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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 19, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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washington, d.c. thanks for being here everybody, we will see you tomorrow. ♪ the one good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." one thing we have learned about mass immigration over the last coupleut of years is that all gd people supported. immigration is the ultimate moral litmus test. when they show up uninvited on your doorstep, the decent among us stepped forward to welcome us to make in. only bigots and haters that slammed the door. that is what they have been telling us in the media now for years. cnn's jim acosta has made that point repeatedly. it has finally happened. the caravan has arrived, but
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here's a funny part. it didn't arrive in our country, it arrived in mexico and the border city of tijuana, just across fromju san diego. the people of tijuana are mexican sitting sins, so they are good people, much better than you are. ang less selfish, less american. they must be thrilled by the new arrivals. as immigrants, their new honduran neighbors will grow their economy and addey richness and diversity to their culture. that is what they always do, again, a point that jim acosta frequently makes. so are they p ungrateful for ths caravan from honduras? we went there to find out firsthand. here's what they discovered. >> showed this caravan haven't stopped at the guatemala border? >> of course. i agree with that 100%. it shouldha have. we have to be wary of these people. because they are bad people. >> because they don't belong here. they are just migrants.
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it's like when mexican migrants go to the u.s., they are undocumented. >>to do you know of incidences here in tijuana that some of these people that are coming with these caravans, that they are committing crimes.av this is not about racism. we don't just like a certain group of people because they are fromun one country or another. we are here because our government has not taken control of these -- what we call invasions. >> tucker: wait minutes. that is not the script that we expected at all. the migrants are disruptive. they "don't belong here." some of them are criminals. it sounds like what they are saying in tijuana is one honduras sends its people, they are not sending their best. and that is a racist statement, obviously. we know that because donald trump said somethingte le that about mexico once, and the geniuses on cable news never forgot about it. they are still talking about it, as evidence of terms white
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supremacy. here you have nonwhite people in mexico saying pretty much exactly the same thing. how can that be? let's check back with tijuana to make sure that we heard that right. >> donald trump! [speaking spanish] >> tucker: donald trump was right? wait. how can someone in mexico say that? everyone their state's trumpet. he believes and borders. nobody in mexico believes and borders. they are better than that. or maybe that is just a lone extremist talking, some crazy person who found a microphone and a tv camera. we better check with the elected mayor of tijuana. if anyone can speak for the people of that city, he can. here is what the mayor had to say about the migrant caravan. [speaking spanish]
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>> tucker: an avalanche? a tsunami? listen to those dehumanizing terms. if this were a liberal arts college, the mayor might be suspended for saying that. definitely some sort of diversity reeducation class by now. if you worked at google, he would be fired instantly. but he's not a student or a textron. a he is the mayor of tijuana. people can still say what they think or be declared a white supremacist. so they do say what they mean. and in tijuana, what they think is that a massive and abrupt demographic change is destabilizing to a society, no matter what the color of the people involved might be. it is particularly destabilizing if you are not rich, and most people in tijuana are not rich. even in mexico, they are aware of ignoring the law completely and treating borders like they don't exist. theyey know that doesn't end we. most people know that doesn't end well. the difference is in mexico, they cano say that out loud. we could learn from them.
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henrique was an anchor at univision. he was just in tijuana. he joins us tonight. thanks a lot for coming on. >> thanks for having me on. >> tucker: i'm confused. we just saw a group of mexican citizens in tijuana saying same things that president trump says, almost to the word, endorsing trump. are they white supremacist? >> well, you have to understand that unlike human beings, intolerance, hate, and even racism, flow freely across borders. that is what you saw in those interviews. they are not running for president. they are not running for president of the united states. they ared part of a group of around 300 protesters in the city of 1.3 million, who like many others, along the way, they are opposed to their presence in tijuana. and you know, the overwhelming majority of people in tijuana welcome immigrants. it is a city of immigrants.
