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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  November 11, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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it's its own machine. it's truly magnificent. >> well said. marcus, rob, sean and dakota, it's ban pleasure to laugh and to learn and i know our audience out there across america appreciates the opportunity to spend this time with you. good night from this "modern warriors." thank you for joining us. steve: well that didn't last long. straight after the midterms president trump extended an al live branch to the democrats saying he was ready to make a deal. nancy pelosi agreed. look where we are this weekend. it's back to russia, russia, obstruction, investigation. on top of that we have election shenanigans in florida, wildfires in california and the president of france using the 100th anniversary of the end of the first world war to attack president trump. i'm steve hilton. we've got all of those stories and more covered with our fantastic guest to night.
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tammy bruce in new york and here with me sara carter and carly kurt. and on top of that, a swamp watch tonight that you won't want to his. yes, it's maxine waters. but first let's get the latest on the florida recount situation. i'm joined now by florida congressman matt gates who has taken the lead on this for the republicans, in jacksonville tonight. thanks for joining us. i want to get straight to the real question i think which is -- i know this is not a simple question to answer but to the best of your ability what is exactly happening now? >> yeah. i think they just cut open an alligator in the everglades and found two more boxes of ballots in broward county. i kid with you steve, we're finally done with the counting an on to the recounting. the good news is that in the governor's race ron desantis leads by a margin that well exceeds any opportunity for fraud. but what we see is really is new strategy from the resistance. first they showed up at the town
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hall meetings, tried to disrupt us. we passed the passenger cuts anyway. then they told us there with would be a blue wave to wash out the republicans. that was met with a red wall in florida. and now the democrats are trying to steal the elections that they can't win fairly at the ballot box. the democratic party here in florida, they've even held training sessions about how to perfect ballots and interpret ballots in a way that benefits democrats. we want every legal vote to be counted but frankly with what we've seen out of the supervisors of elections in broward and palm beach counties, i have very little confidence in their ability to effectively and legitimately lead the recount effort. steve: am i right in saying there's in evidence yet of anything illegal, it's just inkomp tense. ijustincompetence is that right? >> there have been some court rulings that have found that supervisors of elections in both broward and pam beach county
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engaged in illegal activity. in broward it was when the supervisor of elections stood in the way of florida's transparency laws that required us to get accurate counts on who voted and where they voted and when the count was ultimately final in election day. in palm beach county there was illegal activity when the supervisor of elections was validating damaged ballots at the staff level without having the canvassing board review that process. so i believe there's already been enough illegal activity on the part of the supervisor of elections to justify the removal. what we haven't seen is the proof of the ballot stuffing or fraud. but when they stand in the way of the transparency, then it becomes hard to acquire the proof. steve: so last question to you. what would you like to see happen next? where does this go? do we have to wait ar or do you think there needs to be aggressive action against what the democrats are trying to do? >> because a hand recount will
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occur in the u.s. senate race i believe that scott needs to suspend the two supervisors of election that were unable to do their job and found to have violated court orders to allow us to have a nonparpartisan process. steve: thanks for staying on this. if there's an update we would love to get you back to talk about it. >> thank you. i'll be back. steve: i'm sure you will. here now to discuss, fox news contributor sorry carter were charlie kurt and from new york, fox news contributor, our friend tammy bruce. charlie, it just makes me laugh. you hear it all of the time about president trump breaking democratic norms and all of the rest of it. used to be one basic democrat norm. the pesh that got the most votes by the end of the election date wins the election. >> my favorite part 06 this whole thing which has not received any media coverage is
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that lawyers if for gill lam cam paip and the nelson campaign objected to noncitizen votes not being counted. first of all, noncitizens shouldn't be allowed near the voting. and the lawyers objected saying object, object and this got some social media coverage yesterday. but this is where it's headed, there's going to be a movement to get noncitizens to have representation in our elections but i think congressman gaetz hit it out of the park. they love los lost in between ay went all in for florida thinking they could turn florida blue. and because of president trump and his multiple rallies in the state the faucet with the little drip hit it very big. >> look at the facts. brenda snipes had been reprimanded by the courts in between, she was reprimanded by the courts. there's a call for her to be fired, to be let go. this is something they're pushing. governor ron desantis, when
