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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 14, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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the show pretty successful more than we thought it would be. your loyalty has meant everything. it makes all the difference. we appreciate it. we will be back tomorrow. they show that is the sworn enemy of lying pomposity, smugness, groupthink. good night from washington. sean hannity live from new york city. >> sean: first, thank you so much for two years. you deserve all of it. we don't have this job without this great audience. >> geraldo: this is your secondr anniversary. when you get in your 23rd year, a little bit of this white stuff is going to start speaking in. >> tucker: tucker >> sean: welcome to hannity. so much breaking tonight for the first members of that migrant caravan, they have arrived in our southern border. some are actually seen scaling the fence between tijuana, san diego. we have the video. thousands more days away marching by foot through mexico.
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demanding p up, we'll bring youa full report to what's becoming potentially a serious situation and show you how the left is trying their best to play it down, ignore what could be a looming crisis. we also will cover another serious situation, that is these massive, deadly wildfires ravaging california as we speak tonight. by the way, our prayers with everybody out there impacted by this horrific fire. and we have more post absurd election drama out of florida and georgia tonight. we will reveal how democrats are trying to rewrite the rules, up and the will of the american people. once again, the armchair constitutional scholars on mainstream networks, left-wing networks? guess what? dead wrong again. the department of justice, they are standing behind president trump's appointment of matthew whitaker as the new acting attorney general. we also have an update tonight. i knew it was coming. mueller's which hunt.
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serious news, michael avenatti. the attorney for stormy daniels. has been arrested on serious charges. on minutes, i will take on two -- not one, two liberals on everything from the border wall, the trump agenda, caravan, will get to it. time for our breaking news opening monologue. i've been warning for weeks thousands upon thousands of undocumented migrants, they have been marching towards america. our southern border. the vast majority of these people, i've been saying, i believe are coming here in search of a better life. more opportunity. a land of opportunity. freedom. but here is the problem. these individuals, they have not been vetted. no background checks, no criminal history checks, no proof of employment, no family ties to the u.s., no comprehension, in some cases, of what the laws of america are. no case for asylum. many have no paperwork whatsoever.
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but they are demanding entry into the united states. tonight, the first migrants have now reached our southern border. a group of around 80 migrants that split off from the much larger group. they claimed widespread harassment, mistreatment at the hands of their fellow migrants, and able to fast-track their journey to the united states. according to the ap, another group of several hundred migrants will arrive the next few days. some have tried to scale the u.s. border fence. look at these videos. tijuana. others crawled through openings forced to crawl back because u.s. border control agents responded and they are about to enforce the law. that is not a good first impression. this is just a small part of how many people are actually coming. a clear warning of a looming crisis. according to reports from mexican officials who as many as 10,000 migrants are just days away. the department of homeland security is warning and they have put out statements that
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over 270 suspected criminals, gang members, drug traffickers have been blending in with what is mostly a male caravan. immigrants deported from the u.s., they are also detached from the groups. over 700 700 troops have been constructing other barriers to prevent illegal immigration, protecting our sovereignty, or rule of law. we are a constitutional republi republic. weeks ago, we witnessed the breaking down of that fence and southern mexico crashing the gate into that country. this is a serious situation and an important reminder of why strong borders the rule of law, the wall is so important. if the president's plan has been implemented, that had been completed with the big door in it, as he said, the situation
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would be mitigated. it would be controlled. as a matter of fact it would not even be a possibility of some kind of confrontation. america needs immigrants. but we have to vet anyone, everyone coming into this country, we have to do everything in our power, other bad people, even if they are mixing in with good people, from entering this country. this is the very reason why democrats few short years ago supported the enforcement of our border laws and our border. remember this? >> i voted numerous times when i was a senator to spend money to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in. i do think you have to control your borders. vehicle people who enter the united states without our permission are illegal aliens and should not be treated the
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same as people who enter the u.s. legally. the u.s. people will never accept immigration reform unless they truly believe the government is committed to ending future illegal immigration. >> those who disrespect the rule of law and because we live in an age where terrorists are challenging our borders, we cannot allow people to pour into the u.s. undetected, undocumented, and unchecked. >> sean: of course, now they are singing a much different tune. they sounded like donald trump. the party has moved so far radical left that virtually no democrats supports border enforcement. with the caravan marching north, the left is doing anything and everything to play this situation down. it could get serious. imagine, for a second, thousands of people -- not just 80, at the border, what happens then? take a look. >> when we are sending 15,000 troops to the border for a
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political stunt? that's a warning sign. >> there is no doubt that what the president has been considering great strategy to bring out his base? this stupid caravan conspiracy which hasn't been talked about since election day. >> essentially using them as props. >> it seems we've got the all clear. the emergency is over. the solution of the caravan invasion all along, it wasn't the troops, it wasn't the wall, it was getting past the midterm elections. >> i just remember when i would look up every night it was, "the caravan is coming! they are going to take your job! they are going to be doing all this." now you don't hear anything. people bought it. "oh, my gosh, we should be putting a barbed wire." >> some people didn't. >> sean: unlike cnn, msnbc, their cohorts in the democratic party, we will continue to track what is a very serious situation.
