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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 15, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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>> ground ball to second and, scalise throws her 21st. >> ed: still brings chills. you can join us this weekend, fox and friends starting at 9:00. martha will be back tomorrow night in this chair. tucker is up next and we will have "final exam, watch it. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." it's been more than a week since the last votes were cast in the midterms but still some races remain unresolved at this hour. in the state of florida, every count is ongoing. but perhaps strangest of all is what is happening right now in georgia. the race for governor of georgia was tight for months, you probably followed it. but it finished in the end exactly where the polls predicted a wet finish. that defeated stacy abrams by one and a half percentage points and in a big state that's an
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awful lot of votes. for reasons she hasn't explained, stacy abrams has refused to accept those results. for allies who are now claiming the election was stolen. >> if stacy abrams doesn't win in georgia, they stole it, it's clear. >> stacy abrams' election has been stolen from her using what i think insidious measures to disenfranchise groups of people. >> i knew stacy well, she was one of my really strong surrogates in the campaign. if she had had a fair election, she already would have one. >> tucker: election fraud is what they are same. by the way is there anyone more fraudulent than cory booker? think about that. but back to election fraud, it's a serious charge and it's telling that nobody making that charge provided any evidence that it actually happened, no detail at all. most remarkable of all is that hillary clinton is one of the voices in this course. we keep track and we remember
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hillary's view just two years ago. here's what she thought of losing candidates who claim to the was rigged. >> that's horrifying. every time donald thinks things are not going in his direction, he claims whatever it is is rigged against him. that is not the way our democracy works. we've been around for 240 years and had free and fair elections. we've accepted the outcomes when we may not have liked them and he is a denigrating and talking down our democracy. by, for one, am appalled. >> tucker: she is appalled. you have to accept the outcomes that you don't like but it turns out that accepting outcomes you don't like is something only republicans are required to do. richard nixon had an entire presidential election stolen from him by jfk in 1960. liberals applauded when nixon chose not to contest the election. but democrats do not apply the same standard to themselves. when democrats lose there is always a reason, a reason that has nothing to do with
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alienating voters were getting fewer votes, it's, putin bragged of the machines or the macedonians hacked facebook or roger stone sent unapproved tweets. where the perennial favorite, you are racist, all of you who didn't vote for us are racist. you are amoral bigots. and of course that's what we are hearing once again. by the way, it's a lie. america is not a racist country, at the clock kind and decent country. but the left hopes that by calling you enough names that they will bully you into giving them more power. they always try that and sometimes it works but the question is, what's the cost to the country? peter carson hour joins us again tonight. thanks for coming on. so first a factual question. this is someone that is a rigorous thinker i think that has been following this. is there real evidence that stacy abrams has had this election stolen from her? >> there's absolutely no evidence that i think anyone has deduced but i think what we are
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seeing is a test run for the 2020 election. not merely a test run, but i don't think in my two decades in the civil rights committee advising this. i think you could go back even before the 1957 civil rights act, and there's a reason for that. there are several reasons for it but one is, it works. and they are trying to delegitimize the election in advance but it's a test run because, think about how difficult it is for your average leftist to try to convince a voter that they should accept their unworkable or somehow sometimes nutty politics or policy prescriptions, versus simply saying that person is a racist, that person is a bad person and all the right thinking people know that person is racist, and it has an
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ancillary effect. that is, it keeps blacks on the democratic reservation. this is existential for the democratic party, they need at least 90% of the black vote just to be competitive and even 90% plus of the black vote so they engage in these types of maneuvers and rhetoric on a regular basis. but the additional effect, and i think you alluded to this, there's a certain subset of white voters who they also want to align themselves with the right folks and they don't want to align themselves with those that all the right thinking people say are racist. so they will vote in the prescribed matter. >> tucker: you are right that it works and they've been doing it an awfully long time but i think in 30 years of covering an election i've never seen it and in this volume. there are a couple of reasons for it, the first is that it works and i agree with you but what are the other reasons? >> i think some of it is because -- think about how far the democrats have gone to the
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left. it's difficult to get more than a certain percentage of voters to align themselves with those kinds of policy prescriptions. it's a lot easier to comprehend and appeal based on identity politics if, for example, what's her name, alexandria cortez, were to go out and convince the voter that extending tuition won't bankrupt the economy, even the most obtuse voter will lather off of the stage. it's a lot easier to say vote for me because of whatever identity i might be, and have media acolytes continue to echo that on a regular basis. a significant portion of this is because of donald trump and continued attempts to paint donald trump and anyone who supports him as a racist. in some respects it has been successful, i think it's backfired in other respects but you are seeing something they
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will test out big time in 2,020. >> thank you for making sense of that. democrats have to choose a new speaker of the house and just a couple of weeks. no choice, they've got to do it. nancy pelosi brought the party to its biggest win in a long time, they've been out of power eight years now and have power back but a lot of democrats say they don't want her as the speaker. at least one left-leaning table host is confused by this. >> the party picks up more seats in the house than at any time since the immediate aftermath of watergate. and the party response to that by maybe turfing out their leader in the house? that's the biggest gain since watergate, pelosi must pay. schumer, you guys are good. nothing against or for schumer, or against or for schumer, but how does that work? >> tammy bruce is the radio host and she joins us tonight.
