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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 9, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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balanced, yes, we're not the destroy trump media. we'll be on this florida fraud on monday. we hope you have a great weekend. we'll see you back on monday. let not your heart be troubled. *-*-*- >> good evening, i'm mike huckabee in for laura ingraham ham. this is "the ingraham angle." >> a lot of breaking news to get to. we start with a chaotic recount effort in florida. the recou. the republicans are rightfully pointing to broward county. the second most populace county in all of florida, and it may also be its most corrupt and
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poorly run. something the president pointed out earlier today. let's watch. president trump: what's going on in florida is a disgrace. go down and see what happened over the last period of time. 10 years. take a look at broward county. take a look at the total dishonesty of what happened with respect to broward county. broward county/election. there is a lot of dishonesty. >> in moments we'll be talking to republican florida representative and candidate for agriculture, commissioner matt colwell. he's soon his only vanish in the wake of this new recount and he's steaming mad at broward county but first, on the latest regarding these recounts and the many lawsuits that are swirling around, we're going to go to phil keating live in miami tonight. phil? >> good evening, governor. the florida vote counting appears to be almost finally complete, but not quite yet. believe it or not, right now in
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broward county, they are still counting the final remaining provisional ballots. all of this happening on a day wh governor rick scott, the republican candidate for senate, wins two times in court. tonight, outside the broward county elections department, yes, even tonight, protestors are still demonstrating, with democrats and republicans trading accusations of attempting to steal the election from both sides. inside the building, all day and into tonight. broward county canvassing board went through all remaining provisionals comparing signatures and voter intent before validating the ballot or tossing it out. miami, dade, and most other florida counties have already finished their counts. now, in broward county and palm beach county this afternoon governor scott met with the judges forcing those election supervisors to allow campaign observers better access to the process, and the ability now to immediately start inspecting broward county's voter records, which the scott teal had wanted
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to do all along. governor scott reacted with this, "bill nelson is trying to commit voter fraud in broad daylight and we won't let them. we'll continue to fight for fuller transparency and accountability." scott's tuesday night lead over democratic senator bill nelson has shrunk to 15,000 votes right now. less than .2 of 1%, out of eight million votes cast. that's how close it is. as more an more votes were counted and added to the totals for the past three days. senator nelson swung back, "he isn't telling the truth, governor scott, which is votes are not being found. they are being counted." one thing governor scott did ask the florida department of law enforcement to do last night was to investigate any improprieties with the vote count process. after a full day the fdle says they have found no evidence of any fraud or irregularities. unofficial election results from all 67 florida counties are due
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in tallahassee tomorrow by noon the secretary of state will add up the numbers and if any race is decided by a margin of less than a half percent as appears to be the case in the senate and governor's race, then they will automatically be ordered for a mandatory machine recount. and most counties we spoke with today intend to do that as soon as the order comes in tomorrow afternoon. >> governor? >> so phil, you thought the elections were over and you were going to have a nice, calm weekend. boy, were you ever wrong, right? >> i tell you, 10 days of this midterm craziness and it's just beginning, i feel. >> but how come it is that 66 counties in florida can get it right and broward county can't even find all the ballots until four days after the election? how do they justify that? >> well, right now, they haven't actually provided detailed answers as to how this happened. there have been reports tonight of double bags with perhaps up
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to a hundred mail-in ballots that had yet to be delivered. so they missed the deadline and those votes may not count, and we also have some postal workers out of the open pa laka florida facility, the mail bomber story, some workers there took some photos of a lot of piles of mail-in ballots that were still sitting there undelivered to supervisors of elections office. but still very unclear. had those arrived after tuesday or had they been there before tuesday. a lot of questions right now but, you know, a lot of people call the broward county elections department inept at times. well, i'll let you be the judge. mike: i think it's easier for a three-year-old to find easter eggs than it is for broward county to find ballots. phil, thank you very much. now, we go to trace gallagher for more on the corruption surrounding elections in broward county, florida. trace? >> governor, in broward county,