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>> tucker: back up a little bit. it is a big city for sure. you just said that they are racist, but they are latino. spanish-speaking latinos. attacking other spanish-speaking latinos, so where's the racism? >> well, we are not a monolithic community, a talker. we have people from venezuela, different backgrounds. different ethnicities. yes, it exists in mexico towards central americans. >> tucker: but i'm confused. how is a racism? >> violence, extortions and, racism. >> tucker: but they appear to be of the sameno race. i think i'm quoting one of the protesters. it is not about racism. this is almost exactly what he said. we want our government to enforce our borders, which is what a lot of people, including me, say frequently. has it occurred to you maybe it is not just racism? maybe it's okay to want your government to keep your border intact?
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>> i think we should stop framing this in absolutes. good, bad, enforcing, not enforcing. theon border, as you can see, it is in force. border security, border control, through military members. and things like drones, atvs. high-tech surveillance equipment. so we are enforcing the border. >> tucker: so how did they get there? >> it is not a crisis or an invasion. >> tucker: now, i know what the talking points are. what is so interesting about theser: interviews is that these seem to contradict the talking points. so to the people of tijuana, i would say that they are probably not white supremacist. i think you can take that as a matter of faith. to think that this is a crisis. byre the way, if they are mayor agrees with them. i do not think that he is a racist. is he a racist too? >> he said that all immigrants are welcome in tijuana.
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he didn't mean any discrimination or harm to the people who are part of the caravan. so you know, in putting those -- >> i am sure that you bullied him, as most politically correct media figures do, but before we get to him retracting his statements, dove you think e has any legitimate complaints? do they have any legitimate complaints at all? >> i was just complaining that we frame this debate on absolutes. of course he has a point. the city is overwhelmed by the presence of these migrants, and all of the governments involved -- it is a humanitarian crisis. start acting like it instead of just having the security measures at the border. you know, again, i said this 1,000 times. we can spend a little bit more ine these countries, or we can keep spending billions of taxpayer dollars. >> tucker: okay, so you have figured out -- i could give you airtime. we are alive right now. you have figured out how to fix
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on doors and make it such a thriving country that no one wants to leave? to raise gdp to american levels? just really quick, how would you do that? >> i'm not coming out with a new idea. we just need more resources. >> tucker: it has been a miserable m failure. >> we could have used some of that money on programs that the usa has sent there -- >> tucker: which programs -- hold on. i know what the talking point is. i'm giving you a chance live on tv. which programs specifically would have made the economy of honduras so strong that no oneno would want to leave and come to united states. >> they are working on the communities with the highest murder rate in honduras. throughout the last two or three years, with this program, they have been able to reduce violence there and therefore reduce the amount of people who were leaving that town. >> tucker: so why do we have a caravan of hondurans coming in? >> because violence is not the
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only factor. >> tucker: i hear that a lot from young people. we should spend more money in these countries. has there ever been a program that has changed a country in the third world that made it so appealing that no one wanted to come to the united states? i don't think there is a program like that. >> again, absolutes. it is impossible to have a program for everyone. climate is even now becoming a tofactor. we saw a crew from the weather channel with the caravan. they were tracking the journey of a group of immigrants from honduras, where 90% of them have collapsed. how the dash the region with famine. >> tucker: i feel sorry for the people. ior understand where they want o come to the united states. i love this country. i appreciated. >> we all do. >> tucker: hold on. what about everybody else? hold on. that is going to happen soon if
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we don't get a real border. because we will be like honduras. so why would people want to move here? a i mean, honestly, my question is what about the people who live in the united states, or who live in tijuana, do they have any legitimate reason not to want -- >> by all means. of course. you understand that. we have discussed this. it is not a desirable outcome for any of the parties involved. the people who -- >> tucker: you don't have to be a racist to be against us. >> there are more humane, compassionate ways. >> tucker: i don't really think it's our fault. i'm not going to accept blame for the disaster that is central america. sorry. henrique, thank you. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: brandon judd is the president of the national border control council. so brandon, you are seeing what's going on in tijuana right now. and i feel sorry for the people of tijuana. i feel sorry for the people of the migrant caravan, but do you
