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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  November 16, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PST

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joining us on this friday have a good weekend. >> yeah, enjoy it. see you monday. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> first ever statewide hand recount just ordered in florida's lottery contested senate race. >> could be hundred table and you're looking into 18 bins of over and undervotes. >> kamala harris that perception of i.c.e. was as ku klux klan. >> are you aware there's a perception? >> with i.c.e. in the same category as kkk. is that what you're asking me? >> kamala harris -- the president is stress the importance of supporting veterans and their families. >> military families are the backbone of our nation. god bless america keep up the great work. thank you very much. thank you. >> air force staff sergeant he will get this lift up as that -- flag is raised and we thank him. and all of the men and women who
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serve -- ♪ >> what a better way to start "thursday night football" than with veterans and a flag -- fantastic. everybody loves football everyone loves military our veterans special. >> nowhere to run in new york city as of yesterday afternoon of traffic came to a stand still holy cow. >> it was going to snow i don't think we were all ready for it. amount of snow too. it took about an hour to get like ten or 15 blocks in the city and i heard stories of people like in new jersey taking them nine hours get home. >> yep, yep my daughter was at the port authority bus terminal waiting to go home they said you know what there may not be buses for at least an hour and she went to take train and announced you know there aren't any buses
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tonight and we're going to close top floor because of overcrowding. >> because the train didn't wait there. >> go to marriott. there's my daughter right there. [laughter] she's in there somewhere. anyway hope you enjoyed telecast sit back relax in your nice warm cozy house because we have all of the news. >> fires in california with the update with voter recount down in florida. >> ron desantis is next florida governor after andrew gillum pick up one vote in machine recount but the first ever statewide hand recount of over votes and jurpgd votes set for lottery contested senate race are. >> griff jenkins is live in lotter, hill florida where the recount will begin in less than an hour. tell us why. >> good morning guys we've got hundreds of volunteers lining up for the hand recount behind me. but first let's go to the race that's coming to an end and that is the governor's race if you
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look at the numbers in yesterday's recount for ron desantis over andrew gillum leading by more than 33,000 votes. that's a margin of .4% well above the thrermd of a quarter percentage point to call for a hand recount but gillum as you mention not conceding putting out this statement -- quote while our races fallen outside the for manual recount we believe that before election results are certified the state of florida must count every legally cast vote. however, we expect on tuesday it is at the very latest the desantis race will be certified he will become next governor of florida. now as for that hand recount look at this live picture right now. this is the arena where the real are fight will happen had between rick scott in bill nelson. it is the recount tables things set up here 100 tables you're looking at here is how it is going to work. six people per table.
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two election officials in four lawyer hads. two democrat an two republican they're count over and under votes separated from the machine recount yesterday. that is where the real fight is going it happen because the lawyers will debate over what the the voters intent was on those and you're going to hear a whole lot up in palm beach trying to get to that. doesn't look like they're there yet maybe by 11:00, 12:00 we have to wait to find out but this is where the fight will happen between rick scott and bill nelson. >> quick clarification is they missed deadline why to we care because if broward can't get extension of two minutes why should we wait for palm beach to finish an extra day? >> well, the answer under florida statute law brian is that the numbers that they didn't get the recount down in time. numbers revert to the original
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election nine numbers but the hand recount will still continue. because that margin was under quarter percent. so they have the over and under votes they're going to go to. real question i've been asking every lawyer here is if you do the under votes and there's a challenge is there an invalidation because you didn't get numbers in time. nobody wants to answer that question yet that's the one you have to get a legal scholar on. guys. >> griff jenkins with people who are going into the big room where count willing begin manual recount many 55mens it is blows your mind 15 minutes yesterday before 3:00 at 2:45 announced down in broward county we're done counting and apparently one looks as if whoever they have upload the information to the -- didn't know what he was doing. they missed it by two minute now matt was on fox news last night and he said, he think they did it intentionally. rick scott said that too.
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they think because he picked up a thousand votes -- a thousand votes in broward county, isn't that convenient. we go back to old number, where -- rick scott was saying it was intentional and i guess matt gaetz said they were blaming knights for this but guy who was trying to upload is in computer the election worker name joe he said i worked my blank off for nothing. he said i wasn't familiar with the website. i was trying to upload it to division of election and i couldn't figure it out he said to last five days has been a waste. >> so bottom line is nobody is making up 12,000 to 15,000 votes. that rick scott has an advantage over senator nelson and for governor's race why gill yum hasn't gone back and said okay i concede again is beyond me. i'm playing out string. but he's down 36,000 votes and d'san ties pinged up handful this is gone, and they don't -- the the percentage is or far enough away with hand vote the
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hand county does not warrant it. >> according to mr. gillum he says there are tens of thousands of votes that have not yet been -- >> broward county, the machine recount it didn't work they didn't get numbers in by 3:00. so now you go back to the old numbers. and that's why ron desantis won because he won by more than that quarter of a percentage margin. but the two races that are in contested -- scott and nelson senate race and then matt caldwell and niki reid for agricultural. >> so they have to finish up this rehand counting by noon. pfnlg real qib on georgia governor's race 55,000 vows separate this should be done by friday night but almost prominent democrats are crying are foul that there was corruption hillary clinton brown and cory booker. you talk about irresponsible. they were on president trump for saying if you're irresponsible to have problems leading up to election that is irresponsible. >> 17,000 votes to get a reare count and that's not happening
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that's a lot of votes. so -- but they still have not decided who is going to win maybe that will happen today they're saying. but down to the border. >> let's go to west coast of the united states caravan we've told you nows are already in tijuana as it turns out there's backlash from locals. the -- people who live in tijuana do not like the fact that there are all of these in their town and there have been scuffles and violence broken out. in fact, couple of days ago after midnight resident assaulted journalists and injured at least three people. all because the migrants there is an area for them and we told you about it yesterday. sports stadium where they're supposed to be but they want to be in different parts of teeing wan that, and in this case, locals don't want hill there. >> but residents will are saying and singing as you can hear them changting mexico waving their flags singing national anthem but "time" magazine interviewed from honduras one of the
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migrants he said they plan to overwhelm border security is and agents down there. listen. >> this is what okay, it is a -- or not a soundbite but a quote all against one, one against all. all of central america against one and one against central america. all against trump and trump against all. >> right, and so what -- the plan of this just like they broke into mexico through the -- through that fence in guatemala. they think they can do that into the united states. either overwhelm the guards at the port or just find a place to try to cross into the country illegally and just then melt into society. >> hey people of tijuana blame mexico they could have stopped it at the border they didn't next talk about those in law and order overstayed visas they have i.c.e. extremely hard job. maybe 55% of the people that work for i.c.e. are are
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historic. hispanic because this exchange with senator kamala harris constantly running for president, was taking on i.c.e. director ron -- and here's the exchange that we think is worthy of you too notice, sit become and watch, an if you're like me, you're very angered by the disrespect thrown at law enforcement once again. >> are you aware of the perception of many about how the power and discretion and i.c.e. is being used to enforce the laws? and do you see any parallels? >> i don't see any parallels between -- >> i'm talking about perception. >> i'm talking about perception. i do not see a parallel between what is constitutionally mandated as it relates to enforcing law. >> are you aware there's the the perception. >> are you aware there's a perception? >> i.c.e. in same category as kkk -- is that what you're asking me? >> are you aware there's a perception that --
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that i.c.e. is administering it power in a way that is causing fear and intimidation -- particularly among immigrants and specifically among immigrants coming from mexico and central america. are you aware of that perception? >> i do not see a parallel. that is q rating with illegal immigrants here who have overstayed their visa or committed a crime they have to be expelled he's aware as reputation of being -- of having this negative connotation. >> this got started she wanted to know about a tweet he sent out three years ago. in 2015, that said that democratic party was comparable to the liberal, a liberal or neoplannist entity and tweet in response to the commentary discussing democratic parties role in 20th city segregation
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that according to the washington examiner. >> okay. let us know what you think about that friends at fox and meantime we're going to belt more headlines this morning. >> looks like the border patrol 55% hispanic is trying to get a number on i.c.e. in terms of people make up i.c.e. hi. >> happy had friday let's get you are caught up on news starting with a fox news alert american citizen held in north korea to be deported man reportedly illegally entered country from china. no other details have been released. state media also announcing overnight north korea assessing a new ultramodern tactical weapon this despite promisings to scall back their nuclear program. details about the weapon are unclear. also breaking overnight, julian assange facing charges in u.s. and associated press saying doy is preparing them under seal and washington post reports it could significantly advance russia probe saying special counsel robert mueller looked as the hack and publication of the e-mails.
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a spokesmen for the virginia court district where documents were filed says assange name was not intended to be included. thousands of officers honor a hero sergeant killed trying to save lives it is in the massacre at a country music bar. ♪ that's country star billy ray cyrus in a packed memorial service in california. lining streets as 29 year veteran casket passed by. helus first person inside borderline bar when the suspect opened fire. 11 other people were also killed. helus lost his life at the same restaurant where he proposed to his wife. three decades ago -- guys. i did not though that detail. >> jillian, thank you. >> 13 minutes after the top of the hour and municipal democrats
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are divided about backing nancy pelosi for house speaker but republicans for their hand by throwing their entire party support behind her? why the gop might back nancy. >> never nancy -- ♪
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said so everybody come on in the water is warm. >> 100% confident in future of house speaker once again despite drum beat of a number of democrats who want to challenge her leadership. but should republicans force democrats hand and vote for pelosi for speaker here to weigh in and former campaign pollster for senator ted cruz joins us from oklahoma city. what do you think? i know that in the past, republicans have used nancy pelosi as perfect boil, enemy of the republican party to do all sorts of things. would it be in their best interest to vote for her for speaker if you're with a republican? >> it certainly in their best interest to be her and president trump understands that and called for republicans to get behind nancy pelosi for speaker she reminds american people why they don't like politics and
3:19 am
reminding -- she reminds them why they don't like democrats quite with frankly. interestingly enough as you point out you have some challenge her. you have a lot of democrat strategist writing that she knolled not be a speakerrer but best thing to look for republicans is to have her in that role i think you do start to see flippage amongst her -- her conference to support her, it is best in republican best interest to support her and you know what's interesting it would give republicans bipartisan flare. look we even support nancy pelosi as speaker so yeah it's -- i think it's certainly makes for political threat or or but it also is probably better for the republican party and president trump moving forward because she can't help herself. >> you and i during the break we're talking ab new gallop number 66% of democrats, democrats don't want her as speaker. but then -- you hear her yesterday saying she's 100% sure she's going to be speaker. if she's 100% sure, that she had
3:20 am
vote she would have had it yesterday. >>interest about gallop number almost same as gingrich as republicans not supporting him when conference turned on pim. clearly the natives are wrestsless there and see what had happens in term of what it does cool to a vote she's been challenged few but again i gets back to if that starts to slip away republicans are not going to have a speaker of the house. so why not try to make sure that the best face you could have on democratic party for republican party which is clearly nancy pelosi her own party doesn't support her. 56% of democrats even higher amongst liberal democrats, steve put her back in that chair. >> at operation cay chaos on part of the republicans. [laughter] chris thank you very much for joining us have a great weekend. >> all right thank you. meanwhile democrats are furious that matt will not recuse himself from the russia probe. >> to sabotage the mueller investigation. the president's purpose --
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3:25 am
lose a senate race and win the presidency two years later. brian -- >> lincoln ended up being a good president as you know. acting attorney general matt whitaker not recuse himself from overseeing mueller probe and many democrats not happy. is an illegal appointment as -- as attorney general. whitaker he certained president's purpose of cutting by -- a thousand cuts and a dealing to this investigation. it's the kind of slow motion saturday night massacre. so unusual to see these democrats to the president give me a second okay i'm back. constitutional law professor george washington school of law. jonathon turley. whitaker stays, right? >> he does. you know, the argument that he was required recuse himself under department of justice rules is really unfounded.
