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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 9, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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>> dan: airports are the worst worst. dano: i don't mind the parties it's the over scheduling. that's it for us. we'll see you back here on monday. "special report" is up next. i don't have anything funny. >> bret: you are invited to our party, dana. i am bret baier in washington. some of the closest races in the midterm elections are now the focus of court fights. tonight, there are big decisions that could affect the counting and the recounting. that's coming up. but first, breaking news out of california, california firefighters are right now battling major blazes in both the north and south parts of the state. thousands of homes and commercial buildings are said to be in danger of burning in the northern city of paradise. in the south, thousands of
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residents of malibu have been ordered to leave their homes because of a wildfire swept by strong santa ana winds. corresponding jeff paul is in calabasas tonight. good evening, jeff. >> good evening, bret. the fire is burning out of control right now, 14,000 acres and counting and another 75,000 homes are being threatened as you take a look at all of the firefighters lining the streets of this neighborhood and in calabasas. if you take a look at these images, they are being destroyed at an alarming rate. at the moment, firefighters desperately trying to gain the upper hand on this fire but have zero containment. hoping that folks get out before this fire is very unpredictable and is moving very fast and hoping they get out before it's too late. vehicle we can see >> you don't like when e jump the and came out the backside and it surrounded us.
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>> the fire also burning north of the woolsey fire, so far it's grown more than 6,000 acres. that is a hellfire that is threatening hundreds of structures. north of what we are standing north of 80 miles north of sacramento, the town of paradise california has been wiped out. hundreds and hundreds of homes, if not thousands of structures, and has claimed the lives of five people found in their car is likely trying to escape the flames. it has forced the evacuations of tens and thousands of people. it burned down several structures. so far, 70,000 acres burned and if there is no sign of it slowing down anytime soon. >> the magnitude and destruction we are seeing is really again unbelievable and heartbreaking. our hearts go out to everybody who has been affected by this,
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impacted. >> the firefighters out here saying they are not worried about the fires in front of them as they try to put this fire out before it spreads to another home, they are also worried about people who live just across the street, their homes are on fire and are worried. a lot of them out here as well, see people trying to comfort each other. the neighbors out here all they have after you lost your home. one other thing to keep in mind is that firefighters say in the next 24-48 hours, they are worried about more winds coming in. it's not the now they are worried about, it's also the future. >> bret: jeff paul live in calabasas. jeff, thanks. two political heat over what's perhaps the most bitterly contested midterm race in the air. it's a contest that could be decided not only by voters but by the courts for lawyers are
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motioning and allegations of wrongdoing are flying in the florida senate contest. there have already been two major rulings today. there almost certainly will be another automatic recounts triggered for the governor's race in florida too. correspondent phil keating keeping track of all of it in miami today. good evening, phil. >> good evening, bret. two critical court victories one in palm beach county and broward county, both in favor of republican governor rick scott. in the broward judge's ruling at the top of this hour, 7:00, finally the scott team will get what they wanted all along, access to inspect all of the broward county voter records. in florida, the election forever is red-hot. two key races for governor --
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>> every floridian should be concerned. >> rick scott who's in the contested senate race against incumbent bill nelson filed a lawsuit against broward and palm beach counties alleging rampant fraud. >> i am the senator elect in the state so we unfortunately have to go through this process because the democrats are trying to steal the seats. >> broward county supervisor of elections defiant that nothing improper occurred. the judge ruled that her office destroyed ballots and in another instance accused of mishandling absentee ballots. still, she maintains the governors 'lawsuit has no merit. >> we ran 22 sites, we ran 14 days, we ran 12 hours. we have a big vote by mail. so don't try to turn it around to make it seem like i'm making comedy out of this. >> nelson filed his own lawsuit
