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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 20, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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and eating for 2 this holiday season, megan markel will feel the weight of being a royal. >> bizarre christmas tradition turning heads this morning. "fox and friends first" continues right now. good morning to you, you are watching "fox and friends first" this tuesday morning. rob: thank you for starting with fox news alert, the trump administration refusing a silent immigrants who cross into the country illegally. >> douglas later joins us with more as those traveling with a migrant caravan. >> the trump administration has to regroup on this was a federal judge in san francisco says the government cannot require asylum-seekers only cross one of 26 border crossings along the southern border, this will
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create additional challenges. the department of homeland security says there are hundreds of criminals among the migrants and customs and border patrol is urging caravan participants to stay where they are. >> mexico offered individuals asylum status and work permits and workshops on how to obtain asylum and the central americans passing through mexico, in central america. they have an option, they have been provided that option unless they took advantage of it. >> there have been protests against the caravan because of the resources being diverted to the group. >> i'm not in favor of them coming the way they did. >> our government has not taken
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control of the invasions. >> us border protection agency has beefed up the border crossing, near that area and slowed the flow of traffic north in response to these caravans. rob: we will talk about this. another alert, 3 people are dead including the police officer and a doctor after a gunman opens fire at a hospital. hundreds of police cars line the streets of chicago to honor samuel jimenez. >> they heard the gunshot, the heroic officers always do, they ran towards the gunfire. they weren't assigned to that particular call. they went because that is what we do. rob: officer jimenez was with the government for 18 months, leaving behind a wife and 3 kids. the violence started when lopez
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killed his ex-fiancé, doctor o'neil, in the hospital parking lot and gunned down officer jimenez and a female employee in the hospital. lopez was also shot and killed. jillian: another attack in brussels. a man is under arrest accused of attacking an officer with a knife outside a holy station. the man yelled god is great in arabic. the police officer is expected to survive. no word if the attack is terror related. the city has been on high alert since 2016 when 32 people were killed in a series of terror bombings. rob: 82 people confirmed dead, 700 still missing or unaccounted for in california's raging wildfires, search groups worn some people may never be found due to the intensity of the
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flames especially in net fire in northern california. before tomorrow's expected rainfall which could make rescue efforts even more difficult, the heavy downpours could trigger mudslides from all the burned-out air. >> you warned about mudslides and here we are. >> i wish they could get a break. it is terrible. we had wildfires, moisture in the west will help the wildfires the firefighters are fighting but when you have burned areas with one or two or three inches of rainfall it will cause a potential for flash flooding and mudslides. we want to talk about current temperatures, some of the coldest air this season, this could be the coldest in 20 years. we are watching potential for cold air as well as snow in the forecast for the great lakes, interior northeast, scattered storms on the gulf coast but that is where we are seeing
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scattered snow flurries. this is something we need to watch for travel delays, call ahead. here is that clipper system moving across the ohio valley, rain mixed also in that cold air will sink in wednesday into thursday. here is that cold blast, as far south as the mid-atlantic and temperatures in the 20s for the macy's thanksgiving day parade and gusty winds so you have to bring the balloons a little lower for the parade. that is what we are talking about in new york city. in the west the system moves in, the northwest, northern california, central california, quite a bit of rainfall and snow. this is a good news situation but we see the threat for mudslides. and very cold in the northeast.
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by the way thanksgiving. i'm putting you on the spot. >> can put us on the spotlight that. >> the news cycle is sometimes depressing. and a lot of gray skies, now is the time to be grateful and thankful. i wrote the top 10 things i most thankful for on, and if you write down what you're grateful for it makes you happy. i am happy for these big strong legs and arms that i can wrap my family around, thankful for you guys and my health. and i encourage you and everyone at home to write something. rob: a lot of people only think
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about what they don't have but not what they do have and that is a problem. thanks so much. jillian: i'm thankful for you. we love you. rob: florida officials certify election results today, finally coming two weeks after recount chaos in key races. final results confirm republican rick scott is florida avenue center and run dissenters the new governor. brenda snipes, the broward county election supervisor has resigned. >> donald trump's pick to leave the doj facing legal challenges. 3 senate democrats doing to block matt whitaker as acting attorney general claiming the assignment is unconstitutional. whitaker was not confirmed by the senate. they want a federal judge to remove him from the post immediately. the justice department says it is legal despite democrat suggesting otherwise, special counsel robert mueller says whitaker's appointment does not alter his authority.