3:26 am
you know while some of the statements may have given us palpitation but that is cardiac arrest and these democrats did not and have not raised those conflicts so there's i think that democrats would be nor credible if they were equally concerned about the conflicts of interest that some of uh-uh pointed out regards to mueller and rosenstein. but in terms of a doj rules there's no managed story recusal here also this is not a -- an unprecedented situation. people before they enter government office may be politicians or commentators but that doesn't mean that they toss away their at the time call obligation when they assume new positions. >> exactly. jonathon, second top pick jeff flake says i'm going to hold out and i won't give president any judicial pick unless we get a vote on the the floor which is now backed by chuck grassley to make sure it is a reserve that robert mueller not get fired.
3:27 am
like almost protect him against the president getting rid of the special counsel. do you believe that the president should, do you believe that the president just weighed him out and wait for next senate to come in because it won't really matter? >> well first of all, you know i think it would be a terrible mistake for the administration to try to shut down mueller investigation. it seems to be winding down. he needs to finish his work. what's strange about this bill is it doesn't do as much people suggest. it basically and expedite in the court but standard is really quite squishy about whether it was fired with good does and fairly easy to make that out under the -- under the standard of doj. so i'm not too sure where senator flake is that insistent on this bill passing because i don't i don't think it gives much to mueller. it is e mecial they hate each other and this is his last shot i know you want to think
3:28 am
intellectually before more school is yard. robert mueller gave questions to -- to the president trump. one of the responses from rudy giuliani is this there's questions create more issues for us legally than others. said somewhere unnecessary and possible trap and we might consider them as irrelevant. what had do you think what do you think these questions contain what is rudy getting at the one legal mind it another? >> job of a defense attorney is to narrow these questions as much as possible and the prosecutors have the -- have a good faith reason not to do that. they want to try to get as much information as they can. there's still a live torpedo in water whether mueller is going to push for answers on issues that cover both objection and collusion in whether there might be a subpoena fight in the future. so we still have to see whether mueller is going to push hard on that. buzz the white house is largely prevail and saying we want to narrow subject matter but
3:29 am
apparently it is not narrow enough in terms of questions that have been asked. a story out there that question is going to be answered and handed in today so what's a take home test but at one point you have to give it back. >> jonathon turley we'll never allow it you finishes in the classroom at georgetown. thank you so much. excuse me. coming up straight ahead it is the story everyone is talking about. you have a couple and homeless man they team up to rip off the public it's a huge gofundme page scam we have the text messages that help the police crack are the case next, and nancy pelosi is like reverend al sharpton for saving america but does he really deserve america does he deserve that credit? we know the answer and a together they will answer.
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>> are you aware of the perception of many about how the power and discretion and i.c.e. is being used to enforce the laws? and do you see any parallel? >> i don't see any parallels between -- >> i'm talking about perception and officers and agents. i'm talking about perception. i don't see a parallel between what is constitutionally mandated as it relates to enforce law. >> are you aware there's a perception. i see no -- are you aware there's a perception no as the kk. that started as conversation about a tweet that he september out three years ago wound up comparing i.c.e. to the kkk. which he said he made a mistake steve he said -- should have put on my private account. absolutely let's get to social media stars big president trump supporters joining us from diamond and silk headquarters somewhere in the world. ladies what do you make of the -- of the comparison that senator harris made yesterday? >> you know, camilla should be
3:34 am
ashamed of herself. the disrespect for our enforcement of immigration, you know, if km la want to talk about kk she needs to talk about her party who created the kkk to intimidate manipulate in order to dominate and same thing is happening today. by asking him those type of questions putting him only edge is a form of manipulation is what it is. when we look at what's happening if florida a form of manipulation all to dominate that's what they're trying to do shame on kamala harris she run for president we will not be voting for her. she won't win. >> nancy pelosi says that al sharpton has saved america she has this message for him at the national action network conference. listen to this. >> thank you for helping take back america. people all over the place are calling me writing, on airports here, there thank you for saving america. i give those thanks to you.
3:35 am
thank you for saving america. reverend sharpton thank you for saving america. [applause] >> well -- what do you think of that? >> al sharpton hasn't done -- he hasn't saved america. what he has done is tried to do is to buy america. hood wing black people exploit black people is what he's done. that's what he's been doing he hasn't done anything if it was behind america and wanted america to prosper why wasn't he behind tax cuts why isn't he happy about lowest unemployment especially among african-americans. but he hasn't done anything for america but race baited all he's done he hasn't done anything for america. >> only time you see al sharpton is is whenever a white person killed a black person but a black person kill another black person go behind like a turtle you don't see him no more. >> president obama looked at as like a confident.
3:36 am
>> michelle obama is telling her book but what bothers me is fact that they can disrespect a sitting president disrespect the oval office it is so disrespectful. they haven't done anything for america. that's why america chose donald trump. >> you look at president obama running here if we have a biracial president and did nothing for black people when came down to the prison reform. donald j. trump he said bring it to me i'll sign this into law. obama did absolutely nothing for it. >> that was a great moment let's see if it passes senate. criminal justice reform we've been talking about it for 20 years might have the gotten done this week. >> ladies you mentioned down in florida what do you make had of the fact that race it is for governor and the u.s. senate have been so close down there? >> well first of all, i think this is a mere, they get it ready for 2020 to see how they can change rules change rules in
3:37 am
the middle of the game. i think i call it heart of steal is what i see but it is not going to work by you taking manipulating it and questioning integrity of the election has been questioned by all americans and i don't care what side of the aisle you are about playing becames with these an techs listen when desantis talk office he needs to fire this lady brenda snipes fire her immediately this here has got to stop. >> all right ladies thank you so much for being on with us. have a great weekend. >> thanks for having us. hand it over to jillian with more headlines. >> fox news alert now at least 66 people are are confirmed dead and more than 600 now missing. as wildfires paveed a path of destruction in california. the president heads to the state tomorrow to meet with victims and tour the devastation. and take a look at this, smoke from the fire came from outer space, officials now worried that smoke could cause an increase in respiratory problems
3:38 am
especially in children and elderly. first lady is calling out critics of her anti-bullying initiative. >> it is not news or surprising to me that critics and media have chosen for speaking out on this issue. and that's okay. to passing because it will provide a better world for our children. >> the first lady defending her be best campaign. and how about this story a homeless veteran and couple face up to 10 years in prison for allegedly bullying nation to get rich quick. now prosecutors say that couple made up a story about the homeless vets spending last 20 bucks on gas for the stranded woman. leading it a gofundme page that took in more than 400,000 dollars. now it is believed they met each other at least a month earlier an that campaign started investigators finding text messages between katelyn and
3:39 am
friend reading, quote, gas part is completely made up but guy isn't i had to make something up to make people bad that was one of multiple text messages. fa schwartz is reopening doors just in time for holidays and yes, the iconic giant piano will be there. ♪ opening its doors right here in new york city, it shut down previous flagship store three years ago. but seriously i don't know a fern in the world that doesn't want to do just that. >> i have done that at that store. it is really cool. >> i'm so excited that it is opening. that was such a staple in new york. different location but excited that it has come back. when you did it did it sound like this? >> me neither. all right -- thank you very much jillian. meanwhile we were telling you at the top of the program, the northeast first snowstorm of the
3:40 am
season has inundated you can see in northeast and claimed seven lives. powerful nor'easter causing mess including george washington bridge. janet you're to work. this was overachiever when it first started in texas and brought the earliest measurable snowfall in houston up to mid-atlantic d.c. getting three inches of snow now new york area getting a foot and a half of snow in a very short period of time. the track exactly forecast as it happened but the fact that we have cold air in place meant that we have more hours of snow and not a mixing of sleet and rain. which is what we were apting some know hardest thing to forecast and that's why we got a lot of it in a short period of time and folks were really mad during rush hour. there's your forecast temps this will be out of here by late this
3:41 am
afternoon and this evening. we'll watch a clipper system across great lakes and good news is, things will quiet down a quieter weather pattern as we head into travel next week, of course, thanksgiving but again good news is not a whole lot on the weather map. we have a storm moving into california that will brung much needed rain and we'll follow that. all right back to you steve ainsley and brian. >> repeatedly yesterday nor'easter coming and it delivered and if you have a weather person in your office, listen to them. [laughter] >> last year didn't our first snow was after christmas, right? i think we weren't prepared. >> this is very early on. this was the second biggest snowfall? november for central park. they got six inches of snow it was a lot of snow in some cases three times the amount that we were originally forecasting so we don't get it right. we try our best we're run ones who don't want to get it wrong but we do and it tells you you have to be prepared if you're in your car for five hours you need an emergency kit with you. >> i was so glad my ice scraper
3:42 am
was safe in the shed so i was able to use my hand to get all of the snow off. [laughter] put it in the glove compartment. meanwhile john kerry traveling thousands of miles overseas -- to insult the president. >> we can't have a -- you know, a child president we need something serious. >> and secretary wasn't done there. we'll tell you what else he said. dges one of president trump biggest campaign promises was to help our heros and he has. army vet says the president has been a game changer for our vets and he joins us next to explain. come on in, pete. (chime) - [narrator] meet shark's newest robot vacuum. it powerfully cleans from floors to carpets, even pet hair, with ease, and now for cleaning surfaces above the floor, it comes with a built in shark handheld. one dock, two sharks.
