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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  November 12, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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panel including william mccraven who led the planning and execution of the raid on osama bin laden. overtime outnumbered in dallas tomorrow. here's dana. >> dana: growing devastation in california. wild fires destroying whole communities with incredible speed, taking the lives of at least 31 people. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." fear and desperation in the golden state as fires destroy homes. governor brown calling for unity in the face of the most destructive fire california has ever seen. >> it's a time to pull together and work through this tragedy. the way i would describe it, i'm gonna amend something i said before. this is not the new normal. this is the new abnormal.
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and this new abnormal will continue. >> dana: jeff fall is live on the ground in malibu. jeff, what's it looking like today? >> reporter: well, dana, the winds are starting to pick up within the last hour or so. i don't know if you can tell, every once in awhile a gust will come through and you can see them move. you can feel maybe ash or debris in the air. that's what firefighters are worried about. they're starting to get this fire contained. this wind can start up more fires. 300 structures like this, many which are homes, were destroyed because of this fire. you can see maybe what were some gutters. this gives you an idea. this was likely someone's beautiful home in malibu. i can tell there's a chimney. but other than that, everything else has been reduced to cash. this fire burned 90,000 acres. it is only 20% contained.
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unfortunately investigators are looking into two deaths. looks like the people were trying to get out of this fire. they were found in a badly burned car. investigators say that's likely because of this fire. dana? >> dana: to the extent that you've been able to talk to people out there, how are they holding up? >> reporter: well, what's made this fire so unique compared to maybe others is that there's so many people who have been told to evacuate. around 250,000 people. there's also a lot of firefighters both working on the ground and in the air to get the fire somehow under control. those firefighters are doing their best to save as many homes as possible, but unfortunately some of these homes just cannot be saved. it's not just celebrities in malibu who are losing homes. it's regular people. plumbers, teacher, people who have worked their entire lives to get these homes and to show up and watch this fire take everything away from them.
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>> there's never been anything like this. i have never seen the devastation, carnage, never. people didn't have time to get out. it was devastating. >> reporter: now, these gusts are expected to last through tuesday. it can be as strong as 55 miles per hour. firefighters that we spoke with said they are hoping somehow mother nature can work in their favor and they can get this fire contained. >> dana: jeff paul, thank you. here's a look at the new wild fire. it's burning right now in simi valley. let's move north to buke county, where nearly 5,000 firefighters are battling the deadly camp fire. joining me is the president of the national federation of firefighters. tell me a little bit about the preparation that firefighters go through to deal with massive fires like these ones we are seeing in california.
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>> well, dana, it starts, i have to clarify. it's not international. i'd hate to take credit for my boss' job. thanks for the field promotion. preparation-wise, as the governor spoke a little while ago, this is the new abnormal. it's a constant state of readiness. at the time these fires broke throughout the state of california, fire departments and firefighters were sending out extra resources to be able to respond to these fires. it's november. normally, we would be shutting things down. the last few years we're seeing our most devastating fires in what used to not even be considered fire season. physical and mental preparation. in chico, unfortunately, that preparation included leaving their homes to go do their job and fight the fires in their community and they ended up losing their home.
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making it this much harder on us. >> dana: do you have an initiative to try to help those firefighters? while they're trying to save others from losing their homes, they're also losing their livelihoods as they try to help others. >> we do. international association of firefighters has a great member support program. i was deployed up to chico to come up here with some of my colleagues to set up a center where we could first find out how many members were impacted. while they're on the lines in the process of locating their families. you're engaged in the fire fight 37 you don't know your wife, husband, kids, where they are. we started that, find out where they are. we can give them the reassurance, if their house is gone, their family is okay. providing some resources to them so they can get back on their feet and get back on the fight which is where they really want
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to be. make sure they are on as steady ground as they can be. >> dana: as governor brown said and you mentioned, he's calling it the new abnormal. i wonder if you could tell us quickly about this wild land urban interface. i remember back from my policy days it was called the wui at the time. as people continue to move out from the cities, do you think this is potentially a problem going forward? >> absolutely. it's kind of a hallmark of why people like to live in california because you can intermix. benefits of living in a more suburban area with the natural beauty we are surrounded by here. the thing with paradise, it is technically the wui because there's wild land around it. paradise was a suburban town. once the fire got into paradise, it was much more a building to
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building fire. in fact, you drive through and see a lot of the video coverage coming out of paradise. lot of the vegetation burned. the speed and the attempt here since that fire came through, it became a harried ignition of homes. started wildland fire, came through and was one big giant structure fire in paradise then moved back into the wild lands. so we saw the same thing in santa rosa last year. we saw it in redding this year. where these fires are coming out of the wild land and through the wui and into the urban and suburban areas. as the climate continues to change and fuels become critically dry and our summertime weather patterns lengthen, unfortunately this is going to continue to be a problem here. >> dana: we appreciate your update and all you do with the fire fighters.