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it's finally made, you know, legit, they're going to be pushing for that to happen. it undermines the electoral system too. it undermines the whole system. steve: i want to get tammy in. what's your take? >> i think this has clearly, going on for a while and it's a reminder to the republicans or it should be that the democrats are at war with this process. you know, they want what they want at the end. it's like hillary. we're entitled to this so we're going to get it and it's going to magically come to us, brought to us by lep khan leprechauns. the republicans, there's an old gop that lost on tuesday and there's going to be a new gop that is street smart, aggressive about what matters, aggressively defending the rule of law and legitimacy of the process. it the strange naivety in believing that everybody means well. well you know everybody else in florida got this process correct
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on tuesday. every other district except for these two major democrats districts. and it's as though they knew that they needed a backup just in case. and everybody is afraid to say that, you know, this is maybe a deliberate kind of dynamic. but having been on the left, i can tell you, the ends justify the means. and in their own mind it's about a willingness to do whatever it takes because you know in their mind it is civilization that is at stake and this is why they're willing to cut the corners or to be directly of course using direct fraud and even misleading their own base as well. steve: and part of its, tammy, i completely agree is the disappointment that they had really on election night. and i want to turn now to the wider question of -- i would love to get your take ons the midterms and the result but i want to start with the view of a very smart commentator
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who's on fox's record-breaking ratings smash election night show, this very smart commentator was there right as the announcement of the house take jofer by thover by the dems announced and this is what he has had to say. >> if we think about where we are right now it feels to me that the democrats are underperforming the expectation. the democrats in the resistance movement were hoping for a massive repudiation of donald trump and everything he stood for. that doesn't seem to be transpiring and what we're getting is a tepid result. of course it gives them control as we're projecting and that has real world consequences but this doesn't feel like the result that they were looking for at all. steve: that was my si instant reaction on the night in the moment. >> i saw what you did there with the introduction of yourself. pretty clever.
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steve: someone has to do it. my instant reaction you just saw, this is not the repudiation of donald trump that they're looking for. you see people on the left saying it turns out it was a bit better than we thought. what do you think a few days on from the instant verdict of not the big repudiation. do you agree? >> it was historic to gain seats in the senate. they did want a repudiation which would have been a takeover of congress as a whole. they had in their mind that everything that happened in 2016 was a bad dream, like who shot j.r. you're going to wake up and have a better story line. that's not how it worked. they imagined a rejection nationwide of what trump stood for. that didn't occur. as a matter of fact it gave us, for conservatives and the trump administration a bit of a hi hit of what they need to worken for
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2020. women in the suburbs. you can't take those women for granted and you've got to know that the democrats are at war with us and you've got to become street smart. those realizations and lessons from this race on tuesday from the midterm could in fact -- i believe donald trump will be reelected but it's a matter of expanding control in congress so swe can continue with the agend. steve: i think that's smart, the message of no complacency and learning from it so nothing goes wrong next time. >> i agree with tammy. and i think what's very important here and a lot of people have forgotten, not just the women but the republican party needs to spend more time reaching out too the latino bhais, thbase, the minorities. most hispanics are conservative at their core but they don't feel there's enough connection there with the republican party. and i think there's attempts to do that and i think it's
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wonderful but that's something that's a lesson learned. this was not a blue wave. steve: that's an interesting point. we've heard that from the republican establishment before but i think the difference in the trump era is that that very important message of outreach will not turn into a softening of the actual policy position because actually you've got -- hispanic people who came through the right process, working hard, they're just as touch on immigration as anyone else. >> absolutely. it's disingenuous for someone to say that hispanicings feel the same way about immigration. this is something that, you know, the republicans have to do as a matter of fact like reaching out to the hispanic community. they understand that. remain firm, you know, build jobs. we've seen an up crease in minority, labor increase, peopl. i think that's really important. something we've got to focus on and continue to focus on as well
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as women. but there was no blue wave here. i think the democrats had egg on their face. look, they admitted it themselves. >> and a lot of the districts that they flipped, the candidates ran close to donald trump. they refused to say anything negative about him. these are red districts that they flipped, a lot of them pep an.the day before the election i traveled to five states, did six rallies with donald trump jr. and we saw that a lot of the democrat candidates for pretending not to be democrats. that should be reaffirmation that it's not the ideas that were put on the referendum, it's that the democrats had a tremendous amount of money. steve: so much money. and ams the amazing technology, all of the stuff that went into getting the vote out, the campaign to get the vote out. huge effort with very little reward. french president macron launched an unbelievable attack on president trump today over nationalism.
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steve: welwelcome back. as president trump attended the commemoration of the 100th an anniversary of the end of the world war, president macron launched a political attack.
