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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 14, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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not the first time he has been in trouble, his license was temporarily suspended last year for a similar complaint. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". hope you have a great day. "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. rob: a fox news alert, top brass at the border, jim mattis headed to texas as the migrant caravan closes in. jillian: 7000 strong caravan took a major detour as soldiers harden the border with barbed wire and barriers. >> this is about the integrity very much and process. we want to be sure voters know that our process will be fair and legal. jillian: machines overheating overnight causing another recount in florida. rob: a judge extending the deadline to retaliate the votes. will some of these counties make the cut? we shall see. real estate not a real problem
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for democrat alexandria ocasio-cortez. jillian: documents show she can afford a dc apartment after all. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ jillian: just for you, in full effect. rob: dancing in the corner. jillian: the things on camera. you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday. rob: thanks for getting up early with us. fox news alert, defense
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secretary jim thatis meeting with troops on the southern border as the first part of that migrant caravan reaches the us border. jillian: todd pyro joins us live with how the pentagon is preparing. >> reporter: james mattis will head to texas for a firsthand look at how thousands of troops are securing the border. those servicemembers providing support the border patrol in california, arizona and texas and reinforcing crossing points with barbed wire. secretary mattis said they are sick. >> no change to that mission. time to meet daily on this issue and coordinate amongst us the threat against the border, those who violate the border. >> reporter: the visit comes as 350 migrants traveling in the caravan arrive in tijuana, mexico, expected to apply for asylum as soon as today.
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south of san diego. customs and border patrol closing lanes of traffic to prepare. some people scaling the border fence, some sitting on top of it. the largest portion of the caravan up to 3500 people, still 1000 miles away in the mexican city of guadalajara, that group choosing a safer yet longer group. us troops remaining at the border until december 15th, donald trump said he would add 15,000 troops if needed. jillian: thank you very much. rob: breaking right now, fast-moving brushfire erupt overnight threatening homes in san bernardino county, california, east of la. the national guard called in to help search, hundreds of people missing, other wildfires in that state, 50 people were killed statewide, 48 coming from the camp fire near paradise.
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that fire, those numbers keep growing by the day despite the strong windss, firefighters are gradually gaining control in southern california. evacuation orders are listed for many areas affected by the woolsey fire near malibu. jerry brown is investigated as to looking at whether faulty power lines are to blame for one of these wildfires. the democrat governor vetoed a bipartisan bill in 2016 aimed at lessening the risk of wildfires from utilities and power lines. jillian: florida, the ballot drama literally heating up, voting machines in palm beach county overheating, the judge offering a 5 day extension. rob: they will meet tomorrow's recount deadline.
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broward, right, griff? >> reporter: that is right. they are working hard, counting for the fourth day in a row, these are the heroes of broward county, tirelessly separating and counting. at the end of the day we have counted 199,000 ballots and another 500,000 to go. when the election supervisor brenda snipes took to the mic yesterday she was very confident they would meet tomorrow's deadline. >> we won't miss that deadline. all the focus is on me but i have a great staff who takes on any task and their job is to get it done. regardless whether i am here or somebody else is here there's an excellent foundation to this. >> reporter: doctor snipes's reference whether she remains came after governor jeb bush who replaced her in 2003 called for removal yesterday.
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florida attorney general pam bondi is adamant the florida the part of law enforcement investigate allegations into things that happened in broward county. listen. >> we are clearly doing an investigation. we made no conclusions. this is about the integrity of the election process. wherever it leads, we want to be sure voters know the process is going to be fair and legal. >> reporter: the candidates are in dc. senator nelson appeared with minority leader chuck schumer taking a shot at governor scott. >> sadly, it has become clear that my opponent isn't interested in making sure that every lawful vote is counted. >> reporter: governor scott firing back in a tweet thing it looks like senator nelson is cutting out the middleman and letting chuck schumer speak directly for him. new york senators steal this
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from the people of florida. a final moment today, senator nelson and governor scott are both going to allegedly appear for the senate class photo. governor scott is in dc for orientation. if both show up for the same class photo for the new senate class it will be an interesting time. jillian: that will be interesting. rob: i look forward to that. jillian: key leaders up for grabs on capitol hill, all eyes on the house republican leadership race. kevin mccarthy is favored to stay on as minority leader despite a challenge from jim jordan. the house speaker vote won't come until later this month. nancy pelosi fighting to hold off a rebellion from incoming lawmakers hoping for a fresh face and commitment to end bipartisan gridlock. the 78-year-old pelosi was speaker of the house from 2007 into 2011.
