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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 15, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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be listening for new developments. this show is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, and especially groupthink which is everywhere, break out of it if you can. good night from washington, sean hannity from new york. >> sean: all right, i'll watch it, what was it, cranberries? >> tucker: crab apples. >> sean: my opening monologue in a moment but first, the migrant caravan continues to move north through mexico towards our southern border. trace gallagher joins us from our west coast newsroom tonight, with the latest. >> hundreds of central american migrants have arrived at the tijuana border.
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and u.s. contractors used barbed wire to reinforce the existing fence. so far the only conflict was a fight between some local migrants and mexicans telling them to go home but it appears they will be her for a while. and nobody is sure how long the wait time will become. u.s. social workers came to tijuana to help save the migrants got bad advice to come north. watch. >> i let them know it's not going to be easy. >> we know there are members of immigration advocacy groups, an and, they take advantage of sanctuary laws, although, they
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were arrested late last night. >> it is a big breaking news night, and we have a lot to cover. we just saw the report, and we will show you the horrific new video illustrating why it is so important to secure our southern border. meanwhile, i am democratic presidential hopeful just compared i.c.e. to the kkk and tonight we will have the latest of elements surrounding michael avenatti who is facing felony domestic abuse charges. we will point out the left's glaring due process double standards in this country and we have new to elements from the mueller witch hunt. no more recounts by the way in florida's gubernatorial election. republican ron desantis is now
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officially the governor-elect. buckle up in time for our opening monologue. >> the crisis at our southern border is growing more serious every day. in arizona over 650 illegal immigrants are crossing the border in the last 48 hours. according to our own william la jeunesse a dozen members were arrested near san diego for crossing the border illegally. only the first few hundred migrants have arrived and we are expecting a couple thousand of the next few days and many more after that. let me be clear. i said i really believe the vast majority of people in this caravan are probably people that our poor and have good intentions, looking for a life for themselves, their family, a good job and a better future. there is for us a massive security risk. americans will also take advantage of unchecked and unvented migration into our country, we see it every day. look at what happened in
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arkansas on monday. at 29-year-old illegal immigrant opening fire on officers during a traffic stop outside of fayetteville. this is -- can footage and i warn you that this video is disturbing. [gunshot sounds] >> shots fired! i need units now. >> sean: this is why they talk about betting people before they come into the country. thankfully no one was injured, the perpetrator was taken into custody but that's the very reason eight secure borders a strong system of validating is important.
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and that's in one state. and those who are just trying to protect us and enforce our laws. take for example california senator kamala harris who literally today compared i.c.e. to the kkk. while speaking with a nominee to lead that agency. >> the clan is what we call today a domestic terrorist group. >> why would we call them the domestic terrorist group >> what was the motivation for the use of fear and force? >> it's based on race and
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ethnicity. >> the perception of many come about how the power and discretion at i.c.e. is being used to enforce the laws, and do you see any parallels? >> i do not see any parallels between officers and agents. >> i'm talking about agents? >> are you aware that there is a perception? and, what you just saw was beyond despicable. to be that patronizing, frankly idiotic and utterly disrespectful, they put their lives on the line i guess every single solitary day, which is shameful. how many are injured or killed
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performing daily work? this is the most radical crop in of democrats to ever come to washington. sanctuary cities and states, and without a doubt, they are saying they want to abolish ice. the very organization responsible for enforcing our system of immigration laws. they don't care how much it costs, what danger it poses to you, the american people. they want wide open borders. tonight, s might have one less challenger in the 2020 democratic presidential primary. yesterday fame seeking anti-trump attorney michael avenatti was arrested on charges of felony domestic violence. now these are very serious charges. but unlike him, and many others, there were so willing to rush to judgment and never afforded justice kavanaugh due process, the presumption of innocence, we on this show are consistent,
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every american deserves due process. and every american deserves that presumption, he deserves it, you deserve it, everybody deserves it. guess what, judge cavanaugh deserved it and didn't get it. and he fit the profile of the loan bomber because he lived with his mother. i didn't know at the time but he was listening to my radio show and i was saying, that makes no sense. it turned out he was a hero. and he at least gave him a fair shot at the presumption of innocence. by the way, you might remember the duke lacrosse team who was falsely smeared. on our show, we didn't rush to judgment. i took the time to go and meet
