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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 19, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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america. another thing real quickly parents in the middle of arizona scouting for elk. holding up "the five." everybody here. >> greg: never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is up next. bret baier. >> bret: thanks, greg. this is a fox news alert. within the past 30 mention authorities in chicago reported active shooter on south side hospital. now they say several people have been wounded in that shooting. a list reportedly including a police officer and a suspect at this hour. senior correspondent mike tobin has the latest breaking news tonight from the scene, good evening, mike. good evening, bret. we have confirmation through mercy hospital the shooting is over. there was a police officer scouring the hallways here at mercy hospital end occasion that they felt the threat was not alleviated but now we have that confirmation through the hospital that the incident here is over. confirmed through anthony, the chicago police spokesman
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one police officer has been shot. he is in critical condition. he has been transferred to the university of hospital medical center. we are awaiting an update from him. a possible suspect has been shot. scanner traffic says that suspect was shot in the face. not confirmed through official channels. accounts two people dead and chicago tribune reports less than six. again, that's not through official channels. we're still waiting for that information to be boiled down. what we're hearing from witnesses is that the gunman focused particularly on woman -- one woman standing over her in a parking lot discharging multiple shots in her direction u really a point blank range i should say. that being said, we don't know if this was motivated by a domestic dispute. if this sadly would fit the pattern that we have become accustomed to with these mass shootings or part of the violence have you heard so much about playin plaguing te city of coshocton.
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we are on the south side of the city right now. we can't make those connections right now there were 21 shootings over the weekend here in the city of chicago. so, gun violence is still very much a problem here we're waiting on more details. through officials here the threat is alleviated and the shooting situation is now over. bret? >> bret: 21 shootings over the weekend. mike tobin on the south side with the breaking news from chicago. ♪ >> bret: this is another fox news alert. breaking news about u.s. immigration policy, how the president intends to enforce it and how migrants from central america are trying to get around it we have fox team coverage on this breaking news. william la jeunesse in tijuana, mexico where migrants have flooded the border town angering many who live there new details about that caravan, too. we start off with news correspondent jennifer griffin at the pentagon about troop levels along the
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border. good evening, jennifer. >> good evening, bret. in an interview with politico jeffrey buchanan, the army general overseeing the deployment of 58 u.s. troops to the border said some of those troops could start coming home this week and that all of the troops will likely be home by christmas. even as a caravan of migrants continues to make its way to tijuana. u.s. customs officers were forced to close a border crossing near tijuana as a result. lieutenant general buchanan also confirmed reports that fox news and others have reported that the pentagon pushed back on a request by dhs for armed u.s. troops to be in contact with migrants citing legal authority. some of the engineering troops are no longer needed because their job is done. so some may be able to start leaving this week. quote our end date right now is december 15th. and i have no indication from anybody that we'll go beyond that. buchanon told politico. however, some of the troops sent to texas could be sent to help in other spots along
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the border if need be according to those familiar with the planning, bret? >> bret: okay, jennifer griffin with the details from the pentagon tonight. jennifer, thank you. officials as we mentioned with the homeland security department say they have identified more than 500 criminals traveling with that caravan flow of central american migrants headed to the u.s. they say the caravan single adult or teen males who face women and children in front of the line to gain sympathetic media coverage. there is backlash from some of those migrants not from the trump administration from mexicans living in tijuana. news correspondent william la jeunesse is in tijuana again tonight. good evening, william. >> good evening, bret. you know, illegal immigration is not new to mexico. generations of central americans have used it as a stepping stone into the united states but this caravan, the numbers, how they have crossed and acted seemed to have awakened a
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silent now vocal minority against them. [chanting] >> tension in tijuana. >> we are here because our government has not taken control of what we call invasions. >> shouting hondurans go home. siva mexico. mexicans try to storm the shelter. they fear crime, loss of jobs, depressed wages in a country where 40% already live in poverty. >> i'm not really in favor of them coming the way they did. you know, to me, it feels like they invaded. >> nearby a counter protest supporters say mexico should welcome and protect immigrants. >> it's important that we consider that our mexican brothers are in the same situation. >> shelter remained on lockdown until protesters went home. >> they are here for work, to have a better life and to
