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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 12, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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>> sure. >> thank you. >> martha: i want to thank the taylors here on veterans day. it was an honor to thank us. you may see on the bottom of the screen, kristen cinema has secured the senate seat in arizona. we'll see you tomorrow night. >> tucker: good evening. we have a major news alert out of arizona tonight that pertains to that state wide election. we'll tell you what that is in just a minute. first up, for the second time in living memory there's an election recount crisis in the state of florida. just last week republicans rick scott and ron desantis defeated bill nelson and andrew gillum in the senate and gubernatorial races. yet just six days later, it is very possible that both those democrats will win the seats,
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the ones that just the other day they had lost. how does that happen, exactly? well, thousands of new and uncounted ballots appeared in florida, mostly in democratically named counties. those ballots changed the results sufficiently to trigger a state wide recount. the recount is under way right now. the process so far is not inspiring confidence in the system. president trump has complained about it, as have plenty other people. but it turns out complaining about this is not allowed, so to restate the rules, in case you've forgotten. when a republican wins an election, it is fine to question the legitimacy of the process. democrats have been doing that since the very day trump was elected. that is patriotic. it's your duty. but when the democratic power is at stake, raising any question about the process, it's wrong. nothing less than the road to dictatorship. watch. >> he's basically trying to under mind at every turn.
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it's not just florida. he weighed in on arizona. he's weighed in on other races. he's under minding the legitimacy of elections. >> where he doesn't like the results. >> where he doesn't like the results. that is a hall mark of a failing democracy. of someone moving toward authoritarian. >> he's authoritarian, screamed the authoritarian. defending the results of elections that have already been called is not the same as overturning elections. listen to the incoming house speaker nancy pelosi explain how this works. >> president has been saying there's election fraud in florida. what do you think is happening in broward county? >> my experience with the president is any time he charges somebody with something, he's projecting what he might have done himself. we are not -- >> election fraud? >> obstruction, suppression of the vote. >> tucker: suppression. nancy pelosi did not use that
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word accidentally. the term is used to evoke images of a time of night riders and burning crosses. a time very few living americans remember personally but that lives in our collective memory. this kind of talk can be politically useful. that's why they do it. that's why it's a theme on the left. in broward county, ballot counting is overseen by a woman called brenda snipes pf she was previously caught illegally destroying ballots. this time she's mixed invalid ballots with valid ones. that sounds bad. but don't dare criticize snipes for the way she does her job. according to msnbc, the only relevant fact about brenda snipes is the color of her skin. watch. >> here is the way they are treating brynn tka snipes who is an older black woman in the deep south. keep that in mind as you watch this video. >> lock her up! lock her up!
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>> if you look at the person, in this case a woman involved, she has had a horrible history. >> tucker: so in case you're wondering what demagogry looks like? you have just seen it. democrats are acting like they have been robbed of power. yet just in elections, democrats gained power. they retook the house of representatives after eight years. they nearly broke even in the senate. that was not enough though. they want more. they will use any means necessary to get it. in palm beach county, the canvassing board disqualified a vote because it was cast by a noncitizen. noncitizens are not allowed to vote. it is illegal. also never happens in this country ever! we're told that again and again. anyone who disagrees is racist. but in this case, it actually did happen. nobody disputes that. democrats response to this happening, attorneys for gillum
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and nelson said the vote should not be disqualified. they objected to disqualification. only thing that matters to them in the end is winning. it's easy to find yourself thinking like this if you believe politics is holy war. religious traoepblgsists an election is not a contest between fellow americans who disagree on policy, it is a battle between good and evil. evil must be vanquished at all costs no matter what. gillibrand reached this conclusion. senator gillibrand is noted an obvious canned for america's leading moral voice. she was a long time defender of harvey weinstein. but listen to her now preaching like it's the last sunday in lent. >> are you staying in the senate or running for president? >> i have been thinking about it. what president trump has been putting into this country is so disturbing, so dark that i believe that i have been called to fight as hard as i possibly can to restore that moral
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integrity. >> sounds like a yes. >> i'm thinking about it. >> tucker: moral integrity, moral decency. that is worrisome. people who know how deeply flawed they are tend not to overreach. they have humility. but when you're a holy warrior on a mission from god, what won't you do? greg patrick is chief investigator at wtvt fox in tampa bay. he joins us with the latest on this story. what is the state of play on this recount? it >>'s a mess. you have a growing list of blunders and gaffs. bill nelson still trailing by some 12,500 votes. it would be unprecedented that he would catch up. but they're continuing the process. i want to come back to what you said because it illustrates the problem in southeast florida and the kinds of pwhrupbders we've seen. when we say they mixed provisional ballots.
