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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 19, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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and friday is black friday, make sure you get "ship of fools" ." this show is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity and groupthink. up next to sean hannity. >> sean: it's a busy news night and that caravan that they said was never going to get here, in the first 3,000 migrants have arrived south of san diego. thousands more so on the way and the mexican border city of tijuana is in crisis mode. the migrants are now stuck between our reinforced border and a mexican city that wants them gone. coming up, we will bring you the latest on what's a serious developing situation and we will also have an update on the mueller witch hunt. could it finally be in its final days? it's beginning to look like it. and at the white house just unveiled new rules for report or
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conduct that would require people like jim acosta and other so-called journalists to act like professional adults. but don't hold your breath, the president may have outsmarted everybody in this, and i will explain. also tonight, the election in florida is finally officially over. there is a sore loser in georgia who lost but doesn't want to fully admit it. and we are continuing tonight to monitor the devastating wildfires in california. the tragedy that could have and should have been prevented. sit tight, lots of news this monday and we start with our breaking news opening monologue. must be one of the crisis on our southern border is growing more serious. 3,000 migrants now have already arrived south of california's border. a number that is expected now to swell to more than 10,000. tensions are escalating in tijuana, mexico, where thousands have poured in straining local resources in fueling conflict. that's what the mayor is calling on migrant tsunami that could last six months. now mexican nationals are taking
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to the streets and they are standing up for their own borders and sovereignty and telling the caravans to go home. some are backing" in president trump. take a look. [chanting in spanish] >> sean: donald trump was right, it's an invasion. for years and this program i have pointed out the huge massive hypocrisy, mexico always wanting to lecture america on the issue of immigration when they jail or return people that enter their country immediately. there is no "due process. they were out or sent to jail.
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the vast majority of people coming here, they want a better life for themselves, their kids and their grandkids. the problem is they have not been vetted. no background checks or knowledge of any criminal history they may have, and is unchecked and unvented mass migration will be referenced to the national security threat. just today, department of homeland security confirmed to fox news that they have now identified more than 500 criminals that are traveling with the caravan flow, just mixing in and adding that the vast majority in the caravan are able-bodied males. not women and children. they are put in front just for the cameras, and thankfully now the president is following through on his promise to increase border security. promise made it, promise kept. remember, the situation will be
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so much different for everybody. so much safer for everybody, if we had a law and people would respect our sovereignty and borders and our rule of law. it would be safer for everybody on both sides and of course, that wall can have a big door, as the president has often said. america can and should accept immigrants but we have to vet everyone who wants to come to the country. we will have more on this situation developing throughout the hour, but first, the mueller witch hunt. the left and the media might need a new conspiracy theory to obsess over because the probe could now be entering its final days. it now appears there will be no in person interview between president trump, robert mueller or his team of left-wing lawyers which means no perjury trap, no subpoena and no battle between the supreme court. instead the president will submit written answers to the special counsel and we expect that sometime this week, maybe even as early as tomorrow.
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of course if the investigation really is a probe in the russian collusion, all of these questions we know have already been answered. we know in multiple interviews president trump has consistently denied any collusion or conspiracy with russia. we know the president consistently denied any knowledge of any collusion within his campaign. we know the president has flatly denied any election coordination with russia whatsoever, and to this day, there is no evidence. we know the convictions of lieutenant general michael flynn and campaign aide george papadopoulos had nothing to do with collusion. we know the same about michael cohen. we know that paul manafort's crimes have nothing to do with collusion. meanwhile, there are still major questions surrounding real instances of collusion that robert mueller and the media in this country have ignored. why isn't robert mueller investigating that clinton bought and paid for phony debunked russian dossier?
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why didn't the russian council probe russian lies found in his so-called research? which by the way, clinton paid for. why isn't mueller investigating the fisa fraud surrounding the grossly dishonest use of those russian lies or even the author of the lies, he said he had no idea if it was true. why isn't he investigating the coordinated effort by the deep state? people at the top levels of power from within our government, the obama government and democratic party, licking russian lies to the american people so that they could influence voters right before the election. they had a media leak strategy later. what about the peter strzok page insurance policy and, it has been, a partisan team of
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investigators who have wanted him and discredit and delegitimize the presidency of donald trump. we have this to say about the ongoing probe, let's take a look. speak to all these people that say i'm going to end the investigation, and how long have i been looked at? from the day i announced, i looked at a candidate with no proof, with phony people like mccabe and his lover. just in case they win or lose. this is an insurance policy and the whole thing is a scam. 's as we want the president is rightly critical of the one-sided witch hunt. night after night, over a year
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and a half, leading with breathless speculation about trump and rush is. avoiding the biggest abuse of corruption, and perhaps even a special counsel considering that's all the democrats in the house. instead of these networks putting facts first, they are waging a p.r. like campaign on a man that never wanted to be president but it's no surprise that many so-called reporters actually replaced actual journalism with antitrust vitriol every second, every minute, every hour of every day in some cases. that's especially true of jim acosta. day after day he made a mockery of these press briefings trying to prop themselves up after
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asking questions and in a debate with insults and fundamental rudeness. we report with grandstanding, and that culminated in this confrontation where you actually made, if you could see right there, you wouldn't even give the white house intern back the microphone. after the president had to say, enough. how many times does the president have to say to one reporter, enough, enough? between them, if i wasn't one of the other reporters waiting to ask a question, i think i would be ticked off. following that incident, jim acosta has now regained his hard pass but let's give you a reminder of some of this behavior. >> we are attacking the news organization.