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also following some horrific news out of california. wildfires ripping through areas in both northern and southern california. the statewide death toll is up now towards 51. thousands of buildings, homes, other structures destroyed. billions of dollars in damages. and an entire town was even burned to the ground. the devastation was shocking. tonight many are looking for answers, making a serious case. could this fire have been prevented? according to "the wall street journal" editorial board tonight, federal, state, environmental protections have left the drought impacted forest invulnerable to these fires. that's nearly 130 million trees that are dead. that have died in the past seven years alone, the government has prevented them from being cleared. for example, "the endangered species act, the environment of policy have hampered tree
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clearing, controlled burns, timber sales on federal land." the article goes on. "california also restricts timber harvesting and requires myriad permits and environmental impact statements to prune overgrown forests." in california, to "burn leaves, tree limbs, land owners must obtain air quality permits." these permits are extremely restrictive, can be difficult to produce, controlled maintenance in california's forest, we get these forests -- when these fires are put out come of this has to be a top priority. we cannot put peoples' lives in these fires cause more far worse at environmental damage than a timber excavation. it shouldn't take another fire for laws to be adjusted and all the people in california now in these areas have their lives at risk. by the way, our prayers are with
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all of them. all impacted by this horrific crisis. look at that. it is out of control. we will continue to track their story. but first, we do turn to florida. the election catastrophe that is ongoing. tonight, the statewide recount continues with tomorrow's deadline looming. both republicans, ron desantis desantis, rick scott look poised for victory. there are so many questions surrounding the sketchy actions of broward county and its supervisor of elections brenda snipes. she somehow managed to magically find -- oh, i found it! 75,000 purportedly uncounted ballots days and days after election night. by the way, all in violation of state law and the state constitution. snipes continued to report these ballads in the week following the election. after days, she wouldn't tell anybody where these ballots were coming from. tonight, we still have no idea
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what happened and president trump, he's calling for her to be fired. but as the recount rolls on, snipes did have time to go on cnn and defend herself. take a look. >> you have been cited, ms. snipes, as a problem in this process, that you are not doing the job a transparency, not doing it that gives confidence in the overall process. how do you respond? >> well, you know, those are opinions that people who put forward -- they are all there for various reasons. but i like to call to your attention that this midterm election, in addition to running very smoothly, was one of the most highly participated midterm elections probably that we've had in 20 years or more. there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make an election possible, to make it efficient, and to make it something that voters want to participate in. obviously we are doing that. >> sean: given a poor track record as we have details every night on this program with deadlines, maybe she needs to be
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doing her job, counting the votes instead of going on interviews. tonight, florida is not the only state facing insane election drama. in the state of georgia, democrats are refusing to concede that governor's race. that's between stacy abrams and republican brian camp, despite no path to victory for abrams. by the way, they are not stopping there. far left ohio senator sherrod brown, he is ramping conspiracy theories, and accusing republicans of stealing the election. >> if stacy abrams doesn't win in georgia, they stole it. it's clear. i say that publicly. it's clear. they can't win elections because there's way more of us than there are them. they win elections by redistricting and voter suppression. in all the ways they try to scare people, particularly people of color, how to make it hard for people in, especially community college where there
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are more low income people and people of color. he went >> sean: beyond sad, predictable with some people staring racial coming staring racial tensions, redistricting would have zero impact or effect on the statewide race! but of course, this is nothing new from this crop of radical democrats. there seemed to be no moderates left in the party. they are literally cheering for robert mueller. please, find something, anything! we can't do it on our own. tonight, we have new developments from that witch hunt. fox news has learned that president trump and his legal team are on the verge of making a decision about whether to submit written answers to the special counsel for that development follows the latest on from senator jeff snell flake who exposed himself as not a conservative. he's still protecting mother to the floor. president said recently he has