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counting the provisional ballots that show a signature mismatch and shows his opponent of -- not assuring all votes to be counted. >> rick count is trying to stop all the votes from being counted and he's impeding the democratic process. >> marc elias, the attorney for nelson's team expressed confidence that the numbers will turn on their side. >> if i would place a bet, it's more likely than not that senator nelson will prevail in a recount. >> if that name sounds a million elias is a long time democratic operative working with hillary clinton's 2016 team and who hired fusion gps, the opposition research firm that produced the infamous anti-trump dossier. in one of a half-dozen tweets on the controversy, the president calls elias and election stealing lawyer and urged against what he calls the broward effect. if that wasn't enough, the recount appears just as likely
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in the governor's race. democrat gillum seeking to be the first african-american to lead his state conceded the state tuesday night to republican ron desantis. but is now reconsidering that decision, which isn't binding. gillum responded to trump's tweet is that the situation in florida is a nationwide investment with a tweet of his own. what's embarrassing to this democracy is not counting every vote. and you, of course. the unofficial results do in tallahassee by noon tomorrow. if the secretary of state determines these races are less than half a a percent margin of victory, that'll automatically go to a statewide recount and we expect most counties to staff their offices to begin that recount then and there. >> bret: phil keating live in miami for more on this with the panel. there has also been a big court ruling in arizona where the
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state race will not be decided for a few days. correspondent dan stringer is in phoenix as well. good evening, dan. >> hi, bret. this boat race remains very close. about 450,000 votes to yet be counted but we thought we have a big court room legal drama but it turned out a short time ago that an announcement of the settlement was made, in court by the way, the republican party sued to get maricopa county to stop calling ballots that had a problem with signatures. officials say most counties throw that ballot out if they cannot be verified by election day. with the d she'll be back down allowing the process to continue through next thursday. the democrats legal strategy is clear as it is troubling.
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president trump must've been unaware of the settlement when he tweeted today, quote, just out in arizona, signatures don't match electoral corruption, call for a new election? we must protect democracy. this first counter ballots continue possibly through next week in maricopa where the long vote counts are routine. >> just like in all the other 3,000 counties in the united states, we run our operation. i want to make sure we get every voter signature validated so i can get every ballot counted, if i could. >> the trend in maricopa county has to make democrats feel good. saw her 8,000 vote lead jump to 27,000 late. if that trend continues through the weekend, this jeff flake red sea will turn blue bret? >> bret: in georgia, republican brian camp is beginning to set up shop as
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governor-elect. he resigned his post as secretary of state in georgia but stacy abrams insist there are enough uncounted ballots to force a december runoff. he has a lead of about 64,000. meantime, president trump is in paris right now. he will participate in a ceremony to commemorate the centennial of the end of world war i. there is a battle, if not a war, on his immigration policy and the matter of migrants claiming they are coming to this country to avoid persecution. john roberts is in the city of lights tonight. good evening, john. >> good evening to you from paris. it's a legal battle with a lawsuit being filed just this afternoon. president trump says he's determined to do whatever he can to stem the tide of illegal immigration into the united states. departing the white house this
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morning, president trump through more fuel on the immigration, saying he started to donate a process to deny asylum claim made by illegal immigrants. >> i just signed a proclamation on asylum. very important. they have to come in through the parts of entry. that to me is a very important to me. >> the action drew an instant lawsuit from the aclu, but not immediate back up from his attorney general. matt would occur saying that the president made a strong statement saying enough is enough. we are continuing to provide a path to protection for those who truly need it while stopping our generosity from being abused. >> i reiterate, we need democrat votes. they need to pass new immigration laws because they are flooding our country. we are not letting them in. but they are trying to flood our country. >> president trump will be in
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paris to mark the 100th anniversary of the armistice that ended world war i while he'll have a bilateral meeting with emmanuel macron, a meeting with vladimir putin has been put off. >> i don't know if we are seeing each other in paris. >> fox news has been told that after president trump returns from paris, he and his attorneys will make a decision whether to submit to an interview with special counsel robert mueller. >> right now i'm thinking about the world. i'm not thinking about sit downs or not sit downs. >> the president's team has prepared several answers, but president trump has not decided he'll give it to mueller. >> there is no collusion. it's a whole hoax! >> the president weighed in on congressional efforts to protect the mueller investigation, taking aim at arizona republican jeff flake, tweeting, jeff
