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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 14, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PST

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when they tried to get it fixed the supermarket chain says they don't decorate cakes. another cake decorator managed to save it. it is cute. come on. rob: where is the frog? jillian: it is in the pond. looks like a number 3. >> hours from now james mattis will get a firsthand look at how thousands of troops are securing the nation's border. mattis says this comes as 350 migrants traveling in the caravan arrive in tijuana, mexico. >> two contested races are undergoing recounts. >> counted 190,000 of 750,000 total ballots. >> it is ridiculous. bill nelson needs to take a deep breath and concede. >> this whole in human lives and property has grown. >> camp fire torched 120,000
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acres making of the deadliest in history. >> apparently republicans are uneducated, that comment from a newly elected democrat. >> most of the tennesseans who voted republican are uneducated. >> controversial christmas gift. they released a building block set encouraging children to build the wall. ♪ >> people singing this morning. pete: the movie i saw over the weekend, bohemian rhapsody. it was very interesting. i found it fascinating. it made me long for the era when bands matter, people followed bands like they followed sports teams and we don't do that anymore. rob: instead of just singing to attract they saying the words.
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brian: back to 25 minutes where they said might have been the best 25 minutes any band ever performed live. >> we use to write see thes, you need the whole thing, now you just download one song. brian: where the day is. pete: thank you for joining us. foxbusiness alert. overnight, 356 migrants from that caravan arriving in tijuana by tween 9 different buses and a number of them climbed up on top of that wall. a couple of them dropped over the united states side until border patrol started moving toward the men jumped back over to the mexican side. jillian: tijuana is a border city below san diego, california and to the left is the ocean. some people were standing in the waves. you had trucks that had the border patrol agents on the
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other side in trucks, 4 wheelers, helicopter there, they were watching them. if you come over we are going to grab you. pete: if you look at the handful of people and say what is the big deal keep in mind behind them they estimated total of 11,000 of 11,500 are coming. if you look at souls, 5 million in honduras, ecuador, as well as guatemala. they want to come here and i don't blame them for having that aspiration but back to the same phrase, there's a way to get here and walking across is not the way. >> they are following last friday the president of the united states by degree said if you cross illegally you will not be able to claim asylum. this is one of the ports. the ideas many of them will ask for asylum. the problem is they have a waiting list.
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in san diego, the waiting list, there are 2500 names on the waiting list. everyone standing in line, a number of church groups housing them until their name comes up and they will apply for asylum. will they get it? it depends each and every time. >> church groups, catholic charities, soup kitchens housing individuals on the other side of the border, defense secretary jim mattis will meet with troops. it is said there are 7000 troops patrolling california, arizona and texas. they are putting fences, barbed wire, barricades. pete: along the tijuana area. we will talk to tom homan, acting ice director, live in 20 minutes and we will ask about the story that he might be up for big job in the administration. brian: a movement on the trump
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team. i don't know why we should be happy with mexico right now. they were going to stop them at the border, they didn't work out, they had rocks thrown at them. as they are walking through they start sending triple-decker buses. they are expedited right up. that news gets rippled through central america. get to mexico, they will pick you up and bring you to america. jillian: jumping on the side of semi trucks, 18 wheelers you saw in the video. how did these folks, several hundred, how did they get up so quickly saying it will be weeks, in the middle of mexico, these buses brought them. brian: 9 buses arrive yesterday, 200 more migrants are hours away from tijuana, mexico. we will keep you posted and talk about what is going on in florida. the ballot drama literally
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heating up or overheating up. brian: voting machines overheating dealing with a recount, the judge offering a five day extension. jillian: griff jenkins live at the broward county office where they say they will meet tomorrow to meet the deadline. >> the machines are running strong. they have been counting and sorting, they counted 199,000/715,000 total. they have got to get to before tomorrow at 3:00 pm deadline. the election supervisor is confident they will meet it. listen. >> we won't miss the deadline. all the emphasis, all the focus is on me but i have a great staff taking on any task and the job is to get it done. regardless whether i am here or someone else is here there's an
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excellent foundation to this. >> reporter: the reference whether she will remain after jeb bush who placed her in the job called for the removal, senator nelson joining chuck schumer in dc, taking a clear shot at governor scott. take a listen. >> sadly it has become clear that my opponent isn't interested in making sure that every lawful vote is counted. >> reporter: governor scott firing back thing senator nelson is cutting out the middleman and letting chuck schumer speak directly for him. we will not let dc lawyers and senators steal this from the people of florida. senator nelson filing a federal lawsuit in tallahassee to extend all deadlines, a little note here governor scott is in dc at
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this moment for senate class orientation to cross paths with senator nelson. that would make awkward moments. back to you. >> two pictures, one with one and one with the other, whoever wins is the picture they will hang on the wall. >> reporter: also what about the office? not sure how the office is sorted out but if he showed up, that will be interesting. >> any chance of shaking hands and saying may the best man win? >> keep playing until i went. thank you very much. talking about the palm beach county machines overheating, the machines are ten years old, originally bought from a company called sequoia and the problem with the machines, the company is out of business. they have flown in a technician to try to help but apparently the machines can only do one recount at a time.
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there are 3 or 4 recounts going on in palm beach county. they heated through every time which is why things were heating up. >> we need to go fund me page. find new voting machines for broward county and palm beach county. >> in palm beach county the board of supervisors said we have to have machines that would be obsolete in two years so they said we will save the money, $11 million. >> they should call the other 49 states, they seem to be a lot better at it. my friend used to be a dj and by 9:00 is equipped with used to overheat, the senate used to help him. he put a block of ice and would put it on top of the equipment in cool it off and people get a chance, he would put a block of ice on electrical equipment. not the smartest guy. doesn't do that anymore but it works. >> because of the problems in
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palm beach county a judge sends an extension, 5 extra days so they don't have to turn the results in until next tuesday. >> than the secretary of state stepped in and it will go to a federal court. they have until 5:00 this afternoon, both sides, to say why they should be granted extra time. >> marco rubio had a tweet that put it in perspective, imagine if an nfl team was failing 24-22 but in the final second the 3 point cake and after the game the losing team gets a judge order to have the rules changed so the last second field goal only one point. that is a democrat lawyers plan to the hashtag florida election. in short younger lawyers can't afford to get judges to change for the election laws after the election. that isn't a strategy to win an election, that is a strategy to steal an election. with marco rubio makes total sense, he has this thing called reputation. a reputation being levelheaded and not quick to fly off the handle which a lot of people think it means the same thing
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which i will eat my words in the second half but when you see marco rubio go to this extent to say this is a problem people pay attention on both sides. >> he knows florida, sodas attorney general pam bondi. >> florida law expressively and unambiguously states you must have signature verification. what they want to do, they want to change the law after the ballots have been cast and go back retroactively and change the law which is ridiculous and bill nelson just needs to take a deep breath and concede. >> good luck at that. not after they spent all these money for a flight, now looks like they will have the current deadline, 5:00, tell us why you should get more time, otherwise default to 3:00 tomorrow afternoon.
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>> don't you think the president will be watching to see -- judging by how she handles this in the heat of battle? >> we will tell you about potential staff changes at the white house. >> let's hand it to jillian for more headlines. jillian: fox news alert, a story we continue to follow, fast-moving brushfire erupting overnight threatening homes in san bernardino county, california. the national guard just called in to search for hundreds missing in wildfires, 50 people have died statewide, 48 of those deaths from a campfire in northern california. firefighters gradually gaining control of the fires. the woolsey fire will be contained by sunday. one pilot is dead after a crash at locklin air force base in texas. officials say a t 38 training just went down at 7:40 last night but it is unclear why. a second pilot rushed to the hospital with unknown injuries.
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their names have not been released. this is the second of the crash at the base in less then your. locklin is one of four training basis for new pilots. key leadership roles up for grabs on capitol hill. all eyes on the house republican leadership race for majority leader, kevin mccarthy, the favorites to stay on as minority leader. a challenge from freedom caucus cofounder jim jordan. the ohio congressman will make his case on "fox and friends" at 7:15 eastern. stay tuned for that. rob: it will be fun. brian: if the equipment starts to heat up in the studio brian has a guy with a block of ice. >> these guys like it's really cold in here. >> we need the heat on. pete: on this wednesday the problems with the florida recount bring back memories of this, the brooks brothers riot in 2000. remember that? matt schlapp was there coming up
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something that happened in 2000, the so-called brooks brothers riot in south florida. max schlapp, you see him in the green shirt, looking cool commands not in his pockets but looking cool. is this déjà vu all over again? >> i was younger. this is more like a flashback and it is déjà vu all over again. there was for the presidency of the united states. the stakes could be higher. these types of things do happen. there are senate seats that have been decided by constant recounting of ballots. here we are in florida all over again. >> some counties realized how close it was and by state constitutions they know the recount happened so they started recounting again through the machines. we know they overheated and have to go through again because one for senator one for house, it is a problem and it will be delayed. are you concerned? what concerns you most about the process? >> what concerns me most about
3:19 am
the process is at the very beginning a lot of wrongdoing could have occurred. when election commissioners didn't follow the law explicitly and say how many ballots they still had to count and then took the counting behind closed doors and didn't let people like you in from the media it created a question mark in our heads, what are they doing behind closed doors? we will never know how they handled all types of ballots including ballots that were illicit, that were not legally cast. we will never know. we will spend a lot of time in court, millions of dollars in waste a lot of time. rick scott will be a senator. ron desantis will be the governor. what democrats are trying to do, this is a trial run, donald trump on the ballot. they are learning lessons to do everything possible in 2020. >> of republicans sit on their
3:20 am
hands they deserve to be taken advantage of. they have to fix this and this woman has to be out. everybody agrees she is incompetent. donor how she got reelected but needs to be taken out. it just puts doubt in everything. if nelson was leading why go in under these circumstances? doesn't work for anyone. who is -- what is next in the legal battle? >> account reversed by 1200 votes. rick scott has a big lead, no way to take it away. there will be several steps in the legal battle. we did the brooks brothers riot because they tried to count behind closed doors and republicans have to fight and make sure it never happens again. >> thanks so much, we will see if this comes out and we get a verdict soon. 20 minutes after the hour.