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no plans to do anything with mueller and flake is threatening the president, all his republican colleagues saying he will oppose all the presidents judicial nominees until he gets his way and the senate votes on that legislations that some stomach protects mueller from being fired by the president which isn't happening for blocking conservative judges, breaking a promise to the people you made a promise to in arizona? senator flake should be ashamed. the armchair cause additional scholars on left-wing mainstream so-called media networks and the democratic party? they were all wrong. the acting attorney general, as we all told you on this program at whitaker, he did receive the full backing of the department f justice. the doj releasing a 20 page memo telling you exactly the things we told you, that whitaker is unquestionably authorized to lead the department. and they cited the same law, in 1998 law that
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the appointment clause of the u.s. constitution adding that there have been "countless similar presidential orders dating back over 200 years." finally tonight, we will end with one very important topic. it's called due process. the presumption of innocence. i have been saying all during the kavanaugh hearings, a foundational principle in a fair and just society, it has served this country so well, a pillar. our constitutional republic. by the way, if you remember during kavanaugh's confirmation hearings, we defended this principle from baseless attacks and irresponsible accusations by individuals, some on the left, some for political gain. of course, we have that fame seeking attorney michael avenatti who is one of those irresponsible actors. he brought forth claims from a client who accused kavanaugh of gang rape on an almostbasis ande
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girls, boys lining up in the hall, and one by one "waiting their turn to rape these young women." no evidence, the story eventually changed. avenatti demanded his client and all others who had made accusations that they should all be believed. you might remember this. >> if the president was smart, if he wasn't so arrogant, he would see the writing on the wall, and he would pull this nomination immediately. if you make accusation or allegation of whether or not you stay or go, michael emma what does it say for the future? >> that's a very good point, chris, but we are beyond that relating to the lie detector test and passed, which of course is not admissible in a court of law. we are not talking about a mere accusation or allegation. here is another important point. this isn't going to be adjudicated in one day or even two days. >> sean: we learned tonight that michael avenatti has been
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arrested. taken into custody by the l.a.p.d. he's been charged with a serious charge, that is felony domestic violence. he's proclaiming his innocence. and i will be consistent on the issues of due process and the resumption of innocence. but one can only wonder if now maybe michael avenatti would apply the same standard to himself that he had applied to justice kavanaugh. or maybe tonight that he would prefer the country give him due process. and the presumption of innocence. or will you lock yourself up and just throw away the key? i believe he deserves assumption of innocence, due process. let the legal system do their job. and hope and pray that the right justice and answer comes through. joining us now with an update on florida is the attorney general of that state pam bondi. thank you for coming back. let's go to the criminal investigation of what is going on there. i have been told by numerous
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sources that varying pieces of evidence have now been handed over to various law enforcement agencies in broward that know things about what happened in broward county and palm beach? can you confirm that? >> no, sean. it's a pending criminal investigation. they are open to hotline with us. folks can call in if they have information. right now it's a pending criminal investigation. i laid out in my letter why we do believe there is plenty of reasonable suspicion for criminal activity. and that investigation will continue. on the flip side, we are working tirelessly right now, constantly, on the civil suits that are being filed for and frankly not by bill nelson, but by everybody who's been using him as a pond. >> sean: before we know that, we do know laws were broken. we do know, for example, 30 minutes after the polls
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close, you are supposed to report every 45 minutes. other laws that we know have been broken, and it seems like certainly it's been mishandling. all of a sudden you find a box of ballots in a rental car in tampa from broward county. that seems pretty problematic to me. the laws that we thought were broken, what the judge said on friday was the florida constitution not being abided by, what happens in those cases. >> sean, everything is being reviewed and looked at as it comes in. citizens, if you have more to bring to us, bring it to us. please. call the florida department of law enforcement. that's why we are not waiting until this is over. we've started a criminal investigation now. i cannot discuss any more about it because it is ongoing. and that's much different than the civil lawsuits that have been foiled. it's very serious. we are taking it very seriously.