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flake, he does not want to protect the nonsenate confirmed special counsel, he wants to protect his future after being unelectable in arizona, the crime of doing a terrible job. president trump also railed the decision by an obama appointed district judge in montana to block his plans to build the keystone xl pipeline. >> i thought it was a political decision made by a judge. i think it's a disgrace. >> president trump did see good news. the ninth circuit court of appeals ruling against his plans to end the so-called doctoral daca program, it kicks it to the supreme court where president trump cemented a 5-4 majority. in a recent radio talk show, french president manuel a crown that europe needed to do more to protect itself, which might include a true european army to protect against threats such as russia,
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china, even in the united states. before he landed president trump tweedy, president lecrone of -- in order to protect itself from the u.s., china, russia. very insulting! but perhaps europe should pay its fair share of nato which the u.s. subsidizes. >> bret: john roberts live in paris. old accusations in a new form to labor "the wall street journal" reporting on what it says was president trump's direct involvement on the hush money payoffs women alleging sexual involvement, which could be illegal. >> good evening, bret. the president violated campaign finance laws, that according to "the wall street journal." a very interesting story, a bit of a blockbuster coming out this evening. let me share just a bit what "the wall street journal" is saying this evening and that
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report. it's a lengthy report. it says, amongst other things, it's refuting the president, is legal team, advisors, all denied that the president had any involvement in hush money payoffs of former adult film performer stormy daniels and another woman during the 26 team campaign. through its investigation, this now raises the possibility that the president violated finance laws because it claims mr. trump was involved in or briefed on every step of the hush money arrangements and the agreements there, alleging he engaged in or directed the deals by telephone and/or in meetings with his self-described fixer michael cohen. this comes by way of evidence gathered by the southern district of new york. the u.s. attorney's office in miami using recordings made by mr. cohen. they actually extracted a guilty plea from mr. cohen, the president's former fixer back in
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august. they convicted him of campaign finance law violations, conversations or meetings with one or more members of the trump campaign team. one person according to the report, or at least it was suggested, that person was the president himself. aside from the president's denials, we know the white house has offered a series of the nails about his involvement in the circumstance. you remember early in the year, white house press secretary sarah sanders said none of these allegations are true. back in may, we heard rudy giuliani describe the payments to daniels, well, the president paid him back. no crime of any kind. michael, that is cohen, had discretion to solve these problems. we heard jay sekulow woodfield questions about the circumstance but we have not heard from him on this latest report, but should we hear from him, i will
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pass it along. but back to you. >> bret: kevin corke live in the north one. increasing pressure on the president over his selection for acting attorney general following the forced resignation of jeff sessions. new questions tonight about that opponent, catherine herridge tells us where things stand right now. eagle according to federal trade commission records and the 2014 media release, acting attorney general matt whitaker on the advisory board find by the ftc. quotes which occur saying, as a former u.s. attorney, i would only align myself with a first-class organization but will impact marketing goes beyond making a statement about doing business ethically and translates them into action. an ftc investigation found that the company "allegedly built millions from consumers and suppressed criticism." >> he was very, very highly thought of and still is highly
3:18 pm
thought of. >> president trump defended whitaker's credentials. >> anybody who works for me, they do a number on them. >> seemed to distance himself from whitaker. >> in all fairness to matt whitaker, who again, i didn't know, other than through reputation. >> i can tell you that matt whitaker is a great guy. i know matt whitaker. >> the justice department shake-up goes beyond derailing the special counsel. >> the primary purpose is to -- to distract from the big defeat the president suffered in terms of us taking the house. >> the present of chairman was more blunt about the former attorney general's departure. >> he got rid of him because he was to throw a monkey wrench into mueller's efforts. >> special counsel robert mueller to explain how this weeks justice department leadership change would affect a ongoing law suit.
