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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 8, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PST

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12, and sergeant helus makes 13. [inaudible] n >> no, we have not. we have not found any type of assault rifle inside the location. the only weapon we have found that we believe was used was a handgun. but, it's still early on and we haven't gone through the scene in detail yet. >> do you believe the gunman died at his own hands? >> it would appear that way, but it is certainly well too early to know if he actually did take his own life. [inaudible] >> we have to wait for the medical examiner to get here and family notification. it will be hours and hours. >> [inaudible] >> we don't know anything about the suspect. we haven't talked to anybody that had any contact with him prior.
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i actually have no idea who he is. we don't know anything about him yet. >> what about the ages of the victims? can you tell us. >> i actually don't know what the ages were. it is a nightclub, so i would, you know, speculate they were probably in the 21 to 26-year-old age group. >> active shooter play a role [inaudible] >> no doubt in the change in how we handle active shooters play a role. sergeant helus and highway patrol officer on scene knew they had to take action and they went in and did what they had to do. >> 13 people down? >> yes, 13. >> we don't know how many were injured because they went to separate hospitals. i'm going to speculate, given what i have heard somewhere between 10 and 15 additional injuries. and we don't know -- we don't believe -- there might
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be one additional gunshot victim but we think there are other injuries people breaking out windows trying to escape and doing different things. >> when you see the shootings across the country, did you ever think it would happen right here? >> i have been a cop for 41 years, and i never thought i would see the things around the country that would happen, but i have learned it doesn't matter what community you are in. it doesn't matter how safe your community is, it can happen anywhere. because, obviously, for someone to do this, they have to have some sort of mental illness and sadly we have people with mental illness all over the country. [inaudible] >> we have no information on that at all again we are very early in the investigation. > >> shot the security guard and went in and shooting is that what happened? >> we actually don't know.
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i mean, we are interviewing multiple witnesses. but, i can say we haven't gotten everything together yet to really put that time line together. we will certainly provide that as soon as we can get something. >> do you have any thoughts [inaudible] >> you know, it's so tragic. losing ron. weave go to the gym together and work out together is horrific and terrible and saddens our heart but there is also parents of those 11 other victims in there whose hearts are ripped out tonight. and i know there is parents wondering oh my gosh, you know, was one of my children in there? or was it my sister or my brother? so, there is just no way to describe this. it saddens us all and tears at our hearts and emotions as we should. if we are ever to the point where it doesn't, then there is something wrong with us. >> sheriff, can you talk
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after parkland, [inaudible] what is your thought process. >> actually it changed for us after columbine, years and years ago. we train with our fire department for active shooting. and our officers know when you get to a scene and there is two of you or even just one of you and there is shooting going on, did you go in. that's a change in philosophy of what it used to be. [inaudible] >> so the time frame, the first deputies arrived on scene at 11:22.
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they made entry approximately four minutes later. that's when sergeant helus was shot. and i don't have the exact time line, it was probably close to 15 minutes they didn't hear any shots fired before they regrouped, got additional officers and went back in. and there were people hiding in restrooms there were people hiding in attics. >> do you have an idea how many people were at the bar. >> i have no idea. >> sheriff, what other scenes are you and your officers investigating. >> what other? >> what other locations? >> none that i know of. but certainly when we find out who the suspect is, we'll go to his location and we'll work with our bureau partners to see if there is a connection there. but at this time there is none that i know of. >> [inaudible] >> right now, as far as we know, there was only one handgun. but that could certainly change as we do a more
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thorough search of the building. >> could you clarify, you say the suspect was down when police entered the building. >> the suspect was down with a gunshot wound when the deputies -- the officers went in to the building, yes. >> the deputy was shot by the suspect -- >> -- we don't know who shot the deputy. >> do you know who shot the victim or was it self-inflicted? >> we don't know who shot anybody at this point. >> [inaudible] >> i probably shouldn't comment on that at this time. >> even just an age? >> it would be a total guess. it's a horrific scene in there. there is blood everywhere. and the suspect is part of that. and i wouldn't -- i didn't want to get that close and disturb the scene and possibly jeopardize the investigation.
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>> [inaudible] >> i'm sorry, i can't hear you. >> [inaudible] trapped inside? [inaudible] >> they are being interviewed by our investigators. i honestly don't know exactly what they said at this point. we wanted to get -- i wanted to get out information as soon as i could to you and we will continue to follow up. >> [inaudible] >> i have no idea what happened inside there. >> yes. >> thank you. anything else? i have met with them and talked to them. we spent time. i made sure i talked to them before we released a name. >> when can we get another update with everything that's going on?
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>> well, by the time -- i would say oh in an hour, hour and a half, maybe. i don't want to waste your time and have you come um and i don't have anything. if we can get information about the -- what the witnesses said inside or any tissue it oadditional on the sus we will let know but i don't want to waste your time if we don't know anything new. >> [inaudible] >> i don't remember in my 41 years having a mass shooting. >> sheriff, what would you [inaudible] >> ron was a hard-working, dedicated sheriff sergeant. he was totally committed. he gave his all. and tonight, as i told his wife, he died a hero because he went -- he went in to
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save lives, to save other people. >> sheriff, one question here and for those parents waking up looking for their children, relatives, friends, what should they do right now? >> i believe we have a victim's hotline. >> we do. >> and the pios will give you the victim's hotline number where they can call to check to just make sure. >> [inaudible] were they all transported to one site. >> they went to multiple hospitals. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> steve: we have been listening to an oftentimes emotional press conference being given out in thousand oaks, california by the ventura county sheriff geoff dean who was choking up
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there at the end when he was talking about sheriff cheargt ron helus who was killed when he responded to a shooting and happened at 11:20 pacific time at the borderline bar and grill in thousand oaks. country night. hundreds of people there. eyewitnesses described the shooter but we just heard from the sheriff that apparently he come in. 11:20. started shooting with a hand gun. at least a dozen people are dead. ainsley: 11 people, they said when they walked into the bar, the sheriff did, 11 people were already dead the borderline bar and grill. the shooter he said was dead. they are not sure if he took his own life. they don't know anything about him. deputy one witness helped pull the deputy out of the bar, dragging him into a car so he could go to the hospital and get help. that deputy inned up passing away at the hospital.
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brian: that was sheriff geoff dean he has been in this business 41 years never seen anything like this. he is not ruling out terrorism. he has no idea if this is terrorism related. the daily mail and other outlets are pointing out that the shooter, according to eyewitnesses seems to have been wearing a trench coat. he had a beard and glasses. i also saw an eyewitness and you saw that too this morning. she said she came out and knew what to do right away my dad is in the military. i noticed he seemed very experienced. he had the right stance and reloaded right away. we don't know what type of gun. the only thing the sheriff would bring up is that it seemed to be -- only thing they saw was a handgun. there is a report he took his own life. steve: but so much is not known right now. jonathan hunt has been covering this for the last several hours and joins us right now with breaking details. jonathan, the early reports were, according to eyewitnesses, there may have been smoke bombs when he entered the restaurant. sounds as if the sheriff did not know if that was true or
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not. >> yeah, sheriff dean not confirming that but multiple eyewitnesses have said that they thought there was some kind of smoke bomb let off immediately before the shooting began. now, remember, they are in a chaotic scene. they are in a very loud bar. often what we hear from witnesses i n these instances when they emerge with that adrenaline and terror is not that accurate. we will wait for the sheriffs to give us the final word on whether that was, indeed, the case. if it was, as the sheriff himself said, it would speak to a certain premeditation in this attack. but what we learned is the headline in that press conference was that the 911 calls started coming in at 11:20 local time. that's 2:20 a.m. on the coast. within three minutes a sheriff's sergeant and officer with the highway
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patrol were on scene. the sheriff's sergeant ron helus and highway patrol officer approached the front of the borderline bar and grill. the sheriff's office was the first through that bar and grill and multiple shots. as we know from sheriff dean. sergeant helus died from those injuries. and then as other officers moved in, they found the horrific scene. 11 more victims inside the borderline bar and grill. and they also found what they described as the shooter himself dead. sheriff saying not clear whether the shooter killed himself or whether he may have been hit by a bullet from one of the law enforcement officers. it appears more likely, given the time line, that he killed himself. but we do not have that officially yet. the sheriff describing a quite horrific scene inside the borderline bar and grill. he said there is blood
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everywhere. the shooter's body is still inside. obviously the bodies of the victims are still inside. another 10 to 15 people, the sheriff estimated, were wounded in this attack and have been taken to local hospitals. but it's obviously very early now in the investigation. the sheriff talked about looking at terrorism as a motive. we do that obviously these days given the state of the country and the world it is something we look at, he said. but we have no indication at this point that there was any terrorist motive. but, of course, all of this will change over the next few hours as they dig deeper and deeper into what has been a horrific few hours here in thousand oaks, about 40 miles north and west of downtown los angeles. the borderline bar and grill had a couple of hundred, we believe, largely young people in it last night. it's college night on wednesday.
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there are at least three fairly large universities in this area. california, kluth ran, pepperdine and -- pacific. i talked to some of them as they came out. they were all horribly shocked as you could imagine. we spoke to bun u.s. army vet he is the one that said the sheriff's deputy was shot right in front of him. he helped carry that sheriff's deputy to a police car. i asked him, given his experience in the army what he thought of the condition of that officer, he said he was unresponsive and we now know that tragic news directly from sheriff dean himself that that sheriff sergeant first through the door pause he heard shooting, he knew there was an active shooter there. he went through that door. he paid with his life. back to you guys. brian: john that just to describe the area when the sun comes up this is a very nice area. a lot of pepper dine and
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those students who li on the coast can you cut through the malibu woods and get up there it's very accessible, correct? >> brian, i'm sorry, our i feed is dropping in and out. i think you are asking for a description of the area. thousand oaks is a very nice, middle class suburb. 40 miles north and west of l.a. the bar itself right off the 101 freeway, which is one of the major freeways runs north along the coast if you like from los angeles in this area. we are in the heart of the area known as the valley. and as i say a lot of colleges around here and this very much a college bar. in fact, wednesday nights are described as college night by the borderline bar and grill. so largely young people. the sheriff himself confirming as well that the average age, he believed, was between something like 21 and 26. so, it is likely, as we learn the identities of
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those 11 victims, the actual patrons of the bar that they will, the majority at least will turn out to be very, very young people. on top of that again, let's not forget the sheriff's sergeant, the first through the door, shot multiple times by the shooter, a veteran of the sheriff's department for several decades. i believe the sheriff said 29 years he had been on the job here. you heard sheriff dean himself very, very emotional. saying he used to go to the gym with that sheriff's sergeant. he was a stand-up guy, a great guy. thoroughly committed to the job. and certainly at 11:20 local time last night, he showed that commitment as he heard shootings still going on when he arrived, went through the front door and was met with multiple bullets that eventually cost him his life. ainsley: survived by his wife and a child. was very close to retirement and good friends with the sheriff. thank you so much, jonathan,
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we will continue to check back in with you throughout the morning. bring in mitchell hunter 19 years old. simi valley. apparently was in the bar and we will find out when we talk to him in a second was in the bar and broke through some of the glass to get out. thank you so much for joining us. can you tell us what happened inside the bar last night? >> i was on the dance floor. then we got off the dance floor and we were on the right side of the entrance thathat he entered through. he started shooting with his gun. i originally didn't think -- i couldn't believe it. i was looking at him. he was wearing a trench coat. i didn't see any head gear on him. i just saw black hair and he had a lighter skin tone. and i was at hits gun, a pistol a submachine gun with a barrel it had a really big magazine. he was popping off shots like nothing. once i realized that
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everything was going down south, everyone was kind of ducking and then me and my friend tim munson grabbed by the wrist went behind the wall so we could get away. the shooting stopped for a couple seconds and i looked up and, you know, i could have swore i saw is a smoke green navmentd i know the police aren't saying that right now, but i saw those, the smoke from the barrel of the gun. and i saw the device on the ground and it was leaking smoke. and it looked like a smoke grenade. so, i saw that. and then i went, i ran, i grabbed a chair and i broke it through the glass and i kicked the chair through. and then i heard other people running around after that. i broke the glass through with my hands and me and my friend tim led the girls outside and i guess some other people followed behind us.