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here is what donald trump said a few weeks ago. >> you know they have a word. it sort of became old fashioned. it's called a nationalist. and i say really? we're not supposed to use that word. you know what i am? i'm a nationalist. okay. i'm a nationalist. steve: so what on earth could emanuel macron have meant when he said this today. >> translator: patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism. nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism by saying our interests first, who cares about the others. we erase what a nation holds dearest, what gives it life, what makes it great and what se senl. is essential. steve: let's take his words at face value. he said patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism. is it? i looked it up on google. the definition of nationalism
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is, quote, patriotic feeling, principles or efforts. the first synonym, that means the same meaning as, not the opposite, listed for nationalism is literally patriotism and that's according to the globalists at google. let's take his argument such as it is seriously. the president of france is saying it's wrong to put your own country's interests first. he thinks something else, perhaps the european interest oar the global interest should come first. but who decides what that is. where does the legitimacy come from. how is it accountable and to whom. what is macron's mandate exactly for privileging the european or the global over the nationals. he was elected with french votes, not global votes. just like president trump was elected with american votes. at least he seems to understand that. and understand who he's accountable to. macron's attack on president trump was highly revealing. it lays bare the astonishing
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arrogance of the globalist ruling class who think it's their moral duty to ignore democracy and instead run the world according to whatever makes life easier for the ruthless and heartless global corporations that macron and his gang of elitists serve. and they have the nerve to lecture president trump about morality. one last point on all of this. i was reading this book, "what is the constitution" with one of my sons this week. it tells a story of the constitution and here is something that caught my eye. some leaders like george washington, james madison and alexander hamilton wanted the united states to be a strong nation with a solid central government, one that would oversee all of the states. these leaders were call nationalists. alexander hamilton was a nationalist. that might convince the elite that there is really nothing
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wrong with putting your country first. in fact it's the only truly democratic thing to do. back with us sara, and charlie. >> is america a greater country than any other country. the answer is of course we're the greatest country ever to exist in the history of the world. but macron doesn't believe that. he believes that every country and culture is within the same couple of margin points. are we in the same culture as saudi arabia. of course not. all cultures are not created equal. try doing this type of show where you speak critically of the government in saudi arabia. this is the problem with the globalist. they want a one world global governing body and refuse to recognize that certain countries such as america are more generous, benevolent, upward thinking that countries that
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embrace collective ideas or ideas rooted in islamic fashion. and i think there's some s sman call differences. steve: he was absolutely choosing to play for the gallery back in france by attacking donald trump. >> that's right. he has problems in france. he has problems with not getting, i guess, the respect he thinks he deserves from his people. he's trying to build the base, trying to pump it up. just like charlie said, we are a nation and now particularly with plumppresident trump, he's focun america and america first because what's happening on the global level wasn't suiting or nation. it doesn't suit us to be involved in the iran deal just because the rest of the european countries, it benefited them to deal with iran. it did not benefit us. steve: by the way, never mind
9:22 pm
benefits them. it benefits macron personally. he was personally connected with businesses that are involved in the iran deal personally. >> personally. so was angela merkel. so were others. so they had a vested interest. they had their own national interests. and now they want to turn on us and tell us we cannot have their own national interest. we're not playing ball. remember what happened eight years under obama. let's look at what happened. it was the apology tour, the leading from behind. it did us no good and in fact it involved us in multiple wars, multiple problems across the globe and ones that we are now starting to come out of hopefully. steve: so tammy, i think this is another really interesting example of where in president who the elites like to look down their nose at, he's actually making huge strides inne advancg intellectual arguments that no one has done for decades. it's interesting. >> this entire dynamic for
9:23 pm
someone like macron and everyone involved in the european union is they know on an individual national basis they can't compete with the united states. they know this when it comes to what is produced, when it comes to the moral footing, when it comes to people are always rushing to come to the united states and not to any other country in europe unless of course angela merkel invites them in as she has the islamist world. so this is this entire global effort really was only an effort to depress down the united states. his speech itself, it reminded me in a way of this argument during vietnam of we had to destroy the vail aj to save the village. it made no sense at all. it was the opposite. at the end of the sentence would contradict the beginning of the sentence but they like to hear themselves talk and the french in particular when he talks about this notion that you can't really be thinking first of your own country, maybe they should stop controlling language.