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not only are there votes yet to be counted in the florida senate race between republican governor rick scott and democratic senator bill nelson, just a short time ago, they found bags of early mail-in votes that had somehow gotten lost, which only adds to the county's infamous election reputation, starting with gore v. bush in 2000, where after a razor thin finish of the presidential race reports started coming out of so-called dimples and hanging chads. paper ballots that were not punched all the way through and therefore not counted. the gore campaign asked for a recount in four florida counties including broward county. 36 days and 45 lawsuits later, the supreme court stopped the recount and bush won the election. then in 2004, the presidential election between george w. bush and john carey, broward county elections supervisor brenda snipes who is currently embroiled in the nelson scott senate controversy, accused the postal service of losing 60,000
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absentee ballots. she later lowered the number to 6,000 and dropped off replacement ballots to the u.s. postal service the saturday before the election. after mail carriers had gone home. prompting one postal worker to say, "there is no way in hell those people are going to get their ballots in a timely fashion." they should get their act together over there. the snafu meant thousands of voters in the democratic leaning county were out of luck. of course, bush went on to win. finally, in 2016, the 23rd congressional district race between debbie wasserman schultz and tim -- landed brenda snipes in court. he asked to physically inspect broward county's votes but brenda snipes' office had destroyed the physical copies and only kept digital copies. a violation of the law stating physical copies must be kept for 22 months after an election. governor? mike: thank you, trace. our next guest saw his lead
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evaporate seemingly overnight. here to tell us about the lawsuit that he just filed is florida state representative mack caldwell, republican candidate for agriculture commissioner. matt, why did you feel the need to file the lawsuit? >> well, thank you, governor, and you said it earlier. i am steaming mad about this. we went to bed tuesday night with a 40,000 vote lead and over the course of the last three days, the broward county supervisor has continued to find magic bags of ballots that have turned that into a 3,000 vote loss. it's really spectacular, and, you know, the voters deserve to have a straight answer. there are eight million people roughly that voted in this election and the fact that we can't get a satisfactory answer for now, after three days of asking where did these ballots come from? when were they cast? and why antho-- haven't they be counted yet? it's outrageous. we worked hard. on the campaign trail for three years straight.
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florida is not a small state. we traveled corner-to-corner a hundred thousand plus miles campaigning and to have this done to our family, to our campaign, all the people that have put that time in, i just think it's, frankly, unjust. so we did file a lawsuit today, and demand that she provide answers. where did these ballots come from? and why are they still being counted. you're supposed to have all of your early votes tabulated and reported half an hour after the polls close so 7:30 eastern is when those were due. that's still open. if you check the state's website now, friday night here at 10:00 p.m., that's still open in her report. it's just totally outrageous, and not only can we not trust the answer at this point, but we can't even begin to figure out why we couldn't trust the answer because we can't get a straight comment from her in any way whatsoever about this situation. mike: matt, we've got some sound with brenda snipes, election commissioner down there. i would like for to you take a listen to it and then get your reaction to it.
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this is earlier today. >> other counties have been able to do it. >> other counties didn't have 600,000 votes out there. >> miami-dade did. >> well, have you been -- never mind. let me go check. i'll check. mike: matt, you've seen this, heard her excuse. it doesn't seem like that's satisfactory to you or to a whole lot of other people in florida who cast their ballots believing they were going to be counted tuesday night. >> no one takes that credibly. i mean, we have numerous large counties. miami-dade county is one of the largest counties in the country. they got all of their ballots counted and reported in a timely fashion on tuesday night. orange county, where orlando is, millions of people. hillsboro county, where tampa is, millions of people. again, it's just a habitual problem with broward county, and, you know, we listed some of the problems we've seen in the past in our lawsuit today. you have allegations from a former employee of hers that in
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2016, she caught employees filling out blank ballots by the stacks back in a secret locked room, and, i mean, this is really disturbing stuff, and then you look at this scenario, where again, we went to bed on tuesday night with a substantial lead, and it magically disappears over the last three days, just enough ballots to not only push our victory into a loss according to her tally, but also to push both the senate race and the governor's race into a recount. it just stinks to high heaven. aga again, another 2,100 ballots misplaced. we can't get a straight answer. the governor filed his lawsuits. both of his have been victorious so far and his were very simple. just give us the public records that prove you have been counting these ballots in a regular manner over the last several days, that we can at least, you know, see a trail of custody, so we can see that these have been handled properly.