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>> thank you. >> dana: ballot recounts are under way where senate and governors races remain undecided to this day. republican rick scott isn't waiting for the senate race to be called. he's announcing plans to go to washington for orientation activities. griff jenkins is live in lauderdale, florida. where do things stand at 2 p.m. eastern? >> reporter: just moments ago, dr. brenda snipes, election supervisor came out here where the board meets and addressed even the media. she reiterates that she will meet the deadline for thursday's recount but she was asked ab governor scott's lawsuit which is failing to account for the number of ballots. when asked if there were mistakes made and had she participated in wrongdoing, she said there were issues and they
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could have done better. she said this is the first time she's come under such direct attack. i want to take you into the tabulation count which has yet to start. they're recounting. neighboring dade, they're halfway done. here, separating page one of the ballots before they even start the recount. they believe time spent now to speed it up in the end. they must get this recount done by thursday. lawyers here, both democrats and republicans, are anticipating that recount to be like the first unofficial recount within that quarter percent margin leading us to a manual hand recount. that is going to be significantly more involved because there's another deadline, that is sunday, of the official results. another little bit of news that's happened in the last hour and that is a broward county judge denied an injunction in a lawsuit filed by governor scott to impound the machines you're looking at now.
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he said that's not going to happen. ultimately the broward county security office here is sufficient to do so. we'll find out what's been going on since around the clock 24/7 since 4 a.m. we were here and they were trying to get it going. we anticipate the actual recount to begin tomorrow morning at some point. >> dana: and, griff, tensions i imagine are running high between the two campaigns. >> reporter: they are indeed. both campaigns, governor scott and nelson trading barbs in the national level. scott accusing, of course, not only brenda snipes, but also senator nelson of having lost by a margin that's not enough to win a recount, but ultimately we did get video recently of senator nelson saying that governor scott needs to recuse himself from this process. take a listen.
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>> he should remove himself from any role in the recount process so the people can have the confidence in the integrity of the election. >> reporter: so at the end of the day, it's all about the recount which has yet to start. that deadline is thursday. >> dana: thank you. with election recounts under way, what are the political ramifications going forward? >> my guess trump and particularly scott, will try to interfere in that recount. they don't want the votes counted. i have fantastic news for veteran homeowners who need money for their family. with our service, veterans like us earned the powerful va home loan benefit that lets us borrow up to 100 percent of our home's value. at newday usa, that can mean a lot more money, especially if your home has gone up in value. on average, our veterans take out 54,000 dollars.
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>> dana: florida is recounting ballots in three race including the heated contest for the u.s. senate. republican rick scott holding a lead over bill nelson as both camp file lawsuits and accuse the other side of trying to steal the election. i am joined by josh croshire. we've seen this play out in florida before. i did see a pollster saying there's no evidence of fraud here and that scott and desantis are well posed to win these recounts. is that correct?
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>> yeah. i think president trump would be well advised to calm down and relax when it comes to the florida count. we all remember 2000 and the butterfly ballots and the craziness in florida. the difference was in the hundreds. rick scott has a lead over 12,000 votes with nearly all the votes already counted. so this is extremely unlikely even in a recount, even with all the litigation going on. that's a close margin, but it's extremely unlikely to be overturned. you think about all the close elections in recent years. we're talking ab margins in the hundreds not tens of thousands, 12,000. rick scott should be breathing pretty easily, even though there's a lot of litigation to go. >> dana: he's not just sitting back. listen to what he had to say earlier. >> senator nelson is clearly trying to commit fraud to try to win this election. that's all there is. >> i want to pick up on that.
11:17 am
you're accusing bill nelson of trying to commit fraud. >> his lawyer said a noncitizen should vote. that's number one. number two, he's gone to trial and said fraudulent ballots should be counted. ballot that have been thrown out. >> dana: the guy he is referencing is mark elias who tweeted, there is no evidence of fraud, there is undisputed fact that thousands of lawful ballots haven't yet been counted. >> that's very heated rhetoric from governor scott. this is coming down to these provisional ballots that were rejected by the election officials and due to inconsistency in signature, for other reason. democrats want to get more of these votes counted. but in reality, there are not enough votes from that pile to likely overturn the result, to overturn that 12,000 or so vote margin that scott has. look, they're fighting a legal fight.