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and i was coming out or before we came out or some time before that, the gunman started shooting again and then my friend got hit in the shoulder. and then he was screaming my name and he said, you know, mitchell, i'm hit, i'm hit, i'm hit. i grabbed him and then we ran behind this dumpster, this wall, and we stayed there for like 10 minutes and we were waiting for an ambulance or police. a couple cops came. and then the second round of shots started and he shot at least 20 shots out it sounded to me like they were outside. but i guess they might have not been. sowfnsded like me they were close and outside. we were in the middle of the parking lot, so, i don't know. and then 10 minutes after that more cops came. and then about five minutes after that someone came and picked my friend tim up and then they picked the girls up and then i went over to
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my frengetsd. steve: mitchell, can we ask you a couple questions about what you saw in how far do you think you were from the shooter? >> >> 10 to 15 feet. steve: so you got a good look at him. and you describe him as wearing a black trench coat you said it was a handgun. describe the hand gun again. >> it looked like an uzi or mac 11. a submachine gun hand held with a short barrel and really long magazine. and it looked to me, yeah, it just looked like that. it could have been a pistol with a really big magazine. but i could tell it was a really small caliber. it was like a 9-millimeter, a 22. steve: mitchell, when he was shooting did he say anything, did he holler anything? >> he probably did.
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i mean, i couldn't hear because it's indoors and he is shooting a gun. and you can't hear anything. do you know what i mean? but, he probably was shouting stuff. brian: but he only had one weapon, mitchell? did you see him reload? >> the thing is he had one weapon when i saw him and then everyone went behind that -- you know, we did, us four we went behind that wall, and then he threw the smoke. i know he threw the smoke. i know he did. he stopped shooting for like a couple seconds and i think he either reloaded or switched to another gun because i'm hearing reports that people said they heard different gunshot sounds. so he either -- i don't know if he reloaded or he got another gun but he stopped shooting for a few seconds and that's when i threw the chair out the window. i was rushing to get that window clear. as we were coming out, i
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think he started shooting again and my friend got hit. and. ainsley: mitchell, was that your friend tim that got hit in the shoulder. >> yes. ainsley: how is he doing now? >> he's okay. he's in the hospital. he got really lucky. the bullet did not hit anywhere near his chest cavetcavity or lung or heart it just went straight into his muscle in the shoulder. ainsley: do you know any of the victims that died? >> i have not been released the information who died. i do not know yet. brian: when you tried to get into this club what security is there. you are 19, how did you get in? go through a metal detector or anything like that? >> no metal detector. they actually have pretty tight security for the area that we are around. they ask for your i.d.
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the i.d. first. and then you pay when you get to the front door. the problem is that he came in so late. and i mean, honestly anywhere, if you walk in fast enough can you get in for a split second. if you just needed to walk in for a split second and start shooting and then once you start shooting everyone is going [inaudible] [broken audio] >> shot the security guard and that's just what happened. that's the way it is. honestly, there is really nothing that the security guard could have done. brian: i want to bring in if i could darren porcher to question mitchell. he is an army veteran former nypd officer. you are listening to this story. i'm sure you have questions. >> absolutely. mitchell, my heart goes out to you for your ache act of bravery. when the shooting began, was the music still on? >> yes.
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yes. it was. >> okay. where was the shooter positioned when you first heard -- when you heard the first shots? >> directly walking in the front door. so, like you walk in the front door, maybe a few steps ahead. probably six or eight. i'm hearing stuff that he shot the front desk clerk which would be on his direct right and he shot the security guard which would be somewhere in front of him. so, i don't know, but when i saw him, he was looking straight and he was walking straight. and he had the gun out in front of him. >> okay. mitchell, is it safe to say that the shooter had the door blocked as he was shooting into the crowd? >> well, i mean, yeah. because a guy is walking in, pulling the trigger and you are not going to walk towards the door. do you know what i mean? >> right. i understand.
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>> very chilling situation. secondly, was the music on fort entirety as the shots were going out or did the dj turn the music off as the shots were firing? >> you know, that's the thing. i don't even know. you know, it's a gun in an indoor area. and everyone's hearing starts to go to the crowd. i don't even know if the music was playing. ainsley: mitchell can we ask you about the area? we are thinking it's college country night. we heard it started at 9:00. it runs until 2:00. line dancing night. we're familiar with these colleges that are in that area, california lutheran, pepperdine, predominantly christian college. can you tell us about the friends that were there the kind of people that go to this borderline bar and grill. >> i don't know -- go there.
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i know it is college night on wednesday night. it's not as crowded at this time of year. it's more crowded like during summer and all that i know a lot of people that go there like country music because it's a borderline country bar. i don't know what friends i don't want to bring that into first place. steve: a hub for country music fans. in fact according to the "l.a. times." some survivors from were on attendance on nights like this. how many shots did you hear over how long a period of time. >> when he walked, in at least 20 to 30. 20 to 30. the second rounding of shots
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that he shot would be outside by the garbage can. at least 15 to 20. steve: so over period of, what, five minutes? >> they would be a couple minutes the first time he emptied his magazine. and then we got out maybe 10 minutes later. 10 minutes later he emptied another magazine, i think. steve: and did he seem to be aiming at anybody in particular? was he looking for anybody in particular or was he just trying to shoot as many people as he could? >> i think he was just trying to shoot as many people as he could. you know what i mean? and he was rapid fire. like it was just -- he was rapid fire. he didn't look like anybody -- he just walked in and started shooting people. that's what i saw and that's what i heard. if he was aiming at someone, he would have shot them and
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he would have taken his own life. brian: witch chillymitchell, wet thank you enough. especially with your buddy hit. you were trying to save other people and fighting for your own life and able to tell the country what actually happened. in thousand oaks. steve: did you see the sheriff's sergeant get hit? >> no, sir. i wish i knew when he went in. did i not know about that. i just found out about that. that's kind of disappointing to me. ainsley: mitchell, are you a college students? >> yes, ma'am. ainsley: where do you go to school? >> [inaudible] park college. ainsley: you broke the window and escorted some of the girls out and your friends were right behind you. thank you for sharing your story with us.
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steve: how many kids from your college were there last night, mitchell? >> no idea. probably a lot. brian: thanks, mitchell. appreciate it. >> yeah no, problem. brian: this all unfolded 11:20 local time out on the west coast in thousand oaks proximity of many locations. if you are in pepperdine you cut through the mountains and you are right there in 25 minutes. if you are in the thousand oaks area you get on the 101 and right there very short time. on a wednesday night. i imagine he said there were bigger croidz in the summer. but a pretty good crowd that night. ainsley: a lot of people are just waking up here on the east coast. it's 6:30 on the east coast. if you are just waking up you probably don't know this information yet. there was a mass shooting in a bar in california 11:30 last night. it's called borderline bar and grill. it was college country night and line dancing night. there were several hundred people inside the bar, according to witnesses. and 11 victims were killed when the police walked in to the bar. then they saw the suspect
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they say was dead as well. and then a sergeant was escorted out. he was unresponsive, taken to the hospital. and he did pass away. brian: sheriff jeff dean has already held a press conference. discuss the death of a sergeant that was a workout buddy of his and good friend. also pick up the phone and call the family, his wife and child and say ron helus has died. we are going to get details on that. but he was the first one in, it seems. and was on the receiving end of fire from the gunman. steve: that's right. they are trying to piece the picture together. there were hundreds of people in attendance. there are a lot of stories on the internet right now. jonathan hunt has been there the last couple of hours. we just heard from an eyewitness by the name of mitchell hunter who said he could have sworn the guy popped off some smoke bombs as he come in. he also described what it sounded like a handgun of some sort. but it also sounded like it
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was able to fire a large number of shots at a time. >> yes. it seems like it was a semiautomatic hand gun and that is the only weapon that the sheriff dean has been talking about so far. i want to bring in now though, steve, another eyewitness. this is john hedge. he was right in the entranceway when the shooting started. and, john, tell me just what you saw and what happened. >> sorry. [clearing throat] losing my voice. i was sitting at the table nearest to the front door. and i hear some guns, you know, i hear some loud pop, pop, pop. and i didn't know what it was. i thought it was a joke. also, i see my stepdad dive to the ground. and he says, you know, hide, hit the deck. you know, what are you doing, get to the ground sort of thing, yelling. and so i dive. and i look up and, you know,
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there is a gunman taking fire. the bouncer was already down at that point. he was pointing it behind the front desk, the cash register. you know,. >> you got a good look at the shooter. tell me what he looked like. >> he had a full beard. he was wearing a black hat, a black jacket on. he had darker skin. he couldn't have been over 30. >> did he say anything. >> he didn't say anything. only thing you hear is screaming and people just yelling. >> you told me earlier he, for sure in your -- and from what you saw, was using smoke grenades? >> yeah. i left -- when i got out of front door, i went back to see if my stepdad was okay or where he was or, you know, if there was anybody trying to get out. and i saw some smoke grenades being thrown and more gunshots. he was behind the desk
3:34 am
around the desk at that point. and that's when i heard my stepdad yelling i'm over here. we need to get out of here. and there was people running all over the place. >> how did you get out? >> well, when i got up, i was going to go run to the bathroom to go hide. and i saw that he had left the front door area. and there was maybe one or two couple people that ran out. so i just ran as fast as i could to the front door and thank god i made it out okay. you know, he was right there. me and my stepdad were the closest people besides the bouncer and the people at the front desk to the front door. >> did you see the sheriff's deputy that was shot? >> no, i didn't. i didn't. >> it was one of the first law enforcement through the door was shot, too. and died in the hospital a short time ago. >> yeah. when we were leaving in our car, that's when the first
3:35 am
sheriffs were arriving. i mean, you know, they're the real heroes. if they are not there, god, who knows what happens. >> and your stepdad is okay, too? >> yeah. >> all right. john, well, thank you for talking to us. we are glad you got out okay. thank you very much. horrifying witness accounts that we're hearing again and again this morning. and very emotional accounts, obviously. we heard just now from the sheriff who was paying tribute to that sheriff's sergeant ron helus, a 2-year veteran of the sheriff's department here in ventura county. he used to work out with sheriff dean and sheriff dean was very emotional when talking about him. listen to him. brian: i think we were waiting for a sound bite. steve: jonathan, a question for you, with your eyewitness right there. regarding the smoke bomb, you know, when we heard from
3:36 am
sheriff dean a little while ago, he did not know -- he could not confirm whether or not any smoke bombs were used because there is stories that the guy walked in and threw some smoke bombs and started shooting people but your eyewitness went back to the smoke bombs as did our eyewitness. what do you think happened? >> yeah. well, it certainly seems from what we are are hearing from th these ionixs that some sort of smoke devices were going off. obviously we will have to wait for the full investigation and sheriff's deputies to confirm the sequence of events here. something was happening according to john and eyewitnesses. job was standing right at the front where the shooter came in. the shooter was throwing what john described as smoke grenades. as the sheriff himself said in that news conference a short time ago that you took