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the new capital one savor card. earn 4% cash back on dining and 4% on entertainment. now when you go out, you cash in. what's in your wallet? >> military families are are the backbone of our nation so in addition to everything else as
3:46 am
you see, i did the promotion of military spouse hiring across the federal government. fact is i've done a lot. i could -- i could defy -- good-bye everybody. that's a lot. [laughter] >> president trump visiting with marines yesterday highlighting his administration efforts to improve veterans care. >> our teeth co-host of fox and friends weekend is leer to break down some of the accomplishments and what still needs to be done so he's done a lot. what's he done? >> he makes a joke, you know, i've done a lot but he really, really has first of all no president in modern history i've talked to some presidential historians have been has made veteran issues a top tear part of their campaign from the beginning he said this matters to me and a focus of why i get elected what i execute on and gets veteran accountability ability to fire for performing managers at the v.a. and then mission act gives veteran more choice. i'll tell you thon the phone
3:47 am
yesterday it be they're still writing rules abouts choice. bureaucracy has to write it and white house is attune to make sure that bureaucrats of va don't undo choice to turn it into more bureaucratic focused on it need to deliver on that but vets are seeing everyones everyones sis he promised on that. do you think president will go out to california and great for him to go to border to visit those 5,000 troops? >> i think so to. there's a -- as far as the defense is concerned troops feel like they have a commander in chief they have their become and james mattis underscored like that also but this is like a deployment defending your own country they are the type of things you'll do overseas. also in the -- intro talked about military spouses loved fact that president is focusing on families of those who had serve make sure they get hiring preferences. he went across pnd and british
3:48 am
media and he said this about our president. listen. i think people are tired of the embarrassed we can't have a -- you know, a child president we need something serious. >> what's your reaction? >> he's a buffoon, i think he talks about childishness. you know what is childish when "charlie hebdo" gets attacked and your serious response is is to bring james taylor to say you have a friend in me and i'll give you a hug. >> whowb watching possible and -- >> what about former secretary of state who understands that it is your job not to go overseas and disparage your commander in chief while he's executing foreign policy. i mean, listen john kerry will be guy who undercut guys he served with by saying they committed war crimes giving propaganda to enemy and compass
3:49 am
has been off and you see it more here. he doesn't agree with president so he calls him a child overseas. it is the simple minded childish policies that obama administration that created mess they have to undo since they'll never see that. but that's the truth. >> i don't think you like him. >> in the a fan. and just terrible because between the scene and international between our former obama officials going over ripping the president. they think in america we view for that. we have that view. >> no ofng. they think that's the overwhelming view, and they don't get fobs news channel always over there so they don't see that picture. >> pete we'll be waving you this weekend on this couch. for eight hours meanwhile dash cam road is ohming on a police officer. shots fired. >> county sheriff says it is unbelievable officer wasn't with hurt.
3:50 am
sheriff will join us live plus congress wanted to investigators facebook but a sunny report claims chuck schumer told him to back off. why he may have done that -- you've got to hear it. it's next from "the new york times." good morning mrs. jonhson. benefiber. trust your gut. my mom washes the dishes... ...before she puts them in the dishwasher. so what does the dishwasher do? cascade platinum does the work for you, prewashing and removing stuck-on foods, the first time. wow, that's clean! cascade platinum. i think it will fit. ♪ want a performance car that actually fits your life? introducing the new 2019 ford edge st.
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3:53 am
delay deny deflect "new york times" blasting facebook claiming, quote, when facebook users learn that company had compromised their privacy, in its rush to expand facebook sought to deflect blame and mask the extent of the problem. the report goes on to claim while zuckerberg and under fire they might have received help from new york senator chuck schumer.
3:54 am
>> yes a slow walk whole thing here to explain who walked fast to get here kurt, unfold this as best you can. >> first it is your reading that lead into this story. i'm thinking to myself i wish we would have taken all of the times i was here from 2016 until now where i said, keep your eye on facebook, this doesn't smell right. and guess what, we were right. we were right all along. and now we're finding out that in terms of who is protecting facebook now in the government, it's sort of both sides of both parties. and news out that chuck schumer has been very actively engaged with the lobbyist for facebook which by the way they've spent more in first quarter of 2018 on lobbyist and washington. than any other can't in facebook history. >> he's got a lot of money from facebook. that's another story so apparently he's raising money you were saying that 2016 election. right, online from pouk and
3:55 am
employees -- is there anything wrong with that? i'm not sure but what doesn't smell right is when you have lobbyist get such great control over this democratic senator who then goes according to the article in and shuts down any sort of criticism for pouk at this time. this is the time we need both party leadership out in front saying, facebook we're holding you factable because nobody is doing it and they're getting away with taking our lives and exactly what tim cook from apple says because he's saying it exactly how it is. >> two part special on frontline they look at pouk an ukraine and other krpghts are saying they're using your vehicle to make phony story and cause unrest in my country stop it. and they have almost no response. >> facebook is like this now what, what is going on? oh i'm sorry pill be right back they deflected your -- >> you're avoiding fact to come up with a new independent
3:56 am
oversight committee is it going to fix everything this is what had they say. first it will prevent the concentration of too much decision making within our teams. second, it will create accountability and oversight third it will provide assurance that these decisions are made in the best interest of our community. and not for commercial use. >> this guy sounds like robot no matter how he opens his mouth even in a statement like that. i have to tell you i don't trust facebook leadership i think they have tried over the last number of months. to write the slip in terms of being more transparent but their idea of transparency is like us trying to see the ocean through the snow. it's not going to happen had. >> facebook now more popular -- >> no we're seeing, you know, they're at tail spin right now not just in people engaging surface but with employee morale has never been this low. >> sanburg they say shelving morals. >> number two person at pouk she an mark are at the heart of
3:57 am
this, and board jumped behind him and no changes any time soon. i wanted to say tim cook apple is saying this this is nothing but them trying to take our privacy -- and sell it. period. >> coming up, two more hours. a. traveling lighter. getting settled. rewarded. learn more at the explorer card dot com. now you can, with! no more lugging your clubs through the airport or risk having your clubs lost or damaged by the airlines. sending your own clubs ahead with makes it fast & easy to get to your golf destination.
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your doctor is part of the humana network and get your free decision guide. discover how an all-in-one medicare advantage plan from humana could save you money. there is no obligation and the book is free. >> first ever hand senate recount for the lottery contested senate race. >> for the fight to happen for over what voters intent was in 650 illegal immigrant busted in arizona in two day. "time" magazine interviewed one of the the my grans he said all, again, trump and trump against all. >> reverend sharpton, thank you for saving america. >> if he was really behind america, and wanted america to prosper why wasn't he behind the tax cuts. he hasn't done anything for everybody but race baited. >> reopening doors in time for the holiday and yes iconic giant piano will be there.
4:01 am
they're taking care of business in washington we're taking care of business from our couch here in midtown manhattan where the snow and rain have stopped momentarily down in -- in right in front of our building. janice told us it was coming but everyone was stuck in traffic yesterday for a long, long time some four hours earl yir i was talking to one in pennsylvania, eight hours watting in their car weather was terrible here luckily going to florida and that's where we start this hour. >> this is a fox news -- largest next governor, after andrew gillum only gained one vote in the recount. but the democrats he's not conceding. the first ever statewide hand recount are now underway in the lottery contested senate race.
4:02 am
>> it is so strange it would happen yesterday griff jen kins live people licking their thumb and going through. right, griff? >> that's right they're taking care of business inside and take you in there a second but first ainsley you mentioned that race is coming to an end that is ron desantis looking to become next governor over andrew gillum look ats numbers you see by 33,000 votes, that's a margin of .41% above the threshold of a quarter percentage point for a hand recount. but gillum not conceding issuing this statement saying while our race has fallen out by for manual recount we believe before election results are certified state of florida must count every legally cast vote, however, we anticipate at least by tuesday, that desantis will become certified as governor let me take you inside broward county hand recount.
4:03 am
this is the live look you're looking at here how it is set up guys there's 100 table there's six people were table. two are election officials two are republicans two democrat and they're only counting the over and under votes that is meaning they're marked too much or didn't mark enough. and what you're hearing a lot about is voter intent of them as lawyers contest them and if you do math you figure -- they've got about we anticipate about about 30,000 under votes, it will take all of today perhaps all of tomorrow. but we should have some indication of how much of contested ballots are coming out of this over an under vote to a quick note they did miss that deadline by two minutes yesterday for official numbers and second recount so they revert to first one but proceeding to do hand count on under and over vote produced yesterday. >> they did really bachelor's degree on election night and really beeted on machine recount. what makes us think they're
4:04 am
going to do any better on hand recount? [laughter] good question and that's what nation is wondering, however, we'll say for the week i've been here they're trying their best is what they've got, and dr. brenda snipes coming under a lot of scrutiny questions about her remaining in this job after this whole process. >> hard to imagine somebody worse at their job than that woman. j well just fact that, thank you very much griff. just fact that -- they announced down in broward county 15 minutes before the deadline we're done and then they put a guy at the computer trying to get to know how to do it -- and he winds up -- doing it two minutes too late but then you've got rick scott team who said, oh you know we think something is suspicious here because i actually picked up a thousand votes but because then they retire to the saturday number, that goes away. >> this is so ridiculous if they had gotten numbers in at 3 p.m. but 3:02 rick scott it would
4:05 am
have been called he would have gained 779 votes. but instead they were late, and he's now saying he thinks that brenda snipes did this intentionally but to division of elections he didn't understand it and he said i just worked my blank off for nothing. so last five days were basically a waste. >> andrew gillum on senate on governor side listening for great race he conceded once. he has the speech written already. just repeat it because you lost. you're not going to make up the gap. but you have to know how to lose in life it is important to define who you are. pfnlg he said every single volt should be counted. >> this is their system in florida that he wants to run. and this is their system. they provisional ballot line up and signature didn't match these are rules of the books you can't change it after election. you lost. the senate race has automatic hand recount i get it but his
4:06 am
was not close enough of to take the same speech or roll old tape. >> but he says there are tens of thousands of ballots that have not been counted don't know what he's talking about nevertheless he will not concede and looks as if handling with recount noon on sunday and after that official governor's race will be certified. >> how rting from qowld that be if you put your heart and soul your election in a lot of money and effort and all of these problems happen you can't trust the system? >> i would say this in georgia real quick we have to move on to immigration but in georgia, brian camp has a lead of 55,000 votes an now you have prom innocent democrats to try to delegitimatize his victory saying so many vote weren't counted these rules were handed out by city and they weren't rules even though he's attorney general and doesn't control local rules when it came to this and now that he wins, she will not concede stacey abrams and didn't get enough to have automatic runoff. so -- >> behind 17,000 to have that
4:07 am
automatic runoff. but she's is trail by 55 overall. >> correct. so it all comes down to certification that should happen next week. meanwhile, this week -- thousands have started to arrive from the caravan in tijuana, mexico which is just south of san diego. what's interesting is and this is trouble that broke out wednesday night into thursday, where a number of migrants rather than going through the temporary shelters the city set up for them they went into neighborhood and scuffles with some of the local folks who simply did not like the my migrants in their neighborhood. by beach sleeping all over the park with chaos. >> they sent women and children into shelters but they were overflowing so men were sleeping on beaches out on streets in the area and stents were mad. you can see a lot of residents there. they were singing the mexican national anthem they were waving flags and chanting mexico, mexico, they were come
4:08 am
confrontations pushing shoving stick and couple of blows. >> meanwhile, you know, they are expecting thousands more in the coming day and week, so they are at our southern border. which is a headline -- and yet when you go in the way back machine, not too long ago, there were a lot of very prom innocent americans who said caravan is never going to get here. watch this. >> it is a lie that this caravan is a problem. of that magnitude, they've been running on imaginary caravan call this an invasion it might be the most pathetic invasion of a country in world history if this were actually invasion but, of course, it is not. people he called invaders even though they were a thousand miles away. this deployment of u.s. troops to the border right beef the election, might just be for a political reason. not for a real military reason. >> programming on caravan was propaganda. really tell that to people of tijuana, and tell that to others who were getting into mexico city.
