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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  November 18, 2018 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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>> what have wasn't you done, what strikes me about you, you were one of first. inly techials to support donald trump. you in your writings, it was gradual, but, why was that? we had not seen a rigorous push back. we deplored his tactics. but at the time he took a part the contradicttion. we were losing with bob dole, and mccain and romney 46,
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french, 43, even as we did well. on the conservative side. so, trump seemed to be only one that was unconcerned with what the establishment. by that not vague, what university professor said. he spoke to the people in a way that was refreshing. other strange thing. he didn't buy into the new demograph, there are 6 to 8 million people, wisconsin. north carolina. michigan, ohio. pennsylvania. that either done vote republican, or they done vote at
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all, i can win them back with nationalist. strong job. i like the deplorable message, people thought that was crazy. i thought he was just, it was a little bit dangerous, i thought, i thought he was, at this point, we're in a point of no return. >> a point of no return. you said existential threat, what do you mean? >> well, i mean if we're say we're the typical conservative america, you and i am 65 million that vote for trump. we have the nfl, nba, silicon valley, apple, google, facebook, rockefeller, the brookings institution, we have cable tv the major networks, we have npr, pbs, and progressive cultural
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movement. mark: academia. >> we're surrounded. we think that these institutions don't have as much clout as they have, then we get shocked every 4 years that message surrounded us, we don't have a mechanism for breaking through to the american people, getting a message, the irony that message of free market capitalism, limited government is what they three thrive on -- thrive for. the circular octopus, whatever you want to call it, we don't get -- we you and i, conservatives, traditionals, we have safe spaces, if i could use their word, we retreat to, for them it is 24/7 relentless entertainment, education, politics, media, this is overwhelming. mark: do you think in progressives, you know, they wrote about this, they basically
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needed to devour society, all mayomajor institutions, do you k they have succeeded? >> i do, if you tomorrow, mark levin go to stanford, you give a lecture on global warming, i don't think you will be able to finish it would being interrupted. if i go to stanford or harvard, yale, give a lecture on value of in-- i would not be able to finish. i think if i toug touch someonea shoulder, they file add sexual harassment suit at me, i will not be getting due process, that is the social chaos we live in. in. i am talking about refined society. i don't think due process, free
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speech, redress of grievances, exist in american life. mark: you have already -- you are saying, you have seen, i agree, fundamental transformation of america gradually? is it picking up speed now? >> i think it is, i don't want to be pessimistic in a sense, i admire you, and people at fox news, some of the republican party, really brave voices, there are in academia saying, i'm going to speak out regardless of the consequences. romans and greeks believe that plucks luxury a -- so someone fm inner-city could have an iphone with more computing
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power than 6 ibm mainframes. i think that is great. but we don't get with it is some collective gratitude or sense of accomplishment. we get that keyia -- kia is not as good as today's lexus, i don't like the lack of gratitude or trashing of the system or or ancestors that gave us the system. maybe the university created an arrogant, ignorant co of youth t something has gone wrong. mark: freedom is a tremendous thing, but this gives opportunity for very evil people to use freedom to destroy freedom, is that what the framers of the constitution were trying to prevent.
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they investigate this -- create this republic, there is a constant attack at the principles of the republic. president wins th the elect thet i want to get rid of it, they want to get rid of other aspects separation of powers, they keep building up a fourth branch, an adminstraiadministrative branchf government, that is what they do. >> i think they understand what the framers were up to, their model is not a constitution rallconstitutionalrealm. this is radical democracy to any given day, 51% of population decide the law, there is no constitutional protection, you top kill sock rahties on sunday
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or you can do it it has been steady, we went from property qualifications, moderate property to direct election of senators, there were arguments for this now it is abolishes the electoral college, and enlarges supreme court, packing it, and enlarges house of representatives, maybe a thousand members, why people in california say why does wyoming get 250,000 people get one senator, we 20 million get one, let's turn the senate to house, the long-term projectry government mandated. they got what they wanted with civil right. we had true equality of opportunity, then, they were expecting that everyone would be equal, human nature being what it is, it is never going to be that way. conservative position is, we're not equal but poorest person will have a good life. if he is in a free market
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economy and a constitutional system. but they say, no, no. we don't really care what poverty or wealth circumstance we wan-- is we want everyone toe equal we want everyone making 20,000 a year, and poor making 50 and someone making a million. mark: equality is thrown around all of the time, we know what founders meant. of justice. they done mean equality of economics, that would be absurd, it is impossible. human beings, we pride ourselves owrunique human beings and individualed, created by god, one different from the other, but in civil society we argue that the law is the law, everyone should be treated as best as we can equally in front of a court, in front of the law. but this notion of radical.