3:37 am
live, steve, if there were, indeed, smoke grenades being used. then that speaks to a greater degree of planning. walking in with a handgun and firing at these young people who were enjoying a night out at the borderline bar and grill is one thing. if you are going in armed handgun and other weapons we don't know. smoke grenades obviously have you given a lot of thought to precisely what you are about to do. this will all be part of the investigation. we're hearing various descriptions of the shooter himself. we heard from john. he thought he is around 30 years old. dressed pretty much completely in black. wearing eyeglasses. said he had a full beard. we don't know the identity of the shooter yet. he is dead inside the borderline bar and grill. so you can be very confident that sheriff's deputies will have an identity very
3:38 am
shortly if they do not already and have just not chosen to share it with us yet. we will know a lot more about the shooter in the coming hours so there is no point speculating on who he might be, where he might have come from, what his motives might have been at the moment. we will get all that information in due course. and one other thing. one other note of caution on these eyewitnesses, obviously. everybody who walls in there comes out traumatized. they come out having gone through a terrifying scene where they have been gripped by terror, flushed with dresden lynn. some of the things you hears a they come out do not prove as history tells us in these incidents to be entirely accurate. that's why we want to give the eyewitnesses themselves the chance to say what they say -- within three minutes
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a sheriff's deputy and members of the california highway patrol were here. and then that sheriff sergeant ron helus was the first to enter the bar at around 11:26, six minutes after the first 9/1 first 911 c. he made the decision to go in because he heard shooting still going on. as he opened that door, according to sheriff dean, he was met in a hail of bullets. bullets that ultimately took his life. those are the tragic facts. sheriff helus and 11 other largely young people, have lost their lives. brian: jonathan, trying to find out if you could, if the security guard was armed, if he even had a shot of stopping this gunman because that's key. if you are just a big guy and the other guy has a gun you don't have a shot. but if you could find that out that would be great. joran than hunt check in with you shortly. with us is darren porcher former nypd officer and army veteran. you have been hearing from two eyewitnesses, following
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this all morning, was that preventable? it's difficult to say. one of the things i revert back to from law enforcement perspective is we go back to 2012, the james egan home shooting that happened in colorado is very similar in that we have the small cartridges that were sent out. this is clearly a premeditated attack. and then we move forward four years later to 2016 when we had th pulse nightclub shooting. we had mr. mateen who came into the club and shot up the place. then when we move to 2017 where we had the las vegas massacre and i see what the connections or the nexus here was, the affiliation with the country music. the truth of the matter is this. it's a horrific incident. and then we go back to the seismic shift in policing. we now have police officers that go directly in to interdict the threat as opposed to waiting outside as we saw what happened with the nicholas cruise shooting
3:41 am
in parkland. we had a hero that lost his life and really unfortunate. still at the stage of extracting information and intelligence to determine what happened. why did this person go here? he was armed with a handgun. i also hear that there was possibly a semiautomatic weapon in addition to that what really, really drums up the pace to me was in a club with a trench coat. me as a police officer or even a security guard for that matter, this should have been something that should have been blaring, a person coming n a trench coat, that's something that really sends shock waves. ainsley: he might have just started firing when he walked in the front door. we heard one witness said he was on the dance floor and looked over at the front door and the cashier that's always there because he goes every single week and has been going there for months, he saw her get shot. and then he saw the security guard at the front get shot. the security guard might have been coming toward him and saying hold on sir and shot himself. we just don't know at this point. do you know what i'm thinking though when you are a parent i remember -- we
3:42 am
remember when they dropped us off at college and the tears are flowing. it's your child. you know, you spent 18 years raising them. >> absolutely. ainsley: this was college night and 11 children, 11 young adults were killed there we don't know their ages or the details. but it was college night. and i assume that most of them were young, if not all of them. what's happening now in the parents are getting phone calls as we are reporting this news live, parents are trying to track down families. the police officers are calling them and their hearts are breaking this morning. when do we find out information about those individuals and what's happening now as far as finding out who this suspect is? >> well, the police department, the ventura county police department. the public information officer is getting that information out to the families first. after that information gets out to the families. then, we will be abreast to what is the public. what was interesting to me they introduced the name of the sergeant that was shot. that very rarely happens. brian: he is the sheriff though. he makes that call, right?
3:43 am
>> exactly. that's normally not the course of action. ainsley: why wouldn't that be the course of action? because the family has already been notified. steve: he did say he had spoken to his wife. the sergeant wants wife. >> initially, this take as while before that information gets out. steve: right. >> the truth of the matter is, this is a situation that and just to double back on what we mentioned earlier, traditionally when you enter a nightclub, there is an alcove and usually two doors. and one of the things that happens is there is a search when you walk in. as one of the witnesses -- witnesses stated this is the area where the search was taking place. usually one of the first things that happens is that second door is closed. you don't have the ability, right, you don't have the ability to advance directly into the venue as a result of that. this is something that we have to look back at. steve: it sounds as though the shooter came in and shot both those people and went. >> in in addition to that normally nightclubs don't have active shooter protocols the way schools do. that's why you have this
3:44 am
mass pandemonium in connection with this. brian: thanks, dr. porcher great. we will check back in with you again. steve: at least 13 people dead in a country music bar. it was college night. we will have the latest from california coming up. hwasher do? cascade platinum does the work for you, prewashing and removing stuck-on foods, the first time. wow, that's clean! cascade platinum. good movie of the year. tell me that don't smell good. i've never had fried chicken in my life. you people love the fried chicken. you have a very narrow assessment of me tony. yeah right. i'm good.
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of every great meal is always the potato?t bite that's why it should always be an idaho potato. only genuine idaho potatoes have the perfect taste and texture to get your meal started right. brian: we are back with a fox news alert now. i wish we weren't telling you this horrific news. 12 people dead including a sheriff's sergeant after a gunman opened fire at a bar. it was packed reportedly with college students. the gun mafn also dead. ainsley: at least 10 other people are hurt and swat teams and bomb squads, they rushed to the scene overnight. it's located about 40 miles northwest of los angeles. steve: ramirez from kttv television in los angeles joins us with breaking details. >> martha: io, i understand yomario, i understand
3:48 am
you talked to someone. >> we spoke to someone who was at the vegas shooting a year ago. very eemotional. he was in the middle of the dance floor. heard these gunshots ring out. people darted. some hiding in the bathroom and attic. very chaotic scene. we are learning more about the injured here on the scene. some drove themselves to the hospital. >> that's correct. some of the additional information on patients or victims is we did learn very early on that some those able to get out of the facility actually drove themselves to the hospital. we are still trying to finalize that number and make sure we have accounted for everybody. our latest numbers are 18 injured individuals. unknown on the injuries. transported themselves to local hospitals two. have been transported by ambulance to local hospitals
3:49 am
as well. >> we are hearing some of those injuries may be, you know, some of the patrons breaking through windows stuff like that trying to escape. >> yes, we did receive reports of other patrons assisting other patrons out by breaking windows and helping people, pulling people through windows. very heroic actions taken by patrons in the face of a very horrific situation here. so, our latest numbers on those again 18 individuals who have transported themselves to local hospitals and two transported by ambulance. >> a massive response here. can you walk us through how you set up something like this? earlier a triage situation. people were receiving treatment, different tents on the scene. how do you go into something like. this currently this is a law enforcement investigation. all the patients that we are aaware of have been transported and initially assessed on scene and transported to hospitals and/or self-transported it is a law enforcement situation currently. our role here is to assist the law enforcement agency, our brothers and sisters in
3:50 am
the law enforcement agencies is providing you the most up to date information. and as you can imagine, hundreds of first responders responded initially to the scene. that includes local law enforcement agencies, fire agencies, as well as agencies from los angeles county and los angeles city. >> thank you captain. we have seen a lot of emotions running high. lots of students praying, gathering, trying to comfort each other. that's the latest here at thousand oaks. send it back to you in the studio. ainsley: some different stories. they were piled up on top of each other trying to get out of back door and they hit the ground because the shooter started firing. and then someone came running up behind them and said get up, get out the door you, he is coming. he is coming this way. how terrifying. steve: one of the sheriff deputies said it is a horrific scene inside the borderline bar and grill. there is blood everywhere we're continuing to follow the story.
3:51 am
we are going to take a quick time-out. we'll be right back. (engine roaring) (horn honking) okay, okay, okay... (clatter) ( ♪ ) feeling unsure? oh... (nervous yelp) what if you had some help? introducing the new 2019 ford edge with the confidence of ford co-pilot360 (tm) technology. the most available driver assist technology in its class. ( ♪ ) the new 2019 ford edge.
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steve: we are back with a fox news alert as we continue our breaking news coverage out of thousand oaks, california. a mass shooting overnight. 13 people dead, including a sheriff sergeant and the gunman. brian: here to weigh in is assistant u.s. attorney and fox news contributor andy mccarthy. i know you have been watching the coverage with us, andy. first off, have you weigh in what's going on with the attorney general and the removal. what is your take? >> you know, it's just horrific, brian. but you are always struck when you see these things
3:55 am
happen at how heroic the police perform. you not only have somebody who, you know, ran toward the sound of the gunfire and gave up his life to save people, but just, you know, as someone who did this for 20 years, to watch the coverage for the last however long, what you see is that these police officers not only have to calm people down, make sure they are safe, they also have to put on their professional hat, try interview witnesses and most importantly, try identify this shooter because what you want to know as an investigator when something like this happens is this a one-off or are we going to see other types of events? do we need to worry that this guy is connected up to other people that's the thing they have to bear down on. steve: andy, what do you think of essentially the president firing jeff
3:56 am
sessions yesterday? clearly had to lee could you see himself from the russia probe? >> yeah, well it sounds like, steve, that he thought that he wanted him out, but that the republicans didn't want to project that there was chaos at the justice department before the midterms. it sounds like the second that was all over, and he thought it was a good time for sessions to go he removed him. ainsley: what do you know about matthew whitaker the chief of staff under sessions and take the place of him at least temporarily? >> yeah. anxiously, he is really well-credentialed? he was a chief of staff previously to an attorney general to attorney general ashcroft he was a united states attorney in iowa. very fine top prosecutor and top lawyer. what can i see an excellent pick. brian: going to be a lot tougher on the probe. andy, we have you on again to talk about, this obviously the breaking news took precedence.
3:57 am
thanks so much. ainsley: thank you. >> yeah, so sorry. so sorry for these poor people. ainsley: all those parents getting phone calls this morning. thanks, andy. well, we continue to follow breaking news out of california. 13 people are dead. including a sheriff sergeant and a gunman in a shooting at a country bar. we have live team coverage. ♪ ♪ - [narrator] meet the ninja foodi,
3:58 am
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the ninja foodi, the pressure cooker that crisps.
