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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 11, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PST

10:00 am give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. [grunting noise] i'll take that. 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. ensure max protein. in two great flavors. >> california governor brown for a declaration from the president to help firefighters in the hardest hit resident across the state. >> as they wake up in california, the news 23 people now dead because of the wildfires. that did to rise as they were still so many missing inside those areas. i'm of the rescuers can even get to america's news headquarters from washington at 1:00 eastern on leland vittert. >> on gillian turner. coverage of some of the hard-hit
10:01 am
areas now. jeff pollin malibu and claudia cowan in the devastating northern california paradise where we begin our coverage. what can you tell us. >> a camp fire continues to move south and east now inching towards the city of orville, home to some 19,000 people in a new round of evacuations have been ordered for several communities between here and there. tens of thousands of people who fled sometimes having to drive right through flames have no idea when they'll be allowed to return. in the meantime, grim recovery effort is underway in neighborhoods that were incinerated early thursday morning. the sheriff's office is following up on more than 100 reports of people who are missing. the death toll stands at 23 making the campfires to third deadliest in state history. some of the dems were evacuating when flames overtook their
10:02 am
vehicles. fire officials say certain dynamic fire behavior is not typical when there's low humidity and strong wind. >> is becoming normal in california. with this weather that is the kind of incident were going to have. fast moving, very intense flames. reporter: the fire has burned 109,000 acres or 25% surrounded in as they try to get the upper hand ahead of the california professional firefighters association is firing back at president trump to win an angry tweet yesterday blames loss of life and property on forest management. brian rice says the president's message attacking california and threatening to withhold aid to the victims of the cataclysmic fires as ill-informed and demeaning to those who are suffering as well as the men and women on the front lines. in a later tweet yesterday the president did express support for the evacuees and the firefighters and condolences for
10:03 am
the victims. we have a situation where we have the wind starting to pick out. i can tell you the federal funds have been secured to help the people of paradise recover. but when you take into consideration the destruction, this is the most instructive wildfire in california history. you know it's going to take many billions of dollars and many, many years. back to you. >> claudia, thanks for that, thanks to that reporting this weekend. leland: northern california now we go south of paradise. jeff paul in the beach town of malibu. good morning. >> it's incredible burden of to the beach. we are starting to get a better idea of all the damages. this is just one of 177 structures and this is a home that has been burned to the
10:04 am
ground all because of the woolsey fire, not only growing intensity, but also more than 83,000 acres have burned, which is equivalent to about the size of omaha, nebraska. take a look at the video gives you a really good idea just how fierce the flames have been. this is what's been called a five-year nato taking up in residents say they haven't had much time to get out. at one point they feel like they're in a safe spot and all of a sudden the home next to theirs is on fire. unfortunately we are learning there have been two deaths all because of this fire that are being investigated. we are also learning a quarter of a million people have been evacuated. right now the fire is contained to 10%. us to come back out live, take a look at the canyons and this is what firefighters are worried about. they have able in the wind, which the winds have been firing up on this blaze.
10:05 am
what they are worried about are the winds kicking back. expecting a return of the wind does the strongest 55 miles per hour to happen later today. the fire right now 10% contained. leland: check in with adam klotz a little bit later for the weather report. jeff pollin the front lines. thanks. >> the battle for florida region on a sour. the broader county board is back in session now. they started recounting votes as part of a statewide effort in three key florida braces. phil keating as they are in water hill, florida. what can you tell us? >> we are inside the broward county of elections ballot tabulation center. this is where the recounting has begun about 90 minutes ago. statewide all 67 counties in florida now have the job. a long job in a burdensome job.
10:06 am
excuse me, counting all the ballots. the tabulation machines and these are separating page one from the ballot. excuse me one second. it was a multipage ballot. so the contested races, the ones that are made in the threshold for the automatic recount are all on page one. these election workers are separating those that would about 800. and then after they are done sorting, they will insert all of the page one machines and then begin the actual process of recounting the ballots in those races in those votes. 8 million total ballots cast statewide in the senate race so close, just 12,000 votes were the difference with governor rick scott leading incumbent bill nelson barely, just .14%.
