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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  November 14, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PST

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about on the brakes, you are also not on social media. you don't even have a phone at all, who are you? who are you, steven hilton? it's a good movie. we are back here at noon eastern tomorrow, here's harris. >> harris: an important day always in washington, d.c., with a new development on capitol hill as lawmakers are jockeying for leadership. it's very interesting. let's go "outnumbered overtime" come alive from d.c. i'm harris faulkner. house republicans are expected to vote at any moment. a low vote count for jordan could be seen as a rebuke of the conservative freedom caucus. we are watching that, all this as nine democrats are reportedly withholding their support for nancy pelosi's bid to become the
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next speaker. unless she commits to the house rule changes designed to empower rank and file lawmakers and break up partisan gridlock. take a look at the nation's capital. earlier today republican senators settled on their leaders. mike emanuel with those developments, bring us up to speed, mike. >> good afternoon, welcome to washington. house majority leader kevin mccarthy is seen as of the favorite in the house republican leadership race with jim jordan following for a change in house geo g.o.p. leadership. >> i think we need to step back and ask, why did we lose, what are we up against and how do we get it back? the most important of those questions, why did we lose in the first place? the american people elected president trump to come to this town and shake it up and he's done just that but i don't think they've seen the same intensity from house republicans. >> on the other side
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nancy pelosi is trying to round up enough votes to be speaker again. she is touting support from labor unions and some other senior democrats. >> i support nancy pelosi a million present. we need somebody who has been battle-tested, and she has been. i think that she -- when you think about the tremendous victories on her part, of the democratic party, the law of us ran with the number one issue being health care. >> on the senate side leadership will look very much the same with mitch mcconnell continuing as majority leader and chuck schumer leading senate democrats. >> we need to clean up washington in a real way. rather than paying lip service to the idea of draining the swamp, which is all republicans have done, they paid lip service and made it worse, led by president trump making it worse.
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we are going to fight hard to clean this swamp. >> one key change on the republican side was senator john cornyn's term limited. senator john thune steps up as the republican whip. >> i look forward to addressing the important issues american people want to see us take on. as the leader mentioned, we have had divided government in the past and obviously republicans can work very well, we've demonstrated that i think in the last couple of years. >> leadership elections with the new congress set to take effect in january as the lame duck 115 congress is here in its final weeks of being in session. harris? >> harris: great to see you, mike emanuel. one lawmaker who has a front row seat to the leadership fights, we should note that though the congressman may be leaving the house, he is not done with public service.
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president trump nominated him to be directed of the united states trade and development agency. let's begin with congratulations, always great to see you, especially in person. >> it's great to have you here, the backdrop of israel. >> harris: yes, yes. let's talk about where the house is in terms of its personality. you've got some battles going on on both sides of the political aisle. particularly, let's start with the one with nancy pelosi. >> nancy's is an important one because during nancy pelosi's last speakership she further consolidated power, including the money. a lot of democrats remember it and they're not happy about the way she ran it. but there's been an ongoing problem on both sides that leadership, all the way back, has continuously reduced to the value of being a chairman, reduced to the value of being a rank-and-file member and concentrated on the decisions of the highest levels so the
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democrats, some of whom are outspoken and some are not, would like to see a return of some power, first to the chairman and down from the chairman to members. >> harris: what causes that? you have people who obviously have been on the hill for a long time, nancy pelosi isn't the only one, her friend carolyn maloney of new york, they are buddies. she doesn't think anyone will go against nancy pelosi and be successful but you have had a challenge and you're looking at people -- who out there could really stage any sort of pressure on her and don't you need that for change? >> you probably should have it but this is more as i view it as a republican but also my democratic friends, it's gotten so bad, all the money is raised by a very few people. nancy pelosi will tell you how much money she raised but she won't tell you how the power structure makes it to where she
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and republican speakers control whether a piece of legislation happens or not. >> harris: how did it happen? was at the money? >> absolutely, money has caused them to have power, power has caused them to make the money. it doesn't matter which speaker it is but we will talk about nancy pelosi. if you are a chairman and you want to hold a hearing, if you want to move a piece of legislation, you basically go to a 26-year-old staffer working for nancy pelosi starting in january and they'd like to reverse that trend. as an outgoing member who has been a committee chairman, i will tell you it is a healthy trend to push power down to the individuals at the committee level. >> harris: all right, we are going to move on to the republicans but i want to rest for a second on alexandria locascio cortez. is she nancy pelosi's biggest night nightmare right now? >> the current system will tamer