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>> i hear some loud pop, 307, pop, pop. i didn't know what it was. i thought it was a joke. i saw my stepdad diving to the ground. >> pistol, submachine gun with a short barrel. it had a really big magazine. he was just popping off shots like nothing. ainsley: a fox news alert. a normal night out turning into a deadly scene. steve: a gunman apparently walking into a california bar. it was country night, packed with college students. he opened fire. at least 13 people dead this morning, including a sheriff sergeant. that sergeant, a 29 year vet
4:01 am
of the force was about to retire in the coming year. at least 1 others hurt. some were dispatched to the hospital via ambulance from the scene. others drove themselves to the hospital. brian: according to the fire chief. it happened a little after 11:00 p.m. pacific time. 11:20 in thousand oaks a suburb of los angeles. very centrally located off a major highway. authorities confirm the suspect is dead. and they are not ruling out terrorism. reports that he took his own life. ainsley: jonathan hunt has been covering this all morning and he joins us live with the latest details. >> good morning. sheriff's deputies and other law enforcement officials including those from the fbi are currently right now inside the borderline bar and grill. a couple hundred yards behind me. they're describing a horrific scene. he said rooms in there are, quote, covered in blood. this all began to unfold at
4:02 am
11:20 pacific. when the first 911 calls came in about an active shooter. within three minutes a sheriff's sergeant and members of the california highway patrol were on scene. that sheriff sergeant ron helus was the first to go in. he took the decision to enter the borderline bar and grill because they could hear shots. they knew the shooter was still active. as he went through the door, he was met by a hail of bullets. bullets that ultimately took his life. sheriff geoff dean told us today that sergeant sergeant ron helus was just a great guy. he made an emotional tribute to him at a press conference a short time ago. listen here to the sheriff. >> he was totally committed. he gave his all and, tonight, as i told his wife, he died a hero because he
4:03 am
went -- he went in to save lives, to save other people. >> now, as well as the sheriff sergeant who died, 11 other people were killed. now, this was college night at the borderline bar and grill. and the sheriff told us he believes that the ages of those attending ranged between 21 and 26. we do not yet have the identities of those 11 who died, but we can expect many of them to be in that age range. we have also been speaking to eyewitnesses. you will remember we had john hedge, a witness on live with us a few moments ago. he was standing near the front door when the shooter came in, described a scene of chaos. he said the security guard at the front door was among those who were shot. we do not know if that security guard died or was injured. we have asked whether that security guard himself would
4:04 am
have been armed, the sheriff here told us that was very unlikely, historically speaking, security guards at this particular bar and restaurant have never been armed. but it was a horrific scene according to john hedge. that witness also told us that the shooter was throwing smoke grenades. the sheriff talked about that in his press conference, too. he said it is one thing for somebody to go in with a semiautomatic handgun and start shooting. if you start talking about the use of smoke grenades as well before the shooting starts, then you are obviously looking at somebody who has put a lot more planning in to the attack. we do not have an identity of the shooter at the moment. our eyewitness, john hedge, described him as youngish, probably around 30 in his words. wearing largely black bearded and wearing eyeglasses. but that is about all we have for now. obviously the deputies and other law enforcement who
4:05 am
are inside now have the shooter. it appears that he killed himself on the scene. they will have an identity with us -- with them very soon. we're not clear, obviously, when they will share it with us. all of those answers will be forthcoming. for some parents who are waking up now on the east coast, perhaps, with students one of the many colleges in this area trying to get ahold of their children, trying to find out whether they were in the borderline bar and grill and whether, indeed, they were hurt in this terrible, terrible shooting. back to you guys. brian: jonathan, thanks. i know you are going to be gathering eyewitnesses there and gathering more details and soon the sun will be up. let's bring in dr. darren porcher. you are back with us. you are trying to piece together this whole thing too. what yes questions do you still have. >> the questions are endless. one the things i'm looking to who is the shooter? what was the ideology? were there any prior threats
4:06 am
to the establishment? did he have -- did he have an agenda towards someone that was at this particular arena? was his issue with country music? these are things that we don't know. brian: because of the vegas shooting? >> exactly. we use that as a contrast and comparison. one of the things that's interesting in terms of if i was a patron or anyone that was a patron in one of these types of establishments for that matter. there is two focus us. there is one that i heard one, hide, and dial 911. that's one aspect. and there is another aspect whereas you confront the shooter directly. we have seen at love success, confronting the shooter directly. look at what happened with the 9/11 hijackers in pennsylvania, for example. there is some people at that location. if they converge on the shooter, it will stop it. granted someone may get shot, but the truth of the matter is, this will decrease the carnage far greater than if you look to run and hide and dial 911. ainsley: for parents that are watching, kids that are
4:07 am
watching, college students watching or anyone that goes to a bar i guess it would be good information for any of us in a big arena type thing, what do we need to do when we walk? do we look for the exits? what can be our plan? >> one of the things that i always do as law enforcement official, or a prior law enforcement officer, i always look for the exits. i never keep my back to the door. but, now we are looking at a venue where people are drinking alcohol. the truth of the matter is you need to stay vigilant. what you traditionally see is the exit signs are illuminated. it goes back to when you are in these types of situations. you have two options to either evacuate or shelter in place. steve: right. >> evacuate if it's a safe pathway. if you can get out of there safely by all means, evacuate. but, after -- if the shooter is blocking the door like we have in this particular instance, then you want to shelter in place. steve: sure. >> you want to know where the exits are. oneway, in one way out is a
4:08 am
death trap. traditionally the fire department prohibits these types. there are always additional exits. you want to know where these exits are moving forward. steve: we have put together some of the sound bites of some of the witnesses who were in attendance when the gunman burst in at 11:20 pacific time. here's what they saw. >> i was looking at his gun and it was a pistol, submachine gun with a barrel. it had a really big magazine and he was popping off shots like nothing. once i realized everything was going down south, everyone was kind of ducking and then me and tim, my friend tim munson grabbed the girls by the wrist and dragging them off to the side behind the wall so we could get away. i broke the glass through with my hands. and then me and my friend tim led the girls outside and i guess some other people followed behind us. before we came out, like some time before that, the
4:09 am
gunman started shooting again and then my friend got hit in the shoulder. and then he was screaming my name and he said, you know, mitchell like i'm hit, i'm hit, i'm hit. i grabbed him and we ran behind this dumpster, this wall. and then we stayed there for like 10 minutes and we were waiting for an ambulance or police. a couple cops came. steve: that was mitchell hunter who joined us and gave us his eyewitness account. dr. porcher, he was unsure exactly the brand of gun but made it sound like it was a semiautomatic. he said that he didn't feel as if the person, the shooter, was aiming at anybody in particular. it appears that he was just trying to kill as many people as possible. >> well, this was a target-rich environment. we had a shooter that was aiming aimlessly so to speak. that does sound consistent with these types of quote, unquote, mass shootings. they are not picking off individuals in particular. steve: weren't looking for somebody.
4:10 am
>> right. which leads me to believe that this was the venue was targeted more so than an individual. brian: couple things, i know the challenge of your business we are watching it we had two eyewitnesses on 10 minutes. one says very light skinned individual and said trench coat. the other said coat, and dark skin. steve: jacket. brian: jacket and dark skin. okay this is a portrait. they are both there. they both know what they saw. this is going to be important. and then have you one who said a big beard. i also read glasses. the other eyewitness said very experienced. this woman came out. she goes my dad is in the army. he always told us what to do in this situation. clearly he knew the stance. he was dressed in all black. he knew the stance and he reloaded within five seconds. so he seemed very experienced. so, as we put together this portrait had you do you piece together the truth quickly. >> from my experience and investigations, if everyone tells you the same thing it's not accurate.
4:11 am
you can have 10 people look at the same picture and give you 10 different depictions. and that runs consistent with this particular instance. what law enforcement is going to do is they are going to extract all of this information from everyone, whereas one person may say the person is light skinned. the other person may say dark skinned. that may be what they see. have you got to keep in mind this is a club, the lights are out. there is music. their senses are somewhat off so it makes all the sense in the world. steve: dr. porcher they also know what the guy looks like because is he right there, he is on the floor. he is dead. >> that is true. you have got to remember people dealing with a very traumatic situation. so their senses are going off the charts. the truth of the matter is law enforcement cannot discount what people's assessments are and they need to comprehensively extract as much information as they can. ainsley: they goal to his house. they have his identity or maybe he will have an id on him. they will eventually identify him. go to check his computer, right? >> those are the traditional steps. >> checking a person's
4:12 am
digital footprint. also look at his credit card receipts. where did he acquire these weapons from? what was his pathway for the last month to two months? we can even go back six months. the truth of the matter is, we will gain an identity on who this individual is, what they have done. because we also want to look for co-spirits as well. we only have who assisted him in this process. were these guns legally obtained or illegally obtained through a straw purchase. who else knew about this? steve: we only know of one gun at this point. >> even if we only have one gun, we want to know how this person acquired it. brian: remember the orlando shooting the wife dropped him off. did she know or did she not know what he was doing there they are still evaluating what happened in orlando. we opened up today with sheriff geoff dean. he is ventura county sheriff in a press conference. answering all the questions he could there in the middle of the night or early morning. let's listen. >> sheriff 911 received
4:13 am
multiple calls of shots being fired at the -- upon going through the front door the sheriff's sergeant was struck multiple times with gunfire. they found 11 victims that were killed. there were multiple other victims of injury inside. the suspect, who we believe was the only suspect was dead inside. we have not identified the suspect yet, we have no idea if there is a terrorism link to this event or not. the sergeant passed away at the hospital. he gave his all and, tonight, as i told his wife, he died a hero because he went -- he went in to save lives, to save other people. steve: there the sheriff is describing ron helus who was killed when he was responding to the shooter -- active shooter at that particular nightclub. he had been with the force 29 years. ainsley: he was about to
4:14 am
retire. steve: going to retire this year. ainsley: go to gym together. had to pick up the phone and call his wife. he is survived by his wife and a child. brian: going out to thousand oaks aftermath of the shooting that took place 11:20 pacific coast time. this is "fox & friends." hi susan!hs) honey? i respect that. but that cough looks pretty bad... try this new robitussin honey. the real honey you love... plus the powerful cough relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? new robitussin honey. because it's never just a cough.
