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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  November 16, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. make a great weekend. "the story" guest hosted by ed henry starts right now. hey, ed. ed: bret, have a great weekend and breaking tonight. ♪ ed: nancy pelosi keeping her friends close and potential enemies a bit closer tonight meeting face to face on the hill with the woman emerging as the most talked about potential contender to take her on in the race for the speaker's gavel as some democrats are declaring it's time for not just women but a woman of color to get a prominent spot in the congressional leadership. >> i'm hearing from ladies and tons and tons of people there is a great deal of hope and excitement about the fact that there could be new leadership. ed: wow, new leadership. i'm ed henry in for martha maccallum. if congresswoman martha fudge does run it would further complicate pelosi's already shaky quest for the gavel while several members of the crucial congressional
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black caucus have expressed their support early on for pelosi, some now say they are quote unquote waiting to see what happens in the wake of fudge's potential run. this as a growing list of democrats riff to fall in line as the week began with newcomers like alexandria ocasio-cortez staging a sit know outside the former speaker's office ending with freshman and veteran lawmakers alike airways to voice their concerns about pelosi being the face and voice of her party. >> one of the things that i talk about frequently on the campaign trail was the need to have new voices in congress, the need to turn the new page. >> if we answer that call for new leadership by reinstalling the same status quo, establishment leadership, that we have had in this party since 2006, then we are letting down the american people. ed: our chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live on capitol hill again with where pelosi stands tonight. good evening, mike. >> ed, good evening to you as ohio congressman martha fudge considers whether to run for speaker of the house, she made this
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comparison between house democrats and the national football league lowly's cleveland browns. >> the browns have the same team today that they had three weeks ago. we changed culture and they started to win. same people. >> sometimes you just need a different voice. sometimes you just need a different kind of a vision, but i want to be clear that i have not said anything negative about nancy. i think she is a very, very good leader. fudge's flirtation with running has put house democrats in an awkward spot. karen bass. hakim jeff ryes sheila jackson lee say they are still behind pelosi but black caucus sounds intrigued about the possibility of fudge for speaker. >> i'm not anti-pelosi. not at all. i consider the speaker to be a very talented speaker, remarkable speaker. i consider her to be a friend. but i'm closer to march sexual harassment if marcia
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ran, that's where i would be. >> pelosi says she intends to win the speakership with democratic votes and suggests she has overwhelming support but she appears to have a math problem with at least 17 democrats saying they will not support her. pelosi and fudge met for 45 minutes today with pelosi saying, quote: we had a candid and respectful conversation. after that fudge said she was heading back to ohio to consider whether she will run. >> decide after thanksgiving. how soon should we expect to hear from you on your decision. >> after thanksgiving. >> well, that could be months after -- >> -- oh, no, no, no, it wouldn't be. i mean literally after thanksgiving. >> if fudge decides to run, time is precious. after all house democrats are expected to vote for the next speaker by secret ballot in just 12 days, ed? >> have a good weekend. meanwhile, lisa booth and richard fowler both are fox news contributors. they are here tonight. good evening both of you. >> hey, ed.