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can you state -- can you give us the question? >> i'm not sure this press conference was ever on the rails as you heard numerous times. >> and people coming from other parts of the world, we are just covering bad reality television. that's an unhealthy fixation from what i called the 3m, the mexicans, the muslims and the media. >> if you don't mind, if one of our female colleagues could go after me after we are finished, that would be great. what does he mean by that, explain. >> unfinished. >> obviously that's -- that's part of the organization we
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expect congress to have. if they say thanks, but no thanks for awol -- >> jim i'm not negotiating with you, i will let congress take care of that. and, i appreciate you speech. >> i saw the president's true colors today and i don't think they are bred white or blue. >> great for the mr. objective reporter to decide. and as a result of the court ruling, he didn't talk about the first amendment but the fifth amendment in a due process. we have all the qualifications and new standards, and that ultimately made it easier to kick out people that refuse to
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decide by the decorum of honor to work in the house. and, he has a new white house rules aimed at curtailing that behavior. they yield the floor to the other individuals and, that's a follow-up question, it may or may not be permitted and where a follow-up has been allowed and asked. the question will then yield the floor. third, yielding the floor includes one applicable physically surrendering the microphone to white house staff and used by the next questioner. that is a revoking of the general it's hard pass.
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that's important to remember, freedom of the press does not guarantee freedom to the white house grounds. there is no long mike regulation of the access to the press, and and there was no press corps inside the white house. that was the first to communicate with the press on a consistent basis. and the press secretary took office in 1929. and get that scum a conferences were all off the record until the eisenhower administration. the white house briefing room, that wasn't constructed until 1920 and it was built over a pool, so the pool still exists. so despite the constant stream of negative coverage, the president has been granted an ex historic level of access to the
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press. the president fields dozens and dozens of questions. the white house correspondent from cbs echoed these remarks, quote we see him all the time. in those roles will be apply to everybody equally. they will apply the briefings and turn them into a circus. speak to you have rules in decorum. and they were getting up and starting to do what he's been doing for him, and, just shouting out questions. but i will say this. nobody believes in the first amendment more than i do. and i think somebody is acting out of sorts.
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in those reporters will not be friendly to whoever is acting up. >> now we have good news to start with here. andrew gillum and bill nelson have now finally conceded. rick scott, the governor, is now the senator elect for the great state of florida. that's a recount and 18 years ago, the 2,000 recount cost the taxpayers millions of dollars. that's a follow-up from the lord to election mayhem. she has now officially resigned to his post. and that's day after day of the
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election. that's 200 valid ones and their staff accidentally leaving a box of blank ballots in a rental car at an airport, and they missed the recount deadline by 2 minutes. and meanwhile in the state of georgia, the election chaos to somewhat continue. stacy abrams refusing to officially concede last week, and that's a legitimate governor in the great state of georgia, take a look. >> is he the governor-elect of georgia? >> he's the reason we have an adequate number of votes. >> you are not answering the question.
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is he the governor-elect of georgia? >> he is the legal governor of georgia. >> that sounds like a sore lose loser. we still have two u.s. house races that are still undecided and looking good. up by 1500, robert woodall a little below .500 and it looks like both of them leading those races. 37 seats in the house. that is nothing compared to president obama and clinton. 2010, obama's first midterm and democrats lost 63 house seats and six seats in the senate. they told him in the first midterm that democrats lost 52 seats in the house and ate and the senate. so much for the blue wave. there is one per critical mississippi senate race runoff,
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and pulling out all the stops they are two cindy hyde-smith chances in her runoff election but trump is hitting the stump. he will be out in mississippi next monday for the rally and trump is campaigning for her. they will pull out even more dirty tactics for that crucial senate race. but if you think about that, in north dakota and mississippi, could we have had a very different result? and we are now turning to horrific wildfires that ripped through the state of california tonight. the death toll is up to 80 people. and that would be the level of damages that is beyond shocking. billions and billions of dollars
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in damage and the personal toll is beyond description. this could and should have been prevented. federal, state environmental protections have left california's drought impacted forest vulnerable to those fire fires. hundred 30 million trees have died in seven years. how has that help stop forest fires? and i've handled tree clearing, controlled burns, timber sales on federal lands in the article goes on. that requires myriad permits and controlled maintenance and california's forest have got to now be a top priority.
