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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 19, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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-- foot fir, it will be displayed. that's it for us. every night 8:00 a.m., the show that is the sworn enemy from lying, smugness, and groupness. have a great night. sean hannity, live from new york city. >> sean: that caravan everybody said would never get here is alive at the border. thousands more still on the way. the mexican border city are in crisis mode tonight. es -- tensions are running high. the migrants are stuck between the reinforced border and the mexico city that wants them gone. coming up a serious developing serious. and an update on the mueller witch hunt. could it finally be in its final days? it is beginning to look like it. the white house just unveils new rules that would require
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people like acosta and journalist act like professional adults. don't hold your breath. the president may have outsmarted everybody in all of this. the election in florida is finally officially over. that's a sore loser in georgia that loss but doesn't want to kindly fully admit it. we're continuing to monitor the devastating wild fires in california. a tragedy that could have been and should have been prevented. a lot of news this monday. we start with the breaking thinks and -- breaking news and opening monologue. 3,000 have arrived to california's border. tensions are escalating in tijuana, mexico, where thousands have strained the local resources. the mayor here is aled a migrant
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tsunami. mexican nationals are standing up for their own borders and sovereignty. some of them are backing and quoting president trump. [chanting] >> sean: donald trump was right. mexico always wanted to lecture america on the issue of immigration. when they jailed all return people that interest entered their country immediate hi. there's no quote due process. they were out and sent to jail.
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while at the vast majority of the people coming here i understand it and you understand it. they want a better life for their themselves and their grand kids. they haven't been vetted. no background checks and no knowledge of any criminal history they may have. this unchecked mass migration would be reckless to american national security. that's a threat. just today the department of homeland security in the country confirmed to knock thinks they have now identified more than 500 criminals that are traveling with the caravan flow just mixing in and adding that the vast majority in the caravan are able-bodied males, not women and children. all of the women and children are purposely put in front just for the cameras by the way thankfully the president is following through on his promise to increase border security. promise made, promise kept. he tweeted out a picture of the fence vowing there will be no quote climbers anymore under our administration.
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remember the situation would be so much different for everybody, so much safer for everybody, if we had a law and people would respect our sovereignty and borders and rule of law. it would be safer for everybody on both sides. that wall can have a big door, as the president has offer said. america can and should vet immigrants. we have to accept everybody that wants to come to the country. more on the serious situation. first the mueller witch hunt. the left and the corrupt media might soon be in need of a new controversy theory. there's the probe that could be entering the final days. it appears there will be no in-person interview between president trump and robert mueller or the team of left wing lawyers. that would be no battle before the supreme court. instead the president will submit written answers to the special council we expect sometime this week maybe as early as tomorrow.
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if mueller's investigation really is a probe in the russia collusion. all of the questions have been answered. we know in multiple interviews president trump has consistently denied any collusion or conspiracy with russia. we know the president deny any collusion within his campaign. he has denied any election coordination with russia whatsoever to this day there's no evidence. we know that the conviction of lieutenant general michael flynn and george pop top louse had nothing to do with inclusion. we know that paul manafort's crime has nothing to do with collusion. meanwhile there are real instances of collusion that robert mueller and the media have ignored. why aren't they investigating the clinton-bought taped or phony russian dossier. why didn't they probe the
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russian lies so-called research, which by the way clinton paid for. why isn't mueller investigating the pfizer fraud of the dishonest use of the russian lies or the author himself said i have no idea if it is true. why isn't he investigated the coordinated effort by the deep state. people at the top levels of power within our government, the obama government, democratic party leaking russian lies to the american people to influence voters right before an election. remember you had a media leak strategy later? why is there literal will no investigation into any of that by the special council whose main mandate is russian collusion. the simple answer it has been a focused witch hunt on donald trump carried out by a partisan team of invest investigators who
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wanted to discredit and delegitimatize the presidency and stop his agenda. over the weekend the president had this to say. >> all of the people that say i'm going to end the investigation. they've been saying that now for -- how long has the witch hunt gone on? how long have i been looked at? from the day i announced, i was looked as a candidate with nothing and no proof with phony people like me with lisa paige and the lover. they were hooking at me and wanted an insurance policy just in case i won or hillary lost. this was the insurance policy. it is a scam. there's no collusion whatsoever. the whole thing is a scam. >> sean: the president is critical of the one-sided witch hunt. members in media missing in action have been robert mueller's biggest cheerleaders.