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think that the chaos that we are watching on the screen vindicates the position of americans who say you know, this kind of caravan can destabilize your society pretty quickly? >> well, they are absolutely correct. all you have to do is look at what just happened at our port of entry. to date. this migrant caravan, they were tired of waiting in line, waiting for their turn to claim asylum, and they tried to shut down the entire port of entry by rushingnt it. look, if it wasn't for president trump and him sending the troops to the border, doing what he did, we would have ultimately shut down a port of entry that generates millions of dollarsge for the american econy per year. and we just can't have that. that is the lawlessness that we are facing. tucker, i just walked out of a meeting with the president. and it to see him and to see the things that he is trying to do to secure our borders, it is
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something that gives me great hope because he was left with a mess from his predecessors. this is a president that once and for all is trying to endsi this debate and secure the border for the american public. for that, everybody should be grateful. >> tucker: i mean, people have different views about what we should do, and it's okay to have different views about anything, really, but do you think it's helpful to shutdown the conversation again and again by attacking people who disagree with you as bigots and moral monsters? >> no, again, all you have to do is look at me. unfortunately, and my automatically bigots because i ondon't have hair? the truth is absolutely not. i adopted two children of hispanic descent. we are not bigots simply because we want border security. what we want is we want our children to be able to be raised in a country that believes in laws that makes us free and
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back the second amendment. earlier this year, erica called for confiscating scary looking assault rifles and bringing criminal charges against anyone whoer resisted. he wrote it in an op-ed in "usa today." then just days ago, one critic said this would provoke armed resistance against the government because of course it would.ob he respondedhi it would be a sht war, my friend. the government has nukes. in other words, obey or we will kill you. he is a new york city councilman. thanks a lot for coming on. so there is something admirable about the straightforwardness from our old friend, congressman swalwell. if you don't obey, we will just kill you. >> come on, tucker. we all have to get to a place where we can get to a conversation about what is happening in this country. >> tucker: do you think threatening people with violence is a good way to do it?
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>> no, i don't think that's a good way to have a conversation, nor do i think the conversation about guns not being a good dumb i could part of the problem is a good place to start. so we should start with "guns are part of the problem." >> tucker: i personally like him. a we asked him to come on. i should say that. but when a sitting u.s. congressman says if you don't like it, if you're going to resist, we will start a war with you, we don't even threaten our marginal enemies like that. it's a bit much, isn't it? >> the chicago mass shooting, but like the mother of the victim that happened in california, says she is tired of prayers. she wanted action. we have to have actual items. i don't consider nukes and actionable item. but there are actionable items. >> tucker: so you are the moderate for the first time. you are against killing american
9:20 pm
citizens. >> that's modern? [laughs] >> tucker: here is my confusion. the problem i have with gun confiscation is that it punishes people like me who pose no threat at all. many millions of others americansmi with no criminal record, no intent to harm anyone. and it says you are criminal now. >> but you have jumped in to confiscation. >> tucker: no, he is a member of -- >> we can have a conversation, is there an issue with guns in this country? and what do we do with that? it is quite clear cleared one, we can address loopholes, we can deal with dealers who have been unscrupulous, and we can begin to treat guns like we do cars. >> tucker: no, but okay, you have members of congress meant, at least one prominent member saying that we are going to take your guns away with force. so apparently you are not
9:21 pm
calling that, although we both know that you are secretly in favor of it. >> you can believe what you like. i am here to have a discussion of the issues. >> tucker: are you there for s a that? >> no. >> tucker: if i have a magazine that has 15 run capacities, why is that a pathreat? >> we have to start with how this begins. with everyone agreeing that guns and the access to guns are an issue.- >> tucker: i don't agree with that. i think that guns are a tool, and like any tool, in the hands of anyone with mail intent, it is dangerous. i don't have mental intent, so what i be forced to give up any magazines that i have. >> i would say that if a hammer killed this many americans, we would be screaming and yelling it to regulate hammers. guns are only made for killing. let's at least treat themas howe treat cars. >> tucker: you were speaking theoretically. >> no i'm not.
