> that's right. some people criticized president saying he should have talk about it more. people just didn't cover it. he was talking about it almost every rally. what people were talking about was immigration. what was interesting, you look a little deeper, democrats only 20% approve of his job on the economy while 76% of republicans approve the job on the economy. he is getting credit from his base. we saw a lot of republicans come out. brian: big thing was health care. here is the question we asked. most important issue facing the country. here is how it breaks down.
5:55 am
health care number one. either party would be smart to get together on this. immigration number two, 23%. economy and jobs 19, gun policy eight, environment seven. democrats backed out of the immigration debate and health care, the republicans backed out. >> they sure did. health care was really fascinating, when you broke it down, more than half of people still say they want to repeal and replace health care. you're absolutely right. if nancy pelosi was smart right now, she would start a conversation with republicans today on health care. this is issue very important. not necessarily so popular what the democrats are proposing. they want it fixed in general. best ideas better for everyone. ainsley: being too politically correct these days, 66% yes, 32% said no. >> i found that to be interesting. there is a lot of pressure on folks now. you could hear steve in the diner, they weren't going to call me a racist a misogynist or
5:56 am
sexist, i voted for him. people are tired of labels talking about what they feel, being judged. we have to get to a place give people benefit of the doubt when they're speaking. that is not happening right now. we have to return to more civil time. brian: right. more open time. "snl" all-time low, mocking a veteran. ainsley: wounded veteran. >> i think this energized people to vote. they thought it was really offensive to folks. brian: lee carter thank you so much. more "fox & friends" in a moment. ♪ today, 97% of employers agree that skills like teamwork, attention to detail, and customer service are critical to business success.
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>> we want you to head to our website for the after the show, show, long, lengthy and in depths. >> montana and arizona too close to call. the president will have a press conference at 11:30.
6:00 am
don't miss it. >> if you have to run from the television, run to the radio. brian kilmeade show from 9:00 to noon, it will be raging. >> if you have to run, you can walk. >> all day with post-game coverage. see you tomorrow. >> bill: good morning. 9:00 here in new york and new look in washington as democrats gain control of the house, republicans tighten their grip on the senate. two big story lines this morning. i'm bill hemmer welcome to three hours of analysis and news, good morning. >> sandra: good morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith. the balance of power shifting last night. democrats taking control of the house for the first time since 2010. meanwhile in the senate republicans expanding their majority knocking off democratic incumbents in several hotly-contested races. >> the people of missouri said we believe in america, our future and ready to fight for it. i'm ready to go to washington and fight for you.


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