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it seems like the democratic party may have reached the identity politics cul-de-sac where it's racist to keep nancy pelosi because she doesn't look like the emerging democratic party but it would be sexist to kick her out because she is the highest-ranking woman. so what does she do? >> i value experience, walter maddow is partly correct but at the same time i thought donald trump was responsible for their success. i don't think nancy pelosi according to the democrats had anything to do. i want donald trump to be the speaker of the house. so come on, let's be honest. the bottom line is, there is a strata there in the democratic party that understands that the establishment is out of touch, that this is the same kind of dynamic that they've been dealing with for years, that they have no answers and no prescription policies. people said that when they were running, they would vote against her and that's also because they
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were running not as democrats. they were pretending they weren't democrats, they were assuring everyone that they were not going to vote for the same old dynamic and status quo and that is what nancy pelosi is. they understand the party has to change and yet, nancy is also the only one who raises money. so on the other hand all the socialists want more money and nancy is the one to get it to them. so she is the best one for it. you are right, no matter what they do they are racist, sexist, ageist, and i don't know if we can fit homophobe in there somewhere, i'm sure that's a factor. but i've got my popcorn and i'm watching this, and maybe they should make alexandria ocasio-cortez the speaker? >> it's like one of the deep truths of life, you never suffer as much as when you get what you think you want. so they took the house back and all of a sudden they have to deal with each other and it's the ultimate nightmare.
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>> it's the frankenstein monster. they have created this, they are dr. frankenstein and they thought they had this great idea. then lightning struck and they got it in the monster woke up and suddenly the monster is chasing you around your office and they are not quite sure. it's a friend, or maybe not your friend. but see -- maybe not your friend. but for those of us who care about the country, we see this as the charade that it is and, while they are of course -- my first book was about the racism, and sexism and homophobia on the left and we will hear about that for the next two years as your first guest noted. this is the test run about demonizing people. there will be no ideas and the republicans had better be ready to be able to counter that narrative and stand up for the american people led by the approach and the action of the president. we have two years to get it right and we have to start right
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away. >> tucker: they better toughen up a little bit, i agree with that. tammy bruce, thanks to you. there is another florida recount that has been going on for a week in progress tonight. the senate between rick scott the republican and bill nelson the democrat is still ongoing. the florida secretary of state has ordered a manual recount. he has been on this for us since the beginning and he joins us once again tonight. what's going on? >> by the way, you also have a disputed race, until now in the race for governor. while andrew gillum gained on ron desantis, he gained by one single vote, and with that, that one is over although gillam has not re-conceded. in the race for senate, yes. there is now this hand recount because they are close enough to trigger it which takes us into next week. that's the good news for bill
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nelson. the bad news for bill nelson is he gained absolutely nothing from the machine recount which concluded today. in fact he lost that builds to rick scott. rick scott ran up his lead through the first phase of the recount which leaves nelson in the position of being the political equivalent of bruce willis from $0.06. in his career is over but he doesn't know it yet. he's playing that out. you have more blunders, and that's where the bad news is that their machines continue to sputter and fail and melt down. palm beach county fell flat on its face and was unable to complete the recount meaning they just go back to their original results. if there's any good news in palm beach county, it is that they are not broward county to the south. and the good news is that brenda snipes after all the blunders said she finally did something
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right. after all the hand-wringing they were able to meet the deadline to complete the recount. she said they did it with minutes to spare and as she celebrated, but the bad news is that she forgot they had to transmit it to the state. then they fumbled around with the computer and couldn't figure out how to do it in time. they were 2 minutes late and as per the law, the recount results in broward county got rejected by the state. >> tucker: if you have conclusively convince me not to run for broward county office. i will not attempt it. at first the press told you that the migrant caravan was not even real and didn't exist but then they told you it was so far away it wouldn't get there. reality has intruded on that story line and we have an update from tijuana, mexico, our southern border update. ♪