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down to where she'll get in line and be part of the current success or shall an outlier. nancy pelosi's lead is large enough that she can basically do what she needs to do with one or two members, particularly our freshmen. >> harris: does it help your street cred to be an outlier? it did for the president. let's talk about the republicans, jim jordan and kevin mccarthy. is that for the optics or is it a real race? it seems like kevin mccarthy has got it. >> it's a foregone conclusion that he has it. kevin mccarthy didn't have the votes. when you look at getting more than half of this minority he clearly has the votes but jim jordan is not about boats. he was a wrestler, champion wrestler and i don't think he ever looks and says "i might lose this, he says i'm going to wrestle until i'm pinned. in this case he wants to make the point that the way things have been run is the reason we are in the minority.
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>> harris: is he right about that? >> to a certain extent he is. during the last couple of years, oversight was not going on in a time which republican leadership could have convinced the american people that they didn't need to go to the other side for oversight. >> harris: are they missing guys like jason chaffetz? >> jason was actually part of the problem, i know he's paid by fox. he didn't do any oversight to speak of during his tenure, he shut down real oversight. trey has been -- she's been a short-term keeper. one of the challenges is that when the leadership never wants to aggressive oversight because it gives them headaches, it gets calls and yet that's one of those things you need. you need every chairman, even if leadership doesn't want oversight, especially of your own party, you need it going on, it's healthy and this is one of the areas where jim wants to be a voice to stop the democrats.
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>> harris: it sounds like you support jim jordan. >> jim was a great member of my committee, we served on judiciary and oversight together. he needs to be part of the team pushing against the democrats when they're wrong and quite frankly, agreeing with them if there is legitimate oversight and i hope he does that, i hope he never loses that spirit. >> harris: i always appreciate your candor. i wonder what it's like for you on the hill sometimes when you run into your republican colleagues. i think about you. >> i'm never going to change, i came to congress to try to do what was right and i'm leaving congress feeling like i made mistakes but i never stopped trying to do what was rightcan s why i commend people like jim jordan even though it -- he knows he's not going to win. >> harris: great to see you, we are all praying for your home state of california. >> when you come back to renew your vows, hopefully --
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>> harris: you just told everybody. >> the whole world is going to want to know when that is but when you do it we are going to give you a beautiful orange county welcome. it's the one i love it. good to see you, thank you very much. meanwhile, senate republicans are meeting today to elect their leaders and reelecting mitch mcconnell as majority leader well senator joni ernst tops deb fischer for vice chair of the senate g.o.p. conference, becoming the very first woman elected to a senate g.o.p. leadership position since 2010 as mcconnell was reportedly eager to add a woman to the leadership team after recent criticism. majority leader mcconnell had this to say after today's boats. >> we are very excited about maintaining our majority and growing our majority, we are confident we will have 53 republican senators to set the agenda next year, to continue obviously with our top priority which is the confirmation of lifetime appointments to the judiciary, we will be looking for ways now that we have
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divided government again to make some progress for the country. >> harris: for more we are joined by hugo gordon, editorial director for the "washington examiner" and i actually get to sit next to him, it's great to see you. let's talk about where the republicans are with the senate. they obviously have the majority, they lost an opportunity perhaps in arizona. let's start there, does that matter so much? >> the small majority makes it a little less easy for mitch mcconnell to work but having a couple extra seats will help on nominations. it means he can say to senators like susan collins, when it comes to a judicial nomination, you vote your conscience, he's got the votes to go ahead with what he needs. >> harris: and perhaps help the president keep his promises as well. >> exactly. it obviously helps the more they have. >> harris: i know you were standing up to the side and could hear and the senate, does the competition do the same as it does in the house? they are so divided already, do
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you need for leadership to be jockeying for different positions as much? >> i think leadership contests are a good idea and it was a good thing that there was a competition to join the official leadership team, deb fischer is a great senator but joni ernst is a better communicator. right from the start she has been and that's been a big trouble for the republicans, not communicating their message. >> harris: what about the women element in all of this, my team made some notes with you and you said republican senators are vulnerable to criticism that women are not playing a greater role. >> sure, if there are no women in the republican leadership it plays nicely into the suggestion by democrats that republicans exclude women and of course -- republicans were handed a beating in the midterm elections because suburban women, college-educated women, et cetera voted against them. that should not be concealed by the fact that the republicans picked up seats in the senate.