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not troublemakers. >> more than 6,000 caravan migrants arrived in tijuana. shelter looking like a refugee camp as many realized they cannot easily cross the border and any asylum interview is at least five weeks away. >> i tell them it's better for you to get a job and start working right and then get out of your head trying to cross the border shut down port of entry. large number of migrants plan to cros rush the border in an attempt to gain illegal access to the u.s. increasing wait times. president trump is sending a message to mexico city to stop these caravans on their southern borders or face consequences on the north. it's a language that everyone understands, time is money bret? >> william la jeunesse live
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in mexico tonight. thank you. democrats are stepping up their pressure on the president's pick to temporarily replace fired attorney general jeff sessions. they are filing suit to try prevent matthew whitaker from being acting attorney general, worried about what he might do to the special counsel investigationed into the president. chief white house correspondent john roberts has those stories and more on a if he has been day at the executive mansion. good evening, john. >> good evening to you. since the day robert mueller was appointed, president trump's critics have worried they would fire the special counsel. that talk went away for a while. now that the president has appointed an outspoken critic of mueller to run the justice department critics are working themselves into a froth. >> a as president trump and the first lady greeted the arrival of the white house christmas tree, official washington was digesting his interview with chris wallace. >> mr. president, thank you for talking with us. >> in particular, his
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declaration that he won't interfere if interim attorney general matt whitaker reigns in the mueller probe. >> look, it's going to be up to him. i think he is very well aware politically. i think he is astute politically. he is a very smart person a very respected person. i really believe he is going to do what's right. >> you won't overrule him if he decides to curtail. >> i won't get involved. >> democrats are worried enough they filed a lawsuit seeking to row move whitaker. in a statement schumer saying quote putting asupplied whitaker's many conflicts of interest and his history of hostile comments toward the special counsel's investigation. his appointment is acting as a.g. direct violation of the constitution's appointment clause. the mueller investigation may be nearing its end. president trump is expected to soon give mueller written answers to several questions about possible collusion. >> he answered the questions that were asked and answered
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it wasn't a big deal. they have made it sound like i had meetings for many, many hours. i got the questions. i responded. we wrote them out. i read them once. i read them a second time. we made some changes. that's very simple. >> the white house is also expecting a report by tomorrow on the killing of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi. according to some media outlets the cia has determined crown prince ordered khashoggi's killing. president trump says mbs as he is known denied it to him several times. >> well, will anybody really know? he did have people reasonably close to him. and close to him that were probably involved. >> the president pointed out the u.s. has sanctioned several saudis over the incident but he added he wants to stick with a good ally. and he chose not to listen to the recording of khashoggi's killing. >> i don't want to hear the tape. no reason for me to hear the tape. >> why don't you want to
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hear it, sir? >> because it's a suffering tape. it's a terrible tape. i have been fully briefed on it. >> today in the face of more court action, the cnn hard pass of jim across attachment in doing so, it laid down a new set of rules, more than guidelines for journalists at press conferences warning that if the journalists were to violate those rules they could be banished from the white house. bret? >> bret: john roberts live on the north lawn, john, thanks. big losses from big tech companies led to a terrible day for investors on wall street today. the dow was down more than 500 at one point, finished off 396. the s&p 500 fell 46. the nasdaq plunged 219. let's find out why the market keeps dropping. susan lee of the fox business network joins us from new york. good evening, susan. >> good evening, bret. market confidence has definitely been shaken the last few months. global concerns are mounting and the leaders of the rally big tech are faltering.
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today it was apple the main drag in taking the technology heavy nasdaq along with it concerns over iphone demand and reports that apple will be cutting production as a result pushed appear mel stock into bear market territory that's 20% down from recent peak. apple joined the rest of the silicon valley join to fangs. facebook, apple, amazon, netflix and alphabet. all losing 20% from recent highs. the reason? concerns that future sales and profits at these big tech companies will be slowing and fail to live up lofty expectations. now, also causing concerns, global events including questions over the u.k.'s leadership and whether theresa may will survive as prime minister would have ongoing trade tensions with china. disagreements erupted at the apec summit and boeing a drag on the dow today as a
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lot of planes in china and treated like a proxy to u.s. china trade ties these days. then we also got a down beat prediction from wall street giant goldman sacks. they are forecasting the u.s. economy to grow at 3.5% this year which would be the best year of growth in 13 years, the goldman says it's a different story in 2019 with a u.s. economy only expanding one in three quarters of 1% as the benefits of the tax cuts fade and interest rates rise. bret, back to you. >> bret: susan li live in new york. susan, thanks. tonight, florida, and the rest of the country, know who will be representing the state in the u.s. senate next year. republican governor rick scott has finally beaten back both the electoral and legal challenges from incumbent democratic senator bill nelson. this, after republican ron desantis officially became governor elect of florida after his own recount. correspondent peter doocy wraps up our on-the-ground coverage from tallahassee.