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destroyed robert mueller -- democrats are not satisfied. molly hemingway, senior editor of the fella relist, they see the russia probe as a chance to get trump out of office. >> temporary appointments like this we got to thomas jefferson. the idea donald trump is doing something different than other presidents is ludicrous but what is really happening is people had such hope this special counsel would be used to unseat a democratically elected president of the russia thing would go somewhere or obstruction and trump is not even removing anyone or stopping the probe at all. people are frustrated the big plan is not coming to fruition. rob: michael avenatti tweeting he will be exonerated after being arrested for domestic violence and claims there is video evidence in this case. this comes hours after court records obtained by the blast show actress minute he filed for
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a restraining order in los angeles. it is not clear if this is the woman involved in last week's domestic violence incident but we will keep following the story and let you know. the ivanka trump lawyer slamming a report she used a private email for government business. washington post claims the white house advisor may have violated federal rules by using her personal account to communicate with white house or cabinet officials. spokesperson for trump's lawyer tells fox news there was never classified information transmitted. the account was never transferred or housed at trump organization. no emails were ever deleted. they say ivanka was using her email practices and explained the issue to congressional leaders 14 months ago. jillian: we were anticipating this. the white house has new rules for the press after the dispute involving cnn's jim acosta. journalists will be allowed one question each and only be given a follow-up at the discretion of the official.
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the white house also dropping efforts to revoke acosta's press pass, cnn says the lawsuit against the administration is no longer necessary. the newest race we are watching is for the annual white house turkey -- americans can vote on twitter whether donald trump will honor peas or carrots at today's ceremony. rob: according to the official bios peas loves popcorn and brad paisley but carrots is into elvis presley and yoga. jillian: the turkeys spent the night at the luxury willard hotel and virginia tech. rob: gobble gobble gobble. jillian: fox news alert. overnight and obama appointed judge ruling the government cannot require asylum-seekers only cross the official border crossings. of next guest joins us live with how this could have a major impact on the migrant caravan.
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♪ lean on me, when you're not strong ♪ ♪ and i'll be your friend ♪ ♪ i'll help you carry on ♪ ♪ lean on me. jillian: welcome back. breaking overnight and obama appointed judge blocking the trump administration from refusing assignment to illegal immigrants. rob: hundreds from tijuana, mexico protesting what they are calling an invasion by this caravan. jillian: ashley joins us now. what do you see happening from this? >> reporter: they are exploiting a vulnerability in our system by trying to claim asylum but the president is saying if you want
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to claim asylum you need to go to a port of entry. the judge who barred this is a san francisco judge appointed by obama which shows how important judicial appointments are by the president. the constitution does not grant to a single judge the power to veto executive action. this could go all the way to the supreme court. rob: if it does the president make it a break but you look how this judge ruled on this ignoring the fact these asylum-seekers traveled 1000 miles through an asylum country to get to the united states, then enter illegally, how does this not get reversed when it gets to the supreme court? >> it will be reversed. it was over 2000 miles, 500 criminals documented within the caravan. i live in san diego, four children in san diego, should be a wake-up call for the country
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and if you think they will come into this country, people in mexico protesting right now. they are fearful, they are using drugs, urinating outside of schools. california doesn't have the infrastructure to take in these immigrant, california has the highest poverty in the country. jillian: i wonder if this will force more violence which nobody wants at this point but you look at residents of tijuana saying we don't want these people here because it's a lot of people and at the border it is a lot of people we are talking about and if you look at the caravan, 500 criminals, 6000 at least at the point, it is a lot of people. where do they go? >> people in mexico are saying they are sending women and kids to the front to get media exposure, americans have a soft spot.