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night after night after night, over a year and a half, msnbc, fake news, cnn, leading with reckless speculation about trump's russia collusion. it is not happening avoiding the biggest corruption abuse power scandal in history that we've laid out for you. by the way, lindsey graham on the program is willing to have full investigation and perhaps even a special council considering that's all of the democrats in the house want to do for the next few years instead of the networks putting facts first, they've been waging a pr campaign against the man they never wanted to be president. they called themselves journalist on the networks. it is no surprise that many so-called reporters replaced actual journalism with anti-trup vitreal. it is true of jim acosta. day after day he made a mockery of the briefings.
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instead of asking questions, he engaged in debate with the president or sarah sanders. instead of seeking answers and asking tough questions and bashing the administration with statements, he replaced reporting with grand standing. earlier this month, aye cast that's unprofessional behavior cull culminated in the conversation that he wouldn't give the white house intern back the microphone. he refused to turn over the microphone to the intern after the president had to say enough. how many times does the president have to say to one reporter enough. enough, enough, enough. eating i was one of the other reporters waiting to ask a question, i think i would be ticked off. following that jim aye acosta banned from the white house. let's remind you of some of his past behavior. >> not you. your organization is terrible. >> you are attaching a news organization. can you give us a chance to ask
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a question? >> go ahead. quiet. quiet. go ahead. >> can you give us a question tissue. >> don't be rude. >> i'm not sure the press conference was ever on the rails as you heard numerous times the president was not in touch with reality. >> the president seems to harbor some deep-seated racial attitudes about people of color coming in from other parts of the world. it is like we are covering bad reality television. i think at time the white house has the unhealthy fixuation of the muslims, mexicans, and the media. >> if you don't mind if i'm finished one of the female colleagues could go after me that would be great. just to follow up on the allegations -- >> what does he mean by that? explain? >> tone towards the press is not helpful at times. i think that's plain to see. >> part of the negotiation that we expect congress to have.
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>> democrats are saying they may not be in favor of this kind of deal. they say thanks, no but thanks for a wall. >> jim, i'm not negotiating with you. i'm going to let congress take care of that. >> let me ask -- >> jim, do you belief -- jim -- jim, do you believe? jim -- i appreciate your speech. >> i think we saw the president's true colors today. i'm not sure they were white and blue. >> they are not red, white, and blue. now the irony here is the great boom rang that may have happened. why? as a result of the court ruling, didn't talk about the due possess. i have a list that the new standard that every reporter has to meet if they want to stay in the white house. people will be given the due process. that means they may have made it easier to kick out people that retuesdayed to abide by the
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honor of working in the tuesday. it is not about you and having a debate with the president of the united states. aye cost a's hard pass has been restored, he faces new white house rules. that sounds fair to me. first a journalist called upon to ask a question that will ask a single question and then yield the floor to the other individuals in there. second at the discretion of the president or other white house officials taking questions, a follow-up question may or may not be permitted. where a follow-up has been allowed, the questioner will yield the floor. fielding yielding the floor means which applicable physically surrendered the white house microphone. any of the rules may result in suspension or the revoking of the journalist hard pass.
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field of the press does not guarantee freedom to the white house grounds. now there's no law regulating the president's access to the president. they don't have to do press conferences. which brings us to a hannity history lesson. for most of the history there's no press core inside the white house. the first president used them to bolster public support for the spanish-american war. former press conferences didn't take place until the woodrow wilson administration and the first press secretary took office in 1929. press conferences were all over of the record until the eisenhower administration. the white house briefing room wasn't constructed until 1970. it is built over a pool. the pool still exists. it is important to remember despite the constant stream of negative coverage, president trump has granted a historic level of access to the press.
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his briefings are long as the president fields dozens and dozens of questions. a "new york times" perhaps recently said trump provides more access than the obama administration. a president from cbs echoed that. we see him all the time. now president has a new rule for dealing with acosta and they now try to turn his briefings into a circus the rules will ally to everybody. >> you can't keep asking questions. we had a lot of reporters in the room. many, many reporters in the room. they were unable to ask questions because this guy gets up and starts doing what he is supposed to be doing for him and for cnn and just shouting out questions. i will say this, look, nobody believes in the first amendment more than i to. if i think somebody is acting out of sorts, i'll leave. i'll say thank you very much. i appreciate you coming.