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the senate votes today, major changes are not expected. incoming democratic lawmakers could pose a major roadblock for house leadership urging the party to take a hard left. california are in c committeewoman harmony dylan says this could sink their agenda. >> it is wacky and alarming from nancy pelosi and other senior leaders of the democratic party because they won the election already. now is time for them if they want to get anything done they want to change the rules to increase the threshold in the democratic caucus, 218. they want unanimity among the caucus. what democrats are overplaying their hand and we are in for a lot of fissures and they are going to undermine their ability to move forward with their agenda. jillian: policy would not have the votes needed to be speaker. rob: the white house against challenges to be acting attorney general, sources telling fox news the justice department
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plans to issue an opinion as early as today defending matt whitaker's appointment. one challenge from the state of maryland, the lawsuit argues the appointment is unconstitutional and rod rosenstein should be the acting attorney general. the trump administration says the president has full legal authority to appoint senior government employees on a temporary basis without a senate confirmation. jillian: drug -- day 2 of el chapo of trial, so much cocaine that every american could have their own lobby. the feds say he is a personal rival to family members. his lawyers say he escaped and the real leader is in mexico. opening arguments were delayed after two jurors were excuse for medical and financial reasons. el chapo's wife in the courtroom, guzman waving to her
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as he walked in, the trial is expected to last four months. the trump administration defending its decision to revive a citizenship question on the 2020 census. >> there's nothing about it, citizens should ask citizenship questions. the justice department requested we ask a question to help them enforce voting rights act. heather: wilbur ross speaking at a yahoo business summit. a trial over the question is in its second week in new york. rob: justice ruth bader ginsburg working from home following a nasty fall. the 85-year-old recovering after breaking 3 ribs. she had to miss a non-argument supreme court session yesterday. the court spokeswoman says ginsburg is improving. jillian: the left as rallying cry for months. >> abolish ice. >> get rid of it, start over, reimagine it. >> abolish ice.
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everything woman's democrats say this is just political. what do you say? >> i disagree with that. they provide logistical support. we only have 16,000 border patrol agents patrolling about 1900 miles of border. all the jobs they don't have to do freeze them up to do the job of law enforcement that only they can do. i support it wholeheartedly. rob: let's look at the numbers here, border apprehension in 2018-2017, there has been a distinct increase in 2018 with 400,000 border apprehensions. do you think the president gets the border wall? >> the president gets the border wall for a variety of reasons. the last congress, judge william, judge caracas and other
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federal judges blocked the end of daca. it will go to the supreme court, the ninth circuit just ruled in united states versus regions that daca should continue. it is teed up to go to the supreme court. once the supreme court rules i think they will against university of california and say daca should be allowed to end. rob: what about funding it? as far as a congressional battle, losing the house at this point, how do you get democrats to give you $20 billion for this wall when they hate it so much? >> the point is something the democrats want, they want status for those daca individuals and they have to trade something to get that and it will be funding for the wall. rob: that schumer trump deal fell apart a year ago now. they tried it once. >> at that time the democrats
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were protected by those court orders. daca is probably going to go away so democrats are in a position where they will have about 300 some -- about 700,000 people in a position where they will need some sort of status and the democrats will be willing to trade some border funding. we don't need a wall along the 1900 mile border. i don't think the president wants that either. mexico is the biggest producer of heroin, biggest producer of methamphetamines in the united states, they are coming over the border in addition to 600,000 people this year so this is a situation where we need some sort of barriers to block smugglers and cartels that make so much money off of human misery. jillian: your thoughts on democrats wanting to abolish ice? we heard that message loud and clear and now we are not hearing
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so much about it. >> we are not because it turns out there was a horrible political -- in suburban counties, where many of these undecided voters live, this is a horrible idea and quite frankly doesn't make sense because when you abolish ice you go after to replace it with something else and that something else will carry out the same mission ice does. it is bad politics that doesn't make sense. rob: thank you for your time this morning, make some good points, appreciate it. jillian: a warning from parents as the holidays approach, dangerous toys that made this year's noddy list. rob: a billion-dollar mystery. why the winner last month's make 1 millions jackpot may have to kiss all that cash goodbye. you got to be kidding. ♪ another billion there ♪ ever so like oprah