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it is troubling. as a mom of four small children's i can't imagine making that trek but the fact of the matter is there is a process in place that has to be followed. you cannot come into the country illegally. we will see a crime problem. we will see a drug problem and the president needs to be a will to do what he can to protect americans first. rob: if you look at the way this works, mexicans never had a problem with this because it always moved through their country and all of a sudden the border is blocked and you would think if these people get rejected or can't come in, you are going to stay in northern mexico and threaten their livelihood because then their jobs they are worried about. it is not a booming economy like it is in the united states. they start to wonder what am i going to do for work? all this excess help around extra employees.
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>> reporter: a step further if the border is shut down a lot of folks live in tijuana and work in the united states and when they shut down the port of entry they are not able to go across to work and that is affecting both america and tijuana's economy and across the border. rob: interesting stuff. thank you very much. >> 18 minutes after the hour. shot and killed. and the teenager who pulled the trigger? stay tuned. >> how about this to start the morning, the stones rolling again so that just dropped to make it happen. ♪ - [announcer] the typical vacuum head can struggle
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rob: the colorado man who murdered his pregnant wife and two little girls will spend the rest of his life behind bars, chris watts's heartbroken in-laws speaking out at his sentencing. >> you discussed me. you monster, you thought you could get away with this. >> i have no idea who gave you the right to take their life. but i know god and his mighty angels were there at that moment to bring them home to paradise. rob: incredibly terrible story. watts strangled his wife and suffocated his daughters to escape his marriage and start a new life with his girlfriend. authorities say he contacted a realtor about selling his house one day after the murders. jillian: the story getting more
2:23 am
bizarre, woman accused of cooking up ago fund the scam with a homeless veteran said she was tricked by her boyfriend. kayla mcclure, and johnny bobbitt junior facing criminal charges after prosecutors say they raise $400,000 after making up a story about the homeless of it giving his last $20 to pay for gas when she was stuck on the side of the road. the lawyer reported phone conversations proving she isn't responsible. and one of them mcclure says you started the whole thing, you did everything, i had no part in this and i'm the one taking the fall. d'amico replied you don't go to jail for lying on tv. rob: i love that story. no honor among these. foxbusiness alert, string of scandals waiting on facebook's bottom line. jillian: tracy carrasco has more on the financial downturn.
2:24 am
>> reporter: shares of facebook falling more than 5.7% yesterday hitting its lowest level since february 2017, year-to-date shares of facebook down by 20%. the company trying to recover after last week's report in the new york times, a damaging report about management after a string of missteps, a number of bad headlines as well, but we are watching shares closely, they are down again in the premarket set to close its third straight month in the red. rob: the rolling stones had to keep rolling on. >> reporter: mick jagger at 75 years old, they announced a new tour, the no filter tour in spring of 2019 kicking off the first show in miami on april 20th, there will be shows
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in texas, arizona, california, washington, colorado, pennsylvania, massachusetts, new jersey, the list goes on but tickets go on sale november 30th. if you are a fan get those tickets. jillian: you were looking at that list. rob: new jersey might be the closest one. if it starts to shut down, there is your proof and you just keep living. jillian: 25 after the hour, donald trump is another reason to taos the economy. >> the best economy we ever had. america now has the hottest economy on earth. make america wealthy again. rob: the president's economic approval rating hitting a new high. professor brian brent berg breaks down the new numbers next. ♪ ain't seen nothing yet ♪ for a quick and convenient clean, try swiffer wetjet. there's no heavy bucket, or mop to wring out,
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jillian: welcome back, the taliban and declaring no deal on a timeline to end the war in afghanistan. the terror group telling a middle east news outlet there was no agreement on anything during 3 days of peace talks in kabul. american officials wanted to set in april 2019 deadline to end the 17 year war. the second round of talks between the us and taliban, it is unclear if there will be another meeting before the end of the year. un ambassador nikki haley blasting a comparison between hamas and israel among calls for both sides to show restraint, she says his real target military posts and intelligence assets in gaza while hamas fired 400 rockets at some all the targets. she calls hamas actions a terrorist group capitalizing on an opportunity to kill civilians. 5800 troops are expected to be home by christmas.
