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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  November 12, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PST

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you want the collector's edition, fancy box, the doocy cookbook. >> a great gift. congratulations, steve. go buy that book and download. thank you. >> that's it. we'll see you back on the couch tomorrow. in the meantime here is "america's newsroom." >> bill: fox news alert, 9:00 a.m. california in flames, massive wildfires raging on both ends of the state. 31 dead so far, hundreds said to be missing. a dire situation. i'm bill hemmer, good morning. new week on "america's newsroom." sandra, good morning. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. more than 200 people are still missing right now. in southern california the woolsey fire has forced thousands out of their homes and farther north the camp fire is the most deadly fire in state history. survivors sorting through the rubble. >> stick together, people.
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we're a community, family, please stick together. we need everybody to stick together in this. we're soldiers and survivors. >> bill: jeff paul begins our coverage in malibu. the governor seeking a disaster declaration. what do you see this morning? >> that's right, bill. there is a growing concern that the woolsey fire might not only get bigger but more out of control. they expect strong winds to make a return. 177 structures destroyed in this fire. many of which are homes like this. it looks like a bomb almost went off in here. you can only make out the chimney. everything else other than a few walls reduced to ash. firefighters are worried the strong gusts could once again kick up and carry embers over to more neighborhoods and start more fires. this fire has spread to more than 85,000 acres, the same size as atlanta. authorities are also investigating the debts of two people found in a badly burned
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vehicle. investigators say the driver might have become disoriented trying to escape the fire. they're urging people to evacuate and not return to their homes because they still do not have a grasp on this fire. >> mother nature is still working against us. we saw yesterday we had a lull in the weather. today the winds picked up. that's what we'll see over the next three days is the ebbs and flows of the winds and the challenges of that. >> further north 80 miles north of sacramento the camp fire continues burning. six more people were found dead yesterday bringing the death toll to 29. that number might rise with more than 200 still unaccounted for. that fire is only 25% contained and has burned 111,000 acres. all of malibu where we are has been evacuated and close to a quarter of a million people in total have been forced to leave
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their homes. that's why firefighters are hoping people stay away with this return of strong gusts. they'll have a lot of work in their hands over the next few days with strong wind warnings lasting at least through tuesday. >> bill: remarkable to watch from afar. thank you, malibu, three minutes past the hour. >> sandra: another alert. now republican senate candidate rick scott filing a new round of lawsuits against democratic election officials in two florida counties. as statewide recount gets underway. scott's lead over democratic incumbent bill nelson sits at less than 1%. >> we still don't understand how they went in these two counties and had dramatic increase, another 93,000 votes were cast or somehow they came up with 93,000 votes after election night. we still don't know how they came up with that. we're trying to figure out exactly what happened. >> sandra: kris jenkins live from florida this morning for us this morning. >> good morning, sandra. they've been up all night long,
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elections officials and attorneys. the recount is beginning in all 67 counties. here in broward you see the canvassing board. inside this room right here initially 10 voting machines to do the recount, two more added at 4:00 a.m. brought in from tallahassee. they're calibrating them now. that's what the officials are doing. they'll start the recount. before they even get there, they're trying to get a total number of ballots cast before they do that because of governor scott's lawsuit which focuses, among other things, about the supervisor, brenda snipes. whether or not she failed to account for a total number of ballots. it's a contentious time already and we spoke with the democrat attorney mitchell burrger about brenda snipes and what he had to say. >> i'm a friend of snipes.
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might have too much thrust upon her suddenly. i don't think there is anyone who thinks she is dishonest or lacks integrity. >> dr. snipes is the focus of much of the accusations from governor scott's lawsuit. i asked the republican attorney here, if he had any confidence in snipes. here is what he said. >> zero. zero. from the beginning. i've been involved with her and her operations and the embarrassment that she causes to broward county. it's florida because of what the way she runs her operation. >> once they start counting the ballots they'll continue 24/7 to get it in by thursday, the deadline for the second unofficial results. if they show a quarter percent or less between the candidates they'll go to a manual count.
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palm beach county, the supervisor says she won't be able to meet that thursday deadline. >> sandra: kris jenkins. thank you. >> bill: you can smell the lawsuit already. hugo gurdon, can't you, hugo? good morning to you. >> you certainly can. >> bill: there are a set of rules in florida based on state law. you report to the state how many ballots are cast. do we know even today almost a week after the election what that number was in broward county? >> no, we don't. you're right. florida law requires that within half an hour of polls closing the election supervisor should report how many ballots there are and how many are yet to be counted. it isn't known how many there are and brenda snipes beautifully named, sniping for democrats, has not fulfilled her obligations under the florida law. as recently as friday caught -- found that she had opened secretly early ballot. broward county found a whole
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stack of previously unknown ballots in an office somewhere. there is a lot of confusion about what the actual numbers are. and frankly, brenda snipes has a record of this. she should have been fired ages ago. >> bill: rick scott was the governor and had the option and passed on it. he said this over the weekend about his democratic challenger bill nelson. watch. >> bill nelson is a sore loser. been in politics way too long. 42 years. he just won't give up and he is saying if you are not a citizen you should count votes. fraudulent ballots ought to count. that's wrong. >> bill: it's a mess. how do you sort it out? >> it is an absolute mess, you're completely right. to some extent that's what the democrats in broward county and palm beach really want. the more mud they can muddy the waters with, the more confusion they can create, the more likely it is that the courts will say okay, let's dispense with the regulations that
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govern all the other 65 counties in the state and allow all these votes, questionable ones, the ones where the signatures don't match, let's just dispense with all the rules and let these places heavily democratic play without rules. >> bill: i just want to establish what the guidelines are. for the department of state here is a quote. the deadlines for submitting the results of the recount are laid out in florida law and the law does not give the secretary of state any authority to grant extensions. florida law clearly states that if a county does not submit the results by the deadline, then the results on file at that time take their place. so the deadlines for this week are thursday at 3:00. and if the race is tighter than it is at the moment they'll go to a hand recount. then the deadline would be
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sunday afternoon. and some of these counties are saying they can't do that, hugo. >> you're right. 3:00 p.m. for a machine count. if that reduces the margin to less than a quarter percent it is meant to go to a hand count. the suggestion that it's impossible to do this is another way of muddying the waters. it is weird these places which have a history of not getting elections right somehow are incapable of doing what the rest of the country does and the rest of the state does. it will go to a hand count but they are already saying they can't meet the machine count. this is another way of confusing matters and getting the legal process, the litigation process, to take over what is the electoral process. >> he lie as, the attorney working for bill nelson. no floridian should have the voting denied. we're suing to protect the ballot, count all the votes. sounds like 2000 right there.
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who follows the law? if no one enforces the law. >> right. you know, if you don't follow the law, of course elias is right and saying legal votes should be counted. if the votes fall outside the law, if they aren't filled out properly, not counted in time, etc., etc. they fall outside the law. they become votes that need to be disqualified. and there are -- if the democrats in broward county and palm beach are too incompetent to do their job they shouldn't be doing those jobs. >> bill: a lot coming up on this today. rick scott senior advisor brad todd is here with reaction and the legal strategy. next hour talk to a former florida secretary of state kathryn harris. she played a pivotal role in the recount of 2000. a butterfly ballot, sandra. hanging chad.
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we have it all going back to tallahassee today. >> sandra: we look forward to having brad todd on and we'll get an update where things stand at this hour. >> bill: good luck, florida. >> sandra: tensions in france. leaders taking aim at president trump over nationalism. but president trump tweeting with his own response. jack keane will join us on that. >> bill: will it be a subpoena party information? what is to come? >> the president said he hasn't discussed an investigation with whitaker. it would be a mistake to try to shut down the mueller investigation in the way you describe it because we've been so compliant. hi i'm joan lunden.
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the hornet like this one pictured here was conducting routine operations off the aircraft carrier u.s.s. ronald reagan when it suffered a mechanical problem. the crew is expected to be okay. the second crash involving the u.s.s. ronald reagan in less than a month. >> we're not scatter shot. we're not doing any investigation for a political purpose. but to seek the truth. so i think you could describe how democrats will go forward in this regard. it will be very strategic. >> bill: nancy pelosi laying out a strategy as the white house may be bracing for a barrage of subpoenas and other legal challenges. john sununu, former chief of staff to president h.w. bush. good morning, to you. have you recovered from last tuesday yet? >> almost, not quite. the green wave of money made a
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difference. >> bill: here is adam schiff from over the weekend. he says subpoenas are the sexy part of the story. watch here on nbc. >> if he doesn't recuse himself, if he has any involvement whatsoever in the russia probe, we are going to find out whether he made commitments to the president about the probe, whether he is serving as a back channel to the president or his lawyers about the probe. whether he is doing anything to interfere with the probe. mr. whittaker needs to understand he will be called to answer in any role he plays will be exposed to the public. >> bill: that answer there talking about matthew whitaker acting a.g. lets you know what they're getting ready for. what do you think it is? >> it looks like the democrats are hell bent on making the mistake of focusing on investigations instead of cooperation. they don't seem to understand that maxine waters and schiff are outside of a handful of commentators at cnn looked at as clowns around the country.
6:17 am
if that's the best the democrats will put forward after having won the house, 2020 will look awfully good for the republicans. >> bill: jerry nadler, democrat from new york said our very first witness on or after january 3 will be to subpoena or summon if necessary mr. whitaker. they have him initially in their sights. >> you know, they will find out that's a clean operation, so if he is in their sights, they are focusing on the wrong area if there is any right area to focus on. >> bill: axios had this headline. democrats load subpoena cannon with 85 plus trump targets. do you think there will be a battle inside the party how the strategy plays out? >> in the democrat party. >> bill: nancy pelosi says it won't be scatter shot. how do you control it? >> there won't be a battle, but
6:18 am
there will be freelancing. you will have schiff freelancing, waters free lasting. jerry nadler is a little more disciplined in his process. but they will all be playing the game. they all love the cameras. they are all looking for the publicity and the more they do that, the more fractured their party will look and the more unfocused they will look in terms of meeting their responsibility in trying to develop some legislation on the big issues like immigration, keeping the economy moving forward, and trying to make sure that the departments in federal government are properly funded. we had a good -- >> bill: it's an interesting point and interesting balance you will have to find here. let me come back to that. adam schiff said let's face it, the investigations are sexy, they're interesting, the legislative process is less so. much less dramatic. true? >> that explains adam schiff's mind set. he has been doing this even when he was in the minority.