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see the grinch in theaters by saying "get grinch tickets" into your xfinity x1 voice remote. a guy just dropped this off. he-he-he-he. rob: move in ready, new york congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez should be a will to afford rent in dc despite claiming otherwise. according to financial report the democrat has 15, $50,000 in her checking account in april, $6000 from campaign donors since august. ayman al-zarqawi told the new york times i have 3 months salary, how do i get an apartment? those things are very real. she has some cash. jillian: federal prosecutors dropping the case against bernie sanders's wife, us attorney in vermont says they will not file charges against jane sanders. they have looked at the finances
2:23 am
behind the 2010 real estate deal led by sanders, she served as president from 2004 through 2011. rob: now to a foxbusiness alert, the perfect toy for your kid this christmas, watchdog groups is not so fast. jillian: tracy carrasco from foxbusiness with the most dangerous toys this holiday season. >> reporter: every year the child advocacy safety group come out with a new list called the world against toys causing harm. the world's most dangerous toys, they look at choking, safety hazards, on the top of their list, a number of them. the nickelodeon princess night pillow pet sleeptime, the vortex blaster gun, marvel black panther, power ranger super ninja steel, super blade and the cabbage patch kids doll. a lot of these are very popular toys.
2:24 am
the group says parents should shop defensively. just because you know a brand doesn't mean the toys necessarily safe. the toy association argues with a report saying the list is biased, inaccurate and needlessly frightening to parents but something you should be on alert for if you are shopping for toys this holiday season. make sure it is safe. ♪ go go power rangers >> i didn't know they were still around. jillian: i used to love them. rob: if you have a great new lunch. >> mcdonald's giving their french fries a new look testing out cheesy bacon french fries on your screen. the fries topped with cheddar cheese and smoked bacon bits. they are only available in select locations, northern hawaii and a few of them available for a limited time. don't mess with the stakes.
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rob: the cheese is real according to tracy, the plastic cheese we have been eating for years now. jillian: where do you go to eat? rob: i don't know. the winner of last month's $1.5 billion mega millions jackpot still has not claim the prize. can you imagine if they don't know? lottery official say they are running out of time. rob: their time ends april 21st. a ticket sold in south carolina has a lump sum cash value of $877 million. rob: what if it is one of those people who thought i'm never going to win? jillian: or someone contacting financial advisors and getting a plan in place before they get that money and don't know what to do with it. rob: we shall see. it will be a mystery until then. a college graduate vacation with friends brutally murdered at a mexican resort.
2:26 am
>> all these unanswered questions and we don't want this to happen to other families. rob: the answers his family is now demanding. jillian: putting nations heroes first, donald trump cracking down on wasted time and money at the va. blaming the left-leaning organization, stay right there. ♪ ♪
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jillian: an american tourist reportedly stabbed to death while vacationing in mexico. meyer was killed by another tourist in a random robbery. heartbroken parents don't buy it. >> we created this cover-up and we will never find a true story about these unanswered questions. we don't want this to happen to another family. jillian: they believe their son
2:30 am
died at the hand of locals and mexico is concealing the truth. they want the fbi to investigate. rob: turning to a health alert. more kids diagnosed with a mysterious polio like illness. the cdc increasing the number 290 cases in 27 states, very serious. over 160 other cases under investigation. severe muscle weakness can paralyze kids. the cdc is under fire as it tries to figure out what is causing this. parent of two children accused the agency of covering up their kids deaths after they had that disease. jillian: turning to extreme weather, a fast-moving press fire erupts overnight threatening homes in san bernardino county, california. rob: another fire. the national guard called in to help search for hundreds of people missing in these raging wildfires, most of the missing in a campfire upstate, 50 people
2:31 am
blow have died throughout the state. from fire to ice. look at this, 7 inches of snow covering parts of amarillo, texas. jillian: janice dean is tracking winter weather headed our way. a lot going on. >> houston, texas got snow flurries earlier than new york city, houston had snow flurries. let's start with serious stuff. this will be the last day we see those santa ana windss for now. we have red flag warnings in effect. we won't the wind gust in excess of 70 miles an hour but 20 to 35 miles an hour through the valleys and canyons. that is going to be problematic and then things will relax. hopefully next week we will get a system bringing moisture to the west coast. speaking of moisture we have snow in texas, potential for snow and ice in the northeast over the next 24 to 48 hours as
2:32 am
the system moves northward. we have snow across the great lakes, mix of ice, freezing rain and sleet for rush hour tomorrow, tomorrow afternoon and moving towards the northeast, scenarios upstate new york, parts of new england could get several inches of snow. not a ton of snow, 3 to 5 inches in higher elevations in the more north you go along the coast it will be a mixture but we could see slushy around the new york city area. there is your forecast, precipitation again, i see mix across areas of the appalachians and it will turn into rain and the interior northeast is where we could see potential for heavier amounts, snow totals along the coast will be cut back because of warm temperatures. there are relatively warmer temperatures, your forecast today across the country, we will watch that system across portions of the southeast toward the mid-atlantic, looks fairly quiet for now. rob: we will wait for that snow.