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he and jerry brown are in agreement, the regulations need to change in the forest must be controlled and properly maintained so we can prevent loss of life and damaged property, lives uprooted. the government has to get off people's backs and they have to come up with common sense policies so that they can protect the state, their people, their homes and their families with better forest management. these fires cause environmental damage or timber excavation and as i have said before, and human lives are irreplaceable. we do pray tonight that everyone in california, and a thousand missing people, 80 dead. when we come back, a live report on the migrant caravan which is a huge showdown as we speak in tijuana, mexico. plus the former head of >> trish: , tammy bruce, will be here to discuss the crisis on the border as this and much more
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in theatres november 21st.
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>> sean: we have the latest update on the migrant caravan that has now made the way to our southern border. fox news los angeles correspondent great mike trace gallagher is with us. trace, things look very tense in tijuana. >> people carried signs that said no to the invasion and it made it clear that the central american carry-on is not welcome in their city. watch. >> i'm not really in favor of them coming their way they did to me, it feels like they invaded. and that was not the correct
6:26 pm
way. i know all of them are not like that. >> the icy reception came as a shock once they set up to now, the mexican people have treated them well. even the local people who wore the "make tijuana great again" had wanted to force the migrants to move on. there are currently 6,000 migrants waiting for entry into the u.s. and that is a two or three month wait just for an asylum interview. plus an additional seven or 8,000 migrants are moving toward tijuana. the government says it does not have the resources for resources for long-term shelter. and today for the first time, the u.s. shut down the san isidro port of entry near san diego fearing a large number of migrants were planning to rush the border. but with miles of new razor wire fence and a full contingent of border patrol agents and military members getting into
6:27 pm
the u.s., will not be easy. although some u.s. troops have finished their duties and could start coming home this week. finally, we should note that dhs said today more than 500 criminals are traveling with the migrant caravans and that most of the caravan is made up of single adult or teenage males. >> sean: trace gallagher in los angeles tonight. thank you. also as president trump tries to secure our southern border, democrats continue to demonize agents and senator kamala harris said this just last week at the confirmation hearing for trump's pick to lead i.c.e. take a look at this outrage. >> the plan was what we would call today a domestic terrorist group. >> why would we call them a domestic terrorist group? >> we try to use fear and force to change the political environment. it was based on race and ethnicity.
6:28 pm
>> right. are you aware of the perception of many, how the power and this discretion at i.c.e. is being used to enforce the law? and do you see any parallels? >> i don't see a parallel. >> the perception of i.c.e. being the kkk? here with reaction, former acting fox news contributor, and i don't know how you react to kamala harris, and, there are no good answers here in the people in mexico are using donald trump's verbiage and language, the feeling that this is an invasion, because their borders were not respected.
6:29 pm
their laws were not respected. >> first of all, what she did was disgusting. she compared the men and women of ice and those women and men leave the safety and security of their home every day and for those as a u.s. senator , ice s enforcing the laws that congress enacted. they are not making this up. we wouldn't have this caravan today. she should go walk to the national law enforcement memorial and apologize all of the agents that gave their lives for this country. we have a president that takes border security seriously.
6:30 pm
he's doing his job. and these people went through the southern border and assaulted their federal officers that were used in the military. president trump is taking power, and, our border is closed for illegal business. so for the caravan to be stuck in tijuana, he put the issue on the front burner. i'm certainly glad he is there. and he will be successful. >> sean: you have protesters in tijuana, and, mexico is not prepared to deal with any of this, and now, it has gotten to the point where we got thousands of people and no place to go which is being laughed at by
6:31 pm
people, and this is just fearmongering and apparently it doesn't -- >> apparently, they moved to try to access the united states through tijuana because the drug cartels are unhappy. the impediments aren't at the border, and that affects their ability to move drugs into the country. 64,000 deaths from heroin and other opioid overdoses, but primarily heroin in this country in 2016. 64,000 dead americans and regarding kamala harris speaking about the drug trafficking into the interior, i.c.e. is the organization that saves lives and immigrant communities, legal
6:32 pm
and illegal, it doesn't matter. when they deal with ms-13, the sex trafficking and the drug trafficking, the kidnapping of children to force them into the gangs and force them into the abuse. it's ice that get the criminals. they risk lives to save the lives of the communities, and people in the urban areas is the scene and it highlights a fraud that the democrats are now, and especially the women who are claiming to be feminists leading that party. you are condemning girls and women in the process of this rhetoric to create more division and we should all reject it. >> sean: thank you. much more news tonight, president trump taking matters into his own hands about the questions mueller wants answered. sara carter, gregg jarrett and alan dershowitz also tonight.