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former associate of one time advisor roger stone have ten days to respond, bret. >> bret: stocks took a big dive. the dow lost 202, s&p 500 dropped 26, the nasdaq fell 124. the s&p 500 gained about two and an aide, the nasdaq finished ahead two-thirds of a point. up next, what led to a marine war veteran to kill a dozen people in a california bar? will update the investigation and a search for answers next. try this new robitussin honey. the real honey you love... plus the powerful cough relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? new robitussin honey. because it's never just a cough.
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hello! see the grinch in theaters by saying "get grinch tickets" into your xfinity x1 voice remote. a guy just dropped this off. he-he-he-he. >> bret: supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg's home tonight, said to be doing well and working from home. today, the 85-year-old ginsberg is the oldest justice on the supreme court. the man accused of mailing pipe bombs to prominent critics of president trump has been indicted on charges, carrying a potential penalty of life in prison. the 30 count indictment against cesar sayoc filed today in federal court. investigators say evidence linking him to ten of the bombs and fingerprints on two of them.
3:24 pm
investigators are searching for clues about the motivation for a marine war veteran who killed a dozen people at a southern california bar. corresponded anita vogel brings us up today from thousand oaks tonight. >> disturbing new video from inside the borderline bar and grill showing an empty dance floor. the sound of gunshots. windows breaking. and we are learning more about the man behind the massacre, 28-year-old marine war veteran ian david long for the ventura ventura county -- posting on social media around the time of the shooting and he made a chilling facebook post writing, "i hope people call me insane. wouldn't that just be a big ball of irony? yeah, i'm insane. but the only thing you people do after these shootings are hopes and prayers, or keep you in my thoughts every time, and wonder why these keep happening."
3:25 pm
>> i would describe him as nonsensical. i didn't understand what he was trying to say. it's almost like a rant. >> the thousand oaks community coming together at a vigil last night to mourn the loss of life. the victims, ranging in age from 18 to 54, college students and recent graduates, law enforcement and military veterans, including telemakos orphanos, a survivor in the las vegas shooting last year. >> i don't want prayers, i do not want thoughts. i want gun control, i hope to god nobody else sends me anymore prayers! >> investigators say they interviewed more than a hundred people and expect to take another five days to finish processing the crime scene, come up with a time limit of events,
3:26 pm
and try to find out why the shooter did it. bret? >> bret: and he tell, thanks. a special veterans day we can look at wounded warriors. first, a look beyond our borders. four par bombs exploded outside a hotel in mogadishu today. after three explosions in front of the hotel, a fourth blast hit as medics attempted to rescue the injured. the head of one of italy's ruling parties insisting the country will not leave the euro currency block, nor exceed its targeted deficit limit. mentees worries about the new populist governments strategies. a cease-fire agreement with increased movement through the border sections, health care improvements, electricity hours, and cash for a work project and
3:27 pm
worker salaries. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. let's do an ad of a man eating free waffles at comfort inn. they taste like victory because he always gets the lowest price on our rooms, guaranteed, when he books direct at or just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at
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>> bret: former first lady michelle obama says in her new book she cannot forgive president trump for campaign reddick rhetoric that put her family in risk. >> i guess she wrote a book.
3:31 pm
she got paid a lot of money to write a book. they always insist you come up with controversial -- i'll give you a little controversy back. i will never forgive him for what he did to our united states military by not funding it properly. it was depleted! everything was old and tired! i came in and i had to fix it. >> bret: the former first lady's memoir "becoming" comes out next week. every year, national security respondent jennifer griffin helps the national veteran center mark veterans day by hosting the wounded warriors experience, an hour long special -- this year, the show was taped before a live audience at the national archives in washington. here are just some of the stories. >> more than 50,000 american troops have been injured serving in iraq or afghanistan since 9/11. many, like double amputee staffs sergeant have turned to the outdoors to heal.