2:33 am
looking forward to the first one. you could soon pay less for healthcare. both sides of the aisle backing a reinsurance plan in hopes of fixing obamacare, this would use federal money to help pay for expensive customers, high risk customers so everybody else would pay less, subsidizing i guess with federal money. west virginia senator joe manchin saying it will be called trump repair care. he is the only one who can fix it and i am hoping he does. more than 20,000 drug driving convictions could be tossed out due to a glitch in breathalyzer test. the state supreme court ruling a police sergeant did not properly calibrate the devices before giving them to suspects making them inadmissible in court, the sergeant denies any wrongdoing. big change coming to washington with democrats flipping the house and republicans holding
2:34 am
the senate and adding a couple more. many questions on capitol hill. mike emanuel takes a closer look at what is to come in this lame-duck session. >> reporter: new senate will mean new faces and new places. senate gop leadership will remain the same with mitch mcconnell leading the majority. one exception is john cornyn leaving that role due to term limits and south dakota's john thune expected to be the new weapon. i will be donald trump's versus gop critics, jeff corker and jeff flake. what role will mitt romney play as the new senator from utah? >> good with the leader. spoken about not only issues but personnel matters and leadership matters. >> reporter: conservative republicans will be replacing democrat in missouri, north dakota and indiana. sources expect chuck grassley will announce he is going back,
2:35 am
opening an opportunity for south carolina and lindsey graham to chair the judiciary. graham signal during the brett cavanagh confirmation battle he intends to be much tougher when he holds the gavel. on the democratic side chuck schumer will continue as leader. it will have new faces in kiersten sinema but a number of senators running for president, cory booker, sherrod brown, houston july brand, kamala harris, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, some have joked could create an attendance problem for schumer. >> expect an announcement soon about with senator grassley plans to switch to senate finance. he is speaking to his colleagues this week. mike emanuel, fox news. jillian: for years va workers costing taxpayers $100 million a year. that stops tomorrow thanks to the trump administration ending the partisan official time policy. dan caldwell is veteran and executive director for veterans
2:36 am
for america, he joins me now. i want to get your reaction to all of this. the response to the new rules saying removing access to official time is like asking the fire debarment to operate without fire trucks or a fire hose, a result is disastrous for our veterans. response to that and tell us what the official time is. >> that is an absurd quote. j david cox is in charge of the government employees, one of the largest unions in the country. i believe about 280,000 va employees are members of the union and he is upset because now va employees, particularly those tasked with director caring for veterans can't spend the time the taxpayers paying them to work for our veterans supporting his union which by the way, a lot of political
2:37 am
activity, mostly in support of democrats, this union spent billions, if not tens of billions in the last election helping elect politicians, primarily democrats and that is the big problem. official time is basically work hours va employees spend not just but across the whole government, on work time the taxpayers are paying them to do jobs to do, supporting these agencies and completely on acceptable. these employees should be doing the jobs they were hired to do which is caring for our veterans. jillian: let's look at these numbers. a lot of money. $177 million estimated spent on official time in 2016 and during the same fiscal year, a lot of hours spent on this as well. hard to argue those numbers. >> it is absolutely unacceptable. the va made a lot of progress the last few years in terms of improving delivery of healthcare for veterans, timing of the health care for our veterans but still a lot of work to be done