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alexandria ocasio-cortez came to washington, a protest outside nancy pelosi's home. this is the gift that keeps on giving, she joined us next, the new report says donald trump considering security secretary tom homan. he will join us live to react. i am a family man.
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i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. >> welcome back. a federal judge is expected to decide today whether absentee ballots cast in the georgia governor's race, many voters failing to include their correct date of birth. a different judge ruled tuesday requiring one county to do so. michael bloomberg will decide whether to run for president by february.
3:25 am
to determine if he has a path to victory. bloomberg spent $100 million to elect democrats in the 2018 midterms. >> according to tennessee's newly elected democrat, republicans are hateful and uneducated. >> most of the tennesseans who voted republican are uneducated. they don't even know they showed up at the polls to vote against their interests. they vote on color lines. >> he is walking back those comments and apologizing but is a too little too late? tommy laren joining us from the west coast, what do you think? >> this goes to show democrats are unable to compete with republican ideas, this is really no different than hillary clinton calling dennis a blast
3:26 am
gets of deplorable, racist, sexist, homophobic, islam a phobic. it is all the same thing. i find when democrats are calling trump supporters or republicans racists or sexists oftentimes it is because that is how they truly feel and are projecting it up on the opposite party as we see here. i don't think the apology is genuine because she went on to blame donald trump for what she said, the donald trump because of his racist comments, provoked her to say that. they are unable to apologize and freely admit they don't like republican people. brian: alexandria ocasio-cortez spent her first day protesting outside nancy pelosi's protests, they were upset about climate change. here she is on why she chose to protest the democratic leader as a democrat. >> this is to show we are here
3:27 am
to stop those actions and she says she will be supportive in that. brian: is this a good move? a move that shows nancy pelosi, this will not be a layup as you try to ascend to speaker again? >> i call alexandria ocasio-cortez the gift that keeps on giving, we look at her on the republican side and think she's a joke and a mess and largely uneducated, for us it is better to be a tool for us because it will be in the foreign in the side of most democrats, nancy pelosi is not going to like this young person coming in. either way when you look at the democratic party, the new radicals at the old radicals, either way they don't represent most americans and that will be a huge problem in 2020. ainsley: michelle obama had a interview over the weekend and she said hard to find a smile during the inauguration and she
3:28 am
said milania trump has not asked for any of her help or asked for help and stephanie grisham released a statement, the president's communication, the first lady's communication director into the reason she hasn't asked for help and she hasn't needed any of her advice, strong and independent woman navigating the role of first lady in her own way. when she needs advice on any issue she speaks it from her professional team within the white house. what do you think of that? >> i'm confused why michelle obama find it surprising milania wouldn't reach out for help. michelle obama spent a good portion of her book and her interviews bashing donald trump, bashing the administration and wonders why milania wouldn't seek her help. why would milania want that help? why would milania want that negative in energy? and her other comments about donald trump, being unable to smile, that is okay, the
3:29 am
american people were smiling on donald trump's inauguration, when we watched her husband leave the white house. we don't need her smiles. we are doing just fine. >> you are smiling because it is finally here, fox nation will debut on the 27th after thanksgiving. that is a look at the people you will be able to see. we will recognize all of them. what can we expect from you? >> you will get my first and final thoughts is beyond that we talked last week, still don't have your picture on our big fox nation ball. i'm checking in to see if that has been corrected yet. brian: look at the power you have, next to ainsley in a photo shoot that took place. she is nudging me in the shoulder. ainsley: apparently i'm very strong, just a member your tie. >> there we go. can't wait for lunch and excited to be apart from all of you. make sure everyone goes to and get the updates. couldn't be more excited.
3:30 am
pete: thank you for getting up early for us. meanwhile, a new report that donald trump is considering tom homan as the next homeland security secretary. what is the real story? we will talk to him. these live with us next. this football fan got arrested for drunk driving. is excuse? my team sucks. sorry, you know what he is talking about. >> happy birthday to britain's prince charles, he is 70 years old today. brian: still waiting to be king. ♪ en ninety-nine en ninety-nine you get all the shrimp you want, any way you want them. and now savory parmesan shrimp scampi is back! new sesame-ginger shrimp is here, too. but hurry in, endless shrimp ends november eighteenth.
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>> 350 migrants traveling in the caravan arriving at the us border. so much for thousands of miles away, the group seen getting off buses in tijuana, less than 20 miles from san diego, game on. ainsley: customs and border patrol closing traffic in california, the migrants are expected to fly a -- apply for asylum as soon as today. them seen scaling the border fence sitting on top of it. >> barbed wire, defense attorney james mattis heads to texas later on today to review the truth. tom homan, acting ice director at fox news contributor, he knows about this and joins us live. it looks as if the first batch from the caravan is here. another 200 people are expected in coming hours.
3:35 am
what should we know? >> game on. the administration is ready. there are a lot more resources, the military building infrastructure, a lot more inspectors and asylum officers ready to start these interviews. if they enter illegally, this president's proclamation, they will be metered in and we will work not at their pace but hopefully if they come to the united states they will be detained. in 2014 this started when they were detained, 80% lost their cases and put on planes at home sending a strong signal, hopefully we will send another message, they will get their due process but if it judge orders and removed they have to be.
3:36 am
>> trump considers acting ice director for dhs seeds. i remember you saying you tried to retire and the president said i need you to help me with ice and you stay longer and retired again and there are headlines that say you can be tapped as the new homeland security secretary. what are your thoughts? is that going to happen? >> i knew you were going to ask me this question. ainsley: we have to. >> i won't speculate what the president will do. we have a strong secretary. i worked with secretary kirstjen neilsen. it is a 24/seven/355 job. 50% of america hates you 100% of the time, you can't win on this topic because it is so divisive. she's working hard and doing a good job. we have a secretary that serves at the pleasure of the
3:37 am
president. of the president make a change it is his prerogative. i read the same story, we will see what happens. we have a secretary in place now, when she was asked to step up she stepped up to the plate. all these people who want to attack this administration, they got no metal. and fortitude. she's working hard and we need to support her until the decision is made. rob: she put up with personal turbulence herself once she left office. how do you feel on another note, all of a sudden the term abolish ice among progressives that use that to propel themselves into office and change the narrative, they back off of abolish ice.
3:38 am
>> with the help of fox news, myself and the president we are saying abolishing ice, open borders, if you get into the country legally no one will look to remove you. and sanctuary cities enticing people to come. mark my words, ice will be hit hard with the budget. and cutting the ice budget, which equals less arrests and less deportations and more catch and release. i think it will be a struggle with the house under democratic control because they don't want immigration enforcement and the president can shut down dhs which is what democrats, some democrats, not all, a lot of democrats would love dhs to get shut down, talking about border patrol and ice. we are in a tough spot but they might not want to abolish ice but they will strain funding.
3:39 am
brian: if the president calls, call us right back and we will put you on tv. if he is going to take it, approve it and we would not have -- 21 minutes after the top of the hour. jillian: we now know and illegal immigrants accused of triple murder was a dreamer. doctor status, and for different crimes in new jersey. donald trump makes a surprise announcement at the white house, naomi brown tapped the powerful vacancy. >> i won't say today i just
3:40 am
dominated naomi to be on the dc circuit court of appeals on the seat of brett kavanaugh. >> thank you for the confidence you have shown in me. >> and administration official who served under towards w bush, a formal nomination is expected today. i drink too much because the jets suck. police in new jersey say thatte. he allegedly rear-ended a car after the 41-10 loss to buffalo. his blood alcohol level was nearly twice the legal limit. it is an okay excuse if you're going to drive. i don't think that will work. huber is so much safer. >> uber can't protect you from the jets. thanks. some exciting news, steve doocy
3:41 am
goes back on the road as i predicted. >> next week is signing copies and taking pictures of our happy cookbook. and we are at the books a million, in orange park, florida at the mall. saturday we will be at barnes & noble colonial plaza in orlando and sunday barnes & noble in palm beach gardens at 1:00. >> the fully free rallies or -- >> signings are very big. a lot of people have shown up. and a gift cookbook in christmas of 2018. >> it is such an amazing book. lots of pictures of his entire family, all the kids growing up, mom's favorite recipes. >> foods that make you happy. >> i was on the radio with sean
3:42 am
hannity and said there's blowback ahead of the feeling that he was late to sign up for the book, a complete 180. explain that to him. you explain that to him. ainsley: great gift, pick it up. >> -- >> i made you mom's meatballs. and she liked them. brian: hope to see you this weekend in florida. ainsley: at least 3 dozen democrats could be lining up for white house run in 2020 but too many candidates hurt the party, 3 dozen. one of former president obama's advisors think so. brian: serena williams woman of the year.
3:43 am
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>> chick-fil-a is giving away free chicken sandwiches to promote a new partnership with the delivery service called doordash. 200,000 sandwiches are up for grabs. mcdonald's worker reportedly charged with assault and battery for slapping and trying to force-feed her manager hot crispy bacon. police say it started when the manager told the cook to stop eating bacon in the kitchen. it went down from there. pete: michelle obama weighing in on the 2020, when asked about the possibility of hillary
3:47 am
clinton running again she said this. >> at this point everybody is qualified and everybody should run. i might even tap sasha. you have some street time, you would do a great job. >> democratic couples lining up the battle donald trump in 2020 but will too many contenders pose a problem for democrats? let's talk to robert will, former economic advisor to president obama and fox news contributor joining us live. what do you think of what michelle just said, everybody is qualified, everybody can run. >> i'm a big fan of michelle but i respectfully disagree on that. i would say hillary clinton should not run. i would like to see, of that 36, the field go down by half if not more. i know republicans had 16. that seems like a high number. if you look at 36, all of them, a one in 5 chance, or a 50%
3:48 am
chance of running, probably half a dozen right now. >> as i look at faces on the wall, mark cuban, avenatti, these are not serious candidates. >> highly unlikely there will be a non-politician that is the front runner and candidate for 2020. the midterms, we see it a little differently. i viewed it as a 75% positive night for the democrats in 2020, 25% for donald trump, he is more formidable in ohio and florida, solidified that and pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin and if we get those it is over but two years as a lifetime. >> it is in politics. and let go to new hampshire, in independent poll with voters up there asking who would be a good democrat to run.