6:19 am
he has no interest in legislation. he has no interest in being a congressman. his only interest is finding every day a couple of sound bites and running to cnn and msnbc and trying to get his face in front of the camera. >> bill: last point then, summarize how you think the strategy will play out? what do you see happening over two years? >> actually there is one thing that could happen that kind of puts a damper on all of this and that is if mueller does what is responsible and gets his report out before the end of the year, it is the mueller part of the whole process that is the cat nip for all those investigations. if he gets his report out, it kind of puts a big pin in all their balloons. >> bill: thank you for your time today. john sununu former governor of new hampshire. >> sandra: fox news alert. a massive wildfire spreading in northern california. so far it has killed dozens of
6:20 am
people and more than 200 others are still unaccounted for. up next we'll talk to a california highway patrol officer who is in the middle of it all. >> we're basically homeless right now. and it's just insane. i have never been through anything like this ever. we barely got out. [ phone rings ] what?!
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6:24 am
highway patrol officer ryan lambert. he has been working on evacuation efforts in the areas surrounded by flames at this moment. thank you for stepping aside to call us this morning and can you just tell us what you are seeing and what you are experiencing there? >> yeah. i don't want to use good morning but morning to you. right now it's just extremely smokey. the air quality is beyond poor. visibility is horrible. and i don't know. >> sandra: what has it been like to try to evacuate that area? we're watching the flames move at such a rapid pace. >> it's been difficult just because of the terrain that we're working with. this is a very rural area. a lot of mountains. a lot of people off grid so getting back to their homes and making notifications have been
6:25 am
kind of tough. but with all the agencies working together up here we are able to do the best that we can, i should say. >> sandra: we can clearly hear the exhaustion in your voice. phone is ringing. take it if you have to. it has been unbelievable scene to watch play out there. what can be done now as these fires continue to spread? >> i'm sorry, the phone is cutting out. >> sandra: officer lambert, if you have a few seconds of your time. you have been working round the clock. what do you need as far as resources? what can be done right now? >> i don't know. i don't know how to answer that. we could just use everyone's patience, i guess, is the big one for us. everybody wants to get back into their -- and see if their
6:26 am
home has made it and loved ones have made it and animals but the scene up here is still very chaotic and the area the fire has gone through is very dangerous with trees -- burned trees and power lines and all those powers out. power poles are burnt and hanging in the road and blocking the road. so we -- i mean all of us, all the agencies, have a lot of work cut out ahead of us before we can deem that area safe and then start allowing people to get back in there. it's going to take a little while. therefore we need that patience. >> sandra: officer lambert, we'll try to give that to you. you need a whole lot more than that. thoughts, prayers and i know the governor is seeking federal disaster declaration for the state. we appreciate everything that all of you are doing there to fight this and keep people safe and help those who need the help.
6:27 am
>> yeah. we're here to serve. we'll just put our heads down and keep pushing through this thing. >> sandra: thank you. hang in there. thank you very much. >> bill: sometimes it is without words. >> sandra: huge job to do there. you can just hear they have been working round the clock. there has been no break. >> bill: you listen to a lot of phones who lost their homes from paradise and the town that has been annihilated and looking at the charred remains. dozens dead. there were a number over the weekend suggesting more than 200 could be missing. cell phone lines are down. they can't contact them. certainly we hope that's the case. we're a long way from resolving this in california. >> sandra: we'll continue following it for you. >> bill: florida, votes still being counted in florida and also do not forget about this one. this is arizona's nail biter of a senate race.
6:28 am
the democrat kyrsten sinema, republican martha mcsally. how mcsally is reacting. >> sandra: tensions escalating in florida as the statewide recount gets underway. rick scott's senior advisor, brad todd, will join us straight ahead as the republican senate candidate takes new legal action against state democrats. >> we shouldn't be standing on the street corners demanding that everyday americans and everyday floridians have their votes counted. and yet here we are. risps. it's the best of pressure cooking and air frying all in one so in as little as 30 minutes it will be crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, and on your table. the ninja foodi, the pressure cooker that crisps. after a scratch so small rocket on the outside, juicy on the inside, and on your table. you could fix it with a pen. how about using that pen to sign up for new insurance instead? for drivers with accident forgiveness,
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>> sandra: a check on wall street as we kick off a new week. investors closely watching oil prices. friday we talked about the fact that oil had fallen for 10 straight days as a result of some of the softening on sanctions on iran by the united states and oil is back up today.
6:32 am
the stock market is going down. we'll have to figure out where this all goes from here. oil is certainly being watched by investors as well as inflation. so coming off of that crazy whirlwind of an october for the stock market investors trying to find direction. >> bill: find some direction. that's what we're going with. >> sandra: i came up with that. >> bill: love it. fox news alert. heading out to arizona and the senate race, democratic congresswoman kyrsten sinema expanding her lead over republican opponent martha mcsally. they're still counting votes. good morning there. >> good morning, bill. 220,000 votes have yet to be counted and right now as you mentioned democrat congresswoman kyrsten sinema is up by about 32,000 votes over republican martha mcsally. the sinema campaign said in a statement with the latest
6:33 am
ballot count kristin's lead is insurmountable. mcsally's campaign would be her firewall. no firewall emerged. mcsally has lost every batch of votes from maricopa countyment double her overall performance in the county to date. we reached out to mcsally on this but got no response. on saturday her campaign released this. today our vote total grew at a greater rate than expected and expanded vote margins in rural areas counting ballots dropped off election day. it provides compelling evidence the remaining uncounted ballots are favorable to martha and we'll continue our effort to make sure all lawful ballots are counted. a staffer from the national republican senatorial committee who, without evidence floated the idea that the secretary of state was cooking the books. other republicans hit back. a senior aide to john mccain.
6:34 am
stop doing this. mcsally is losing fair and square and under performing in more than care copa county. all it does is poison the politics more. the chair of the nrsc was asked about that on "meet the press." >> i think we have a chance to win in arizona. i think there is a path. we've seen in the numbers. i think it's important we protect the people of arizona. we can't sit by and allow votes to be counted in maricopa that would not be counted somewhere else. >> the deadline on the ballot counting is 5:00 p.m. wednesday. >> bill: thanks, more to come on that. >> sandra: in florida a new statewide recount is in full swing. officials looking at the governor's contest between ron desantis, who led tallahassee andrew gillum by a thin margin when polls closed. the same goes for republican governor rick scott and incumbent bill nelson in the senate race.
6:35 am
scott launching a series of lawsuits accusing democrats of trying to steal the election. >> we have specific election laws in the state to prevent fraud. we had to go to court to force the supervisors in two counties to comply with the law. the law is there to prevent fraud. i've asked the florida department of law enforcement to do an investigation to find out what happened here. we know that judges have already said they clearly violated the law. >> sandra: brad todd is a senior advisor to florida governor rick scott, good morning to you. can you just give us an idea of where things stand at this moment? >> right now we're engaging in a machine recount in all 67 counties of florida. two counties have completed it. the legal strategy for governor scott's campaign is simple. we're insisting the florida election law be followed. bill nelson's legal strategy is different. it is to ignore the law in broward and palm beach county and overturn the law statewide. that will tell you who will
6:36 am
come out on top. >> sandra: strategies to insist the law be followed. what evidence do you have it was not? >> easily. last tuesday night the florida law requires that every supervisor of elections announce the number of mail-in and paper absentee ballots they received. that did not happen in broward and palm beach county. the number kept changing. you have to update your website with the total numbers. that hasn't happened in palm beach county. also saw this saturday when final numbers had to be due to the state they kept counting in broward. we've gone to court to try to stop the count because you can't count after the rest of the state has turned their ballots in. the goal here is to get the law followed in florida. insist these two counties that have defied court orders, the open record laws in florida, a judge in broward county has already ruled that brenda snipes violated the open records laws. the laws are put in place to
6:37 am
protect the integrity of the vote and prevent fraud. >> sandra: there is a live picture up there as the recount is underway at this moment. democrats have come out in full force calling it an act of desperation on the part of your candidate, scott. how do you respond to that? >> well, first off, this lead is insurmountable. that's not my word. that's bill nelson's lawyer's word when he was involved in recounts with margins smaller than this. so what will happen on thursday, the machine recount will be complete. bill nelson will be far behind and he will face a choice. his lawyers get paid a lot. they bill by the hour. they would like to do this all winter. bill nelson has a legacy to think about. he has been in politics since i was 2 years old. he has to decide does he want his entire legacy to be painted as the guy who wouldn't go away when he was voted out by the people of florida? >> sandra: you mentioned nelson's attorney mark elias.
6:38 am
the latest tweet coming from him and that team. breaking, no floridian should have their rightful vote denied because of mail, post office delays. we are suing to protect these ballots, #count all the votes. new suit coming? >> look, he will sue as long as someone will pay him to do it. the law in florida is very clear and we have these laws in place to protect the integrity of the elections. if mark elias or bill nelson didn't like the election fraud laws they should have sued months ago. if they're only suing because they're behind, they've lost. the people of florida made their decision. the time to change these laws if they don't like them was a long time ago. everyone agreed this was the way to prevent fraud in florida. >> sandra: as far as the national attention that this is receiving this morning, how is your teamworking with rick scott on this, how are you guys responding to that this morning?
6:39 am
the country is watching this closely. >> well, the country always watches florida's elections closely. our nation's most present imminent swing state. governor scott has won four very close elections and the reason he has won them is because he does a great job for the people of florida. he is the calmest guy in the room at all times. he knows the people of florida have chosen him to be their u.s. senator and his mind is focused on what he will do in washington >> sandra: how does this go? we look at the live picture of the recount underway at this moment. final thoughts. >> well, this is going to end on thursday with a machine recount that shows rick scott well ahead. then bill nelson has a choice to make. what does he want his legacy to be? >> sandra: brad todd, thank you for coming on this morning. >> bill: thanks for having me. >> sandra: former florida secretary of state kathryn harris is the headliner next hour. she played a big role in the presidential recount in 2000. great to get her perspective on all this.