3:32 pm
to mark veterans day, the shoulders soldiers took the stage to explain how they fight post-traumatic stress. >> it cut me in half and it actually took the top of my truck drivers head off. i'm blessed to be alive. >> three times they pronounced in nearly dead. >> i died twice in iraq and once in walter reed. >> when you see your face for the first time, you are like, what woman wants to have a phase? i've got to be a priest or something. >> bartlett got married and leads fly-fishing trips as part -- wounded in afghanistan in 2010. >> i was in a recon element.
3:33 pm
before i knew it, i looked up at my 1:00. >> he lost three limbs, but not his sense of humor. >> i got lucky on that day. i had a blast over there. [laughter] >> william started walk >> i started doing the things i love. >> a bomb removal specialist in the 82nd airborne. >> lost both legs, to >> a sniper bullet hit me in the front of the neck. >> if he could change one thing about the va, what would it be? speak of the way they keep making yourself prove you are still injured when you have an injury that's permanent. spinal cord injury? that's not going to grow back. >> sharing their other experience with other wounded warriors help heels.
3:34 pm
>> we thank them all for their service and sacrifice. federal government recognizes on monday, and we'll have another special piece you do not want to miss monday night. elections still undecided. ballots will be encountered. and blame thrown around. courts are weighing in now. court always makes it interesting. the panel joins me next. billions of mouths. billions of problems. morning breath? garlic breath? stinky breath? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath fresh breath oral rinse instantly fights all types of bad breath and works for 24 hours. so you can... breathe easy. there's therabreath at walmart.
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>> bret: broward county came up with 78,000 more votes after election night. how did palm beach county come up with 15,000 more votes? they can tell us where they are coming from. >> they are finding votes after the election? >> we believe when every legal ballot is counted, votes are not being found, they are being
3:39 pm
counted. >> bret: he sounds normal regularly for you see -- this is all heading to a recount and its turning nasty down there. these are the latest numbers, a difference of 1.8% that a mandatory, manual recount looks like it's going to happen certified tomorrow. and the governor's race, it's heading to a machine recount at first but we don't know. there may be more ballots out there if it gets under a quarter of a percent, it'll be a manual recount too. tonight a judge ruled in favor of rick scott ordering the defendants to have the supervisors staff, this is about broward county, review the duplicate ballots together with representing representatives, basically saying the supervisor needs to show her cards and ballots and what the process is. we've been around this before, trust me. let's bring in our panel. charles hurt, opinion director
3:40 pm
for the washington times, and josh krakauer, political editor for the washington journal. it looks like there are teams of lawyers already getting in position down there. >> president trump is trying to frame this as an issue of fraud but it's an issue of incompetence. the broward county election commissioner doesn't even know how many more ballots are left account -- >> bret: she doesn't want to say. >> transparency is so important, understanding where the votes are coming from, where they are cast, there is a basic inability for the election officials not to get that information to the press or to the campaign. >> bret: senator marco rubio has been very active on twitter on this, not very comfortable for the broward county voters whose in the hands may rest the outcome of the senate and has in the past illegally destroyed ballots, illegally opened mail ballots, left constitutional questions off the ballot. here is the broward county
3:41 pm
supervisor of elections brenda snipes. >> all of the mail ballots have been open and are in the type elation room for processing. for provisional ballots -- >> this is information that should've already been compiled. that's a whole another issue. >> this is a process question, when we will get to the end of the counting. >> we don't know. there will be challenges, more questions, definitely questions about this process and about brenda snipes and her record on the job. and it really is a question, i think, for rick scott and why he didn't replace her before this close and contentious election. he has won, going to access
3:42 pm
these ballots and show her her hand. the idea, of the other hand, painting a broad brush across the country, what the president is doing, is exactly the opposite of what he is supposed to be doing. it is his job to not be pitbull and sheep, what they are doing in arizona is just fine. they are counting the votes, and people need to pay attention -- the real difference between what the discrepancies are in broward county where they had this funky design, you couldn't even see the senate race? it's just a mess. rightfully so to ask these questions, that doesn't mean every system everywhere in this country is riddled -- >> bret: we are getting the vote totals, another dump at 7:00 p.m. eastern.