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the canvassing board had gone through to say which ones they wanted to accepted and reject and after that jumbled them together saying, oops, we got them mixed up. it's an example of the kind of blunders we've seen not just this year but in years prior. when you combine that with broward county election managers saying they wouldn't say how many ballots they still have to count days after the election and now they're saying and palm beach county, too, they need more time, they don't see how they can complete a machine recount by thursday while some counties are very close to it. when you look at all of these things, it's easy to see how people outside florida is saying, nobody can be this stupid. there must be something nefarious going on here. those who are here say have you met the election managers? it takes something like three different state wide races being
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affected for it to rise to the levels that it currently has and get the scrutiny that it deserves. at the same time, this is playing out on the democratic strong hold. you have a controversy in north florida, bay county, a republican strong hold where the election supervisor decided to allow e-mail voting because you had victims of hurricane michael. wanted to make it as easy as they could for people to vote. the problem is that was not included in the governor's executive order to loosen some of the restrictions so democrats are looking at this and saying if you're looking at evidence of illegal voting activity, look to north florida, not southeast florida. and with that, you're getting this tit for tat. they're saying, look, had that same courtesy been extended, the results could have been different. you're getting a lot of would have could have should have. lawsuits are flying and this is just day 2 of the recount. >> tucker: that's amazing. thank you very much for that. >> thank you. >> tucker: a figure from history
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was the secretary of state in florida during the 2000 presidential recount. she joins us. katherine harris, thank you very much for coming on tonight. >> tucker, thank you for having me. >> tucker: for those of us who are not familiar with election law, the most basic question first. how could thousands of uncounted ballots appear after the polls close? >> okay. we are a nation of laws. most important bed rock in our country. the most important aspect of the elected supervisors of elections in each county, we have a basic expectation that they're going to operate with courage and integrity. funny you to say courage when following the law. how ballots show up late, they have to explain that. there's a chain of custody. all those issues will come up as
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a result. >> tucker: but having watched this very carefully, no one's watched it more carefully than you have, does that produce alarm bells in your head when you see someone show up in what appears to be an election with a box of ballots saying these haven't been counted? do you wonder what is this? >> of course you do. all is supposed to be recorded, documented. there were supposed to be updates during the course of the election and certainly after wards that palm beach and broward have failed to perform. there are laws that must be followed. there are laws according to who is an eligible voter. if someone is a felon in this election, their vote is not counted. if someone is an illegal alien, their vote will not be counted. if absentee ballot's signature doesn't match up with the absentee ballot on record, they are not allowed to count that.
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same with a bank. you wouldn't be able to cash a check. >> tucker: right. >> so these are all the issues they have to deal with. they have to follow the rule of law. our election laws are sufficient to handle this. it's just a matter of people breaking them or not. >> tucker: what's so interesting is given all the scrutiny your state came under 18 years ago in the recount, to see someone in charge of recording votes in a county in southeast florida with a documented record of screwing it up in the most obvious ways, how could that person still be in charge of the ballot count? >> so, it's florida. supervisor of elections in each of the 57 counties are constitutional officers. they are elected by their counties. they cannot be removed by the secretary of state. there is a background, clearly, that she has. i was not involved in the case. only the governor can remove her for cause for those actions.