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with some of the kids and their families to do some investigative work. let's not forget what the left dated in ferguson. darren wilson was never charged in his career was ruined anyway. all those officers were wondering what happened with freddie gray. how many times did the president of the time, obama, rush to judgment. so many people on the left, if it fits their political and ohmic agenda, if they can get cheap political points, they rush to judgment. no presumption of innocence ever with these people when it comes to politics. so yes, michael avenatti deserves due process and deserves the presumption of innocence, even though it wasn't that long ago, he did not extend that basic decency to justice
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kavanaugh. frankly, just the opposite. remember it was he that pushed a phony claim from a client named julie swetnick. remember they came out with that affidavit. and, she was alleging that when brett kavanaugh was in high school he participated in numerous parties, gang rate parties. girls are systematically drugged, boys lining up in the hallways waiting their turn to gang rape their teenage victims. she claims it happens many time times. this is senate judiciary can he and none of them were ever corroborated. no evidence was ever presented. she later backtracked during an interview. that was a criminal probe into her false statements. it is clear, he wanted to derail
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kavanaugh's life. he didn't give a rip about due process, or presumption of innocence. now this issue has come full circle for him. take a look. >> i have never struck a woman. i never will strike a woman. i've never sexually assaulted anyone, not in high school, not in college, not ever. >> i'm looking forward to a full investigation at which point i am confident that i will be fully exonerated. i know that any kind of investigation, senate, fbi, montgomery county police, whatever, will clear me. >> sean: in this country, these protections, due process, should never, ever be a partisan
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issue. it must be applied to every american equally. sadly, michael avenatti was not the only person on the left with no forethought or principles and, just a short time ago, so many democrats and so many in the mainstream media were willing to throw out fundamental basic rights right out the window because of an unyielding partisan hatred for judge cavanaugh. remember this. >> this is a monumental defining moment this week when you have someone like coffee going to prison and in the same breath having kavanaugh going to the highest court in the land. this is sick stuff. the devil's triangle and your yearbook, forever and ever? >> and that congress is not protecting a woman, they are
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predicting a man who is probably guilty. >> not only do women like dr. ford who bravely come forward need to be heard but they need to be believed. >> let me say right at the outset, i believe the survivor here. >> i don't think she should be bullied in the scenario, where as she said it's a shame hearing. >> it's definitely attempted rape, i don't see it any other way. >> where is the outrage? those people you just watched over someone they should politically agree with, are they so willing to suspend those fundamental rights when it comes to claims against him?
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and by july of this year when he was spewing anti-trump nonstop vitriol, guess what? michael avenatti appeared on cable news over 200 times. conspiracy tv and msnbc gave michael avenatti $175 million worth of free media coverage. why did he become the star guest? because he was trashing donald trump and michael cohen. now to what do we hear about it, crickets. msnbc also tried to ignore and played on the story. that start contrast of the wall to wall coverage of the julie swetnick with no evidence of regular gang rapes and drugging of teenage girls in high school.
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an important issue, this is about the rule of law. let's not politicize criminal differences like this. it's now becoming madness. now let's turn to the latest out of mueller 'partisan witch hunt. he was sounding off and saying that there has been no finding of collusion and he also highlighted how much money and time the endless investigation is costing you, the taxpayer. he also said universities will someday study what is highly conflicted and what they have done to destroy people. why is he protecting crooked hillary, comey, page, and peter strzok? they have spent months digging into everything and anyone and everyone associated with president trump while ignoring
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what we now know to be factual and true. that is collusion, real crimes committed by hillary clinton, violating the espionage act. fact, the biggest easiest, slam-dunk case as it relates to obstruction of justice that we have ever seen. why have there been no mueller investigation and hillary's bought and paid for? russian intelligence sources paid for by hillary and the dnc that she was controlling. why? in part to influence an election. you the american people, how is that not part of russian collusion? what about dissemination of russian intelligence throughout the highest levels of your government? those russian lies spread out to the american people will come before the 2016 election to propagandize and influence people before they voted in that election and use them to destroy president trump after the election. what about the fraud on a fisa
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court, four times? the bulk of information in those fisa warrants used the same unverified uncorroborated dossier that he testified he had no idea it was true. this is all being ignored, why? because the partisan witch hunt has never really been about russia collusion, it's been about delegitimize president trump, started by a guy who says, he should lose 100000000-0 in the election. show me the man and i will find you the crime. and finally tonight we do turn into good and bad news out of florida. first the good news, there will be no more recounts in the gubernatorial election. some attempts to seal the election, we have to always assume that's a possibility. republican ron desantis is now certified.