2:30 am
a top army commander confirms their tentative end date is december 15th. the pentagon could start sending them home as early as next week. the troops are laying barbed wire and barriers as the central american migrant caravan starts arriving to seek asylum in the us. more fireworks in the el chapo trial, one of his former cartel associate detailing several murders and attempts to bribe officials is the second week of testimony kicked off in new york. prosecutors releasing this video of el chapo's diamond encrusted pistol. the mexican cartel boss faces a possible life sentence if convicted. massachusetts is the seventh state to permit retail hotshots to medical marijuana dispensaries opening their doors to the public for the first time today. >> reporter: anticipation is building where folks will have the chance to buy recreational part, a first for the east coast or east of the mississippi.
2:31 am
it is a major step forward and a good way to boost revenue. >> a positive impact for the state, regarding good paying jobs, expanding. >> two shops opening tuesday in the towns of leicester and north hampton but the cannabis control commission says 3 more should be joining them but reaction is mixed with some welcoming the new stores and others skeptical about the changes they could bring. >> not good for the neighborhood or the town. the
2:32 am
mayor of north hampton the first customers when they open in boston. >> donald trump's economic approval rating hitting a historic high, new gallup poll showing 53% of americans approve of the way the president is handling the economy. the average the ronald reagan and barack obama averages 45%. associate professor at kings college in new york city. 52, 53, 45 is better. i still think there's a lot of partisanship in that number. a lot of democrats will say this economy stinks no matter how good it gets. >> there's always a partisan factor. that is why the 53 number is
2:33 am
big, 91% of republicans approve of the president's handling, 21% of democrats, that 21% number is very high of you look at how partisan the issue is almost a quarter of democrats have to say this is a good economy because numbers don't lie and these numbers are numbers people feel when it comes to job creation, and if there is a help wanted sign hanging on the storefront window, you have a good economy. >> if you take part of the chip out of it what will it be? >> you have 7 million jobs available, record high 3 point% unemployment, looking at those on their face, economic prospects are good, people getting jobs at a rate they haven't seen in a long time, wages are going up. in a way some people have never seen if they are young enough, they have never seen an opportunity like that. >> 7% unemployment it people
2:34 am
talk about how they can't find people and more jobs than there are people. >> where employers are saying they can't find people to fill these jobs. i need people with skills they don't have so should be talking about how to skill people up for these jobs, not about whether it is a good economy. it is a great economy. help people participate in it. >> the president has criticism for calling himself a nationalist and what he thinks that means and for his policies, trying to make it a fair playing field in the united states. are the voters buying into this america first? >> i don't think voters ever reviewed america first as ideologically as critics of the president. for them it is simply means we should care for those around us, but our own house in order. they look at the president's economic policy through taxes to regulation to pushing back on
2:35 am
unfair trade practices, this is america standing up for itself putting its own house in order, taking care of people in the community and that is the kind of thing we praise, why wouldn't americans buy into that? it is not that ideological. >> we are not as rich, $22 trillion, throwing money around all over the world, you have a crumbling infrastructure and terrible date in this country. >> we have communities full of people who for a long time have been looking for a way to get out of the economic ladder. and his policies are focused on getting back to that letter. >> everything is going really good. you hear whispers about a recession coming in globally, people worried about china. >> china is in a serious
2:36 am
situation, big problems consistently, that is why it is so important growth in the united states stays strong. the economy lifting the globe right now, growth flows here it is a real issue. >> will affect the united states? >> it will affect us to some degree but if our economy continues to grow there's an opportunity here, we can stay insulated from a lot of that but if we use economic growth here, anything going on in italy, it is a much bigger deal. >> people say there is no work here, they can't get a job -- >> job growth and opportunity matter. rob: democrats pushing the far left agenda at least some of them. >> everyone all should receive the healthcare they need. >> medicare for all, tuition free public college. >> you can add bill diblasio to that list, the socialist impulse
2:37 am
from the new york city mayor. plus a snowflake alert, forget using the word don't and typing in capital letters can be frightening. carly shimkus is no snowflake and she will talk about that next. ♪ even pet hair, with ease, and now for cleaning surfaces above the floor, it comes with a built in shark handheld. one dock, two sharks. the shark ion robot cleaning system.