10:07 am
here is scott this morning. >> wall were going through the recount, we won. the citizens of the state one. i'm going to be going to d.c. and do exactly what i did in florida. change the direction of the country like we did in florida. >> senator nelson till disagrees and released a statement saturday, quote, we believe whenever illegal ballot is counted, we will win this election. the governor's race not as close, but still under half a percentage point difference, which is the threshold for a recount in florida. ron desantis leads democrat mayor of tallahassee andrew dillon by 241 translated to just 33,000 votes. >> since the election a few days ago we begun our transition effort to build an administration that can secure
10:08 am
florida's future. >> i am replacing my words of concession within uncompromised and unapologetic call that we count every single vote. >> workers here are going for 3.5 million pages just to get to those sorting of the one page that actually has the senate race, governor's race, commissioner of agriculture race in a couple of local and state races that are so, so very close. the estimate on how long it's going to take robert county alone to the recount about 35 hours. every county has a 3:00 p.m. thursday afternoon deadline to get their recount numbers up to tallahassee to the secretary of state's office and if any of these races is not resolved at that point, in other words, less than a quarter of a percentage point, which currently is the state of the senate race between nelson and scott. then those would go to a hand
10:09 am
recount. >> we can always count on you for a good deep dive. dang so much. leland: let's take a look at the balance of power in the house and the senate. in the senate, republican with 51 feet in the house. the democrats they are still have the majority. a couple of races still undecided. undecided right now in the senate. florida, mississippi and arizona still counting the ballots there in the house. democrats have the majority with 227 seats to republicans in the minority with 198. 10 races there still to be called. >> counselor to the president kellyanne conway says president trump hasn't even discussed the molar investigation with attorney general matthew whitaker. this is democratic leaders call for whitaker to excuse himself
10:10 am
from the program entirely. garrett tenney has the latest. >> democrats argue that whitaker is essentially the president hatchet man appointed to destroy the mueller investigation. today top democrat also sent a letter to the justice department chief ethics official asking if he's the vice whitaker to recuse himself in the special account investigation similar to a former attorney general jeff sessions was told by ethics officials. if he doesn't recuse himself, democrats are vowing to launch investigations once they take control of the house in january. >> i want to make this very clear. if he doesn't recuse himself, if he has any involvement whatsoever in this russia probe, and we are going to find out whether he made commitments, whether he is serving as a back channel or his lawyers about the probe, whether he is doing anything in the probe. >> kellyanne conway defended the choice of not whitaker for attorney general suggesting the
10:11 am
concerns of democrats are overblown in part because she's not clear whitaker has even been briefed on the mueller produce chief mueller produce chief of staff of jeff sessions should recuse himself from the case. >> he's made that very clear and now go a little bit farther. it would be a mistake to shut down the investigation in the way that you describe it because we've been so compliant. >> democrats are buying now. if whitaker does not recuse himself they went to protect mueller in a spending bill which requires 60 votes to pass, which means they may threaten a government shutdown over this if republicans decide not to play ball. gillian: had another can take more threat to the government shutdown. leland: dian kildee on this one. congressman, you've been sort of a big voice for bipartisanship going forward and already now democrats looking at shutting
10:12 am
down the government on things. is that the way forward? >> i don't know that they're talking about shutting it down including a provision and must pass though it should be included in the bill that funds the government. gillian: tranter veto senate bill are possible the government shut down. >> that could be said about any element of the legislation happens all the time attached to a spending bill to make sure it gets a fair hearing. so we'll see. i don't think that we ought to go into the next congress fully focused on investigation. >> it seems that the way leadership or the loudest voices in your party are approaching it. >> is something that gets a lot of attention i agree with adam we do have to do her job. not suggesting that we ought not go down the path. i think it ought not be the most important thing we lead with. we were elected because people were looking for some change in the house. i was the overarching issue that
10:13 am
got attention. i want to take on infrastructure. pursue the investigation. but also lead with an agenda people talk about when they're sitting around the kitchen table. leland: in terms of the most attention being given to those to the loudest in the room. a lot of this will come down to the leadership of the democratic party. a number of people who are elect it into the house from swing districts ran on a position of not supporting nancy pelosi. let's listen to one of them who you know well. >> i never want to be disrespectful for anyone who served, broken the glass ceilings. in my district you need to hear what people are telling you and they want a new generation of leadership. >> nobody stepping forward to lead weird when you think that
10:14 am
is? >> a lot of folks looking for a change have been offered chanter alternative. leland: is nancy pelosi that feared? >> i don't know that she's feared. leland: come on. >> i know her pretty well. not afraid with her. of the 227 democrats in congress, not other one has that i've might make a speaker to. why is that? >> they assume they can get the votes they get to peter. no way the democrats will ever be in the majority of nancy pelosi is the leadership of the democratic caucus. well, i'm one who believes that time is coming for us to have
10:15 am
new leadership. the real question is what is the most important thing right now having a leadership fight or is it an agenda together responsive to the needs of the american people. the more important issue for us. >> coming back to the crux of the issue. deciding how the agenda for the american people going forward. a few people in american politics have lower favorables running on a platform of not having nancy pelosi a speaker of the democratic party. here's the pictures of all of them. yet, why is that democrats can answer the call of a huge number of their own constituents. >> first of all, i know a lot of those folks and i understand the position they take. there's lots of forms that can take. it's not just the person who happens to be the speaker who sets the agenda. one of the things many of us are pitching there is important.
