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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 11, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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that is it for this week's soap show. i think you for watching. we hope to see you right here next week. burning up and down the state wildfires. claiming at least a 25 lives so far. hello everyone. thank you for joining us for brand-new americas hq. they are making some headway. they did overnight. much of southern california remains under four -- warnings for high winds. it could put the cruise at even greater risk. >> our hearts go out with deep appreciation to us.
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firefighters that are working under its incredible stress and a lot of hard work and not much sleep. i think you so much. we are there for you. you are our hero. they are up north in paradise california near the campfire that is being called the most destructive in the states history. amazing that malibu has basically been evacuated because of this. we are really starting to get a better idea of the amount of devastation caused by the fire which started way over the canyon areas and moved quickly over to the coastal community. pretty much nothing is recognizable except for over here in the driveway. it looks like it used to be the family's vehicles. if you take a look at some of
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these images. it really gives you an idea of what they're up against. they are using everything in their toolbox to bombers to people on the ground to try to drop retardant. it has exploded inside. or than 83,000 acres which is about the size of omaha nebraska. in and only 10% containment. is not giving them much time to get out. he had time to grab one item. take a listen. >> it was the most important thing for me at the time. i did not know the house was going to burn down. but this is the only think that survived and that's pretty amazing. it can all be replaced. firefighters are moving forward. as we take a look out here.
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we can to see how hazy it is. and every once in while we will get a decent size gust. we will start to see some of that ash and smoke moving overhead over more than a quarter million people evacuated and authorities out here are just hoping that they stay evacuated. the last thing they need to do right now is worry about getting people to safety. the destruction is really just unimaginable with a quarter of a million as you said evacuated. >> nearly all of the debts from the california wildfire in the wildfire. it has spread to more than 100,000 acres destroying destroyed nearly 700,000 homes the town of paradise is now a charred ruin. i just grabbed my rv.
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i did not had any time to get any valuables. we just took a drive through one of the hardest hit neighborhoods here in paradise where it looks like a bomb went off and some are still smoldering. with melted cards and downed power lines. more than 170 miles per way. this fire burned nearly an acre per second incinerated within 6,000 homes making it the most destructive in different cisco history. the normandy enormity of the loss is hard to process. you can't understand until you're here because you just head to you just can't fathom it in your mind. my parents lost their house.
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also coping with the human loss. the sheriff's department tries to locate about 50 people they had been hampered by pop up evacuation centers. not run by the red cross. they are encouraging anyone with missing relatives to provide a dna sample to identify the dead. more than 4,000 firefighters are making progress and now have the campfire 25% contained. thank you.
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and here we go again. that recount is now underway. they are for senator, governor and agricultural commissioner. it has been the epicenter of all of the midterm drama. into the supposedly voter problems. they have no they've no credible evidence of that yet. how is that going. this remains the scene of the action. in the last hour we learned that the governor scott governor scott campaigned for senate has now filed three brand-new lawsuits. one against palm beach county. more of those in the second behind me here is the large group of political demonstrators who have been here all day the majority has by far been with the trump scott desantis crowd.
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it's about to begin and that is what the crowd is now gathered in surrounded. looking life inside the broward county elections office. three and a half million pages of ballots are now zipping through the machines separating page one of each ballot from the rest. this will take about 35 hours and then on monday night all of the page ones on the ballot well then be scanned through the tabulation machine and the vote then recounted. every county must be done with the recount by thursday. the senate race the closest in state history and it was the republican government leading incumbent senator by 12,000 votes out of 8 million cast. he spoke with chris wallace this morning. >> he is a sore loser. he's been a politics rate too long. he just won't give up.
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he is vying for a fourth term. and he is a huge impact of the scott team. they black legitimate votes from being counted. we believe what every legal ballot counted. we will win this election. the governor's race where ron desantis leads by .41 of a percentage point. that is also subject to a recount. and the league since tuesday night. his only 83,000 votes. now for the new lawsuits filed they submit votes to tallahassee yesterday. after the 12:00 deadline. the other two lawsuits he wants a judge to force them to preserve all ballots cast on
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behalf of a lawsuit filed by senator nelson. he is asking for a judge to rule unconstitutional the state requirement that on mailed in ballots in provisional ballots the signature on the ballot has to perfectly match the signature from your county registration form. he said that is unconstitutional and says legitimate votes because of that they were slightly off. they were not counted. that is a lot from the voting booth to the core room. all this next week. >> present trump is on his way back to washington from the ceremonies in france. world leaders gathering in paris today marking 100 years since the end of world war i and the french president with what sounded like a rebuke to present trump in the america first policies. they are life in paris with more. >> good afternoon to you.