6:33 pm
hollywood threatening to boycott the state of georgia and you won't believe the ridiculous reason why. "duck dynasty"'s willie robertson and dan bongino as we continue. ♪
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only aleve targets tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve back & muscle. all day strong. all day long. >> want your team is preparing written answers to questions about -- >> president trump: not my team, i'm preparing written answers. and i'm writing to tell them what i write. >> will they be submitted? >> president trump: at some point, yes. and by the way, it wasn't a big deal. the answers to the questions, they were asked and answered. i got the questions, i responded, i read them once and read them a second time, and that's it. it's very simple and, do you know why? i did nothing wrong.
6:38 pm
>> sean: president trump this weekend discussing the written answers he will provide to the written investigation. he's the author of the "the new york times" best selle best seller. legal analyst gregg jarrett and the author of another case against impeaching alan dershowitz and fox news contributor sara carter. let me start with you, greg. with a series of questions, did you collude with the russians? no. do you know anyone who colluded with the russians? no. do you know if the wikileaks was released? >> anything he did after he took office plus obstruction is off the table, which means there really are unlimited numbers of questions which frankly should have taken about five hours 10 minutes to answer them.
6:39 pm
and not that i would recall, and that's what he he said ad naus. and, additional individuals were made available, and the president has me and made a very open and has voiced his sentiments about this. so frankly mueller knows everything. >> sean: let me go to you, professor dershowitz. this is good news, and you have been very outspoken about it, and i think you are right on that. i also have to believe that we did actually discover a fixed
6:40 pm
investigation into hilary. they never interviewed her months before. but then of course the fraudulent, and then used later and delegitimize donald trump's victory. that was information that they ignored here, which shows me a bias to complete double standar standard. he is still being charged with the investigation and he is still the main witness for the defense. if there is any discussion at all in the report of any allegation of obstruction of justice, the defense is what rod rosenstein said it was okay. it was his idea and he wrote the memo. how can you both be in charge of the investigation, and the main witness for the defense? as far as a written question is
6:41 pm
concerned, what i think will happen once the questions are submitted is, the mueller team will go through them with a fine toothed comb and see if there's any contributions to anything said by any of the witnesses, because the whole purpose of having him answer questions whether orally or in writing is a perjury trap. and the written questions make it much, much harder for president trump to fall into any kind of a perjury trap. and then they are in the perjury trap. >> sean: i think lindsey graham was pretty clear in saying, i think the hilary email investigation might then begin again, and they might spend the next two years investigating this for the 400th year. but then it raises, what
6:42 pm
happened to mccabe, bruce ohr, what happens to peter strzok and lisa page? what about the media strategy and the insurance policy? what about clinton should win 100,000,020 in terms of the race against donald trump? all of which we have evidence of, on top of what we get to see the visor warrants? the gang of eight information? the three oh twos? >> and now there is a fourth bucket that devon nunez has talked about, he will be wrapping up his chairmanship and he's talked about a set of emails, basically a set of emails that have proved that people in the fbi and doj knowingly withheld information from the fisa court. so this is very important, and i think america wants to see transparency here with the fisa warrant. the foreign intelligence surveillance warrant and the three oh two that you mention as well as the gang of an eight.
6:43 pm
but now there is a fourth bucket. i don't think they will back away and i truly believe that all of the evidence that has come out over the last two years particularly directed at the fbi and doj, though senior-level officials, as well as hillary clinton and as well as the information that we found out about stephan helper, the professor. and working with the fbi and george papadopoulos. this is all going to move forward. >> sean: professor, let me ask you because i think this is really important. if there was fraud committed on the fisa court to get a backdoor way into the campaign associate, and that gave the fisa court unverified and uncorroborated
6:44 pm
information. you bring it to the supreme court and 9-0, dershowitz wins. >> there is great concern about how that court operates and there is consensus about how the fisa court is being restructured. they should have a permanent group of defense attorneys with security clearance who can be there to challenge anything presented by the government to the fisa court. so for example in this case, a defense attorney would say, where is the basis of this? how did you get it? did you check it, did you validate it? and it should be done. >> it's fraud on the court and there are never any hearings by the fisa judges, they simply accepted that as truthful by the fbi department of justice. that which wasn't truthful.