10:16 am
the committees and committee leaders have a chance to advance an agenda. leland: does that mean eliminating the high yerkes for leadership i'm one of those younger or newer. >> younger compared to some of the people. i'm one of the newer members looking for a chance to assert leadership role. i've been able to assign leadership roles. that would make news. not going to happen. good to see you. when you do, come back. thanks. gillian: so close. forecasts for firefighters battling and raging across california. combat veteran and newly electric congressman michael
10:17 am
wahl joins us from florida. we'll talk to them about afghanistan and how he plans to shake up washington for his fellow veterans. also, president trump now on its way back to washington after a weekend in paris. the armistice day marking a hundred years since the end of world war i peer chief white house correspondent john roberts is with us every step of the way. >> president trump plays tribute to the heroes who helped when world war i at the american cemetery where the french president takes a not so veiled swipe at president trump's america first policy. we'll have that story just as soon as we return. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid, plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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>> earlier today president trump and leaders around the world gathered in paris to pay tribute to those who gave their lives in world war i. 100 years to the day since the hostilities of the great war ended with the signing of the armistice between the allies and germany. john roberts traveling with the president in paris where to start a sunday night. good evening, john.
10:22 am
>> president trump joining the nuclear leaders for a simple but at the same time grand ceremony to mark the 100th anniversary of the day is that the guns silent to end all wars. in his speech commemorating the 100th anniversary the french president emmanuel macron gave rise to both world war i and two. listen here. >> i know there are old demons which are coming back to the surface. they are ready to wreak chaos. they're a new ideologies that manipulate religion that spread history sometimes threatens to take it sinister course once again. let us once more pledge as nations to place peace above all
10:23 am
else because we know the price. we know that demands. >> in recent weeks, president trump has described himself as a nationalist saying nationalism today merely means loving your country. warned against conflating nationalism with a treat to them saying is the exact opposite of nationalism. nationalism is the betrayal of patriotism by saying our interests first, who cares about the others. if it was a dig at president trump the president didn't seem to mind the these american cemetery sinking macron this weekend. listen here. >> melania and i were deeply honored to be the guest of president macron at the centennial commemoration of armistice day. he was very beautiful, well
10:24 am
done. >> while president trump and russian president vladimir putin did shake hands at the beginning of the commemorative ceremonies they did not stand in a significant time together other than -- the two of them plan to save down at length when they next meet each other at cg 20 summit in buenos aires at the end of the month. leland: john roberts in paris. safe travels home. gillian: is president trump had told him, 16 new veterans are preparing to take their places in 115 congress as freshmen members. joining me now with a look at the issues these veterans will tackle, from a u.s. special forces colonel and newly elected florida congressman, michael wahl. how was the transition going? >> k., gillian, going great. it is one thing to fight for
10:25 am
democracy overseas. a whole other thing to live it. but it's the honor of my life to be representing the members, the citizens of florida district six in the house of representatives. it's truly an honor. gillian: out of the gate, what are the issues for you. you talked about health care event, border security. can you kind of flesh out what the issues you are focused on in the other class of veterans is looking up. >> aside from -- before we get to the actual issues the difference you are going to see is the egos of veterans burying. thrill to see so many running on both sides of the aisle because you know, on the ship on the plane, nobody cares about party, race, religion, socioeconomic background. what you're going to see is a
10:26 am