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ed: richard, i'm struck by comparcomparison to cleveland browns. going back to 2016 they have won only four games is that the best analogy for democrats tonight? >> i'm not sure that's the best analogy. here what happens we do know. i think -- here's the thing. whether it's nancy pelosi or marcia fudge they would both be incredible speakers. if nancy pelosi is going to have to win this she will have to make a couple of changes. she said recently in on another network one thing her father taught her the former mayor of baltimore have you got to know how to count. she knows how to count. here are. so changes she has to make. one come up with a concession plan. do what the republican caucus did and create term limits for chairperson manships three diversify her leadership team. right now a lot of folks on leadership team probably qualify for medicare. and that's going to have to change. i think if she makes those changes, i think she could probably seat speaker's mantel once again making her the first female speaker and
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first female to regain the gavel. ed: there is a lot to unpack there start with the diversity question. conservatives have long criticized pelosi and other leaders for playing identity politics. i wonder when a democrat like seth molten said we need more women including women of color in congressional leadership. is that game of identity politics sort of boomeranging on the democratic leadership now. >> potentially that's going to be nancy pelosi has to deal with it this wrangling that she is already trying to do to get the speaker's gavel any indication what this next congress is going to look like she is in a lot of trouble. one thing that is really interesting, remember what we seen with the house freedom caucus and the difficulty of speaker ryan trying to keep republicans in line. nancy pelosi is going to have the same problem with the progressive caucus and estimates show they will have around 90 members this next congress. that is a very big voting block. for nancy pelosi try to exert power particularly with the republican controlled senate and donald trump in the white house as a republican, she is going
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to need to keep her caucus in line. that's going to be really difficult for her next congress. that's what i'm interested in watching next congress. i think she is going to have a really difficult time on her hand. ed: richard, can you weigh in on that. you mentioned the word diversity. i'm interested. you said they need to diversify the leadership. as you know there is already an african-american man in the democratic leadership. jim clyburn, a long-time democratic lawmaker and he seems upset by the way that there has been whisper campaign among democrats not republicans to push her out. someone came to me over the weekend and told me that they heard when i was whip before as in majority whip when the democrats were in charge i was a figure head. the suggestion that as the only black member of the leadership team he was a token and not an effective leader was tantamount to, quote. what clyburn says were the little dog whistles that have been floating around this side for a long time. what in the world is happening if democrats, according to jim clyburn are
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using racist dog whistles to suggest he has been a figure head? >> i was talking about more so diversity in age, right? we have a caucus that have very young. youngest members in conditioning now is on the democratic side whether it's lauren underwood from illinois who is the youngest african-american in the caucus. to alexandria ocasio-cortez the youngest person in congress, period. ed: sure. >> we need to diversify in age and also need to diversify how the caucus looks. weave have the first native american woman elected to congress. we have the first lesbian native elected to congress. ed: i appreciate all of that, richard, but you didn't answer the question. >> i think to make that a reality the caucus has to look more like both caucuses and leadership structures both the democrat and republican structure have to look more like the american people. so, if you look at the census, that would be 13 or 14% african-american, 13% or 14% latino, just representing how the american people look. ed: you didn't answer my question directly. you already have an
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african-american leader in the leadership. it's not a good look for the democratic party that even jim clyburn is claiming that people are trying to push him out? >> like i said i think nancy pelosi has a larger problem when it comes to diversifying her caucus leadership overall. i think clyburn has been a very effective leader and his results speak for themselves. if people are trying to run him out on a whisper campaign they're making a huge mistake jim clyburn is one of the most effective legislatures i would argue in american history. lisa talk about we having problems with our caucus we have learned from the republicans somebody from the congressional caucus is running to be in the leadership and all likelihood pointing to the fact they will win. >> it doesn't sound like you are together though. >> move and invisibles have already endorsed nancy pelosi. lisa: doesn't sound like you are together. one thing interesting to watch on the left the democrats or at least the establishment have always done a really good job of keeping their progressive wing of the party under wraps and controlling it i think they have ever since
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hillary clinton lost, who is obviously an establishment figure and also the appearance that the dnc was in the tank for hillary clinton against bernie sanders, now you have got a bunch of progressives that are exerting power. you had a lot of increase of progressives running in primary and democrats had a difficult time keeping those primaries under wrap. i actually think you have a big problem on your hands on the left of keeping progressives under control. i think it's going to be tough for nancy pelosi if she does get the speaker's gavel to keep them in line. ed: go ahead, richard. >> here's the difference between the democratic party and the republican party. when it comes to the issues, democrats fund mentionly agree we believe all americans who have pre-existing coverage could be covered. >> you don't agree on who should be speaker. >> we agree we should invest in public education. we agree prescription drugs should be affordable to everybody. >> single pair? ed: lisa, jump in now. they can push all those bills whether it's single pair payer whatever.