6:40 am
>> bill: new report showing that recent satellite images reveal north korea is expanding its missile sites. what's up, lucas. >> more troubling news out of the rogue communist regime. despite suspending missile tests new satellite imagery shows north korea has expanded its ballistic missile program going to 16 different secret sites. while north korea pledged to scrap a major missile site work continues on its nuclear weapons program. u.s. officials say north korea could have up to 60 nuclear war heads. president trump plans to meet kim jong-un early next year. last week the president and u.n. ambassador sounded pleased with the negotiations. >> president trump: we think it is going fine. the sanctions are on. >> you expect to meet kim jong-un >> president trump: the
6:41 am
sanctions are on. the missiles have stopped. the rockets have stopped. the hostages are home. >> we stopped military exercises. we've given a lot of carrots up until now. we're not going to get rid of the stick. because they haven't done anything to warrant getting rid of the sanctions yet. >> also last week north korea canceled high-level meetings and talks in new york with secretary of state mike pompeo. >> bill: something to watch. sunday night football cowboys and eagles. a cool moment there. nicely done. just before kickoff, however, things got a little chippy there, smitty. that's okay. here we go. there we go. explosive on the field. 151 yards and touchdown including that. cowboys win it 27-20 the final
6:42 am
in philadelphia. pretty good day. home, home, home night. >> sandra: wow. >> bill: bears looked pretty good. chicago looked good. had a pretty good day. bengals were terrible. just save me. >> sandra: that was a weekend. all right. then there is this. will hillary clinton run again in 2020? one of her aides says yes. the white house response seems to be bring it on. america's a-team standing by. >> bill: what happened in france over the weekend? the french president says europe needs to protect itself even against the united states because of nationalism. >> president trump: you know what my attitude has been and we want a strong europe. that's very important to us to have a strong europe. whichever way we can do it the best and most efficient would be something that we both want.
6:43 am
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>> patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism. nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism. by saying our interests first, who cares about the others, we erase what a nation holds dearest, what gives it life and what makes it great and what is essential. its moral values. >> bill: that got some attention. president macron taking a swipe at president trump. both agreed europe should spend more on its own defense. jake keane, a fox news strategic analyst. welcome back fresh from vietnam. welcome back to our nation's capital. i want to back up a little bit. i think a lot of the context for this visit has been lost. here was the comment from macron on a radio interview right before air force one
6:47 am
landed on friday. he said we have to protect ourselves with respect to china, russia and even the united states of america. when i see president trump announcing he is quitting a major disarmament treaty formed in the 1980s, the missile crisis that hit europe, who is the main victim? europe and its security. we need a europe which defends itself alone without defending the united states and a more sovereign manner. that did not go without a tweeted response. the president said this, right before landing president macron of france has just suggested, he wrote, that europe about build its own military to protect itself from united states, china, russia. perhaps europe should pay its fair share of nato. a lot of the reporting over the weekend missed a lot of that, general. what is your view about how that is going over? >> well, certainly there -- trump and macron have grown into their differences. some of this is internal
6:48 am
problems for macron because his popularity has plummeted down into the low 30s. there is a populism movement moving against him in the country because of immigration, domestic and economic problems that he has. all that said, i mean, it is stunning that he associates the united states as being a security problem when it is the united states that has led the effort, bill, to strengthen nato and no voice has been louder than this president's in doing that. we also not just about the money, we have pushed troops out into eastern europe to stand against russian aggression and to say that the united states somehow is a problem here, putin is the guy who broke the intermediate ballistic missile treaty by developing that said missile. the only way to get them back into the treaty is willingness to come out of it and counter to it ourselves and that's exactly what the department of
6:49 am
defense recommended to the president. we will eventually get the treaty back but not sitting on our hands looking at putin violating it. >> bill: here is the headline from the associated press that says trump largely alone as world leaders take aim at nationalism. now, what is your view of that given light of the comments that we just played a moment ago from macron and who you rightly admit his approval numbers are in the 30s in france. >> they seem to be redefining nationalism. if we asked people what is nationalism, i think the common response would be love of country. and to somehow imply that a nationalistic love of country is self-serving to the exclusion of others certainly doesn't apply to the united states. we just demonstrated the united states is leading in nato. the united states in the middle east is standing shoulder to shoulder, bill, with our allies there against iranian aggression. the united states is the
6:50 am
indecember pens able country pushing back on china's economic and political warfare and militarism of the south china sea. those countries respect the united states leadership it has taken on this role. here we are macron saying we're self-serving and turning into ourselves when we're the indispensible world leaders helping other countries with their own security problems. >> bill: good to have you back home on u.s. soil, sir, thank you very much. >> sandra: fox news alert. eight people killed including an israeli army officer as a new wave of violence erupts in the gaza strip. we're live from the israel/gaza border next.
6:51 am
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>> sandra: fox news alert happening right now. new rocket fire near the israel/gaza border at this hour following another round of violence that left eight people dead including an israeli shoulder. trey is there live now. >> last night seven palestinian militants and one israeli soldier were killed inside the gaza strip during a botched israeli operation in response there was a lot of israeli air strikes inside gaza. hamas firing a series of rockets into southern israel. everything had been calm up until just a few moments ago when here along the israel/gaza border, missiles were fired. you can see behind me this just happening moments ago. israeli air strike inside the gaza strip. the smoke stack towards the ground coming from an israeli
6:55 am
air strike likely striking positions from islamic jihad or hamas. those firing rockets into southern israel. in the distance earlier we heard a number of sirens. they warned communities in southern israel about this incoming rocket fire. we were counting the number of shots from gaza into israel just a few minutes ago. at about 30. that includes mortar shells being fired at a lower level. many intercepted by the iron dome. a number of rockets getting launched deeper into israel. i can hear israeli attack helicopters preparing for any sort of response that would be needed. all of this coming amid a conversation of cease-fire in the region. right now my cameraman is telling me these attack helicopters are moving closer to our position here likely going to see what's happening in the gaza strip and preparing for a response. i spoke with a senior hamas
6:56 am
official last night who indicated he was hoping this situation would de-escalate. we're now seeing an escalation rather a de-escalation here at the israel/gaza border. >> bill: florida yet again at the center of election drama. legal challenges certainly. statewide recount is underway. so when will we know the results? when will we know? plus the wild winds of california pushing these fires out of control. a live look in a moment at the devastation that has been left behind. >> it's a time to pull together and work through this tragedy. the way i would describe it i'm going to say something i said before. this is not the new normal. this is the new abnormal. bly. one of the benefits that we as a country give you as a veteran, is the eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value.
6:57 am
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>> sandra: fox news alert. election day drags on. all eyes on florida with recounts in full swing both major races still up in the air on this monday morning, bill hemmer. good morning, everybody. a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom" kicks off now. i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. florida races for senator and governor too close to call. the margins are razor thin. our newsroom news feed today. >> florida is once again the center of an election storm. >> growing drama over the mid-terms. >> deja vu as a recount is underway. >> official announcement coming from the florida secretary of state. there will be a recount of the
7:01 am
governor's race and also the senate race. >> republican candidate governor rick scott holds a razor thin lead over bill nelson. >> nelson is trying to commit fraud to try to win this election. that's all this is. >> rick scott is trying to stop all the votes from being counted and he is impeding the democratic process. >> tuesday night -- >> ron desantis lead shrunk to 33,000 votes. gillum conceded the race tuesday night but yesterday he took that concession back. >> i am replacing my words of concession. >> those results are clear an unambiguous just as they were on election night. >> the board of elections of broward county the epicenter of all this recount chaos zbloo. the error prompting outrage among republicans voters accusing officials of trying to tip the races. when you when cheat the system of electing our officials it is no longer we the people. they work for us. it's we the people.
7:02 am
>> in all 67 florida counties elections workers are now scanning 8 million ballots through the tabulateors one more time with a thursday 3:00 p.m. deadline for the second recount. recount clearly will not be over quickly. >> bill: doug mcelway live from the election center in tallahassee. how are you doing down there. president trump is saying stop the recount. let's start there. >> that's right, bill. he said it in a tweet this morning. let's get to it. florida election should be called in favor of rick scott and ron desantis and large numbers of new ballots showed up out of nowhere and many ballots are miss -- ballots massively infected. must go with election night after scott accused nelson, a synth united states senator of fraud and said the supervisor are violating the laws in the counties. scott filed suit against brenda
7:03 am
snipe seeking a court order to impound all voting machines and leaving ballots uncounted. here he is. >> they were not letting party officials review. when they were reviewing ballots, they didn't report on time. we still don't understand how they went in these two counties and had dramatic increase, another 93,000 votes were cast or somehow they came up with 93,000 votes after election night. >> the nelson campaign has responded to that in a statement. it said he is worried when all the votes are counted he will lose the election. we will not allow him to undermine the democratic process and use every legal tool available to protect the rights of florida voters. now lawyers for senator bill nelson are filing suit right now to protect those ballots which apparently were never counted because of delays at the post office. this all may turn out to be in
7:04 am
the words of yogi berra deja vu all over again. circuit court opinions headed to the florida state supreme court and opinions headed to the united states supreme court. governor scott is talking like the next united states senator and desantis is setting up a transition office in tallahassee. >> bill: what was it all about ballots being forged. >> a process in florida if ballots are damaged it is required of poll workers here to replace them with good ballots and fill them out as the originally damage ballots. in 2016 at affidavit signed by a poll worker saying she saw election officials filling out blanked ballots behind closed, locked doors. a benign explanation that they were doing what the law requires and a more nefarious explanation that they were committing fraud. she thinks it's fraud.