6:20 pm
law enforcement is taking it very seriously. it's the integrity of our election. >> sean: putting aside the recount in 2000, 2004, we had problems. 2012, 2014, 2016, '17, and august of last year we had a judge's ruling about misconduct in a particular election. my question is how is it even possible, with all of those violations leading up to this, that the very same people were in place? i think people of florida and the country need to know. this is not just a florida issue. this impacts the entire country. >> it sure does. it's the integrity of our democracy, our elections, the bedrock of which we are founded, our country. that's why we are taking it so very important. but ethically i cannot talk about a pending criminal investigation. you should be a prosecutor, though, because you've come up with some very good points that i think law enforcement, i'm certain, are taking into consideration.
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>> sean: pam body, things. we will update this obviously until we get a result. forest another delay because the machine got heated in the recount. the machines don't work. that's unbelievable. pam bondi, thank you. when we come back, senator lindsey graham says he will be ready to reopen a hillary clinton email investigation. we will talk about the recount with him. he will also be the next chair of the senate judiciary committee. we will explain that. later, it takes two on one. i'm going to debate two liberals. we'll talk about avenatti, the wildfires. all of that straight ahead. give isotoner gloves
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>> sean: the recount continues tonight in florida.
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first, according to new reports, senator lindsey graham may be the next chair of the judiciary committee as senator grassley weighs his departure, increasing the chances of a full investigation into the fbi, their handling of the clinton email probe. joining us now with more reaction, south carolina senator lindsey graham. good to see you. before we get to that, i want to ask you about your thoughts on the recount and all of a sudden 80,000 here, 15,000 here, they just keep showing up. >> if rick scott had not waited in the way he is and president trump had not spoken up, i think they would've stole this thing from us for 90 something thousand votes counted after the polls close. he stopped the bleeding. it cannot be overcome by a recount. i think rick scott is going to win this and mathematically nelson is eliminated. thank god president trump and rick scott took this seriously. >> sean: senator, we have a lot of judicial appointments. we have the threat by jeff flake
6:27 pm
about protecting your letter. i know you said that is fine, but the president said he has no intention of firing mueller. some agreement has been made by the reports i read between the president's lawyers and the special counsel, written answers. that means this is come to an end, at least in my mind. >> this is a manufactured problem. president trump is not going to fire is benign. we need conservative judges on the bench, as many as we can. i do not know what senator grassley will be doing. if i'm chairman, we are going to do judges, judges, and more judges. at the end of the day, i will be convinced that mr. mueller will do his job. i have not seen one scintilla of evidence of collusion, the obstruction of justice did not make sense to me. you can fire somebody who works as a political employment, the fbi director can be fired for almost any reason. the democrats wanted comey fired. i feel good about everything right now. >> sean: at many things, it
6:28 pm
was a key moment at the kavanaugh hearings when you spoke up. it was a powerful moment and an important one in terms of what was going on. one of the people that made the most outrageous claims was michael avenatti. he's facing serious charges tonight. but that story, we now know, it changed with the client he was representing. it changed pretty dramatically in terms of what she said. he made these accusations, and as i've been playing, i'm not saying this -- i believe in due process and the presumption of innocence. especially with serious charges. it has served this country so well. to not be consistent, make me a hypocrite, i am assistant. but i wonder if you have thoughts tonight. >> number one, ms. sweatnick's charges made no sense. why would you keep putting yourself at risk?