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i'll leave. those reporters will not be too friendly to whatever it is that's acting up. >> sean: all right. we'll continue to monitor the new white house press strategy as it unfolds. we have good news to start with here. the florida recount is finally over. andrew gillum, bill nelson have finally conceded. rick scott, the governor, is now the senator-elect from the great state of florida. ron desantis will be the governor. just 18 years ago in 2000 the recount cost the taxpayers millions of dollars. the bill is not the only fallout. broward county supervisor, brenda snipes, has resigned from her post. it is about time. she came under heavy fire after finding tens of thousands of votes and mixing dozens of
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invalid ballots with 200 valid ones. their staff accidentally leaving a box of blank ballots in a rental car in an airport she missed the recount deadline by two minutes, invalidating the results that would have been given another 800 votes to rick scott. the criminal investigation is ongoing. in the state of georgia. tonight, the election chaos somewhat continues there. stacy abrams refusing to terribly concede. she said there's no real past victory repausing to say that brian kemp is the legitimate governor of the great state of georgia. take a hook. >> is it he the legitimate governor-elect of georgia? >> he's the person that won the adequate number of votes -- >> with all due respect, i expect the issues that you are raising, you are not answering the question. >> i am -- >> you are not using the word legitimate. is he the legitimate governor-elect?
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>> he is the legal governor of georgia. >> legal, legitimate? sounds sore loserrish. aye wraps tries to uproot the will of the voters in georgia. we still have two u.s. house races that are still undecided. they are looking good for the republicans. neil love in utah, and robert whitall. all told democrats picked up 37 seats in the house. that's nothing compared to president obama and clinton. look at this. 2010, obama's first midterm. democrats lost 63 house seats and six seats in the senate. in 1994 under bill clinton, his first midterm democrats lost 52 seats in the house and eight in the senate. so much for the blue wave. there's one critical mississippi senate race runoff coming off. the left is pulling off all of
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the stops there to derail cindy smith's chances in her runoff. president trump will be out there for a rally. now that donald trump is campaigning, they will pull out more dirty tactics. if you think about it, the president didn't go so often to florida and tennessee and missouri and indiana and north dakota and he will be going to mississippi -- could we have had a very different result? compare his first midterm to of that obama and clinton. basically a good pretty night for the president. we have to turn now to the horrific wild fires that continue to rip through the state of california tonight. this is horrible. the statewide death toll is up to 80 people. we have nearly 1,000 californians missing. the devastation has you can see and the level of damage is beyond shocking. billions and billions of dollars in damage and the personal toll
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is beyond any description. this could and should have been prevented. look at what the wall street journal reported in the editorial board. federal, state, and environmental protection have left california's drought impact vulnerable to the fires. get this, in a seven-year period 130 million trees have died. the government is preventing them from being cleared how does that help stop forecast fire -- forest fires? according to the endangered species act with the controlled burns and timber sales on the federal lands and california restricts timber harvesting, requiring myriad permits, and environmental impact statement, and the controlled maintenance can now be a top priority. this is happening year in and year out. the president, by the way, went
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to california this weekend. he and jerry brown are in agreement, the regulations need to change. the forest must be controlled and properly maintained so we can prevent loss of life, damaged property, lives uprooted, the government has to get off people's backs. they have to come up with common sense policies so they can protect their state, their people, their homes, their families with better forest management. these fires car far worse environmental damage than a controlled burn or timbered excavation. human lives are irreplaceable. we pray tonight for those in california. thousand missing people. 80 dead. when we come back, a live report on the migrant caravan, a huge showdown as we speak in tijuana, mexico. plus the former head of i.c.e., tammy bruce. she will be here to discuss the crisis on the border.
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like that. >> reporter: the icy reception said up to now the mexican people have treated them well. even the local mayor who made a make tijuana great again hat said he might force them to move on or they might be there for a while. there are 6,000 migrants waiting to get into the u.s. that's a two to three-month wait. for now mexico is providing a stadium for shelter along with bed pads, food, and showers. the government says it it does not have the resources for long-term shelter. today for the first time the u.s. shut down the port of entry near san diego, fearing a large number of migrants were planning to rush the border. with miles of new razer wire fence, getting into the u.s.