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>> tucker: i mean, this is a subjective question, but you might be someone who could answer it. how politicized is the election process in your or other states? honestly? >> so, honestly, as secretary of state, when i was there, you have the media. you have your different parties that are so active. but the office of secretary of state and division of elections was not politicized. we shut it down republicans or democrats could not come in. we met with heads of the party initially and then we actually hired a democrat constitutional lawyer to come in and advise our attorneys in-house to make sure we were following the letter of the law. we made certain the process was going to follow the law. that was our only safe harbor. and my advice to these supervisors of elections would be that they must follow the law. no matter what they do, half the people will be very unhappy with them. their only safe harbor is to follow the law. >> tucker: it must give you
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vertigo to watch this. i'm sure you're glad you're not involved. it >> does seem like it's happening all over again. >> tucker: thank you for joining us. another man whose name you will recognize if you follow the history of this stuff, kendall coffee served as al gore's attorney. both of them join us tonight. thank you very much for coming on. first to you, there may be something that is missing in the translation here. you have what appeared to be a pretty straight forward case of ineligible voting in florida where someone who was not a u.s. citizen voted in a federal election. the lawyer, both for the democratic candidate for governor and senator, both of them objected to qualifying that vote. on what grounds would they do that? >> no grounds. it was a bad idea. it wasn't embraced by the legal teams much less by the candidates. we had thousands of volunteers.
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some are gonna say things they never should have said. this was something that was immediately disowned. should never have happened. it was one nonvote in an election where there are 8 million votes that have been cast. it is insignificant in the context of things. >> tucker: i guess we'll find out. do you think, harme, what struck me about this is that it's been told it doesn't happen at all. does it happen a lot? should we be worried about the integrity of our elections? >> of course we should. this example shows it. the democrats are employing a policy here. they reflectively think every vote should be counted, whether it is legally cast, legally received, legally matches up with the signature on record or the county on record or not. that's not what our system of law is as katherine harris mentioned. just as an example, tucker, in arizona, in the election that was just concluded, there were
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1,470 registrations by aliens in just one county there. so those are people who signed up and said, i want to vote. that's one county. that absolutely happens. it happens all over the country. and it is a serious issue democrats don't want to discuss because most of the votes will be going that way. >> tucker: i think every valid vote should be counted. we should do everything we can to make sure every valid vote is counted. obviously, that's democracy. what if the answer to the question, where did these polls come from, we think all the votes are counted and someone shows up with a box and says here are votes. what is that? >> there should be an explanation. i think what the supervisors will say, they're running around all day in a very intense election trying to deal with things. a lot of ballots come in on the day of election by 7:00 p.m. there's a huge amount of late breaking interest in this midterm. lot of late arriving ballots. could it have been handled better in terms of informing the
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public about the status of votes? absolutely. reality is that broward got their votes in on time, saturday. we have a recount process that was created by republican legislators, rules for recounting that are very well specifically drawn by republican administrations, and the state supervisor of elections, secretary of state have been republican appoint's for the last 20 years. yes, they've been paying attention to brenda snipes at every part of this election. >> tucker: brenda snipes, a name i have not heard before. i'm not here to attack brenda snipes. i wonder when any question about her handling of this is dismissed as a racial attack, i wonder if that's not a diversion. is there cause for concern in that specific case? >> tucker, i am here to attack brenda snipes. she absolutely deserves to be
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attacked. her behavior required a court record to allow observers back in to watch the counting. they did try to count ballots after saturday noon deadline. so they have attempted to do that. they have mixed in ballots. they have been observed filling in circles in her county, of under count ballots as well. i think her behavior is outrageous. i'm wondering why, given this repeated conduct, the united states department of justice election section has not opened up an investigation into this. this is a repeated pattern of behavior there. just like you said with regard to her gender and her race being pointed out, same exact arguments are being used in georgia on behalf of stacey abrams. why would you attack her or question her? she's a woman of color. what does have to do with it? democrats are really underminding their own arguments with these silly appeals to labels. >> tucker: these seem like math questions.