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♪ steve: the attorney general of the united states jeff sessions got fired yesterday, stepped down, resigned. top democrats already taking shots the new acting ag including demands that he recuse himself from the russia investigation. brian: because he wrote something. what does that mean for the justice department and congress moving forward. ainsley: here to weigh in oversight committee jason chaffetz. >> thank you. ainsley: the letter said at your request, i am submitting my resignation. >> it was the right move. he had lost the confidence of the white house and the president a long time. also lost the confidence of the united states congress. you had a congressional investigators that were stymied every step of the way. my interaction when i i was the chairman of the oversight committee with mr. sessions was not a good one. we had literally more than a dozen things that we needed paperwork on. we had suggested bipartisan way to prosecute some people
4:19 am
for lying to congress. and he wouldn't move on anything. so i really got a real distaste for the attorney general in my mouth. buff, i think the president trump did the right thing. it was time to make a change. brian: doesn't mean he is not a good person and wasn't a great senator. >> look, is he a patriot, and he has done a lot for his country. he loves his country. look, let's also remember. brian: too much at stake. >> the department of justice is in chaos. the inspector general report. the place place is in chaos. there is nothing you can point to that jeff sessions has done to help clean it up. steve: the frustration from the president is that he recused himself. couldn't run the russia investigation. i talked to somebody very close to the attorney general over the last couple of days and he said essentially that when he was nominated, he did not realize he would have to recuse himself. and then as if he was waiting for somebody from the white house to say you should drop out, but he felt apparently, according to this person, that if the president wanted him to drop out, he would call him up
4:20 am
and say you have got to drop out or have you got to resign. the call never came. >> the middle terms have now come and gone and that letter is in place. the president like i said, made the right choice. i have do hope the president picks like somebody like a john ratcliffe, is he my favorite to become. brian: i know you like ratcliff. let's talk about matthew whirkwhitaker. they are going to get this bombardment on almost a daily basis that everything is on fire and everything that is inappropriate. this gentleman now the acting attorney general is very well qualified. he has a great resume for this. and he has the trust of the president. that's important. ainsley: everyone said it was going to happen right after the election and it did the day after. >> just a few hours. ainsley: thank you so much. brian: thanks, jason. more on this breaking news out of california and it's not good.
4:21 am
13 people killed, including a sheriff sergeant and gunman after shooting at a country music bar last night. we will hear from a witness who was inside the bar. that, next. billions of mouths.
4:22 am
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4:24 am
4:25 am
don't mind recounting what you saw and what you did. >> >> so, what i saw, i was dancing on the dance floor. and i clearly heard a gunshot come from behind me, so i glanced back and it was this taller man with a gun, shooting multiple people, he -- we all just kind of froze for a split second, and then everyone booked it and dove for the floor.
4:26 am
it was -- after the first round, it was quiet for about five seconds and then some guys that were next to me on the floor got up and started sprinting towards the back door. and yelled at everyone get up, run. he's coming. and so, it was like 50 people trying to get up and run out the back door all at once. unfortunately, i was one of the ones that got caught on the floor and was trampled on by a couple people. on my way up, i got hit in the head by a bar stool being thrown at a window. and i -- at that moment i didn't know whether i was going to be able to get up or not and if that guy was really coming, what was going to happen to me. i was thinking that i go under a table until this man came up from behind me and grabbed me by the waist and pulled me up and he told me was like run, get out. like let's go.
4:27 am
and at the time it was just me. i went with 11 friends. so far we have only found six of them. we don't know where the other ones are. we don't know if they are okay or not. and the only thing going through my head the entire time was get out. you have got to get out and get safe. ainsley: teylor, tell us about the gunman, was he aiming at people or just tray spraying? did it look like he was targeting individuals? >> as soon as he walked in the door, he first went for the security guard. when the security guard dropped, i think he was going for whoever was close by. i saw two more people drop. and then from there i was already in a dog pile with people below me, people on top of me. i couldn't see anything. steve: teylor, describe the gunman and the shooting. because apparently you told some folks that you thought you saw him reload, did you
4:28 am
see anybody actually get shot by him? >> i saw three people get shot by him. as soon as he walked in, he had perfect form. i was born in a military family and i have been around guns my entire life. i have been shooting them. i have seen them. i have cleaned them, so i know a bit about them. and he looked like he knew what he was doing. he had practiced he had been shooting. ainsley: teylor -- steve: what kind of a gun was it? >> it was a black semiautomatic pistol. it looked like it was a 40, but i couldn't tell. i only took a glance at it. ainsley: teylor, i'm sure
4:29 am
it's so surreal to be talking on national television about this. you were learning to line dance and with your friends for your 21st birthday. what's going through your mind right now? >> i'm just shocked. i don't understand how people think this way. i don't understand why this would happen? i didn't think this would ever happen to me until it actually happened. i don't even know what to think right now. brian: teylor, i watched you this morning and i saw your dad walk up behind you and talk with you about this. you guys have gone over stuff like this before. and you seem to, in your mind, have a pattern on what to do. can you tell our viewers about that? >> so, growing up, it was always a scenario that we went over because of how time can be nowadays and how
4:30 am
crazy people can be. and he always taught me drop everything. it doesn't matter what you are holding. it doesn't matter what you are doing, you drop anything and you take cover. you take cover. you get out. you get safe. that was the first thing on my mind was to get safe. steve: you were able to escape to safety. the sheriff a little while ago said, teylor, anything like this can happen anywhere sadly because of mental illness and he went on to describe that he said no idea if terrorism is involved. any time and i'm sure with your military family, any time something like this happens, that's one of the first things you think, is this guy a terrorist? and there is no suggestion that he is. that's what people think. >> i mean nowadays, you can never really tell. there is so much bad going on in the world.
4:31 am
but, if the way i think about it is one bad act, even though it may be really bad causes so much good. we had so many praying circles and a bunch of different groups with a bunch of random people. we saw people that were inside connected with family outside. it was beautiful. ainsley: teylor, tell us about this bar. who goes there? anybody and everybody. anybody that loves country, anybody that loves to dance. me and my friends go there twice a week. ainsley: a lot of college students? >> it's all ages. it's college students. it's seniors in high school it's middle aged people. it's elderly people. everybody goes there it doesn't matter what age you are. brian: teylor, i'm so glad you are okay. hope you find good news about your six friends
4:32 am
missing. thank you for sharing your story today. ainsley: i you saw that interview, too, when the dad walked up behind her how do you feel? so much relief. another live update from the shooting scene in southern california coming up next. very foundation of your typical bank. capital one is anything but typical. that's why we designed capital one cafes. you can get savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums. and one of america's best savings rates. to top it off, you can open one from anywhere in 5 minutes. this isn't a typical bank. this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet?
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steve: we are back with a fox news alert. a night turned into tragedy. 13 people, including a gunman, who stormed a california country music bar and opened fire at 11:20 p.m. pacific time. brian: one of the victims is ventura county sheriff sergeant ron helus. he is 29 years on the force and was planning to retire soon. sergeant helus was shot during entering the building. he leaves behind a wife and a son. ainsley: there is his picture right there. jonathan hunt has been there on the scene all night outside of the club.
4:36 am
he is live with breaking details for us. jonathan? >> good morning. it was a horrific scene and remains exactly that for the various law enforcement personnel who are inside the borderline bar and grill conducting an inch by inch search to try to determine how this all happened and exactly way to happened. at the moment, there is no clue we're being given from officials as to a motive or an identity of the shooter. what we do know is that at 11:20 last night, the first 911 calls came in and within three minutes, a sheriff's sergeant and members of the california highway patrol were on scene. they heard shots. they knew that there was an active shooter at that point. that is when sheriff sergeant ron helus decided to enter the building. he was shot multiple times
4:37 am
the second he opened that front door. and as you were saying, he died from his wounds a little while later in the hospital. as further law enforcement persons arrived, including a swat team and made entry into the border line bar and grill they found a for risk scene. 11 victims killed. most of them young people and we have been talking all morning to those who survived, having been inside that bar and restaurant. they describe scenes of absolute terror and absolute panic. listen here to one of those witnesses. >> we were at the bar, you know, having fun, dancing. and then all of a sudden you hear the bang, bang of the gun shots. our friends started slamming against the windows so we could get out. >> now, i spoke to another witness who told me that he was in the entranceway when
4:38 am
the shooter first came in. and he says the first shot fired was at the security guard. we're told by sheriff's deputies that security guards at this bar, the borderline bar and grill would not historically have been armed. this witness told me that the shooter also threw what he thought to be smoke grenades. we do not have that confirmed. bottom line 11 innocent victims killed, the sheriff sergeant killed and the shooter killing himself. steve: all right. jonathan hunt outside the borderline bar and grill. let's bring in former acting ice director tom homan. when we heard from the sheriff he was talking about the quick response time. those officers were on the scene within two minutes of a call about an active shooter. and this sergeant who died apparently ran right in and the guy was there with a gun
4:39 am
and killed him on the spot. he died, i take that back. he died later at the hospital. but that's what these guys do. that's what men and women in your line of work do. they run toward the gunfire to save other people's lives. >> such a tragedy. so many innocent lives lost just trying to, you know, celebrate life. yeah, you know, people ask me all the time why do you get so emotional in these introduce when you talk about law enforcement? as i said on this show many times, these are men and women that monda none of them ae getting rich. every day they put a kevlar vest on and gun on their hip to protect people they have never met, they will never know. here is an officer that ran toward danger. he ran into the bar knowing shots were being fired to try to save lives. and what a selfless brave act. and with all the attacks on law enforcement this year. we all know the assaults on law enforcement, the attacks on law enforcement are way up. this is maybe one thing the american people can see from this terrible incident. i'm not belittling the other lives that were lost.
4:40 am
but, men and women in law enforcement do this every day. and what a brave man. what a brave man he was. ainsley: tom, you have spent your whole life in law enforcement. when you woke this up morning and heard the news, what goes through your mind as an officer? >> it's shocking. you know, i have been a law enforcement 34 years. you never get used to hearing it you never get used to seeing it. it's a tragedy each and every time. i mean, and it's just -- even the aftermath. what these other responding law enforcement officers are dealing with today and what they see, not only did they lose, you know a brenner and someone thebrethrenfor someone h for years. in my 34 years i have seen a lot of terrible things. i grew up in a town of 2500 people. and fast forward just 15 years ago i'm standing back of tractor-trailer 15 dead illegal aliens and a boy in a horrific death. law enforcement you get used to those. no, you don't.
4:41 am
you don't get used to it it's shocking every time. something that will never leave your mind. i still think about the terrible things i have seen every day in my career. they never leave you. that's what makes you. brian: he works out with this guy. not somebody the sheriff works out with a 29-year-old sergeant. he had to call his wife and they have a son. he said things changed. ainsley: 29 years of service. >> we used to wait outside and have a different philosophy. now we have to charge. in he went in by himself. can you reconstruct. i always thought there would be partners when you are patrolling at night but it doesn't seem like there was that we know of yet. could you talk about that? >> law enforcement, everybody is in a budget crisis, right? everybody is being -- everybody has a budget and the old days of two in a car on a night shift, i mean, some departments still do it. a lot of departments don't. look at these border patrol agents on that line take on
4:42 am
danger every day they are by themselves. their nearest backup is six or seven miles away. they are in the dark. censor just got tripped. don't know if illegal alien looking for a job or drug smuggler. law enforcement does this every day. that's what i'm hoping this tragedy the american people recognize these men and women they do this every day. they take on danger every day. not all lose their lives. not all are involved in shootings. they are ready to that i can that danger on if it comes. they have to live with the aftermath the rest of their life. again, this is something that every one of these law enforcement officers do this for a living they will never forget. they have to live with this. and their families have to live with this. steve: tom, thank you very much for joining us live. >> appreciate it, thank you. brian: 18 minutes before the top of the hour. up next, former speaker of the house, newt gingrich to talk to us about the new balance of power in washington. the new lincoln mkc.