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will not be easy. some u.s. troops have finished their duties and could start coming home this week. finally we should know -- dhs said today more than 500 criminals are traveling with the migrant caravan and that most of the caravan is made up of single adults or teenager males. >> sean: thank you. as president trump tries to secure the southern border, they continue to demonize agents. they said just last week at the confirmation hearing for trump's pick to lead i.c.e., look at the outrage. >> the plan is what we would call today a domestic terrorists group. >> why? why would we call them a domestic terrorists group? >> because they tried to use fear and force to change political environment. >> what was the motivation for the use of fear? >> just based on race and ethnicity. >> right.
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are you aware of the power and the discretion at i.c.e. being used to enforce the law? do you see any parallel? >> i do not see any parallels -- >> i'm talking about perception. >> i do not see a parallel. >> sean: the perception of i.c.e. being the kkk. there was reaction from tammy bruce and forming acting i.c.e. director tomas homeland is with us. number one, i would like your reaction. number two, i think more importantly you see what's beginning to boil over in tijuana. i don't see any good answers here. and the people in mexico using donald trump's verbiage and language. i have a feeling this is an invasion. it comes at a great cost to them. because their borders were not respected. their laws are not respected.
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>> first of all, what she did was discuss it. she compare the 20,000 men and women of i.c.e., the same women that lead the safety and security, strap a gun, and compare them to a hate group. for her as a u.s. senator to make that comparison. she failed the american people. i.c.e. is enforcing the laws that congress enacted. they are not making this up. if she would have done her job and caused the loopholes that caused illegal immigration, we wouldn't have the caravan today. she should go walk to the national law enforcement memorial and apologize to all of the i.c.e. agents that gave their life to this country. she's disgusting in what she did. as far as tijuana, we have a great president. we have a president that takes border security serious hi. we have a president that beliefs if the sovereignty of the president and briefs in the rule
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of law and supports the border control and i.c.e. mexico is waking up. their country and sovereignty have been attacked, they went through the southern border, assaulted the officers, and mexico is saying enough is enough. the reason it is coming to a head, because president trump is taking powers. our border is closed for illegal business. he's forced the caravan to be stuck in tijuana, he put the issue on the front burner -- he's been right on everything he's done on the border. i'm glad he's there. now everybody is talking about it. we're going to be successful in this. >> sean: you know, tammy, you got protesters in tijuana. trump was right. this was an invasion. 500 criminals are the department of homeland security point out have mixed in with those perhaps just want a better life, which i'm assuming mexico is not prepared to deal with any of this. now it's gotten to the point we have thousands of people and no place to go which was being
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laughed at like people like barack obama and democrats before the election. this is just fear mongering. it didn't look like it it. >> a lot of those people we think moved to try to access the united states in tijuana because the cartels are unhappy because of the most rudimentary steps. razer wire and some impediments to keep people being able to come over. it has affected the ability to move drugs into the country. imagine the success we'd have if there was a wall. 64,000 dead from heroin and other opioid overdoses. 64,000 dead americans. at least that's the reason why we should secure the border in this regard. regarding harris speaking about the drug trafficking, i.c.e. is the organization that saves lives, that recollects the lives of the immigrant communities, legal and illegal, it doesn't matter.
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when they deal with ms13, the sex trafficking, the drug trafficking, the efforts to kidnap children to force them into the gang, to force them into drug abuse. it is i.c.e. that gets the criminals who are stopping that activity. for kamala harris to suggest that those individuals who risk their lives and also the lives of people in the urban areas is obscene and highlights the fraud that the democrats are now, and especially the women who are claiming to be feminist leading that party. they are condemning girls and women in the process of the rhetoric to create more division. we should all reject it. >> sean: a powerful statement. tammy, thank you. thomas, thank you. president trump taking matters into his own hands about the questions that mueller wants to answer. also tonight hollywood threatening to boycott the state
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of georgia. you won't believe the ridiculous reason why. "duck dynasty's" willie robertson coming up.
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>> why team is preparing written answers -- >> not my team. i'm the one that does the answer. are they writing them out? we are. they are writing what i tell them to write. >> are they going to be submitted? >> at some point soon. i cleated them. it wasn't a big deal. by the way, it wasn't a big deal. the answer to the question were answered. you make it like i have meetings for many, many of them. i got the questions. i responded. we wrote them out. i read them once. i read them a second time. we made some changes. that's it. very simple. do you know why? i did nothing wrong.
