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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 18, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

9:00 am out of time here. back here next sunday. we'll see you then with the latest buzz. arthel: the deadline has arrived for the end of the entire florida election recount process. >> i make a motion we adjourn the canvassing board. >> second. all in favor? a yes. we are in adjournment. arthel: voting results are being sent to the capital at tallahassee. and tuesday is the big day when
9:01 am
officials announce the results. we'll go live to south florida for an update. eric: in a spirited fox news interview president trump giving himself high marks despite losing the house in the mid-term elections. the president taking credit for expanding the senate majority. and he talks about the mueller russia probe. welcome to "america's news headquarters." i'm eric shawn. arthel: in an exclusive white ranging interview the president downplayed reports's in a dark mood, calling it quote disgusting fake news. mr. trump is keeping the possibility open to replacing some cabinet members. president trump: i'm extremely upbeat. the white house is running like a well-oiled machine.
9:02 am
it's doing really well. i have great people. i will make some changes, but not have many. i'm happy with my cabinet other than a couple of exceptions, but i'm not unhappy. eric: ellison barber has reaction to the fireworks. reporter: the president and chris wallace covered a lot of ground in this interview. chris wallace asked president trump about the historic win for democrats in the house this election cycle. he spent a significant amount of time campaigning for republicans across the country. he often told people to vote for republicans and earn couraged them to look at their vote in the mid terms as a vote for his administration and policies. he says. chris: last week in this election the house picked up 36
9:03 am
seats, it may be on the way to 40 seats. and your reaction was it was almost a complete victory. president trump: i won the senate. i didn't run. i wasn't running my name wasn't on the ballot. reporter: the president did not discuss domestic issues. he talked about the murder of "washington post" journalist jamal khashoggi. he confirmed that the saudi arabia crown prince ordered the killing was denied by the crown prince. president trump: he had people that are reasonably close to him that were probably involved.
9:04 am
you saw me put on massive sanctions on a large group of people from saudi arabia. but we do have an ally that in many ways has been very good. reporter: president trump told reporters there will be a full report open jamal khashoggi's killing by tuesday. arthel: president trump said he was unaware that matthew whitaker had been critical of robert mueller's investigation before picking him to be acting attorney general. reporter: president trump said he didn't know about whitaker's views on the mueller investigation before appointing him as acting attorney general. and afterwards when he found out, he said it did not have any effect on his decision. he also told chris wallace he
9:05 am
doesn't think past criticisms of whitaker will have thinki any impact on the investigation. president trump: what do you do when a person is right. he happens to be right. if he said there is collusion, i'm supposed to be taking someone who said there is. if he did say that he would have been wrong. if he said there is no collusion he's right. reporter: democrats aren't buying that explanation. ing. >> the biggest flaw from my point of view is he was chosen for the purpose of interfering with the mueller investigation. he auditioned for the part by
9:06 am
going on tv saying he could hobble the investigation. he should have absolutely nothing to do with the investigation. reporter: the president is still going over written answers to questions by the special counsel and he expects them to be submitted this week. eric: in the interview the president seemed confident about the mueller probe saying in his word he believes it's a witch hunt. do you think the fact they are about to prepare and submit these written questions mean we are near the end? >> i think there is a possibility that the fact the written questions will be answered now means that the investigation is drawing to a close and mueller will present a report to congress or something like that. however, it's not outside of the realm of possibility that mueller may follow up with a request for a live interview of
9:07 am
president trump. i notice that the topic of obstruction of justice was not covered in the written questions. that's a pretty major area and avenue of prosecution that hasn't been touched. eric: what does that mean absent the questions. >> it means mueller is getting ready to follow up with a request for live questioning on that topic of obstruction of justice or it means he decided since trump said he's not going to answer those questions, he'll give object that and he'll direct -- give on that and he'll direct to congress what he knows about obstruction of justice and he'll let congress answer those questions. and they could subpoena the president and ask nose kind of questions. eric: do you think that's possible they could subpoena the president and mueller is doing this on purpose to debate that
9:08 am
issue? >> i think it's a jump ball. it could go either way. but i wouldn't be surprised if i saw mueller presenting the report to congress and letting the house democrats take the ball and have them be the ones to issue the subpoena of the president. i think with this democratic controlled house of representatives, they won't be shy about subpoenaing record and testimony from trump or people in the investigation hat might have knowledge of the russian investigation or the separate topic of obstruction of justice. eric: the president kind of fluffed off the questions and in part here is what he said to chris wallace. president trump: it wasn't a big deal. i answered the questions that were asked it wasn't a big deal.