11:18 am
it makes sense to see what both sides are doing. the reality is the margin that governor scott has is a pretty healthy one given the patterns in recounts. >> dana: let me ask you about something else, bigger picture. you wrote a column in which you said president trump should be worried about 2020. i won't read what you wrote. i'll let you explain it. why do you think he should be worried about the 2020 effort? >> when you look at 2016, it was built on a successful coalition between suburban conservatives and blue collar population. there were just blue collar suburbans to put him over the top. what we saw in the 2018 midterms is lot of suburban voters moved away from the republican party, moved away from the president. look at arizona, for one example. martha mcsally ran pretty much down the line trump supporter but couldn't match the trump
11:19 am
vote from 2016. she was a point or two behind. she couldn't capture that same energy the president had in 2016. it's a dangerous sign for the president in his reelection. >> dana: you all said something that was important. a midterm is a referendum on the president's performance. general elections are between two people. >> democrats will have a lot to say about the president's success in his re-election depending on who they nominate. the good news for the president is that ohio and florida still look like republican leaning states. they still seem to be in his column. he can look at those two states and think more positively. >> dana: josh kraushaar, thank you. house democrats taking aim at acting attorney general matthew whitaker, sparking questions about how the party will use its power next year. >> i'm not one to wool over anyone. what i am going to do is do what the american people said they wanted us to do, even in trump
11:20 am
country, they basically are saying we want transparency, we want honesty and we want integrity. >> dana: the arizona senate race still too close to call. is the democrat gaining enough ground to lift that seat blue? 300 miles an hour,
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we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. >> dana: democrats beginning to map out potential investigations into the trump administration as they prepare to take over in january. i'm joined by the former deputy attorney general in the bush administration, now a law professor at uc berkeley. take a listen to nancy pelosi. she hopes to become the speaker again. we'll see what her caucus said. in the mean time, she was talking about investigations again. >> we are not scatter shot. we are not doing any investigation for political purpose but to seek the truth. so i think a word you could describe how democrats will go forward in this regard is we will be very strategic. >> dana: she's basically saying i'm very prudent. we are not going to do anything irrational. will she be able to keep her caucus from doing that? >> dana, i don't think so.
11:25 am
one of the things about the house, it's different from the senate where i worked is the house is really controlled by the committee chairs. the chairs have a lot of power to issue subpoenas themselves, to demand administration officials show up, to demand that documents be produced. to fight over executive privilege. i don't think they'll be able to resist going after what they think is an administration filled with scandals. the problem is, every time they put in subpoenas they are consuming the time of the administration to promote a positive agenda. >> dana: basically sand in the gears of the white house to try to slow anything down. so the president does have the ability to do a lot of things through the executive branch, of course our founders set it up so that there could be an opportunity for congress to check them. we'll see what they'll do. in the meantime, the president making an appointment of an
11:26 am
acting attorney general of mark whitaker. listen to jerry nather. he will be the chairman on the democratic side when they take over. this is what he was saying about whitaker and the russia investigation. >> we can subpoena the final report. we could subpoena mueller. but the fact is, any such interference would be part of a pattern of obstruction of justice and he should recuse himself. he's said the investigation shouldn't go forward. someone who's said that should not be in charge of deciding on the investigation. >> dana: the recusal issue is what got jeff sessions in so much hot water with the president. tell me what you think about that issue on recusal and just mark whitaker in general as the acting attorney general. >> first, i don't think whitaker has to recuse himself. there's nothing wrong with someone making at the same tist
11:27 am
commentator. does that mean you or i couldn't be in the government. >> dana: thank goodness. >> no, but does that mean someone is supposed to come into office with no views? we often have lawyers who took position against the government who might come in and work as an official. as long as whitaker can show he is impartial and unbiased. the real problem is you ask more generally, it's not clear to me whitaker can serve as attorney general because he hasn't been approved by the senate to some earlier post. i kind of think of this as an unforced error by the administration. they could appoint the deputy attorney general, solicitor general. any number of u.s. attorneys who've been confirmed by the senate could serve in that job. whitaker was the chief of staff. he's more like an employee. even if whitaker is unbiased and fair, anyone who's involved, even mueller himself, is going to likely contest his ability to
11:28 am
hold that office. i think what trump should do is have whitaker serve a very short period of time. don't touch the mueller investigation. then get on with the business of appointing a permanent attorney general of which he's got a lot of good candidates available. >> dana: should we put your name in the hat, john? >> i can't see trump or the house liking that. >> dana: they need you at berkeley. john, thank you. >> thanks, dana. >> dana: some democrats are not backing nancy pelosi's bid to reclaim the speaker's gavel, but they have one big problem. who can run against her? plus fighting on the israeli/gaza border with a barrage of new rocket fire. trey? >> reporter: we'll have more from the scene of a rocket attack in southern israel, dana, after the break. are you a veteran, own a home, and need money for your family? newday usa can help. we earned a lot of va benefits with our service.