9:22 pm
>> tucker: there are millions upon millions in circulation. what do we do with those? >> so i mentioned three things. dealing with the high-capacity magazinesng and the assault weapons. the loopholes of gun dealers. >> tucker: let's stick to magazines. >> treating guns like we treat vehicles. that is just on the supply side. >> tucker: this is what you do when i press you. there are tens of millions of magazines that fit more than ten rounds in circulation. normal people -- what do we do with those? >> in new york city, we have been the safest city, i have been the leading voice in dealing with gune violence in new york city. >> tucker: you won't understand the question. that is why no one trusts the -- >> no. again, again -- >> tucker: is that not a fair question? >> you wanted that way? >> tucker: maybe you can convince me. >> the way that you start, we
9:23 pm
will never have a conversation. >> you lie to me first. you will not answer a straightforward question. i am not lying at all. >> i will answer any question. our guns a part of gun violence? >> well, of course, they are the tool that is used. >> so we have to start from that point. thank you for agreeing. >> tucker: if i have a high-capacity magazine in my possession and i don't want to give it up, will you take it from me? >> let's take that one off the table. >> tucker: why? i like to ask a very simple factual questions. >> i mentioned three things. the way that it happens in in e government, people present things -- she want to get to a point where people reject any conversation about dealing with guns. i want to -- >> tucker: i want to see where you stand. >> no you don't. the fact of the matter is less
9:24 pm
than 5% of theth population own half of the guns. but thank you for agreeing that guns are a part of gun violence in america. >> tucker: i always say what i think. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for havingg me. >> tucker: he is a tv host. he joins us next. thank you very much for coming on. i am starting to get the sense that confiscation is clearly the goal because there is no other goal that makes sense. if there are tens of millions of so-called site rifles and many of these magazines, you are never going to solve the problem.thehe left believes is responsible for gun violence unless you take those away, right? >> with the only logical because if you think about it, you start with gun control based around the idea of restricting ora taking something away, let's say we got rid of ar-15s, they account for less than 5%, so let's say we have an
9:25 pm
assault weapons ban. already, another shooting happens like the one that we just had where he used a handgun, then they will be telling us you know it? that didn't work, so now we need to do something more strict like ban firearms. it is always a race to total and completete confiscation. but they never want to admit that. they want to act like they are being reasonable. no, we just want to get rid of the big, scary ones. but they are not the problem. they are committed by way of handguns. so if if you honestly believe t the tool is the issue, why aren't you addressing the handguns? >> tucker: that's a very smart point and one that i plan to bring up next time we speak to someone on the other side. myid question is even broader tn that. why in an increasingly chaotic world where do you want to disarm normal law by abiding citizens? >> there are people who are just generally ignorant aboutut firearms, and people who
9:26 pm
genuinely have an agenda to gain more control and to push the idea of reliance on the government. it sounds editorial, but it is not. if i am self-reliant and my ability to protect myself, my natural inclination is not to depend on the government when something goes wrong. and you can't push the necessity of government if you have a populace of people who understand and embrace the idea of self-reliance, especially when it comes to protecting your family. >> tucker: no, i am just complementing your point. what you are saying is that many people on the periphery of the conversations haven't really thought about it. but the people driving the conversations do have something to say. >> absolutely. it is one of those things where it -- go ahead, sorry. >> tucker: now, i am just impressed. i hope you will come back and join us again. >> absolutely. >> tucker: nancy pelosi led the immigrants back to a majority in the house. almost 40 seats. but now she could be removed
9:27 pm
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>> tucker: democrats just took control of the house of representatives. we are waiting to see what they will do with their new political power. the democrats despise the president. what are they for?