9:09 am
i got the questions, i responded. we wrote them out. i read them once, i read them a second time, we made some changes. that's it. it's very simple. you know why? i did nothing wrong. eric: how would you interpret that? >> remember now that mueller has the testimony of many other people to cross-check against what president trump's answers are going to be. so it would not be advantageous to be cavalier about this saying it was simple, easy and it was done in no time at all. his lawyers would probably caution him to be careful about the way he phrases these answers lerks st mueller be d -- lest mueller be able to contrast it with others and raise perjury.
9:10 am
i'm surprised the president is being cavalier about these answers. it doesn't seem to be the smart legal move. it seems his lawyers wouldn't have taken such a simple attitude towards it. >> would they get in the final form and then emailed or faxed over to mueller? >> i would think they would spend a lot of time going after it very, very carefully. eric: here is what else he said. president trump: we gave very, very complete answers to a lot of questions that i shouldn't even have been asked. i think that should solve the problem. i hope it solves the problem. if it doesn't, i will be told and we'll make a decision at that time. but probably this is the end. eric: what goes into the decision to sit down if there is
9:11 am
such a request? >> from mueller's point of view he could argue we haven't broached the subject of obstruction of justice. and there is no substitute in a prosecutors mind in a back and forth where you are able to answer follow-up questions. and there is applicable supreme court precedent that the president does have to respond to a subpoena in a criminal investigation. president trump can argue this is harassment, it's distracting. it's an attempt to get him caught in a perjury trap and he's not going to cooperate. there is applicable supreme court precedent that says the president has to respond to subpoena. but there he may be able to take that question up in the case after court fight, and as you know, the supreme court has
9:12 am
become decidedly more trump friendly with the addition of justices gorsuch and kavanaugh. eric: kavanaugh indicating he has doubts whether a president can even be subjected to these questions. you have a different situation than you had with president clinton when he sat down during the paula jones investigation. where do you think this is going? they get the answers, mueller's team looks over the answers. do they get report or do they come back and say this is not good enough, we have more questions. >> i see either one of two possibilities and i can't predict which one is the case. either mueller says i am at the end of my investigation. here is the report to congress. maybe there are more indictments of other people. not unless congress' happened. the democratically controlled
9:13 am
house has to make the decision. i would not be shocked if smaller said this is fine. but i haven't asked about obstruction of justice and i want to sit down and interview you live. i have the right to do so, and if you refuse to do so, i'll subpoena you. i wouldn't surprised if we saw either of those two tracks. thank you so much. arthel: on another top story. 79 people have been killed in those devastating california wildfires with nearly 1,300 people unaccounted for. it comes one day after president trump received a personal look at the destruction in the campfire and woolsey fire. anita vogle is live from malibu where three people have died in the woolsey fire.
9:14 am
>> when president trump came here to malibu yesterday, this is literally what he saw. house after house burned to the ground. this is point dune drive in malibu. the president walked up and down this treat to see the destruction for himself. but before coming to malibu he made a stop in northern california to visit what is left of the town of paradise where 79 people have died so far. more than a thousand people are still missing. the president initially blamed the fires on poor forest management. the reaction to his visit there yesterday was mixed. >> i'm glad he's here. we are grateful. for anything that can be done. thank you. action speaks louder than word. he says he's going to, but until i see that he does, i'm not going to believe it.