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they have increased majority in the senate. the bills they pass they still have to get a consensus, aren't they. >> those things aren't going to happen. at least what progressives want single pair. that's not going to happen with a republican controlled senate and president trump in the white house. republicans have more power than democrats do at this time. the way that democrats are going to try to exert power or use their leverage is primarily going to be around spending bills. that's when they will be able to try to exercise their power look at debt ceiling increases and things of that nature. that's when you will need to see nancy pelosi needing to keep her house in line to try to get concession from republicans. >> one point to remember in this past election 7 million more americans voted for democrats than republicans. i think republicans would be very -- >> -- you haven't controlled the house since 2010, richard, and we won the senate in 2014 and the white house in 2016, my friend. >> and if you guys want to retain the house and regain suburban republicans. >> congratulations on finally winning. >> maybe you guys should care about pre-existing conditions like we do.
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>> congratulations on finally winning. >> it's because we care about pre-existing conditions. ed: okay you care about that. >> we care about that and the economy. thank you. ed: remember when everyone was claiming brett kavanaugh would lay low on few first months on the bench? turns out that's not the case. what happened last night when he stepped back into the spotlight when karl rove joins me live next. ♪ ♪ liberty mutual accident forgiveness
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into your xfinity x1 voice remote. a guy just dropped this off. he-he-he-he. ♪ >> the sanctions are on. the missiles have stopped. the rockets have stopped. the hostages are home. the great heroes have been coming home. i probably left singapore four or five months ago and we made more progress in that four or five months than they have made in 70 years. ed: last week president trump certainly sounded confident that north korea was not working on new missiles. now the regime appears to be testing the u.s., sending very mixed messages. today, north korea announcing vaguely that had it tested a quote, unquote, newly developed ultra modern weapon. but hours later it released a u.s. citizen accused of trying to illegally enter north korea about a month ago. all this as the u.s. remains
4:16 pm
publicly optimistic about nuclear talks with the north. >> we are in the process of planning another summit between president trump and chairman kim. ed: joining me live michael waltz congress republican elect from florida and counter-terrorism advisor to vice president dick cheney. good evening congressman elect. >> good evening, thanks, ed, appreciate it. ed: what do you make about this announcement from north korea about ultra modern weapon? how significant is it? >> i don't think we know what to make. i will tell you just from my perspective i'm increasingly growing very concerned. i was close to the six party talks when i worked in the bush administration and saw what could happen when the north koreans can drag us along. make no mistake, ed, their missile engineers, they haven't been taking a vacation the last year. they have been busy little bees. if we remember when they were testing, they got the icbm in the air and all they
4:17 pm
have to do is perfect its reentry capability to be able to strike the united states. and then secondly, we have left the sanctions in place but sanctions are only as good as the enforcement mechanism. and i don't think for a second kept up the pressure like where we have them diplomatically a year ago. so i'm increasingly growing concerned and i think it's also worth remembering that secretary pompeo when he was cia director last year estimated we had about one year until they perfected that missile capability. i think that's about where we are now. so, you know, where are we going with all of this? ed: are you afraid then that singapore would -- that the president mentioned the summit that i attended and covered, that was a stall tactic and they made nice, the north koreas an now they are inching closer to doing something dramatic? >> no. i think the president was absolutely right on in having the singapore summit. you know, what we have tried
4:18 pm
hasn't worked for decades and decades, trying something unconventional i think was absolutely right. and then it also, look, if we do one day have to go to the military option, he needs to be able to look at the american people and at the congress and say that he absolutely left it all on the table and tried every option and the door was absolutely open diplomatically. i think the question is how long do we leave that door open and when are we going to see a full disclosure of north korea's missile sites and their nuclear capability and get the ball rolling towards denuclearization. if we don't then that pressure needs to amp back up. he haded what he vice president pence mentioned conference following up in singapore. what does president trump need to demand of kim jong un. >> there needs to be some preconditions. and, first and foremost is, a full disclosure of their program. now, the north koreans are
4:19 pm
balking at that and saying basically they are handing us a target list. look, we have a target list and we can take that program out. it's how are we going to resolve this peacefully so that we don't have to go to that option which would be absolutely who are risk. i think that precondition has to be in place. ed: i have got one minute. left's shift to saudi arabia and another big story just breaking the last few moments. "the washington post" broke a story suggesting the cia has now done an assessment suggesting the crown prince in saudi arabia was behind the assassination of that "the washington post" columnist. the "wall street journal" has just confirmed the story as well. what do you make of that? how serious is that? >> well, i think that's incredibly serious. you know, that just runs -- this type of violence against journalist runs against every grain in american values. we have a lot of hopes on the crown prince for reforming not only the saudi society but their economy and kind of their place in the middle east. they are also a bul bulwark against iran and
4:20 pm
increasingly aggressive iran. this is incredibly serious situation. i am somewhat, you know, i guess somewhat reensured to see a very experienced ambassador going over in former general john abizaid he needs to be on board just nominated this week. he needs to be on board with the tough line we're taking against iran as well and i hope he is. ed: congressman elect michael waltz big issues in the days ahead you will be sworn n january to confront it we appreciate you coming on tonight to talk about it? >> thanks, ed. ed: appreciate it after one of the most contentious confirmation processes we have ever seen. it appears judge brett kavanaugh now justice kavanaugh is ready to step back into the spotlight. and wait until you see what happens when he went out and saw some conservatives last night. look at this. ♪ copd makes it hard to breathe.