9:31 pm
what is their organizing principle?at you can imagine something simple and straightforward, think it their mission is bigger than that. in fact, it is more metaphysical than it is political. the democrats are planning nothing less than the moral revival of this country. listen to their leaders. >> the invisible moral fabric is being shredded. literally beingor shredded. >> i knew that the good people of texas would rise up and find their moral compass. >> ridiculous policy thatat has offended the morality of the american people. >> if my republican colleagues have any sense of morality, they will refuse to go forward on friday. >> tucker: the richard blumenthal connecticut. that's right, the party of selective abortion is now lecturing you and coming up a
9:32 pm
little bit short. measuring up to christian julie brand, long time defender of anthony weiner, harvey weinstein, and bill clinton peered she hasnt recently been reborn. here's a selection from a few of her sermons over just the past week. >> this country was founded on some basic moral principles. that we have a moral compass as a nation, or morality as a country is literally on an edge. >> for me, it is a moral question. >> m i have been called to fight as hard as i possibly can to restore that moral decency. >> tucker: for me, it is a moral question. keep in mind. keep in mind also that she is not just fighting for moral integrity andra decency, she sas she has been called at 25 for these things. youig know who called her, don't you? it wasn't her friend, anthony weiner, from the prison pay phone. no, it was god himself.
9:33 pm
that is how close they are. remember when democrats use to say that they worried about a theocracy? they are trying to start theirre own. eight years in the minority, democrats are as we sat, back in control of the house. they will have a new leader. publicly voicing opposition to electing nancy pelosi to this job. for another time. >> one of the things that i talked about frequently was the need to have new voices in congress, the need to have new faces. >> we answer that call for new leadership by reinstalling the same status quo, establishment leadership that we have had in this party since 2006, then we are letting down the american people. >> you are going to see other people throw their hat in the ring too. >> tucker: there are a lot of ways i nancy pelosi could respond to that. look at, we just won 39 seats on the house. possibly we are going to get to 40. i did that. she could say that.
9:34 pm
instead, she is trying sexism. >> you have to ask those people what their motivation is. i think of the 17, it's like 14 men who are there. there is misogyny involved in it. it is their problem, not mine. >> tucker: men. it toxic masculinity in the democratic party. a living expert on this. just kidding. he is an attorney. i didn't know that there was not much sexism in the democratic party. nancy pelosi says there is. what are you guys going to do about it? >> i was sorry to see nancy pelosi attribute this to you misogynyny and sexism. i actually think she knows that's not what it is, that's when connor lam was running for reelection initiallyon in that district, and all these ads were being run think that he was going to be a puppet of
9:35 pm
nancy pelosi, he said he wasn't going to vote for her if he got elected to be speaker. you know it? he's not here it is not because she's a woman. it's because he made a commitment to his constituents b because he basically thought that's what he needed to do to get elected and what he thought was right. the democrats need to turn the page. >> tucker: okay, so he just wants the most qualified candidate, irrespective of her sex. i can't let you off the hook that fast. these are the rules that you guys road, and they are as follows. the most important thing about you is how you were born. your sex, your race, your sexual preferences, it is called identity. in the intersectional world that you guys made, you canon just sy oh,ou we found a better candida. you are blowing off all woman. 14 men do that. is there an investigation? i'm serious. why wouldn't there be. >> i'm serious about this, it has nothing to do with identity.