3:43 pm
as we are going through the day, that race is also tightening. .49% difference. kyrsten sinema with a slight lead right now, 45,000 ballots still in counted right now. >> there is a difference between what's going on in arizona and california and some of those races and in florida, but the problem is that as josh pointed out, whether it's broader incompetence, it's not working right. the idea at the end of election night, you think there are this many ballots that have been cast and that should be a very simple sort of thing to note that you would think that would be the one thing you do know. all elections are a balance between making sure that every vote gets counted and making sure that people who aren't supposed to vote don't get to vote because, of course, fraudulent vote is, you know, disenfranchising some other legal voter.
3:44 pm
and obviously all of it, it really does undermine people's fate in the whole process. >> bret: its familiar in florida. we thought we dived back into the time machine. go back to tallahassee in 2000, somebody was there covering it. >> eternities down the attorneys have filed briefs as the race for the white house still in the air. it remains in the hands of seven justices inside this building. they will hear oral arguments one hour from each side monday at 2:00 p.m. to decide whether hand recounts ongoing in broward palm beach counties can be counted in the florida state totals. >> bret: what happened to that kid? i was jumping around courtroom to courtroom in the back of a writer truck for 40 days and 40 nights in tallahassee. you would think after all that time that we wouldn't be back here. but we are. >> it feels like 2000 all over again.
3:45 pm
we don't have butterfly ballots. >> bret: we have new ballots. >> it's going to take weeks, if not months, to get some resolution. a lot of political stalemate. rick scott important to note has a 15,000 vote lead. usually when you have a recount of that size, .15% in the latest tally, it usually does hold. the big al franken race in 2008, we are talking about thousands of votes. >> bret: 2000 was a few thousand voters. no hanging chads this time, but a new ballot. next up, the friday lightning round. plus winners and losers. nis qua. he's a pretty good spokesperson. ehhh. so when i say, "drivers who switched from geico to esurance saved an average of $412," you probably won't believe me. hey, actor lady whose scene was cut. hi. but you can believe this esurance employee, nancy abraham. seriously, send her an email and ask her yourself.
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at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. >> i can tell you, matt whitaker is a great guy. >> i don't know matt whitaker. matt whitaker worked with jeff sessions and he was extremely highly thought of. this only comes up because anybody who works for me, they do a number on them. >> did you talk with matt whitaker at all about these being nine probe? >> i didn't speak matt whitaker about it. i don't know matt whitaker. >> bret: okay. the president leaving for marine one, air force one to france. the acting attorney general, chuck schumer, the minority
3:50 pm
leader, he's a political appointee. i'm not aware of any appointment of an official who has not been confirmed by the senate to serve as acting attorney general. requires all principles of the government to be nominated by the president with the advice and consent of the senate. let's start there with the lightning round. george conway, kellyanne conway's husband also writing an op-ed about that very question of constitutionality. don't know him, no him, charlie? >> you know, he always has been the master of imprecise language which drives his opponents absolutely insane. the most important thing here is what we don't know and that is what mueller is going to do. we don't know that right now. until we find that out, we are not going to find out the only important answer to all of this. >> bret: it does not seem like mr. whitaker's time will be that long. a nominee, perhaps, is going to service judging by the president
3:51 pm
talking about it today. >> right. judging by the fact that mitch mcconnell is in cycle and does not want to answer questions about any funny business that does not get leaked out from the department of justice that would occur is it's going to bring way too much heat on senate republicans that they do not want right now. you saw susan collins come out and say something about protecting the mueller investigation and she's going to insist that mcconnell do something to bring something to the floor. a lot of attention on his appointment and i do not think it's going to last very long. >> this is trump's decision and you look at the midterm results and saw the republican senate get to go seeds bigger and you have more trumpy -- she felt and bowled into sessions. it's going to be a big political mess. >> bret: we do not know if the mueller stuff is going to move soon. the southern district of