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a little bit more than halfway home at this hour after spending two days here. in the city of lights. they mark the moment that they fell silent. the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11 month in his speech the french president taking a swipe at the nationalism that president trump has so probably embraced in recent weeks. he suggested being a nationalist being a patriot. but listen to how he put it. >> it is the exact opposite of nationalism. it is a betrayal of patriotism. by saying who cares about the others. we erase what they hold dearest. the moral values. it was a second time in a week that they have taken aim at policies.
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when they said europe created a true european army. president trump present trump call that insulting. beautiful ceremony today. many world leaders think you. and then the president from there i moved on to the serenity american cemetery which is just in the northwest part of paris present trump hit with criticism. back home for canceling at the cemetery yesterday. it was canceled between that. it was a cold rain. the american and french patriots of world war i embodied the timeless virtues of our two republics.
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honor and courage strength and valor love and loyalty grace and glory. it is our duty to preserve the civilization and to protect the peace they so nobly gave their lives to secure one century ago the president a little bit late leaving paris this afternoon. they will be back in washington dc where they will face the uncertainty of the limited democratic majority in the house of representatives and new criticism over his appointment and matt whitaker. they already have a full plate on his agenda for the beginning of the week tomorrow. >> that is for sure. john roberts, thank you very much. one hundred years after the end of world war i. the one legacy of that devastating workgroup remains.
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they have so sadly deployed. we will will take a look coming up. thousands of migrants from a central american caravan. define the rules for asylum seekers. we have the latest on the journey. the recount recurring nightmare in florida. we will fill you in on whether they have those election officials. alright, i brought in ensure max protein... give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. [grunting noise] i'll take that. 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. ensure max protein. in two great flavors. ensure max protein. smile dad. i take medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol. but they might not be enough to protect my heart.
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>> no one should stand in the way of the people exercising their right to vote. clearly rick scott is trying to stop all of the votes from being counted and he is impeding the democratic process. they will win this election. the statewide recounts get underway. they are clearing clearly trying to find that.
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his lawyer said he has gone to trial and said they should be counted. they have already been thrown out. the no credible allegations of fraud. you have governor scott. it certainly seems if you were to ask republicans in the state of florida. even president trump. marco rubio. they have come to the same conclusion. they have concerns particularly with the have of the supervisor. president drew president drew keynotes and they may be
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trying to steal the selection. from this point of view they are very much widespread conduct. there is no evidence of this at all. law enforcement says that there is no evidence of this. i think what we are seeing this rhetoric from both the republicans in the democrats is really just evidence of how partisan and political this battle has gotten. you have seen andrew gillam who took back his concession to ron desantis this week. the comments from the president and marco rubio and rick scott really amount to voter suppression. every single vote should be counted. and they want to see that happen. brenda snipes of the supervisor of elections. they have come into criticism. just last week, lost 58,000 absentee ballots in 2004.
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and the questions about the potential faulty ballot design. let me play you a soundbite. [inaudible conversations] the person yelling those questions you are getting a lot of people from both sides colliding. what you say. what he said to them and to people across the country when they look at these allegations wonder what's going on. we are now looking life on the screen. a television camera that is showing exactly what the election officials thought.
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they want to make sure that their votes count. i think you can say that regardless of this rhetoric that were seen from politicians they viewed the senate race as extremely important not only to republican margins. but also the outlet looking ahead. they want to know that this was one that was held fairly and with integrity. and they want to reassure voters that their vote will be counted it seems like given the rhetoric i'm going legal battle. i think a lot of political scientist.
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people watching this go on. they really want to avoid a scenario like we head in 2000 where we were ultimately back at the supreme court. >> an upgrade now on that migrant caravan. some 4,000 people from central america removing their long slow track. present trump has ordered that the port deployment of thousands of troops along the border. in the weather could make things a lot worse. well have the forecast next. over a defending europe. >> who want to help europe it has to be fair.