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really is a european import. which is alien to our founders. >> it is. it has some precedence in ancient world. aristotle a critic of this, he assumes he can be equal in every other aspect, plato said that projectry of donkeys and dogs in athens have to vote. but, you are right, it takes up speed, it bifurcates, we thought we were safe, anglo-scottish tradition was more. and european model is one that progressives choose.
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we're born to chains, that church, community, family, duty of government to take off those chains, and let everyone be liberate, and then we'll be happy. which is our collect of collecte nightmare. we're headed to a radical society, and aspects that transcend politics. mark: advance this notion, of populism. when this is authoritarianism, people believe they have democktize some program, some issue, when it is not democratized at all. they are not intellectual
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elites, they like to think they are, who are they? why are they elites? because they are elected? they are members of union? i never understood why they are so elite? >> they think they went to a particular -- branded like cattle, they think that ivy league brand will allow certain privileges. but you look at silicon valley, with a gate keeper that decide what is hate speech, what is not, they control the expressions of 7 billion people on the planet, because they are morally better than we are, you turn on public tv or cable tv you get anguish about these people are you know the deplore deplorables, the clingers, i think they use word east germans, i heard that said, i think that john mccain called them wacko birds, there was a real contempt for people they don't feel that properly know
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how to use their freedom, and their economic clout, they too spheustupid stuff, they buy jet, they go snow mobiling and they pollute the universe. they can say, you know we're doing it for you. and through out history, we have seen these people, they have one thing in common, they are all excused or not subject to the ramifications of their own ideology. mark: i want to ask but ramifications. your insight into this election that just occurred. what you think of the result, and why you think we got the result we did. ladies and gentlemen, almost every week night you can watch me on levin tv. going to slash mark.
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i am a techie dad.n. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. mark: professor victor davis hanson. we had this elect, what do you see in this election?
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>> i see historic context. that and i'm trying to be an optimist, barack obama lost 63 seats, 6 senators and was reelected. zealots and partisans, we lax on midterm, people who were defeated get reenergized, that is common, there were a couple disturbing things. the aftermath, every time there is a recount in arizona and florida or in georgia or where i am in california, 4 seats won then lost. and this is opposite of what thanapoleon said, at 11:00, i lt europe, at 3:00 i won it. i thought on election day we had lost -- >> do we ever win seats that we were losing 5 days later? i can't think. >> i think maybe 20 years ago, but now the mobilize people,
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democrats are better at it than republicans, we thought we would learn. other thing in close races, we lost some good people, we have this missing 4 to 5, so-called deplorable, trump base, whatever, they were there but now there is going to be a great discussion, where do you pick up the missing 5% that would have won you some good senate seats, does it appeal to av machine african-american community, say, trump might top consider, that say -- might want to consider, that going to inner-city, i want you to have leverage over your employer, our choice of jobs, i gave you an opportunity, and the economy, i think you are going to take advantage of it. i want you to be powerful, and to latino community when we closing to border -- close that border, your community will have
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ap in class, no longer by -- by -- education, and your will be in demand, your wages a will climb. but then the missing, cable liberal talk about the suburban women that are turned off, we lost them. maybe show. i don't know, stormy daniels was horse face maybe that turns them off, i don't know, there are 4%, that you don't need it all in one place. on-- 1% here or two, he is close but he will need a little bit of boost if they have a credible candidate in 2020. mark: is it part of the problem, in suburbs, the way that media frame the debate, they don frame it debate. >> no. mark: last 6 month president has been called hitler, his administration been compared to