mission focus in the military we put mission and country first. see you not on both sides of the aisle going forward i think will help tackle both of those issues. i can disagree but the democrats all day long. but i also know we can sit down and find common ground. we both put our lives on the line for the country. at the end of the day of this is incredibly important, we have to settle these differences through debate and through voting, not through violence, create, through betrayal. as veterans, we know that our real enemies have names like osama bin laden and mullah omar, not joe or sue. that is a big difference you'll see in this coming congress. >> i can say how great it is as an american citizen or voter to hear you talk like this. it's not something we've heard from the leadership across both sides of the aisle. if you can do that, if you're
10:27 am
other veteran colleagues can help infuse the congress with a sense of bipartisanship and teamwork, the american people are going to thank you with future elections and with gratitude for decades to come. one quick trip for you from "saturday night live" gaining some traction here. they get your reaction. >> thank you so much for coming. >> things are making republicans look good. the reason you're wearing an eye patch is the ied enough guinness and during the third combat tour. and i'm sorry. >> thank you, pete. i appreciate you saying that. >> sori good? >> were good. leland: negative stereotypes persist about veterans today. why? >> you know, because they are just stereotypes out of
10:28 am
ignorance. veterans need and often how they want a sense of purpose for their country massacre missing when they come back. not only with them but all americans. how do we get back to serving our americans and country. to look at national service. that is not in uniform. that could be rural medicine, national parks were the peace corps. that has a social effect from a young age, downtown detroit from west georgia to l.a. getting back to resent the service and that is what i think you will get with leaders at the local and national level. for people who think we have it bad in the united states, travel abroad and look at how proud we have in this country. that's how we keep america great
10:29 am
going forward and not the are going to see. my pastor this morning and eustace, florida in my district gave out army men. we have more soldiers overseas right now in the u.k., british army, canadian army combined. and moving the world forward in line with our values. i would ask everyone, think her veterans tomorrow but take an extra step. inc. their families. they are truly suffering under the weight of the service are not something i'm focused on if we have less than and how do we do with these wars into its second decade. >> i hate to cut you off heading into her commercial. just know that millions of americans around the country cheering you on. your fellow freshman veteran
10:30 am
class and were on your side to thank you so much. leland: well said. acting attorney general matthew whitaker already under fire by democratic leaders. does he deserve a chance before the criticism. strong wind picking up the already deadly fires in california. will the weather change? i landed.
10:31 am
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gillian: strong winds in california make it tougher for firefighters to battle devastating wildfires on both ends of the state forced hundreds of thousands of evacuations. adam klotz and the fox news extreme weather center. what can you tell us? reporter: unfortunately the forecast on a sunday is even worse for firefighters, worse than we saw yesterday. here's the conditions across the state. southern california. another area north of los
10:35 am
angeles, but we are having high fire danger in red flag warning stretching all the way down to san diego which means a humidity is low, winds have picked back up. also the case in northern california from the bay area stretching the sacramento. all across portions of northern california. again, humidity is low. the winds are high again this is sticking with us. the set up your desperately needing some rain, but you can tell it's completely clear across the western half of the country. going to stay that way in with a big high pressure system you get the winds wrapping around the system. the air is forcing the nevada mountains did you get to some wind tunnels firing up the rare and you see the winds breathe increase and they have done so today fairly widespread looking especially in southern california. winds up to 20 and 30 miles an hour at times gusting up to 40 and 50 miles an hour. that's enough to really fueled the flames and push these fires and we spread rapidly today. this is the forecast model. the windows stick with us today.