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the map was hugely in the republicans favor, picking up only to go seats doesn't mean they were not all right >> harris: what are some of the issues were republicans and democrats in the senate can come together because the nation is witnessing such a choke hold on anything civil in terms of our dialogue with each other and were looking for a leadership to set a different tone. >> i don't want to paint gloomy picture. >> harris: it is a swamp, you can almost sell it from here. >> you certainly can and i don't think there will be an enormous amount of cooperation. it's been suggested a few times that there will be some cooperation on infrastructure. >> harris: health care? >> i don't see any cooperation there. the main thing the democrats have shown is that their principal aim is to make sure president trump is a one term president, they don't want to give many victories. >> harris: you think that still happens even though we've come through such a blistering
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election? >> now we are going through a blistering recount and i think a blistering two years are ahead of us. i don't wish to be gloomy but i don't see any optimism, frankly. >> harris: senator joni ernst of iowa will join me live tomorrow so we can get right into some of what hugo and i were just talking about, what will happen in the senate and her role as a woman and all the rest. joni ernst of iowa tomorrow will join me live. new developments in the mueller investigation. sources are telling fox news, president trump's legal team is finalizing answers to the special counsel's written questions. we will hear from the chairman of the house judiciary committee coming up. keep watching. and you just heard hugo talking about it, the florida recount is heating up again, can it get any hotter? it's on fire. the deadline is tomorrow, with both senate candidates on
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i am a techie dad.n. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. >> harris: florida remains the center for breaking news on this wednesday. florida senator bill nelson and his challenger governor rick scott are both on capitol hill today.
10:19 am
although the race is still undecided, with scott leading by about 12,000 votes, election officials are racing against a deadline tomorrow to recount all of those ballots. griff jenkins is live at the broward county board of elections and that has been a hotbed of activity with that election supervisor, what's the latest? >> it has been, harris. in fact, we are looking at the recount, about 55-60% more being done. more than 40 of florida's 67 counties have completed and finished their recounts but that's not the case in palm beach county where they've got their machines back up and running but they are running far behind broward county by all indications and will not meet tomorrow's 3:00 p.m. deadline. we have some news in the last few hours, governor rick scott recusing himself and announcing over twitter earlier, his
10:20 am
attorneys telling a judge at governor rick scott will recuse himself, like he did in 2014 from being on the election canvassing board. that a little bit of news here and as you mentioned, senator nelson and governor scott going at each other in washington but their lawsuits are playing out here in florida. there is at least nine lawsuits flying in south florida, some of them initiated by governor scott against the elections commissio commission, dr. brenda snipes, accusing her of among other things failing to account for the number of total outstanding ballots but there is also senator nelson's lawsuit playing out as he calls for an extension to all 67 counties but as we've reported, it looks like there's only one that's going to need it, that's palm beach county. we will find out what happens there. in the meantime, it was once thought the folks at broward county would meet that deadline but now it's expected to finish the recount in about -- by tomorrow morning,
10:21 am