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>> sean: president trump discussing the written answers he will provide to the mueller investigation. is this the beginning of the end? the reaction from the author of the number one "new york times" best seller, greg garrett. the author of another best seller, alan dirsowitz. let me ask you did you collide with the russians? no. do you know anybody that colluded with the russians? no. what else is there to ask? it is only about that. not about obstruction. >> you are right. anybody he did after he took office is off of the table. there are a limited number of questions. it should have taken about five to ten minutes to answer him. he might be questioned about the trump tower meeting.
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did you know in advance about it? that's what he's said at nausea. 20 people, including a four members of the white house councils office were made available to special counselor, robert mueller. additional individuals from the campaign were also made available. so this president has been very open and has voiced his sentiments about this. frankly mueller knows everythin. >> sean: you know, let me go to you, professor, in many ways this is good news. we had discussed the possibility of a subpoena fight and the president have to go before a grandeur. it would have been bad for the country. you've been very outspoken about it. i think you were right on that. i also have to believe that we had all that we've discovered about a investigation hillary.
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they were writing the exonerate. they never interviewed her. they were writing the exoneration. then the fraudulent russian dossier leaked and then use later to delegitimize the victory. it shows the bias and complete double standard. >> i think the most striking example of the bias is rod rosenstein still being in charge of the investigation. he's the crucial and main witness for the defense. if there's any discussion at all in the report of any allegation of obstruction of justice, the defense is when rod rosenstein said it was okay. he told me to do it. it was his idea. he wrote the memo. how can you both be in charge of the investigation and the main witness for the defense? as far as the written questions are concerned, what i think is
10:41 pm
going to happen once the questions are submitted is the mueller team will go through them with a fine-tooth comb and see if there's any contradictions to anything said by any of the witnesses. because the whole purpose of having him answer questions whether orally or in writing is a perjury that. i think the written questions make it much, much harder for president trump to fall into any kind of a perjury trap. remember you can fall into a perjury frap even if you tell the complete truth. all you need is somebody who contradicts you whom a prosecutor believes. then you are in the trap. >> sean: i think lindsey graham was pretty clear in saying the hillary e-mail investigation might begin again, especially if the democrats want to spend the next two years investigating this for the 400th year. but then it raises questions on what happens to comey and
10:42 pm
mccabe and what about the media leak strategy? what about the insurance policy? what about clinton should win 100 million to zero. all of which we now have evidence on top of will we get to see the warrant, 302? >> now there's a fourth bucket that devon nunes has talked about. he's going to be wrapping up his chairpersonmanship. he's talking about a set of e-mails that the fbi and doj knowingly withheld information from the fisa court. not only -- i think america wants to see transparency here with the fisa warrant, the foreign intelligence surveillance warrant, and the 302 interviews that you mentioned as well as the gang of
10:43 pm
eight notebook. though there's a fourth bucket. i don't think they are going to back away. i truly believe that all of the evidence that's come out over the last who years particularly directed at the fbi and doj as well as hillary clinton as well as the information that we found out about the professor and working with -- basically with the fbi and -- >> george papadopoulos. >> absolutely. this is all going to move forward. >> sean: professor, let me ask you. this is really, really important. if there was a fraud committed on the fisa court to get into a rate from the trump campaign associates and all of the prior contacts and information and e-mails included. they purposely withheld information and gave the fisa court unverified and corroborated information, i got to imagine as a civil libertarian you take that case
10:44 pm
and run with it and bring it to the supreme court. it is 9-0, you win. >> i think there's great concern about how the fisa court operates. now there's a lot of consensus that the fisa court has to be restructured they should have a permanent group of defense attorneys with secure clearance who can be there to challenge anything presented by the government to the fisa court. for example, a defense attorney would say what's the basis of this? how did you get it? did you check it? did you validate it? and it should be done. >> sean: they withheld pertinent information. >> it is a proud on the court to conceal evidence and deceive the judges. and the tragedy here is that there were never any hearings by the fisa judges. they simply accepted as truthful from the fbi and the department of justice that which wasn't truthful. >> sean: so is it going to be they are going to probably land
10:45 pm
this airplane in the way they hope, sarah, that the investigations into the deep say then? is that their hope? they want prosecutorial discretion applied everywhere? >> i think so. i think that's their hope. we have a lot more coming in the future. there's a lot more information out there. >> sean: we're waiting. president trump -- >> big news. conservatives are becoming civil libertarians foe. the aclu is dead in the water. that's very important. >> it is. >> sean: this is going to get interested. hollywood in the trump era is straight ahead.