10:36 am
it dies down a little bit. still windy conditions often on through several locations not as windy as were seen today. unfortunately does stay dry the next couple days as you look at dry conditions across the entire state. no rain in the forecast today or tomorrow or tuesday. if we look further out, maybe no rain, but the winds die down on when day. in the next couple days. gillian: adam, thanks for that. leland. >> first of all, he should recuse himself or any review of the investigation because the statements he has made already in the public domain about the fact that this investigation should not. >> you don't have confidence in him. >> no, i don't. >> democratic lawmakers critical of president trance acting
10:37 am
attorney general matthew whitaker been on the job less than a week. democrats calling for his immediate recusal from the investigation despite claims by the white house the president hasn't even discussed with whitaker. we bring in our top radio panel firm out in portland, oregon. her start with you. were democrats at least giving this guy a chance? >> take him only. great to see you again. now, the constitution specifically says you have to have senate confirmation before somebody can become attorney general. jeff sessions is a federal prosecutor had to go through senate confirmation for that, but he had to go through it again. >> they can allow the president to appoint somebody in the division. >> not for cabinet officers. jeff sessions are not of had to go through a second set of hearings. >> now, for cabinet officers you can point them to be an acting
10:38 am
number -- >> jeff sessions of the craziest federal prosecutor. leland: if you're saying somebody should recuse themselves, then you're effectively saying -- >> nancy pelosi -- speaking to a nancy pelosi essay and agree with her. our president has hired a drifter who's under investigation by the fbi to be in charge of the fbi. that's a consideration that american should be thinking about. leland: pick which argument you want to make. the question remains for republicans, how did they respond to this? >> welcome and this is great news to see democrats behaving like this right out of the gate. precisely why donald trump won the election in 2016. the overreaching extremist rhetoric. he is the president. this is the way they're going to behave for the next two years and i think that bodes well for 2020. but, matthew -- in a couple than
10:39 am
the constitution something wrong with that? then what is right about putting a guy being investigated by the fbi in charge of the fbi? >> where did you find this guy, leland? tree and do it is a legitimate question. he knew whoever he was going to put in the post was going to get unbelievable scrutiny. why open it up to such a question do have somebody who has reasonable people can agree a checkered past. >> you're not going to find anyone in the legal community that has an uptime and the prosecutor one way or the other. let's give this man a chance do the job and see what happens. i don't think robert mueller is going to be fired. that is a mistake here nothing's going to get covered up here so long as democrats controlled the house of representatives. they all have hearings. the american people and know exactly what will happen with this investigation and i think
10:40 am
we'll know fairly quickly. >> -- doesn't that count for anything? leland: go ahead, john. >> well, let's give the man a chance to do the job. i think will be very pleased at the kind of work he does. leland: so far at least republicans seem okay. i haven't heard any democrats who are pleased. tom, john, appreciate it, guys. we'll have you back when we have more time. gillian: still ahead from the florida election recount is in full swing. live pictures of the vote counting in broward county. plus, honoring those who served this veterans day weekend. we will take a look back at the war and 100 years of the past. how that time period has changed how we honor our veterans today. for strength and energy!
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leland: already come at the recounting is underway in florida with one election official telling reporters to bring their pillows. could be a long couple of days there recovering in florida criminal defense attorney brian silver. ryan terminates to be with you. take a look first at the senate race, which is the closest there appeared a little more than 10,000 votes separating l. nelson and rick sky. make that 12,500. look at the governor's race were andrew dillon has taken back his confession to ron desantis close they are, but not quite as close with about 32,000 votes separating them. we know that your registered democrat. realistically, does either nelson or gillum have a chance in this recount to become the aureus? >> that really has a two-part
10:46 am
answer. the first stages a recount for the machines run all the ballots again. my expert patient is babbled not change. the machines are very accurate. however, when we get to the manual recount, that is where change can occur because for the very first time we will be counting an overcoat and then undergo. the dust settles that point is anybody's game. we don't know until it's done and that's why the law requires it. leland: boy, this feels like 2000 where you had the over votes and under votes and chats. i know now that he is the scantron ballots like the way we used to fill out multiple choice test. is going to be arguments over pencil marks in nudges and erasers and everything else. >> here's the deal with that the public doesn't understand. when you do a scantron if you than to the university or college you know you got the bubble that double incompletely. if you're not familiar with the process, there are voters to go into the polling booths and put a check, a dot, circled the name
10:47 am
or maybe they changed their mind and cross out the first one in bubble the second one. leland: the scantron arguments will start out again if the under vote an overcoat. effectively they get to the point for the under vote and over about has to be able to make a difference before the argument begins. >> know, in a manual recount account for everything and at the very end they add up all the additional votes and make a new tabulation of the case. leland: rick scott who had been declared the winner in the senate race. bill nelson never conceded the race, but this is rick scott this morning on "fox news sunday." take a listen. >> senator nelson is clearly trying to commit fraud to win this election. his lawyer said that a noncitizen should go. that's one. numbers two, he's gone to trial and said the fraudulent ballots should be counted. ballots of argument thrown out because they were not done properly. he said votes should be counted.