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he will be the governor of the next state of florida. and my sources tonight say rick scott has picked up a lot of votes in the recounts. in the senate race, the chaos continues after a machine recount. rick scott remains way ahead having picked up in fact some boats, palm beach county once again failed to meet a statutory deadline. so the original results in the county stand. but a hand count of thousands of contested or faulty ballots, and that means they are supposed to fill in the oval and there is a dot down there and you can bet that nelson's attorney will say, you see that dot at the bottom? i bet they meant to put it up there. democratic attorneys are now pulling out all the stops to try to make up ground which will be impossible. following the suit, a florida judge ruled out throwing out
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ballots with mismatched signatures was unconstitutional. that means that can change 11 days after the election. he changed florida state law from the bench, also extending the deadline from so-called contested, which means and by the way, the same judge said his wife donated to senator bill nelson. and, that will certify the election results. that will ensure more and more and more court challenges. so much more, and the latest out
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of florida. geraldo and herman cain join us next for a debate about the crisis on our southern border. later tonight piers morgan who knows the president well, a critic and a fan, and we will talk about why, straight ahead. ♪ m' come on, guys! jump in! the water's fine! tom pritchard. how we doin'? hi, there. tom pritchard. can we get a round of jalapeño poppers for me and the boys, please? i've been saving a lot of money with progressive lately, so... progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents. but we can protect your home and auto when you bundle with us. buback pain can't win. your home and auto now introducing aleve back and muscle pain. only aleve targets tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve back & muscle. all day strong. all day long.
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♪ >> sean: california senator kamala harris is considered a top contender supposedly for that 2020 nomination for president, stating that the perception for i.c.e. was the same perception for the ku klux klan. >> the clan was what we call today a domestic terrorist group. >> why would we call them the domestic terrorist group? >> they try to use fear and forced to change the political
6:25 pm
environment. >> and what was the motivation for the use of fear and force? >> it was based on fear and ethnicity. >> are you aware of the perception of many about how the power and the discretion at i.c.e. is being used to enforce the laws? and do you see any parallels? >> i do not see any parallels between officers and agents -- >> i'm talking about perception. >> i do not see a parallel. >> sean: fox news correspondent at large, geraldo rivera is with us. i will start with you, and i will concede that the first wave of people, about 500 or thousand tomorrow, and many more are following. let's concede that 99% want a better life and they are told they are going to get into america which is why they are part of it. but we have had our own department of homeland security and mexico has confirmed that
6:26 pm
criminals are immigrating into that population living here. that's a danger to every american. we see what they are doing to the fence. they knocked the fence down and rest across the border. this is the point, we cannot have this here. you agree with me, a border wall, but at some point, how is it possible that we had a party during the obama years, democratic party sounding like donald trump today and now comparing it our brave law enforcement to the clan, or there is a perception that they are like the clan? >> let me start there. shame on senator harris, someone with great experience and obvious intellect, for her to be so intellectually lazy as to stoop to a comparison between our hardworking law enforcement. however you agree or disagree
6:27 pm
with the their mission, and compare them to a violent, racist, terrorist organization. she knows better and she owes every one of those i.c.e. agents an apology. >> border agents risk their lives. >> they absolutely do. and what she said it is, beyond the pale. one of my pet peeves is when people say, he is with the kkk, he is a nausea. it insults all the real victims of racist terrorism, in the case of the kkk, and all the people, the genocidal victims of the nauseous, the industrialized power that sought to wipe out people. so i think that our elected officials have to leave those comparisons aside. now, dealing with the issue, and i sensed in your voice, in a way that i haven't in a while, there was a real sympathy for the vast
6:28 pm
majority of those pathetic, poor, striving people who only want to pick through -- mow lawns or babysit or wash dishes, that's all they want to do. and i think that the real dilemma, and i'm sure you will ask herman cain about this but the real dilemma, i don't think either party right now is either equipped to or has any inclination to resolve this issue. i think that both parties have dug in, and there's not going to be a war. >> sean: donald trump offered a deal. >> i know that and you and i have both endorsed that deal. but i don't think that we are ever going to get there, not in the lame duck session. you are going to have this issue around for a while. >> sean: herman, we are a nation of laws. we are a nation that has
6:29 pm