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>> the strong winds are back that means they are adding fuel to the water fire --dash like wildfire. now with the forecast. the winds have picked up for the sunday forecast. from northern california to southern california. that is can the spark some of these fires as well. everything here highlighted in red. over towards the sacrament. that's where the fire is.
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here is a set up there. it was wrapped around the high-pressure system. it begins to create wind tunnels. you can get winds up to 50 or 60 miles per hour. especially here this afternoon. it doesn't totally go away but it does lighten up a little bit for your money. things state bone dry here throughout the weekend.
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even in the long range forecasts were not looking at any rain moving in. probably in the middle of the upcoming week. thanks adam. we present what you're saying it's very important to us. whatever way we could do it is the best. after a bilateral meeting the two leaders appeared to be on the same page after a bit of a quarrel. when they proposed a european army to defend against russia, china and even the u.s. present trump blessing that is very insulting. they should first pay its fair
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share of nato. the president a grain that they need to take on a bigger share. of the military burden. been assured just being a short despite the united states that's why i do believe that we need more european defense she is the national security analyst. and president of the independent research. it's good to have you. i want to start and talk about what the president just said. your analysis first of all of the notion. they were establishing their own military. financially or physically. i found the idea of the defense force at least 40 years old.
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and they have done some good things like increase the cooperation with britain he wants to increase european capacity but they artie agreed to move up to the 2%. in they said it's unfair especially in the light of president trump's decision to pull out of a cold war era. that's what we did not see in the rest of that particular soundbite. has the fate. is that justified on i justified on any level. >> i say it has not diminished. they are concerned about the treaty which was just between the united states and the soviet union. now russia.
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the point is on the big international security issues. they agree the turd russia. hold the fort on cyber security. temp down the threat of terrorism. they agreed there. they have some pointed disagreements on iran and global climate change but they put those aside and primarily to remember and commemorate the very strong u.s. french military alliance. >> does he have a point that any idea of a european military is premature and presumptuous. if they have not paid in full. there fees to support their defense. and pay up immediately. as agreed on by the native nation. it has never come to be. he only came back and in and
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2009. but everybody wants him to stick together. he is a european and trans- atlantic defense force. we want to see more capacity from france and other nation. is that just a theory. it's a new day. but there are some wonderful historic ties. or april 2018. u.s. britain and france doing they quick airstrike to deter chemical weapons use. it is a new day. twenty-nine members. just some as -- some up for us.
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that u.s. and france. take away that france is asserting its leadership role but there is a very strong military alliance and a very strong bilateral relationship here. it's an important world power. and they will continue to hear a fridge take. we will leave it there. always nice to talk too. and not only marks 100 years since the armistice that finally ended world war i. a grim and unfortunate result of that war. that is the continued use in our time of chemical weapons. it was a war known for especially savage and unforgiving new way to kill. chemical weapons.
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when cruel legacy was that first widespread deployment. of the modern-day battlefield. it's so shockingly continues today. it's just unconscionable. he criticizes that. the repeated use of chemical weapons against his own people. i can't imagine what that would do to something that was hiding in the basement with her children in a dimly lit area waiting for a chemical weapon to rain down on them. and to suffocate them. it is a lesson not learned since then. countries have been able to soak it away that even though we know what they do. he is also the director of the
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georgia robber center for the study of the great war. it just eats the skin away. maybe they have some familiarity with those and inhaling that. they first use the poison gas against the british in 1915 to try to break the long stalemate on the western front. even though their use constitutes a roar climb -- war crime. that did not stop their use of eventually bible sites. it's kind of like the terror weapon. their visitors can study the gas mask and grenades that were used during the war.
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and so from that there was a natural outrage. we have international agreements that these are not to be used on human beings. and unfortunately we have not enforced those. at the united nations there has been harsh condemnation of the continued use of chemical weapons. some years later to little effect. >> i just find unconscious civil that after all of these years with the hundredth anniversary year. that any government can even think of using chemical weapons against its own people or indeed against anyone else. >> do you see a date where there well never be used. humans will be humans.
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as a symbol of hope and information. and on this veterans day we will take you to washington. this is how our veteran soldiers are being remembered. u cash in. what's in your wallet?
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should happen everydred five hundred years, right? fact is, there have been twenty-six in the last decade. allstate is adapting. with drones to assess home damage sooner. and if a flying object damages your car, you can snap a photo and get your claim processed in hours, not days. plus, allstate can pay your claim in minutes. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? >> marking veterans day with the dedication and sacrifice the main event every year as the lane of our rate at that two timothy unknown in arlington national cemetery. molly joins us with a look at the ceremony and another in kansas city.