10:48 am
>> you've got a point? >> i think the point is that to rick scott. show america the evidence. stop making accusations without evidence. if you've got groups in your lieutenant governor to investigate this and make arrests. why is brenda snipes not in handcuffs if what you're saying is true? there is no evidence. leland: couldn't reasonable people agree that ran the same suppers or make severe case of incompetence and lack of transparent if not criminal? >> of that is true, why did rick scott waited until today to make these comments? where was he on monday? where has he been for the past years? she didn't just take office on tuesday. leland: fair to say the broward county elections supervisor has some serious issues, don't you agree? >> absolutely. let me tell you something. we need a statewide commission to review the procedures in
10:49 am
every single county starting with broward and get these problems solved. here's to the point. there is a massive difference between being incompetent and being an evil criminal who commits fraud and undermines our democratic process. there's no evidence of that. leland: fair point there. we have yet to see any evidence of fraud is to point out. good to see you. appreciate the insights. we will have an attack the next couple weeks. thank you. >> paying tribute to the nations that are as good after the break to look at how world war i shapes the way they view military service and treat veterans. we will examine. carla is living with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of her body.
10:50 am
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leland: the bells of peace rang out early this morning kansas city, missouri, just one of many locations across the country bringing bells to mark the 100 years since world work on came to a close. out of the ashes of the wars, thousands of veterans blossomed across the nation like the american legion.
10:54 am
dan dayton commend executive director the world executive director the world war i centennial commission joins us live now. thanks so much for being with us. >> thanks so much for having me. gillian: a special day for americans and europeans. >> indeed. just a few minutes at 11:00 this morning admiral mike mullen and the washington national cathedral led the nation and started right at the washington national cathedral and will go all the way across the nation. kicked off here at 11:00 this morning. the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month that the fighting shop in world war i. that marked what we call the armistice on veterans day. gillian: want to get into your historical perspective here little bit since you have such a rich background in all this. historians often like to say they resent america, kicked off the 19th century. what is your feeling about that? how did they shape the track draper today?
10:55 am
>> world war i really change the world in a myriad of ways. is it marked the beginning of the 20th century. it did mark the rights that led to women's suffrage. it marked the beginning of what would eventually become the civil rights movement. it put america on the world stage for the first time. and yet, in washington d.c. there is no world war i memorial. gillian: that's something i wanted to ask you about. one thing your organization doesn't advocate for a world war i memorial here in the nation's capitol. give us your pitch on that if you will. >> at an advocate were going to build it. we have approval from the commission of fine arts. we have the concept approval for the design. the designs have gone through the regulatory agencies and there are things that still could be done. we anticipate we've hired a construction company. we have a sculptor, magnificent sculptor who's done a work
10:56 am
called a soldier's journey which depicts a soldier for the time he leaves home until he comes back again in his journey through that war. it's a magnificent piece and we are dedicated november 11 of 2021. >> of you want to learn more about check out world war i thank you so much for being here today. happy veterans day to you, sir. we are going to leave it there. that is all we have time for this afternoon but we hope you'll join us next weekend. leland: we will see you next weekend. the counting continues in florida. dare we dream cruise on the ground in broward county throughout the state. "fox news sunday" coming up. more on that interview with rick scott who says he should be the florida. we'll see you. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed.
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chris: i'm chris wallace. president trump puts a new man in charge at the justice department. throwing the future of the special counsel investigation into question. >> i find the timing very suspect. they should not be able to tint fear with mueller going forward. chris: but the president defends acting attorney general matthew whitaker. president trump: the choice was greeted with raves initially. it's a shame. no matter who you put in, they go after him. chris:


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