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>> tucker: if there is one thing in the world you definitely shouldn't worry about it's that fake central american migrant caravan that this in a phone xenophobic people have been trying to get you to believe in. folding is made up, it's a mirage. and even if it isn't, it's on the far side of the planet. far far away from here. listen to some of the smartest people on the planet tell you that your fears are ridiculous. >> they are telling you that it's a bunch of poor refugees a
5:18 pm
thousand miles away. speak out this group of folks, we don't even know where they are, they are way down there. >> called this an invasion, it might be the most pathetic invasion in history if it were actually an invasion but of course it's not. >> people he called invaders even though they were a thousand miles away. >> way down there, a thousand miles away. in other words, the caravan is a lot like social security. it's something we might potentially need to think about someday but for now, everything is totally fine. calm down. what liars they are. in fact parts of that supposedly distant caravan have already made it to the american border and many of the illegal migrants in it have already popped our shoddy defenses and entered our country. the famous people that you just watched her claim that would never happen haven't admitted they were wrong intentionally or not, they haven't issued corrections, of course and they never will.
5:19 pm
the election is over so they are on to the next talking point and meanwhile the torrent continues. despite the caravan being a method invented by president trump for a midterm, meanwhile henrique azevedo minister find it. i'm a little bit confused. last time i checked which was just a couple days ago it seems like that caravan was in president obama's terms, a thousand miles away and they were walking. how did they get to tijuana? >> the caravan is very real. it's a movement of thousands of people, around 5,000 have already arrived to tijuana and the border with san diego, but it's not a national emergency and it's not a threat to national security of the united states. most of the people that are part of this caravan are just pushing strollers through mexico. they are families, women and babies just trying to get to the u.s. to illegally request asylum which president trump is making much harder.
5:20 pm
>> i just want to get to the practical part of this. we were told by anchors across a spectrum on television that the caravan was a thousand miles away. they were walking. it would be weeks before they got to our border. i wake up this morning and there they are, how did that happen? did they run or did someone pay buses to take them up here? you didn't tell us that part. >> it took them almost a month for over a month to get from the honduras to the u.s. and mexico border. not all of them have arrived, some of them them are still trying to get to this point. some of them caught a ride and were able to get on buses and trailers of chickens and pigs. >> tucker: that's not quite right. >> some of them are trying to reach the border. >> tucker: so you are saying nobody chartered any buses to bring them up here? because i think we have videos showing chartered buses bringing
5:21 pm
them up here. you don't think there are any chartered buses whatsoever? >> i haven't seen anyone chartering buses. i've seen mexican officials providing transportation from this point in the border, it's here where 800 people are spending the night. they are being transported in buses from here to there but not from oaxaca to the border. >> tucker: you may want to check your sources on that, because it would be impossible for that group to move especially with the strollers that you claim are there, you are saying it's majority women and babies in strollers? is that what you are saying? >> i am happy to share the footage with fox news from our correspondent who traveled with them in the back of a bus that usually carries chickens.
5:22 pm
that's how they got to -- and that's what i have to share with you. >> tucker: what i'm saying is you are engaging in propaganda designed to make people think something that is not true. so i think the majority of people, including the people on the tape moving from honduras and guatemala are young men without their wives and children, right? >> i don't think anyone was questioning the existence of the caravan. what they were questioning is the label of being a national threat, with getting the troops to the border. >> it's very hard -- it's very hard to make rational decisions about how to respond to something if you don't know what it is because everyone on tv is lying to you. it's very clear that everyone on tv is lying to us and they told us it would be weeks before this caravan would get here because they were walking and that was
5:23 pm
alive. they said it was mostly women and children, that was alive. so until we get to the facts, we can't know how to respond. so let's stop with the lying and to tell us what is actually going on. and you know as well as i come it's mostly economic migrants looking for higher wages in the united states. i'm not attacking them but that's a reality. >> there is no organized effort to get these migrants from the border to the u.s.-mexico border. i know vice president pence said there were forces in latin america financing this and making it some sort of a conspiracy to undermine the u.s. government, but the reality that these people are playing honduras, 300 undue residents are leaving the country every day and they do that because of the levels of violence and extreme poverty that they face. so what would you do? this is not ideal. this is a humanitarian crisis.
