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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  November 19, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PST

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♪ howie: on our buzz meter president trump calls out so call fake news, and a brand-new interview with chris wallace. president trump: i'm totally in favor of a free press. but when it's fake -- howie: i'll talk to the sunday anchor about the put-down. reports out of the white house is the president is angry. >> the president is growing
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increasingly disinterested in his job. increasingly angry. >> whether it's world leaders calling him on air force one. >> his vendettas look like he might create long-term problems for his presidency and for his party. >> all across other media outlets every other day there is a complete meltdown and tactically not fuptioning yet it -- not functioning, yet it continues to go on. howie: what about the coverage of melania trump calling for the firing of a top white house aide. the white house will write new rules regarding the revoking of
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press credentials. and monica lewinsky talks about the affair that led to bill trump's impeachment. >> i was scared and mortified and afraid of what this was going to do to my family. howie: why the former intern feels very different 20 years later in this era. this is "mediabuzz." it took nearly two years. but one of fox anchors finally secured a sit-down with president trump. chris: no president has liked his press coverage. john kennedy canceled a subscription to the herald tribune. president trump: it's fake news,
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it's phoney. i don't any bad news if i am wrong. howie: i sat down with him on the set of "fox news sunday." fascinating interview. i don't mind getting bad news if i'm wrong. what did you make of that since the president rarely admits he's wrong. chris: i was sanction t -- i wao have that interview because i haven't had an interview with him since 2016. i talked about it a lot and have won press awards and given speeches on it. i wanted to confront him with my thoughts, you can criticize the media and some of the coverage has been bias. but don't call us the enemy of the people. when he went to separate it and
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say i'm not talking about you, i'm talking about cnn. i said don't say we are the enemy of the people because we are not. howie: he said fake news is 80% of the media by his opinion. does he use it as an effective foil? chris: i think he feels he's been the victim of bad reporting and he says -- so all of our successes get downplayed. again, there is some truth in that. even hypochondriacs sometimes get sick. while he does feel in some cases genuinely aggrieved, when he was
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defending it he talked in terms of my supporters and they get it. i think he sees it as a wedge issue that helps him at the expense of the media and media criticism and the expense of his political opposition. howie: you asked him about a spate of stories about the mid-terms. let's take a look. >> how dark is your mood? president trump: it's very light. it's disgusting fake news. i wrote a front page on "the washington post." nobody ever calls me. they make it up like it's fiction. howie: he says nobody ever calls me and they could get the reporter on the line very
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quickly. the reporter did quote a senior white house official. chris: i also thought there is a lot of tough stuff i wanted to ask about. i wanted to ask about the mueller investigation and jamal khashoggi. and it was interesting to me, and i will say not just in the interview, but the entire time. we spent about an hour with him. he was very upbeat, he seemed comfortable, at ease in his own skin. i have to say, very at ease being the commander-in-chief. he is comfortable in the oval office. he's the president, he knows it. maybe he's mad to staff, but i was good spirited despite tough
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challenging questions in our interview. howie: maybe some of the stories are overstated. he says the white house is running like a well-oiled machine. that's pushing it a little bit. chris: i wouldn't be lending money at this point to john kelly or kirstjen nielsen. can you imagine a president saying about a chief of staff ever, there are some things about him i like and some things i don't like. i remember when round ald reagan -- when ronald reagan made a mild statement good done regan and we all knew he was dead. ' how report judge's ruling for
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cnn in the lawsuit against the revoking of acosta's credentials for the white house. you went on the air and talked about how you as a former white house correspondent felt about acosta's behavior. chris: i have never seen anything like it. most of of the people there are serious reporters asking serious questions. but acosta i think embarrassed himself. cnn put out a statement saying chris, acosta does the work for state tv. how do you sleep at night. chris: it was a hot story. i notice whoever the person was at cnn who i never heard of didn't fire back. like a lot of things in life. there can be two things that are to both true. one i think jim acosta i thought
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embarrassed himself, he misbehaved. we covered the white house with sam donaldson. to end your question by saying i want to challenge you mr. president, to continue asking questions and when you are told to sit down you keep standing up and kind of fight off an intern. but pulling his pass was clearly a bridge too far and it was a mistake. the president in his answer to my question by the and subsequently -- no big deal. i think they were stunned by the fact they lost and to a certain degree were trying to downplay the defeat. i talked to a couple of white house aids. they said we think it will be 60-40 we'll lose.