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>> three term democratic senator bill nelson finally gave up. >> we may have been out spent but we were never out worked. >> called to concede minutes after official rerecall counts were posted. >> he was gracious and congratulated me for the win. i told him if he has any ideas of how to, you know, do my job better don't hesitate to call me. >> the governor held on to win by just over 10,000 votes it? >> was very us from the straght. when i had announce weed had won by tuesday night. we were up 57,000 votes. and they just kept finding ballots. >> scott will soon be florida's junior center serving with republican senator marco rubio who tweeted today the controversy over florida election wasn't over the automatic recounts required by law. no one opposed recount. it was about two counties who failed to comply with the law and lawyers trying to use courts to change election law after the election.
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republicans and democrats have been frustrated with broward county election sprrp brenda snipes whose late machine recount results were rejected by the state and who spent most of this weekend trying to find more than 2,000 missing ballots. >> are you concerned now governor desantis will remove you from office? >> no. i don't have -- i haven't heard anything about that. >> just a few hours later, snipes said she had had enough, resigning to governor scott in a letter that says although i have enjoyed this work tremendously over these many election cycles, both large and small, i'm ready to pass the torch. but snipes might not be ready to leave politics for good. >> bye, guys. bye. see you sometime. >> after two full weeks of counting and canvassing cases there will finally be a conclusion at the capital tomorrow morning when secretary of state will certify that republicans held onto the governor's mansion and effectively ended the four decade long
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career of florida's democratic senator. bret? >> bret: peter doocy in tallahassee. peter, thanks. let's talk about the increasingly popular democrat tactic of challenging the legitimacy of republican winners in recent elections. senior political analyst brit hume joining us tonight. good evening, brit. >> hi, bret. we certainly do see a lot of this, don't we? >> bret: i want you to listen to the speech out of georgia. first of all, the concession/non-concession and then she was asked about the fact that brian kemp is going to be governor elect now take a listen. >> cream deas crald georgia this is not a speech of concession because concession means to acknowledge an action is right, true, or proper at the moment i cannot concede that. >> is he the legitimate governor elect of georgia. >> he is the person who won an adequate number of votes. >> you are not using the word legitimate.
3:16 pm
is he the legitimate elect of georgia. >> he is the legal governor of georgia. >> bret: brit? >> well, i have got say, bret, if you were ever looking for an example of what the term double standard means you could hardly do better than these claims of illegitimacy that have surrounded not only the georgia race but president trump's original election also not to mention all the monkey shines that have gone on down in florida every time the republicans were critical of the way the ballots were being handled in two particular counties down there where there are obvious, clear and court determined irregularities accused of underlining democracy. these complaints about the president and the complaint stacey abrams has about the election in georgia are not met with the same accusations, indeed they are participated in by such leading democrats as hillary clinton of course and sherrod brown the senator from ohio who also seems to think he might -- might run for president. so, there you have a wonderful example of it it's okay for democrats to criticize these election outcomes and declare them
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illegitimate but if republicans raise questions, even in the face of obvious irregularities, that's undermining democracy, wonderful. >> bret: brit, in the case of georgia, especially african-american voters felt like brian kemp should recuse himself as his role of secretary of state and accused him or alleged that he was somehow suppressing particularly african-american vote in georgia. we didn't really get to the end of any investigation or hard facts on that front and that, i guess, is what's leading stacey abrams to say what she says. >> well, that's right, bret. but, you know i look at the allegations that were made. for example, they were talking about how many voters were struck from the roles as this were all some kind of brian kemp effort to purge the roles of voters who might oppose him. in fact, there is a state law that has to do with inactive registrations, people who haven't voted and it calls for their removal from the roles after a certain period of time. it's all set by law. and, you know, they cited a
3:18 pm
number, i have forgotten how many thousands of voters it was. turned out to be the number goes back to 2012. no evidence that any political hankie panky was involved in this. it's simply alleged. and this is what happens. these things are alleged. they are thrown out there. they are flung about, leading politicians picked them up. they are not proven by any stretch of the imagination. yet they get into the public and get into the dialogue and here we are with stacey abrams bitterly claiming that this man is not bitterly unwilling, i should say to say that this man is a legitimately elected governor of georgia. >> bret: yeah, if republicans were really good at suppressing the vote across the country, they didn't seem to do a great job for democrats voting this time around. >> no. and not only that have we ever had such turnout nationally in a midterm election we never have in my memory, bret. so if republicans are suppressing the vote as you suggest they are doing a damn poor job of it. >> bret: brit, as always,
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thank you. >> thank you, bret. >> bret: why rain on california wildfires may not actually be a great thing. ♪ ♪ the greatest wish of all... is one that brings us together. the lincoln wish list event is here.