3:52 pm
new york, "the wall street journal" reporting that mr. trump was involved or breathed in nearly every step of the agreements, this is the payments, hush mone. the u.s. attorney's office in manhattan has gathered evidence of mr. trump's participation in the transactions alleging that this could be campaign finance, even the rudy giuliani and others said that's not going to happen. >> nancy pelosi is going to be speaker of the house in all likelihood. this is what the democrats are looking at very closely, investigations, subpoenas, not going to be an easy time for the white house. trump himself navigated throughout his first couple of years. >> bret: we have not heard from jay sekulow. winners and losers. >> my when there is congress like cunningham of south carolina. katie arrington won the primary against mark stanford saying that mark sanford as a trump critic shouldn't represent the district because it's all about
3:53 pm
trump. as a centrist, his slogan was country over party and he finds himself winning a totally safe republican seat. i'm sorry to say that james mattis is my loser of this week, operation faithful patriot, they name came down, the scary caravan after the election is scary. >> mike pence finally got the nod to be vice president on trump ticket for 2020. loser of the week is chuck schumer because you think house -- wait until his >> winner of the week, nancy pelosi winning 35 seats at least in the house and it doesn't look like she'll have a serious challenge for speakership. loser of the week, the progressive stars, the stacy abrams or less the beto o'rourke or less, a lot of money, all the
3:54 pm
losers are likely losers in the races. >> bret: notable quotables. alexa, play weekend mix. the new lincoln mkc. connecting the world inside, with the world outside. so you can move through both a little easier. introducing the well-connected 2019 lincoln mkc. jushis local miracle ear t at helped andrew hear more of the joy in her voice. just one hearing test is all it took for him to hear more of her laugh... and less of the background noise around him. for helen, just one visit to her local miracle-ear is all it
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do you accept medicare patients? i sure do! to learn more call or go online today for your free decision guide. oh, and happy birthday... or retirement... in advance. >> bret: it's friday, so you know what that means for notable quotables. the democrats will take control of the house of representatives. >> we organize! >> i'm so [bleep] proud of you guys! typical republicans will remain control of the senate this. >> achieved tremendous success last night. >> i applied for the job but i got a rejection letter. >> put down the mic. >> you are a rude, terrible person. >> jeff sessions has admitted
3:59 pm
his letter of resignation. >> a very terrible thing that you said. >> the democrats -- >> it would create a constitutional crisis. >> i will not sit idly by as unethical liberals try to steal this election from the great people of florida. >> sit down. i didn't call you. >> you'll have a chance to do a do over. >> try to get out of paradise. >> supreme court justice hospitalized in washington this evening. >> tonight at 11:20:00 p.m., we receive multiple calls of shots being fired at the borderline bar and grill. >> we just got the news. he was one of the 11 that was killed last night. >> the sergeant passed away at the hospital. >> bret: one week. unbelievable. this weekend, florida governor and potential senator rick scott will be on
4:00 pm
"fox news sunday" as all that counting continues in florida. thanks for inviting us into your home. that is this "special report." fair, balanced, still unafraid. "the story" hosted by my colleague martha maccallum starts right now. martha, what a week. >> martha: a week is right. have a good weekend. breaking news tonight on the counting of votes in arizona, georgia and florida? this is getting interesting. very high tensions out there leading to a lot of protests this weekend and an all too familiar of these sun sign state >> how did palm beach county come up with 15,000 more votes? they cannot tell us where it comes from. >> we do not let people see ballots when they think they are losing. >> martha: the first speaker is governor rick scott is coming


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