midmorning. at that point the lawyers here believe it will head for a narrow margin, still going to head for a recount, they are preparing for that year. harris? >> harris: all right, griff jenkins, thank you very much. meanwhile, brad todd, senior advisor for governor rick scott. boy, your life has been interesting recently, i would imagine. first question out of the gate, how far along are they and what are you learning from the recount? >> 37 out of 67 counties in florida have completed their machine recount, the margin has changed, 33 net votes. not percent. >> harris: that will be breaking news off the chart. >> 33 votes. bill nelson is on pace to gain maybe 100 votes in this machine recount which will leave him at 12,449 votes short. >> harris: you hear about how this process is but the law said it could be done, should be done. is it worth the process of having voters look at this and
10:22 am
doubt the validity of their own vote? >> every vote that was cast legally will be put back through the machine, will be done with that tomorrow 3:00. >> harris: is there anything else coming? >> it will go to a manual recount after that. tomorrow, bill nelson will have a decision to make. he's been in politics since i was two years old. he's done a lot of things he's proud of and he did has to decide if he has to end his career with something he's not proud of, to drag the state longer through that process when the outcome is clear. >> harris: i know you're talking about a machine count now and i want to drill down on that 33 net votes, you know that? >> we've had observers in every county and they have completed it, that's the current tally. but the outstanding margin between bill nelson and governor scott is so stout, bill nelson's own lawyer has called margins smaller than this insurmountable. he said the person behind by less than bill nelson is behind
10:23 am
should grac graciously conceived. that is the question nelson is facing at 3:00. >> harris: nelson is paying his attorney, he has to say nice things about his client. i think it's interesting that democrats have supported brenda snipes so much when it widths their side of the political aisle in primary season that was damaged by some of the illegality she engaged in. >> she has repeatedly engaged in illegality and failed to follow florida election law. florida is one of those states where the supervisor is elected at the ballot. the question we wonder is why have someone so experienced in election law, is she so negligent and following the law? that's why we've been so vocal on this. >> harris: is there going to be an investigation? >> there is an investigation today, you'll read the story and politico politico, that the
10:24 am
florida democratic party altered the election document and encouraged voters to submit their votes late after the deadline. the florida democratic party altered those documents and encouraged voters to continue to submit ballots after that deadline. that leaks back to brenda snipes decision to continue adding to her totals that she announced after tuesday night. the democrats have encouraged people to continue to vote after tuesday, broward county is continuing to add to their totals after tuesday and now the democratic party and bill nelson have gone to court and said let's count every vote that came in after tuesday. those things go together. >> harris: i want to make it clear that the vote count between nelson and scott is not 33 votes, it's a whole lot of votes. you would have to be at this point may be with a third of
10:25 am
counties counted maybe picking up more than 33 net. in case people are just tuning in, people all across the country, all of our votes are protected. how long has governor scott known there were problems? >> i think they have known that brenda snipes is not an outstanding election administrator. she is elected by the people of broward county, and governor scott believes that the will of the voters should be honored. he did said monitors to try to supplement and make sure her reference were better this time. he believes in local control and in florida elections are controlled at the local level. >> harris: and now he's recused himself. brad todd, senior advisor to governor rick scott, great to have you.
10:26 am
hopefully in the morning we will get the actual vote count. thank you for coming in. california is fighting the deadliest wildfires in state history. we will have the latest on the ground as more than 5,000 firefighters are at work they're trying to save lives. the president's legal team is coming closer to delivering handwritten answers for special counsel robert mueller. or at least written -- they could be electronically, too. how does this affect the pace of the investigation amidst pressure to wrap it up? ♪ endless shrimp is on at red lobster.