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howie: it put much of the media including fox news' of none condoning the behavior. behavior. what would you say was the most of challenging thing about interviewing donald trump. chris: when you ask him a question he'll give you an answer. but sometimes there is a lot of other stuff around it. my first question was how dark is your mood and he proceeds to go into he's fine. but then he talks about the white house, and he went into it. then you have to edit him not to censor him, but because you are trying to get the answer out of a camouflage, out of the under brush. howie: you said to him quite
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bluntly, what you call fake news and he bush pushed back. his supporters revel in this. but a lot of the coverage of this president, warranted or not warranted is negative. so it's not like he doesn't have a case. chris: this gets back to the acosta question. why did you call on him in the first place. the president knows if i call acosta he'll do something obnoxious and it will fire up my base. i don't think he thought acosta would go as far as he did. it went further than i think either of them wanted. but i think they knew the minute the president called on acosta it would be a pothole and they would be able to play it to
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their benefit. howie: more on cnn beating the president in court over acosta. president trump unloads on mueller, calling
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howie: president trump told chris wallace he's finished writing answers to mueller's questions. he said it's gone totally nuts. he says they are a disgrace to our nation. they don't care how many lives they ruin. these are angry people, including the highly-conflicted
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bob mueller. a total witch hunt like no other in american history. joining us. emily jashinsky. sara fischer and mo elleithee' who runs georgetown university's institute of politics. the media is covering this as an overheated escalation on the president's part. emily: when the president is tweeting in capital letters, it's understandable. but at the same time the president has frustrations about the scope of the investigation that's supposed to be collusion. so it's sort of like when you are talking about your interview with chris wallace, two things can be true. howie: saying mueller worked for
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obama for 8 years isn't the full story. sara: he was hired under the bush administration and is a registered republican. he's a republican trying to do his job. even though the media is conflating it. nobody knows what's going on in mueller's head. howie: the president said he probably won't be sitting down with an interview with mueller. he wants to bring it to a head. could this escalation be a result of the president being immersed in this conversation with his lawyers. mo: he probably got rid of jeff sessions he wanted to get rid of
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because of this investigation. attorney general took himself out of a position where he could have stopped this investigation. the president's frustration, i guess i get it. it reactions, i don't. it doesn't serve him well politically. if he were to sit back and say fine there will be is nothing there, but i will fully cooperate. i think he would take it away. but that's not how he's wired. howie: in the interview with chris wallace, chris asked the president about asking the attorney -- the acting attorney general matt whitaker, the president said if whitaker took any steps to curtail or rein in the investigation he would leave it up to whitaker and he wouldn't intervene. chris: did you know before you
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have appointed him he had that record and was so critical of mueller. president trump: i did not know that. howie: he gets his own acting attorney general and he had no idea he was a mueller critic? emily: i find that hard to believe as well. he did transition into talking about the investigation. it's not something i'm going to freak out over. >> this is part of the speculation on why the president was lashing out. sara: you would expect him to be anxious about what's coming out here. we heard reports that even some third-level players --
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chris: talking about jojer stone iing it's -- about roger stone saying it's not important. but there was a lot of press speculation. mo: everybody should stop speculating. i want the president to chill out and let this thing happen. so should the press. the press should chill out and let this thing happen. emily: the press created such a circus. howie: reports that donald trump is angry, lashing out after the mid terms. an investigation of facebook by the "new york times." today is the day you're going to get motivated...
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howie: facebook has been telling us for a long time that it's going to do better. mark zuckerberg and his deputy sheryl sandberg spent years minimizing it's problems then tomorrow reluctantly promised to do better. >> personally i think the idea the fake news on facebook which it's a very small amount of the content, influenced the election in any way i think is a pretty crazy idea. >> we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a big mistake and it was my mistake and i'm sorry. chris: reporting shows facebook
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was concerned that if they were too tough on russia, they maybe accused of being on the side of democrats. >> they knew things were going on as early as 2016 but didn't tell their own board or the public what they knew until the fall of 2016. >> they kept escalating the problem. maybe it's not so bad. i remember at the time saying it's like cockroaches. they will come out everywhere. >> is it doing more damage to the united states? howie: facebook hired a p.r. firm to blast google and am for unsavory business practices. and tried to link them to george soros. zuckerberg and sandberg insist
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they didn't know about the work of the firm which the company has now fired. and say the allegations in the piece were not true. the question is whether zuckerberg can police facebook's content and whether the global machine he built is beyond repair. a court restores acosta's press credentials, but is it the victory many think. and i been jimmy's longest.
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go to and never go to the post office again! howie: president trump is being described by major media outlet as angry and disengaged and undergoing days of fury. the "l.a. times" and "politico." this said to be fueling his push for another white house shake-up. kirstjen nielsen and chief of staff john kelly. i thought we were going to a sound bite. emily, the president does seem resentful about the coverage of paris. the potential shake-up. then he tells chris wallace the story about fury is based on fictional sources.
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emily: they talked about the bitterness. i think there is another thing to say about the president not actually hiding a lot of his frustrations. he's tweeting out in all caps. it's not like he's trying to say he's not frustrated. it's more about the chaos in the white house. when you have the narratives from anonymous sources i can see why he takes issue. howie: the media has this chaos narrative. it would and big deal if trump dumped kelly. ryan zinke, kirstjen nielsen, it would abnormal turnover after the mid-terms.