4:09 am
they're coming troops are there, and already they're starting to show signs that could overwhelm the system. >> you know "new york times" washington post, fox news we've been telling you, the reporting ever since they broke down that barrier on the 19th day of october in guatemala headed this way we've tried to keep you posted yet some people as you heard in that -- felt that this was not a problem. but now -- they are at our southern border. you've seen all of the ideas of the thousands of migrants walking towards the border. all right let's hand it over to jillian more headlines did you notice that it snowed yesterday? a lot of people and this one was pretty but really serious and deadly in some areas. let's talk about this extreme weather. the northeast dump ited first snow of the season claiming live, and causing mess on roads are including new york city's george washington bridge and causing chaos in sky. airlines canceling or delays more than 6,000 flights.
4:10 am
to a fox news alert wic wikileaks filed in virginia say doj is preparing them under seal and washington post it could significantly advance the the russia probe saying special counsel robert mueller looked at wikileaks hack and dnc e-mails but spokesperson saying assange name was not intended to be included in filing. also breaking an american citizen held in north korea for a month will be deported. the man reportedly illegally entered the country from china. no other details have been released. state media also announcing overnight north korea is testing a new ultramodern tactical weapon this despite promising to scale back their nuclear program are. details about the weapon are unclear. and incredible moment at centurylink field in seattle 96-year-old u.s. air force veteran art raise the 12*9 man flag to kick off "thursday night football." >> that's awesome.
4:11 am
96 years old we thank him and all men and women who serve. how great is that, and top it off, his seattle sea hawks not letting him down russell wilson with a touchdown over five minutes remaining that would be difference in seattle 27-24 win. over the green bay packers. now become to you. >> the show that's great. thank you jillian. all right coming up on this friday is president trump effort to build that big beautiful wall it's refers to it. hitting the wall we're going talk to kellyanne conway live at the white house about that. and nancy pelosi facing resistance from democrats to become house speaker. but she's not worried i'll stop there. >> 14 men who are on that letter, i enjoy a tremendous amount of support from women -- >> men again. although he filled in for a woman with last night.
4:12 am
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>> ask what their motivation is, i think of the 17 it is 14 men who are on that letter. i enjoy a tremendous amount of support from women in our caucus i intend to win of what democrat vote earn best person for that. >> i am the best nancy pelosi forced to face the resistance saying no they don't want her to be newing inning house speaker. >> ultimate negotiator master legislator. as a congressman -- marsha fudge emerges as challenger to pelosi leadership. >> seems that signed a letter here with more is ed new hampshire rei fox news chief correspondent. say that three times, ed henry. so ed -- she's got a couple of weeks to get the vote. >> but look only in mod
4:17 am
democratic party could you charges of sexism with a woman against a woman. does that make sense? don't question is. 14 of the democrats signing this letter saying we want a new speaker basically. or men so you may have folks like tim ryan and ohio ran against her last time lost badly a white male against nancy pelosi in the history and all of that is beginning to be hard so they found marsha fudge an african-american woman first black speaker, and there's school of the black caucus saying this is interesting maybe we node a new face in democratic party but nancy pelosi is likely to have the vote and all cool down to money frankly. she raise ared so much money for this party and has for more than a decade. that a lot of members are -- sort of bound to her. that they have to it shall that she's delivered for them and they're likely to give vote i think bigger issue is what steve alluded to about the reare cyst
4:18 am
movement, resist movement has been all over president trump for two years. they haven't wanted to work with him now some of them that called alexandria socialist democrat who had a sit-in not in mitch mcconnell office or paul ryan office, in nancy pelosi's office, so she's nancy pelosi is going to start passing things because she'll have vote, and it will die in senate or gets through senate, president trump won't sign it and then you have folks like cortez complaining not about the republicans but about the democrats not being left enough and not delivering it. >> but john kerry bashing our president and people say he's elitist by doing that, and he's one-of-the- ones making phone calls for nancy pelosi so is governor cuomo saying go vote for her but people say they want a fresh face. >> let cuomo know to deliver mown for new york and deliver for california is comes back down to money. see what martha fudge said. she said this they see her as
4:19 am
elitists she said she is raise money from wealthy people and they want to give her big credit for winning back house she didn't win it by herself if we were going to give her credit for wins why is she not responsible for losses been three straight losses in midterm. >> before that what had i would say in nancy nancy pelosi defens that her folks was on a democrat with sandra smith yesterday saying look she helped deliver affordable care act still alive despite attempts to bring it down. she delivered the stimulus all kiengdz of things for barack obama you may hate policies but she was effective as speaker and we should put that on table. look, i think it's remarkable, though, that democrats appear to be turning on their own now. and so this is the deal. now democrats whob throwing rocks at the president for two years they have a responsibility to government. they have to -- you can't just raise money, though, you have to deliver now you have to governor. are you going to work with this president or not -- boehner do you remember paul ryan, the reallies rotate their
4:20 am
leadership it is not personal they rotate they give people an opportunity. these old people -- 70s and 80s it is frustrating. funny because you mention that age issue. nancy pelosi and jim democrat leaders all deep into their 70s. martha fudge is in her 60s so if you want a fresh face that is young and all of that they talk about old white men their party has a lot of old leaders as well. >> ed henry on the couch this weekend. with pete, all right thanks guys. 20 minutes after top of the hour dash cam video shocking legal immigrant to get out of the his car and opening fire on a police officer. watch. [sound of gunfire] >> shots fired -- >> the county sheriff says it is unbelievable his officer was not injured. the buy was apprehended. the sheriff joins us live, next. [sound of gunfire]
4:21 am
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my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. ♪ three, two, one -- >> attention. >> here we go. time now for your news by numbers first 18 spacex launched rocket are this is year. latest takeoff from kennedy space center in florida launching its satellite good i'm glad i got that out of the way. 18.5 tons that's how much cocaine the coast guard just offloaded in florida. we'll tell you exactly where for obvious reasons with international waters worst or $500 million and finally 181 years that's how long it has been since that could be worn on house floor lawmakers changing rule the the allow religious and medical reasons. as washington welcomes in
4:25 am
minnesota democrats, elleon omar first congresswoman to wear a -- high jab. all right. i get it. thanks. >> all right thank you, brian. dramatic shootout between police and an illegal immigrant suspect cutting on camera. watch this. [sound of gunfire] >> shots fired -- the suspect lewis is now behind bars facing a 500,000 bond in a detainer placed on him by i.c.e. with more is sheriff tim of washington county arkansas where this terrifying attack took place on one of his officers, gong to you. >> good morning. >> good morning. so set the scene tell us what happened before and then after that video we just saw. >> it was just a -- routine patrol stop on a --
4:26 am
early on sunday afternoon, our deputy noticed a traffic violation try to pull him over. the guy extended the stop didn't pull over immediately. and when he finally did pull over and stop, our deputy exited his car and about the time his feet hit grouped guy threw open his door and started shooting. you know that -- our deputy reacted so quickly fortunately first shot missed him but his actions actually saved his life. he was able to take cover. return fire, and then tactically be able to keep car between himself and the bad guy. you can see it through the video how aggressive this person was. it wasn't a normal shooting normal these shoot physician take place with bad guy can get faced between him and officer and they can leave scene but you see this guy leave the vehicle and go after the deputy but it was very unneiving to say the least.
4:27 am
>> very scary to watch this video thankfully no one was injured what happened. can you tell us more about this suspect in? >> i can tell you that -- our encounters with him in past i think may have been a drug related offense. and as -- [inaudible conversations] other than that i don't have much information on him. so sheriff, pick up story after he shot at your man there. we see him drive off. and then he was involved in another shootout shortly after that. right? >> yeah. the actual encounter was corporal thompson lasted 30 seconds. it was actually about 53 seconds whenever he finally left scene he had a passenger in the car that he dumped out a girlfriend. and then he left. he was encountered about 25, about 30 minutes later by an area of police agencies a pursuit took place which travel
4:28 am
ared through two major cities become through the city of spring dale twice, and during that pursuit there was probably another 40 rounds exchanged between the bad guy and law enforcement. in total i think approximately 80 rounds fired. if it was routine stop to get a ticket, why all of this? did you find out more information from him or from his girlfriend? >> that's the big question. one of the things that did cool out during that conversation was his big concern wasn't officer all right i'm sorry. none of that. it was do you think i'll be deported so i would have to believe that there was something in mind that as a result of that traffic stop if he didn't take action he was going to lose his status here in america. >> my goodness we have image of a that took brunt of those bullets holy cow. your man is so lucky to be alive.