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battling the deadliest blaze on record in that state. 77 are now confirmed dead with more than 1,000 people still listed as missing. the precipitation would be good, obviously, for firefighters fighting the blazes directly but rain might also make a bad situation even worse. correspondent claudia cowan explains tonight from chico, california. >> it's a grim task but it's necessary. and it really does, you know, help families out because it allows them to know what happened, as difficult as it is. >> the flames may have slowed but the recovery from the devastating wildfires is still in its early stages with the death toll growing each day and the number of people unaccounted for constantly fluctuating. >> now search crews are in a race against mother nature with rain in the forecast. while it will help put out the fire and improve air quality, rain could trigger mud slides and wash the remains of those who died in the fire. >> the weather that's
3:24 pm
expected is definitely going to impact operations. especially during the recovery, working with the sheriff's department and first responders, again, we have additional resources out there. really trying to work ahead of these storms. >> with more than 50,000 left homeless by the camp fire, thousands are streaming through a disaster relief center trying to get their lives back together. >> they can get initial financial support from fema if they qualify for federal assistance. they can get information. they can get their driver's license. they can update their mailing address with the postal service. social security cards can be issued here. >> an emotional vigil on sunday night chik co, california where the community came to heal and share stories. >> we were a moving bomb we had a bunch of propane tanks. >> propane tanks were blowing up. it was like a war zone. >> joe florence and his family are thankful they made it out in time. and also, for president trump's visit here on saturday. >> i am grateful for all the
3:25 pm
support that he is giving us. he didn't have to come here the way california has treated him he did. and for that i'm very grateful. >> and the federal aid that the president promised to help this community recover is flowing. more than $3.5 million already in the hands of 13,000 households that have registered with fema here in butte county. those numbers will most certainly grow. bret? >> bret: continuing to cover it, claudia cowan live in chico tonight. claudia, thanks. back in d.c., 16 house democrats have released a letter saying they will vote for new leadership in january. that poses a real threat to nancy pelosi's effort to become speaker. ohio congresswoman marcia fudge has emerged as a possible challenger. she says she will announce her intentions after thanksgiving. meantime, former new york mayor bloomberg is donating $1.8 billion to his alma mater, johns hopkins
3:26 pm
university. it will boost financial aid for low and middle income students. the school will eliminate student loans and financial aid packages next fall in favor of scholarships that do not have to be repaid. the contribution is said to be the largest ever to any educational institution in the united states. bloomberg is said to be seriously considering a run for president in 2020. next up, accusations that the u.s. is responds cybil for the deaths of dozens of civilians in syria. since you're heading off to school, i got you this brita. dad... i just got a zerowater. but we've always used brita. it's two stage-filter... doesn't compare to zerowater's 5-stage. this meter shows how much stuff, or dissolved solids, gets left behind.