9:24 pm
they have the language police where you can use or not use you know foreign words because it's going to infect the culture of france. so they know the importance of culture, they know the importance of a national identity. the french of all people do. but they're now embarrassed that throughout history this baby of a country which we are has overcome them all. steve: exactly. well charlie is dying to get in with the last point. very quickly. >> macron should be thanking the united states that we came in in world war ii. he has a national identity because america was a moral country. steve: yes very much so especially this on all days. to be fair to macron, i think he did say that belatedly because he recognized how offensive it was when the usa came to france's rescue. he did say that, to be fair, later on. we've got maxine waters ahead on swamp watch. next, totally overlooked was
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so after the midterms president trump did a big press conference and you probably heard about it because of the spat with jim acosta and a few other reporters which is the first i heard about it. there must have been more to it than that. i went back and watched the whole thing and it was absolutely fascinating because the president started out incredibly serious and sober and positive and constructive. and he showed a really deep understanding of what this new dynamic in congress would mean, not just for him politically but for the country and the ability to get things done for the american people. and i want tood play you a little bit of what he said that really shows, i think, how he gets the dynamic here as you'd expect from someone who really prides himself on his ability to make a deal. watch this. >> we went by one or two or three and you'll have one or two or three or four or five even comevencome over saying we're ng
9:30 pm
to go along with this, we want this and this and all of the sudden we wouldn't be able to get it in many cases out 0 the republicans' hands before he sent it on to the senate. and now we have a much easier path because the democrats will come to us with a plan for infrastructure, a plan for health care, a plan for whatever they are looking at and we'll negotiate. and then as you know it's been very hard in the senate was we need essentially ten votes from democrats and we don't get those votes because the democrats do really stick together well. i don't agree with them on a lot of policy but i agree with them on sticking together. they stick together greet. we go into the senate, we don't have the ten votes and what happens. it doesn't get passed. even if it gets out of the house it doesn't get passed. so under the new con soacht what
9:31 pm
we're doing, i say come on, let me see what you have. they want to do things. steve: i thought that was so fascinating, the sort of intricacy there. he tot totally got the new situn and felt confident he could make something happen. it's almost like he should be in his element, the art of the deal. >> yeah. steve: do you agree with that and do you think in a sense that his supporters will support him if he goes down that road trying to make deals? >> look, we saw him do this at the beginning of his term. he started that with daca. we're getting rid of the executive order that barack obama implemented that had an expiration and he was really literally willing to negotiate with the democrats. this always made me a little nervous about the president and the democrats, though, have not wanted to go near it specifically because they know that he is serious, that he is willing to negotiate. and they have relied on chaos
9:32 pm
and victimhood and demonizing of the right, demonizing of the republicans. and we saw this when they refused his offer to negotiate about daca. he has -- i think he's an optimistic man clearly. he has success in negotiating. he beliefs he could do this. but it goes back to my earlier comments, to not under estimate the depth of commitment to victimhood that the democrats have and the fact that they really in a way knead to keep np that going because -- the ends is not solutions to dynamics like obamacare which was a disaster. it really is just being able to demonize everyone in the process. that's got to be his concern. but at the same time the fact that he's willing to will highlight over and over again the resistance of the democrats and their obstruction. so either way he wins. he's really willing to negotiate
9:33 pm
and that will highlight the failure of the democrats. steve: tammy bruce, so well put and i completely agree. this is a win-win. if he gets good results, that's great. he's got results. >> fantastic. steve: and if he tried and it's the democrats that blocked. >> that's what's brilliant all of this. he gets it. it's up to the democrats. i'm putting out the olive branch for you. bring me your ytdings. let's see if we can work together. now they won't be able to cry victim victim victim me me me because they're going to have to take something. if they don't the american people are going to see this, they're going to know these guys don't want to work on this. i think infrastructure is going to be a big one. i don't think we're going to see much get done with immigration although there is the possibility of that. he's going to turn around and ask them the same thing, what are we going to do about immigration, what can you bring to the table. he's really going to throw the ball in the democrat court, see
9:34 pm
how they dribble and whether whr they bring it home. that's going to be most interesting. >> i'm a little more cynical. steve: we have positive populism here. >> the president is extraordinary. he's been doing this whole life. you think the democrats are hard, the city council in new york is harder. here's where i'm cynical. the democrats don't want to strike a deal. they don't want to make the country self reliant or stronger or have borders. they want chaos. they thrive on division and they're going say let's put as much blame on trump, create a smoke screen to try to march or way to win the white house back in 2020 and that's the other problem and this is the warning sign to the president and to the house republicans. any sort of victory that you give them or any sort of win, they're going to take credit for it or they're going to try to put blame on you saying that we need to win back the white house, imagine what we can do.