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rob: the white house correspondents association ditching comedy at its annual dinner after performance from michelle wolf that was unforgettable last year. >> i really like sarah. i think she is very resourceful but she burns fat and she uses that ash to create a perfect smoke. maybe she's born with it. maybe it is live. >> ron chernow will host a dinner next year. carly shimkus with serious xm
2:41 am
115 with reaction online. >> following last year's controversy the white house correspondents association decided to ditch the comedy portion of the night going with a more serious speaker, ron chernow whose work inspired the broadway musical hamilton, his speech will focus on the first amendment but he vows to keep audience members from falling sleep saying freedom of the press is always a timely subject and this seems a perfect moment to go back to basics. i've never been mistaken for a standup comedian but i promise my history lesson won't be dry. michelle wolf is not impressed. she says the white house correspondents association are cowards, the media is complicit and i couldn't be prouder. some folks on social media think this is a good idea. claire on twitter says had to stop when good fun turned to hateful rhetoric.
2:42 am
another twitter user chimed in saying this seems it could be a good step by the white house correspondents association to mend fences. the president has been accused of attacking the first amendment. that is what the dinner will be focused on so there could be plenty of reaction from the white house when all is said and done. >> when i want to drive, point i text with capital letters. >> let's see what everybody think of this. a college in the uk is encouraging teachers to avoid using capital letters because it could intimidate students. leads trinity college professor, right and helpful, warm tones, avoid officious language and negative instructions. a spokesman for the university says this will help students perform to their highest level but some folks on social media are calling on snowflakes. what do they teach in schools or
2:43 am
colleges these days? jamie says how will young people survive life if universities continue in this manner and martin saying next it will be you cannot use red pen for connecting work. teachers should avoid using do and don't, these are gentle suggestions and there is not an all-out ban on capital letters. that red pen, you did really good or really bad. rob: it is creeping out. >> it is global. rob: a new christmas tree for the white house. >> donald trump in the first lady greeted guests as the white house christmas tree was delivered. this tree is a fraser for from north carolina. it will be placed in the blue room of the white house where
2:44 am
the chandelier will be removed to accommodate its massive size. is where user saying i can't wait to see how the white house will be decorated, last year, one more tweet from tim says thanks to all of the new jobs. there will be more presents for kids that would not have in previous years, the tree stands 19 feet tall so a big one. >> they should do the griswold thing with the white house. >> excellent suggestion. thanks. jillian: time to check with todd pyro in quakertown. >> how close am i to jillianville? these are your people so i should leave right now. hanging out with the quakers. >> quakers and i are tight.
2:45 am
let's get to the business of why we are here, to talk to the people about the issues and there's no one's for issues, the economy, the border, iran, trump's approval rating on the economy, nancy pelosi, we will talk about that with the folks here around election time and definitely intends. we were growing people on specific issues regarding the blue wave and red wave come we will talk to people about what they want to talk about. and the producers don't know i'm doing this but this, there is something coming up on thanksgiving morning with all of us that when i tell viewers on "fox and friends first," it will be epic. you need to tune in on thanksgiving morning. that is all i'm going to say. rob: thank you so much. i like it.