9:15 am
reporter: after his tour up north the president flew down to southern california to get a look at the woolsey fire that burned a swath of destruction from the simi valley all the way to malibu. president trump stood with two of his biggest political critics. governor jerry brown and gavin newsom both of whom lead the resistance against the president. but yesterday they stood together in solidarity in the face of tragedy. >> we appreciate the president being here and putting this focus and spotlight on probably the worst tragedy that california has ever faced. president trump: 100,000 acres. people can't envision what that is. it's a present piece of land. it's devastating to see. the government officials have
9:16 am
done an incredible job. when you look at this devastation. i guess in this area there are three deaths so far. reporter: before the president left california yesterday he had a chance to meet with the families of the thousand oaks shooting victims. the focus today is on the campfire in northern california and the growing death toll there. there are more than 1,000 people missing and surely that death toll, 79 people, is going to rise. the town will be having a vigil today. arthel: thank you. eric: the deadline has come and gone. we are waiting for the results of that hand recount. will rick scott move from the statehouse to the senate in we are live in palm beach to find out. trade tensions boil over at the overseas summit and each leader
9:17 am
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eric: vice president mike pence returning home from the apex summit in new guinea. for the first time ever the leaders failed to agree on a formal written declaration. reporter: normally on the last day of the asia pacific cooperation summit leaders prep a declaration of agreed upon ideas. but this year amid a deep divide between china and the united states they ended without a consensus. world trade organization was a major sticking point. prime minister peter o'neill of new guinea pushed back saying the issue to be addressed at the
9:22 am
world trade organization. this is pence and chinese president xi jinping where they exchanged jabs where xi jinping criticized the trump administration's america first policies. the vice president referring to the $250 billion worth of tariffs levied against chinese goods. '. >> we have great respect for president xi and great respect for china. but in the president's words, china has taken advantage of the united states for many many years. and those days are over. reporter: president trump and chinese president xi jinping are set to meet on the sidelines in argentina it's seen as an opportunity for the two leaders
9:23 am
to work out their differences in a growing trade war between china and the united states. arthel: we'll bring in christian' whiton. in terms of allies in the commitment to the region. who had the better presentation. president pence and president xi. what are our allies look for and how does that tee up this meeting between trump and xi at the g20, and what can we expect to come out of that meeting? >> the u.s. allies are looking for a continuing commitment. the united states withdrew from the trans-pacific trade agreement. that was misinterpreted as u.s. withdrawal early in the
9:24 am
administration. but if you look at the president's trips to the region and president pence's trips to the region. showing up with economic development that's unlike the chinese does not trap people into a debt trap. we are trying to empower people, trade with people, and reform trade. so all of that is looking good. and vice president pence reasserted that at this trip. looking ahead down the road, where you have president trump and xi jinping. there is a lot of hype about a potential break through on trade. >> meanwhile kim jong-un isn't clinging to his hopes. not to mention north korea is an important trading partner with
9:25 am
china. >> china always goes through a cycle where it's tougher on north korean sanctions and does what it says it will do early in the cycle of aggression, but then slowly makes concessions. there is talk xi jinping may pay a state visit to north korea soon. president trump needs to make clear if north korea's capabilities expand, but fit was, that would only bring more and more u.s. and ally capabilities. more u.s. forces in the pacific. japan might spend more on its military. and that is a message that should keep china willing to pressure north korea. arthel: any potential ripple effectser from president trump? >> i don't think so. there looks like good signs
9:26 am
going into a potential second summit between trump and kim. you have a meeting of the minds at their first summit to denuclearize. but none of the details nor a statement that quantifies exactly where north korea's nuclear talks are. there is talk about getting them together again. because at the end of the day they are the only two decision makers who can agree to fundamental change. when kim met with xi jinping, it sort of put them on a different track. trump had to postpone that summit. so you could forecast turbulence. but things are still going okay. >> negotiating is president trump's jam. some people criticized hits decision to pull out of the trans-pacific partnership. how does president trump end up
9:27 am
the victor in this trade war with china and throw spikes in china's path to economic domination. >> just by deciding to fight he already changed things fundamentally for the better. administrations in both parties going back to the 1980s and looking the other way. sticking with his guns and insisting on real change, not just an agreement that may be an agreement by china to buy more boeing planes or soybeans. but demanding fundamental change. china is unlikely to come in from the cold. arthel: they are working on that one belt, one road program. they are able to connect asian countries where they can't
9:28 am
dominate economically. >> the major speech he gave at the hudson institute, this is economic colonialism. you get infrastructure from the chinese, you get a lot of debt and economic control with chinese dominance. and we created the u.s.'' billback. loan guarantees and resources the countries can use if they don't want to become dependent on china. arthel: thank you for break it down for us. eric: we showed you some of chris wallace's interview with president trump. after they were finished chris was treated to a tour. president trump: this is the resolute desk. very famous. this is where john john, john kennedy was here.