9:35 pm
be cynical with the democrats, especially the same democrats that have called president trump the most horrific names imaginable saying that the republicans are horrible people. >> i have faith in the american people and i think they're going to see through this. steve: you're exactly right. that's occurred all weekend. adam schiff going over investigations, he said this morning. anyway, one of the democrats who stands to gain the most is about to get put under the swamp watch microscope. you know who she is but you you know who she is but you won't believe what we this is actually under your budget. it's great. mm-hmm. yeah, and when you move in, geico could help you save on renters' insurance! man 1: (behind wall) yep, geico helped me with renters insurance, too! um... the walls seem a bit thin... man 2: (behind wall) they are! and craig practices the accordion every night! says the guy who sings karaoke by himself. i'm a very shy singer. you're tone deaf! ehh... should we move on to the next one? it's a great building! you'll love it here! we have mixers every thursday. geico®. it's easy to switch and save
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over the house and that means some of their swampiest leaders are taking over some very important committee. one of them is in line to regulate wall street and the financial industry has literally been called one of the most corrupt members of congress. yes, he's back. maxine waters is tonight's
9:40 pm
"swamp watch." maxine waters has of course become notorious for her role in flipping up political war and violence. >> if you see anybody in the cabinet in a res restaurant, ina department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and create a crowd and you push back on them and you tell them they're not welcome. steve: but that is far from the first stain on her record in congress. for starters with waters was the subject of a house ethics committee investigation in 2010. in the midst of a financial crisis she arranged a meeting when the treasury secretary of one united. one united got $12 million in bailout funds handily enough in maxine waters whose husband with a major shareholder.
9:41 pm
in 2004 she and her husband each separately bought one united stock worth 250,000 and half a million dollars, her husband held separate stock worth another 250,000 to half a million. that same year waters sold her one united stock and her husband sold where between a quarter on a half of his holdings but he became a member of the bank's board. by the time maxine waters scheduled the meeting with the treasury secretary, her husband owned 350,000 dollars in one united stock all of which would have gone down the drain without the bailout money she helped secure. how lovely for her to have the power toe protect or in factmentinherinvestments. the scandal led those in washington to name waters one of the most corrupt members of congress in 2011. it's no surprise that this champion of the boor and downtrodden owns multiple
9:42 pm
properties in california, including a multimillion dollar home that isn't even in her district. here's another way she brings in the cash. slate mailers, sample bat lots that waters sends to 200,000 voters in the los angeles area highlighting the local officials that waters endorses. what's wrng wit wrong with thatu might say. she charges tens of thousands of dollars to be listed on her mailer. when snran nair gavin new some was running for lieutenant governor he paid 45,000 for a spot, camilla hairs paid to be on the ballot. guess who is in charges of the organization that runs this scheme, none other than waters' daughter karen. but her husband is in on it too. he reportedly made nearly half a million dollars working part time as a consultant to an underwriting firm which he used to court some of the politicians to pay for slate mailer
9:43 pm
endorsement. in one response the reporters' questions about these schemes to enrich her family waters said, quote, they do their business and i do mine. well that's one way of putting it i suppose. her husband said his wife files all of the proper disclosure of his clients and beyond that you can't ask me anything about my business. of course not. you're making money off the back of your wife's position in congress. how dare anyone question that. but the corruption goes much deeper. it's institutional corruption. look at what he recently said about the banks once she's chair of the financial services committee. >> going to do to you what you did to us. steve: so what exactly did the financial services industry do to you, maxine. lined your pockets that's what. you took 10,000 from american express, 11,000 from usb, 10 nowrks from state farm insurance, 10 nowrks from the
9:44 pm
managed funds association, 150 nowrks from the mortgage bankers association, 10 nowrks from the national association of credit unions, 10 nowrks from the national association of insurance and financial advisers all told waters brought in 230,000 dollars and over 330,000 dollars from the insurance industry since she became ranking member of the financial services committee in 2012. once she's the chair of that committee, you can bet her conflict donations will skyrocket as a result. she also brings in plenty of cash from lobbyists whose clients she regulates. now this one is so unbelievable i thought it wasn't true, but it is. one of those lobbyists is mike ruse who previously served with waters in the california state assembly. in 2009 he was representing a client which has significant business interests in the mortgage industry.