2:46 am
when we come back, more of the country's largest drugstores accountable for the opioid epidemic. is this the right answer. jillian: doctor nicole sapphires as responsibilities on physicians to prescribe these pills, that story up next. ♪ ♪ when you have nausea, ♪ heartburn, ♪ indigestion, ♪ upset stomach,
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rob: alexandria at the 15 using instagram account to humanize government. the congresswoman alike told msnbc. >> it is important we actually show people government is a real
2:50 am
thing that you can be part of. a process we can transition into. it opens the window to show that anyone conservative. rob: she is sworn in. jillian: i will take it from here, there's an issue with the microphone. florida taking a step in the fight to end the opioid crisis filing a lawsuit against two of the country's largest pharmacy chains. is this new lawsuit a good step toward ending the epidemic? here is medical contributor doctor nicole safire and just to be clear we said you thought physicians were the ones to be held responsible but you say it is everybody. >> we cannot narrow the opioid crisis one culprit. it is multisectoral to say the least. pam bondi, already existing
2:51 am
lawsuit named multiple drug companies and they are using words like racketeering, conspiracy and gross negligence saying they legitimately inflated the supply and demand of opioid causing innumerable deaths and overdosing the state of florida and need funding to start this. >> you mentioned some of this, cbs distribute 700 million dosages of opioids in florida from 2006-2014, walgreens distributed 287 orders of oxycodone to people in one month. these are high numbers. are we in too deep? >> we are in very deep, drug overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in the united states and the opioid epidemic is the fire, in the late 1990s pain association started pushing
2:52 am
for adequate control and a nonprofit independent organization maintaining the fifth vital sign came as not a vital sign but a symptom. what happened was for hospitals to receive government funding they needed to accurately treat pain, there is too much pushing from the pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies were not regulating, patients were abusing medication and here we are. jillian: what happens with a lawsuit? >> pam bondi and the state of florida concerning funding, that is what they are doing. if they can prove gross negligence by the pharmaceutical company in the pharmacies they should be helping fund this. >> senators claim drug company opioid reducing drugs by 600% to capitalize on the crisis but the first time we heard these astronomical hikes and drug prices. >> we have a legalized monopoly
2:53 am
with pharmaceuticals and donald trump is doing the unglamorous work of helping decreased drug prices especially when it comes to medicare and you have multiple generic forms of a life-saving drug and if patients don't use medications they want it is by formularies and pharmacy benefit managers, and discounts on medications, and it is misleading with these drugs. the dollar amount is not being paid, you have to offset those that are paying for this medication but the 600% increase came after consulting firms that how will we make more profit? >> a statement on the scandal, we perceived voluntary reports from recipients of donated
2:54 am
products, saved 500, more than 5000 license we launch the product and never turned an annual profit on the sale of two patients for that action. >> it costs a lot of money for profit. their books are not open to everyone but we don't know the profit. we need to make sure taxpayers are not being manipulated -- jillian: something they can afford when they needed. >> the success of generics available. jillian: thank you very much. we are coming right back, stay right there. did you ever notice that the very first bite of every great meal is always the potato? that's why it should always be an idaho potato. only genuine idaho potatoes have the .ar
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rob: a suspected illegal immigrant arrested in the murder of a convenience store clerkor tease is one of the two men in this video. 18-year-old shot and killed the clerk an armed robbery in texas earlier this month. he is reportedly from honduras and prosecutors say he was deported in 2016. the other suspect in that video has not been identified. jillian: another new york city democrat is pushing a socialist agenda. mayor bill de blasio thinks government should control every lot and land in,no. de blasio says i think people of every city and background would like to be able to have the city government determine which building will go where. how high it will be. who get to live in it and what will be the rent?
2:59 am
rob: is that so? good the good, the bad, and the ugly. start with the good. a deputy breaks down in clear after getting a tears ever getting a special pair of glasses. >> it's a new world. rob: wow, that is something. fellow deputies in california pitching in to get that gift. that is so cool. jillian: pregnant meghan markle will be weighed after her first christmas dinner as a royal. tradition requires every royal family member to weigh themselves before and after continue tore make sure they are well fed by the queen. rob: that is weird. finally the ugly. glitter turkey is the new millennial food you never knew you needed. reynolds wrap unveiling sparkly recipe yes can t. is edible. leg quid pearl sheen or dust and food coloring. why? jillian: would you eat that
3:00 am
glitter turkey? rob: no. what is a pearl sheen? doesn't sound like food. jillian: all right. well, that's all for today. "fox & friends first," we're going to be back here tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. rob: sorry for the last couple stories. bye. >> an obama-appointed judge just barred the u.s. from enforcing president trump asylum ban. >> we have president who takes border security seriously. we have a president who believes in the associate of this country. is he doing his job. rob: three people are dead including a police officer and a doctor after a gunman opened fire at a hospital. >> they did what the heroic officers always do. they ran toward that gunfire. >> georgia candidate stacey abrams claims voter suppression in that race. >> it was not a free and fair election. >> not accepting a result because you don't like it without any evidence to back up your claims that causes a real problem. >> 16 house democrats saying they will vote for new le


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