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10:31 am
live in paradise, a town absolutely decimated by the flames. we've been watching it play out as people come back. claudia? >> harris, six more sets of remains found yesterday, all found in homes here in paradise. the sheriff's calling and 100 members of the national guard. additional resources to make absolutely sure the grim search for bodies is as thorough as possible. >> this is a very difficult process and there is certainly the unfortunate possibility that even after we've searched an area, once people get back in there, it's possible human remains to be found. >> the data include 48-year-old fernandez, but he is being remembered as a kind neighbor and loving father. and like so many who lived in
10:32 am
the area and are still listed missing, carl wiley was elderly, 77 years old and killed when the fire swept through. the shock of it all still setting and for more than 50,000 people who remain evacuated, with most shelters filled to capacity, many have turned parking lot in a nearby walmart added a tent city of sorts. the cause is under investigation, a lawsuit against the local utility has already been filed on behalf of of camp fire victims. the interior secretary will be here to meet with first responders and get an update on the firefight. the fire has now burned 135,000 acres and is 35% contained. harris? >> harris: god bless california, you see those big free food science, people can't
10:33 am
get to atms, utilities are down. all those things we don't consider until this happens. thank you very much. president trump's legal team now finalizing answers to written questions from special counsel robert mueller. sources are telling fox news the questions focus on collusion handed out obstruction of justice. catherine herridge is on the story for us right here in washington, d.c. great to be in your town. >> sources told fox news that written answers are being finalized and are being submitted as early as the end of this week. contacted by fox, the president's lawyer with no immediate content. allege coordination with russia during the 2016 campaign and not obstruction of justice as you mentioned over the presidents firing of fbi director james comey. the president's legal team considers those questions
10:34 am
infringe on the president's constitutional power to hire and fire. the justice department released a 20 page legal opinion backing trumps appointment of matt whitaker. a key issue goes to senate confirmation and the department of legal counsel provides legal guidance to -- all three branches of government have long recognized the president may designate an acting official to perform the duties of a vacant principal office, including a cabinet office, even when the acting official has not been confirmed. another key issue, whether the justice department's own succession statutes should have taken precedent with the acting ag job falling to rod rosenstein. the office of legal counsel found the president may use the vacancies reform act in place of any agency succession plan if he chooses to do so and that this authority has been recognized
10:35 am
previously and used by president bush and obama. this morning after the opinion was published, the president tr stays out of the rush of her. >> we believe our republican colleagues will join us, we will see later on the floor later today. a bipartisan unanimous consent request to prevent the acting attorney general whitaker from interfering. >> on the question of recusal from the russia pro, whitaker is in the middle of an ethics review by the justice department, republicans and the administration say his past critical statements as a private citizen are not disqualifying, harris. >> harris: thank you, appreciate it. bringing in virginia congressman bob goodlatte, chairman of the house judiciary committee. great to see you today. we will get to the personal
10:36 am
stuff later because this is your last term and i do have some questions for you about that. let's talk if we can about written answers from the president of the united states. does this push this investigation forward? >> i think it does, i would not want to give the president, not being on the inside of that advice, whether to do an interview, i think this probe is something that needs to come to a conclusion and if they have found matters that should be brought to a federal grand jury or report to be brought to the congress, they should do it. our investigation has been very careful to stay away from mueller's investigation but if you take it all the way back to before it started, it's been going on for two and a half years now and it's a burden on our administration for this to continue. >> harris: when you look at the legality, the difference between talking with the president about possible collusion with russia and his
10:37 am
campaign versus obstruction of justice, what do you make of the report that now it looks like they'll just focus on the first thing in those written questions? >> i want to caution that it's just a report on the special counsel has been very successful at keeping what he's been doing very close, however, if the questions are just related to that, given the fact that none of the indictments, none of what's taken place thus far has shown any evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russia, i would say that's a good indication for the president. >> harris: with the recent departure of jeff sessions, we are kind of watching what's going to happen next with rod rosenstein, how are you looking at the situation? >> first of all i am a big admirer of jeff sessions. >> harris: he's very popular on the hill. >> absolutely, he's a great senator and did a lot of good things as attorney general. i think it was an untenable situation that he had to recuse