2:38 am
and too many waiting long. gos of time for care and every nurse, every doctor, every support technician that isn't voting 100% of the time to caring for our veterans means more veterans have to wait longer because there are fewer nurses and doctors that can take more appointments because they are supporting special-interest political organizations like american federation of government employees. jillian: have you talk to veterans the last couple days? how do they feel about the crackdown on official time? >> a lot of them are in support of it. it is long overdue. secretary will can donald trump did the right thing here. it is challenged in the courts, hopefully the courts can hold the executive order from donald trump and this action from secretary wilkie. congress will have to pass legislation to put this into law. senator cruise and representative errington from texas have a bill called the vet protection act which will do
2:39 am
that but i hope the courts uphold the president's executive order. jillian: thanks for your time and service. it is 38 minutes after the hour. california's liberal policies are driving people out and they may be heading to red states like texas. lawrence jones from the lone star state joins us with a message for liberals, don't mess with texas. a birthday cake gone wrong. can you tell what this is supposed to be? ♪ for a quick and convenient clean, try swiffer wetjet. there's no heavy bucket, or mop to wring out, because the absorb and lock technology traps dirt and liquid inside the pad. it's safe to use on all finished surfaces tile, laminate and hardwood. and it prevents streaks and hazing better than a micro fiber strip mop, giving you a thorough clean the first time. for a convenient clean, try swiffer wetjet with a money back guarantee.
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brand power. helping you buy better.
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>> as california continues to drift further and further to the left more of its residents are fleeing the golden state opting for more business friendly red states like texas. our next guest, lawrence jones, call texas home and he has a
2:43 am
message for people fleeing from california and that is to not mess with texas. don't mess with texas. what do you mean? >> it is my home. i have been covering this for a while, battleground texas, where a lot of the people in liberal cities across the country have a plan to turn texas blue. it seems successful right now. this was a big turn, beto versus ted cruz. born texans ended up voting for beto. that was shocking to me because texas is known for business innovation, no state tax. people are fleeing oppressive states that don't have business
2:44 am
friendly city. rob: you see that in california. the highest taxes, tough on business in telephone you. we have seen time and time again a lot of companies getting out. nevada has become popular. and the san francisco barrier, tough to build homes because of regulation and population growth, the houses are so expensive. >> overall the liberal policies in these states that go to a place like texas. sometimes when texas people flee those places they forget the laws that were put in place to leave the state and texans have it so good in the state that they forget what caused them to
2:45 am
get these low taxes and have a surging economy and business friendly state. i never considered running for office on a federal level but if they come after my state i may consider running for office. rob: demographics in texas changing too. a study done in the bay area gives these numbers and they are pretty surprising when you look at them. likelihood to move out of the bay area in 2018, 46% of people, 1000 people in the bay area want to get out. that is up from two years ago at 34%. you are seeing the pinch. what does california needs to learn from the rest of the country as you see, 61% of people want to get out of the bay area in another part of california. what is the message california needs to learn about how to run estate versus the way they are doing it.