sovereignty and borders and we have to protect it. the worst scenario that i think could unfold here is that thousands make it to our border, and the scene that we saw and southern mexico unfolds here. i don't want anybody getting hurt, i don't want any confrontation. would it be good for anybody if we had a wall with a door and you could come in legally, we wouldn't have any of these problems. >> the rare instance where geraldo and i agree -- >> sean: while that ruins my show. [laughter] >> we agree that the parallel that kamala harris tried to grow was absolutely despicable. there is no comparison between people trying to enter this country illegally and the kkk. so geraldo and i agree. but here's where we don't agree. the republicans have tried to craft a solution to prevent this
6:30 pm
problem to try to put forth a solution while democrats were in control of the house in the white house, and the congress. but it was the democrats who do not want a solution. republicans want a solution. one other quick thing, i.c.e. is not in the business of fighting perception. they are in the business of dealing with reality. and the reality is, our southern border is on the verge of an invasion, and that's what they are trying to fight. it has nothing to do with perception. and for kamala harris to talk about, this is perception, she's absolutely wrong, number one. and number two, perception has nothing to do with reality that they are trying to illegally invade our country. i respect the fact that they are trying to leave a situation
6:31 pm
where they can get a better life, but you can't get a better life by coming into this country and breaking the laws as you try to enter. >> sean: geraldo? >> i just think, you can't use language like invade, while at the same time speaking sympathetically sympathetically about this pathetic group. these are not ms-13. we have to look and see who they are. we these people want to pick the apricots, they want to deliver the pizzas. they know that jobs are just there for the asking. we have fruits and vegetables dying on the vine because there aren't enough workers to do it. they see there are jobs available, if they could just get into the united states. we say, wait a second, we need process and procedure. they say, but i'm hungry?
6:32 pm
it's a difficult situation, and i'm not blaming anybody but i think that the parties -- they have to put aside their parochial differences, it you think they are all bad. >> sean: i don't want to jump in the debate, it will be two on one. which i like when it's two liberals against me. last word, herman cain. >> here's the deal, here's the situation. it only takes one ms-13 gangster to kill an american. that's one too many and that's my point. so i understand their plight but i do not agree with the illegality of their plight. >> sean: i will bring back when i sat through the security briefing, 6,442 crimes. i was there with rick perry and a bend to the border ten or 11 times and i've seen it all up
6:33 pm
front, all up close and personal. thank you both. when we come back, and hypocrisy on the left. they didn't believe in due process, the presumption of innocence for judge cavanaugh, you won't believe how some have reacted what to what happened n terms of michael avenatti. and an exclusive interview, piers morgan. he had to borrow my shirt to get on the show. i will explain. he's a
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>> sean: last night, michael avenatti was arrested on suspicion of domestic abuse charges. it didn't take long for hollywood liberals like alyssa milano to disavow him, and suddenly, they are fans of due process. >> it was very upsetting to hear, it was very disappointing. if it proves to be true, i will
6:38 pm
disavow him. i think he should take a polygraph test just to clear the air and i think that would help him. and we will see what happens. >> what drives me crazy is the hypocrisy, and if you believe in due process with kavanaugh then you should also believe in due process with michael avenatti. >> we don't know a lot or who the alleged victim is but if true, i'm so disappointed. i'm so disappointed and i agree with you, we would have to disavow him. >> sean: media is such a different tone especially compared to the way they treated brett kavanaugh. joining us now is monica crowle crowley, ari fleischer. republicans screw things up a lot, they really do. one of the things i gave him credit for, they handled the cavanaugh and kavanaugh case with the
6:39 pm
seriousness it deserved. they went through the hearings and went through the evidence, and now, we have a situation where he's being investigated. i believe in due process, michael avenatti did not. now you see the media tone changed. >> number one, i take no joy in this. but due process, and you are innocent until proven guilty, can never be slogans in america, they must be real. they must be how our justice system is built. michael avenatti had no respect for either, innocent until proven guilty, or due process. now it's come full circle and he has to deal with it. he's lucky because people like brett kavanaugh who believe in the constitution, and if that
6:40 pm
turns out to be true, apparently when he ran in, this is the day after, and the words, she hit me first. if that came out and that's true, that's problematic in my mind. that would be problematic for anybody. >> is that his defense? she hit me first? all of these hollywood liberals and others who embrace michael avenatti as some sort of hero of the resistance, they are all learning right now that you live by the michael avenatti and you die by that. he will have his day in court, and he was first in line trying to deny that. and brought by the way president trump is well with his representation of stormy daniel daniels.