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third reich. he has been accused of creating internment camps for immigrants, that would be fdr . he has been accused of being a racist because he's to secure the border, and accused of being anti-semitic, he is the greatest president i would argue for the jewish people in israel that we've h he has a jewish daughter and son-in-law and jewish grandchildren. he has been called things i never heard a president called, iin my life, it gets worse and worse on cable tv, out of democrat party. could it be that has something impact on the 2%. >> a lot, what i said he mys extra, that is working within the system, 93% of press cover first 100 days was negative. he gets to rallies, he said look
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up there fake news, i do know say he is demagoguing, i say to myself, his impressive by lines stoles that you scar scaramuccis involved in a russia hedge fund it was a lie, and don jr. knew of the meeting not true, and james comey was going to come to congress -- not true. i look at anderson cooper, i think of this remember religion editor of cnn said trump is a piece of. we have not seen that before, and clapper calling president, treasonnist or haden invoking third reich or julia geoff say he radicalized more people, that is from cnn, not kathy griffith with the decapitated head or joke about trump crashing. we don't hear about.
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but we have privilege if you want to take effort to learn about it he said, look at those people, he has grounds to do that. mark: and yet, this president has been relatively passive with action, on media, john adams. locked up journalists, be a abrm lincoln order, new york news paper prinked printed a fake pt at proclamation, he ordered his generals to arrest the journalists. woodrow wilson set up an intelligence operation again the media, and obama after reporters, trump has not done that. >> he has an affect psychologically on the journalists, he conveys idea he has no respect for him, he has contempt they have violated their journallive --
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journalistic ethical. you remember obama went after ap reporters and james rosen at fox, he said in a campaign trail, you should debate sean hannity, i think he said you will tear him up, if trump said, you would tear somebody up, for them, something about trump, his speech, mannerism, appear answer, is not just journalists he is an a4 affront to their -- >> could it be his existent because he fights back and calls them out by name. saying fake news that is the enemy of the people. >> i think so. sources -- we know a lot of cases it did not happen, a person writes a creative story and calls it journalism, then
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they hide behind a facade, it is like a chain, in weakest link destroys it it they have not doe anything in their generation to honor the people who gave them that tradition, they are traders to that tradition, like jim acosta, he goes to the press conference with sarah sanders, his point is, how can i virtue signal to people in the room that i am morally superior, and make her stutter or paused, and tell my bosses i am part of the resitof theresistance. not to say to american people, i have to clarify, i have to find out what the president of united states wants, that is not the purpose that he is there. mark: i want to pursue this, we will be light right back. this is not a bed.
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>> former new york city mayor michael bloomberg makes a 1.8 million donation to alma mater, the president of university called gift transformative, saying it will allow school to elimliminate student loans. >> bill nelson conceded his see the to governor rick scott, announcement came after today's deadline for manual vote recount, that showed governor scott leading by 10,000 votes,
7:31 pm
president trump congratulated scott on twitter, saying he was a great governor and will be a greater senator. >> i am lauren green, now back to "life, liberty and levin." these are supreme court litigators, i read of brief. let's go through this a little bit. cnn multiple reporters at white house with hard passes. jim acosta can make a request every day, to go in, he does not have a hard pass to come in willy-nilly. is there anything in constitution that compelling a president to hold a presidential press conference to call on
7:32 pm
someone from cnn? >> no, there is not. jim acosta, can't take his shoes off and walk around barefooted there are protocols. i can't get on a airliner and be aware a pro obama or pro trump hat, they have right to say in this particular area, i was a professor for 35 years. if i hijacked a class the way he hijacks the press conference and summeronnized i would be called to the dean, he would say, have- mark: do you think a lawyer in supreme court, would b be able o go on. >> he would be thrown out. held in contempt. if you argue got to physical can tax with a bailiff. mark: what did you make their
7:33 pm