4:29 am
what is the immigration status of this -- of this guy who did shooting? >> by immigration, and i'm not to all of their information at this time. that's really all i can say about it. it's their case from that point on of a the criminal charges were handled but you know that he's facing capital murder, amongst other charges so if found guilty here he'll be in prison before immigration will ever deal with it. >> tim sheriff out in washington county arkansas thank you verify for your time this morning. >> thank you, sheriff. thank you. thank you that was something. all right straight ahead president trump says he may shut down the federal government if senate doesn't give him money for border wall. is that a real threat? we're going to talk to councilman kellyanne conway about that, coming up next. first amazon now bernie sanders is going after a new target and it is wal-mart.
4:30 am
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4:34 am
>> slushy where i was. not in the city it was pretty. >> i made a tactical move i said it was going to turn to rain and i was not shoveling and i walked in the manager and it was again and i feel fresh. >> you saved those hour. i saved those hours. slept longer. show has more miles on it for another time. >> hope you're snug in your bed or getting up and going to work. jillian has got ton work with headlines. >> i have to say brian there was great point. [laughter] just way to save shovel there that was excellent. [laughter] >> no rust on his shovel get you caught up following on news trees may fighting for just the brexit deal battling for her job. several members of her conservative party sending letters requesting a vote of no confidence. those mp unhappy over the drastic brexit dale maine negotiated with eu and no
4:35 am
confidence vote as early as next week. check your refrigerator usda reveal turkey could be part of a salmonella outbreak more than 91,000 pounds now recalled. most of they will was used by dates between october first and second. the outbreak affecting 164 people across 35 states. 63 have been hospitalized. one person dieded in california. the nra now suing to block a new voter approved gun control measure in washington state. measure bans a sale of semi-automatic rifles to people under 21 as well as people who don't live in state if passed with 60% of the vote, it did pass with 60% of the vote last week. gun rights saying measure violates the second amendment. and notre dame football placing their famous gold pants for pinstripes undefeated fighting irish wear uniform when is they play syracuse tomorrow at yankees stadium in new york. oh, brian say they're going to lose where is the confidence gear is especially designed by
4:36 am
underarmour and features this same cursive writing that yankees have on their uniform. >> what a great tribute. syracuse having unbelievablier although undefeated number two in the nation because they almost beat clemps. >> that is for one gap muff to sell in open market and trade collectors edition. [laughter] >> thank you jillian we started this segment talking about weather and janice dean predigitted it yesterday, and now she's got a map with cold temperatures. >> that's very kind. we did get the forecast totals wrong in the northeast. my husband yesterday was shoveling and came in and said -- did you predict this amount of snow in our forecast on long island? and i, you know, just played in the snow here are your current temperatures you know cold as far as gulf coast 38 in jacksonville. 32 in cincinnati so cold air is in police and it was in place yesterday. so there was less time of the change overof the rain and sleet we have all snow event pretty much for some of the big cities
4:37 am
including d.c., up towards new york city. and boston there's the past 48 hours i mean we have snow, the earliest measurable snow in parts of the south. that was this is overachieving storm so now it will be out of the way over the next couple of hours that's the good news. we do have winter weather advisories still in place. but this heading into the weekend and next week things will be much calmer. and we will look forward to that for thanksgiving. all right steve ainsley brian back to you. >> thank you. thank you go to north lawn in white house of the president of the yiet joins us live with beautiful day down there. good morning to you. >> good morning. wepgdz that president met with some senators yesterday and talked a little bit if -- this funding bill coming up, and once again -- it doesn't sound like he's going to get money for the wall, and there's a possibility people are saying -- well in this case you said he was going to wait until after midterms midterm happen will there be a government shut down? >> keeping all options open he meads that clear.
4:38 am
one thing he made clear for three and a half years now that help hads him to win presidency indeed is that we're sovereign nation in need of physical borders. and i don't know ifst there's anything that he's been more king the on in last three and a half years. congress needs to act congress needs to act with wall funding but congress also needs to act on immigration. we now have a couple of judges in this country responsible for the immigration law for all of us. and congress has failed to act republican and failed to meet the president's very modest demand on ending lottery are system and ending chain migration to do a deal on daca and wall funding we see day in and day out that people are pouring over the borders poison the drugs that are coming through are southern border is unbelievable. the heroin, the cocaine, in addition to people coming not through one of the 26 legal ports of entry, or the not as
4:39 am
one of the 33 million who have immigranted here over the years. the president made clear to come here legally there's a process in place to do it. there are 26 ports of entry enter them. the dhs process a record 30,000 claims of fear last year claims credible fear last year. i mean we're doing all we can to brave men and women at the border we're doing all we can the the general mattis and secretary neil son just this week. you see some enhancements going on at the beard 1.6 billion is modest down payment for the security of this nation. j let's talk about what happened yesterday in the senate mitch mcconnell cut mat deal maker hmm and president are on somewhat of a role. what can you tell us could be in works we know about president role about building wall and also middle class tax cuts. either one of these thing on the table. >> it's all on the table but fact is that president also looking at getting more of the traditional and executive
4:40 am
nomination completed. he's had a record run on the -- district courts the u.s. circuit court, of course, true to united states supreme court. and that should go on with some dispatch with some. in addition executive nominations that will be going through the president is also talking about immigration lame duck. clearly, keeping this economy humming is always going to be a priority of his and voters responded in kind. speaking of judicial nominations you look at and will include bill nelson since he lost senate race in florida you have the four democratic senators who voted against kavanaugh who were up this time. that all four of them lost, nelson and mccaskill and hyde camp and donnelly and one prevailed so this is a continuing issue america is watching they don't like judge who is make it up as they go along. legislate on berchg and who are beholden to political calculations they want to continue the role as president has in the economy, and judicial
4:41 am
nominations as lame duck is good place for that to continue. >> so middle class tax cuts you say it is all on able now president -- >> and president that's right what he's very focused on -- continuing to give relief to people who work hard and look at this success at the first tax cut for middle class doubling the child care tax, deduction eliminating -- >> whether it will move forward kellyanne. that's up to congress look. i know that donald trump is -- is the son and moon and stars for a lot of folk miss this town congress needs to act. they can't just rely upon hem what's next what he's made clear what he'll sign and sign into law that has not reach ared a derveg and at least in next congress and we hear democrats make joyful noises about cooperation not confrontation about working with the president he is ready for that. they're having a devil of a time conceding election it is they lost ten days ago one, and two election their leadership. >> all right kellyanne regarding robert mueller investigation,
4:42 am
you know, word is that the president and his lawyers have been -- formulating some answers to some of the questions rudy had a sound bite yesterday a quote yesterday about how some of the questions are problematic essentially they're a trap. what can you tell us about that? >> i can tell you that this president and everyone around him has been nothing but 100% compliant for a year and a half now. millions and millions of dollars later, months and months later is.4 million pieces of paper 33 plus people having met with or complied with request from mueller team including the president of the united states. i'm not to this specific question we're walled off in that area and there's to rush of collusion, and he's also said that he is with his attorney so i can't comment furthering legal specific, except it is very important to note that people who promise because they are now
4:43 am
belly aching and complying let's go back to media pole that was released last week two data points 42% say they approve of the way mueller is handle aing investigation. 46% disapprove that's underwater. separate data point 41% of americans according to media polls 41% only say that the investigation is justified and 54% say the mueller investigation is politically motivated that public opinion that shifted. >> you can tell she used to be a professional pollster numbers right there. kellyanne thank you. have a great day. thank you. >> first amazon now bernie sanders is going after wal-mart stuart varney shops at wal-mart and is upset about about this because the lines aren't long and they have a lot of stuff. what makes this simple salad
4:44 am
the best simple salad ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at
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4:47 am
sanders has said his sights on wal-mart just in time for the holidays. he's introducing the so-called stop wal-mart bill which would block big employers from stocks buybacks unless they pay all of their employees 15 dollars an hour in hear reaction are to varney and company fox business network nine to noon. stewart you have a problem with this? >> i certainly do. don't want people to get paid more. don't badger me, brian. [laughter] point number one. politicians -- should not be legislating wages. when you do that, look with the seattle, saying you have to have 15 an hour minimum wage, you get fewer jobs. fewer in entry level jobs. if bernie sanders is successful in pressuring wal-mart same thing will happen. nower entry level jobs politicians should not legislate wages. second problem, politicians should not be telling businesses how they should invest their money. wal-mart is trying to compete with amazon got a big online
4:48 am
operation trying to compote they need capital to put into their online operation. who is bernie sanders to say, oh no you can't do that with your capital you have to give it to workers negative consequence pes and they don't understand that. so many jobs available right now if you don't like the pay that wal-mart is offering you can get a job somewhere else. wages are rising rapidly as they have rise incline last ten years a jobs out there if you want them. 7 million unfilled jobs at this point. the way to get higher wages is through a growing economy. not by legislation. >> working really hard and working your way up. i have a problem with socialism i don't to see it come here. >> i won't tell you what they said about walton family who founded wal-mart the family of wal-mart is wealthiest family in america where 180 billion dollars middle class taxpayers should not have to subsidize wal-mart horrendously low wakes to tune of 6.2 billion every year. point number one, mr. sanders is
4:49 am
correct that family that 7 descendents are worth collectively 174 billion dollars that is a great deal of municipal and make an easy target for the socialist at this world. but really -- i mean is this what you want? do you want to just -- did you want to direct where they put their money? because you think it should be going there? i just disagree with that entirely. >> to wal-mart for we all shop. i lot of going in there. brian labeled me a wal-mart shopper i am a wal-mart shopper because they got into diversity of products. they're so friendly when you walk in the door. >> they've gotten very low prices for heaven sake what's wrong with that? you can get everything in one stop. thank you very much miss an add for wal-mart i do shop there. i'm enthusiast i want to see wal-mart move with timeses that mean investing their money the way they see fit to grow their online operation to compete with amazon. stay ahead of the game. that's how you do it.
4:50 am
stuart varney we have to watch you from nine to noon fbn chop wood at the wood it shall over the weekend, right? >> i am indeed this weekend that's correct. >> inside joke? >> no i have a tree farm and i chop a lot of wood. [laughter] >> wonderful. like the walton family thank you very much. congressman steve scalise won a unanimous vote to remain house minority whip. he joins us live next hour. plus, black friday is is one week away but we have got hol had day shopping deal for you now like 50% off a news 80% off a new mattress ryan. yes that's coming up next. go jump on it.