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we've got accusations coming out that they have been replacing damaged ballots, something that comes in the mail, torn, that they can't feed through the machine correctly the supervisor is allowed to create a duplicate but it has to be done with the soupervision o multiple people so they can testify it's been done accurately. they have done the replacements without anybody in the room, running new ballots through and who knows what votes are being counted. mike: that's a great concern to everybody. we don't know where these ballots have been. it's not just being discovered, but where have they been? we'll keep our eye on the lawsuits to see how this all turns out. i hope you get some rest this weekend in spite of all of this. in pollack family has seen how first hand the incompetence in broward county can have tragic ruts. they lost their beautiful girl in the tragic parkland shooting earlier this year. in the aftermath of that
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tragedy, we learned disturbing details about the incompetence of the sheriff's office in broward county. earlier today, to voice their displeasure with the rank corruption engulfing broward county, father and son, andrew, and hunter pollack, led a protest. they join us now to tell us why. andrew, hunter, first of all, thank you for being with us. this brings up some painful memories for you due to the fact that you lost a daughter and a sister in the parkland shooting. you think broward county and the manner in which they handled that were a big part of that. tell me why. >> well, let me tell you, governor, no one has been affected more by broward county than myself and my son, and my family. my daughter was murdered in broward county and, as i started looking into this investigation, i could explain to all the listeners out there how this is happening in broward county. you have a superintendent in
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broward who is a democrat, who brought policies to broward county that led to my daughter getting murdered. you've got a sheriff in broward county who is a democrat who is a failed leader. he has vote of no competence from his own union, a democrat, then you've got an s.o.e., who is also a democrat who has already been brought up on fraud. these leaders are all unethical, liberal democrats that aren't capable of running, running a preschool let alone a county. so it's very important, when people see what's going on in broward, these people are unethical, you've got a broward teacher's union, all democrats. you've got the school board, all democrats. and to me, i have seen it unfold. it's nothing new. we've had these problems in broward and it leads to unethical, liberal democrats, mike. mike: andrew, i guess the question would be, if this level of incompetence is so evident,
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why do the voters put up with it? it doesn't seem to matter whether it's democrat or republican, it's not about the parties, it's about the people whose leaves are being adversely affected. why do the people in broward county not demand a change and enact a change? >> well -- [inaudible] mike: go ahead, hunter. >> a catastrophic hurricane just ruined the whole area, within hours, they were able to get their votes casted. broward county right now is the laughing stock of the entire country. the governor stood by my family since the worst tragedy of our lives and we're going to stand by him. they will be dammed if they think they will steal this election from us. >> we love rick scott. he was there for our family and he'll be there for our family in broward. >> this is also very personal. with the death of meadow, this is not just an abstract thing to
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you. you lost your loved one. your daughter, your sister. do you hope, do you think that the voters of broward county will finally get enough of this and say, we want to see something substantively changed in broward county? >> well, that's why the sheriff is scrambling right now because he knows we're going to start holding these officials accountable. to me, my life, i tell people all the time, the word that haunts me is accountability, mike, and we haven't seen it in broward county and it's about time, you know, we're going to put some officials in place that are going to start holding these people accountable. you've got a superintendent -- mike: i hope you can do it. we've got to go but i want to say thanks to you and hunter both and sharing the deep, deep personal story that you've experienced. president trump -- >> thank you, governor. >> thank you very much. mike: president trump has been
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voicing his displeasure about the recount efforts in florida from overseas. coming up next, john roberts will join us life from paris. he's got the latest that he's hearing from the white house. e . he's got the latest that he's hearing from the white house. ve. he's got the latest that he's hearing from the white house. autism spectrum disorder
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president trump: bad things have gone on in broward county. i think people have to look at it very, very cautiously. >> mike: president trump is keeping a close eye tonight on the florida ballot controversy in broward county. at this hour the state's second biggest county is not just counting votes. they claim they are still finding votes and putting the results of a high stakes governor and senate races into
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question. chief correspondent john roberts is live from paris. john, what's the latest? >> governor, good to see you from paris, early this morning, rather. because it's bad weather outside we had to come inside so we hope our fact view of the eichel tower will suffice. they thought they had picked up five senate seats, netted out for but now a couple of those races in arizona and florida are in question and the president wants to get as many people under the republican banner as soon as possible to confirm federal judges and maybe even a supreme court judge. so on the way out the door from the white house to paris this morning the president voiced his concerns about it. listen to what he said. president trump: what's going on in florida is a disgrace. go down and see what happened over the last period of time. 10 years. take a look at broward county. take a look at the total dishonesty of what happened with