10:38 am
himself from an issue that's at the heart of the operation of the justice department because this isn't just as the democrats would like it to be, an investigation into so-called trump/russia collusion, it's also an investigation into the justice department and the federal bureau of investigation, by congress, both the house and the senate, senator graham has indicated an interest in carrying on what trey gowdy and i have been working on, by the inspector general of the department of justice who is looked at what happened with the clinton investigation, now looking at the fisa warrants. >> harris: that generated that look at the anti-trump dossier, maybe that was a part of that process. >> it's very difficult for an attorney general to be presiding over a department when that investigation is taking place and he's recused himself from i it. >> harris: meanwhile, senators jeff flake and chris, they've gotten together on a few things before, working across the aisle for legislation. they want to shield bob mueller
10:39 am
and mitch mcconnell says he doesn't see a need to do that, watch this. >> there's been no indication, no indication that the mueller investigation will not be allowed to finish, and it should be allowed to finish. we know why the president feels about the mueller investigation but he's never said he wants to shut it down, i've never heard anybody down there say they want to shut it down, i think it's in no danger so i don't think any legislation is necessary. >> harris: we know just now from catherine herridge, though department of justice has just released a legal memo supporting president trump's appointment of matt whitaker as acting attorney general. you have a couple things at play there, jeff sessions, matthew whitaker who came in, your thoughts on where we are in that process. really quickly, matt whitaker? >> i agree with mitch mcconnell, he's got it exactly right. he's got and no indication thae
10:40 am
will not be able to complete his investigation and we have steered clear of what he's doin doing. in my opinion it's important that we not have have yet anotr attorney general of the united states to recuse himself from a broad issue that relates to the public's trust in the department itself and in the fbi. the new director of the fbi, christopher wray, has made tremendous strides in changing personnel at the bureau and moving forward and taking the inspector general's recommendations to heart. we need an attorney general who will do the same thing and i expect that from mr. whitaker. it could take a month or two. >> harris: real quickly, you were exiting -- not so lame right now because there's a lot to get done before january. what are some of your plans moving forward? >> in the remaining weeks in office we have to complete this investigation, we have major people we need to interview
10:41 am
under oath with multiple questions, including former attorney general lynch, former deputy attorney general gates, and some other people as well. we are working with the current deputy attorney general to make sure we get is testimony on the record as well. we are going to work on immigration reform before we leave. terminal justice reform and mor more. >> harris: that's all the professional you've shared with me, you are going to take some time to figure out what's next. i wish you all the best as you do those things. >> best to you as well. >> harris: allies on capitol hill right now, house republicans are choosing their leaders in the new congress. what can we expect? the power panel will weigh in and we will hear from the nation's capital. it's great to be here. trying your best to save up to buy your own home someday. today is that day.
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>> harris: we know in the house of representatives that
10:46 am
they are voting right now on the house minority leader, and that would be the republicans. we knew they are meeting the leadership, california has kevin mccarthy is expected to beat out jim jordan who you see on the right side of your screen there. the power panel, let's bring them in for this breaking news. brad woodhouse, executive director and former communications director for the dnc. great to see you. >> how are you? >> harris: fantastic, i'm glad to be here. i brought my anti-swamp gear. let's talk about where they are if they are taking this vote. >> there's a suggestion that if jim jordan doesn't get any votes or it's a real washout that it is somehow a statement about the freedom caucus. i would argue that there's always been a fracture there, obviously, that's why there's a caucus, particularly for conservative tea party type individuals.
10:47 am
it wouldn't necessarily be surprising. but i think there's already a spin of suggesting that it's freedom caucus type individuals who are responsible for what happened on tuesday or the attitude that that kind of politics is responsible, that would be a mistake. i agree with jim jordan that if the republicans had behaved differently in the last two years, were more unified, were able to to do more on the walld kept their promise on repealing and replacing obamacare, may be republicans on the ground would have had a bit more security and voting. this is what president trump ran on and it's why he was elected. >> harris: why are you laughing? >> repealing and replacing obamacare is why they lost the house. the suburban voters turned out in droves, the exit polls said 2-1 2-1 health care -- >> harris: we don't like the exit polls at fox news, we have a fancier way and it actually works. >> health care is a big issue.