3:49 am
>> beto o'rourke seems able to ignite the party again. i think he could take on trump. >> joe biden, with a vice presidential, young vice presidential candidate going hand-to-hand with them. >> the b team. >> i would take bernie off that list if i was looking at who could be top contenders to really win the national election. i think bloomberg and biden take the centerleft and the centerleft played well in the midterms. i'm a huge fan of both. >> biden could have won last time. >> right now getting to a democratic primary is not easy. your earlier take the bloomberg, with a beto, where presidential winners are in the democratic
3:50 am
party, there hasn't been a personal age of 52 since 1960 that won a presidential democratic election. kennedy, clinton, carter and obama. we like that hopey changey, if you look at beto people compare him to rfk and in texas, bodes well for someone to put his hat in the ring. pete: lots of hats. moving on, key leadership roles were up for grabs on capitol hill, all eyes on the race between majority leader kevin mccarthy and congressman jim jordan. congressman jordan will join us live to make his case in the next hour. a birthday cake gone wrong. what that is supposed to be. a:-). carly shimkus has the answer and reaction pouring in online.
3:51 am
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>> serena williams, gq woman of the year cover sparking outrage as the magazine is lame for putting quotation marks around the word woman. what is going on? >> serena williams fans jumped all over the cover calling it insulting. is she not womanly enough? they were insinuating the quotation marks around the word woman meant that the there's an
3:55 am
explanation was a fashion designer for high end brand off-white who designed serena williams's to to when she wore that to the u.s. open, handwrote that in one of his trademarks is to put words in quotations. this -- >> if you look at the bottom of the page it explains. >> i didn't even know that. if you look at his products a lot of words on his clothes and handbags have quotations. >> the man of the year is a woman of the problem with the woman is there's quotes. >> didn't follow that. gq elected some men. >> let's move on to birthday cakes. of 3-year-old birthday --
3:56 am
>> exactly. >> people on social media were fired up over this one. and kevin says i like the pathetic frog cake. is there more beautiful extension of naïve art? people only care about the razzle-dazzle was another twitter user says i would eat that frog cake, looks good. cakes are so fancy these days, they make cakes that actually look like animals. >> when you worked, where did you work? you are not doing this right, maybe i am not meant to stock shelves. >> at a liquor store they told me to get the labels. >> whoever is working in the bakery, just to be moved to another part. >> i worked in a restaurant once, and called one of my parents to sit at the table and it was too much work. >> the grocery store says we are
3:57 am
sorry. >> all the nightmares, i would have nightmares i didn't bring someone their appetizers. a stressful job. >> next our new problems in florida with the voting. i will discuss it. two second, one second, go to break. veterans day sale. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it even helps with this. so you wake up ready to put your pedal to the metal. the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is only $1299 - save $400. plus, 24-month financing on all beds. ends sunday. sleep number. proven, quality sleep from capital one.nd i switched to the spark cash card i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. and last year, i earned $36,000 in cash back. which i used to offer health insurance to my employees. what's in your wallet?
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4:00 am
>> hours from now james mattis will get a look at how thousands of troops and the visit comes as nearly 350 migrant traveling in caravans arrive in tijuana, mexico. in florida two contested races are still undergoing recount. j counted about 199,000 of 17 ballots. phil nelson needs to take a deep breath and concede. >> the total in human lives is growing. camp fire now porched 125,000 acres. making deadliest in history. apparently republicans are uneducated that comment coming from a newly elected democrat.
4:01 am
[inaudible conversations] controversial christmas gift to say the least bears the name of the company released a building block encouraging children to build the wall. >> well new york city ladies and gentlemen, with this is number one news show fox and friends for a very, very wednesday. >> we're so grateful that you wake up with us every morning that you choose us. >> we one caravan organized sers of groups. we have more stuff from honduras guatemala through mexicoing and now we understand hitting san diego and by the hundreds. and they could get up to over 11,000. >> well they're not quite to san diego yet you can see that is
4:02 am
thed border wall and yesterday when nine buses dropped folks off in tijuana then a number of then went over to take a look at the united states and some of them actually climbed up on top of the wall. look to border patrol and you can see the patrol guys in the background on the four wheelers back there. some of the guy as you can see right there -- dropped down on american soil, and then when the border patrol approached them they ran back and jumped over to the safety of mexico. >> buses dropped them off at the catholic run soup kitchen and walked up to wall some of them and offering them food and some shelters there run by churnings and civic organizations and run u.s. side of the beach in the trucks. four wheelers. there was a helicopter there. and you saw the horses. >> now you know why we have with all of those prototypes down there in san diego at work this is example of a wall not working. >> well it is too easy to climb up you can see there's chain length fence in there as well.
4:03 am
apparently crossing from mexico into the united states around tijuana is going to be closed off an own for a couple of days because of the department of defense is installing barbed wire. they're positioning barricades and they're doing some fencing as well. in anticipation of the caravan. and there's some of wire right there. i don't think they thought that the caravan could be here this quickly. but you know, they weren't marching. they jumped a bunch of buses and they're here. >> you notice wall with a hole in it and a fence and they were holding on to post in the wall and then using feet to climb all the way up sitting up there just antagonizing border patrol agents because they knew if they jumped down, then border patrol agents were going to come to get them. >> what about central americans how many want to come here? they did a study and they want to find out how many aspirations come here. how about the term 5 million how does that sound? central americans wanting to pick up and move out and come here. so if people say well we have
4:04 am
plenty of room possibly. and do we have jobs opened. yes. but should there be an order and seasonal to refugees and are there people waiting online through green cards and prop or way or that are not going to enjoy it or don't think it is fair to get precedence? >> this caravan represent a small fragment of the number of people who really want to come to the united states gallop to this poll and they said there are 5 million central americans that want to be here which is one out of every three. >> apparently a number of people have told reporters they look ideas of the caravan they're safety in number when is they go through mexico you know they don't have to worry about drug cartel or gang or corrupt officials in mexico trying to shake him down for money so they like this idea ppg but the key is, as president said last week if you want to cool to united states you have to do it through a port. they're at a port it is not like they're out in middle of nowhere sneaking across invisible border it appears they're going to at least some of them ask --
4:05 am
not amnesty asylum. >> people in these -- in these big double-decker buses and crammed in there and hands are coming out of the sides it is hard it see images because they're human beings they're god's children and it is hard but you have to do it the right way we have to protect children in america. >> that's a lot better than walking so u.s. government sent to speed them up. >> hard to see but that's their choice. this is their goal they have a life and they want to come leer to try for a new one unfortunately they're not doing it the right way. apartment of reforming all laws maybe make it easy for refugees to get here and easier countries to apply and get here through a normal transportation process but just winging it, because -- your country is not allowing you to reach your goals or it'ses horrific with the gangs that are making it possible for your family to live whatever the situation is, this is not the way to solve. >> wonderful if there's a way
4:06 am
that americans could go down to help reform their communities to held build up their communities and make them stronger is that they would be safe when they live, you know, in these parts of central america. >> we have our own issue ors here in our country. a ton of money. we have plenty of them our defense secretary james mattis is at our southern border in texas today 7,000 troops as we know have been dispatched to the border. he's going to review things as well. amid fact with a number of stories floating arranged that it sounds like after midterms shakeup in administration and, in fact, there was -- a headline in politico that says president trump considers tough talking former i.c.e. director for dhs chief but we just had tough talking former i.c.e. director here on the program, and he was asked whether or not he would like secretary neil son's job which is rumored to be on the chopping block. >> i've read the same story and
4:07 am
my phone blew up last night but i think we need a secretary and retired it is a 24 24/7, 360 job. you can't win in this topic because it is so controversial. so emotional. but i think she's working hard doing ad good job if president is going to make a change that's his prerogative but i don't to speculate what a president is going to do. >> evidently chief of staff, former secretary of homeland security, john kelly is gone to bat with him multiple times sticking up for it got a fight because of that if reports are correct. and one of the people that might be moving on is -- is the chief of staff john kelly. >> that's strong rumor yesterday. >> so reportedly according to the associated press this morning, the president is upset between john kelly and kirstjen nielsen because he would look to see more done at our southern
4:08 am
border but a lot of names that are perhaps people who may be moving on like wilbur ross secretary of commerce you've got ryan, secretary of interior and then yesterday very publicly first lady called for the firing of the deputy national security advisor mira raquel how do you say the last name? maybe that's how it is -- anyway, as of this hour we do not believe she has been fired. even though first lady did say -- she's got to go. >> how extraordinary is first lady came out saying for you don't see that all of the time. but you know, as she's also john goes because he brought her over. >> we did caravan homeland security cabinet positions now other big thing we're talking this morning is down in florida. florida ballot drama literally heating up. >> the counting -- voting machines in palm beach county apparently overheated delaying the recount and judge
4:09 am
offering five-day extension but that is on i.c.e. right now. >> so dprif griff jenkins is live covering this and happy to be indoors griff you've got a lot of outdoor events covering hurricane and caravan this is a very impactful story but it is indoors you can work us through that. >> between your wife and your kids -- [laughter] >> it's indoors from machines in broward county are working look at guys sorting ballots. they have counted 199,000 out of 715,000 total, and they believe they're going to meet deadline according to supervise brenda snipes. >> it is too critical we won't miss it. all of the emphasis and focus is on me. but i have a great staff who takes on any task, and their job it to get it done so regardless to whether i'm here or someone else is here, there's an excellent foundation to this office.