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♪ ed: well, after one of the most contentious confirmation battles we have ever seen, many assumed supreme court justice brett kavanaugh might try to lay low during his first few months on the bench. but last night he stepped back in the spotlight where the response he received was anything but mixed. [applause] [applause]
4:25 pm
ed: joining me now karl rove former deputy chief of staff to president bush and fox news contributor. good evening, karl. >> good evening. ed: s that what a dinner in washington for the federalist society which helped the president as a candidate put together that list of potential supreme court justices. now there have been two names scratched off the list. how significant is it that conservatives are not only excited about justice kavanaugh being on the bench despite all the controversy but moving forward the republicans now have a bigger majority in the senate not just for supreme court justices but for all these federal nominations the president is putting on? >> yeah. as the senator mcconnell says the senate is in the people business. and having 53, it looks like 53 members of the senate to 47 for the democrats is going to make the process of confirming not only judicial nominees but also members of the executive branch a little bit easier. 53 is a magic number. it gives the republicans on every committee a two-person majority rather than a
4:26 pm
one-person majority. and they have got -- i think it's 32 judicial nominees who have already come through the senate judiciary committee and are ready for floor action either in the lame duck or the new session. there are about a dozen more nominees coming through the judiciary committee i believe right now. ed: you have retiring republican senator jeff flake this week who tried to block those nominations. at least in the short-term by saying he wanted it tied to a protect robert mueller special counsel bill. and he has been rebuffed by some of these fellow republicans who have been trump critics like bob corker. what does that tell you about the mood in the senate among republicans to get these judicial nominations through? >> well, there is a lot of enthusiasm to get this job done. there are a lot of vacancies. sore some reason the obama administration did not fill vacancies. they did so early on in 2009 and 2010. sort of the steam went out of it. there are a large number of vacancies and lot of republicans see an opportunity to shape the courts in a more conservative and restrained
4:27 pm
direction for years to come. and so, yeah, senator flake did make the threat. it was actually not a very meaningful threat because there are 32 nominees who are through the committee. and it's unlikely that there are going to be any additional people who come out through the committee. so all he is doing is delaying the confirmation of those 32 individuals from the lame duck until early next year. so, not much -- not much impact there. >> carl, we have had a week and a half for the dust to settle on the midterms. you wrote a very thought provoking column right after the midterms in the "wall street journal" where you basically said it was like to you, a youth soccer game as i recall. everybody went home with some kind of a ribbon. the democrats got the house. the republicans strengthened the majority in the senate. but, since then, there has been this move on the left to say it was a much bigger night for them. than anyone like you anticipated and that there really was a blue wave. what say you? >> yeah. well, as i said in my column, the republicans suffered a grave defeat in the house. it's only gotten worse since i wrote that column thursday after the tuesday election.