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- [narrator] for powerful suction, you need a shark. with two swappable batteries, at maximum suction the shark ion f80 has more run time than the dyson v10 absolute. or, choose the upright model for whole home cleaning only from shark. ♪ steve: we are back with a
4:46 am
fox news alert. president trump tweeting just moments ago about the shooting overnight in california. the president tweeting, quote: i have been fully briefed on the terrible shooting in california. law enforcement and first responders, together with the fbi, are on the scene. 13 people, at this time, have been reported dead. likewise, the shooter is dead. along with the first police officer to enter the bar dot dot dot which means the president is typing when he concludes, we will share that with you. brian: let's bring in newt gingrich, former speaker of the house, fox news contributor and author of "trump's america." the trump administration is going to be a lot different over the next two years. not only are there personnel changes but balance of power. what advice do you give the president with a house that is now democrat and after putting, i guess, the friendly overture out to nancy pelosi yesterday? >> look, i think the right thing to do is to congratulate her. they won. to offer to work on substance, such as
4:47 am
infrastructure reform and investment. and to be prepared to have his lawyers fight their lawyers wherever they want to get involved in investigatory hearings. i think it's possible you will have a two-front behavior where the president on the one hand has an olive branch saying here are things we can work on together and other hand involved in hand-to-hand combat. i suspect that's that's what will happen. steve: everybody has been dug in on their side. when you were speaker and bill clinton was president. how did the democrat president work with the republican leader? >> well, remember, it also degenerated toward the end into the impeachment and the investigations and i would actually echo what senator mitch mcconnell said in a very wise interview yesterday that if all do you is end up in investigations, which, unfortunately, we did in 1998, it actually hurts
4:48 am
you, because the country wants to see things work. the country doesn't want to have the house democrats spend all day every day in investigations and in open warfare against the president. so, clinton and i understood from day one that we really represented the country, not just our parties. and we understood that we both had an interest in getting big things done. partly, i guess, just our generation. but we are not run in order to do little things. so, we did welfare reform. we did medicare reform. we balanced the budget for four years. we had the largest capital gains tax cut in history. all those were an effort on both of our sides to find a common ground that would really move the country forward and i think on health reform, on drug pricing. on a whole range of areas, on the issue of infrastructure, there either are common interests if the president's team and the democrats in the house can find you have the patience
4:49 am
to sit down and talk to each other. ainsley: with the crazy press conference yesterday and with several democrats saying impeach, impeach, impeach, and saying, you know, they did this to us, we are going to retaliate, is that going to hurt or help the president in 2020? >> look, i think if the president can set up two years of nancy pelosi presiding over crazies, that will help him. but i think his bigger interest is what does he want to get done for the country? what does the country want washington to get done and to the degree that -- i will give bill clinton credit. he brilliantly would come back on medicare, medicaid, environment and education. no matter what you asked him he would come back and say i'm really working hard on all these things and i don't have time for all that stuff. gradually built a contrast that got him reelected in 1996. brian: he did. >> even though he had a terrible off year election and the president has to focus. brian: i just think. >> the president will focus on being president.
4:50 am
i think that -- as opposed to being the leader of the opposition party to nancy pelosi. ainsley: will that happen? because he is known as a fighter, he will fight back. [laughter] >> of course he will fight back. and, look, i have no idea what he is going to end up doing. i think that there are a lot of good lessons to learn out of the election, that we just had. i think the president is serious about getting reelected. but he is also serious about being historic figure. if you look at what he has done with judges. what he has done with deregulation. what he is doing with north korea. the president wants to be more than a sparring partner. brian: newt gingrich thanks so much. >> good to be with you. ainsley: jeff sessions out as attorney general what happens with the doj and the mueller investigation? judge napolitano joins us next.
4:51 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:54 am
steve: we have a fox news alert for you. yesterday jeff sessions was essentially fired. the president asked for his resignation. he tendered it. judge napolitano joins us. what do you think of the new guy. >> i want to make a couple observations. the resignation letter was undated which tells me it was signed a while ago. this is not uncommon. president linden johnson did this all the time to many of his cabinet members. steve: he knew it was coming. >> right. i'm going to keep it in a drawer when it's time to go i will publish the letter. they decided to publish it yesterday is matt whitaker professionally qualified? by professional experience and education to be the acting attorney general? absolutely. is he arm toker federal prosecutor. steve: yep. >> he ran the attorney general's office. he has been involved in policy making decisions. ainsley: but? >> he is legally qualified to be the acting attorney general no? very precise laws written by congress the president is sworn to uphold right after
4:55 am
the watergate debacle. it would be a very difficult route to pick his own person to run the doj. steve: you are saying that the guy the president has appointed is not qualified? >> is not legally qualified. brian: what does he need? steve: the president has lawyers. they looked at that. >> there is only three ways a person can become acting attorney general. steve: okay. >> that is one, if you are the deputy attorney general. rod rosenstein. the president signs an executive order and makes you acting two is if you are already in the doj and have a job that requires senate confirmation and you have received confirmation. that is not the case with matt whitaker because he is the chief of staff. that does not require senate confirmation. three is a recess appointment. which is not relevant here because the senate is not in recess. so, with deference and respect to what the president is trying to do he has every right to have whoever he wants run the justice department. he has chosen someone who does not qualify under the law to be the acting
4:56 am
attorney general of the united states. ainsley: so he is really not the acting attorney general. >> which is why he did not take an oath of office. brian: they already said he took an oath so he doesn't have to do it again. >> i believe that's a political response. ainsley: could he go on to become the attorney general? >> very good question. because if he is the acting attorney general he is disqualified from becoming the attorney general. ainsley: you said he is not yet. >> don't ask me to explain. these laws were written in the spirit of compromise after the demise of president nixon and we kept changing fbi directors. if you remember this, you were too young. and kept changing attorneys general in the watergate era and this is what they came up. steve: i have got to think a bunch of lawyers looked at this before they went ahead with this and pulled the trigger. >> i would hope so. they didn't come up with the same interpretation the law the way did i. ainsley: could they interpret the law differently. >> they recollected say what mat
4:57 am
whitaker was confirmed by the senate when he was attorney general in iowa. the president senate confirmation and received it. brian: judge, thanks so much. more on the other story we are following. 13 people dead out at thousand oaks at a nightclub we will give you the latest. including more information on the gunman. ♪ . .
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
>> i hear some loud pop, pop , to. i didn't know what it was. i thought it was a joke. >> i was looking at a gun, pistol, sub machine gun with a short barrel. >> some guys were next to me on the floor, got up, started sprinting toward the backdoor and he yelled at everyone get up, run, he's coming. steve: a sheriff's sergeant among 13 dead in overnight shooting at a california bar. the sergeant was a 29 year veteran of the police force in ventura county, california. he was said to be considering
5:01 am
retirement this year. at least 18 others were caught in the melee trying to get out of club. ainsley: it happened at 11:20 at night in thousand oaks, a suburb 40 miles from l.a. president trump tweeted this. 13 people at this time have been reported dead. likewise the shooter is dead along with the first police officer to enter the bar. great bravery shown by police. california highway patrol was on the scene within three minutes with first officer to enter shot numerous times. that sheriff sergeant died in the hospital. god bless all the victims and families of the victims. thank you to law enforcement. brian: jonathan hunt has been covering the story all morning long. he joins us with breaking details. we're beginning to learn about the gunman. reporter: yes, steve, brian, ainsley. no formal i.d. given to us yet.
5:02 am
what we are being told though from eyewitnesses that he was a young man in his 30s or in or around 30, according to those witnesses. he was carrying one semiautomatic handgun and according to some of the witnesses he threw at least one smoke grenade as he came into the borderline bar and grill. according to those witnesses his first victim was an unarmed security guard right at the front door. and then he just kept picking off those closest to him. the witnesses that we have spoken too say he did not appear to have specific targets but was simply shooting anybody he could find anywhere near him. that bar and grill was packed last night. it was college night. a lot of young people were packed on the dance floor. when they first heard the shots, a lot of them dropping to the ground, fleeing for their lives.
5:03 am
bar stools were used to break windows. a lot rushed out the backdoor. as they rushed out the backdoor, sheriff sergeant ron helus rushed in the front door. he was the first on scene within three minutes of the first 911 calls. he did not hesitate. he went straight through the front door. came face-to-face with the shooter, who shot him multiple times. he died from those wounds later in the hospital. sheriff geoff dean then paid tribute to his lost colleague. listen here. >> sergeant helus was on the force for 29 years. was looking to retire in the next year or so he died a hero, because he went, he went in to save lives, to save other people. reporter: now we are getting various descriptions of the shooter from eyewitnesses but
5:04 am
the sheriff's department has not released any details officially. we believe that the shooter was not carrying an i.d., so they will be him one assumes through a fingerprint check. we'll get that all information as we say. we have various descriptions. we are in no rush to put those out. obviously a lot those things turn out not to be accurate in the initial hours after these kind of events so we'll not rush to i.d. the shooter until we have it officially from the sheriff's department. they also say they are still searching for a motive. that remains unclear at this point. brian, steve, ainsley. back to you. ainsley: jonathan, thank you. we heard from so many witnesses, one young lady we saw early this morning with her dad. her dad was saying i'm so relieved my daughter's okay this morning. there were prayer circles in the parking lot. this is a bing hangout for students at pepperdine university which is a christian
5:05 am
school. she recounts what happens. she was on the dance floor for a 21st birthday parity. she said some of her friends are still missing. this is taylor witmer. >> i was dancing on the dance floor. i clearly heard a gunshot from behind me. i glanced back, this was a taller man with a gun shooting multiple people. he, we all just kind of froze for a split second. then everyone dove to the floor. i saw three people get shot by him. as soon as he walked in, he had perfect form. i was born in military family and i've been around guns my entire life. i know a bit about them and he, he looked like he knew what he was doing. i went with 11 friends. so far we have only found six of them. we don't know where the other
5:06 am
ones are. i don't know if they're okay or not. and the only thing going through my head the entire time was get out. you got to get out. get safe. always a area yo we went over because of how times can be nowadays. and how crazy people can be. i don't understand why this would happen. i didn't think this would ever happen to me until it actually happened. steve: teylo whitler went to a party with six of her friends are missing. ainsley: she grew up with a military dad. he always prepared us for situations like that. steve: they're unaccounted for. that doesn't mean there has been harm. everybody scattered. they said, get out, people got out. ainsley: people jumped in their cars. probably people jumped in strangers cars to get away from the area. brian: sheriff geoff dean was on
5:07 am
this morning in a press conference. he has no idea if it is a terrorist link. dan bongino, former secret it was agent, has a rich law enforcement background, i've been watching with us with law enforcement and press conferences what's your take? >> yeah, brian, these bars and club type environments and very soft targets for obvious reasons. when people cue up in a line to get in a bar so the bar can control who comes in or the club, there is only one or two maybe maximum places to enter. what does that mean? when you get inside it is pretty common for people once they have entered a location mentally always, if thee needed to escape in a tragic situation like this, to always go out where they came in. that's why i heard in the thing, some of them escaped out the backdoor. that usually takes a few minutes for them to think through. think about it, when you enter a location, first impulse a fire,
5:08 am
god forbid a shooting to exit out the front. probably took a few minutes after the initial panic for people to figure out there was a back entrance to the place. it is not unique to bars and clubs but it's a situation they have there. again bars and clubs tend to be uniquely crowded. that is the whole purpose of having people on a dance floor. it's a very soft target. it is a horrible situation this morning. >> some things, especially most of you are are parents, when you hear stories like this, you remember getting dropped off for college, you have 18 years with your child and have to hand them off to somebody else. it is scary. it is so tragic. people are getting phone calls. dan, parents are getting phone calls this morning that their child is never coming home. >> yeah glad you brought up the fact that some of the people were unaccounted for does not mean they were harmed. it doesn't.