7:05 am
she told her mother about it. reported for work the next day and was fired without explanation. >> bill: doug mcelway. more to come from you. >> sandra: it's that time. let's bring in america's a-team. lisa boothe at independent women's voice and fox news contributor. james freeman from the "wall street journal." fox news contributor. and capri cafaro. the recount is underway, where does it go? >> we have seen the show before. we all know this. i was actually at gore/lieberman headquarters in 2000. we were sent home in nashville being told al gore would concede. text thing there was dan rather saying wait a minute. al gore is no longer conceding. we have to make sure all ballots are cast. president trump needs to be careful with how he frames this
7:06 am
issue of particularly fraud in that package we just saw. we heard about issues that occurred m 2016. i didn't hear anything about 2018 itself. one thing that i think is not being covered that i think needs to get more attention is that it's not just about the fact that broward county in particular has had a history of issues dating back almost two decades but we're also seeing there are issues in regards to how the ballot is actually set up. in a portion of broward county and the 24th district we're seeing is an undervote of people skipping the united states senate race because of the ballot layout. that's a disaster. >> bill: that goes to voter intent and you can't decide that. you don't know if tens of thousands of people in that county went to vote strictly for the governor and didn't care about the senate race. >> that's why we need to go through the process. you've proven my point. >> the lesson of 2000, al gore should have conceded on election night and spared us all the weeks of drama that
7:07 am
followed. but i think this is exactly why we should be concerned. not just the history of problems in broward county. they aren't following the established legal process but the talk of undervotes getting a lot of commentary from the nelson legal team, this idea that when someone doesn't vote for somebody an election worker or a partisan should try to determine how they might have voted is really the path to fraud. i think people have every reason to be skeptical here. >> not just drama, it is also taxpayer money going to waste as well. at least in my opinion. i think governor rick scott has every reason to be looking at brenda snipes. she has been there for nearly 15 years. those 15 years there has been a lot of trouble and criticized by the miami herald saying that criticizing the broward county for her inefficiencies and problems they've faced and you look at the fact she has recently been found to be in violation of state law for failing to make information
7:08 am
available to the rick scott campaign. back in may found to have been illegally destroying ballots while facing a public records lawsuit mind you. back in august a judge ruled with florida gop she private. this is a woman with a lot of trouble. >> you know what i think? >> she needs to be fired. >> bill: she could have been two years ago and wasn't. maybe that's a question for rick scott. the law clearly states in florida when you need to report. it's 45 minutes after the polls -- 30 minutes after the polls close for how many ballots were cast and 30 minutes after that time for days and days or however long it's required but if no one follows the law and no one enforces the law, no one is afraid of anything. people are allowed to do whatever they want and clearly that has been the pattern in broward county. >> imagine being the rick scott campaign and you have two
7:09 am
counties where the rest of the counties have been able to do their job and meet the deadlines that they're supposed to meet. all of a sudden tens of thousands of new ballots that suddenly appear out of nowhere breaking heavily for nelson and you have two supervisors who aren't updating the public about how many ballots are left and what the ballots are. >> it's certainly dishonest. >> sandra: marco rubio, if a red county did what broward and palm beach count reare doing they would march in the streets and confront republicans in restaurants. because it's a blue county they create novel arguments to justify it. >> i think marco rubio is right. the unfortunate thing about where we are in american politics. whatever is convenient for your side of the argument and your side of the aisle you'll politicize it and jump on it. that's terrible whether you're a democrat or republican. we need to have consist en see
7:10 am
in argument and just as outraged if republicans votes are not cast if democrats aren't. >> bill: nobody enforces it. the law is clear in florida. >> whose fault is that? who is not enforcing the law? the attorney general? the secretary of state? who is not enforcing the law that is enabling this. >> bill: 30 minutes polls closed and every 45 minutes updates. >> they have both failed to do it. >> scott is the duly elected governor and the secretary of state. they should do their jobs. our election process needs to be protected. >> sandra: shall we set up topic two? let's throw up the race boards. arizona and georgia. kyrsten sinema stretched her lead over mcsally in the arizona senate race. stacey abrams is refusing to concede in the georgia governor
7:11 am
race and looking at florida as well. here we are monday morning. here we are. >> really shouldn't be this way. you don't have in these other places the same issue you have in florida where in broward specifically this history of violating the law, which should make everyone extremely skeptical. we talk about too close to call. well, we don't know that. the count that was on election night was not so close to call in florida. as far as these other places, i think people should demand a better process. we should get quick results. i don't think you necessarily have the same skepticism here as you do elsewhere but look, we should get the answer election night. maybe wednesday morning if there are extreme circumstances. >> bill: at a minimum on election night you should know how many ballots were cast in your county. do we even know today six days later how many votes were cast
7:12 am
in broward county? >> i don't think we know that answer. you look at arizona. i think there are still 200,000 ballots to be counted. that might take a little while. georgia, stacey abrams is being a poor sport. she won't win here. she followed the laws. she is hoping to push the final deadline to wednesday. i think we might know tomorrow. she loses the lawsuit it's over. she is being a poor sport and wishing for a runoff. it is not going to happen. it is time for her to just concede and be the bigger person. i think it's kind of sad. >> this is more about trying to advance this narrative there might be an issue of voter suppression and things like this that are specific to the issue in georgia. i think in regards to not knowing what ballots have been cast we have to remember when you send in an absentee ballot. the question becomes are you able to count everything that you had postmarked by election day? has it been received?
7:13 am
the laws in the individual states say that your ballot if sent by mail as to be postmarked on election day. you might not physically have it in your hand. that's an issue. let's not forget about the military voters overseas. >> bill: meanwhile, meanwhile, sandra. >> sandra: will she or won't she? mark penn writes this. get ready for hillary clinton 4.0. more than 30 years in the making this new version of mrs. clinton, when she runs for president in 2020, will come full circle back to the universal healthcare promoting progressive fire brand of 1994. true to her name, mrs. clinton will fight this out until the last dog dies. she won't let a little thing like two stunning defeats -- >> bill: kellyann conway, dear god, please yes. [laughter] >> who can blame her?
7:14 am
>> is she running? >> i don't think so. who knows? speaking as a democrat here at the table, there is no -- we have an uphill battle no matter what to get to 270 in 2020 as evidenced by the map. >> bill: you read the piece from stein and mark penn, do you agree with it? >> no. go away. please, hillary clinton, let somebody else take the mantel. >> i think she is running again and consistent with everything we've seen since the last election. she was not trying to become a post partisan statesman type. she was putting out increasingly partisan, harsh message. what is a little weird is it's more of the deplorables, she has spent a lot of time explaining what's wrong with middle america. it's almost like she wants to rerun the same script from 2016. very bizarre. >> i like mark penn but i felt
7:15 am
like i was reading an onion article. it's ridiculous. hillary clinton wrote a book, what happened. i could tell her. she is a terrible candidate. it is who she is. if you have to go through four different iterations of this manufactured version of yourself that's her problem. people saw through the lack of authenticity. they didn't trust or believe her because of exactly this. different manufactured versions of herself. hillary clinton 2.0 moderate, hillary clinton 3.0 didn't think she could win as a moderate and ran differently. that's the problem. who is hillary clinton? what do you stand for? nobody knows. >> sandra: he made the point earlier on fox news. he did say she will get in because there is no clear frontrunner. if that's the case she will get in. he talked about how splintered the party is in so many ways and why she should come in. >> no more super delegates. >> that was an interesting part of the piece saying she will have an easier sale to some
7:16 am
democrats because the kavanaugh hearings revealed a bunch of pretenders basically, spartacus, cory booker with his odd turn in that drama. it wasn't a moment that really said to democrats wow, we have a bunch of winners ready to go. >> she is also a pretender. the article talks about her riding the me too wave. she kept that guy on staff and moved the 30-year-old staffer elsewhere. she isn't authentic on that either. >> bill: how was the weekend? >> nice, i was home with the family. >> bill: thank you. >> sandra: jump right back in. more on the florida election ahead with someone who knows a lot about florida recounts. former florida secretary of state katherine harris oversaw her state's presidential recount in 2000. vice president mike pence arriving in japan a few hours ago with a summit for asian nations this week. will that meeting have any impact on the trade war with
7:17 am
china? >> also house democrats vowing to keep the president in line. could it be a subpoena party? we'll find out how far they're willing to go. >> republicans in congress didn't want to hold the president accountable. surrendered their constitutional duty of providing a check and balance. we'll hold the president accountable and learn he is accountable and not above the law. (mom vo) it's easy to shrink into your own little world. especially these days. (dad) i think it's here. (mom vo) especially at this age. (big sister) where are we going? (mom vo) it's a big, beautiful world out there. (little sister) woah... (big sister) wow. see that? (mom vo) sometimes you just need a little help seeing it. (vo) presenting the all-new three-row subaru ascent. love is now bigger than ever. well, occasionally, but it doesn't come up that frequently, no.
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we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. >> sandra: take a look at these markets. whoa, monday morning the dow it was down about 50 points the first few minutes of trading but gone down further now 240 points. not an hour into trading. why? fox news network christina bardonecchia is here to tell us. >> the major drag on the dow today, the 30 large publicly traded companies in the united states is apple. apple seeing its share of down. why is that? a lot of forecasts, negative forecasts about the apple iphone demand saying that they don't see demand for iphones climbing as high as the past. they're looking at $266 u.s. a share. earnings may not be so good. that's why you're seeing a drop there. it is not all about apple. you have the big talk about oil.
7:22 am
oil we know just over the last week dropped 20% from its latest peak bear market territory for the price of oil. the big question is, is oil dropping because of sanctions and reduction in supply due to iran or is oil dropping because global demand is starting to slow? >> bill: what do you think the answer is? >> china's economy is lower and china is such a large buyer of oil. but other countries are trying to circumvent the united states like russia saying buy oil from us, not u.s. dollars anymore. there are so many players right now. however, saudi arabia announced they're going to be reducing their supply of oil. that should boost up the price. >> sandra: what is the latest in the trade wars? >> almost every minute there seems to be a new element to add to the story. the vice president mike pence is heading to singapore.
7:23 am
asian summits. president trump decided not to go even you have the president of russia going. prime minister of india and japan. the concerning part of that is china is expected to rally support around another economic free trade agreement between 16 countries that does not include the united states. that's the concerning part. this is a massive trade group. he will be trying to push for it. the question is will mike pence meet up with the premier of china to discuss ahead of president trump's meeting at the g20. >> november 20th in buenos aires. >> sandra: fox business network. >> bill: a rerun for nearly two decades. a close battle in florida sparking a recount. katherine harris is the former secretary of state. she certified the vote in bush versus gore and has a unique look on how it's all happening.
7:24 am
>> sandra: the new acting attorney general facing calls to step aside in the russia probe. so is a subpoena on the way? >> it seems to me the facts for recusal are very strong here. this is someone who has made repeated and prejudicial comments about the investigation and made false statements about it. for powerful a1c reduction. tresiba® is a long-acting insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. don't use tresiba® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. don't share needles or insulin pens. don't reuse needles. the most common side effect is low blood sugar, which may cause dizziness, sweating, confusion, and headache. check your blood sugar. low blood sugar can be serious and may be life-threatening. injection site reactions may occur. tell your prescriber about all medicines you take and all your medical conditions.