4:28 pm
the democrats are up to now i think 231. there are three seats that they lead. in they could end up being at 235 seats or 34 seats, excuse me. and the republicans leaving the republicans at 201. that's bigger than we thought it would be on election night. now, admittedly, a large number of them are small. you know, narrow victories. but a narrow victory is as good a victory. as i said on n. my column on that thursday. the republicans have big problems in the suburb. take a look at the suburban house seats we lost. suburban house seats of new york and philadelphia. the virginia suburbs of washington, d.c. richmond and tide walter. charleston, miami, florida, chicago, illinois. two republican suburbs in to page county. republican congressman gone. and the democrats elected their first county wide official in page county republican strong hold since 1934. you keep going west,
4:29 pm
houston, minneapolis, saint paul. ed: sure, karl, pardon me, what do you think is the answer? how do republicans deal with that and should they take solace in the fact that it's up to -- we think, 53 in the senate? >> yeah, they should take solace in that. that is because we had a red map as i said many times during the course of the campaign. you can go back to 1914 and the first election in which we voted for senators by popular vote, not legislatures. and you will never find a map as favorable to the party in power as this map was. but, our success there and i think we're going to build on that success in 20020 and maybe add one or two more seats that shouldn't hide the fact that we have got a problem in the suburbs, there is no easy answer to it. our problem is what college educated voters. particularly college educated women. if we don't solve that problem, it's going to be hard to get the house back. ed: karl rove, breaking it down better than anyone. we appreciate you coming in tonight. >> thanks for having me, ed.
4:30 pm
ed: school officer widely accused of not doing enough to prevent a gunman from killing 17 people in florida now a no show in court? we will get reaction to that from a victim's brother next. ♪ pain. only aleve targets tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve back & muscle. all day strong. all day long. (engine roaring) (horn honking) okay, okay, okay... (clatter) ( ♪ ) feeling unsure? oh... (nervous yelp) what if you had some help? introducing the new 2019 ford edge
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ed: developing tonight, the controversial deputy who was on campus during february's school shooting in florida is back in the headlines do kleining to testify before state commission investigating that tragedy. scott peterson's attorney suggests his client is not getting a fair shake and is now seeking the public's help to pay for his legal fees. in moments, we will speak to the brother of one of the victims. but we begin with our correspondent trace gallagher reporting from our west coast newsroom. good evening, trace. >> >> good evening, ed. not only did scott peterson ignore a subpoena and fail to show up at the state commission investigating the february shooting at marjorie stoneman douglas high.
4:35 pm
he then turned around and sued the commission hoping to quash the subpoena. peterson's attorney came to the meeting, presented the lawsuit and left without addressing the media but later issued a statement accusing the commission as not acting as a quote neutral fact-finding body and saying it has, coat, succumbed to the not so thinly veiled personal agendas of the agenda's members. matt who e. whose son was killed in the shooting asked if peterson could be held in contempt. state lawyers are now reviewing that and commission member ryan petty whose daughter elena died in the attack says peterson is simply causing confusion and delaying the findings. as for scott peterson, he has not spoken publicly since he went on "the today show" back in june and said he went by the book. watch. >> i know i didn't violate any policy or procedure. i have been with the agency 32 years. i know the policies. i know the procedures. i communicated right on that. i did everything that i felt at the time weighs
4:36 pm
appropriate. >> after nikolas cruz opened fire inside the high school. peterson failed to enter the building and stood by a bring wall claiming he didn't know where the shots were coming from building 1200. but radio transmissions tell a different story. listen. >> i think we have got shots fired. possible shots fired. 1200 building. seconds later he said again on the radio quote we are talking about the 1200 building. then he told first responders the shooter was on the second or third floor. but warned them to stay away. the father of meadow pollock who died in the attack has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against scott peterson. listen. >> not only walls he a coward. he appreciated the other first responders from going inside the building where they could have saved other kids. >> attorneys for the pollock family will depose scott peterson on tuesday. peterson's hearing to dismiss the pollock lawsuit is december 12th. go fund me page to fund
4:37 pm
peterson's legal fees has not gotten any donations. ed? ed: trace gallagher, appreciate that report. my next guest's beloved sister was killed in the attack. meadow pollock was shot nine times. hunter pollock is her brother and is joining me right now. thank you, hunter, i appreciate you coming. in. >> thank you for having me, ed. ed: what do you think about peterson being a no show? >> he didn't show because his lawyer knows he lied. he lied about where he was. what he heard, and what he did. but now he has no choice to show up to her deposition on tuesday and if he doesn't, he is entitled to be contempt of court so would will see him on tuesday. ed: and when he told "the today show" that he did everything that was appropriate, what does that even mean? >> he did everything that was appropriate to look out for himself. when he said that, my sister was like a child to him. he blatantly lied on live
4:38 pm