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♪ >> bret: the u.s. led coalition is denying that a series of airstrikes left dozens of civilians dead over the weekend in syria. the alleged attacks happened in a region considered a strong hold for isis terrorists. correspondent trey has the latest from our middle east newsroom. >> debris and rubble littered the ground in the syrian city after a u.s. led coalition airstrike targeted isis militants over the weekend. but the strike intended to assist in liberating one of the isis strongholds in eastern syria reportedly killed at least 43 civilians, including 12 women and 17 children. in a state to fox news, the u.s.-led collision denied that civilians died in any of their 19 strikes over the weekend, calling all of their operations, quote:
3:31 pm
legitimate. the coalition added that syrian regime forces were also conducting at least 10 airstrikes around the same time in the eastern part of the country. the united states is also conducting political operations in the region, to pressure actors like iran and their proxies to leave syria amid the renewal of iranian sanctions by president trump, iranian president hasan rouhani accused the u.s. monday of trying to change regional perception of iran. america blames us for its failures in the region from yemen to iraq, rouhani said. we will not yield to this pressure that is part of the psychological war against iran. currently there are thousands of u.s. troops on the ground in syria, advising and training local syrian opposition groups to fight isis and counter iranian influence. many members of congress are pressuring the trump administration to develop an exit strategy for u.s. troops in syria as issues such as civilian casualties and the presence of iran will continue to require major foreign policy
3:32 pm
decisions for president trump's agenda. bret? >> bret: trey in our middle east newsroom, thanks. acting attorney general we will get reaction to that and the breaking news when we return, but, first, beyond our borders tonight. the chairman of japanese automaker nissan has been arrested and will be dismissed for alleged underreporting of his income and misuse of company funds. ceo carlos gon is accused of reporting $44 million of the $89 million he was paid during a five-year period. the brexit negotiator for the european union says the 27 eu nations fully back the british withdrawal agreement. the deal has come under vehement criticism in britain. eu nations in britain are still negotiating the outlined text of a future relationship which should be ready in coming weeks. disaster coordination authorities are asking residents in 8 communities in guatemala to evacuate and go to safe areas after
3:33 pm
increased eruption of the volcano of fire. the 8 communities have about 2,000 residents in them. eruption in june killed 194 people and left at least 234 missing. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ woo-hoo! got it! which car should we get? all of 'em! ooh, yeah! that one! this one looks nice. yes, and yes. i like this game. i think we're winning! delivery? where? (doorbell rings) (man) it's here! what? (announcer) save $1,000 from carvana black friday through cyber monday. then go see "ralph breaks the internet," in theatres november 21st.
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>> if whitaker decides in any way to limit or curtail the mueller investigation, are you okay with that? >> look, it's going to be up to him. i think he's very well aware politically. i think he is astute politically. he is a very smart person. a very respected person. he is going to do what's right. i would not get involved. all these people who say i'm going to end the investigation, you know, they have been saying that now for how long has this witch-hunt gone on? >> bret: the president talking about matt whitaker his acting attorney general.
3:38 pm
in conversations with senator lindsey graham and others, whitcher has said he doesn't have any plans to do anything with the mueller investigation, he is also not planning to recuse himself, but that has not stopped the worry, especially among democrats and action. democrats filing a lawsuit saying because the senate has not consented to mr. whitaker serving as an officer of the united states, his devastation to prove the function and duties of the attorney general violates the clause. indeed if allowed to stand mr. whitaker's appointment would create a road map for the evasion of the constitutionally prescribed senate advise and consent role with that bring in our panel and start there jonathan swan reporter for axios. mara liasson national political correspondent of "national public radio" and mollie hemingway senior editor at "the federalist." okay, jonathan, how concerned are they of the white house about the whitaker, this effort on a constitutional grounds legally and where he stands.
3:39 pm
>> i don't get the sense they are concerned at all. what they are concerned about is there is a body of opinion inside the white house that he is going to be very difficult, if not impossible to confirm. there are people that argue that but the president is very happy with matt whitaker, privately has been basically gushing about him. he has used the word courage to describe him. thinks he has been very strong and what trump likes is that he hasn't recused himself. he hasn't stepped down and that he is holding the line. so, trump is very, very happy with matt whicialght, whether that means he will end up being a permanent appointment i wouldn't go that far. i think it's much more likely he is not. but, trump is very happy. >> bret: mara? >> at least for now he is overseeing the mueller investigation. that means he can pass on and he can weigh in on indictments, subpoenas. he can, if he wants to, share information about the investigation with the white house.
3:40 pm
so there is a lot that he can do for the president even if he is only the acting attorney general. >> bret: mollie, any pit falls here? >> i think what you are actually seeing here is a lot of frustration that finally someone is in charge of this mueller probe, who is someone who the president has put in charge. as far as the argument that this is something that presidents can't do presidents have been temporarily filling appointments like this going back to thomas jefferson, the idea that donald trump is doing something wildly different than other presidents is ludicrous. i think what's really happening is people had such hope that this special counsel would be used to unseat a democratically elected president and thought maybe the russia thing would go somewhere or obstruction. despite all the baiting trump is not removing anyone or stopping this probe at all. people are frustrated that big plan is not coming to fruition. >> bret: okay. also, on the mueller investigation, the president is saying that he may or may
3:41 pm
not step down -- i mean he may or may not answer questions beyond what is he writing and he was talking about that with chris wallace. the interview was knock full o --chock-full of news this weekend. >> no sit down interview nothing written or in person on obstruction. >> can i say probably. i can change my mind but probably. >> one in 100. >> i don't do odds. i gave. >> you ran a casino, sir. >> you are right and very successfully, actually. we gave very, very complete answers to a lot of questions that i shouldn't have even been asked and i think that should solve the problem. >> bret: so do we think this is coming to a head now, jonathan? >> i think it's been very clear for some time that the president was not going to do an in person interview.