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7:29 am
missed or ignored. why have the laws, if they aren't being enforced? >> so this is a close race. we've been there before but we're a nation of laws. florida's election laws are sufficient to stand up to this test. what we've seen is that it's critical the laws are followed. our elected officials who are elected as we hoped to act with courage and integrity and administer the law. my only safe harbor as secretary of state was to follow the law. so that's the mandate before them today. >> sandra: how do you size up what you've seen play out so far in the past few days? >> well, when i was secretary of state i can tell you there were a lot of laws i didn't like at all but they were the law and you had to follow them. previously as a senator i tried to pass election reform. no one had the political will to do it. after election 2000 we passed that bill with many other
7:30 am
things we had learned and afterward it was heralded as the model for the nation in election reform. since then it's been overhauled many times and i believe there are excellent laws and that's been repeatedly -- we've often been heralded as that. however, if one doesn't follow the law then there are consequences and it needs to be addressed swiftly. while i didn't like the laws i followed them. if they don't care for the laws they can addressed in the next legislative session. an ineligible voter, their vote cannot be counted. so whether they're a fellon in the last election those votes can't be counted. if they are not a citizen they don't have the right to determine our nation's future. if two signatures don't match on the absentee balance, like in a bank you couldn't cash the check. they need to adhere to the law as written. >> bill: when we look back on
7:31 am
that cold, rainy night in tallahassee when you certified the vote, i think we started around 1200 and it settled around 537. that was the marker that george bush was challenging all gore to catch. 537 votes. we went through the whole definition of voter intent 18 years ago and you really get a sense now that that's the direction where this legal challenge is headed as well. over the last 18 years, do you think florida has been able to define voter intent better in 2018 than we did in the year 2000? >> well, we're not having hanging or dangling chads this year. we've gone to a paper ballot. so clearly voter intent might be more easily understood if someone marked one out and marked out the name and actually voted for the next. i couldn't speak to voter intent. they'll have their own set of standards that should be followed across the state.
7:32 am
at least they're allowing it to be a statewide recount. when i was secretary of state i actually petitioned the florida supreme court for statewide recount. immediately following the election. and they refused. that's how it wound down to miami-dade, broward and palm beach to determine the election. that wasn't equal protection under the law and why it was overturned. we're having a statewide recount. the laws are sufficient i believe. they need to let the process move forward and be patient with it. >> bill: could rick scott as governor take an action against snipes two years ago in 2016 where the ballots were destroyed. could she have lost her job or maybe the more relevant question today is should she have lost her job? yes or no >> i ways involved in the case and i don't know the details. it is a constitutionally
7:33 am
elected officer. the secretary of state cannot remove them. only the governor can. so they will be looking at this moving forward to make sure those same mistakes aren't repeated in this election. >> sandra: are you getting any sense as to how this is going to turn out? >> i wish i could say i were but again, i think what's so critical is that the laws are followed. there may be bad actors but what is critical is that they are not allowed to put forward their agenda. a philosopher scholar said in the end who we are when no one sees determines what we can do when everybody is looking. and so i'm hopeful, prayerful that the kind of integrity that we want to see in our elected officials will follow through and not unjustified means. >> bill: you remember the butterfly ballot of 18 years ago. that's been done away with.
7:34 am
arguably rightfully so. this year you have this ballot in broward county where many are making the case the senators' race was below the series of instructions as opposed to the governor's at the top of the page. do you think there should have been a better clarification of that ballot? is that an argument that is right for the courts to decide or is that water under the electoral bridge at this point? >> the supervisor of elections is in charge of her ballot just as they were in palm beach. the butterfly ballot was confusing but that was not grounds to go back and change the course of that election. what is going to happen even in palm beach. this point is relevant now. the court said you shall certify the election and then they were arbitrary, either on friday or sunday. we chose sunday while the nation waited even though we made them wait longer we wanted to give everyone the opportunity to count all the
7:35 am
ballots. they were noticed as soon as the court case came through and knew when the deadline was. come sunday, palm beach still was nowhere near complete and they were demanding an extension. when the supreme court says you shall certify that's not a maybe or sort of kind of. so we did not. we went forward and certified. they continued to count through the week and month. they were never finished. so my hope is if the law prescribes the votes must be in at this time, that they will stick to that law and not continue to grant deadlines when the law didn't provide it. >> bill: thank you for being here today. what do you think about your state being in the middle of this all over again? >> i didn't know another recount would make me look good. so it's unfortunate but florida has an electorate that's close in numbers and consequently the same counties are in the same spot again. we have laws that will address that. it just is a matter of the
7:36 am
elected officials administering the laws honorably and correctly. >> bill: thank you for being here today. great to have you. terrific. thank you for your time today. >> sandra: thank you. democrats calling attorney general matthew whitaker to recuse himself from the russia investigation and vowing to hold him accountable if he interferes with special counsel robert mueller. catherine herridge is live in washington >> good morning. two months before the democrats take control of key committees in the house they're trying to drive the conversation about acting attorney general matt whitaker and whether prior statements about special counsel robert mueller disqualify him. the incoming chairman jerry nadler says it kits bias. >> he should recuse himself. he has expressed total hostility to the investigation. he has said the investigation shouldn't go forward. and someone who said that should not be in charge of deciding on the investigation.
7:37 am
>> in january the republican chairman of the house intelligence committee devin nunes who exposed the clinton funded dossier and alleged abuses will hand the gavel to adam schiff who said on sunday whitaker will be investigated. >> we are going to find out whether he made commitments to the president about the probe. whether he is serving as a back channel to the president or his lawyers about the probe. whether he is doing anything to interfere with the probe. mr. whitaker needs to understand he will be called to answer in any role that he plays will be exposed to the public. >> a senior house and senate democrats have gone a step further sending preservation letters to the administration, intelligence agencies, law enforcement to retain relevant records. >> sandra: what's the response from republicans. >> kellyann conway says whitaker's statements are old news and not disqualifying. >> if you are talking about matt whitaker's statements as a
7:38 am
private citizen a year and a half ago when the mueller investigation started what he said on cable tv i don't think that disqualifies somebody from being the chief law enforcement officer at the department of justice, an executive function. >> some house republicans maintained that rod rosenstein who whitaker replaced to oversee the russian probe didn't recuse himself. he signed -- surveillance warrants are under investigation by the inspector general. rosenstein is also a possible witness in the obstruction case over the president's firing of f.b.i. director james comey as well as allegations he considered recording the president and invoking the 25th amendment to remove him from office. rosenstein has denied these allegations but he did not go recently to capitol hill and provide a transcribed interview under oath to answer lawmakers' questions. >> sandra: catherine herridge, thank you. >> bill: more revelations coming out of michelle obama's
7:39 am
upcoming memoir coming up tomorrow. what does she have to say about president trump and the women who voted for him? very interesting comments there. >> sandra: nancy pelosi convinced she will once again hold the gavel as speaker of the house. but will enough of her fellow democrats have her back? >> nancy was a wonderful speaker, great minority leader and one of the finest legislative crafts people of our time. and if i'd been caring for tom's dad, i would have noticed some dizziness that could lead to balance issues. that's because i'm trained to report any changes in behavior, no matter how small, so tom could have peace of mind. we'll be right there. we have to go. hey, tom. you should try right at home. they're great for us. the right care. right at home.
7:40 am
7:41 am
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7:43 am
>> staying as speaker to protect the affordable care act. that's about the health and financial health of america's family. if hillary had won, i could go home. >> sandra: that was house democratic leader nancy pelosi making her case to be speaker. all right, the fight is on. does she become the speaker?
7:44 am
>> well, i think despite. >> bill: the answer is yes. >> yes, the answer is yes. despite a lot of the criticism of nancy pelosi and she has been a lightning rod for many for over a decade, i think what's happened now even though there is a lot of us out there not necessarily crazy about nancy pelosi and i think that we need a new brand of leadership entirely, i think what's happening right now is that people see nancy pelosi as someone who understands the process, who can cut deals and whip votes and this is a bit of an identity politics play. she is a woman, she was first speaker of the house. they want to say we'll let you have it for two years and bye-bye, nancy pelosi, we'll let you retire with grace and dignity. in the meantime we have a country to govern. >> it seems like the leave in two years is moving aside. she is not maybe that interested in that. i think even people who are not her fans realize you can't start out as a lame duck. i think it is interesting along with all of these you
7:45 am
mentioned, people fear her. let's face it. there aren't a lot of people who want to say yes, i'll take her on. what they're hoping is she has a no confidence vote in her caucus and then people feel comfortable saying maybe i'll give it a shot. >> sandra: she had a lot of people break with her for the last leadership vote. a third of the caucus said no to her. alan boyd said back in 2011 on his way out that she was the face that defeated us. i was at the nrcc in 2010 and it was the case. you look at the amount of ads that showcase nancy pelosi as the face of the democratic party and they suffered historic losses during the 2010 election as a result of the republicans picked up 63 seats. you look at the fact she mentioned healthcare. that election cycle in 2010 a vote for healthcare cost democratic incumbents 5.8% at the polls. she will be reelected but she has a lot of issues.
7:46 am
>> bill: this whole gavel thing. i said clint eastwood, it was charl charlton heston. did you see "meet the press" yesterday? 56% say replace pelosi. easier said than done. yesterday lauren underwood who won the congressional race in your home state of illinois. and a newly elected democrat from michigan. i didn't get a good sense from either one of them willing to say they would vote against her and i did not get a good sense of either one as to what the real message is for the next two years. how big of an issue could this be for these incoming freshmen? >> a couple things. one is the issue of message. the other functionality within the caucus.