television. set biggest embarrassment to police officers in the entire country. he is a coward. he put up a go fund me. can you imagine? he is supposed to be asking for our forgiveness, not trying to raise money for legal fees. and if you actually go back to the go fund me page, they took it down because he had more hate comments than he did donations. and that's just embarrassing. ed: i understand how emotional the situation is in that today show interview he did say i'm sorry for what happened it doesn't sound like that's good enough but do you think that was a first step when he apologized to your family and the other families? >> >> no as a fellow man what we do when we are sorry we apologize to each other's faces. it's been nine months and he has failed to do so. going on live tv and putting a pity story in front of the nation it's not sincere. he had nine months. keep in mind nine months and he has failed to acknowledge the 17 lives that were taken from him. he is hiding somewhere. he could go on tv all he
4:39 pm
wants. but we are waiting for the face-to-face apology. >> tell me about that lawsuit that your father has filed and what your family is seeking. >> we are just seeking to expose him. this isn't about the money or the fame. this is about making sure that everyone who failed my beautiful sister is held accountable because i'm pissed off because it's nine months later and no one has been held accountable. that he was what we are seeking from this. ed: the shooter is obviously in prison. who else needs to be held accountable sheriff israel has also been under the microscope. he is still in power as well. >> >> y., sheriff israel needs to go. he failed to fix the radio failures from fort lauderdale. he failed -- he hired inadequate people to highly ranked positions like jan jordan the captain who other officers said was ineffective during the shooting. he failed to require his sros to go to active shooter training. now with the help of desantis we are looking to get rid of israel come 2019
4:40 pm
and then we need to hold our superintendent accountable, too. ed: because ron desantis we believe has been elected governor you believe he going to hold these officials accountable? >> >> governor elect desantis knows what went right an wrong. he knows. he talked to my family on multiple occasions. yes, when he is in office in 2019, we're going to drain the swamp of broward county. right now i'm ashamed to live there it is the laughing stock of the entire country and me, my father, we want to fix it. we want to make sure broward county is not full of corruption. for example, i'm a registered republican in broward county. i don't even know if my vote counted in the past election. i have friends who served in the military who don't know if their votes counted from absentee ballot. we need to fix all of this. we need to clean this mess up. ed: hunter, meanwhile as you know, the shooter, i don't even want to give his name, the killner this case he is somehow registered to vote in broward county. how does that make you feel?
4:41 pm
>> it's sickening because this would have been my sister's first election and due to her being shot nine times by this kid, she is not able to vote. and he is. so, that right should have been taken away from him but it wasn't. so, the sheriff has to get perms for the supervisors of elections office to go in and there ledgester them. that's blatantly disgusting. ed: we can hear the pain in your voice tonight. we grieve with you. >> yep, i'm angry. ed: we hope your family finds some peace in the days ahead. thank you four joining us tonight. >> thank you for having me. ed: okay. all right. interesting moment at the white house today, what do elvis presley, justice scalia and babe ruth all have in common? they just made a bunch of people mad. people are actually mad that they were honored today at the white house. that's coming up. ♪ ♪
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ed: the numbers out of california tonight are staggering. at least 63 people are dead. more than 600 others are listed as missing. in that state's deadliest and most destructive wildfire on record. nearly the entire northern california town of paradise has been reduced to ash. as search crews and cadaver dogs are searching for more bodies in the burned out remains of that town. the president just spoke to chris wallace about his trip
4:46 pm
to california tomorrow to see that damage up close. >> nobody has ever seen what's going on over there. and now they are saying it could be as many as 600. this just came out before we met. could be as many as 600 people killed. uup by 400. incredible what's going on. burned beyond recognition. they can't even see the bodies. it's incredible. ed: claudia cowan is live in california where the number of people missing continues to skyrocket as you heard the president mention there good evening, claudia. >> good evening to you, ed. the hope is that those 631 people listed as unaccounted for on the county website managed to escape the fire safely and just can't be found. they may not know anyone is looking for them. here is the county sheriff. >> i want you to understand there are a lot of people displaced we are finding that a lot of people don't know that we are looking for them. that is why we are bushing
4:47 pm
this list. >> officials are hoping people will check the list and mark themselves safe. of course, that means having access to computers and the internet. that's not always possible. but sadly, it's likely that the death toll here will rise. search and recovery teams say they are finding human remains in burned out communities just about every hour. seven more victims were found yesterday. meantime, hundreds of wildfire evacuees are now living at encarpment that has been set up here at the walmart in the parking lot. they are getting donations of clothing, of food, of water. there are port owe potties here. some have pitched tents, others sleeping in their cars. this was always intended to be a short-term solution to a long-term problem. the volunteers who organized this distribution center are ramping it down to push people into shelters. they are arranging transportation to take people to evacuation centers that are now opening farther away because the ones here are mostly full.