9:29 am
it's a little door that opens up. it's a famous picture. i can show you that picture. in fact i'll give it to you. fdr. john kennedy. we have 7 desks. as president you can choose any one of the desks. this is to me the most of beautiful in terms of its covering and in many respects, it's just some people i respect. chris: when you are sitting at the desk. how do you make decisions, do you second guess yourself? president trump: i don't think about how i make them. i make what i consider the right decision. i have great people working at the white house. we have tremendously talented people. i will talk to them and sometimes i will have them go at each other. and they do. they are very competitive people. at the end i make a decision. eric: can you imagine walking into that office and working
9:30 am
there? president roosevelt asked that that little door be put in the desk. president trump says whenever anyone enters the oval office, they are in awe and there is nothing like it in the world. arthel: that is true. coming up. some of the dirtiest air in the world hovering over parts of california because of the wildfires. it's the he gift lent of inhaling multiple cigarettes a day. when might millions of people breathing in the toxic air get a break? the deadline has arrived and the florida recount process. results are being transmitted to the tap cal in tallahassee. -- the capital in tallahassee. made with carbsteady to help manage blood sugar... ...and end the day with a smile.
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hundred roads named "park" in the u.s. it's america's most popular street name. but allstate agents know that's where the similarity stops.
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if you're on park street in reno, nevada, the high winds of the washoe zephyr could damage your siding. and that's very different than living on park ave in sheboygan, wisconsin, where ice dams could cause water damage. but no matter what park you live on, one of 10,000 local allstate agents knows yours. now that you know the truth, are you in good hands? eric: welcome in the deadline
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has a right for the end of the entire florida election recount process. phil keating joins us live from riviera beach, florida with the latest. fill. reporter: hi, arthel. it's now past all 67 florida counties and for some it was incredibly close beard the deadline was known in palm beach county doctor numbers and at 11:59 a.m. all counties now submitting their final numbers up to the secretary of state's office in tallahassee and people will be looking over those numbers now. in a very close governor's race on tuesday, it will officially be certified in tallahassee along with all of the races out of more than 8 million votes cast republican ron desantis has beaten democratic tallahassee mayor andrew guillen by about 33,000 votes. last night conceded a second time via facebook. >> we wanted to make sure every single vote, including those that were over votes,
9:36 am
undergrowth, as long as it was illegally cast though, one of those to be counted. now that we are rounding up process out, we wanted to take a moment to congratulate mr. desantis on becoming the next governor of the great state of florida. >> right after that comment is from the desantis campaign. this was a hard fought campaign. now it's time to bring florida together. in even closer senate race, florida's republican governor rick scott is also expected to be declared the winner on tuesday. for the past 12 days he's been ahead of democratic incumbent bill nelson by about 1,225,000 votes. this morning the sky campaign again called on nelson to give it up. be remembered as the graciously conceded after 42 years of public service or be remembered of the sore loser who refuse to face the people he served.