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respect to broward county. broward county/election. a lot of dishonesty. >> that was just the president getting warmed up because as soon as he hit his seat in air force one he started tweeting, as soon as democrats isn't their best election stealing lawyer, mark elias to broward county, they miraculously started finding democrat votes. don't worry, florida, i'm sending much better lawyers to expose the fraud. the president went on. rick scott was up by 50,000 votes on election day and now they found many votes and he's only up 15,000 votes. the broward effect. how come they never find republican votes? the also also with an eye cast towards arizona tweeting just out in arizona, signatures don't match. electoral corruption. call for a new election. we must protect our democracy. but the president getting thrown some shame from democratic gubernatorial candidate gillum in florida after the president said andrew gillum conceded. now he's back in play because of
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this recount, gillum tweeting, "what's embarrassing to democracy is not counting every vote and you, of course, referring to the president, count every vote." it's so important, again, because the president wants to get as many republicans as possible in the senate, to get those judgeships through, potential supreme court nominee as well, and he's got ohio in his back pocket. now with the win from dewine so that sets himself up well for 2020. if it were to happen that ron desantis in this recount were to lose the governorship in florida to andrew gillum that wouldn't put the president in as good a position for 2020 in the state of florida. so that's why the, even though she's asleep right now, thinking very hard about what's going on in florida, particularly broward county and arizona tonight as well. >> john, thank you very much. mike: i doubt the president is asleep. be watching for a tweet any moment now. joining me with reaction is
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someone who knows the recount situation in florida all too well. former white house press secretary for bush 43, ari fleisher. also with me, former pennsylvania congressman jason altmire. why in the world are we back here? >> yeah, this gives me the heeb b -- he vee gee bees. what bothers me about the nation going through this is the entire integrity of our elections -- after the game is over and one team wins you can't say i've unilaterally decided we're going to go into extra innings and we're counting the runs differently. that appears to be what's happening in broward county. >> mike: jason, how trouble is it that some of these ballots, we have no idea where they have been since tuesday there. has been no chain of possession. i know you're a democrat but you're a fair one. you're a good guy.
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how does that hit you in terms of just an objective view, does that make you a little squeamish that we don't know where these ballots have been? >> there is no question that broward county has a well deserved reputation for infamous election day activities, and i don't mean anything criminal. the florida department of law enforcement has looked into this. i just think it's an incredible lack of communication and, for all the confrontation, for all the lack of communication, i think everyone should agree we should count every vote, and, as i understand it, this process although it's taking longer than it should, is the normal process. the votes that came in up until the end of the early voting, they were counted, and that's what was reported by 7:30 on election night. then the votes that they are counting now, and it is taking longer than it should and they will have to account for that, are the provisionals and the
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absentee ballots that came in subsequent to that, up until tuesday election day. under state law those ballots have to be counted by tomorrow at noon. it appears they are going to reach that deadline. so i don't think anything mysterious or criminal has happened. it's just unfortunate that you have three races in florida, it looks like, that effectively were a tie and when you have eight million votes count within the statistical margin of error of basically a tie, it gets ugly and it's messy and it's not fun to watch but unfortunately, that seems to happen more often than not because florida is such a divided state. >> mike: but does it pass the smell test? all the other counties including the ones hit by a hurricane were able to get their votes counted on time. broward county can't, and we don't know where those ballots were. one box a teacher found in a storage area. who had possession of that? how long was it sitting there unattended? >> that's exactly the point,
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governor. you have to have faith in the process and when something goes wrong, and things do go wrong this has to be a valid explanation and no valid explanation has been given. no one knows what is going on in broward county. why they were late. what ballots were found, why they were found late, why they were counted late. you just keep getting the additional votes, keep going and breaking for the democrats. now, maybe in a democratic county conduct say votes would normally break for a democrat. but by what percentage? how come? these are the explanations, this is called transparency, and when you have one powerful commissioner in charge of the elections with a history of mischief in the elections, and gotten in trouble legally for destroying ballots previously, you have to scratch your head and say, is this on the up and up? and that's the problem. it's all moving in one direction, and it's not just within the statistical margin of error -- tens of thousands of votes have been moving. that's the problem.