4:48 pm
some 1300 people are being housed at shelters here. they are also looking at turning an empty toys r us store into a temporary housing solution. air b and b is helping to match homeowners with extra room with evacuees who need a room. but nothing has been decided yet in terms of that toys r us. the only thing we know is that this tent city is slated to close on sunday. progress is being made on the fire itself. these pictures taken today show the eastern edge of the camp fire and you can see all the smoke billowing out from the canyon. the smoke is making the air quality so poor classes and outdoor activities are being cancelled in the san francisco bay area. 170 miles away. some reports say the air in san francisco is just about the worst in the worlds. the camp fire has now burned 142,000 acres. it is 45% contained. nearly 6,000 firefighters will be glad to get some rain later next week. it is in the forecast. but, ed, bad weather will only make life more miserable, adding to the
4:49 pm
hardships for so many evacuees here if they haven't found a better option. ed: oh, wow. praying for rain for sure. those smoke clouds look so ominous. claudia, thank you for your report. up next, the president accused of sending a racist message by giving the medal of freedom to elvis? really? ♪ ain't nothing but a hound dog ♪ crying all the time ♪ well, you ain't never oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (vo) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? (vo) and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds.
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(announcer) buy your next car from carvana before ralph breaks the internet. then go see the movie, in theatres november 21st. ♪ ed: breaking news out of georgia tonight where it appears the republican brian kemp is finally going to be named officially the governor. the president tweeting a moment ago congratulations brian kemp, on becoming the new governor of georgia. stacey abrams, the democrat fought brilliantly and hard. she will have a terrific political future. brian, he says, was unrelenting and will become a great governor for the truly wonderful people of georgia. this comes a short time after stacey abrams, the democrat, you see her there, said this at what was supposed to be a concession speech. >> and i will not concede
4:54 pm
because the erosion of our democracy did no is not right. regardless of party. ed: a prominent female cap democrat for governor, perfect for ladies night. we have lisa maria booth and that shell richie and jessica tarlov; how did stacey abrams try to get away with saying it's a concession speech but i'm not really conceding? >> i actually think she made the points that she needed to while making it clear brian kemp will be the next governor of georgia. she has accepted the certified results. 55,000 vote differential which is actually pretty small considering in georgia and she accomplished a tremendous amount. but i think she thought, you know, i have a few more minutes with the national stage and i'm going to make points about voter suppression in the state and what went on during this election that she deemed inappropriate. and i don't fault her for that after a hard fought campaign. and for people making the comparison like rich lowry tweeting like oh why wasn't she like martha mcsally there was nothing funny
4:55 pm
going on in arizona. people just wanted kyrsten sinema to win and not martha mcsally. ed: s that not true right, lisa. in arizona there were republicans who believed funny business was going on and they accepted the results that the democrat won. >> i think martha mcsally was graceful in her exit and concession and stacey abrams was not. democrats have alleged that this race was stolen. it absolutely wasn't. she lost fair and square. and now she is being a sore loser. and the things that she is alleging voter suppression and democrats are as well. if you don't like georgia laws like los use it or lose it take that up with the georgia state legislature and get that changed there brian kemp's job as secretary of state was to follow the laws on the books. so those claims are absolutely ridiculous. the shuttering of polling places that has nothing to do with him. that's up to the counties. the allegations that are being made. >> disenfranchises voters. >> there has been finger pointing at brian kemp. >> he should have stepped down though, lisa, you have to admit.