4:10 am
>> in that deadline thursday many believe will hand to a recount if it is around quarter of a percentage candidates with senator schumer here's what nelson said. >> sadly, it's become clear that my opponent isn't interested in making sure that every lawful vote is counted. finally, govan scott fighting back on twitter saying it locks like senator nelson is letting chuck schumer speak directly for him and won't d.c. lawyers in new york steal this from people of florida and nelson and scott are in d.c. if they cross pathing that will be awkward. guys. >> no kidding. all right griff thank you very much. >> we were saying they need to do pictures. one is in one picture other is other and hang up a picture with the winner. >> ultimately that will be decided we hope in next couple
4:11 am
of days. 7:10 here in new york city and jillian joins us with a alert. >> brush fire threatening homeses in san bernardino county, california. the national guard called in to help search for hundreds missing in the wildfires. at least 50 weem have died statewide. 48 of those deaths coming from the camp fire in northern california. firefighters are gradually gaining control of several wildfires burning right now. the woolsey fire outside l.a. is expected to be fully contained by sunday. we now know that cia considered using a drug that acted like a suspects after 9/11 newly released report reveals agency looked into drug assisted interrogations get information about potential attacks, and idea to use sedatives dubbed project medication the cia did not end up using it citing ethical concerns. at any moment justice department could issue a legal opinion
4:12 am
defending appointment as acting attorney general. the choice highly scrutinized state of maryland filed a lawsuit claiming that appointment is unconstitutional and that deputy ag rod rosenstein should get the job and trump administration says the president has full legal authority to appoint senior government employees on a temporary basis. and pay less for health care both sides of the aisle backing a reinsurance plan in hope of fixing obamacare it would use federal money to cover expensive comfers so everyone else pays less. west virginia senator joe manchin is calling for the president's support he joins us in the next hour to explain why the president is the only one who can fix the health care problem. look at your headlines i'll sending it back to you. >> thank you. >> we have a nifty name for it and share that with us next hour. >> 12 minutes after the top of the hour. key leadership roles are up for about grass and one here to talk about it. congressman jim jordan will join us next. >> plus one man brought a trust
4:13 am
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4:17 am
>> republican leadership roles up for grabs today in house of representatives. getting excited all eyes on house republican l race where current majority leader kevin carr thy is hoping to stay on this time as a minority leader and facing challenge from higher congressman jim jordan by hope is to talk to him at some point about this. >> your lucky day we just got him on the the phone joining us live i should say just kidding getting up this morning to come on fox and friends we really appreciate you being here congressman. j good to be with you. >> you too. why -- i know y'all came in together. why go up against a friend for this position why is it important to you? >> i mean, i think when you fail to reach a goal in life there's fundamental things and basic questions you have to ask were you failed to keep the majority you have to step become to ask why do you lose and what are we up against now and how do we win it bag? i think most important of three questions is why to we lose in
4:18 am
the fist place? two years ago american people elected president trump to come to this town to shake it up and he's done just that. but i don't think they've seen this same intensity from house republicans. did we replace obamacare did we reform welfare and secure the border an build border security wall some key things that we told them we were going to do -- that we haven't done i think, i think that was the biggest problem we had because we lost so many races by the margin. if we get the things done that we told them we were going to do i think we win many of those race and would have stayed in majority so that's the message i try to convey to our colleagues and if i've given chance to lead i'll work on one thing doing what we told american people we were going to do. >> it sound like you're making it a choice between the establishment kim mccarthy the establishment guy and you, a member of the house freedom caucus, which is -- famous for trying to shake things up. >> i think that house caucus is famous for doing what we said we were goinged to and fighting for what american people sent us here to fight for. we have to understand the environment we're going into is
4:19 am
something we've never seen. this is the world of comings waters pelosi they've got 80 investigations up, and we have to be prepare ared with the right attitude to come to this town to fight prefer single minute of every single day defending the truth as they're attacking everybody that's the environment we're going into. if so why did we lose what are we up against and how do we win it back by standing firm for the principles that made our country great in the first place and standing firm on defending truth as investigations start to unfold. >> what do we see moving forward? you're in majority for a couple of more weeks. what do you think you can get done in the couple of weeks not symbol pick votes but real deals? >> what was the single biggest we made american people in 2016 that we have not got done yet? building the border security wall and secure the border we should be focused on that one main thing, over the next several weeks as we still have a few weeks left while republicans control all of government. we should focus on the biggest promise we made them and what they sent us here to do.
4:20 am
plain and simple. >> how do we do that? >> a spending bill the cr continue resolution come to on decemberth we should insist on putting wall funding bill on that piece of legislation and getting it passed. afterall that's what we were elected it to do in 2016. that's why this sent a president here he's shaking this town up and we vice president had same intensity we need to match that to get it done. >> can it get through the senate then? pfnlg it's a spending bill it has to get through so you have to attach to a must pass legislation, of course, ones that always have to get through are ones that fund government >> are all republicans onboard for that? >> we'll find out. i know this is serious because you have your top button buttoned you have it have a big day because you don't leave it buttoned. >> i'll leave it at that. >> he's ready for election. [laughter] he's got a big day. jim jordan from state of ohio thank you for joining us live. yes kevin mccarthy. media is heading up rumors about
4:21 am
a white house shakeup but corey lewandowski is here to correct and plus remember that mega millions jackpot? winner may just have to kiss it all good-bye. we'll explain -- >> if you're in south carolina -- check your ticket. your enamel is very precious. acidic foods can wear away your enamel. your tooth is going to look yellower, more dull. i recommend pronamel because it helps protect and strengthen your enamel. it's pro enamel. it's the positive thing. ♪ ♪
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4:25 am
dollar that's the cost of a keurig like miewsh to make cocktails. drink work comes from the makers of keurig and anheuser-busch using pod serving of alcoholic beverages each pod is four bucks. >> so can we replace keurig machines here at fox with those? >> cocktail makers? >> maybe we'll have both of them. you can have coffee or cocktails. >> i might confuse with milan drink pod that might be a difference. >> that would not be good. laundry smell like liquor again. 25 minutes after the hour. >> media hypes up rumors of courthouse changes here's one example. "time" magazine asking who goes who stays uncertainty over trump expected white house shakeup. >> but as history has shown us making cabinet shifts is nothing new for administration after a midterm election. here to qaig in is former trump campaign manager author of the upcoming book trump enemies have a big state of undermining
4:26 am
presidency corey lewandowski. who has few positions that president is looking to change we know attorney general took about nine seconds. for jeff sessions to be shown the door who do you think is next? >> well, good morning i think that president just like all other presidents after a midterm election has the opportunity to make some changes going into his reelection effort. and this should be expected. this is nothing new as you aleanuated presidents do this all of the time and president has right to have team around him that he thinks is best going to represent him and move his had agenda forward. so i think you're going to see additional changes with some people in the cabinet that are going to move on whether they to or he asked them is one thing and some people in the white house who are also going to move on i think it is right thing for the president right now. >> why is that because after two years it is a very stressful job -- i hear he's a workaholic expects a lot. is it -- because it's so stressful and people want the to move on or because they clash? >> well i think it is a number
4:27 am
of things look this president is a man who works 18 and 20 hours a day every day. and doesn't give anybody a break and he talked about this in his press conference last week he said people come into the white house they look young and leave looking old that very true mysei had no gray hair when i started working for president and 20 hours day for three years does that poo tome but on top of that it is unfair we've seen that also. but the other portion is, as he gears up for reelection effort in two years, i think he should surround himself with a team that understands what happens during elections and what we've seen right now -- is a team that by and large focused on policy and with a democrats taking over the house of representatives, is a very different environment in washington, d.c. and he should surround himself with individuals who know that state. >> prepare for working with a divided government where you have republicans in the senate and democrats in the house. when it comes to people who are
4:28 am
going to make the cut and remain at the white house, a lot of the frustration doesn't allow frustration come from the fat that president wants to get certain landmark things done, and you know here we are two years in, and a lot of stuff hasn't been done about certain things. so it is kind of like okay if i gave you two years. time to go. >> you know, you're exactly right. and you have to remember what this president said when he came to washington is you have a giant agenda to make sure we're buying health insurance across line and spending bill done we've seen what he's done on jobs front created 4.5 million job but if you're not on president agenda it is time to go but more importantly with speaker pelosi coming in it is a very different environment in washington. and he now has to look and reach across the aisle, work with those democrats to make sure that he sell is creating jobs in economic environment that is going to continue to move country forward, and so it is a different environment and he has a right to have new people there. ivetle like who tell me which
4:29 am
positions you think he should rotate out corey lewandowski speaking as someone who knows inside and outside. >> i don't to get drew position by position but cabinet members will leave which is very typical in a transition period. i think you're going to see senior members of the white house leave and look rumors are ram pangt right now. at the end of the day that you are just rurals but this president is someone who knows a team that he needs arranged him. we've seen what he wants to act he acts quickly as he did in case of attorney general jeff sessions. now he has someone there look like we've seen all of the rumors fox news contradict tore may be considered for secretary of homeland security but this president makes decision he acts quick reand ready for change. >> could you be going back? >> i love my job right here. i love being on outside it is the best place to be. >> put it this way your name of your bock has president enemies does he have enemies on the the
4:30 am
inside? >> absolutely on the inside not only does she indicate that in her interview with tom from abc but when president asked by "60 minutes" he also indicated that there was people inside the white house that he doesn't trust and this is a great opportunity for the president to have a restart to get rid of those people who don't support the trump agenda. >> all right i don't see any gray hair by the way cory. >> thank you you're very kind. thank you for being on with us. have a good one. >> you too. >> 7:30 here in new york city and a fox news alert new fallout after days of intense fighting between israel and hamas we have a live report. in jerusalem, next. >> plus alan a professor will weigh in on democrats promisings investigation after investigation when they take control of the congress. that's straight ahead. this is loma linda, a place with one of the highest life expectancies in the country.
4:31 am
you see so many people walking around here in their hundreds. so how do you stay financially well for all those extra years? well, you have to start planning as early as possible. we all need to plan, for 18 years or more, of retirement. i don't have a whole lot saved up, but i'm working on it now. i will do whatever i need to do. plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges.
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4:33 am
>> we are back with fox news alert after days of intense
4:34 am
fighting israel and hamas have now agreed to a cease-fire. >> but temporary peace is causing friction among top israel officials. >> trey is live in jerusalem with what happens next. good morning, trey. reporter: well good morning brian ansly and steve unexpectedly early defense minister lieberman resigning in protest of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu decision to agree cease-fire with hamas and resigning in next 48 hours calling today for early elections in israel. putting new pressure on the prime minister, the resignation come ace mid-protest in but resident are demanding they take a harder stance against hamas in control of the gaza century strip after a botched intelligence operation hamas and gaza fired 400 rockets into southern israel killing one person and now the resigning defense minister is calling
4:35 am
signing in previous allowance surrender to terrorism now brian and steve as pressure increases on prime minister here in israel, hamas is claiming victory for lieberman also something to keep in mind here, with lieberman party gone, this could mean the end of benjamin netanyahu rule due to fact that his party will have a one majority lead. brian ansly, steve. >> all right trey thank you very much for the live report from israel let's bring in harvard law professor and author of the case against impeaching -- donald trump, professor what do you make about these palestinians firing all of those rockets now -- toward israel? >> well, benjamin was certainly not. but he's a very tough guy. and yet he has been willing a, to accept cease-fire and b, to accept money from qatar going into gaza. i suspect something else is going on behind this scene.