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>> mike: for two years we've heard russia, russia, russia. how do you not blame republicans who want to say broward, broward, broward that they have messed it up? >> look, both republicans and democrats are incredibly frustrated with what's happened in broward because as ari fleisher just said, this is a circumstance that seems to happen every election and that's unfortunate and there needs to be a review of what happened and probably a change made at the top in that county. but i think governor scott and congressman desantis are still going to prevail, and it's unlikely you're going to see a 15,000 vote margin overturned in a hand recount. so at that point they should be happy that every vote is counted. again, it was messy, it wasn't handled in the way it should have been. it wasn't communicated properly but in the end in order to have a valid outcome of the election, you have to count every vote and that's what's happening.
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mike: thank you both. glad to you have you both here. >> mike: go ahead. >> thank you. >> mike: yeah, we've got to run. we just found out that they have stopped the counting of the ballots tonight. they have -- recessed for evening and they will get some sleep. i'm sure they will need it. more coffee in the morning and more koupgt. coming up, the left wing media mocking prayer. >> that should be outlawed. >> mike: next, we're going to talk with someone who is on-board with that sickening suggestion, to not have the prayer. that's coming up ahead. we all want more time with our dads, brothers, partners, friends, and our sons. together, we can stop men dying too young, by tackling the
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>> mike: as families of the california shooting victims try to come to grips with their chief, some on the left say offering them thoughts and
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prayers is offensive. watch. >> when you offer thoughts and prayers, you mock those who lost loved ones because if you gave it any thought at all you would never walk away from any of these without figuring out a better way to deal with them. and prayer, you think leaving it to god is the answer? we pray for strength. we pray for wisdom. for resolve. but we clearly don't want to act on any of those here so what are you praying for? what would it take? how about a stadium full of children of the most influential people in our society, all holding puppies. what if they were all shot and killed? would we act -- >> thoughts and prayers? >> i'm sorry that should be outlawed. i know it's well intended in some cases, but a staffer who knocks off some script, some product, some wordage for somebody political to make it sound like they give a damn. >> mike: joining me now is tony p -- perkins, the executive
7:33 pm
director of the research counsel and the executive director of guns down. earlier today you tweeted, you said, "screw thoughts and prayers." why does that bother you so much? >> oh, it doesn't. look, i pray. i know a lot of people who pray. my point is you've got to pair the prayer with action. the action i want to see is moving toward the future with fewer guns. it's making guns harder to get. it's about living in safer communities. i don't care if people pray. i just think that they should pair it with actually doing something to solve our problem. >> mike: why would you mock the idea that people are trying to show their sympathy? their compassion? and no one knows exactly what to do. they would love to get rid of people who have mental health issues, and get them where they can get the help they need. there are a lot of things people would love to do but if they don't feel the power to do it, do you think it's powerless to pray? >> not at all.
7:34 pm
i am all for prayer. i think people are helped through prayer and that's a good thing. i'm just saying it's not enough to just pray, because if it was, we wouldn't be having this problem anymore but we do. in terms of what we do i think it's pretty simple. you look at what other nations have done. they have made guns harder to get. they have had licensing programs, they have raised the bar on gun ownership and that's really what we should do here in. terms of what to do, we know what to do. the problem is, sometimes, and it's been for the last really 20 to 30 years on the federal level, we fail to actually do it. so pair the prayer with action, and, governor, i'm a happy camper. >> mike: tony, when i hear chris cuomo giving me a theology lecture, when i hear chris mathews trying to tell me these are meaningless words, i have a visceral reaction to that. i would like to get yours. >> i'm with you, governor. first-off, let me say, that
7:35 pm
we're praying for those families, those victims of this senseless violence. in fact, one of our team members lives in that community and their church had one of these prayer events. let's be honest. this is an attack, same attack that barack obama started with his mocking of people who cling to their religion and guns. this is more of the effort to try an quarantine religious expression within the four walls of our churches, in our synagogues. here's a news flash. we'll get more of this. when we remove god from the public and public square and we remove virtue, violence and vice rush in and i'm tired of being lectured by liberals about their will liberal gun grab. a man came in, with a hundred rounds of ammunition, in a place that has some of the strongest gun laws in the country to kill us and shot one of our people. thank god, and we prayed, that the shoot you are was incapable
7:36 pm
of carrying out what he wanted to do. yes, people in this country do pray, and to say that laws will solve this, no, the transformation of hearts will solve this. >> mike, listen, i'm not going to take morality lessons from a man who spent his entire life denying me the right to marry, denying me the right to serve in the military, denying me the right as a gay man to even exist, you would send me into conversion therapy. put that aside, tony the fact is, what we need and what the majority of americans support are gun laws -- law that is make them harder to get. >> talk to rob emmanuel ability that in chicago. >> that's what americans want. >>, no it's not. >> let me give you the last word. because we're going to run out of time. let me interrupt you, because tony, you've kind of come at him and he's got a right to round. tony, take the last word. >> look, there is a moral standard and that's why they want it out of the public square. >> morality.