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thank you both very much for that. i appreciate. we've got a fox news alert. martha mcsally has conceded the race in arizona. the new senator will be sinema. a surge of late counted votes carried sinema to the lead. lisa booth has been following this race since its earliest stages and joins us to explain what happened. what exactly -- if you could bottom line what happened in this election that marcia mcsally and everyone else thought she won, what happened? >> the associated press called the race. she has conceded. i think the problem largely looks like maricopa county. the county represents 60% of the state's population. it is republican leaning, but sinema has been leading. that's where the new votes came in tonight that put her over the top which is why the associated press ended up calling the race.
5:19 pm
i would also think about the fact that phmartha mcsally migh have a chance in arizona looking at 2020. senator kyl is really a place holder for the late senator john mccain. she potentially eyed that race in 2020. who ever wins that special election in 2020 would have to run again in 2022. so she might be someone, you know, that would throw her name in the hat for that race. >> tucker: for sure. i just read an analysis. it was on 538 that said between 2000 and 2015, every single recount state wide that changed an election result changed it in the democrats favor. every single one. that doesn't prove anything. you got to ask the obvious question. the obvious question in this case is, martha mcsally is satisfied that this process was fair? >> well, she conceded. it will be interesting to see what articles or what surfaces
5:20 pm
this week. if there are any articles that draw any attention to anything nefarious that went on in these counties. but right now she's conceded. not enough for her. >> tucker: can i ask one more quick dumb question? we keep seeing the races where they get called. all the news organizations say we know who the winner is. then we find out, wait, all these votes that haven't been counted. why don't secretaries of state alert the public and the candidates and us that we're not really sure because we haven't counted all the votes? has that occurred to anybody to do that? >> that's a good point. we've also got that going on in georgia now. that race still hasn't been called. we should know more information tomorrow. tomorrow the deadline is tomorrow for counties to certify results and get those to the secretary of state. however, stacey abrams has two lawsuits pending. one trying to move the deadline to wednesday.
5:21 pm
she's all trying to get absentee ballots that have been thrown out counted. >> tucker: we are on that. hillary clinton could run for president in 2020. one of her former close advisers is saying. mark stein joins us after the break tells us what that might mean. stay tuned. today... back pain can't win. now introducing aleve back and muscle pain. only aleve targets tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve back & muscle. all day strong. all day long. for just fifteen ninety-nine at red lobster. you get all the shrimp you want, any way you want them. and now savory parmesan shrimp scampi is back! new sesame-ginger shrimp is here, too. but hurry in, endless shrimp ends november eighteenth.
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5:25 pm
scandal since lord knows when. they covered it like it was pearl harbor. if you look at facebook, the vast majority of the news items posted were fake. there's all these stories about guys over in mace donia who are running these fake news sites. i inherit nothing from the democratic party. i also think i was the victim of a very broad assumption i was gonna win. >> tucker: we can spend the entire hour playing tapes of the various ways the election was stolen to her. now, long time adviser to hillary clinton, mark penn, said she may indeed try again. a third run at the white house in 2020. >> lot of democrats think she was unfairly denied winning the last presidential race. she's a pro and she learns and clintons never stop until they get where they want to go. i say don't count her out.