7:47 am
you have freshmen members hoping they get some decent committee assignments and not end up on the subcommittee on fisheries in the basement of the office building. they bant to be players. leadership in the caucus, democrat and republican make those decisions in regards to committee assignments. these freshmen are a little leery trying to find a balance between assuring that somehow they're on the winning team so they get decent committee assignments but don't want to align themselves with someone who might be alienating. >> bill: do they know? if they can't give answers, can anyone else? >> i agree. because the challenge of democrats across the country we have not been able to articulate a clear message. while we were able to win the house, it was because of demographic changes and not necessarily because we were able to connect with the middle of the country. very few seats were picked up in those areas where people rejected nancy pelosi. >> sandra: can i say speaking
7:48 am
of demographic changes and transition to michelle obama's new book. we don't know how much the book deal is. it's big. she and her husband. she wrote this, a book excerpt. i will always wonder what led so many women in particular to reject an exceptionally qualified female candidate and instead choose a misogynist as their president. that's one piece. >> this is similar to her husband saying this is really the obama economy. i built that. the fact that democrats, including michelle obama, are still talking about the access hollywood tape, these crude remarks from 10 years before trump ran for president, i think tells you that the last two years have been a lot better than they expected. they may not say it that way but things are pretty good. so they are still focused on the pre-presidential trump. how about talking about the
7:49 am
performance in office? pretty strong. >> i also think it's tough to make the argument that president trump somehow only offends women. you can make the argument that president trump can be offensive but equally offensive to everyone and different groups of people. you look at the individuals he has surrounded himself in the white house. nikki haley, a woman who represents him at the world stage. sarah sanders, the face of the administration. betsy devos, elaine ciao. linda mcmahon. he isn't afraid to surround himself with powerful women. their argument falls flat. i think democrats hurt themselves when they continue to offend the individuals that supported this president. >> bill: this will get a lot of attention this week. she goes on the tour. chicago, brooklyn, l.a. one last point. chris wallace said yesterday his staff at "fox news sunday" called every single newly-elected democratic member of the house and all of them
7:50 am
said no. what's wrong with wallace? you are not a newly elected freshman. what is wrong with wallace? >> democrats are afraid to talk to the other side. people aren't willing to have a dialogue with folks they think don't agree with them. >> bill: that's why we'll bring you back. thank you, james. burying the hatchet on snl. dan crenshaw going on snl getting the last laugh. >> thank you so much for coming. >> thanks for making a republican look good. [laughter] >> quit saying that, man. if you're waiting patiently for a liver transplant, it could cost you your life. it's time to get out of line with upmc.
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7:54 am
>> what i'm sure was a huge shock for people who know me, i made a poor choice last week. [laughter] i made a joke about lieutenant commander dan crenshaw. on behalf of the show and myself i apologize. >> bill: that was a week later. he apologized for mocking dan crenshaw and then the fun began.
7:55 am
during weekend update. taking some jabs in return. watch. >> this is pete davidson, he looks like it's -- if the meth was breaking bad was a person and a troll doll with a tape worm. >> bill: crenshaw said the following. >> seriously. there are a lot of lessons to learn here. not just that the left and right can still agree on some things but also this, americans can forgive one another. tell a veteran never forget. when you say never forget to a veteran, you are implying that as an american, you are in it with them and never forget those who lost on 9/11, heroes like pete's father. so i'll just say pete, never forget. >> never forget. >> that's from both of us. >> sandra: heartwarming moment.
7:56 am
a sign we can come together. i know dan crenshaw was very thankful for the opportunity and said this is a great opportunity to highlight the importance of honoring our veterans. what better weekend to do that than veterans day yesterday. >> bill: i love the photo you put of your father. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: on instagram. great. >> sandra: that was from vietnam. tough guy. tough guy. >> bill: he looks like it. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: still today. >> sandra: we honor all of our vets and remember them every single day. meanwhile the devastating flames raging across parts of california. we're live in the town of paradise where there is not much left after the inferno swept through. democrats gaining ground in the suburbs in the republican party. is it in danger of a long-term decline? karl rove will be here to sound off on that.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> sandra: devastation as the california wildfires rage uncontrolled in high winds. 31 people are dead. hundreds more still missing and thousands of home destroyed. the camp fire has obliterated the town of paradise and in the southern part in malibu homes have been destroyed. we'll have more in moments. another alert. elections up in the air across the country as we speak. almost a week now after the polls closed tuesday night.
8:01 am
key races in florida, georgia, arizona still undecided. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: good morning to you. america loves to vote. >> sandra: here we go. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. good monday. hope you had a great weekend. a statewide machine recount is underway in florida. three races hang in the balance including senate and governor amid charges of fraud and a flurry of lawsuits. governor rick scott crying foul. >> i have 12,600 more votes than bill nelson. i won the election. there is a normal recount. we had a big turnout. 8 million people voted. my focus now is we'll watch this recount process. no recount has ever overturned a lead like that. i will focus on going to washington and implementing my agenda. >> bill: florida, griff, good morning. >> good morning. we're trying to get the recount
8:02 am
started in most of the 67 counties are doing that. broward county where we're at the canvassing board headquarters. moments ago you're looking at the originally 10 machines, now there are two more brought in from tallahassee. they're going through the certification of the machine. just moments ago a ballot was misaligned as it went into the machine. they had to stop things. bring the ballot out, bring the canvassing board into session, examine in and go back to their calibration process. that is just a little indication of the challenges here that comes on top of -- we have to do this before you start the recount. on top of governor scott's lawsuits directed at the supervisor here, dr. brenda snipes, which in part claims she failed to account for the number of ballots not yet counted. we asked the democrat attorney mitch burger about exactly what
8:03 am
what he believes. >> brenda snipe might be under -- might have too much thrust upon her suddenly. i don't think there is anyone who thinks she is dishonest or lacks integrity. >> remember we're trying to get the second unofficial recount done by thursday. that's the deadline to turn them in. things have started as they try to get things underway. i asked the republican attorney whether or not he, bill sheer, had confidence in snipes. here is what he had to say. >> zero. i have zero from the beginning. i've been involved with her and her operation and the embarrassment that she causes to broward county. it's flori-dah because of the way she runs her operation. >> up in palm beach county they
8:04 am
are saying they don't believe they will meet the thursday deadline and likely not to further complicate it but we saw a lawsuit filed by the attorneys for senator nelson for some vote by mail ballots. we'll find out what comes of that. as usual, we're off to the races in florida on a monday with yet confusion in a little bit of a slow start to this recount in these areas. >> bill: griff jenkins watching it all in lauderdale. >> sandra: more with john bussey, associated editor at the "wall street journal" and fox news contributor. thank you for coming on "america's newsroom." why are we here? >> good news and bad news. the good news is a lot of people voted in this mid-term. more than in decades, which shows the american interest in the election on both sides of the politics. the bad news is a lot of americans voted in the election and the system still sags under that burden, particularly in
8:05 am
florida as we've seen in the past. you also have sort of new ways for americans to vote. by mail. not entirely new but more folks are doing it. on the order of 3/4s of people in arizona voted by mail. things can work their way through the mail system and perhaps not arrive on time. you are dealing with all those issues plus look, it's bureaucracies. a bit of ineptitude mixed into it. we haven't figured out how to do a ballot that's clear. they differ from state to state and not all the machinery in place to properly count the votes in a timely matter. >> sandra: florida, georgia, arizona, some of the differences between the races. >> well, in florida this is headed to a recount because it has fallen into the zone where a recount is required. it is so close. a lot of elections in the past. you had outstanding ballots that weren't necessarily
8:06 am
counted because they didn't need to be. the winner won by such a large margin that no matter what the outstanding ballots said they would win anyway n. this instance a lot of claims of fraud and this and that. the legal authorities, law enforcement authorities and secretary of state of state in florida said there has not been any fraud. we just have -- we are overwhelmed by the ballots and bureaucracy. >> sandra: the president tweeted this out. the florida election should be called in favor of rick scott and ron desantis in large numbers of new ballots showed up out of nowhere and many ballots are missing or forged. an honest votes is not possible. ballots massively infected. must go with election night. the president's take on what is happening in florida. an drew gillum and he has this to say. listen. >> even if it takes you into the middle of next week you better count every vote. we are not going to be ignored. we are going to make sure that every single vote is counted in
8:07 am
this process. i may not be greeting you tonight as the governor of the state of florida but i'm the mayor of tallahassee and more than that i'm an american and floridian and i demand that every vote be counted in this process. >> sandra: that is the latest happening in florida. then there is -- did you have anything else on that. >> the president once again tweeting. and without any evidence in the tweet to substantiate what he is claim to be the case. pretty strong allegations. arguably irresponsible given the fact the secretary of state and law enforcement folks who looked into it say so far there is no indication of fraud. >> sandra: that being said let's go to stacy abrams campaign filing a federal lawsuit in hopes of forcing a runoff. this is what abrams' campaign manager has to say. this race is not over. it is still too close to call and we do not have confidence
8:08 am
in the secretary of state's office. john. >> this has been a running argument. the secretary of state who oversaw the election was her contestant, mr. kemp. he was overseeing the election. all through the election there were arguments about voter suppression and people being taken off the voting roles. we'll see if it plays out in court. right now mr. kemp has won. he is over the threshold required to win in georgia. 50% plus one. it's close, he is already there. it's unclear whether or not it ends up in a recount. >> sandra: yesterday kemp issued a statement calling abrams to concede. it is mathematically impossible for her campaign to force a runoff. that's where things stand this morning. everything will change at any moment. john bussey, thank you, nice to see you. >> bill: back to california. dozens killed there and thousands of homes destroyed. three separate fires burning across the state of california. you have some in the north and
8:09 am
south as well. the worst right now is in the north called the camp fire. 29 dead there. governor jerry brown thanking first responders and offering condolences for so many. >> i thank all the firefighters and first responders. the highway patrol, national guard. everyone who has worked so hard under very, very trying conditions. our thoughts and our prayers are with those who have lost loved ones. members of their family, neighbors and friends. this is truly a tragedy that all californians can understand. >> bill: to the scene we go. claudia cowen in paradise. >> with the search for victims far from over, the camp fire is on pace to become the deadliest wild fire in california history. already the most destructive with more than 6700 structures, most of them homes, burned to
8:10 am
the ground. that figure is likely to rise as well as they continue to take stock of all the damage here. additional search and recovery teams are being brought in to help find more than 100 people still unaccounted for. some of the dead are burned beyond recognition relatives of the missing may be called upon to provide a dna sample. the red flag warning is extended. winds expected to pick up. this area has not seen significant rain in more than seven months making the dry hillsides prime for spot fires to take hold. crews spent the weekend chasing down hot spots and making sure there is no reburn in areas like this one scorched by thursday's inferno. the governor has requested the president declare a major federal disaster that would provide relief beyond what comes with a state of emergency. among other things many who lived in the fire zone were elderly and disabled and be displaced for a long time
8:11 am
adding climate change is threatening our whole way of life according to jerry brown. >> this is the new abnormal and this new abnormal will continue certainly in the next 10 to 15 to 20 years. and unfortunately the best science is telling us that dryness, warmth, drought, all those things will intensify. >> latest numbers just released, the camp fire has now scorched 113,000 acres. only grew 2,000 acres overnight and is now 25% contained. another big problem here a toxic smoke from the fire making it hard to see, breathe and talk. back to you. >> bill: hang in there. you and all the crews working the story in california. >> sandra: democrats calling for acting attorney general matthew whitaker to step aside in the russia probe. how far will democrats go to get him to do that?