9:36 pm
it is with seniority. and they i think respect the fact that when newt gingrich came in, that the republicans did something different. they said we are going to put the sort of younger, vital, able, competent people paul ryan is a young guy. i think that is something that a lot of democrats wish that we could figure out a way to embrace. it has nothing to do with nancy pelosi, her gender, or race. >> tucker: really? but everything outside the democratic party leadership structure, according to democrats, has toac do with race and gender. everything. every time i slip on the tube, there is o some saying i don't e enough people of whatever in this picture. i mean, that is the most basic democratic talking point, but we're not supposed to apply it to their leadership because why? >>mo i think the talking points are about health care, about making sure that tax cuts go to
9:37 pm
working people, about running background checks, about infrastructure. that is what democrats are united around. >> tucker: can they stop lecturing the rest of us about racism and sexism, since they don't hold themselves to the same standard. by the way, i agree with you. i hope that they talk about health care. i think we would all benefit from that. can they lay off the race and gender stuff a little bit, since they are not playing by those rules? >> again, republicans put nancy pelosi on the ballot. donald trump set himself he was on the ballot, and it democrats picked up 39 seats, having nothing to do with race org gender having to do with sort of a belief that they needed an agenda that the democrats supported, and to put -- >> tucker: hold on, nothing to do with race or gender. how do we know that? here is what i know. herew are the stark facts of te case. donald trump is for nancy peloso as speaker, but south malton is not. he is comfortable with a strong woman and power.
9:38 pm
south moulton is not. he a looks like he is sexist, ad hence it donald trump seems very enlightening. do you see something different? >> you are assigning weight to .something that donald trump side, and a with all due respec, no one does they don't. >> tucker: i am for pelosi. i am just using the rules that you guys made up, and in force with germanic efficiency on the rest of us. that's all i'm how does it feel? it is unfair and stupid. can you just admit that? the rest of us have to live like this in fear, and maybe you guys should live that way just for a day to see what it feels like. >> you are ascribing things that they would not have voted them in if they accepted what you are propositioning here. [laughs] >> tucker: i don't know why they did. richard, great to see you.
9:39 pm
while, the new face of the democratic party trying to make thety party even more liberal tn it already is. we will assess what happens. stay tuned.
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if your uc or crohn's treatment isn't working for you, ask your gastroenterologist about entyvio®. entyvio®. relief and remission within reach. ♪ >> tucker: newly elected democratic congress woman a democratic socialist alexandria ocasio-cortez is going to become one of the most famous democrats at the age of 28. >> inaugurated january 3rd, january 5th, health care, if we work our butts off to make sure that we take back all three chambers of government -- >> we look at the figures and we say unemployment is low, everything is fine, right?
9:44 pm
unemployment is low because everyone has two o jobs. >> tucker: some missteps, but that does mean that she is not popular. she's very popular among the democratic base, and she is determined to remake the party along very different lines. that is a group plotting primarf challenges. sufficiently progressive and diverse. mark steyn joins us. one of the single smartest people i have ever met in my life, and he never went to college. so ifng you are thinking about whether to send your brilliant son or daughter off, look at him and reconsider. i couldn't control myself. a >> no, drop out of fifth grade, america. you will thank me for it. >> tucker: 's there something for it. they have a reckoning. they need to figure out who they are and what they stand for. what are they going to decide? where are they going? >> well, i think they go with
9:45 pm
her. you were talking with our pal, richard,ar about identity politics, and we have of fellow, bitter over, for sending to be beto o'rourke, presenting to be hispanic. and essentially what you have permanently is extremely old white people -- -- >> tucker:le of running against ank actual hispanic guy named ted. >> yes. as you said, they are all about identity politics. muslim or transgender, then joe biden is your guy, or bernie sanders if your guy. and at a certain point, these identity groups like the youngest congresswoman decided to wait a minute, we would like that. >> tucker: exactly. i have mixed feelings about this. i don't think that we should
9:46 pm
elevate people on the basis of their race of all things. i think it is a moral. on the other hand, they wrote these rules. they don't want to live by these rules, but they want everyone else to. >> and they are being taken out by people who took them at their word like alexandria ocasio-cortez. we can laugh. i don't even know what is the three chambers ofan government, what that means. well, i do. it is in the test if you are an immigrant. the three branches of government, the special counsel, the elections office, and the judge to give gave jim acosta his press press pass back. what is more interesting is not that she doesn't know that both the millions of democrats voters who don't think it's actually essential to know that. t they are way beyond that now, and they have a new view of america, and she represents it,