6:45 pm
>> sean: and so is it going to be that they will probably land this airplane in a way that they hope, sarah, that the investigations into the deep state and? is that their hope, that they want prosecutorial discretion applied everywhere? >> i know they have a lot more coming in the future. there's a lot more information out there. >> the conservatives have become civil libertarians now. so i think that's very important. >> yes, it is. >> sean: it good to see you all, this will get interesting. willie robertson, dan bongino and hollywood and the trump area, you won't believe the latest straight ahead.
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his goal ♪ the entertainer at the last year white house correspondents dinner, ditching the traditional comedian and booking historian ron turn now as next year's featured speaker. he tweeted "the w aca are cowards, the media is complicit and i could be prouder. following the gubernatorial campaign in georgia, several hollywood actors are acting for a boycott in the film and television industry. here with reaction, author of the brand-new book american entrepreneur, how 400 years of risk takers, innovators and business visionaries built the usa. doc and buck commander and a ceo, the man himself, willie roberts. you are getting a little more gray and that beard. >> come on now.
6:51 pm
you're looking more silver as well my friend. and dan bongino, former secret service officer and "spygate is his next book. you guys have this hit show that goes on for years and years and years. you actually mention god in a positive way. and your dad wanted to baptize me in an allocated alligator p. >> he still does. >> sean: what? i've seen episodes where the alligators live, and he wanted to take me out there and dump m me. >> you know our family is strong about our faith. we are willing to show that and never held back from that. you know, i think all that
6:52 pm
boycotting would work, and it's getting old and my opinion. i think we have to deal with the results and say, let's move on and be positive. if not, we will have to have all new entertainment with the left side and the right side. comedians are supposed to be funny, be funny for all of us. >> i think a lot of it, we are watching a lot of sore loserris loserrism, dan bongino. 52 house seats, he lost in his first midterm, eight senate seats. then you have the real winner, he loses six senate seats and 63 house seats and that's barack obama's first midterm. john picks up all the senate seats and only lost 37 house seats which by the way historically only happened, and they can't handle the loss. trump outworked them again. >> wherever he campaigned for the senate sheet, i can see it, they did really well. but think about how silly and
6:53 pm
ridiculous this entertainment industry full boycott of george's is. they work in a state largely in california, the state of georgia is more business friendly, which makes them more money. this is stacy abrams and she did pretty well for georgia. and they live in intellectual black hole. >> they are all investing in content. it is massive amounts of money and what we are finding is, family-friendly, good themes uplifting movies that have a message and aren't afraid to say they believe in god, like i do, and you do, they are doing well. because there is no doubt that pg movies and movies that more people can watch are more
6:54 pm
profitable, i've been to georgia and i've seen the new studios and it's unbelievable what they are investing down there. and so, it's going to be a loss. these boycotts have been tried before, speaking of georgia, and years ago the boycott for a chick-fil-a, they were boycotted against. and those things failed. >> sean: i don't support boycotts. they are just a way of shutting down and silencing people that you don't agree with and dan bongino, you know this as well as anybody. >> it's almost the greatest thing that can happen to your business, have these silly liberal groups boycott you. i went to get a chick-fil-a sandwich for the boycott and the line was up through frederick. it was the dumbest boycott ever. >> we can agree on that. >> by the way, cracker barrel is
6:55 pm
one of them. and we are still doing what we do. sit around, eat a lot, pray and have a great business. dan and i work too hard. we will be right back, more t hannity right back after this quick break. ergy era. nextera energy. -morning. -morning. -what do we got? -keep an eye on that branch. might get windy. have a good shift.
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>> sean: quick programming note. tune in tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. eastern. senator lindsey graham will be joining us, along with the house intel committee chairman devin nunes. you don't want to miss it. here's the question. how do we have what we know to be crimes committed.
7:00 pm
will the republicans follow through? the bigger question, equal justice and application of our laws. we will get into that. see if the mueller questions are answered and much more. thanks for being with us. always fair, balanced, not the destroy-trump media. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham is in our nation's capital. >> laura: i have a question for you. when you make your turkey, do you stuff the bird ahead of time or do you just do the stove top deal on the stove? >> sean: no. no. personally i cook the turkey every thanksgiving. master belt has come out with a butterball turkey fryer. >> laura: we heard this. we heard this before. >> sean: you can take a 25-pound turkey and it's done in two hours. it's the best turkey. >> laura: what about stuffing? i got the turkey part. what about the stuffing?


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