8:12 am
congressman darrell issa is on deck. >> bill: rick scott taking new legal action against state democrats accusing them of trying to steal and election. does the governor, governor scott, have a case? judge andrew napolitano is on the bench coming up next to decide. >> let's get this election finished and make sure that law enforcement does an investigation. replace it outright because of depreciation. if your insurance won't replace your car, what good is it? you'd be better off just taking your money and throwing it right into the harbor. i'm regret that. with new car replacement, if your brand-new car gets totaled, liberty mutual will pay the entire value plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> bill: former coach speaking out against the california
8:16 am
gunman. the former track coach says he was volatile, intimidating and a ticking time bomb who consistently lost his temper and groped a fellow coach. the person killed 12 at that thousand oaks bar last wednesday night before turning the gun on himself. they have not yet determined a motive. >> senator nelson is trying to commit fraud to try to win this election. that's all this is. >> sandra: rick scott slamming his democratic opponent over votes in the florida senate race as governor scott files new lawsuits in two counties with a statewide recount underway. judge andrew napolitano fox news senior judicial analyst here to make sense of this all for us. what do we need to know at this point? >> the governor scott has sought six lawsuits. the essence is the same.
8:17 am
county officials in counties controlled by the democrats have abused their discretion by not counting fast enough. talking about this all morning with other guests and by keeping the polls open so to speak seven days after election. for absentee ballots to arrive. the response is our job is to make sure as many people vote as possible. not our fault that the post office is so slow and these ballots are still coming in. we're going to count them. on the other side of that is senator nelson's lawsuit, two of them, filed in federal court. not in state court. basically saying in republican counties the supervisors are too strict and rigid. so if you sign sandra smith on your application but sandra middle initial smith on your absentee ballot using you as a hypothetical, the republican ballot supervisors are rejecting your absentee because the signatures don't match. the federal court system is not
8:18 am
precision but probability. so you have two different court systems in which two different arguments are being made. each by the opposite side. >> sandra: hard to keep track of all of it. here is rick scott on "fox news sunday" over the weekend accusing bill nelson's team of all-out fraud. >> the laws are set out to stop fraud. and let's look at what happened yesterday. we know senator nelson's lawyer said a non-citizen should have the right to vote. senator nelson has gone to court to say that fraudulent ballots that were not properly delivered, signed, whatever, should be counted. >> sandra: he referenced bill nelson's lawyer mark elias sent out via a tweet. breaking, no floridian should have their rightful vote denied because of mail/post office delays. we're suing to protect these ballots, count all the votes. >> that's the mantra of the
8:19 am
democratic side. florida law does give the vote counters the supervisor of votes in each county some discretion as to when to stop accepting them. the republicans say she have is exercising her discretion, broward county, far too liberally. democrats are saying they is letting all vote counts. are there still absentee ballots in the post office? they had to be postmarked last tuesday. could the post office be sitting on this after a week? the head of broward county would say yes. add this is the broward county ballot designed by democrats which so located the vote for senate that a lot of people in a heavily democratic county missed it and didn't vote for either one. too little too late. they may be the cause of their own undoing by that ballot. >> sandra: here is newt gingrich on holding people accountable. >> i don't understand how the very same person in 2000 and
8:20 am
now in 2018 can be in the middle of massive violations and not have some attorney step in and file a suit. >> sandra: here we are today looking at the situation and looking back at 2000. >> i think speaker gingrich is articulating the frustration of a lot of people. but between 2000 and 2018 this person has been reelected four times. the voters keep sending her there and nothing anybody can do about it than defeat her at the polls. the supervisor of elections. this is an only in florida situation, sandra. >> sandra: we'll see where it all goes. they should be done counting those on thursday and we'll see what happens. >> bill: the man accused of mailing more than dozen pipe bombs back in court today. >> sandra: plus rick scott and ron desantis declaring victory while a mandatory recount is underway in florida. we talked to senate florida rules chairwoman about all the voting drama.
8:21 am
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see the grinch in theaters by saying "get grinch tickets" into your xfinity x1 voice remote. a guy just dropped this off. he-he-he-he. t-man charged with sending pipe bombs is due in court today. there was a 30-count indictment against caesar say yak. if convicted he could face life in prison. he is accused of mailing 16 pipe bombs to prominent democrats including former president obama, hillary clinton. >> the evidence is that rick scott and ron desantis have won. andrew gillum conceded on the night of the election. now we're going backwards. >> bill: kellyann conway weighing in on the florida
8:25 am
votes. lizbeth benacquisto has had a hand in the state. the focus of the country is on your state yet again. where are we at the moment? where do you believe we stand? >> thank you for having me, bill. i appreciate the opportunity to be here. we are in the middle of the recount and as so many folks across the country are watching, we have grave concerns with what is happening in broward and in palm beach county. we have supervisors of elections across the state who do a really good job, who perform their duties admirably and we're very grateful for them but we watch with great concern with what is happening in broward and palm beach county. >> bill: andrew gillum first made this comment over the weekend. roll this and watch. >> what a notion. what a notion that we will find ourselves here just a few days
8:26 am
after election day begging, pleading that for the people who got up and went out and legally cast their ballot, right, that they have the opportunity to have those ballots count. >> bill: i don't think anyone can argue with that. the problem is at the county level do we know how many ballots were cast this election cycle? six days after the vote. >> well, one thing that we do agree on, bill, i thank you for highlighting it, is that every vote that was legally cast should be counted. those are the voices of hard working floridians who went to the polls and had their voices heard. that is what's going on right now. that recount is making sure that those legally cast ballots are in the pool and that they are in the count to determine who has won this election. there are great margins in the governor elect race and in additional races. we have every intention of
8:27 am
making sure the legally-cast votes, those voices heard. >> bill: here is rick scott's guidance from earlier. >> we want free and fair elections, people to participate but no fraud. we need to know exactly what happened here and that's what we are trying to understand. we never want this to happen again and no one else to go through this. we won, ron desantis won, we need to go forward and start thinking about our agendas. >> bill: before we get to the agenda aspect how did you address that there is no fraud in florida. >> what is occurring there is troubling and we're watching those developments very closely. you cannot litigate your way to a win this cycle or any election. the voters, 8 million strong
8:28 am
had their voices heard and cast through early voting and election day and we know that those recounts will help solidify those results but two judges have already weighed in on the inconsistencies and the issues that are occurring in broward and in palm beach counties. and we will make sure as we move forward that any fixes that need to be put in place by the legislature will be done swiftly and accordingly but right now we're focused on making sure the legally-cast ballots are counted and the appropriate right elected officials are sworn in and pursue what is best for the citizens of the state of florida. >> bill: i know florida and america are waiting. thank you for your time today. lizbeth benacquisto from fort myers, florida. >> sandra: are republicans in trouble after losing the house majority? what one party insider has to say about that. karl rove tells us what the gop
8:29 am
can do in the next congress when he joins us in moments. >> bill: also parts of california in flames. wildfires leaving 31 dead so far. thousands have been forced to leave on the streets turned into tunnels of fire. we'll have the latest from the fire line today. >> on either side there was wall-to-wall flames. flames going underneath our car, over our car. this food truck
8:30 am
8:31 am
is our baby. and like any baby, it's loud, stressful and draining.
8:32 am
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8:33 am
fire. statewide at least 31 people have died. more than 200 people are still missing. officials bringing in dna equipment to help identify victims. in the south crews battling the deadly woolsey fire now burning for a fifth day with strong santa ana winds kicking up again today. >> politics now karl rove with a warning for republicans "washington examiner" quoted as saying we have to be worried about what's happening in the suburbs. we can't replace all those people by simply picking up farm country and the iron range of minnesota because there is more growth in suburban areas than in rural areas, end quote. karl rove is with me now. how are you, sir, nice to see you last week. have you caught up on your sleep, sir? >> no, i'm still sleep deprived. take another day or two. >> two topics. your comments about suburban vote. it's clear, chicago, dallas, houston, kansas city. what am i missing?