9:47 pm
and fellas like joe biden and bernie -- nancy pelosi, hillary, they really don't. >> tucker: they are in for a real reckoning, i think. they are about to find out that their dumb ideas have consequences. great to see you as always. are rare in person setting. you will be filling in, by the way. hosting this show. >> have a good thanksgiving. >> tucker: up next, new scientific evidence of what you already knew. a facebookra is making americans miserable. a depressed. what canan we do about it? we will tell you after the brea break. ♪ i find out i'm 19% native american specifically from the chihuahua people. what?! that's - i find that crazy. it traces their journey in the mid 1800s from central mexico to texas. learning about the risks they took for a better life
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>> tucker: well, there's still more scientific evidence that facebook and other tech companies are hurting americans and distorting our brains. a brand-new study by the university of pennsylvania finds that facebook, just facebook, among many social media platforms can substantially increase depression in people and loneliness, and these feelings go away when a person gets all facebook. what should not surprise us. just a year ago, sean parker bragged that the company deliberately made theeb site as addictive as possible without caring at all about the harm that it could inflict. imagine if tobacco executives admitted that. but they are walking free. how to reconnect our digitally distracted kids. he joins us tonight. i am not going to ask you if you are surprised by this because i know that you are not because he wrote a book on it. what iss the answer for parents of teens, young people who are watching their kids slip away
9:53 pm
and become remote and sad because of overuse? >> the number one advice that i give is that everybody, we have turned into a keeping up with the joneses sort of society where everybody seems to be doing what everyone else is doing. the average w age that kids are getting their first smartphone is fifth grade. >> tucker: that the average? >> that is the average. it has all of the social media on it.ia do wef think that that is a god idea as parents, they will say no. yet,ts the majority of them are doing it anyway. >> tucker: it is conformity. may be the first step is saying aloud what everybody suspects, which is that this is destroying our society. it is making us dumb and sad. >> it is. i was happy to see a study come out because we are always looking for a study. sometimes we need to look at common sense. look around and see what is happening, the fact that the suicide rate among teenagers has gone up.
9:54 pm
all of the research at -- >> tucker: a 70% sense 2006. among teenagers. >> yes. although there is nothing to substantiate it, the researchers are suggesting that that is because of social media. because when you are on social media all the time, you are looking for feedback, looking to fill an internal sense of self, of an external source. and self-esteem, joy, happiness, it is never an outside-and think. that is where people get tangled up. >> tucker:>>th cigarette compans never kill that many people, not even close. and yet they got basically federally regulated because of the threat that they pose to kids, but nobody is doing anything about this because why? >> there was a study that came out showing the dangers and the radiation from cell phones in california. when the center of disease control came across it, they refused to release the findings.
9:55 pm
they had to go to court to get them released. we know what it is about. it is about big tech industry, the lobbying. they are not thinking about the well-being of the human beings. they are thinking about their bottom line. >> tucker: people should be sounding the alarm, it is like they are missing the story. this is wrecking our country. you have been a lonely voice on this. come back again. >> i would love to. >> tucker: much more ahead. much more news. we will be back. ♪ it's time for sleep number's veterans day sale on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. and now, the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is only $1299. plus 24-month financing on all beds. ends sunday.
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10:00 pm
-- foot fir, it will be displayed. that's it for us. every night 8:00 a.m., the show that is the sworn enemy from lying, smugness, and groupness. have a great night. sean hannity, live from new york city. >> sean: that caravan everybody said would never get here is alive at the border. thousands more still on the way. the mexican border city are in crisis mode tonight. es -- tensions are running high. the migrants are stuck between the reinforced border and the mexico city that wants them gone. coming up a serious developing serious. and an update on the mueller witch hunt. could it finally be in its final days? it is beginning to look like it. the white house just unveils


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