argument, aggressive freedom of the press, and president does not like it. does jump acosta advance the cause. >> he does not, we give lectures be we go through this everyone that gives a leakture, teacher, public speaker there are 8 or 9 good questions, purpose of the questions, clarification, and a point made there is one or two people who pontificate, they before i ask. we say please ask the question, they want to hector you then you say someone make him ask the question. that is all it is. this is, he has dressed it up in first amendment, he is doing disservice to the colleagues around him, he is monopolizing their time, destroying the decorum of the pros conference, the irony there has been more
7:34 pm
transparency with donald trump, you yell at him, you scream at him. a well-known journalist said to me, i don't think i can vote for him, i said why, in front of a debate, i just walked up to him and talked to him, he said there were no barriers, now substations between trump and the public, acosta got what he wanted a very transparent president. yet, he is not acting like a journalist, he knows it. this is not, just jim acost aremember, jim -- from "new york times" said this an age in which we require partnership and >> said we can't can be annuityial but we -- we can be annuityial but we can't be
7:35 pm
neutral. >> i read the book, i am convinced he said about 60s and 'sevens, media decided then, you need to pro sen present it in a interpretive form. we see it all of the time. every survey, you just mentioned one 93% negative on trump, does not just trump, they are negative on conservative, on republicans, they bridg bring mo post rouse members on their program. >> they feel they are noble en ends. in a way that republicans and conservatives their means are mermore selfish, liberty is nota virtue it is an equality, they
7:36 pm
feel we can violate cannons of behavior, scratch our nail on supreme court door. what would they have done had they broke in the door. all there are a number will cause, and -- all for a number e cause and therefore justified. it has been age old, throughout western civilization, i think we have social media, internet, and great wealth, this is. mark: to the left, with the second amendment, they say things like, you know, framers of second amendment, didn't know about sum -- semiautomatic weapons, this is muskets. okay. let's talk about first amendment. there was no tv, no radio, no
7:37 pm
cable, no satellite. it is a preposterous argument but it is a argument they make in second amendment but first amendment anything goes except anything they disagree with like conservative talk radio and fox news and bloggers. they want to regulate the internet, that i want to get rid of conservative talk radio, they are not for freedom of the press are they? >> we're seeing something unique in last i think obama administration encouraged people to come out of the woodwork, we're seeing not just traditional left wing assault on second amendment they are going after fourth and fifth, and first, they don't believe in free speech, there is a new term called hate speech, something can determine what you said is either homophobic racist, protective. therefore you can't say it, that is pretty much institutionalize on campus,. we have seen with accusations
7:38 pm
you coacyou don't have due proca lot of places, in corporations, the work place or campus. i think they feel that bill of rights, the new aclu believes that is an impediment to a progressive future. mark: every week, you can see me most week night on left vinty of -- levin tv, crtv/mark. or 844-levin-tv, we'll be right back. (bright electronic music)
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popular votes. california is gone. other states are gone. arizona is purpose ill. purple to blue. new mexico more blue than purple, colorado blue. colorado used to b to be ready - red, they are turning other states, looking at texas, vote out of texas are not great, we lost 3 or 4 members of congress, even abbott, he got 55% of the vote. at lower level, republicans got blown out. every major metropolitan area is blue. we don't have enough rural voters to. we are in big trouble? >> i think short-term we are because, democratic parties. all big fortunes are not in mining or farming or gas and oil, they are high-tech, silicon
7:44 pm
valley, warren buffet. facebook people, google people, amazon people that is the fuel of this. we have imabove eriched -- imabovimpoverished. and it is a coalition between i call them suburban elite and very poor people. funny, though, mark, where i live in california, poor fresno southwest pro fresno county, pee who drive democratic party don't want to live with people they count on their vote, they feel socially, culturally, education alley whatever they are not comfortable with them that gives us hope, republican party is a worker's party, entrepreneurial middle class, we know about people of that class, they feel familiar with and they like people of different races, different classes.