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>> sean: the entertainer last year attacking the white house for ditching the comedian. the media is complicit. i couldn't be prouder also tonight following brian kemp's successful giewb tutorial campaign several actors are calling for a boycott of the television and film industry. the man himself, willie robertson. getting some gray in the beard now. >> come on now. >> sean: you are getting grayer by the day. i can't believe how old you
10:51 pm
look. >> you are looking more silver as well, my friend. >> sean: and a new best selling book. you are a rarity, willie. you actually mention god in a positive way. the family prays at the end of every episode. even with your crazy uncle. and your dad wanted to baptize me this an alligator pool. >> he still does. >> sean: what? >> he still does. >> sean: i'm not doing it in an alligator swamp. i've seen episodes where they live. he wanted to take me out there and dunk me. >> he still does. well, you know, our family is a strong about our faith. we were willing to show that. and we've never held back from that. i think all of the boycott this and boycott that is getting a little old in my opinion.
10:52 pm
i think we've got to tale with the results and say let's move on and be positive. if not, we're going to have to -- we'll have to have all new entertainment for, you know, the left side and right side for each other. comedians are supposed to be funny. be funny and be funny for all of us. >> sean: i think we are watching a lot of sore loserrism. i mean bill clinton 52 house seats he lost. eight senate seats you know? really 63 house seats were lost in barack obama first midterm. trump picks up the only senate seat and only lost 37 house seats. which historically always happens. and they can't handle the loss. trump out worked them again. >> yeah. wherever he campaigned for the senate seat they did really well. think about how sill reand ridiculous this entertainment
10:53 pm
industry boycott of georgia is. you have the entertainment industry. large swaths of them are liberal. they work in the entertainment industry with high taxes. they escape to go to georgia which is more business friendly, they make them more money, and stacey abrams did pretty well. they called for a boycott of the industry that's making the money. they live in an intellectual black hole. >> sean: you think in the billions of dollars of places like amazon and hulu and netflix they are investing in contest. massing amounts of money. family friendly, good, uplifting movies that have a message and aren't afraid to say they believe in god like i do and you do, they are doing well. >> there's no doubt that pg movies and movies that more people can watch are more
10:54 pm
profitable. i've been to georgia. i've seen the new studios. it is unbelievable what they are investing. it is going to be a loss. years ago they boycotted chick-fil-a. we were boycotted against. those things failed. >> sean: i don't support boycotts. they are just a way of shutting down and silencing people you don't agree with. dan, you know this as well as anybody. >> yeah. almost the greater thing that can happen to your business these days is to have all of the silly liberal groups boycott you. i went to get a chick-fil-a sandwich. it took me two hours to get a sandwich. i wish i had owned a chick-fil-. >> we all wish we owned chick-fil-a we can all agree that on.
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>> sean: look at cracker barrel. everybody wants to go there. what's up with the robertsons? >> everybody is doing fantastic. we are ready for thanksgiving that reasons hunting season is here. we're back in the woods. still doing what we do. >> sean: we're doing what we do. sit around, eat a lot, pray, and have a great business. you know what? dan and i work too hard. we weren't smart like you. >> save it. save it. >> sean: all right. good to see you both. more hannity after the quick break. stay with us.
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>> sean: quick programming. be sure to tune in tomorrow night. lindsey graham will be joining us as well as kevin nunez. here's the question: now that we have what we know to be crimed
11:00 pm
committed, will the republicans follow through? the bigger question is: will there be equal justty and applications of laws? thanks for being with us. laura ingraham is in the nation's capitol. >> laura: i have a question for you. when you make your turkey do you stuff the bird ahead of time or the stove top? >> sean: no. turkey every thanksgiving. mast masterbuilt has come out with a butterball turkey. it is tone in two hours. it is the best turkey in your life. >> laura: i got the


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