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well the holiday shopping season is now underway with some of the hottest deals rolling out today so where can you find them? >> that lady there founder of shop and style amy here to give us great deals let's start over on the track. >> thanksgiving leftovers get a jump on your fitness routine this is i-22 -- 22 incline trainer this give use interactive personal training at home because it comes with their coach that give use access to personal trainers and thousands of workouts. what's the deal? and it's a 22 inch touch screen that is 30% off and regularly 39 .99 usually screens are small that is huge. you're working out with trainers and other people whenever you're doing that. >> come on back here. you have that -- and they have this -- this oven ready prime rib and ham post that comes with prime rib ham and fixings with poi as well this meal for 8 to 10
4:55 am
people 219 dollars and that's 47% less than if you bought each item individually so you can find that or stores. >> now, holiday season is also engagement season as you know, and health for dimes has 20% off this gormingous two carat pear shape engagement ring normally 59.99 through christmas eve, and when you spend more than 11.99 you get a free nintendo switch. so gifts that give gifts. if you want to call somebody to tell them there's a sale. you node a motorola. >> 5g that make it is easy this is fen and first 5g upgradeable phone. then 5c is ready it ?ans on there and you're good to go. yes 50% off this phone through the end of the year. exclues ofly through verizon and >> black friday we think of the tvs. >> door bussest but this one is
4:56 am
from best boy a 43 inch samsung 4k ultrahigh deaf smart tv not a door bust we are a good quantity so you don't have to get up superearly. >> they don't have just four, and 20 seconds to 24th at best boy and best >> finally right over here, after we have haded to you've watched television time to go to bed. >> mattress firm has this rest foam queen mattress the 99 now -- that's 80% off regular price you can actually get this next wednesday for their preblack friday sale, and then again black friday morning from 8 a.m. to noon. mattress something you have to wait for it to go on sale because no one gets excited about about boying mattress they always go on sale so this is the week. >> this is time to buy stuff. amy thank you so much. great job. all right coming up on our friday telecast breaking news out of georgia. the democrat in gerch's race may sue and try to force a brand new revote.
4:57 am
on that coming up. >> steve scalise is coming up here live. ♪ lilly. she pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress. but once a week i let her play sheriff so i can wash it. i use tide to get out those week old stains and downy to get it fresh and soft. you are free to go. .
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♪ >> the first-ever statewide hand recount, now underway. >> 100 tables. there are six people per table. they're only counting the overand undervotes. >> kamala harris under fire for drawing pair he will littles between i.c.e. and kk. >> is the i.c.e. in the same category as the kk is that what you're asking me? >> nancy pelosi facing resistance from democrats to become house speaker. >> the best thing for republicans to have her in that role. she reminds them why they don't like democrats. >> highlighting administration efforts to improve veteran care.
5:01 am
>> military veterans are the backbone of our nation. >> no president in modern history has made veterans and veteran issues top part of their campaign. >> that flag is raised. we thank him, and all the men and women who serve. ♪ brian: florida-georgia line bringing us into the final hour of the week. ainsley: great song. brian: appropriate. we want to get our shine on before the weekend. i like to upgrade a little bit from moonshine, thanks. we are talking still about election season, not election day and we have a fox news alert. ron desantis appears to be florida's next governor after andrew gillum gains only one vote in the recount by machine. but the democrat not conceding. ainsley: nope. the first-ever statewide hand
5:02 am
recount now underway for the hotly-contested senate race. steve: you're looking at it live. not far from there is griff jenkins. he is in lauder hill, florida, where the manuel votes are being counted. griff, who are the people behind you? reporter: people behind me, steve, headed in for the recount. ron desantis he will in all likelihood becoming next governor of florida. he leads andrew gillum in the recount by 33,000 votes. that is margin of 4.1%. gillum will not conceit yet. while our race fallen outside the window for manuel recount, we believe the election results are certified the state of florida must count every legal cast vote. you have to have .25 to get to the hand recount. desantis-gillum won't get. there. on tuesday we expect to the
5:03 am
state to certify governor ron desantis. this is the hand recount. they're going through training. it is about to begin. here is how it is set up. 100 tables. six people at tables. two election officials. four are lawyers, representatives of lawyer team. two democrat and two be republican. they count over and undervotes. they marked too much or too little. this is on every table. they're handing it out to all the people. there will be four bins on each table. over/undervotes will be decided on each table as cheerly republican or clearly democrat, clearly nobody marked it or green. canvasing board. green means go. the canvasing board. that means the republican and democrat representatives at table disagreed. that is contested ballot what the voter intent is. we hope this process, participated to be 30,000
5:04 am
overand undervotes here in broward to be decided upon. we'll find out what the legal challenges are, as the close senate race plays out. we expect the same thing in palm beach county. they're taking a little while to get there. steve: griff, the before you go the green one where canvasing board will figure out voter intent, have they hired a team of mind readers to figure this out? how do they know what the person intended? reporter: they look ovals to see each table, representatives, republicans or democrats, well that looks like a nelson or that looks like a scott. if there is disagreement. the canvasing board decides it, if the canvasing board decides something lawyers on either side disagree with. they could ask it to legal challenge. why florida took so long in 2000. >> entire table look at one ballot at time. not one person can lie, right? they're all looking at each ballot to determine what it is, not just one opinion.
5:05 am
reporter: that's correct. not how it looks. brian: if you can't do the ballot you shouldn't count the ballot. come on people. breaking story that stacey abrams campaign, governor's race in georgia is preparing unprecedented legal challenge in the governor's race. unresolved but brian kemp leads by 55,000 votes. they are claiming, they are claiming accusation that 50,000 new voter registrations were not counted. 200 polling places were closed and one in 10 georgia voters were taken from the rolls. steve: talking about disenfranchisement. she would not like to have a recount. she would like a revote which is unprecedented. we need a great legal mind. geraldo rivera is at our disposal right now. he joins us. as you can see, what do you think about, okay, she is way behind for the most part for all intents and purposes. now she is asking for a revote, a, not a recount, a revote.
5:06 am
>> although it appears she has lost to brian kemp, the secretary of state in georgia, 50 odd thousand votes, in georgia it is weird but the winner has to get above 50%. so my thinking was that her legal strategy was to show that kemp did not get over 50%. in florida, for instance, the desantis beat gillum, both of them had 49%. no one in florida went above 50% in the governor's race. if that were georgia, that would automatically trigger re-election. you have to vote again because neither party god over 50%. abrams was trying to show that kemp won maybe, but didn't win 50%. but there should be whole second election. my prediction in the florida
5:07 am
governor, florida governor and senate, it will be apit appeared on election day. for all the noise, sound, fury, all the lawyers, remember a lawyer's job in an election context, minimize your opponent's vote while maximizing your own vote. they're not in it for truth. they're in it for a partisan result. that is gums it up, army of lawyers. brian: what about responsibility. critical of president trump, if i lose pennsylvania, there has to be something underhanded going on. now all of sudden, cory booker, hillary clinton as well as sherrod brown, who wants to be the democratic nominee, if this was a above-board vote, stacey abrams would be the governor. essentially saying brian kemp cheated without providing any proof of that these are three of the highest profile democrats out there. how irresponsible is that in your mind? >> it's grotesquely irresponsible. i just want to give an aside.
5:08 am
you mentioned sherrod brown, my senator here in ohio who defied the, you know the odds of all democrats losing in ohio, he won. he is a very formidable candidate, i believe, maybe the leading candidate although he hasn't got much press outside of ohio, i think sherrod brown will be the leading democratic contender in the early stages of that contest. in terms of criticizing the electoral process it is almost traditional for someone who is winning to say oh, that person who is challenging is undermining the electoral process. shame on them. until it becomes them who are on the short end of the stick, they say, oh, no, you have got got to challenge this. our whites have been violated. our rights have been circumvented, we didn't get equal opportunity. they challenge when they lose. these are very, very close races. georgia and florida are
5:09 am
basically 50/50 states. they're tied. you need an infallible voting process and machinery. we don't have that. we have an ad hoc, patchwork, county by county system that defies logic. it is anti-intellectual. it is rife with the opportunity for subjective input and i think that is why you're not getting any kind of confident result. but i think you will to in this case, i repeat, i think in georgia it is settled. kemp will be the governor. desantis in florida, and i think, former governor -- ainsley: let's move on. talk about senator kamala harris, during the confirmation hearing for ron vitiello, heading to the i.c.e. agency she had an exchange with him that is is.
5:10 am
listen to this, we'll get your reaction. >> are you aware of the perception of many, of how the power and discretion at i.c.e. is being used to enforce the laws? do you see any parallels. i do not see any pair elles -- >> talking about perception. talking about perception? >> i do not see a parallel between what is constitutionally mandated as it relates to enforcing the law -- >> are you aware there is a perception -- are you aware there is perception. >> to put i.c.e. in the same category as the kkk. ainsley: what is your reaction? >> kamala harris is way too savvy, way too experienced, way too smart to try to compare a group of federal law enforcement agents with a racist, violent, terrorist organization. like people who compare others to nazis. i can't stand it. it is appalling. she should apologize to the i.c.e. agents right now. they have nothing in common with
5:11 am
the kkk. and to suggest that, to raise that specter of violent, racist, terrorism as being the motivating force behind american immigration enforcement is really beyond the pale. that is not politics. that's slander. she should apologize right now to those i.c.e. agents. i have my own problems with i.c.e. enforcement and removal. i think sometimes the dark of night i don't like it but has nothing to do with these, you know, these historical, obscenities that she is invoking for a cheap political thrill. steve: apologize, geraldo says. thank you very much for joining us from your new hometown of cleveland, aye. thank you, sir. ainsley: good to see you. brian: i remember when he used to live in new jersey. steve: still has a house. brian: i don't have to remember that far back. ainsley: thoughts from brian. he remembers when he lived in new jersey. brian: i knew geraldo then. jillian: that is great story. tell the story again.