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mo: you have a white house staff that likes to talk to the press. they like to do it anonymously. they like to leak for different reasons, private agendas sometimes, it makes them feel more self-important. you have a white house staff that likes to talk. and you have a white house staff that doesn't necessarily know what's in the president's head. they may be hearing something and interpreting something and putting something out there about a staff changeup. but we have gone through this cycle umpteen times with this president where there is a leak and denial and it did actually happen not long afterwards. howie:t howie: in the spring of 2017, there was back biting and sniping and it died down under john kelly. for a while.
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it might be coming from the homeland security. the first lady publicly called for the firing of john bolton's deputy who has since been transferred. the president was asked about that. he said she is not diplomatic but he liked her anyway. other first layeredies, nancy reagan was the power behind the scenes. sara: it's unique for melania. she tend to stay in the background and doesn't speak out. the only time she was speaking out. it's newsworthy we are getting inside melania's head. but does it have any actual weight to it? at this point we can't tell. howie: you talk about the press
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being wedded to a chaos narrative. but sometimes the white house does have chaos. emily: yes, there is a fair point to be made. to some extent the fact that there are kay otio -- there ares stories coming out of the white house. that being said, i confirm it's over the top. sara: just like the mid-term elections. the democrats took the house. but you have this drama unfolding between sessions and whitaker. i think he has a lot of wins to point to. how report president says the white house is a well-oiled machine. mo: that's fake news.
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donald trump his entire life, his entire career thrives on chaos. i don't think it serves the white house and government well. so to deny it is to deny a simple fact. howie: maybe it's not kay ross, just conflict, letting the different fax go at it. thanks so much for joining us. after the break. monica lewinsky says sheep contemplated suicide. why her comments resonates now 20 years
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howie: 20 years after the
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impeachment of bill clinton, monica lewinsky is opening up ab . . i just felt northified and afraid of what this is going to -- felt mortified and what it was going to do to my family. i was in love with bill at the time. i felt really responsible. . . for a very long
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time. when you watch that interview where she is tearing up. it drives home. bill clinton should be the one who is ashamed. gillian: for the #metoo and the' timesup movement, it's hard to imagine she would receive the same treatment today. >> the moment we were actually in the back office for the first time the truth is i think it meant more to me that's somebody other people desired, desired me. however misguide for who i was in that very moment at 22 years old. that was how i felt. howie: you know what they were doing in the back office. she was very candid.
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she loved bill. she was a 22-year-old intern. you went to the white house when you were 23. did you think about what happened to her? gillian: i did. when i joined the bush administration i was 23 years years old. seeing the oval office for the first time, being in the west wing. being around people who worked in the clinton administration. it dawned on me how incredible this escapade in american history had been. understanding exactly how many people would have been aware internally something was up. trying to understand how an intern which is as low on the totem poll as you can get and managed to have time alone with him. all of these things weren't things i thought about as a teenager when the story was break. but it had a lot of impact when i was in my early 20s.
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howie: monica lewinsky says she thinks bill clinton owes her an apology. she writes a piece in "vanity fair" saying she would like to be fair from her victimhood. but she says it's not up to her, it's up to the social mob. gillian: she said the reason she was doing this docu-series is because she can. which is a reference to when president clinton was interviewed by dan rather, he was asked why he was having a relationship with a young intern who wasn't his wife, he said because i could. it's her opportunity to tell the story as her own. to reclaim the story from the media from president clinton. not to get too pop culture
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psycho an political. but this. this was and common way to treat this. howie: i wonder if today's climate would have helped' her. still to come, why i feel a personal connection to spiderman and the late stan lee. i have something i have never shown before on national television.
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>> the choice for me a live an ordinary life is no longer an option. howie: stan lee had a spiderman
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letter published in 1922. the wise cracking figures like spidey, the x-man, and the fantastic four. >> what i tried to do was take these characters who are obviously bigger than life and fictitious and make them seem real. they have got these powers and do ruffle things. but what are the things that worry them and frustrate them? howie: i learned to write by reading "the defenders." they are all in these notebooks. i also liked the credit.
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in 1960s, age angst ridden heroes, all for 10 cents. china created an anchor powered by artificial intelligence. they don't require sleep or long lunches or big salaries and they don't make mistake. >> this is my first day and appearance. the development of the media industry will continue with innovation. howie: that's not how it's done, buddy. that anchor is never going to get any ratings. that's it for this edition of "mediabuzz." you can vub describe at
1:00 am out of time here. back here next sunday. we'll see you heather: good morning, it is monday november 19th and this is "fox & friends first", happening right now at 4:00 a.m. on the east coast, it is official, republican rick scott, the new senator of florida as democrat bill nelson finally concedes but he's not the only one heading for the exit. is embattled election supervisor brenda snipes also on her way out? border backlash, residents demanding migrant caravan go home. look at this. brand-new threat from the president also to lock it down and friend or feast, how it's now up to you to decide which turkey will get presidential


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