9:45 pm
waters, his friend of 30 years, was then in congress and chairman of the financial services housing subcommittee. so they worked together to push legislation that just happened to benefit his clients yes bottom line. but this turned out to be much more than a favor for a friend. a close look revealed that waters' lobbyist friend paid her husband 15,000 dollars as a consultant at the same time she was sponsoring the legislation. maxine waters is up to her neck in the swamp. she's used her public offers to protect her investments, benefit her friends and enrich her family all while taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in conflict donations from members of the industries that she regulates. if you see her at a restaurant or in a department store or a gasoline station, do tell her we're not impressed politely, of course. tell me what you think of that.
9:46 pm
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so adam schiff is taking over the intelligence committee and he's already indicating he wants to start lots of investigation against donald trump. but also the really worrying thing as "the wall street journal" pointed out in an editorial yesterday is he wants to close down the investigations that have been started on the deep state corruption in the 2016 elections. so they made the point that the declassification that president trump nearly did, said he would do it and then it didn't happen, that needs to go ahead. and then they further made a point -- i really want your take on, sara -- quoting from "the wall street journal" here, mr. trump should revisit his decision, the decision to renege on the release of the documents and help the house republicans finish the job in the lame duck section of revealing the truth. >> 100% the president needs to revisit this. he had made the decision to declassify both the foreign intelligence surveillance act, that was the warrant against
9:51 pm
carter page, what the fbi sought too spy on him, the 302 z, bruce ohr's interview bsview, were de. most importantly the gang of eight do dossier. according to the sources i'm spoken with that lays out the evidence that was left out from the secret court. so the secret court w was denied information. we know they weren't told about hillary clinton, the fact that she had paid for the dossier through fusion gps same attorney was behind -- it's crazy. steve: could i stop you quickly. do you know why he went back on the decision to release? >> i think i do. there was a private meeting between -- this has happened quite often. rod rosenstein -- this is before he found out and all of us found
9:52 pm
out that james baker had said that rod rosenstein wanted to wear a wire on the president, record him and invoke the 25 et amendment. what happened is rod rosenstein went to the white house and people at the doj began pushing back against the president vigorously saying if you release these documents it's going to look like obstruction, you're going to hurt the russia case going on now. and then he had some calls apparently, apparently from allies. what i was told was they went directly to the department of justice. the allies called there. rod rosenstein warned the president we've got great britain, australia -- steve: that feels like the deep state fighting back. do you think he will overturn it. >> i think he will. steve: tammy, what's your take on all of this? >> the next two years is going to be the kind of rhetoric, lies versus transparency and revealing records like this
9:53 pm
it's going to be a series of kavanaugh type hearings. they're going to make things up. the american people won't like it. but in the meantime you've got the politics of that. but the president's interest is in fact helping the country. open one of the things that we've lern learned that we never would have known if anybody else had been elected is the kind of corruption at the fbi that was unfolding and that wasn't new, that it had to have been ongoing and that it simply became apparent to us. so part of his promise is to help us back up on to our feet off of our knees and declassifying those documents is going to be key to doing that because, look, it's the department of justice. and this is an argument for trey gowdy to be considered seriously considering his knowledge of the investigations that have gone on in the house for him to become attorney general because we've got to be able to continue this. this is part of us getting up out of the hospital bed. steve: very interesting.
9:54 pm
thanks, tammy. not much time, charlie. >> the nat senate, can called w. senate. you cannot let this die. there's so much corruption. sara carter has been following this hourly. steve: great thought from tammy on trey gowdy. if you want to know what sara has been doodles doodling, folln twitter. next, more on the devastating wildfires here in california and i'll give you my california and i'll give you my take on t
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9:59 pm
one party rum has been a disaster for my home state. on to top of that i have defendd president trump's tweeting, tone and sense of humor, but honestly his tweet the other day about wildfire threatening to withhold federal support as president might put is, stupid, people are dying, their homes are burning, brave firefighters are out there battling the horrific blazes, this is a time to help, as you recognize, fuat home want to help here are some places you can go to support our brave firefighters. bev wbefore we left, fox nation launches november 27, with all favorite fox faces including me. that i all tonight, thank you to tammy, sarah, and charlie.
10:00 pm
mark levin is next, i am steve hilton, see you next sunday . mark: well america this is life, liberty and levin, i am mark levin we have two great guests, you don't need much of an introduction. >> i don't know about that. mark: in 2 thousan in 20006 maye in ohio, have you won since,


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