4:36 am
it may be the rollout of president trump's peace plan, the need to get kind of -- agreement from the gulf countries. i think there are bigger fish to fry in prime minister netanyahu mind than simply retaliation against hamas. there will be time for retaliation later. but if there are opportunities to bring about a broader peace and possibly a deal with palestinian, that's more important than simply taking additional actions against hamas in gaza. as far as the election it is are concerned, everybody anticipates there are going to be new elections soon so i think the resignation of leeb or man is just a kind of poor taste of or more things to come a very contested election, and one of the issues will be dubs versus hawks and are there are a lot of
4:37 am
moving parts. >> and egyptians are helping broker this meanwhile palestinian authority and there's hamas so you have conflicting movements there. and you don't know if on some level palestinian authority wants hamas pounded. so we'll see. but let's move on to talk about domestic politics looks as though democrats, obviously, have majority in the house and expand by a couple of more seats and they're talking about a canon full of investigation. how does -- , in fact, let's listen. >> let's face it the investigations are sexy. they're interesting. i take subpoena very seriously. investigation, investigation, investigation, investigation -- we're not doing any investigations for political purpose. but to seek the truth. so what is it like you've seen a lot of different presidencies a lot of different majorities predict what's like the next year or two years. >> first there will be a lot of division within the democratic party. the extremist will be saying
4:38 am
impeach, impeach, impeach. we now have votes we can impeach. let's bring it to senate for a trial that would be a foolish abuse of their newly elected majority. but i do think we'll see investigations. i think that various chairman of the committees that after jurisdiction will be sending out subpoenas. what they'll be saying is look we have to chance to investigate or respond to previous investigations. this is our turn now. so i think we'll see investigations i think the american public will will not find that particularly attractive. what they want is to seek progress upon jobs on the environment, on security, investigations sound much too much like inside baseball, and the mueller commission, you know, prort is out there waiting for that. so i think that democrats will be foolish to devote too much of their priorities to investigating political enemies at this point. >> will they try to impeach? >> well, there will be those within the democrats who will try to impeach.
4:39 am
i think the leadership will be sensible and say look, if backfired when we, republicans impeached president bill clinton, with and for us now to try to -- when republicans try to impeach bill clinton, and i think that it would backfire now to democrats to try to impeach president trump. the country is not looking for that. but they'll be radicals within the democratic party who won't be satisfied until there's impeachment. professor alan who is traveling today nice enough to join us via skype. alan, thank you. >> thank you. >> and, of course, you have the news is president is now debating on whether to answer robert mueller written questions. >> sounds like he's close to answers them and what happens when he get those answers does robert mueller want more? we'll see. you never know. 20 minutes before the top of the hour. >> hey -- jillian. of course that's right following a number of stories and american for us reportedly stabbed to
4:40 am
death while vacationings in mexico. local authorities say keller myer killed by a tourist in random robbery and his heartbroken parents, though, aren't buying it. >> this coverup and we're never going to fiend the true story about all of these unanswered questions in -- we don't want this to happen. to another family -- so sad. myers belove their son died at the a hand of locals and that mexico is concealing the truth. ben carson name could be soon removed from a high school in his hometown. detroit city board will hold a community meeting on whether to change the name of benjamin carson high school of science and medicine. it was named after the housing and urban development secretary before he joined president trump's cabinet. a board member telling the detroit news those who want the change, quote, don't support the trump administration. and a trump support banned from disney world for a second time. chaired this picture of himself riding down splash mountain
4:41 am
holding prompt 2020 sign and temporarily banned in september for waving a trump banner. the park doesn't allow what it considers unauthorized demonstrations or displaying flags and banners. he's now banned from all disney parks. look at your headlines -- >> there you go. >> all right thanks jillian with a parent but their son that was murdered in mexico is in my playa del carmen it is cold out here and we're expecting some snow, and we have folks from florida -- right and maryland where are you from? >> south carolina where ansly is from -- >> that's right. do you know her well? >> no. she's as nice as she is on television. let's look at the maps because we have a storm that is bringing snow my friends. houston, texas got their first flurries ahead of new york city, it snowing in parts of louisiana, in parts of mississippi and arkansas they're getting their
4:42 am
first snowfall the earliest for snowfall happening right now, and all of that is beginning to come on up to the mid-atlantic and northeast tomorrow watch this snow, rain, sleet, freezing rain, and snow across portions of the northeast and new england that's all happening tomorrow so it is a very messy commute home just keep that in mind. wave to steve and ansly my friends. >> hello shannon -- >> it is the best city. it is in up state it is great you get all of the temperatures all a of the seasons. >> she loves it. born there. a great city -- so pretty. yes. >> bringing back some memories 42 minutes after the top of the hour coming up one football has a message for young football players. >> i think we live in a world where people are nonmittal. we allow liberal to say i want to do what had i want and don't have to fight through it.
4:43 am
>> that was a warmup plus -- more winning for the trump economy. small business optimism adjusted a new record but that's not all. stuart varney coming up. managing my type 2 diabetes wasn't my top priority. until i held her. i found my tresiba® reason. now i'm doing more to lower my a1c. once daily tresiba® controls blood sugar for 24 hours for powerful a1c reduction. tresiba® is a long-acting insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. don't use tresiba® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. don't share needles or insulin pens. don't reuse needles. the most common side effect is low blood sugar, which may cause dizziness, sweating, confusion, and headache. check your blood sugar. low blood sugar can be serious and may be life-threatening. injection site reactions may occur. tell your prescriber about all medicines you take and all your medical conditions.
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4:46 am
more winning for trump economy small business optimism setting record for need for employees hitting 45-year high. wow here to react is host of varney and company on fox business network mr. stuart varney. >> makes you smile another win for president trump small business loves president trump. loves the tax cuts. love the deregulation and they're feeling very, very positive about the present and future they're looking ahead an saying oh, this economy is doing real well. they don't mind this split government -- >> no, i don't think so. gridlock if they thought that
4:47 am
the dht it is in the house could reverse are the tax cuts and reverse deregulation, then small business would be very worried indeed. but they don't think they're going to reverse those two items look i think, things are going to get better because we've got plunging gas prices. i don't to go on at length about this. but i've got ten gas stations in the united states all of which are selling gas below two dollars a gallon. i have a buck 89 at a station in louisiana. >> good news is when gas is low, russia are and saudi arabia have near russia -- we don't have to pay as much. good news is small businesses across america deliver a business et cetera, et cetera, they get a win for from sharply lower gas price. small business to big business. amazon, amazon northern, virginia, and here in new york outside of the city, and in long island city building two new for a minutes. >> yes coming to new york city 25,000 jobs, couple of billion
4:48 am
dollars worth of investments, and it's a real interesting debate going on here. did new york city give away top to attract a very wealthy company. >> they gave away a lot. a lot. 1.7 billion dollars worth of tax breaks hundreds of millions more coming from the city. the amazon does not have to build new housing. they don't have to employ locals to get a helicopter pad how about that? >> he could never afford it on his own. alexandria cortez a democrat superstar says this, and she's from queens amazon is a billion dollar company that the idea that it will receive hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks a time when our subway is crumbling communities need nor investment is concerning to residents here. >> look, the young lady does not understand growth. you've got toll to grow a business she doesn't understand growing a business you have to put money in to get money out. >> for infrastructure -- >> for infrastructure i think they're billing a new high
4:49 am
school. a school -- j but price per job is something like 48,000 dollars per job that new york is give up in tax breaks. >> actually it is 61,000 dollars per job in new york city. which is a very stiff price. i think it's worth it. because to bring in a company like that with all of that money and jobs -- you're going say no go someplace else? >> if they're giving up 60,000 per employee what does average employee make there? >> don't know what kind of employees they're going to -- i don't know the the answer to that. i do know this we did bad grow at 150.5 billion up from 216 in october. we have to get ahold of the spending. >> you're going tough an tangent and now deficit. >> listen to this you wait until first quarter of next year like april 15th one percenters and lots of them who live in high tax states they won't get a tax refund they might be paying more in tax.
4:50 am
just wait for the the first quarter of next year. the inflow of money to the treasury is going to be much bigger than you think and that will cut down on the deficit you heard it here first. >> indeed more of that on varney and company. you are. thank you all right meanwhile still ahead one college football keech has this message to young football players. >> there's a lot of entitlement -- i'm a firm believer in the snow flake about every -- millennial young person -- he's right and today's kids are missing one important quality. the answer comes up next.