5:24 pm
>> so you are saying that there are no groups funded by governments or big ngos helping this group of people move from central america to where they are now in tijuana? to get across the border? nobody is helping them and it's all organic? >> in all our reporting, since this caravan started, not only this one but the others that i will continue to follow, we haven't found any evidence of any government involving funding or financing this effort to try to get these people from honduras to the u.s.-mexico border. mexican people have been kind enough to provide some humanitarian help but there is no government or state force behind this. >> tucker: it we all know exactly what's going on, i just want to have you on the record so we can invite you back and talk through your previous claims and compare them to the other tenants that we are in the process of gathering and i can't wait for that. thank you so much, henrique for joining us tonight from tijuana,
5:25 pm
mexico. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: two of america's richest and most liberal states are giving huge tax breaks to the world's richest man. taxpayers are subsidizing jeff applauding. what exactly is going on? that's coming up next. that water could do. we called usaa. and they greeted me as they always do. sergeant baker, how are you? they were on it. it was unbelievable. having insurance is something everyone needs, but having usaa- now that's a privilege. we're the baker's and we're usaa members for life. usaa. get your insurance quote today.
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>> tucker: it for about 100 years, the democratic party was
5:29 pm
a member of the working class but not anymore. now the democratic party is the party of merciless corporate power of google, facebook and the rest, and they will punish you if you get in the way. two of the bluest parts of the country showered promises and billions and billions of taxpayer breaks on jeff bezos. he runs amazon. in return, both those states are getting a new amazon headquarters which is a great deal for jeff bezos, not that he needs it. but what about taxpayers? eric scheffer joins us tonight. thanks for coming out. >> my pleasure. >> tucker: it's not clear to me. why would new york, and virginia pays more but why would they need to pay that much in taxpayer dollars to the richest man in the world for the privilege of having the company moved to new york?
5:30 pm
>> i came on because the state representative there, cortez, made a statement and made comments basically saying that she didn't want to take amazon's jobs in new york because perhaps it wasn't going to be unionized double, et cetera. and you agreed with cortez in this situation. >> tucker: no, i wasn't -- i'm sitting right here and i can tell you what i agreed with. i'm never ashamed of that. i thought it was a fair point. why is new york which is crumbling, and i may be there tonight, but the city is falling apart, that smells on the subway brakes. why would they be sending money to the richest man in the world? why wouldn't it be used to fix the subway? i'm confused. >> i typically, rarely if ever agree with the socialist and certainly don't in this situation, on many levels.
5:31 pm
i think what happened here and we can all recall that amazon had an open bed across the country in which all these states could compete. and people still want jobs. they still want good paying jobs and frankly, that goes for new york and even arlington, people in the bronx and queens, they haven't had investment and jobs in about 100 years. here comes amazon saying, we are considering putting jobs in your state and your city. and these and the politicians that run the city's recognize a competitive situation, and decades they competed for incentives to get jobs. the tax cut passed by president trump which i supported was a big component of the tax cut, which was jobs.
5:32 pm
it caused businesses including some of the -- >> tucker: i'm not against jobs, but it's not amazon doing the investing. it's the taxpayers of new york and virginia who are investing in jeff bezos against their will. they are paying the richest man in the world $3 billion for the privilege of having him move to a city he didn't build. >> first of all they are not handing a check to basals. anyone who watches the show could earn shares and this is for the public in general. >> it's not an american company, it's owned by people around the world. >> tucker, come on. this was founded in the united states.