5:12 am
[laughter]. while i'm doing headlines, so here is a look what is going on in the east coast. this weather has been really extreme. the east coast first snowstorm of the season claiming at least seven lives. this is a live look at the cleanup in philadelphia where the city had its biggest november snowfall in three decades. the storm causing a mess on the george washington bridge in new york city. airlines forced to cancel or delay more than six thousand flights. some passengers in boston had to sleep on the floor and baggage carousels. wow. also breaking an american citizen held in north korea for months will be deported. the man pure period of time he hadly illegally entered the country from china. no other details have been released. state media reported that north korea is testing ultramod den technical weapon. despite promises to scale back their testing. details about the weapon is unclear. among the presidential medal
5:13 am
freedom honor east, elvis presley, babe ruth, late supreme court justice antonin scalia. the award recognizes americans who have made a significant contribution or impact to the united states. brian: babe ruth? what took so long? come on. when you have to put the picture, black and white, you know it has been too long. steve: probably right. jillian thank you. fox news alert. president trump is set to head to california tomorrow as the devastation from the raging wildfires grows by the hour. we're live on the ground there next. ainsley: the story everyone is talking about. a couple and a homeless man, they team up to rip off the public in a huge gofundme scam. we have the text messages that helped police crack the case. ♪ newest robot vacuum. it powerfully cleans from floors to carpets, even pet hair, with ease, and now for cleaning surfaces
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♪ ♪ you... keep doing you. we'll take care of medicare part d. by helping you save up to five dollars on each prescription, and with free one-on-one pharmacy support, we've filled over 2 billion prescriptions and counting. stop by walgreens and save today. walgreens. trusted since 1901. ainsley: we are back with a fox news alert. at least 66 people confirmed dead, more than 600 missing as wildfires pave a path of destruction in california. brian: the president of the united states will get a first-hand look at the devastation. he will be out there tomorrow. steve: jeff paul is live in malibu, california, as the winds start to die down a little bit, right, jeff?
5:18 am
reporter: yeah, they are and crews are starting to lift some evacuation orders. we're getting a better idea how vast the damages are here in southern california and the north part of the state. that is where there is a desperate search this morning for hundreds of unaccounted people as a result of that camp fire. authorities along with volunteers have been searching through the wreckage looking for any remains in a fire that wiped out the entire town of paradise, california. 631 people are considered unaccounted for. the official death toll sitting at 63. that death toll likely to rise with so many still missing. secretary of interior ryan zinke touring hard hit spots with governor jerry brown where both men say something has to change. >> it is unsustainable to have this happen year after year or have a season like this where you have 100,000-acre fires becoming routine. we're a great nation. this is not a republican or
5:19 am
democrat issue. this is an american issue. we should address it as such. reporter: the president is scheduled to visit california tomorrow. we're expecting more details. this visit comes days after the president sent out a tweet criticizing the state for for poor forest management. he softened the language by saying god bless the fire victims. steve: jeff paul in malibu. thank you very much. ainsley: democrats are divided with nancy pelosi. that is not the only battle within the party. they are far apart on the agenda and how to investigate president trump as well. so will they be able to govern? steve: you've seen the videos before, a doorbell, we were talking about, a doorbell catching a man coming up to a home. this up with has a twist that will make you smile. ♪
5:20 am
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at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. ♪ brian: quick headlines now. michael avenatti is still considering a presidential run despite being arrested for domestic violence according to "usa today" which is free in most hotels. the attorney for stormy daniels denies the charge. and beto o'rourke blogging about a run he took near the u.s. capitol. now many people are speculating it could be a hint about a white house run. in his post o'rourke quotes abraham lincoln, the only american to lose a senate race to win the presidency two years later. ainsley. ainsley: thank you, brian.
5:24 am
a growing number of house democrats are saying no to nancy pelosi as the house speaker. >> the american people sent a very strong message in the election last week. that we want new approaches to politics and new leaders in washington. >> i believe in change. so i'm supporting change snobbier going to bring change. the people want change. you know, this is the establishment versus change. ainsley: from their leadership to their agenda to division within the party, are democrats going to be able to get anything done? here to debate republican strategist liz copeland and democratic strategist chris hahn. thankthank you for being here. liz, start with you, the democrats can't agree whether or not they're socialist or more moderate. whether they agree to impeach the president, will they be able to get anything done? >> that is a very good question. i doubt they will get anything done. the gloves are off. the infighting has already began.
5:25 am
nancy pelosi has been decided by seven teen members of the house pub hickly are not going to support her. five members saying privately they will not support her. many members ran telling voters they will not support her when they got there. marcia fudge is pending opposition to be speaker. never before have you seen this type of division an infighting before they're even sworn in. ainsley: kristin what do you think will happen? will it be the speaker? will it be nancy? >> i think the leadership elections, they're happening next week. would i like to make the point that we, we won a pretty decisive victory in the house last week. and that was due to a lot of common sense, moderate democrats winning their races. those are people like abigail spam berger in virginia and these members talked about working across the aisle to get things done. remember there is republican senate. in order to get anything done the democrats will have to work
5:26 am
with the republicans and vice versa. ainsley: you have 17 individuals in the house that are democrats saying they don't want nancy pelosi to be the speaker of the house and they are throwing their support behind marcia fudge. listen to what nancy pelosi said about the resistance within her own party. >> election were held today on the house floor do you have the votes to be elected speaker. >> yes. >> what do you make of marcia fudge trying to challenge, considering a challenge? >> say to everybody. come on in the water's warm. ainsley: liz, she went on to say, that most of these were men were signing that letter, that were saying they didn't want her to be speaker. she is using the gender card. what was your reaction? >> i think it is interesting that she says for everyone to come on in, the water is warm. reality is, nancy pelosi knows that shes had a pretty strong handle on her caucus in washington, d.c. they say she rules with a iron fist and velvet glove. she has a certain touch.
5:27 am
it is interesting, my colleague on the left says that a lot of republican, i mean representatives who came into congress are common sense. but you think about alexandria ocasio-cortez, who is joining protesters, 200 protesters inside of the office of not only another member of congress but another member within her party, one who holds leadership, i don't think one, that is common sense, that speaks to collaborative approach to what we want congress to do which is govern. ainsley: do you agree with liz? >> i agree with her assessment. i do not agree, i think aoc, those people are calling her, is representative the majority of our caucus. there is a lot of attention on her for a lot of different reasons and she won her district which is great but there are many, many more of the people that i'm talking about that want to work with the president, that want to work with the other side of the aisle. ainsley: aoc, hadn't heard that one. thanks so much. liz, kristen, appreciate you being with us.
5:28 am
have a great weekend. members of the caravan protesting at the border and requesting asylum. some admitting they want to overwhelm border patrol agents. chief agent rodney scott says there is a crisis happening now. he joins us next. plus a group of firefighters jump into action to save a choking baby. the heroic rescue caught on camera. every baby can have the freedom to move their way in pampers cruisers with three-way fit. they adapt at the waist, legs and bottom for our driest best fitting diaper. pampers if you're waiting patiently for a liver transplant, it could cost you your life. it's time to get out of line with upmc.
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♪ brian: the my grant caravan already making a request for asylum as more groups plan to enter the united states. ainsley: what can migrants expect when they cross over? steve: chief patrol agent, san diego sector, u.s. border patrol rodney scott joins us out in san diego.
5:32 am
>> thank you, for having me this morning. steve: give us an update. we're reporting at least one part of the caravan, 800 people are south of where you are in san diego, in tijuana. give us an update on their plan to ask for asylum or just to ask whether or not we'll let them in. >> so you're correct, we've been monitoring the caravans for a few weeks now as they come up through honduras, guatemala and mexico. we've been monitoring the violent tactics that they use that is very unique. they started arriving in tijuana earlier this week. first group was about 90. next day, about 340. then another group of about 800. we saw them start to use some of the same tactics when they arrived in tijuana, on the beach, on the border friends, starting to tear apart infrastructure. we've been preparing for a couple weeks now. we've surged in resources. the department of defense has been helping us harden the border. what that really means, using concertina wire.
5:33 am
making it harder to enter between the ports of entry. we're staffing up ports of entry that we're ready and not overwhelmed by a bunch of people crossing the border. >> are you ready? they do want to overwhelm. this guy interviewed by time magazine, he says they plan to all against one, all against one, all of central america against one, and one against central america and trump against all, and trump against all. they want to overwhelm. they want to come in at one time. how will you prevent them from doing that? >> i think that rhetoric is telling what makes these caravans different than the ones in the past. but we've been getting ready before this actually happened. we have nearly eight miles of new border wall constructed here in san diego. that construction is ongoing. so that creates some vulnerabilities for us. that is what the department of defense is helping us put in place. i have a great relationship with the u.s. attorney here though. anybody that crosses the border between the ports of entry amenable to prosecution we will
5:34 am
charge them with illegally entering the united states. the president's proclamation recently enacted or put out as interim rule, you will be ineligible for asylum if you illegally cross between the ports of entry. part of it is our messaging and part is our response. we have shifted several hundred border patrol agents into the area. we have better technology than we've had in years. we unfortunately had to pull people from other areas along the border where they were gainfully employed. we'll not let pimas across the border here in san diego. brian: couple of things. show video. it is not your sector. important sector of yuma, arizona. they see the barbed wire, coming with cutters, they are cutting away. back what you noticed, you notice violence. so the caravan members that have already gotten into tijuana, you noticed they're a violent group? >> i wouldn't say they all are, but anytime you have massive numbers of people, worst actors leverage that for cover, if you will. so within hours of the first couple of groups, coming we had
5:35 am
clashes at the border. we had people throwing rocks and bottles across at agents. some that was video out of borderville state park on the beach. a few people getting up on the fence to start to cut the wire. however two of them i will highlight. one ended being individual from guatemala with extensive criminal history prior in the u.s. he was arrested by mexicans and being deported back to guatemala. i have a great partnership with my counterparts to the south. they're helping me out to the extent they can to take out bad actors. this is a multipronged approach. steve: mr. scott, real briefly, do you have any idea how many of the migrants that you heard about intend to ask for asylum versus just want to come to the united states? >> so i can't give you a real number but i did meet with mexican counterparts yesterday. i know here in tijuana that the government met with a large group of migrants that showed up.
5:36 am
they offered them shelter. they offered them some assistance. a few, primary family groups did take that assistance. mexico is also offered them asylum. few are having those conversations but they were a little disappointed a large portion of the group refused to go to a local shelter. they didn't want a curfew overnight. they said the same thing you said a minute ago. they intended to wait for others and mass across the border. ainsley: rodney, we heard that the moms and kids are going to shelters in tijuana and a lot of men were sleeping outside and on beaches because the shelters were getting full. what percentage are you seeing moms and kids versus men? >> i have seen the same reports you have. but we, what we physically seen face-to-face, most of the videos i've seen, these groups are primarily adult males. there are definitely families mixed in, well over 50% are just single adults.