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
>> a new students athletes to refer schools and as oklahoma state coach mike gundy calling
4:54 am
out liberalism. >> i think we live in a world where people are noncommittal. we allow liberalism to say hey, i can do what i want and i don't have to be tough and fight through it today there's a lot of entitlement. i'm a firm believer in the snow flake. i'm about every millennial young person generation z i think is what they call them. that's a world we live in because if they say well it is a little bit hard then we say okay we will go try something else. here to react is chad for himself. chad thanks for being with us. >> good morning, guys. >> good morning so i understand what he's saying but i also understand if you're a player you're on a team and you're not getting opportunity to play and you have only so many year you might switch it a school to play more. what are your thoughts? >> i know that college coach do that when they're offered a better opportunity or more money they jump ship a little bit. there's so much eligibility you can get. but i think i understand what coach gundy is saying although
4:55 am
not shift the blame to liberals. and i personally have gotten to a point where i sing a song about snow flakes on my comedy tour i'm actually sick of the term snow flake i think everybody is kind of gotten power to that deal. but i get what he's trying to say and that is we have developed more of culture of people who are wanting to just stop and move on with things get a little bit difficult. no endurance anymore. >> so you get benched instead of fighting bang on lineup and perform better in the clutch. i'm going to change schools that's his point of view. >> that is. you know my late father he ewede tell me buzz i used to threaten to quit no you don't have to play next season but you're going to finish this season so i think you have to hang in there like a hair in a biscuit in a southern tinier you have stickability, and that thing where -- you know what happened to that where you're going to pop back up and you're going to work harder to fight to earn that position and i think that's what coach gundy is trying to say. >> look you have got to admire,
4:56 am
though, the mullet on coach that is commitment, endurance there that takes time and you have to endure to do that. i wish i could did that. i wanted to say -- >> no who knows. beautiful, beautiful mullet coach. there you go. chad times have changed people are different now. look, than when we were growing up -- >> yeah, you know we used to quack to school up hill both ways three miles in the snow, and those kind of things, and you know, we would have to, you know, travel on horseback to get, you know, to church on sunday morning. but these days we have our smartphone, we've got our, you know, we've got our -- we can just go on our hoverboards and go to the bus stop these day. >> life is so much easier. your dad was like all of our dads never quit. not allowed to. >> never quit. >> that's ethic hard work you have to have it. >> you do inteed great to see ya. all right. coming up in next hour we have a
4:57 am
news alert first wave of the my graduate caravan is here now at our border, the breaking details, next. >> plus we have -- actually fits your life? introducing the new 2019 ford edge st. . . [sneezing] ♪ you don't want to cancel your plans. [sneezing] cancel your cold. the 1-pill power of new advil multi-symptom cold & flu
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5:00 am
steve: overnight 356 migrants from that caravan arrived in tijuana. >> game on. i think the administration is ready. they will be detained until they see a judge, back in 2014 more than 80% lost cases, put on planes and sent home. brian: florida recount happening now. >> election decided by a judge, or lawyers, not by voters the way it is supposed to be. >> what the democrats are trying to do, this is a trial run to figure out what they do in 2020 when donald trump runs. at least 50 people have been killed statewide. >> all eyes on the house republican leadership race where majority leader kevin mccarthy is the favorite to stay on as minority leader despite a
5:01 am
challenge from jim jordan. >> controversial christmas gift. the company released a building block set encouraging children to build the wall? ♪ brian: there are the cars. i bought the first two albums. talking about albums the first two hours of the show. seems like the whole band sings at the same time. everyone is singing the same lyrics. ainsley: what grade were the cars popular? brian: sixth or 7th grade. the rythym guitar it is from massapequa. steve: didn't rick ocasik married supermodel. paulina porzokova. brian: joe collects supermodels, trading cards. steve: i did not realize that. you learn a lot on the show.
5:02 am
ainsley: there are hundreds of migrant caravans made it up to the border right below san diego, california, this is the border city in mexico, tijuana. steve: so apparently nine buses pulled into the tijuana area yesterday. a number of migrants, most of them are from honduras, they decided to get a closer look at the united states. they have been traveling for weeks in many cases. they want to see what it is like. went right up to the wall. some of them climbed up on top. some jumped down into the united states. ainsley: that guy right there. steve: he is running back towards the camera guy, the border patrol said you're on united states soil. we want to talk to you. he went back into mexico. brian: this is hundreds. get ready for thousands. all the caravans catch up to each other. there are 11,500 coming. if they all choose san diego, i believe they are, mexico seems to make it easier now, they show
5:03 am
up with the multilevel buses. what is the big deal. they're thousands of miles away. they're here. they might be fine people, we don't know. bottom line, this is not the way you do it. don't run into our country. you don't climb the wall to hop over. ainsley: there is a catholic-run soup kitchen in tijuana. offering all of them food. they are so many of them, they can't stay at all the shellers. several shelters run by church organizations and civic organizations feeding and housing them. steve: the way it works, we heard from the president, if you want to come into the united states for asylum you have to go through a port. there is a port there. there are so many migrants and people who want to emigrate into the united states. the migrants keep a notebook. there is a waiting list. there are 2500 names in front of the 360 that arrived yesterday.
5:04 am
sounds like another 200 are on their way. what they will do, we heard from tom homan a little while ago. they will be metered in. a certain number day. you want to apply for asylum. why do you think you're entitled. tom homan said they will be adjudicated one at a time. ainsley: 7,000 troops are sent down to california, arizona, texas. they have put up barbed wire fences and barricades. you have defense secretary james mattis. he is going to the texas border to visit with the troops. brian: we're a country that need as guest worker program that is efficient. could expedite the process. 85% of the people that come are up males. if they are men can work, jobs available, get together with congress to come up with a system this could work for everybody. right now nobody is working because nobody wants to compromise. steve: reportedly according to a number of news items out today, the president is frustrated with
5:05 am
the lack of getting things done on the southern border. supposedly. kirstjen nielsen, the department of homeland security is on chopping block jobwise. after the midterm elections, there is a lot of churn, a lot of people leave their jobs. reportedly she may be out. one story in the associated press she might leave this week if they had a successor. the story went on to say they may not have a successor even though we, this morning talked to somebody who might be up for the job. ainsley: we asked tom homan. used to be acting i.c.e. director. he is contributor for fox. he was asked about the headline for that was in "politico," trump considers tough-talking i.c.e. director for chief. what did he have to say. >> i read the same story. my phone blew up. we have secretary in place. secretary nielsen is probably
5:06 am
tired. it is 24/7, 365 job. 50% of the america hates you 100% of the time. you can't win on topic, so divisive, so emotional. i think she is working hard doing a good job. if the president is going to make a change that is certainly his prerogative. i don't want to speculate what the president is going to do. steve: there are stories out kirsten meal send ney be leaving. john kelly may be leaving. wilbur ross may be leaving. ryan zinke may be leaving. we had corey lewandoski on he had an idea president may make a change. ainsley: president loves tom homan. he has been a big supporter of the president. a tough guy, a nice guy but he was here at fox, i met him when he first started at fox. he tried to retire. the president said please don't retire. i need you to help me with i.c.e. he called his wife, honey i can't say no. i have to do this. then he ended up leaving his
5:07 am
government position and staying longer than he expected to. if he is asked to go back, i wonder what his response would be? brian: supportive of nielsen but didn't rule it out. so who knows. also breaking the florida ballot drama. ainsley: the voting machines in palm beach county literally overheating. that is delaying recounts in that area. a judge offering a five-day extension. steve: griff jenkins at the broward county office of elections. they say they will meet tomorrow's deadline and there are stories people want to extend it couple more days because of breaking down machines. where do we stand right now? reporter: in palm beach, guys, the machines are different than the ones in broward county. they called in a mechanic. who knows where you find a mechanic for a voting machine but they found one. they have have an update, they have counted 299,000 of 715,000
5:08 am
total ballots they have to get to. this is sorting of mail-in ballots. they have been doing it most of the night. they may be done they tell us this morning. here in the front row they put four legal observers for republicans over here, over here, four legal observers for democrats right in front of us. we've been seeing guys stacking stuff here. now they put them here. don't know why. say hi, how are you. they are legal observers here. they are observing all the ballot things happening back there. as we look at the deadline tomorrow, thursday, 3:00 p.m., they're confident here that elections supervisor, brenda snipes says no doubt she will meet the deadline. take a listen. >> we won't miss that deadline. it is too critical. we won't miss it. all the emphasis, focus on me. i have a great staff who takes on any task and their job is to get it done. regardless whether i'm here or someone else is here, there is
5:09 am
excellent foundation to this office. reporter: assuming they make the deadline lawyers from both sides they believe it will lead to a manuel hand recount. meanwhile candidates, senator nelson with minority leader chuck schumer, taking shot as governor scott. governor scott in d.c. at orientation. will be very interesting if they run into each other. steve: griff jenkins in broward county. in palm beach county, the government set aside $11 million to replace the machines over 10 years old. made by a company called sequoia which is out of business. but they decided not to buy the new machines this year, apparently by 2020 they have to have a different kind of machine. they didn't want to waste the 11 million but now here we are. ainsley: can they buy a machine that won't be outdated in two years? steve: the problem they can only recount one race at a time.
5:10 am
they're doing ag commissioner, governor, and senate. ainsley: they dot senate first, then work on the other positions. senate is so neck-and-neck. brian: do what i do when there is problem with the machine bang the side. steve: they have a technician banging the side right now. brian: that is his head against the wall. ainsley: brian in the break room with the vending machine, the pretzels get stuck he has to bang it. brian: i'm angry. ainsley: put i.c.e. on -- ice on it. >> that is what his d.j. friend did with the equipment. brian: probably doesn't apply to the story. >> keep up on news, starting with fox news alert. fast moving brush fire erupts overnight threatening homes in san bernardino, california. the national guard called in to search for hundreds missing in the wildfires. at least 50 people have died statewide. 48 deaths coming from the camp fire in the north. firefighters are gradually gaining control of several wildfires burning right now.