7:37 pm
don't do it. >> let him finish, please. >> it's got's standard and that's the problem. they want nothing to do with a moral standard. >> i want kids to come home safe and that's what every -- single parent in this country wants. >> they are created in the image of god and they have a god that loves them but we've kicked him out of our schools. >> communities that aren't overflowing with guns. [overtalking] >> that's what we need. >> thank you both. >> mike: i appreciate it. coming up, reporters losing their cool. a waffle house needs a new ceiling, and changing your age? maybe you might get some better dates. raymond arroyo will bring you tonight's friday follies, and that's coming up next.
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♪walk the wire for you ♪yeah, i'd die for you ♪you know it's true ♪everything i do ♪i do it for you >> mike: it's friday, that means it's time for -- ♪ >> mike: reporters undermine civility, and truly a friday folly at a waffle house. laura spoke with fox news contributor raymond arroyo earlier to bring some sanity to this week's madness. >> the white house this week, and what it tells us about the country, craziness and the press corps. >> what we saw the other day at the white house was a complete disgrace. i want you to listen closely to this exchange.
7:41 pm
it explains a lot of what ails the white house press corps and the relationship with the president. cnn, jim acosta, watch. >> i wanted to challenge you on one of the statements that you made on the tail end of the campaign, in the midterms. president trump: here we go. >> if you don't mind, mr. president. >> that this caravan was an invasion. president trump: i consider it to be an invasion. >> that's not an invasion. president trump: honestly, i think you should let me run the country, you run cnn and if you did it well your rateings would be much higher. >> mike: there is a little bit there that a lot of people missed. jim accoostacosta, i'm tough wi asking tough questions of you're representing the american people but you're not allowed to become the debating society of the east room and there he inserted his opinion and he said, that's not an invasion. well, with all due respect, that's an opinion. not an inquiry. you're there to ask questions.
7:42 pm
conspire with your fellow white house correspondents. ask the same question or in different ways. you need to get answers for the american people but you're not allowed to debate the commander-in-chief and to turn this into some kind of roughhouse free-for-all which is what happened the other day. >> what he's turning into is an exchange about himself. >> laura: this was really about jim acosta taking center stage away from the president. >> that's the problem with the cameras. >> laura: this is a problem with a lot of these journalists, not all of them but gone are the days of brit hume and i'm not saying it because brit hume works here, i remember watching him when he was at abc, in college watching him, thinking, wow, okay, he gets it. he knows what he's doing. and tom brokaw in his day. these were real reporters asking real questions. >> i want to show you this. the sum people approach. now, this is a "new york times" reporter, watch this. >> on the campaign trail you called yourself a nationalist. some people saw that as
7:43 pm
enbolding white nationalist. there are some people that say the republican party is seeing as supporting white nationalists. what do you make of that? president trump: that's a racist question, what you said is so insulting to me, it's a very terrible thing that you said. >> this thing went back and forth. this was almost the entire press conference. >> laura: some people. >> laura: some say. she said. >> exactly right. >> laura: some say. what did she just say? i think you're x. i think -- whatever it is, don't say some -- what people. if i'm trump i'm saying, give me -- >> give me exact people who say that. >> laura: i like the fact that he turns the race thing back on them. they are the most race obsessed people out there. i love the fact, no, that's a racist question. >> this underscores decorum, manners, protocol. you need it. particularly in the people's house. this is the people's house and there were some reporters this thing turned literally into a
7:44 pm