5:09 am
in our experience in law enforcement people don't think about, you know, in law enforcement, we were see pretty service agents, we think about what we call a rlo point what is your relocation point god forbid something happens. the average american citizen thankfully doesn't have to think about that they just think about getting out of there. i can only hope the young woman's six friend are okay. i was glad you brought that up. that is a good point. steve: because it was a bar, and it was college night where young adults as young as 18 could go in, they obviously had a security guard at the front. sounds like the person was not however, armed, would ask for i.d. if you were 21, old enough to drink you get different kind of wristband as in the case in many bars. the problem going back to, i know down no florida everybody has been looking what happened at the pulse nightclub in orlando is when you have got, you know the point of, where
5:10 am
people come in, and then you have 200 people just on the other side of that door it is such, it is such a, i think one of our guests said earlier, such a rich environment soft target where would be so easy to kill so many people in such a short time. ainsley: so sick, isn't it? >> yeah. i was on that scene with brian actually in orlando. i have vivid and disturbing memories of orlando as well. yes, when you're thinking about it, from my prior line of work as secret service agent, what are the unique terrain features of this specific environment make it specifically dangerous if say the president were to go there? when you think about churches, everybody's attention in a church is faced towards the altar. that is bad thing. if you come in the backdoor knob is looking. clubs have choke points they want to control who comes in. because as you said you don't want to have.norse in the bar
5:11 am
unaccounted for so you have to have one way in. the problem is there is one way out for the people that walk in the door. in initial panic, dense, populated environment like that you will see sadly, tragically inflated body counts because of the -- in other words you don't have to selectively target people. you can almost randomly shoot and. brian: when you go in a bar from a long line of bar owners, you used to be able to control, bar fights happen all the time, especially in younger bars. in a place like california, do you believe that these security people have to have guns? do you believe they should? do you believe they do? >> you know, brian, i know this, sadly becomes a very politically charged question for some of the viewers, ask you to think about it in common sense terms. what is your other option? in other words, there is hundreds of millions of firearms
5:12 am
out there now people have procured, whether they can legally get them or not? what do you do? what will you use against -- i don't understand what you think your other options are, if someone like this deranged individual shows up with a firearm, intent on murdering tens, or hundreds of people in some cases, what are your choices? we're not, brian, let's be clear here. we're not talking about good versus bad choices. we're talking about bad versus worse choices. i get the politically-charged atmosphere i've been in it a long time, but the answer is yes. you have the only way to stop a bad gun with a gun is a good guy with a firearm. if you have another way to do it, i am all ears. i have, yet to hear one. that is why the president of the united states, democrats, republicans whoever they are, the most important people in the world, are protected with firearms. your kids are entitled to the same. ainsley: so what do you tell the folks that are watching don't
5:13 am
carry guns, like college students go into the bars? how do you protect yourself? my dad was in the military. he trained me, told me what to do. with your law enforcement experience and people watching don't have experience in law enforcement what is your advice? what do you do in a situation like this. >> first thing i do, typically the sadly the places are gun-free zones. first thing i always today in a place like this, simplest, best advice i ever got, find the backdoor. i say that, ainsley, sadly because most people, as i said to you in the opening here, will not go towards the backdoor of the place. by insting they seek escape route they came in. will it save your life? i hope so. i can't guarranty anything. a man with a gun intent on harm sadly will rack up a body count. i wish it weren't true. find the backdoor. >> apparently to local news accounts, the young adults ran
5:14 am
toward the back. some hid in the attic. some hid in the bathrooms. dan bongino, thank you very. >> you got it, guys. steve: 13 minutes after the top of the hour. we're following tragedy out of california. next we talk to a sergeant with the ventura county sheriff's departments). the real honey you love... plus the powerful cough relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? new robitussin honey. because it's never just a cough. ♪
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ainsley: this is a fox news alert. overnight 13 people dead including a sheriff's sergeant and many more injured after a gunman storm as packed country music bar. brian: we have former doj spokesperson ian pryor. you have better information we have, we're trying to do it 3,000 miles from the scene. do you know the motive the gunman? i don't know that quite yet. this is tragic situation. state and local law enforcement on the scene and fbi and atf. president tweeted the fbi is there. they will work together to find out what the motive is, if this should be a federal investigation. obviously won't be a prosecution because the murderer is dead but is it something that will be federal or something that will be state? it is really not enough information at this point in time to make that determination. steve: you're right the fbi joint terrorism task force, atf,
5:19 am
local sheriff's department. we'll speak to somebody from the sheriff's department in couple minutes. ian, let's talk about the breaking news. yesterday the president asked jeff sessions to resign and he did, essentially he was fired. obviously frustrated over the fact that jeff sessions was in the campaign, could not then preside over the russia investigation, had to recuse himself. aside from that, when you look at jeff sessions as attorney general, not looking at russia, investigation he did a lot of stuff that was on the president's agenda for the department of justice, turned that around. >> absolutely. it was honor to work for jeff sessions. he is a good person. he was a good boss. i think he did a good job as attorney general. when he took over the justice department you're talking about eight years of eric holder and loretta loretta lynch. violent crime on the rise. catastrophic drug crisis starting to hit home. since then, since the attorney general had taken over, largely without u.s. attorneys for his first year, senate confirmed
5:20 am
assistant attorney general he was able to put in place policies. now you're seeing violent crime rate coming back down. you're seeing drug crisis plateauing. there is still a ton of more work to do. he has set the groundwork and infrastructure at doj for his successor to do that. ainsley: ian, judge napolitano was on earlier the when he read the letter jeff sessions set to resign, it didn't have a date on it. there was speculation he might bet fired after the election. it happened to be the day after when that resignation letter was handed to the president without the date. did you ever have discussion with jeff sessions about this? did he write the letter weeks ago, months ago? >> no, i haven't had any discussions with him. i was last there in july. obviously this was something talked about for a while. having been at the department of justice last july, probably people started thinking there may be some risk of this but he was able to hang on and really do great things over that course
5:21 am
of time. steve: ian prior, former doj deputy spokesperson. >> thanks for having me. steve: it is 5:20 in california. we continue to follow the tragedy out of the golden state. the witness said the gunman pointed the gun at him. ♪ woo-hoo! got it! which car should we get? all of 'em! ooh, yeah! that one! this one looks nice. yes, and yes. i like this game. i think we're winning! delivery? where? (doorbell rings) (man) it's here! what? (announcer) buy your next car from carvana before ralph breaks the internet. then go see the movie, in theatres november 21st. ♪ cal: we saved our money and now, we get to spend it - our way. valerie: but we worry if we have enough to last. ♪ cal: ellen, our certified financial planner™ professional,
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5:25 am
over and he was shooting at people and aimed toward the crowd i was in i ducked down, started running toward a wall and jumped over some tables. brian: could you tell, what did he look like? >> he was in all black. he was, that is all i can know. all i know when he pointed the gun at me i was out of there. brian: what did the gun look like? >> the gun was a pistol.
5:26 am
i'm probably, .40 caliber, i'm not quite sure. he started shooting at, in my direction. i could hear the whistling over my head. so i ducked down behind some chairs and tables. steve: yeah. that is the natural reaction, get out of the way. hide behind whatever you can. tyler, did you see any smoke bombs we heard about? >> so after i ducked behind, i waited for a pause in the shooting, and once there was a paws, i thought he was reloading so i took off toward the kitchen. i didn't turn around. i heard reports of smoke bombs. ainsley: tyler, you said you were there with some of your friends. did you know anyone who was injured or shot? >> i'm not quite sure. i know a lot of people at borderline. we'll see hear, but i'm praying that no one is hurt. a lot of the friends i came with are accounted for so. brian: he pointed the gun at
5:27 am
you, did he not line you up? did you think he recognized you or wanted to avoid shooting you? >> no. it was just aimless shooting in any direction, he pointed, just started shooting at the crowd i was in. he was just trying to kill people. steve: did you hear him -- did he say anything, did he yell anything? was the music playing? what do you remember about that? >> the music was playing and i heard a few gunshots and turned toward him. he was just shooting and in my general direction. you could hear whistling the bullets hit and -- [inaudible] ainsley: we talk about these kind of things. unfortunately we do the storieses more and more often. you're part of this story. i'm sure that is very surreal for you. what is going through your mind and what you talked with your parents and what was tear reaction? >> it is just unbelievable. it is surreal. i can't believe it is happening especially here in ventura
5:28 am
county. it is all quiet here. i've been going there for 2 1/2 years. i never thought this would happen. ainsley: did you talk to your parents? >> you never do. >> i talked to my parents. with my family now. thankfully my sister decided not to go tonight or it could have been a whole different story me look are foreher in the chaos. brian: when you enter the club, can you describe what to do when you enter the club? what do they ask for? who is in front of you? how much security is there? >> you go in, check your i.d.s, they have bouncers around the entrance and all around the bar. they do searches at front door. it is quiet area and you never think something like this would happen. >> i heard from one witness, describe when you walk in the bar, what does it look like? we had a law enforcement officer earlier, they are designing bars to walk down hallways, to
5:29 am
prevent this for security purposes. when you walk in, you walk up steps. you walk in. the lady is checking ids on the right. there are bouncers. i heard one person say the dance floor is in the center, you can see it from the front door, is that true? >> the what is? ainsley: the dance floor? >> the dance floor you can see a part of it from the front door. it is mostly behind a wall. you have to go down four or five stairs to get to the main area. ainsley: where is the bar, is it on the right or the left? >> the bar is directly in front of the front door. the stage is to the right of the front door. steve: tyler, last night was college country night. >> yes. steve: we heard a couple hundred people were inattendance, mostly kid from nearby colleges? >> yes. i mean i know, i knew a multitude of people that were there. people from channel islands, wall park college. ainsley: did you see people on the floor, that had been shot?
5:30 am
>> while i was running away, people were dropping around me. i'm not quite sure. i think bullets were hitting around me. i'm glad to be alive. ainsley: we're glad you're alive too. brian: headline in the "l.a. times." he was 29. drove his mother's car to the bar before opening fire, according to "l.a. times," they spoke to a law law enforcement source. steve: it is 5:30 in california. brian: following the tragedy in california, we discussed with an eyewitness, we'll talk with a sergeant from the ventura county sheriff's department to get latest on the investigation. ainsley: congressman kevin mccarthy represents a district near thousand oaks california where this happened. he will join us next.
5:31 am
5:32 am
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5:34 am
brian: we are back. here is a fox news alert. 13 people are fatally shot after a gunman fires inside after packed california bar. we also found out 18 were hurt. ainsley: one of the victims, there is his picture, ventura county sheriff's department, is it helus. brian: helus. ainsley: he was 29 year veteran of the force getting ready to retire. he was shot going into the building to save people. steve: here is sergeant helus's colleague. can you tell us about this man? >> ron was amazing guy. he probably should have retired a couple years ago. he could have. he stayed on because he loves this fight. he loves helping people. he loves protecting people. he did exactly that tonight by running in to this building to
5:35 am
save people's lives where there was gunshots. and because he is nothing but a hero. steve: we heard the response time was just a few minutes. he was on the scene in no time. he had no idea what was going on inside of that club, did he? >> he had no idea and the interesting thing is when you're a sergeant on patrol you don't really get called to calls but he was right here and he responded immediately. along with two really brave chp officers on a traffic stop. they immediately, just, let go of their traffic stop and came over to help and assist our department which is amazing. brian: how did he get out of there? i heard he was hit multiple times but you got him to a hospital? how did he get out? >> yeah. so when the chp officers arrived, the three of them made entry. ron decided to take lead. because that is who he is. so he entered the door first.