6:29 pm
the claim by ms. sweat nick that was authored by mr. menotti helped us because it was over the top. seems like a credible allegation, but he's entitled to the presumption of innocence. i will give him that do. i'm not out to give mr. avenatti by turning the legal system upside down. >> let's stay with that. you said you are ready, perhaps, to reopen the hillary email investigation. we know the democrats in the house, they've been doing hundreds of different investigations. why do you talk about clinton? do we have equal justice of the law, equal application under the law? that would be an exoneration before an investigation in the case of hillary clinton. that would mean if we are going to talk about russia and russian influence, that has to go to the
6:30 pm
dossier. bought and paid for, funneled money into a law firm into an op research group, a foreign national. the bunk lies the author wouldn't even stand by when pressed in an interrogatory in great britain. then, the leaking of such information to influence the 2016 elections, lies about donald trump paid for from russia. of course, being used to appoint a special counsel. it is all of that on the table for you? >> you know, i put to my democratic friends, if we look backwards, we are all going to look backwards. i want to know if the fbi reached with the department of justice that hillary clinton didn't commit a crime. if you really wanted to stop trump, how in the world could you indict her? was the reason she wasn't indicted was because they wanted to make sure they stop trump and how can you stop him if you indict speed
6:31 pm
her? that they use a document paid for by the democratic party? research by foreign agents to get a warrant against an american citizen that was inappropriate, potentially unlawful? we need a special counsel to look at all of this. but i intend to look at it. if you are going to keep plowing everything up in 2016, count me in. if you want to look for it, i will look for it. if you want to look back, we will all look back to everything and everybody. not just a trump. >> sean: i forgot about the fisa court, the bulk of information came from the phony, unverified, uncorroborated dossier that has mostly been debunked. a proposal today from the white house about prison reform. we also the video of alice marie johnson, one defense, serious, 22 years in jail, raced out to the arms of her family. it was beyond a touching moment.
6:32 pm
said thank you, america, for giving me a second chance when the president parted her. i look at prison reform. we've got 2 million people in jail. in a five-year period, 77% recidivism rate. i want to find every alice marie johnson in america and i'd love the president to part in one such person, ten people a day if we can do that, because i think we do need real reform. there is unfairness in the system. >> yes. wouldn't it be ironic if it was donald trump who fixed the problems created by the three strikes you're out rule passed by bill clinton? wouldn't it be ironic it was donald trump and the republican congress working with democrats that allowed just thousands of african-american and hispanic males a second chance for nonviolent offenses? create that space -- >> sean: punishment is not working. if you have a 77% recidivism
6:33 pm
rate, locking you up in a place with bad people and not helping or advancing and changing hearts and minds, it makes sense to me. but senator, will follow that more. i think there is a lot of potential there. imagine the president transforming the power of the pardon for every alice marie johnson who i met and is an amazing woman. i think it would be great for the country. >> getting minorities out of jail, giving a second chance, improving the economy for african-american, hispanic families is a very big deal. >> sean: senator , thank you for being with us. when we come back, i'm not taking on one. no. always unfair when a conservative debates a liberal. i will take on two. we also have deep state news and the update on the mueller investigation. sara carter, jeff garrett -- they'll give us an continues.
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>> sean: some of the migrant caravan have arrived at our southern border and now we see thousands of others also coming. the ap reporting "migrant caravan groups arrived by hundreds at u.s. border." joining us for debate, former chair of the council -- austan goolsbee and civil rights attended dara parks. i just played at the beginning of the show are guided by the name of barack obama, who you love! you absolutely adore. who i think did a horrible job. we disagree. he sounded like donald trump about protecting our borders, respecting our sovereignty. what has happened from then until now? 's vehicle good things look, sean, you and i have been friends for a long time. i will say among democrats,
6:39 pm
liberals, i'm totally in agreement that a country should control who comes into that country. we should secure the border. >> sean: all right. hang on. who i have met and have dinner with, i finally had influence with you. we are making progress. >> here's what i'm saying: they caravan -- i'm glad you are following up on this. the president was out trumpeting this as an invasion and the biggest threat to national security. the vast majority of these people in this caravan are still in the city of guadalajara which is a hundred-900 miles away from the u.s. border. and there are four year old kids -- this is not what we should be -- if you're concerned about board and security, the focus should be where it should be. not on these kids. >> sean: let me concede.