5:26 pm
>> tucker: author and columnist mark stein joins us. we're treating this like it's crazy, but why is it insane actually? she is the standard bearer of the democratic party. it was stolen from her by the macedonian data farms. why wouldn't she be the nominee? >> if the 2020 election were to be a rerun of clinton versus trump, the broward and palm beach county guys will already have the 2016 ballot sitting around in the cupboard so they won't have to stay up all night running as they have at the moment. it does have a lot to commend it. and hillary's rationale that she lost because everybody was expecting her to win, she's like i think it was the yogi berra
5:27 pm
joke, whatever the line was, such a popular restaurant, nobody goes there. that's basically the hillary campaign. she's convinced the third time will be the charm. i don't rule her out. compared to bernie and joe biden, she has the bloom of youth upon her. >> tucker: what will she run or? vote for me or you're immoral? >> i think she should actually go back to where she was in the early '90s when she was the crazy left winger who believed in universal health care. then she became the centrist candidate. then she ran last time as basically this person raking in the big bucks from oliguards and various saudi princes. so basically the democrat party has slid to where she was
5:28 pm
circa1992. you can see why she doesn't get credit for that. >> tucker: that's such a good point. do you remember that? you were around. i was, too. people thought that she was really left wing before she went full blown corporate wal-mart board member apologist for big pact. if she returns to that, she might have a shot. for real. >> yeah. no, no, she was. if you remember, people don't remember this, but her mentor was jessica midford who was the left wing communist midford center. then she moves to the center. then she becomes a centrist democrats. the party all has slid to the left because all the romance is on the far left. i do think, in fairness to her, that as stiff and incompetent and incapable of connecting with the voters as she is, that she's learned her lessons from last
5:29 pm
time. last time trump's russian pals bought $100,000 worth of face book ads and stole the election from her. she figures if she can get a war lord to give her 200 grand to spend on facebook ads, she can steal the 2020 election back from the macedonian content farmers and that will be justice. >> tucker: when she shows up, we'll know she's taken your advice. mark steyn, thanks. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: democrats just retook the house. first order of business, waging war on the president with the subpoena cannon. what does that mean exactly? details after the break. mitzi: psoriatic arthritis tries to get in my way? watch me. ( ♪ ) mike: i've tried lots of things for my joint pain. now? watch me. ( ♪ )
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5:34 pm
likely a crime worthy of an investigation. that's not the only crime that schiff sees. he also wants to investigate the trump administration's opposite to at&t's $85 billion takeover of time warner because cnn is owned by time warner. that's what the left wing resistance is becoming, a platform to protect the world's most powerful corporations. in fact, that's what it's always been. >> defending powerful tech monopolies may be a top democratic concern, but it's not their only one. they are preparing a subpoena cannon that will target 100 different trump related targets, from his tax returns to jared kushner, ban on transgenders in the military, etc. what are voters gonna think of that? jill julian epstein, thank for coming on. we both agree the congress does
5:35 pm
have a constitutional responsibility of oversight. we probably also agree republicans have done a lot of foolish nonsense as well. they also just lost the house. >> we agree on three things. >> tucker: so my question is, though, does investigating the president's meeting with vladamir putin in helsinki, is that going to lower health insurance rates do you think? >> we also agree democrats should look to work with republicans on a whole host of things. in particular last time i was on the show we agreed that both political parties, for the last couple of decades, have ignored the middle class. the middle class has had an economic recession since about 1975. and neither party has really put forward a meaningful agenda toed a -- to address the middle class. both parties are guilty of not doing that. as far as investigations, i think we've learned something from the many investigate eights over the last 20, 25 years. ben gazi, fast and furious and
5:36 pm
investigation democrats did into iraq, when republicans were in control. that is in order for an investigation to be successful, it's got to be bipartisan. you've got to work with the other side. you've got to make a compelling case, not just to the other party, but to the american public that you're not trying to score political points. what you are doing is the people's business, the constitutional duty to do meaningful oversight to make sure people are playing by the rules. you know, as far as a subpoena cannon, on the two committees that i was a staffer to the government oversight committee and judiciary, we got into a lot of subpoena fights. one thing people on the left don't realize, and i think jerry nadler and some of the others are proper in chastening people on the left is subpoenas are exceedingly difficult to enforce. you remember fast and furious in 2011 and 2012? >> tucker: very well. >> there was a subpoena for the justice department documents. there was a fight back and
5:37 pm
forth. that went on for about three years before house republicans finally gave up on it. it's incredibly difficult. the courts insist the executive and legislative branch exhaust everything before they go to them. the executive branch can run the clock. that's all the more important i think if the democratic investigations are gonna be effective, they are, one, gonna have to appeal to the sense of civic duty on the part of republicans to play a meaningful role and make the case to tpub the public that this is not about scoring points against trump, this is about meaningful and important oversight as it should be bipartisan argument on. >> tucker: if they can do that, i'll be impressed. >> i am urging them to do that. >> tucker: they never will, but i hope they do. the french president just attacked our president for backing something dangerous
5:38 pm
called nationalism. is this country suffering from too much nationalism or too little? what is nationalism anyway? the world's expert on the subject joins us next.