8:34 am
>> minneapolis, orange county, suburbs of northern virginia, richmond, philadelphia, pittsburgh, new jersey suburbs. republicans have a suburban problem they need to address. suburbs of utah. >> bill: what would be your strategy if you were giving it? >> we have to give this a great deal of thought. first of all we need more diverse candidates who mimic the diversity of our suburbs. we need to have younger candidates and we need to be thinking about the issues that suburbanites are concerned about. one of them is suburbanites tend to be socially moderate and economically fiscally conservatives and allow republicans who fit that model be our candidates. >> bill: the economy over the last two years those people have benefited greatly from the trump bump in the white house. a bit of analysis going toward
8:35 am
2020. i don't know who the democrats will nominate. my sense is if you go liberal and progressive you lose. if you go moderate you will have a razor-tight election yet again in 2020. i don't know based on results from tuesday if president trump can win in wisconsin again or win in michigan again. i think he can win in ohio. he has shown that. probably in florida as well. so he can do that as well. i think if that's your baseline, my eye takes me to pennsylvania for 2020. where do you go? >> well, a couple of things. one is i think he can win wisconsin and michigan again. you never want one path to 270. you want to have several paths to get there. so my sense is the trump campaign may be looking at i think you're absolutely right. the further left the democratic nominee is, the better off the president is. my suspicion is their campaign is looking at wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. but again if they're smart, i think they are smart, they'll
8:36 am
be looking at other paths to victory. it might include minnesota where the republicans traded two suburban seats in minneapolis/st. paul for two rural seats. one in the iron range and one in the southern farm country. they may be looking at colorado having to play defense in georgia, which is this year a purple state. so we have plenty of time between now and 2020 to come along but my sense is if they are smart -- i think they are -- they will be looking at broadening the field. where else can they play in 2020 besides 2016? >> the point about the suburbs is well taken. to florida. you write the following. as florida ballot county battle rages democrats are recklessly violating state law. you say there may be a basis for the u.s. justice department to investigate this troubling situation in broward and palm beach counties to answer the obvious question. are democratic election
8:37 am
officials deliberating breaking the law and delay games to create the number of ballots needed to overturn elections results to keep nelson in senate and install gillum as governor. in broward they did not tell the election officials at the state level how many ballots were out there. not even to say who voted for whom but how many ballots were out there. this went on for days. >> that's not the only problem there, though. for example, under florida law if there is a ballot that appears to have problems, that ballot has to be set aside, seg regreated and presented to the board of canvassing this week. instead, the election supervisor of broward county made the determination as to whether or not it was a valid vote and stuck that contested vote into the pots with all the other valid votes. she didn't have the authority to do that. in palm beach county, the election supervisor is refusing to allow designated representatives of the parties
8:38 am
to be in the counting room. she reports to be behind a glass wall where they can't see everything in the room or hearing everything that's going on in the room. lots of things are going on here. we saw this effort where the nelson campaign wanted to count the ballots of people not u.s. citizens in violation of state and federal law. they have no right to cast a ballot. there is the nelson campaign saying we want that ballot from that foreign national to be counted in an american election. there are lots of things going wrong here. it is happening in two counties. the same two counties were around in 2000 and had the same problems then. >> bill: deadline for the machine count wednesday afternoon and then you go to the following sunday if a hand count is required. >> right. >> bill: either way, karl. one side is not going to budge and there will be legal challenges. >> there should be legal
8:39 am
challenges. >> bill: is that decided at the state supreme court court? >> for example, equal treatment. the 14th amendment says everybody gets equal treatment. what happens if in broward and palm beach counties if you didn't mail in your ballot by the designated time, you didn't have it postmarked election day but later and it gets received later beyond the deadline, those two counties seem to be taking the attitude of we can count ballots whenever we want, however long we want, whenever they're received and whenever they were postmarked and we get to make those determinations. that's not equal treatment. >> bill: karl, thank you. we'll see how it unfolds. >> bad deja vu all over again. >> sandra: humanitarian disaster unfolding in yemen right now as fighting escalates between rebels and government forces. >> bill: first acting attorney general whitaker taking over the justice department and why
8:40 am
democrats want him to recuse himself from the russia matter and more possibly. >> the appointment of mr. whitaker should concern every american, democrat, republican, liberal, conservative who believes in rule of law and justice. if he stays there he will create a constitutional crisis by inhibiting mueller or firing mueller.
8:41 am
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8:44 am
technology seem to forcast one of their biggest customers that sales would be down 30%. analysts are downgrading apple and that's weighing on apple and a lot of the big tech names leading to the big sell-off but a strong u.s. dollars. rising interest rates and fears of inflation. a perfect storm to kick off this monday morning. we'll see where things go. not even noon on the east coast. >> bill: here we go. all right. >> sandra: while the future of robert mueller's russia probe is in question following president trump's appointment as matthew whitaker at acting attorney general. if he doesn't recuse himself top democrats threaten to subpoena him when they take over the house in january. >> the first witness we'll subpoena -- summon mr. whitaker. the questions will be about his expressed hostility to the investigation, how he can
8:45 am
possibly supervise it when he has expressed and come out and said the investigation is invalid. >> sandra: joining us to discuss the fate of the mueller investigation is republican congressman darrell issa chair of the house oversight committee nominated by president donald trump to be director of the united states trade and development agency. joins us now. congressman, thank you for coming on the program this morning. a lot of us are trying to figure out democrats calling on whitaker to step aside. why first of all do they want him to do that? >> well, i think they would like to have rod rosenstein be the new attorney general if they could. but it's an odd situation that so quickly things change. a few years ago, jerry nadler was complaining about the cost of investigations when we were doing them to the obama administration. apparently jerry nadler doesn't remember that attorney general eric holder used the term issa
8:46 am
and his idiot cronies in a text and didn't question whether or not he could fairly do the job as attorney general. the fact is the administration has made it clear whitaker is not there to fire rosenstein, he is not there to fire mueller or to end the investigation. he is, in fact, acting and for good reason. if the administration had had rod rosenstein -- if the congress had had rod rosenstein, they would have been happy to never have a new attorney general. as it is when the president puts up a nominee for attorney general, for once the democrats will have an opportunity to actually quickly ratify that without 30 hours of excessive debate. >> sandra: you make the case they would rather have rosenstein in charge. here is kellyann conway making the case that rosenstein has gone as far as to praise whitaker in the past. watch. >> deputy attorney general rod rosenstein has called matt whitaker a suburb choice to be
8:47 am
acting attorney general. i think that's important. people who are working with him feel confident that he can be the chief law enforcement officer at the department of justice. >> sandra: if that's the case, how far are democrats willing to go? >> well, i think they're willing to go too far. i've sat next to jerry nadler as my ranking member for quite a few years. he needs the take a deep breath and recognize he should have tremendous power. this administration could and should welcome legitimate oversight by that committee, by oversight and the other committees. i'm going to encourage them to do that. but if jerry starts off as he was heard on the train talking about wanting to impeach a supreme court justice as soon as they get in control, that's absurd. he needs to realize that overreaching is one thing in the minority but it is something very different when you have the actual gavel and you need to be responsible in
8:48 am
your oversight. i'm hoping congressman nadler, who i have known for many years and worked with will calm down and realize it is now time to be a reasonable leader. >> sandra: i want to ask you about this. paul manafort hitting the breaks on cooperating with mueller. this according to business insider piece. this is a quote from it saying that talks between manafort and mueller have apparently stalled. they write, quote, it is unclear why talks between manafort and mueller have stalled. manafort's team hoped it might catch the president's attention and come to manafort's aid. manafort struck a plea deal after his first trial resulted in a conviction. what can you tell us there? >> well, first of all, if you have something to give to an investigation, you use it as tool. but if they start asking, as they appear to be doing, for more than what paul manafort
8:49 am
can actually provide, you have to stop and say no, i agreed to give you what i knew. i did not agree to give you what you want. and so that's probably what is going on. that is usually the challenge is that a prosecutor wants everything they can get and somebody who has agreed to cooperate wants to give what they are comfortable saying they know. in the case of paul manafort who was convicted unrelated to his work for donald trump, he really has only what he has and if that's not good enough for mueller, then that's a problem mueller will have to face. >> sandra: congressman, before i let you go the death toll in california. want to ask you about this before you go. continues to rise. hundreds still unaccounted for. i want to get your final thoughts. >> we all, our hearts go out for all those men and women lost in this. the president said it, maybe not as well as others would have liked but he said it, we have to do things pro-actively
8:50 am
to prevent this in the future. we have to manage better rather than have the devastating fires. >> sandra: horrific to watch. so many have lost their homes and lives. we continue to watch this all. congressman, thank you for coming on this morning. >> bill: another fox news alert now. middle east now. eight are dead including an israeli army officer as we get a new wave of violence erupting near the gaza strip. we're live there next when our coverage continues. i am a family man.
8:51 am
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[ready forngs ] christmas? no, it's way too early to be annoyed by christmas. you just need some holiday spirit! that's it! this feud just went mobile. with xfinity xfi you get the best wifi experience at home. and with xfinity mobile, you get the best wireless coverage for your phone.'re about to find out! you don't even know where i live... hello! see the grinch in theaters by saying "get grinch tickets" into your xfinity x1 voice remote. a guy just dropped this off. he-he-he-he. >> sandra: recount in full swing. rick scott accusing bill nelson of trying to steal the election and nelson is accusing scott of stealing valid votes. the fight for florida. it is not cooling down. have you noticed that?
8:54 am
>> verbally swing. some democrats seemed to tamp down the idea they plan to launch many investigations of the president. but some not so much. one report saying the democrats plan to load a, quote, subpoena cannon. it may feel like a canyon, it could backfire. we'll talk about it. all that and one lucky guy on "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. >> bill: there are breaking developments now along the border between israel and gaza. we have details on what has been a very active day. trey, where are you and what's happening? >> right now we are in israel just over the gaza border between israel and gaza. as you can see to my left a fire erupting right now from a bakery that was hit from a direct rocket hit fired from gaza. more than 100 rockets have been fired tonight from the gaza strip into southern israel.
8:55 am
we're getting reports from the palestinian health ministry that at least three people in gaza have been killed in retaliatory strikes launched by the israeli air force and getting new reports from israeli media that indicate dozens of israeli citizens have been affected and many injured after strikes from the gaza strip both mortars and rockets targeting southern israeli communities behind me is from a missile. the missile defense system is intercepting more rockets being fired amid conversations of a cease-fire this week that was supposed to be developing between hamas and israeli government with the help of egyptian negotiators. we're getting reports right now in speaking with hamas officials inside gaza who say that egyptian negotiators are trying to find a solution to
8:56 am
reduces kalation in the southern part of israel. moving forward a key thing to look at is to see whether or not the escalation turns into a much larger conflict in the region. i'll send it back to you right now. we can hear off in the distance it does appear to be escalating. back to you. >> bill: thank you. more than 100 rockets fired in israel from gaza already today. trey, thank you for that report. sandra. >> sandra: the ballot battle in florida and the deadline for the statewide machinery count now just days away for some very hotly contested races. will the lawsuits from both sides of the aisle and where does it go next? contaminated. one of the biggest successes we had early on was entering agreements with the epa on cleaning up the property. man 3: we're recycling over 98% of the products on site. man 4: the impact that this project will have on the community will be enormous.
8:57 am
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>> bill: you see what's going on here, once we got past midterms. everything what kind of slow down a little bit. right? what to get past midterms, we work our way toward thanksgiving. >> sandra: that was a monday morning for you. >> bill: was to get past midterms -- >> sandra: yeah, i got it. [laughs] got anything else for me
9:00 am
question mark's piece of it it was a rocking three hours. california has got a lot of issues were. we will stay on that, too. i don't know what comes out of florida, but we will see. >> sandra: we will continue watch the wildfires. the news continues. keep right here. to be 25 starts now. >> harris: fox news alert, nearly one week since election day and the midterm drama reaches on in florida. a statewide recount is now underway for three close races. with a focus on the senate and gubernatorial contests. the lawsuits are flying, too. you are watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, melissa francis. former director of strategic medications for the hillary clinton campaign, adrienne elrod. host of "kennedy" on the fox business network, kennedy. in the center seat, conservative radio talk show host larry elder's here. we say he is outnumbered. we observe veterans day on this


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