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>> veteran affairs secretary robert wilkie said this day reminds all americans that they sleep soundly at night. they died in wars without the remains. they have served during times of war. if you ask any of them why they did it they would tell you it was the right thing to do. this day is for them. it is for those that serve in all of the outposts in the military at home and in distant lands who left families and loved ones and to overcome challenges that many of us would find unimaginable. today also is the 100th
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anniversary of the end of world war i. in the war to end all wars. one of the sites in the u.s. marketing this anniversary. the national word world war i museum. they rang a bell at 11:00 a.m. to mark the end of that war and to work and to honor that 116,000 men and women who died in that war. the president spoke of world war i significance. if you consider that the u.s. it previously was in isolation drawn onto the world stage two position at as a financial powerhouse. and certainly a military right. there were ceremonies all across the country at churches, schools and local government. ringing bells at 11:00 a.m.
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as part of the bowels of peace. molly, thank you. as we pause to this veterans day and then they create a company you are looking at the retired they will share the inspiring story. your insurance rates skyrocket after a scratch so small you could fix it with a pen. how about using that pen to sign up for new insurance instead? for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today.
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the end of world war i. let's not forget to honor our current veterans who served in the front lines. the next guest retired from there. and then became our number one recruiter. and then he retired. and then they get out off the couch. now veterans. they are still serving the arms. it is a company that makes bomber jackets. first of all thank you for your service. and thank you for the service of everyone who works there.
1:50 pm
>> what does betcher and state mean to you. what is the significance of us remembering and honoring it every year. >> i is a professional in the veteran reflect back on what i did in the military and also gives me the opportunity to reach out for fellow veterans. you were wounded in vietnam. i was wounded. i was twice. and i was at the hospital in fort knox kentucky. despite going through that. you became the number one military recruiter.
1:51 pm
i felt that it was my responsibility i felt like i accomplished that mission and i worked at it from 1969 to 1973. and then retired on the medical disability. she poked you and said right. and then one day i was just honestly they need to do something.
1:52 pm
i really want to retire. that was the start of everything. and all federal agencies. in and the list goes on and on. it is a fun business. it really is. and then after that the purple heart foundation making the purple heart jackets as well. it was really something. this is one of the jackets here. we've two american flags. not just one but two american flags.
1:53 pm
if you take the time and communicate. a veteran is one savvy person. they sent a fortune. it's just a no-brainer. it really is. and i'm a firm believer in hiring vets. i think every employer should take a real hard luck veterans and bring them in because these guys are smart. and they are dedicated. just plain and simple. they've helped our country and our freedoms. they had troubles. in other issues. what would you say to some veterans who are watching. it may be having a bit of a difficult time.
1:54 pm
>> i know for a hack -- for a fact and it's in the millions. it really is. last year it was over 3 million veterans that watched the show. and i say to these veterans get off the couch, go talk to someone. and let's put it together and let's work with one another displayed and simple in the veterans have got so much going for themselves all we need to do is just communicate plain and simple. >> thank you for your service thank you for what you do for veterans and for those veterans watching we know that we love you and care for you. you are credited and embraced by this nation. we think you for your service we are honoring and remembering all of you on this veterans day. >> thank you frontline me to be on fox news.
1:55 pm
>> tonight there will be more veterans on fox news. a very special modern day special. we will talk to a group of highly decorated veterans about the war stories. and what veterans day means to them. >> there are so may people out there that are doing their part. it's a team. when something goes bad with one of our boys were all coming. you need snow what comes with me. they know how much i love them, and one to find out your willingness to die for someone. that's a gift we want. it's loyalty. modern warriors tonight lawyers tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. if you haven't signed up do because wait until you we until you see on fox nation. i'm not going to spill the
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the white house is announcing the medal of freedom. among those on the list they have several recipients.
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the award ceremony will be this friday. it will be very special. thank you for joining us. enjoy the rest of your day. >> what question is that? >> just curious. >> just sit down please. sit down. i did not call you. i did not call you. should we keep this going for a little while? excuse me, i'm not responding to you. please, sit down. it is so sad. greg: it is. that's how you handle hecklers. [cheering and applause]


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