9:37 am
yesterday, scott's attorney was confident on fox news that the final numbers will be good for them. >> we believe it will. we believe tuesday's election results will be certified and governor scott, senator elect scott will head to washington. >> in tallahassee, the mathematical work is happening right now. if it's not some already come adding up the final count numbers of all 67 florida counties and as they did on thursday after the first recount deadline, they should update your division of elections website and the hobbit official for the state of florida appeared all that would be left, certifying in tallahassee on tuesday. thanks to you. arthel: thank you, phil keating. traded to the dimensions of the disaster are becoming more apparent with each passing hour. the death toll now stands at 79 and roughly 1300 fellow americans remain missing.
9:38 am
for those who are not directly in the fire zone, there is still dangerous and concerns about the air quality. one favorite cisco couple while they had to wear a mask as you can be for their wedding photos. crushing millions of residents are asking now when will the air quality get better? meteorologist adam klotz joins us with the forecast. trade hey there, erik there, eric. several more days for the very heavy smoke is lingering around. air quality alerts across large portions of northern california down the central california. anywhere in the highlighted counties, all spots for children, elderly can anyone with respiratory issues you do not want to spend an extended amount of time outside because the particles and they're still very weak and heavy. it is kind of the topography of the state. nevada off to the eastern portions of the state along the western coast you have all of that very heavy smoke kind of
9:39 am
stuck down in the valley appeared to win senate into horribly strong throughout the last day or so when they're not looking to pick up. all the smoke city mayor is going to continue to linger malingering towards the bay area also the wins we do see are picking up and moving slowly towards the coast. all that smoke unfortunately sticking around here for a little while. all the elements in place so they're still red flag warning stretching across portions of the northern part of the state for his paradise. the aerosol dry, the brown and orange colors indicate humidity levels towards 25%. no rain on the horizon right now. ultimately we start to see the smoke clear off and it's going to take rain but not the particles out. finally that is on the horizon. this is a feature caster paying attention on tuesday, but it looks like by wednesday and on thursday thanksgiving there will be rounds of showered some
9:40 am
much-needed rain to be thankful as we get closer to the holiday. eric: difficult and horrible situation. arthel: thousands of central american immigrants arising arriving at the mexican border as troops have been deployed to prevent anyone from trying to get into the country illegally. live on the ground in tijuana, mexico at the very latest and also reaction from former acting i.c.e. director tom hallman.
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arthel: turning now to another big story with about three dozen migrants from central america now gathered in the border town of tijuana, mexico is a way to apply for asylum to the u.s. many saying they don't feel welcome there as the city is struggling to provide shelter, food and facilities here this is where we find william la jeunesse live with the very latest. >> they're not going to get their asylum request anytime soon but we are a one of these rallies which is the anti-caravan. actually to plan today. one year and one half a mile away. the message that you're getting from these individuals against the migrant caravan is number one committee came into mexico a violent manner. they'll do the same to the united states. secondly, they feel if they stay here which is not likely that they will drive down wages for
9:46 am
the mexicans feared also, they're afraid of the crime, the gang if you will if you stay here. the chance to see here, prior to mexico no invasion. chanting as immigration, no caravan, no invaders. why do they say that? number one some clashes at another neighborhood theater. they don't want them here. 5000 people showing up at one location will pretty much take over that. they don't want that to happen. we spoke to residents earlier today as well as yesterday same lesson, go home. >> they have shunned by their own actions and attitudes think it are illegal, and that will not be tolerated. the mexican government has said it will not be tolerated. that means they can come here and do things illegally, drugs, prostitution and selling drugs. >> they shouldn't do that because they don't along here. they are migrants than in the same case it like when mexican
9:47 am
migrants are going to the u.s. they're undocumented. >> the governor says in all likelihood the migrant caravan will be here anywhere from six months to eight t. months. obviously this point of view is not shared by everyone here. some believe tijuana is a welcoming place. has been a stepping down for migrants for many generations and they believe it's a responsibility to protect them. >> we welcome these migrants. we love these migrants are these are human beings. these are not criminals. these are people in a horrific situation their homeland. a lot of that provoke in the united states. >> again, the caravan reading half a mile away. they have not formed a line if you will quite yet. that is a concern they will clash. also, say that both the mexican police as well as those on the american side are preparing to migrants will go to the port of