shout fest. watch. president trump: sit down, please. sit down. i didn't call you. i didn't call you. i'm not responding, i'm responding -- excuse me, i'm not responding to you, i'm talking to this gentleman. will you please sit down. accuse me. excuse me. would you please sit down. please go, ahead. you rudely interrupted him. you rudely interrupted him. >> i wish the president frankly had walked out. he should have said, you know what? you people don't know how to respect this institution and the time we're giving you, when you do i'll be back. he should have walked out because it dragged him into turning him into the corrector in chief. this shows an incivility, a lack of respect for your obligation to represent the american people, and it's spiraling throughout society. what we saw at tucker carlson's house this week common states this. the idea that you can have a political difference with you, that gives me license to attack, harass and drive you out of the
7:45 pm
public square and the marketplace. we've got to reject this. not only as people in the media but as society. it's horrible. i don't like it when people yelled at pelosi the other day, people said use the f word on her. i don't like this. it's a spectacle, it makes the white house -- it de means the white house and one of our treasured institutions. >> laura: we're going to do this segment coming up about a flag, a flag mural being defaced. the woman said the wall is confined of worn down. they were in the middle of painting a beautiful american flag. people came along and threw paint at it and basically threatened her. i don't want to give it away. but it's another example, intimidate, but when people call these protests, these are not protests. these are criminal acts. they are acts of intimidation and they are a type of political and rhetorical political shri--
7:46 pm
violence. >> down in alabama, a guy goes up, his name is glen boss, he takes off his pants, goes into the bathroom, a waffle house, he ties his pants around the door to keep it shut, climbs into the ceiling tiles, he's trying to break into the waffle house office, to rob them. and then this happened. >> be quiet -- >> maintenance guy. >> hello. [screams] [bleeped] >> holy [bleeped] >> don't go nowhere. >> stay right there. >> he's in his underwear running around the waffle house. fell right through the ceiling. here's my favorite part of this story. you know how they located him? he's still at large. they found his pants tied to the men's room. he left his wallet in the pocket. so if you see a man in his skim askimmies --
7:47 pm
>> laura: is the waffle house known for having a lot of cash on hand? when i think of a place, to rob, the waffle house -- loose change? >> i'm going to climb into the ceiling like tom cruise and lower myself into the office. >> laura: usually -- those k-mart drop ceilings, you know -- you can hide stuff up there. they just drop down. it's not actually a ceiling. >> this is ridiculous. quickly, a 69-year-old man, a dutchman, is trying to -- he's suing the government because he wants to identify as a 49-year-old man. his name is -- and he feels he's being discriminated against on these dating aps because when he puts he's 69 they don't swipe back but if he put he were 49 he might be a whole new man. listen. >> i feel -- i suffer with my
7:48 pm
age. if i'm 49 again, i would have a baby again. i'll buy a new car again. if i am that age, i have hope, new again, the whole future is there for me again. >> he's saying they are discriminating against him, laura. >> laura: it's called age-ism. >> if they can redefine their gender, he's saying i want to identify as a different age, he says he's trapped in an old man's body but he's got the body of a 25-year-old and the skirt of a 49-year-old. >> laura: why couldn't i say like i want to be, you know, a gazelle in botswana. outrun the lions. >> height, race, sex, these are things, not only is it important to define you, state knees these things so they can serve you. otherwise, i want to identify as a 70-year-old because i want those social security benefits. bring them now. >> mike: i love that.
7:49 pm
actually, i'm imagining myself with six pack abs right now. coming up, protestors swarm a pizza shop as vandals target an american flag mural in a small new york town. laura talks to the owner of that shop. that's coming up next.