5:33 pm
it was one of the great countries in the world that allows for great technology. >> tucker: you think it's loyal to america? no. >> it was founded by americans, it certainly is a big contributor to tac in america, and significant jobs. my point that i was trying to make -- >> i don't think everything about amazon is bad. but my question is, why would the democratic party hand the richest man in the world $3 billion per year to move to new york? in the city that is literally falling apart though mike apart. >> i think most states in most cities wanted amazon to come. in fact there were many that
5:34 pm
superseded that. >> why wouldn't -- this is not the capitalism i was promised. that capitalism is the biggest you can and run away laughing? >> i think it's investing in jobs. in the end it's -- the difference is, they actually bring money back to the city. in the end -- >> or some creepy billionaire supporting politicians that i had no say i in, how is that capitalism? capitalism, the city invest to get jobs and actually gets more money back from -- it's growing
5:35 pm
jobs. that's the right cases for investment. >> that's my favorite part. eric, thank you very much and good to see you. unfortunately a heartwarming story has been exposed as a hoax. that will tell us something broader about america that we might like to know. mark steyn joins us after this. ♪ ♪ -[ slurping ]
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5:40 pm
and that's a national action network event, and they watch . >> that's why you have leaders like the reverend al sharpton who will not give up and will not give in and will never let it go. >> it seems that whenever there is a crisis, al sharpton and many of you are there. >> reverend sharpton, thank you for saving america. >> tucker: whenever there's a crisis, al sharpton is there. while that's for sure, that's the understatement of the year. thank you for saving america. did they decide that before or after they decided to shoot at freddy's fashion mart? save that tape for the next time some liberal calls you a racist. hilarious. east coast opening columnist may routinely denigrate them but
5:41 pm
americans remain a caring and generous people. the most caring and generous people in the world by far and unfortunately some people take advantage of that. one year ago, mark d'amico and kate mcclure raised $100,000 on the go fund me site. they did it allegedly for the man named johnny bobbitt. later he accused a couple of keeping all that money for themselves and now in a new twist, authorities say the entire story was a hoax from day one. all three of them are facing charges. what can we learn from this? author and columnist mark steyn joins us tonight for an interview. >> i did think this was the craziest story of the day until i heard your last segment. i'm not sure actually giving 400 grand to a homeless guy is not on balance marginally more insane than giving $3 million to jeff bezos. so there is that. i have to say, you are right.
5:42 pm
americans, all the poles of global charity showed up. americans are the most generous people on the planet and i think it would be sad if charity and at that generosity just to become part of that going viral on social media type thing. it's a feel-good story for me now just because it confirms my slightly dark view of human nature. i love everything about this story. i love the way it was an obvious set up from the start. i love the way people just sort of went bananas for it. it's a not a good idea who gives someone who is sleeping on an interstate ramp $400,000, he only got about 75 of that and was spending about two grand per day.
5:43 pm
meanwhile this other couple took off with it and bought a bmw. they went to vegas and blew it on the fancy suite of the mandalay bay or whatever it was. the homeless guy then sued them. the homeless guy has a lawyer, and that's fantastic. america has as many lawyers -- statistically that is, america has as many lawyers as the rest of the planet combined and there are so many of them that even a homeless guy has a lawyer. i'm thinking of launching a go fund me campaign to raise money to buy a bridge for the creepy lawyer to sleep under. >> he may wind up under one anyway. even without your help. the great mark steyn. i knew you would see a bright side to that dark tale, and you did. >> it is a dark tale but you we should all rejoice. give money locally and .
5:44 pm
>> tucker: great to see you. time now for final exam. the question is always the same, can you beat the experts at remembering what happened this week's in the news? after the break, we will be back. ♪ the day after chemo shouldn't mean going back to the doctor just for a shot. with neulasta onpro patients get their day back... to be with family, or just to sleep in.
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>> tucker: we waited a long time but it's the best time of the week, it's time for "final exam" where the news experts settle who has been paying the best attention to the news over the week and who's the true champion of news knowledge. tonight quite a championship, the great ed henry. the challenger tonight, a film in your to viewers of the show,
5:49 pm
mollie hemingway. >> i'm not quite sure who will win here. hands on buzzers and the first one to buzz and gets to answer the question. critically, you must wait until i finish asking the question to answer it. each correct answer is worth one point and if you get it wrong we detract a point because we are cool. the best of five wins. >> i brought some stuff. >> tucker: i just want to say for the record and for the marketing department, i had no role in this at all. >> i just brought some stuff for christmas, and if there is a close call -- >> tucker: [laughs] question one. the great marvel comics illustrator and creator stanley passed away this week at 95 years old. he was the brain behind characters like iron man, the hulk, and someone called insect man. thankfully he reconsidered and
5:50 pm
change the name of that character to what? ed henry. >> spider-man. >> tucker: are you sure? to the tape we go. >> and i said, gee, what if a guy could stick to walls like an insect? that sounds good. so i started trying to think of some names. insect man, no. spider-man. sounds dramatic. >> tucker: there you go, spider-man. very good. question number two. we thought it would never happen to our business, this was supposed to happen to only people who work in factories but, it is in fact happening. the first artificial intelligence news anchor is now on the air, a very human looking ai news man is reading headlines in which middle eastern east a? robot news anchor where? >> china. >> tucker: is it china?