5:37 am
they would have, excuse me, they would have a more challenging asylum claim. steve: rodney scott, chief san diego sector patrol agent. ainsley: thanks for what you do, rodney. >> thank you for having me on. brian: breaking news on wikileaks. jillian has that and more. jillian: fox news alert. wikileaks responding to the possible indictment against julian assange from the u.s. assange's attorney says the notion is quote, incredibly dangerous precedent and a grave violation of press freedoms. documents filed in virginia saying doj is preparing charges under seal but a district court spokesperson says assange's name was not intended to be included in the filing. a homeless veteran and a couple face up to 10 years in prison for allegedly fooling the nation to get rich quick. prosecutors say they made up a story about the homeless vet spending his last 20 bugs on gas for the woman who was stranded on the side of the road, leading
5:38 am
to a gofundme page that took in more than $400,000. it is believed they met each other at least a month earlier. investigators finding text messages between kaitlin mcclure and a friend, reading quote, the goose part is completely made up but the guy isn't. i had to make something up to make people feel bad. watch this a terrified mother runs over to her choking infant to an arkansas fire station begging for someone to save his life. you can see a firefighter slapping the child's back working frantically to free his airway. the first responder said the baby was completely blue. it took 15 seconds to get the baby breathing again. we're happy to report he is doing just fine. what a hero. a moment of kindness caught on camera. a man spotted on home surveillance returning a lost wallet in washington, d.c. >> usually when you lose your wallet in the city. it is gone. so sometimes your identity and
5:39 am
credit cards, those kind of things can haunt you for a while. so i'm extremely grateful. i know i'm really lucky. jillian: the woman hopes someone will recognize the man. she wants to say thank you. those are the headlines. don't you love these good samaritan stories. ainsley: found the wallet, went to her mailbox. brian: all good news and bad news. jillian, your life's con ram a. welcome. steve: so is janice dean. she joins us with the foxcast. i like the headline, snow-vember. janice: we hit a record in central park. heaviest snowfall in november, the second heaviest snow fall in november. with the snow totals we out did ourselves here. a foot in pennsylvania. close to a foot in connecticut. we're not done with this storm
5:40 am
yet. we'll watch it for the next couple hours into tonight. it will be out of here which is great news but of course we had quite a trying day especially on the northeast. roads were not treated. a lot of folks were on the roads many hours trying to get home. but things are looking better. i saw sunshine out on 4th and sixth which is great. here is the forecast for today. once we get the storm out of the way, a little bit of lake-effect snow. northern rockies, northern plains that is where we could see our next clipper system, a quick-moving storm will not last a long time but it will bring a little bit of snow. the west coast, the good news we'll see a little bit of rain into the forecast heading into next week. here is a look ahead to your thanksgiving day. that is of course happening this week. next week, rather. and the good news is, it looks very quiet with seasonal, seasonal temperatures. so no storms in the forecast right now. but we will certainly keep an eye on it. ainsley: i like that dancing
5:41 am
turkey. janice: dancing turkey friday. steve: janice dean the weather machine. president trump says he may shut down the government if congress doesn't give him enough money for the border wall. we'll talk about house majority whip steve scalise. brian: a special edition of "cooking with friends." steve doocy making a family favorite from his cookbook. is steve doocy here for the segment. ainsley: i heard he is coming in. steve: he is tough to book. brian: i don't see him in the green room. you know why? he is on the set. ♪
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5:44 am
♪ brian: counselor to the president kellyanne conway hitting congress for not fixing america's immigration issues. >> republican and democratic congresses frankly have failed to meet the president's very
5:45 am
modest demands ending visa lottery system, ending chain migration. he was willing to do a deal on daca, the dreamers as you know. one the centerpieces of wall funding, $1.6 billion is the modest down payment for the security of this nation. steve: here is reaction congressman steve scalise, house majority whip, author of back in the game, one gunman, countless heroes and the fight for my life. he joins from us the nation's capitol. mr. scalise, good morning to you. >> good morning. great to be with you all. steve: we've been hearing for years the president wants to build a wall. the approved $5 billion. senate, 1.6. sounds like the house wants to build the wall more than republicans in the senate? >> i agree with kellyanne that more needs to be done. we're working with president trump on border. more needs to be done. you see with the caravan there are big threats to national
5:46 am
security and big loopholes need to be closed too. some she talked about. the lottery makes absolutely no sense where thousands of people are let in, literally the names are plucked out of a hat. it should be a merit-based system. that is what president trump wants. that is what i would like to see. we have a few weeks left to get it done. brian: it is lame-duck session. you have a majority in the senate. what is going behind the scenes, anything? >> there are a lot of negotiations going on. we've been working with the white house and the senate trying to get some type of agreement that addresses what president trump wants to see in terms of both funding for the border wall as well as closing so many loopholes. so we're going to keep working. hopefully we get an agreement. we need one to get our nation secured, much stronger than it is today. ainsley: what do you think about this resistance against nancy pelosi? these never nancys that signed this letter and she is saying most of them are men. she is saying that is not fair.
5:47 am
what do you think about all this? >> i think you're see agroing opposition to nancy pelosi within her own democrat ranks. you saw during the campaign there were a lot of people who flipped seats from republican to democrat, that ran not saying that they wanted to resist the president and to impeach the president, they ran practically saying that they're pro-life and progun and against nancy pelosi. there will be important votes to come up to tell whether or not they will keep their word. a lot of people will be watching. brian: do you think he will deliver republican votes like the president said he will do to make sure she is the next speaker? do you see republicans rallying to make sure she passes? >> i wouldn't want to see us get in the way of internal deliberations going on in the house. brian: what if the president asked you? >> what a politician? >> i don't think the president will make a direct ask. i'm sure he is watching it closely as well. steve: steve scalise, joining us live. congratulations on your election. ainsley: back in the game.
5:48 am
brian: the book is unbelievable. >> i'm just trying to -- brian: so much new in the book, that people think they know the story but in the book it tells the true story, how your struggle for life, how everyone rallied around you, your relationship with bono. now i'm jealous of you. >> there is a lot here, a lot to be inspirational. there is much crazy stuff with politics and division. this story is about unity and everyone deals with diversity in life, to see something have a happy ending. a lot of miracles from god. a lot of heroes he document back in the game. how president trump and melania came to the hospital, really helped console my wife and kids during the tough times. steve: read all about it. a great gift for christmas. >> great being with all of you. brian: you followed him, followed him for a day at the baseball game. steve: i was there the night he hit the ball, first pitch. brian: made a great play at
5:49 am
second base. ainsley: life is so precious. can't wait to read the book. you read it. steve too it is very good. brian: up next, a exclusive. thanksgiving at the doocy household, not told by somebody else but by steve doocy who he met. his new cookbook is out. he is going to florida to talk about it. we'll talk about all those things. there is the coauthor, cathy.
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5:52 am
>> good morning. coming up we'll have the latest on those california wildfires. 66 people confirmed dead. more than 600 still missing. president trump will make his way there to see the devastation for himself. in florida broward county missing recount deadline by two minutes. what does that mean? what happens next? plus a zare van of migrants making its way closer to the
5:53 am
u.s. border. we'll have joni ernst, newt gingrich, pam bondi, sean spicer and more. join us this friday morning live in "america's newsroom," top of the hour. ♪ ainsley: brian, you have to do all the talking. brian: special edition of "cooking with friends." ainsley, are you going to talk? ainsley: no, i'm going to eat. it's friday. i'm hungry, the house everyone is focusing on, chef steve doocy's house, pulling out rest -- recipes from the cookbook. your favorite dinner is? steve: in the cookbook, reason we're doing this today, people can get the book before thanksgiving. alan thicke, brian and i played tennis with him, they gave brian
5:54 am
and i the tonya and alan recipe. you cook with vermouth. you drain it day before stuff it with oranges. brian: how do they close up the neck hole? steve: miracle of turkeys. brian: wow. >> we have my wife's world famous stuffing. come on over here. brian: ted. steve: everybody loves this. this is cathy's cranberry sauce. ainsley: that is delicious. i want more. steve: ted, get a little closer. "dr. oz"'s. brian: he doesn't want to get any closer. steve: dr. oz's sweet potatoes with pomegranate. brian: sarah huckabee sanders -- steve: famous bourbon chong late pecan pie. brian: that is unbelievable. you know what? steve: down there you have our sound guy's carmel apple bless many by --
5:55 am
[applause] janice: why does he only get the round of applause. brian: i have never met tobin. steve: they are only in the cookbook. pick it up today at amazon or barnes & noble. they will get it for you for next thursday for thanksgiving. tonight my wife and i will be in down in orange park, florida. we'll be at the books-a-million there at 7:00. tomorrow barnes & noble, colonial plaza mall in orlando, saturday at 3:00. sunday barnes & noble in palm beach gardens at 1:00 in the afternoon. brian: steve this whole thing is brought to you by cuisinart. thank the people for putting it together. ainsley: thanksgiving meal at your house, this will be a part of it? steve: this is what we have every year. ainsley: really? all of it? steve: what is your favorite. ainsley: the turkey mixed and we like tobin's. [applause] i like everything.
5:56 am
>> this pecan pie is really good. brian: i love body organs. the little pocket of things you pull out of carcass. ainsley: you like the bag of stuff in the turkey? steve: they were not included. my wife -- anyway, thank you very much for supporting "the happy cookbook". brian: go meet him in person. steve: we'll be there. brian: and cathy. >> thank you so much for being alive. ♪
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at upmc, living-donor transplants put you first. so you don't die waiting. upmc does more living-donor liver transplants than any other center in the nation. find out more and get out of line today. she pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress. but once a week i let her play sheriff so i can wash it. i use tide to get out those week old stains and downy to get it fresh and soft. you are free to go. tide and downy together. >> if you would like all of this at your house for
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thanksgiving, get the happy cookbook today. >> great job. >> good job, steve. >> buy the cookbook. >> sandra: the situation in california get pg more dire as we're learning 66 people are confirmed dead. more than 600 others still missing. good morning, everyone, i'm sandra smith. >> jon: good morning. i'm jon scott in for bill hemmer. authorities warning there could be more grim discoveries to come as they comb through neighborhoods that have been reduced to ash and rubble. the fires displacing tens of thousands of people, many uncertain when or if they will be able to return home. >> considering i'm an old lady, i'm hoping to go back. i


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