5:11 am
the woolsey fire outside of l.a. is expected to be fully contained by sunday. we'll have a live report from california in a few minutes. drug kingpin "el chapo"'s trial is starting in an hour. he shipped so much cocaine every american could have his own line. he killed rivals and family members. his lawyers say he is a scapegoat and the real leader is in mexico. opening arguments were delayed after two jurors were excused for medical and financial reasons. deputy national security advisor could soon leave the white house. first lady melania trump wants her fire. her office put a out a statement. it is the position of the office of first lady she does not deserve the honor. she apparently clashed with the first lady and her staff over travel issues. majority leader kevin mccarthy is the favorite to stay on as minority leader
5:12 am
despite a challenge from jim jordan. earlier the ohio congressman told us he wants to help president trump deliver on his promises. >> i think they have seen the same intensity from house republicans. did we replace obamacare? did we reform welfare? did we build the border and security wall? key things we told them we were going to do that we haven't done >> to major changes are expected in senate leadership. steve: we'll know tomorrow morning. brian: coming up straight ahead you heard about the recount battle happening in florida. there is another republican caught in the chaos you may have not heard about. he joins us next. steve: they may look like legos but these building blocks are a little different. the toy company making the holidays great again. wait until you hear about this. ♪
5:13 am
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5:16 am
♪ ainsley: there's a third republican caught in the chaos of the florida recount the state representative matt caldwell is locked in a tight race for state
5:17 am
agriculture commissioner. he has filed a lawsuit of his own against broward county. steve: caldwell says nearly 80,000 votes magically appeared after the polls closed. he is in fort myers to tell us the story. you were way ahead when you went to bed. you got up the next day, 80,000 votes appeared and your opponent is in the lead? >> yeah. it is totally outrageous. we're trying to get to the bottom of it. we were up 40,000 votes on tuesday night. based on what was reported there was only 30,000 votes that could possibly still come in from broward. we declared victory, go to bed. over the next four days they found 80,000 ballots. we asked where did they come from, vote by mail, no answers on wednesday, thursday, friday. we finally had to file a lawsuit against them. in fact miss snipes refused to be served with the lawsuit twice. took us a third time on saturday
5:18 am
to serve it. got us in court here yesterday and day before. we're trying to get public records out of her so we can just demonstrate a chain of custody. where did the votes come from? as of tuesday night, there is no possible way she could have had 80,000 votes hanging out there. i think before we move forward we've got to get a straight answer on where exactly all these votes came from. ainsley: by law, isn't she supposed to tell you where the votes came? >> exactly. if you go to any other supervisor in the state, 65 other offices can tell you which kind of vote it was, when it was cast, where it was cast, what time it was reported. you're required to finish early votes on 7:30 tuesday night. there are no more cast after sunday. closed. she had the line open on saturday. how is that possible. you ask where are the vote by mail coming from? voting votes that came in before 7:00 on tuesday. or is still collecting mail which is illegal on wednesday,
5:19 am
thursday, friday. my point to make sure anybody who voted legally before 7:00, let's count those votes. whoever is the winner, the winner. i'm not looking to win through a legal loophole. i just want the truth. i think we deserve it. steve: you're looking for transparency, but at the same time you think there is something funny going on? >> certainly could be. you could look at the history of the this office. she has been found guilty earlier in this primary of messing things up. two years ago in 16 illegally destroying ballots. we have an affidavit from an employee in 16, she caught other employees filling out blank ballots. we'll end up presenting that in court. ainsley: your opponent is nicky freid. what is happening now? is she gone to tallahassee or is this tied up in court and she hasn't been declared a winner? >> the election doesn't get certified. the timeline next tuesday, that
5:20 am
will occur following recounts. we'll have a manuel recount once the machine recount is done coming this friday. but again, all of those steps, really for me are impossible to contemplate. i haven't gotten a satisfactory answer about origin of 80,000 ballots last week in broward county that would directly affect the outcome of race. that is the answer we have to get before we move forward on any of these other questions. steve: he is a republican, running for ag commissioner in the great state of florida. thank you for joining us. ainsley: if you run again, you might need to move to a different county. >> thanks, guys. ainsley: thanks, matt. steve: remember this illegal immigrant charged with a brutal triple murder. wait until you hear what we just found out about him. ainsley: you've seen video, senator rand paul was harassed by the left at the airport. his wife kelly was also targeted. [shouting] >> if you don't want run after you, we want a conversation with
5:21 am
you. i am a family man.
5:22 am
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5:24 am
♪ brian: some quick headlines now. a federal judge is expected to decide today whether or not to count all absentee ballots cast in the georgia governor's race, despite many voters failing to include the correct birthdate a different judge requiring just one county to do so. district court judge in washington, d.c. could force hillary clinton into finally giving some real answers about her emails. a "judicial watch" group wants the failed 2016 presidential candidate to testify under oath. she submitted written answers two years ago but claims she did not recall the answer to several questions. now this. steve: you may remember when senator cory booker said this:
5:25 am
>> go to the hill today. get up and please, get up in the face of some congresspeople. ainsley: well some protesters took him literally, going after prominent republicans including senator rand paul, who was harassed at an airport. he blamed cory booker encouraging harrassment. brian: how do you look at it as a gray area? it's a clear area. kelly paul joins us right now with a message for lawmakers on both sides of the aisle coming together for criminal justice reform. kelly, did you see this on video? were you there? >> i'm sorry, are you talking about -- brian: that video we just saw of the harrassment at an airport as rand, your husband was walking through? >> rand was by himself at that time. but i think what really motivated me to write my letter, my op-ed was that our home address was do x'd. and rand's personal cell phone number. it felt extremely threatening to
5:26 am
me. steve: surely. meantime you are, squarely behind, as your husband is, this bipartisan effort in the u.s. senate to reform criminal justice statutes in this country, including something called the first step act. you know, it sounds like the president will come out later today, kelly and endorse it. i know his son-in-law jared, has been working on it for a while. what is it exactly? a lot of people haven't heard about it because there is so much going on with the elections and everything else? >> the first step act is a bipartisan bill, it has support on both sides of the aisle, to enact prison reforms and sentencing reforms to correct some of the terrible effect the of the 1994 clinton crime bill, which has resulted in a 500% increase in the number of people behind bars in this country, which is just absolutely not sustainable. and most of that increase i pro. these are not violent people. these are people that have
5:27 am
addiction issues, substance abuse issues. we have the opioid crisis in my home state and across the nation. and the first step act looks to do some things like giving more opportunities for recovery programs to those in prison. more opportunities for job tripping, counseling, time for good behavior, especially, again for a low level offenders. and also giving judges more discretion. we have the mandatory minimums in that crime bill. and really giving people these horrific sentences, sometimes, 10 and 15 years, based on federal mandatory minimums and not letting judges use their discretion as to the situation or whether this person is truly a threat or not. so, this has support on both sides of the aisle. i'm really excited to be up here advocating for it. as you said, president trump has been a leader on this.
5:28 am
ivanka and jared kushner as well. i think it is just incredible we may finally take a leap forward on criminal justice reform under this administration. ainsley: anytime, especially nowadays in this divisive political season when you hearby partisan everyone jumps for joy. finally we can unify and agree on something. i'm impressed you as the wife of a lawmaker wanted to get involved. what made you step up to the plate? >> i've been interested in this issue is a long time. some of it is my family legacy. my father-in-law, ron paul, talked about overcriminalization of drugs in 80s and 90s as it would lead to unintended consequences. we've seen whole communities with mothers and fathers being incarcerate, being far away from their families. one of the prison reforms you try to, wherever possible, if someone is incarcerated, that they are close to their family, so they have that support. we have to remember that eventually most people will
5:29 am
return to society and it benefits all of us in our country to give them opportunities for support, from their families and paths forward and redemption, finally. brian: the word attorney general jeff sessions was pushing back on it. he is now gone. maybe the new attorney general will be for it. people like van jones together with rand paul and kelly paul it's a big deal. thanks so much. >> thank you so much for having me. brian: got it. coming up straight ahead, fox news alert. fire erupting overnight in california. we're live at the fire zone. that's next. ainsley: senator joe manchin won re-election in a tight race. does he think republicans and democrats can work together on capitol hill? we'll ask him live. ♪
5:30 am
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brian: we're back with a fox news alert. brand new video showing intense santa ana winds fueling a brand new brush fire in california. ainsley: how does the cameraman even get that close? that is terrifying. fast moving flames threatening houses in san bernardino county. steve: jonathan hunt is live in malibu as the coast guard joins the search for hundreds of missing people. jonathan, you were in the neighborhood that you used to live in has been absolutely decimated. reporter: yes, still there today, steve, ainsley, brian, good morning. this is the actual seat i used to live on. it is awful to see so many homes destroyed. the good news in southern california and indeed northern california with the camp fire, firefighters largely have the upper hand and are being helped by more favorable weather conditions. up north at the camp fire it is turning into a grim search for bodies. the national guard being called to help in as 48 are reported
5:34 am
killed. up to 200 still unaccounted nor. those who survived the reason so many didn't is they had so little time. listen here. >> it happened so quickly. you know, we had trained for this for years and years and years. we knew paradise would burn. is it going to burn? just a matter of time. when will it burn and how bad will it burn? this is beyond any comprehension. reporter: we're seeing some fascinating before-and-after pictures via satellite from geospatial-intelligence, a company that helps insurance companies process claims. they showed the damage that the fires did in the thousand oaks area, just outside of l.a. outside of l.a., about 55 miles east of downtown overnight, we have the new fire, the sierra fire spring up. it is not threatening too many homes. we seem to be getting a handle
5:35 am
on it but shows the danger is not completely over. steve: jonathan hunt on the street he used to live on in malibu. brian: malibu, inland empire, a huge gap in between where a lot of people are concentrated. it will be tough to control. i don't know, is there enough firefighters in the country to contain this? steve: they need better weather and wind to stop. they need some rain. ainsley: firefighters from all over the country have gone there to help. steve: 25 minutes to the top of the hour, jillian joins us with more news. jillian: the center for immigration studies says perez was given daca status in 2014 and he was accused killing three people after he was arrested for different crimes last year in new jersey. a jail holding him denied an i.c.e. detainer request and released him in february. jars full of explosive powder allegedly found underneath a man's bed. police arresting josh coburn after his florida home after
5:36 am
receiving anonymous tip. the chemical known, as the mother of satan, has been used in terror attacks around the world. coburn argues he uses it to make fireworks. he is behind bars accused of bomb-making charge. the officers blew up the powder. voters say no, 56% voted against submitting a bid for the canadian city. explaining hosting the games would be a financial burden. calgary's mayor is disappointed but accepts the people's choice. stockholm and milan are the only cities to officially submit bids for the games. a conservative company, keep and bear, encouraging new line of toys encouraging kids to build a wall with maga building blocks t comes with a president trump figure your reason and a make america great again hard-hat. that is interesting. brian: if you like toys. ainsley: for the kids or for the trump voter?
5:37 am
jillian: both i guess. steve: a little of both. let's go out to the streets of new york city. janice dean is joining us. janice, it is starting to feel like winter. janice: it is. are you guys excited for snow tomorrow? >> yeah. janice: where are you from? >> from aruba. janice: will you take me with you? we'll ask my husband. look at the map real quick. we have snow coming. we had snow in houston, texas, yesterday, the earliest snowfall for them, snow earlier than new york city and houston and parts of the south. you can see where it is cold. we're talking about single digits, teens and 20s across the south here. look at that snow in parts of northeast texas, in arkansas, louisiana. we had reports of snow in mississippi. it is on its way to tennessee and kentucky. this is also going to mean a potential winter storm for parts
5:38 am
of the mid-atlantic and northeast. we see snow, ice, mixture of two, with rain along the coast. some areas could get four to six inches of snow. are you excited to be on tv with me? >> that is awesome. janice: give me your best wave. fantastic. ainsley: they're ready for the snow. the guys behind you are bundled. brian: they're ready for the snow are you ready for "fox nation"? after thanksgiving on the 27th, "fox nation" is starting. a lot of people asked to contribute to "fox nation." everybody has difficult categories. my category is shooting, you guys know this, i've been telling you this, for the last year is what made america great? i'm able to go to these different spots around the country. i will have a different thing next year, talking more about people. this year it is more about places. along with the places comes special things you did not know about these places. here is a quick look what you can be expecting if you're smart enough to get the app starting on the 27th.