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11:33 am
makes it clear it will step up air strikes on the gaza strip if a barrage of rocket fire at israel continues. trey is live on the israel/gaza border. >> reporter: good afternoon, dana. we are seeing severe escalation between hamas and the israeli military. since i spoke to you just before the commercial break, we have seen two rocket interceptions overhead in a border town in israel. throughout the day there have been rockets fired from the gaza strip into southern israel. the israel military responding. i received a text message from a senior hamas official confirming hamas' media wing inside gaza strip was just levelled by an israeli air strike. all of this coming after earlier today a faction inside gaza strip fired an anti-tank missile toward an israeli bus filled with soldiers. one soldier was severely injured. all of this though coming after
11:34 am
a raise last night inside gaza conducted by the israeli military went wrong. this raid taking place last night. reports indicating the operation was meant to gather intelligence but went awry when the soldiers were found by the hamas militants in gaza. dana? >> dana: thank you, trey. back in the u.s., we're keeping a close eye on key elections in three states. vote counting is still under way in the arizona senate race with kirsten sinema is gaining ground on martha mcsally. and, of course, recounts are under way in florida races for governor and senator. president of america votes, former congress woman nan heyworth, good to have you both here. i want you to listen to what governor scott says about what
11:35 am
happened on election night. >> there's never been a recount that's changed in florida, any sort of win like that. so while we're going through the recount, we won. the citizens of the state won. i'm going to be going to dc and i'm going to do what i did in florida. >> dana: greg, so we're fair and balanced, i want you to listen to senator nelson on the recount. seems my opponent is worried he will lose the election. why else would he sue to stop every vote from being counted. sor reurbg i saw him on camera, thought he said that as well. tell me from the democratic position where do you think things stand now in florida? >> sure. i think senator nelson said it quite well. if governor scott has nothing to fear with regard to a recount, why is he screaming as loudly as
11:36 am
he is about nonexistent voter fraud in this election. it was very telling that yesterday on this network governor scott was asked point blank to provide evidence of voter fraud in this election by chris wallace. he was unable to do so. the republican secretary of state in florida said there is no evidence of voter fraud. a judge in broward county just about an hour ago squashed governor scott's want attempting to impound voting machines in broward county. let the votes count. >> dana: our earlier guest said scott is 12,000 votes ahead, unlike in the bush/gore recount, hundreds of votes separated them. if at the end of the recount nelson loses this race, will he accept the results? >> presumably he will. let the votes count. let the recount proceed. stop with the interference like
11:37 am
governor scott's been trying to do. let me make one important point. there is one very peculiar situation in this election. in broward county, the situation with the undervotes. that may be ballot design. it may be something else. that could amount to as many as 10, 12, 15,000 votes for senator nelson. that's why we have a provision in florida law for a manual recount to look at those undervotes. >> dana: all right, nan. take it away. tell us what you think about that. >> i disagree respectfully with greg when it comes to evidence of voter fraud. phrase it maybe slightly differently. we know there is a lack of vote integrity of ballot integrity in palm beach and broward county. broward county specifically, we know a batch of 205 provisional votes contain 20 fraudulent votes or not fraudulent but votes that could not be validated and yet the supervisor
11:38 am
there brenda snipes wanted to count all of them. how many more examples of that are there? we know the custody of provisional ballots, the chain of custody was not provided for. there was a box of ballots found in a school a couple days after the election. this is no way to run an election. brenda snipes has been found to have pursued practices that violated custody and ballot integrity before. governor scott is exactly right to pursue this to the hilt. let every vote be counted, absolutely, but let's make sure they're real legitimate votes. >> dana: we'll see what happens. i just want to make sure, do i have time to go on to another topic? okay, good. speaker pelosi, former speaker pelosi, said she's staying as speaker. >> i'm staying as speaker to protect the affordable care act. that's about the health and financial health of america's
11:39 am
families. >> dana: greg, in a political article this morning they said on one hand there's a cast of incoming freshmen who ran on change and some cases starting with pelosi. on the other there's no potential replacement with anything approaching the seasoning or legislative savvy the 78-year-old californian possesses, making it hard to see she won't be speaker again. so after all of this, after nancy pelosi was the villain in republican ads many freshmen said they would never vote for her, will she likely be the speaker again? >> i think she will, dana, in all likelihood. no one knows how to cast votes within the democratic caucus better than nancy pelosi. with every single seat that continues to turn democrat, plus 32 now, we expect when counties all said and done in california and in maine, probably closer to 37, 38. big gain for democrats.