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>> patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism. nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism by saying our interest first, who cares about the others? we erase what a nation holds dearest. >> tucker: that was the french president making an oblique and hard to understand and therefore incredibly french point. it was, of course, a criticism of donald trump. it came during the commemorations of world war i in france. 100 year anniversary of the armistice. president trump has himself called himself a nationalist. he said that before the midterm election. he was sreul tpaoeued for that in this country. if you take a deep breath you
5:43 pm
have to ask yourself, in an increasingly fractured america, could it be that we need more nationalism and not less? nicholas giridono joins us tonight. thanks for coming on. tell us what nationalism actually is. if you could sum it up as crisply as you can, what is nationalism? >> nationalism is important because it's what links us together. we are an anywayi nation state. it's the acceptance of the american creed, as well as it helps us to motivate us to help our country. nationalism is one of the most important concepts out there. macron is just wrong, simple as that. >> tucker: i mean, the knock against nationalism is that there's something racially exclusive or racist about it. is it inherently a racial creed? does it have anything to do with race? >> no, it doesn't. nationalism forces democratic
5:44 pm
consciousness. that's an important people that people get wrong. we have a stake in the system. we have legitimate authority over the system as people of the united states. prior to nationalism, loyalty was to one leader. now it's to the country as a whole. nationalism forces patriotism. in my classroom i use hurricane harvey as a great example. tkaour harvey you had people that citizens affected by the hurricane took their own private boats and went and helped out their fellow citizens. they didn't say, this is the black boat and the white boat's 15 minutes behind us. they didn't say this is the republican boat or democratic boat. they were just out there to help americans. that's what nationalism fosters. if you look at countries without nationalism. nationalism defeats tribalism. there's no loyalty to the country of afghanistan as a whole or libya as a whole. that's why those countries have been engaged in tribal war fare for the last 3,000 years. >> tucker: it's so nicely put what you just said.
5:45 pm
why would there be such a loud caucus against nationalism? against national unity? >> i think there's two things going on. when you look at someone like president macron, i think he likes the idea of transnationalism. trying to replace nationalism with regional nationalism. if we look at the united states, the people that say that nationalism is bad or nationalism is racist, i think they just aren't necessarily proud of the country that the united states is. they're focused on all the bad that the united states has done. they don't look at the positives of how the united states has changed the world. >> tucker: well, exactly. professor, such a nice explanation. thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> tucker: it's been a tough week. been a tough year. when things get tough, we break the glass in case of emergency and invite on mike rowe. this time we're going all out. we're bringing his mother. what is she doing on our set?
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>> tucker: well mike rowe has long been a champion of dignified old fashion labor, the kind where you get dirty. but that doesn't mean he is close-minded or adverse to technology. his new show "returning the favor" is one of the biggest things on facebook. impressive. talent runs in his family. mike's mother peggy has a brand new book coming out tomorrow called "about my mother." true stories of a horse crazy daughter and her baseball obsessed mother. mike and peggy join us tonight. we are grateful they are here. peggy, as you know, your son is an folk hero on this show. beloved by our viewers. >> you made it weird, tucker.