6:41 pm
he's going to a very messy divorce and his ex-wife is a sworn statement in those proceedings where she claimed that he emotionally abused her. so there may or may not be a pattern of behavior here with mr. michael avenatti. but the fact that the left just blindly raced to embrace him only because he opposed president trump and was trying to lead the charge to take on cases to try to destroy him is despicable. >> sean: on msnbc, over 100. but what about, when these issues come up, people don't know any of the facts, they don't know if allegations have been made to, no corroboration. then you get deeper into it, like in the case of professor ford. they identified an eyewitness who said it didn't happen in that case. julie swetnick's story was so
6:42 pm
over-the-top and then she changed her story. but when people say, i believe her, without knowing anything about the case, -- because that happens a lot. when serious allegations are made we need to take them seriously. >> and the women who made the allegations against bill clinton are still largely not believed by those on the left. it's a terrible hypocrisy. if it's a woman who is talking or saying that republican did something wrong or immoral, the entire left says women should be believed, right from the start with no investigation necessary. i believe. yet now they are all pausing. it should be a constant standard, the republican standard. it should be a due process standard, the innocent until proven guilty standard. the left needs to stop this, i believe anybody, when they attacked the republicans.
6:43 pm
>> these issues are too serious, these charges are too serious and the issue is too serious. nobody wants anybody that abuses women to get away with it, nobody with a conscience or a soul. what about the, i believe, before we know anything? >> we are starting to see a turning of this. the me too movement started out as a very noble purpose. and now with the avenatti case, we might be back to the idea that justice should be blind and applied. i sure hope so. >> sean: the only reason that piers morgan is going to be on the show is because he borrowed a shirt and didn't have one. but he will talk about what he likes about donald trump and what he is a critic on, that's next, straight ahead.
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>> sean: right now hollywood is continuing to ramp up there daily hatred campaign. robert de niro totally unhinged, another vulgar rant and of course this behavior has been going on now for two years. take a look. >> yes, i'm angry. yes, i am outraged. yes, i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house. >> when was the last time an actor assassinated a president? and i want to clarify, i'm not
6:49 pm
an actor. i live for a living. [laughter] however, it's been a while. and maybe it's time. >> today the world is suffering from the real donald trump. come on, let's go, what are we talking about? let's clap for that. this [bleep] idiot is the president. the guy is a [bleep] fool, come on. our government today with the prompting of our baby in chief has [bleep] as i call him. >> sean: and get the president has shattered one economic record right after another, from unemployment right down the line. piers morgan is with us, and he by the way is in the u.s. hosting daily mail tv early today and tomorrow. you are show is a massive hit.