11:40 am
that's a sizable majority that gives nancy pelosi plenty of room to get the votes she needs to be elected. >> dana: nan, let me ask you this. you were in congress. you have been following this. do you think republicans need to set aside whether it's personal animosity or a belief that she is the a number one villain. she just won many seats. she has the potential to be speaker again. is she not the boogy man they think she is? >> do you know what, dana? that's going to depend entirely on the behavior of the democratic majority in this coming congress. and i agree with you that the republicans have to offer a hand in cooperation in reaching across the aisle so they can accomplish things for the american people. if the democrats behave as seems to be likely, that they will concentrate on throwing the book at the president and his family and his administration, i think they're going to be hard pressed
11:41 am
to make the case that they should be given the reigns come 2020. but it is up to republicans to make a positive and all encompassing case for their policy agenda and to push it forward as positively as they can. >> dana: those are good points all around. thank you both for helping inform me today. fox news alert. comic book legend stan lee has died. the 94-year-old created numerous superheroes including spider-man, the x men and incredible hulk, just to name a few. lee battled several health problems in recent years. country music super star jared neman dedicating his new song to the troops. plus wild fires claiming more lives in california as the devastation gross. claudia cowan, what are you seeing? >> reporter: it's a rare thing
11:42 am
to see a home that did not burn down. this city of paradise was incinerated in matter of hours. i'll have a live update on the camp fire after the break.
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11:45 am
>> shepard smith reporting top of the hour. we're live in california where
11:46 am
wild fires continue to devastate entire communities. we're also hearing about an amazing escape from the flames. a nurse who stayed behind to help patients ended up running for her own life. even called her husband to say that she was going to die. that and the rest of the day's news on shepard smith reporting, top of the hour. >> dana: fox news alert on deadly wild fires raging across california. here's a live look outside simi outside los angeles. we have live team coverage of adam klauss on what's driving these fire. but first tot claudia cowan on what's left in paradise. claudia. >> reporter: dana, it's hard to wrap your head around the scope of the devastation. the mayor of paradise said she thinks 90% of the homes and businesses in her city are gone. with each fire update we learn the human loss is rising as
11:47 am
well. 29 people perished thursday and that figure could grow. now comes the process of identifying the remains. search and rescue crews are looking for 200 people still unaccounted for five days later. cell phone towers are down. communication has been an issue, along with popup evacuation centers not run by the red cross. the sheriff said while he appreciates the groups are trying to help, it interferes with an official check list of who is where and who is really missing. 50,000 people remain evacuated. governor jerry brown has asked the president to declare a major federal disaster and a fire fight with crews battling the flames from the air and ground. the camp fire is roughly the same size as san jose, california, 177 square miles. crews now have this fire 25% contained and are taking
11:48 am
advantage of a lull in the winds now to try to get the upper hand and boost those containment numbers before strong winds are in the forecast to arrive tonight. >> dana: video, that picture behind you, just devastating. thank you, claudia. now let's go to our fox news meteorologist. >> we've got a couple of combinations coming together. the very dry conditions that we continue to see on top of that wind which has been really bad. here's what it looks like, your drought monitor. the entire state at least dry. spots of southern california getting up to extreme drought conditions, maybe as far as 10 inches of rain from where they typically would be this time of year. some current winds along the coat from 15 to 20 miles an hour. that's enough to move some of the flames. that's only going to get worse. big high pressure system setting over the western coast. you can get this wind running up
11:49 am
against the mountain. it has nowhere to go so it starts to find valleys. you start the see the winds pick up speed. we've been seeing wind gusts 60 to 70 miles an hour. that is going to continue. this is our forecast model. start to see the real deep blues across portions of southern california. those are 70 mile an hour wind. those will be continuing through the course of today unfortunately into tuesday. also, dana, looking like maybe we'll see things improve wednesday, but we've got at least today and tomorrow with no rain in sight. >> dana: we will pray for rain. two elementary school students get a special surprise just in time for veteran's day. plus, country music superstar jared neman joins me to talk about his new song inspired by the armed forces. ♪ managing my type 2 diabetes wasn't my top priority.