5:36 am
immediately took gunfire. the took chp officers who were very brave, immediately grabbed on to him, performed officer rescue, drug him all the way out, got him on to the ambulance where he was transported to the hospital and died. ainsley: the sheriff said, with tear is in his eyes, he barely got through the press conference, they were really good friends, they worked out together, he had to pick up the phone to call his wife said he is not coming home. he had a son. can you tell us a little bit about his family? >> you know, ron's a family guy and he loves his son. talked about him all the time. did stuff with him all the time. just overall really great guy. really sad. steve: it's terrible. it's a terrible loss for the ventura county sheriff's department. sergeant, right now we're trying to figure out what happened. what is the latest? >> you know, investigators are still trying to piece all of
5:37 am
this together. there is a lot of, a lot to go through. i don't think people realize how important it is for them to take their time and meticulously go through to try to figure out why, why this horrendous thing happened. it's a hard, painful process, one we need to go through, be patient with. you know, as soon as they get that they will release it. people want to know but it is important we do our job right. steve: have they i.d.'d the shooter? >> they have not released identification of shooter. there is lot to get done in the investigation before that will happen. brian: but do you know who it is? >> do i know? no, i don't. ainsley: what's the next step? will they -- there are some reports about his mom's car, we don't know all the details now. what is the next step? they traced the car back to the mom, they go to his house and
5:38 am
check computers and phones? what happens next? >> sure. it is going through the vehicles. going through his home. it is looking through his computers, phone logs, trying to piece together a timeline how this happened, why it happened, what is the motivation for it happening. and that takes a lot of investigation and follow-up. steve: there are a number of stories out there but you at this point are unable to confirm any of those. sergeant julie novak, we thank you very much for joining us. once again, we're so sorry for the loss there at the ventura county sheriff's department. >> thank you very much. brian: for the 11 families at least are now experiencing the same loss. let's bring in house majority leader, california congressman himself, kevin mccarthy. kevin, what is your reaction to what you're seeing now? how does this feel knowing it happened in thousand oaks? >> you know that is very difficult interview i just watched. here are the first-responders, i want, thought of them going in, just rushing in when they're hearing they're shooting, not
5:39 am
knowing, this sergeant giving his life. i know we're in the early stages what is finding out, there are a lot of families lost loved ones waking up in california this is not my district but not far. we need to know what caused this, make sure it doesn't happen again. this is devastating, it was preplanned, he walked in, reports early putting out smoke bombs that people couldn't see and opening up fire, it is devastating. brian: dressing in all black, beard, glasses, some say trench coat, some say jacket. a 19-year-old, 21-year-old joined us, i know guns, i been around guns my whole life. this guy was very experienced, got into the right stance, he was able to reload quickly, how concerning is that for you, knowing someone could train for that for an incident like this? >> it is very concerning. this is something we worked on congress.
5:40 am
make sure the background is working, individuals we watch, common denominator, men al illness, i watched the one witness talked about, had their family in the military, the way the individual walked in, she described him it looked like he had been in the military. are we making sure we're reporting through that this individual should not be on the list being able to acquire a weapon? we found before that had failed. we had corrected that inside congress to make sure the military was updating those lists. steve: indeed. more details will be coming in. we'll figure it all out in the coming hours we hope. let's talk a little bit about what happened on tuesday. a big election. balance of power in the congress, in the house of representatives where you are currently the majority leader. soon, you're going to be in the minority. paul ryan's out you would like to be minority leader. why? no well, there is lots of reasons why. tell you first and foremost we want to continue to move this country forward. what you found was history.
5:41 am
history played against us. it played, it wasn't a wave. it wasn't like in barack obama's term we defeated 63 democrat incumbents. they have a smaller majority than before. i don't think they ran on agenda. their agenda was mainly to investigate. we're looking for more results. look where the economy is today. i'm very proud of the fact, that you look at last 49 years in america, unemployment has only been 4% 11 months. six of those 11 months in 49 years we just lived through. what we've been able to transform in the va. rebuild the military. get the economy moving stronger. combating opioids. we're talking about the future. the democrats will elect the past. think about that, nancy pelosi as speaker. steny hoyer is running as majority whip and clyburn, as majority leader, clyburn will become their whip. that is the past. i mean that is the old, old, past they have all been in congress 25, 30 years. ainsley: we have a few months of
5:42 am
lame-duck session. what will happen there? there was talk about wall funding that republicans will try to push the wall funding through? >> we're still, we still have in power and have to finish out this term. we know what we need along the border. we need to have it secure. no one believes the immigration system is working. it is broken. we watch ad caravan come through. we had two bills on the floor would actually change that not one democrat voted for that bill. just not like one democrat in the house or senate voted for tax bill that made this economy move forward. listen, i worked when we were in the minority before. we had bigger obstacle to over come the majority. our first goal is make sure we move america forward. our next goal is to win the majority back. i look where we lost it in the different districts like oklahoma, in rich mopped, virginia, these are districts that were carried by president trump. we will be back because we will listen. we'll be on the offensive, we'll have solutions for problems, looking for the future, not for
5:43 am
the past. brian: didn't do as bad in california everyone expected poured in my tom steyer and mike bloomberg. suddenly mike bloomberg hates republicans. >> if any type of wave, it was green wave, 150 million more dollars. michael bloomberg came in with $4 million, four 1/2, $5 million. they were overwhelming proportionate money going through. that is all right. we'll work forward to make corrections. we'll be back and stronger. we have responsibility to the end of the year. we have responsibility because we will have a very strong minority that will unite together and continue to deliver results. steve: he is currently the house majority leader. kevin mccarthy. thanks for joining us live. >> thank you. brian: declaring his nomination for minority leader. democrats sounding alarm over jeff sessions resignation, there could be a constitutional crisis exclamation point. jonathan turley, law professor
5:44 am
never overreacts. he joins us. steve: we continue our coverage in california, another report live from the scene moments away
5:45 am
5:46 am
5:47 am
♪ brian: we're following the shooting. we're following this story in the capitol. another big story out of washington, d.c. resignation of attorney general jeff sessions came across yesterday afternoon. democrats quick to slam his acting replacement, matthew whitaker. our next guest is calling out double standard. their criticism feels a little bit forced. jonathan turley, a constitutional law professor, george washington university. jeff sessions recused him among other things, president wanted him out. he is out. in comes in the acting director. democrats say he is trying to stop mull per. do they have a case?
5:48 am
>> i don't think they have a case on these facts. first of all as you know i believe jeff sessions gotten a raw deal. i think he took the action he had to taketh i cannily to to quote othello, more sinned against than sinner in this respect but the president can choose his ag. as for the acting ag, as i say in "the hill" column today there is a lot of overwrought analysis here. he hasn't done a thing. the president said in the press conference he did not want to shut down the mueller investigation. also the mueller investigation cannot stop on a dime. it is not like you're cutting off someone's oxygen hose. it is clearly moving toward a conclusion. even if he wanted to squeeze off resources i don't think that would be particularly effective and could trigger other problems. brian: he might have supervision over this and find out what the marching orders were and got
5:49 am
revamped, they haven't been exposed yet, right, the scope? >> that's right. what is curious about me at most he has the appearance of a conflict. as i said in the past, rosenstein could be a actual and serious conflict. i'm astonished that the deputy attorney general never recused himself from overseeing this. mueller himself has a major conflict. the democrats have been strangely silent about those conflicts of interest. this one in my view is not that serious. there's a difference between a lawyer as a commentator, a lawyer as acting the attorney general. you have an institutional interest that adheres to that title the suggestion he will throw away all of his legal training and ethics to be as cnn a stooge, is rather unfair. brian: cnn being unfair. i can't see it. i will have to push back there. jonathan turley, thanks so much. pick up "the hill" column. straight ahead, another life
5:50 am
report from a scene of mass shooting that will be next. bill hemmer is tracking this as well. bill? >> been watching coverage all morning. difficult day for the country. we're waiting more information out of california. we're getting to all of that. kellyanne conway will join us live what the president is told about this so far. removal of session as ag. a press conference yesterday was heated to say the least. continued fallout. examination from tuesday's vote. we'll get to all of it. come join sandra and me in ten minutes. see you at the top of the hour then. ♪ you... keep doing you. we'll take care of medicare part d. by helping you save up to five dollars on each prescription, and with free one-on-one pharmacy support, we've filled over 2 billion prescriptions and counting. stop by walgreens and save today. walgreens. trusted since 1901.
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ainsley: we are back with a fox news alert. a sheriff's sergeant among 13 dead in a shooting at a california country music bar. his name is ron helus. he is a 29 year veteran of
5:54 am
force. brian: the gunman is dead. they have identified the shooter but have not released his name. ainsley: jonathan hunt is covering this all morning. he joins us live with breaking details. jonathan, what is the latest there. reporter: ainsley and brian good morning to you. the sheriff describing a horrific scene as he put it when law enforcement first arrived at the borderline bar and grill within minutes of the first 911 calls coming in. they found 11 victims there dead and they took away the sheriff's sergeant ron helus you were talking about. he died later in the hospital but for all of the young people who were there celebrating what was called college night at the borderline grill, it was simply terrifying few minutes after the gunman apparently burst in using smoke grenades and then a handgun. listen here to one of those witnesses. >> i've been coming here for 20
5:55 am
years. my parents took me here as a kid. on sundays when we would go for the sunday brunch. we all know each other by first name. we're all, it is a big country community. the first step to anything is prayer. prayer is the most powerful thing. reporter: now sergeant ron helus was the first law enforcement officer on scene. he heard shooting going on. did not hesitate. walked straight through the front door and was confronted immediately by the gunman who fired several bullets. as i say he was then taken to the hospital and passed away from his wounds there. in about four hours time we are told there will be a procession from that hospital to take sergeant helus' body to the medical examiner's office. it will be a very tough moment for this community among what
5:56 am
are going to be many tough moments over the coming days and weeks. bottomed line, 11 patrons of the borderline bar and grill killed. the sheriff's sergeant killed, the shooter, who we believe has been identified as a 29-year-old man but that is all we're being given from officials so far is believed to have died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. brian, ainsley, back to you. brian: jonathan hunt, scrambled out in matter of minutes was reporting on this story in the middle of the night. jonathan hunt. thanks so much. >> thank you, jonathan. more "fox & friends" moments away.
5:57 am
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6:00 am
experienced, knew how to handle a gun, reload a gun, and is thought to have taken his own life. he was 29 years old. we still don't know -- >> 11 victims were killed, and they saw the suspect out on the ground, and on the sergeant died at the hospital. continue to watch fox news for the latest. >> bill: thank you, guys. breaking news. our coverage continues. 12 people gunned down, including the first officer on the scene. we are awaiting more information from california to learn the motive behind yet another national tragedy. welcome on this thursday. bill hemmer live in new york city. we will go through it together. >> sandra: good morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith. a gunfire erupting just inside the borderline bar and grill in 1,000 oaks. the shooter fired at people, many of them college s


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