5:51 pm
you made it weird! [ laughter ] >> you didn't tell me it was that kind of show. >> she rated it just like that. >> tucker: i can see he is your son. i'm so impressed. what was he like when he was younger? >> you won't believe it, but he was very shy. >> tucker: really? >> he was. he was -- in fact, when somebody would come to the front door sometimes, he would just dive under the kitchen table or into the hall closet. and he was a neat freak. he didn't want to get dirty. >> tucker: i was gonna ask you what's the most embarrassing thing, but i think you told us. he dove into the hall closet. how did you get him out? >> when the people left, he came out. >> great. headline tomorrow, mike rowe's mom explains how he came out of the closet. thanks, tucker. awesome job. [ laughter ] >> tucker: i knew i could get it. my skill as an interviewer. is that story in the book,
5:52 pm
mrs. rowe? >> not in this book, but it's in my next book. >> popup. >> tucker: a popup. have you read this book, mike? >> read it? i wrote the forward to it. do you know what makes you awesome? last time i was on your show, we were talking about good news and i said, next time i'm bringing my mother and you said, go ahead, and you meant it. so i'm sitting here with my mother because she's writen the ultimate book of good news. this is -- she's been writing me stories for year. i started reading them on facebook. publishers fell in love with them and a book popped out. this is a book, 19 stories about growing up next to her mother, my nana. the two of them absolutely nothing in common, loved each other dearly for 70 years. this book in these times, in my humble estimation, tucker -- i don't want overstate it. this is the balm our country needs.
5:53 pm
>> tucker: b-a-l-m. i absolutely believe that. i'm sincere. this is exactly what we need. i would say all of our viewers, no matter who they voted for, what they think, who they pray to are fans of yours and your mom's. how long did it take to write this, mrs. rowe? >>ive writing it for years, actually. i have written several stories over the years and published them in newspapers and magazines. and the response was so positive. people loved a feel-good story. and they're true. and so i decided to write some more and put them together in a book. >> do you want the true story, tucker? >> tucker: yes. >> she comes home from macy's one day and says, you'll never believe what nana did. she said, i was pushing her in the wheelchair and she saw an orioles jersey. she leaps out of her wheelchair, takes off her blouse, puts on the orioles jersey. my mother has a heart attack says, mom, what are you doing?
5:54 pm
nana says, nobody cares. i'm an old woman in a bra. right? then knocks the mannequin over. head falls off, rolls down the aisle. people start scattering. mom comes home and says, michael, i think the time has come to write a book about your grandmother. >> tucker: nana was not hiding in the hall closet when people came over. she was self-confident. >> it sounds unbelievable, but every word was true that he just said. >> tucker: by the way, everything the rowe family tells us, we take ate face value. you are the most believable people we know. i hope you'll both come back. congratulations on the book. >> thank you. >> by tway, one good turn deserves another. mom started a new book today "ship of fools." can't put it down. >> tucker: don't read it. it will make you sad. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> tucker: a week ago nbc ridiculed a republican for his war wound. then a week later something
5:55 pm
amazing happened. you'll see it when we come back. ♪ ♪ the greatest wish of all... is one that brings us together. the lincoln wish list event is here. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with $0 down, $0 due at signing,
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>> tucker: just before the midterms last weekend, and bc he ran and not very funny comedy piece in which pete davidson ridiculed a candidate dan crenshaw for the way he looks. he lost his eye in afghanistan. it was an opportunity for now congress and crenshaw be outraged and demand davidson be fired. instead, something else happened. he didn't demand that. saturday night live apologized so crenshaw appeared on the program. >> for people who don't know, the reason you are wearing an eye patch right now you lost your eye to an ied in afghanistan during your third combat tour and i'm sorry. >> think you can the. i appreciate you saying that. >> so we are good?
6:00 pm
>> we are good. apology accepted. >> tucker: here was a political dispute where everybody stayed calm and reasonable bring nobodies life was destroyed at the end, and everybody came back out of the other sides and hands. a good news story. that's it for us tonight but we'll be back at 8:00, the show that's the sworn enemy of smugness and groupthink. >> sean: i would say you are several seconds later, because i know you have the scoreboard -- speed to the clock with that! on a personal note, i'm so sorry that you and your family had to go through. hang in there. we've all had some of this -- it's dangerous. hang in there. i feel bad for your wife, your family, your kids. >> tucker: thank you. the more good news is there are more good people than bad. >> sean: good show, tucker. we


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