2:46 am
>> they need to learn how to put residents first. you have crime, drugs on the street and a state that prioritized illegals within the state with sanctuary cities and laws that protect them. with all the businesses in california residents are struggling and they have taxes, no excuse for public safety crises you are seeing. a lot of people want to leave to go to a more beneficial state. rob: population has grown exponentially. you talk to developers about how tough it is to build anything out there. they don't want to build new housing. you have a growing population, you can't even afford anything. appreciate it. >> steve doocy with what is
2:47 am
coming up on "fox and friends". >> i'm not going anywhere in the next 14 minutes. coming up on "fox and friends" you see this headline in politico. trump considers tough talking former ice director for department of homeland security chief. we will get reaction from that man, tom homan on that story. other big guests join us throughout the morning. congressman jim jordan. the new minority leader in the house for the republicans. corey lewandowski has a new book about all things political and senator joe manchin wants to save your healthcare. how he do it? he will tell you, 12 minutes from now. jillian: see you in a bit. rob: what is dividing bernie and
2:48 am
beto? the top 2020 pics for the democrats, the social media agree? jillian: carly shimkus has the reaction online. (chime) - [narrator] meet shark's newest robot vacuum. it powerfully cleans from floors to carpets, even pet hair, with ease, and now for cleaning surfaces above the floor, it comes with a built in shark handheld. one dock, two sharks. the shark ion robot cleaning system. the full value of your new car? you'd be better off throwing your money right into the harbor. i'm gonna regret that. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> beto o'rourke lost to ted cruz but it was pretty close and doesn't look like he is going anywhere. >> carly shimkus here with the new paul ranking top democrats to take on donald trump in 2020. >> midterm elections were so last week. let's talk about 2020. and new paul revealing the democrats want to see challenge donald trump in two years, number 3 coming as a surprise,
2:52 am
joe biden still the favorite followed by bernie sanders and beto o'rourke, despite losing the senate race to ted cruz, the fact that what folks on social media have to say, don't count out spartacus. mary tweeting no, no, no. another twitter user saying best way to assure a second trump term. this person very confident about trump's chances in two years. beto o'rourke says he will not run for president. rob: they always say that. this is a hilarious picture. >> this guy was banned from disney world for holding this trump 2020 banner, he says he was trying to go viral to drum up support for the president but the happiest place on earth said
2:53 am
he broke the rules because guests are not allowed to hold demonstrations or hanging signs or banners on park property and he knew about that because he got suspended from disney world for hanging a pro trump sign in september. 's goal was to go viral that he did achieve that. sean says this is one great way to go down splash mountain. another twitter user says make disney great again but as this person on twitter says, take a look at the rules and regulations when you purchase a disney world ticket, corporations have the right to steer away from inflammatory displays, and yes, this would be true regardless of which politician it supported. this guy not going to be seen in disney anytime. rob: the rulebook -- jillian: who knew disney had a rulebook? i would not have known that i feel megan markel can do no wrong when it comes to fashion but others don't agree. >> these are megan markel's
2:54 am
ankles. the downside of marrying a royal is your every fashion decision will get picked apart for the rest of your life and that is why folks on social media are getting into a heated debate over megan markel's stockings. some people like sue say it looks like she had a stain on them. others say they are too opaque. beyond the says why do they keep making megan where those types. a lot of people think it is royal rule women have to wear tights in public. after a little internet digging i found out there is no royal decree saying that. she does not have to wear tights. if you marry into the royal family you don't have to wear tights. jillian: if you want. rob: you pulled me in in the last second. thank you so much.
2:55 am
jillian: 6 minutes until the top of the hour. a father hopping mad after he ordered a frog themed cake and got this instead. here's how the baker responded. rob: blame the jets, blaming his own team. ♪ i fill you up ♪ let's have a party ♪ let's have a party ♪ i love you ♪ - [narrator] meet the ninja foodi, the pressure cooker that crisps. it's the best of pressure cooking and air frying
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>> the good, the bad and the ugly. therapy dogs give firefighters a proper sendoff as they had off to battle the california wildfires, the gods helping those affected by the mass shooting at thousand oaks, california. rob: next, the bad. i drank too much because the jets suck. jillian: not going to get you out of a ticket. rob: the police in new jersey, it is a viable excuse, arrested after rear-ended a car on his way home. jillian: never drink while driving. finally the ugly. parents mortified after picking up this cake for their son's frog themed birthday party, the couple slamming the australian supermarket for what they call prophetic decorating skills. when they tried to get it fixed
3:00 am
the supermarket chain says they don't decorate cakes. another cake decorator managed to save it. it is cute. come on. rob: where is the frog? jillian: it is in the pond. looks like a number 3. >> hours from now james mattis will get a firsthand look at how thousands of troops are securing the nation's border. mattis says this comes as 350 migrants traveling in the caravan arrive in tijuana, mexico. >> two contested races are undergoing recounts. >> counted 190,000 of 750,000 total ballots. >> it is ridiculous. bill nelson needs to take a deep breath and concede. >> this whole in human lives and property has grown.


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