10:48 am
bigger and more important is who they are electing. kevin mccarthy after helped repeal the first time, said let's do it again, twisted the arm of every republican in the california delegations and a bunch of them lost their seats because of that boat, that's what they're putting back in charge. >> i would not disagree that the republicans have screwed this up because beyond not repealing and replacing obamacare, which they promised over several election cycles to do, they didn't really articulate and try to implement something else. >> harris: that's got to be so frustrating for president trump. he helped his party get to the point, bring them to the brink of let's talk about repeal and replace and then you didn't get that. >> this is why i would disagree with the reason, the overarching argument all those years was obamacare. and it's drag on the economy.
10:49 am
this has been a warning, that's why the leadership is important. the president would seem to be happy and they can get something done. >> harris: let's leave some time to talk about the border. james mattis is visiting our troops to back up border security efforts. amid growing questions over the administration's response. the power panel stays. we are talking caravan, too. for strength and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. ensure. now up to 30 grams of protein for strength and energy! not in this house.? 'cause that's no ordinary family. that's your family. which is why you didn't grab just any cheese. you picked up new kraft expertly paired cheddar and swiss for eggs. beat that! kraft. family greatly.
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>> hi, everyone, i'm julie banderas in for dana perino. back to work in d.c., g.o.p. leadership voting is going on right now. kevin mccarthy goes after the top spot. we will have a lab report from capitol hill. plus, defense secretary james mattis getting ready for a trip to visit our troops at the southern border as he warns of more deployment. and back to florida, the latest members of the senate and gubernatorial races as midterm mania continues. join us on "the daily briefing." >> harris: julie just mentioned it, let's get into the border, shall we? james mattis is visiting troops at the border in texas. central american migrants are headed for the u.s. border. dhs officials are telling fox news they are aware that a
10:54 am
few hundred of them in that caravan have arrived in tijuana at the california-mexico border. they splintered off. there have been some groups that have been doing that. the power panel stays, tammy bruce, brad woodhouse. they are arriving, hundreds of that at a time, now. >> i'm glad the defense secretary is visiting the troop troops. this was a political ploy. the president hasn't mentioned the caravans since the election. >> harris: he deployed the military and support. >> he deployed the military before the election as a political ploy, he tried to scare people to go vote. >> harris: can we get to the issue of what's happening? did you hear what i said? hundreds of people have now begun arriving, they've splintered off. there was an lgbt group that said it was being mistreated in the caravan, some of the same things they were escaping from their home country. they splintered off, got some
10:55 am
bus rides from different lgbt groups, they are startingow up - >> this is not new, right. >> harris: it is not new about the size of 12,000 is new. let's let tammy get in here, it's her job to argue with you. >> this not only is happening all the time but numbers are already set the border to get over and this is about launching people to come within a controlled framework. gays and lesbians who are fleeing an oppressive culture, they can file for asylum. we want to make sure this nation isn't turning into the same dynamic they are fleeing. this is why we want some control at the border and reasonable, functional framework. at the same time you are also looking at the crimes and kidnapping, the trafficking that's also been happening with the caravan and i think
10:56 am
ultimately for the people who engage in this, paying people money to get there, thousands of dollars to coyotes, putting children through this, is harmful to them and to all of us and this is the president's it d why he was elected, 75% of americans have said that border security has got to be -- >> harris: great to see you. kevin mccarthy wins minority leader in the house, steve's police will say on his house with but minority house whip. stay tuned.
10:57 am
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11:00 am
>> harris: tomorrow the first woman lected to senate gop leadership will be with me. thanks for watching. >> leadership roles are starting to take shape on capitol hill. mitch mcconnell and chuck shumer both keeping their top position. hello, everyone. this is "the daily briefing." skw >> julie: the most intense battles are playing out in the lower chamber. kevin mccarthy defeats jim jordan to become minority leader as nancy pelosi makes her bid for speaker of the house. mike emanuel is on capitol


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