5:39 am
♪ brian: i'm brian kilmeade, welcome to what made america great. >> in texas it's a shrine. it stands for raw courage and valor and honor. >> people are pretty much in awe this actually exist. >> this is filled with civil war prisoners. we're trying to get out of it. brian: we're if front of the oldest building in new york city. >> air ran burr, alexandria hamilton story is the ultimate rivalry. brian: i will bring to you a place you've not seen before. none other than mount rushmore. i can't believe we got to the top. am i looking at? >> the hall of rutgers. ♪ brian: so it's a streaming network. $5 a month. i loved doing this.
5:40 am
this crazy thing. s. the producers have done an incredible job. they say this is one of these things it goes as long as you need to tell the story. normally we're told in the business, 90 seconds, two minutes, 10 seconds, interviews, four minutes. as long as it takes to tell the story. steve: that is the beauty of "fox nation." this is coming real soon. go to fox to sign up and find out what it is all about. we want to tell the whole story, rather than short-circuit things. one of my assignments, people don't normally associate with cooking it is really their cooking but we're learning their stories -- ainsley: they have asked each of us, what is important to you? you came out with a cookbook. you're "cooking with friends." you love history. talking about what makes america great and telling wonderful history stories. the music, the shooting, the shots, it is all beautiful. brian: where are you going? ainsley: i have shot something with make-a-wish foundation. this weekend i'm going down to
5:41 am
tampa to highlight a family that got a house through building "homes for heroes" i followed it every year. i love the organization. we're doing a moms segment on friday of a work. brian: you're going to washington but can't give it away. ainsley: going to washington on monday after work, to do something really special at the white house. steve: oh. that narrows it down. ainsley: all i can tell you. steve: go to to sign up and become a founder. brian: great producers. 19 minutes before the top of the hour. steve: senator joe manchin won re-election in a tight race last tuesday. does he think republicans and democrats can work together on capitol hill? we'll ask him next. ainsley: some companies may microchip their workers in order to boost security. what do you think about that? is that going too far? we're sending dooc on the loose to microchip brian. >> we can't wait for steve doocy. come on, steve.
5:42 am
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5:45 am
♪ jillian: good morning, welcome back. time for quick headlines. concealed carry permits skyrocketing 1400% in washington, d.c. it comes after a legal ruling made it easier to get one. "the daily caller" reports that nearly 1900 permits were issued this year. employees at one company will need permits if they want to bring christmas gifts to d.c. the company sells glassware embedded with bullets, giving 16 employees guns for holidays. the owner says it is a way to promote safety and team building. they require employees to take a gun safety course. steve? brian: i take it, jillian. 15 minutes before the top. hour. the new session of congress has not even started. democrats promising to make life miserable for the president and for republicans.
5:46 am
for example,. >> the investigations are sexy. they're interesting. >> i take subpoenas very seriously. >> investigation,. >> investigation,. >> investigation. >> investigation. >> we're not doing any investigation for political purpose but to seek the truth. ainsley: so as we head into a new start, will democrats and republicans be able to work together? here to weigh in democratic west virginia senator joe manchin. good morning to you, senator, congratulations on your win. >> thank you very much. ainsley: we heard as democrats took back the house it would be investigation, investigation, investigation. a lot of americans don't want that. how can you, what are your plans? do you think you can work together? will we see more of these investigations? >> you know i can work together because the bottom line my election was brutal. all elections are brutal today. but people are saying very succinctly and clearly we want health care fixed. we can do that. i have asked the president. he could be mr. repair care. call it trump repair care. he can fix this where it
5:47 am
basically reduces rates, protects people with preexisting condition on and on and on. we have a fix for that. i will talk with lamar lamar alexander again. and patty murray. in 2013 we had a bipartisan immigration bill led with border security first. so the president can get the absolute commitment from border security from all of us, that was in the 2013 bill. that might be something i would like to think they could look at. so democrats ought to come in with the ability to say okay, let's get off the dime. let's make things happen. let's work together. if they come in just swinging against everything, this is exactly what the people have said they don't want anymore. they can't stand anymore of this. we're here to get things done and protect the people in america, fix the things that are wrong. basically keep our country strong and safe. brian: senator you're right, you're right the republicans kept saying obamacare we'll get rid of it and replace it and
5:48 am
they couldn't do it. the house gave you a version. the senate couldn't get it done. so trump repair care, we'll see if he is open to that. do you think senator schumer would be open to that? have you bounced it off him? >> i have. they know where i stand. i will speak loud and clear. there is no sense at all. i'm basically back with a mandate to get things done. people at west virginia want health care, they want it fixed. they won't blame anybody. the president, he did everything he could with obamacare. that is not okay. it's gone. what we can do fix what we have in front of us. we know what doesn't work. we know the reinsurance plan in alaska works well. indiana has a good plan. we have things that we're able to do that really works. let's do it. he is the one that can make that happen. he can fix the immigration problem. he can make that happen looking what we did in the senate in 2013. tweaking that somewhere he would be happy with it.
5:49 am
totally committed to border security. $42 billion i think or more, we voted and nothing can happen until the border is totally secured. ainsley: speaking of the border what will happen with the wall? what can you predict? >> well the wall, i said this all along, if you talk to the experts there will be seven to 900 miles of wall has to be built to secure our border, in areas there is no other way to secure. other than that we'll use technology. at our ports of entry we'll use better sensors being able to surveil, survey all the stuff coming in on our mail coming in, with a lot of fentanyl and illegal drugs we can do a better job with the postal service and all the different carriers. these are part of it. that was part of our 2013 bill which now maybe we can sit down, work with the president and his staff, at something in a bipartisan way. brian: we'll see. the house will get you something in this lame-duck session. i'm very curious to see if it will go anywhere with the senate, senator. you have an opportunity to really show leadership here on your side. see if you have somebody to work
5:50 am
with us on the republican side. >> brian, i always look for that. i have all of these, these are all my friends. i don't look at one person or republican or democrat not my friend or colleague. i will work with it. i haven't campaigned against any of them, never will, never have, won't do it. work a collegiate type of working atmosphere. we need a good working atmosphere. we can do this you have to put the country first. not about the party, it is the country. brian: i hear you. >> thanks, brian. brian: congratulations on the victory. straight ahead some companies are thinking about putting a microchip in their workers in order to boost security. would you do that or is that going too far? i am still on the shelf. ainsley: does on the loose. he will ask you. here is top. hour, bill, i didn't know if i was talking to you and sandra, sorry. >> breaking overnight, serious concerns in southern israel. coming up in a moment on that. heartbreaking day on front lines of california.
5:51 am
rick scott will be in washington as mitch mcconnell makes the case for congress to work together. how will that go? as they sort through the mess in florida, catherine harris is the headliner. join sandra and me in ten minutes at to. hour. see you relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? new robitussin honey. because it's never just a cough. - [narrator] meet shark's newest robot vacuum. it powerfully cleans from floors to carpets, even pet hair, with ease, and now for cleaning surfaces above the floor, it comes with a built in shark handheld. one dock, two sharks. the shark ion robot cleaning system. we are the tv doctors of america, and we may not know much about medicine,
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♪ ainsley: concern is growing that some companies are thinking about implanting microchips into their employees to boost security. go right there, brian. brian: is that fine or over the line? steve is asking the fine people of new york city. steve: steve going to work right now? >> yeah. steve: have a question for you to get in where you work do you show a badge or flash a card? >> don't know. my first day. steve: what would you do go to the new job, you will have to implant a chip in your hand and
5:55 am
you just wave it on the way in, you will get in. >> no way. steve: why not? >> i wouldn't do it. steve: all right. >> too much big brother. steve: big brother. what kind of work are you in? >> awed grow -- audio visual. steve: good luck. you heard about the chip thing, right? let me see the hands. who thinks this is a really good idea because it will make things so fast, pay, get in? hands? hands? why is it a bad idea? >> i just really don't want to put something in my body like that that, you don't know what could happen in the future with it. steve: you know what? i know where you're coming from but with our golden retriever we put one of those things in the neck, so if the dog ever got lost they would track them dog. it worked for that purpose, why not? >> well the u.s. government put
5:56 am
tracking devices in the guns in "fast & furious," and they didn't work. steve: that is an angle i hadn't thought about. we'll talk to this guy. excuse me, can i ask you a quick question? >> sure. steve: what would you do if where you worked to make it faster to get in the building we'll put a chip in your hand, when you walk in, you wave the hand and the doors open and they don't ask you any questions? >> i would say no. no. i wouldn't want that. that would be a little bit too advanced to my liking. steve: okay. you're probably right. so, ainsley and brian, sounds like it is unanimous, nobody thinks that is a good idea. ♪ now i'm doing more to lower my a1c. once daily tresiba® controls blood sugar for 24 hours for powerful a1c reduction.
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makes it fast & easy to get to your golf destination. with just a few clicks or a phone call we'll pick up and deliver your clubs on-time, guaranteed, for as low as $39.99. saves you time and money. make it simple. make it ship sticks. >> andrew jackson, miracle of new orleans.
6:00 am
i'll be in vero beach at noon and orlando at two stops on thanksgiving week. >> buy it for christmas. paper back is less expensive. >> bill: good morning. breaking news out of california. we're learning 50 people are dead as a result of the wildfires that rage across that state. many more missing. others returning to where their homes once stood to find nothing left. meanwhile another fire erupting overnight near san bernardino. we're live on the fire lines with the latest today. first james mattis goes to the u.s./mexico border at this hour as the immigration crisis unfolds there and get a firsthand look. what will he do and say? we wait to hear that. i'm bill hemmer on wednesday. >> sandra: good morning, i'm sandra smith. secretary mattis expected to arrive in mcallen, texas two hours from now as


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