4:56 pm
ed: as secretary of state? >> that's not unprecedented though. >> there is a conflict of interest here. is he the guardian of the electoral process in georgia. and he is running for governor. i mean, regardless of what,you know, whether people like abrams or they like kemp, at the end of the day, to make it fair, he should have stepped down. how is it that the person who is overseeing the vote is running for governor and on the day of the election he is overseeing the votes. that's not right. >> raychel, have you worked in politics, you know that plenty of secretary of states have ran for other positions while retain their office. alison grimes did the same thing when she ran against mitch mcconnell in 2014. statewide position. many people use it as launching pad for another step. to say allege that anything was stolen from stacey abrams is ridiculous. brian kemp won fair and square. i'm sorry she did not win. but, act with class and exit with class. >> same thing goes for people like bill nelson, hillary clinton still disputing the results of the 2016 election.
4:57 pm
>> that's not true. >> trying to figure out what happened. what happened was she lost. >> to be upset i gets that. to say she didn't have class during this process is not true and not fair. >> it was not a concession. >> feels like ed wants to say something else. ed: let's talk about elvis. i wanted to say a lighter topic and yet the president gives the medal of freedom, which is supposed to be a happy occasion to elvis presley posthumous, of course, this guy writes a little nod to the good old days black when black visionaries could invent rock and roll but only a white man could become a king. jessica, can't we just give a medal to elvis presley, king of rock and roll without it becoming a controversy? >> yeah. i actually think that this critic from "the washington post is pretty far out on the limb here. i think there are a lot of things that go on in this administration and from president trump where can you have legitimate conversations about whether it had racial undertones or overt racist overtones.
4:58 pm
i guess i should say then. but this one i'm all for elvis presley and the medal. >> this leads to a bigger conversation to me about, you would be very hard-pressed to find an american hero that does not have a tattered past in some sort of way. can you say abraham lincoln, for instance, yes he freed the slaves but at the same time he thought that people that looked like me should not be allowed to vote or hold public office. it just goes to this notion that in america you can be considered a racist or you can dabble in racism and still be a hero. now, as far as elvis, james brown and b.b. king said a lot of positive things about elvis. and so, you know, i just think there is bigger issues right now and i don't think that, you know, i'm going to lose anything as a result of elvis getting the medal of freedom. i just really don't. ed: president trump has said i could cure cancer and people could still criticize it size me for it. >> that's true.
4:59 pm
he can't do anything without being criticized. you look at the list of people that he chose to reward. you look at elvis who is the king of rock. babe ruth one of the greatest baseball players of all time. antonin scalia one of the most revered supreme court justice unanimously confirmed at the time. meriam avildsen even who he has been criticized. she deserves it. >> all donors of president obama. ed: i thought they got now presidential medal. >> she has done a lot of good in this world as well. so, people make so much over every -- king of rock. music. ed: off about cultural. >> cultural appropriation with his music as well. >> cultural contributions are part of what are considered for the presidential medal. he haded what he did he say? >> about how many kids they had like the weird. ed: he wanted to say they had a big family.
5:00 pm
jessica, michelle, lisa, thanks for coming. in that's the story for this friday night. martha is back monday night. i promise she is back. she had a sore throat. i will be hosting fox news at night at 11:00, "fox & friends" tomorrow. thanks for starting your friday night with us. >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to tucker tonight. they do, they lie regularly and shade the trooet even more than that. you of course new that. it's obvious. what's amazing is how they do it in unison. one will say something false, and what seems like minutes, all the others are saying it too, the exact same thing, sometimes word for word. it's like they're all texting each other in commercial breaks. they just know instinctively


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