6:50 pm
her only mistake in tv in the u.s. is lecturing americans about guns which i don't want to talk about. >> we could go a long time on guns, but let's not do it tonight. and i'm blaming this on a large ribeye steak i had earlier this evening. unfortunately, you're sure it was much too big for me. >> probably, it's big because i do mixed martial arts 90 minutes per day. >> of course. welcome back, i know you have a huge show and huge success. i love your iconoclastic nature on twitter although i got bored with it, i did it for a while. if i had one piece of advice from president trump, it would be this. he can communicate with so many people on twitter, he doesn't even need the media to do that.
6:51 pm
>> honestly if you took away the tweets and the rhetoric from donald donald trump's detractors and focused on what he did as president, he would be nowhere near to scary as to them as he is. for two years now, he's had most of the major liberal celebrities of the world basically screaming in a massive gigantic hissy fit that their choice hillary clinton did not win the election. they cannot abide the fact that somebody like trump, a celebrity actually like them somehow with little experience came through and won the white house. it reminds me a bit of the debate in britain, which is exactly the same thing. where everyone that believes in brexit must be racist and
6:52 pm
sexist. frankly people should be arrested for saying some of the stuff they have been saying. they've made direct bomb threats to the white house. and i've made this point to them. you can scream as much as you have liked. you can be as abusive about donald trump as you want to be. you can call him all the names you would like to call him but, call him donald trump, it will rally his base and as we saw with hillary clinton when she played the celebrity card so hard in 2016, it doesn't work. taylor swift and oprah winfrey recently in the midterms, both back candidates that lost, two of the biggest stars in america that with good followings. you have to be offering something more, and i'm like you. i find it vomit making that these stars time and again just think it's cool and productive to scream abuse at the president of the united states. there is no respect for the office in no respect for the white house and frankly not much
6:53 pm
respect for their own fans, many of whom will have voted for trump. >> and the economic success, record unemployment in 14 states. asian-americans, women in the workplace, youth unemployment, shattering records which is great for the people that matter, that make i think, america great. you picked up something that very few people did. obama lost 69 between the house and senate seats in his first midterm, clinton 60, and donald trump did something that only happened a hundred times, picked up senate seats. >> i wrote a column for daily mail saying to the democrats, look. you have to try to beat him in 2020. you can say look, he improved his majority in the senate and won a lot of other races that other people didn't think he would win. obviously he had a loss, he lost the house. but i if i was a democrat, i
6:54 pm
would look at those results in totality and say, how are we going to beat this guy? he's a really an campaigner, doing rally after rally, his base looks rock-solid and he has all the usual suspects screaming at him and is telling him he's an idiot and yet he is and encumbered white house president. and yet the odds are something like 75% as all the candidates to run again -- donald trump has a very, very good chance i would say of winning the next election. if you are a democrat, stop screaming and try to find the candidate and a message which could actually beat him because i don't see that either. >> sean: you are giving very smart, sound advice and they will never follow it. in the next two years, we will chronicle the insanity that continues. all right, the next time you are in the states, i want you to inu
6:55 pm
want to come into my house to see my gun collection. and, i'm going to take you shooting. >> i will do that but i will also convince you that since we took away all the guns in my country come in britain, it was successful and we haven't had a school shooting since the 90s. i will convince you. we want good to see you. piers morgan hosting daily mail tv tomorrow morning. when we come back, a convicted murderer may be tied to over 90 unsolved homicides, 90. that straight ahead. capability meets power. in the first suv from the ford performance team.
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hdelicious 100% real chocolates only one winner. crunch. embracing the lightness of crispy rice. crunch. the chocolate bar all americans love. >> sean: before he go, a disturbing story. 78-year-old samuel lytle, convicted murderers serving a life sentence for multiple homicides has provided details for law enforcement have had over 90 unsolved killings across the country dating back to the 1970s.
7:00 pm
that may be one of the deadliest serial killers in american history. wow. tragedy. so many innocent people and their families. we pray for them. we will always be fair and balanced. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues. she is in the swamp, the sewer, laura ingraham. >> laura: can you do me a favor and stop saying the word sewer and then say laura ingraham. i need a buffer sentence between that and my name. >> sean: i will figure it out. >> laura: hannity, i have a question. i have a question. my question to you is i seem to remember you cook your turkey for thanksgiving. >> sean: i do. >> laura: do you cook it in a pit?


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