9:48 am
entry in either have a sin or rush the border if you will. they put a new fencing last 20 fencing last 24 hours to prevent that from happening. arthel: william la jeunesse, thank you for the update. >> mexicans angry at the caravan. tom homan joined the spirit farmer act i.c.e. director and fox news contributor. william just reported they are rallying against the caravan. even reports of people in tijuana are yelling insults and throwing rocks at some of the caravan members. >> i certainly hate to see the violence. but maybe the mexicans are getting fed up. they have a sovereign country, to end the borders have been broken. they try to stop the caravan. they use violent against the federal officers in the southern border. this has been going on for years. we see them passed in mexico. it's a crime to transit through mexico. mexico is finally standing up
9:49 am
saying you've got to respect our laws. this is our country. eric: people on the way has given them food and shelter and help them at the same time. the mexican government to give those passes. how do you think this can be resolved if as you say we see some mexicans come the citizens getting fed up. >> not everybody got a transit visa. look, mexico, they've helped the united states. for the last several years they've arrested thousands of central americans on the southern border. these are people coming to the united states. they've also offered asylum to these people in over 2000 have except today. that's 2000 less people that come to the united states. mexico is doing what they can. i think it's a global problem. but again, as i said many times and that the majority of these folks is to look at recent data. central americans, 91% of the time when i get asylum from
9:50 am
immigration judge because they do not qualify. looking for a job doesn't qualify for asylum. >> right now they're about 3000, go up to 10,000 they can only process 100 a day for an asylum claim. >> if we stick to the plan, they have a right to due process and they will come in mlb interviewed. but they get back to catch and release. as i said, they really are not true political asylum teachers. they can order and remove them like we did back in 2014 when this first started. several play modes who lost their asylum cases. that sent a strong message that even though we are nation of immigrants we are a nation of laws. you can't can't make a frivolous claim unexpected day. the secret is we have to detain them until they see a judge. eric: will get right back on that a little bit more.
9:51 am
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eric: we're back with farmer act in i.c.e. director tom holman. the president is threatening the government shutdown if he doesn't get the funding for the border wall.
9:55 am
do you think is bluffing are intent on achieving not? >> i don't think he's bluffing. i think he has the right intentions. we've got the right president at the right time for what comes to border security and protecting our sovereignty, restoring law for the border, there's not a better president. we've got the right guy. number one, the left democrats a progressive democrats. they wouldn't mind a shutdown. a shutdown with ths means it won't affect the progressives would want nothing more than now. i think the president should shut down. we've got to educate the american people while we're shutting them down. we have thousands of people coming across the border. they walk on the wall. a thousand people coming across illegally revoked i.c.e. i seems to have enough detention beds because if we can't detain these people ever get back to catch and release, that entices
9:56 am
more and more groups to come. if they shut down, which i hope they do if they don't get the funding they need to do this, let's be clear we're shutting down because of the border wall and i.c.e. can be detaining thousands of people across the border. the majority of americans with another real reason reason will support the president. eric: 10 seconds for the probably of some sort of a deal. do you think they'll actually come up with something in congress? they might be better. they better do it now because in january i'm very pessimistic here now is the time. tray until tom homan, final word. tranter will be back at 4:00 eastern. eric: more news from washington to stay with us on the fox news channel. we will be back with you in three hours. ♪
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or have flu-like symptoms, or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. join over 250,000 patients who have chosen humira. ask about the #1 prescribed biologic by dermatologists. humira... and go. leland: president trump chris wallace one-on-one when president trump said his chief of staff could be gone. >> plus live to florida but the vote counting is finally stopped after 12 long days into the midterms. the official results had to be certified tuesday. leland: searchers find more data in the charred landscape of the california wildfires to malibu with when the recovery can begin. the president got back overnight here to washington from the fire area. i'm leland vittert. nice to be


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