5:51 pm
speak of the chinese state media showed off the newest news anchor. but there's something different about him, he's not a person. >> hello everyone, this is my very first day in the agency. >> tucker: the robot news anchors are very obedient. >> they are not as good as you. >> tucker: but they asked stick to the script, no ad-libbing. question number three. multiple choice. this week, disney world permanently banned a man from the park after he was photographed waiting a trump trump 2020 sign wall on which of the rides? "pirates of the caribbean," it's a small world, splash mountain? mollie hemingway. >> i'm going with splash mountain. >> tucker: to the tape. >> a trump support a band from disney world for the second time. dion chinese showed this picture of himself writing down splash
5:52 pm
mountain while holding a trump trump 2020 sign. >> tucker: very good. i would have thought "pirates of the caribbean." >> i wasn't sure because they were all water-based. >> tucker: that seems the most subversive of all the rides. question number four, multiple choice. democrats are now saying their fight against the president is not about politics or policy but a battle of good versus evil. one senator/fundamentalist ministers said she is considering a 2,020 run in order to restore what she calls moral decency in this country. is it a, christian jell-o brand, b, elizabeth warren, or c, kamala harris? ed henry. >> kirsten gillibrand. >> tucker: can that be true? to the tape. >> are you staying in the senate or are you going to run for
5:53 pm
president? >> i believe i've been called to fight as hard as i possibly can to restore that moral integrity and moral decency. so i'm thinking about it. >> tucker: did she preach in your church on sunday, how did you know that? >> it was out there today. is she actually administered? >> tucker: she must be if she's fighting for moral decency. i don't know. final question. at an armistice day event, the president was caught giving a stern look at a participant who dozed off during the speech. the sleeping man was the king of which country? a dozing king of a foreign country celebrating the 100th anniversary of world war i. which sleepy king? it starts with -- what? m. the country he reigns over begins with a m.
5:54 pm
>> monaco? i don't know. to be you like to guess? >> no, i don't. i learned my lesson not to guess. >> tucker: we will tell you on the tape. >> during a somber event marking 100 years since the cease-fire that ended world war i, here is the moroccan king, dozing. [laughter] >> tucker: morocco. a country famous for its hashish, the king has dozed off, not surprising. molly you are wise not to guess. >> can you sign these books? >> tucker: of course. and i will also give you our commemorative eric wemple -- this is eric wemple who came on our show once and we hope he comes back. there you go.
5:55 pm
thank you both very much. that's it for this week's "final exam." the paying attention to the news each week, and then come back next thursday to see if you can beat our news experts.ll we will be right back. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ when heartburn hits... fight back fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue... and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum tum tum tum... smoothies... only from tums - mwith the best ofodi, the prespressure cooking andsps, air frying all in one. with our tendercrisp technology, you can quickly cook food, juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. go from fresh to deliciously done in half the time. which means it may become
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>> tucker: there's a strong public service component to the show and we have reportedly told you about the threat that's on the raccoons made to this count. but a new crisis has emerged in west virginia, drunk raccoons. police and the town of milton, west virginia, are warning residents there about staggering and disoriented raccoons that have been wandering the streets. they state that animals have been eating fermented crab apples and have become intoxicated. so far the drunk raccoons and is on the raccoons have not made contact were meted, but we will
6:00 pm
be listening for new developments. this show is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, and especially groupthink which is everywhere, break out of it if you can. good night from washington, sean hannity from new york. >> sean: all right, i'll watch it, what was it, cranberries? >> tucker: crab apples. >> sean: my opening monologue in a moment but first, the migrant caravan continues to move north through mexico towards our southern border. trace gallagher joins us from our west coast newsroom tonight, with the latest. >> hundreds of central american migrants have arrived at the tijuana border.


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