7:50 pm
7:51 pm
7:52 pm
>> mike: battles, targeting a pizza crime for painting an american flag mural. laura spoke earlier with the bistro owner, who organized a parade to support the flag. let's watch. >> laura: before you had this mural painted, i guess it was an old wall and you wanted to spruce it up, you had some problems, i understand, with protestors, and for people who don't know where this is, this
7:53 pm
is in new paltz, new york, 80 miles north of new york city, and it's 14,000, 12,000 people. what was their beef about the flag? >> well, they didn't want a flag. they thought it meant a political position, and they were opposed. >> laura: what political passion is a flag other than this is the united states of america? did you engage in any conversations with them? >> no, i didn't. i really didn't interact with them at all. i just observed. >> laura: were they standing outside? were they coming in and expressing themselves verbally to you saying, i'm not going to ever order one of your pizzas or grinders, or what? >> i did have a few people come in and say they couldn't support
7:54 pm
my store any longer because they felt i took a political position, so they couldn't spend their money. >> laura: wait a second. okay. are these college kid because i know you've got a college -- a state university, in new paltz in town. >> yes. >> laura: were they college kids? >> no, in particular, that was not a college kid that came in and told me that. >> laura: that's a relief that happened, and then fast forward to the paint splattered all over the mural. people across the country are wondering, why are we focused on this small town in new york and this one mural in this one defacing of a mural. we're focusing on it because it's our flag. and it represents a lot. joey, you're a veteran. you saw that this had happened the in your hometown. you decided to do what and why? >> when i saw the push back she was getting for putting an american flag mural up i personally had a problem with that so i had the idea, why don't wove an event where we all
7:55 pm
just come together in support of the flag and in support of the mural and show our support. and it wasn't sure how it was going to go, what kind of turnout we would get. we $up having like 400 or 500 people to come out. it was amazing. we all had our flags. we showed our support. it was a great, positive, peaceful day. >> laura: joey, did you have a chance to speak to any of these brave protestors who were against this mural? did you ever engage in any meaningful dialogue with any of them? >> i tried. there was not much meaningful dialogue to be had with most of them. the day of the event, we had some of them show up. i tried to talk to them, you know, tried explain, hey, you guys have the right to be out here, so do we, let's keep it peaceful. they didn't want to hear any of that i was labeled many different names by people, you know, from these protestors. some people in the community for putting this together but it was just about supporting our flag, military and law enforcement.
7:56 pm
>> laura: joey, does it seem like these protestors, just from the way they appeared, it's an aggressive -- i don't know if it's a protest, it an aggressive intimidation campaign. they are trying to intimidate maria to put something else up there, to frighten her. that's why they have like, you know, black flags, it looks more like isis than any type of peaceful protests that i was used to seeing growing up. their goal is to do what, really? to have more dialogue or to shut it down? >> to shut it down. they disagree with it so they would rather it just go away and not be there, and they didn't want us to be out there that day, like i said, we have had 400 or 500 of us, like 20 of them. >> laura: that's great. >> we just did our thing. our chants for usa, their chants, you can't say on tv. >> laura: lovely. unity and diversity day, by the way, is something that's been celebrated in new paltz, new york, unity and diversity day. how about a little unity behind
7:57 pm
our nation and the idea of liberty and freedom. >> exactly. >> laura: guys, thank you so much for joining us tonight. we really, really appreciate it, and thank you, joey, for supporting maria, and i'm glad you raised all the money to redo the mural for the new wall. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> mike: closing thoughts next. when my hot water heater failed, she was pregnant, in-laws were coming, a little bit of water, it really- it rocked our world. i had no idea the amount of damage that water could do. we called usaa. and they greeted me as they always do. sergeant baker, how are you? they were on it. it was unbelievable. having insurance is something everyone needs, but having usaa- now that's a privilege. we're the baker's and we're usaa members for life. usaa. get your insurance quote today.
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>> thanks to laura ingraham for allowing me to do the show tonight. fortunately, i was able to do the show from nashville where i
8:00 pm
do it every sunday on tbn, and i hope you'll check it out. i fear that i did the show in washington, jim acosta of cnn might grab the microphone and refuse to let go. one lady he better not mess with his laura ingraham, he might pull that stunt with a white house intern, but as they say, we are out of time. here is a shannon. >> shannon: this is a fox news alert, razor-thin margins in florida as midterm races as the recount could start as early as tomorrow and bitter legal battle is already underway peer the other top story, at least nine people dead in the fast-moving wildfire in northern california burning out of control, and it is not the only one. in southern california, different wildfire prompting mandatory evacuations for the entire city of malibu. we will take you live to the scene. and later, night court returns tonight, 69-year-old dutch man wants to legally change his age because he identifies


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