7:45 pm
it is -- republican congressman from ohio, probly will be more access inthan a bay area congressman. even though they are different politic, shut the border lit engine of asim lak assimilation. >> in 20 years we have a representcasion of italian-american experience where your name is cuomoo guliani we can't predict your -- we have to get to melting pot and junk this salad bowl. mark: this issue of asimlations is where it is different, private institutions, don't put assimilation. press 1 for english, 2 for spanish. we have affirmative action plans in government, they don't put
7:46 pm
alimblatioassimilation. the democrat party, the way their leaders talk and govern, they don't want assimilation, that works again their ideology, and throws there out of office. >> their ideology what you are suggesting, is that on its own facts and merits conditio can't1 percent of the electorate that means bridg bridge bring in voth instance grie grievance. we saw warren fiasco, stuff like that, there are limits to identity politics. and it is contrary to whole liberal idea of martin lug are r king, all about the color of our skin, and superfitial
7:47 pm
appearances. we're in a committee of public safety. you saw this hearing. diane feinstein reminded me of a king deal with spartacus. >> we'll be right back. if these packs have the same number of bladder leak pads, i bet you think bigger is better. actually, it's bulkier. always discreet quickly turns liquid to gel, for drier protection that's a lot less bulky. always discreet.
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mark: a problem education, academia, 95% in condirection from one direction, they have what do we do. >> it was a problem within the university, but now it is permiated into society, the demography, we getting late 20 something, graduating 6 or 8 years. they are not employeable with the social see kno science degry have a huge debt, they do don't gatmemarried, have children this ruins society.
7:52 pm
the universities need to be honest, they are not subject to laws of used car salesmen. we can't asked the 65 first that don't go to college to subsidize those who do, we need more trade schools, we need federal government to get out of it, by guaranteeing the student, universities are jacking up tuition. the rate of tuition, cost over the rate of inflation. get back to an idea that used to be, we teach you to be inductive in the way you think, in a body of literature, science, math, philosophy so you can be informed, and what your politics are is your own business.
7:53 pm
business. mark: is key. educational system at public school level and college and university level. i think those are great ideas, i think states, that subsidize the state run colleges and universities, particularly those with -- really need to step up, and we hear about diversity, all of the timi except with more ofa pro american principle, founding argument in colleges and universities. you have people who would like to speak at universities, who are shouted down attacked with a different view point, this is the last place of soviet union, these must be act besti academim and sphre free speech it is opp. >> they have you for 4 or 6
7:54 pm
years they can be bias to counter act that larger bias. they are progressive as well. they it is hard, to teach latin and greek grammar or history of western culture. let versus let me tell you about myself, and what i had to put up with today, that is easy, we make it too difficult, a lot of water offing down of crippl cur, people are not educated they are not trained well, they justment to vent and rant. i think 10 year it is a questionable institution. mark: when we come back, the big question.
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only eggland's best. one egg that makes choosing the best easy. only eggland's best. better taste, better nutrition, better eggs. mark: big question, next 5 to 10 years, country going this way? ear thor this way? >> we're in 1861, 1968 moment.
7:59 pm
optimistically, we hope that america will be first truly multiracial society in history of the world that has worked. we won't likely ancestors, we'll be united by shared ideology, commitment to constitutional government. if you that did the not happen, and it could not happen if we demagogue the identity politics and other issues then we'll go route of 1861. what could have happened after 1968. but, something like the balkans were reidentified by superficial parents first, and loyalty to common collective investment of america. and to keep -- to make the right choice we have to remember where we came from and claim jefferson, lincoln as our own. people that died in shiloh
8:00 pm
belong to people who came from oaxaca. mark: thank you. >> thank you. mark: see you next time on "life, liberty and levin." [♪] jesse: welcome to. "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. the migrant caravan arriving at the border and tensions rise as they try to gain access to our country either legally by claiming asylum or crossing illegally. one migrant, a honduran named henry saline as told reporters he told reporters he plans to overwhelm border agents. he says it will be all against one, one against all. all of central americaga


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