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>> dana: residents of the utah town whose mayor was killed in afghanistan had a special tribute to him to mark veteran's day. the mayor major brent taylor died november 3rd in kabul. the honor the father of seven, more than 100 srol untears worked to hang a flag. taylor's wife was grateful for the gesture. >> to see that banner flying is something of a deep honor and remembrance of this wonderful land that we live in. also, it's quite a humbling reminder that, unfortunately, our family is not the first tot go through with this. >> dana: the flag 150 feet long and weighs 400 pound. it's hung up by a steel cable the group anchored to both sides of the canyon. ♪ don't tread on me or my memory
11:55 am
i fight for you so that you're free ♪ >> dana: that's old glory the new song by jared neman. he said it was inspired by the real life sacrifices for our troops. great to have you. i have listened to you for years. anyone who watches "the five" knows i'm the country music fan. this song feels different to me in a way. is it to you? >> yeah. just a whole different message than anything. usually i put out songs about heart break. but doing uso tours, i went over there a fly on the wall and came back just a whole other person. >> dana: where did you go? >> kosovo, kuwait, afghanistan twice, iraq, romania, spain, uss grant. >> dana: what's it like when you perform for them? i know they must be so grateful for the visit and the entertainment and your time and attention.
11:56 am
>> it's crazy. i have actually become friends with a lot of our brave men and women. when you're over there, you get to bring everybody home for a few minutes. then i'm like, if you are ever at a show, go and let them know you're there. i have gotten to hang out with people. so good to see that. >> dana: lyrics include "all the things that our troops are incurring, things they're missing, births, deaths, last words." tell me about that. >> we were in iraq christmas day. everybody was showing me all these amazing videos of their kids opening presents. they were so proud. it broke my heart that they were away. one guy told me his wife left him christmas eve. one guy said his mom passed away and he missed her funeral. as a civilian you realize that makes sense, but you don't think
11:57 am
about that. i just thought, man, there's so much that we do take for granted. >> dana: you used the flag as a symbol to talk about our paths and also for us to remember those serving now. >> yeah. it represents so much. so many act kreu tpaoeuss. both my grandfathers fought in world war ii. it goes back further than that. i just don't want our generation to forget about that. it's more than just a flag. it's so many family, so many sacrifices. >> dana: when you're there on a uso tour, do you think veterans know that we think about them and that we're grateful for their service? >> i think that -- >> dana: or are we not doing enough? i wonder about that. >> obviously every little bit helps. that's why it's just so important. it's easy, out of sight, out of mind. our freedom. their voice is our freedom. from the moment we're born to, the moment we die. sometime we forget it's there. with "old glory" i wanted to
11:58 am
remind people of some of the sacrifices and that way maybe they will do more to show their appreciation. >> dana: i had a chance to travel with president bush. it is amazing their dedication and desire to serve. some of them who have been injured and had returned for multiple tours. >> that's the thing. you go home, on the outside they're looking good. but that's the ptsd. >> dana: the visible wounds of war. >> committing suicide every 65 minutes we have one of our vets. i just don't know why that's not such a huge deal. they go over there to defend our freedom. we owe them to do what we can to help them when they get home. >> dana: it's a pleasure to meet you. i have listened to you for years. i think this song is right up there at my top three i think of your songs. i'm gonna put it at the top for now, but i have two others that i like as well. thank you. >> well, thank you for having me. >> dana: two kids got a big
11:59 am
surprise at school last week. a very special visitor. take a look at this. that's right. after being deployed in japan for seven month mars recent sergeant garrett evans returned from overseas to ola elementary school. the good news is his two kids had no idea that he was going to show up. >> it's hard. every time he would come, you'll see dad in five days. but i just wanted it to be a special surprise for them. >> that's a hard secret to keep. evans wife said she had a hard time doing just that. the kids were not expecting him home until next month. check on the dow. 477 points. the dip led by losses at major tech companies over fears of slow growthed. at apple, stocks are tumbling amid reports the company reduced production of its new i phones ahead of the poll day season. this follows a 200 point drop for the dow just last friday.
12:00 pm
we had a weekend in between there. thanks everyone for joining us. i'll be on "the five" a little bit later. we have a special treat for you instore today. up next shep smith.


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