3:42 pm
this is the first time though with chris wallace that he has actually acknowledged as much publicly. trump has always dangle out the carrot i want to do it if only they would be fair to me i may do it, et cetera, et cetera. his legal team has been unanimously of the view it's a terrible idea. doesn't matter whether you are talking about the early team of ty cobb or john dowd or current legal team nobody thinks this is a good idea. first time the president has acknowledged as much publicly. it should be said though that his legal team, it's an important -- i wouldn't call it a victory but at least a small victory, maybe, that they managed to not answer anything according to them on obstruction by limiting their answers to what happened before he joined the white house. i mean, that's sort of concession from the mueller team. >> bret: mollie? >> we should be reminded that the special counsel was set up to investigate treasonous collusion with
3:43 pm
russia to steal an election. and so, of course, as soon as that didn't pan out, people tried to change it to object destruction or change it to other things. but, no lawyer worth his salt would have the president speaking on a limitless probe. but i am concerned that people who seem to care about rule of law don't care that we still don't actually know what the scope of the special counsel is this is a limitless probe. this is a person who has all the powers of the fbi and the cia and endless budget and we don't even know what the scope is to act like this is okay or this is proper procedure, i'm hoping we have people who care about rule of law enough to know that special counsel shouldn't be set up as political vindictiveness or revenge because people you don't like win elections. >> bret: mara, the drama that was the hard pass up in the air with jim acosta at cnn is over. sarah sanders putting out a statement we would have greatly preferred to continue hosting white house press conferences in reliance on a set of understood emotional norms. we believe the overwhelming majority of journalists covering the white house share that preference. but given the position taken
3:44 pm
by cnn we now feel obligated to replace previously shared practices with explicit rules. they are not going to take away hard pass and suspend it but have rules of decorum and list those. if you don't follow the rules they have the option to say hit the road. >> that's right. a couple things. when the judge said that they had to temporarily reinstate o. costa's pass at that time the administration said they would yank it again at the end of that interim period. they have changed their mind and come up with pretty limited rules. they only regard press conferences basically you get one question, no follow-ups unless the president or the administration official who is giving the preference allows to you give one that will but the onus on journalists if somebody doesn't get an answer, then the person's colleagues presumably would ask the same question. >> bret: the rules are there. the bullet points. what were you going to say jonathan? >> what's being missed in this it wasn't a first amendment ruling it was about due process. this sets a predicate for
3:45 pm
the future that now set up these rules and they have a set of rules that they can then make further, i wouldn't be surprised if we haven't heard the last of this is my way of -- my very clumsy way of saying this i wouldn't be surprised if they do actually down the pass revoke somebody's hard pass and use this set of rules as at criteria. >> bret: mollie, real quick. >> the white house figured out a good way out of its problem. very reasonable rules. i'm surprised that the white house corpgd association didn't have them in force prior to this. jim co-costa being the moss scott is not good for the press corps. a win all around for everybody. >> bret: all right. panel, stand by. next up the politics of the migrant caravans and what's next with immigration policy. ♪ ♪
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3:50 pm
order. the immigration laws of this country, the word went back that, hey, if you can get up there, and get one of these notice to appear, again, called a permiso then you can get in the country and have you nothing to worry about. >> bret: mexican officials in tijuana are not that happy with this caravan either as it continues to move forward. the department of homeland security putting out some details what they estimate 500 plus criminals traveling with the caravan flow they say. most members single adult or teen men placed women and children at the front of the line. 6,000 waiting at the san ysidro border near tijuana, 1600 at mexicali. 8500 to 10,500 waiting at the southern border in total. this as we get word that some u.s. troops along that border are going to come home because they were building things that they're done. pentagon looking at that deployment. we are back with the panel.