6:40 pm
300 have been identified by both mexican officials and department of homeland security as to be bad elements that are trying to mix in with the caravan crowd of migrants. and as i watch them, i would argue probably 99% plus are good people, live in poverty, horrible lives, want what we all take for granted in this country. it's the 300 others that we have to worry about. here's what i am afraid of. here's the video of what happened at the southern border in mexico. that is they take defense, they knock it down, they race across the border. for the safety and security of every body, if this happens on our southern border, i don't want anybody heard! all we are asking, if you want to come to this country, to do it legally. you are a lawyer.
6:41 pm
do you respect the law? >> without question we respect the law, sean. we expect this people once get to the border, they do the right thing. we shouldn't demonize them. they are trying to -- >> sean: i didn't -- did i demonize? >> i know you didn't. tonight, you are doing great, sean. thank you. >> sean: that's tonight, though. >> you do well all the time, but tonight you are doing great. these people are looking for a better opportunity. they are looking for better opportunities like all of us in america. i'm sure once they get in they'll follow their rules. >> sean: we are a constitutional republic. we have borders, sovereignty, laws. if you want to be here, the first press quit has to be obey our laws, respect our laws. do not take it upon yourself. >> okay. >> sean: go ahead. >> but we have no indication they are going to break the
6:42 pm
rules. >> that's true. our law, if you are coming to apply for asylum, or law requires you to come to the it's the >> all: -- we sent 15,000 u.s.s giving their thanksgiving with their family to go down there and do nothing. >> sean: we saw what happened -- we just played the tape what happened at the southern mexico border. we can't have that happen here. >> sean -- >> sean: are the innocent people who want a better life, let's protect them first? >> okay, i agree with that. we can all agree with that. those people who come to the u.s. illegally, 40% of them come to the airport, sean. they come in and overstay their visas. >> sean: we are trying to make improvements there as well. >> without question, i hope and
6:43 pm
pray these people will come in the playa properly and will get the opportunity that our country can provide them to. >> sean: i think you should give them pro bono legal work. austan will help pay for it. he's a really rich guy. >> when you finally pay me for my bet, sean, i will be a rich guy. >> sean: i have overpaid you for your bet. >> wait a minute, you did pay for that dinner, but that was on a technicality. >> sean: technicality! >> you said obamacare was going to cost 100 million people their insurance. i'm still waiting for that one. >> sean: okay, the cost -- 100%, 200% -- so many counties have one option. many millions lost their plan and everybody is paying more. >> yeah, but not 100 million.
6:44 pm
so you are going to be paying the more! >> sean: what do you say to the million of americans paying more, lost their doctor, lost their plan, only have one option now? that's it. >> i tell those people to say, thanks, president trump. laughs >> sean: you've lost your mind. it takes two liberals. breaking news, sara carter, gregg jarrett. surprising developments in the mueller probe. the latest on michael avenatti's arrest. does he tonight believe in due process? has he changed his mind on the resumption of innocence? that straight ahead. the amount of damage that water could do. we called usaa. and they greeted me as they always do. sergeant baker, how are you? they were on it. it was unbelievable. having insurance is something everyone needs,
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>> sean: finally wrapping up
6:49 pm
tonight, the trump administration according to reports returning written responses to special count council as early as this week. put forth by senator jeff snowflake that would get him fired even though president trump said he's not firing him. reaction -- fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett, fox news contributor sara carter. you just heard lindsey graham, very clear that starting in the beginning, hillary clinton, exoneration before an investigation. then of course the fisa abuse and fisa court fraud that was committed, the bulk of information being the unverified dossier that not even christopher steele would stand by, and of course trying to influence the 2016 election with bought and paid for rationalize and using the -- a lot they are.