3:51 pm
mollie, your thoughts? >> get 10,000 people this month and 10,000 people next month and pretty soon you are talking about real numbers. this caravan has gotten a lot of news. it's a larger issue of massive people amassing at the people wanting to come in exploiting loopholes in our immigration law. i think americans really deserve the chance to have immigration laws that make sense that are actually enforced that they get a say in who is a citizen and who has legal status. that is not what is happening with our system right now. we just keep fumbling from one border crisis to the next without resolving the larger issue. >> bret: you know, the question is, mara, politically, how this plays. obviously on a political stance, th --policy stance the t has campaigned on this. he has talked about it forever. he has said it's going to be his policy. politically, it really didn't pan out as much, as well across the borders as many on the republican side were thinking it would. >> no. i mean it's possible that it helped him get some more
3:52 pm
republican votes to unseat some democratic senate incumbents in red states, but it didn't. >> bret: but in a place like arizona? >> yeah. but it didn't play in the house. it might have even back fired because exit polls show a lot of people did not share the president's views about the invading caravan. but this is something that he is going to continue doing. he has already issued new guidelines how you can apply for asylum. it has to be fay port of entry. talking about revoking birthright citizenship. that was your scoop. with an executive order. so, this is going to continue to be his policy, but i think there is evidence that it had mixed results in the midterms and possibly in a lot of house races work against him. >> bret: jonathan, politics aside, it's still an issue that we as a country have to deal with and he is choosing to say if you are going to come, you have to and say you're going to ask for asylum, you have to go through the ports of entry. and we're going to have you stay there until you have your court hearing, essentially. >> well, what the
3:53 pm
administration hasn't done very clearly, is explain the justification for 5,000 troops and the need to have active duty down there. i understand the building aspect of it. but, it's unclear why such a large deployment was needed ahead of the midterms and with them now apparently going back in mid december. so, that's the part of it which i think there are big questions that remain open. >> bret: all right, jonathan, mara, and then mollie, cabinet changes. do we think that the homeland security secretary and chief of staff is likely going to make it to 2019? >> i will start. i have no earthly idea, bret. [laughter] >> bret: that's good. you are honest. >> at this point i would need donald trump and john kelly's tongues to be notarized and delivered to me in an envelope like fully notarized for me to write a kelly is gone story. the kelly is gone story has been written every week for the last year. i assume at some point it
3:54 pm
will happen but as for when it's going to happen i have no idea. all i can tell you is trump has told people he wants to get rid of kirstjen nielsen and also been sounding people out about the chief job. >> bret: mara? >> yeah. certainly when he talked to chris wallace on sunday he didn't have too many nice things to say about either of them. he tried to be even-handed but he made it pretty clear he wasn't thrilled with kelly or nielsen. they are both -- they are comrades in arms they support each other. >> bret: it was a great -- >> -- i would suspect if he makes changes, those would be two of them. >> bret: mollie, a great sentence to the president from chris wallace i might have three, four, five or two changes. >> like a stopped clock, i assume at some point all of these stories we hear about people being gone will turn out to be true. but there is definitely room for a lot of people to leave, particularly on foreign policy. trump might want to make some changes that better match with his agenda. >> bret: panel, as always, thank you. when we come back, this year's white house christmas tree arrives. ♪
3:55 pm
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♪ >> bret: finally tonight, it's beginning to look a lot like christmas at the white house. ♪ [o christmas tree] >> a horse drawn carriage arrived at the north poritco today greeted by president trump and the first lady you see there carrying the white house christmas tree. this year it's a 19 and a half foot tall frazier fir from north carolina. the christmas tree association actually approves the white house christmas tree every year. after five attempts to win, larry smith from mountaintop frazier farm finally made it the tree will be in the blue room this year after months of holiday planning by the first lady and her staff. the moment is finally here.
4:00 pm
the official white house tree lighting, the outdoor tree is next wednesday. so there you have it. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. "the story" hosted by martha maccallum starts right now. are you getting in the spirit, martha? >> martha: absolutely. i'm a sucker for the ringing in of the christmas tree. in new york n. and in d.c. it looks great. good to see you, bret. breaking tonight, we look forward to the 2020 election. while most candidates like bill nelson and martha mcsally and andrew gillum ultimately accepted the will of the voters. stacey abrams claims there was voter suppression in that race although there appears to be no evidence of that here's part of her speech that raised eyebrows. >> concession because concession means to acknowledge an action is right, true, or proper. as a woman of conscience and faith i cannot concede that.


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