6:50 pm
>> a lot there, sean. he takes the chairmanship, i can guarantee you he's going to move forward with this. the american people need this. they want this to wrap up. they want to know the truth. this is why not only does there need to be an investigation by the senate judiciary committee, but we also need those documents declassified and only the president can do this. the only way to get to the truth is to get transparency, to get those documents declassified. that's the foreign intelligence act warrant on carter page. we also need the gang of eight. >> the gang of eight, three oh twos -- because this is what they need to do now so we can move forwar. >> sean: it's interesting. donald trump was able to defy the history of bill clinton who
6:51 pm
lost 60 seats, eight senate seats in his first midterm. obama lost, gregg, six seats in the senate but 63 house seats. he fought to keep the senate as hard as he did. it's rather profound now because all of the threats that the democrats are making, all of this would move right over to the u.s. senate, wouldn't it? >> and lindsey graham is the perfect person to conduct the investigation. because he knows there is a plethora of evidence that there was an illicit scheme by the fbi and department of justice to clear hillary clinton and frame donald trump. he would reopen the hillary clinton email case -- you know, it's a crime for an fbi director or official or agent -- >> i have it etched in my brain. >> it's a crime to hide incriminating evidence and make a decision about a case, the clinton case, for political reasons.
6:52 pm
lindsey graham, we'll investigate that. >> sean: let me ask you this. if it's true, all the reports that there are going to be written answers only on russia, not on any obstruction -- the president can fire anybody he wants. jerry nadler saying he wants to investigate what the president said -- it's meaningless if he said something, didn't do it. is this the beginning of the end if, in fact, there is not going to be a subpoena, written answers are going to be handed in? it seems the airplane is heading for a landing, sara. >> it is. every source i've spoken to tonight that mueller is going to wrap up this investigation. we are not going to see anything happen to trump. what we might see is some indictments, roger stone, jerome corsi who is his is his assistant, one thing that so important, there is never any
6:53 pm
evidence -- never, from the very beginning of this investigation by the fbi, that there was any kind of collusion, which isn't a crime anyway, but there was never any evidence -- >> sean: only on hillary's side of. >> on the on hillary by suicide. absolutely. >> sean: i believe in due process, you are with us during the cavanaugh hearings. i believe he deserves that also. i am sincere. >> you should be commended for what you said about that. everybody, including michael avenatti, deserves a presumption of innocence and due process, but isn't it ironic that avenatti was the one who didn't want to avoid due process and resumption of innocence to brett kavanaugh? i wonder how he feels tonight. >> sean: that's the question. does he now believing that? is he claiming his innocence? as a matter of fact -- thank you, both.
6:54 pm
will have a full report and an update on michael avenatti's arrest as we continue tonight on "hannity."or this is america's energy era. nextera energy.
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>> sean: the very latest news on the arrest, serious charges, and stormy daniels michael avenatti. trace gallagher. trace, very serious charges for very strong denial by attorney michael avenatti. tell us. >> michael avenatti was booked on felony domestic violence. the los angeles police deferment would not identify the alleged victim or how avenatti knew her, but police said she did have injuries. tmz reporting the injuries on her face and "serious." also reports that avenatti said she hit him first, calling the situation "b.s." the alleged violence happened yesterday in west los angeles. avenatti was arrested today and posted a $50,000 bond a short time ago.
6:59 pm
when he walked out of jail, avenatti diplomatically thanked the p lease for their hard work and said this. >> i have never struck a woman. i never will strike a woman. i have been an advocate for women's rights my entire career and i will continue to be an advocate. i am not going to be intimidated from stopping what i am doing. >> unclear what he's "doing," but there is a talk about a 2020 presidential run. scheduled to speak this weekend for the vermont democratic party but had to cancel. avenatti became well known for being stormy daniels' attorney and brought forward serious allegations against supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. those allegations were later knocked down. we do not know when the avenatti has to appear in court again. >> sean: these are felony charges we are looking at? >> felony assault charges against him.
7:00 pm
a very serious. don't know what the jail time is, but these are serious charges if proven. >> sean: trace gallagher, thank you. i do believe in due process, presumption of innocence. it should take place here as well. let not your heart be troubled. the fair balance, not the destroyed trump media, larra? take it away. >> laura: fantastic show as always tonight. this is laura ingraham with the "ingraham angle" tonight. what's really going on with the ballot box in florida? tonight angle investigates the corruption and dirty dealings and tells you why the g.o.p. should unite to fight it. and lawyer to the porn stars michael avenatti and legal troubles of his own. raymond arroyo has at all in the seen and unseen. how with a fight the new democratic majority in congress? republican majority leader


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